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Master PC – Cally’s Journey

Chapter 3 – Dressed for Success

We drove down the streets in Timmy/Tammy’s new Mercedes convertible.   As a Trust fund guy/girl, Tammy had access to all sorts of nifty toys which were going to come in real handy and I had to admit, even in my old clothes, she was as cute as she could be.

“Ummm … where should we go shopping Cally,” Tammy asked demurely and we headed down the street, our hair blowing in the breeze.

“I totally do not know Tammykins … ,” I said as I checked out a hot girl walking down the street.  “I think you’d make a totally awesome slut and since we are so using your money, lets fer sure get you some real spendy shit, won’t that be cool!!!? And I’m gonna soooo need to get out of these nasty totally stinky boy sweaters of yours and totally find me something awesomely hawt!!”

Tammy blushed furiously but responded with barely concealed desire.  “Oh yes Cally, I know just the place.”

“I like thought you might Tammikins,” I said with a girlish squeal.  “Oh I can’t wait, I just love to shop!!!”

I looked at my I-phone and continued to work on the developer app I’d created while waiting for Tammy to get dressed in my old clothing (which didn’t even come close to fitting me anymore) and was now busy building other apps which would allow me to access aspects of the Master PC code.  It was a little on the light side compared to what I could do on the laptop Tim had been using, but there was a lot of flexibility I could design into my apps and I was sure I’d be able to a lot of the capabilities the program would otherwise have.  In this case, the app I was working on was an adaptation designed to solve a specific problem.  Tim had all the money but Tammy didn’t look much like Tim so that was something we were going to need to address.  I could simply alter Tammy’s physical form back to Tim’s whenever we’d need his services, but that would use up a lot of resources and I suspected the I-Phone Apps would take even longer to recharge than the laptop program.

This particular app would, if successful, simply cause people to perceive Tammy as being the same person as Timmy whenever the problem arose, mostly by altering their visual inputs when checking out such things as ID’s, computer screens with conflicting information, that kind of thing.  A more difficult application would be one which simply made people believe that Tammy had always been a girl and which would slowly make people forget or cease to recognize that he had ever been a man.  Essentially Tammy would be the reality and even the memory of there ever having been a Timmy would disappear.  That would take more resources and time but probably wouldn’t be important for a few more days.

We were heading downtown now into the garment district and my heart began to beat a bit faster.  All I’d ever been able to afford was the local Walmart special of the week so shopping for designer clothes or at least off the rack designer inspired wear was kind of a heady experience.   The problem was that I wasn’t feeling elegant or stylish, I felt cheap and horny and it was difficult to think of anything not related to getting fucked. I was pretty sure that Tammy would volunteer in a heartbeat but there was no way he/she was getting a piece of my tail ever again.

Well, actually, I designed her to be awfully hot … maybe …

I had to mentally shake my head at that one.  Yeah, I had made Tammy almost irresistibly hot, but I was a girl, an ultra horny girl, but still a girl.  I’d cum buckets while transforming him, but that hadn’t been because I was making him more attractive to me, it was the thrill of the control … at least … I was pretty sure that what the cause … but … .

As we continued into the more fashionable parts of the city, I started looking more carefully at the people on the sidewalks we were passing.  There were a lot of the “beautiful” people here, models moving to their shoots or otherwise working, fashion oriented people of both sexes dressed to impress, just a lot of eye candy casually walking the streets.   I focused on the guys, hunks which would have left me blushing and speechless before and many were truly impressive, but it was an acknowledgement of beauty in a more detached academic way.  On the other hand, some of the women were beyond stunning and … well … much to my shock and dismay, there was nothing academic about the way I was evaluating their beauty.   All sorts of foreign and completely lewd thoughts invaded my mind as I gazed upon this literal buffet of completely fuckable and pussy clenching women parading before me.

Oh My God … I wonder what it would be like … soft breasts, wet tongues and …

I came with a soft little moan as thoughts and feelings which would once have repulsed me made me quiver with desire.

No, that can’t be right … fuck, not that too!!!

With a sinking sensation, I took my phone, brought up my profile and I pulled up my attribute checker, sliding past the physical controls to the mental controls.  Frankly I hadn’t looked all that carefully at them earlier having been more interested in finding a way to unlock what had happened to me than evaluating what all those changes might have been.  But as I flipped the screen and noted that, based on my profile I was now extremely confident, aggressive and … oh yes … my sexual preferences were now all the way over on the pink side along with my libido.  In other words, I was now a raging nymphomaniac lesbian … not your lez until the right guy coms along, not Bi for the summer, but full on all the way a clit licking rug munching dyke.

Shit … that’s just great … finally I have a body for guys to die for, and I’m suddenly into girls.  Where the hell am I going find lesbians to fuck me!!!

I almost giggled at that thought.  I couldn’t help it, I knew where I could find women to fuck me, I didn’t need to find lesbians, any woman I latched my eyes on to could be made as cunt crazy as I apparently was just by tapping my I-Pad screen.  Everything I’d need right in the palm of my hand, but doing what had been done to me was something I would never ordinarily do in a million years.  But then again, all of this had messed with my personality profile to such an extent, what would I do if I really were horny enough.  It was a disturbing thought, I wanted to get out of this, not inflict on others what Tim had done to me.

Finally we turned down a side street filled with smaller shops with obviously very high end merchandise and pulled into a valet parking slot.  Getting out of the car gingerly, Tammy handed the attendant the key as the young man nearly strained his neck trying to look at both of the stunning women coming out of the Mercedes.

Just wait until we come back out!

A doorman looked us over with a critical eye obviously attempting to judge whether two young women, however beautiful, dressed in the hodgepodge that we were wearing, could possibly be worthy to enter the store, but another glance at our high end Mercedes seemed to convince him and he opened the door for us with a non-committal smile.  The store we walked into was not as small as it had appeared from the outside but was largely constructed of real marble, lots of glass and with a touch of rich woodworking that was exceptionally tasteful.  There were a number of comfortable chairs as well as a couple of young very fashionable sales clerks who didn’t appear to be in a great hurry to greet us but were instead apparently more interested in their own conversation.

“Excuse me, some service here,” I called out to them.  They both stopped speaking, looked over at us disdainfully and then went back to their conversation.

“It’s a very high class place Cally,” said Tammy in a tone barely above a whisper.  “They don’t let just anyone in here, they’re a little … particular.”

Particular, you mean rude … I really shouldn’t but … gawd I just hate the snooty ones.

Reluctantly, I brought up the main Master PC profile and centered it on one of the women.  One of the limitations I’d found for the I-Phone app was that it was difficult to pull up more than one person’s profile at a time but what I had in mind would be a timed effect, so I could apply it to one, then the other before things began to … shape up.

The first woman was a tall classic blonde, possibly Scandinavian and the other was an almond eyed girl from Japan with long straight midnight black hair.  Both of them looked like they could be models, small, thin, elegant with obviously small breasts.  In fact, given where they were working and the kind of work the did, chances were they were models at least part of the time.  Probably two young women trying to break into the business and working in a high end clothier to make ends meet.

I first entered a few commands that would make them more helpful and customer service oriented and I could probably have stopped right there, but their overall attitude had just rubbed me the wrong way.  Before I would have simply shrugged it off, but now … well … I didn’t have to … dear god help me … I could do something more, I wanted to do something more, I needed to do something more.  Without hardly thinking about it, my fingers punched in a series of far more aggressive commands.

For a few more moments, both of the women continued talking with each other, but more and more their glances seemed to stray towards us.  At first they’d look back at each other and giggle or whisper amongst themselves but eventually the gazes lasted longer, with a slightly concerned and confused visage. Finally, one, and then the other began to walk toward us.

“Yes, may ve help you,” the tall Scandinavian with the sleek black dress asked, disdain dripping from her every tone.

“Oh fer sure!!!” I responded with all the blondness I had, “We are totally here to check out your threads.”

The Oriental girl in a matching black and silver dress spoke next. “You do realize that you are not in a Walmart of Discount Fashion Mall, the clothing here may be beyond your ability to pay.”

“Oh no, we have this totally cool credit card thingee and we can buy lots of stuffs with it.  Right now we need, ya know, stuffs to wear,” I replied.

“Well, I totally get that, but honestly, you are so Walmart Sheek,” said the Scandinavian blonde before clapping her hands over her mouth her eyes growing wide with shock.

“Totally understand compadre, but we have totally scored with the plastic and can buy cool stuff with lots of zeros if you know what I mean,” I responded with a wink.

“Awesome,” said the oriental as a shocked expression wafted over her face as well. “Like … why am I talking like a total airhead?”

The Scandinavian girl giggled as a look of horror swept over her face.  “OMG … I completely like, don’t understand what’s happening here.”

“Maybe you’re just, like, loosening up,” I said leaning back and smiling.

“Really?” said the oriental her hair lightening slightly

“Fer sure,” I replied with a happy smile.  “You just like need to totally let your hair down.”

The Scandinavian looked a me in confusion for a moment as her breasts began to strain against her fashionable dress.  Then she reached up and unpinned her hair letting a cascade of beautiful golden locks roll down her down past her shoulder.  “I like, this is cool but … ya know my hair isn’t this long fer sure.  I like, crop it kind a short.”

“Maybe it’s just grown a lot when you weren’t looking,” I said helpfully.

The Scandinavian looked doubtful for a bit but then her eyes widened as she looked over at her oriental counterpart.   “OMG Tamika, you’re hair is, like … totally different!!!”

Tamika reached up and looked critically at the long wavy silver mane that was now cascading below her ass and still growing.   “OMG … OMG … it’s … it’s … ”

“Like a totally cool color!!!” I added enthusiastically.

They both looked at me in shock, then looked at each other, and started giggling madly.   “Oh yes … TOTALLY!!!” they both chorused.   “Gawd, this is AWESOME!!” gushed the Scandinavian.

“But like, your boobies are getting so much bigger Helga,” giggled the oriental Tamika.   “Is that awesome too?” she asked looking back at me.

I cupped my own mammoth set and smiled “Like what’s more awesome than really bodacious boobies!!!”

“GAWD, like nothing!!” the blonde replied, “But it’s hurting a bit fer sure.”

“Then take your bra off silly,” I said with a giggle of my own.

“Yeah,” Tamika the once elegant cultured oriental added, “take it off, take it off, take it off!!!”

“Well,” said the blonde as small tears along the seams of her dress began to appear as not only her breasts but her hips widened giving her a more womanly shape.  “I can try.”

“Why don’t you help her then she can totally help you,” I said to Tamika. “I think your dress is getting a bit tight too.”

“Awesome!!!” the oriental replied as her lips began to pout and her hips began to widen as well.

The two of them worked quickly, giggling all the time as if getting out of their clothes quickly were a necessity in their lives.   As the clothes fell, I had to admit that I’d done stunning work in a really short amount of time.  Helga was almost unrecognizable as the stick figured woman she’d been moments before, now boasting a set of really impressive breasts and flowing curly blond hair reaching down nearly to her ass.  Even now her face was reshaping slightly and her lips gaining that puffiness which would cement her place as a teenaged boys wet dream and Tamika was not far behind.  She wouldn’t be quite as well endowed as her Scandinavian counterpart as I’d left here still with that slender touch of elegance which worked well with her almost floor length silver mane.

“GAWD you two are totally HOT!!” I said in admiration.  “Totally fuckable, that’s what you are.”

“Ohh … that is just completely nice of you to say,” responded Helga shyly.  “You two are hotties von hotness yourselves.”

“Well, not in these rags,” I said with disgust, “which is why we’re here.”

“Oh yes you are in the most awesome place for clothes, even we can’t shop here,” responded Tamika with a whisper as if she were telling us a deep secret, “and we can like, sell you all sorts of clothes.”

“Awesome,” I gushed. “Me and my girlfriend … well I like her to be totally slutty fer sure, so something that really shows her off and makes the other sluts jealous.  I’m also … well I’ll need some awesome clubbing gear, then a real classy little black dress, something with leather and real short shorts, something kind of see through ya know but not quite.”

“Your girlfriend,” Tamika said with a surprised look.  “Like, are you two like … lezzies or just real good friends?”

I stopped for a moment at that question.  What was I … what was happening to me and … well how much of me was left.  I’d just turned two women into air headed bimbos because they’d irritated me.  I could have even more easily just modified their attitudes so I could have purchased what I’d needed, but instead I’d done this to them instead.

But they are so fucking HOT!!

And I was so fucking horny and all these hot babes were just making me so WET!

“Fer sure, I mean I am and Tammy is way into girls isn’t that right Tammikins,” I asked looking over at Tammy.

Tammy was just stared at the two salesgirls as if she couldn’t look away while blushing furiously.  That was one of the aspects of her new profile, her libido, her desire was as off the charts as mine, but she was not allowed to do anything, anything at all about it without me letting her.   Quickly she nodded her head without unlocking her stare from the two salesgirls.

“Ewwww,” said Helga.  “I totally like being looser and I just really need to be fucked, but like, seriously, girls just are not my thing, I mean how do you even fuck … you’re like girls.”

“Yeah,” said her oriental friend.  “I mean, we’re totally OK with you being that, but … ”

I pulled out my I-Phone and looked at the charge app to see how much juice I still had.  I shouldn’t do this, I knew I shouldn’t but smiling, I activated another app and tapped in a few more commands.  “Seriously, you should totally try it before you diss it.”

I stood up and slowly shucked off Tim’s sweatshirt and sweatpants and watched both of the sales attendant’s eyes widen as the porn star body that I had been left with came into full view.   “If you don’t like it, we can always stop,” I continued.

“No … No I … I think Ms. Pittman wouldn’t like us fucking on the job,” Helga responded. “Ya know, I wouldn’t want to get fired, that’d be totally uncool.”

I didn’t want these two to get fired either, but as much as the part of me wanted to change these two back, turn around and leave these two alone, another part of me had all sorts of delectable plans for these two

“Well, I mean … you’re so hot,” I said sauntering over to the two.  “Don’t you ever … I mean like … play around?”

Tamika shook her head no like a little girl, “No … never, I mean’s not with girls we don’t.”

“Well then sweety, maybe you should start,” I said as I cupped her chin under my hand and kissed her softly.

It was my first time kissing a girl too and her lips we after a single moment of stiffness, so soft and inviting as she melting into my kiss.  God … she was amazing, and tasted of peppermint too.

“Oh My Good Tamika,” gushed Helga as Tamika and I reluctantly broke off our kiss.  “That was, like totally hawt!!  Was it, like … icky or something coz it didn’t look icky at all.”

“No,’ Tamika purred looking up into my eyes.  “Not like icky at all.”

I took Tamika’s hand and guided her over to her friend.

“Your turn,” I giggled as I put my arm on Helga’s shoulder and pulled her breast to breast with the excited Tamika.  “What’s one little kiss going to totally do.  I mean, if you’re not a lez then it’s just practice, right?”

Helga looked uncertain but then nodded reluctantly.  “I guess it would like, be ok.”

I stepped back and around behind Helga as she lowered her head to Tamika’s lips and then motioned Tammy to move behind Tamika.

“This is going to be the best kiss ever,” I said to them, “better than anything you’ve felt before … you’re totally not going to want to stop.”

Their lips met, at first a bit hesitant on Helga’s part, but soon her friend’s excitement infected her and the blonde softened into her first Sapphic kiss.

“That’s it,” I cooed.  “Now slip your tongues gently past each others lips … slide them around each other and press your bodies together like you can’t get close enough.”

Both women complied, their kiss becoming less forced, less contrived, more real with every moment.

“Now, your hands … slide them slowly around each other’s back … cup each other’s asses and then try and pull your clits together … and don’t be shy, like totally moan when you like something, it’s like the sexiest thing ever,” I said in a tone of gleeful excitement.

I could now see a faint sheen of sweat just beginning to form as their kiss became more natural, as their brains found the new chemical markers in their minds for pleasure and noted the new paths which had been created.  Their hands now exploring the other as it it were the most natural thing in their existence, their minds recognizing this is where sexual pleasure came from, this is what is natural, this is what they were.

Eventually Helga came up for air.  “My GAWD … that was … that was … ”

She turned over to me, eager eyes searching.  “Like what comes next … I totally want to know what comes next!!”

I looked into her eyes and said, “I’ll show you.”

I pulled the blond into my kiss, feeling her growing passion as the Master PC went about it’s business.  “First there’s the nipples, every lesbian has to totally know the nipples,” I instructed as I glided the palms of my hands over the hard nubs.

I then slid my fingers delicately over her breasts as she stared at my hands with awed wide eyed amazement.  “And of course, like every lezzie needs to know how to lick,” I continued as I lowered my lips to her enlarged whore nipples and then gently sucked on each in turn as the blonde began to moan deeply.

“You can, like even pinch ’em or like bind them in a clamp,” I said with a smile as I tweaked her right nipple making her gasp and her eyes snap open with an awed gaze.

“Like it so far?” I asked with a mischievous smile.

She just nodded quickly and pressed her breasts into my hands in answer.

This was really incredible.  I wasn’t a lesbian, I’d never even thought about being with a girl, never had a lesbian as a friend or really knew any that I was really sure were gay, but here I was actually teaching this woman how to be one.  Where had that knowledge come from?   Maybe it was just a byproduct of the Master PC settings but whatever it was, it was pretty obvious that my teaching style was highly appreciated.

“Next, there’s your totally awesome pussy,” I said with a grin as I ran a hand down the panting blonde’s body to slide it across her twat.   “This is where we fuck,” I said in almost a whisper that caused Helga’s nipples to reach aching rock hard status immediately.

“You ready to fuck now?” I asked with a mischievous grin.

“OH FUCK YES … yes Please … GAWD this is AWESOME.  This lezing out is so HOT. I so TOTALLY wanna FUCK you!!!” the tall Scandinavian moaned.

I guided her over to one of the expensive amazingly comfortable chairs and sat the shaking woman down then had her spread her legs wide.  “I coulda fucked you with my finger over there,” I explained.  “But this like totally gives me better look at your totally awesome pussy Helgi.  I mean we want your cunt sooooo tight when I fuck you and your little clitty so hard when I flick it.  We want like all of you ready to come out and play.  I mean, like what I’m doing now, you and Tamika, you’re little lezzie slut over there are going to do lots and lots, am I right?”

Helga looked over eagerly at her oriental friend as I motioned to Tammy, who had gently slipped her fingers into the sliver haired oriental goddess from behind with another hand cupping an pinched the moaning young woman’s breasts.

“Oh fuck Helgi,” the oriental girl moaned. “It’s sooo good SOOO GOOD!!!  God … we’ve gotta start like doing this … God … I like Totally want to you fuck me, ya wanna fuck me Helgi!!?”

“Oh Fuck YES … I Mean TOTALLY!!!  I mean will it be this fucking Good!!!??” she moaned as she watched her friend being fucked.

“Yeah … totally, it’s even better with friends,” I said as I knelt between her legs, extended my tongue and heard her moans and screams as I licked every last thought of boys out of her mind, out of her psyche, out of her very soul as she came over me, as I drank in her juices, as everything I had, in my weakness, programmed into her, solidified and became what she was, what she would remain from this point on.  I’d thought maybe I’d make this all temporary, stop before the program fully set, but I was weak, I was horny and god help me, I couldn’t help myself.

After that, the two closed the store and we modeled clothes and fucked each other long and hard.  After all, I’d been set to lesbian Nympho so a LOT of Fucking was required.

We found some amazing deals before the end of the day and made a sizable dent in Tammy’s credit card balance.  I was no nearer figuring out how to unlock my profile, but with the best sex I had ever imagined possible and a wardrobe to die for, I was surprisingly unconcerned, at least for the moment.

Tomorrow though was another day.