Feature Writer: Nada Bit /
Feature Title: Saintly Mother 4 /
Story Codes: Religious, Blasphemy, Young, Lesbian, Zoo, Clit Enlargement /

Synopsis: A story about a convent of nasty nuns /
Note from XP: Thanks Nada for sending me your story. I hope you will continue /


Saintly Mother

Chapter 4

Now that the Saintly Mother had received her needed stress relief from eight horse cocks twenty inches and thick she was hastily wiped with wet rags of the freshest water. Over 60 naked nubile nuns sought any possible way to help. Once cleaned she was robed and the two strongest attentive practically carried the most Sainted Mother to her chambers not letting her precious feet touch the harsh gravel.

The three that had been sent to the rams were holding the pen’s fence as they were fucked continuously. There usually golden hair matted with sweat and sperm. The older nun that had ordered them noticed their moans. All the younger were different but there were tell tell signs of those that would serve the best. It was the shape and posture of the young bodies. So many tried to hide their cunts by closed legs as they grabbed the fence.

Many were simply laying silent total exhaustion from brutal fucking and ram sperm dripping into the dirt. But these three held the fence with tiny porcelain asses raised, the arch of their backs said more to the older nun. Not one tried to hide their dripping cunt flesh as they remained presented, open for fuck. These three would do well when the next delivery of savior cunt juice and sperm grown vegetables were taken to the all-black monastery.

Very unusual as normal was only one novice attended with two older nuns leading the way for eight miles on the dirt road in bare feet. The black robes hid the naked nuns as they dripped cunt juice and sweat that soaked them in the hot sun covered dirt road. The all black monastery had recently received eight more that had found faith and the work ahead would need more for all the faithful.

The nuns hurried as the harsh sun would wilt and ruin the delivery of the best cunt drenched vegetables. The knock was as silent as all would be in this monastery. The old huge doors opened as they were led in. The huge black monks were naked as their huge cocks swung between strong black legs. The new three let out a gasp and were immediately chastised as silence was demanded in this place of God.

The baskets and trolley of rich cunt and sperm fertilized vegetables was immediately removed from the tired nuns as they were stripped delicately of their hot clothe and two others with swinging cocks raced the sacred garments to the launderers so all of God was reverent and fully served for the glory.

The five naked nuns were helped to the bathes and several cleansed them with fragrant soaps as their enormous black cocks hardened in stiff stalks of fuck meat and all remained silent. One of the younger let out a moan and grasped out as her shaved bare cunt was washed delicately and her tiny white hand grabbed her attendants eleven inches of black fuck meat.

This was purification ceremony in service to God as exchanges were made were often performed for the Glory of the Lord. Satan’s chambers were as vast as the entire country. Satan could hear and smell the cunt fluids that dripped or exploded from brutal fuckings. This tender piece of fuck meat could not refrain or even think anymore as her small hand held hard to the thick black meat and started to whimper despite the silence required as her swollen cunt was softly cleansed so tenderly.

Only three days before she was let out of the Ram pen after countless hours of being fucked by huge ram cock as the enormous Ram balls slapped her extended clit. Her slim back and tiny ass arched in animalistic pose for readiness, pure fuck readiness. The large black bathing her tiny white body could only lick her small white ears on her delicate blonde head trying to settle her trembling body as her ram fucked cunt was washed tenderly with an enormous black hand while her small white hand held firmly to the only thing she could find, big black cock of fuck meat and she could not close her fist around for more purchase as she just whimpered in animalistic fuck heat.

Satan smiled from below as he had so many stroking and licking his massive thirty inches, nine inches wide and always dripping fuck slime for his servants that craved any and all fuck slime. Little boys with small hard white cocks and little girls slim and young and bare young cunts hoping that the huge Satanic cock would take them as it had mommy and daddy. Certain death for ones so small as they squirmed and dripped from their tiny cunt meat in anticipation.

One would be held up and impaled sometimes boy pussy and sometimes some little girl that licked the huge meat the best. These children had been sent or captured after no one would accept them other than Satan and his vast collection of nude attendants hoping for the enormous thick fuck meat and at least a chance to hold the horns as they delivered their fuck holes to the massive dripping cock in total obedience. Some lasted longer as they slammed down on the huge cock, but all would die as the Satanic cock grew longer and disemboweled the children as they found God.

The black monastery had long served Satan with fresh fuck flesh as so many children were taken in and the monastery got overwhelmed in fresh young fuck. But back in the bathing chamber solely for the acceptance of the nuns that gave them so much bounty from their cunt juice and sperm fertilized garden one whimpered continuously and Satan summoned her small white body.

Her perky young tits had been quivering as she had some idea of the monastery and the service throughout their journey. The fuck hungry slut nun trainee was the absolute worst and would never be trained as her small white pelvis pumped in a loss of control. The summons was just delivered as the large servant with his thick black cock in the small white hand was quickly dried and her was damp when she found herself trembling in orgasm in front of Satan holding a huge thick dripping Satanic fuck meat.

She had been chosen over all the cunts and asses in the land it was her that would be accepted as a fuck toy for the black angel, the dismissed angel that had been fighting back as he drove his own thick fuck meat through some hole and watched them die from fuck oblivion. So many would orgasm from the first touch of Satan’s huge cock head nudging their wanton fuck holes and just continue as the slim bodies were slammed up and down like some fuck toy.

Some of the smallest felt their small uterus come out their mouth and little boys had their intestines punched out their pink lipped mouths with blood and some intestines as Satan drove through in rampant lust to just fuck as hard and often. Satan’s cock had no real limits and changed shape, texture, length that would deliver the most damage to the young fuck toy. Spikes when he wanted would tear away whatever hole he rammed.

Those that were less obedient and those that had done some small crime. Slam fucking tiny body’s he would make his decision for life in hell or quick death by violent huge cock. Very, very few survived as the latest fuck was lifted off and sent to the kitchen full of Satanic sperm. Dead but still warm and brutally gaping from cunt or ass so the cleaning for cooking needed very little more than the chopping so the small things would fit in the kettles.

Heads had too much hair to bother with as the genitals of young cunt or boys were the main interest and several of the cooking staff had to be reminded that the nipples of young titties and the abused clits belonged to their master. All were fuck, nude ready for fuck and death if required, but holes to be rammed and destroyed hopefully out of their horny cunts out of their wombs or asses it would not matter in their service. But this still quivering thing in total orgasm just from being bathed and had no concept as she squirted uncontrollably in constant orgasm.

Truly demented fuck meat with no clue of her future. She had always had problems with her wet cunt and her two other sisters had tried to help her, but often no tiny fist or toy would make her silent or sleep. Some sense of Satanic lust or millions of years new this one was special. She somehow shed the people and her clothes that bound her, and she would remain nude for the rest of her life as a Princess in Hell.

Her eyes only on Satan and the huge cock dripping and the huge piss slit that pulsed as the naked child approached with no need of control as her mind was on the massive Satanic dripping fuck stalk, dripping fuck juices as she sat on the lord Satan’s enormous scaly legs. The harshness was so new as Satan welcomed the continuously squirting darling into his lap.

She was so small she licked and sucked on the huge head of cock that gaped open and oozed at this tiny new thing struggled to suck but could manage licks and driving her small tongue into massive Satanic piss slit. Even as her small body trembled from orgasm she marveled at the scales and roughest of this beast she knew would be her death. The scales and rough texture on her small pointy titties as she sought one last kiss before her certain death by cock.

The enormous body held her trembling so ready body firm and she quivered as the huge head nudged her recently ram fucked cunt lips open. Satan himself was surprised as she held her head high and grabbed the massive horns with her small precious face staring her blue eyes directly into Satan’s gnarling face and red eyes that glowed. Only days ago, she had no concept of fuck be it rams or The Saintly Mother’s stress relief by eight huge horse cocks seventeen times throughout the weekend.

Suspecting certain death, she settled her only recently spread cunt flesh down as she stared into Satan’s horrid face with dripping fangs when her tiny body was lifted and held. This one would not suffer death. Satan’s long huge tongue swiped the delicate puffy nipples of this special one as her small little titties, rather new titties, turned the small delicacy into violent squirting orgasm. Somehow, she sensed she would die soon but her tiny body was suddenly being held above the certain death and disembowelment as her small just recently ram fucked cunt was rubbed along the enormous Satanic cock head as her clit pulsed and was now in Satan’s cock slit as if her tiny body was the thing fucking Satan’s cock head.

She lost her grasp of the enormous horns as she grasped the scaly neck and sucked Satan’s tongue. Her clit elongated and made Satan happy as her small body clung waiting. Satan had found a princess for his realm as talons retracted and held the small child fuck slut cunt of pure lust close as if love that did not exist had consumed him. The tiny white morsel and her tiny tit body with her wet gaping cunt tried in vain to remove her now seven-inch clit from Satan’s cock slit so she could slam her fuck flesh down and just get it over with.

The hot journey and her constantly convulsing cunt had dehydrated her as Satan lent his wet mouth and tongue to the whimpering child he would not let impale her self in orgasmic death and she suckled on the thick saliva and the long tongue sought her throat as it delivered his determination. The change and acceptance was instantaneous as the Lord Satan allowed four inches of thick meat in her quivering cunt meat, but no more, not now.

The fuck filth of blonde slim child stared, and her perfect blue eyes started to redden with knowing. Her small cunt delivered streams of cunt slime to the naked children that scrambled about below the thrown for any essence of The Lord Satan’s drippings. So many had licked up their own mother’s cunt slime and eventual blood or their daddy’s disembowelments mixed with Satanic sperm hoping one day they could serve Satan as much as the Satanic dogs that had ravaged them every hour.

Every young cunt and small asshole gaped on the preteens after so little time. Many suckled the beastly cocks like pacifiers as they waited in hope. Thick slimy beast sperm was all they could hope for however long their young lives would last. Each child existed only on fuck slime now. Rich thick bestial fuck sauce full of protein kept them alive for other purpose.

As the children licked and scraped the stone floor, the small blonde and her perfect blue eyes evolved. The chosen had accepted as her body stopped her small frames shaking and convolutions. Her cunt gaped and delivered for the children as a newer richer cunt slime spread on the stones with the carefully held thing held only four of the thirty inches thick Satanic cock held her small cunt while her small white arms hugged Satan’s scaly neck holding her slim mouth in open re-acceptance for more of Satan’s love.

Satan would show this small thing his deepest love but not now. Time had no meaning and now the small slim blonde would never age. Her small pink pouty nipples would turn into purple tubes so sensitive any child knew one tweak would deliver thick Satanic fuck slime if they were hungry and they all knew the faucet to come drink from.

This chosen one often held the special Satanic fluids but needed repeated replenishment from her lord Satan husband and deliverance of Satanic saliva so she could keep the children ready and healthy for certain Satanic cock death they craved after their mommies and daddies had been rammed with cock until death until the last they would ever know of their fucked parents would be thick fluids they could lick up from the stony floor.

But Satan held his princess firm as she quivered and grunted for more Satanic cock in her dripping cunt but held firm she rubbed her small tit tubes raw on the scales in constant streams of orgasm and sought more of the horrid saliva as the best Satan would satisfy her with now was a long a huge smelly tongue down her small dainty throat and she sucked it like she had sucked the rams cocks only days before.

The Lord Satan delivered fluids that would forever change the small novice nun into pure fuck and dementia she did not know existed in her small delicate body. Each drip of Satanic saliva she sucked and drank and consumed continued to transform her body and mind. Satan was being very careful as this one would be Hell’s princess and perhaps queen.

Too much so soon can mean certain death as he watched carefully at her small horns started from the precious blonde head. Her already purple tubes of tit elongated as she quivered completely unaware of her burgeoning clit growing obscenely into a huge clit cock fully ten inches as she stared into Satan’s face and sucked at the gnarling face for deeper purchase of the pulsing tongue.

Her small body was transforming as well with now six inches in her tiny frame. Thick inches of Satan cock, huge eight inches thick thirty inches long that could deliver certain death upon whim with only a pull of the latest fuck hole down like a rag doll.

Even Satan’s hands softened as his princess suckled on his tongue with her perfect slim pelvis gyrating out of control seeking more and more of the enormous cock in her body to truly become one with her Lord, one she had never considered before as only days before she lost her virginity to huge Rams that had lasted for days and nights.

Eleven thick inches shoved violently for her first time of sex as she was devoted to the Lord and had strained to be pure as her small pussy had never been touched but was always wet. Her perfect young titties had been hard and puffy as she had no idea why as her sisters had tried in vain to console her growing pains.

Her small slim chest held tit cones of pure white with puffy young nipples as her mind had told her to remain pure. Her silky blonde locks reached her tiny ass in streams of pale perfection that matched her small frame perfectly. Even as she had dressed herself her long hair tickled her small white ass and caused frequent violent pelvis convulsions and very new pulsations in her still preteen body as she developed into the one that Satan would make his own.

She was truly the one now free of all the sacred restraints she had struggled with. She was fuck. Satan fuck. Satan queen to rule in Hell with her love. She had no concept as she continued to pump her small pelvis slower pumping continuous streams of fuck slime from her cunt meat now holding ten inches of huge cock as she held her head, her precious face and long blonde hair that now swiped the Satanic lobes of melon sized balls so full of rich sperm for her hungry cunt, her small ass and her pink mouth.

Satan never ran out of devil sperm as it was his duty to keep all satisfied and nourished in his realm. The huge dogs were always horny and allowed to fuck the nude captives at will.

Thirty dogs with huge cocks fucked anyone that moved. The smallest were allowed suckle as they slept with barely a half inch of pulsing mottled dog meat in their small mouths. Sucking down the continuous flow of bestial sperm now that their mommies had been horridly fucked to death there was nothing like mommy tit milk left.

The fresher fucked demon dogs laid in obedience for the children to suckle until they fell asleep on the stone floors nude and pink. Fresh fuck meat needed to be cared for as the kennels held birthing demon dogs that would need more and more children to either suck the young demon dog cocks and help clean the new pups of afterbirth and clean gaping holes of demon cunt clean for further fucks and more pups as there would be so many more children that would lose their parents to the Lord Satan.

Life in Hell was less violent than some would think as so many were being cared for and developed for service as this Satanic realm would never cease. This was pure hell and fuck. Pure demonic pleasure and now had a new demented Princess as she was held firm so as not to be destroyed.


Her sisters remained at the monastery with the two older nuns completely oblivious that one had been removed from the bathing. The two blonde sisters silently accepted the gentle washing by the huge black hands while enormous stalks of cock hovered in complete silence. The two older nuns in charge had been received with the carts of fresh cunt fertilized vegetables into a different chamber.

Denuded upon entrance their bodies glistened in sweat as they help all to the kitchen and the naked staff. Very few sagged at all except the oldest cook but all gaped and dripped from their cunt flesh. Only the smallest children were allowed in the kitchen as the staff swirled fresh dismantled humans into delicious stews. The ever-curious children knew to be silent as they sat with wet young cunts or hard small cocks on the stone floors of the kitchen already coated in various fuck slime that had polished the entire realm of ancient stone.

The oldest squirmed and grunted as her favorite child that would soon be lost slammed her tiny fist up her cunt with perfect pink mouth attached to her ten-inch clit cock trying to suck the old one to death and eternal bliss of death by orgasm. The small ten-year-old had been held back from the fuck chambers with her own request to the Lord Satan.

Normally the first signs of tit development or pubescent wisps of cunt fuzz were ordered to some fuck chamber and often destroyed for stew. But the old cook begged as this small child slept with her and seldom left her horrid long clit with her small pink mouth but also knew how to ram fuck as hard as possible with her small hand into the gape of cunt flesh as she sucked ever harder on the huge clit meat stalk.

Satan had made this one hers and hers alone as she was the best cook of human flesh and special convent cunt fertilized vegetables. Much of the deliveries had much more than cunt as most was mixed with Ram, Horse and dog sperm that several convents delivered to the vast fields above. The old nude nun shuddered a she stirred the latest flesh and bones into rich stew.

Spreading her strong legs, she welcomed the hard rams of the slim arm that would soon enter gaping womb that had been destroyed long ago. The kitchen remained focused on vegetable cutting as each nude slim body quivered with smaller titties and slimmer young bodies as children suckled their own elongating clits and the children licked the huge gapes of younger cunt as if to shove their small heads inside in childish demands for more fluid from the kitchen staff of naked cunts.

The one that become completely devoted and now the Princess and soon Queen of Hell with Her horrible child eating and family destroying husband, Satan had her held with only twelve inches of thick cock in her body. She would be kept as her sisters continued being bathed in the monastery by massive black hands and hard straining staffs of fuck. The dungeons below could wait with so many to be savored.