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The Devil Queen and the Little Girl Scouts 5

The tiny thing sat naked on his lap and huge body. Samantha kept her updated. I can’t right now mam.

WHY? He is fucking her again mam. Yes, Jerome is here and the limo ready whenever you want.

The staff just wheeled in more food taking the cold food out never looking at the naked fucks.

Why do like mine so much darling? Yes, I know you love me but all the other girls have better real titties. He held her tiny body sucking at her inch-long tubes and what little tit meat he could get. He did love her. She made him insane holding his huge cock. You know I have another hole. Dear GOD!

Its tiny but we could at least try. Maybe if you lick it more than my pussy you demolished it will fit. The expensive food went cold.

The young widow now looked happy. Opening the door naked for the demonic little brownie who brought a tiny friend. Most everyone had seen her naked or fucked her, ate her and sucked on her she was drifting into demonic lust.

Just push one more time dear as she had her tiny ass up.

The mom had to meet with the principal that had her young child so obedient. Just walking in made her cunt pulse and wet. She had hidden fantasy’s about child pussy as naked little girls just went to lockers like dancing fairies. Every damn one was tiny pink puffing in puberty.

The secretary stood up as the loud sucking sounds of huge dildos pulled out of her ass and cunt it was getting easier for her to greet. Mam she is here.

Her hair was soaked in smelly piss with her tits strapped into tubes with needles all over. Your daughter will be her soon. Please sit. She has delicious piss. Her little pussy gets all juicy and she just started squirting last week.

Mommy could not even breath as her naked child walked in. Hi mommy. Let me help a she went about stripping her. Do you like my pussy mommy? Mommy you have nice titties. Just lay back now as she straddled her head planting her daughter child pissy pussy or her mommies face and startled suck mommy. Mam can you help my mommy? The crop hit her mommy cunt meat she almost bit her child’s pussy meat off.

Now I have three places for you to fuck me dear. Did you like my ass before? SLAM! It won’t look the same now. SLAM, SLAM, SLAM.

Mommy rearranged all plans or her cell riding her husbands cock so hard and deep as he could not get his mind off the fucking his princess was doing to that timid huge boy.

After twenty years he still wondered where his huge log went in her small body.
His tiny princess was in the same suite fucking the huge boy like her mommy had done to him. His wife and tiny princess were boy raping fuck sluts.

The kennel out from town was hardly a secret any more. The Satan Queen had turned the entire small town into pure fuck. The women did not wear panties anymore still pretending to be mommies instead of the piss drinking cunt and cock suckers. Some liked sperm and some liked young pussy cream but most liked what ever was on or in their mouth. The tiny brownies fist fucked them in alleys, back rooms it was getting close to just not wear anything at all.

The Satan Queen went to check up on the Amish fucks and the teens had now paired up far out in fields preferring fist more than the rough wood handles learning to suck each other’s pussy meat. No one would know they were naked under their rough robes as they all now liked the harsh fabric on their titty meat.

His log came out of her ass and she sucked her ass slime off it the huge boy was her hapless lamb.

She just kept attacking all over sucking him off three times. He was hungry as hell when the cart rolled in with a filet for her and the biggest slab of steak. They both finally ate. He wolfed the steak down. He was satisfied and had her on her tiny back telling her how much he loved her as she got his log just right.

No mam not yet. Yes, mam Jerome is here and very deep. I do check mam but only the staff so they can keep fucking as you ordered.

The brownies had carefully folded their tiny uniforms as the young widow just watched as the tiny pussies and tit dots went after her. ALL FUCKING OVER HER like animals. The biting on her tits and fists up her ass and cunt.

The Satan Queen went to check on the Mormons she had turned into fuck. The teens were pulling off robes in a barn full of horses waiting for them getting hard. The teens just loved horse sperm and each other’s cunts, but horse sperm was their favorite for now. The youngest and smallest still needed help holding them as the teens tugged it tight to her mouth and started stroking the huge thing until her mouth bulged and horse sperm just gushed all over her. No matter how much she tried she could not swallow it all.

The mommy was all tied and hanging by her tits in a basement for her birthday party. She just loved being whipped and fisted. There were medieval stocks, the fuck swing, the chains, clips, dildos being slimed up. All of the fuck slut wives were coating their hands.

The pain was incredible as her tits felt like they would rip any second when the fist plunged up her ass and the huge dildo shoved deep making her stomach bulge. The crop hit her nipples and then another made a very hard strike on her clit out so hard with that dildo giving it no where to hide. It hurt and she just loved it.

His tiny princess seemed to blossom once she became a brownie. She made new friends quickly making her daddy happy as she seemed to love the new town. But still insisted on him give her baths as she seemed to grow in places every day. Her tit dots seemed to puff and washing her pussy drove him crazy. It seemed to just bulge out overnight and she kept telling him to wash it a little more. She seemed to have nightmares every night crawling in his bed for a daddy snuggle.

She learned a lot in her English class as the Satanic English teacher gave her a pink dildo so she could paly like all of the others. She and the Satan Queen had back channel of sorts exchanging ideas of how to thoroughly slut these little children. I think she will tonight Queen as I will keep her like yesterday.

The Satanic English teacher sipped at her coffee mug full of Satan’s cum that just showed up fresh and warm. Her fuck slut body was so infused by Satan’s love her saliva was what making all the young titties and pussies puff. The new tiny girl looked adorable and horny and naked. Her little titties were coming out nicely into to puff mounds and nipple tubes and her pussy meat bulged. She loved when her new English teacher kept her over after school for lessons. She just walked to her needing some help to get up on her desk and just spread. The Satanic English teacher took a big gulp of Satan’s sperm to cover her entire little body with the demonic powerful fluid that made sluts instantly. It was the most devious and seldom used but the/her Queen wanted this one fucked by her daddy and be his cock sucking cum drinker. Little girls all loved daddy sperm once they tasted it. The Satanic English teacher did the unthinkable pushing some of Satan’s up her tiny ass. Her ass tube would absorb it into her all the quicker. She just kept the child on the edge and about to burst for her first orgasm.

She had difficulty getting dressed to go home and be daddy’s little whore. She needed help as the demonic fluids went through her body.

No daddy I feel sleepy. I don’t want another nightmare if I can just sleep with you tonight. Friday night she had all weekend to fuck her daddy. She undressed him as his ten inch still soft cock tube was right in her face. The demonic fluids pumping through her told her she would be able to swallow it.

Daddy was pushed back to watch her undress. She did not want a bath tonight, maybe later daddy. His tiny darling went so slow at her buttons and zippers of her school uniform as it seemed every piece just drift of in puddles. Unhooking her small training bra her two inch tubes and puffy mounds seemed to stare at him horny and hungry. Dear God, she went so slow with her panties as if presenting her even puffier pussy with a hard clitty poking.

Her daddy could help himself as his huge meat was full 13 inches and hard as a rock. It was the most erotic thing he ever saw. His kitten was no longer his little princess but silkier hungry horny leopard.

She just walked to his bed leaping and then crawling over him like he was about to be eaten. Her tiny body pushed his cock log down of his hard stomach rubbing it on her own hard tummy to lick her daddy’s lips and his mouth and then sucking his tongue. She already owned him as he did everything he could before now he was her fuck toy as nibbled on his nipples over and over then all the rest of his body biting and licking. Her saliva gave him tiny bits of Satan sperm that started to sink in. Her tongue delivered the most but now every part of his body was getting destroyed.

What she did to his cock was a mix of hell and heaven. Nipping at his huge piss slit then trying to get her tiny tongue inside, then down licking it all over. What she did to his huge balls that had not been emptied for years as she bit his sack. Swallow one at a time sucking and chewing then back on the other. He thought he might not have any balls after tonight and it was only six.

He was barely in the door putting his brief case in the study when she went on her satanic attack.

Now back on his piss slit the up all over biting his nipples and then back on his face she sucks his tongue almost out. He absolutely loved her making sure she had the newest trendy clothes and those damn tiny panties he had to pull on every morning with her tiny blossoming pussy in his face having to hold and cup her tiny ass.

She owned her daddy heart and soul but now owned his body as she shifted around to put her tiny ass and puffy pussy right in his face. She was tiny but his cock was so big as she kept her ass and pussy right in his face.

He just looked at the small ass and pussy so young when his cock head disappeared in her warm mouth, fuck it all as he grabbed her tiny ass his big mouth covered her tiny ass and pussy meat like a ravenous huge lion.

The young widow was making friends all over town now as so many saw her naked fucking and sucking. The two small brownies had almost become permanent fixtures in her home ass and cunt. She reconnected with her old friend with long strawberry hair that had been hiding her bestial fetish and love of anything anal. She also became a welcome friend, but the coffee just got cold as her still limber legs were locked behind her head as her friend sucked her ass, tongue fuck it then finger it for more ass juice. She had hard orgasms now when her friend suck and ate her ass.

When they did speak, she learned her beautiful friend had ass plugs since she first found out she liked it at ten. All those years.

She reconnected with mommy and daddy every Sunday for lunch when they were somewhere fucking. Daddy cock was even bigger, and mommy licked at her ass tube pushing more fingers in to lick clean and repeat. Finger lick and repeat.

I don’t know if you will like the dogs as some don’t dear. I like them and your loving daddy fucking you likes when I am happy watching me be a slut dog fuck as there is always someone sucking his cock including some men. Yes, dear he has a very special cock so just fuck before the food gets cold. Yes mommy.

Maybe next Sunday you invite your little brownie friends. Mommy when is the next party. Are you sure baby dogs are quite different and just fuck like you are a bitch dog and if it hurts, they don’t care? If they knot inside like I love they pump so hard and so much you will leak for two days. I want to try at least once mommy.

Daddy was all over her tiny princess ass and pussy as she tugged his cock deeper down her warm silky throat until she left his face to swallow every inch right down to his balls she kept and almost painful grip on each ball about to rip his sack. Huge violent streams of daddy sperm went right into his daughter’s small tummy. Her ass perked up away from his mouth reach he plunged a finger up her so darling pink ass bud. If she is anything like her mommy, she loves anything up her ass. She damn well did as she would have bit his cock off if her jaws could work. He sent another finger up her pink cunt sawing his fingers in and out her ass and child cunt. She was biting his cock as much as she could as his sperm kept cumming and daddy finger fucked her until she had her very first orgasm making a mess all over daddy with huge long squirts. He just sucked her squirts and his princess was just like her mommy and even more horny.

The young widow’s lunch did not go as planned when she invited the little slut brownies and her ass craving friend. The brownies already naked when her friend just walked in now in search of ass hanging her coat, she was naked beautiful and horny. Young ass she went after the brownies before saying hi.
The tiny brownies were the cunt, tit and pussy demons as they were twisted like pretzels so this devil lady got deeper up their gaping ass tubes now. One would whimper and cry after ass orgasms she went back on the other one afraid now and whimpering as she was twisted, her tiny tit dots hurt like hell. For two hours the tiny brownies were chewed and ass sucked into gaping holes she almost got her face inside they were limp and sleeping.

The look on her friends face when she turned her attention to her body after what she just witnessed her fist was up her daddy fuck hole. She may not live as her friend came to her trembling body tugging her fist out of her way biting her neck and nipples she just sank of her new carpet and spread open for death.

Mommy will the dogs be there? Yes. Oh, mommy she is still in my ass mommy. es, that friend mommy.

No mommy she wants to see me be a dog slut fuck bitch or she won’t eat my ass again. Please mommy.

Bring them over next Sunday, I want to meet these brownie fucks and have not really met your ass sucking friend but the one time she got pounded by six dogs. I will mommy but you may regret what she does. Yes, mommy next Sunday at 10, Mommy I have to go now.

His princess was taking a nap as licked her tiny spermy lips she was back to his purring little kitten.

He woke up startled as she only had a quick nap and he was just about to as he kept rubbing up and down her tiny soft back, her perfect ass as she laid on him like a tiny warm cover.

Dear God, she was pushing her tiny puffy squirming. She stared at her daddy as he just watched her entire body as he stood up to get it just right sinking like a slimy silk glove until her so tiny ass hit his pelvis. It had taken all she had she had daddy and just draped over him for another nap impaled.

Daddy sighed and held her tiny body napping with her on his cock.

Daughter showed up right on time with two tiny brownie cunt suckers and satanic fucks. The so tiny things had not worn their uniforms. Just very tight shorts and very small tanks with hard tit dots begging for a mouth. Hi babies! Please come in. Daddy is in the living room watching some sport thing.

Let me help your friends pulling the tanks off and tugging those darling tight shorts off the aroma of young pussy already wet was precious. The tiny things were already horny wet fucks.

Daughter stood right in front of her daddy holding his huge cock just for her for now stripping slowly to present herself for fuck. Daddy fucking.

The tiny brownies raced to his huge cock and her pussy as daughter just spread her feet more for her fuck daddy. The brownies went real quick pushing her helping her get daddy cock head just right and her legs comfy. Hi daddy as she sank. The brownies turned to her mommy like animals making her wonder if this was a good idea.

The tiny things looked scary and demonic went the teeth tugged her long clit looking for safety got pulled out. She had no idea how she was on her back in front of her daughter fucking her cunt on her husband like the fuck slut dog bitch she was the tiny brownies were eating her alive. She had huge nipples being chewed. Mommy I warned you as she pumped on her daddy. They won’t stop mommy. Yes, mommy they do that. Try hard mommy as my friend will be coming to own your ass.

Mommy was demolished from tit to clit when the first tiny balled fist shoved up her dog fuck cunt tube. Her huge nipples about to rip another went up her ass.

Your mom seems to like your friends. Yes, daddy but twist my nipples more as I am close again. Yes, daddy I know you are tired but hurt my titties one more time and try.

She sank back squirting and quivering on daddy cock while mommy screamed. The tiny brownies were animals. The knock on the door her daddy had to carry his fuck daughter. Mommy my friend is here.

Is that the ass, your mom’s ass? Yes, its already a bit messy. Just like I like to thank you for getting her ready. The brownies were frightened as she was naked approaching her prey. She was beautiful but horrendous on ass. She tugged the fist out of her way telling them they could have the tits.

Mommy almost crawled out of her skin screaming panting to stop, no more, please stop, no once more. Mommy was sweating trying to get away then spreading open.

I love how you fuck me daddy and you are bigger and let me meet so many new friends. Daddy I warned mommy. They won’t kill her. One more time daddy please. You will have to hold me but don’t cum, you know how much I like it. Maybe two fingers daddy real deep up my ass. Yes, daddy she squirted again all over him quivering pumping with new strength. She should have pumped out five orgasms ago.
His tiny princess kept asking if she fucked as good. Did I suck it good daddy? I like your cum or what you called sperm. His hands were shaking so hard just straining to get her a bowl, cereal and milk.

She held his cock like she would a new puppy. Dear God, daddy can we stay in bed today? He managed some energy bars as his princess had such a firm grip.

Oh, hell she tugged him by his cock back his bed. She was a kitty and animal needing a quick nap asking him if could lick on her as she went silent after of daddy fuck and suck, she was still just a little girl.

The Satan Queen loved watching little girls being slut fuck but was had to wait for the youngest.

She drifted off to check on her fuck Amish as not one garment of medieval pussy cover or titty meat cover as the families just fucked any women. Some of the girls preferred cunt but just bent over for a sometime very painful fuck up that hole their shit came out just got fucked as they obeyed.

Some women found those that loved fingers up ass and pussy learning how to cook. Sometimes and often they needed a pussy suck even though the small asses had to sit on flowered counters. The Amish were the best at teaching the children often hid under robes to suck big cunts. The Satan Queen was happy as no cock or cunt had to wait.

Maybe a family ass fucking.

Barely out of kindergarten she scared the dogs. Mommy caught her three times in the barn sucking their horses. Mommy had shoved four fingers up her cunt to get her off. She had lost her long gown chasing the dogs she carried her naked fuck cock sucker to her husband. We seem to have a problem. The animals don’t mate anymore because she keeps sucking anyone she can catch. She just keeps sucking the sperm out she has the dogs and rams scared now. I finally found her in the barn naked after the horses. We will never make any money and now she won’t let my fingers out.

Just pull her off before dinner burns. Mommy licked her hand telling her husband she was a very slimy thing. Daddy held her admonishing her behavior as he let her settle on his huge cock. Mommy keeps jars of sperm for the gravy. Wrapping tight saying she was sorry daddy as she pumped her little pussy.

I try daddy, mommy but it is so good. Mommy put two fingers up her ass so she would just quit packed with daddy cock and mommy fingers up her ass they got enough silence to eat sperm covered mashed potatoes and meat loaf with one hand. Both ate with spoons, so they got as much of the sperm gravy before putting the plates on the floor and the sperm gravy bowl before mommy pulled her fingers out to help lift her off his cock as it made sucking sounds. She sniffed until finding the plates and bowl.

The little sperm slut daughter was killing business.

The kennel owner would try her out for one night. Showing her how to open the gates and telling her to lock them back. The next morning every kennel was open. Cussing at how long it would take to find them until he saw them all laid out on the lawn and the tiny thing had all the puppies keeping her warm.

His best breeder had knotted her mouth before her parents were gone as she sucked him dry and he just slept on the softer grass. Gate after gate she sucked his dogs. When she went through them all as some mistook her as something to fuck some missed completely fucking her ass. She found the still nursing females and sucked hound cunt.

All his hounds were right there as she had mouth fucked ass fucked and now cunt fucked each and sucked his females. The tiny sharp puppy teeth left tiny dots all over her tiny white body. She looked like tiny white nibbled angel with puppies snuggled on her and all around as not one of his hounds left. What the fuck?

He just made a call doubling the price. Mommy wanted to check on her first. She almost collapsed at her bitten angel just said hi mommy. Mommy this is bestest place. Can I stay?

The man had to help her back to his house expecting negotiation she ripped his smelly old farmer overalls apart as his old cock hung so long and stinking like he had not had seen soap for months or years. God the old thing had huge balls and it took a while before his old cock stiffened into a mammoth huge cock. He had not felt a woman in years, and it wore him out now trying to beat off.

He held the counter the table just searching for anything to hold. He had to settle for the woman’s head as his balls shrank. She was pulling her bra back down as she not only let him hold her titties he had forgotten.

Mommy was licking his sperm off her lips as her titty meat got her bra back and tank back over. Now the negotiations. He brought him limp sucked cock out and hanging to the screen door knowing her child. What? The tiny thing was holding the smallest tree as his best breeder fucked. What? Wiping his old fingers all over her wet open cunt putting three deep forcing him to suck her cunt slime.

OK, OK, OK! Three times if you just let me live.

She went out to give her dog fuck slut a kiss asking her if she liked this place. No mommy. I love being here.

The first check was ready, and she just disappeared. His hounds were going nowhere as he crawled back into his bed.

The two walked out looking so mismatched. Samantha had his new clothes and the most darling little dress for the tiny thing that almost killed him and his cock. Mommy bought so many tiny lacey bras and panties her titties still poked. Their book bags in the limo all the home work done the limo pulled up right in front to let them out. Two very different people went hand in hand. He was all the more hunk dressed like this as he held her small hand.

The so jealous other girls that kept titty in his face had to admit the tiny fuck was the best dressed in her hair just perfect and baby breath flowers.

Suddenly she had so many friends. He even said hello. Just looking at them made pussies wet.

Mommy had a staff of lawyers on what college. She already made everyone order from his family farm. Just buy what they need damn it!

All of these checks. Hell, they never had enough to think about a bank. The young lawyer helped them with where and what to sign carefully totaling handing them a slip with the total. He left them opened mouthed telling them they would be getting a letter in three days with account numbers. His daddy just as big and his tiny mommy that had scraped so long just stared at the small slip and all that money.

His daddy ripped his mommy’s dress into small sheds. Pulled her only bra off his mommy still with small perky tits. Her old panties just tore like tissue. Daddy raped her on the table. Then on the floor as she was sweating. His daddy held his mommy up the creaky old stairs. Daddy fucked her off the bed the tugged her moaning back up. She had not felt his log since they decided they could not afford another.

His mommy panted, grabbed, onto to the man that was just stunned she was not scared in that field long ago as she rubbed her naked body making him hold her perks. Suck a little softer on those. Just bite on this part as she and he got covered n dirt. He remembered her every word like just before.

Can I keep it?

All his precious tiny mommy could find was an old apron just to protect her titties. Dear god will just give….

It may not be clean.

Finally. Now just hold her and don’t move. I will call the reverend. She has a tummy ache and we may have bug too. What a joke. The reverend had fucked most of the wives and some teens. He always stared at her nipples. By all reports he was hung. Next Sunday.

Last night she was sucking her huge husband when she wobbled in. Mommy? Its stuck again. Three nights in a row now. She should have never bought her her own dildo. Two weeks ago mommy was undressing opening the closet to hang her blouse her tiny child once again had gotten into her dildo box as she just smiled up. Honey I told you those are too big for you. I like them mommy.

Not again! Maybe she should have bought the next size. She needed help for mommy to lick her and search up her puffy meat. Thanks mommy. What are you and daddy doing? It’s all big and red and wet.

I was just making sure it was clean baby. Daddy just pulled a pillow over his face bracing. His darling wife wanted to try that ass thing. She told him she just wanted to get it wetter as he had three fingers up her ass tube. If four would not fit his 11-inch log barely had a chance. I will only try for 15 minutes, SLOBBER!. If it wont go in just fuck my horny cunt, SLOBBER, SPIT, LICK. She was just about to mount when damn her horny child. She would come in to change her piss-soaked diaper stopping at the door. Her tiny hand came out of her wet diaper to lick her fingers and push to her slit.
Just changing her made mommy wet and horny as her small slit looked red and her clit stood up getting longer and fatter by the day.

At this rate her clit would be bigger than hers. God help her she wanted to suck it and lick her tiny wet piss pussy slit.

Can I help daddy too? He hugged the pillow moaning with mixed emotions. First, she was his tiny daughter, but damn if her tiny tongue felt so good!

Mommy wanted to just get her to bed, her own bed as she was just about to get fucked hard. Her hands slimy with her pussy juice as she had to get really deep to get her dildo out, she just slipped out of her hands going right after her daddy’s cock like she owned it. Damn it was her cock to fuck and suck. Mommy just watched her lick sighing and licking her daughters’ pussy slime all between her fingers and the back of her hands she would have to settle for a cunt suck as pulled the pillow off to plant her big wet cunt on his mouth. He was so good at it but she new he wanted a hard fuck tonight.

Mommy was shivering through orgasm holding the head board with white knuckles. His mouth went up and down her entire meat form ass to clit then suck and tongue her hole then her ass and clit chews.

Mommy this won’t fit either. What the hell was she doing as she turned her head to see her on her tiny legs pushing daddy cock on her pussy. Daddy felt it grasping the sheets a she could not hold his wife’s small ass.

No honey that’s way too big and its mine! Please help mommy. All damn night she would whimper and cry when mommy tried get her off.

Push one more time mommy on my shoulders this time it feels like. Shove and silence. Just hold her and don’t move.

Mommy went down to the kitchen about to make coffee. Hell, that’s the last thing we need.

She went back to make sure her fuck slut child was still asleep. Her husband looked stunned as her tiny body slammed up and down turning her pussy slit into cunt tube. Do you need something to drink honey? It looks like you will be her for a while. You know how she gets with MY dildos and now she has MY DAMN cock! Daddy just whimpered and settled back as her tiny cunt tube tugged up and down.

She really no idea what she was doing. So young all she knew was she liked things in or on her pussy.

Mommy can you help them again? Oh, what the hell she sat on his face twisting her child’s tit dots. She just loved them twisted the harder she pulled and twisted some nights it was the only way to just get her to sleep.

Mommy can you do that thing with your mouth again? Bite harder this time mommy. Try to chew them out more.

MOMMY! I feel something different in my tummy. Stop mommy and hold me.
She squirted steams of young pussy all over her up on her small horny hard titties, but soaked her husband.

Finally, she was tired as mommy her trembling to her small bed. Returning husband fuck after his limp cock made a loud sucking sound just pulling her off.

They were absolutely worn out settling to just lick their child’s pussy juice off each other. She had squirted between her slim fuck legs all over his face. The family slept.

The teen had just volunteered as an intern secretary for school credit. Hell, church was over an hour ago when the reverend asked her to stay and help with some paper work.

She was on her back on his desk as he split her virgin small body up her no longer tiny ass he whipped back on her back, he fucked her all over his office. She could even breath were her legs behind her head.

He helped her walk as he locked up helping her stunned small teen body had so many orgasms. God, she loved orgasms even though it hurt like hell, at first.

Dropping her at her house stumbling. Next Sunday reverend? I can stay longer. Mommy hid her from daddy watching a football game. She helped her up to her room before daddy could see her poking braless tits.

Mommy tried to hold her up while undressing her teen body. Yep her panties were gone. The reverend had boxes of bras and panties of every size.

Mommy quickly stripped having to hold her small abused titties. Mommy helped her to the shower washing her. He had done it to her teen. He had fucked so many times and now her daughter.

Her tiny slim teen looked swollen all over her pussy and he damn sure fucked ass into a reddish-purple gaping hole.

She just curled up into a ball as mommy snuggled her tight, she was already asleep.

Now where we as daddy damn well knew just thankful his daughter did not see his cock head out of his shorts. Hell, he helped DP wives.

Please lift up as she really struggled with his daddy shorts. There it is as it popped up. She swallowed it. She came up for a quick breath saying yes dear, looked like several times. Hold this for me and let me get stupid thing off. Naked SWALLOW. No, the other one for awhile that one hurts. SWALLOW.
You can try three just go slow. And stay away from my pussy. It makes so tired when you fist.

Deep breath panting, maybe in a couple weeks you can fuck her. you know the reverend will get her ready but not yet. SWALLOW.

Now slap my ass and get off my tit as it hurts like hell now. You sometimes get a little to hard thinking about fucking her. SWALLOW. DEEP breath yes her titties look OK but just don’t hurt them as your cock will already hurt her pink pussy. Not so much pussy anymore. SWALLOW as his daddy filled her stomach as she held on.
Get away from my pussy damn you as she licked her sperm lips. Now m he just e as she bent over reaching under for that huge black dildo, she had quickly hidden too far with her tiny fuck ass gape right in face he took a long lick deep up her ass tube. Got it! OK lick. How do you want me this time you devil ass fucker?

She was still limber as the college gymnast training still allowed her to lock her ankles behind her head. Like this dear? Just be careful on my pussy as you know the mess I make when you do that. Her clit was hard and red poking up thick all two inches. Your baby looks like hers will be bigger. He shoved the huge right up her open spread ass. She did make a mess. Honey she has darling little puffy pussy just waiting. Silence as the entire long black could be seen in her tummy.

She was gone when he had enough of her teasing him, he bit her long clit. She heard mommy scream but now she damn well knew why now. She just snuggled as her now cunt and gaping ass tube dripped reverend sperm.

Daddy pulled the huge black dildo out in sucking sounds just to pick her up for bed he pushed his bigger cock up her ass tube she hung on for life as he used one hand to hold her moaning and quivering impaled up her ass he shut off the lights he held his tiny fuck bouncing on his huge cock her last thought was not make him so horny again ever again as she squirted all over the stairs. It was a genetic thing handed down that made all her family pump once it started. She had it the worst. Putting several of the thickest period pads trying not of a wet spot.

The recent fuck teen slut woke up as the loudest scream mommy ever made begging her daddy to stop. You did this you slut so just get your legs back up. My daughter? You really want me to do this to her?

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Mommy did behind the scenes negotiations about a new house for his parents as well as monthly payments.

She argued with the college that did not seem to understand what a suite was. No mam we can’t do that. Mommy just bought an entire apartment building right next to the campus and had team tearing the top floor into one enormous suite giving them one month.

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The two could not contrast more as they went through all of the college formalities for checking in.

The limo raced all four to the apartment building. Thanks, but we are not hungry right now and stop calling me mam. You two get settled. If I may let me look at the kitchen first. No we can take care of the bags but thanks. If you need any…. We have each other’s numbers and mommy surely left one for anything you need.
The kitchen was built like a restaurant kitchen with packed pantries freezer and huge refrigerators.

The bedroom door was closed, if you need anything… no I have what I want for now.
The private elevator took them to their floor just below and it was the same completely unnecessary.

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Now honey lets make sure up here pulling my shirt over my head. But she did not use her tape and I could not see what she was doing with my head covered but she made my dots all wet. I could only hear saying she needed to check my hips, but she put her hands on them making my pussy wet just like my tit places even though nothing is there yet.
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I think something is wrong with it now. Did you like your fitting child. Yes, I did mam. She wants me to come back next week to make sure it fits. I need to get home fast though as the stuff coming out of my pussy keeps coming out. She cleaned it five times but it wont stop. Can you help me?

Let’s go over here honey behind those bushes. It seems you lost your panties. Yes mam she forgot to put them back saying she needed them to make sure and now just look at my shorts. They are all wet now.

Thanks mam it feels better now. My home is right over there. Hi mommy. Hi baby how did it go as mommy smiled trying not look at her. There was a reason the old woman made all of the little brownie uniforms so cheap.

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Back then there was only one country, Germany, for child pornography. Please let me know if any other little girls and mommy’s like the idea. It will make you all rich. But how? Just think and I will know.

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They only had two conditions. Maintaining their grades and keeping their rooms clean.

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The same discussion being held that night in all the farm houses. The local store had to reorder razors and shaving cream like never before even though they were bleak sellers as men did not shave.

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All of you? Where? Out in the field’s mom, the handles are rough and hurt. Yes, I remember dear. That is the same one I used as a teen when no one was around. Thanks mommy it is the most polished one, so we share it.

Lust had opened the entire community to new wonderful things. Some was baking as other loaves had to rise. Where dear? Well I use to have to spread it open before she got rid of her hair down there. Look a little higher, that is where we find most of them, but you already know where the other stuff comes out. Well dear now its not just MY stuff anymore. Why mom do things change? No, your daddy puts new stuff in now. This looks like what you said, tell me if this is it? MOMMY! Yep that was it.

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Rain was both good and bad as it softened the earth but too much the wheels got stuck. Daddy came in so unexpected and early as it was pouring buckets. His overalls were soaked already when he could not believe the huge kitchen table.

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How does it look mommy? Mommy you are all red are you OK? Here mommy lets get this off as her daughter pulled her robe up, she could not reach far enough pulling her tight bun apart as her long hair just drifted over her. Amish women did not cut the hair on there heads either. Mommy your nipples look all red, do they hurt? Her daughters mouth sucked each one, we do this too mommy when ours hurt.

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Maybe I can help daddy. I never did it before so you may need to tell me some things. Actually, I have never seen one except the animals. Can I hold it for a while to think?
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The local store owner had never seen such a thing in his life. He had to ration each man to one razor and sorry he was sold out of shaving cream. Maybe next week.

The huge men would not even look at each other. They took back roads that had gravel in driving rain.

He was not really a minister at all, just the one willing to keep services going until they could find a real one. He had no choice but to agree to hold a quick service on Saturday night in someone’s barn.

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Cinderella stumbled out of the Disney castle. She was a hopeful budding actress hoping for a Disney contract of any kind. She danced and sang in many of the shows but loved playing Cinderella. She always agreed for any overtime. Of course, I can. It was some special late tour of the castle for a group of brownies and some English teacher, for double time pay. What could be simpler?

She and Snow White often danced together or sang becoming fast friends. They had two problems though. Disney forbid any of the staff dating. She might lose any chance if anyone found out she was lesbian. Snow White and her got the opportunity of lifetime six months ago as the seven dwarves were little girls trying to break in as well, but they would need adult supervision under the law.

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Snow White was lesbian also keeping it silent. Barely there for a week they made sure the little girls all did their homework, brushed their teeth and got ready for bed. It had been a very long day of performances and pretend hugging children or being hugged for pictures. They were tired as they just stripped in front of each other. Both were slim as needed for the costumes. Small titties so they looked like cartoon characters. The problem with Disney and the condo they had nowhere to masturbate. It had been months already.

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I am so sorry. Please forgive me. It just smelled so good, but I should have asked. Can you please do that again. As much as you want. Only can we do it together? What I meant was can we both do it at the same time? To each other?

Apparently, they had not been as quiet as they thought. Three nights later Cinderella was on her back panting when she felt the bed shift. Then hands on her tit cones. They weren’t hers and they weren’t snow whites.

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We know. What do you think we do? We get horny too!

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The Disney castle tour was going well. She had no concept the Satan Queen had sent them on a hunt to see if she could turn one of the hotels into and incest family fuck destination. She had many other ideas of family exchange right on earth. Who better to start with but Cinderella?

It was almost fatal mistake when the satanic English teacher asked if it had a basement. Yes, mam it does but its been locked for years now. It was planned and built as a dungeon ride, but it scared to many of the children, so they closed it. PERFECT!

I am not sure if the doors even work now.

Cinderella only had her gown left to wear. It was ripped off for the demon brownies to chew, fist her pussy and ass into gapes. She was forced to drink so much little girl piss.
Snow White and the dwarves somehow found her.

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We all here with our brownie leader and she is busy somewhere with some parents. I think one is right over her honey.

Let me help you with those they look really tight. So perfect and puffy and pink and right in her mommy face. No panties! Sometimes toilet seats are dirty so let me sit you up here. Won’t I pee pee on the floor though mam? No dear don’t worry. Mommy had lost mind. Young, very young pussy. Very plump bulging young pussy. Very smelly wet young pussy. She was so obedient, but the poor mommy had no idea she was a demon child. Maybe if I scoot down a little as she spread her tiny legs. Her puff opened and pink pussy lips split. Her tiny hole was coral, and the damn thing had a big clit for a young child.
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The Amish fuck just kept going. The sun was coming up Monday morning. Too many horses and too many wives that shuddered at the thought of what they saw. Trembling as they laid back saying no, yes, no maybe not. The soft hands lubing them then the horse cock pressing they each grab on for dear life.

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