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STORY CODES: Transgender, Transvestism, Incest, Pissing, Voyeurism, Young Ones, Sodomy, Satanism, Devil Worship, Tribalism, Paganism.

CREATED: 26.09.2022 / REVISITED: 29.10.2023

XIV — Temperance 1


The fourteenth card of the Tarot. When Temperance appears in a reading, it is suggestive of someone who is embroiled in lust. It often signifies sexual relations, but not necessarily heterosexual sex. It could mean gay, bisexual, transsexual, or even incestuous encounters. Androgynous in nature, Temperance is a balance between male and female forces; between light and dark. Temperance is also about taking sex to the next lustful level — to explore the magic of Tantric sex — desire is equal to passion is equal to orgasmic delight.


Connor finds himself in a new relationship with a woman who, like him, is a recent divorcee but also a mother named Roxi. Their relationship is simply a refreshing change. But nothing is ever simple. Moving in temporally into her home, he meets Ashley — Roxi’s transgendered son. With Roxi away frequently from work, Connor finds himself slipping into an uncomfortable attraction that sparks an unnatural and carnal lust.


  • Conner – the protagonist and Roxi’s boyfriend, he’s a freelance consultant, recently divorced (52)
  • Roxi – the protagonist’s s partner, is a shift worker and the mother of young Ashley, divorced (46)
  • Ashley – transgendered teen of Roxi, very petite and pretty, only 4’ 10” can pass easily as a young attractive girl (17)



Where do I begin?

Well, my name is Conner. I’m recently divorced at fifty-two. It was a difficult time, and I’m glad it’s over. Wasn’t left with much — except my own freedom. I work as a freelance consultant, and before Covid-19, used to travel often. I do keep myself in good shape, and though I’m no muscle man, I do work out at least twice a week and watch what I eat.

I recently hooked up with a forty-eight-year-old divorced woman, called Roxi. Roxi is very cute. She has mixed Asian blood and consequently looks much younger than her years. Before you ask … yes, I met her through a dating app.

We’d been going steady for a few months when I needed a temporary place to stay, and she suggested that I stay with her and her teenage kid. I guess that’s when things started to go a bit pear-shaped. I mean, up until this point, we’d been very happy exploring sex together; spending most (if not all) of our time together at my place. There were things that she said, or maybe it was just the way she said them, whilst we chatted online (through the dating app) that didn’t quite add up at the time — but of course, it all became clear later on.

Roxi and I were principally still in a new relationship stage (so it was still our, “Honeymoon period”), and up to that point, I’d never really met her kid. Well, Ashley is seventeen — not exactly a kid anymore. Ashley was absolutely beautiful — I mean, I know I shouldn’t have been looking, but you know how it can happen unexpectedly — that’s when I found out that Ashley was transgendered — and even though I knew Ashley was born as a boy, I really couldn’t see, “Her,” as anything other than a female.

Firstly, Ashley really looked exactly like a petite young girl. She had the palest of complexions, soft skin, long black hair (like her mother), and a really little elfish face. She wore those little bra tops and short-short skirts that showed lots of flesh. Ashley’s small hands, with her perfect nail polish, looked so delicate. Her bare feet were sexy too. Ashley’s make-up was always flawless, maybe a little goth in nature. Never in a million years would I have suspected, “She,” was a he, unless Roxi had not confided in me. Roxi made me promise never to bring it up — it wasn’t a topic of discussion at home — so, of course, I promised not to say a thing.

Secondly, between you and me, I’ve always had a slightly bisexual side — more towards the feminine side of the scale — so I wasn’t into hairy bears. And ever since I was about thirteen years of age, I have had a thing for hermaphrodites and fembois. I much prefer them, in my jerk-off fantasies, to actual genetic women. But for all the tranny porn I’ve watched, I’d never met one that was so convincing. Until now. Of course, I never told Roxi about any of this. I don’t know what she would have thought of me, but my guess was that it wouldn’t have been exactly that positive. And at that point, I hadn’t even told her that I had bisexual inclinations … let alone having a hard-on for her young pretty kid.

So, Roxi was working the night shift and I was kind of working from home.

Ashley’s bedroom door was always locked. You never knew where she was. She never said much. Well, not to me anyway. I was a bit of an unwanted house guest. That’s the kind of feeling I got. There were no pleasantries to speak of — there was no “Oh, good morning, Conner,” or “How are you today, Conner?” … no, there was little or no recognition of my presence at all in her mother’s house.

It always felt so awkward … and I was thinking about getting out as soon as I could. But Roxi was always so nice to me. She was a super kind person. Always nice to everyone in fact. How not to love her? Our sex was okay. I mean, I’m a bit of a pervert. No. That’s a lie. I’m a big fucking pervert with lots of paraphilias, but I really liked her and I appreciated her kindness (especially after a very painful divorce — but let’s not go there).

So, Roxi told me that Ashley had some bizarre and weird tastes. She’d intimated that Ashley had this kind of pagan witch thing going on — that she liked dark stuff and had decorated her bedroom in black and red, goth devil worship stuff — you know with incense, skulls, voodoo dolls, black candles, tribalism, transgendered idols. Not that I had seen it at that point. Roxi said that I should not be concerned. That it was just a phase that Ashley was going through.

What could I say?

I was actually interested in that kind of stuff too, but I wasn’t about to set up a satanic altar in my new girlfriend’s bedroom. Well, not right away. But I did love blasphemous porn, nasty nuns, and the twin-sexed Baphomet. Again, like my bisex tastes, I wasn’t about to spring these on poor Roxi.

I cannot remember the exact tipping point, but that day, Roxi and I had been eating our meal together with Netflix on … Maybe I’d been a little careless in my secret perving of Ashley. Ashley had been getting ready to go out with some of her transvestite friends. She was dressed in a lacy corset-like top that showed off what little cleavage was there. Exposed around her midriff, her outfit showed off her perfectly flat stomach and sexy back. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her glossy scarlet-rouge lipstick that made her mouth look so pouty. She strutted around on high-heel shoes that seemed to tip her narrow hips forward in such an exquisitely fuckable manner. Ashley’s raven-black hair fell about around her tiny lily-white shoulders in long loose curls. She looked so damn hot — I got such a hard-on — just looking at her.

When I realized that maybe I’d stared a bit too much, I pretended that, “Nature was calling,” and quickly shuffled off to the bathroom — hiding my raging erection.

So, it was the next evening. Roxi was at work. Ashley was still at home. Her door was slightly ajar. I could hear the soft thumping of shamanic drumming and as I discreetly passed by … the room was dark and bathed in a dull reddish light, but I could clearly see her on the bed … Ashley was lying naked across the top of the black bed cover … I mean she was completely naked … and masturbating herself.

My mouth went absolutely dry.

My cock was like a steel rod in my night shorts. My heart was in danger of exploding. Through the small gap in the doorway, I had the perfect view of Ashley’s fingers stroking her little boyish cock. Her small coned breasts and dark nipples looked so suck-able. I could hear Ashley moan quietly to herself as she stroked to the soft pagan beat. Up and down. Up and down. It was driving me crazy. Up and down. Up and down. Ashley tilted her head up from the bedding and suddenly gasped out loud as she ejaculated over her chest and face — and into her own mouth. She must have squirted three or four ropes of watery sperm. I was almost cumming in my pants as I stood paralyzed in lust. As Ashley’s breathing slowed. I watched Ashley scoop up and eat the rest of her own cum, sucking upon her delicate varnished fingers, savoring the taste of a scrumptious, but salty dessert.

I quickly moved away to avoid any detection.

But, back in the sanctuary of Roxi’s bedroom, I quickly stripped naked and immediately began to furiously masturbate myself — thinking about all I had just witnessed — it had been so fucking carnal. I was burning with unnatural lust. The look of her slight body, the sinuses in her arms, thighs, torso … She was temptation-on-legs. What I would have given to have tasted Ashley’s spicy spunk … to have sucked her hard little nipples … to have licked fervently at her prominent brown flower … to have sucked her delicate low hanging scrotum … to have gobbled her delicious hard girl cock.


That night, I must have masturbated another four or five times, as I relived every second of the memory of my voyeuristic delight … stealing the sight of that delicious young night creature — that teenage succubus — jacking off so beautifully; unaware that I was there.

Or was she?

It did occur to me that maybe it was all planned. But that would be my over-imaginative mind at work. Of course, Ashley wouldn’t have done it deliberately. What possible thrill could young Ashley get from some old fuck like me watching her cum over herself? Again my mind slipped into that zone … In my fantasy version, she lay there stroking herself with one hand and fingering her puckered anus with the other. As I watched, her cum exploded in slow motion, as my mouth opened to swallow her delicious offering … It made me so horny and hungry for tranny sex.


The next day was unremarkable. I mean, I was looking for any sign that I had given myself away, or that Ashley had said anything to her mother about her old pervy boyfriend spying on her only child. No. There was nothing. Ashley never appeared that day at all. Her room door never opened.

Roxi came back from shift work and we had a nice meal together. It was very cordial. We watched some television and she was fast asleep for the rest of the morning and afternoon. I passed Ashley’s door several times. Closed. Locked? I wasn’t about to try it to find out.

Roxi and I made plans to go out for dinner that weekend. She talked about her day (or rather night) at work. We laughed at some dumb jokes on TikTok. We drank a couple of beers. We showered together.

It was all so normal.

My cock was a bit sore from my vigorous and frequent masturbation, so I made an excuse not to fuck her. She seemed to be happy just to cuddle and kiss. But as we kissed, I closed my eyes, and I imagined it was Ashley that I was kissing. Ashley’s perfectly fuckable mouth. Ashley’s mouth filled with the taste of her semen. Ashley’s pierced tongue penetrated my lips. Fuck! It made me hot.

”Are you okay?” asked Roxi.

I lied about her being so sexy; that I loved the taste of her mouth. The truth was I was besotted with her kinky child.


So, the next night felt a little like deja vu.

Roxi was gone. I was alone again. No, actually I wasn’t. Ashley’s door was slightly ajar. She was definitely in her room. There was music. Soft pagan music. That distinctive throbbing beat. The night was humid and I could smell a sourish sweetness in the hallway. There was a hint of something acrid … like sexual perspiration … Maybe it was her pheromones that were driving me crazy?

Was there going to be another sexy show?

I was in two minds. I had gotten away with it once. I usually wasn’t the kind of guy who played the odds. A second time, may expose me for the big fucking pervert that I am? But, like a moth to the flame, I found myself in that damnable hallway.

The sliver of crimson light beckoned me. My eyes didn’t need to squint through the gap, because the door was open slightly wider than before … wide enough for me to see a lot of this strange world that Ashley existed in. I planned to stand further back in the gloom of the dark hallway … but the primitive beat almost begged me to look inside Pandora’s box.

All the things that Roxi had mentioned about her dark Goth stuff … about her devil worship … her tribalism … her voodoo … from the hallway, I could see what her mother meant. Maybe the night before, I had been so taken by the sight of Ashley’s naked body, that I hadn’t noticed it all. Even in the dark crimson light, I recognized the trappings of Satanism, occultism, and paganism. Maybe Ashley fancied herself to be a transgendered witch? I wasn’t sure .. only that I found it all to be very erotic.

I held my breath as I caught sight of Ashley. Again, she was almost completely naked, except for a thick leather dog collar around her neck. Her back was to the door, as she faced a full-length mirror. From where I stood, I could observe her reflection. I could see, hanging from the dog collar, in the front, was a heavy medallion. I immediately recognized it as the Goat of Mendes.

Her androgynous body looked so lithe and bony as she began to gyrate temptingly to the soft pagan beat. Her movements were provocative. Sexy. Feminine. Looking across her shoulder, I could see her perfect reflection. Ashley’s eyes and upper face were covered in a black masquerade mask with little black demon horns. I couldn’t miss the fact that she was already fully erect. Her hands glided up and down her light torso and over her virtually flat chest. As the fingers found her testicles and small girl cock, she began to stroke herself as she did her vulgar little fuck dance — thrusting her narrow feminine hips back and forth — twerking her concave buttocks as being fucked from behind by a mystery cock.

This time, my hand found my cock. I stroked myself through the thin material of my bed shorts. I watched Ashley dance like a tiny sex demon … doing her delicious little masturbation dance … it drew me dangerously close to the doorway … as if I was hypnotized by her completely perverted behavior. If I got caught, it would be my word against hers … would Roxi believe that I was innocent? I knew I wasn’t … and I was beginning to truly believe that Ashley was complicit in this strange game.

I held back a sharp gasp, as Ashley turned around, but continued to masturbate. She appeared in a trance of lust. Her piercing eyes, behind the devil mask, looked directly into the darkness of the hallway. If she could see me, she’d have seen my hands stoking myself … as I watched her wicked show. She didn’t advance. She didn’t say anything. She just stood immediately in front of me and jerked her cock and stared into the dark space between the gap in the door. In one hand she held a silver metal cup … like a chalice.

“Hail Satan. Fuck God. Hail Baphomet. Fuck the Holy Spirit. Hail Lilith. Fuck Jesus!” she blasphemously whispered as she shot a large salty load into the chalice. She put the chalice to her lips and drank her entire cum offering.

My legs felt weak. I was so turned on. I came in my pants.



Every way I looked at it — I saw it as “She knew,” — Ashley knew I was there. She must have done it. Ashley knew I was watching her. Ashley had put on her naughty little show, because … well … actually I wasn’t sure why the little harlot did it. But fuck, I wasn’t about to go and ask. The best plan, I thought, was to wait and see.

Maybe Ashley got off on being a dirty little cock teaser? Maybe she was on drugs? Maybe Ashley wanted to shock me? Maybe Ashley thought it would make me leave her mother’s house, forever? Maybe Ashley just didn’t give a fuck what I thought?

To be honest, I had been finding the sex with Roxi getting a little less interesting. I mean, I really loved her a lot, but it was taking me forever to get a hard-on with her. It took even longer for me to actually reach orgasm … sometimes I never did … and when I did, it was almost a bit of an anticlimax (dare I say).

But looking at Ashley or thinking about Ashley, I found my cock instantly as hard as steel, and I’d cum so fast and so hard, each and every time the little slut crept into my mind. Ashley had cast a dark spell over me. I drooled thinking about spearing Ashley’s tight puckered rectum … sodomizing her bare back to the throbbing pagan beat … fucking her tight little poop-hole until I creamed, deep inside her bowels … it made me feel so frustrated and so lusty.


Roxi left for the evening. And again that damnable pagan music started to call me. It was almost timed to begin as soon as Ashley’s mother left. Ashley was like the “Pied Piper.” She was a demon of lusty wickedness. This time I stood in the hallway, outside her bedroom door, completely naked. It felt so wrong. It felt like I was cheating on Roxi. But I felt so fucking desperate and horny … I actually didn’t care.

My cock was hard and dripping with precum almost the instant we were alone in the house. Ashley’s door was open. I mean, it was wide open. I didn’t bother to hide. I just stood in the gloomy reddish light cast from inside Ashley’s den of iniquity … her evil temple of perverted sex.

Beneath the dark images of demons and devils; of inverted pentagrams and crosses; Ashley lay naked over the black bed sheets. Her body was positioned as if she was asleep. I knew the sly bitch wasn’t. Ashley lay perfectly still. Face down. Her tight little concave buttocks moved ever so slightly. My lustful eyes feasted upon the feminine shape of her delicious little body. Her cock was hidden from my view. She looked so pale, so small, so exciting.

There was almost no movement.

Ashley wore the same thick leather dog collar with spikes and a devil mask, but nothing else. The soft pagan beat throbbed. My cock throbbed in response — I guessed that the next move was mine — and for the first time, I actually stepped into Ashley’s bedroom. I looked around at Ashley’s evil collection. Her mother had been right about her eclectic collection of ghoulish goodies. There was an altar dedicated to the phallic Baphomet. The walls were infused with semi-pornographic images of phallic sex demons — transsexual demons and witches — this theme seemed to dominate the visual onslaught that met my voyeuristic eyes. Naked breasts and erect phalluses.

Now, inside the room, I could smell its true funkiness. The bedding that Ashley lay upon looked rather damp — maybe wet even — and my nostrils were arrested with the distinctive bleachy odor of spent semen and the sourness of urea. Stale piss and cum. Like she never changed her sheets? Everything felt unclean. Dirty. Unhygienic. But that only excites me more.

“Lick my bum,” Ashley said over the throbbing pagan beat.

It was more like an order than an invitation. Ashley kept her face downward into the bed sheets and raised her rump up from the piss-damp bed. I watched her small hand snake beneath her sweaty torso and start to touch herself.

“Lick my dirty hole … Taste my ass.”

Was this some kind of game? — a strange sex game? — I knelt down at the end of the bed where Ashley had laid comatose. She wriggled in her own self-pleasure as my eager hands hovered over the bare skin of Ashley’s impossibly thin legs. I desperately wanted to touch her.

I could hear Ashley breathing … heavy and excited … it encouraged me …but still, I hesitated.

”Lick my ass, fucker!” Ashley groaned, lifting her rump higher.

I moved between Ashley’s open thighs. She adjusted her position so that she was now on all fours. Her naked ass was close to my face. Gingerly I touched her thin thighs, holding them gently apart as I leaned forward and put my mouth to her hairless little brown flower.

“Mmmhhhhmmmhhh …”

As I touched her, she moaned slightly — acknowledging my touch. Her anus was right in front of me. It smelt dank.

“Mmmmmhhhmmmmm …”

My fingertips lightly brushed against the loose skin of her Low-hanging testicles.

“Lick my hole!”

I kissed the ring of her neither-hole. I licked around the creases of her slimy sphincter. Then I began to feverishly lap, enjoying the tangy taste. She groaned louder. My fingers closed around her balls, rolling them against my palm. I stuck the tip of my tongue inside her, as I tried to burrow up her nasty, bitter anus.

“Mmmmmmhmhmhmhm … Fuck … Yes … Lick it … Taste my shitty hole!”

Ashley was obviously getting off on it. She thrust back against my face. She supported her upper body with one hand against the headboard so that the other could continue to masturbate her throbbing little cock.

My cock was throbbing and desperately needed attention — but for some reason — I kept pleasuring Ashley selflessly. Her moans and groans, made me shudder. I was completely bewitched by her nasty taste. I was in love with her funky smell.

Her thrusting motions increased; as she seemed to rapidly approach her orgasm. Then, Ashley pushed back against me — forcing me to lean back against my hinds. She turned around upon the damp bedding to look at me directly. Her devil-masked face was a snarl.

“Fucking cum pig! Suck my unholy cock and make me cum. And don’t fucking touch yourself … No … Don’t say anything … just nod, fucker … and suck my cock!”

I nodded and immediately lent forward, licking her wet cock head, as my fingers closed around the shaft of her girl cock.

“Yer cum pig … suck me … suck me harder … I want to cum on your face!”

Her words sounded mean and self-serving, but exciting at the same time. Ashley’s cock throbbed between my lips. I sucked and licked as if my life depended upon it. I was in my own perverted nirvana. I dared not touch my dripping cock — as much as I wanted to — I never wanted this moment to end.

I was her, “Cum Pig.” I wanted her jism in my mouth. I wanted to taste in and swallow it. I wanted it to drench me. Her cock tasted so salty and yet sour. My tongue wrapped around her cock head as she grabbed my shoulders for purchase — thrusting more urgently into my mouth — as if I was just her masturbation device.

“Fucking cum pig … aaargghhhhhh …” she moaned lewdly, “Suck it harder … aaaarghhhh … I bet you think of my ass when you fuck my mommy … when your cock is inside her — I bet you wish it was inside me — I knew you were a fucking pervert, the moment I saw you … starring at me … fucking cum pig … perving at my pretty body … knowing I had a cock and not a cunt … aaaarrrrghhhh … you fucking faggot cum pig … yer, suck it … suck it … aaaaargghhhhhh …”

Ashley pulled her cock from my eager mouth just at the moment her body began to spasm … shooting her heavy, slimy load all over my face. Some went in my mouth (the salty taste was unimaginably delicious) … long spurts of warm cum covered my face and hair.

Ashley looked at me and laughed.

“Fucking cum pig …” she said, “Don’t you dare masturbate without my permission … no cumming unless I say — be an obedient cum pig — and I might let you touch yourself next time. Now … fucking get out!”


Next time sounded promising.

I didn’t dare to masturbate. I didn’t dare to cum. As much as I wanted to, I didn’t (well, only a bit). All I thought about was Ashley. The little evil demon. She dominated my thoughts. I was constantly rigid.

That morning, when Roxi returned from work, I was still in bed … trying not to touch myself (but failing miserably). And even though I had almost succeeded so far, my precum seemed to flow with a will of its own.

Roxi stripped from her work uniform and went to jump into the shower. From behind, her body was almost as lithe as Ashley’s. Her long black hair cascaded down her bare back. As she turned, I could see the close family resemblance, so clearly. Her breasts were so small almost just bumps — like little fists of flesh with dark pronounced nipples — like Ashley, but without a cock.

She returned quickly and I could see that her cunt was freshly shaven. She looked amorous. Excited. She threw back the bedclothes, under which I was still naked. Her hands quickly found my straining erection. I went to touch her naked breasts, but she pushed me back against the bedding.

“Let me do you …” she whispered with a raunchiness, that turned me on.

Her dainty fingers wrapped around my needy cock and began to stroke me slowly — teasing my sensitized balls and even brushing against my anus. This wasn’t how we normally made love. It felt so different. More animated. More like the Roxi that initially chatted with through the dating App. She seemed so eager to please me. I leaned back against the pillows and my mind immediately conjured up Ashley. Oh, Ashley. Oh, Ashley mmmmm … I began to imagine it was Ashley’s fingers touching me … fondling me … stroking her devoted cum pig.

“AAaaaggggghhhhh …” I groaned unabated.

Roxi’s mouth closed around the head of my engorged cock. Sucking it like a complete whore as her fingers gripped my shaft tightly and stroked me faster and faster. Her middle finger slipped into my itchy anus, as her fist slid up and down, bringing me closer to the edge. In my mind, it was Ashley’s vulgar mouth. Ashley’s fingers.

I wanted to cry out Ashley’s name.

And then the image of Ashley’s little demonic masked face and her dirty cock spurting over my face just filled my head. I jerked and convulsed uncontrollably. My balls contracted, my thick white cum exploded from my cock, and my entire body shook as I came in her mouth … into Ashley’s mouth.

I lay there … completely out of breath for a long time. Panting from the power of my orgasm. Roxi said nothing. She slipped her naked body next to me; and kissed me on the mouth. Her tongue prized my lips apart, and then I tasted my own semen; as it flowed into my mouth and over my tongue.

Exhausted … we fell asleep together after that.

It had been a night and day of firsts. Roxi had fingered my anus (something which she’d never done before). It had been the first time Roxi had ever given me a head job … or even a hand job. I would never have dreamed of cumming in her sweet Asian mouth — but to give me a snowball kiss? — that was very interesting. It made me wonder what was going on in her mind. Maybe I had completely misread her. Maybe she understood my bisexual desires? Maybe she was a lot more kinky than I had originally thought.


The reddish lighting in Ashley’s room gave off an eerie evil feeling. Her pagan music was much louder than before. The devil-masked Ashley stood naked, bathed in the reddish hue, and was fully erect. She played with her girl cock as she looked disapprovingly at me. Her cum pig was in the dog house.

“Kneel before me, cum pig,” she ordered coldly, “It’s about time your paid homage to the devil.”

I knelt down naked. She pointed towards the statue of the Baphomet that she’d placed upon the low altar, dedicated to her profane sex demons. There were black and red candles; a sacrilegious chalice; a soiled crucifix; and other blasphemous toys.

My cock was hard as nails — slimy precum oozed from the eye of my penis.

“I thought I told you not to cum?” sneered Ashley with her masked face, “How should I punish you, cum pig? Should I overlook your disobedience this one time? “

She pranced around me.

“I know you shot your load into Mommy’s mouth. I watched. Yes, cum pig. I have a little secret camera in your bedroom. I can see everything that you two get up to. Fucking cum pig … shooting your load in my sweet mommy’s mouth without permission.”

I was a bit shocked to hear that I had been observed in this way. And for how long? Has Ashley been spying on us since day one? What kind of game was this?

“Cum pig … you better pray hard,” threatened Ashley, “Pray for forgiveness for your disobedience!”

Ashley stroked her girl cock in front of my face. I wanted to suck. But she seemed disinterested in my oral pleasuring. She picked up the silver chalice and held it to the end of her stiff little cock. She pressed down on her bladder and began to urinate into the chalice.

“The elixir of demons,” she announced, “Mmmmmm … can you smell my salty hot piss? Yes — redeem yourself before the Baphomet — for your disobedience. Drink the Devil’s elixir … drink it all … and maybe I will let you touch yourself in front of me … drink it cum pig and don’t you dare spill a drop!”

I drank it. I pretended that it was a punishment, when in fact it was just a delicious pleasure. I relished the taste of Ashley’s urine. I wanted more. I wanted to drink from the source. I wanted to be soaked in the Devil’s elixir. But I said nothing. Her cum pig was obedient and just knelt quietly, awaiting whatever would come next.

She took the empty chalice. If she was surprised by my compliance, she never showed it — it was all part of her perverted game — I gingerly touched myself in front of her. She didn’t say anything. So I took it as a sign of her consent. She held my shoulders as she rubbed her cock against my face. Her evil eyes looked down at me through the devil mask.

“You will fuck my mommy when she returns from work in the morning. You will fuck her in her ass, cum pug … but when you do … you must imagine that it is me you are fucking … Me! … And you must think only of me when you cum inside her unworthy bowels … and after … you must force her to clean your dirty shitty cum pig cock .. do it for your demon goddess.”

I nodded and she pressed her girl cock between my eager lips.

“Pray to me with your cock … rub it hard … but don’t you dare cum …” Ashley crowed weaving her nasty little game, “Save your cum for when you sodomize my dearest mother!”


I wondered where the camera was. I looked discreetly, without success. Funny though … Knowing that I was being watched, made sex even more deviant. I wondered if Ashley masturbated while watching me fuck her mother. Sodomy? She wanted to see her mother perform ass-to-mouth — to clean my filthy shit-stained cock. The vulgarity of it all made me so fucking horny. Yes, I wondered about a lot of things.

Roxi came home. It felt almost like a replay of the previous day. She did a sexy strip from her work clothes and jumped into the shower. I wondered what Ashley had told her. I lay in the bed, naked. Waiting. My cock was throbbing with perverted expectation.

I didn’t have to wait too long. Roxi emerged from the bathroom. She put one finger to her lip.

“Don’t say anything, just follow me.”

I didn’t say a word. She grabbed me by the hand. I jumped out of bed and followed her. We both left the bedroom, completely naked and went down the hallway in the direction of Ashley’s bedroom.

My heart was beating fast. My cock was already leaking copious precum. I could hear the familiar sound of pagan drumming. Ashley’s room glowed with a familiar red hue. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as we got to the open doorway, I could see the room was empty. Ashley was not there.

Roxi looked at me like a co-conspirator. She meekly grinned and gingerly led me over the threshold. On Ashley’s bed was the little demon mask and her spiked dog collar. Roxi picked them up and put them both on. She looked almost exactly like Ashley did.

I grabbed her tightly in my arms and pulled her nakedness roughly to me — showing my consent to whatever sexy game she had in mind — my mouth sucked hungrily upon her erect nipples that felt as hard as bullets in my mouth. Then I kissed her mouth, as my hands gripped her buttocks and pressed the two of us tightly together. Her tongue twisted around mine to the eerie sound of the pagan beat as her hand slipped between us and her fingers gripped hold of my turgid cock.

She broke our kiss and pressed my shoulders down. I knew what she wanted. I knelt in front of her so that my face was now in front of her cunt. There was something about doing sex stuff in Ashley’s room, that made it feel even more sordid. Not just dirty, but darkly depraved … freaky, and sick … I was filled with an invigorated desire to do perverted things to Roxi.

She began to sway to the sound of Ashley’s strange music. Her fingers dug into her open cunt with a strange kind of sexual desperation, as she stared down at me evilly. The reddish hue made her look more carnal and demonic. There was nothing romantic — this was sex. My hand was wrapped around my cock as I furiously masturbated to her little finger-fucking: vulgar show. It was as if I was watching Ashley … but without a cock.

“You want … the elixir of demons?” she asked me, in nothing more than a whisper.

Hot salty piss. Yes. Yes. I never would have guessed that Roxi was into urolagnia … I just nodded enthusiastically.

“Drink my elixir!” she groaned.

Sourish warm urine squirted from her urethra, soaking my face and upper body. I opened my mouth and drank eagerly from her dirty yellow stream. I was completely drenched from head to toe. She paid no heed to the fact that the floor was soaked in her smelly piss. She bent over me and kissed my mouth. I had held some of her salty-flavored fluids in my mouth and I spat it back into her mouth.

She swallowed it and laughed. It sounded so much like Ashley.

I got up and threw her onto Ashley’s bed and jumped between her open thighs. Her hands glided up and down my piss-wet body. I was shaking from perverted excitement — never would I have ever imagined doing such a profane thing with her … but in all honesty … It felt as if I was doing it with Ashley.

The bedding smelt strongly of spent semen and dried urea. It was almost over-powering. But, it seemed to be an analeptic … making both of us even more animated together. Roxi’s fingers gripped my cock and guided me to her juicy cunt. I thrust into her. I’d never been so hard before.

“Aaaarrrghhhhh … fuck me … fuck my cunt …” she groaned.

I fucked her hard and fast … But after a few strokes, I pulled out of her slimy cunt hole and pressed my cock head against her rectum. She looked even more excited. She lifted her rump, welcoming me to enter her brown flower. It seemed to me that it was Ashley’s eyes, staring back at me and burning with evil delight from behind her little demon mask. Her slimy cunt juices had made my cock slippery and as I pressed forward, my cock slipped easily into her anal passage. It wasn’t as tight as I had expected, but certainly tighter than her cunt.

“Hhhhhuuppppp …” she groaned with a new kind of illicit pleasure … as if sodomy was even better than vaginal sex. But to me it was. To me, it was a new taboo …

“Cum inside me!” she quaked as she fingered her cunt and vigorously masturbated her erect clitoris.

My cock thrust into her. Over and over. Devil inspired. Surrounded by Ashley’s evil. I began to imagine it was her. Her dirty little cock-teasing asshole. I fucked harder and harder. Impassioned with almost a sense of payback for all her humiliation. There was nothing tender or loving. It was simply animistic. My balls began to boil — as I reached closer and closer to my release. A release that I had needed from the moment I had set eyes on Roxi’s transgendered child.



I wasn’t sure what to say to Roxi about our strange sexual activities in Ashley’s bedroom. So I didn’t say anything. She didn’t say anything to me either … It was as if, “What happened in Ashley’s room, stays in Ashley’s room”.

I watched her through my semi-closed eyes; as she got ready for her evening work shift. I lay still in the bed, faking sleep. My cock twitched and leaked precum thinking about how perverted our sex had suddenly become. Yes, I liked it. I liked it a lot. And I hoped it would lead to something even dirtier and darker … I looked forward to more deviant surprises to come from her.

Roxi and I had obviously reached a new nexus in our sexual exchange — being that we had both stopped pretending that we weren’t influenced in some way by the situation with her transgendered offspring. But how dark and deep it went, I was not to know or realize at this stage.

It was obvious that there was something there … something unsaid between Roxi’s hidden sexuality and her connection with her own transgendered child. A sexual connection? Maybe it had something to do with Roxi’s complete and utter acceptance of Ashley’s bizarre behavior. No, it was more than that — It was obvious that Roxi had gotten off on having sex in her child’s bedroom; and wearing the demon mask with the spiked dog collar.

All the evidence pointed towards her proclivities for extreme sexual deviancy. I had hit the jackpot. The fact that she never objected to Ashley’s pornographic taste in decor … her unclean bedding. Roxi’s bizarre actions were nothing like any normal parent would react; and It intrigued me, to say the least.

It was a warm night and the moon was full. I had drawn back the curtains to let in the erotically charged moonlight that fell across the bed.

I heard the front door close and then the infernal drum beat began.

I got up and splashed my face with water. My body stank of sour sweat and dirty sex. I didn’t bother to shower or even to dress. And my cock was already straining with lusty thickness thinking about my evil angel next door.

I need to suck tranny cock … young hard tranny cock.


“Come here … cum pig!” acknowledged Ashley, begrudgingly.

She didn’t say how she knew, but she somehow did.

Sodomizing Ashley’s mother had been an infernal delight. Her blasphemous mouth had taken me over the edge. I didn’t even realize she knew such profanities. It had made me explode inside her bowels. And after I had ejaculated spurt after spurt of creamy cum deep inside Roxi’s tight little ass, my filthy cock slipped from her dank anus. It was covered in slimy filth and streaked in the remnants of her brownish shit.

I hadn’t even asked. Roxi immediately got down, in a sixty-nine, her pretty face buried between my legs, and immediately began to lick and suck upon my dirty genitals. She obviously loved it — and it felt almost ritualistic. At the same time, I began to lick and suck upon her dribbling little hole — lapping up my own spent semen as it literally dripped down from inside the depths of her neither-hole.

“Satan be praised,” chanted Ashley, “Cum pig … Obedience will be rewarded.”

As I lay back upon the damp, piss-wet, bed sheets — she began to straddle me — her bony legs wrapped around my thighs as she squatted so that our genitals pressed directly together.

“It looked like mommy likes your dirty cock in the Devil’s hole! All that delicious cum mixed with the offering from her bowels … it made me quite jealous!”

Ashley pressed both our wet cocks together, gripping them tightly between her dainty manicured fingers. Her low-hanging testicles rubbed directly against mine as she frotted back and forth … edging the both of them exquisitely.

“Aarghhhhhh …” I groaned, unable to hold back the sheer delight of feeling her pleasuring the both of us together.

”I wanted your cock inside of me … I wanted to be fucked the way you fucked Mommy!”

My hands reached up and played with her exquisite little tit-buds. Her dark nipples were as hard as her mother’s had been. As her strokes became faster and firmer, she leaned forward and hungrily kissed my mouth. Her pierced tongue curled around mine as it moved like a little wet cock, in and out of my lips.

Her beady eyes stared aggressively out of the eye holes in her black demon mask, and her hips bucked back and forth to increase our mutual pleasuring.

“But now you’re here … and your soul belongs to me, cum pig … you are mine and mine alone,” she groaned between her furtive kisses.

Her lips pressed harder and harder against mine … almost biting my lips. Possessed with lust! Her small white body seemed to undulate, her thighs, hips, stomach, and chest, all moved like a provocatively wriggling snake … She was driving me insane.

Then Ashley raised her hips so that my turgid cock slipped between her thighs, and pressed hard directly against her rectum — her oily brown gateway — she pressed down upon me and I felt the first couple of inches of my throbbing cock sink into her ass-pussy.

My fingers closed tightly around her girl’s cock, masturbating her as my cock began to slide deeper.

”Yesssssss …” she groaned, “More … fill my guts!”

I thrust upwards to meet her downward plunge, driving my cock to the hilt. She didn’t rise immediately as I expected. Instead, she squeezed her guts — pressing the walls of her tight poop tube against my cock. It was insanely pleasurable.

And then her hand slipped between us and pressed directly against my bloated bladder.

”Ahhhghhghhh … Piss in my bum!” she groaned, “I want you to fill my ass with your dirty elixir. Fill me with your stinking piss! Fill me … cum pig … fill me!”

I struggled against the tightness of her rectum, and against the constriction caused by my own erect state … but as I pressed down against my bladder, I felt my piss squirting inside Ashley’s dirty shitter. I felt crazy sexy. Ashley began to rapidly move up and down upon my cock as continued to empty my entire bladder inside of her. Some dribbles of piss and shit began to leak out of her sphincter. But I was pissed and pissed until there was nothing left.

“Gggrhhhhhhaaaaa …” Ashley mouthed

We were both getting close to orgasm. Our animalistic movements seemed to synchronize; as I thrust upwards; she pushed downwards — we hardly noticed the toxic toilet smell as it filled her bedroom — both of her drilling into each other as our climax rapidly approached.

“Christ be fucked … Fucccccccck!”

Cum exploded from her cock — splattering my face and chest — almost at the same instant I ejaculated into her guts. At this point, we were both panting so hard. I was trying to catch my breath in the afterglow of my orgasm. Ashley slid her lithe body forward. My filthy limp cock slipped from her greasy hole. But she wasn’t satisfied yet. She staggered to her feet on the bed, so that she stood directly over my face.

“Cum pig … open your mouth!” she said.


Roxi lay in bed next to me.

We were both horny as hell. We were both masturbating ourselves. I had my laptop open and searched for some hot young tranny-piss porn. I’d found these two very young, Thai ladyboys — dressed as little sexy school girls — with short-short skirts; lacy-topped white bobby socks; and wearing almost translucent-white, school shirts. They both looked barely legal and totally hot. I was oozing with precum.

I had deliberately picked them because they both somewhat resembled … Ashley.

Supposedly in the bedroom doing their school homework together, the rather feeble narrative gave way to finding the two Thai ladyboys kissing, fondling, and fooling around with each other. All so playful at first, but increasingly sexual — and more importantly I looked forward to seeing something nasty, vulgar, and very explicit. Obviously, neither of them wore any underwear as you could clearly see their little dark-skinned tranny cocks poking out from beneath their short-short plaid skirts. Also, their low-hanging scrotums were almost black-brown in color. Most delicious, I thought to myself.

They pranced around, showing off and teasing each other — flashing peeks of their little crinkled brown flowers. Even with their white shirts on, you could tell that they both had totally flat chests and their dark nipples could be easily seen pressed against the thin revealing material. Things heated up as they both began to frot against each other enthusiastically. Their short-short skirts rode up, revealing their true gender identities as they rubbed themselves — cock to cock — as they tongue kissed and licked and sucked at each others’ faces.

All the time, I kept watch with one eye, while the other watched Roxi’s reaction.

One of the pair began to piss over the other … urinating over her delicate white shirt, turning it instantly to a transparent dirty yellow. The piss-wet tranny rubbed her soaked chest as her, “Girlfriend,” guided her piss-flow into her open mouth. They both laughed and swapped roles until both were drenched in pee — their dark-skinned pissing cocks rock hard and dripping with delicious tranny urine.

It was raw and unashamedly perverted. I loved it — But more importantly, how would Roxi take it? This was tantamount to almost an admission of my sexual interests in her transgendered offspring. Would she be upset?

No, she wasn’t at all — in fact, she was really into it — I mean, she was furiously masturbating herself, almost yelping in her self-induced ecstasy — and completely unaware of my observation … yes … yes …she was close to climax as the pair of piss-drenched transsexuals took turns to sodomize each other.

Again, Roxi said nothing but literally jumped on my cock — spearing her needy drenched cunt — as she fucking rode me, like a demon.

“AAaarghhhhhhhhhhh … Satan be praised!” she groaned as she reached the peak of her orgasm.

I knew things would be different after that … I knew … and I looked forward to the consequences of our mutual subversion.


Well … there was no turning back. Even if I wanted to. Which I didn’t.

There was so much I wanted to ask Roxi … but her strange demeanor lead me to think that she wasn’t ready to tell all. Patience. We were close. So many interesting breakthroughs — both with my lover and her transgendered offspring — I shouldn’t rush such a thing … but that was like being in the proverbial, “Sweet Shop,” and not being able to eat.

As it happened, my waiting didn’t have to take too long.


Ashley stood stroking herself slowly as I sat on her damp bed.

I loved to just look at her — hot sex on legs. Fuck, my whole body quivered in her presence. She wore a kind of fetish harness that was nothing more than thin black leather straps that formed an inverted pentagram across her flat chest. Her long black shiny hair was tied up in a ponytail and her eye mark-up made her look like an Egyptian queen — there was something feral about her — as if she was eager to consume her prey.

“Daddy used to take me to Sunday School you know,” she began, “He wanted me to see the holy priest. He had such high hopes for me, you know. He wanted me to pray to the baby Jesus and Mother Mary. He wanted me to take my first communion,” she smiled wickedly, “But I spat out the wafer and told the priest that I hated the fucking baby Jesus; that his God was a fucking hypocrite. The priest said that I shouldn’t say such evil and blasphemous things about stuff I didn’t understand. I told him to go fuck himself,” Ashley laughed.

She pointed to the floor and I knelt down silently beside her. I kept stroking myself as I began to suck upon her small flaccid cock, pulling back her tight foreskin and licking around the circumference of her wet helmet. She seemed to be pleased with my slavish demeanor. Next, I lavished her testicles and shaft with my tongue and lips; and then returned back to licking and sucking her wet cock head.

Soon, she became erect with my oral pleasuring.

“Aaareeeeehhheeee …” she groaned

I felt her small hands on the back of my head and neck, as she pressed me down hard upon her little sheboy cock stick — fucking my face as she moaned.

“There was a time … I think I was about eight or nine … when I used to pray to someone I used to call, “The Dirty Jesus,” …” Ashley smirked and thrust her, now rock hard, cock in and out as she spoke, “Dirty Jesus, liked it when I stroked my baby girl cock, when I stuck things in my bum-hole and dressed like a little slutty girl. Dirty Jesus was my surrogate you know … for Satan … Dirty Jesus was Satan … because I was too scared to call, “His,” name … even though I embraced, “His,” darkness … I think you must have prayed to Dirty Jesus too … didn’t you?”

I just nodded — my mouth was still full of stiff shecock.

“I am going to share something important with you … my cum pig,” Ashley actually looked very excited about her unexpected news item, “It wasn’t my mother you chatted with over the dating app … you know,” she intimated.

Interesting, I thought … but I didn’t stop sucking and licking. If anything, I became even more enthusiastic.

“Yes … Yes … Aaaargghhhhhheeeeeeee,” she moaned, “It was me … I chose you for her … for us … I chose you to be our cum pig … I knew immediately what kind of pervert you were … so bourgeois, hiding behind all those pretenses and niceties … a dirty fucking cum pig pervert … who needed to be my new daddy … my cum pig fuck daddy.”

A cum pig fuck daddy — I liked the sound of that,

My mind quickly traced back to those early private conversations, supposedly between Roxi and myself. What did I say that gave me away as a big pervert? On reflection, maybe it had been Ashley’s prattle that had drawn me in. I wondered if Roxi even knew what we’d talked about — and from recollection, I had even a little disappointed in our actual sexual interchange, once Roxi and I had hooked up in person.

“You never suspected? … Did you cum pig?” Ashley laughed at my potential humiliation.

But actually, I wasn’t humiliated. In fact, knowing it was Ashley, made the whole situation even more bizarre and depraved. She had stopped fucking my face … I pretended to be embarrassed and just shook my head silently. I did wonder, however, why I hadn’t figured it out sooner. But that was all water under the bridge now …

As she spoke, I began to realize that we were not alone.

As I knelt so obediently before Ashley, I turned and noticed Roxi standing in the hallway. I wasn’t sure how long she’d been standing there or how much she had already heard.

I started to feel a strange sinking vibe inside my chest — until I saw the evil sparkle in her deviant eyes — she was dressed exactly like her androgynous offspring. She wore the same collar as Ashley with the same demonic mask over her upper face. Her body glowed with a kind of oily perspiration.

“You know why daddy left us?” Ashley continued, “My poor daddy, just couldn’t handle it.”

Ashley walked around me and kissed her mother gently on the lips. They looked like evil twin sisters standing there together.

“I mean, his beloved, “Son,” … being flaming queer … a dirty little ass faggot … a cross-dressing poofter … who hated the baby Jesus … choosing to embrace Satan as the one true God … and wanted nothing more than to be transformed into a total slut …” Ashley and Roxi both laughed together, “And then he found out that I was fucking my mommy …”

Ashley kissed Roxi again, but this time, I could clearly see their tongues moving back and forth between their open lips. Roxi began masturbating Ashley, rubbing her excited girl cock as she continued her confession.

”He discovered his so-called loving wife was nothing more than an incestuous pervert … a pedophile that had been encouraging his, “Son,” from six years old to indulge in nasty incest games … don’t you love that word, “Incest,” …. it’s such a dirty sinful word, is it not? And Dirty Jesus loved incest. Dirty Jesus encouraged my pedophile mother to want my girlie cock in all her holes. Mommy taught me to play with my pee pee … to suck her tits … to piss on her mouth … to dress like a slut. Poor Christian daddy … he couldn’t take it … that’s why he left … so my cum pig … you see why you are here? … You see why Dirty Jesus choose you to serve us …”

Was I shocked? No. It was as if the pieces of a bizarre dream had just come together.

“Sorry that I didn’t tell you the truth,” apologized Roxi, “I was just afraid of what you might think of us.”

“Cum pigs don’t need apologies, Mommy,” interrupted Ashley, “They just need to serve us!”

And she was right.




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