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AUTHORS NOTES: “Lilith Rising” was written quite some time ago, and was the prequel to a story I wrote called Shemale Succubus.

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Lilith Rising


“Sometimes you wake up from a dream. Sometimes you wake up in a dream. And sometimes, every once in a while, you wake up in someone else’s dream.”

A succubus is a sexual demon who can take a female form or male (sometimes also called an incubus) form or even something in between. These supernatural entities in folklore traced back to medieval legend. They can appear in dreams and takes the form of whatever is desirable by their ‘host’ in order to seduce good men and women, through highly sexualized and most times perverse activities.

Religious traditions hold that repeated sexual activity with a succubus may result in the deterioration of health or mental state or even death. In modern representations, a succubus may or may not appear in dreams and is often depicted as a highly attractive seductress or enchantress; whereas, in the past, succubi were generally depicted as frightening and demonic – but sometimes they can be both. Their evil awakens something bestial and primitive within their hosts, that, often cannot be undone, spreading their toxicity to others close to their hosts.

According to Zohar and the Alphabet of Ben Sira, Lilith was Adam’s first wife, who later became a succubus. She left Adam and refused to return to the Garden of Eden after she mated with the archangel Samael. In Zoharistic Kabbalah, there were four succubi who mated with the archangel Samael. There were four original queens of the demons: Lilith, Eisheth, Agrat bat Mahlat, and Naamah.

A succubus may take a form of a beautiful young girl but closer inspection may reveal deformities of her body, such as bird-like claws or serpentine tails and penile genitalia. Folklore also describes the act of sexually penetrating a succubus as akin to entering a state of satanic ecstasy, and there are reports of succubi encouraging their hosts to perform fellatio upon their baphometic sex organ and drink their salty urine and demonic semen.


It was getting close to the time of the year of the great celebration of the summer solstice – when the days are long and nights are short. The late afternoon smelt like a potent mixture of ripened crops, bonfires, and the richness of the fertile earth.

The sleepy village of Churchwell was an isolated rural town, situated in the middle of nowhere. It was made up of a few scattered old stone cottages, a flour mill, some barns, a so-called historical old water well, and had a small place of worship at the crest of Churchwell Hill. The medieval church with its distinctive Gothic steeple and cupola, looked out over the entire village as it nestled comfortably among bountiful crops, rolling hilly countryside, and spotted woodlands.

Inside the old church, a young and headstrong priest sat in the enclosed wooden oratory for the Sacrament of Penance. Despite the high vaulted ceilings of the church, supported by its impressive hammer beams, the heat of the day had made the aged building very hot and stuffy. He adjusted his collar hoping for some relief that just did not come.

The priest felt beads of salty sweat trickle down his temple. Taking a handkerchief from his pocket, he wiped the moisture from his forehead. He slid back the partition screen to listen to the penitent through the lattice that obscured their identity, as they knelt at the wooden prie-dieu.

Churchwell was a small community and there had been a time when he knew who the penitent was simply by the sound of their familiar voices. He had become used to their same old stories, nothing too serious. He saw his job to keep them on the straight and narrow. But times had changed, there were so many traveling workers, it was hard to keep track. He could not recognize this velvety voice.

“Forgive me Father for I have sinned,” whispered the demure voice from within the darkened booth.

Darkness obscured her face, but his senses were triggered by her pheromones, making his crutch beneath his vestment hot and tight. This was not a feeling that the priest was comfortable with. He had been known for being extremely strict; unforgiving of others; and especially hard on himself as he struggled with his own conviction to God’s untainted plan.

He cleared his throat.

“How long has it been since your last confession?”

“Too long, Father,” answered the alluring whisper without any resemblance of repentance.

“There is no rush my child. You must confess each and every sin so that you may be absolved or retained. Praise be to the Lord,” replied the priest.

“I am guilty of the sin of desire, the sin of lust, and the sin of deception.”

“Confession and repentance is the first step back to God.”

“Let me ask you, Father, to truly confess one’s sins, doesn’t one need to know sin for what sin is?” the anonymous voice asked.

“Well, the bible is very explicit about sin my child. From the original sin of Adam and Eve – Genesis chapter 3 verse 1, the good book tells us that it was Eve, who was seduced by an evil serpent to go against the word of God and eat the forbidden fruit,” he responded.

“Ah!” she purred very quietly, “The Garden. The primal place. Yes. But what of the temptress Lilith – a reference to her seemed to have been removed from your good book? She was the original wife of Adam — before God created Eve? Did she not become angered with the inequalities in the Garden and in her rage, sort relations with Sama’el?”

“Sama’el was a fallen angel. You speak of Sama’el, a demon we know as Satan?’

The priest was unsure of where this was going. All he knew was the unsettling feeling of unexplainable arousal.

“I believe that the evil Sama’el and wicked Lilith were like lovers. But their union was one of wickedness.”

His mind stirred with startling thoughts of carnal love and unbridled passion between two evil lovers – the sin before there was sin.

The soft voice echoed in the thoughts of the curious priest.

“Didn’t Lilith return to the Garden in the guise of a Serpent to seduce Eve with the power of carnal knowledge? They say that it was the androgynous Lilith that had relations with both of them – that in fact, she impregnated Eve with the sinful seed of the Serpent, who mounted Eve before Adam mounted her?”

“Lilith was an evil whore-demon, one that is said that even today, would fill the minds of sleep men with perverse dreams so that she can extract their semen to father her demon children,” responded the priest.

He had for years warned others of the seductive powers of the devil. It was not safe, even in the dream state to lose control and leave yourself open to attack by an unseen sexual predator – he made the sign of the cross and took in a sharp breath, knowing all too well never to allow himself to fall prey to the lust of a night demon.

With a silky smoothness, the voice seemed to wrap itself around the priest’s thoughts and ideologies.

“You speak so surely of unexplainable times, of ancient events that shaped our deepest beliefs and our greatest fears. What is to say that original sin was nothing more than seeing the truth – why is seeing one’s own nakedness not pleasurable?”

The priest clutched his bible tightly.

“One should not look upon one’s self in such a way – it brings unnatural desires to the mind. The flesh is weak and inherently sinful. We must overcome the temptations of the flesh. Peter chapter 2 verse 1, ‘Lay aside all evil,’ verse 11, ‘Abstain from fleshly lusts, which wage war against the soul’ …”

The feminine voice cooed, “But what of sin, Father? Is it not sinful to think of sinfulness, before the act of sin? Isn’t this very conversation sacrilegious in its content and context? Tell me Father, what of the bliss and rapture of sin? The undeniable pleasure of sinning when one knows that it is sinful? Don’t you feel it Father between your legs? Doesn’t the stiffness of your loins at the sound of my voice, tell you about the joy of sin? Doesn’t your body crave these undeniable temptations of the flesh? Can you smell my arousal, Father? Even as we speak, your breathing betrays your unconscious lust for this wickedness.”

He reflected upon his own sinful temptations. How he struggled against self-abuse – how he scorned others in confession, punishing them for the act whilst being a chronic masturbator himself. She had been right about his undeniable excitement, that there had been a few occasions when the priest had secretly questioned the notion of sin, and that sin itself had become a source of excitement.

The temptations of the flesh had on more than a few occasions brought the blood to his flaccid penis at the most inappropriate times – the sight of those nubile naked young choir boys in the changing rooms. Their pale white flesh and hairless genitals – the thought of their pre-teen mouths wrapped around the head of his dripping cock as he pushed it between their soft lips; how he longed for the feeling of their tender rectums, as he deflowered their anal virginity in unholy sodomy.

The priest felt his heart beating hard against the inside of his chest, and the sticky heat that made him feel drenched in his own perspiration. His hand was already wrapped around the base of his cock as his fist clenched his stiff organ tightly.

The words echoed with a trance-like quality that seemed to contract the moment, second-by-second as if everything moved in slow motion as he contemplated the corruption of the human race – Lilith created the motivation for original sin. And visions of this primal nakedness of both Adam and Eve whilst they made passionate love in a threesome with the evil hermaphrodite, made his groin throb with masturbatory sinfulness.

“Let it be our dirty little secret, while we pleasure ourselves inconspicuously Father. Agh! Don’t worry your congregation cannot read your sinful thoughts, Father. But, I more than understand your feelings. I do not judge you on them. Quite the contrary, I encourage them, Father. I celebrate them with you as we masturbate ourselves and share these sinful thoughts together.”

The anonymous voice whispered, “Let us grant each other absolution, Father! Sin is my shepherd; I shall want. She maketh me to lie down in dark shadows: she leadeth me beside the waters. She Stealeth my soul: she leadeth me in the paths of the damned for her name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the filth, I will fear no evil: for thou art Evil; thy mouth and thy eyes they comfort me. Thou preparest a bed before me in the presence of mine desires: thou anointest my lips with semen; my lust runneth over. Surely greed and temptation shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of Sin forever and I absolve you from your sins in the name of the whore goddess, praise be to Lilith.”

“Sin be with you, argh!” mumbled the priest.

He became overcome by the intensity of his orgasm, uncontrollably blasting hot semen inside his vestment.

“And sin be with you, Father. I bring you an important message — the androgynous anti-Christ is coming and she will call upon you to sin for her needs.”

In a flash of consciousness, like a jolt back to reality the priest found himself alone in the confessional booth. It was dark and the other side of the booth was empty. His lucid dream of a conversation with an unseen sex demon left him shaking but strangely excited. As if a dark wish had been granted. He needed to punish his parishioners for their sinfulness. Tomorrow’s sermon would undoubtedly address the question of self-abuse.

The late evening light finally receded, and the last golden rays of the early harvest disappeared over the distant horizon, to plunge Churchwell into a night of inky black.



Effortlessly, she quickly scaled the slippery walls inside of the water well and was perched at the top of the wellhead. Standing on the wide stone rim, the moonlight reflected against her damp wings, as she stretched them outwards shaking the moisture and drying them instantly ready for flight.

As the initial exhilaration of freedom began to recede, she once again felt the embers of emptiness fill her with an intense hunger that seemed to build stronger with every passing second. Lilith knew that she needed to feed, but she needed to find some easy prey to build her strength.

What had come before this moment was rather blurred and she was unsure how she had been brought her back from eternal damnation. The eyes of the succubus pierced through the inky darkness. Attracted by the flickering lights of the nearby church, she could smell her prey – a rich strong odor of sexuality that called to her. She stretched out her wings and lifted from the well, up over the nearby buildings and across towards the tall point of the church steeple. Her keen senses to hear and feel the life flow below her as a choir of young voices echoed upwards into the heavens.

Lilith rested against the gargoyles, her hands grasped the highly decorated carvings for support, allowing her senses to slowly return and trying not to be blind-sighted by her thirst. She slowly descended into the church nave, out of sight of the churchgoers, as they all knelt in prayer against the uncomfortable wooden pews. Father Dominic stood at the pulpit, with his heavy bible open for another strict and severe sermon.

“Corinthians chapter 7 verse 1, ‘Let us cleanse ourselves of all filthiness of the flesh’ …” said the priest as his voice filled the air above the bowed heads of the faithful. “… The six offenses against chastity are lust, masturbation, fornication, pornography, prostitution, and rape …”

His voice was raised to emphasize his point.

“Masturbation, my brothers and sisters, is sinful. The great Pope Leo IX forbid masturbators from being admitted to sacred orders. Aquinas believed masturbation was a worse sin than rape, incest, and adultery because, in these other sins, procreation is a possibility. The Jansenists, in the seventeenth century, held that the human body is inherently evil – what say you of the devil’s work?”

“Masturbation is an immoral act. The Lord did not yield to the desires of the devil. When the urge comes, you must reject it. We must protect our families, especially our little ones from this. A sin of the flesh will lead to a sin of the spirit. Do not give the devil a chance. He is there waiting for a moment when we lack self-control. Be on guard. Bind their idol hands to the bedposts. Don’t let them sleep upon their backs. Check their bed sheets for telltale stains. Privacy is one of the leading causes – remove the door from your child’s bedroom. Use corporal punishment – spare the rod and spoil the child.”

As he spoke over the heads of his anxious audience, their heads bowed in solemn esteem, he rocked back and forth, as he rubbed the underside of his erection secretly against the edge of the pulpit.

“In Excelsis Deo. Let the Lord be with you.”

“And also with you — Amen,” the congregation replied.

Lilith watched this priest intensely from her hiding place. His innocent and handsome face disguised his covert mind – it caught her interest but didn’t fulfill her hunger. As the congregation began to disburse, she quickly left the way she came in and spied a group of about two dozen young children – herded out into the warm night air by two stern-looking women. They all boarded an old covered wagon that made its way back to the old Churchwell orphanage, just on the outskirts of town.

Taking flight she followed them back down the winding country roads. Soon after they arrived, the children climbed out of the wagon with their elderly female caregivers barked at them to get inside, get washed, and ready for bed. Inside the first of several gloomy long wooden dorms, Lilith was able to remain relatively out of sight as the oil lamps burned with insufficient illumination.

The two elderly women, Emily and Dena, marched up and down impatiently shouting at the orphans as they scurried around like rats to avoid eye contact. The pre-teen boys wore nothing more than simple sandals and a long one-piece shirt. They all quickly climbed into their modest bunks.

Lilith stood in the open doorway. Her long dark robe disguised her true identity. She whispered something to the wicked old women, who cackled out loud, as they schemed together. Lilith stepped back to the shadows to watch her evil bidding unfold.

Dena grabbed the closest orphan in reach and drew his frightened little face close to hers.

“Emily, that priest is so wise.”

The boy closed his eyes as the spittle flew from the ugly mouth of the witch.

“And so handsome,” answered Emily.

“I’ve seen the signs in this place before. Disgusting stains on the bed sheets. Bet they can’t wait to play with themselves and each other when our backs are turned. Father Dominic was right – spare the rod and spoil the child. We need to beat them all good and proper and then tie their wretched little hands to the bedposts. That’ll stop them from doing the devil’s work.”

The child in her firm hold began to weep. Dena released her grip, pushing him back against the other orphans and making them fall like skittles.

“Sins of flesh will lead to sins of the spirit and we can’t have that, can we?” said Emily, trying to disguise her obvious delight in administering the punishment.

“We must stop the sinfulness before it has a chance to corrupt these young and impressionable minds. Get the boys to line up – we take half each. Tell them to remove their nightshirts. We’ll whip them until they piss themselves with fear.”

The harsh women barked their orders at the naive and trusting children. Two lines were formed of the naked bodies all bending forwards to touch their toes. Some openly sobbed, while others just cringed in silence awaiting the pain of the impending beating. Emily ran her hand gently over the bare flesh of her first male on the end of her line.

She felt the wet juices of her cunt sliding down the inside of her legs as she tried to contain her own arousal while she openly molested the boy. She cupped his small balls and then ran her finger between the cheeks of his anus and brought the tainted finger to her nose and then sucked it to taste its tangy bitterness — the taste of orphan feces on her lips gave her an incredibly strong desire to masturbate.

Dena watched her co-conspirator as she openly fondled the crying child.

“How do we know which of these nasty little wretches are masturbators and which aren’t?”

She also caressed the firm cheeks of the nearest child and felt a hot quiver of stimulation awakening the sexual fluids inside her vaginal canal.

“We don’t my dear Emily. So we need to cane them all until they can’t sleep on their backsides. Just like the Father said,” replied Dena.

“I have a better idea. Let’s get them to do each other while we watch. The first one to ejaculate is obviously the masturbator? We cane the masturbators and send the ‘innocent’ ones to bed? What do you think?” asked Emily with an elevated voice.

“None of them are innocent Emily, but I think it is an excellent idea. But what if they ejaculate on our Sunday best?” said Dena.

“Then we should take them off!” replied Emily calmly.

“Another excellent idea, my dear. What would the good Father think of us, turning up to service next Sunday smelling of boy semen – no matter how delicious? Maybe we should collect it in the communion challis, as evidence for the Father, of their beastly digressions against the Lord. Blasphemous offspring, they make my cunt so itchy.”

The women quickly slipped out of their clothes. Their fleshy breasts hung in full view of the frightened children. Both ached to touch themselves and each other – but they looked forward to inflicting their sadistic punishment and humiliation upon the orphans.

They both sat with the orphans standing around in a loose semi-circle around them. Emily had brought a polished challis from their small orphanage altar, while Dena positioned the oil lamps on the ground so that they could see things clearer. Lilith felt the sexual heat growing as the ecstasy of sin filled their minds.

Emily pointed to the first two boys on her left.

“Each of you take the penis of the other and rub it. Let me show you.”

Dena demonstrated the art of mutual masturbation with the two boys closest to her.

“That’s it rub it like this.”

She could not wait to wrap her fat fingers around the boy’s pre-teen penis. Its flaccid state soon changed as it unwillingly reacted to her expert pedophile touch and filled with the rush of blood from the women’s skillful fingers – as she squeezed and draw the foreskin back and forth over the boy’s purple penis head.

Paired together the women forced them to place their hands over their partner’s penis. The game was a little awkward to start, but with some prodding with the caregivers’ canes, they all quickly got the hang of it. Their cocks all stood upright to attention, even though some of the children were still crying, they all seemed to remain erect. A few showed the telltale signs of actual enjoyment, as they unconsciously moaned and leaked pre-cum to their caregivers’ delight. The women laughed at their pathetic attempts at making their partner orgasm first to avoid corporal punishment.

“Rub harder! Rub faster! Rub until the white stuff spurts out! Ejaculate and you will be beaten!” screamed Emily as she openly rubbed her clit with the tip of her cane.

The first boy began to shudder and Dena quickly moved forward to try to catch his semen in the challis. Translucent ropes of boy cum shot across the rim of the receptacle and over the back of her hand and fingers. Emily immediately pulled the boy aside and sent his partner to their bed. She longed to suck the semen directly from their non-consensual cocks. She pulled his weak little body down across her knees and brought her hand down hard against his vulnerable backside. Emily wasted no time getting started with the beating. The child flinched with the stinging pain, while his limp wet penis pissed in fright as it rubbed back and forth against Emily’s bare thigh.

Emily’s blows progressively got harder, as the shockwaves were almost orgasmic and her whole body shuddered from the sadistic pleasure. Finally, she tossed the sobbing boy aside, his buttocks red-raw from the thrashing while her legs were soaked in boy piss and her cunt dripped with her own sexual discharge. Dena brought her cum soaked hand to her mouth and lapped up the boy’s salty seed.

“Don’t stop you little fuckers!” barked Dena eager to be the one to punish the next boy who dared to ejaculate.

The women changes roles and it did not take too long before the second boy started to spurt uncontrollably. Emily was perfectly positioned to capture the precious fluids and the unfortunate boy was pushed onto Dena’s awaiting lap. By the time the last couple of boys had ejaculated, Emily and Dena had already orgasmed multiple times. Exhilarated from their perverted excitement, they were about to send the rest of the naked boys to bed and the cup of cum was close to brimming.

In all the rushing around, one of the boys suddenly stumbled over the oil lamp, spilling its inflammable content over the wooden floor. The dry wooden surfaces quickly caught fire and boys jumped from the burning bunks to retreat out the front door. Emily and Dena found themselves cornered inside the now blazing building – they shouted to the orphans to get help, but none of them moved.

They just watched as the raging fire became more and more intense. In minutes the entire dormitory was engulfed and the boys, joined, by others from the other dorms, stood a safe distance away as the adjacent buildings also began to burn as well. They could briefly hear the screams of their caregivers caught inside the inferno before their sounds were silenced as the heavy roof collapsed inwards upon them.

As the orphanage continued to burn, Lilith whispered something almost incomprehensible to the group of boys as they stood and watched the inferno engulfing the only home that they had known.

She then led the boys away from the burning buildings. They moved as if in a trance-like state – as if sleepwalking in a single file. The bright moonlight illuminated their way as Lilith brought them into a small clearing away from danger as the bonfire continued to burn in the background.

Lilith pulled the hood of her gossamer-thin veil down from around her head and onto her shoulders.

“Kiss my hand,” her voice was that of a whisper, “Kiss my hand,” they each did as she ordered. “Kiss my face.”

The shy boys took turns to place their sleepy small lips upon her pale cheeks.

She swallowed the content of the challis, savoring every drop of the delicious boy’s cum. Her energy restored, Lilith allowed her gown to fall from her shoulders and the light from the burning buildings illuminated her pale body.

“Kiss my mouth.”

Each of the boys opened their mouth to Lilith’s tongue as it explored what was left of their innocence. She hand-picked a dozen of them and ordered their complete obedience.

“Remove your clothing, kneel before me my special children, and kiss my cunt. Some of you will serve me, and some of you will be offered to me. Now, kiss my cunt.”

She began to grind her dripping pussy into their faces as she urinated over them – baptizing them in her evil service. As they drank from her foul urine, the small limp penises began to throb with new life and new blood — evil blood. Each of the pre-teen boys stared in disbelief at the rapid transformation, as they began to stretch beyond the proportions of the other children, their new adult-sized cocks extended upwards across their flat stomachs until they each looked like teapots with fat elongated spouts.

From between Lilith’s legs, her vagina lips began to part like an opening flower, as they gave way to the enormous bulbous head of her protruding cock, that began to emerge from within her abdomen, transforming her back into the Cock Goddess of the underworld.

“Kiss my cock!”

Her evil brood remained kneeling before Lilith, each took turns to taste the poison of her loins — lapping up her toxic pre-cum juices.

Their fellow orphans watched without a word, petrified with fear, as the evil children slowly turned to do their goddess’s evil bidding – tonight she and her special children would feast on some of their hapless prey – the others would be kept for human sacrifice upon the solace.



Returning to the church, Lilith found that the old church dormitory window lay wide open and inviting. With stealth, she entered the small anti-chamber inside. Beyond the small hallway, she found a sparse bedroom, lit by oil candles that cracked, popped, and burned with flickering red and gold flames.

The monastic furnishings and religious ornamentation reflected penance and devout religious servitude. Father Dominic lay fast asleep in an old four-poster bed, oblivious of the intruder’s motive. As Lilith stood naked beside the bed, her androgynous body pulsated as she watched over the simple man of god.

She touched the tender flesh of his hand as it lay across the top of the blankets. The ribbed length of Lilith’s cock expands like a telescope and curves upwards, exposing its angry purple-crimson head, as her succubus blood flooded its length. She rubbed her hand coarsely up and down her erection, as she idly thought of taking this naïve holy man – thrusting her enormous member deep into his unworthy bowels – fucking him like a rag doll until she was drenched in his blood and entrails. Her wetness pooled and dripped in a slavering stream of pre-cum from the tip of she-cock.

Lilith stroked the priest’s brow, feeling the heat from his body. She can taste his sexual conquest in the back of her throat. Wetting her finger in pre-cum, she ran its wetness across his sleeping lips that parted at her touch to welcome the aphrodisiac. She could not resist placing her mouth over his sleeping orifice, tasting her own salty cum juices in his wet mouth and feeling his shallow breath. She slowly pushed her hot wet tongue between his yielding lips, pushing her poison deeper between them in her Somnophilic kiss.

The priest remained still for a few seconds, as the succubus poison penetrated his bloodstream, going straight to his higher brain functions of reasoning and self-control, flooding the sensual inputs of taste, smell, feel, sound, and sight. No man of God could resist the seduction of the mother of all succubi. As the poison was distributed through the priest’s nervous system, his body began to immediately quake with the aphrodisiac effects.

“Remain still my priest. You will hear my voice, only my voice. You will follow my command and will do as I say. Empty your mind and open yourself to me. You no longer are a man of god. You worship me, priest. You live to serve me, to worship me, and to give yourself to me, unreservedly.”

Her hypnotic power began to fill his head with sinfulness — forbidden thoughts and scandalous fantasies of Ashtoreth, Dagan, and Moloch – mass orgies, fertility rites, and human sacrifices to Baal-Asharte and Belphagor.

“It feels so good to dream of sin, doesn’t it? To dream of nasty sin, dirty sin? That’s it, my blasphemous priest, you need to worship sinful sex. Sex is your only desire. Your faith has institutionalized the worship of evil, though it is never said openly. You know this to be true and the line between good and evil was somewhat crooked. Your sinful forefathers and priests have openly worshiped graven images. So many of your rituals have secret, illicit, and evil meanings, some lost in the passage of time. Your church has become perverse over the centuries, a breeding ground of satanic fellowship. Now your only desire is to be a priest of the goddess of sex.”

“Serve her with your filthy and depraved thoughts. It feels good to acknowledge it and to worship your perverted goddess.”

The intense sexual poison had penetrated his mind, body, and soul, as Lilith ripped back the bed covers, tearing his nightshirt from his body so that the agitated priest’s naked body lay face up in the center of the large bed. Father Dominic’s body twitched restlessly as his loins reluctantly stirred and blood began to fill his flaccid organ. Lilith rubbed her cock back and forth, rubbing more of her pre-cum poison over the priest’s face, making an inverted cross, until he glistened with its stickiness.

“Worship me priest as many others have – worship your demon mistress, who will give you a new sexual vision of your world and fill your night with unbridled perverted pleasures. Worship me now. Worship your demon goddess with your hands.”

His body was moist with sweat and vibrated from the intensity of Lilith’s sexual tension.

“Masturbate for your goddess. Masturbate yourself for me now.”

The young priest’s body began to convulse and twist in response to Lilith’s suggestions. His unconscious mind seemed to struggle against her hypnotic commands – his faith fighting against his fate. Lilith jumped up upon the bed and standing over the shaking priest, urinated over his face into his open mouth.

“Drink from the salty fountain, taste the golden nectar – show me your complete submission to my will.”

Piss and saliva ran from Father Dominic’s open mouth, as the distended veins of his cock and balls coursed with the infusion of rapid blood flow. She smiled with gritted teeth, in response to his temporary resistance.

“Worship me now priest. Worship me with your pissing cock. Urinate in your own mouth, while you pleasure yourself and give in to your most carnal thoughts – yes fuck your fist, whilst you dream of an orgy of young choirboys, whose staccato voices call for you to penetrate them and abuse them as they sing praise to Satan for the intensity of their adult-like orgasms. Feel their hard little cocks dripping pre-cum beneath their choir robes and you thrust between the soft little buttocks – they long for you to use them as your filthy human toilet. Evoke the rituals to Moloch – molest them in the worship of evil as your priesthood has done secretly for centuries.”

His wiry body began to succumb to the onslaught of her succession of evil suggestions as his bladder emptied across his chest, as Father Dominic subconsciously directed a golden arc of piss spray into his gulping mouth. His hand now gripped his throbbing cock rapidly thrusting his fist up and down. As all resistance fell away, he began to respond to Lilith’s every command. She had forgotten how much she enjoyed the corruption of these holy men. Their weak minds were so easy to manipulate from years of abstinence; of hiding from the very evil dreams that had brought them to their so-called faith; and now, what little it took to push them over the edge.

The priest’s eye flicked back and forth beneath heavy eyelids as Lilith’s filthy commands worked their demonic persuasion – incestuous fantasies filled with the youthful flesh of naked choir boys fornicating before him, excitedly ready for anal penetration, effeminate sodomites, all eager to wrap their prostrates around his pulsating cock. His soul was already lost to these wicked delights, as Lilith squatted over his legs and taking his unimpressive cock into her rectum, began to thrust up and down to milk him dry, faster and faster.

As she continued to whisper intense perversities into his ear, Father Dominic began to moan loudly, as he neared orgasmic release – it had not taken very long. Lilith allowed his shit-stained cock to slide from the clutches of her expert anus and quickly placed her mouth over his pathetic manhood to catch his slimy jism as the priest’s loins began to buck and jerk, squirting uncontrollably from his first forced orgasm directly into her open jaws. Lilith’s own orgasm was close too; induced by the taste of the priest’s secret sauce, her shecock erupted, across the priest’s chest and face, covering him in with thick demon cum – marking her property.

Only briefly fulfilled, against her ravenous hunger that remained unsatisfied, she did however feel much stronger from her awakening. She needed to feed again upon this priest – milking his sexuality as quickly as possible to replenish her own. She stood above the wriggling body of Father Dominic and aimed her rigid cock to urinate again over her willing disciple to baptize him as one of her own.

With every orgasmic release she took from the sleeping priest, she found new power to work her evil. The priest would serve as a conduit to his unsuspecting flock – she would allow him to serve her, and return for his life, first, he lead her to the source of her summoning; and then Father Dominic would bring to her the vulnerable, the weak and the wicked – in this isolated place, she would soon not have to hide; admoramus te domine; as they would soon all became part of her satanic flock.



Lilith watched over the sleeping priest as he twisted and turned restlessly in the midst of a swirling erotic dream. It was like a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis. In his lucid nightmare, he was no longer in his bedchamber, but among a large crowd of hooded figures, naked and excited beneath their dark shrouds, as they chanted to summon the demon succubus in their secret temple. They were ready to perform an evil ritual in her honor. Each recited an evil mantra to their Goddess of Perversion, from an old manuscript and acted out an ancient rite, to unleash the power of their sexual perversities.

Their attention was focused on the Baphomet – a life-size statue of their hermaphroditic phallic goddess. The goat-horned, winged beast resembled the androgynous Ion Pan; a crowned figure that held two twisted serpents standing with robe open to display her large breasts and enormous erect phallus between goat-like thighs.

Father Dominic remembered the name Baphomet came from the Greek Baphe Metis, meaning ‘baptized in wisdom’, and that sex magic was one of the traditional ways of invoking and appeasing this highly sexual deity. In his dreamlike state, he recalled the tale of medieval witches that worshiped the Goddess and the Horned God, Ion Pan. He knew that in these covens, the Horned God was played by a woman wearing a horned mask and an artificial phallus, which she used to have intercourse with the coven, providing them with a taste of the sexual ecstasy of the hermaphroditic Devil.

Two slut nuns brought forward a very young boy. The twin nuns were dressed in their traditional white wimples, but instead of their modest robes, they each wore a vestment that drabbed across their front and back but was open to both sides. As they moved their breasts and cunts were easily visible – both their pussies were shaved down to Hitler mustaches. The boy had been forced to wear a similar vestment, only stained from the urine of countless boy sacrifices who had met a similar fate. He turned and twisted against their vice-like grip, hoping to escape – but his resistance seemed to excite the deviant sisters as they carried out their part of this ritual sacrifice.

They untied his vestment, which fell from his body as they laid the young virgin boy prostrate across a flat stone altar that was illuminated by large black candles made from the fat of sacrificed babies. After securing his wrists and ankles in position, they kissed each other passionately on the mouth – their tongues twisted together in incestuous bliss. Father Dominic watched and recalled how much Satan encouraged incest, especially between twins. Momentarily satisfied, the perverse nuns both knelt on either side of the boy’s exposed body. The boy openly sobbed from fear and emptied his bowels in the absolute helplessness of his predicament.

One of the sisters touched his tear-stained face gently with her fingertips, caressing him with one hand and masturbating with the other – she then swapped hands, to rub her cunt slime over his lips and under his nose, marking him with her perverse arousal. Kneeling across his upturned face, she began to rub her cunt and ass back and forth over his mouth.

The other twin groped his tiny penis, gently at first, coaxing it into an involuntary erect state, as his slight body tried not to succumb. Briefly, she took his organ into her mouth while she too masturbated; before straddling his pelvis to take his cock inside her itchy cunt.

As they watched the molestation, the crowd chanted, “Constupro putus cultus malum,” [corrupt the pure, worship evil].

The air began to fill with thick white smoke that seemed to blur the vision but heighten the sexual senses.

Father Dominic watched as the statue of the Baphomet slowly transform into the living flesh of Lilith – first, he noticed the hips of the figure began to thrust back and forth in time with their rhythmic chanting, and as the serpents slithered from her grip, her hand grasped her ample breasts and then reach down to massage her thick-veined cock.

Father Dominic was still lost in this bizarre fantasy-like state still rubbing his stiff cock in his hand. As he began to truly awaken, but with eyes opened to see the world in a different way – no longer a priest of the church, but as a priest of a very different god.

“Surrender to me; empty to your mind and body; and worship your goddess. Sacrifice the weak. Rape the young. Offer me their souls!”

A distant echoing voice bounced around inside his head. His bed stunk like a used toilet as the urine and cum drenched bed clothing had almost dried.

Standing naked in front of an ornate dressing mirror, the priest drooling looked at his own reflection. With another gesture of Lilith’s hand, the priest’s cock grew another couple of inches and gained thickness in the process. She liked this priest. She would use Father Dominic to bring her others to serve her – to provide her with all the sexual heat she craved.

As her magic began to work – the priest observed the change, not believing it at first, but admiring its new length and girth – the veins on his cock stood out like vines gripping a tree trunk. Pre-cum flowed in copious quantities, soaking his eager fingers.

As the young priest ran his fingers over it, tasting his own pre-cum, he felt an overwhelming desire to masturbate himself – to cum in his own mouth. His mind seemed to skip from one perverted idea to the next, uncontrollably. He wanted to urinate over himself, to drench the bed again, to drink his piss directly from the source and watch himself do in the mirror – drinking his own golden water in the worship of his evil goddess as Father Dominic chanted openly to his new demon god, for granting his sexual blessing.

His flock would need guidance – imagine what a dark shepherd would be able to do, leading them all into temptation. As the priest turned around, breaking his concentration, as the door creaked open. He saw it was the servant boy from the village that helped with the church chores, who gasped at first sight of the naked priest through the crack in the door. The priest made no attempt to cover his exposed genitals.

“S-sorry F-father, I didn’t mean t-to.”

The boy stood motionless, frozen to the spot. The priest stared hungrily back at him.

“Constupro putus cultus malum,” commanded the priest.

The boy began to cry and shake in fear. The priest instructed him to enter, close the door behind him and immediately strip naked. His body moved as if possessed by the priest’s words, but his eyes told a different story. Wide-eyed, his expression gave away his disbelief at what was happening to him. It was as if he had just awakened from a nightmare and expected it to be just a dream, only to find that was not.

Father Dominic took the innocent young boy in his hand and his small penis became rigid between his fingers – responding without the true consent of the boy’s mind. The priest placed his hand on the back of his neck and pushed him downwards. The boy knelt before the evil priest, cupping the priest’s balls with shaking hands, his small fingers barely able the wrap around the priest’s enhanced girth, which had grown even more with every deeper step of corruption. Taking the priest’s hot flesh into his soft, wet mouth, as the priest moaned lewdly.

Lilith stepped forward out from the shadows and watched him shudder in oral pleasure from across his shoulder.

“You please me, priest. Your corruption has only just begun. The ancient ritual of anal sex is your first initiation and rite of passage to immortality. Rape him and offer his soul to our Lord, Satan – you will be the priest of the cock god – as you will offer me your entire congregation, one by one. Drench him in your unholy water.”

The priest served her evil cause. He slid his rock-hard dick from the gagging youngster’s throat and emptied his busting bladder over the boy, directing his dark yellow piss into his small mouth and over his face, as it spilled forth as the youngster was unable to swallow the volume of this vile deluge.

Lilith guided the trembling boy to the bedposts so that the priest could secure his wrists before stepping behind him. He ran his hands over the young boy’s body, teasing himself with the thought of just taking this as far as it had gone.

“Take him, priest,” urged Lilith, saying, “Our Father which art in Hell, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom is cum, Thy will is done; on earth, as it is in Hell! We take this night our rightful due, and trespass not on paths of pain. Lead us unto temptation, and deliver us from false piety, for Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever!”



The coach ride had been long and uncomfortable. Sister Mary watched the coachman and his horses pull away down the cobble main street of Churchwell so that they would make it to the next town before sundown. It had been hot traveling in the unforgiving heavy fabric of her vestments, and she longed for a cooling drink of well water.

Usually upon her bi-monthly visit, Father Dominic and his servant boy would be there to greet her and take her heavy luggage upon their youthful shoulders. But no one seemed to be around. Actually, there were no children playing, no women dusting out the carpets, and no farm hands pulling carts of produce to the village market. It was uncommonly silent.

Sister Mary couldn’t ever remember it being this quiet before – there was not even the sound of birds or insects to break the summer evening air. Being only of slight build, she struggled to lift her heavy baggage and make her way to the dorm building. The sun was close to setting, casting long shadows from the surrounding silhouettes of crooked trees. The sky looked like it was a blaze of light, crimson and red merged with gold and orange in a spectacular fireball of clouds and sun rays.

After the short walk, she closed the dorm door behind her and looked around inside for Father Dominic. Maybe he had dozed off on this warm summer evening? But there was no sign of Father Dominic. The priest’s office door was ajar. She gingerly knocked on the heavy wooden door. There was no answer. Sister Mary peered around the door into his private chamber. The oil candles illuminated the dark room with a warm welcoming glow. Nothing looked out of place.

Sister Mary scratched her head through her itchy wimple. It had been a warm day and she longed for a wash – even better a cooling bath. Maybe Father Dominic had forgotten that she was coming? Maybe he was tending a sick parishioner? She was sure that there was going to be a logical explanation and worrying about it was not going to change the outcome. She would settle in for the evening and would catch up with Father Dominic tomorrow.

The Sister laid her baggage on the floor of the guest room and closed the heavy door behind her. An open letter lay on the top of the wooden bureau addressed to her. She opened it and in the Father’s handwriting was a simple message saying that he was suddenly called away and that he would return upon the morrow.

The fresh smell of cut bread, cheese, and berries that lay across a small plate, reassured her that, wherever the good Father was that she need not be too concerned. She drank from a small pewter pitcher of fresh well water. It was cooling and refreshing but had an unexpectedly sour aftertaste. Unknowing to the Sister, the water had been tainted with aphrodisiac from Lilith’s loins.

The bed had been made with freshly pressed linen and its clean lemon scent and cool cotton sheets looked inviting. The oversized bath in the corner of the room was filled with lukewarm water. She dipped her finger into the bath water and found that it was the perfect temperature to revive her tired limbs.

Sister Mary looked at herself in the ornate dressing mirror as she stepped out of her habit. She had an angelic face – one that could have been the famous Virgin Mary’s that she had taken her name. Still in her late twenties, her firm body was slight in her build, but pale from the lack of sun. Her breasts were flat and her areolas even smaller – together with her short dark hair, it gave her an impish boy’s appearance. She did not want to dwell on her self-image and reminded herself of her vows of chastity and servitude to her Lord.

She stepped into the deep bath and allowed the tepid water to soak her tired body. As she laid back and submerged herself, she rested her head against its high back. The water temperature seemed warmer than she had expected. Warmth became soothing heat. Time seemed to stand still as Sister Mary’s consciousness seemed to slip in and out of a deep restful feeling.

Sister Mary felt all the tension of her uncomfortable journey seems to wash away in the simple watery pleasures. She found herself in darkness, a warm watery darkness. Where the water touched her sensitized body, it massaged her, reassured her, and caressed her anxieties away. She felt a discrete tingling around her erogenous zones. Like the stoking of many tongues licking simultaneously at the soles of her feet, licking the palms of her hands, up and down the outsides of her tired limbs. The feeling began to caress the flesh of her breasts, directly around her areoles, lingering around her nipples making them bullet-hard. She arched her back in response to this unexpected delight.

The sensation was astonishing, something the Sister could not explain and at some level had subconsciously decided not to question. The tantalizing effect began to build softly at first but became more explicitly erotic with every second as Lilith’s poison began to take effect. The tongues licked the inside of her thighs, lapping between her legs and making their way toward the topmost area of her thighs. The provocative sensations now worked their way between her buttocks, teasing the rosebud of her anus. It felt so good.

The blissful water seemed to become even more concentrated. Cunnilingual sensations washed like waves lapping against the beach. The lapping became more like crashing, as wave after wave of erotic watery mouths pushed deeper and deeper between her puffy labia. The teasing gave way to total arousal in a way that the Sister found impossible to resist as worked directly onto her clitoris. Her body shook with the sexual onslaught that coaxed the Sister faster and faster toward orgasmic release. Her conscious mind was still in complete denial, and unable to prevent the emerging impulses from deep within her subconscious mind.

Like the sweet voice of many singing sirens, her senses were overwhelmed by the endorphin release, as she bucked in the slashing water, cumming for what seemed like an eternity of unbridled pleasure – her mind filled with carnal images of young tongues offering more and more deviant pleasures. And as subtly as they had appeared the mist of her mind, they slipped slowly back into the oil-lamp light of the guest room. The waters were still and cool. The Sister was still trembling from her post-orgasmic euphoria. Steadying herself with both hands on the rim of the bath, she gathered her thoughts. She stepped carefully from the bath and grabbed a soft drying cloth to dry her dripping body.

Once again, her eyes caught the sight of her naked body in the ornately carved mirror. She let the towel drop to the floor and studied her reflection closely. She looked different for some unexplainable reason. Could it be that she saw her own reflection as sensual? There is something arousing, looking at herself in the mirror that she had not allowed herself to feel before. Lilith manipulated her willing reflection. She could not believe that her reflection had one hand cupped around her small soft breast, drawing a finger across her rigid nipple, while the other hand touched the delicate outer lips of her tingling labia.

She watched her reflection as if it were someone else, as if it was independent, with a will of its own. This wasn’t her? A Sister of the Order of St Benedict knew that this was self-abuse and sin unto God. She would never do this sinful thing? Oh God what is happening to me, she thought? This is the work of demons, tempting her with the deceit of lust. It had to be someone else she was seeing – not a true reflection of her divine devotion to God, but more like a harlot from a brothel.

The nun felt very awkward as he felt faint from the arousal of this voyeuristic feeling. An unfamiliar lesbian curiosity teased her thoughts. She wanted to tear herself away from this transfixed gaze, at the same time, her body remembered the watery pleasure that was so intense and cried out to replicate the orgasmic delights it had experienced only moments ago. Masturbate Sister, masturbate Sister, masturbate Sister – the filthy language filled her mind.

The figure in the mirror licked her lips promiscuously, as she pushed two naughty digits of her right hand in and out of her soaking pussy and then in her anal opening. It felt so good – whatever her reflection did, she seemed to directly feel and by the look on her reflection’s face, she could see the enjoyment that her reflection obviously felt from her whorish display of self-pleasuring. Her lips motioned as if urging the pious young nun to drop her restraints, coaxing Mary to follow her blasphemous and sordid wickedness.

Sister Mary’s heartbeat felt like it was about to explode from her chest as she eventually dared to allow her hand to rest against her pubic area. She felt so dirty and disgusting, a sinner of the worst kind. A pertinent quote from the holy scripture from Hebrew chapter 10 verse 26 came into her mind, ‘for if we go on sinning deliberately after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins’.

Yet it was the very sinfulness that brought about the excitement and temptation far beyond any sensation she had ever experienced. Her reflected nodded in approval to do it; encouraging her to do it despite the overwhelming guilt; coaxing her to do it right now. As the Sister’s fingers danced lightly over her sensitive labia, she watched her mirror image, who had progressed to thrusting her hips back and forth, in response to her own masturbatory exploration, beckoning the nun to come closer to the mirror’s surface. Masturbate Sister, masturbate Sister, masturbate Sister to worship Lilith – a voice filled her head.

The nun moved closer to the mirror and knelt as her image did. She could smell her own arousal building towards another enormous orgasm. Her fingers vulgarly moved in and out of herself as her cunt juices dripped like sticky honey. Sister Mary’s elevated heartbeat pumped excitedly, as she became emboldened by her mirror image in this shadow play of immorality that went against all that the poor Sister believed in all her life. Her hands moved feverishly, processed by the demon.

As she leaned her head against the mirror – instead of feeling its cold glassy surface, she imagined her lips meeting those of her reflections in a soft and wanton kiss. First, as their lips would meet, it was moist and tender, soon becoming hungry and forceful and their tongues would twist together in their Sapphic exploration of each other’s mouths.

The floodgate had opened. Sins of the flesh coursed through her mind as she opened herself to the full force of Lilith’s sinful fantasies – masturbating faster and faster, there was no turning back. She imagined her lesbian lover and her grinding the hot, wet cunts passionately together. She must taste her lover’s juices, she thought as she brought her wet hand to her mouth.

She could feel all resistance subsiding as more and more perversity filled her thoughts. She imagined a convent of delicious pussies to sucking the nectar from – the younger the sweeter the harvest. Some were forced to participate against their will – they would be offered to her new goddess. She could hardly believe the depravity of her own thoughts, and equally, could not believe the sexual power of these thoughts to evoke such immersing self-pleasure. Her body convulsed as she gave way to another powerful orgasm as she sucked the cunt juices from her slim digits.

Lilith watched from the shadows, moving the Sister’s fingers in and out of her hot cunt, like a puppeteer. Her erotic poison was now in full effect – the slut would do whatever the evil goddess demanded – she would eat her own children in human sacrifice if Lilith commanded it. And she probably would.



Sister Mary awake with a sudden fright. Her mind was unclear about her where about. She was in the bed in the Churchwell guest room. Splinters of dreams like shards of light and dark flickered back and forth. Erotic thoughts, forbidden desires, and twisted fantasies all merged into her post-dream haze.

The late afternoon light streamed in through the netted curtains and filled the room with a warm glow. She could hear the sound of horses outside. Maybe it was too good Father returned from his travels. She slipped out of the bed clothing and realized that she had slept for the first time completely naked. She took a quick glimpse of her reflection in the mirror. All was, as it should be. Just a dream, just a dream, she thought, half regretting it, half relieved. She smiled uneasily at herself, like a co-conspirator; but it wasn’t exactly the same as before – nothing felt the same as before. She shall have to pray for forgiveness and take penance for months for these forbidden thoughts.

Sister Mary donned her drab habit and slipped into her worn-out sandals. She pulled her wimple over her head and completed her dressing with her wooden crucifix. Without a moment’s delay, she stepped from the room and followed the sound of voices in the courtyard.

“Sister Mary,” it was the handsome young Father, “I am glad you made it safe and sound. Trust you had a good rest, we didn’t want to wake you.”

They hugged tightly and Sister Mary was sure she felt something hard move against her beneath the good Father’s vestments. Maybe she was imagining things again, she told herself. The Father was such an upright and proper man, a model priest, and an exemplary example of chastity. A very outspoken man about the temptations of masturbation, his sermons often taught about the need for total abstinence for the clergy and the members of his community. But then again her body tingled at the suggestion – it yearned to grind against the handsome priest to feel what lay between his legs. Sister Mary pulled back from the uncomfortable embrace.

“I didn’t realize that I had slept through most of the day Father. Please forgive me. I just don’t quite feel myself right now.”

“Sister we are going to need your help like never before, the local orphanage had been damaged in a fire and many of the young boys are without anywhere to stay. We have made some makeshift accommodations for them in the catacombs of the old church buildings. We thought they should find something more permanent, like in St Benedict’s, as they are in need of your grace and loving attention?”

Sister Mary steadied herself and nodded in agreement and suddenly had a vision of a bed full of naked children, all feverishly rubbing themselves against her and each other. She could feel a bead of sweat trickling down from her forehead. The Father gave her a crooked smile. Her heart raced as she tried desperately to control her wayward thoughts. His wicked expression reminded her of her own reflection, and suddenly her dream came crashing back to her as she envisioned herself masturbating vigorously and worshiping a demon in front of the old ornate mirror.

Trying to change the subject.

“Where’s that boy of yours?” Father Dominic looked her in the eyes.

His stare was penetrating.

“Unfortunately he was hurt in an accident and never recovered. Come, let’s not dwell on such things?”

Sister Mary felt uncomfortable and awkward as she stumbled to make sense of her own mind. He seemed to look right through her, see that she felt flushed with sin and guilt. It was as if the Father could sense her growing sexual urges and need for constant gratification.

“Father, you will have to excuse me. I am still not feeling right. I will be more help to the unfortunate children, tomorrow.”

The desire to masturbate herself was overwhelming, as her juices ran down the inside of her legs. She quickly excused herself and hurried back to the guest room. As the confused Sister rushed off, the Priest turned to the hooded figure standing impatiently in the shadows.

“She is almost there. She will give my children access to the monastery; her soul is for Satan; and her body will soon be mine.”

Sister Mary’s breathing had become completely erratic. She was gasping for air. Her heart pounded like a drum inside her chest so loudly it was all she could hear. She closed the door behind her and leaned against it for a moment. She quickly stripped naked, almost tearing her habit from her body. She could not wait to stand again in front of the ornate mirror that seemed to her call her to another world, to open another side to her psyche that she had dared not look at before – but now desperately needed now. Maybe this would help to get her mind right. Maybe she needed this to re-balance or to reclaim the pureness of our soul.

All this was far from the truth, and she knew it was an excuse. As she looked upon the shy and introverted woman in the mirror, it was the Sister this time that wanted to coax her own reflection – she grasped both her breasts hard, pulling her nipples and twisting them. The sharpness of the pain was exquisite and made her cunt squirt pre-cum across the mirror’s surface. She quickly looked around the room for something to put inside her dripping fuck hole. Anything long and hard would do, as she felt so fucking depraved.

She wanted to shock her own reflection and show her who was in charge. She grabbed her long wooden crucifix and dragged its rounded edge from her dirty anal opening; to the front of her moist labia; to her enlarged clitoris. Her clit seemed so much bigger than before – it almost resembled a little cock she thought.

It felt so nasty. Day suddenly became night and her simple bedchamber transformed into a dungeon-like temple, the heat and light of open fires burned noisily to the moans of sexual torture. Her thoughts focused on the bed full of naked orphans. Their young nubile bodies glistened with a thin layer of perspiration. She could smell them. She knew it was wrong to sexualize these unfortunate and vulnerable children; and to force them to suck her nipples, lick her putrid asshole and fuck her dripping cunt was just simply evil. But, right now she did not seem to care as she shrieked with perverted delight as she climaxed over and over. Mary wanted her reflection to watch her perform her filthy blasphemous ritual as she fucked herself with her cum-soaked crucifix.

In her fantasy, she could see the handsome Father Dominic. He was completely naked and his hand moved up and down the length of his cock.

“Masturbation is evil. Masturbation is evil,” he said to her over and over and he pleasured himself to the contrary.

The mirror dripped with her cum juices and became misty from her sexual heat and when Mary wiped the pearls of vapor from its surface, she could see her mirrored self forcing a tiny orphan boy to straddle Father Dominic’s enormous cock. She watched her reflection firstly position and push down on the boy’s shoulders as he began to descend down the long veined length of Father Dominic’s shaft as he painfully sodomized him. Her reflection snarled back at her as if it were a competition to be the most deviant.

She held her pussy lips as wide as she could as the priest’s hungry cock fucked the orphan’s anal passage. Mary’s body bucked as she mounted the crucifix pushing it up her delicate anal opening, as if she too had the huge cock inside of her back passage as she watched completely transfixed at the orphan sacrifice being impaled on its unnatural length.

The sounds, sights, and smells of a frenzied sexual orgy fill her senses. Her mirror image chanted.

“Masturbate to the demon, Lilith, Masturbate to the demon, Lilith!”

Over and over again as she forced the screaming boy to ride up and down the Priest’s cock. In the mirror, the Priest’s legs had changed to the hooves of a hairy satyr. A choir of demon children masturbated their over-seized sexual organs in Satanic prayer as they walked in the procession in front of the darkly caped and hooded figure.

From between her reflection’s labia emerged a growing appendage – it swelled and curled outwards and upwards into a long veined she-cock. An orgy of demons and evil children descended upon the orphans shrieking in perverted ecstasy in depraved celebration of the birth of Lilith – as Sister Mary’s own pussy began to part with an equally huge appendage swelled and pushed outwards transforming her, like her reflection, into an evil hermaphrodite.

Sister Mary’s mind was lost in the whirlwind of multiple orgasms, as Lilith now completed her transformation. Her soul was lost in eternal ecstasy as it spiraled downward to the domain of Lilith’s lover, Sama’el. Lilith looked through the new eyes of the consumed Sister. Lilith ran her fingers around the thick veiny cock that protruded from where the Sisters pussy had been. Taking a human form, though only fleeting, was so much more enjoyable than just moving the pieces around the chessboard.

Completely naked and very erect, the emboldened Lilith stepped from the guest room and was joined by the goat-legged priest and her hoard of demon children – ready to serve their evil goddess, ready to worship the embodiment of Satan. Soon there would be an evil ritual, a satanic rite of passage to immortality. It would accumulate in a perverse orgy and all would feast on the innocent of the unsuspecting orphans. Lilith’s revenge would be swift and sweet.



It was about half a day’s travel to the old St Benedict Monastery – the original twelfth-century church had grown to be accompanied by a number of additions and modifications over the few centuries. Likewise, the Brothers and Sisters of the Order of Pope Benedict IX belonged to one of the oldest and infamously strict religious orders in the land.

The old horse-drawn coach turned in a slow circle across the large forecourt of the old Romanesque monastery and came to rest outside with its grand stone vaulted entrance. Sister Mary, Father Dominic, and twin orphan boys stepped down from the carriage. Brother Rubin, Sister Nina, and The Mother Superior waited patiently for their arrival.

“Welcome Father Dominic, welcome to St Benedict’s. Sister Mary, it is good to have you home again my dear. Word had reached us about the plight of the fire-damaged orphanage and all the Brothers and Sisters of St Benedict keenly wait to help these poor and unfortunate children,” remarked the kindly Mother Superior embracing Sister Mary.

“Mother Superior, may I say, you look rather younger than I imagined,” said the handsome Father Dominic.

The Mother Superior almost blushed at this backhanded compliment.

“Unfortunately, our last Mother Superior passed away only very recently, and I was selected as the Sacred Virgin and Mother to the Order of St Benedict’s, as was my predecessor before me. I have taken a solemn oath of purity of mind and as well as chastity – my body and soul are now dedicated to the Almighty Lord,” retorted the new Mother Superior.

The coachman carried their heavy bags to the porch. He retrieved a wicker basket and heavy dressing mirror covered in a protective blanket. Father Dominic gestures to the heavy object.

“Mother Superior, please accept this as a small token of gratitude from the poor folks back in Churchwell. We do not have much value, but it is an old family heirloom from the old manor house that is no longer occupied.”

“Thank you, Father Dominic, I will have it taken to my chambers. There is much to do if the young ones are to be accommodated within the promenoir. I have asked the Brothers to assist in any way we can and we should have everything in readiness within a few days,” said Brother Rubin, “Now, you must be both tired from the long journey. Bring the young twins in from the stifling summer heat – we have some humble refreshments inside.”

“Tell me Sister Nina, how many live within the great walls of St Benedict’s?” asked Father Dominic.

“Well, we have about thirty Sisters and about twenty Brothers here at the moment. There is always a lot to do. Spiritual life is very full at St Benedict’s. For those of us that have chosen the cloistered life of prayer and meditation – our duties are often very demanding as we tender to the many needy, sick, poor, and uneducated.”

The Father watched her intensely. As she fidgeted with her crucifix, it gave away her nervousness around such an attractive man. The novice nun obviously found the handsome priest easy on the eye but with the three vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience — these fleeting emotions were quickly frowned upon by the more mature Sisters. The Mother Superior cleared her throat. Sister Nina smiled politely and turned away to avoid any further eye contact.

Mother Superior and Sister Mary led the group of seven as they walked through the ornately decorated arched entry and towards the Basilica at the heart of the old monastery. As they walked along the column-lined aisle, Father Dominic used the opportunity to quickly catch up and walk next to Sister Nina.

“Sister, thank you for helping with the poor displaced orphans – you’re spiritual guidance and teachings will help them begin a new life.”

“Sister Nina, why don’t you show the good Father, Sister Mary, and the two young ones to the East Wing, Father Rubin and I need to check on the progress of the make-shift quarters for the orphans,” ordered the Mother Superior, as she turned back towards the West Wing with Brother Rubin.

“Certainly Mother Superior,” replied the cheery novice.

Sister Nina tried to hide her enthusiasm for this duty, but Father Dominic and Sister Mary could see right through her.

“I want to watch this one go down on our twins, her mouth needs to be filled with our demon seed, so that she may be transformed to serve us better,” Sister Mary whispered to the evil Father.

As they arrived at the threshold to the East Wing of St Benedict’s, Father Dominic put down their bags and turned to Sister Nina.

“Sister Nina,” called Father Dominic, “I hope it is not too much to ask of you, but it has been a long day and I really want the young ones out from under our feet and off to bed. Could I please ask you to bath these two dirty urchins, while Sister Mary and I must unpack our things?”

“Of course Father Dominic and when I am done, would you like me to help you unpack too.” Replied the happy nun.

“Sister Nina, there is much you can do to help us. Look after the twins, and we will see where we go from there.”

In his mind, Father Dominic could already visioning her being savagely raped by the two boys and their evil seed dripped from her every orifice. Sister Mary and the Father disappeared into their rooms, leaving the unsuspecting nun with the twins.

Thinking that she was alone in the washing room, she made sure the large brass bath was filled with steamy liquid. With sleeves rolled up around her forearms, she asked the boys to strip and jump into the water, so that she could get them clean and hopefully get back to spending a little more time with the enigmatic Father Dominic. She could not help letting her mind wonder about this interesting man. The twins smiled at one another.

As they removed their clothing, the innocent young Sister could not help but notice the disproportionate size of their genitals. Even in a limp state, their flaccid members and balls hung heavily and unnaturally against their skinny, effeminate, and completely hairless bodies. Her attention did not go unnoticed by the twins, as they both stepped into the warm water. The two emerged themselves and playfully splashed each other as the nun took to the task of scrubbing them with the soap cake and washcloth.

As she began to scrub the twins down with the soft washcloth, both boys looked up coyly at the nun and purred like cats being stroked. As she rubbed their shoulders, one of the twins lent forward and kissed his brother. The nun thought that it was cute at first, but soon the bumping of lips, turned into the exchange of tongues, as their open mouth kisses became inflamed with sexual passion.

“We’re very dirty Miss. We got dirty things between our legs!” said one of the twins in a sleazy tone, “Wash me, Miss, rub it with the soapy cloth.”

Using the rim of the bathtub to lean against the pair of them thrust their hips above the waterline so that the nun could see both their adult-sized erections.

“My brother likes to suck it, Miss. But I want you to suck it for me. He wants me to piss in his mouth. He likes the taste of hot piss. But I want to piss over your pretty face instead.”

The Novice nun was completely stunned. She was still unable to believe that such filth could come from the mouth of such a pretty and angelic child. Something was very wrong. What was more puzzling was that she could not understand why such a repulsive and vulgar display was actually making her feel very hot and wet between her thighs.

The twins stepped from the water. Their bodies glistened with soapy wetness as they stood naked and excited in front of the shaking nun. They began to mutually masturbate with each other as they watched for the nun’s reaction.

“The Father calls it our ‘sacred marriage’ and says that Satan encourages incest between siblings, especially us twins. The Father said you would make a willing slut for Sama’el – that he can’t wait to fuck your cunt and make you into a breeder for the Church of Satan.”

Sister Nina was paralyzed with both fear and complete disbelief. This could not be true. These evil creatures are in cohorts with the enigmatic Father – she was sure if it was her total disgust in these twins or her complete disappointment in the Father, that bothered her most. The twins flanked her and taking advantage of her frozen jaw, both rubbed the sweet poison of the pre-cum across her rigid lips.

The Sister’s body quivered, as it make a last desperate attempt to fight the poison, but within a minute it had become a losing battle as she could feel heat upon heat. She was burning up beneath her heavy habit. The prickly heat became unbearable. Her cunt poured with vaginal juice like a waterfall between her legs.

This single sensation occupied her mind as her abdomen began to itch and pulsate. She struggled to get out of her clothing, as she completely forgot her repulsion for the twins and disgust of the handsome Father. As the venom coursed quickly through her veins, she found both hands between her legs, one from behind frantically rubbing her anus and the one from the front doing the same to her dripping pussy.

She was now sandwiched between the two boys as they rubbed themselves against her like dogs in heat. Instead of struggling against them, she found herself reaching out, gripping their eager cocks and thrusting her tightly clenched fists, up and down their enormous erections. Soon her hands and her forearms were dripping with demon pre-cum.

One of the twins began to fuck her face, while the other pushed the head of his cock against her rectum. The nun had been reduced to a bitch in heat. She sucked hungrily at the first twin’s cock, whilst pulling her ass checks apart to accept the cock of the other. They fucked her fast and hard, book-ending her thin body. She was skewered between their unnaturally large cocks – her throat budged with the shape of one of their cock as the other violated her digestion tract.

Both twins began to reach their orgasm, grunting loudly as they pumped their vile demon cum into Nina’s petite frame. They push the Sister to her feet and spread her legs over the wicker basket. One of the twins lifts the lid to reveal that it is filled with slimy reptiles. As they chant to the evil goddess Lilith, ascending upwards from the wriggling mass, a single long black snake begins to rise between her legs, drawn to the strong odor of vaginal juices and boy cum. At first, the snake flicks its long sticky tongue across her labia and clitoris.

The nun’s body convulses and dances to the touch of the serpent. The evil snake moves purposefully forward against the nun’s virgin genitals and begins to penetrate her, its dark length entering her cunt. More and more of the serpent creature disappears into the nun’s body, until only a few inches of its tail remains on her exterior, hanging like a black tail from between her open thighs. Sister Nina began to shudder with the power of darkness, screaming in sheer delight at the overwhelming sexual release as the serpent consumes her and transformed her.

Night fell very quickly and as all retired for the night. The eerie sexual cries of Sister Nina permeate the walls of the monastery. Others lying in their bed could hear these perverse sounds. They quickly pray for salvation, hoping to keep evil at bay, but tiredness takes them to an unnatural sleep where they could not resist Lilith’s forbidden fantasies. Lucid dreams made them all restless – hot, wet, erect, and sticky with sexual excitement. A floodgate had opened across the nocturnal world of the monastery. No one could escape this sexual onslaught – subconsciously masturbating themselves to all manner of taboo and deviant delights.



The Mother Superior awoke from the dream-within-a-dream and found herself strewn naked across her bed in the bright light of midday. She was not sure how she had managed to sleep so long, but the persistent sounds of monastery bells chiming beyond her window had brought her back from her deep slumber.

Her memory seemed to be rather misty about the events of the night before. The harder that the Mother Superior tried to remember her dreams, the less she seemed to be able to hold onto them. She remembered the arrival of their guests; and her initial feelings that were nothing more than a vague notion of something not quite sacred – not devout or holy about their quest.

A light knocking on the door brought her back to reality.

“Just a minute,” she crooned, as she gathered her wimple and habit from the floor, “Who is it?” she asked.

She held the crumpled clothing to her naked body in virgin modesty, to conceal herself from view.

“Mother Superior, we’re the orphan twins. Sister Mary sent us. Sorry, if we disturbed you. Should we come back later?” a soft and demure voice answered from behind the heavy wooden door.

The Mother Superior pulled the rough fabric of her one-piece habit over her head and opened the latch. She sat back upon the edge of the stiff bed mattress, realizing that she faced directly front of her reflection in the ornate mirror that Father Dominic had given so kindly to the monastery as a gift from the people of Churchwell – there it was again, a strange feeling of uncertainty and an expectation of something almost sacrilegious. It must have been a forgotten nightmare or something like that, she thought.

The two scrawny urchins were no more than eleven years old. The fresh-faced youngsters entered Mother Superior’s bed chamber, one with a bowl of warm water and the other with sponges, washcloths, and a small towel. With eyes gleamed brightly with cheekiness.

One of the two said, “Sister Mary suggested that you might wish us to cleanse you.”

The Mother Superior indicated her consent and the youngsters both knelt at her feet. It had been a long time since any such kindness had been bestowed upon her. She watched the feminine little figures gently place each of her feet into the refreshing water. The twins began. One used the sponge, while the other used the washcloth, cradling her instep with their tiny agile hands, rubbing softly between her toes and harder on the sole of her foot. It felt so good – like many tiny electric shocks, all stimulating her sore limbs. What a pleasant surprise from Sister Mary, she thought to herself. As she glanced into the mirror, Mother Superior watched the twins go about the task with timidity.

The Mother Superior made an audible sigh.

“Aaaaghhhh — that’s lovely dear, please do my lower legs. You are both doing a wonderful job. I can’t wait to thank Sister Mary for remembering my fondness for foot reflexology.”

The nun felt delicate little fingers hold her legs just above the ankles.

“I’ll lift my habit a little higher so it doesn’t get wet dear,” said Mother Superior raising the hem of her habit over her knees.

The twins’ fingers seemed to stroke the flesh of her legs just behind her knees as the combination of sponge and damp washcloth stimulated her tired, but appreciative leg muscles. The twins both knelt at the nun’s feet and continued their sensual massage. The baby-faced twins now lifted the nun’s foot and began to lick and suck her toes. The Mother Superior was about to pull back, but something seemed to stop her – she enjoyed the thrill of this completely taboo sensation.

She felt a little giddy in the head, with butterflies in her stomach. At some level, she registered the new sensations as a little depraved and forbidden, as she watched the twins’ reflection perform this provocative ritual as they both stared upward at the nun’s face for approval. Simultaneously their hands reached higher up the nun’s legs as the youngsters began to lick and kiss the nun higher and higher up her legs, whilst kneeling directly between her open thighs.

“Higher my dears, higher, ah, that’s it lick me between the legs!” urged the nervous Mother Superior, surprising herself with the openness of her sexual invitation.

She had closed her eyes and let them roll back. The heat from her crutch was unbelievable. She felt so itchy and horny. The eager orphans seemed to know exactly what to do as if the naïve act was well and truly over. The Mother Superior pulled her habit up to her waist, with legs splayed; she sat on the end of the bed, exposing her hot and frustrated pussy to their young soft wet mouths. The youngsters took turns in tongue fucking her cunt, with eager fingers that held the nun’s labia wide apart, to increase the oral penetration by sucking her clitoris like a ting cock.

The Mother Superior pulled her habit over her head, as she continued to watch the sordid show in the ornate mirror. Her hands guided the focus of the youngster’s enthusiastic mouth between her wet legs and squirmed in total ecstasy as she began to quake from the rapidly approaching orgasm.


The Mother Superior could not control the feeling, her body convulsed from years of pent-up sexuality with multiple orgasms, one after the next, unrelenting, like an attack on her devout psyche.

Just then Sister Mary and Brother Rubin entered her chamber. The entire room reeked of cunt slime and sweat. The Brother froze, unbelieving the sight that befell his eyes, with the naked Reverend Mother thrusting the young orphan’s face hard against her soaking virgin cunt. Sister Mary gave a secret smile and yanked the youngster from her hold.

“Blasphemous cunning witch! Succubi! You are no Virgin Mother. How could you take advantage of this poor orphan? You are a disgrace to the church, the Order of Benedict Monastery, and our Lord God almighty – you’re nothing but a filthy perverted pig! Brother, hold her, while I get help these poor orphans. She must be possessed by an evil sex demon. The disgusting vile bitch has been assaulting these children of God as if they haven’t been through enough already.”

Sister Mary held the twins under one arm and her wooden crucifix in the other. Brother Rubin finally broke from the spell of disbelief and lunged forward to restrain the naked Mother Superior, whose post-orgasmic haze had left her disorientated and confused. Father Dominic appeared at the doorway with a number of the other Sisters and Brothers – their evident shock not shared with Father Dominic, who shared a knowing glance at Sister Mary, before he stepped forward to assist the hopeless Brother Rubin with the naked nun, who made no attempt to escape, but simply collapsed into their arms.

“She’s possessed by the Sabbatic Goat! Heel spirit of Baphomet! Your Mother Superior is nothing but a witch whore – we need to lock this sex monster away from these poor orphans – she obviously could watch to seduce them! Have you a safe place Brother, where she will be under our close supervision?” engineered Father Dominic.

“Yes, Father Dominic,” answered the reluctant and slightly confused Rubin, “There is what remains of the old dungeons in the Aquilon crypt. It was used during the early Inquisition and has remained sealed up ever since. I just don’t understand what has gotten into our Mother Superior?”



They gathered in the library. The holy Sisters and Brothers of St Benedict’s Monastery all looked at each other in solemn quiet. Sister Mary and Father Dominic rose together.

“Brothers and Sisters, we understand that this is a difficult situation,” opened Father Dominic, “I know it is hard to believe, but we believe that your Sacred Virgin and Mother of the Order of St Benedict must be possessed by a sex demon. Our Sister Mary here has had experience with such evil creatures. If you want your Mother Superior back, we are going to have to exercise the unwanted spirit that processes her. She is the only one able to help your Mother Superior. Brother Rubin, we will need your help to purge her of these evil succubi from her soul before it is too late?”

Brother Rubin solely nodded his head in agreement and then held his head in his hands, still in shock from the scene that had befallen his eyes just a few short hours ago.

“It would be naive of me to say that there is nothing to fear Sisters and Brothers. Even now as the sex demon that has possessed our Holy Virgin Mother is held in the Aquilon crypt. But we must remain calm,” said Sister Mary very confidently, “I ask you all to pray for her soul. We must also all pray for the orphan twins, that no permanent damage has been done to their young and impressionable minds.”

Sister Mary put her arm around a young weeping nun.

“Sister, it will all be all right. In a few days, the other orphans will arrive and we still have a lot to do. I will need to call upon the love of God to free her soul from these wretched demons. We must keep an all-night vigil – there can be no resting until we are all through this together. Each of you must pray in the abbey chapel for our fallen angel, so that we may, through the grace of God help her find her way back from the eternal darkness. By the light of day, we hope she shall find her salvation.”

“Who will step up to take the place of your Mother Superior?” asked Sister Mary rhetorically.

When there was no answer from the frightened Sisters, she continued.

“As a Virgin of the Lord, then I shall assume authority until the Mother Superior has been returned to us from the clutches of Sama’el. My word must be followed to the letter – there can be no doubt that evil lurks among us tonight. Brothers and Sisters, whatever I ask of you, no matter how bizarre it may sound – you MUST do as I command.”

The crowd looked visually disturbed by the situation and vigorously nodded in agreement with the conniving nun.

The three of them took torches and made their way down the steep spiral steps to the Aquilon crypt, where they had locked the Mother Superior.

“We will need ropes to bind her arms and legs, candles, a silver challis, naked blade or dagger, and a horsewhip, Brother Rubin. And bring the twins, Father Dominic,” barked Sister Mary.

“Is that wise Sister Mary? Haven’t they seen enough?” asked Brother Rubin.

“How will you know the light, if you have not seen the dark?’ answered the Sister sternly.

They entered the circular chamber that had been used in the inquisition of a much earlier period. They found the Mother Superior crying with her head between her legs as she sat in her torn habit on the hard stone floor – her ankle had been shackled to the floor. Hearing voices she looked up and saw Sister Mary, hear heart immediately sank.

“Restrain her my earnest Brothers. Don’t give this vile creature another opportunity to perform her witchery,” commanded the Sister without a once of sympathy in her voice for the weeping Mother Superior.

The bleak chamber echoed a history of torture in the name of God.

“Close the door and make sure it is secure. This exorcism will require us to conduct an all-night ritual to perform the extraction of this sex demon.”

“Please, Sister. Please, Brothers. Mercy, please show mercy. I don’t understand what came over me. I can’t remember what happened. It is all a big misunderstanding. I am no sex demon. Please let me go!” pleaded the kneeling Mother Superior as she openly wept and begged with both hands.

“You cannot trick us, blasphemous witch. Bind her wrists and ankles,” ordered Sister Mary, trying very hard not to allow her enthusiasm to show.

The two strong men spread her arms and legs so that she was completely suspended from top and bottom, with her body forming a human ‘X’. Sister Mary walked around her captive, like a cat preparing to pounce on her prey.

“Cut her garments from her body Brother Rubin,” commanded Sister Mary as she handed him a sharp blade.

He hesitated and looked at Father Dominic.

“Do as the Mistress says Brother – she must purge this dark heretic and strike this sex demon before her soul is consumed,” affirmed Father Dominic as he held the silver challis in his hand.

Reluctantly the Brother cut the clothing from his beloved Mother Superior, leaving her pearl white body naked and exposed from both the front and back. He still can’t believe the situation. He wanted to awaken from this nightmare that seemed only to get worse. The Father opened the heavy chamber door. The two orphans entered carrying a wicker basket between them. They kissed the hand of the Mistress and knelt at her feet, grinning at the incapacitated nun. Father Dominic sealed the door shut behind them.

“Father Dominic, did you bring the horsewhip and the ball gag for this witch?”

Father Dominic handed the short leather crop to Sister Mary. She ran the flexible tip across the nun’s soft pink areolas and the delicate underside of her small breasts.

“Please be merciful Sister – I am no demon, my hymen is still intact, I have never been penetrated,” pleaded the tear-stained nun.

“And you shall be put to the test evil one. We shall soon see if your hymen is penetrated – bring the basket boys.”

The sadistic Father Dominic quickly placed the ball gag tightly in position – making it hard for the young Mother Superior to breathe except through her nose. The raw leather strap and its awkward thickness draw blood immediately from her soft lips, which she was forced to swallow. The twins carried the wicker basket between them and placed it on the floor between the Virgin’s open legs.

“Is this all really necessary Sister?” asked Brother Rubin.


Without any warning the Sister brought the flexible leather strap down across the nun’s chest, leaving a painful redness across her delicate flesh. Mother Superior screamed silently in agony against the thick leather ball gag that dripped with her blood and saliva.

“Blasphemous bitch!” screamed the Sister as she stepped around her to face her rear.

“YES Brother, demons only respond to severe pain or pleasure. Sordid Whore!” she screamed as she hit her again and again until the raised welts bled down her back and bottom.

Sister Mary stepped very close to the petrified nun, who shivered at the edge of consciousness and brought her mouth close to her ear, whispering so that she would be the only one to hear.

“Don’t worry you are but my entrée. Praise be to Lilith, the hermaphrodite ‘bride of Sama’el’, soon the serpent will penetrate you my virgin sacrifice, as will the serpent cocks of all my evil children. Don’t look to Rubin for help – he too will kneel before me soon enough – I know his taste for young boys will make him one with the devil.”

The restrained nun thrashed against her binds, trying to warn the Brother. But her actions only made her madness more evident. As the nun begins to urinate in complete fear as the waters of her loins rained down upon the lidded basket. Father Dominic quickly stepped forward to collect some in the silver challis, until it was almost full to the brim with her yellow offering.

“Rubin, see the madness of your unholy Mother. Take this and whip the sex demons from her body – only when she is completely bloody will be sure the demons will want to leave her,” she handed Rubin the bloody whip handle, “Flog this evil creature. Flog the demon.”

Rubin held the whip and stared at the hanging body of his Mother Superior. Her eyes screamed at him for mercy. He raised the whip to strike her and then dropped the whip to the ground.

“I can’t, I can’t. Forgive me, God. Forgive my weakness.”

One of the twins stepped forward and retrieved the whip from the floor.

“Let me beat the witch for the evil things she made my brother and I do to her – she deserves to be punished!” begged the boy to Sister Mary.

Father Rubin could not believe the zest of the young boy – his willingness to inflict pain upon another was too obvious. Brother Rubin’s expression betrayed his thoughts, as the Sister intervened.

“If you will not administer severe pain to remove these demons, Brother Rubin – then she must be penetrated by the serpent – just as Eve was before Adam.”

The Mistress points to the hanging woman’s groin and the young boy pushes the handle of the whip between the nun’s labia – fucking her slowly with its slender grasp, but not deep enough to penetrate her hymen. Again the nun twisted against her restraints, trying to stop the painful sensations of the raw leather straps. Rubin fell to his knees at the sight of this humiliation.

Sister Mary undressed and began rubbing her itchy cunt with her eager fingers.

“Remove all your garments, my brothers and sisters, so that we may be naked for the ritual of the serpent goddess – perversity against perversity is the only cure – we will perform this obscene ritual for the love of our Mother Superior.”

Father Dominic and the twins stripped immediately, leaving only Brother Rubin still fully dressed in his priestly robes.

Brother Rubin watched with open jaw, the feminine, but well-endowed boys stand next to their naked Mistress, fully erect in anticipation – their disproportionate erections reaching up to their emaciated chests.

“Help your Brother Rubin to join us,” the Mistress instructed the two boys.

They flanged the kneeling priest and both began to rub their cocks against Rubin’s motionless face. Rubin remained paralyzed on his knees in disbelief. The open nakedness was a shock, but now having these sexualized children, rub themselves against his face, both his respected Sister Mary and Father Dominic openly masturbating themselves as they tortured his Reverend Mother – it is all too much for the priest.

“Suck me, brother!” said one of the devil twins to the dumbstruck priest.

He felt his feet and arms were made of lead. The boys took advantage of his hesitation and rubbed their toxic cock slime across his open mouth. As their poison bent the persuasion of the holy brother – he lurched forward upon their sexual organs, sucking greedily at one and then the other. With his mouth still attached, he began to tear the clothing from his body.

Seeing his corruption, Father Dominic chanted, “Constupro putus cultus malum” [corrupt the pure, worship evil] as he masturbated himself furiously.

“It is time for the serpent to penetrate the Virgin Mother.”



The daylight quickly disappeared, fast-forwarding to bring on a new life after dark within St Benedict’s. An evil and forbidden lust had consumed the entire monastery, and within the dank old walls, there were no longer any holy men or women of god left – as their tarnished souls had all been seduced one by one to the calling of Lilith.

For the weeks leading up to the Grand Climax, during the daylight hours, the nuns and monks dressed and acted as if life in the monastery was completely normal. Under the daylight disguise of decency, the brotherhood and sisterhood went about their daily tasks in the local community – helping the sick, the needy, and the poor. But after sunset, as the darkness took over, the sinister truth was evident. The entire monastery was filled with the sounds of sexual debauchery – obsessed with every perversion of the flesh and with the worship of all that was evil. The witching hours had become a continuous orgy of sacrilege.

The remaining thirty or forty children from the orphanage were brought to the old dungeons of the monastery and their new purpose was quickly apparent. There would be no salvation within the lustful walls of this perverted place – only suffering and human sacrifice. The frightened youngsters had been herded into small uncomfortable cells and left without water. They had been stripped naked, not only of their clothes but also, of any glimmer of hope. The Mother Superior had left strict instructions that they were to remain untouched until their sacrifice at the great celebration.

The much-anticipated time had nearly arrived. The moon was at its fullest. It was the night of the Grand Climax. Father Dominic knew that this was an important time in the Satanic calendar, a celebration of sex with demons, and offerings would need to be made. Usually, this would involve the systematic kidnapping of some unsuspecting young travelers in the weeks leading up to the Grand Climax. However, on this occasion the dozens of innocent orphans were already within the secure walls of the monastery – their offering to the demons would be more than satisfactory.

Father Dominic had made sure that all the preparations were complete for this important ritual. His cock throbbed with a new appreciation of the sheer magnitude of perverse pleasures of the flesh that were about to be unleashed. Down the steep spiral stone staircase, the Father and Sister Mary went, into the sinful darkness.

Sister Mary could smell the lust growing in intensity – not ordinary lust, but only the most wicked and perverse kind. Soon it would be the night of the ‘Missa Niger’ [black mass]. This was the sacred night of the Grand Climax; Father Dominic could imagine the assembly of hooded people, in sheer black-netted gowns, with oil lamps and torches. He too could smell the raw aroma of arousal that filled the taboo subterranean world.

Amber lights flickered in the stillness of the catacombs on this hot mid-summer evening. The dark and lofty underground chamber of the monastery had been converted into their satanic temple. Where once saintly portraits hung and statues stood, the chamber had changed in preparation. Religious icons had been defaced with blasphemous modifications, layer upon successive layer, had been added to create, a now explicit cornucopia of sexual decor.

Inside, it echoed with the crackling of oil torches. The flickering lights illuminated the luridness of the pornographic gargoyles and demonic sex paintings that adorned the walls, images depicting demons raping the innocent, consuming and corrupting through perverse sexual abuse, inhuman torture, and rape.

There was no longer any need to be hidden or secretive. The moment was close by. Discarding her holy robe, the naked Sister Mary quickly transformed into the shape of the Goddess Lilith, with large bat-like wings stretching outwards, her labia stretched to accommodate and liberate her long slimy upturned penis. Father Dominic also opened his robe and knelt before his goddess.

She stepped up to her large hollow throne – beneath the seat laid Sister Augusta, only fourteen summers old and one of the youngest nuns in the monastery. Her face was directly below the seat and at just the right height to service into Lilith’s ass. She smiled with brown teeth as Lilith lowered herself across the open seat to grind her naked bottom against Sister Augustus’s upturned face – smothering her as she felt the tiny nun’s eager tongue extending into her rancid anal opening.

First, she urinated into her open mouth and then a foul odor permeated the air as Lilith filled the nun’s mouth with the warm contents of our open bowels.

“Priest – my temple is splendid. Long I have waited to rule the world of night and day – to openly consume those who refuse to bow to my desires and to freely abuse the weak and helpless for the glory of evil. I can feel that the reunion with my lover, Sama’el, is upon us. The Missa Niger will be the start of the age of endless fornication and sacred sex.”

The priest could hear the repetitive chanting of this flock and all the brothers and sisters of the monastery of St Benedict, as their procession entered and began to gather in the great hall. Lilith felt the return of the hunger, stronger than ever before. This gathering would need no manipulation – they called for her, and they gathered to offer her sexual sacrifice. She licked her perfect lips and read their minds. This would be more than just sustenance – this would be a grand feast. Her loins throbbed at their vile and unclean thoughts.

Dressed in black vestments, that barely covered their sexual organs, the procession was followed by a daisy chain of naked children, linked together by chains around their necks and ankles, their hands bound behind their backs – they looked thin and emancipated from the lack of food and water, but cleansed from their ritual bathing before entering the great temple. Their eyes darted back and forth, aware of their bizarre surroundings, and fearful of their unfortunate fates.

The congregation formed a circle around the strange markings on the floor and from the well-illuminated central point, their faces concealed identical masks.



A parody of the holy mass, the Messe Noir, was about to begin in earnest. The gathering of hooded silhouettes, naked beneath their sleeveless vestments adorned with symbols of sacrilege, all knelt as they chanted slowly and deliberately, to conjure their sex demon goddess. The darkness enveloped them as they waited on the outermost circumference of a circled pentagon carved into the wall stone floor – the dark temple was ablaze with eerie light and fill with the stench of sexuality and human waste.

As one young nun beneath her throne tongue-fucked her rectum as deeply as possible, as Lilith emptied her bowels into the open mouth of the obedient nun. Lilith summoned another to kneel before her to masturbate her enormous cock, edging Lilith as she watched the ritual from her throne.

A single cloaked figure sat crossed-legged at its circle, with its head bowed. She was a symbol, like an immoral effigy of malevolent lust, of their desire to serve an ancient evil. A reddish glow began to build and shine directly down upon this lone statue, as a slow primal beat began to pulsate around them. The congregation focused their wickedness and sinful energy towards the divine dancer in the middle of their pentagon, as they all began to masturbate themselves.

The beating drum built very slowly as the nibble figure first rose. Her feminine features were subtly masked in a long translucent veil around her hair and across her nose and mouth. Her dark piercing eyes glared into the illuminated faces of her depraved audience. Her head swayed in rhythmical movements accentuated by the oversized bull-horned headdress adorned upon her crown.

Her graceful movements, first extended from her shoulders, and arms and then to her lean muscular torso – as this sole sensual figure stepped forth in a sensuously tribal ballet, her physical attributes became more apparent in teasing glimpses between the folds of her long flowing black satin gown. Her twisting dance steps stooped and rose with the changing beat as it became stronger and faster. She turned and raised her hands in praise of Lilith as she faced the throne. As the light caught the first glimpses of her milky-white breasts, followed by her torso and shapely legs in sharp contrast to the flow black gossamer-thin cloak – only a small black satin thong disguised her androgyny.

The crowd chanted louder …

“Lilith, Lilith, Lilith.”

All in time with the gyrating erotic dance steps, and as the temptress’s energy increased, so did the restlessness of her masturbating worshipers.

From the outer circle stepped forth five smaller figures – at each point of the satanic pentagon, a small preteen stood. They were dressed similarly to the dancer, with backs facing the perverse flock, their bare arms extended, rose, and fell in mock adoration to the undulating dancer. Upon their heads, the young demons also wore the same distinctive horned headpieces.

The tempo of the beat stepped up and so did the dancer’s surging movements and pace, as her performance became more provocative and increasingly vulgar. The lewd suggestion of her swaying and gyrating hips, dry-humped the air, as she moved around inside the circle accelerating the lustiness of her onlookers whose arousal built with every erotic gesture.

The scantily dressed boys where joined by another five sodomites. They all kept pace with the lead dancer, their hands reached out for her as if to catch her as they danced around and around. First clockwise and then counter-clockwise; and back again around her they move. Their youthful physiques rubbed together in mock copulation and matched every crudity of their lead. As she stepped between them, she enticed and encouraged the audience, to fornicate, as she thrust her concealed genitals towards the near-naked bodies of her young entourage.

Pre-cum and vaginal secretion flowed as the crowd vigorously masturbated in time with the beat. As the dance approached a mid-crescendo, the young dancers formed a tight circle around her, kneeling low to the ground, as she continued to whip the evil flock into a frenzy of sexual excitement. Small immature hands reached upwards over her long legs, as their fingertips brushed and teased her exposed buttocks, thighs, and just beneath her tiny loincloth.

The crowd continued to chant …

“Lilith, Lilith, Lilith, constupro putus cultus malum,” [corrupt the pure, worship evil]

One small delicate hand reached up and quickly whipped away the thin g-string, as the dancer’s huge penis sprung forth (revealing her manhood), fully erect in full view of the audience. Her hands twisted her rigid nipples as the young hands of her dance troop, roamed freely across her clean-shaved ball sacks, anus, and pre-cum dripping shaft as they began to lick, suck and masturbate her, to the groans of approval of their attentive audiences.

The dancer stepped forward again, removed her face veil, and revealed her strikingly attractive features of the nun they used to call Sister Nina. This time, her graceful moves become more base. The audience applauded her tribal masturbation dance. She pumped both her fists up and down her enormous cock in time for the pulsating beat.

The devil children stood back to back in a tight circle and in one flowing movement, their loincloths were also gone, exposing their disproportionately large, adult-sized penises, as they thrust their hips back and forth.

The congregation moaned in vulgar encouragement as the gyrating ecstasy spilled over into the audience, who are only too willing to participate — no longer satisfied in just this visual display of sex dancing, as they too rubbed themselves against each other in frottage, while many masturbated openly as they continued to watch and pay homage to the cumming of their evil mistress.

Lilith grabbed the head of the young nun and plunged it downwards upon her dripping cock, deep-throating the unfortunate girl. She gagged on its girth and length as it reached down inside her throat, and struggled against the intrusion as it began cutting off her air supply.

Standing in the center of the pentagon, the dancer arched her pre-cum coated erection upward towards her face as she continued to thrust back and forth into her clenched fist. She began to urinate in a vertical stream of glistening golden piss. She guided the gushing dew across her naked breasts and into her open mouth, soaking herself in her own elixir, as she drank greedily from her pungent yellow fountain.

“Lilith, Lilith, Lilith, constupro putus cultus malum,” [corrupt the pure, worship evil] they chanted over and over again; so desperate for the release of their own painful full bladders.

Her young erect dancers also moved to the edges of the circumference and began to urinate over themselves and across the kneeling worshipers, whom all gulped at their piss spray like dying fish, eager to taste their tangy boy pee. The golden orgy of the Grand Climax Sabbath had just begun.

Lilith came violently into the gasping throat of the unlucky nun. It gushed into her small body like a fire hydrant. A torrent of hot sticky cum streamed from her every orifice as Lilith threw her lifeless body to the floor.

“It is time for you to take your place at the right hand,” ordered Lilith to Father Dominic, “You will soon perform the supreme initiation – ritual sodomy is the passage to immortality and eternal sexual bliss. Rejoice in the cumming of the Anti-Christ. Just as the great cities of Sodom and Gomorrah had fallen to fornication, so all will worship at my temple. As my high priest, you serve as the Goat of Mendes. You will be called Ion Pan. Offer the orphans human sacrifice at the cock altar to consummate the night of the Grand Climax. Saturate them in urine, orally copulate, and offer their virgin rectums to Lilith.”

With a gesture of her hand, the priest looked down at his new satyr legs and hoofs. His penis too had grown beyond anything human, fully erect, it stood upright reaching to his chest and as thick as a human forearm. Upon his forehead, two goat-like horns appeared to complete his transformation.

The naked satyr priest stepped forward out of the shadows as the congregation looked upon his for the first time. The kneeling worshipers raised their arms in homage as Ion Pan brought the daisy chain of bound naked boys to the cock altar. The devil children gathered around Ion Pan, dancing in undulating thrusts in time to the penultimate beat, all eager to wrap their tiny hands around Ion Pan’s hot wet shaft and to partake in the ritual – child to child or rather child to demon.

“I come to you as the Beast, the satyr priest of Lilith,” said Ion Pan and his animalistic tongue flicked across the tip of his own cock.

His pre-cum, like Lilith’s, had transformed into a powerful aphrodisiac.

”I come to bring a sacrifice to our demon goddess. Tonight, the night of the Grand Climax, she will return to us and grant us ever-lasting ecstasy.”

He dragged the boys unwillingly to the altar. The dancer knelt before the lusty satyr and drew her pretty lips up and down the shaft of Ion Pan’s cock.

“Bind them to the cock altar so that the sacrifice may begin; let each of your dancers follow the passing of your seed; and then let all the worshipers make them into cock-meat for your glorious goddess.”

The satyr priest sat upon the low altar, holding one of the boys, he pushed his mouth down onto his thick bulbous cock. Penetrating his mouth the boy twisted and turned to resist its gagging length, as the satyr priest raped his mouth and throat.

“Fill his bowels with your unholy seed and pay homage to Lilith,” said the satyr priest, “For she is the ‘Queen of Evil’, the ‘Seductive Succubi’, the ‘Demoness of Debauchery’, who will once again walk among us and pervert the world; let the cock dance and fornication resume.”

“Constupro putus cultus malum,” [corrupt the pure, worship evil] replied the congregation.

The dancer pushed her cock against his virgin rectum.

Initially, the boy resisted the anal intrusion, as the dancer pushed forward to impale him upon her manhood. But his fight was over before it had begun, as the dancer and the satyr were far too strong, skewering him at each end upon their hot fuck rods. The other boys began to scream, seeing the fate of the young orphan, they twisted and pulled against their leather restraints in a last-ditch effort to escape the same painful destiny.

Emboldened by the example of the Satyr Priest and transgendered dancer, the aberrant devil children descended upon the helpless children, relentlessly penetrating their mouths, burying their large cocks between the clefts of their virgin bottoms, desperate to empty their heavy testicles. The preteens all struggled in what was rapidly becoming a losing battle.

The onslaught of savage rape and perversion had only just begun. The temple echoed with their piercing cries, which sounded like music to the ears of the lustful on-looking masturbators, impatient for their turn to abuse these confused victims they began to gather around the cock altar like a swam of hungry locusts.

Despite the pain and suffering of these ill-fated pre-teen boys, as the demon pre-cum slime mixed with their own saliva or penetrated through the broken veins in the ruptured anuses, their small little cocks uncoiled from a flaccid state to fill with surging blood into feverish erections, perversely desperate to release the contents of their own quivering balls.

Lilith screamed with the release of centuries. Her evil reign had just begun.



Though the priest had not been long in Churchwell, he instantly recognizes the voice from behind the latticework of the young boy from the choir and the son of the village blacksmith. The boy’s family were also new to the area, as for some unknown reason the majority of Churchwell had been abandoned by its residents. The lad had recently reached the ‘age of reason’, his seventh year, and it had been the priest that had administered his first communion.

“Forgive me Holy Father, for I have sinned,” said the boy in a rather defensive and monotone manner, as if he did not want to be there.

The priest smiled. What possible sin could this young have got himself into – he thought to himself, as answered.

“And what sin would that be my son.”

“Father I have been having these nightmares,” answered the boy shyly.

“My son, it is not a sin to have a nightmare, but if you are scared and concerned we can talk about it,” reassured the priest.

“Father, my nightmares are about a demon. It is a horrible creature for the hell that comes to me every night. I am afraid sometimes to close my eyes. My parents tell me to pray to Jesus and it will go. But I have been praying hard Father. Is it that I am so bad that God has forsaken me? I pray to the Lord every night before bed. And it doesn’t seem to help. In fact, it has got worse. I don’t know what to do?”

The boy begins to cry softly to himself.

“Now, now, everything will be all right. Ghoul and ghosts are no match for the power of the Almighty. I am sure we can get to the bottom of the matter. Tell me more about this so-called demon.”

“Father, this monster had the head and hind legs of a goat,” replied the sobbing boy, “I was so scared when it first appeared to me. I asked my parents to let me sleep with them, which they allowed for a while, but soon they sent me back to my own room.”

Caught between his nurturing instincts and this unexplainable surge of curiosity, he could no longer sit still and just listen to this poor and unfortunate boy. The priest stepped into the booth with the boy, whose visible discomfort was just too much for the priest to bear. He pulled the boy onto his lap, held him caringly, and dried his weeping eyes.

“Father,” the boy hesitated and then added, “The devil-beast had the breasts of a woman and the penis of a man. It always appeared to be naked in my nightmare — and so was I. What does this mean?” replied the boy with trepidation, “It is so shameful Father! I am so confused.”

The priest was firstly puzzled. Not so much at the boy’s description, but at his own body’s reaction – the boy had described a highly sexualized demon, a hermaphrodite from antiquity; some called it Ion Pan; others called it the Baphomet. The thought was like an electric shock to his groin and his physical arousal was completely unexpected.

“What exactly did this demon do to you, my son?” asked the priest, not some much out of care, but out of a new sense of dark excitement.

“At first he did not do anything. But as my nightmares got more frightening, he would force me to do disgusting things, Father. Things, that at first, I didn’t understand. But after the demon’s instruction, I performed them for the demon’s pleasure. I knew that they were wrong to do. But doing them made me feel different about the demon.

“The demon even told me that if I continued to do them, I would be punished by God. And the terrible thing was that I didn’t want to stop – in fact, it made me want to please my demon even more. Every night the demon would return and get me to do even more disgusting things to myself and to the others.”

“There were others?” exclaimed the priest.

The boy seemed to squirm around on the priest’s lap, rubbing against the priest’s groin, as the priest tried desperately to hide his swelling erection, as it pressed upwards against the young boy’s delightful soft bottom.

“Yes, Father there were many others – many others, all naked like me. I could see how excited they all were. There would all be doing nasty things to me and to each other as they worshiped the demon,” he said in his shy boy voice.

The priest had to dry swallow, as the boy explained his nightmare ordeals.

“At first I was so afraid of the darkness and of the monsters that lived in the dark – the demon told me not to be afraid. Eventually, we all had sex with the demon, Father. I wanted the demon to choose me. The demon told me that I would be chosen only if I had sex with the boys that would not join it. So we held those boys down that refused to worship the demon and had sex with them against their will. I liked it when they screamed. I liked it when they said no and I said yes!” the boy explained in an excited tone.

His back-and-forth movements had become evident across the warm lap of the aroused priest. The friction between the boy’s movements, directly onto his excited genitals, coupled with the explicit sexual description of the sinful nightmares that the boy recounted to him, had edged the priest close to an unexpectedly power orgasm. Not in his wildest dreams, would he ever have put himself in a situation like this – but despite the guilt of his self-shame of frottage with a pre-teen boy in the church confessional, he could not help himself.

His voice dropped to a whisper into the ear of the youngster. His hand snaked beneath the boy’s shorts and slipped between his open legs. The boy moaned at the priest’s touch as his hand wrapped around the pre-teen’s stiff little cock. His little organ was wet with jism and the priest could not resist tasting it. It felt like a waterfall coming down upon the priest. He could no longer keep it a secret, that he was highly aroused. He frantically rubbed and ground the boy harder against himself as a foreign passion began to take over any resemblance of decency and holiness.

“Tell me, all about the nasty and disgusting things, that your demon asked of you. I want you to show me would you did to the others, my boy.”

The priest’s words were no longer ‘holier-than-thou’ but driven by the discovery of a new demonic lust.





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