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STORY CODES: Demonic, Satanic, Incest, Youn Ones, Abuse, Corruption, Evil, Devil Worship, NC, Sexual Sin, Sex Demons, Young, Shemale.

CREATED: 13.07.2020 / REVISITED: 13.08.2023


Lilith’s Blood


The time is — now — but it is an — alternative now — the all-girl tweenie band Lilith’s Blood has begun to create a whirlwind on social media. Both their onstage and offstage antics have drawn significant attention – both good and bad. Their lyrics and agenda lay open toxic and taboo subjects like sexual perversion, incest, and pedophilia as well as an explosive cultist view on black magick, witchcraft, and the occult. The line-up of tweenie talent and their disruptive music drew inspiration from unsavory and unholy origins. Driven by their enthusiastic mothers, Lilith’s Blood is on collision course with demonic chaos.


Lilith is said to be the most notorious of all demons. According to a legend, God formed Lilith as the first woman. God did it in the same way as he created Adam. The only difference was that in place of pure dust, he used filth. Her name, Lilith, literally means ‘the night’, and she’s inextricably connected with sex and terror. Some historians attribute Lilith to being more than just female – talking about her hermaphroditic capabilities of metamorphosis between sexes. Undoubtedly her preternatural essence is said to come from her bodily fluids which have been interpreted by many of her Sapphic worshipers as the consumption of menstrual blood and urine as a means of gaining her demonic sexual power, be it over men or over other women.



  • Clea Sauvage, twin sister of Eve, lead vocals, guitar, dancer, bi, highly perverted, 12
  • Jade Volt, vocals, keyboard, dancer, bi, 11
  • Chloe ‘Frenchie’ Fabre, vocals, percussion, dancer, Bi, 13
  • Eve Sauvage, twin sister of Clea, vocals, bass and flute, dancer, Bi, 12
  • Tiffany Sauvage, mother of Clea, creator of the band, bi, witch, incestuous, 36
  • Jessie Volt, mother of Jade, technology, witch, and coven member, bi, 32
  • Ava Fabre, mother of Chloe, logistics & marketing, witch and coven member, bi, 39
  • Father Napoleon, Jesuit Priest, leader of the campaign to ban the group, 55
  • Rachel Andersen, divorce lawyer, pervert witch, and coven member, bi, 40
  • Regina Fame aka ‘The Fame Report’, blogger and pro-Satan activist, 38
  • Wilma Sharp, a reporter for ‘The Daily’ and Christian, 45
  • Andrew Puff, video blogger, a fan of Lilith’s Blood, bi, 23
  • Moses Knight, the first love of Eve, Christian, virgin, 12



Evil has a new face. Feature article in ‘The Daily’ by Wilma Sharp:

Being a Christian has always been my choice and a choice that has brought me strength and endurance. In God’s love, there is an almost bottomless well of forgiveness and humility. But in these turbulent times, I find my patience wavering. Following online trends, I discovered the tween-band, ‘Lilith’s Blood’. This line-up of four tweens, aged between eleven and thirteen, including two identical twins, is simply repellent. To state the least. Their music, lyrics, and agenda are a disgrace. Their three mothers seem to be behind the group’s formation and the publicity mill that they spin – they are witches, all. They openly talk about lesbian incest between mothers and daughters. Like you, I am horrified at how they paint the picture that this kind of propaganda is normal, acceptable, and should even be celebrated. It’s not and it shouldn’t be admired. What has the world come to? But, like many such topics in today’s ‘freedom’ society, where we value individual choice over the greater good – I say the world needs an enema!


Now, but an—alternative now.

Tiffany Sauvage turned on the television.

The cable news reporter was a woman in her late thirties. Pretty face, sandy-blond shoulder-length hair. She was standing outside the grand stadium where Tiffany’s daughter’s band, Lilith’s Blood, had performed that evening. The reporter talked about the controversy surrounding the young tween band, its material, and the social change agenda. In a very matter-of-fact way, she represented the minority that just didn’t get it. The religious zealots, the ‘holdouts’, and the extreme left fought the sea of Satan’s change at every turn. They hung on to their archaic beliefs like a smoker filling his cancerous lungs with smoke – all forgotten bigots who held onto their limited perspective about what people should or shouldn’t do.

‘The Freedom Movement’—was a real change for the better—A transformation of morals, values, and behavior … The freedom of choice that should be the right of every individual, of every satanic citizen.

Tiffany thought back to how it had been before, ‘The Freedom Movement’. A world where the authorities dictated what was or was not legal in terms of the age of consent … the legitimacy of satanic values and devil worship … censorship of child pornography … of the discouragement of late-term abortions.

What a joke.

How things had changed for the better. Now there was no age of consent. Parents were free to sexually abuse their young (as it was seen as their right to do so). There were more churches dedicated to the worship of sensual Satan (as Christianity dwindled in its pathetic popularity). On cable television, there were dozens of channels dedicated to broadcasting all kinds of extreme pornography. From pedophilia to bestiality, abortions to snuff.

Tiffany was now thirty-six.

She’d had twin twelve-year-old daughters, Clea and Eve, from a failed marriage. But that was all behind her. Her boring husband was gone, but not until he’d paid enough to support her rather wild lifestyle. Now she was dedicated to her twins and their musical careers. Their tween band was called ‘Lilith’s Blood’ – she had chosen that name because of her affinity to the sexual demon ‘Lilith’ (the mother of all demons) and the proliferation of her wickedness and sexual evil that flowed through the veins of her chosen few.

Her daughter, Clea, was the band’s enigmatic lead singer and lead guitarist. Her twin, Eve, played bass and the flute. The other band members included Jessie and Chloe. Together they’re hailed as an alternative grunge style that had attracted a large following with their raunchy and highly sexualized music videos that left nothing to the imagination. Songs like Incestorama, Dressed For Pedo, and Strap-on Twins, always got the evil crowd screaming for more.

Tiffany was also a witch. Black magic was her life. Her small circle of occult friends had long ago formed a pervert coven. Jessie Volt was thirty-two and the mother of Jade, who was the band’s eleven-year-old keyboard player. Ava Fabre was thirty-nine and the mother of Chloe, the band’s thirteen-year-old percussionist. There was Rachel Andersen. She was their long-term investment advisor (and divorce lawyer). Rachel had been more than sympathetic to their deviant cause. She’d joined their coven and successfully handled all the highly lucrative divorces for Tiffany, Jessie, and Ava.

They each made a personal fortune from their respective ex-husbands and had consequently pooled together their resources under Rachel’s advice. They had all started a new life together. A satanic life. It was a life that revolved around incest, pedophilia, occult, black magick, witchcraft, and devil worship. How they all loved pagan witch orgies and performing lewd black masses. As part of their respective settlements, each had been awarded sole custody of their children. And without their fathers in the picture, they each began a lifestyle of ritual abuse. Each had also developed a vile and perverse desire to practice late-term abortion or even partial-birth abortion as part of their witchcraft and satanic worship.


Turn away from a world of hatred by Father Napoleon. Evening Prayers, an article that appeared in ‘The Modern Christian Against The Freedom Movement’:

Brothers and Sisters. Hear my prayer.

Heed my warning. Today is just the beginning of the apocalypse. I stand on the brink of Armageddon and pray to our Lord, Jesus Christ, and Our Father, God Almighty to save mankind from themselves. As we are overrun by demons and devils that would tell us that ‘evil is good and good is evil’. The hypocrisy. The devil incarnate lives among us. Rules us and governs us by His Tower of Sodom. His phallic wand manipulates us.

How can we say that ‘freedom’ is defined by perversity and debasement — that abuse is ‘choice’ as our young suffer at the hands of Satan’s will? Turn away, I say. Turn away from this dark evil and wickedness that enslaves us with the will of witches and warlocks. No. I will not bend my knee to Satan. I will not be willing to rape and violate that which I hold as Holy.

I turn away from His temptations of the flesh, where men lay with men as if they were women and women, thus doing the same with each other. I turn away from His evil influence that says that sodomy, incest, bestiality, abortion, and murder are delicious. I turn away from His carnality and lewdness where young children are the subject of pornographic delight.

Brothers and sisters. Hear my prayer.

Heed my warning. Turn away. Turn away, now … Before it is too late. Amen.


Eleven and half years prior to now.

Tiffany was twenty-four years old and supposedly a dedicated Christian. The mother of six-month-old twin baby girls, Clea and Eve, waited impatiently for her husband to leave for work. She’d faked tiredness. Pretending, as she’d done on an increasingly regular basis. The truth was, Tiffany had grown to despise him. She didn’t even want to kiss him goodbye. He was so boring. Their relationship was boring. Sex with him was boring. How had it started? How long had it been? A few weeks? Months? Honestly, it felt like a lifetime. Looking back so much had changed in that short time span.

It seemed that the sum of her entire life was that of a predictable Christian housewife. Married in the house of God, to serve her deadbeat pious husband, monogamously. To follow the scriptures and the way of the good book. To cook, to clean, and to raise his children in the vision of this biblical tradition (handed down since the dawn of man) … But that was not the way Tiffany wanted it to be. Fuck that! What had God done for her?

She’d been praying alone while the babies were asleep in their respective coats. She’d been praying very hard. Asking for heavenly guidance. Asking for some kind of sign. She’d been open to Him bringing her a vision of what her life’s purpose could be.

And then He spoke, but not in words.

It was something she felt. More of a feeling. Tiffany became warm all over. Her body tingled with new energy. She quaked excitedly. Like a thousand tiny electric shocks. Sparks of joy!

She didn’t feel so alone anymore. He was there for her. All of a sudden, Tiffany felt highly aroused. Her vagina became very wet and extremely itchy. Her nipples became hard. And her clitoris was highly sensitized.

At first, Tiffany tried to drive these inappropriate feelings from her mind. This wasn’t what she’d expected. It didn’t fit her mind’s eye of holy divinity. But soon waves of arousal washed over her. Heat upon heat. The overwhelming desire to touch herself became so strong that she could no longer ignore it (let alone stop).

Masturbation was a mortal sin. It was a crime against the world of God. She was supposed to save her sexuality to serve her disinterested husband.

But … again, she knew He was there for her. He who was to be adored. And He wanted her to look upon herself with lustful eyes. To see herself, no longer as a simple pious follower of the scriptures, but as a carnal fornicator. A whore. She stripped naked and stood before her dressing mirror. Her twenty-four-year-old body was milky white, lean, and covered with a shiny film of sensual sweat.

Her cunt ached for something perverted. Tiffany stood completely naked. She watched from behind the curtain as the car pulled out of the driveway. He was finally gone. She usually waited a few minutes, just in case he’d forgotten something and returned. She didn’t want to get caught in the act. But today she desperately needed a perverted thrill.

She immediately lifted the twins from their cots and laid them on her queen-sized bed. She stripped her children naked. Little Clea and Eve cooed. They were beautiful. Perfect. Their baby skin was soft. He was there with her. He had told her that they were hers to use. They were her flesh and blood. He wanted her to use them for her carnal pleasure. She could do whatever she desired. There were no limitations to her corruptive inventiveness. Her cunt was open and dilated.

Tiffany sniffed their tiny cunts as she fingered herself. The tingling sensation was rapidly growing inside of her. She called His name.

“Satan …”

She asked Him to bestow her with His wicked gifts. Gifts of His heightened sexual delight. Gifts of incestuous delight. He answered her prayers. Her cunt was so open , wet and juicy. She hadn’t washed it for days and the smell of her arousal was heady and strong. She started with Clea. She smeared her cunt juices over the baby’s face — pushing her cunt-flavored fingers into the baby’s suckling lips. Parting her tiny legs, like a wicked mother, and began to lick her daughter’s tiny slit as she furiously masturbated.

”Ahhhhhgggggghhhhh,” she screamed as she came hard.

Her breathing sounded labored as she tried to catch her breath. The first orgasm had only just started to recede, as she moved towards Eve.

“Hail Satan.”

Again she smeared her cunt stench over her other child, marking the baby for Him, offering her baby to Satan. And then, just like her sister, Tiffany began lapping at her daughter’s tiny slit.


Nine years earlier than now.

Tiffany checked her emails. They all used an encrypted email service that gained them the strictest of personal security. There were a number of messages from her pervy online friends. Tiffany first found Jessie and then Ava. Both women were bisexual, perverted, and pedophilic. Just like Tiffany. They talked about the many taboos that turned them on. They shared many stories, photos, and even videos — of themselves and their naked children.

They had all expressed the feeling of being trapped in boring, sexless marriages and their frustration of being unable to fulfill their highly perverted fantasies. They’d frequently talked explicitly about sex with their own daughters.

They’d been regularly taking their daughters to dance lessons, music lessons, and singing lessons. It had seemed as if their lives were an endless parade of pointlessness — But now their lives were dedicated to Him. It felt very different — there was that exciting urge to rebel — to be exceptional, to be truly depraved.

That’s when they start to encourage each other to experiment with incest — It was as if a light had been shown into Tiffany’s dark world — a light that said she was not alone with these miscreant feelings. Lusting for your own daughters, seemed so incongruent with her Christian upbringing. The notion of sexualizing one’s own kin seemed abhorrent — yet it thrilled her, like nothing else.

It had been in small steps. Slow to start, but now it gathered momentum. Tiffany, Jessie, and Chloe had confided in each other about what they have already done. Like touching their children inappropriately when they are very small. They’d all experienced orgasms during breastfeeding. They’d taken photos and explicit videos. And each had been masturbating naked with their child (while they were too young to understand). It seemed as if they had all been on the same trajectory. They talked incessantly about their love of Satan, witchcraft, black magick, rituals, and even the notion of sexual pleasure derived from late-term abortions.





Lilith’s Blood, 2019 — Controversial first single release on Incest Records said to sexualize young children

Lilith, Our Goddess, 2019 — First album on Incest Records, with themes of satanic rituals, drinking of menstrual blood, incest between mothers and daughters; with feature tracks (also separately released on Incest Records) including Cunt Licker, Shaven Pussy, Incestorama, Finger My Clit, Witch Hunt, Pagan Fuck, Flat Chested Lover, Be My Mommy, Dressed For Pedo, Strap-on Twins, Eating My Sister’s Out

All Hail, Lilith, 2019 — First live tour (recording), where sex acts were performed live on stage between the band members

Watching porn with Mommy, 2019 — First full-on pornographic music video, themed as child porn, sexual abuse, object rape, and devil worship

Join The Coven, 2019 — Rockumentary with Clea, Jade, Chloe, and Eve, the girls talk about their special relationships with their moms, about their feelings towards sexual predators (some of whom are their fans)

Masturbating for Lilith, 2020 — Controversial podcast featuring band members. Masturbating for the camera and talking about their love of perverted sex

Drinking Lilith’s Blood, 2020 — Second live tour (recording), with themes of vampirism, transformation, hermaphroditism, sexual violence, female sodomy, and human sacrifice

Blood, Urine and Date Rape Drugs, 2020 — Second album released on Incest Records, with themes of devil worship, vampirism, transformation, and hermaphroditism; featuring tracks (also separately released on Incest Records) including: Cunt Wait, I’m A Squirter, Fuck Your Little Brother, Eat My Shit, Devil Lover, Cocktails, Pedoboy, Incest Orgy, Arse-To-Mouth, Cock Lady, Transvampire, I Want Cock, Drug Her & Rape Her, The Devil’s Juice, Pornocation Of The World.


Three years earlier than now.

Small steps became big steps. Big steps became strides. Strides became leaps and bounds. The threesome of witches colluded together in every aspect of their twisted little lives. Firstly, they had become physically involved and entwined in their separate, yet converging desires to seduce their own young. They plotted and planned and dared each other.

Tiffany had been the first to make a breakthrough. It had been one of her twins, Clea. Clea was eight but she thought she was already a teenager in the way she dressed and in her attitude. She seemed a lot more advanced than her twin, Eve.

Clea had been a promiscuous little creature and was terrified when her mother caught her in the act of masturbation whilst watching porn on her iPad. What Clea didn’t realize was that her mother had made sure that the child protection software had been disabled and she’d been spying on her daughter for quite some time. It seemed that Clea had a taste for kinky material, which her mother had noticed.

On this particular occasion, she had caught her, with two fingers jammed up her little cunny whilst watching porn videos including lesbian piss sex. Tiffany had been close to cumming watching her daughter finger-fucking herself. It had been a delicious sight. However, Tiffany could resist taking it one step further. Clea obviously thought she was alone and unobserved when suddenly her mother stood over her.

”What is this?” demanded Tiffany.

Clea looked red-faced and embarrassed. Caught in the act.

”I’m sorry …” she said meekly.

Clea’s immediate reaction was to stop and cover herself.

”Did I tell you to stop?” Tiffany’s voice was authoritative.

This probably wasn’t a question she’d expect to hear. Maybe it wasn’t a question at all. Tiffany’s daughter looked very conflicted.

”Tell me, does it make you feel excited to watch these perverted women piss in each other’s mouths?” demanded her mother.

Clea was biting her lower lip.

”Answer me, Clea!”

”Yes,” whispered Clea like a mouse.

Tiffany grabbed her daughter’s iPad and turned up the volume so that the sound of the moaning and groaning of the piss-guzzling lesbian perverts filled the room. Clea looked even more embarrassed. Tiffany grabbed her daughter’s hand — the hand that had been busy finger-fucking herself.

Tiffany sniffed her daughter’s fingers, then to Clea’s surprise, she put them in her mouth. Her mother was sucking her cunt-favored fingers. Clea looked in disbelief.

”You are a very bad girl. You’re acting like a dirty little whore,” said Tiffany, “How should I punish you?” Clea seemed afraid to say anything, ”How should I punish a dirty little whore?”


Tiffany had wanted her husband to die. She hated him with a passion. Taking this to another level, Tiffany, Ana, and Jessie started to meet regularly in secret. They had begun with simple black magic and devil worship. They left the kids behind, to begin with. They had excuses to their indifferent husbands, saying that they were meeting up with girlfriends for a shopping trip. They would be gone all day.

But when they met, they never needed retail therapy, instead, they all prayed for their husbands to die. And indulged their lesbian fantasies together. They took it in turn to rent a hotel suite. Posh. Expensive. They always paid cash. Each was horny as hell. They stripped naked or dressed up as satanic whores. Tiffany was always the first to share her collection of child porn, as they masturbated themselves and each other. It got progressively more perverted with every successive meeting.

They shared together, taking glee in how each of them had started making small steps towards the seduction of their own daughters. Tiffany had told them how she’d caught her daughter masturbating and how one thing lead to another and soon her daughter had become an accomplice in the seduction of her twin. Clea was a willing participant in Tiffany’s incestuous game. They now regularly indulged in mother-daughter sex. And it wasn’t long before Clea was fucking her twin (as Tiffany spied on them).

Clea faked being caught with her sister, Eve … their mother pretending, once again to be angered by their incestuous activities. Now Tiffany enjoyed sex with both her daughters; while the others were in awe of Tiffany’s stellar progress. Soon they’d all reached beyond the point of no return.

In those first steps, they each shared explicit pictures and videos of every aspect of child abuse and incest. Each of the perverted mothers set up their own secretive altar to Satan and collected the tools to worship Him with their respective daughters. Dildos, bondage equipment, and symbols of their faith in Satan.

One by one the other two mothers introduce their daughters to lesbian pedophilia through explicit child porn and incest. They’d each told their girls, that they were special, that they have been chosen by the Devil to serve Him and His sexually demonic agenda to serve as temple harlots and perform sex acts, for and with, their witch mothers.

The game-changer came when Tiffany met Rachel. Rachel Anderson had been Devil sent. She’d expedited their divorces and assisted in creating the scenario where they had sole custody of their daughters. No more interference from their limp-cocked exes. The witches had pooled their resources and moved in together.

Tiffany was the one who came up with the idea. A band. A rock tweenies band. As all the children can sing, dance and play musical instruments, her plan was that the girls should form their own rock band. She suggested to Ava, Jessie, and Rachel that they call the band ‘Lilith’s Blood’. They all loved the idea. The rest was history.

It seemed their timing was impeccable as The Freedom Movement had begun to gain strong momentum. Communities changed overnight. Like the tide changing direction. It was unstoppable. She suggested that they use their occult ideology as the ‘elixir’ that transforms innocence into sin — that corrupts and poisons. They planned to sexualize their children in terms of the way they dressed, the lyrics of their songs, the way they’d perform on stage … and of course, they used them for their own sexual satisfaction.

Lilith’s Blood became an instant success. They drew interest from the sensation-hungry media. They couldn’t get enough of the tweens, who thought nothing of acting lewdly on camera, thrilling their pedophilic audiences with their famous ‘urine drinking’ as they praised their love of Satan. The girls had begun to build a large fan base (including other mothers encouraged to commit incest, and daughters willing to commit incest). But as quickly as they rose to the top of the charts; the battle lines began to be drawn when religious zealots sort to discredit the group — dismissing them as a fad and destined to become just more media fodder. Outspoken individuals, like Father Napoleon, said that it was evil to sexualize young children, that incest is a crime, and that pedophiles should be castrated.

However, for every negative review, there seems to be an overwhelming degree of support for Lilith’s Blood … and as ‘The Freedom Movement’ gathered momentum, there was little doubt that the band would continue to inspire mothers and parents to challenge the outdated models of Christian behavior.

The girls seemed to love being the willing victims of perverted incest. They performed all manner of lewd sex acts on stage while their song lyrics openly glorify incest, bestiality, scat, Devil worship, blasphemy, rape, drug use, and abuse. Tiffany instructed the girls on what to do, and what to say — they learned fast.


Tiffany crossed the room. She was completely naked and a thin line of clear cum was dribbling down the inside of her legs, after she fucked a twelve-year-old-boy, while his own mother had been face-fucking his mouth. Incest was so beautiful, she thought. The after-party satanic orgy has been going on for several hours and Tiffany needed more drugs.

She was genuinely surprised to see the likes of her nemesis, the priest called Father Napoleon, backstage. What the fuck was he doing? As far as she knew, the Father was completely old school. A vegan. A pious fucking loser. He did everything by hand — like, the Father had no machines, no technology, no online support.

Tiffany laughed to herself, saying, “And the loser thinks he knows what’s really going on?”

”Father Napoleon. I am surprised,” said Tiffany with her hands on her hips.

”Ms. Savage … I am here under duress,” said the solemn priest.

Anger pressed his lips together. He looked in pain, but he stared openly at her stark nakedness. He was dressed in his traditional black robes and bare-feet-in-sandles. A shimmering cross hung from his rosary belt and his magnified beady eyes glared at her, through his thick, milk-bottle-bottom glasses, with solid black frames. The priest’s lips were moist (almost salivating) and red-purple in hue. He was an ugly old man with a ridiculous comb-over.

“See something you like?” she said as she openly played with herself in front of the priest.

She slid her fingers in and out of herself and then sucked her cum-coated digits.

“Your evil never ceases to shock me whore!”

“Well, Father … have you come to bend the knee to Satan?”

“You’re nothing but an evil demon. A perverted demon!” he growled (almost spitting), “You’re blasphemous soul will burn in the fires of eternal hell, witch!”

Tiffany laughed out loud.

“And you’re nothing — Just a relic to a dead god!”

He reached into his robe pocket. Tiffany thought for a second that maybe he had a gun. Did he intend violence … This wasn’t his style? Maybe the change in tactics was because he was losing the war?

Just then, Rachel appeared behind the priest. She was also naked, but in her hand, she held a stun gun. It was harmless, except that it could knock over a charging bull at twenty feet. A flash of blue-white light arced across between the end of the stun gun and hit the back of the hapless priest. The jolt knocked him over onto his face, in front of where Tiffany was standing. His glasses smashed against the floor as he fell into a heap. Blood. Broken teeth and glass. His outstretched hand held no weapon, just a small notebook.

“Fucking loser!” cried Rachel, almost triumphant.

She kicked his unconscious body with her bare feet.

“What the fuck, Tiffany? What happened?”

“I don’t know,” answered Tiffany.

“Fuck you!” shouted Rachel at the unconscious body of Father Napoleon, “Man of fucking God!”

Rachel stood directly over the fallen priest and began to urinate over him.

“Hail Satan,” she cried, “Hail the true God! My piss is even too good for the likes of you!”

Rachel then bent down and retrieved the notebook from his unconscious hands She opened the pages of the priest’s palm-sized notebook and studied the information.

“What is it?“ asked Tiffany impatiently.

“I’m not quite sure,” replied Rachel.

“What should we do with him.” Asked Tiffany.

“We should take him somewhere. Off the grid. Maybe I need to talk to him about this. Persuade him to help us.” Said Rachel as she put her arm around Tiffany. They kissed passionately.

“Fuck you’re hot.”

“He hates us. All of us,” said Tiffany. “He’ll never help us.”

“I didn’t say he would, willingly — but help us, he will. And he’ll never be a problem again, because when I am finished with him — he is going to disappear forever.”




A Night To Remember. Video blogger, Andrew Puff’s attentions Drinking Lilith’s Blood Tour 2020 in Manila:

What a head-spin man! Wow! Fuck-a-duck yer! I’ve just returned from Manila, where I got to see ‘Lilith’s Blood’ live at the Philippine Arena. The venue is one of the world’s largest indoor arenas with capable of seating 50,000 fans – and it was filled to capacity!

So, as you’ll know, if yer Lilith’s Blood fan, the show is always in three parts – each consecutively escalating in raunch and debauchery. The gurls were in fine form.

Their opening number ‘Dressed for Pedo’ was punctuated by their costumes that made them all look like little school gurls – what? They are little school gurls. Clea and Eve, both twelve; Jade, the youngest at eleven; and Chloe, the veteran, at thirteen. The crowd … screamed the lyrics, “Mommy loves me to dress this way. Wear no knickers when I’m out to play.” The audience went crazy as they flashed her naked sex in time with the chorus. All cute as a button. From the opening number onward, it had me hard as nails! Yer.

At the third-way mark was their first costume change as they all turned out in all-white dresses with tiny angel halos and feathered wings – only the costumes turned completely transparent in black light. The little bitches left nothing to the imagination. Yer, this blasphemous set included songs like: ‘Watching porn with Mommy’, ‘Cunt Wait’ and ‘I’m A Squirter’… And they didn’t disappoint the audience with Clea showing everyone that she was a ‘squirter’. Hot potatoes!

The last set was pure demonic. The gurls were dressed as succubi (sex demons). complete with horns, hoofs, and satanic tattoos. Their goat-like legs were very realistic and didn’t seem to impede the raunchiness of their explicit dance moves. No, quite the opposite. All the while, the huge mega-screens broadcast a very graphic video of a young five-year-old lass being raped by a black goat — somewhat reminiscent of a 70s satanic horror flick (in all its wondrously demonized sexualization). The closing number, ‘The Devil’s Juice’, was portrayed as a ritual sacrifice where the lead singer, Clea, wearing a large black strap-on, ass-fucked a naked young toddler as he hung helplessly against a huge Saint Andrew’s Cross that had been placed center stage — the roar of the crowd drowned out the screams of the tiny child!


Clea and Eve hung back at the after-party. It had been a huge show. They were both exhausted. Their mother, Tiffany, had been very pleased with their performance. She’d said it was one of their best. Clea wasn’t so sure. She’d enjoyed the rape scene. The young Filipino toddler still hung against the huge St Andrew’s cross. And the after-party crowd was already getting wild. The orgy had begun. The sound of one of their hit songs ‘Pornocation Of The World’ was echoing in the antechamber.

”Do you ever wonder what it would have been like if we had a normal life?” asked Eve, “I mean, no fame, no fortune — none of this attention?”

”What a stupid fuckin’ question,” barked Clea.

Eve stopped to catch the lyric of the chorus.

“It’s boring, it’s old … so porno-cate the world; fuck Jesus, fuck Mary, and porno-cate the world; hail Satan, hail Satan, and porno-cate the world.”

Clea had no time for Eve’s infernal questions today. Her cunt needed sexual release, but she honestly couldn’t face the hordes tonight. Maybe a little one-on-one action with her incestuous twin? They could sneak back to the hotel room. A golden shower in that hotel bed, soak everything in the presidential suite, piss everywhere — fuck yer — maybe they could roll around in their own stinking feces. Leave a real fucking mess.

”I just want to walk down the street without having to be surrounded by a dozen security guards.”

“Seriously, you want to live like a nobody? asked Clea.

Eve was pissing her off. Clea changed tact.

”Sorry. I don’t mean to be condescending. You’re right. I know what you mean. Sometimes, not being recognized is a good thing. And when we do wicked things, we’re more likely to be noticed. To be caught out.”

“It’s more than that,” said Eve, not realizing her twin’s pretense, “Do you ever think, how our mother has coached us into an incestuous relationship with each other; to have incest with her and her witch coven friends; to have sex with their offspring?”

Clea remembered how her mother had caught her masturbating. That had been the turning point. Her stupid mother had pretended to be mad at her. Watching lesbian piss porn. Clea laughed at herself. Her mother thought she didn’t know what she was up to. So fucking naive. She knew all along and the only reason her mother caught her was, that Clea had wanted her too. And then the seduction of her stupid sister. Eve. So gullible. Both, her mother and she acted out that scene so that Eve would be drawn into their incestuous web. It had been exciting. Satan was watching over her. She felt a Him. She did His bidding.

”So you don’t like having sex with me anymore?” asked Clea, faking being hurt.

”Listen. I’m not saying we wouldn’t have fallen for each other on our own. I love you, Clea,” qualified Eve, “You’re beautiful, sexy and you know what turns me on … But how much of this is us and how much of this is her … she’s the one pushing us to partake in evil rituals and even condoning the murder of innocent ones for the glory of Satan … is that her? Or is it us?”

“Isn’t that what we all want?”

“I … I just think about it sometimes.”

”You’re the smarter one, Eve,” lied Clea.

To Clea, all this doubt and the questioning was just a game she is playing. Of course, it’s what she wants and no price is too high. Clea loved the fame, the fortune, and the power to do whatever she wants to whomever she wants … and Clea wanted it all.

”So what would you do differently?” Clea continued.

Eve studied her miscreant sister. They are so alike in so many ways. Identical in fact. But for one small detail … she once loved a boy. His name is Moses. He was from their neighborhood — and without consequences. His mother and father were both — Hold Outs — as the Satanists called them. Even his name, Moses, harkened to a different time and set of values. He was even named after a prophet. They’d held hands and kissed. But when the family was targeted for ritual abuse, Eve pretended not to know him. She felt a deep sense of shame.

“I remember a boy you liked, Eve. What was his name? Moses? Moses Knight? Fuck it! Is that what this is about Eve? Your guilty conscience … And now you’re going all — Hold Out — on me?”

Eve didn’t like her sister’s tone. But thought about making her position too obvious. Maybe it wasn’t a wise choice to let Clea know that she still had a soft spot for him.

“What the fuck, Clea. You go on sometimes!”

Clea saw what Eve didn’t want her to see. So, in Eve’s mind, it was a choice between fame or obscurity, bottomless wealth or poverty, between day or night, between good or evil … She knew in an instance that her twin had been hiding something from her. But this wasn’t the time or place to call her out. She would find this Moses. She would pretend to be Eve. She would fuck him and then kill him. That would fuck things up … wouldn’t it?


It wasn’t difficult to track the likes of young Moses Knight and his “Hold Out” family. Clea had her friends in dark places. Friends who could get things done. They knew where he was and what he was up to. Nothing much. The little fucker was a sitting duck. How could Eve feel anything for this fucking Xian loser?

So the plan was simple. She’d pretend to be her sister. They looked identical. Moses Knight was naive and would be easily duped. She’d hook up with Eve’s secret love — not in the same pansy-holding-hands-and-looking-into-each-other’s-eyes kind of way. She knew all Eve’s mannerisms. She’d fuck him up bad. She’d expose his Xian family. It would be a circus and Eve would have to disassociate herself from him, once and for all.

Clea wondered if she should get her mother involved. No. She wanted to do this herself. Make it personal. Her cunt throbbed with wickedness. Moses fucking Knight would be hers. Her mother would be so proud of her. Anyway, the objective was to get Eve to snap out of this stupid sentimentality to this Xian Hold Out and get back to the reality of what she wanted, what Clea needed.


Moses was a gentle boy. A bit effeminate and wimpy. At twelve, he was already planning his life at seminary school. He studied the bible and was often asked by his father and mother to lead them in prayer at the dinner table. The Knights live modestly. They kept to themselves and to the small community of committed Christians as part of The Society of Jesus. They were now a minority in a world empowered by the Freedom Movement. Most had rejected believing in God or at least worshiping him as modern today society ridiculed and marginalized their unpopular beliefs. But the Hold Outs seemed either too stubborn or too stupid to let go and bow down before the mighty and power of the one true God, Satan (as did most of the world).

It was Sunday morning and the family made ready to go to their secretive service. The Knights weren’t expecting any visitors when a young girl, about the same age as their son, turned up at their home. Moses recognized her right away. He flushed in juvenile emotion. He looked like he was about to weep with joy.

”Eve,” he said excitedly, his voice cracking up, “What are you doing here?”

His parents said nothing. Clea smiled warmly. She had dressed in one of her twin sister’s skirts and blouses (that she never wore anymore). It made her look younger and more conservative. She wore no make-up and her hair was tied back in a simple bun.

”Moses, I had to see you.”

”You know this young lady?” asked Moses’s father, Mr. Knight.

”Yes, Father. This is Eve Sauvage. We use to go to school together.”

”Sorry to drop in unannounced. I had something I needed to talk to Moses about something important — I hope that is okay?” The little girl’s voice sounded sweet.

”Of course. Look, we’re about to go to service. Why don’t you stay here Moses, with your friend? We’ll see you in a few hours, after the evening mass,” suggested Moses’ mother.

And then they were gone, leaving the two youngsters alone together.

”I missed you Eve … I’ve missed you so much,” Moses whispered, almost too afraid to share his emotions at their sudden reunion.

”I missed you too. I’ve been thinking about you — all the time!” she lied as she threw her arms around his neck, “I love you, Moses —”

”I love you too Eve — I never stopped!”

Clea wasted no time. She was taking advantage of the boy’s fragile emotional state. She kissed Moses on the lips. She knew they didn’t have too long and she wanted to seduce the boy. She tried to totally fuck him up. Moses accepted the kiss but didn’t respond immediately. He seemed nervous and inexperienced in intimacy. It was just not done that way in his pious world.

”Moses?” she asked, in a sleepy seductive tone, “Moses — will you hold me?”

Moses looked unsure. But Clea took his hand and placed it upon her tiny bumps (through the material of her conservative blouse). She purred as he didn’t flinch or pull back.

”That feels so nice. I love the way you touch me,” she said reassuringly, as she rested her hand on his trouser-ed leg, “You like how I feel?”

Moses nodded. Good, she thought. She placed her hand over his and moved his fingers around her tiny breasts as they kissed again.

”You make me feel so loved,” she lied, “You want me, Moses? You want me?”

”Y-e-s —” he stuttered.

She lifted her leg over his and slid her hand further up his thigh, towards his groin. Her hand rested against the bulge in his trousers. He froze, as she pressed gently against it and massaged his throbbing erection through the coarse material of his Sunday best.

Clea kissed Moses, but this time more urgently. More passionately. She pressed her tongue forward so that it flickered between his quivering lips. Her hand held his and guided between her open legs and slipped his fingers inside her very moist panties. Moses looked drunk. Unsure but unwilling to stop.

“Put your finger inside me Moses —” she suggested, as her fingers draw down the zipper of his trousers.

Her fist closed around his white virgin meat, while she took out her phone and videoed his cock as she slide her hand up and down it. He looked at her, his mouth open.

“This is a special moment,” she said.

Clea’s body language reinforced her enjoyment at what he was doing, which seemed at odds with his belief that any of this was really happening — it was as if he was in a dream, awaiting the moment when he’d awaken and realize it was just all in his mind. She recorded the both of them, as they mutually masturbated one another.

”Let me suck it. Let me taste you Moses,” she said, “Let me suck your dick. You want me too, right?” she asked.

He nodded silently as she masturbated him with her fingers, drawing his foreskin back and forth over the reddish wet tip. His precum lubricated her sinful behavior. Yes, he couldn’t resist. It made her feel sinfully powerful.

“Say it, say you want me to suck your cock.”

“Eve. Suck my cock,” he whispered meekly as she captured everything on video.

Her warm lips wrapped around his meager penis as she sucked his entire cock and balls in her greedy wet mouth. Moses was moaning in response to these new and powerful pleasures. He was dangerously close to ejaculation. And she wanted his semen in her dirty little snatch. She mounted him. His cock twitched with anticipation.

”You want to fuck me, Moses?” she teased, pressing the head of his boy cock inside her vagina’s opening, “Want to sin with me?”

Moses was beyond any sense of reason.

“Yes! Don’t stop!”

Clea sank down his shaft and paused. He didn’t want her to stop. His eyes begged her.

“Say it, fucker. Say you want to sin with me!”

“Let me sin! Please!”

Clea draw herself up and down, drawing his pleasure and intensifying it was her greedy cunt, squeezing his pulsing cock tightly.

“But these are the pleasures of the Devil?” she whispered (but loud enough that her phone recorded everything.

”I don’t care, Eve! Please don’t stop,” Moses mumbled.

”You don’t care? Isn’t that blasphemous? Going against the word of God? Sinning for me? Worshiping me?”


A Breath Of Fresh Air. Feature article in ‘The Fane Report’ by Regina Fame:

Hail all. Welcome once again to ‘The Fame Report’ — the online pulse of the world today. I am Regina Fame and today we met with the shock-rock group’s creator of Lilith’s Blood, Tiffany Sauvage. Tiffany is also the mother of the lead singer, Clea Sauvage, and the band’s bass guitarist, Eve Sauvage. This multi-talented woman and award-winner, now in her mid-thirties professes the joys in lesbian incest and pedophilia through her daughter’s voice. With hit songs like Cunt Licker, Flat Chested Lover, and Dressed For Pedo — they openly celebrate the pleasure of inter-generational sex. I asked her about what started this all. Click the link for the full news story if you are a subscriber to ‘The Fame Report’. If not, too bad.


Eve watched the video that her twin sister had uploaded.

”Fuck you, Frenchie,” bemoaned Eve, using Clara’s nickname, “You are such a fucking little bitch.”

She watched the self-made-porno of her friend, Moses, making out with her. He thought it was her. The dumb fuck! Couldn’t he tell the difference between them? They may be identical to look at — but they were nothing like each other. What had she done? She made him eat his own cum; then she fucked him with a strap-on; sodomizing him as she prayed to Lilith — calling out to her to corrupt him and to take his soul to hell. He’d pathetically gone along with it all — renouncing his faith, blaspheming for her. She pissed over his face and baptized him in the name of Satan. The video had gone viral — all over social media. Moses’ family would have found out by now. She wanted to reach out to him — to let him know that it wasn’t her doing — but it was too late — poor little Moses.

Of course, the video had done nothing but increase the band’s notoriety. Her mother had been very pleased with the outcome … saying it was about time she’d exposed this loser and his stupid fucked-up family. But that’s not what Eve felt. Her mother had praised Lilith for her inspiration — while her sister, Clara, just gloated.




Lyrics World Publications; lyrics for ‘Dressed For Pedo’ by Lilith’s Blood, Copyright Incest Music 2019.

Mommy loves me to dress this way.
Wear no knickers when I’m out to play.
Always do what mommy say.
That’s because we’re pedo prey.


Dress for Pedo, dressed for Pedo.
Tease them with an itch they can’t scratch.
Dress for Pedo, dressed for Pedo.
Get them horny for under-aged snatch.

Mommy loves to lick my cunny.
She says it’s hot and tastes of honey.
She finger-fucks me, till I’m runny.
That’s how I get my pocket money.

Repeat chorus

Lesbo incest is so much fun.
Jillin’ off like a sexual demon.
Perverts watch the taboo things we’ve done.
Watch them spurt their filthy semen.

Repeat chorus


Rachel Anderson finished collecting the files on her desk. She opened her special filing cabinet and placed these more secretive documents inside and locked it. The truth was that some of her cases were not the regular work that she took on for the firm, Anderson, Bright & Crowning, Lawyers & Solicitors LLC. Though she was a powerful litigator at ABC Law, she had a few other specialization. One of these was divorce settlements for wealthy women. It wasn’t that Rachel hated men. Actually, she loved cock, especially very young cock. It was just she was good at trying their cases. She knew how to bend the rules. She had an impressive string of victories—with absolutely no losses. Some say she had sold her soul to the Devil. That she had no morality. She took no prisoners. This kind of comment always made her laugh.

Rachel was complex, to say the least, and she had a secret life. Long before the Freedom Movement, she had been a sadistic pervert. A dedicated pedophile. Meeting Tiffany Savage and the other two witches, Ava Fabre and Jessie Volt had simply been an alignment of her long-term goals. Of course, sex with children, for her, had always been a given, and outside of her relationship with the witches and their very young girls, she enjoys a very active sex life as a dominatrix. She loved to dish out the pain and suffering that her wealth can afford her. She was also a murderer. What got her off, was the killing of unborn babies, by forced abortion. By all accounts, she was pure evil, through and through.

Devil worship always brought her the most exquisite of orgasms. She loved the Black Mass — the ritualized sex — the sacrifice of a fetus, usually taken from some poor and brutalized mother, rewarded Rachel with a wickedness that was difficult to match.

When her world collided with Tiffany’s, it had in a way, created the perfect storm that gave birth to Lilith’s Blood. The divorces. The legal issues. Tiffany, Jessie, and Ava had engaged Rachel as their lawyer. And at the time she’d been more than sympathetic to their cause. She was one of them.

One by one, she’d helped them. They‘d triumph over their respective husbands. Their husbands were easy meat for the well-practiced Rachel. All of them. They never stood a chance. Well, maybe Ava’s husband could have scored a victory, but Rachel organized him to be dealt with. A dead man couldn’t possibly win. The fact was, Rachel, would stop at nothing to get her evil and twisted way.

Each of the witches had made a fortune from their respective ex-husbands. Rachel took care of everything so that they were free of the encumbrance of their relationships. Rachel organized the legalities so that they could pool their resources and start living together. Each was also awarded sole custody of their children. And without their fathers around, they could begin the real sexual abuse — and Rachel had made sure that she’d be there too, not only to witness this but to be an active participant in their ritualistic sexual abuse.

The witches had welcomed Rachel with open arms … and open legs. The three witches became four, as they adopted her into their deviant coven. Rachel‘s dream of pagan orgies and her participation in the sexuality perversion of endless Black Mass was now truly realized.

The events started by Rachel had turned up the wickedness that Tiffany, Jessica, and Ava are only too pleased to participate in. Rachel wasn’t interested in just devil worship per se … no … she saw herself as a living demon — with a demon’s vile lust. Her way was carnal cruelty, suffering, and total sexual subversion. Rachel’s evil world had begun to spiral into the depths of hell and beyond.


Father Napoleon awoke. He was disoriented. There was blood in his mouth and without his glasses, he found it difficult to see his surrounding in detail. He ran his tongue over the front of his teeth and was shocked to find he’d broken several teeth. There was pain. Everywhere hurt.

He remembered going backstage at the blasphemous concert. There had been an orgy in full swing. Naked bodies of adults and young children everywhere. They were dancing naked, masturbating to those evil songs, before a large idol of the Baphomet. That hideous idol, transgendered. He’d looked upon the goat-headed demon with pronounced breasts and a large erect phallic thrusting up from between its cloven-hoofed legs. There was evidence of a sacrifice. Animal or human? He couldn’t tell. There was a lot of blood everywhere.

It was a banquet of pedophilic perversity. Everywhere his eyes looked there was flesh and fornication. Men with young boys and girls. Women with both sexes too. Jezebels. Whores of Sodom. Large screens broadcast videos of the most hideous forms of child abuse. The orgy-makers were so preoccupied with their evil lust, nobody paid any heed to his presence.

He had felt the wrath of the Lord fill him. He was the weapon of the Lord. This was a Holy crusade. But, then he saw her. The instigator. She was very animated. It was as if she were the high priestess, performing a ritual of riding a young boy (spreadeagled upon a raised dais before her satanic god). The young boy was no older than twelve at most. Ms. Savage and, what appeared to be, the boy’s own mother were both naked; as they both fucked the child together. He wanted to be sick. To vomit.

Then, he saw her leave. He’d followed her undetected. She was alone. He confronted that evil woman. Tiffany Savage. She’d been touching herself in front of him. Taunting him with her hideous sexuality. He’d felt aroused, though he’d never thought it possible. The witch! She must have bewitched him. She had some powerful dark magick. Only God’s power could have saved him from her whoredom. He’d prayed.

He squinted into the middle distance. The room was blurred but he could make out in the dim light that he was somewhere subterranean. A cellar maybe. There were no windows or natural light; just a small door that looked close. There was a wall-mounted video screen. It was a large one, but it seemed to be off. He got up, or at least tried. His head was still pounding. There was a bowl of soup and some water. At least his captors had some sense of responsibility. Maybe they didn’t intend him to die — well, not right away.


A day and a night had passed. He’d blanked out, only to find himself naked and restrained. They’d given him food and water. He wasn’t exactly sure, but he’d felt a strangeness out of his body. He’d found himself stirred to an erection. Despite his prayers, the desire to touch his own flesh had become almost unbearable. And with every passing day, his desires twisted. What was wrong with him? Had godforsaken him?

His faith had felt weaker and his desire to fornicate increased to the point of insanity. It was that damnable witch – what had she done to him? Had she infected him with her evil lust? It was then that the wall-mounted screen came to life. Pornography — child pornography. Disgusting. Vile. The priest turned away. He hid his face, but the sounds of sex and sexual abuse still filled his ears. He clamped his eyes shut, but couldn’t cover his ears, as his hands were held against the wall. his flesh was hard, precum dripped and his hips bucked subconsciously. How long could he take this torture of his soul?

He’d just blacked out. The sound from the video brought him back. And she was there … a young girl … he guessed she was no older than eight or nine. She was naked and lewd with him. Her eyes were carnal as they looked at his turgid cock. It stood upright as it had done for the past few hours. He looked at her nakedness. He knew that he should only feel disgusted as she masturbated before him … but what he knew and what he wanted were two very different things. He wanted her to touch him. He wanted to touch her — Dear God! — He thought — Help me — I am the Devil’s puppet.

That was when she began to touch him. He was powerless to stop her. And if he wasn’t restrained, would he have been able to overcome the incredible lust that filled him with a rawness of primal instincts? Her small hands closed around his cock and drew his foreskin back and forth over its slick wet tip — Oh, the pleasure.

He looked up at the video. An under-aged orgy was in full swing. But not just a flesh show — it seemed to be contextualized as a ritual — adults, previously dressed as clergy, were now naked; men and women of the cloth, all abusing young naked children. The sounds of fornication and Latin chanting — pure and unadulterated Devil worship — he was getting off on it, as the tiny young hands began to beat his flesh.

“Stop child — stop —” the priest had muttered, half-heartedly, “Stop this sinful act —”

Oh, the divinity of such wickedness. How could he refuse?


He’d cum hard. Awake, he’d found himself unrestrained. A bucket served as a toilet, but the cell reeked of his own foulness. The video was black. Lifeless. More soup. More water. There was a bed — more of a bunk — He laid down and tried to ignore the desire to touch himself. His cock was still rampant. Oh, how to ignore these primal instincts. The video purred to life. Filth. Vile pornographic filth. The sound of children being fucked against their will — rape and abuse. Crying children.

She was there again. The young girl sat on the end of the bunk. She crawled across him. On top of him. Flesh touching naked flesh. She grabbed his hard dick and rubbed it hard and fast. Maybe she was hoping that she could satisfy him this way. But he wanted her. His priestly hands grabbed her tight. She squirmed as he lifted her into his fleshy spear.


Rachel had been watching the priest from a remote-controlled camera. She wanted him to suffer. She wanted him to fall from Grace. He needed to be publicly humiliated; compromised — seen as a fraud — another pervert of the cloth exposed. Yes, she knew exactly how this should be done. The recording of him would achieve this perfectly. No matter whatever explanation — he was done.

She’d fed him some powerful stimulants during his short captivity. He’d been subjected to an onslaught of pornographic propaganda — its agenda obvious and its conclusion, inevitable. There he was fucking a child, balls deep — she laughed at how easy it had been.

Now, as she masturbated against the upturned face of a young Filipino child. Her forceful hands held the child mercilessly against her soaking wet cunt. The child was close to suffocation as Rachel bucked hard in the throws of her orgasm.

”Gggghrhhghhhhhhh … Fuck! Fuck, Hail Lilith!” moaned the attractive but sadistic woman.

She grabbed the sacrificial blade and brought it down hard into the skull of the child. Blood flew everywhere.


Father Napoleon stirred from a vivid dream. He was shocked to find himself covered in blood. The bedding was drenched too. The knife on the cellar floor had his fingerprints on it. He just knew it. The dead child lay lifeless across his legs. What had he done? He couldn’t remember. Whatever had motivated him to commit such a heinous act? He began to weep.




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