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CREATED: 11.05.2020 MAGGIE & HANNAH / REVISITED: 06.09.2023

Pleasure Has No Boundaries 5


The setting is now. Today, more or less. Hannah is Maggie’s younger sister. She has always been a ‘very good girl’ with a life dedicated to study and her Christian faith. Everything about her, since before she can remember has centered around church, prayer, choir, and the youth ministry. Her parents believe her to be an excellent achiever. They encourage her and adore her. After being awarded a full scholarship to study overseas, she moved to the UK.

However, insidious changes in her lifestyle had already begun to flourish way before her departure to London. These seem to have been instigated by her older Sister’s friend – Kris. Just like Maggie, Kris appears to have turned this mild-mannered Christian into something else. Over a number of incidences, unknown to her doting parents, young Hannah has developed an obsessive interest in same-sex couplings, satanic worship, perverted sex, and pedophilia.


  • Maggie (39) – Our protagonist. Christian, Sunday school teacher, bi, shoulder-length hair, slim build, small tits/AB-cup, very attractive
  • Hannah (23) – Maggie’s younger sister, highly religious, adapt student, cute like a china-doll, used to love Korean dramas and the violin
  • Kris (49) – Maggie’s secret lover, Satanist, connected to the 14K triads and child trafficking, pedophile, petite, A-cup, shaven, short hair, slim build
  • Gin (13) – Maggie’s daughter, quiet and brooding, A-cup
  • Kim Ching Bi (20) – Hannah’s Korean flatmate, student
  • Delilah Levert (38) – Teacher at St Mary’s School Ascot, African, tall, athletic
  • Lilian Page (16) – Student from St Mary’s
  • Alfred (55) – Husband of Maggie, Regional CFO of MNC
  • Siti (8) – Indian daughter of Anika
  • Anika (29) – Indian, mother of Siti, bi


Hannah was absentminded as she sat on the local laundry mat. Her mind skipped from subject to subject. Sometimes about her university studies, sometimes about sex. She’d allowed her eyes to settle upon a young Indian child playing at her mother’s feet. The girl was dressed in a tiny little silk sari that matched her mother’s, that exposed her navel and shoulders. She had slick-back hair, tied in a ponytail and delicious copper-brown skin. Hannah’s hungry cunt purred at the sight of this young eight-year-old morsel. How delightful it would be to taste her skin; to drink her in; to perform some nasty sexual things upon her person.

Then, to Hannah’s surprise, the mother spoke to her.

”You’re a w’egular here?” said the mother in a thick Panjabi accent.

Hannah looked up at the mother’s attractive Indian face. She was smiling with bright white teeth. She didn’t look much older than Hannah, maybe late twenties. The family resemblance with her daughter was very strong. Almost like sisters, rather than mother and daughter.

”Yes-s-s-s,” stuttered Hannah.

”I thought I’d seen you here before. You’re very pretty,” the woman added.

“Thank you,” replied Hannah.

She hadn’t expected such a warm response. The attractive mother moved seats with her delicious little child in tow. The coffee-colored woman was quite short, maybe just over five-foot-tall, and moved with the grace of a dancer, as she settled down on the seat next to Hannah’s.

”I … I was just admiring your daughter’s … clothing,” said Hannah, as a quick retort to cover the fact that she’d been staring (lustfully) at the woman’s child.

”Siti. Her name is Siti. She is very beautiful … in her sari,” responded the woman.

They shook hands briefly. The Indian woman’s touch lingered. Hannah thought she was very exotic.

“And I am Anika.”

Anika smelt of spices and coconut oil. Her gold nose ring matched her belly ring.

”Hannah,” replied Hannah.

Anika looked around and placed her hand on Hannah’s leg, invitingly.

”We live only five minutes walk from here. It’s very private. Maybe you would enjoy Siti showing you how to wear a sari? You could even try it on yourself. We could be back to collect our washing a little later?”

Was this an innocent suggestion in cultural exchange or an illicit invite to see Anika’s daughter undress? Hannah strongly felt the woman’s words encircled around the latter. Mmmmm, she thought. Pleasure has no boundaries, she reassured herself. Anika pulled her daughter to her side. Mother and daughter. They both looked delicious. Hannah felt so hot and lusty. She always imagined sucking and fucking a nice Indian cunt.

She managed to nod.

“Good, then follow my Siti,” said Anika.

There wasn’t much more to it. They walked out of the laundry mat in the direction of the old council flats. Siti held Hannah’s hand as the three walked away.

Anika said that she was single. She smiled at that. She added that her useless husband had divorced her, but she’d managed to enjoy money, such that she could raise her daughter, Siti, and not have to work full time (albeit a modest lifestyle). It had been an awkward arranged marriage by their families — she didn’t seem to have liked her husband or men in general. There was a strong lesbian vibe to her explanation. She’d thought Hannah very pretty. Hannah felt bad that she’d not noticed Anika or Siti before. She’s inquired about Hannah’s boyfriend or the lack of one. Anika seemed pleased that Hannah expressed no interest in the opposite sex. It seemed to reinforce her willingness to invite Hannah into this impromptu arrangement.

As they neared Anika’s flat, the conversation turned more towards Siti. Little Siti. Little sexy Siti. Her mother said she was very flexible. Nubile. A sexy dancer. The topic was turning towards a more illicit one. Hannah was almost salivating.

Inside, Anika’s flat was small and dark. It was overly warm, almost stifling. The musky smell of Indian cooking intermingled with an exotic incense permeated throughout. The living room had no chairs, rather seating consisted of floor cushions upon other colorful ethnic-looking floor-covering. It was cozy. They’d removed their footwear at the door and now sat down among the colorful rugs and silken cushions. Siti brought a silver tray with some drinks.

”Here we are,” announced Anika, “I hope they’re not too sweet for your taste?”

”Thank you,” replied Hannah taking one of the three small cups, “I like sweet things.”

”I was hoping you do. It’s called a Bhang Lassi. Very sweet. But mildly intoxicating,” said Anika.

What Anika didn’t say was that the drink also contained a mild form of cannabis and was used to enact a sexual response (or at least to lower any inhibitions of its consumers). Hannah drank it and was promptly given a refill. She drank that too. And again Anika filled her cup.

”Drink,” encouraged Anika, as she too skulled her third.

Hannah’s head was swimming in an invigorated lustiness. She noticed a number of bizarre ethnic paintings that adorned the walls. There were similarly bizarre statuettes lined up over the small table that looked something like an altar. There seemed to be a common theme across them all, as they all featured a strangely dark-looking goddess or deity.

Hannah wasn’t sure what it signified. A naked black-skinned woman with an angry face? Her long red tongue lulled out. She had vampiric curved teeth. With six arms, each holding a different kind of weapon (except one holding the bloody severed head of a man — the blood of which dripped). Her breasts and nipples were very pronounced. Around her slender neck, she wore a necklace of skulls and at her waist, she had a skirt made of severed arms. Other similar images depicted the same Indian deity dancing astride a comatose male figure with an erect penis. Anika noticed Hannah’s attention to her strange art collection.

”Kali Ma — the Mother Goddess — she dances upon Shiva’s upright lingam, it is erect, even in death. This is the black mother’s influence. She signifies the power of women over men. In this house, We choose to adore and worship her,” she explained.

”She looks like a demon,” replied Hannah.

”To some she is. Fierce and unforgiving. A killer without mercy. But she’s powerful. Sexual. To us, she is the liberator,” explained Anika.

“Like a succubus?” asked Hannah.

”Her sexuality is an important part of her infamy. She dances naked and performs many perverted sexual acts with her devotees. She draws upon the life force of the unbelievers and gives it to the faithful.”

”Interesting,” added Hannah.

Hannah’s head was spinning.

”She smiles upon you, Hannah … she wants you to become one of her devotees,” remarked Anika as she caressed Hannah’s hand.

Hannah felt a sensation of calmness, yet an even stronger sensuality through this strange experience. Her mind seemed a little foggy but alert to the sensations that were building between her legs.

Turning her attention to her daughter, Anika remarked, “Come now Siti. Shava Shava. Show our honored guest how mommy likes you to do the yoni dance for her.”

Yoni? Hannah vaguely remembered ‘yoni’ as the Indian word for vagina?

Anika had an old-style music player that she switched on. The Bollywood-ish sound of the sitar and the mridanga (drum) began to play. Siti stood up and moved to the center of the small room.

The pitch of the strange music drifted back and forth. Hannah’s mind seemed to float along with the uneven rhythm, as the young eight-year-old started her erotic yoni dance. Hannah watched transfixed. Siti smiled at her as she started to gyrate and wiggle her sensuous little hips and butt back and forth to the sound of the lusty beat. Her mother openly encouraged her, as she thrust back and forth to Hannah’s unexpected delight. The dance was more than sensual, it was totally illicit. Sexual.

”Praise Kali Ma! She’s lovely,” whispered Anika hotly into Hannah’s ear.

Now Siti slipped out of the top of her sari, letting the soft silken material unravel around her until she was completely topless. Hannah licked her lips subconsciously at the sight of Siti’s little brown buds that her topped with two black cherries. She continued to twist and turn in perfect time to the jarring licentious beat.

“More! Shava Shava!” cried the perverted mother.

Hannah continued to watch as Siti now touched her own breast buds, stroking her black nipples and aureolas, cupping her tiny triple A-cups.

Anika slapped her bare thighs along with the beat and grinned wickedly, encouraging both her daughter’s dancing and Hannah’s unfettered voyeurism. Hannah’s thighs were already drenched from her excitement, and though she couldn’t tear herself away from watching little Siti, out of the corner of her eye, she noticed how Anika’s hand moved beneath the thin fabric of her silky sari.

The little Yoni dancer turned and bent down and as she wriggled her way up again. This time, the bottom part of her sari began to unravel too, just like her top. Her movements had increased in vigor and their shameless explicitness.

The child’s hip movements became increasingly lewd and her fingers now touched her tiny sliver of a vagina. Her toffee-brown skin was flawless. Hannah saw that Anika no longer made it secret that she was masturbating.

Hannah, pulled her own panties aside so that she too could finger herself. Anika looked on approvingly, as if it were all part of their sensual dance. The three of them.

Now Siti danced right in front of Hannah. Her groin thrust back and forth at Hannah’s eye level. The completely naked young girl openly masturbated in time to the droning beat. The yoni dance was nothing more than thinly veiled erotica. A pornographic dance. A pedophilic dance. Hannah watched the child masturbate, first with one finger and then with two. Her immature body excited Hannah like nothing else before. She wanted this urchin. She wanted to taste her desperately. Her mind flashed back to Kris’s perverted child porn videos and how she described her sexual abuse of young Man Yi.

Hannah didn’t notice Anika had moved around behind her. Now, both sat in front of Anika’s wriggling daughter. Anika’s hands began to slip beneath Hannah’s crop top and fondle both her breasts from behind. Hannah’s nipples were painfully hard. Anika’s fingertips rolled them as she cupped Hannah’s impish boobs.

”Aaarghhh …” groaned Hannah uncontrollably.

The crazy Indian music seemed to be approaching a crescendo as Siti held her tiny cunt lips apart for Hannah’s pleasure. Hannah leaned forward and kissed the pinkish flesh of the girl’s vulva. Siti gyrated on Hannah’s face as she tasted the girl’s delicious little eight-year-old pussy. The music thumped as Siti’s juices flowed across Hannah’s face and chin.

“Mommy’s turn,” said Anika.

Hannah disengaged and Anika began to lick her own daughter’s cunt. They both took turns eating out Anita’s daughter. There was a tangy taste of fish and a distinctive odor of saffron, ammonia, and feces that filled her nostrils. It said, unclean, unsavory, but all together, deviantly delicious.

Anika’s right hand dropped into Hannah’s lap, her small brown fingers meshed with Hannah’s as the pair of them pressed together so that there were both her own fingers and now Anika’s thrusting inside her.

”The Black Mother approves! Take her, Shaitaan be praised!” rasped Anika as her serpentine tongue slithered in and out of Hannah’s ear, “Undress. Let our yonis unite.”

Hannah and Anika both stripped naked. Their touching seemed incidental as they both held Siti close to them. Their limbs intertwined. Anika’s and Siti’s brown bodies were in sharp contrast to Hannah’s milky white, Asian skin. Both adults frotted against the delicate flesh of the young child — grinding their itchy, hot holes.

The room had taken on a strong musky malodor of vinegar, urea, and fish. Anika and Hannah lay masturbating on their backs with their heads pressed closely together — Anika’s daughter stood over them. First, she lowered her groin over her mother’s mouth then Hannah’s, and then back again. Occasionally the two women turned and exchanged tongue kisses, each tasting Siti in their mouths.

Hannah had cum several times during their oral feasting. But now Anika seemed to want something else. She told her daughter to get down on all fours, in front of Hannah. The young girl seemed adept at cunnilingus, as she now licked feverishly at Hannah’s cunt. Hannah groaned in acknowledgment of the young child’s dexterity.

Anika had disappeared and then reappeared with, what appeared to be, a long curved bone that had been carefully carved into a double-ended lingam. Hannah marveled at how its ivory shape curved in such a perfect way that allowed Anika to insert a portion into herself, whilst the exposed portion protruded from her groin exactly like an erect penis. Anika poured a pungent oily liquid over the tip and down the length of the phallus. She fucked the curved bone in and out of herself for a while and then knelt down behind her daughter.

Anika pressed the exposed end of the double-ended dildo into her daughter’s rear. Not into her cunt, but into her anus. Siti had obviously performed this act on a number of occasions as she seemed perfectly comfortable with her mother’s perverted form of incest.

Anika fucked the curved dildo in and out of her daughter slowly as she continued to dutifully pleasure the both of them. Hannah groaned, almost at orgasm — she loved this feeling of sexual abuse. She thought about it being non-consensual and got another thrill. It was obvious that her mother felt the same, as Hannah watched Anika prioritize her own delight over anything mutual. Anita looked Hannah straight in the eyes.

“Shava Shava! Aaaghhhhhhhhh …”

Anika bucked and gasped from a string of powerful orgasms. As she fucked her own kin, she seemingly took great delight in her daughter’s discomfort with the unnatural length of the lingam penetrating her delicate young bowels.

”I want to see you fuck Siti,” groaned Anika, as she caught her breath, “You must fuck her hard. Please the Black Goddess! Make her cry for the Black Mother — only in pain and suffering is their true delight.”

Anika’s evil streak seemed to echo Hannah’s. And Hannah couldn’t wait to fuck her tiny little daughter until she bled.


Hannah returned to the laundry several times. But never saw Anika or Siti there. She walked around to the council flats. Their place was vacant. They’d vanished. Hannah was very disappointed. She wanted more of Siti. She wanted more of Anika. She had a taste for the very young. They seemed different from other lovers. The thrill was different. She craved it.

Kris had visited for a few weeks.

They’d talked about her connections with the triads and how she’d promised a young one. Hannah couldn’t wait. Instead of returning home to Singapore for Christmas and Chinese New Year, the three of them, Kim, Kris, and Hannah had worked tirelessly in the basement. Kris was always full of big ideas. They’d painted the floor, walls, and ceiling completely black.

Before that, Kris had organized a local electrician to install cove-type lightened (she’d selected a red hue that gave the basement a truly eerie tone that would be accented with large brass candelabras of black and red candles). She’d paid a carpenter to make a large Saint Andrew’s Cross (with straps for wrists and ankles). Hannah knew the guy had no idea what he was making, but that was it – they didn’t want to attract unnecessary male attention.

Last, but not least, Kris had even purchased online an expensive S&M-style dungeon bed made of black steel with a cage below its mattress. The strong frame had eyelets for ropes and chains… intended for bondage, And the barred cage had a strong lockable door.

The three of them decorated the walls with an assortment of satanic tapestries and highly pornographic images. She’d brought a few of her prized collection: There were a few altar candle holders made of the hoofed feet of deers; various human bones and a half skull cup; pentagon offering bowls: an inverted crosses; An altar bell and matching silver phallic aspergillum; three large wooden phalluses and several wooden wands: a long bullock dagger; and two Baphomet pissgoblets.

Then there was the centerpiece on the low altar of a perverted statue of a phallic goddess – Lilith, as depicted as a fertility goddess with a head shaped like the crown of a penis. Though they’d painted a large five-pointed star across the floor, there were also several Baphomet rugs. And to finish it all off, they’d decorated their temple with blood candles.

Kris said that they should christen the temple with a sacrifice and make an offering to both Satan and Lilith. Hannah and Kim were menstruating at the time and all of them made sure that their bladders and bowels were also full. The ritual was going to be exciting.



She didn’t exactly tell Hannah about her trip to London.

She just wanted it to be a complete surprise. Well, this is what she’d convinced herself of, but really she knew, what she wanted was to find out the truth — and just turning up unannounced, she believed was going to be the best way.

Kris had told her enough about how she’d seduced little Hannah and turned her into a lesbian witch whore. She’d explained in very explicit detail, how her sister had fallen from the grace of god into the open arms (and legs) of this perverted demon.

But despite all she knew, somehow Maggie still found it to be incredulous. She knew her younger sister’s strength of faith in Christianity. She had been far stronger and pious than she’d ever been. But that was the point – even knowing, first hand, about her own fall from being a good little Christian wife and Sunday school teacher to becoming an incestuous devil-worshiping pedophile — it just completely baffled her when Hannah was concerned.

She had a thought, in her head, that somehow their ‘mutual fortunes’ (or misfortunes) lay in front of them. She saw it like two parallel railway tracks, extending onward, moving in the same direction towards a distance horizon. But somewhere in the distance, they appeared to merge, to join together. And she was about to make that happen.

Her daughter, Gin, had returned from her student exchange program at St Mary’s School Ascot – a well-known Roman Catholic School boarding school for girls aged between eleven and eighteen years of age. She had returned a changed person.

Actually, Maggie didn’t recognize her anymore. She’d become completely reclusive – the only gems that Maggie had been able to glean from her so-called education trip were that she’d spent a lot of the time in the company of her little sister, Hannah. Even the school had sent her negative reports of Gin’s behavior and even mentioned her acts of truancy. Her teachers had expressed concern for her well-being, but Maggie had chosen not to say anything to either her husband, Albert, or Gin’s grandmother, Grace (who was always prying for information). No, this was Maggie’s daughter. She kept her daughter’s miscreant behavior to herself.


The flight to London was direct from Hong Kong on British Airways. A long thirteen-hour journey in economy class, but that’s all that she could get out of her tight-assed husband. She was lucky he agreed to pay for the trip. Her excuse had been almost legitimate.

She’d said that she’d been worried about her younger sister’s welfare and that her mother, Grace, had urged her to spend some time together with her estranged sister. Her husband had overheard her mother bemoaning the fact that Hannah refused to come home; that she made endless excuses at Christmas, New Year, and Chinese New Year — missing birthdays and other important anniversaries that usually put them all together as a family back in Singapore. To Maggie’s credit, she’d compounded the situation with her gloominess, which Albert took as her over-zealousness to please her aging mother. So after all the chaos, it came as no surprise that she asked for this time away.

She should have insisted on business class.


Summer was supposed to be pleasant in London, but upon arrival the air smelt of traffic smog and other unpleasant pollutants. Maybe out of the city, this would change? She was pleased to leave Heathrow. Maggie picked up the hire car and drove towards Enfield. The Natsav said it was forty-five minutes drive around the M25; turning at ‘The Ridgeway’ and then down the A110. Simple enough.

Maggie somewhat recognized Enfield Town from the photographs sent by her mother. Some of these photographs showed a very different-looking Hannah. In Maggie’s memory, she still saw the conservative Hannah, wearing her usual jeans and baggy t-shirts. Completely covering her arms, body, and legs.

These latest images showed a more raunchy Hannah. A sexy Hannah, dressed in revealing clothing that made her look alluring, as she proudly showed off her slender legs and bare navel. Her mother, Grace, had been utterly shocked. She’d been very unhappy about her favorite daughter posing like a cheap harlot. In one photo Hannah was clearly making the sign of the Devil — a highly blasphemous gesture. Grace had asked her the meaning, but Maggie had faked ignorance.

But deep inside, Maggie had liked this new provocative Hannah. She secretly hoped her sister was as perverted as she was. Maybe they would be open enough to talk about what had transpired between themselves and Kris? Somehow share their experiences together? The story of their fall. It was difficult to fathom her incestuous attractiveness to her own sister. But that was the whole point of this risky trip to London … to explore this new horizon where pleasure had no boundaries.


Maggie stood on the doorstep of Hannah’s small house in Enfield Town. It looked the same as sixty other houses on the same street. The street light flickered and it looked like it could rain at any time.

She’d left her travel bags in the car, as she hoped to surprise her miscreant sister. She rang the doorbell. Kim answered the door and recognized Maggie immediately as her flatmate’s older sister.

“Hi,” said Kim, “Hannah never mentioned that you were coming?”

“Well, that would be because she didn’t know,” said Maggie.

Kim let her into the house.

“I wanted it to be a surprise.”

“Oh,” replied Kim, “Well, I’m Kim. I’m her flatmate.”

They shook hands and kissed each other on the cheeks.

“You must be the gorgeous Maggie. You look even hotter in real life.”

Maggie felt very flattered by Kim’s obvious compliment. Still, Maggie couldn’t help but blush at the young student’s outpouring. Kim was dressed in just a short singlet that barely covered her groin. Maggie was quite taken by the young student’s attractiveness. Maggie immediately fancied this delicious little woman. She tried not to let her eyes roam over the young student’s exposed flesh — but she struggled not to make it too obvious. Kim seemed to sense the older woman’s attraction to her and smiled flirtatiously.

They sat down together in the living room. The coffee table was covered with textbooks and notepads. Kim had been doing some study.

”I didn’t interrupt you?” asked Maggie.

”No. Not really. I needed a break … Can I get you a drink?” she offered, “Something alcoholic? G&T? Maybe, we could get drunk together? Hannah is in class and won’t be back until much later.”

Maggie felt the ‘come on’ and her cunt was already getting juicy. She nodded in acknowledgement and Kim poured a large gin and tonic for each of them.

“Yes, I’d love to get drunk with you …” said Maggie, testing the veracity of Kim’s innuendo and suggestive intimacy.

They both settled down with drinks in hand.

“Hannah never mentioned how sexy her flatmate was?”

“Sexy? Do you really think I’m sexy?” Kim pretended as if she faked humility.

Maggie only grinned back at her answer.

She skulled her G&T in one gulp. Kim followed her and poured them both another. Were they really going to get drunk? Maggie held the glass up.

“To sin and Satan,” toasted Maggie.

“Sin and Satan!” replied Kim.

They skulled their second and then a third.

”So you’re into the same things as your sister?” asked Kim.

She looked slyly at Maggie.

”I guess so,” answered Maggie.

After the fourth, Maggie’s head was already feeling more than a little fuzzy. Maggie was just having too much fun to stop. Kim was giggling a lot as Maggie began to feel up the young student’s tiny tits. Maggie’s greedy hands groped Kim’s fist-sized breasts. They kissed softly at first. But soon their mouths began to devour each other. Maggie grabbed the back of Kim’s head and she sucked Kim’s tongue. She loved the taste of the young girl as they wiggled their tingling tongues together.

”So where’s my sister’s altar?” Maggie tested her theory, “We should fuck in front of the altar?”

”That’s in the basement. But it’s locked. Only Hannah has a key.”

That was the answer. It kind of confirmed her suspicions. She remembered the vivid description of Hannah’s altar, she’d left inside her locked bedroom cupboard. It had shocked their mother, who’d said it was ‘blasphemous and disgraceful’ … evidently, sometime later, this had come up again with Hannah. Her mother had supposedly destroyed it and she’d told Maggie that Hannah had apologized to her and had repented before god. Maggie didn’t believe her wicked little sister had ‘repented’ in the slightest, but she’d just told her mother what she wanted to hear. It was shameless. But the whole fiasco made Maggie very wet.

”Let’s go to my bedroom,” suggested Kim.

Maggie followed Kim, who found it hard to walk in a straight line down the corridor. She was obviously very tipsy. They made it to Kim’s small bedroom which was nothing really more than just a bed. Kim slipped from her shorts, panties, and her top. Maggie watched her with delight. No inhibitions? Was it the alcohol or just the way Kim felt about Maggie — maybe a bit of both she thought. Kim laid back on her half-made bedding. With a cheeky grin on her face, she idly dangled her open legs over the edge — so that her cute hairless cunt was fully exposed to Maggie’s lustful eyes.

Maggie removed her clothing and knelt down on the carpeted floor between Kim’s open thighs. Her hands gripped Kim’s thighs and pulled them even further apart. Kim was giggling like a little girl. In fact, with her flatish chest, hairless mons, unblemished white skin, and thin arms and legs, she had the look of a pubescent young girl. Maggie’s cunt felt greasy and wet just looking at Kim’s body.

Maggie kissed her hairless mons and dipped her tongue into Kim’s wetness. She was drenched. Her cunt was dripping with delicious girl honey and Maggie couldn’t get enough — she lapped at her vulva and teased Kim’s erect clitoris that stood out like a tiny marble.

”Aaarghhhhh …” moaned the young student as Maggie’s expert tongue went to work on her — bringing her to almost an instant orgasm, “Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she exclaimed.

Maggie masturbated herself furiously as she licked Kim to the brink. The young girl was bucking. Kim’s fingers had weaved themselves into Maddie’s long black hair, pulling her tighter and tighter against her rutting cunt.

”Fuck me! Oh, Satan! Fuck my cunt … Arghhhhh … Oh Satan! I’m cumming … Arghhhh …”

Kim’s head was tossing from side to side in uncontrollable ecstasy. Kim was a squirter and as she came, she drenched Maggie’s face, neck, and chest. Kim’s body tensed and bucked wildly as she squirted her cum juices and watery urine, out like a geezer.

Maggie was pleasantly soaked. She licked her lips, tasting Kim all over herself. Kim lay back motionless as Maggie mounted the bed. She sank onto her hinds so that her cunt was immediately above Kim’s face. Kim grinned evilly, looking at the mess she’d made over Maggie’s upper torso. They laughed.

”Fuck .. that was hot!” said Kim, ”My turn, to return the please …”

Maggie did wait for Kim to finish the sentence, she needed to cum desperately. Her oily, unwashed hole began to fuck Kim’s face hard as the girl sucked Maggie’s sensitised clit.

“Gggrhhhh!” groaned Maggie, as she frotted over the girl’s upturned mouth, nose, and chin, “Satan be fucking praised!”

Maggie began to orgasm … she could no longer hold back and let go of her over-filled bladder, pissing over Kim’s face. The girl’s open mouth soon overflowed with Maggie’s acrid dark yellow piss.

“Aarghhhhhhh … Christ be fucked!” she blasphemed.

Maggie was still in the throws of her orgasm as she continued to thrust herself harder and harder against the young student, pissing and cumming at the same time. The intensity of the pleasure was like an avalanche hitting her. She quivered and groaned … until finally, she fell forward over Kim. Totally exhausted.

They lay together smoking for a while. They kissed. Maggie asked Kim if it was alright for her to take a shower. She said that she wanted to freshen up before her sister, Hannah returned from classes. They bathed together and kissed more.

”Hey, when my sister comes back … don’t tell her that we fucked. Don’t mention anything at all. I want to pretend to be ‘Saint Maggie’ … Can it be our secret?” asked Maggie, “Just say you’re tired as we had too much to drink …”

Kim grinned and nodded. She liked being Maggie’s co-conspirator.

”Did you fuck my daughter?” asked Maggie.

Kim looked guilty as sin. She reluctantly nodded.

”Was it hot?”

”Yes. Are you angry? You don’t look angry?”

”I’m not. Tell me what happened.”

”Well, she was very open to it. I mean, she wanted it. She fucked Hannah and me. She was like super into it,” said Kim, “She fucked some of her school friends at that place …”

“You mean Saint Mary’s?”

”Yer. And some Super hot teacher too!” added Kim enthusiastically.


”I don’t know all the details, but she said that she’d been playing truant. You know, leaving the premises without permission. She was safe. She was here, but the school didn’t see it that way. There was this nigger teacher. Delilah Levert. She was tall and African. With long dreadlocks. She looked like she was in her late thirties, I think.”

”They wrote to me and told me that she’d been MIA …”

”Yer. Well, this teacher had a thing for her. I mean, she looked like some kind of voodoo queen according to Gin. Athletic. Muscular. Really strong. It was late when we dropped her back. And I guess, Ms Levert, must have caught her coming in. She called Gin to her room. She said that she would have to be punished for breaking the school rules …”

“What happened?” asked Maggie.

Her mind was alive with all the possibilities that these words implied. A wayward teacher? Punishment? Torment? Had her daughter gone from the frying pan into the fire?

“What else did she say? You must tell me everything!” insisted Maggie.

“She’d said it was awful,” Kim looked apologetic, “But the strange thing was, that she’d been caught and punished almost every week by this nigger teacher …”

”Strange in what way?” asked Maggie, who’d found the story regrettably arousing.

”It was as Gin looked forward to getting caught.”



Hannah stopped in her tracks. It was Maggie. Her big sister. Here in London? They hugged each other tightly. It was a genuinely warm greeting. They squeezed each other for the longest time.

”I can’t believe it’s you!” Hannah said excitedly, “Why didn’t you tell me that you were coming, I’d have been waiting at the airport.”

Maggie hadn’t let go of her little sister.

“I wanted to surprise you!”

”Well, you did!” Hannah kissed her cheeks and made a loud smacking sound, “And, wow, you look so different.”

”Not so … stuffy?”

”Yer, you look sexy and cool,” added Hannah enthusiastically, ”And you were in on it?”

“No …” replied Kim, “I was as stunned as you!”

”I am totally in shock! Wow! Sorry, I’m back so late! Have you all had dinner? Sorry, yes, you must have done. I feel like a bad host! There wasn’t even much in the fridge!” Hannah was talking a hundred miles an hour.

”It’s all good. No worries. Kim and I have eaten. It’s late and I’m sure you have classes tomorrow morning … I’m here for a while, so there will be plenty of time to catch up.”

She sounded like the sensible Maggie.

“Look, you can take my room, I’ll take the couch or I can share with Kim?” suggested Hannah.

”Hey, we’re sisters, we can sure your room. Is that okay?”

“Well, I’m tired,” Kim lied, “We had a few too many drinks. And I kind of passed out earlier. I don’t feel so good. I’ll catch you both tomorrow.”

And then Kim was gone.

”Okay, that was weird,” said Hannah, “Let me help you with your bag.”


There was so much that Maggie wanted to say.

She felt that she was holding back a dam of illicit energy. She desperately wanted to tell Hannah all about her sexual experiences with the perverted witch, Kris. How she had initiated her into lesbianism. What had brought about her fall from Christianity? How she learned about the deviant pleasures of devil worship. How it escalated to the pedophilic pleasures of abuse. She wanted to tell her about her experiences with Man Yi.

She desperately wanted to hear Hannah’s side of this sordid story. What had transpired between her and Kris (She felt a little guilty about the introduction — maybe this was all her fault?) And then there was Gin. Maggie wanted to find out about her own daughter. She knew something happened at St Mary’s School. But what had happened between Hannah and her, the details were sketchy. Her thirteen-year-old daughter had come back to Hong Kong, a changed girl — not a change for the positive either. Moody, full of angst, and reclusive. She wanted all the sordid details — every last one … She felt it … It all tormented her! No, it excited her!

Maggie’s mind raced all over the place.

“Are you okay?” asked Hannah.

”Yer. Just a little jet lagged I guess,” Maggie lied, “It’s been a long day. I didn’t get much sleep on the plane. Economy class.”

”Albert is such a fucking cheap skate! He’s the CFO for fucks sake!” they both laughed, “Is he still a fat fuck?”

The old Hannah never used the ‘f’ word, in her mother’s house.

” Yes,” answered Maggie as she watched Hannah light up some small tee-light candles and position them around the bedroom. Almost as if she was casting a spell.

”Can he still get it up?” asked Hannah with a cheeky grin.

This was new too. Hannah would never usually talk this way. Disrespectful of her elders? She was always a very respectful person — she never gossiped or made disparaging remarks about anyone. But, actually, Maggie liked this line of conversation. It opened up some interesting possibilities.

“We don’t … you know … Well, not very often,” replied Maggie, pretending to be her old self.

“Say it, Maggie. Fuck. He doesn’t fuck you enough!” said Hannah.

She sounded so confident. They both laughed.

”Listen to you. Miss Holy-Than-Thou,” added Maggie, “We do fuck … occasionally.”

”Doesn’t sound that much fun. He was such a fucking bore. You can do so much better. Look at you. You’re still young-looking. Hot. Sexy.”

”Thanks, sis.”

Hannah disappeared into the shared bathroom. Maggie changed into one of her very slender nightgowns. It was black and silky. She usually used it to seduce Albert on the few occasions he was able to perform. But it took on a whole new feeling, wearing it for her own sister. Hannah emerged wearing a tiny soft bra top and matching panties. She looked hot. Maggie wanted to kiss her all over.

”I love it,” said Hannah, looking her older sister up and down.

”Thanks. You’re very cute.”

Maggie was getting wet thinking about incest. It was so taboo. An egregious sin against everything godly. But then, she was already a Satanist — who fucked children. So, what-the-fuck, she thought. Then, her mind skipped to what Kim had said… about them being ‘Into the same as her sister’ … Maggie wondered about Hannah’s demonic altar in the basement.

”Mum would have a fit if she knew what I was really like … Usually, I don’t wear anything in bed anymore,” said Hannah as they both laid down in Hannah’s king single — It wasn’t that large and Maggie hoped that they’d bump into each other during the night.

”Well, neither do I,” lied Maggie.

Without another word, Hannah removed her top and her panties. Maggie laughed, a little nervously and did the same. Was this leading somewhere? Seduction maybe? Or was this just innocent playfulness? She knew it was the former. At least Maggie hoped so. Desperately. Her eyes feasted on Hannah’s youthful nakedness. Like Kim, she looked much younger than her years. Her shaven cunt was delightful. Maggie pretended to take the fact that they were both completely naked together in bed as if it were a completely normal thing for two sisters to do… she tried to hide the fact that she was almost shivering with sexual excitement.

They lay facing each other in the soft flickering candlelit. It warmth of the room made it too hot to be below the bed covers.

”I missed you, Hannah. I hope my being here isn’t poignant in any way?”

”I love you,” said Hannah and she kissed her sister on the lips. It felt genuine, a lingering, gentle, and soft kiss … but one that promised more.

”I love you too Hannah. You’re so beautiful,” replied Maggie.

Maggie felt dizzy from the promiscuity of her simple kiss. Maggie stroked Hannah’s soft black hair that fell over her shoulders. Her fingers brushed softly against Hannah’s baby-soft skin. Maggie’s noticed her sister’s nipples harden. Had she been aroused by Maggie’s discrete touching? Maggie pulled closer. The gap between them seemed alive with sparks of dark energy. Wantonness. So many secret desires bristled as their skin lightly touched.

”I couldn’t help but notice you’ve shaved sis,” said Hannah, “Is that a Sunday school teacher thing, nowadays?”

”Sunday? Or Sin-day?” responded Maggie.

Sin. It was her first trigger word.

”Sin-day!” repeated Hannah breathy, “Interesting …”

She was sweating. Glowing. Maggie wanted to be sinful. Deliciously sinful. Incestuously sinful. She wanted to fuck her younger sister. She wanted them both to praise Satan together. To offer their souls in exchange for incestuous bliss. The reference to Sunday school hung in her mind – she wanted to tell Hannah, how she seduced her own students. Little Amanda. Their cousins, James and Jarord. She was more than sinful. She’d been immoral and licentious.

The crests of their hardened nipples touched.

”You know I don’t go the church anymore, right? I don’t say the Lord’s prayer.” Said Hannah with a wicked smirk.

“So naughty or nice?” Said Maggie referring to Father Christmas, weighing up a child’s deserving behavior.

“I prefer to be very naughty.” Said Hannah.

This time Maggie kissed her. It wasn’t so soft. It was an open-mouthed kiss. She kissed her sister in a teasingly sexual way. At first, Hannah didn’t respond. But she didn’t rebuff Maggie’s sexual advance. Maggie’s tongue pressed between Hannah’s lips, prizing them apart, until both sisters were frantically tongue-kissing each other. Maggie’s hand stroked her sister’s back, pulling her towards her so that their bodies touched in completeness. She felt Hannah’s wetness against her thighs, as she knew her sister would feel hers. There was no turning back now. This couldn’t be explained away as something just loving and sisterly. No, this was incest. It was lewd.

Their libidinous kiss seemed to last forever. To Maggie, it was the kiss of freedom. Sin and Satan. Maggie’s heart beat faster and faster. She felt Hannah’s body fall unto hers as they pressed against each other, frotting against each other.

”You don’t know how long I’ve waited to do that!” said Maggie.

”Who’s the one who’s had naughty thoughts?”

They laughed together.

Maggie and Hannah were both breathing heavily. Both were highly aroused. Wanton of more. Hannah pressed her thigh higher, rubbing it directly against Maggie’s greasy cunt and erect clitoris. At the same time, Hannah’s fingers played with her sister’s bullet-hard nipples. She leaned forward and took one of Maggie’s nipples into her mouth, sucking in hard (almost painfully bitting at it).

”Aaarghhh …” groaned Maggie in response, “… Kris has taught you well…”

She’d used her second trigger word. Kris had opened a whole new world to Maggie. Now her ‘name’ would hopefully open a whole new world, for the both of them.

Hannah pressed Maggie’s shoulder back against the bedding so that her body could roll on top of hers, in a more dominating position. They scissored, their cunts rubbing harder against each other’s upper thighs. Hannah looked her sister in the eyes.

”Did you say, what I thought you said?” Hannah looked surprised, but not upset.

”I wasn’t sure if Kris said anything to you … I mean, about the two of us … She seduced me … Introduced me to many new things … I wanted to share these with you …”

Hannah hadn’t stopped wriggling against her sister, in fact, she seemed even more ardent in her pleasuring. She kissed Maggie’s mouth — Long and hard. Their kiss was accompanied by the feeling of open exploration. Hannah’s hand pressed between their sweating bodies, searching for her sister’s cunt.

”She never told me. She knew all along. That we were both … into it …”

“I think she wanted you, for herself. She thought I’d never dare to open up to you.”

Maggie felt Hannah slide down her sweat-slicked body. She felt her sister’s fingers between her legs and then her mouth, kissing her oily cunt lips. Maggie opened her legs wider, inviting her incestuous little sister inside. Fuck me, she thought. Fuck me with your mouth. She wanted to say those words, but still couldn’t in front of her once churchy sister. Hannah sucked and kissed and finally plunged her tongue inside Maggie. Maggie orgasmed immediately. Not once, but three times. She bucked against her sister’s face — drenching Hannah’s face in her slime.

On the third time, Maggie cried out, “Aaraghhhhhhhh … Hail … Hail Satan!”

Her third trigger word.

Maggie was gasping. She laughed at her own reluctance to say it. Hannah slid back next to Maggie again. She kissed Hannah’s cunt-soaked mouth. She could taste herself all over her sister’s face.

”I want to fuck you and praise Satan,” croaked Maggie. She was hyperventilating, “I want our sisterly blood to be smeared over each other. I fucked Kim. I know you fucked my daughter, Gin. Incest is so beautiful. So let’s be completely open about everything. I love you. Not just a sisterly love. .. but I love you in the lustful way Satan intended for us. Mouth to mouth. Nipple to nipple. Cunt to cunt. All night long. I have a thirst for the devil’s sacrament … I’ve fantasized about us sharing a chalice of pre-teen urine together as we give praise to Satan and Lilith.”

Hannah seemed to be beaming.

“Say something?” said Maggie.

”So you’re not mad at me for fucking Gin?”

”Tell me what it was like?” asked Maggie.

Hannah grinned evilly.

”The younger they are, the sweeter they are,” Hannah answered, “I never would have guessed that my stuck-up big sister would be so fucking hot! I love being a pedophile. It seems we were both played. Kris is at the root of this evil. She’s truly the devil’s right hand.”

”But, do you regret it? Mom said you repented?” replied Maggie, half knowing what her twisted little sister would say.

”I have no regrets. Maybe, I regret not doing this sooner. I saw my life. All of it, is in the hands of god. The pious life of temptation and denial. I would have married Jeff and probably had children and they would have been brought up in the same community church. Mom and Dad would have been very proud of me. An honors student with a good job in the government. Everything would have been perfect … except I would have lived my life in a coma.”

”Like me?”

”Sorry, I didn’t mean …” stuttered Hannah awkwardly.

”No need to apologize,” said Maggie, “Kris came along at a time in my life when I’d had enough. I felt I was going mad. I hated what I had become — but also feared what I wanted to be. Most people would be disgusted with me. What I am.”

Hannah caressed her older sister. They kissed again passionately.

”I’m not most people,” replied Hannah, as she started to masturbate with her fingers. “All this perverted talk is making me horny.”

Maggie’s cunt juiced up to watch her younger sister playing with herself.

”Mom was so upset when she discovered your altar in your bedroom cupboard,” said Maggie, as she began to finger her sister too.

Their fingers worked together as they thrust in and out of Hannah’s soaked fuck hole.

”Mmmmm … Fuck that’s good,” moaned Hannah as she half closed her eyes, “What did she say?”

“She said, over the phone, that it was horrific, blasphemous, and completely evil. She said she found pornographic images; symbols of witchcraft and black magick; instruments of perversion … There was an awful smell of urine and feces … and something even more rank, that she couldn’t identify.”

Hannah laughed.

“And what did you think of that?”

”I masturbated furiously as she described it. I wanted to see it. I wanted to kneel before it and pray to Satan with you,” replied Maggie.

Maggie’s fingers moved faster as she talked. Hannah gasped as she approached orgasm.

”Do you want to see my new altar? The one that Kris, Kim, and I put together over Christmas and New Year,” asked Hannah excitedly.

“Why don’t we wake Kim?” asked Maggie.

”No need, she’s probably been listening the whole time. She’s as perverted as the two of us. Kris initiated her. She brought over a young girl who had been kidnapped by her contacts in the triads. She told us that we could do anything to her we wanted — only, not kill her, as she was their property. She must have been only six.”

”Fuck!” exclaimed Maggie.

”Yer, it got pretty fucked up. The girl wasn’t into it at all. Kris loved the fact that she was reluctant and tied her up to the bed we have in the basement. It’s not a normal bed. It’s like a sadomasochism kind of thing. Kris played with her using all kinds of devil spells and back magic, she pissed her blood all over her while we chanted — it was scary but so fucking hot. I must have cum over twenty times.”

”What happened to her?” asked Maggie, wishing she’d been there.

Kim emerged.

“See, I told you,” said Hannah.

Kim kissed her, then kissed Maggie.

“What happened to the girl?” asked Maggie again.

”Don’t know. We fucked her with all kinds of dildos and crucifixes. Spoilt her six-year-old cunt; made her drink our menstrual blood, piss and eat our shit. She cried and wailed the entire time. Kris left with her after we fucked her for three days and nights. That was the last time we saw Kris …” answered Hannah.

“Wow,” said Maggie.

”Take her to the altar, Hannah,” said Kim.

”It’s the Witching Hour,” replied Hannah.


To be continued …


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