Feature Writer: Ricl plas /
Published: 12.07.2019
Feature Title: Down a dark hole 1 /
Story Codes: Religious, Blasphemous, MF, MM /
Synopsis: Our protagonist finds help for his sex addiction /


Down a dark hole

Chapter one

It’s Sunday morning and Princess’ church is session. The pews are full of people, I can’t see anybody’s face. I am nude, crawling on my belly, naked closely behind my Goddess’ black six inch heeled shoes. Her words consuming me.

“I’d bring you to MY church, make you crawl to me on your knees and spill the truth out like your life depended on it.”

And here I am professing my need for her. I am loudly, shamelessly begging my Princess for salvation. I can not see the faces of the church members but everyone can see me, they are calling my name.

“Welcome pig.”

As if they were expecting me. This public display is the church ritual to show that Princess has snagged a new convert. My Princess is proudly leading me up to the alter.

I can hear the catholic Priest, the same priest that referred me my princess say, “Well, Dr Larue… I see your new client is ready for the basement – so soon?”

My Princess lifts up her heel. I know exactly what that means. I lick the bottom of her dirty shoe sole. My Princess says,”Yes Father this pervert is dying to go to the basement. And we will see just how nasty he can get.”

“Excellent.” Said the priest, “Maybe I’ll come down after my sermon and see for myself.”

I follow my Princess down to the basement, stopping in front of a door labeled ‘boys bathroom’.  The bathroom is filthy, she leads me to a nasty urinate stained stall.

She says, “I have a present for you pervert, a young, faggot. He’s an eager and inexperienced cock sucker and his sick perverted mother is here just as I promised.”

She motions him and her in the stall. His mother face is full of lust has she pushes her reluctant adolescent boy. He has red lipstick on, eye shadow and barrettes in his hair. Princess enters the stall and squats down next to me. I am pleading with my eyes ‘no’ but her smile is all it takes to keep me bucking like a freak.

With her seductive voice she says, “Look at his mouth pig, he’s hungry for your cock, it’s soft and wet just the way you like it.”

I am loosing my mind now I am begging. “Please, Princess!”

Princess asks the question, “What do you want the most?”

She lifts some pre-cum from the head of my cock and smears it around the young cocksucker’s mouth , his hungry mouth opening wide to greet her finger. My cock begins to twitch.

Once more she asks, “Tell me pig tell me what you want? Let me hear you beg you nasty pervert! Beg like you mean it!”

Weakly I respond, “Please Princess let this young cocksucker suck my dick I ‘ll do whatever you want.”

My Princess laugh and says, “I have no doubt about that you dirty pervert.”

At this point you may ask how did I get here?


I am a sex addict.

I have always been a good looking black man. I would classify myself as a Bull. I dabbed somewhat into the swinging lifestyle. It was my way to satisfy my sexual addiction. But father time ticks away on a aging bull in the lifestyle. The gray hairs show, and more time is required to preform. Seeing the reality of the situation my big head is outing thinking my small head for a change. I am seeking help for my addiction through a church counselor and sex therapist, Dr Sable Larue. What follows is the biggest mistake I made, or was it?

Dr Sable Larue was referred to me by a local Catholic priest who I confess to about my sexual addiction. Dr Larue was a middle age white woman. At five foot and ten inches tall, Dr Larue was an attractive, but stern and conservative woman with intense piercing eyes. Her button-up blouse covered her large busty 42DD tits. A fact I notice immediately. Dr Larue held her sessions sitting directly in front of her clients. This made me feel very uncomfortable. Dr Larue inform me that she was thoroughly inform of my situation from the Catholic priest and that I had made the right choice in her to cure my affliction. This made me feel very uncomfortable as a slight smile form on Dr Larue’s face.

“You made the right choice. The best thing you could do in your situation is find a Christian therapist like me. I will bring you in out of the cold and offer you a sampling of what kind of feast the Lord has for you. Let me say, I am not here to further corrupt your world – I am here to set you back on a path where you are free of your perversions. But I will task you in ways you likely never have been before.”

She paused.

“I am demanding, at all times, but I don’t just take from my clients. I am here to teach you how to grow as a person. I see you need a lot of corrective behavior. If finding balance is not something you seek, I will train it into you. Because you see, you are MY investment.”

At this point my mind is racing one hundred mile an hour. What did she mean by  investment?

Dr Larue sat directly in front of me and look me directly in the eyes. I’m sure she can see my nervousness as my nine inch cock was switching in my pants. I’m sure she notice as she slowly look me up & down with a raise eyebrow. As she let her words sink into my head.