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AUTHOR NOTES: Thanks to Ben for his idea contribution to this story. When I wrote it, I wanted to evoke the feeling of the eighties horror classic, Ken Russell’s ‘The Lair of The White Worm’ (written by Bram Stroker). It stars Amanda Donohoe as Lady Sylvia Marsh who transforms into a serpent-like character. The visual effects are super low-budget circa 1980s but its tonality is wonderfully perverse. If you haven’t seen it, just check out the highlights on YouTube … especially the sacrificial scene with the strap-on relic that predates David Fincher’s ‘Se7en’s’ knife strap-on in the crime scene of ‘Lust’. Truly divine!

STORY CODES:  LGBT Themes, Incest, Pissing, (suggested SCAT only), Coercion, Corruption, Lolita, NC, Rape, Sadism, Young Ones, Snuff, MC, Demons, Supernatural, Evil themes.

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The Good Son 1


Leon is a young preteen boy on the cusp of the discovery of his own sexuality. He lives with his younger brother, Garth, and sister, Lynn, and their single mother, Celine. Leon has been a loner from as far back as he can remember, enjoying his solitude and preferring his own company to that of others. He was always small for his age and bookish in nature.

After Leon’s mother loses her job, they are forced to move out of the suburbs into a slum-like neighborhood. Unbeknown to Celine, the very flat that they move into, was the scene of a terrible rape and homicide. And though the perpetrators have long gone; an evil still lingers in their abode. She, herself is still haunted by the rape that lead to her pregnancy and in her own strange way of dealing with it, conceived a rhyme that she chanted whilst breastfeeding and nursing her ‘Good Son’.

“Celine, Celine, awoken from a broken dream
Taken so young by a demon so obscene
Twas after midnight when the evil came,
To hold Celine in naked shame.
Devouring her innocence with wicked deed,
Impregnating with verminous seed.
How to condone this vile act,
Signed in blood was the Devil’s pact.
And when the suffering was done,
All that remained was her Good Son.”

Bizarre things begin to happen to young Leon after he finds a strange ring, left behind, between a crack in the floorboards. The ring itself looks insignificant, an old strange Celtic-liking serpent ring that is far too big to fit on any of Leon’s fingers.

Dismissive of any value attributed to his discovery, he does however find that the ring makes his immature cock and ball tingle, initially believing it to be unrelated, but while his mother and two siblings are out, he discovers that the ring’s purpose is not as a decoration upon the hand, but fits snugly at the root of his semi-flaccid penis. Once in place, Leon’s eyes open to the evil influence of the serpent cock ring.


Genesis of the Covetous Ring

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was an old Celtic king called King Brennus. He was a wise and kind king and his benevolent rule saw his kingdom prosper. But with a sudden illness and the death of his queen, he became reclusive and melancholic until he met a fair maiden, Elizabeth. She was young and very beautiful and she inspired the king to a happiness he had not felt since the passing of his first queen. He fell deeply in love with her and she with him, but despite his best efforts, the king found it difficult to perform in their royal bed chambers.

The king consulted the best physicians in the land for a possible cure. Some suggested aphrodisiacs and potions; others suggested ointments and herbs; but nobody could solve the king’s problem. The king felt sad and depressed despite young Elizabeth’s claims that it was unimportant and that she was happy just to be by his side (serving him in a loving and supportive role).

The king, however, was a proud man and brooded about his impotency. He began to believe that it was the work of devilment and black magic. A curse placed upon him by an ancient enemy. He hated himself. A limp king was a weak king. It was then that King Brennus came across the enigmatic black-skinned druid, called Balor. Balor immediately became covetous of the king’s beautiful young bride and set his greedy eyes on taking advantage of the old ‘love-struck’ king. The druid Balor claimed to be able to cure the king’s flaccidity and lack of prowess.

He claimed he knew of a way to give the king exactly what he wanted, but in return, he would want to be given the title of King Brennus’s Royal Consort and be made the High Priest of their temple that worshiped the ‘Horned God’. This was a position of immense power and would make the evil black druid untouchable and only answerable to the king himself.

The king was so eager to bed his young and nubile queen. His love made him blind to any signs of duplicity. So he made a pact with the druid, that if in fact, he could cure his flaccidity, he would make the druid his Royal Consort and the High Priest. The druid promised that with his powerful magic, the king would be returned to his former glory … Even better than before!

Balor said that he would have to pray to the ‘Horned God’ and draw down the fire of eternal passion. For a month and a day, the druid was gone, but when he returned he presented the king with a strange ring. The thick heavy ring seemed to be made of blackened metal, unlike anything that the king had ever seen. It was inscribed with serpent scales throughout its curved profile with the head of the serpent devouring its own tail.

The king was somewhat perplexed and disappointed with the druid and totally underwhelmed by this magic token. How could this black metal ring (that was too broad to fit his royal fingers) restore his sexual prowess? The druid said that he would need to demonstrate its potency in the king’s private chambers, with only the presence of the great king and his new sensuous queen. The king was skeptical but reluctantly agreed.

In the king’s private bed chambers, the druid performed some minor ritualistic magic and asked the king to remove all his royal clothing. The king did as he asked, ashamed of his flaccid organ, but still living in hope that the strange druid was not a fake.

Balor made the king kneel naked opposite his beautiful young queen, who was also naked before Balor’s lecherous eyes. The druid made magic symbols upon their naked bodies (taking the opportunity to touch the queen in intimate places). He then mumbled strange words and showed the king that the ring was in fact to be worn, not on his royal hand, but at the root of his flaccid manhood.

Again, despite his better judgment, the king agreed to try the ring on. He felt his genitals tingle even as the druid brought the cock ring close. Yes! Something was already happening. The king was overjoyed. He allowed the druid to slip the serpent cock ring around both the root of his semi-hard cock and ball-sack, where its potency came into full effect. The king’s cock rapidly became as hard as nails. It stood firm and solid as any young buck.

Balor called it the ‘Covetous Ring’ and explained to the king that not only would the serpent-like cock ring keep him hard for hours at a time, but in fact, its magic would increase his sexual libido tenfold and substantially increase the pleasure power of his orgasms. Orgasms that even the ‘Horned God’ would be envious of.

The king was, by now, fully erect, and beads of clear fluid already dripped from his disdained cock head. Balor licked his lips and said that he must bear witness to the first royal coupling so that he could observe to make sure that the king would have no further problems.

Balor’s own penis was dripping in anticipation of his voyeuristic pleasures. His duplicity went unnoticed by the horny king, who was far too eager to fuck his young virgin bride to be even be bothered by the presence of the corrupt druid, who had failed to tell the king that the Covetous Ring would not only increase his libido and enhance his orgasms; but it would also make him highly perverted and depraved … That any ‘love’ he had for his young queen would soon cool, as the serpent ring corrupted him, turning his sexual thirsts towards a preference for sodomy of very young boys, to the cocks of faggots and queers; and even to sexual use of animals; as he would, in no time, begin to crave only the most libertine of sexual activities.

So was the evil plan of the carnal druid to control King Brennus through debauchery and to further Balor’s powerful ambitions over this doomed kingdom.

The king eagerly stroked his throbbing cock and felt an incredible power surge through the base of his perineum. He shuddered and groaned out loud. From his testicles to the tip of his cock, the Covetous Serpent seemed to slither and tighten its grip around his girth bringing fresh bursts of erotic pleasure, even without penetrating his bride.

Visions of perverted orgies filled his mind. His imagination was inspired by a devilish display of obscene acts. Balor called to the ‘Horned God’ to bless the king’s mighty cock, that his people should bow down and worship his cock. The king was drawn into Balor’s evil world where the king saw indifference towards his subjects … They were to be objectified… Used to serve his new sexual desires, no matter how deviant, cruel, or unjust.

Balor knew that the king would soon become his sexual slave and the queen would be just one of his many whores. Fearless in his triumph, he removed his own gown too, and standing naked above the royal couple, he began to rub his long black penis as they both turned hungrily towards the quivering queen.

The fire in the king’s private chamber burned brighter as the king leap upon his bride. As his cock began to penetrate her, she screamed with surprise for it seemed to thicken and lengthen, even as he stabbed it desperately deep into her virgin cunt, Balor’s influence pulsed through his royal veins … He would become a sex puppet.

Balor grinned at the depravity of it all. He felt a surge of his own. Soon he would take his place behind her, pressing his long hard cock against her tight little anus. She would be sandwiched between them, horrified to be taken from behind … Anally raped, as her king, her husband ignored her pitiful cries, as he would only be interested in the insanity of his own coitus.

So it was. The kingdom of the old Celtic King Brennus fell prey to the dark magic of the black-skinned Druid called Balor and the serpentine ‘Covetous Ring’.


Leon’s lonely life

Fourteen-year-old Leon was alone. His overbearing and over-compensating middle-aged mother, Celine, his annoying eleven-year-old half-brother, Garth, and his equally annoying twelve-year-old half-sister, Lynn were all out for the day. They all had the same mother, but he had a different father to Garth and Lynn, who were truly brothers and sisters. Leon never knew his dad.

His mother would cry a lot and refused to talk about his father. He kind of suspected something bad happened, but she would never discuss it. It was not like she was awful looking (as far as mothers go). She looked good dressed up for church on Sundays. Maybe she hated men? He only vaguely remembered his stepfather, but that was a long time ago. He was not around for long. His mother had been alone since they were all very young.

He missed their family home. It had been a beautiful new semi-detached house on a quiet street in the suburbs with a long garden, garage, and front lawn. It was the only thing that they had left over from Garth and Lynn’s father. When Celine lost her job, they were forced to move closer to the city and into the grungy old flat. It stunk of old things and was a little creepy sometimes.

But Leon did enjoy the solitude and his own company. He was definitely not one of the in-crowd, preferring to hide behind a good book than trying to impress a bunch of half-wits. The secret love of his life would have nothing to do with him. She was beautiful but cruelly indifferent to all but her groupies. She liked to hang out with the coolest kids at the mall. Sophie was simply a fucking stuck-up little bitch.

Dressed in only his underwear, Leon looked at himself in his full-length dressing mirror. His near-naked body was far too scrawny and everyone said he was small for his age. He did not really give it much thought. His body had also been changing a lot lately as he was on the cusp of discovering his sexuality and had regular unwanted hard-ons that he was not sure what to do with.

Today, he felt the laziness of the morning and was about to go back to bed when something small and shiny caught his eye. Was it a coin? Or something more valuable? He bend down over the weathered floorboards and noticed that between the cracks there was something wedged. His fingers quickly tired of unsuccessfully removing this new treasure, so he grabbed a screwdriver for greater leverage.

That did the trick.

The object popped from its hiding place with a metallic rattle. And then he saw it. A ring of sorts. Like a serpent or a dragon or a snake. It was cylindrical, heavy, and thick. Black metal … Like it had been burnt or something? The curved metal finish had been inscribed with reptilian scales and its snake-like head seemed to eat its own tail. It reminded Leon of old Celtic art that he had seen on the internet.

“Cool,” said Leon, talking to himself (as he frequently did).

Leon took it into his bedroom to examine it closer. He tried on the ring but it was way too big for his fingers, in fact, it was too loose for any adult hand either. It was then that he felt a strong tingling in his underpants. At first, he thought he needed to take a pee, but he found his boner sticking out, hard and rigid in the front of his underpants.

His fingers subconsciously touched his bulge as he gazed back at himself in the mirror. He felt so weird. It was not a nausea kind of weird or a vomit kind either… From beneath his perineum, he felt an awkward arousal. Again, he looked at the strange ring. He was unclear why he knew, but he just did. He slipped his pants off and slipped the serpent-like ring around the base of his four-inch penis and tight little testicles.

It fitted like a hand in a glove and the smooth metal pressed his cock upwards, drawing the foreskin back and exposing a wetness at its crown. There was an extremely pleasurable feeling about it being wrapped around the base of his cock. It made his cock look bigger than usual.

Actually, he never remembered his penis ever being quite so rigid. At its tip, clear fluids seemed to ooze out of its eye. Leon put his fingertip into the fluids and brought them to his lips, tasting the slightly salty discharge. It was not unpleasant. He looked at his reflection as he felt an overwhelming urge to rub the exposed length of his cock.

“Uurghhhh …” he groaned.

The pleasure he felt was intense. He felt waves of euphoria pass through his entire body as the serpent-like ring seemed to tighten around the base, pulling his balls tighter and inflicting ripples of orgasmic delight throughout his groin. He grinned back at his reflection. He felt so alive. So excited. He touched himself again.


More delicious pleasure. Soon he was stroking himself hard and fast; then harder and faster; and yet harder and even faster still. He felt as if there was a dam about to burst. His legs felt weak from the sudden shudders of an unexpected private delight.

Without warning, he felt as if he had been struck by a lightning bolt. His heart raced at a million miles an hour. Every organ of his body seemed to be triggered into overload. A white light filled his vision that seemed to explode from the top of his head.

This was followed by an intensity that sent his whole body into divine convulsions as his semen shot from his quivering penis over his chest and face. Watery globules of salty fluids sprayed his hard little body as his legs gave way and he sunk to his knees with both hands holding the mirror for support. He gasped out of breath and licked at the saltiness.

Leon looked at himself. Fuck that was so hot. The serpent ring seemed to loosen its grip on him as he panted with labored breath.


The end of a long day

Celine was tired after a long day at the factory. She hated working there, but since she lost her job at the newspaper, she had no choice with three kids to support. Leon was a good boy. He was a good son. She caught herself thinking about how he was conceived. It immediately made her angry. The violent satanic rape was never too far from her mind.

“Celine, Celine, awoken from a broken dream
Taken so young by a demon so obscene.”

She pulled back from the thoughts that nearly drove her insane. There was a time that she used to say a strange little rhyme about it. Morbid really, but somehow it seemed to get the anger out of her system. She would say it to Leon, as she nursed him upon her milky teats. He would have been too young to understand the meaning of her words.

“Twas after midnight when the evil came,
To hold Celine in naked shame.
Devouring her innocence with wicked deed,
Impregnating with verminous seed.
How to condone this vile act,
Signed in blood was the Devil’s pact.
And when the suffering was done,
All that remained was her good son …”

And then the rhyme would start all over again, and again, repeating it, over and over. She willed herself to accept it, to draw herself back from the edge of the dark abyss. She shivered involuntarily. There was a strangeness in the old apartment that she had not realized before. Like the scene of something untoward. Was it her overactive imagination or intuition?

She knocked on her son’s bedroom door and then entered the darkened room. She saw that Leon was already laying beneath the bedclothes. He must be very tired. Her limbs felt that way too. There was a lethargy here. The heaviness of the week had taken its toll on her. She signed to herself. Did the room smell funny? She thought she caught a whiff of something unclean … soiled … maybe sordid?

“It smells funky in her Leon. Did you shower today? Did you put your dirty clothes in the wash?”

“Yes, Mom. It’s not me. It’s the stupid old building,” argued Leon.

“It’s not the apartment. Just make sure you air the room out tomorrow okay?”

“Okay, Mom. Good night Mom.”

He sounded annoyed and bored.

“I get the message, Leon,” Celine kissed him on the forehead. Poor kid, she thought, maybe he is sick? “You’re all sweaty and clammy Leon. Are you sick?”

“No Mom.”

“Well … Make sure you shower properly.”

With that passing remark, Celine left him alone.

She made a mental note to get some more air fresheners. Leon was right. The apartment did smell bad when they first arrived. She hated the place, but this was all that was available at short notice. She would start looking for somewhere else after this month’s payday. She caught herself in the hallway mirror … A pretty woman with shoulder-length ginger hair; a little make-up but far too many freckles; undernourished with a little too much bone and not enough shapeliness; conservative in her sleeveless dress.

Celine checked on the two younger kids and then went back down the hall to the kitchen for a much-needed smoke. She would pour herself a large whiskey.

“… Devouring her innocence with wicked deed, 
Impregnating with verminous seed.”

Closing her bedroom door behind her, she turned the privy lock.

The odor emitting from her son’s room, the whiff of attractant pheromones and androstenone, triggered a distant and disturbing memory from Celine’s past. She tried to quell her anxiety with biblical thoughts … So then, I myself serve the law of God with my mind, but with my flesh, I serve the Lord of Sin … whilst downing her drink, blaming events upon her overactive imagination. But that did little to arrest the resultant feeling. They were disturbing thoughts. They were incestuous thoughts.

It had been so long since she had had sex. The aromas had triggered her libido which burned like the whisky inside her gullet. Her body now craved carnality. She squeezed the flesh of her shapeless little breasts and pinched her bullet-hard nipples through the gossamer thin material of her summer dress. Celine then hitched the hem up her damp thighs. She felt the dampness of her moist panties as she pulled them aside. She then pressed directly upon her excited clitoris as she pissed into her empty Whisky tumbler quickly filling it to the brim with her briny copulins. Bringing it to her lips she mumbled her corruptive rhyme…

“… How to condone this vile act. Signed in blood was the Devil’s pact. 
And when the suffering was done. All that remained was her Good Son.”

And with the dark prayer done, she drank her own hot salt urine, sinking her fingers into her needy ginger-haired cunt. Her son’s young body materialized clearly in her sexual mind. It was wrong. He was the ‘Good Son’ … but still the image of his youthful nakedness persisted as she masturbated furiously. She imagined drawing his pretty little face down against her overheated groin, encouraging him to lick her cunt. She could see his innocent face. He would not understand, but only her pleasure was important now …


Discovery and transformation

As soon as his mother closed the bedroom door Leon pulled back the bedclothes and checked to make sure his bedroom door was properly closed. He lit a couple of small tea lights and looked into his mirror again. His cock was already rock hard. His heart was racing already. He dragged his standing mirror over to the bed and angled it so that when he lay on his bed, he would be able to see himself.

Adrenaline coursed through his veins and his penis stood upright against his flat stomach. He slipped out of his night shorts and knelt naked at his bedside as he retrieved a shoe box from under his bed. He opened it up and picked up the serpent ring. He checked the door once again, listening to make sure that he would not be disturbed by either his mother or his steps brother and sister. Everything was quiet.

Leon lay back on his slightly damp bedding. His mother was right, there was a funky smell in the room caused by the combination of his semen, his sweat, and a faint odor of urine. Leon toyed with the ring. He held it up in the candlelight and caught the fine little reflections.

He had been looking up serpents and stuff like that on the internet and had been fascinated by how serpents were portrayed as the servants of the devil. It was a little scary at first, but also it made him feel incredibly horny. There was no end to the sexual references of the power to the snake, the serpent, the dragon. It made him hard just thinking about it. He could not help but be attracted to these demonic things, to these dark things … The villainous snake wrapped around his cock, promising him eternal pleasure, but at the price of his soul.

Leon thought about devil worship; sexual rituals; and even human sacrifice. What was the price he would pay for enjoying evil pleasures? He laughed at how he scared himself. But still, he could not ignore how these wicked sexual thoughts fascinated him. He searched for images of serpents, especially those associated with rings, and came across a strange legend of King Brennus and the Druid Balor. He loved the story of corruption. It seemed to resonant, darkly inspiring him.

He remembered the words from a strange rhyme that his mother used to say. Despite his tender age, the words had somehow been retained … The meaning crystallized only now, as he was much older. Something about being taken by a demon that devoured her innocence and impregnated her.

Was this some kind of demonic rape or just some stupid rhyme? Had his mother been raped? He knew he should be shocked by such a revelation, but somehow he was not. Was he the byproduct of some pagan ritual, some occult sacrifice, or demonic offering? Was he conceived of a vile act and from verminous seed? Was he a sexual demon himself? He thought it was cool.

His groin purred as he held the ring aloft as if his cock and balls were willing to put the cock ring on. Willing him to fall pray to the sex demons that would enslave him (just like they did with the character in the strange story he read about King Brennus).

All the time, he kept brushing the black metallic surface of the serpent ring against the length of his throbbing cock, over his sensitized testicles, and even against his humming anus. As he teased himself, a warming pleasure spread throughout his entire body. And with every moment he delayed the feeling multiplied, his whole body yearned for him to attach the cock ring. Put it on and give in to your most evil fantasies. Put it on. Put it on now!

Finally, after a few more jittery moments he could no longer deny it, he succumbed, and the serpent slid into place gripping him in its most illicit of pleasures. Looking at his cock, he was sure it looked longer and fatter than before. He wanted a big nasty cock. He had an overwhelming desire to suck his own cock and lifting up his knees over his head, he pressed his head upwards as far as he could reach. His cock throbbed deliciously. Precum dripped forward into his open mouth.

Leon devoured the salty fluids. He had never felt so horny. He wanted to suck cock desperately. He imagined a group of naked boys, just like him, all worshiping a demon’s cock. They would suck each other until they spurted their baby juice into each other’s mouths … Maybe raping a newborn whilst drinking each other’s piss as they danced around the demon, masturbating and then fucking each other in their bum holes. Random elicit thoughts that increased their deviance.

He loved these wayward fantasies that seemed to come from wearing the ring. His juices dripped as he slowly rubbed himself. He wanted to wrap his lips around his delicious purple knob-end and suck it as hard as he could.

All the while he attempted to self-suck, he stroked the length of his penis feeling the volcano edging towards eruption. He slowed the pace, edging forward bit by bit, sustaining it, so as to maintain the maximum pleasure for as long as he could. He poked his tongue out and found that he could lick the dribbling tip as more and more salty fluids flowed into his mouth.

Suddenly a surge of pleasure coursed through his flexible young body. Curled up, he gasped for breath. His cock throbbed painfully and then as the serpent ring gripped him even tighter at his cock’s base, he was rewarded with the crown of his cock that seemed to thrust forward with a force of its own to fill his mouth. He could not believe it, he was actually sucking himself … Fuck! It tasted nasty as his fleshy rod pressed against the roof of his mouth. His mind filled with images of naked boys, all fellating one another in a ritual of cock worship.

He marveled at the sensation of his own tongue lapping the underside of his cock head and suddenly he could no longer hold back … He ejaculated, spurt after spurt of hot salt semen, spraying his seed over his tongue and into the back of his throat as he gulped it down with absolute delight … The serpent eating its own tail!

As Leon slowly uncoiled himself and despite the power of his recent self-sucking orgasm; he was still feeling extremely lusty. He looked at himself in the mirror as he continued stroking his long hard cock. It definitely must be bigger, he thought, how else would I have been able to reach it?

He licked his salty lips, savoring the flavor of his own jism. Boy sex. Cock worship. He wanted to measure the size of his cock to see if it was real or an illusion but was just too turned on to bother at that moment. Sodomy. Sex demons. Sin. Wickedness. As he continued to stroke himself, Leon imagined for the first time, having sexual intercourse with his young half-brother.

Incest was so taboo.

His demon god would surely approve. Garth was always so clingy to him; always hanging around, seeking his big brother’s approval; always trying to get Leon’s attention. It would be so easy to get him to do anything that Leon wanted him to do. Even nasty sexual things. He would coax him into nudity and then get him hard using the power of the cock ring.

He imagined them both swallowing each other’s semen as they fucked each other’s mouths. He wanted to taste his brother’s cock … Lick his brother’s ass … Drink his brother’s piss and eat his shit. He imagined sticking his cock deep into his brother’s dirty little anus. He has seen pictures on the internet of boys performing arse-to-mouth.

He would get his stupid faggot brother to clean his cock after he had fucked his nasty shit-filled bum. He wanted to experience a piss-and-shit orgy dedicated to Satan. Leon felt for the second time that night the rush of orgasmic delight rewarding his perversity with its second eruption. Yes, yes. yes. Fuck. Shit. The Devil be praised. He was already addicted to this.


Brotherly seduction

He had told Garth that he wanted to show him something important; that it was a big secret.

Usually, he completely ignored his younger half-brother, preferring his own bookish company. He considered his eleven-year-old half-brother nothing more than a nuisance. He knew his brother always hung on his every word. His eagerness betrayed him.

He never involved Garth in anything, so, of course, Garth was genuinely excited. The secretiveness had made the anticipation even more tense and exciting for young Garth, who was like a cat on a hot tin roof. Leon had told him that it would have to wait until they were alone. Once his mother was out with his half-sister and they were at last alone, Leon called Garth to his bedroom.

There was a tentative knock on Leon’s door.

“Come in,” said Leon.

His young half-brother looked rather nervous. Leon said nothing at first and continued to lounge across the bed in only his stained underwear. He pointed to the door and Garth made sure it was close properly. He saw his half-brother wrinkle his nose at the tangy aroma that lingered in his bedroom.

The smell seemed to get stronger, but he didn’t care. He loved the nasty sharp smell of his own sexuality. The ‘Good son’. That was a laugh. His cock was already half-mast and pressing its snake-like shape against the damp material of his pants.

Leon chucked to himself. He was eager to corrupt his sibling … To corrupt his entire family … To corrupt the world. Incestuous feelings. How delicious it sounded, his cock twitched delightfully with every wicked thought. He imagined himself and his half-brother, raping their half-sister. The thought of taking her virginity in a vile and obscene way seemed devilishly inspiring. The pleasure in his groin made him want to groan out loud. Incest seemed so mystical.

He thought about the rape ritual … Could that be his birthright? The words of his mother’s rhyme echoed ever so subtly …

“Devouring her innocence with wicked deed, Impregnating with verminous seed. How to condone this vile act, Signed in blood was the Devil’s pact.”


Incestuous pact

Garth had always looked up to his big brother. He wanted to be just like him. Any hand-me-downs from his half-brother were worn with great reverence. When the opportunity came for him to share something together with Leon, he jumped at the chance.

He was truly an eager beaver. But once he entered his half-brother’s bedroom, he noticed the strangeness and the revolting smell. It smelt vinegar and sour, like cat piss or something rotting. His brother was dressed only in some stained underwear and he could not but notice how big the bulge was in the front of his pants. He said nothing. He did not want to offend his half-brother.

“So what’s the big secret, Leon?” he asked eagerly.

“Well, that’s the thing, right? Can you keep a secret or are you a snitch?”

“I won’t tell a soul. Honest … I won’t tell nobody … Even if they torture me!”

Leon laughed. Garth noticed how thin and gaunt his brother looked. So fuckable.

“You have to make a secret Devil pact.”

“What’s a secret Devil pact?”

“It’s when you promise something, and if you don’t keep your promise, the Devil takes your soul.”

Garth thought it all sounded a bit creepy.

“I … I don’t know?” he stumbled.

“Are you a chicken?”


“Then make the Devil pact.”

Garth seemed a little more than reluctant but nodded his agreement to the devil’s pact.

“So, you’ll have to be naked to make the pact.”

“Take my clothes off?”

“YES FUCK WIT … To make the Devil pact we both must be naked.”

Garth shrugged and did as his brother instructed and for the first time, he saw how huge his older brother’s penis looked. Even in its semi-erect state, it hung like a horse cock. Garth was not sure what to make of this strange situation. He did not want to disobey his brother or disappoint him either. But standing naked with his brother touching his own cock, was just a little crazy.

“Make your cock nice and hard,” his brother instructed him, “Like this.”

His brother held a strange ring thing in his hand and guided it close to his genitals, hovering over Garth’s flaccidity. The strange sensation was not unpleasant. In fact, it felt really good. Garth felt the blood rush to his tiny little boy penis that stood upright immediately but still looked dwarfed in comparison with his big brother’s cock. Garth had never experienced a real sexual sensation like this before. Sure, he had had boners in the morning, but they quickly subsided. Now his cock twitched pleasurably and he liked the new sensation.

“What is it?” he asked.

His brother did not answer. Instead, he slipped the serpent ring over his cock and balls and down the length of his massive penis. The odd serpent-like ring made his penis and balls look even larger, more swollen, and more pronounced. The blue-purplish veins seemed to be raised as fluids pooled at its bulbous crowned tip. He was mesmerized by it. He could not look away. All he could think about was his brother’s cock. The invitation was spiked with incestuous taboo.

“You want your cock to be this big?”

“Er… “ Garth did not answer with words … He just nodded silently.

“Then it’s time to make the Devil pact.”

“W-what do I do?” mumbled Garth.

“Kneel before me and suck it … Little you little fucker,” spat Leon.


The Serpent’s Influence

It had been two days since Leon had discovered the sensual secrets of the serpentine cock ring. His transformed cock was now never completely flaccid and most of the time he needed to be rubbing it as it drooled with delicious precum. The devil was alive inside him and he loved the thought of it, enthralled in it, and celebrated with his new incestuous initiate.

The ‘Good Son’ echoed in his mind.

“Devouring her innocence with wicked deed, Impregnating with verminous seed. How to condone this vile act, Signed in blood was the Devil’s pact.”

It was unspoken, but he imagined that he was the protege of ritual rape … The product of some dark initiation and demonic rapture … The son of an incubus. Unlike the unwitting King Brennus of the fable, the discovery of the serpent ring was there to set him free… To set them all free… He imagined himself as the maestro, the Tarot magician… The strange black-skinned druid with supernatural sexual powers.

Immediately after darkness fell, his younger half-brother crept back into his bedroom so that the two of them could conjoin all night long. Garth’s preteen anus was soon stretched tightly around the base of his older half-brother’s satanic cock, so that serpent ring pressed up against his tight little boy anus.

The ring seemed to vibrate angrily between them bringing delicious waves of erotic energy flowing up the length of Leon’s cock and deep into his half-brother’s anus. Leon’s bony narrow hips rutted back and forth as he fucked him furiously, harder and faster with every thrust. Garth thrust back to meet each and every lusty movement. His mind was filled with perverted wickedness.

“Shhhhhhhhhhhhh … they will hear … it isn’t time yet …” Leon groaned to keep his lover from making too much noise, as their mother was only down the hall.

Leon viciously pulled Garth’s head back with his longish girly hair. Garth bit into the pillow to prevent himself from screaming in both extremes of pain and pleasure. Leon’s cock throbbed mercilessly inside his bum. Leon pressed the thick girth of his cock deeper inside his brother’s aching bowels, pausing as he urinated inside the boy’s anal passage, giving him a piss enema. Then pumping harder until he eventually shot his ropy sperm deep into the youth’s guts.

The ring seemed to instruct them in new and increasingly perverse activities. The sister. The mother. The sister. The mother. Garth’s own cock seemed thicker and longer with every successive fuck. Two devils. The sister. The mother. The Devil’s foursome. Incest. Impregnation. The sister. The mother. Make a baby. Fuck the baby.

Leon pulled his cock out from his brother’s heated back passage and pulled the boy down on his knees before his shit-streaked cock flesh.

“Clean me,” Leon ordered.

Garth wasted no time. Getting down on all fours, he rubbed his own twitching penis between his thumb and forefinger. More demon juices flowed across his masturbating digits. His anus still open wide from the sodomy … Piss and semen dribbled down the inside of the thin boy’s thighs.

Garth’s mouth, lips, and tongue immediately went to work salivating over Leon’s filthy rod that was no more diminished by his first orgasm. With the serpent ring in place, he was never soft .… Garth eagerly licked around the serpent ring tasting the tangy bitterness of his own rectum upon it.

As his brother orally pleasured him, Leon plotted the rape of their baby sister. The sister. The mother. The sister. The mother. The Devil’s foursome. Impregnation. He conceived a plan to impregnate her with his demon seed giving rise to an incestuous child that would never go to full term.

The fetus would be taken, fucked, and eaten before for the devil himself. He bucked at the thought as the serpent ring sent him into his second orgasm … He gripped Garth’s head in both hands, ramming his cock flesh harder into his brother’s mouth … Squirting salty semen into the back of his preteen lover’s throat. The plan sounded so exquisite.


Incest threesome

“Leon … why does it smell so funny in here?” asked Lynn.

Leon’s two preteen half-siblings had gathered in his bedroom. Celine, their mother, was at work in the factory and would not return for a few hours. Garth twitched nervously, the outline of his erection was clearly visible through the thin material of his stained underwear.

“It smells nice. I like it,” announced her half-brother, Leon, as he lay beneath the bedclothes.

“What’s so important then?”

Lynn looked bored and impatient. She’d been drying off after her shower and had not appreciated her brother Garth’s insistence on her coming to Leon’s bedroom without getting changed. Garth pulled the damp towel from her, leaving Lynn completely naked before the two brothers. She was small. Petite. The pure white skin was unblemished. Her baby cunt was bald and puffy. She had not developed any breasts yet, so she was as flat as either one of the two preteen boys.

“Hey!” she protested, “Give me that!”

Garth laughed. So did Leon. Lynn made no attempt to cover herself. She could not explain it, but she kind of liked her brothers looking at her. It gave her a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach when they looked at her. She did not know or understand the meaning of lust. But, she intuitively knew that the two boys should not be looking at her that way, but the naughtiness was very appealing.

She had more recently taken to putting things inside her little puss-puss … It felt good sticking her fingers inside herself and then rubbing the little bump thing at the top of her slit … The past two nights especially, she had been doing it alone almost relentlessly. And now standing naked before her two brothers, that same strange tickling feeling of sexual arousal was coming back.

It was wrong. Very wrong.

Her mother would not approve. Being naked in her brother’s room was very sinful. Sinful, but nice. She feared the dark once, but now she was no longer afraid of it. She liked touching herself in the dark as if there was a dirty man watching her … Like a demon or something? A devil?

Suddenly she wanted to touch herself and she her brother’s pee-pees. They had all bathed together in the past, but more recently, their mother had deemed that inappropriate for some unknown reason. Still, she wondered about their little pee-pees.

“It’s not fair,” Lynn pouted and pretended to be disappointed.

“What do you mean?” said Leon leering at his younger half-sister’s nakedness as he stared unashamedly at her hairless cunt lips that seemed flushed and a bit disdained with the slight reddishness of sexual arousal.

“I’m naked. And you’re not.”

“Yes, I am,” answered Leon.

He peeled back the dirty damp bedclothes and showed Lynn that in fact, he had nothing on beneath. His cock was fully erect and its veined length now curved upwards from his hairless balls to just below his nipple line. Lynn looked shocked. Her cunt moistened at the sight of her naked brother. The little pee-pee was not so little.

She did not know what to say. His hard pee-pee looked so big. Like a long fat sausage with a big wet head. She had never seen such a thing. All red, inflamed, dribbling, and angry. Lynn licked her lips subconsciously. She wanted to kiss it. To play with it. To worship it. She thought of her fantasy about being watched by the devil. A delicious ripple hummed in her baby cunt.

Garth joined his brother on the bed. He had removed his underwear and now his cock stood upright, mirroring that of Leon’s albeit half the length and girth. He took hold of Leon’s cock and began to lick and suckle upon it, feasting on the copious fluids that oozed from the bulbous cock head.

“Mmmmmmmm,” moaned Garth with his mouth full of Leon’s cock.

Lynn was frozen to the spot. Seeing her little brother sucking cock. Leon broke the spell by beckoning her to join them both. Lynn moved slowly until she stood next to the edge of Leon’s filthy bed; it stunk of sexual secretions.

“Let me try it,” said Lynn as she leaned across her half-brother’s lap.

Garth moved back slightly to make room and pressed his sister to the task, pushing her small face upon devilish cock.

“Arrrrghhhhhh! FUCK YER,” groaned Leon.

Lynn began to tentatively lick the outer rim of his purplish cock head, her tiny preteen hand was unable to wrap around the girth of her brother’s engrossed organ. She intuitively stroked his flesh up and down and noticed the serpent ring that wrapped itself tightly around the base of his shaft, lifting it and separating his cock from his heavy sweaty balls. The shiny scales intrigued her, though she had no notion of what it was or its purpose. It looked demonic. She thought it was cool. Lynn ran her fingers over it as she caressed the length of Leon’s throbbing organ. He moaned and his enjoyment of her touching his dirty anus.

Her baby cunt was wet and open.

“Put it in me,” she cried desperately.

Leon and Garth grinned wildly. Garth helped her to mount her older brother.

Garth pressed his little sister downwards upon Leon’s throbbing organ. The demonic lubricants seemed to allow his cock to gain purchase, as his cock head slid inside her tight little slit. Her face contorted in pain. He didn’t care. He only thought about the extreme pleasure … Taking her virginity. The sister. The mother. Incest.

Garth pressed again and Lynn’s baby cunt slid down her half-brother’s thick pulsing cock shaft. Her hymen was long spoilt. She was now about a third of the way down the length of her brother’s organ. Lynn groaned and pressed down further of her own accord. Her eyes pressed tightly closed in both hellish pain and delight.

“Aarrghhhhhh …” Leon screamed as a new divine pleasure shot through Leon’s body. He bucked insanely as the vibrations from the serpent ring became increasingly wild … Semen from his testicles pumped upwards through his shaft, bringing his cock and balls to biting point … They were both past the point of no return.


Celine’s nightmare

Celine awake sharply and drew in a gasping breath. A recurring nightmare shook her to the core, making her heart rapidly palpitate and her body overheats in night sweats. A voice in her head evoked the strange rhyme:

“Celine, Celine, awoken from a broken dream. 
Taken so young by a demon so obscene
. Twas after midnight when the evil came. To hold Celine in naked shame …”

It was always the same haunting episode that reminded her of her checkered past. It was her own personal hell, re-enacted, re-lived, re-visited … Involuntarily … Like a lucid splinter in her mind …

A demon-like horned high priest with skin as black as coal stood over her, prone and lusty … She shook against her bindings, unable to move, unable to resist … Fear and anguish filled her mind and her sobbing pleas went unheeded … In the light, her young sharp eyes seemed to focus upon the demon’s massive penis as it stood upright, fully erect with a strange black metal ring around the base of its shaft … The near-naked crowd that had surrounded her; gawking at her mercilessly; chanted obscenities to evoke the evil-doer to take her innocence in the name of the ‘Serpent’ …

“Devouring her innocence with wicked deed,
Impregnating with verminous seed.
How to condone this vile act,
Signed in blood was the Devil’s pact.”

The ‘Serpent’ had particular importance in this dream replay; that escaped her complete explanation, only that it was the driving force behind this incredible wickedness. For it was this surreal creature that lurked beneath the surface of the flesh that appeared for the most part to be humanoid … But was in fact supernatural … Vile and depraved, the ‘Serpent’ wanted not just to take her innocence, but to plant its seed of perpetual evil inside her.

As usual, she reached into her bedside cabinet and retrieved a long black dildo. The dildo had a strong rubber smell tainted with her own bodily secretions. She never washed the fowl thing. She began to masturbate herself with it as she solemnly sobbed to herself. The tears of an unexplainable loathsome passion; the unwanted arousal during her rape returning with a perverse vengeance. This evil she hated had left its sexual mark … Claiming her … Changing her forever, stained and tainted, poisoned with its brutality. She fucked herself urging forward toward climax … The demonic climax … The ritual climax …


Unstoppable urges

Celine left work early that day. She made an excuse and left the factory floor in a hurry. Today of all today, she had been aroused to the point of maximum frustration.

As she entered the old apartment she felt immediately fell into the grip of a profane energy. Celine was compelled … She was drawn towards her eldest son’s bed… Her cunt oozed juices that cascaded down the inside of her legs … Something profoundly wrong had invaded their home. There was evil here. It was a strong and undeniable feeling. She recognized the beckoning of the dark force from her hellish nightmares.

“Oh my God … Not my Good Son?” she mumbled.

Celine’s hand reached the door handle to her son’s bedroom. Her cunt was quaking … Almost instantly orgasming as she pressed to open the door … She could feel waves of heat and deviant energy hit her right through the bedroom door. Whatever was happening was about to reach its crescendo.

The scene that met her eyes was overwhelming. Despite all, she had experienced … All the demonic forces that she had befallen, could not prepare her for the sight of her three children in naked incest play. She spontaneously erupted in orgasm as she screamed their names …

“Leon … Garth … Lynn … Stop!”


Epilogue: The Serpent eats its tail

A young man in his early teens approached the heavily tattooed shop owner. The shop was small, cluttered, and rather dingy but full of interesting mystical charms, stones, jewelry, tarot and occult books, and strange artifacts. It smelt of old things, dead things. The guy behind the counter looked like he was in his late fifties, but it was hard to tell with the dark lines beneath his eyes, crow’s feet, and unshaven face. He grinned perversely at the boy with yellow teeth. The boy ignored his weird demeanor and looking down through the glass counter he pointed at the ring.

“How much for the ring?”

“It ain’t a ring … And it’s not for sale.”

“What if I offered you this?” The boy pulled out a wallet and offered two crumpled fifties.

The shop owner lent forward on his elbows and looked closely at the boy.

“That’s a lot of cash. Stolen?”

“Do you want it or not?”

“Maybe we can come to an arrangement,” answered the shop owner.

He stepped around the counter, locked the shop door, and flipped around the sign that indicated the shop was closed. The shopkeeper reached into the counter and retrieved the black ring. He held it up for the boy to see, turning it so the youth could appreciate the workmanship of the serpentine design.

The boy felt a strange sensation of inappropriate arousal in his pants, as his young boy cock instantly hardened with the rush of eager blood then pressed against the inside of his tight black jeans. He wanted the ring. He wanted to touch it.

“May I see it?”

“It’s a rare thing,” the shop owner added, “Of course, you know that you don’t wear it on your fingers right?”

The boy looked perplexed.

“It’s a cock-ring boy. Why don’t you come in the back? It’s more private there.”

The boy seemed to aimlessly follow the scheming shop owner behind the counter into a darkened room behind. It was part store room, part bedroom. A squalid place with no taste. It smelled funky back there … Soiled … Sordid …

The boy found himself aroused beyond reason. He was not sure what a cock ring was. He guessed it must be worn on his penis. All he knew was that his penis throbbed to be touched. He was not sure why. Nothing seemed to make sense … And all he could think about was acquiring the ring and adorning his small boy cock with it.

“I don’t want your money,” he said to the boy.

“So, what do you want?”

The ring seemed to buzz with a life of its own. The old shop owner pressed the boy to kneel before him and opened his baggy old pants. His engorged cock stood upright over his large hairy ball sacks. The smell of dry semen and urea filled the boy’s nostrils. The old man’s disdained member was so hard and throbbing. Fluids pooled at its tip and dripped like a shiny spider’s thread onto the floor in front of him.

The boy remained before him and watched in awe. The old shop owner slid the black metal serpent ring down his shaft and pressed it hard against the root of his cock and balls. The stench was worse but did not perturb the young boy from getting closer.

“This is how you wear it, boy,” he said almost instructional, “Tell you what, if you can take it off with just your mouth, it’s yours, all yours.”

The old guy was about to laugh, when the boy’s mouth closed around his cock, engulfed it right down to the root. Without warning the boy bite down with such ferociousness that the shop owner did not even get time to scream. Surprise or shock? He just blinked in disbelief. The youth’s face was drenched in his blood. The boy spat the bloody cock out onto the filthy floor and showed him the ring was still held between his red-stained teeth.

The old man was bleeding profusely as he fell noisily to the floor boards in a heap still clutching his severed groin.

“Fuck you,” the boy said.

He rubbed the bulge in the front of his pants as he stood up and walked casually towards the door of the small shop. The doorbell tingled as he left without another word.

To be continued …


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