What’s Yer Fav? – Non-Fiction

Writer: XP

Subject: What’s Yer Fav?

Link: LS666 / 28.06.2022

What’s Yer Fav?

So, what’s yer favorite story on LS666? Here’s my choice. Let me know what you think!

I don’t know why, but when I want to read an old favorite, I sometimes cannot always find it (among the 4,500 stories and posts) — so I thought of putting a list of my all time top 26 stories together — now, it’s been a while since I read these, but from what I remember — these were all hot favorites of mine. Let me know yours — if they aren’t in LS666 — send me a link.

Sometimes, I desperately need inspiration; and writers like: Wet Amber, Norm DePloom, Connie K, S. Moulder and Son of Sandman; they really help.

Well here’s my top 25 (but I might update this from time-to-time): 

  1. Son of Sandman — Ode To Demonic Joy
  2. Wet Amber — Underaged and Horny
  3. Norm DePloom — The Chosen
  4. Amandas Hypno Lips — Whores De Ballet
  5. Perseus — Ass Abbey
  6. Anna Laura — Novices
  7. Connie K — Thin As Paper, Thick As Blood 1Thin As Paper, Thick As Blood 2
  8. S. Moulder — Spirit Extraction
  9. HotTee666 — Sacrificial Kimmy
  10. Unknown — The Nepi Convent
  11. Jillicious Erotica Hermaphrodite Sister
  12. Horny Mommy — Itchy In My Cunny
  13. SacerdoSS — Broken Christmas
  14. Wet Amber — Egyptian Mummy
  15. Anna Laura — So Causally
  16. Silvio Stoker — Lolita Dreams
  17. Darkshaman — Night Bus
  18. Amanda Blonde — The Devil’s Advocate
  19. Wet Amber — The Pedophiles 1 / The Pedophiles 2
  20. Yamesh — Bloom
  21. Unknown — Vestal Whore
  22. Anna Laura — Sex School
  23. Wet Amber — The Convent From Hell 1 / The Convent From Hell 2
  24. StuffItInnDestroying Her
  25. Nomad — Little Orphan Sally
  26. Hoku Lani — Please Suck It Out

5 thoughts on “What’s Yer Fav? – Non-Fiction”

  1. All of these are great. It’s hard to pick fav’s since all of them are. I would only add a classic short-story by Hoku Lani, entitled “Please Suck it Out.” A masterpiece if ever there was. Plus, what the girl wrote after, in the comment section, was almost just as hot.

    1. Hail Phil
      Appreciate your view — I shall add in Hoku’s “Please Suck It Out” … Hail dark LVST XP

  2. Anna Laura’s stories would be at the top for me, but several by XP would be right behind, including Little Monsters and Satan’s Daughter.

    Career-wise, I think XP is the clear winner. But Amanda Blonde and Wet Amber would also be significant contenders.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement — Sadly there are only a few really great stories that hit all my buttons — but I keep searching … XP

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