Feature Writer: Darkshaman

Feature Title: NIGHT BUS 1

Published: 16.01.2020

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Unhappy with her lot in life, a hardworking mother of three, Jez finds herself on the last bus home. Her journey takes an unexpected twist when she encounters a strange man with an wicked agenda.

Night Bus 1

Jez cursed to herself as she stepped through a deep puddle. Great. Another one. She hated living in the city so much! First week here and nothing had gone according to plan. The job was crap, the bills were high, daycare was too expensive, she had to work too late and – of course, the bus she’d been trying to catch was taking off just as she got close. Jez collapsed on the bus bench.

Things should not have been so hard for her at this age, not yet. She was still in her early twenties. She still had the advantage of beauty, youth, appeal. Her angular features and full lips were framed by a fun and totally awesome pixie cut – done by herself after years of practice and Youtube guides. Her breasts were not stripper-grade but they were still perky, full, with pencil eraser nips that challenged the most conservative bra materials. They’d mostly recovered from the kids she’d had far too early in life. Back home they didn’t talk about the kids and here no one cared enough to ask. All in all she had enough feminine tools to get ahead and practically live off of freebies and implied promises. Even as a high school dropout. Yet here she was.

She looked out into the rain as the night grew longer. Had that been the last bus? She couldn’t afford an Uber. She could barely afford the bus. Jez sent a quick text home to her kids reminding them to do their homework and that she’d be late. All that was left was thoughts and prayers, as this was not a neighborhood to try to hike from.

What would happen if she tried to walk it? At home they talked about neighborhoods like this. Women were grabbed and dragged into filthy alleyways all the time. Dirty fingers would claw apart her uniform’s skirt. Her underwear would be torn off and tossed into filthy puddles of rain and trash. If she were lucky it would be just one guy, one load left to drop out of her. If not then cock after oversized cock.

Jez shook her head to clear it and said a quick prayer. It had been too long since she’d been properly fucked and the thoughts were getting worse and worse. Everyone had dark fantasies. That was not her concern, they were just fantasies. Her though were a sign of how long she’d gone without release – the longer she went, the worse they got, the more intense, realistic, depraved. She was no prude to begin with. Her sex life had been pretty active from the moment someone figured out she was into it.

Maybe a few years before that if she was going to be honest. All the way up, until she’d had kids… and everyone had slowly drifted for the hills. Or had been pushed away, by the rest of the family, if they were suspected of being the fathers.

Now, in a tiny apartment, no privacy, even her last outlet of release was gone.

After a few more deep breaths she looked again into the rain. A slow rumbling sound was approaching. Twin lights thrust out through the darkness and momentarily splashed against her face, blinding her to what was coming. It slowed to a halt in a cloud of acrid smoke as her vision struggled to return. She could see it was an older model bus, worn out, dirty and scratched up in ways her eyes could not quite focus on. The engine rumbled loudly like a beast. Brass-like exhaust pipes spewed an almost sulfur scented fog around the vehicle. Somewhere near the back a yellow light flickered every few seconds and outlined the silhouettes of some late night passengers. A voice in her mind promised that everything was fine, but another voice screamed for her to run. The second voice was almost like some primal animal instinct that reminded her that she was prey, that prey runs, that she would be consumed. But it was also the last bus of the night.

The bus driver grunted but didn’t even look when she dropped her fair into the tray. She walked in and scanned the mostly open seats. A few obviously homeless men were sleeping or talking near the front. Some of them leered at her, causing her to pull her coat closed over her short uniform. Damn, her pervy manager for what he’d made her wear ‘for the customers’. The middle of the bus had an odd and unpleasant wet smell as she passed through it. Cheap bear? Piss? She didn’t really want to know but she couldn’t stand it.

A single man sat in the back and near the flickering light. He was directly in the back, in the middle seat overlooking the center aisle, as if a lord overseeing his domain. He was dressed in a dark suit and an obviously expensive red dress shirt. A wide brim almost-cowboy black hat covered his face in shadows. She hesitated again. Why was she hesitating? He looked like the safest person to be near on this bus. Really, he ‘felt’ like the safest person. Why had she been worried anyway? She was just being silly. Jez sent him a brief smile as she made her way toward a nearby seat. Had he actually tipped his hat toward her? How… old fashion and charming.

The window she leaned her head against was cool to the touch. Soothing. It felt like the whole day of non-stop running around was hitting her at once and all she wanted to do was nothing at all. As the bus groaned to life she let her eyes take in her own reflection. Not a lot of her female friends seemed to like themselves? The reflection staring back at her was beautiful. Her eyes drifted over the plump and inviting lips and how they had curled up in a cute little smirk. Long eyelashes batted themselves at her, inviting her to lose herself in the reflection’s eyes. A long tongue licked out slightly and teasingly. She smiled wider as her piercing caught a passing street-light.

From the seat and angle she had chosen she could see the man’s reflection alongside her own. In the mirror his face was almost against hers. She could almost feel his warm breath on her neck, through her hair, against her ear… Jez was drifting now in that space halfway between wakefulness and dreams. She felt the man was in the seat right behind her now, even though she knew he had not moved. All the sounds of the bus had faded to nothing more than her heartbeat and a faint and primal music. Strong hands were pulling her coat off. She didn’t feel cold anymore though so that was alright. The coat was wet anyway. The man’s eyes were right next to her own in the reflection, both looking through the window over a dark landscape of impossible silhouettes.

“What temptations do your eyes see?”

The voice was right in her ear. She felt a shiver run the length of her body and settle directly in her cunt. His voice was somewhere between the purr of a large cat and a primal growl. It promised to devour her. It promised she’d enjoy it. As she looked closer at the silhouettes she ignored the hands now opening up the buttons to her shirt, plunging themselves into her bra cups.

“I see women.. And men. And girls.. Boys.. “ The fingers were pinching her hardened nipples now, drawing them out. “The images.. They are dancing? Keeping up with us, dancing alongside us..” Her shirt was fully opened now. Were the guys at the front of the bus seeing this? Was the driver? Jez was sure she could feel the eyes of the men in the front glued to her skin and that she could feel her pussy lips starting to engorge.

“Is that what they are doing?” He sounded amused.

No… their motions were lewd. They were grinding up against each other. A girl had her hand down her father’s pants, stroking him mischievously. How did she know it was her father? How did she know the guy walking up behind to pull down the girl’s skirt was her uncle? Jez looked closer while ignoring the roaming hands now tracing the line of her panties. The man was sitting right beside her.

“No… they.. They are touching each other. And there, that’s me? How is that me? It was so long ago..”

“Just a dream, nothing to worry about. What else?”

Her young self was now sandwiched between the two large men, held aloft by her thighs while the two cocks pumped into her. How had her uncle gotten his wrinkled cock-meat in her shit-hole with that big disgusting belly between them? She could still remember the sensation, could almost feel it. The delicious fullness of the experience. Her fuck-holes stretched to their limits as the men used her tiny body to satisfy themselves. That was before she had become fertile. Long before that.

The hand was working itself under her panties and slowly traced circles around her engorged clit. Outside the window the silhouettes had gotten downright raunchy. A young woman was dancing on a stage and trying to bat down the hands reaching out for her. One grabbed her ankle. Jez could almost hear the girl’s scream as she was dragged down into the laughing crowd. Her own cunt twitched in anticipation and she bit her lip. Rape her little holes, she deserves it..

A boy entered in a confessional but on the priest’s side. The priest’s engorged cock looked large and angry as he prepares to sodomize the inexperienced boipussy. She could almost taste the years the boy fought to hold back. How tight was he? How ruined and permanently gaped would he be in a year?

Jez felt the fingers inside her as her breathing grew heavier, more ragged..

“Nothing is forbidden. All is permitted. What else do you see?”

She had not said anything this time. Was the man reading her mind? Was he seeing the same things? He was not real, none of this was real, it was only a dream. She sunk lower into the seat and felt his gnarled fingers sinking deeper into her wet twat. Outside the scenes were getting more depraved. Two small figures were tied to an ancient stone slab. Chanting figures surrounded them, all ages, all genders, openly masturbating themselves and one another. The chanting echoed what the man had whispered to her. Nothing was forbidden. All was permitted. Nothing was real. Nothing mattered.

“Embrace depravity. Embrace your lust.”

Was the voice coming from the chanting figures or from the man? Or from herself? Their mother stood over the two restrained figures and fingered herself lewdly. Mother? A stream of urine pushed out over the crying sacrifices as the crowd broke into ragged-breath moans and cheers. How did she know that was their mother? The revelers began descending into an all hole raw orgy. The mother was preparing an impossibly large spiked phallus. One of the kids sputtered and tried harder to break free. Was that…

Jez woke with a start, the feel of the cold glass leaving a slight imprint on her face. She looked down at where she had somehow unbuttoned her shirt slightly. Not completely but enough that the men at the front of the bus had quieted down and were openly staring at her cleavage with lustful eyes. Her skirt had been hiked up. As she cleared her head she realized her fingers were still moving slightly inside her drenched cunt. She pulled her hand out with a start and began fixing her clothes. As she looked in the reflection she saw the man again, exactly where he had been. He lifted his head just enough that she saw a glint of streetlights over his rose-colored glasses and a slight smile.

The bus stopped. Outside she could see her house, though she did not remember there being a bus stop right outside of it. For that matter she could not remember pulling the cord indicating her stop. She stood up feeling slightly shaken and made her way forward. A dirty hand ran under the back of her skirt to grab her butt for a second. She didn’t say anything. After the show she’d put on she felt lucky nothing worse had happened.

Her children ran up to her as soon as she walked in through the door. She knelt down to embrace them before pushing them back to get a good look at them. The twins, though one was a boy and the other a girl, were almost indistinguishable at this young age. Maybe she should start dressing them differently to tell them apart? Some nice skirts for the girl perhaps? Her eldest was nowhere to be found. He’d probably already made friends and was at their house.

“OK, you two, mommy’s had a long day but absolutely wants to know all about your adventures. You’ve been so brave to stay home all alone! Now tell mommy all about it!”

She ruffled their hair and half-listened to their stories of school as she sat stripped out of the slightly stained work uniform. They didn’t pay attention as she failed to throw on pajamas over her underwear. For once, neither did she. What did it matter anyway, they were all family. When they curled up around either side of her body for their bedtime story she felt their faces pressed lovingly against her skin. A distant chant seemed to drift across her memories. Nothing was forbidden. Everything was permitted. Embrace..  She couldn’t quite remember. She just knew they were falling asleep against her as she ran her hands over their small heads, arms, backs, legs, all the while telling them the story of little red riding hood. Why wolves could be wonderful creatures. Why they should always talk to strangers.