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AUTHORS NOTES: Based loosely on the 2015 film by the same name. The VVITCH is the tail of a family in 1630s New England that is torn apart by the forces of witchcraft, black magic, and evil possession.

STORY CODES: Supernatural, Demonic, Satanic, Abuse, Corruption, Evil, Devil Worship, NC, Sexual Sin, Sex Demons, Young, Bestiality.

CREATED: 10.11.2020 / REVISITED: 22.11.2023

The VVitch


  • Thomasin Winthrop – eldest daughter of William and Katherine (15)
  • William Winthrop – father and patriarch of a Puritan family (41)
  • Katherine Winthrop – mother of William and Katherine (36)
  • Caleb Winthrop – eldest son of William and Katherine (13)
  • Mercy Winthrop – twin to Jonas; daughter of William and Katherine (10)
  • Jonas Winthrop – twin to Mercy; son of William and Katherine (10)
  • The Witch
  • Black Philip – aka Satan; a large black goat
  • Samuel Winthrop – baby son; unbaptized; a few months old


It was 1632. The place was in rural Massachusetts. Back then there was little more than just a small village of English settlers and a wide expanse of wilderness. However, the Winthrop family was ordered to leave the protection of the settlement over religious differences. So, together with his wife and five children, William Winthrop ventured out into the unknown to start a new life, beyond the boundaries of the colony. Upon their travels, they happen upon a place, not far from a small creek. The family set about farming the arable land and harvesting a new life together. However, all is not what it seems. Something evil lurks in the deepest part of the nearby woods – a predatory evil awaits and watches from beyond the darkness of the tree line.


“In that day,” declares the Lord, “I will destroy your witchcraft and you will no longer cast spells.” — Micah, chapter 10, verse 12

“Let no one be found among you who sacrifices their son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead.” — Deuteronomy, chapter 18, verses 10-14

T’was the year of our Lord, 1632.

These true events all took place somewhere in the wilds between Bridgewater and Taunton of what constituted, at the time, rural Massachusetts. William Winthrop, the patriarch of this Puritan family, dismissed those around him as false Christians; while the elders of the villagers claim that he spoke ill of the ‘Word of God’. The Winthrop family were then banished from the settlement, due to these religious differences.

So, together with his wife, Katherine, and five children, eldest daughter Thomasin, son Caleb, twins Mercy and Jonas, and baby Samuel, William ventures out into the wilderness to start a new life, beyond the religious boundaries of the colony. Beyond the eyes and ears of those who found them disagreeable. And when they came across a plot (blessed by God), near a meandering creek before the wooded lands. There William built his farmhouse, his barn, and made haste to farm the arable land and make it suitable for pasture – so that his family could eat, sleep, and pray in a place of their own.

It seemed that life had blessed them with a place of sanctuary. And as they took to the task of planting crops and feeding their livestock — they prayed for the gifts that they had been bestowed. They prayed for a bountiful harvest. They prayed for fair weather and for their collective happiness.


It was towards the beginning of autumn. Katherine, the thirty-six-year-old mother of five and wife of William Winthrop, sat alone by the crackling fireplace as she suckled her four-month-old baby, Samuel. There was always a lot to occupy her husband and she savored these moments of peacefulness. She looked down at William’s chubby face. His little lips made a smacking sound as he sucked firmly upon her generous nipple. She felt a spasm of guilty pleasure as she remembered.

“Aaarghhh …” she groaned in a secretively sensual contentment.

Without even realizing the connection, she recalled the exact same sensation as Katherine thought upon her unfaithfulness. Her young male buck suckling upon her bosoms just as he ejaculated inside of her. Samuel was not her husband’s child. No. She’d been a guileful adulteress on many occasions. Her sexual addiction had led her astray. But now in such an isolated space, such pleasures were thwarted, she had no choice but to await upon the whims of her pious and prosaic husband.


Something was definitely not right about it. Fifteen-year-old, Thomasin couldn’t explain it. The forest just across the way seemed to have a life of its own. Was there something in the way the wind moved through the trees; in the darkened space beyond the line of sight? And that strange eerie feeling of eyes watching her. They seemed to be transfixed as she hitched her skirt up to reveal her naked thighs below. She wore no undergarments either. It gave her a thrill to do this. She shivered in anticipation.

As she touched herself, this illicit pleasure intensified in its sordidness. The urge felt stronger than ever before. It drew her closer, like an evil that possessed her and demanded her to finger herself in front of the forest. It was irresistible. She pressed two fingers as deep as she could into her plump cunt hole. As she teased her erect clitoris, her sexual juices flowed freely down the inside of her legs, like an oily waterfall.

“Cometh ye,” she whispered, “Cometh ye, devils.”

Thomasin knew better than to tempt the dark creatures beyond the tree line. Her mother, Katherine, had warned her and her siblings about the evil that lurked there and had told them all to be vigilant. Thomasin cared not for her mother’s fears. In fact, it turned her on more to do exactly the opposite — the carnal thrill of inciting these unclean spirits only made her cum harder.


Thomasin observed how her younger brother, Caleb, had been around her. His body had changed too. And at thirteen, his eyes couldn’t help but stare at his older sister’s budding breasts. It wasn’t because she was the only young woman around – he seemed mesmerized. She sensed his inappropriate lust. Incestuous thoughts crossed her mind too. She’d even played up to it, stirring his passion by accidentally revealing herself. She smiled evilly at her own corruptive behavior.

She had imagined their secret coupling on several occasions whilst fingering herself before the wood demons. She’d imagined taking his young boy cock into her wet and eager mouth, sucking him until he ejaculated; or better still, letting him slide between her itchy labia, letting her young buck of a brother, thrust in and out of her overheated incestuous cunt. Oh, she wanted it. She really wanted it. She knew it was not an if, but a when. Yes, it would only be a matter of opportunity.


It was in the early hours of the morning that Thomasin was stirred by the urge to pee. She glanced around at her sleeping brother and twin sisters. Baby Samuel was too young to leave his mother’s bosom — so he slept with Thomasin’s parents.

The predawn light was still very soft. Long shadows covered the uneven ground as she steeled out of their collective bedroom and crept outside. It was on her way to the outhouse that she stopped outside the barn. A strange feeling passed through her. Instead of continuing onto the outhouse to pee, she walked inside.

There, she removed her long white shift and stood completely naked among their goats, cow, and horse. It felt erotic to be naked in the stinking barn. Bestial. Thomasin felt very perverted. She’d been thinking about sex with her young brother and was still very aroused. She felt the eyes of the large black ram, that her younger twins called Black Philip. She knew it was watching her with black pitches of eyes.

The frisky animal got up and slowly trotted towards the naked girl. Thomasin began to rub herself, fingering her horny cunt as the amorous ram stood less than two feet away from her. It sniffed the air between them, whilst staring her straight in the eyes.

“Aye, ye a frisky beast, Black Philip!”

She leaned back against the railing that formed an enclosure for the animals. She opened her legs, invitingly. The barn stunk of animal droppings and the hay felt damp beneath her bare feet. Black Philip’s snout pressed forward, stiffing at Thomasin’s sexual arousal. It licked her fingers as they played with her cunt lips and clitoris.

She giggled and began to pee over the animal’s muzzle. Not just a dribble, Thomasin peed full force. Her acrid piss sprayed forth from her urethra, drenching herself below the waistline and the animal’s head. The ram didn’t pull back. Instead, it pressed even closer. She held its strong curved horns, as the ram’s long rough tongue lapped eagerly at Thomasin’s pissing cunt.

“Mmmmmmm …”

She muffled a squeal of perverted delight, not wanting to alarm any of her family members. Now the animal’s tongue began to penetrate her, fucking her with fast rough strokes. Thomasin gasped and began to orgasm. Her legs felt suddenly weak as she rutted against the ram’s muzzle. Her orgasm sent a quiver through her entire body as illicit pleasure overtook her sanity.


The afternoon was a quiet one. With her parents otherwise occupied, young Thomasin nursed her baby brother. She glanced around to see if she was truly alone. She was. A naughty feeling overcame her. She unbuttoned her top and exposed her breast. Then taking baby Samuel in her arms, she fed him one of her immature nipples. His mouth latched onto her a strong suction. Immediately, to her delight, it sent strong pleasure signals to her excited little cunt, but without milk, baby Samuel soon became disinterested.

Still very horny, Thomasin took baby Samuel outside, near the meandering stream. She lay him down on a small blanket and began to play Peek-A-Boo. First, she smiled down at the gurgling little boy. She covers her face, momentarily scaring him. Sam stopped gurgling.

“Boo!” she exclaimed.

Sam gurgled again.

She covered her face again. And the process repeated. But on the fifth time, when she looked down, Sam was gone. He wasn’t there. Where was he? She screamed.

“Sam!” cried Thomasin, “Sam!”

Thomasin looked beyond the empty blanket upon which Sam had laid. Her eyes followed a line of sight towards the trees.


A darkly shrouded creature moved between the trees with a bundle in its hands.

The wood witch had been watching the family by the stream for months. She’d waited patiently. She’d secretly drunk the milk from the teats of their goats. And taken eggs from their chickens. She would poison their crops. They were a forsaken family. They would not last long in the wilderness.

The evil creature had walked through their house at night whilst they slept. A hex rendered them comatose while she investigated their world. She’d observed their children and the unbaptized baby — that she now carried in her arms.

She’d heard the wails of the daughter. The one who tempted her with her nubile young flesh. A sinful one. She’d heard the mother, so desperately running around in circles, as if they didn’t know that their unbaptized son was now in the hands of the witch in the woods. She’d heard the father booming and praying to his false god.

Finally, the wood witch reached her hidden refuse. A small stone cottage with a thatched roof. They were alone in the middle of the darkened woods. She brought the boy child before the open fireplace, where the light glowed in hues of bright orange, yellow, and red.

The wood witch stood naked before her demonic altar. The blackened shine was covered in black candles (made from the fat of babies) and the scattered skeletal remains of other young ones she had once mated with, ritually killed and eaten. There were some of the skulls of other babies who had met with a similar fate to that which baby Sam was destined for.

She carefully laid baby Sam down upon the soft hind of a wolf. He gargled playfully as the witch removed his garments so that baby Sam was also naked. The witch’s bony fingers explored her hairless slit. As she rubbed her oil cunt, she chanted her evil black magic hex. She couldn’t help but be excited by her devil’s offering. Delicious.

Her old, haggard body, with its saggy whitish skin, had once been so youthful and beautiful. Too many decades had passed since her last offering. She would be beautiful again. She would fly with the other witches so that they may fornicate with the Devil and with each other. How fortunate that they had not baptized him. She rubbed her slimy sexual essence over the baby’s face across his chest and down over his tiny genitals.

She stroked his tiny penis until it became turgid between her wrinkled old fingers and dirty claw-like nails. She leaned forward and took it into her mouth, suckling upon it. The witch’s arousal brought forth her deformed clitoris, it grew to a size and shape not so dissimilar to that of a well-endowed male. It was common knowledge that these pagan women indulged in same-sex couplings, and rumors of female sodomy, hermaphroditism, and even the devil’s hand in these preternatural deformities were well documented by the zealous demonologists that hunted her kind. Well, tonight she would enjoy her ritual.

The wood witch lifted baby Sam aloft, cried out to the blood moon, and pressed her deformed clitoris against his tight anus. A sharp thrust and the baby slid halfway down the length of her penal clit. The shock and suffering of the dying baby intensified the witch’s evil pleasure. She rammed her entire appendage into the baby, that now hung limply upon her witch’s broom. Her vulva was soaked as she thrust back and forth into the dead baby’s torn body. Blood was everywhere. The witch orgasmed. She allowed the body to slide from her demonic appendage back onto the soiled wolf hide.

She took her ceremonial knife and cut the baby’s throat, catching the blood in her half-skull cup. She drank deeply from the cup and then spread the rest over herself, rubbing its stickiness into her breasts and vagina. She would be beautiful once more. She would be able to fly again. She chanted a word of praise to her evil god.

The haggard old witch was covered in blood as she pounded the remains of baby Sam into a bloody pulp using a heavy wooden stake. Later she would eat it and clean the bones. But first, she stepped out of the cottage into the night.

She must fly.



“He sacrificed his children in the fire, practiced divination and witchcraft, sought omens, and consulted mediums and spiritists. He did much evil in the eyes of the Lord, arousing his anger.” — 2 Chronicles, chapter 33, verse 6.

“A man or woman who is a medium or spiritist among you must be put to death. You are to stone them; their blood will be on their own heads.” — Leviticus, chapter 20, verse 27.

Katherine was distraught and inconsolable from the loss of baby Sam. William was sure it was a wolf that had taken their beloved child and prepared his hunting rifle. He thought he’d Caleb and they would go into the woods and find this monster.

Though he’d been upset about baby Sam’s disappearance, he’d been distracted with thoughts of Thomasin. He couldn’t but get an erection every time he looked at her breasts. Thomasin seemed unaware of his voyeurism, and her naked lingering during bathing time had allowed him a good look at her entire naked flesh. The sight of his sister stirred lustful thoughts. He’d discovered the delights of masturbation only recently, and his sinful mind had focused upon the incestuous love of his older sister.

“Come, Caleb, keep up. Kept a keen eye. We’ll only get, but one shot at this creature.”

Caleb did as his father asked, following closely in his father’s footsteps as they both headed out into the darkened woodlands. His father had ingrained in him the fear that baby Sam was taken because he lived in sin, making Caleb worry that he was also leading a sinful life that would lead to his doom.

“Ye not right are you?” his father asked.

Caleb explained his thoughts on sin. About baby Sam being taken as a punishment. His father put his arms around his shoulders and comforted him.

“Let’s be punishing this evil creature,” he said.

Just then, Caleb saw a rabbit. He silently pointed to the small animal as it stood only a few feet away. His father nodded in agreement. They hadn’t eaten rabbits in a long time. His father readied the musket. Aimed before it became an impossible moving target.


The rabbit escaped as his father’s weapon misfired. The recoil caught his father in the eye. Caleb turned as his father dropped the musket clutching his wounded bloody face.


Unknown to Caleb, Thomasin was completely aware of what she was doing and the effect she had on her younger brother. Without any other suitable males (besides her father), she had encouraged his voyeurism. She even boldly touched herself knowing fully that he could see her. She’d glimpsed his hardness. It had sparked a wickedness that she fully intended to enjoy, should the moment present itself. She prayed that it would. But of course, she didn’t pray to her father’s absent god, no, she’d been thinking about the devil. He was far more interesting to think about than the boring, pious reverie that her preachy father espoused over their evening meals.


The two, father and son, returned home to a hostile reception. Katherine was beside herself. the object of her wrath was her stupid husband. He’d been the reason that they were lost in this godforsaken place. And now she’d lost her baby Sam to the wolf. What was next?

“William, what in God’s name were ye thinking?” screamed Katherine, “Going off into the evil woods after this wicked creature? Look at ye. You’ve made a mess of yourself.”

Seeing her father’s distress, Thomasin felt a deep guilt for the entire situation. Praying to the devil had obviously brought about dire consequences. Her incestuous lusting for her young brother and her shameless sexual behavior in the barn and by the river was the reason that this misfortune had befallen them all. They were hexed. And she was the cause of this.

“Mother, it’s not father’s fault, it’s mine. I was the one looking after baby Sam when he was taken. Ye shouldn’t be angry at him. He was only trying to right my wrong.”


Later that same day, Thomasin and Caleb were sent down to the river to collect wood. Mercy tagged along. Everyone was in a somber mood.

“It’s all your fault, Thomasin,” said Mercy, “Baby Sam is gone because of you,”

“Shut up Mercy, you don‘t know what ye talking about,” replied Caleb, in his sister’s defense.

“She’s a witch!” claimed Mercy, “She’s a witch!”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” cried Caleb.

“No,” interrupted Thomasin, “Mercy, you’re right. I’m a witch, I ate baby Sam and if ye keep bothering us, ye be next on my list.”

Mercy looked horrified.

”I’ll be slitting ye throat. Drinking ye blood. Grinding ye bones.”

This was too much for her. Mercy began to cry and ran back home as fast as she could.

“Father says we’re hexed,” said Caleb.

“Why’d he say that?” asked Thomasin.

”The crops. He says they’re not growing proper. Like they are sick or something. He’s running out of things to try. If the crop fails, we do have nothin’ ta eat,” replied her brother.

She could see he was worked up about — as if he blamed himself.

“Do you really think we’re hexed?”

Thomasin looked over at the woods beyond. The darkened spaces between the vertical tree trunks looked back at her. Ominous. The answer lay beyond the tree line. They had to find out what happened to baby Sam. Why were their crops failing? She had to know.

“Mother said we shouldn’t.”

It was as if Caleb read her mind.

“We don’t have to tell no one.”


Thomasin and Caleb entered the woods. Under the canopy of dense foliage, it was hard to see more than a few yards ahead. They walked for some time side by side, but in a brief moment of separation, they lost each other. Thomasin looked around. She called out, but Caleb didn’t answer.

”Caleb! Caleb! Where are ye!” she cried.

Her voice seemed deadened by the trees. A hollow sound without resonance. It was getting darker and colder. She called again. And again. And again. Nothing. Not a bird in the trees. Not even the wind. All she could hear was the sound her feet made as she walked across the crispness of dried leaves.

It began to rain.


Caleb turned. Where was she? He thought Thomasin was right behind him. But she wasn’t. He called out to her. Loud and clear. Nothing. His shouts sounded hollow and flat. He turned three hundred and sixty degrees. Trees, trees, and yet more trees. The light was thinning. He felt a cold shiver. It all looked the same in every direction. Which way was home? Where was Thomasin?

The sound of a stick breaking, as if someone had stepped upon it, caught his attention.

“Who’s there? Thomasin? Is that you?”

He walked in the direction of the sound’s source. There seemed to be a narrow trail. He followed it cautiously. After a while, the trail led to a ramshackle cottage. It was made of ivy-covered stones, with no windows besides a narrow doorway, and a thatched roof. The chimney puffed a slow pillar of smoke indicating that it was not abandoned. As Caleb got closer, the door opened. Caleb hid behind a tree. His eyes pierced the semi-darkness and saw a pretty young girl standing in front of the doorway. She was dressed scantily in a plain white shift that did little to hide her feminine shape.

Despite his fear or better judgment, Caleb stepped out from behind the tree. The young pretty girl smiled at him. It was as if she’d been waiting for him to arrive. Maybe she was lost too? His eyes looked lustfully at her as he approached. They stood only a few feet apart. Still, the girl said nothing but offered the warmth of her sensual smile. Perfect white teeth.

It began to rain.

Her thin white shift soon became plastered to her nubile young body, soaking wet and translucent in the falling rain. Caleb could clearly see the dark outline of her aureoles and her protruding erect nipples. As his gaze wandered downwards he glimpsed the hairless darkness of her ‘V’ pressed against the soaked material.

Her lips moved.

She said the words …

“Come to me”

… but there was no sound.

Caleb’s feet moved forward without conscious thought. Then, she was in front of him as the rain continued to fall. She leaned forward and kissed his wet lips. They felt soft and inviting with just the tiniest tip of her tongue. Caleb kisses her back. He felt her wet arms around him, drawing him into her sensual embrace. His heart pounded in his ears. Was this a dream? He hoped it wasn’t. Her kiss lingered. He felt her warm pointed tongue in his mouth. It wriggled around searching. His cock pressed upwards in his pants in response to her desire for him. Her want of him. Her hand pressed his face upon hers. Hungrily. Animalistically, as if she were sucking his soul into her lewd mouth.


Caleb could only see a pretty young girl. She looked divine. Like an angel.

But he saw only what the witch willed him to see. Her filthy, disfigured body embraced him against hers as she drew him into her evil lair. Her haggard claw-like fingers held the back of his head firmly as she roughly tongue-kissed him. Tasting the youth and innocence. Her corrupted ugly mouth smothered his sweet boyish lips as she sucked upon his life essence. She groaned grotesquely into his mouth as her long testicle-like tongue filled his mouth cavity and deep-throated him. The young boy was such easy meat. She drew him inside, where she’d prepared the satanic altar bed. Its strong cast iron frame and leather straps would hold him firmly whilst she took his essence. Feeding time was about to begin.

Once restrained against the filthy straw-filled mattress, the boy lay completely naked and prone. His boy-sized penis was now fully erect and his hips thrust upwards, air-fucking, as he desperately tried to reach his dream lover. The ugly old hag stood naked at the end of the bed. She masturbated both her drooling wet cunt and her huge penal clitoris. She licked her lips as they still tasted of young boy flavor.

Then she stood over him on the mattress. She knelt down to straddle his boyish little face. Innocence was so precious. She gazed down between her bony thighs at his young lusty body. She groaned and she pinched her two-inch long nipples as she sank down over his open mouth.

“Lick me!” she hissed like a serpent without words.

Her mind spoke directly to him.

“Lick my cunt. Lick it now!”

Caleb saw the pretty young girl. She was now naked before his eyes. She was perfect. Even more sensuous than his sister. Her smile was so radiant. He longed to touch her small firm breasts. They looked like his sister’s. He felt sexually aroused but at the same time lethargic. A strong tiredness blurred his mind and thoughts. He was given to this carnality and his body was full of lust for this beautiful angel.

His penis was hard.

Harder than he could ever remember. Even harder than when he looked at Thomasin. He yearned to be inside her. To dip his sensitive organ into her honey pot. Then she was on top of him. Her delicate naked form seemed to hover above his face. He could observe her in all her erotic splendor. He looked up at her hairless slit. A cherubic puffiness of virgin flesh. He wanted to kiss her pussy. He smelt her perfumed flesh.

“Grwahhhhhhh …” grunted the witch in her toothless maul.

The hideous old hag sank down upon the young boy’s immature face. Her cunt was oily with her odorous vaginal juices. His little pink tongue darted out, lapped eagerly at the grayish-hued skin around the gaping hole between her hideously wrinkled piss flaps. The witch stroked her erect clit-cock as she rubbed her cunt back and forth across his mouth with rigorous force. Salty urine spurted forth from her disdained urethra, as she emptied her bloated bladder over his little boy face. The witch laughed as his mouth quickly overflowed with her sourish amber piss.

Caleb laid still as honeydew poured forth from heaven. He drank as much as he could, but still more cascaded like a waterfall from her heavenly body. This was heaven. He loved her deeply. She was his savior and he would do anything she asked of him … She spoke to him without speaking … it was as if she could read his very thoughts … he was unafraid for she was an angel.

She guided him so that now he faced away from her on all fours. She crouched directly behind him. He felt her delicate butterfly kisses upon his puckered anus … she kissed him in his dirty place, but it felt good. His tongue was inside of him. Its wriggling girth gave him a sensual new pleasure. Shivers of delight rippled through his entire body. His little boy cock dripped in anticipation.

The witch dragged his sedate body up into a doggy-fuck position. She parted his ass cheeks and tongue fucked his arse, worming her impossibly long tongue inside his shit hole. The boy bucked as she messaged his prostate gland. Enough of playing with her food. She knelt behind the dreamy boy and pressed her witch stick against his tight little virgin rectum.

… and then came a sharp pain.

Her bony fingers grabbed his shoulders for purchase, as she thrust her hips forward against his behind. Her ugly hooded appendage sank into his tight nether-hole. The boy jerked in response to the extreme pain, as the witch began to sodomize him. The devil’s intercourse. Yes. Fuck yes! She wanted him to feel her. Feel her clit-cock deep in his bowels.

“Aaaarghhhhhh …” the witch groaned.

The illusion was over. She would take him. The remainder of his essence ebbed from his meek body to rejuvenate hers. She already felt the blood of his baby brother transforming her from the inside out. Now she would take his soul.

Caleb fell forward onto his face. Sweat and the stench filled his nostrils. Heat and blood. The searing pain in his rear was awful as he felt his guts were brutalized. Abruptly his dreamlike state had all but vaporized, his angel gone … all he heard were the primal grunts of a wild animal, a demon, fucking him harder and harder. He felt the weight of his unseen attacker, pressing him forward onto his face. He felt it was hard to breathe. His lungs hurt. His legs and arms hurt. His body hurt. But most of all, his anus felt full and stretched beyond its natural state …

The smell around him was appalling … as if he’d awoken in a cesspool of toxic human waste. Caleb’s mouth tasted rancid. Sourness and bitterness. His entire body was weak and helpless … He danced like a ragdoll; being thrashed from side to side; as the implement of his impalement relentlessly drove further and further inside of him.

Caleb tried to cry out, but his voice was horse and hollow. He begged his perpetrator to stop … But he was getting weaker and weaker … His mind was lost to the torturous pain he felt skewed. Death was coming … He knew it … He wanted it … Anything but this incessant pain …



“The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity, and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions.” — Galatians, chapter 5, verses 19 to 20.

Thomasin staggered through the woods. She was soaked to the skin and still, the rain continued to fall. She stumbled against the undergrowth that seemed to reach up and grab hold of her. She managed to regain her balance. It had been an hour or more since Caleb and Thomasin had become separated.

And then she saw him. Her heart leaped. He stood completely naked with his head buried in his hands.

”Caleb! Caleb! Caleb!” cried Thomasin.

Still, he just stood there. He didn’t respond to her calls. He didn’t move. Thomasin finally reached him and put her arms around him. He was shaking violently. Was it the cold? As he raised his head from his palms, he vaguely recognized his sister. He had been sobbing and looked terrified by something. Had he seen the wolf? Was he scared of being lost out in the dark woodland all alone? Thomasin couldn’t tell and wasn’t interested in the reasons. They had to leave this awful place. Escape it and get home as quickly as they can.

“Don’t worry Caleb. You’re safe now.”

She tried to calm him. But it made little difference. He was catatonic.

The rain-soaked pair made their way back home. Leaving the woods behind, never looked back. There would be a warm fire … their mother would have made some hearty soup … there would be the enduring laughter of their siblings. .. but baby Sam was gone.

They had to live on.

When they reached their home, their mother, Katherine, waited at the open door. She looked mad as hell, but more relieved than anything else. She wrapped them both in warm blankets. But she could tell that something wasn’t right about Caleb.

“We got separated,” Thomasin explained, “When I found him, he was naked. He was just standing there … he looked terrified … I don’t know what happened to him!”

“He’s burning up. Get him to bed, fetch me some cold water and some dry cloth.”

William said nothing, he just scooped the boy up and carried him to the upper-floor bedroom. There on the floor mattress, Caleb’s father carefully laid him out. His mother tried her best to make him comfortable.

He coughed up a large piece of apple. The apple is covered in bite marks and blood. Katherine gasped, as she knew it to be a definite sign of bewitchment. Caleb’s head moved from side to side, as he muttered to himself.

“O Lord, are you not seeing me?”

Caleb’s eyes were dilated. There was blood in his spittle he cried out as his lithe body twisted in the tangled bed sheets.

“O God, please take me on your lap.”

Caleb won’t lie still. Instead, he thrashed about aimlessly.

“I am your child. I have no one but you as my refuge.”

His body was already drenched in sweat and covered in cuts. He seemed possessed by something preternatural.

“Do not abandon me but always dwell in my heart … aahhhhhhhhhhh …”

Caleb’s groans sounded obscene. Almost sexual in nature.

The sick boy suddenly reared up holding his own erect penis. Masturbating. Like an animal on heat. Katherine tried to hold him tightly as the others looked on in complete horror as they all joined hands in prayer.

“Good Lord!” cried, Katherine.

It took all the strength that his mother could muster, just to hold him down.

“What’s wrong with Caleb?” cried, Jonas.

“It’s as if …” cried, his mother, as she struggled against her son’s strange infliction, “… he’s possessed by something evil.”

William entered the bedroom and saw his wife struggling. He dropped the cloth and water to help Katherine strap their son down for his own good. Once Caleb was secured, the couple knelt by his bedside and continued to pray out loud.

“This is Thomasin’s fault!” exclaimed Mercy, “She’s put a hex on him … She’s evil …”

“How can ye say something like that?” Katherine replied, “Ye shalt maketh acquisitions like that so lightly, young Mercy!”

“She’s right!” chimed Jonas.

“She’s a witch. I saw her touching herself, playing with her private parts, and praying to the Devil,” spat Mercy.

“Mercy!” interrupted William.

He’d had enough of this blasphemy.

”I swear to God Almighty … this is her doing!” pleaded Mercy, “She threatened to eat me … turn me into an unguent, so she can fly on her broomstick … There’s a creature of the night that lives in our sister’s body.”

Just then Caleb began to moan passionately and then was silent and still. His face looked as if he’d been in the rapture of a powerful orgasm. The twins began to weep. Katherine throws herself over his dead body. He was gone. William just stared in disbelief.


Thomasin watched the death scene play out from beyond the bedroom doorway.

She wanted to weep, but tears didn’t come. In the strangest of feelings, she saw her naked brother, there on his deathbed, thrashing in almost a state of complete sexual ecstasy. He’d been groaning in a grip of some kind of demonic sexual act by something unseen. The smell of it had caught her attention. She’d smelt it before when she had been deep in the woods, just before they had got separated. The urge to masturbate had overcome her fear of being lost in that place. She’d felt a strange kindredness with the wild forest. It held no fear for her, only a powerful sexual arousal.

Without her brother in sight and despite the falling rain, she’d removed her wet clothing. The darkness of the woods was illuminated by the fullness of the moon. Alone, she had begun to masturbate in the dark woods. As she finger-fucking herself with increasing veracity, she called out to ‘Satan’ and his ‘sex demons’.

Yes, Mercy’s words cut her to the bone. An evil witch? Was she a witch? Had she been responsible for her brother’s demise? By the stream, she’d welcomed the evil wickedness, as if it were her long-lost lover. Gripping her tiny breasts and fingering her hungry little hole. The pungent reek of her sexual arousal blended with the evil, primal, immoral. She wanted her brother to fuck her. Where was he? She needed his incestuous cock in her mouth. In her cunt. In her ass. Yes. She wanted him now. Her orgasm had been so strong. And not one orgasm. She came multiple times.

Soaked to the bone, she’d redressed in her soggy clothing, and that had been when she’d discovered her brother. He’d been naked too. Had I felt what she did? Had he wanted to fuck her. She knew he did. Had I been praying to Satan too? She doubted it. He was just a young horny boy. She turned and ran away.


William followed her outside of the house.

“Wait there,” her father shouted as he ran to catch her.

Thomasin stopped and turned to face her father. His face portrayed both fear and anger … it was an almost manic expression. He grabbed her roughly and pushed her back against the outside of the barn.

“We are paying for your sins!” he spat, “It is your evil-doing that has brought this upon our family. First baby Sam. Now Caleb!”

As he spoke, his grip on Thomasin got tighter. She was at the point of almost choking. She struggled out of his grip.

“Have you thought that it might be Mercy and Jonas? They’re the ones that are always talking to the black goat. They call him, Black Phillip. Perhaps they have made a demonic pact with him!”


William locked the three surviving children in the barn with the goats. He was exhausted from it all. He needed time to think. Katherine sobbed as William returned. He saw her grief as she held Caleb’s motionless head against her apron-ed lap.

”William,” she sobbed, “I’ve done a terrible thing.”

William looked at her. She was a mess. Her hair which was usually in a neat bun was unraveled and unruly. Her eyes were saucers of pain. What in God’s name could she have done? He had no idea. The pious man knelt down to comfort his distraught wife.

“This is punishment for my moral sins. I have brought this upon us. It is my fault.”

William went to embrace her, but she backed away.

”I was a fornicator, William,” she seeped, “I had an affair and I committed adultery.”

William blinked in disbelief.

“I was not faithful to you, William and baby Sam was never yours. This is my doing. I have damned us all. I am damned to the Devil’s devices … And God is punishing us for my horrendous sins.”

William was stunned. He was speechless. His pious wife, who’d stood by him through thick and thin … this didn’t sound right!


The barn was dark and dank after the rain and the livestock shut inside were all very restless. Young Mercy and Jonas held onto one another and kept their distance from their sister, Thomasin. After all that had been said and done, there was little love left between them. Thomasin rubbed the marks on her neck where her father had roughly grabbed her whilst they had fought earlier.

She reflected on all that she’d experienced since they had arrived in this remote and desolate place. She’d known that she was playing with fire. But the evil was so enthralling … the temptation too enticing. She’d been a bad girl. She knew it. And she’d enjoyed all the wickedness.

Then, she felt the hairs stand up on the back of her neck. As she looked around, she became aware that they were not alone in the barn. There in the shadows, she noticed a crouching figure. A creature feeding on the blood of one of the small goats. The creature was completely naked and covered in splatters of the goat’s blood. The creature cackled loudly. She seemed unafraid of either Thomasin or the twins.

Mercy and Jonas both screamed out of fear and backed up to the edge of the barn. The creature stood before Thomasin. The witch. She looked somewhat younger than she’d looked before. Her nude figure was no longer as haggard. In fact, she now appeared quite shapely. Her skin tone is no longer grayish, sickly, and wrinkled, but almost sensuous.

The harrowing eyes stared back at Thomasin. And then everything went blank.


Mercy and Jonas awake from a restless dream.

They found themselves, each inside a claustrophobic wooden cage. Each of the cages was more like a wooden crates. The crates had slats wide enough for them to see each other and to see their immediate surroundings in the dark stone-walled cottage.

“Where are we?” asked Jonas.

They were definitely no longer in the barn where they had both witnessed the strange creature with its harrowing eyes. The rest was a haze. Glimpses of a loathsome creature. A sexual demon copulating with her older sister. Yes, that proved she had been right at Thomasin. She must have been bewitched. Too much was lost in the fog of obscurity. She tried to remember how they got there, but neither she nor her twin brother had any recollection. All they wanted to cry out for help — but who would hear them, this deep in the woodlands? The create had an opening but it was locked. There seemed to be no way out of the dark hell hole.

“I don’t like this, Mercy!” cried, Jonas.

Even though Mercy was the female twin, she was always the stronger of the pair.

“Father will find us,” she said but didn’t really believe it herself.

They were both naked. Their clothing was nowhere in sight. The twins rubbed their eyes and looked around. What they could see was dimly lit by black candles. The place smelt funky, almost rancid. It was a gory horror show of human bones and trophies that looked like child-size skulls that hung from the walls and ceiling. There was an altar. An evil and vile-looking altar and a bed were placed immediately in front of it. The straw mattress looked bloody. Mercy instinctively knew they were the prisons of the witch. The same witch that had taken baby Sam. The same witch that had poisoned their brother Caleb. Now they were incarcerated in her lair.

They had to escape. Or they would certainly both die here.



“Because of the multitude of the whoredoms of the well-favored harlot, the mistress of witchcrafts, that selleth nations through her whoredoms, and families through her witchcrafts. Behold, I am against thee, saith the Lord of hosts; and I will discover thy skirts upon thy face, and I will shew the nations thy nakedness, and the kingdoms thy shame.” — Nahum, chapter 3, verses 4 to 5.

The door to the cottage opened briefly and Mercy got a glimpse of the silhouette of the witch. They’d seen her before, her and Janas. Here and there, in their minds. First, as an old hag, all hunched, wrinkled with claw-like arms. Then in the barn, the witch had looked more like a slippery creature of the night. Now in the dim light of the doorway, she appeared almost youthful.


Her movements were graceful and elegant — like that of a dancer. She grinned with a pretty mouth of white teeth and a head full of bright red hair that cascaded over her pert breasts and down to her thin waistline. She wore no clothing. Mercy has an unobstructed view of her carnal sensuality. Evil has many disguises, she told herself. Whatever she saw was not necessarily the truth.

The witch approached the cage that held her twin brother, Jonas. The witch opened the lock. To Mercy’s surprise, Jonas crawled out and stood obediently before her. They kissed. Mouth to mouth. It was the kiss of a lover. Mercy saw that his penis was already fully erect. He followed her over the altar bed and laid down on the bloodstained sheets by the fireplace.

The witch never said a word. Jonas moved silently, like her sexual puppet. It was as if they were talking, but without sound — a conversation that Mercy could not hear. Why didn’t Jonas take the opportunity to escape?

Jonas saw the beautiful wings of her archangel. She was bathed in a radiant whiteness and accompanied by sounds of a beautiful choir, praising their Heavenly Father. He smelt lavender and coriander. She opened the door to his tiny cage and beckoned him over to the silken bedding. They kissed as lovers. He felt a warmth filling his entire body. An energy that made him vibrate from the tips of his toes to the top of his head. Everything was perfect.

His young body became aroused sexually as the angel began to touch him in an unfamiliar way. His small boy penis became turgid, standing to attention for his angel’s delight. She wanted him. He wanted her. This was a new feeling that he’d never experienced before. He wasn’t sure what to do. The angel reassured him that it was always that way, that he must submit to the order of heaven … that he should not fear. This was his destiny and all part of God’s plan for him and his twin sister.

Mercy watched. Horrified. The witch lured her twin brother to the altar bed. Her fingers touched his genitals, stroking them as she wet her lips. Their naked bodies were bathed in the ghoulishly red glow of the crackling firelight. Mercy saw the witch as she began to change. This was no ordinary woman. It was an evil demon. A wicked sexual creature of the night, hell-bent on seducing her twin brother.

Mercy rattled the cage angrily, trying to get Jonas’s attention away from the witch’s enchantment. He remained spellbound. The witch stopped. She looked up at Mercy. Vampiric teeth filled the creature’s evil smile as she brought a finger to her pert red lips.

“Be silent, you shall be next …” the sibilant voice said to her (and to her alone).

Mercy felt hopeless in helping her twin. She was a part of him and he was part of her. Inseparable. She knew what he knew and likewise. It was their intuition. Now the witch changed even further before Mercy’s crying eyes. Mercy gasped as she saw its hermaphroditic genitals forming from the skin around the witch’s deformed labia. Like a fleshy horn rising upwards, pressing from within. Her large deformed clitoris extended out and upwards and grew to the shape of a Baphometic penis immediately above the witch’s vaginal opening.

Mercy was screaming as she witnessed her brother draw his knees up, open his legs wide, and lay back in eager preparation — welcoming the witch’s cock into his greasy little anus. He began to touch himself in a way that Mercy had never seen, rubbing his tiny foreskin back and forth as if instructed silently by his wicked seductress.

The evil witch pressed her appendage between his buttocks. He appeared to wince in pain, as the witch began to lean forward, sinking deeper and deeper.

“Aaarghhhhhhhhhh …” gasped Jonas.

Mercy felt the pain in her heart. The witch sank her teeth into Jonas’s neck as she fucked him with increasing veracity. He was now screaming and Mercy felt his life essence flowing outwards. The witch stiffened in the throws of her evil pleasure. Mercy knew her fate would be the same. Not today or maybe not the day after. But the bloodthirsty witch would soon consume her like a hearty meal. She felt sick and dizzy. Mercy dropped to the bottom of her tiny cage, she blacked out.


It was the morning. All the animals inside had been slaughtered. Mercy and Jonas had vanished. Thomasin emerged from a strange dream-like state. She was naked. She wasn’t sure what was real and what was not. Maybe it was more accurate to describe it as a nightmare. She gathered her shift up and put it back on.

Thomasin remembered the creature had been there. The creature was the witch. The witch was the creature. It had taken Mercy and Jonas — for what purpose Thomasin couldn’t fathom. But she guessed their fate would be unpleasant. Why hadn’t it harmed her? Her eyes caste over the bloody remains of their goats that lay strewn across the barn floor. She tasted the iron-like flavor of blood in her mouth. Had they kissed? Her foggy memory had only bits and pieces.

She saw in her mind the naked creature. They had embraced while Mercy and Jonas cowed in the corner. The creature had undressed her in front of her younger brother and sister. Was it female? It had breasts. Was it male? It had something that resembled a vagina and a penis. The strange anatomy had aroused her. There was no fear. Was this a sex demon? A succubus? An incubus? And in her mind, a scratchy whisper said …

“Join us … you are one of us … join with me …”

Thomasin began to subconsciously masturbate herself as she recalled her dream.

The creature had pressed her down before it so that Thomasin was on her knees — there she’d seen clearly its hermaphroditic genitalia. She’d taken its penal appendage into her eager mouth. It tasted foul. But this only heightened Thomasin’s arousal and made her even more fervent towards their oral copulation. The creature groaned and pressed against her shoulders for support as it quaked in a state of demonic ecstasy. The voice in her mind whispered again …

“You are one of us … you are one of us …”

Thomasin’s slender fingers had found her own cunt soaking in sexual juices as she alternated between sucking its cock-like appendage and licking its vaginal slit. She knew intuitively what it wanted. The creature pressed her back onto the hay-covered barn floor.

“I will have them,” said the whisper in her mind.

“Take them. They’re yours,” was Thomasin’s answer.

She caught a guilty glimpse of Mercy, as the small helpless child tried to hide from the monster that was copulating with her ‘bewitched’ sister. Thomasin groaned in her own wickedness and spread her legs wide, welcoming the demon to fuck her – taking her virginity. She desperately wanted it inside of her.

Just as she was recalling almost the entire sexual act, there was a commotion outside the barn. Thomasin jumped up and rushed to the barn door, that had been left wide open. She stepped outside only to see her father facing off with the black goat that the twins called, Black Phillip. She saw Black Phillip charge at her father. It impaled him upon one of its horns. Her father fell backward. His torso was bloody, as his hands tried to keep his intestines from unraveling.

William staggered backward against the firewood pile that was stacked up against the house and fumbled around. He grabbed the wood axe. Bloody and weakened by his wound he hovered on the end of consciousness. Black Phillip reared up on his hind legs and tossed his horns. William struggled to focus as the aggressive beast charged again.

“Father, watch out!” Thomasin screamed out to her father to get out of the way.

She was just too late. He’d raised the axe feebly but lacked the strength to use it against his oncoming foe. Instead, the angry goat struck him again sending him flying backwards. Thomasin looked on helplessly as her father fell backward into the firewood pile that toppled over, a ton of wood fell on him, crushing him instantly.


Katherine is devastated. She saw the blood and the devastation. It had been an orgy of death and wickedness. She angrily turned to face her miscreant daughter, Thomasin.

“You are pure evil,” Katherine spat through her gritted teeth.

Rage filled her body. Anguish for her dead children and husband. Using the element of surprise Katherine pushed Thomasin to the ground and immediately pounced upon her. Though she was slight in build, Thomasin had not expected her own mother to attack her. She fell like a stone.

“Devil spawn! You ain’t no daughter of mine!”

Her working-class fingers, Katherine seized her daughter around the throat, pressing her strong thumbs into Thomasin’s larynx, Thomasin gagged as she tried to break her mother’s hold. Katherine squeezed as hard as she could — fully intending to take her revengefulness out on her only remaining family member.

”Evil bitch! Die!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

“Mother, I love you, please don’t … stop … please … I … love … you …” Thomasin cried as she tried to prevent her mother.

In a last desperate attempt to save herself, Thomasin grabs a knife that had been left behind by her father. She gasped for every breath. Thrusting the knife into her mother’s face, Katherine’s hold weakened. Thomasin gave her no second chance, thrusting the blade into her face over and over until Katherine finally let go and fell down on TOP of Thomasin, dead.


Thomasin stood up. Her mother lay beside her in a pool of her own blood. Her face was a bloody mess. Thomasin was covered in it too. It had taken every bit of her strength to fight off her deranged mother. Now Thomasin panted and held the wall of the barn for support. She wanted to collapse. She thought she was going to puke. But somehow she managed to stay on her feet. She staggered back into the barn. Black Phillip stood and stared at her. Even though he’d just killed her father, Thomasin felt no fear of this beast.

“Talk to me,” she demanded, “I know you can talk … we’re all alone now … everyone is dead … except you and I …”

“What does thy want,” whispered Black Phillip.

His voice was very quiet, very prim and proper.

“Come over here,” said Black Phillip, “Remove thy shift!”

Thomasin pulled her blood shift over her head and stood naked before the black goat. She then followed the goat over to where a large book had been left open. Thomasin looked at the illuminated manuscript. The words in Latin, she did not comprehend, but the image was one of the evil Baphomet. The god of the witches. The androgynous animal merged both the sexuality of the male and the female anatomy in a singularity. Around the hermaphroditic demon, flew dozens of naked young witches, on broomsticks — a fairytale? Thomasin has seen too much already to believe in any non-sensical narrative that ended with ’happily ever after’.

“Would thy like to wear a pretty dress?” whispered Black Phillip, “Does thy like the taste of butter?“

Thomasin thought about all that had happened. All that had brought her to this point. It seemed to have meaning. Their loss was her gain. She smiled.

”Wouldn’t thy like to live deliciously?” asked Black Phillip.

“Yes …” she answered plainly.

”Then sign the book.”

”But I don’t know how?”

”Mark it with an X …”

Thomasin Took the quill, dipped it in blood, and signed the book.

She watched the goat intensely as it reared up onto its hind legs, and in a darkened barn, the goat seemed to rearrange its anatomy into that of a naked man. His skin was dark. His frame was lithe with stringy muscles. He walked as if he carried no burdens in life (or death).


The full moon dominated the night sky.

The air was very still as Thomasin followed the devil into the forest. Black Phillip lead the way to the middle of the woods. There in a clearing ahead, Thomasin saw she was not alone. A roaring fire burned. Flames of red, amber, and orange leap upwards into the night sky as if to burn the moon. Around the fire moved naked silhouettes. There was the sound of animalistic chanting and pulsing pagan beat. As they neared, Thomasin saw others just like her, naked nubile girls, some even younger than her.

“Your sisters await you,” said Black Phillip.

Thomasin watched their nubile naked forms, these fair-skinned beauties unashamedly touching themselves and each other as they undulated back and forth. She noticed their lithe forms. Witches all. Dancing and masturbating together. The witching hour had just begun. It was a celebration of their love and passion for their pedophilic god.

The young witches looked up at the new arrival. Yes, they smiled at her, grinning evilly. Their eyes, bright, drunk on illicit lust … ready for sin. They had been waiting for her, though some were already copulating, female-to-female. This was their night-of-nights. Their feast-of-feasts. It was a primitive pagan rite of passage. Tonight they would all fornicate with him, give themselves willingly to the devil.

”Ave Satanas! Ave Satanas!”

They had all given their souls to him.

“Ave Satanas Ave Domini Inferni!”

They would ride upon his demonic cock.

They would fly into the night skies together.

The world was theirs.

For he was the master of the world.

And they were his mistresses.




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