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Feature Title: MASTER PC – CALLY’S JOURNEY 6 by Alei


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Master PC – Cally’s Journey


Predator – A Rose for Sally

Sally moaned loudly with pleasure which drowned out her confusion.   She had awakened like this, her arms holding on to the headboard of the bed, her ass thrust up as a woman with bottle blonde hair fucked her dripping pussy with a long pink dong.   Everything else was somehow wrong too.  Her skin was too pale and white and her hair had never been raven black nor this long and there was no way in hell she should be enjoying any of this … but she was … she was reveling in it in a way she’d never thought possible.

“Am I fuckin you good baby, are you gonna cum for me?” the blonde girl cooed.

Before she could even think to reply she heard a voice issue from her mouth.  “oh yes … oh yes!!   Just fuck me HARD!!!”

My god, she’d said that … and it hadn’t even been her voice … just way too high and the pitch all wrong … ALL of this was wrong.

Those thoughts were driven out of her head as the woman increased the strength and speed of the dong and began slapping Sally’s ass which, unimaginably, made Sally want to cum even harder, even more.

“OH FUCK!!” she screamed, reaching one hand back to grab on to her clit and rub it oh so hard.   “OH FUCK … YES … THAT’s IT …. OH GOD I”M CUMMINGGGGG!!!”

And she did … came so hard the whole world spun in a white dark light that sent her mind reeling.

What the hell was happening to her.

It was hard to piece it all together, it was like little fragments like this one.  She was aware for a few moments and then nothing until, like now, she was aware again in some totally bizarre situation. And everything was just wrong, from her body to what she was doing, how she was reacting.    Just like now … she was being fucked by another woman and she’d liked it … not just liked it, LOVED IT.   Since when had she been into other girls.  Or maybe she wasn’t … maybe it was just this weird body that did.

And speaking of which, how the hell had she ended up with black hair, and her breasts, when had they shrunk down to itty bitty titties?   It was like she was a foreigner in someone else’s body, but quite obviously, she was dammed comfortable in it too.   Her pussy was still spasming from probably the best climax she could recall … ever.

“So, didja like it?” said blonde asked in a playful tone?   “Ya seem ta.”

Sally rolled over on to her back and without thinking gasped “That was fucking awesome.”

“That’s like what I aims for, ta please the customer,” the other woman replied in a satisfied tone.

Sally’s eyes snapped open and looked at her recent fuck mate. She hadn’t been really able to pay much attention before, facing the wrong way and busy with other things at the time, but this time she really looked.  This time she saw a well designed woman with tanned skin, light bottle blonde hair that came down to her shoulders, truly massive breasts barely contained in a hot pink corset and matching thigh high boots that left her lower stomach and sex fully exposed, all set off by her gold hoop earrings and screaming pink nails and lipstick.  This wasn’t the way say, a JC Penney’s clerk might dress, whoever this was had a different line of work.

“Did … you know … did I hire you?”  Sally gasped in a voice much higher than she remembered.

“Oh, like you must be really out of it babe,” the whore said in a distractedly shy voice. “You don’t like nevers have to pays me … that’s like other peoples … you I do coz I want ta … and well … you like knows I’m yours, pussy tits and tongue anytime, anywhere, totally free of charge.  I’m your own personal Alley Cat.”

Sally tried to take it all in … somehow the name sounded somewhat familiar.

“Um … I’m a little out of it right now … sorry … ”

“Well you ought to be,” Alley said a bit sharply.  “After fucking Red Light till she burst that like tires most girls out.  Anyway like Slut told us to stay away from you for a few days, let you get better and stuffs.”

“Slut?  The others?” Sally asked in confusion.

“Wow, you are out of it sweetie,” said Alley with alarm. “I can see how you might get a little confused, it like happens to me all the time, but to forget like all of us?  No, that’s not right.   You just stay here and I’ll get help.”

The blonde woman moved quickly to the door, how she managed that with those heels was beyond Sally’s comprehension, but she did.   A moment later she was back with the most awe inspiring woman Sally had ever seen.   In her new form Alley made her tingle, but this one radiated such desire and longing that Sally was squirming the moment she laid eyes on her.

The young Asian, wearing as close to nothing as made no difference, sat down beside her and gazed at her with mysterious green eyes.   “Do you remember me?” she said in a voice of pure silk.

Now that she mentioned it, she did seem familiar though Sally couldn’t quite place her.    “I … I don’t know.” Sally said.  “I … I don’t know about any of this.”

The young woman took her hand and smiled comfortingly.  “It’s alright, I remember you,” she said.   Two other women joined Alley at the doorway, each stunning in their own way, both obviously of Latin extraction but the younger one soft and feminine with long wavy platinum blonde hair, the other taller, a bit older with short almost spiky black hair with an aura that said there was little soft about her.

All of them, All of them looked familiar but Sally was equally sure she’d never met any of them before.

“Is she gonna be ok chica?” the older of the two asked.

“Oh she’ll be fine,” the Asian woman said as she gently stroked Sally’s hand.   “She’s just remembering a time before … ”

“A time before what?” asked Alley.

“A time before she was what she is.  I met her once this way, the day she made me hers from the top of my heart to the bottom of my soul,” she said with a beautiful wistful smile. “Now go leave her in peace for a while.  Shortly she will be her old self again.”

The others slipped out of the room and closed the door behind them.

“Who are you?” Sally asked softly

“I’m Slut,”  she replied in a soft voice.  “Like you, I was once something else, but you see, you gave me a choice, you gave me a choice to be what I am, or go back to what I was, and when I made that choice, my world became complete.”

“I don’t understand,” Sally said as she unconsciously drew closer to the woman.  “How did I … get this way.”

“I don’t know, you never told me,” Slut said as she gently brushed her lips over Sally’s forehead.

“H … How did you … become?”  Sally whispered as she delicately kissed Slut’s neck.

“You did that … in a dark alley downtown.  You took me there, molded my body and my mind and filled in all of the pieces of me that were missing,” Slut replied as she slid up against Sally’s body.

“I … people can’t do that,” Sally moaned softly as she soaked in the closeness of this woman.

“You can …   perhaps this will help,” Slut said as she bent her head down and gently drew Sally into her kiss.

This was wrong, wrong on so many levels she couldn’t count them, but this woman was mind-bendingly irresistible, almost unearthly.

But that’s because she’d been designed that way.

Of course, Sally thought as she lost herself in that kiss, that’s why Slut was so amazing like this, she’d been designed to be that way, designed by …

I designed her.

Sally pulled away from the kiss for a moment as that thought registered in her mind.

I designed her.

Sally’s eyes widened … she’d done this … made this work of art … she’d …

Taken her.   Taken her and molded her like clay because she knew what design she’d required … and she’d known that Slut was the perfect vessel for what she had to give.

“Oh my god,” she whispered in shock.

“Remembering?” Slut looked at her with an inquiring lift of an eyebrow.

“Yes,”  Sally said, “I remember the alley … I remember … grinding our pussies together on that bed … oh … you were so beautiful and … and …”

“Yes?” Slut said

“i wanted to … I wanted to fuck you … I wanted to drive you crazy … I wanted you to choose me and leave everything else you’d been behind.”

“That’s right,” Slut said gently nibbling Sally’s earlobe.   “You did … and so did I.”

“I remember,” Sally said gently taking Slut in her arms.   “There’s … something else about me that’s different … but … but I chose you … I chose this.”

“Yes” said Slut skillfully wrapping her body around Sally’s. “You chose us all.”

“I did?  I … I don’t remember,” Sally whispered. “I did that to all of them?  It wasn’t something else?”

“I don’t know, not really, but when I look in your eyes, I always see you there, you may act different but you are always there,” Slut sighed as she slipped her leg between Sally’s thighs.  “You are the one who owns us all, we obey what you are because you made us whole.  But this part of you … the echo of what you were with what you’ve become, this … this is what I gave myself to.”

Slut’s leg was now nestled where it belonged, gently stroking against Sally’s sex, emotions, feelings welling up inside of her.   She could remember many dark places like shadows in her mind, places of terror she knew she had once known … but for so long … she had so few things that were like this. Soft tears began to flow like drops of rain down her cheeks.  “I don’t want to go away … I don’t want to leave.   Please stay with me.”

“I will always be with you,” Slut said as she kissed the tears away. “And I will be here when you need me … I promise.”

“OK,” said Sally softly, “then make sure I remember this.”

And Slut did.   For the rest of the evening until the morning came, she made love.   For all others, it would simply be carnal pleasure and desire which was natural as that was how she was designed, but for the one whom she had given herself to, that was not enough.  All that it was, Slut gave freely and completely until she felt with certainty her partner return it all.

Slut had thought she was completed, but in that moment, Slut knew what completeness truly was.

When the morning came, the dark one was once again herself, but as Slut looked into her eyes, should could sense Sally there and knew that she would indeed remember.