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CREATED: 17.03.2020 / REVISITED: 06.09.2023

Pleasure Has No Boundaries 2


The setting is now. Today. Hong Kong. Maggie had followed her husband overseas to live a privileged lifestyle. A conservative housewife with a strong Christian upbringing, she was a virgin on their wedding night. Now living away from her parents and siblings, she served in the local church as their Sunday school teacher – helping young teens and the youngest of the parish children. She had always had a fear of God Almighty and lived by her inherited stoic Christian values.

This, however, was all about to change. Maggie meets Kris. Kris is a woman from the opposite side of town. She is the opposite of Maggie in so many ways; and as a Satanist and practitioner of black magic, she introduces Maggie into her nihilistic world. Maggie is shocked and scared at first (and bored with her pious lifestyle). She cannot ignore her curiosity for this darker side of life. Kris sees Maggie as a conquest of her satanic corruption. Kris sets about to tempt Maggie and seduce her with illicit lesbian lust, an entree into a world of satanic rites, devil worship, pedophilia, and incest – to Kris ‘pleasure has no boundaries’ and the prize is Maggie’s eternal soul.


  • Maggie (39) – protagonist. Christian, Sunday school teacher, bi, shoulder-length hair, slim build, small tits/AB-cup, very attractive
  • Kris (49) – Maggie’s secret lover, satanist, connected to the 14K triads and child trafficking, pedophile, petite, A-cup, shaven, short hair, slim build
  • Gin (13) – Maggie’s daughter, quiet and brooding, A-cup
  • Man Yi AKA Ay Yi (this is what Kris calls her) (8) – Abigail’s daughter, small, petite, A-cup
  • Alfred (55) – Husband of Maggie, Regional CFO of MNC
  • Abigail (35) – Mother of Man Yi, Tai Tai, bi, satanist, another lover of Kris’s
  • Amanda (8) – Sunday School child in Maggie’s church class
  • George (42) – Maggie’s neighbor, George is Chinese, an ex-banker, now no job
  • Betty (36) – George’s wife, attractive, airline stewardess, ambitious, bi
  • Gigi (8) – George’s daughter, petite, A-cup
  • Friar Mario (60) – parish priest at Maggie’s church
  • Sister Louise (32) – sadist, attractive nun, pedophile


Maggie was deep in thought. She knew Albert would be back anytime soon. She wasn’t in the mood for his usual boring conversations about the business trip or about the investments they were making in Myanmar. She couldn’t give a flying-fuck. Her mind was focused on the sexting and phone sex she’d been having with Kris. Their chat returned to the topic of child porn that they’d both been watching during their sexual exchanges. It had been something of a masturbation marathon and the conversation had been hot and lusty – filled with the filth that Maggie had come to love… and need.

Kris had encouraged Maggie to imagine all kinds of pedophilic couplings during their lewd conversation. They even talked about her own daughter sexually. This was new. She recalled how much she lusted for Kris. How much she needed her. How she wanted to please her. How Kris asked for her daughter’s email.

Kris had said that it would be good for them both; but then, never really explained exactly how or why. Did they exchange emails? If they did, Kris had said nothing more about it. Nothing at all. Had she contacted her daughter? Had they met up? She really hadn’t connected the dots until that moment.

She wondered if her daughter, Gin, had been there, with Kris while the two of them had phone sex, just like the incident with Abigail and her daughter. Was Gin still innocent? Yes, had to admit to herself that she’d felt a growing sexual attraction to her daughter. Was this all part of Kris’s black magic?


It was a school day and with both her daughter and her husband away, Maggie was happy to be on her own for a while. She posed in front of the full-length mirror in the bathroom taking naked selfies. She took picture after picture, some of her in totality, some details of her perky breasts, hard nipples, and freshly shaven cunt. She knew she looked hot.

She considered calling George for a fast and hard fuck. Frustrated with the spouses, they’d even fucked in the concrete stairwell connecting the floors between their respective apartments. But that wasn’t the kind of fuck she need today. She’d planned to dress up in her OOTD (outfit of the day), his daughter’s underclothes, and call him daddy; while he called her, Gigi. Yes, incest was such an interesting distraction. They would talk about him taking his daughter’s virginity; even breeding her. It was a decisively evil thought. The idea of him fucking his slimy seed into his own kin was a powerful aphrodisiac for Maggie. Oh yes, that would be so fucking hot, she thought to herself.

She logged into her old laptop computer, where she’d transferred all of the photos of Gigi, where Albert would never discover them. He still persisted in lurking around and spying on the content of her mobile. He was such a fucking loser. She laughed to herself. He had no clue how much she’d changed from that innocent Christian housewife.

She scanned through the most illicit of the images while fingering herself. Her cunt hummed with a perverted kind of energy. The dirty little bitch was all but pulling her tiny cunt lips apart for the camera. Fuck yer, little harlot. Maggie loved it. Betty was certainly a surprise. Maggie’s cunt was so damn hot and itchy. She needed a serious fuck.

Betty had been away at the time but had promised that the three girls (that would be Betty, Gigi, and Maggie) would go for a picnic in the shaded parklands behind their condo. Yes, thought Maggie, it would definitely advance her opportunities in seducing young Gigi – even if it meant sharing her with her hot mother. The possibilities multiplied.


Maggie’s daughter, Gin, had been very moody lately.

With the apartment to herself, Maggie walked completely naked into her daughter’s room. Lately, she’d been taking an unhealthy interest in her own daughter’s used underwear. This was another thing she’d learned from Kris. The live-out maid only washed their clothes once a week, so that had given Maggie ample opportunity to savor the taste of her own daughter’s soiled panties. The most recent pair of undies had been stained with menstrual blood. Sin and Satan. Maggie had sucked upon then, masturbating with her Lelo vibrator she’d recently acquired for a sex shop in downtown Mong Kok. It was a sleazy neighborhood and Kris had got a kick out of Maggie humiliating herself, buying a bounty of sex toys for their pedo sex games.

She’d spied the edge of a book hidden under the mattress of Gin’s bed. To her delight, it was her daughter’s diary. She’d given it to her as a gift for her thirteenth birthday and then forgotten about it completely. She wondered if there’d be any gems inside – any mention of what transpired between her and Kris; if anything had happened at all.

Maggie lay naked across her daughter’s single bed, sitting with her back against the soft fabric headboard and opening to the first page of her daughter’s private diary. It had looked like a pretty gift when she’d bought it for Gin. Not too childish. But not quite teen. Inside her journal, Gin’s writing was quite neat and tidy — just like Gin’s schoolwork.

Maggie read through the first few pages. The comments sounded like the usual teen rhetoric, recounting her day, what she liked about school, and what she had planned for the weekend. It all seemed pretty boring to Maggie (as she was really after something far more spicy). But then as Maggie turned the pages and looked further on, she found the writing style had become a little more erratic. It was still Gin’s handwriting, but it looked almost manic in character.

The date of this abrupt change seemed to correspond to when she first gave Kris her daughter’s email address. It all made sense. As she read further, the hairs on the back of her neck began to stand up. Gin referred to a dark angel who had contacted her. The dark angel understood what she was going through; the dark angel said that she was perfect just as she was; The dark angel encouraged her to touch herself while she imagined fulfilling her urges, as they were all part of the goddess’ plan. Her urges?

These urges sounded sensual at first, then became naively sexual. Erotic touching, tongue kissing, masturbatory, and definitely Sapphic? She praised her beautiful goddess. The further Maggie explored, the more bizarre, sinister, and unnatural these urges became. Gin began to express a desire to fornicate with unholy beings — noire creatures who brought her the pleasure of multiple orgasms.

This was all out of character for her daughter — but for her perverted mother, it sounded far more interesting. This goddess she wrote about sounded more demon than angel; more succubus than divine. In the most recent entries Gin wrote about a desire to perform cunnilingus upon her goddess; to dance naked and masturbate before her; to drink her urine and menstrual blood — she didn’t exactly use those terms, but Maggie knew exactly what she meant.

Gin’s scratchy writing mentioned some reluctance or doubts about her situation. Her words talked about seeking help; to somehow escape the demands of this dark angel, the wicked enchantress, and her dark goddess. There was even a vague reference to ‘her mother’ that had already been corrupted (beyond any possibility of redemption); and the father, too weak to stand up to these heinous forces of sexual darkness.

These pages were marked with blood as if Gin had been making some kind of ritualistic offering. The narrative twisted around her virginity. It went way beyond just sexualized worship of this goddess; a goddess that demanded her to share her virginal blood to prove her devotion – to tear her hymen upon the idol of the goddess Lilith. There were even pornographic drawings; graphically illustrating her wicked and perverted desires.

An alarm bell loudly rang in Maggie’s ears.

Kris always talked about the goddess Lilith. An evil and wicked goddess that devoured little boys and girls. consuming their souls in an almost cannibalistic way. The drawings even resembled the phallic statuette she’d worshiped upon Kris’s dark altar. This had Kris’s signature written all over it. Maggie knew that Kris had instigated this. It was, in fact, hard evidence that Kris had done something to her daughter — tainted her, beyond redemption. Was this what she’d meant when she said that this could be good for both of them? It was sick and twisted, but Maggie only felt more and more sexual arousal.


Maggie had a lot on her mind. She needed a smoke.

She’d been thinking about what to do with her daughter, Gin. She’d wanted to call Kris and find out more. She felt paralyzed. Was she frustrated and angry or excited and lusty? The truth was – all of the above.

Checking her emails, she noticed that someone had sent her a file – a video file. It was in the same format that she’d received before. It must be a video file from Kris. Just the thought of it made her nipples ache and cunt flood. Yes, it was double-pass worded. Another sign. She opened the file to the sweaty faces of Abigail and Man Yi. They were both naked together. Mother and daughter were actually fucking. Incest. The camera work was pretty shaky. It was probably shot using a mobile phone camera.

The phone camera zoomed in on their vaginas that were pressed together as they scissor-fucked each other. One adult’s body pressed against a tiny child. As the phone camera zoomed in, mother and daughter parted for a moment. The phone camera focused on Abigail’s vagina. Maggie saw for the first time Abigail’s enormous clitoris. It looked totally unnatural and deformed. Disgustingly sexy.

More like a cock pressing upward, standing out of the topmost portion of the fleshy hood of her parted labia. The perverted woman pressed her fingers on either side of the monstrous clit, flicking its crown with the finger of her other hand, as she flaunted her abnormality for the phone camera. Abigail said something that Maggie couldn’t understand and then pulled her own daughter tightly against her, fucking her with her clit – fucking her harder and harder as they both groaned in incestuous delight.

Maggie heard Kris’s distinctive voice as if she was orchestrating the whole thing. As the phone camera scanned the room, Maggie saw the candle-lit pentagram on the floor and the dark altar covered with its blackened remains of inverted crosses, fat candles, beads, skulls, and other occult paraphernalia. And there at its centerpiece — the almost phallic statue of Lilith, Kris’s twin-sexed goddess. There was a surreal quality about it all – almost preternatural. She could hear the sound of Kris’s strange pagan music echoing in the background. That familiar beat to which they all fucked and chanted in praise of Satan and their malicious goddess Lilith.

Maggie plunged her fingers deeper into her cunt, stretching her cunt walls, as she watched the debauchery unfold. Just as she thought the video couldn’t get any more wicked—another young girl appeared — the girl was young but older than Man Yi. Maybe she was twelve or thirteen years old. The young teen was wearing a heavy Baphometic necklace around her neck and the upper part of her face was covered in a darkly demonic horned mask. Her lower face had an excited expression of sexual lust. The phone camera did a full circle around her. Maggie could see that her entire body was smeared in what appeared to be fresh menstrual blood.

Kris could be heard goading the girl to dance and offer her virginity to Lilith. And so she began a dance. The girl danced provocatively to the loud pagan beat. Her narrow hips humped back and forth, fucking the air and thrusting towards the phone camera. Her hands ran over the surface of her immature body, puffy nipples, and almost flat chest and lower to her gyrating groin. The phone camera hovered at her waist level so that it could clearly capture her movements as the girl began to masturbate herself with sharp vulgar thrusts of her busy fingers.

Kris said something and Man Yi stepped forward. She held the ornate challis, in her small hands, just below the demon-masked teen’s cunt. The teen stopped her rapid movements, as she urinated into the challis. Piss sprayed from her open urethra, until the challis quickly brimmed and then overflowed with her salty offering. Man Yi and her mother drank greedily from the ornate challis and the phone camera caught a glimpse of Kris, as she too drank from the soiled cup. Last, the demon-mask teen drank her own piss and emptied the remainder in the challis in the process.

The phone camera momentarily panned away to reveal Abigail lying across the large pentagram that had been drawn on the floor with candles marking each of its five points. The sexy young girl in the devil mask danced over Abigail’s motionless body. Her hips thrust back and forth as Kris chanted in her ancient tongue. To Maggie’s delight, the girl then squatted over Abigail’s open mouth. Maggie gasped at the brink of her own orgasm, imagining the sensation of the perverted young teen as Abigail attempted to suck and lick the girl’s hairless little cunt slit.

The shaky camera movement seemed only to accentuate the raw sexuality in a way no commercial video could really do. It was raw and unedited lust. Man Yi appeared again and stood immediately before the teen girl, who was aggressively face-fucking the adult that lay beneath her.

The devil-masked teen reached forward and drew the youngster even closer. Kris told the teen to suck her tits. Maggie heard Kris’s abrasive voice, spouting blasphemies and vulgarities, as she barked her erotic orders, praised the sex demons, masturbated, and recorded everything. The teen’s mouth wrapped around one and then the other of Man Yi’s nipples sucking as she continued to rigorously masturbate upon the adult’s face.

The two children tongued-kissed wildly for the longest time. Their faces mashed together as their tongues dueled back and forth. The young devil and her even younger prey. Warm piss cascaded down between their wriggling bodies as Mam Yi urinated over the devil-masked teen, and in the process drenched her own mother below.

Kris ordered the girls to part — as if the anointed time had arrived. The devil-masked teen stepped up onto the low altar. She positioned herself just hovering over the phallic statuette of the wicked goddess, Lilith. They all chanted louder and gathered around masturbating furiously, as they watched. Abigail masturbated her huge clit (like a guy rubbing his dick). She groaned and began to orgasm. Maggie watched too, through the eyes of Kris, as she had recorded all the malevolence. Her own orgasm was approaching like a giant tidal wave.

The camera zoomed in as the devil-masked teen slid down over the phallic statuette—so penetrated her virgin cunt—piercing the membrane of her hymen. She cried out. Her eyes, behind the devil mask, seemed to almost glow through the slits that served as eye holes, starring directly through the camera at Maggie. Did her lips say something to her, the voyeur? Maggie couldn’t tear her eyes away from seeing the young teen impaling herself upon the demonic phallic idol, her virgin blood given to the omnipresent evil. No longer a virgin, the girl removed the evil mask, but before Maggie could see her face the camera panned away to Abigail and Man Yi. Maggie’s cunt exploded in wave after wave of orgasmic convulsions. She screamed in a torrent of wickedness…

…Was that her own daughter? Was the masked teen, Gin?



There was nothing. Radio silence. What had happened to Kris? Maggie called her number over and over and got a message saying “Number not in use”. Her emails bounced back. It was driving Maggie crazy. She felt sick with desperation. She had to reach her. What did she do wrong? It wasn’t fair. Anger. Frustration. She took a ride downtown to Mong Kok. She walked up the staircase to Kris’s apartment. There was a sign pasted on the door of Kris’s apartment with a mobile number for leasing inquiries.

She pushed against the front door and to her surprise it creaked open. Her heart was beating faster. Maggie opened the door wide and stepped across the threshold into the darkened interior. Something crunched beneath her shoe. She looked down at a broken black bead, like the ones she’d seen in the necklaces that had been draped across Kris’s satanic altar.

Maggie’s footsteps echoed against the hollowness of the empty space as she looked around the bare apartment. There was still the lingering odor of burnt things. Maggie felt her cunt ache. Where was she? She tried to call her again. She needs Kris’s fingers inside of her. She needed Kris’s tongue to bring her to a mind-numbing orgasm. Fuck, this was awful, she thought. She really ached to hear Kris’s voice — she missed her absentee lover.

How could Kris just leave like that? Was she in some kind of trouble with the law? Was it something to do with her link to the Triads? Maggie remembered Kris had said that she’d been involved in child trafficking and child prostitution. Maybe she needed to leave because of her illegal activities.

There were too many unknowns. This did not help, as Maggie still felt a terrible anger inside. She kicked an empty box and sent it across the naked floor. Why the fuck didn’t she call, before leaving? Whatever her reason for leaving, she should have called. They had been so close, Kris and her.

This wicked woman had impacted Maggie in a fundamental way. Maggie could not be the same person ever again. She couldn’t go back to her bored Christian lifestyle of numbness. Her eyes were now wide open. She’d done things with Kris that previously, she’d only read about. Now, she felt stronger, more in control, and ached with a burning desire to do evil things. At least she had Kris to thank for that.

Sin and Satan.


It had been a while since Kris’s disappearing act.

Valentine’s Day had come and gone. Gin had been keeping to herself. Maggie wondered about the video she’d witnessed. Was that Gin in the video? Had Kris corrupted Gin? Could she still be innocent? Had she lost her virginity to Kris? Maggie saw her with a new teddy bear and asked her where it came from. Gin didn’t answer — but while she was at school the next day, Maggie examined the innocent-looking toy. She sniffed it. It smelt very familiar. It smelt like Kris’s cunt. And there was a hint of something else. Maybe it was Gin’s cunt too.

She found herself naked in her daughter’s bedroom. Maggie began to masturbate whilst smelling her daughter’s new Valentine’s toy. She retrieved her daughter’s diary from its not-so-secret place and turned to the last entry. The scratchy writing had stopped and more pages were taken up with perverted drawings.

There was one of a naked female form, with horns upon her head. A short-haired Demoness. The demoness had been sketched with small breasts with colorless nipples. The creature’s vagina looked half female, half male. A hermaphroditic demon. Above its cunt, Gin had drawn the evil creature with a sizeable erect penis. It was Baphometic.

Maggie noticed how her daughter’s room had acquired a different odor to its usual sweetness. It smelt like female masturbation. Had Gin discovered masturbation of her own accord, or had Kris also been instrumental in this? Either way, Maggie was getting off on it. It turned her on to imagine Kris and her daughter.

She knew she shouldn’t.

Did it make her a bad mother, if she was more than happy to share her only daughter with evil Kris? She laughed at the remnants of her Christian guilt. She dug her nibble fingers into her hot wet gash and then smeared them over her daughter’s pillow. Standing with her legs apart, she peed lightly onto the carpet — rain her golden dew like a sprinkle of succubus dust — not too much that it would be obvious, but just enough to mark her territory. Just like a bitch on heat.


The sun was quite hot as Maggie, Betty, and Gigi got out of the car with a blanket and picnic basket in hand. They had taken the less-used route into the wooded hills that surrounded their condominium. There were a few other cars in the parking lot. A couple with their large shaggy dog and a small group of hikers passed by.

Then nobody.

It was quiet except for the sound of the wind in the trees and birds chirping from the woodlands nearby. Most of the views were blocked by the tree line and foliage, so the entire area was not as popular as those that either looked out beyond Tai Tam onto Hong Kong Harbor or Deep Water Bay. After only a few minutes walk, they saw nobody else around.

Betty laid out the large tartan blanket under the warmth of the sun. Maggie watched her very carefully. She hoped that they could pick up from where they had left off, after their first swimming adventure. She wasn’t to be disappointed.

Almost right away, Betty suggested that they could all sunbathe naked after lunch if they wanted, as nobody came around this part of the woodlands. Maggie nodded approvingly and Betty gave her a knowing grin. Gigi asked her mother if she could pose again like she did for Maggie at the pool. Betty said that it was a lovely idea.

Maggie couldn’t wait to get another delicious view of Gigi’s lithe body. Betty donned her sunglasses and opened the picnic basket of sandwiches, fizzy drinks for Gigi, and some champagne for the ladies (with tall plastic flutes) to grace the occasion. After a few drinks, Maggie felt rather tipsy. She was guessing that this was all part of Betty’s plan — a plan that she was only too excited to be caught up in.

After lunch, Gigi lay down on the edge of the blanket, facing away from the two grown-ups, with her coloring book and pencils. Betty was the first to remove her top. Maggie remarked at how lovely Betty’s physique was. Though her breasts were small, her areolas were dark and her bullet-shaped nipples appeared erect. Maggie subconsciously licked her lips. Betty noticed her reaction.

Maggie observed a small tattoo over Betty’s belly button. Maggie asked her about it and Betty tried to sound dismissive and said she did it in her rebel days, long before she married George and had Gigi. Maggie thought it looked a lot like an inverted pentagram with the Baphomet Goat inside (the significance of which she’d learned from Kris). Maggie pressed her about it, professing innocence and asking what it meant. Betty seemed very reluctant to say too much. Instead, she offered to help Maggie out of her blouse. Maggie accepted her help.

Now it was Betty’s turn to compliment Maggie. Maggie faked embarrassment and pretended that she was a little shy. This seemed to embolden Betty, as she lightly stoked Maggie’s nipples bringing them to an instant hardness. Maggie faked being coy, letting Betty take the lead.

Betty kissed Maggie lightly on the lips. As they rubbed their nipples together, Betty asked if she liked the photos of her daughter. She asked her if she masturbated whilst looking at them. Maggie didn’t answer right away. Instead, she stroked Betty’s belly button, then leaned forward and kissed it.

She whispered, “Hail Satan,” in Betty’s ear.

Then Maggie said she’d rather have Gigi masturbate her instead. Betty was obviously into it. Incest, pedophilia, and satanism turned her on too. They kissed again, this time much more passionately. Maggie’s tongue dived deep into Betty’s warm mouth, tasting her saliva as their hands eagerly roamed across each other’s bodies.

When they finally broke their kiss, both were breathless. Maggie had broken into a sweat from the heat of their mutual arousal. They both stripped the remainder of their clothes. Betty called her daughter over. Seeing both the adults naked Gigi smiled. It was obvious to Maggie that this wasn’t the first time Gigi had seen her own mother without clothing. Betty asked her to come join them sunbathing.

Gigi stripped naked.

Maggie enjoyed the eye candy of Gigi’s nudity. The girl giggled and lay down between the two naked adults. Betty caressed her daughter’s puffy little breasts and Gigi grinned with delight. Gigi said that she thought Maggie was beautiful and she’d like to suck Maggie’s nipples just like she does to mummy. She asked if Maggie was going to lick her down there and make her cum. Betty said yes. Maggie’s cunt was dripping like a waterfall in anticipation.

Betty asked Maggie about the devil. Though they never knew each other until her husband’s introduction; they both attended the same church. Betty never figured out the Sunday school teacher for a Satanist. Maggie said that she was a late bloomer and that she no longer prayed to God, but worshiped the Devil. She added that it was a long story that she would tell her another time.

Betty said that they both had a lot in common. She’d been confused, longing for a sex partner who understood what she wanted — what she needed — what excited her (as it would excite her sex partner too). Someone like Maggie, who was into the sexual abuse of young ones. Maggie smiled evilly and added that she liked both young boys and girls; and was partial to mother’s and daughter’s, as incest really turned her on. Maggie asked if she liked rituals… black masses… devil-worshiping orgies … human sacrifices … sexual abuse … non-consensual … rape … Betty gasped with sinful joy.

“We can explore this together … if you like?” Maggie said.

Betty licked her lips. She was definitely into this.

Maggie turned and kissed young Gigi. Her lips were small and delicate. Gigi opened her mouth so that they both began to tongue kiss. Maggie’s head spun with perverted pleasure. She tasted of sunshine. Her fingers gently stroked the girl’s tiny slit, pressing her forefinger inside. Betty kissed her own daughter, holding the back of her head firmly.

Their incestuous kiss was hard and raunchy.

Maggie began to lick Gigi’s baby slit, which was moistened with the girl’s pre-teen arousal. Maggie was just about to begin to masturbate herself when she felt Betty’s eager fingers exploring her groin. Maggie lay on her back and little Gigi sat over her face. She rubbed her perineum back and forth so that Maggie licked the length of her delicate little slit and puckered anal opening. It tasted divine. The youngster groaned as Maggie’s tongue penetrated her tiny hole.


Amanda was a delicate little thing. So sweet. Dressed in her crisp Sunday best. Pretty face. Hair tied back in a neat ponytail. Her grey-haired grandmother, who brought her to Sunday school each week had been happy that her respected teacher, Maggie, had made the suggestion of giving Amanda some special tutoring. Maggie was sure that if the Grandma knew what she had in mind, the old fuck would have a heart attack.

Nevertheless, Maggie looked forward to kissing the young girl passionately. She would teach her the finer art of tongue kissing. And that would not even be the entree. No, she’d get that naked little mite on her knees, between her teacher’s legs — teach her how to pleasure a shaved adult cunt. Learn to drink her cum juices as Maggie got busy fucking her pretty little face. Hair soaked in cum and piss. Mmmm. Special tutoring was going to be fun.

Young Amanda had also been excited about her teacher spending one-on-one time with her. Probably her little heart was fluttering. Maggie had secretly reveled in the young girl’s crush on her. She even played up to it – egged it on, flirtatiously. Touching her in a way that an onlooker may be persuaded to believe was just showing care and support — but of course, that wasn’t the case, it was purely sexual — it said, “Yes, I want to fuck you too.”

Amanda’s mother had even gone to the extent of interviewing her for this. The good Sunday school teacher from Singapore. Must be excellent. Must be trustworthy enough to spend unsupervised time with her precious daughter. Of course, Maggie passed with flying colors as she dressed conservatively, talked with a slightly British accent, and acted like someone who actually gave a fuck. Ironically, this was actually so far from the truth. But of course, she cared a great deal about her own nihilistic sexual deviancy and pleasure; and Amanda was just the sex toy to make that happen.

The day came.

Maggie dressed for this special occasion. A conservative Tory Burch kimono-inspired dress with a string belt around the waist. No underwear or bra. Her cunt was so wet as she entered Amanda’s house. Rich people. Lots of space. The mother welcomed her at the door, before departing. She’d be gone for the rest of the day — back later in the evening after supper.

She’d offered to pay Maggie for her time. Maggie had told her to make a charitable contribution to the church fund instead. So appropriate. Now they were alone together. Amanda and her. Dressed in a tight white sleeveless t-shirt, sports shirt, and bare feet — the sight made Maggie’s mouth water. Maggie checked to make sure they were alone. She checked the front door to make sure it was locked. She said something to Amanda about being safe. Amanda nodded.

Maggie asked if Amanda was looking forward to spending time with her favorite Sunday school teacher. She said yes. It was going to be so much fun. Maggie pressed her forefinger to her lips – as if it was their little secret. Her little eyes gleamed. Maggie also didn’t hide her own excitement from Amanda. Sure, she didn’t want to spook her prey. But fuck, she was so horny. They both smiled eagerly at each other.

Though very happy to be in her teacher’s company, Amanda still seemed jittery. Maybe she was nervously excited. Good, Maggie thought to herself. Carrying her zipped-up shoulder bag of secret goodies, Maggie held out her manicured hand and Amanda placed her much smaller hand in hers. They walked hand-in-hand into the lounge.

Before they got into her studies, Maggie had suggested they start with a game. Amanda liked games. Especially games where she had her favorite teacher all to herself. It was her dream come true. The game sounded simple. Taste the object and guess what it is. Maggie blindfolded Amanda as she knelt and sat on the edge of the couch. She had secured the blindfold well – to make sure Amanda could see nothing. Maggie then tied Amanda’s hands behind her back with a length of soft muslin that she’d brought with her, especially for this game.

She removed some items from her bag and arranged them on the floor — there was a peach, a lollypop on a stick, and a banana.

“Ready to begin,” she asked Amanda.

The girl nodded enthusiastically. Maggie could already smell herself. She was so aroused by the situation. Maggie untied her string belt so that her dress fell open from the front. She stood back and looked at the delicious young girl and finger fucked herself slowly. Her cunt was juiced up. She stifled a sensual moan. Taking the peach she rubbed its outer flesh against her labia then held it up in front of Amanda’s mouth.

“What is it?” she said.

“Stick your tongue out and feel it.”

Amanda did as her teacher told her. Her little pink tongue flicked against the peach’s outer skin.

“A peach?” she whispered.

A question is more than an answer.

“Yes, very good,” replied Maggie.

Amanda giggled.

Maggie unwrapped the lollipop and pressed it into her sopping cunt. She fucked it in and out, coating it in her slimy cunt juices.

“Open your mouth,” she ordered.

Amanda parted her moist little lips. Waiting. Blind. Helpless. She pressed the soiled lollipop into the girl’s waiting mouth. Amanda’s lips closed around the lollipop as she sucked it. Maggie felt a perverted thrill. The mixture of sweetness and sourness played across her expression. Maggie pulled it out.

“What is it?” Maggie asked.

“It’s a lollipop … but it’s got a weird taste …”

Maggie pressed the lollipop back up her cunt.

“You don’t like it then?”

The question wasn’t a question.

“Yes,” she said.

“Open your mouth.”

Amanda did as she was told and Maggie pressed the urethra-flavored lollipop into her mouth. Maggie moved the lollipop in and out in a fucking motion. Amanda did not object.

Maggie peeled the small unripe banana and rubbed it against her juicy slit.

“What is it?”

She asked pressing the soiled end into the girl’s tiny mouth.

“Don’t bite,” she warned.

Amanda tasted the banana. She tasted Maggie too.



Maggie leaned forward and placed her lips against Amanda’s. She pressed delicately and Amanda moaned. Her lithe body rocked in anticipation. This was turning her on. Maggie pushed the very tip of her tongue into her mouth and then withdrew from the kiss. Amanda was breathing had become a little harder.

There was a layer of perspiration across her forehead.

“What is it?” asked Maggie.

“What I want most!” the young girl answered.

Maggie’s hand slipped around the tiny girl’s neck and this time she pressed her mouth against Amanda’s, kissing her as she quivered with nervous pleasure. Amanda returned Maggie’s kiss as their mouths opened and tongues snaked between each other’s lips. The passion was driving Maggie crazy.

She wanted to rape her. Abuse her for Satan. Now.

Her whole body shivered with deviant desire for this tiny child. Maggie stood up and disrobed completely. Now, standing naked in front of the bound and blindfolded girl, she pressed herself against the child’s face.

“What is it?” she asked as she rubbed her oily cunt all over her mouth and nose.



Gin looked angry and frustrated.

Without her father in the house, she had become even more belligerent than normal. She stormed off. Maggie followed her. She’d had enough of Gin’s unpleasant attitude. Something had transpired. She knew it. Something insidious she presumed. Maggie felt it in her bones.

The angry teen said something about someone touching her private things. Maggie laughed as she recalled rubbing her cunt on the girl’s teddy (actually soaking the little brown bear in her cunt juices); how she’d peed all over her daughter’s bedroom; and how she’d masturbated whilst reading the girl’s most private thoughts written in her perverted little diary.

Hearing her mother laugh at her attempt at threatening behavior only made her get even more upset. Gin threw another tantrum, calling her mother a fucked-up-whore. Maggie slapped her face with an open palm. It wasn’t hard but it must have stung. Gin wasn’t really hurt, but more shocked that her mother would do that.

Maggie shouted at her.

“Shut the fuck up — who do you think you are — when her father finds out about what you’ve written in your perverted little diary he would send her to boarding school in Singapore.”

Gin collapsed in a heap on her bedroom floor and began to bawl.

Maggie stood over her. She looked down on her miscreant thirteen-year-old daughter, dressed in her sleeveless little crop top and shorts. There was something powerful in all of this. She liked this feeling that seemed to well upwards inside her. Was this Satan’s power? She was sure — all she knew is that it made her juices dribble down her inner thighs. This was the most excited she’d ever felt.

She demanded to know more about Gin’s dark angel. She wanted to get to the truth. Gin wiped her eyes and said that none of it was her fault. The first sin … denial. She said that the whole thing was just a stupid game.

“You’re a lair!”

She made it clear that her daughter would not be able to make up some bullshit. Maggie told her to stop crying. She said that she knew all about Kris … the name hung in the air … Saying her name made Gin cower. Yes, Maggie went on, she knew about her dark angel, Kris.

There was no turning back now. Maggie said that she’d seen the video of her. The whole thing. Every perverted thing she’d done. Her dirty fucking sinful daughter, worshiping sex demons. Masturbating before the demon Lilith. Losing her virginity to the demon. Did she want her mother to tell the world? Tell her school? Tell the church?

Gin looked horrified. That’s the moment that Maggie chose. She untied her fabric waist belt on her Japanese Kimono-style dress, so that the front fell open, underneath which she had nothing else on. Maggie had a burning fire between her legs. Her cunt was overheating. The air seems to vibrate with a strange sexuality.

“Kiss your mother,” she ordered, “Kiss the place from which you were born.”

Gin was visibly trembling. Was it panic? Or an over-ripe mixture of fear and perverted excitement. Gin nervously knelt up before her demanding mother. Her tearing face was filled with mixed emotions.

Desire. Disgust. Fear. Lust.

“Kiss my cunt,” insisted Maggie.

She held her labia open with one hand and reached behind Gin’s head with the other. Maggie pressed her forward towards her hairless wet gash. Gin resisted … No.

“Do it.”

Maggie held her firm grabbing a handful of her hair. She looked upwards at her evil mother. Maggie’s cunt itched to be licked and penetrated.

“Don’t resist me!”

Gin wrestled against her captor. Wincing in pain from Maggie’s hold on her. Her daughter’s pathetic efforts only excited Maggie further.

Gin’s hands gripped her mother’s upper thighs. Her fingers felt electrically charged against Maggie’s skin. Maggie thought she was going to brace against her (to try to pull away), but instead, she relented and leaned forward. Her lips pressed firmly against her mother’s slimy cunt hole.

The Devil be praised. The kiss of incest. Maggie groaned in the sinfulness of it all.

“Agghhhhhhhhhh …” she groaned, ”Hail Satan!”

Gin’s mouth was now open. Her tongue flicked in and out of Maggie’s steamy slit. Her mind was on the brink of sexual madness. Insane with the deviant delights she so desperately wanted. Her hand guided her daughter’s head, steering her, as she plunged her pointed little tongue towards her mother’s throbbing clitoris.

“Take off your clothes.”

Maggie’s tone sounded cruel, unloving, and completely selfish. Gin did as she was told. Obediently. This was her child, her property and she would use her property in any way she wanted, Gin was nothing but a sex toy. She was her fuck doll — to be used and abused — as Maggie dehumanized her daughter, her evil desire welled upwards from a place deep in the darkness.

Sin and Satan.

Maggie pointed to the bed and her naked daughter got up and laid on her back. Maggie climbed onto the mattress and stood over her sex toy’s face. She rubbed her clit. Then squatting down facing her daughter’s feet. She lowered her wet pussy over Gin’s mouth. Gin didn’t need to be instructed. Kris had taught her well. Her tongue did the trick As Maggie felt her first orgasm of the night begin to build.

“It will be good for the both of us …” — Maggie remembered Kris’s words as she lowered her own head into Gin’s lap. Maggie no longer saw herself as Gin’s mother. She was her dark angel … and darkness was all Gin would know from this day onward.


It was Sunday and Maggie’s Sunday school class at the ‘Church of the Saints’ was about to begin. She watched the children file into the classroom. Young Amanda was dropped off as usual by her Grandmother. No sight of her parents. Maggie pretended not to notice her, as she was mindful of their illicit connection, since she had begun her private tutoring. Everything must appear normal.

She was the teacher. She was the guardian. She had a duty of care over these young minds — her role was to shape them in the spirit of the Catholic Church, to promote a healthy appreciation of their religious orientation as well as a fear of God. That was the optimum word ‘fear’ … to instill in them, the knowledge that sin was bad. The counterbalance between the light and the darkness. Sin was carnal. Sin was forbidden. Sin was sex.

Against all that she rationally thought, Maggie could help finding Amanda, with her eyes. Across the room or when they were close to each other. Her body had a chemical reaction to the situation. Like a moth to the flame. Even as she conducted the class, her mind was imagining sex with the eight-year-old. The taste of her lips. The softness of her skin. The texture of her raven black hair. The smell of her little cunt.

It had been a morning of reading the Bible. Matthew, chapter 27 verses 1-54.

They had been talking about the crucifixion and resurrection. It was a story the children had mixed emotions about and some asked the question about why Jesus had to die. He was a good guy. Why the suffering? The torment.

After their morning juice box and sandwich, Amanda put her hand on it and asked if she could use the bathroom. This was the opportunity that Maggie had waited for. Maggie asked her assistant to take over and she took Amanda by the hand and escorted her out of the class to the children’s toilet. On the way, they passed Sister Louise and Friar Mario. She nodded in acknowledgment of their presence. Friar Mario enquired about the child’s name. Maggie encourages her to speak up.

“My name is Amanda,” said little Amanda.

As they passed them, Maggie saw Sister Louise give her a smirk as she commented to the Friar about Amanda’s parents being absentees Christians.

Once inside the relative privacy of the children’s toilet, Maggie made sure the door was securely closed. Amanda smiled at her teacher. Maggie knew that the girl adored her. She would do anything to please her teacher. Anything. They didn’t have long as they’d both needed to be back in class, so Maggie moved with haste. They kissed with the need for each other. Maggie’s mouth closed quickly over Amanda’s forcing her tongue down the pretty little girl’s mouth.

Amanda needed to pee. They broke off their kiss and she slipped from her shorts to sit on the child-sized toilet.

“Leave your panties on!” ordered Maggie.

“But I need to pee,” Amanda replied.

“Pee in your panties my darling.”

Amanda looked at Maggie, she grinned with naughtiness …

“I’m … doing it,” she said, grinning at her own private thrill.

Kneeling down next to Amanda, Maggie reaches beneath the little girl’s groin and pissed loudly. The warm piss flowed through the thin material of her panties and over Maggie’s hand as she began to rub Amanda’s baby pussy through the piss-wet fabric. Amanda groaned with sensual pleasure. As Amanda’s little bladder became empty, Maggie told her to remove her soiled knickers. She did.

Maggie held the soggy wet panties up to her nose. The white fabric had turned a slightly yellowish hue. Breathing through the wet fabric as if appreciating a fine wine.

“Smell them,” ordered Maggie.

She pressed the urine-soaked panties against Amanda’s face.

“Suck them … taste your own pee.”

Maggie pressed the damp material into the girl’s mouth.


Amanda did everything Maggie told her to do, unquestioningly.

It was acrid and as they both kissed again, Maggie tasted it in Amanda’s mouth. She wanted her to get used to it. The taste of piss. An offering to Satan. Amanda needed to see it as part of their lovemaking. To share their bodily fluids together. Soon they would both take golden showers together. After their kiss, Maggie couldn’t wait anymore she needed to suck the girl’s cunt, but looking at her watch, she realized there wasn’t time for more today. Disappointed, she hid Amanda’s wet panties in her pocket and took Amanda back to class (minus her panties).


Maggie sat naked on the balcony couch of her luxury apartment. It was warm and still.

Her beautiful slender legs and pretty feet were spread wide. Under the cover of darkness, she lit another smoke and took a deep drag of smoke while she continued to finger herself. She peed over her fingers and rubbed her urine over her breasts, pinching her rock-hard nipples, that sent painful signals of lust back down to her groin. Wild and unstoppable orgasms had consumed any sense of morality in her mind. She was so addicted to this.

The satanic orgasm. It filled her with a sense of perverted purpose. She was a sex demon. She’d fucked men, women, and children, with no concern for the consequences. The fall was always the most beautiful part. Snuffing out the light of innocence … oh how sweet it felt. Delicious. Perversion. Evil. Wickedness. Sexual sin.

Objectifying her own thirteen-year-old daughter; and forcing her to be Maggie’s perverted little sex toy was such a delight. Maggie saw herself now as the succubus whore. A wanton servant of Satan. She’d placed a dog collar around her daughter’s neck. She had humiliated her by using her as her personal toilet. Of course, Satan would approve. Hail Satan!

She peed again over her fingers and tasted her own. Salty and sour, just how she liked it. Her sexuality seemed to be in overdrive without limits — Pleasure has no boundaries — she was literally horny every second of the day (and night). Deviant? Pervert? Hypersexual?

She craved depraved, taboo sex.

She walked inside the apartment and returned to the spare room. It used to be full of cardboard boxes, the ironing board (for the live-out maid), and stuff that they never used much. But that had all changed, as she had repurposed it. She’d told Alfred that she wanted to look good for him. She’d said that she needed a home gym; with big floor-to-ceiling mirrors, a large flat-screen TV, a black-rubberized matted floor, and an ‘iron gym total upper body workout bar’ that was attached to the ceiling a few feet away from the mirrored wall.

She had the walls painted a dark crimson. She’d also installed black lighting – Alfred had no idea what that was for. He seemed uninterested. She’d counted on that. There was a low black wooden coffee table on the back wall. He’d paid for everything of course. Fucker. Actually, with the curtains open and the lights on, it all looked very permissible. Of course, re-purposing these everyday items into something more suitable for a BDSM lifestyle (and eerily evil satanic) was her nasty little plan.

Alfred was away. A long one. She’d taken him to the airport to make sure that he had left. She did not want any unexpected interruptions. She’d played the part of the perfect wife. She’d even got him a little gift to say thanks for her so-called new ‘gym’. He’d attempted to fuck her and she’d pretended to enjoy it. It was so vanilla. She’d almost fallen asleep on him. She’d faked an orgasm and he’d looked pleased with himself. Fat fuck.

She walked inside her new ‘temple’, as she called it, that she’d decorated especially for the occasion. The black curtains were drawn and a black velvet tablecloth lay across the low coffee table that was now her altar. The temple was lit with large fat black candles and when the black lighting was switched on the walls were illuminated with perverted images and a huge Baphomet.

She’d placed small pictures of her naked acolytes upon the altar of evil things — naked pictures of Amanda, Gigi, and Gin. There was also a naked picture of Man Yi — who had been her first. She hadn’t seen or heard of Abigail and Man Yi since Kris’s disappearance. No matter. That was something to be pursued on another day (or night).

There, tied up and literally hanging from the ceiling, was her naked daughter, who she now just called ‘Toy’. Toy was not uncomfortable though she’d been tied up for some time. Maggie had been abusing her with her fingers. Finger fucking her while she recorded it on video. Yes, she’d been busy making lots of home movies. Her own child porn. Delicious. She would masturbate for hours watching all the sinful, taboo things she could exploit from her Toy.

Toy groaned. The toy was thirsty. But Maggie wasn’t interested at all in anything Toy wanted. All that mattered was Maggie’s sexual pleasures. Toy needed to pee. Sure. Maggie retrieved the chalice from her altar and indicated that Toy could pee. She did until the chalice brimmed with her light yellow offering. Maggie grinned and drank some. Hot salty piss. She then pressed the lip of the cup against Toy’s lips.


She did. Maggie loved to recycle their fluids. Piss and blood.

Sin and Satan.


Betty called again. She was so excited to be home very soon.

That did not mean that she was excited to be home with her useless fuck husband, George. Maggie and Betty had both been sexting frequently. They shared their love of wickedness. Their love of satanic, dark things. The evil lure of taboo sex got them high. They’d talked extensively about her daughter, Gigi.

Maggie had told Betty about her daughter, Gin. Betty had been taken completely by surprise., but she was elated at the possibilities. She praised Satan for their gifts. They both masturbated for hours online (using Google hang-outs) watching each other whilst Maggie described Gin’s seduction in every detail.

She hadn’t mentioned her weekly sex dates with her eight-year-old student, Amanda. Amanda’s innocence had been delicious. Maggie wasn’t sure if Amanda was ready for more than that … just yet. This would take its own sweet time. No need to rush such a wicked thing. Her mother and grandmother had been so thankful. If only they knew the truth.

So Maggie and Betty plotted an incestuous foursome. Betty and Gigi, Maggie and Gin. Betty called it Gigi’s initiation. She wanted it to be satanic. She wanted to take her daughter to the next level of sexual perversion. She wanted to see her daughter fucked by Maggie’s daughter, Toy. The prospect of this illicit union had been accentuated by a few video files of Toy, her abuse, and Maggie’s new playroom. Their orgy would be nothing short of debauched. Piss. Blood. Devil worship.


To be continued …


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