DISCLAIMER: The following is fiction. The characters in this story have been made up. The content of the story is not representative of the writer’s beliefs, opinions or attitudes. This is story is intended for adult entertainment only. All Rights Reserved © 2022 LITTLESALLY666.

STORY CODES: LGBT themes, Incest, MC, Masturbation, Corruption, Scat, WS, Coercion, NS, Rape, Lolita, Magic, Blasphemy, Devil Worship, Demons, Occult, Satanic Rites, BDSM, Cosplay


The MOON is a warning in a sexual reading. Here we see reflected light and dimmed knowledge foreshadowing naive indulgences in the perverse.  We also see the depths with the water and the animals, these deeper aspects to sexuality. Wolves howl at the moon; even lower animals like crayfish and crab with hideous sexual tendencies; it’s animal nature versus creeping things. This is an image of complex and hidden motives. Mistaking action for progress, illusory love, scandal, hidden enemies, deceptive partners, errors in choosing a partner are a few of the tendencies here.  We’ll see a time where there’s fear of love and, like a lamb to the slaughter, can be easily led into horrible sexual relationships. Loneliness becomes an enemy. Perversions are an escape, an escape from loneliness, and this is where action is confused for progress. The perversions include pyromania (starting fires), paraphilia (sexual fetishes) specially pedophilia and sadomasochism. The Moon is about perverse sexual fantasies and sexual phobias; confusion about sexuality and sexual relationships; ambiguous or androgynous sexuality.



There once was a wicked sorceress that was obsessed with the corruption of everyday people. So she called upon the perverted demons, called Amanojaku, and offered them a young virgin girl in return for performing their forbidden dance … this erotic performance created an evil sex magick. After the Amanojaku had devoured the young girl, the sorceress used her skin to capture the essence of the spell in the form of five manuscripts. It was famed that these manuscripts would bring its reader the gift of their wishes come true. Not any wish … for the sorceress knew that the Amanojaku had the ability of seeing into a person’s heart and arouse their darkest desires … and so bringing alive, that which was most wicked and debauched. Over time, there were countless rumors of the appearance and disappearance of these strange manuscripts and the attribution of events to its evil influence. Some say that the sorceress sent them to the corners of the empire to reap havoc throughout the world. It was even rumored that one such manuscript had been for a while the Vatican library in the early Tenth Century.



We all have a shadow side … like the dark side of MOON … that we hide from others and even hide from ourselves. It is where our subconscious can be irrational, unreasonable or irresponsible … a mosaic of stories from the dark furtive garden where imagination and desire can run riot, rape and pillage. This is in this place that we dance with demons … to the Dance of the Amanojaku. At first glance, the Dance of the Amanojaku seems simply mischievous. They appear like imps, with a child-like innocence, a clever disguise of their ancient evil. Their dance is captivating … evoking the dark and insidious nature of its spectators. Dwelling on the edge of human consciousness, they seek the souls of those they can trick through temptation and by the arousal their audience’s darkest most desires.



One such person is a Czarina Schmidt. A university student majoring in European history, discovers her true self in the Dance of the Amanojaku … the mirror image of a demure and submissive twin, Czarina has a need to seduce, dominate and humiliate her seemingly unwilling sister in a game of voodoo and black sex magic, where the deeps of her depravity know no limits as the perverted rites of wickedness.



Another such victim is Novice André Depaul. A recent recruit to the priesthood, enthralled by the Dance of the Amanojaku … his gullible nature they turned this upright Christian believer … preying on his confused sexual identity… they feed his dark fantasizes and lewd thoughts … to molest the vulnerable he swore to protect.



Beautiful but unfulfilled, Anagha Chandra, a famed female spiritual guru, is drawn to the Dance of the Amanojaku … she trades the peace and humility of her Sadhvi philosophy for the dark lust of tantric sex … she uses the ancestral evil of an ancient lingam carved from the thigh bone of a child sacrifice … to corrupts her own shishyas (pupils) and to indulge herself in the tenebrous delights of Kurukulla, the goddess of sex.



Caught in the flames of dark passion infused by the Dance of the Amanojaku, Asuka Yuki, a resent window, stands center stage in the pantheon of a phantasmagoria … bereaved in her prime, the mibojin (female molester) has been left out in the cold … not only sex-starved and insatiable, but perversely sinister … like the ‘black widow’ spider, she is a man/woman-eater extraordinaire.



At an obscure antique fair, two avid collectors, Hanna Ikanov and Viktor Koshkin, bid heavily against each other to purchase a rare and dangerous book. They both seem to know something about it, or have an inclination of its worth. Just as decide that they will go to any means possible, it seems through the Dance of the Amanojaku, an unlikely truce maybe forged to answer both their darkly and sinister masturbatory prayers.