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The Devil Queen and the Little Girl Scouts 6

Mommy just had to have more now, but where. Hell, they were in Disney of all places sucking piss out of child pussy. Her husband had licked what was on her face and fucking her telling her what a slut child molester she was. I was a bad girl. No slut you suck child pussy and drink child piss. She hoped her daughter could hear. She just could never. Not her own child.

She was limp fuck as she pulled on a robe to go get some ice for a drink. She grabbed her cunt meat as the woman was on her back with a little girl on her face. The child was twisting the woman’s nipples pissing down her throat. The woman was frantically fisting herself.

Honey I told you have to share. But mommy I like it. I do too honey, but you keep sucking it all. I am sorry mommy, but you do that thing on my ass again. She did like her daughter’s ass and it was right there poking up. Just this once but you have to stop just sucking daddy without permission.

She had sucked all of the dog sperm out of her daughter’s pussy and sucked down a dog sperm enema. Suck really hard this time mommy as she pulled the horrid alligator biting into her clit. Child owned pain slut mommy sucked her child’s piss.

Daddy came home from work and was now use to it. Hi daddy. Hi baby are you hurting mommy again? Yes daddy. Do you need me honey? Well once daddy as I don’t think mommy can get up and make dinner. She wants us to whip her later, but you are all hard again daddy. You are always daddy. Do I not do it right?

You are my perfect princess baby. Daddy can you do that again on my nipples, I think it is helping but maybe if you pull harder it will go faster. Yes baby. He could only use fingers to pinch and pull her tit dots as all eleven inches of cock went down his tiny daughter sluts throat.

The crazy satanic brownies had twenty families in rampant lust. Daddy my mouth is tired now, but I met a friend today. Wont her parents be worried honey? No daddy her mommy has her arm up his ass beating him. she caught him sucking little boys in the bathroom, again and he was bad. I heard her telling him how naughty it was to do that here. Well ok if they agree honey. But where is mommy? Last time I saw her lots of black boys were fucking her mouth and ass daddy. Well your mommy does like sperm.
Don’t worry daddy there was a lot of them and mommy will have lots of sperm for you to suck out.

The old woman in the old farm house had pulled the tiny thing so hard she her tiny shoulders would not let her in any more. She adored the tiny thing making her life so much better. She almost never bothered to bath anymore, what’s the since way out here? Hell, all she had on was an old apron with her old tits hanging out. She had huge old nipples and missed what her dead husband use to do to them. She tried everything she could think of.

Needles, every clip she could find, pliers she found in the barn. Nothing was the same anymore. She even tired beating her old cunt and tit bags but still could not get there. Then her angel took one look at her hanging tits when she opened the old rickety screen door. What can I do for you dear? No mam I came to help you.

The delicious pain as the demon child twisted her long nipples. She was tired of trying to whip her old gaping cunt. No matter how hard she hit her long clit she had not had an orgasm for a year now. If nothing else took her life, surely lack of orgasm would.

The demon child, her angel of mercy surely saved her. god what happened to her nipples, her clit and cunt as well as her ass.

All of the rich smell filled the old farm house again as the demon child beat her.
Now she baked cookies and just waited naked for her demon angel.

She is waiting anxiously the next morning. She had gotten one of the old big spools of bailing twine that had not been made for forty years. It was so rough it tore through leather gloves. It used to be used in the old bailing machine that was now dormant. Beside the big spool of harsh twine were two sets of rusty vice grips having rusted for her cunt slime and squirting.

Her demonic angel came in the barn naked. Looked at the spool then at the old woman that whimpered as she lifted her hanging tit bags with her huge fat nipples. Her demon angel gave her kiss on her lips reaching down to yank on her hanging labia lips then pinch her long, beaten clit tube. She unwound long lengths of the harsh twine making the old woman hold her tits out as much as she could by her fat nipples. The old woman was panting as her demon angel knew just what she needed. It took two hours to wrap the twine around her tits as she squirmed on the bristling hay bale dig into her ass.

The twine bit into her tit meat as her demon angel pulled hard to keep the twine as tight as possible. They no longer hung. Each was a hard foot and a half long tube of red meat sticking out. The ends capped by huge nipples already purple full of blood. The old woman looked down and then smiled at the tiny demon. She did an even better job than her husband used to do. It hurt like hell and she absolutely loved it.

Her demon angel picked up one of the rusty vice grips sniffing the rusty metal still rich with cunt. She looked at the old pain slut as she held out her long purple labia lips all ready horny from the delicious pain running through her. They were still set from the last time. The demon angel open the rusty jaws and sharp biting teeth as the old pain slut held her long labia lips out as they snapped shut first one long lip then the other as she screamed and wailed in delightful pain. The old belts were last as they strapped the vice grips on her thighs so her cunt lips would spread with her legs, her clit was a long fat two inch tube standing up already. Laying back on the hay bale the straw stuck into her back.
She was laid out for what she wanted and needed. Her tits in tubes of very painful bailing twine held her long and stiff. She spread her legs to keep her clit up and ready.

The naked demon child, her angel of mercy was looking over the various whips and cops feeling each for stiffness until she found one that she could at least start with on the old pain slut whore woman breathing and huffing as she felt her purple nipples and hard tits again. She was pinching her long clit as her angel came to her crop in hand.

She just laid her arms aside opening her self up. The first strikes went to her nipples as her tits were tied and bound so tight they barely moved with each strike. Dear god in heaven she loved it and missed it. The strikes got harder and harder as her nipples blackened and just got thicker and longer. She was a crying whimpering insane but very happy slut whore. The demon child, her angel spread her slim legs over her face planting her wet child cunt on her mouth as she did not have a huge cock to throat fuck her like before when her husband was alive. It was different but very good. It was something very new.

She spread her legs as wide as she could presenting her cunt and clit meat for whatever abuse had angel had planned. The crop came down hard on her hard clit as little child girl piss dribble into her mouth. She mouthed that child pussy for more as the crop came down as hard as the child could with her tiny arms.

The demon child angel had to scoot up to reach her spread cunt meat putting her ass hole over her mouth as the old woman sucked the crop came down almost inside her old fuck hole. She used the widest part on the tip on the crop so her entire old cunt got beaten at the same time. The old woman could not remember the last time she had an orgasm as her squirt hit the barn wall. She did not have to hold her angels ass on her mouth as hard on her mouth spreading her tiny ass cheeks and asshole so the old woman could lick inside her shit tube she had not cleaned very well. The old woman just shook and squirted. She passed out as the child cunt went back on her mouth pissing right down her in a bitter tasty long stream and the most vicious whip almost took her clit off.

The widow next door walked through the apple orchard with the old trusty horse that never left her side. All she wore was an old apron that had deep pockets for apples that looked OK. The old horse liked the slightly rotten ones that were sweeter. He loved walking with her in the mornings after she sucked his huge cock she could almost throat now. Hell it was the only cock she had left now and she missed being throat fucked and her late husbands sperm… it was just them now as apples rotted. Her husband always took care of harvest and sales and she was surprised at the insurance money he left her. She did not know he even had one to leave her.

The old horse nudges her ass. Not now. You just came, you can’t be ready again! Nudge she turned to him to rub his ears and huge head. Despite her age she still had firm tits with nipple cones teen girls would envy. She only wore the old apron for the deep pockets but her tits would wobble out on each side. What was the sense getting dressed as there was no one for miles and would just get soaked in horse sperm now every morning. She loved rubbing her hard nipple on the rough fur on his head.. she looked beneath her only friend to see his long and limp almost touching the ground. I love you too baby but let me get some more apples for my pies and jarring. She was an excellent baker as well as a very good cock sucker. The old horse seemed to nod with understanding a she turned to pick up the apples that looked good. When she did her still firm ass would spread and her cunt meat were right in his face, but did not lick her meat but she had no idea what she did to his animal senses his cock started to raise and stiffen more and more every time she bent over. Her cunt meat would puff out in what he thought looked and smelled like fuck.

Once she thought she had enough apples she picked up a rotten one for him telling him what a good boy he was wiping the dirt off the apple first she missed her apron and it wiped on one of her tit nipple cones. She went to open her had to give it to him but he licked the apple juice off her nipple. She shivered as he bit the apple she wiped the opened apple meat on both nipples now on purpose.

It smelled like rotten apple a she licked one first and then bit her entire tit. His horse slobber covered one he went after the other. She held on tight to his head as she just squirted in delicious orgasm. What if she wiped it on her clit and cunt? What would he do to that? But not out here in the dirt. She just washed her hair. His huge horse teeth hurt but not bad. She almost fell over anyway when she saw his huge cock up against his belly.

She better get back to the house or barn quick as she was losing her resolve. It took hours to wash and dry her long hair and she did not have time today. Th pie plates buttered and the flakiest pie crust in the county. She only dressed now for the county fair to bring her pies for the competition as the other wives and woman sighed hoping she would for once not come. They had no chance as she always won.

She needed to finish and get back fast stopping to pick up two rotten apples as her mind was not on apple pie or apple anything but apple cunt and clit and what her horse would do. She hid the two rotten ones as her mind was turning and twisting with horny filthy thoughts even though being a horse cock sucker and horse sperm drinker was not filthy enough.

She got him some oats to keep him busy as she hid the rotten apples in the barn. The barn had big old quilts laid out as she often just nuzzled up against his belly holding his huge horse cock between her legs and up her still stomach to sleep up next to his huge warm furry body. She had figured she might as well now as she would just be sucking his cock in the morning she might as well do it before she brushed her teeth.

The first time his horse sperm tasted so bitter not like her husbands. It was the horny filthy thing she kept doing it as it made her feel like a young slut again. When they were young he fucked her all over the barn up against rails and walls with his huge cock that took a month to get in. it was tragic finding him laying out in the orchard. He worked so hard and still fucked her but he was dead. They said he had a heart attack.

She was racing around in the kitchen to get done as fast as possible with her mind elsewhere. The thing she was thinking about that damn horse and that damn huge cock and that damn flood of horse sperm she now loved. It would pulse out of her mouth no matter how fast she sucked and swallowed it was warm all over her tits and body and over her cunny as she would just lay back and rub it all over like body cream.

Many nights she did horrid things to her cunt. That damn horse cock was twice the size if not more and would hurt like hell. It took weeks just to get that horse cock flare in her mouth. It was a year to get in her mouth entirely. It took two years to finally get what she could in her throat. Hell there was fifteen more inches of the huge hard thick thing she could not really hold. She loved keeping her hand as well as she could to feel that huge horse tube pulse as the sperm came out in floods of sperm.

She made many pies with horse sperm but never shared those. Basically now she was a horse slut whore now but just liked to hold his warm cock on her slut cunt to rub her clit on it before they both would sleep in the barn.

She would shake at the thought of someone catching her be a naked horse cock sucker. She was such a slut and she knew it but no one else. The Satan Queen knew and had a plan to get the two widows together. A horse sucking whore and the demented pain slut with no limits.

The pain slut kept the biting twine and vice grips on her labia lips because they not only pulled but kept her clit out and ready. She would rubbed her long beaten purple clit on anything that looked rough. Now she could not go an hour without doing something nasty and painful to her body. She was alive again. She had not sewn for years but she saw the pins. The pin holding cushion kept calling her. the colorful bulbs making it easier to push in and pull out.

She started gardening again as she kept her tits bound into long tubes last night she pushed five long pins in each beaten nipple as far as possible. They dripped tiny drops of blood she just licked off. She only got two in and through her long clit before she passed out.

Her angel demon child found her naked ass up in the garden pulling out old weeds letting the needles catch on dirt and weeds in pure satanic delight. The demon angel just hung her tiny clothes on the fence walking up behind her the naked old pain slut rubbing her nipples in dirt shoving an unlubricated fist and arm up her old ass shit tube.

The old woman was totally insane in satanic lust she was a willing pain fuck slut again and was so happy again she just looked back. Hi darling. Where do you want me today?

She just laid out on hay bale willing and waiting for anything this demon angel of mercy wanted to do to her. she knew she would love it. Her angel had new ideas her husband never did. She just loved her and her child piss hoping she could drink more. The bits of child shit she licked out was delicious. The Satan Queens child assassin was simply the best of the best.

Today was horse fuck prep before the Satan Queen brought the two satanic filthy widows together. She just laid out expecting a beating when the long rusty nail went right through the tiny hole on the tip of one nipple until all three rusty inches had to be twisted and moved back and forth to get past all the needles until one nipple was capped by a rusty nail head as the rest long rusty thing was deep in her tit.

She covered the barn wall already in old cunt squirt as her other tit was being held to get another rusty nail tip searched for the tiny nipple hole before it could be pushed and twisted around the needles to sink all the way deep in her tied tit tube.

She looked down at the moaning slobbering fuck loving every second of the inside of her tits were being ripped. She could not be whipped with all those needles that would ripped her apart shredding her nipples and her long clit. She may not survive one up in her clit the Satan Queen warned. So she looked for appropriate poles. The farm tools were to thin. She went outside and found a rough old fence pole.

The insane old pain slut was babbling Latin but never moved her arms to cover herself or protect herself. The pole just shoved up her old cunt. She passed out and it still just early morning. She was ready, more than ready.

All of the pies were cooling and all of the jars stored she got that damn apron off so every part of her body would be available. She only had some thoughts but no real plan. All she knew was she horny with very nasty filthy thoughts.

She headed out to the barn opening the fence door and the horse, her horse was standing right at the back porch. Hi baby I missed you to now lets see what we can do to help you. I did not mean to leave you like that but I had somethings to do baby. I am so sorry you poor thing you are still hard and you did miss quite a bit it seems.

He followed her naked body out to the barn as she kept talking to him. I wish you could come inside the house but you wont fit and if you did I would never get anything done. And you won’t fit in the bed baby. And when you piss it would be impossible to clean up. I know baby I am just as horny for you as the horse nose tried to push her naked ass faster. He wanted his fuck back in his barn.

I have an idea baby so let’s see if its good idea. She looked around the barn thinking. She would fall off the rails and break her neck. She looked around and found an old bench way in the back she did not know she had. It was very heavy as she tugged and pulled it out with her ass and cunt right in the poor horses face. She got it far enough away from the quilts they slept on. She looked around making sure before she went for the rotten apples. She was already dripping wet as her mind was going wild with hope and fear.

What if he tried to fuck me? He so big she would not be able to stop him. What if he bit too hard? He bit her titties hard before she slapped his head out in the orchard to get him off. She would not be able to anything if she was laying down making her entire body a meal for him.

God, she hoped this would work. It could go really wrong. Still she laid back on the huge heavy bench she was all sweaty and panting. What the hell was she doing?
Her poor horse was hard as rock twenty one inches long and thicker than her arm and maybe one of her legs dear god!

Please just wait baby and the horse just watched her wipe rotten apple all over her body. His huge cock flare dripped as she wiped the rotten apple all over her cunt.

Her horse snorted at the mix of apple and cunt. Finally! Come her baby and please don’t hurt me, not too much baby.

The huge horse stood over her and the bench like she was nothing. She was just a tiny thing horny as hell and covered with rotten apple juice.

He loved her too in some strange horse animal way. His huge hard cock rubbed all over her as he licked apple of her entire body. All over her neck she even let his long slobbering tongue in her mouth. The horse cleaned her face and neck then down on her titties so damn hard his long tongue licked her chest clean and then down. She was frantic and whimpering as her horse licked her naked body she had presented to him. she wished she had thought about something to hold onto as the long wet tongue down her stomach.

Then he went down on her pussy mound she still kept shaved and bare.

Holy shit in hell the long tongue went up her ass and cunt and clit in one long wet lick. His tongue was wet big and long it just cover her from ass to cunt in one wet lick.
She may have done too much with the rotten apple as he licked deep inside her cunt. Her body was about to break apart and would be found in pieces all over the damn barn in dead body pieces.

She pushed some apple bits up her cunt. The horse tongue hit her uterus. She shoved more apple deeper and pushed bits up her tiny ass. The huge horse, her horse stood over her as she held her legs over her head presenting her cunt and ass for him.

No more apple was needed as her horse loved her cunt and ass tube and her entire body. He went back on her tits he had already cleaned off and all over her face and neck then back down as she just wrapped her arms around her legs as hard as possible presenting herself for a horse meal.. From ass to cunt to tit and face she was a horse meal.

She woke up as his huge flare was pressing against her cunt meat. She reached up to hug his huge furry head and wet snout she licked until his tongue came out for her to suck down her throat much deeper she could his huge cock. She whispered at him she wanted that too but he would not fit. The horse seemed to understand as she fell off the bench.

She knelt under her obedient horse rubbing his huge wet cock flare all over her face and tits telling him she was so sorry for not being able to be his fuck she lick at the huge slit before pushing her mouth until it popped in. it used to hurt stretching her lips and mouth so wide but now she loved it. Her horse just seemed to know she would die if he moved or pumped and he was happy at all the care she gave him and his cock letting him lick deep up her ass and cunt. He would not dare try to push as she already did such a great job to keep him happy.

She grabbed his cock and shoved her head. Ten inches of horse cock down her throat. She tugged at his huge meat and his sperm flood had no where else to go. She did not have to suck or swallow as the horse sperm went right down into her stomach bulge with horse sperm. She patted her horse sperm belly as they slept with his slightly limp cock hugged tight her last words were I love you baby.

She had no idea why she was bring an apple pie to a woman she did not know naked with her darling horse licking her ass and back. Her horse was going no where with no halter he did not need to be tied or caged in a horse stall. He was going nowhere.

Her horse was right behind her as she knocked on the old woman’s door. She knocked again and no answer as she wondered why she was even there. Maybe the old lady is hurt or dead as she and her horse looked around before looking in her old barn.

The old lady was impaled on a pole laying back on a hay bale unable to move she just pissed and quivered and went back to sleep. She had been there all night in pure satanic painful delight.

She looked at her horse telling him she understood why she was beckoned to her house. Baby I think we found something for you. She pulled the long pole out in loud sucking sounds until it finally came out.

Her baby, her horse was rock hard with all the smells of cunt slime and squirt all over the barn floor and walls. Come here baby, I have something for you.

She looked deep in the old woman’s eyes that seemed distant and gone. I am her for you with my friend. The old lady trembled and mumbled. She twisted and pulled at the needles as the old lady thanked her.

Just wait a second to get my friend as she urged her horse she loved over the old lady whipped and horribly pinned with needles and tits ss hard and abused she pushed her hard horse’s cock right to her spread beaten cunt meat using his huge horse cock flare to spread the old lady’s cunt. She rubbed her lover horse’s head before going around whispering she had him a hole. Its all yours baby. She slapped his horse ass and twenty one inches of thick cock just slammed in the old lady. Horse balls deep. Anyone else would have scream bloody death but the old lady, this old lady just loved it.

You could see her chest spread and the bulge of horse cock.

That party was fun huh daddy? Well it was interesting baby. They sat side by side with his huge limp cock laying on his thigh. His tiny slim titless body and hairless little pussy slit covered by the popcorn bowl. No daddy I like your movies better now, I’ve seen all the Disney ones several times and I know they bore you. I know you pretend to watch because you love me daddy. Yes I do baby. Am I still your princess daddy after what I did? His cock looked like good practice and his little girl was bust on the couch with those two other mommies. Do you have any movies like that with girls licking each other?

That little girl sure made those women happy huh daddy? She giggled. I am sorry only one mommy was not scared of you. Her daughter liked to lick it just like I do and I will keep practicing until I can be like mommy was. His cock started to grow. One little girl told me they have parties ever weekend now, can we go again daddy? Rock hard fourteen and thick as her tiny arm. I am full now daddy do you want any? No baby. The huge TV was flickering on as the lesbian video started she put the popcorn bowl on the coffee table and just crawl into his lap getting every just right with her little legs spread over his thighs as his cock nestled right up her tiny pussy lips as it reached all the way to the middle of her titless chest right between her tit dots she got all comfy looking down she licked the precum pearl just about to drop. Daddy you need tell me when it is going to do that cause you know how much I like it.

She laid back on his chest with still damp long blonde hair he was getting better at washing and making her pony tails. Her tiny damp head fit right under his chin all warm and cuddly any other time except she and he was naked and his princess loved holding his cock log like her own puppy. Now she would softly rub her tiny impossibly small lips now spread out so she use the base of his huge cock to softly masturbate her child princess cunt on.

It was much easier to bath her before she started to grow up. She was big girl now insisting she take showers. At first he thought her tiny pussy slit would not be right in his face when she stood get the rest of her warmly washed. He would get such a vicious hard on so maybe her taking her own showers would be better. No daddy your shower. Why baby? Because you wont fit in mine and someone still needs to wash me. Oh holy fuck! that was six months ago when they just moved into the new big house he did have a huge marble shower big enough for six adults.

Daddy quit being silly and take off your bathing suit. How will I be able to wash you too? Innocent maybe but now he doubted. He knew now when his princess was up to something. But would he live? God, he missed his wife he would probably never find another woman that was willing to try and fuck all of his cock again! He was already horny as hell backed up with sperm he knew he would get hard and scare the shit out of his tiny daughter.

He did but she did not get scared. Mommy told me to take care of you and you would do that if I helped. Mommy told me I would have to make you happy now at least until you find another wife and new mommy.

He washed her small body ass his huge slab of man meat was half her tiny body. He could not move even in the big shower with out it touching his daughter somewhere. Daddy get down so I can wash your shoulders and hair. Again her tiny pussy slit so perfect pink untouched by anything but a soapy wash cloth, he hoped. Make sure my hinny is all clean too daddy just like before. This isn’t so different is it daddy? Now we are both getting clean at the same time. OK daddy stand up so I can finish the rest she seemed to just take his huge cock like she would wash a puppy. She damn well made sure it was thoroughly washed. Her tiny soft hands and the warm soapy wash cloth up and down then under all over his huge balls. OK daddy now we can rinse as he had to look down at his tiny titless princes still hold his cock as he rinsed out the stuff he had to use and let stay for awhile so her long blonde hair would not tangle and hurt her precious head.

That was six months ago and he survived it not soaking his child with a flood of daddy sperm. If he did they would never get out as he would just have to suffer through washing her slim tiny body all over.

Then the nightmares as she crawled into his bed with just her nighty she did not like to wear panties and he always slept naked. It was horrifying but tender and warm. That went one for a month as she pretended to have bad dreams.

Then the night she came in naked. No daddy no bad dreams. I just want to sleep with you cause its warmer and I like you holding me. But honey where is your nighty? You don’t wear any thing and my nighty just comes up anyway making this part get hot as his darling pointed at her stiff tit dots.

Oh fuck! As he just lifted the covers for her to crawl in. his huge cock was half her size but he was three times her size she just crawled on him like a soft warm kitten with her strawberry scented damp hair right under his chin squirming around to get all comfy.
Two months later he woke in a start thinking he must be dreaming about his late wife but his cock head was too warm and his little princess was not on or beside him. her tiny now dry blonde hair draped on him like silk as her little had was on his hard stomach his little princess had the head of his cock in her little mouth. BABY! What are you doing? It looked like it was lonely and needed help and this part was already wet. Baby we, you just cant do that, this he stammered as it felt so good. His brain was scrambled eggs. But baby. Just lay back daddy mommy told me all about it so just tell me when its going to come out cause mommy told me there would be lots.

His tiny princess owned him as he just gripped the sheets. His tiny thing seemed to know just what he liked and what to do. Where to lick all over it and being very careful as she went down to his huge balls that would not fit she could at least lick them. BABY, DARLING! She took one very slow lick right along his piss tube under his cock stalk taking several maddening licks on the most sensitive part of his cock head purring as she took the head back in her mouth as far as she could with her tiny soft hands trying to hold his cock he exploded. She tried but it was just too much as it gushed out of her mouth all over her face and tiny body.

Daddy you were supposed to warn me. He wanly and limply said he was not thinking and he was so sorry and are you OK baby? He looked down at her dripping face and some in her clean hair and all over her titless chest he had made a mess of her. Thank God it was Saturday morning.

She crawl her tiny body now wet with his sperm saying its OK daddy now that I know what it feels like when it happens next time. Plus I like it but I missed a lot. Next time? I liked it? Dear god!

Daddy I feel funny though. Are you going to be sick baby? No daddy I feel funny down here where I pee. Can you help me? Oh what the hell as he lifted her tiny sperm soaked body up over his face planning that tiny pink pussy slit that drove him absolutely insane. He hated the thoughts he would get. Oh daddy that feels really good as her tiny hands gripped his hair. His wife loved sitting on his face and he was good at it so she said and his tiny daughter seemed to be just like her mommy he just sucked the living hell out of her little pussy until she hit his head as he had such a hard grip on her tiny waist she could not get away. DADDY STOP!

He held her tiny ass in one hand as he brushed he brushed her sperm wet hair off her precious face licking her spermy lips. WOW DADDY. That felt really, really good and it did several times. Are you OK baby? Yes daddy but I am sorry what I did in your mouth. His tiny thing was indeed just like her mommy he just was surprised she would be a squirter so young. God it was delicious and maybe he went to hard wanting to suck as much as he could.

Daddy do we have to keep wearing clothes when are home. That confirmed his little princess was a devious tormentor just like her mommy who would always walk around naked even when she was pregnant she wanted him her until she was getting too big he would fuck her ass and she was always sucking his cock. She did not wear clothes until princess got to that curious age.

No daddy it feels good on me and it was my first so please don’t clean me up.
She was already at the table naked and darling with open books doing her homework. I just want to get it done so we can watch movies for the rest of the weekend. He was naked and limp for once even having to look at her tiny naked body. He made some breakfast as she closed her books and put everything in her pink book bag almost prancing her naked slim body to put it by the door.

He and she nibbled at breakfast when his devious naked princes asked him what he wanted to do. Well what do you want to do baby? I know what I want to do if its OK. Oh what the hell he liked it too.

It was months later and here they were naked with her holding his cock like it was her puppy. She damn well owned it!

Wow daddy they are real young and pretty as the teens in the lesbian porn movie sucked each other’s tiny tits holding each other’s pussies. They aren’t as young as that girl those woman were fingering and letting her suck cunts. Are cunts good daddy? Maybe at the next party I will try one cause you sure like mine a lot. I just wish I had titties for you as she pulled on her tit dots. I keep trying to get them out for you but its better when you suck on them daddy. Maybe you can try to help them later as it feels better.

She barely had to lean over as another drip of precum was just about to fall. She would have to keep an eye on it cause he would not tell her. daddy this is a good movie I want to practice again as she stood up on her tiptoes to get his huge cock head on her pussy lips just in the right place as if finding her hole but he knew she was just teasing the living shit out of him with her tiny ass right in his damn face. She really loved it when licked her tiny pink asshole. Daddy cold his big mouth all over her ass and pussy meat and move his tongue from hole to hole as she purred, whimpered through squirts as her wonderful daddy just sucked all of her. Yes she was doing her best to tease him knowing he would just throw her on her back and eat her like a lion eating a lamb.

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The horse followed his horse cock sucking owner like a puppy old ladies house. The horse really did not care if he fucked anything as he was sucked off three times that morning. His horse sperm still dripping on his love, his owner. She was carrying a jar of pie filling as she always made too much. She knew her horse would just love what she had planned as she too was turning into a satanic fuck slut about to really go as insane as the old pain slut widow.

Just as before she had no idea why she kept coming back or why she just kept getting filthier and nastier thoughts. She did not know the control the Satan Queen had over both of her play things for a show for her lord and lover Satan. The firmer slightly younger widow would be a horse fuck as well as horse cock sucker. But she wanted to see if the filth she had filled their minds with played out before she sent the first demonic angel of mercy with the next best angel of fuck filth getting better every day.

The poor widows had no idea what this day would end like.

The widows garden was going great as it was weed less now as she loved scraping her bond long tits and needled hug nipples in the dirt she could not wait to get hurt or get hurt again as she was a completely insane pin slut. She had no idea why she chanted in Latin now or what she was saying. They were prayers to Satan for him to use her however hell wanted.

She had been horsed fucked five times now as her friend with the horse pulled the needles out of her long clit so the horse cock would not get hurt. And each time she sucked out all of the horse fuck slime out of the old lady pushing all of the needles back in different spots on that clit now three inches of clit had even more to punish and abuse and new areas to push needles as the old woman babbled and slobbered her joy.

The lady and her horse just came up behind her as he was trying to get her pin cushion fat long nipples untangled form some vines before she lost her nipple entirely and she could not abuse it. She wanted to keep it as she just loved doing filthier things to herself. The horse seemed to know not to walk in the garden. The poor horse did not no he was a Satan toy. The Satan Queen could refill his huge hanging balls and make him rock hard and horny at her will.

Her new friend shoved her fist up her old sloppy ass as a greeting patting her held as the old pain slut said hi honey with maddening maniacal eyes. She pulled her fist out all slimy saying here, let me help pulling vines away so the old widow could stand up. The first thing the old crazed pain slut did was grab the ass slimed fist and arm to lick it clean. They kissed each other anyway in a deep ass slimy kiss. The horse slut was right on the edge of total demonic slut fuck as demented as the old widow pain slut.

They walked out of the garden back to the waiting obedient horse to give the horse a hot tongue suck of horse slobber.

Her friend just held her now firm long foot and half long tit tubes for a hard squeeze and slight tugs on the needles in her huge horrid nipples until one finally let out a drop of blood for her to lick.

These are looking better everyday slut as she gave both a hard squeeze with her very strong farm hands pushing the harsh twine to the pain sluts pure delight. And your nipples are getting bigger too you slut. She twisted both huge nipples up away from all the needles. The old lady moaned and mumbled for more. Just wait slut you know I love you and I have something new I think you will like.

The old pain slut widow just walked with her as she was placed on her back on her front porch trembling for what would happen. First lets get these out as the long needles were tugged out of her three inch clit so her loving horse would not hurt his tongue.

The old lady just shook as she did it as painfully as possible to make her clit bleed. Then she licked all the blood of the old ladies long clit the reaching for the jar. She took a hand full to shove up the old ladies cunt. Then another far up her old sloppy ass. Then another all over her clit and bushy old cunt meat making her a perfect desert for her horse.
The old woman just laid shivering and slobbering as her friend spread her legs wide to get her as wide as possible so her ass and cunt and clit and slimed clit and cunt hair were saturated. Her cunt would not have a hair left. Her horse love knew not to eat her long clit and just bite it.

Come baby I made a snack for you. The old woman went very deep into new insanity at what that horse did. She was screaming and loving it. Her ass and cunt were horse desert. She damn loved this horse.

He just chewed her apart searching for more apple pie filling. His huge horse teeth bit so hard as he tried to open her more sinking his long tongue up her ass so hard he lifted her up. What he did on and in her cunt was pure destructive all the way into her womb as that entry was already horse fuck destroyed and she was just hole. Really no other to explain it now she was just holes all the way to her throat.

As old as she was the Satan Queen found her just too much fun to let her die so just blink any destroyed organs back each time moving her heart over so she was just one long hole.

OK daddy I want to watch another movie, you know the one where that young girls swallows that mans cock. I want to see how she does it again before your football games come on. No I wont bother you any more so you can rest for later I just want to see how she does it again I really like that part where her head is up against the wall and he just fucks her mouth and throat. I wish you could do that with me like you use to do mommy’s mouth. I know daddy not yet, I just want to see how she does it cause she is not that much bigger than me.

No daddy my tummy feels full now so just go make a sandwich while I watch her do it and maybe I will learn something new. Please daddy.

He walked into the kitchen his cock a long limp noodle. A big noodle but worn out and just hanging. My child will kill me as he got out bread and meat and mustard and mayonnaise.

He was making a huge sandwich. She does have a very tasty little pussy, but it will be years. I do like the way she keeps practicing and trying and she loves to be fingered. Hell she loves everything just like her mommy. My little slut will give me a very early death as he put every thing away and brought a plate with a huge sandwich he sat back down beside his little princess slut with her so innocent little face and blue eyes and long blonde hair so silky when she just turned from kitten to tiny leopard as if he was a meal.

He took a bite as she just shoved her silky head up against him. Maybe I am just her toy now as he took another huge bite. I was her moms fuck toy. Another big bite. Damn her hair chew. She knows just what she is doing when she says she won’t she is still just a tease, she knew just how to handle daddy now and daddy was just helpless even though he rip her apart.

Barely a third of his body his tiny daughter owned him. Oh well bite and chew she does make him happy and she seems happy. Tighter very silky head nuzzle there went his cock.

Daddy it looks like something wrong with her jaw and her mouth when she does that part. Damn his cock could not possibly. Bite and chew. Look daddy its about to happen. Look how he hold her head not much bigger than mine. There it goes daddy . How can she breath daddy? Look daddy this is my favorite part, look how he just shoves in and out. Football, football anything as his cock just would not stop.

OK daddy he is down but I do like how all that cum drips down her like my first time. I like to eat it but it feels so warm and good when I rub it al over. Daddy will more on my tit places help. OK daddy find the football game. He took his plate back unable to even rinse it as he had to stand away. His devious child had him rock hard. He sat and put on the game he wanted to watch as his tiny demon nuzzled right up with her tiny hand on his thigh. He hoped but it dissolved. Daddy I’m horny again so maybe I can just sit on your lap you can watch your game and just play with me a little. No daddy I won’t again until your team wins. I promise daddy as she crawled over him like he was her personal chair. I wont daddy but you hold me up here again. It not as good but it makes me all warm. No daddy I promise.

The old pain slut widow was laid out in a frantic slobbering whimpering moaning mess of slut fuck demonic and totally insane. Anything at all, no limits at all.

The two tiny naked things walk up the long dirt road like lost children but naked. Do you two babies need help? No mam. Are you both OK? Yes mam, we are here for you. You need our help as the tiny things surrounded her. They touched her already horny body with one on or up her ass and cunt and the other in front twisting her nipples. You like your horsy and he likes you so why don’t you let your horse fuck you? She was to stunned to speak as her entire body was being mauled by tiny naked it girls. It was very strange but it felt good and she was horny as hell after sucking horse cock three times ad for some strange reason did not let her horse eat her. just the walk over she dripped cunt all over her legs and into road dirt.

You have really nice titties mam, it will be a shame to hurt them but it is our job. The other said she had a very nice pussy and clit it is a shame it will not look the same ever again. No we can’t suck her she is for her horse, the queen warned us. We can still play with her pussy and ass because we are only helping her holes. I suppose but the horse is supposed to make her a fuck hole just like the queen said.

She walked to the barn with her horse following and the old pain slut being helped. She was bewildered but panting hard and even hornier as the girls just twisted. Now lay back the sticky hay stung. I found it as one girl brought a spool of horrid twine. How much for that one? I don’t know so just get a lot because we have to just let her nipples stand out. She has such nice nipples this is really a shame what they will look like later. The woman whimpered and could of over powered the girls but instead just let her arms fall and her solid tits available. She was tipping over fast to demonic life.

OK hold this one and squeeze real tight until get this tied. After I get it started you can just pull on her nipple. The harsh twine bit and hurt like hell on earth and it was. The one tight knot on only one tit made it a huge solid bulb as her nipples already pulsed. I hope that is not too tight. I have never done this before. No that looks good. OK then just pull her nipple hard so I can do the rest. The very hard old twine was wrapped very hard until only her nipple was left. I think that looks right. Now let me do the other one. She was strangely happy but her right tit hurt like hell. She dared to look and whimpered as her right tit was now a long tube wrapped tight in horrid twine as that nipple was already getting purple. Her left tit was still firm and perky then oh god it was grab hard and the twine was knotted as far down to her chest so they had all of her tit. She for some reason just laid back and pushed her chest out. As her left tit was being destroyed strangely she liked it as messages came out of know where only in her brain taking about the true lord. She was just fuck whore now. She would just be used now. She would do many things to her ass and cunt and let anyone use her and fuck her face. You are just slut fuck now.

She whimpered as the tiny demons looked at their work. I think they look the same, me too. I wish she would have let us do something to her nipples, look how big they are now. She wants us to save them for her horse. Did you bring the jar? Its right here. Let me find that bucket of grease first because horsy here will want her nipples. I found it now get as much on her nipples as you can while I get her ready. Horsy here looks very ready.
She was mumbling as her nipples were lathered with what her horse just loved. Her once very perky cone nipples were lathered purple bulbs lathered in what her horse jut loved. Five fist full of grease were just punched up her cunt. Her still prefect pussy was a fuck hole cunt and horsy smelled fuck. he knew what was expected when they laid back like that.

Do you think horsy here needs any? No it looks pretty wet and it fit. Just spread her legs a little more but don’t break her. the queen wants to keep her.

Horsy barely needed leading. Horsy smelled more desert and fuck. His huge cock and flare dripping he pressed it against his owner horse cock sucker but went right at her lathered nipples that were more purple bulb. She just started her orgasms a she chewed one. His cock about to fuck her pressing harder to get her open he went all over the other licking and chewing. Now she was gone. She held his big head. She kissed his mouth until he let her suck his long wet tongue. Its OK baby. We both wanted this.

Now just fuck your horse slut as she laid back and he always followed her orders. The Satan Queen kept her alive as her organs made room. Repairing every tissue as all twenty one inches bulge in her throat. She just looked at him telling him what a good boy he was as he pulled out some and rammed.

Her eyes never left his as she could only speak when he pulled back. She whispered I love you baby when he just rammed. She was smaller and shorter than the old fuck. his cock flare came out of her mouth. She was being horse fuck destroyed but the Satan Queen just kept repairing her.

He pulled back in loud sucking sounds she just said I love you. He rammed so hard his cock came out of her mouth. Her horsy sawed his cock back and forth out her mouth and turning her cunt to fuck mush. He just pushed her squirt back in and out her mouth as her face was covered by her own cunt slime and squirt. It got in her eyes and stung but she just stared up at her beast lover finally fucking her. she wanted it but it frightened her. now she loved it no longer afraid he could fuck her any time anywhere.

It was a shame his sperm just shot out against the barn wall as his huge darling flare was over her nose.

The tiny girls just vanished. The old pain slut pulled something out.

Her tits looked so different, but she really liked it. Her nipples were so big one touch gave her an orgasm. Her loving fucking horse seemed to like them as he came to her and licked so soft as if to say he was sorry. Its OK baby, you did very good baby he gave her his long slobbery tongue she just sucked down. Now he knew he was OK. She still wanted him.

She helped the old pain slut get all of the splinters out. No I think I will keep them just like this.

Now every morning she let her horse decide. She let him chew his new chew toys now her bulging purple nipples more bulb for him. she just petted his big head kissing his furry face letting him chew and play as she just gushed they were so damn sensitive she would not touch them but let her horse do what ever he wanted as long as he wanted.
She would stand back naked they had hand signals now. He just looked at her naked body as she would point at her now floppy cunt slabs his huge cock sawed out. Then she would point at her mouth as he twisted his huge head until she pointed at her mouth and he nodded. She did not have tell him to be still as he would not dare move an inch.

Now she did not just sucked she took her time licking his huge hanging balls as big as her face until she got slobbery wet. What she did to him as licked up and down his huge cock just to tease her fuck. she would almost get to his dripping huge flare and then all the way back down telling him what a good boy he was. You just taste so good baby. I love licking your big balls now I hope you like it baby. She was a complete satanic slut as she just lathered very part of hug maleness.

I am sorry baby as she fit his huge flare in and drove her head for horse cock throat fuck as h e waited for her tap so she got everything just right. She would tap his big ass waiting for her get her arms just how she wanted. He knew just when to fuck her in reverse. Sometimes his huge flare came out of her ass and sometimes out her cunt. She just gripped him and let her darling horse use her as a satanic fuck tube however her precious huge cock wanted. Sometimes he like the scrape of her teeth and sometimes her gaping ass. But most he liked when she just back to let him nibble his chew toy.

Daddy its looks ready again so take e to bed. I’m getting sleepy now but I wont leave you like this. We can watch more tomorrow daddy. I did all my homework so we can do whatever.

God what his tiny darling did to him practicing he just laid her down as she just spread her tiny body. Bed was enough for both and many more. He just laid out for his precious leopard.

Her tiny lips licked his. If I was a bad girl, you can spank me. I own you now daddy and this is mine now. Her so soft delicate attack was just going to kill him.

She had completely tip all the way as she and the old widow pain slut ta on the front porch. Horse just munched on grass until he was needed. The two just felt each other’s bound tits and huge fat nipples.

Hers were still mostly fat bulb but getting longer. The old pain demented slut kept saying her nipples were perfect. Let me try one. Oh hell no baby that is just too big, trust me.
The old widow demented pain slut held her new friends twine bound tit tubes by the fat nipples. Horsy was just munching at grass satisfied after being suck twice by the demonic insane widows and fucked them both in the barn. Now they were sitting on the front wooden rough old porch somewhat satisfied as the younger wanted to explore more of her new pain lust. Frightened and eager.

The old slut pulled her fat nipple hard as she took the huge needle as put it back to get a much thinner one for her to start. This one will be better baby to start with as she handed it.

Tell me if you need any help just let me squeeze it more. Now try. She whimpered as she started to push the rather small pin. It hurt like hell and she just could not do it. Please help me. The old pain slut knelt in front of her in dirt. Now hold them and squeeze as hard as you can. The demented slut was starting to like providing pain as much as destroying herself in increasingly horrendous ways.

She pushed so hard the pin went right though in a flash. Screaming bloody murder she covered the old woman with squirt.

She laid back panting and huffing. Sitting back up she saw what she had done to the old woman’s face and solid twine wrapped a foot and a half long. The old woman was just her cunt squirt off her lips and needle cushion nipples.

Now the other one if you can help again. Certainly dear. Picking another thin one the younger demonic slut already one hand squeezing her tit pulling even harder on that fat nipple still pumping out cunt slime on the old wood. OH FUCK! as the pin pushed through. This time the old lady was ready with her old mouth or her friends cunt meat drinking and sucking every drip. This time she did not collapse but held the old ladies head. The old woman sucked as much as she could lifting up to lick the tiny blood drips on the demolished nipples. Oh fuck look at your horse.

The tiny identical twin daughters could not be any different in sexual wants from daddy. One loved daddy fingered her ass as the other was very cruel. She liked to hurt her sisters’ nipples. His ass slut tiny thing had his entire cock down her tiny throat as her sister twisted and pulled.

It all started on their family Disney vacation checking into hotel right in the park giving them early access to park. But in two days the park was of little interest.

The Satan Queens and her tiny assassins had turned the entire into pure satanic fuck filthy. Every filthy hidden desire or thought was being lived out.

His darling tiny twins and most other children loved the kiddie pool. It took all of the parents to fill it with piss. Moms and dads pissed on their own kids or anyone else’s as the kids waited for it to fill up.

All of the kids were soaked all ready as their tiny darling faces looked up into mommy cunts and big daddy cocks pissing all over them.

The tiny sluts just lounged in piss. Some sucking down piss like cool aid.

All of the cocks were starting to get hard and mommy cunts wet and ready.

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He turned not sure where to go. So many holes to fuck he was thinking about some of the other mommy’s he saw fucking and sucking in the main room.

The tiny hand grabbed nine inch very hard cock. He looked down at the piss soaked little girl. Can you help sir? My daddy is all out and mommy keeps stealing it from me. Do you have any?

Oh well it’s a good start for the morning. Head her piss soaked red curls looking down or her so tiny slim titless body amazed at how far her pussy bulged out in a puffy muffin. I wondered if it is a fuck muffin. Most were already but this little thing was the puffiest huge mound he had ever seen.

Yes, baby I have some. I have a lot though. Thank you. His entire cock disappeared in a freckled face child. She had her forehead on his stomach like a silky vacuum cleaner she was a pure natural cock sucking sperm slut so young. With all he was seeing he went off much quicker than he wanted. What this child did on his cock and probably any she could get.

The child did not flinch as his he pumped rivers of sperm keeping her tiny mouth on him until she was sure he got it all and it started to soften. Thank you sir. Yours is real good.
He just kept staring at the at her huge puffy pussy muffin. What about you? Do you need someone to help you? Yes sir I would like that because sperm makes me horny but no one has helped me yet.

The piss soaked cock sucking demon child let him hold her tiny hand as they went back to the main room for an empty lounge chair. There were many empty ones as mommy’s had towels out for some cushion on their knees to be ram fucked by any man still hard enough. Those damn kids kept stealing all of the cocks.

The tiny curly red head child was as pale as he had ever seen and freckled all over. Her tiny white body made her little tits look like peaks of pink, she just spread her little legs. Her pussy bulge looked all the much bigger and her paleness made her pussy look so pink and delicious with a small coral crimson tiny hole no cunt flaps in the way just puffy meat on ether side of her tiny meat.

He devoured her tiny cunt sucking god knows whose piss sucking her entire little muffin. Each time she shook and quivered he licked her perfect pink ass flower then again, and again he ate the tiny thing for an hour. The tiny thing did not squirt just pulsed out the most delicious child cunt cream so silky it would be great as coffee cream.

He did notice the crowd of people watching her quiver and orgasm as he ate her. mommy’s whispered at well he ate pussy but look at her when she goes off. She almost comes off the lounge when she cums as if she wants him back on her precious ass for a break.

When she had enough for now, she sat up and just said WOW. You are really good. But look at you now. If you will let me sir yours is the best but I want some on my face before breakfast. Its OK if you get some on my titties as daddy says it helps them grow.

His piss soaked tiny twins smelled terrible, but everyone did now. Two huge black men helped his wife to their family table. She is quivering and covered in sperm. Her hair was completely saturated.

Having fun honey? Oh god this is the best vacation dear. What about you baby? I am sorry to just leave like that but you know how I get when we talk about me being a fuck and those cocks were so big. Sperm dripped out of her hair and tits and everywhere. She already ruined her chair as her ass and gaping mommy cunt just dripped sperm. His wife was a very happy fuck whore and he was a very happy tiny girl molester. Yes dear this is a good vacation as his piss soaked twins agreed.

Daddy I got finger fucked in my ass by some daddy and it felt really good. Yes your mom likes cocks up her ass but you will have to grow a bit. Daddy like sucking cunt the other one said. Well I don’t know if mommy does that. It seems your mommy just likes to be fucked and used but maybe when we get home. If she won’t help you I can.

Not one door was closed or locked as the Satan Queen would not allow theft. The hotel was just for fuck now and her love Satan’s entertainment. He just simply loved his queen as new families would arrive every week to be converted to fuck filth as his queen came up with new ways to turn the families to him and worship Satan.

Just go baby I will take care of the twins. Mommy wobble a bit back and fifty hung horse hung men were waiting. She just loved this family vacation as her little girls were sluts now too in different ways, but sluts none the less.

The tiny curly red head so pale thing came to their table. Her hair slightly dryer, her perfect young tit cones capped in pink cones with her cunt pussy muffin out so puffy it led the way. It was redder now from al of his sucking and chewing her meat.

Sorry to bother you sir and your kids, but if you are available.

Go ahead daddy and help her we have plans and things to do.

He held her tiny hand as she said she had not been fucked yet. I think it is ready but maybe you get it more ready and go slow. Here is one as she laid her pale freckled body out he went at her cones first.

Oh, I like that sir but can you bite harder. Then down her tiny tummy. That tickles sir. When she felt him drift down she raised her tiny legs all to her ears wrapping her tiny arms to simply present her fucks. She looked like all fuck and puff tiny pink ass to very puffy cunt he just slobbered her.

They put on quite a show for those unsure of what filth they wanted to get into. Yes dear our baby is going to be fucked. She has being putting her hand in her diapers at six months once she found her slit. I did try to talk to her honey but our daughter is more of a slut than me.

Daddy was so damn hard he was living with two fuck sluts.

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He was balls deep in a child and she said it might be better if I am on top. She was weightless as he picked her up impaled with his cock he laid back. The tiny thing went bat shit crazy whimpering and pumping like she was insane. She would pump her tiny pelvis when needed a rest before lifting up to just slam down. His balls and the lounge were a mess of white child cunt cream. She just really liked fucking. This was so much better than just sucking them.

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Thanks for last night daddy. That was fun. No daddy I don’t want to go anywhere. Let’s just stay home and watch more movies. His tiny princess was so devious and controlling.
OK baby whatever you want as he just dreaded what she had planned for today.

At breakfast she kept on about what a bad little girl she was and bad girls get spanked. You know I don’t spank you baby. But daddy I have been really bad. Oh fuck what the hell is she up to now?

Come on daddy lets watch more movies. But she sat with his huge cock all over her tiny back. Help them some more daddy before the game comes on. Daddy I really liked last night. I am so sorry baby I just did a bad thing. Daddy I really like it though so bite again. Chew daddy. Just like that daddy. Now the other one daddy. Oh daddy that feels good as he chewed her tiny nipples.

No daddy I was a bad little girl. She laid over his lap pushing his cock up against his stomach. I just can’t baby. Daddy I am a very bad. I was so nasty daddy sucking your cock. His huge hand came down on her tiny ass. Yes daddy, tell me how bad I am and what a nasty girl I am.

Slam. Bad little girls get spanked. You are a cock sucking little slut SLAM. You are even nastier than your mommy you little whore SLAM she squirted all over the couch and the wall. SLAM SQUIRT, SLAM SQUIRT.

Thank you, daddy, for teaching me to be better as she swallowed six inches of his enormous fourteen thicker than one of her arms. She had her mouth as far as it would go when he put his huge hand on her tiny ass pushing his biggest finger up her ass and satisfied, she pumped her head and mouth so happy she was getting more now finally. Daddy did not have to tell her, she could feel her daddies’ cock when it started to pulse. She just loved this part playing with daddy. She was truly devious.

His river of sperm just pumped and pulsed as she fondles her daddies balls to get it all. His tiny princess was pure death on tiny feet.

The game came on and thankfully his owner, his tiny princess was napping but she nestled her silky head up and almost under his big balls like a face blanket of daddy ball sack.

She was driving him insane as her tiny tongue started. No sense of asking her to stop. Dear god she kept going down making him lift up. She licked at his ass. Then pushed his legs up like they were nothing and ate daddy ass. He was completely and totally helpless plus it felt so good. He watched game in a distant blank stare. His mind a dissolving mess. His tiny princess just used him like her personal toy. Now her chew toy. He was gone and blank as she put her tiny ass in his face. She was ‘practicing’ again but somewhat upside down shoving her mouth her tiny ass for eating. He devoured her as she devoured him. it was already half time when just said thanks daddy snuggling up close soft and tender again like a little girl, his tiny child as if nothing had happened, she just shape shifted back to his tiny princess for a nap.

They had only been home for one day as his wife was a frantic whore needing cocks in her ass and cunt and mouth. He just not gives enough sperm. So, he was stuck his tiny slut twins his wife way out in some black only bar getting pounded he had no idea when or if she would come back. Bath was horny as hell as both wanted him to piss on them first. One had two tiny child fingers up her sister’s ass twisting her nipple dots. He was desperate for a break after what that tiny cute curly hared red head kept doing to him. the tiny thing started to just pounce.

All of the parents in the dining room preferred child pussy or boy cock not hiding anymore. One mommy just loved the little girls she just dropped to be fist fucked or tit chewed when ever one just came up, more were right behind to abolish her again. She was happy for two reasons as she lost wait for lack of food and never went but a few minutes when the demons saw her. She just laid back in hallways or elevators to be used. People just stepped over her like nothing any different was happening.

The rest of that vacation week people just went in rooms for the increasing filthier nasty things to do to each other. Little naked boys and girls just roaming for available cunt or cock. One poor mommy had captured many of the very young boys she did not even moan anymore, just opened or laid back.

His twins came down naked like his tiny girls, but he knew better. He was just meat. The Satan Queen was quite happy she had so many going to different towns and places to turn their towns to her love, Satan.

The satanic English teacher and all twelve little brownies just looked so darling in tiny uniforms. Oh, how darling they all look honey. You can be a brownie too baby. Thank you so much as they got hugged and welcomed those little girls were just darling as they went to rooms. I did not expect such a warm welcome. Daddy had a vicious hard cock looking at those tiny girl asses he was brewing with nasty thoughts for the moment they entered the lobby.

Mommy was trying hard not look at her daughter’s tiny ass more able to hide her completely saturated panties.

The Satan Queen had an entire hotel to play with and the brownies went on attack. The satanic English teacher saw the mommy tremble and got in the elevator with the family knowing the first mommy she would have. Just standing behind the mommy she put her hand up on her wet panties and squeezed.

Honey are you feeling OK? Yes, just lost my balance. She was just too easy as her panties just pushed away, and the English teacher finger fucked her to a very fast orgasm.
No honey I am fine. I think this will be a wonderful vacation.

Pretending to get ice for the room she looked for who ever did that. She had hid her lesbian desires for so long. She looked up and down until she just went to the tiny room with the ice machine.

She dropped the plastic ice bucket because there she was holding her cunt open. She had not tasted pussy for ten years. She sank to her knees sucking and licking cunt uncaring if anyone saw. She had cunt in her mouth.

These families had no idea what this special Disney vacation would do to all of them.
The mommy was wiping rich cunt of her face down inside her bra to get some on her rock-hard nipples.

She placed the full ice bucket down saying their daughter needed a bath. Daddy was searching TV channels to see if that game was still on. He did not see her face all wet and smeared in cunt.

Her tiny daughter was just like her mommy. She felt it to but did not know why as she only felt it when mommy gave her baths. She just stood for her mommy to strip her down as the bath filled. Her mommy always got naked, so her clothes did not get wet.

Mommy I want tits too. When do you think I will get some as she held mom tits. Mommy they are all wet and so is your face. Mommy your face taste really good. Is there anymore? Right here baby as mommy sat back on the toilet spreading her slim legs and her mommy cunt. Lick right in here darling. She new her husband would not dare to look at his princess anymore as she started to bud all over.

She new when he got on any game just what he was thinking as she purposely let his princess prance naked for her nighty and nighty night. Her daddy would not even give her a night kiss when she and mommy just walked naked as mommy made damn sure he would see his naked little princess.

I like how you wash me mommy. You taste real good mommy. Rub a little more. Would mine taste the same soon mommy?

Come her baby as she took the fluffy towel all over her young tiny body. Sit here. Open a little more baby. Yes mommy. Oh, mommy that feels so good.

Go see daddy for a second baby while I get one of your nighties. Ok mommy.

She just stood naked and young and tender and just starting to puff. Here we are baby as she pulled the sheer new nighty over his daughter as he watched her tiny body get covered. Do you want to tuck her in darling? He could only shake his head. His naked tiny princess went with his naked wife. His wife simply called from their room for him to come to bed.

His tiny wife was spread out naked as his shirt came off easy, he had trouble with his pants. He had to reach in for his hard cock. Her husband was so easy. She did it on purpose when she needed fucked. He would practically rape her as if he did not know her.

She just snuggled loving to hear mommy scream, moan and whimper. She could hear better here on vacation falling asleep dreaming about growing up and get married and moan just like mom.

Daddy just stared. His daughter might as well be naked wiping her tiny blue eyes. I forgot mommy. We have to go somewhere else for breakfast. Do you think they have cereal and stuff?

She just loved how her husband shook barely able to breath. Her tiny nighty was bad enough already. The bright morning sun silhouetted her as if his tiny princess was naked. Mommy had to keep from laughing. Baby go get those new things on. OK mommy. She danced away.

Her poor daddy was close to a fatal heart attack already when announced she was already. Her daddy almost coughed up a lung. His tiny so darling princess came out in a tiny tank and the smallest tiny shorts.

Let’s go eat honey. Yes, daddy I am hungry.

The buffet and restaurant were even worse littered with little girls. Some better but all poking and puffy.

All of the families had lost interest in the rides or the park.

The Satan Queens angels had this down to an art.

How abut we look around to see what is available here first. The park wont open for thirty minutes anyway. Her poor, poor husband made mommy and daughter giggle. He had his hands over his shorts as so many not to mention his tiny thing he beat off just thinking. No, never. Not ever. Here it was a losing battle.

Mom did you bring my new bikini. Yes baby. Let daddy help you. I just want to lay out for some sun. his wife looked naked in a bikini he had never seen and now he had to help his princess.

His tiny thing was naked with her tiny butt up searching. I found it! It was nothing. Just string with a few patches. He did not know what went where let alone cover anything.
No daddy that goes up here. Get it tight and check to be sure.

No daddy that goes in back. He looked at wondering what difference. It was nothing.
Now you daddy. You need a suit too. He went to slaughter. Tiny princess slaughter.

Here they are. Now let’s get these off. He could not breath. He could not flinch or move. His really naked princess stripped him. Just figuring out her bikini. Her muffin he wanted covered more ad nothing on her tiny ass.

Daddy you can’t go out to help me learn to swim with that. He was about to fall back but it was over in less than a second.

Wow daddy that was a lot. Daddy sperm dripped off his tiny daughter’s face.

The elevator was silent. Daddies would even look at each other. Daddy sperm covered little girls that might as well be naked. The Satan Queens design was going better and faster.

He could barely walk already and there his wife was with her bikini top on the tiles.

Mine can use more sun dear. Just look around.

He must have napped a bit as he looked to his left. All he saw of his wife was her bikini on the tile floor. Looked to his right as just those damn tiny strings.

God the Satan Queen and her assassins really were good at turning rather normal families hiding filthy concepts yes, but none the less they showed up like just good families on vacation.

His naked wife was sitting with other naked mommies around the pool as his naked sweet thing and many other naked little girls practiced swimming. As if the moms weren’t bad enough, the little naked girls showed various stages of development. But every damn one was had puffy little pussy mounds as if they had been handpicked. He was right. All of the families were handpicked to release themselves from what society expected to let go and turn to the true lord, Satan.

An entire wall suddenly was a huge screen. Last week’s families were a running video of filth. There were no cameras. The huge screen was magical. It only changed in their minds as it gave everyone what they wanted. If they had any filthy thought it would appear for them.

Little girls playing in piss or getting pissed on. Mommy’s viciously gang fucked by huge cocks. Dads sucking teen cocks. Dads licking and sucking sperm out of other mom cunts and asses or some tiny child’s.

He just could never. It was his deepest nastiest thing he fought. Sucking cock. Sucking out cum and eating cum. Sucking big young teen cock just like that on the screen. Helpless dads throat fucked.

His wife and all the mommies were openly talking. Look at how darling she is. Look at her little puff. Yes, that is my daughter. She might like that, I don’t know.

Well I don’t see the room I am watching. Those huge cocks are ramming her everywhere and her hair is matted with sperm. She sure looks happy. She got up and left the pool knowing her child had three mommies watching her child about to take her somewhere to eat.

The piss loving slut mom held her child’s puffy little pussy in her mouth sucking her delicious child piss. Five other little girls naked and needing to pee standing around pulling her mommy titties and nipples like toys.

The insane widows made a dirt path between their farms. The crazed old lady had knew strength and interest in life now. She moved everything out of the way to put down an big strong plastic tarp to capture all of that delicious horse sperm. It was now each satanic fuck pain sluts favorite body cream. At first it softened the sharp twine but when it dried it made the even tighter and harder as the twine became part of their horrified tits.

She met her new friend and her horsy at the edge eager to show off the horse fuck and new pain palace she made for them. Horsy just stood obediently knowing he would be happy. She had her apron on with pockets full of rotten apples as her twine bound tit tubes stood out on either side. The horse sperm had dried their tits into rock solid logs now with only huge pinned nipples still getting bigger for what ever devious things they could figure out.

How are these doing baby as she twisted her friends’ nipples and moved the two tiny pins. She whimpered saying they were wonderful mistress. Oh, hell baby I am not your mistress, but I like you saying it. Come with me baby.

The barn looked all rearranged. I put this down so all of the sperm wont just waste in the dirt. She had a table laid out with all the whips and crops and something they had not tried yet. Canes. Very hard canes. I forgot I even had these babies.

Let me get this off and hang it up so horsy does eat them yet. Do you want to go to up to the house for coffee or anything? She only whimpered moaning ASS. Nothing more on these my slut as she twisted. As you want mistress. Well then, I guess we will have to call your horse master wont we? She got so horny now walking over she instantly squirted.
But at least call me Slut Mistress if you insist. Or just slut when it is my turn. You really look like you need something fast slut. You are a fuck slut horse whore, aren’t you? Yes, you bitch slut mistress. O0h baby I like that.

Sit first for me. She had two thicker pins getting them on each of the purple bulbs then fastened her mouth before shoving. She got a river of cunt squirt in her mouth as she violently twisted the thicker pins. Thanks slut.

Now come get on your tummy for some help. The bench was not made for what they had done to their tits. It hurt like pure living hell as the bound tits spread out stretching their chest. All comfy baby? Yes slut. HURRY!

She satanic old woman got one of the stiff canes. Her new wonderful friend needed her help and she did not hold back as the long red welt went over her ass. Raising her old arm with new life and strength. The next brought out blood. Ass blood. Her slut could squirt forever once she started but she could get to it caning her baby all up and down turning her ass and back into bloody welts. The plastic tarp a pool of cunt squirt.

The old pain slut was horny as hell now licking her bloody ass and back shoving her old fist up her slut friend’s cunt.

Happy and satisfied for now she stood up. Her face in maddened lust and red eyes. She licked the bloody face of the old woman. Her blood.

Get over here you fuck slut mistress bitch! Going to her apron she got two rotten apples. Biting huge chunks to shove up the old widow’s ass gape. I did not feed our friend yet and he needs a snack. Oh, shut you whore slut mistress slut. She shoved both rotten apples in chunks all the way into the old woman’s colon. Horsy is very hungry. Rubbing apple slime all over the old but firm ass.

I have breakfast all ready for you baby as she stroked his big furry head licking his slobbery mouth. Its all ready for you honey and I am so sorry to make you wait. Forgive me honey for making you wait as she led horsy to his rotten apple breakfast.

Horsy was very damn hungry. Her old body would not need canes or whips. Horsy chewed her apart. The poor old pain slut whore bitch mistress had horse teeth bites all over. His huge mouth went after her old ass gaping it further. He chewed her old ass in search for apple. Horsy would take some time to get all of it as she sat on the cunt squirt plastic tarp. Her squirt. With two canes she beat the old widows bound tits. She was careful not to rip one of the pins as they wanted those. They hurt like hell and they loved them.

Horsy stood back as he had used his long tongue to get all the way up into her old colon.

Horsy just stood with his cock almost touching the tarp. He had no worries knowing he would be happy.

That was wonderful baby, I mean slut. Just something I thought you would like it mistress slut fuck bitch. Hugging and kissing. How do theses feel? The drops of blood were dry now. I loved it but no more yet today.

Coffee? Sure. Like just friends they walked like nothing had happened but bright and perky with new life.

You make good coffee. Yes, my husband would hold my cunt open to pour it boiling hot.

He liked the mix of cunt cream with his.

I wish you made cream, but your squirt is wonderful and delicious. Totally bizarre morning coffee conversation as two completely insane satanic widows had not seen anything of what Satan offered.

The poor, poor Mormons dressed normal but without the long saintly stupid as hell under clothes. All of the farther had to get razors and their wives get cunt shaved and then their daughters spread out naked for mommy to shave her. Then they both shaved him. All of the men and every pussy bare.

Well I suppose it would not be a sin for her to go on a date. Honey it is hard here on us to have to wait so long. You should talk to the rest and change the laws. Remember when you and I…go no further mother. I damn do remember. It is just as bad for us too back then.

It was horrifyingly new and wonderful. The women in this small hidden village had such solid tits. The girls too. Sitting at the old kitchen table with his naked wife and naked daughter his huge cock hurt rubbing on the under side of the table. Hell, it was bad enough out alone in the fields with hard on.

Oh, baby that is what we all did because of you damn men. She was just a little wet and all I had was my tongue. But she was already clean and you… baby it was nothing and look how happy she is. She is working much harder now, don’t you agree.

Well she has always been good. Does she have some boy in mind? She and the boy have been waiting for two years just like we did.

But his is so big. So were you dear, you still are. His naked daughter giggled. Her solid tit cones barely quivered. The entire village was poking tit cones and hard cock. Huge hard cocks.

Going to town was criminal. Just for more flour the store owner’s wife and young daughter poked. With out the confining garments called underwear to keep the nipples and cocks hidden it was nothing but horny poking something. Hell, there was nothing else for them but hard work, get married and fuck like rabbits.

All of the horny teens would whisper and giggle. Well you should have heard her last night after she got through with me. Yours to? Yep just like we do. As if we can’t hear. Well mine screamed all damn night and I did not get one wink.

Do you think fucking will hurt? I heard only at first. Me too. Me too.

He is so big though. Well I heard they all are. Giggles. I suppose, but I hate the way they make us wait. Entire table, me too. We have to get back so maybe later we can help each other.

An entire village of saintly pious Mormons horny as hell just a play pool for the Satan Queen to with.

The horse drawn buggy barely out the long dirt road to her house. On their first date. The required blanket over both of their laps as always done to keep each from doing anything. She had already whipped it off and pulled of her long robe throwing all in the back. Holy shit he is big. She just loved it and licked it as he tried to frantically keep the horse and buggy on the damn road.

When his mom made him lay back for his shave, he was so horrified his cock, his huge cock was right in his naked mommy’s face. His mommy was a dream. She could be just one of the other teen girls. So softly holding him to shave all over his big ball sack.
She wiped him all clean not able to let him go like that to bed. His huge cock was gone. All he saw was his mommy’s head. He was young and hung and went off in huge violent pulsing wads. Rivers of her sons sperm cream.

Smacking her lips, now go try to sleep baby. You have your date tomorrow. I need some sleep too and dad is waiting.

He slept as his mommy wailed and screamed.

Do you like me as she licked with her tiny naked ass perked up right next to him on the front seat of the buggy. He wanted to touch but needed both hands for the reins. No, I don’t want to go there as she licked. You know where everyone goes. She licked as he whipped the reins to hurry the horse.

He would not let the girl he wanted lay in dirt and he so big he really did not fit in the buggy.

The rampant horny girl had it all figured out grabbing the blanket of purity. You get this off,

She had the Mormon blanket of purity all spread out and laid back her darling naked body. He could not believe the sight. Where to start? He had thought he had time to figure out. But she was right there.

Every piece and morsel in pure naked girl he wanted just came to quick. He had no concept what this tiny thing wanted or what to do.

Her so silent whispering breath for him she grabbed his huge head. His body hid hers.

His cock log on her so tight tummy between her solid tits.

He did not care anymore if he lost his tongue. He let her tiny body take complete control.
Now here. Over her. he would lick whatever. She pushed telling him to suck. Sucking and whipping that one tit he was quickly learning. Now. He had no more “teaching” or guidance as he went after the other like an animal. Back and forth as she trembled, moaned and cried out in delight he just attacked her tiny body.

Mommy did not tell me about that. God his big mouth just went all over her. Her small pelvis pumped up and down as the boy, the boy she so wanted softly bit and licked her. She almost bucked them both off the purity blanket.

Her so tiny belly button was one of her erogenous spots. Far from ticklish. The poor thing was no longer in control. She was meal for the boy, the boy she wanted was turning her insane. Oh, dear god as he went down to spread her more. He marveled at the tiny pink meat. Her entire body looked so much better than any dream.

He just thumbed her tiny clit just loving how she quivered. The perfect tit cones barely shook buck she bucked and whimpered so darling.

She had so many orgasms already. Her slit was soaked in wet white pussy cream. Now he was playing. She just looked so good every time. Her tiny body just almost bent in half she might break her tiny spine.

The way she presented her entire pelvis her tiny pink ass and pussy slit a creamy mess.
She could not remember last week or even a year ago. He just ate her from ass to pussy. For an hour until she finally hit his head. Her very first date on a purity Mormon blanket used the same way for generations the same way but just washed and never spoken about as they were just washed out and hung to dry.

The Mormons used the strongest thread in groups knowing how they would be used. Silent and remembering being fucked that first time. Not a word as they all knew.
His darling was far from passed out or asleep. Just needing some very deep breaths. Out of oxygen or air. She became the attacker. She wanted that cock. She would own it. It might hurt, but it was hers now. Her orgasms stopped at maybe twenty but then just one long and continuous.

She wanted revenge. Making him lay back.

Baby she won’t be back. Why did you have to give them that blanket? Its tradition honey. You men have traditions. How about the kitchen again? My back is sore now so bend me over. Don’t worry, by now she is turning him into her fuck puppy. Mommy was slammed on the kitchen table as it started to move. She just loved when she drove him so damn crazy.

She is on the same blanket. Your daughter is being fucked on the same one. Remember?
She just loved how he would just fuck and use her.

On the purity blanket the silky thing was all over him. She was torturing him just like he did to her for two hours. He could have so easily just thrown her. He laid back for kitten torture.

She was maddening rubbing her tiny body up and down as she went about softly chewing. His ears, lips, nipples, and really bit his stomach just to show him. He tortured her and now it was her turn.

The tiny slut spent thirty minutes on his ball sack and under in soft tiny licks. Then as soft as a butterfly up his huge cock. All over. Just getting there but she was deviant making him pay.

Her poor pussy and titties still quivered. He damn well deserved to be punished.
Just almost she just rubbed her tiny solid tummy up as if she was worried nipping his lips. Hell she was on a torture tour of his entire body and doing her best. The men around here could survive most anything. Fire, storms and anything but the woman.
Four hours now. Honey I told you she may not be home. Just keep it in. back porch.

He went off in her tiny mouth as she just tried. His huge cock head had no chance. There was no way his cock would soften. They licked each other and he could care less what was on her face.

Her tiny body was a silk dream. Just a tender drape of tender wonder.

His faith and love just would not let him. He looked down at the tiny pussy bucket full white cunt. Then at the thing, his thing. Hell, she had been rubbing it up and down begging.

Nothing new in Mormon town. The woman always had to take over. For generations purity blankets were used, but it was always the same. This village of mule cock men all had to be trained.

He just turned over on his back on the purity blanket hoping she would not. She put her creamy cup on his huge cock head. Taking his huge strong farm hands to her tiny waist. They could wrap around her.

She had to sink her cream cup. Hell he would not fuck her she had to fuck him his entire huge cock was being sucked in to the warmest thing.

Hold me honey. I hope you at least like me. She went absolutely frantic when he looked right in her eyes. I have been in love with you for years, but it was not allowed. She went ballistic.

Making sure she had his cock head she just went bat shit crazy. She fucked his body almost through the purity blanket. It had been through worse.

It was bread making Monday. How was your and and that boy you like. He was so kind mom. Mom knew how hard her daughter kneaded the dough.

Sorry about the blanket mom. I just don’t know how it got so dirty. Its OK baby. It can be washed. Naked mom and one of the newest fucks naked happily made bread.

Just get to the elevator. One room his wife was being ram fucked as cocks beat her face. She was trying to lick each one. The next one even worse. The lesbian room and his tiny child was the main meal. What the moms made her do with her tiny legs.

He just went in as if something else was in control. It was not the elevator. He had seen these dads before. He so wanted to just leave. Find the elevator or stairs. Like the room in his most hidden filth.

Long hard cocks. Thick long young cocks. Teen dick. Out of body. No idea what planet. He did not feel his feet move. Both fantasies for him to just think. One man strapped tight up against a wall. The strap across his forehead head unmovable. The strap on his chin kept his mouth open. Totally helpless.

Sperm already dripping from his nose and lips. He could have been like that for minutes or hours. He could only moan as the thick cock used his mouth and throat like cunt. He was mesmerized. The huge teen dick meat plunged and sawed back and forth. Wads of thick young cum squirted out his nose. Helpless another entered.

In the middle was a dad on a bench. Willing with his head just over the end. He could move. He was a willing throat fuck.

Another bench just appeared. For him. He had only licked his lips. He did not feel himself move but was on his back his head perfect for teen cock fucking. He was rock hard at ten turgid inches but went untouched. In moments it would not need touched.

This he felt. So thick his throat felt every vein, every throb. Like it vibrated in his throat. It was beyond his fantasies. Cock was delicious. Young cock exquisite. Teen hard cock insane.

Just laid out for throat fucking very willing. It just got better and better. He felt the thick warm teen cock pulse. He so wanted to just grab that hard-teen ass and pull him tighter. On his back he could feel the thick piss tube pulse and pump on his tongue. He could at least suck. He made his mouth a warm wet hole. A warm wet daddy mouth fuck hole. It was so much better than the few drops of his sperm he snuck. It was an entire very rich river of wads and teen sperm. He was in heaven with all the teen cock he could possibly suck, all of the sperm he could eat.

His hard body horny wife was having fun too. The mommy vacation gang bang fuck room. Huge thick black cocks up her ass and cunt tube. Her mouth locked to the balls. Cock covered and rubbing her hard nipples and whipping her face. Living out her whorish slut wishes. Just helplessly used as fuck meat.

Every desire and new bizarre ones. If she thought red one was there. Blue, purple any color or thought. They would thicken more in her ravished ass. Picked up like a toy she was horrendously fucked in her ass and cunt like a whimpering slut. Then on her back for just pounding fuck.

She may not have wanted to think about dog cock as she felt the fat knot lock and saw and turn her cute pussy into purple muss of fuck hole.

Other moms were getting their wishes granted. One kneeling as sperm covered and matted her entire body. Her hair matted and mouth over flowing as the endless rivers of sperm were too hard to gulp or drink or even try as cocks used her mouth. Hands wiped sperm all over her perky hard mommy tits and down her solid stomach. Down on her newly shaved pussy as huge fingers pushed sperm up her squirt box. Unable to even whimper as her nipples were twisted. All the sperm she could think of drenched her body. Her tiny daughter naked right beside her loving mommy. Her tiny hands scooping up sperm to rub it on her mommy’s back and up mommy’s ass. Her so tiny silk tongue taking licks trying to decide.

Sperm was new but she loved mommy and mommy pussy, mommy cunt. Mommy cunt and mom juice. She was starting to like sperm and mommy sure seemed to like it. She was so delighted when mommy told her she would be going to Disney. Cinderella, Snow White and her dwarves. Daddy was lost someplace, and it was just them. She hugged her wonderful mommy getting coated in thick sperm. This new stuff just tasted better and better and mom sure liked it.

All the little girls naked and so tender gathered in the main room. As if called.

The most beautiful sight ever walked through the door. Cinderella holding Snow Whites hand. Both just like the movies and cartoons and dolls.

The tiny naked things could not contain themselves. Sperm and piss soaked little girls got so tender hugs and even soft kisses.

Can you help me dear? I have a hard time reaching it. Snow White similarly had some naked thing enraptured sucking her tiny piss lips. They both knelt like beautiful Disney queens in practiced in graceful motion. Both long zippers went from slim necks to tiny asses.

They stood as their gowns just drifted down and off. Cinderella in transparent pink panties and bra. The bra had holes for her solid perky upturned nipples. Her tiny pink panties crotchless let all of the precious things play with her puffy mound of princess pussy.

Snow White was so pale she looked as white and pure as snow. Her bra was smaller on her smaller tiny tits. Her nipples looked perfect and crimson or dark coral. Her panties were just white string. Her pussy meat just puffed out in silk young deep red young cunt.
The dwarves were forgotten momentarily. Not much older than the little girls with Disney dreams of being a princess. They were naked. Seven very horny girls looking at naked tiny girls. Tiny naked little girls all as horny.

A room full of naked tiny girls and two wonders so loved in dreams. How about we all play for a while. I need to pee pee first. Snow White took her tiny hand laying down pulling those tender slim legs to fasten the tender tiny thing on her mouth. One soft suck the child whimpered. The next harder on made her cry. She was sitting on Snow Whites face her muffin barely a pink slit still. The next suck was so hard she just let go.

The teen in the role of Snow White was as perfect as could be. Her long hair almost white. Tiny pale white body that fit in any costume. Porcelain white but small tits capped with huge puffy nipples.

Other little girls already playing with her body as the child pissed rich delight.
The seven dwarves were just budding. They had some titty and hard nipple. The dwarves were swing darlings eager to suck cock or cunt or child pussy or suck piss. They loved the condo and teen cunt but sometimes needed cock.

For them cock was hard to find in the park as they maintained appearances. Now in the first party they attended they had it all. If they only knew who was making it all possible they would love the Satan Queen making them filthy fucks and would eventually grant every wish of stardom and fame. No matter how rich they would be fuck slut cunt suckers. Slime sucking pigs able to “help” other little girls.

Hollywood was filling with the Satan Queens wonders.

Both revered princesses laid out for the little girls just loved them real hard.

The seven naked budding dwarves so trained to hug little girls they always stopped for a hug and tiny finger fuck and so new buds sucked. They each got away as huge daddies just laid back and limp cock.

They were just helpless as tiny things just covered them cocks just hardened in soft hands. Every daddy could not believe the pure magic having cum five times. Usually their best was two.

Who are you darling as he tweaked her tiny nipples. I am grumpy. Are you grumpy now baby? I think you can make me less grumpy. It was the best family vacation ever as the silk tight tube of little girl sank down on his daddy cock somehow hard.

The twin sisters went unnoticed. Long red hair but rail thin with small tubular nipples excuses for tit. At eighteen they both looked twelve. Both brilliant with photographic minds if they read it or saw it they knew it. One a bank teller and perhaps the best needing a bigger stool to see and help bankers just barely giving her any notice. She just loved dogs now but in a strange way.

Her identical twin a Librarian full of knowledge able to find any book for anyone without looking it up. She did need stools though but was so good the expense was considered negligible. Her hidden thing was finding ancient books as she dusted. All about Satan she just new how to read Latin.

Living together they hid that no longer wore panties. But both knew as none were in the wash basket. Never mentioned.

I may not be home this weekend sis. OK sis. She wanted dog but never revealed to her own twin her filthy bestiality desires.

The tiny mouse of red head librarian was just wet as hell. She new the address by heart and could actually see the door and fuck cage. Her first visit was just the glory holes but allowed to watch the woman in the fuck cage. Violent and horrible just like those ancient Latin books said. It just made her horny as hell. To be used like that no one caring what her tiny body looked like as long as she was fuck holes.

Her second visit the man kept asking if she was sure. You saw what happens and you won’t be able to get away. Are you absolutely sure as she just stripped her pious apparel.
Yes, sir I want it. She looked like a child. He walked her in and locked her in. She just pushed her tiny ass up and opened her mouth. Forty men stood around asking if she would want this. Hell, she looks like my granddaughter.

She insisted and does not want to be paid. She wants to be free and used. That was six months ago as she struggled every day not to go back. She got used hard just like advertised and what she had seen. But forty men instead of the twenty the woman was rape fucked.

Sis I just have to go meet some friends. Her twin wanted to see some friends too.
One twin on a bus and one looking like a child just out for a walk, in the park. Off regular paths she found the clearing. The first time she just lost her way needing to pee. She had removed all lower garments to keep them dry. She squatted and mid piss when she felt that damn dog tongue. It felt so good. She gushed out any remaining piss as she was licked.

The long-wet tongue licked deep in places she did not know how good those places could feel. She was so tiny she hated parks refusing her on rides. Hell she was eighteen.
The grass was soft as she looked at what was doing it. It was huge. It was such a big dog she knew she was a meat snack never to be seen again. The huge mouth and long wet tongue licked her face. She was still alive. You are a very big puppy, aren’t you? Her tummy quivered as the mouth and tongue went down. You really like that puppy. He just lifted her with his long tongue until she gave up her pussy for him to chew and lick. She did not resist as it just felt insane. Ass to her virgin cunt meat over and over.

Wow you really like that don’t you puppy? She pulled his big furry head off after suffering five hard orgasms all her first.

She whipped of her top and puppy like tit tubes too. Panting and breathless she saw the pack he led. Looks like you have friends’ baby. Are they as friendly as you? She hoped she would live and just not eaten and disappear. Dog all over.

No idea how long she had been there just looking for a hidden place to squat and piss.

She was dog chew toy. Oh my what do you have here as she held dog cock meat. Its looks like it needs help baby. But I am not a dog and don’t know anything but this as she got on her tiny knees to suck her first cock. Dog cock. Just one taste she loved it. Her tiny ass up she did not know it was dog bitch presentation for fuck.

She just loved the long dog in her mouth and let it go deep in her throat, so warm and hard and delicious she sucked as another got on her back. Dogs had no concept of tenderness and her tiny virginity was gone in one violent plunge. She sucked harder as she was getting her first fuck. Dogs yes but finally fucked. Insanely happy she wore out every good puppy waking naked and tiny surrounded by huge dog stud fucking machines. Tender and violent.

Her twin gone she put on clothes unthinkable when she acted so hard to look all grown up and professional in the bank.

Tiny shorts and tiny T she went on her walk.

Her twin just knew by heart where to go. Just walking in she stripped. The huge burly owner tried to tell her he had no idea why so many were there. It was me now lock me up!

Eighty men as some left others drifted in. The tiny librarian mouse came to be a fuck hole and got all she wanted until men gave up Sunday morning.

Locked in the fuck cage since Friday evening men brought her drink boxes. She was asked over and over if she had enough. MORE, ALL.

One identical twin full of dog cum and the other fucked full of man sperm showed up early Sunday morning as one then the other stripped for a shower. All these years together they never saw each other naked. Not since babies in the bath tub.

It was instant. Two tiny identical brilliant teens got into the shower with no words. Long so deeply hidden thoughts about each other.

Hot water and soft soapy hands as they just entwined. Two tender young bodies going mad on each other. It was a burst of hidden lesbian lust so deeply held.

Wet no towels as they pulled each other to bed. I think yours are bigger. No silly mine are the same sis.

Yes but a little harder and maybe bite. Hell, sis I love that too. Two identical sisters entered the realm of Satan.

The tiny thing had lied and cheated her way in. Tiny she used her only assets. The teachers would not allow her to be a cheerleader. She was kicked off or out of any sports. Her tits. Her big damn tits and nipples were ungodly. She looked like a porn show. She just had to get the hell away.

It worked as the huge marine master Sargent had his eyes on tit his friend a general had been through several wars, he was tired and given a soft job to just retire.

You don’t look eighteen. She pushed the tits everyone hated out. But I am sir, I promise.

Hell, his friend the general would love this one. He just stamped all the forms knowing full well she was not old enough.

The general like young tender but this one was unbelievable.

Boot camp was hard but more friendly than she thought it would be.

Nothing hid her tits or nipples. Starched stiff uniforms and her tiny ass had to have separate uniform pants. Men went over board to make an authentic marine belt just to hold them up and on.

Fuck on legs. Everyone helped her over walls just to feel her tiny ass. Her third week in boot she was very easily crawling in mud under barbed wire as live real bullets kept going over. She was so tiny she was the safest of all. The bullets stopped as her name was called. It was over. Her lies had been found out and she would be sent home.

Covered in mud she had got her long blonde hair all so carefully and tightly wrapped. It was just a muddy drape.

It was all over now as she stood at attention covered in mud, she was just darling. Nothing how ever horrible hid her tits or bright blue eyes.

Come with me marine. Two very lesbian sergeants washed her. The tiny marine skirt and marine green panties smaller. They made damn sure her tiny marine issued bra fit just right.

One so perfect tiny marine was on a jet to Washington DC.

She had no idea what her punishment would be she night be placed in some dark prison for most of her life for her crimes.

The general looked hard and stiff and commanding. Her salute was shaky as she begged her body to stop shaking.

How old are you really? Eighteen sir. She was stammering just a month ago and i like marines and my grandfather was she was quivering apart in front of the general.

He just smiled and told her to relax. His hard-stern face smiled. Come here. He just lifted her tiny body like a leaf.

How old are you? Now she could not lie a she spilled all. She turned fifteen in boot. The fierce general cradled her like a grandchild. So, these? Yes sir they are just terrible and nothing fits me and I am really sorry any. Silence.

The huge finger was up the tiny skirt rubbing. Now would you like a job not in dirt and mud. The huge finger was right there as she managed to mumble yes sir.

I do need a new assistant. A very personal assistant. Would you like that?

She was a trembling mess as the big figure rubbed. Her marine tiny panties just getting wetter. Yes.

Now let me see what you think is your problem. Oh, he will see them! But his finger. She just let the general undress her out of her uniform.

So, everyone thinks these are problems? His mouth just chewed through her tiny bra like it was never there at all. She did the worst but hugged his head. She just went off in the general’s lap.

Then again as he just wolfs her titty meat. She was shaking out of control as she never felt anything like this. Her poor body she tried to control turned into wet fuck on his lap.

A general’s lap for god’s sake!

So, what do you think? I feel a big problem sir. A very big problem. Just so you are sure general. Sir.

She had no idea his big cock was like any other. it was the first one she ever saw or felt or tried to hold. You stressed sir so let me see if I can help you. It was not her first by any means. Her entire story was a ruse conjured up by the Satan Queen. She had never thought about military until she smelled all the young sperm for the barracks. Really on a whimsy she thought she would see if it had promise. Sending one of her best completely infused with Satan sperm she had been transformed several times with the right body for the mission. From little titless lost child to teen with bumps or whatever she thought necessary.

Hell, she had not lived on earth for years let alone that small town. The day before she went to the marine master sergeant recruiter, she only had tiny mounds of child tit.
Keeping her a tiny thing and hairless little pink pussy supposed virgin she had a new hymen even.

She held the huge thick throbbing eleven-inch old cock as if she was frightened. She was giving an absolute perfect performance of a timid teen. Well sir with your permission I will try something I have only heard about. The stern old general nodded.

He gripped his chair as his cock disappeared in a silky teen mouth and throat. His big ball sack massaged at the same time. She sucked him dry as he pulsed out thick wads.
She was naked on his lap. Well sir now that you know about me do, I still fit the required standards you want, sir? He answered by attacking her tits.

She had a new uniform suitable for a general’s assistant. He pinned her a lieutenant the youngest in truth but on all the paper work she was eighteen. No one dared defy the general. He took her to his office wondering why she looked different. Her nipples somehow hidden. I thought sir I would look more professional this way and more suitable. She unbuttoned her shirt revealing she was braless as he wanted but tow wide long strips of camo duct tape wrapped tight on over each tit holding her nipples hidden.

She was truly delighted as the Satan Queen allowed her some real fun. She loved when she played pain slut in various missions for her.

It really did hurt like hell as he ripped tape off each. Ripping her new tits and pulling her hard nipples. He massaged her titties telling her to never do that again. Yes sir. Don’t you ever hurt these again! Yes sir!

But you can if you want. That felt kind of good sir. He chewed viciously. They are yours Sir. I am your sir. I will obey your every command sir. But sir if you will permit can you bite a little harder.

The front office secretary knew damn well she was not eighteen. She was twenty-two and lost her husband in combat. She was stunning and slim when the general saw her at the ceremony for her husband. She was not allowed to see him as he was pieces really collected as much as possible.

The bomb had a triggered device he had not seen and the he was pieces. He saved many lives perhaps hundreds if they had been close.

The general held her crying tender body like a caring commander of troops getting hard a she seemingly did not notice his hand on her tiny ass.

She was summoned the next day to the headquarters to go over paper work. That’s all. That is all he was worth to you! Its congress mam and we know, we all know but it is all we can do. The general wants a final word if you have time. Time? Hell, time is all she had now and a damn folded flag.

Yes sir. I was studying to be a law clerk and learn fast. That much sir? It pays that much? He had her hired never having to go through all the red tape.

She got wet just looking at his new assistant. She had to see her at her tiny desk right in front of hers. She walked out perfectly dressed like nothing had happened, but her nipples were back. She smelled cunt. She knew the smell of cunt. Cunt was all the wives had as men were deployed. Plenty of cock but they just would not cheat as their husbands were bravely defending and after all pussy was not really cheating. What the hell were they supposed to do? They got horny!

Yes, that is young wet pussy maybe fifteen at most.

She showed her around personally as ordered. Her eyes on those damn tits and hard nipples. Where are the latrines mam? Mam! Hell, she was not a mam!

We don’t have those here, but we have private ones for the front office staff. Do you need to see? Yes quickly please. The secretary whimpered about to leak down her legs as her panties were saturated.

There are several private stalls. Yes, I see. Can you stay in case I can’t find my back? So lame but the secretary almost cried. The tiny thing did not close or lock the stall door lifting her tiny skirt to squat. She gasped. No marine panties, no panties at all. Pink pussy dribbled right in front of her.

She just lost it fastening her mouth to suck out the rest as the tiny thing held her head not complaining.

Now your mam. She could believe what happened to her cunt meat. So many hard orgasms so quick. Those tiny fingers up her ass and in her and on her and that damn mouth sucking.

You look fine mam. Do I look OK? Holy fucking hell!

In a week she controlled his front office and all travel arrangements as he marveled how fast she just absorbed all information thinking she was brilliant. He no concept.
In a month she controlled the entire headquarters. Several friends she met in the few weeks in boot were given assignments to the barracks. Young perfect tits and pussy meat and the biggest boys really so happy to hold her tiny ass over the walls and obstacle course.

Marine barracks would never be the same. Slim and hard from all the training. Tiny pussies and young tit. Long cocks and brutal killers. Hell, yes they were horny. They were young fuck crazy, but the rules prevented.

So much to play with as she received the Satan Queens praise.

Disney was going better that ever as the reviews and stars had so many wanted to come having to be told they were solidly booked for a year.

Her mommy was being pound fucked ass, cunt and mouth. Daddy had relented not his fantasy he gave up his daddy as for fuck, as long as cock was in his throat, he was a happy.

She was very happy as woman tickle and play with her in the lesbian pedophile room. These mommy’s really like child pussy and tiny tit dots. Just child girl body. Not an inch of space left as mommy’s ate little girls.

So many loved how her freshly fingered fuck cup filled with child cunt cream. White delicious slime like a puddle of cream in a tiny pink open child cunt bowl.

Twisting her dots made her just fill back up quicker. They had to take turns now as so many were waiting. Some just licked making the others complain taking to long. Some just sucked it out. The tiny thing was and endlessly refilling cunt bucket of child cream fresh and not on the dried panties they had secretly chewed after their daughters put them in the hamper.

Cinderella and Snow White with her tiny dwarves al saturated with Satan essence and fuck lust were back in performance playing the part but, on the hunt.

The tiny dwarves had new ways to help out when little girls needed to pee pee.

All the tiny girls would back with bright smiles. Moms knew that smell. Looking at tiny dwarf and back at her child smiling. She is too young to have that smell. She looked back the smiling dwarf. We want everyone happy here. So had instant orgasms and some just dripped.

Their children had orgasms on their tiny pussy meat they wanted but could not have. The entire pious Disney park filled with the smell of fuck and wet cunt. Child or mom fuck slime letting go to the lord Satan.

They needed another hotel in the park so it was close enough for all of the eager actresses looking for fame and riches. Now all horny demons hunting as guided by the Satan Queen.

Cocks or cunts child and parents the families just on vacation were consumed in lust and fuck.

She let it play out slowly as time was no concern. Moms getting pound fucked like never before on the best family vacation moms and dads just raped each other like the first time. The Satan Queen brought it all back for each family.

Every family hand selected as she searched for the darkest and deepest hidden filthy thoughts across the land. Those that could not afford suddenly could.

Single moms with little girls whimpered as one dwarf told her they had a dog park. Not that! Not with my daughter! Dog cock. Hard long dog cock with big knots that would hurt like hell in their fantasies. Being a dog bitch. A helpless dog bitch knotted unable to get away from being dog raped and forced to suck slimy dog cock. Please, please not dogs!
It is right over here mommy if I remember right. They sure weren’t puppies. They were huge fierce and brutal. Bigger than her baby and as big as her. Mommy the dwarf told me to bring you here.

Mommy was whimpering wet mess. The first huge beast just shoved up and ripped her mommy panties you shred. She was fuck and she knew it. Its OK mommy he likes you as the long tongue lick up her ass and over her mommy cunt that only had hidden vibrators. Not hidden well enough she would discover.

Mommy doggie wants to play with you. Look mommy. The dwarf had delivered Satan up her child pussy and so small it went fast.

Poor mommy don’t cry as she was stripped and on her knees like a slut. A dog bitch slut just like her dreams. She just screamed as she had not had cock for years. Just her fingers and toys.

It was even more brutal, and mommy loved it. Her mommy maybe this will help. Her darling tiny thing was naked and titless pushing her pussy meat at her mouth. Bite mommy. Her other even deeper filthy thought she would never do she did and eagerly as she slurped Satan from her child. Sucking Satan and chewing the true lord’s essence.
The huge slimy thick cock, huge dog cock knotted so violent tugging her cunt back to the fuck hole it used to be when she was the best slut at school years ago.

Mormon mommy and Mormon daughter were silent washing the purity blanket. Changing the water as it made a milky mix and shimmering slime on the surface. No words as this had been done for ages. Her great grand mother had been fucked on it. It was tribute to Mormon sewing as it held up so long and would be used the same for years to come. Finally, the water looked clear as they were hanging it up to dry for more years of fuck.

So how was your first date? He is very friendly mom. It looks like you were friendly too as both giggled. I like him mommy. He sure likes you baby. Giggles of knowing but not mentioned. You were both very friendly baby. They laugh out loud.

Mom I am sorry I was not home on time. Don’t worry baby dad was kept happy.

Are you OK baby I have some cream if you need? No mommy I got and have lots of cream now and it may be a problem.

Another farm not far away the tiny daughter was scraping out shit covered hay with the ancient pitch fork like a dutiful daughter as always even though daddy watched as mommy shaved off the few hairs she had on her tiny virgin puss and her naked mommy laid out needing sheep sheers first.

Poor daddy was next as his daughter held his huge cock out of the way for mommy to get every hair delighted, she would not have to pull anymore she would not cough it up or have to pull strands of cock hair form her teeth. She loved swallowing his huge cock log now after the first year to get it all.

Sperm was not her personal favorite but when she did it for him after a long day in the fields, she new he would rape fucked like when they were teens hiding.

His child bending over spreading fresh hay her white see thru robe was up on her tiny back. Ass and pussy puff.

The rain was starting, and it would pour the only reason he came back early. At least he had the fields all seeded. Th rain would help now melting old shitty hay for fertilizer. That ass, that pussy puffing, that slender daughter body. Kast night he suffered seeing his daughter naked getting shaved and the bending over to make his wife a new fuck. New mouth full without all the hair now. Something totally bare looking like new fuck.

His wife would be in for it tonight as he removed the harnesses off hanging them up on ancient pegs to brush the horse down with that white tiny daughter ass and puss puff. No matter what his thoughts it the worst sin. He would simply never. But it looked good as he brushed the horse longer and better than ever.

How does that look daddy he to take a deep breath before realizing she meant fresh hay.
Perfect baby looks like I am done as thunder clapped in the distance it would be here any minute. Hand in hand she did not mention daddy’s hard cock and he only said let see how mommy is and if we can help her. yes daddy.

She was bent over checking something in the ancient oven. I saw the storm so cut off more and have a roast and stew if we have to stay in. you would not believe how the garden is doing hon.

What as she stood up naked. Just as darling to him as the first day he finally spoke to her.
Her tits solid and perky with a slight upturn. He saw his daughter was the same last night.

Hands on her tiny waist she said just think. Less washing, less boiling means less wood. More time for me and less work for you. It just makes sense if you damn men could figure or think about anything but work all the time. Women work as hard as the men and we have more food. So what?

His eyes on her body he loved and her bare pussy. But her two dam tits. It was the first thing he got to feel years ago.

Hell, we have all seen each other anyway! It makes sense to me if you would just think.
Yes dear. His tiny daughter was folding her robe still clean as she pulled it up over her naked body. It did not just creep up she was keeping it clean.

Yes, dear as he pulled of his cock bounced. His all ten inches looked swollen like it hurt. It did and the two women he lived with did not know how close he was to a fatal heart attack.

The stew could use another hour and the roast will be better in the morning. It looks like a long one as she turned her naked body to look out the window. It is close and big. Yes, it was.

Honey watch this for me and let me help daddy.

She got wet now when her daddy needed her mommy’s help. She could not help hearing as they seemed to help each other. Many times, mommy and daddy would help. She just sighed having her own orgasms rubbing hoping one day she would find a boy she could help and help her.

She had five very quick ones helping and watching the food. Daddy saw her and she knew it. No real thoughts about her daddy he was the first male to look at her that way. One boy said hi once before stammering and racing away. To timid and nervous he saw her drop a book and helped.

She was so beautiful, and he had never spoken to girl. These damn Mormon boys were huge farm brutes but helpless. Able to lift most anything but not able to talk to the girl he had eyes for. Holy shit she sat beside him so tiny and a dream. You did not give me a chance to thank you before.

He just stared at her. mom and I made so much you I have more than I can eat.

The huge boy fuck machine she would own so soon was about to shake apart. Taste this. I made this myself. The angel he could manage to even speak to was feeding him.

It was delicious and so was she, but he finally stopped coming apart. She had her tiny hand on his huge one taking a bite and giving him one.

The dance is coming up. Nibble. Who are you going with? You, you, you but just not say.
Well I don’t have a date and now it allowed. Yes, he said finally. Yes what? You as she was teasing him now. Me what? He burst out I want you, I have wanted you for years now and well you know how hard it is and all and things as he felt her hand rubbing and the up and then holding his face for his and her first kiss. I have wanted you just as long and it must be really hard for you, she giggled back rubbing.

Her goes another purity blanket as another huge brute of fuck was under the control of a small Mormon female having no say but in total control.

Now she trembled as he licked her tiny lips and she just grab it. Oh shit! Maybe too much “helping”.

The dance was in tow weeks and the Satan Queen released the girls on these poor boys like tiny animals just for fun.

Not that one daddy protested. It is just tradition honey. But. He damn well knew and remembered like yesterday as it was just handed to his tiny bare daughter. She was beautiful for her first dance and “date”.

Now just say hi and shake his hand, you remember how you were. But! Yes dear it will happen so just be nice and let them go and come to bed.

All over the tiny Mormon village tiny daughters were delivered by daddy’s to be fucked as moms just told them to be good but you have her home by morning for breakfast.
Yes sir, yes mam he just could not how she looked. No robe. A real dress. Her body so revealed. He had to be led back to his family buggy lent for him as his mommy was getting pound fucked already.

The Mormons built strong beds as well as strong “purity” blankets.
Just wait until they discover anal.

The dance was empty in an hour as the teens really need “helping” for and to each other as they were left to figure out how. The Satan Queen just loved them “figuring” out.
The new Disney dog park was a bigger hit for moms and daughters than she could have wanted. These humans were already slut fucks, just needing a push.

Mommy was bent over head in dirt as her daughter lick dog sperm out of mommy dog fuck gape. Wait mom while I make sure. Her tiny mouth went all the way down the to get it real wet for mommy.

Mommy was out of slobber or whimper or breath really as she was mounted by the twentieth.

All night she lived her deepest and nastiest thanks to the Queen. She was dog fuck and dog bitch. Dog cock sucker slut. Her tiny daughter on the way.

She helped her daughter when dog cock was not down her throat to give her little pussy meat some licks. Her child just petted her head saying thanks mommy. I hope you help me when we go home. Ram she could not speak. very one more brutal and bigger she was in her dog bitch heaven.

She laid the purity blanket as he knew where softest grass and hidden spot. He tied up the horse. She made him stand so damn beautiful pulling his clothes off. Bend down dear you know I can’t reach.

She just pushed him and teased. Tiny licks here and there telling him to just wait. Now he was scared. Wait for what? What would she do to him?

His pants came down as his huge cock hit her tiny face. Oh she sure wanted that but just drove him insane.

Naked and hard as hell all eleven she just turned for help with the zipper. It opened on her tiny back he knew she was naked under. He saw her tiny ass, but her back was just so much the best thing he had seen until now.

She was in full control and demand now a she just laid back on the purity blanket she brought she teased the living hell out of his poor but huge body. She just let it drift so damn slow a she stared at her and she stared back.

One titty, then two. Then tiny tummy. It dropped. She was simply unbelievable. She thought he was too but was teasing him to use her and hopefully own her.

She did it on purpose pretending to keep the gown clean she bent over to show her ass and the puff he would demolish. She was horrible folding it and walking naked to the tied-up buggy to put it safe.

He felt them on his stomach as they danced and now, they were there solid white with the same slight upturn for her puffy nipples. Just like her mommy.

Walking back to him she new he had enough, and she damn sure had wet as hell already. She one more time pearly white and pink in the right spots.

Who was animal and who was meat just got all scrambled as she just crawled over part attacking leopard and part kitten?

One tiny lick of her tongue he went after her tits. She almost named a mess on his solid stomach a she just held and ate and licked and chewed. Baby please they are yours now if you want.

My turn. Now she was animal all over him. She just ate him up. His entire face and his nipples he never thought about and his stomach. Holy fuck what she did with his cock!
She just used like her meal and all over savoring every inch over and over. Baby! I know, mom told me.

She got most and for her first time she did do good. He just lifted her like a leaf to lick her lips his sperm and all growling as he just whipped her over and at her the same teasing way.

Her face and neck alone made her tremble.

He just lost it when he ate her entire tiny chest and tits making her wait for her perky nipples. He had really not done anything before she already made a mess of the purity blanket. She hoped he would not be just horrified but she just could not control her body as he just went after her.

Five more times when he got on nipples. Now she did not care just laying out for death by mouth.

Oh, fuck her tummy. It was the most sensitive part so far as she almost bucked him off.

He was making her insane.

He just spread her tiny legs and ate.

She woke up or just aware she was still alive. Whatever had happened she just wanted more.

Now so fierce she went back on attack. Now the huge boy just loved whatever she wanted anywhere as she just so softly and silky gave her titties for him.

It was rather early, maybe and hour as the barn was empty and being silently cleaned up. No dance had ever stopped so early before.

I may not be able yet just hold me. Ok now hold me tight as she pushed with all her might it just would not go. It felt good rubbing and she was way wet enough, but he just would not fit.

It’s OK baby. He licked her tiny lips. We have time if you love me as much as much I have and do love you. Oh, fuck he said the worst thing if he wanted to live. At least her mouth stretched.

The Mormons had to make the purity blankets strong and this one was already saturated with the rest of the night to go she ate his cock like life depended on it.
Small nap of sorts she was back on top giving her titties saying let’s try again. No way.

They kept at it but no way.

She flashed her assassins. Satanic English teacher and brownie troop to the cheer camp.

The smell of young cunt all sweaty with covering panties so tight from the spreading and tumbling it was all young smelly camel.

They welcomed the tiny girls and their leader remembering those early days.
Very bad mistake.