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Forbidden Garden 2


Christopher Matthews, owner of the Forbidden Garden Sex Shop in Old Town meets the enigmatic, Sharon Garcia. He falls for her only to discover they have a lot of paraphilias in common, including an interest in little girls. As their relationship develops they happen upon the perfect scenario to realize their perverted fantasies together in the form of Sharon’s two pre-teen nieces, Lillian and Viviane. The plot thickens when they discover Sharon’s aunt, their mother, has been involved in incest with kin from birth; and she invites them both to join her for a special kind of sex tourism in a place with no limits.

Steve Morris and Sharon’s aunt, Stephanie Garcia, had met online on a perverted website and had shared their taboo interest in sex with children. She had introduced Steve into the bedroom that she often shared, having incest, with her girls. Their holiday had primarily been Stephanie’s introduction to more violent sex with child prostitutes – sexual encounters without limitations. Steve was a sadist and could recognize the traits of his new girlfriend. With the girls in the capable hands of Chris, Stephanie was keen to involve her niece, Sharon, in their twilight world of under-aged prostitutes, yaba, violence and ritual abuse, non-consensual sex, rape, death, and black magic.


Sharon smiled to herself as she watched herself, in the full-length mirror, rubbing the tip of the double-ended wooden carved phallus up and down her itchy cunt. The Buddhist monk had warned her that it had been cursed with an evil spell to make its user depraved, sexually perverse, and orgasm-addicted. The thought of this was no warning for Sharon, quite the opposite, she craved depravity, and her vagina dripped with anticipation of something … anything dark and wicked.

To be honest with herself, she felt more than a little nervous and apprehensive about the whole idea … but it was thrilling and exciting beyond words at the same time. She thought about the fun that Chris would be having with her nieces while she was away. They would be fucking his brains out right now, taking turns riding his cock day and night. Chris was wonderful and she knew he shared her delight for dark things … but the opportunity for her to join her Aunt Stephanie and her sadistic boyfriend, Steve, in Pattaya was just too good to pass up.

As she pushed it further into the opening of her fuck hole, she felt a faint tingling inside that seemed to warm her guts; she pushed seven inches of double-ended wooden cock inside herself and began pumping it slowly in and out of herself. Letting go of it for a moment, she looked at it sticking out of her. She looked vulgar … like a Katoey, a chick-with-a-dick, half of the wooden dick stuck up her cunt and the other sticking straight out like an erect cock.

The tingling had intensified as she remembered her first night in Walking Street. Her Aunt Stephanie, Steve, and Sanouk had taken her there for an evening drink. They had sat opposite the Marine Disco, talking loudly over the pumping music, flashing lights, and milling crowd of farangs and freelance prostitutes as they danced provocatively to attract attention.

Sanouk had said that there was anything between eighty to one hundred thousand foreigners in Pattaya at any one time; most of them here for one thing … sex tourism. He called Pattaya the ‘Extreme City’ and said that all your dark wishes will come true. He had been right. Sharon had asked about the police, as she could see the police box some two hundred meters away on the beach side. Sanouk had laughed. He had said that the police were powerless to deal with the magnitude of the problem … it was lip service, nothing more … and if they ever got a sniff of anything, they could be bought at nothing more than a few Baht. He said that every day there are dozens of suicides and murders — that violent crime and sex go together.

“This is a desperate place, filled with thousands of poor, ignorant, and evil people; many farang boyfriends fall in love only to find they have been tricked and conned; many are drugged or kill themselves whilst high on a mixture of yaba and alcohol; many are victims of black magic, robbed of their will, bound to serve evil-doers like us.”

Sharon knew he was right. She had already ‘almost’ taken a life. There was nothing more exciting. The wooden cock throbbed inside her with a life of its own … she could see the young girl beneath her. How she struggled for her last breath. Sharon had sat across her lower face, smothering her nose and mouth with her dripping cunt, as she rubbed her clit back and forth against the tiny Thai child. The three of them, including herself, her aunt, and her boyfriend had been high on Yaba, after drinking and mutually masturbating at one of the many short-stay bars.

They returned to the seclusion of the villa, where Sanouk had secured two young girls for their nightly entertainment. Sharon had been incredibly horny and the sexual aggression had just taken over. They had all been fucking each other and abusing the two poor children for what seemed to be hours – filling their every hole with Steve’s cock, while Sharon and Stephanie had insert-raped the two small children with their fists and the help of large wooden dildos.

Sharon had been close to orgasm as she rode the girl’s face. Her orgasms had been some of the most intense she had ever had – the intoxicating mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine from the yaba and lightheadedness from the concoction of cheap bar booze had taken serious effect. Sharon bucked uncontrollably as she almost choked the last breath from the suffocating child, drowning her in copious vaginal fluids, urine, and residual semen from her prior fucking with Steve.

She could feel the mysterious wooden amulet reach up against her cervix as another huge orgasm crashed inside of her. She screamed and bucked against it. Had the monk been right? Was she selling herself to the black magic of the devil? Or was she a demon drawing upon its evil power? She didn’t give a fuck … all she wanted was to experience more depravity, the more extreme the better. It seemed the spell had been cast.


Stephanie had been so excited that her niece had accepted the invitation to join her boyfriend and on a trip to Pattaya. Her mind rolled with the perverted possibilities for the three of them. Since their initial visits, Stephanie’s boyfriend, with the help of Sanouk, had bought a vacation home – something close to the action, but far enough to make it private and secluded. The new place was nowhere near the tourist spots or the beach, though it had a beautiful pool, instead, it backed onto the tropical jungle.

At night the air was filled with the incredible noises of remoteness – an animalistic chanting that seemed so alive. Its location was also close to a strange Buddhist temple. Sanouk was well known to the Vajrayanist monks, who secretly practiced a dark and highly perverted form of Tantric sex; they would have objected to farangs being so close to their sacred mountain forest, but with a more than generous donation to the temple’s funding, Steve and Stephanie had become welcome neighbors.

The entertainment for the evening comprised a long-awaited trip to the much-talked-about Golden Palace. Since Steve and Stephanie’s first visit, the two of them had become regulars there. Sanouk always made sure they had good seats, close to the front of the stage.

“I am so glad you are here,” said Stephanie.

“I can’t believe it myself. After everything you told me Steph,” answered Sharon.

They had all consumed more than their fair share of hard liquor, mostly whisky, and Stephanie felt light-headed as she held onto her niece’s arm. Stephanie popped open a little plastic Tick Tack container that she kept in her purse and emptied a couple of red round-shaped pills into her palm. She swallowed one and gave the other to her niece. Steve and Sanouk walked a couple of paces in front of the girls. Stephanie could see her niece’s fascination with explicit sexuality that was endemic – gay, Katoey, and female prostitutes were absolutely everywhere, flaunting and advertising themselves in the most explicit way.

“Steph, they’re all so sexy. I want to fuck them all,” remarked Sharon.

“I know what you mean. But we must be careful. Lots are pos. And you don’t want to take Gonorrhea home as a holiday souvenir. Sanouk makes sure that only the clean ones are brought to us … the youngest ones from the rural areas are free of any disease. We can do anything we want with them without the risk of infection.”

“It was such a rush. I want to kill one next time.”

“Soon Sharon. Tonight, let’s just enjoy the show.”


They had arrived at the fucked-up Golden Palace. Steve and Sanouk were stuck talking in broken Thai to the transsexual owner, Madam Niratpattanasai. They referred to her as the Goddess. Stephanie wondered if she is really worthy of goddess status — technically she was not a woman at all. This kind of intrigued her to see Steve’s interest – she guessed that having sex with a transgendered man was definitely on his to-do list; after all who knows best what a man wants, than another man. The girls waved to the guys and went ahead to look for their prized reserved ringside table in the sleazy pit of half-darkness.

Inside the filthy little club, everything was pumping as usual. The marijuana smoke was choking; the flashing lights blinding; and the tasteless thumping music deafening. The almost-naked showgirls danced on top of the bar counter; masturbating lazily to the pulsating beat. Half-drunk patrons sucked on their multicolored beverages with bits of mangy-looking fruit and little umbrella hats in them and hardly took any notice of the prancing girls.

Stephanie recognized other regulars. There was an attractive farang couple that she knew had some similar unsavory dealings with Sanouk and obviously shared in their obsession with more violent-type of sex with young non-consensual victims. The woman was very pale, anorexic, and looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties. Sanouk had said that she had been or was a porn star. She gave Stephanie a sleazy grin while she touched herself and rubbed her partner’s bulge. Stephanie thought she was hot and it was an open invitation for the women to join their table maybe? Stephanie waved politely as the naked waitress showed them to a front-row seat next to the stage.

“I think she wants us to join them? She’s kind of cute. I bet she’s a great fuck Steph,” said Sharon as they sat down and were brought the first round of drinks.

“She is cute. But tonight, baby it is about you and me.”

Stephanie kissed her niece on the mouth. It was a long and passionate kiss. Their tongues twisted around each other as they exchanged the flavor of spit with whisky and Coke as the Yaba started to kick in.

Steve joined the girls and was pleased to see them already getting it on. Sanouk had joined the other attractive couple a few tables back. No doubt he would be setting up something between them all soon enough. Anything perverted and anything where there was money to be made was Sanouk’s business.

“I haven’t missed anything? The Goddess says the show is very special tonight … they called it the ‘Carnival of Sin’. Sounds interesting right?” said Steve, when the girls finally broke their kiss.

“Yes, it does sound interesting, and no you didn’t miss anything, but I need your cock in me shortly. Sharon makes me so fucking horny.”

“Auntie … please …” Sharon pretended to look like a lost lamb.

“I told you … don’t call me Auntie, it sounds old!” replied Stephanie in mock anger.

“Sorry sis …” Sharon added in mock apology adding another mouth-to-mouth kiss.

The house lights suddenly dimmed to complete blackness and a single spotlight shone vertically downwards. A thin emancipated figure in a black top hat, red velvet jacket with gold trimmings and tails stood beneath the light. The dramatic stage makeup gave the Gothic ring mistress the look of a corpse. With a crack of her long black whip, she looked up, and all eyes in the house stared at her small naked breasts, pierced nipples, and the enormous appendage that hung between her legs — even flaccid it almost reached her knees. She walked center stage in her thigh-high black boots and again cracked the whip.

“Tonight the Golden Place and the Goddess welcome one and all to the ‘Carnival of Sin’.”

Her voice was dark and velvety. Not the voice of a woman.

“Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls … for your pleasure and entertainment we will amaze you! We will excite you! And possibly shock you — with the taboo secrets of the sex freaks of Asia!”

Bizarre music accompanied her brief introduction. It sounded like the faint but distinctive, carnival-organ-grinding music, blended with dark ambient sounds of clanking chains and groaning tortured voices.

“And so without further ado … let the evil and salaciousness BEGIN!!”

The small audience cheered and clapped enthusiastically.

“This is so cool,” whispered Sharon.

Her hands already moving rapidly between her wet open thighs.

“Tonight for your curiosity and sinful pleasure … I encourage you to touch yourself or your partner at any time; as you watch our contortionists from Cambodia lick themselves out and suck themselves off; our snake charmer from the Indian Subcontinent make love to her serpents of lust; our freak-woman from Upper Mongolia with two cunts! Yes, you heard me right … TWO CUNTS!”

The ring mistress cracked the long whip menacingly.

“And of course … after the show, for the right price, any of our performers are available for private sessions for your unlimited deviant delight. And now welcome to the stage the Queen of Serpents, the Medusa of Mayhem … Manausa, the Cobra Goddess of Eastern India …”

Again, the more than appreciative crowd clapped and cheered. The backdrop scene that was obviously intended to appear as the circus big top changed to one of intertwined skulls and snakes. The music also changed to echo the strange and hypnotic sound of the mridangam, its pulsating tribal beat thumping slowly, but sharply increasing in tempo, as a beautiful Indian princess of about fourteen years old, dressed in a translucent white sari, took center stage.

She begins to gyrate and rock her narrow hips and exposed belly back and forth, twisting her wrists as she air fucked an imaginary partner. As her dance continued it rapidly increased in its lewdness; stripping until her completely naked brown body came to a standstill above a low wicker basket. Her fingers pulled upon her tiny black nipples as they pocked out of her completely flat chest. With legs splayed wide, her hips thrust back and forth as she urinated into the basket to the sound of a fervent crowd.

Then, reaching inside the basket, she lifted forth a long shiny wet snake and held it aloft as she danced around the edge of the stage. The Indian beauty brought the head of the hissing snake between her legs, encouraging the reptile to sample the juices that glistened on her open cunt lips. Its forked tongue flickered back and forth across her pussy, as she moaned in pleasure to its touch – directing it to tease her erect clitoris. Without warning, its diamond-shaped head darted in between the delicate folds of her labia, penetrating her.

Its entire body rippled as it continued to burrow inside her until only half of its body hung obscenely between her legs. She looked as if she was in complete sexual elation … groaning in instant orgasm with the serpent’s body penetrating her even further. Now she began to dance again, this time with only a quarter of the reptile hanging between her legs. The crowd when wild! They screamed and groaned, each in their own private ecstasy.

Stephanie and Steve were already furiously mutually masturbating each other as they stared at the stage in wild anticipation; but glancing at Sharon, her Aunt could see that the combination of sexual stimulation, powerful narcotics, and alcohol was having a profound effect on her niece — Sharon mounted Steve’s cock and he thrust it deep inside her hot wet hole. Stephanie grinned and went down on her niece licking her cunt and boyfriend’s cock as it plowed in and out of her.



Sharon’s fingers found her favorite spot between her legs as she rolled over in the damp sheets onto her front. She tossed and turned irritably. The night before was such a blur, but now and then vivid images crashed through her post-high consciousness. The Yaba had kept her awake for almost twenty hours previous – most of which she had spent on a high as she danced and fucked with intense sexual cravings.

She vaguely remembered the bizarre sex show at the Golden Palace; the serpent woman ingesting her own snake; the evil ring mistress jacking her enormous cock; the strange Mongolian woman with two cunt holes instead of one; and those incredible contortionists that danced and gyrated and then bend their bodies into impossible shapes, as they licked their own pussies and dipped their tongues into their sphincters to the roar of a deviant crowd.

Finally in the late afternoon sleep began to take her down. Her body shook now and then, but her mind finally lapsed into an escape from consciousness into a much-needed comatose state. Her dream world seemed to be a strange mixture of the crazy things she had already seen and experienced together with the even more bizarre and fucked up things that she desperately desired.


While Steve was away on so urgent business in Bangkok for a few days, Stephanie had arranged with Sanouk for her and Sharon to pay a visit to the Temple of Red, as it was called. She had heard so many sordid stories of what the monks got up to in their search for enlightenment. She masturbated herself thinking about how Sanouk had mentioned that most Vajrayanism Buddhists worshiped the yoni (female force) and were shunned away from sharing their Sadhana techniques to achieve the ultimate orgasm and tantric sex rituals with outsides for fear of triggering the rebirth of Hell – whereas the monks of the the ‘Temple of Red’ worshiped the lingam (male force), offering non-believers in profane rites and subjecting them to sexual torture to explicitly induce the demon Mara and his three demonic daughters; Taṇhā (Craving); Arati (Boredom); and Raga (Passion) to bring about their wrath upon the world.

It was early afternoon when Sanouk appeared, as usual, his lewd comments amused Stephanie, she knew that he was not interested in sex with either of them, as his preference was for the very young, preferably male. He mentioned the hot couple from the club and how they wanted to get together with them for a ‘fuck party’ at their luxurious apartment that overlooked the Sanctuary of Truth, Pattaya beach. Stephanie said that she’d have to talk to Steve first, but thanked Sanouk for his social engineering.

He had also brought them outfits for the girls to wear once they were at the temple. The bright red gowns were long and very sheer, almost completely transparent – they hide nothing of the girl’s shapely nakedness beneath. Sanouk explained that the red was the color of seduction, sexuality, eroticism, and immorality … and would be worn in the later evening by all attending the special festival to appease their favorite demons.

Sanouk led the way through the jungle track that led up the hill towards the reclusive temple. The day was very hot and under the jungle canopy, the steamy heat seemed to be magnified. Sweat dripped from the girls as they followed in single file behind Sanouk.

Finally, they arrived at the outer wall of the temple. A small entry was the only opening in the unbroken wall that stood more than twelve feet tall and ran around the entire temple compound like a fortress. A monk stood patiently at the entry. Dressed in the traditional white gown, he greeted Sanouk with a silent nod and lead the three visitors into the welcome inner coolness of the stone temple.

The sound of cool running water and the tranquil clink of wind chimes filled the cooling air. The girls felt a sense of great relief to be out of the direct jungle heat but were almost drenched in their own perspiration.

“Sawadi Kha.”

The priest greeted them with bowed heads and hands pressed together above his head.

“Any friends of the great Sanouk are friends of the Temple. Please, you must be uncomfortable in these wet clothes, let us make you welcome – refresh and relax you.”

The gentle monk indicated that they should follow him into an adjacent annex. Inside it was sparsely furnished with four wide backless seats, each the size of a settee positioned around a coarsely woven rug. The wall hangings were deceptively sensual; scenes depicted in an ancient style showed naked young nymphs dancing around much taller figures, both male and female; the males were all fully erect and the women touching themselves.

Sanouk undressed until naked and passed his soiled clothing to the gentle monk. Stephanie and Sharon hesitated and then undressed too. The monk bowed and left closing the double doors to the annex. Sanouk sat down and Stephanie and Sharon followed his lead. Soon three rather scantily-clad pre-teens, two girls and one boy appeared with bowls of cool water, washcloths, and towels. The boy knelt at Sanouk’s feet and each of the girls assigned themselves to Sharon and Stephanie.

They were all very thin, anorexically thin. They bowed and began gently washing their arms, shoulders, and then their feet. The feeling was very refreshing, but the sight of such delicious young morsels was also affecting the two women’s perverted libidos. Sharon and Stephanie grinned evilly at each other as the young girls washed their upper thighs. Stephanie opened her legs wide, inviting the young girl to wash her most intimate parts. Sharon did the same, groaning a little as the girl’s small hands delicately dabbed her outer labia, teasing her clitoris to extend to its full erection. Sanouk opened his legs wide and the young boy began to wash his hard-on, balls, and anus.

Seemingly dissatisfied with the boy’s effort; Sanouk grabbed the boy by the hair on his head, pulling his mouth towards his excited cock. His placidity had been replaced with aggressive sexuality that the boy recognized as his small hands wrapped themselves around Sanouk’s cock guiding it into his willing mouth.

Stephanie and Sharon had no problem doing the same as they too urged their young girls to continue the process, opening their legs wider and pressing the little mites into their sweaty cunts. Both of them moaned lewdly to the oral pleasures of their attendants.

Returning with dry clothing, the monk arrived back in time to see the young pre-teen boy, draped across Sanouk’s thighs, as Sanouk mouth-fucked him, violently and without concern for his fragility. Sanouk moaned as he shot his semen into the boy’s throat. Then, as the monk looked at Sharon and Stephanie enjoying their respective girls, he smiled approvingly as they both brought themselves to orgasm, mashing the youngsters’ open mouths against their cum-wet slits.

“It is like witnessing Mara and two of three daughters pleasuring themselves with the fruits of the forbidden garden,” remarked the monk

His hand fondled his erection through the folds of his gown.

Sharon, hearing the reference to the Forbidden Garden, groaned with happiness.


Bathed, relaxed, and dressed in their red gowns, the monk took Sanouk and the two women on a short tour of the Temple. Although their bodies were clearly visible through the thin material of their gowns, it was as if was expected and Sharon and Stephanie got used to it.

The temple compound was larger than it looked from the outside; its grounds were very expansive; its tranquility was accented by the gentle hum of meditating monks and the occasional soft gong of bells calling the monks to prayer. They had walked for about an hour, admiring the intricate and highly erotic paintings, frescoes, and statues that embellished the walls, floors, and water features. The two women even masturbated to the monk’s explanation of the profane images that depicted their version of the Kama Sutra.

The artistry was so prolific that it adorned nearly every surface of the interior of the temple, with images of male monks and Bhikkhuni (female monks) performing oral sex, bestiality, sodomy, and masturbation with long dildo-like objects. There were other images that depicted sex between humans and these creatures that looked like white-skinned demons, with long vulture-like talons and wings of great bats – their monk-guide explained that this was a depiction of the demon ‘Mara’ and his three evil daughters. Their masturbatory journey seemed to give the monk great satisfaction, as he too kept touching himself, more from what he saw of his tour group than that of the pornographic artistry of his fellow monks.

Towards the end of the hour, just before the sun was setting, their monk guide brought them to the inner sanctum of the temple. Sanouk explained that this was in fact a great honor, as usually, farang will not welcome past that point. He said that the monk-guide had been pleased with their reaction and could see their arousal during their tour – a sign that he took of their suitability and readiness to observe the ‘Ritual of Red’ that was to be held in the inner sanctum.

“Shame Steve could not join us,” said Stephanie to Sharon.

From within the echoing walls of the inner sanctum, Stephanie found the sound of solemn chanting had become more intense and almost overwhelming. Initially, she thought she could hear the sound of the mantra ‘Rama, Rama, Rama’ which she knew to mean god. But listening more intensely, she realized that this was not the calls of prayers to a serene god or some kind of reflective Buddha … this guttural sound was actually ‘Mara, Mara, Mara’ – the evil and perverted screams to their demon god (Mara). Sanouk turned and smiled broadly his erection clearly dripping beneath his long red gown.

“Want to leave? Is it not late for you?” he whispered in his broken English.

Both Stephanie and Sharon shook their heads vigorously. Stephanie felt drenched between her legs – her cunt was itchy and open. Inside the inner sanctum itself, the screams to Mara had become almost deafening, and the three of them were shown to the raised platform above the praying monks.

“Ritual of Red,” announced Sanouk.

“I can see why,” replied Stephanie looking at the sixty or more monks all praying in their bright red gowns.

“No. It is because of the sacrificial blood that must flow every ceremony in the worship of the demon god Mara … it’s pretty fucked up … we watch and you see yourself.”

Sanouk was already gripping himself beneath the long gown that was open to the armpit on each side and gave easy access to his excited cock.

The aphrodisiacal qualities of the temple incense seemed to have an increasingly powerful effect on both Stephanie and Sharon. The lightheadedness had been replaced with a raw sexual urge that was even stronger than that which they had been able to get from Yaba. Their loins were on fire and dripped with vaginal secretions as they watched the monks stomp in lewd circular movements around the central core of the temple.

“I feel really strange,” said Sharon to Stephanie.

“You’re not alone in that. My god, my pussy is so wet,” agreed Stephanie.

“Mine feels like it’s burning!”

“Black tantric magic! They trance dance right?” Sanouk asked the monk.

“It is the way we call upon Rama, Taṇhā, Arati, and Raga for enlightenment and the gift of the ultimate orgasm!” added the monk.

The ritual had begun in earnest and a small young boy, about eleven years old, was carried to a large stone altar, cornered by four huge stone lingams, positioned in the center of the temple. The boy was dressed in only a bright red loincloth held in place by a thin string of cloth tied around his waist. His wrists and ankles secured him across a ‘bed’ of white and silver fabric as the head monk anointed him in oils and essences.

“They prepare him to serve the almighty Rama – it is the Sadhana way,” explained Sanouk.

The monk-guide nodded in confirmation.

“When the great Rama is appeased – all may rejoice and celebrate,” he added.

“Are they going to kill him?” asked Stephanie excitedly.

“No, not during this ritual … but the boy will experience the pleasures of Rama, as each of the monks bathes him in their seed,” answered the monk.

“Another day. Bring the girls – they see human sacrifice. Okay?” asked Sanouk.

“For you Master Sanouk anything!” affirmed the priest.



Steve was still away in Bangkok, his business trip was extended for a day or so. Stephanie and Sharon had spent the day relaxing by the pool; swimming and sipping cocktails in the sweltering Pattaya heat. The excitement of the temple visit was still fresh in Sharon’s head; she could still hear the throbbing beat; the mass orgy of the monks; and the overall drug-induced state had completely warped her version of reality. Too much of everything seemed to leave them both completely exhausted as they continued lay motionless on the pool deck, like addicts lying helplessly in an opium den, with nothing to think about except their next fix.

Sharon thought of her lover Chris, and how it would have been if he had been there too. She thought about her nieces and how she enjoyed their taboo love. And she thought about her first experience at the Forbidden Garden sex shop; but in truth, it all seemed so long ago … so far away … could it be true that the longer they all stayed in this perverted paradise, the murkier her mind had became and the harder it became to leave?

She laughed to herself with a vision of the childhood story of Pinocchio … that defining part of the tale when the wooden character was whipped up with the other wayward boys in that crazy place called Pleasure Island, where all indulgences were encouraged; the mindless games, smoking, drinking, gambling and whatever. It occurred to her that Pattaya was that kind of place.

It was ‘Pleasure Island’ and for a moment she saw herself as little Pinocchio, lured by all the bright lights of the amazement park from hell, with all its debauched delights. And like all the other wayward boys, she too would eventually turn into a donkey, metaphorically speaking, of course, only to find herself press-ganged into working in the secret mines – the true sinister purpose of Pattaya. The narrative of ignorance and stupidity seemed to fit perfectly as she slipped in and out of any real consciousness. In her mind’s eye, she could see the amazing park gates begin to close behind her forever by strange evil-looking creatures. Lurking. Indulgence. Sex. Sinister purpose. Yaba. Donkeys. Sex. Fucking her mind.


The plan for the evening was that they were to meet up with the attractive farang couple from the Golden Palace for drinks at their apartment, located high above the main beach in Pattaya Central. They all knew that it would involve a lot more than drinks. Sanouk had told them that the couple was Swiss-Germany. The man was Hendrick Von Klever, a thirty-two-year-old banker from Zurich, and the woman was his girlfriend, Nena Wolf, a twenty-nine-year-old porn star and high-class prostitute from Hamburg.

Both were into cruelty in a big way. She had run her own porn site for few a years specializing in extreme Femdom, dressing mostly as a Nazi Gestapo officer, and administering cock and ball torture, whipping, and other sadomasochistic themed activities in her pornographic pictures and movies. It seemed she had an enormous fan base from all over the world. Her signature look was that of an oiled-up, lanky, anorexic Dom dressed in nothing but a German SS peaked cap, thigh-high military boots, and a Swastika choker. Blazing her short horsewhip, she strutted around barking commands to her masked subs in broken English with her strong German ascent as she urinated or defecated over them in humiliation and degradation.

It seemed a little unclear how they both met, but Sanouk suggested that maybe Hendrick had once been a high-paying customer until they eventually became a couple. It seemed to be a relatively new relationship, but both had been keen to explore the darker sides of the interests in cruelty. Pattaya was the perfect place for this. The Golden Palace had become a regular haunt of theirs and they had seen Steve and Stephanie at the club on numerous occasions.

Stephanie and Sharon stepped out of the mirrored private lift into their high-rise apartment over the main beach in Pattaya. The evening view of the sunset was absolutely stunning and their forty story penthouse balcony opened onto a pool with three-hundred-and-sixty degrees uninterrupted views.

“Fräulein Stephanie, Fräulein Sharon, velcome. I am Herr Von Klever, but please call me Hendrick. Ve are both so excited about our liaison this evening. My darling, Nena, vill be here in just a moment – she has not stopped talking about you both since we first encountered you at zer Golden Palace. Of course, we are both a little disappointed zat Stefen could not be joining us on this occasion — but ve hope their will be anothza time for which we can share his company.”

Sanouk and Hendrick shook hands. In Nena’s absence, Hendrick gestured that they all take a seat, and a young local Thai girl, dressed like a French maid, served cocktails. She looked like something from a Japanese cosplay porn site. Stephanie and Sharon relaxed in their skimpy swimmers and removed their beach wraps, sinking into the comfortable outdoor furniture, as they watched the hassle and bustle of downtown Pattaya, forty stories below.

“And was it not a fabulous show at va Golden Palace that evening? The performance was so, how you say, unexpected?”

Stephanie and Sharon nodded, as they sucked on the strongly laced drinks through the deceptively harmless-looking pink umbrella, pineapple slices, and cherries. The drug buzz with almost immediately, creating a strong tingling throughout their bodies – but concentrated between their legs.

“My dearest Nena, our special guests are here,” announced Hendrick.

He stood and made Nena’s entrance even more bizarrely grand.

“Velcome Fräuleins. I am Wolf. Nena Wolf. And I am so glad you could join us for our nasty fuck party tonight,” replied Nena,

She was dressed in her favorite SS peaked cap, Swastika choker, black lacy bra upon her completely flat chest, garter belt, and fishnets with six-inch stiletto ankle boots. Her cunt looked reddish, open, and wet.

“Hendrick has made us very welcome,” responded Stephanie as she put her hand down the front of her swimming briefs, “I very much like your costume, Nena.”

“Please, please … call me Dom Wolf. I prefer the sound of it, especially from others who appreciate the finer points of sadomasochism. Herr Hendrick darling, my cunt is so wet, please bring the maid into the Eros so we can properly entertain our special guests?”

“Of course Dom Wolf, your bidding is our pleasure,” responded her submissive boyfriend

He grabbed the girl by the hair and dragged the maid to his side. The maid began to bleat until Hendrick hit her hard around the face.

“Bitch, be quiet in front of zer Mistress.”

“Come Fräuleins, let’s not waste any time in niceties – I need to discipline this slave, and I am sure we would all enjoy a delicious urine cocktail shared with such appreciative friends.”

“Ladies, where we are going, you are overdressed.”

Stephanie and Sharon laughed and stripped out of their pointless bathers, as they followed Hendrick and Nena into their so-called Eros room. The Eros was a large room without windows. It had an industrial feel, with floor-to-ceiling tiles and a large grated floor waste; the lights recessed into the flush ceiling. Everything could be washed down to remove any evidence. The free-standing furnishing looked unfamiliar but was obviously designed either for pleasure or pain.

“Please my dears’, take a seat. I vant you to be comfortable for our little show.”

Nena pointed to two chairs that suggested cunnilingus. Stephanie and Sharon both sat down and made themselves comfortable – they had no idea what Nena and Hendrick had in mind, and the anticipation was a hidden pleasure all of its own. Hendrick pushed the small Thai boy, still dressed as a French maid onto the floor and disappeared again, only to return with two more naked young Thai boys, who were no older than nine or ten.

He had donned a rubber mask that clam-shelled his head, held in place with a zipper. He spoke to the boys in broken Thai and they both knelt before Stephanie and Sharon and immediately began kissing and licking them between the legs. Stephanie and Sharon were both overjoyed; groaning in the enjoyment of the boy’s practiced attention.

Hendrick picked up the maid and dragged her to the center of the room and secured his wrists and ankles so that she was suspended between floor and ceiling. Hendrick then knelt at the feet of his Dom.

“Herr Hendrick, you are such a good boy. Vat would I do without you?”

Nena teased his erection and then walked across to test the constraints of the maid. Satisfied, she then moved over to Stephanie and kissed her on the mouth. They tongue kissed for several minutes and then she moved to stand next to Sharon, kissing her similarly, as she pressed the head of the boy firmly against Sharon’s crutch.

“Ve girls deserve to be treated like royalty don’t you think? Men and boys should be our slaves… to fuck and suck us as ve please.”

The girls groaned in agreement. Nena pulled the maid skirt from the waist of her captive, revealing that it wasn’t a girl at all, but a feminized boy – his flaccid penis looked tiny as she toyed with it between her elegant fingers.

“Herr Hendrick. Come,” said Nena.

Hendrick got up and stood next to Nena.

“Hendrick loves small little cocks – he loves to suck them. Don’t you Herr Hendrick, you fucking pervert?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Stephanie and Sharon squirmed in their seats, enjoying the practiced tongues of their cunnilingus boys; as they watched Dom Wolf and Hendrick play with the effeminate boy as he twisted and turned against his secure bindings.

Nena watched patiently as her boyfriend fellated the feminized Thai boy, who despite being uncomfortably stretched between the floor and ceiling of the Eros room, had become erect from Hendrick’s oral pleasuring.

“Suck him, Hendrick. If he cums in your mouth, I vill beat him. Tell him in Thai. Tell him that if he cums. I vill beat the living crap out of him … Tell him!”

Hendrick lifted his head from his cock sucking, spoke briefly in Thai, and resumed his fellatio. The boy looked at Nena as she thrashed the whip against the material of her thigh-high boots. Crack. It made a convincingly sadistic sound. Crack. Crack. The boy squirmed, obviously trying to stop the inevitable, as Hendick sucked his cock and balls entirely into his mouth.

The girls groaned in appreciation of both the oral sex and the mind games of their new friend, Dom Wolf … she was certainly living up to her name.

The boy came. He jerked uncontrollably as his semen sprayed into the back of Hendrick’s throat. Hendrick enjoyed milking his feminine body. But immediately his thoughts froze with the movement of Nena’s short horsewhip.

Crack. A scorching scream … Crack. Another scream … Crack. Nena laid the whip across the soft skin of the boy’s back. First, one red mark appeared followed by the crisscross of several more. With each crack of the whip, Stephanie and Sharon moaned lewdly and squirted girl cum into the mouths of the kneeling boys.

“Are you both ready to punish your boys?” asked Nena looking at her two eager students.




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