Feature Writer: HotTee666

Feature Title: Luscious Temptation 1

Published: 18.05.2020

Story Codes: Blasphemy, Sacrilegious, Incest, Priests, Nuns, Devil Worship, Satanism, Church, WS, Transgender, Pedophilia

Synopsis: Young Brennan discovers himself and the pleasures of Satan.

Note from XP: This has got to be a favorite of mine. HotTee666 builds a fantastic story and weaves into it some of most beloved fetishes. Be patient and let it build – a rewarding delight that I hope he follows up on. HAIL LVST XP

Luscious Temptation 1

Chapter One

“As we prepare for Lent and the resurrection of Jesus, let us read this passage from the Bible. Brennan Joseph, read this out loud for the class,” Father Bill directed.

Brennan Joseph, proud of being called on, stood up from his desk and began to speak. His voice crackled as is so typical for ten year old boys, and the other boys around him snickered at the sound. Brennan Joseph cleared his throat and tried again:

“Each family must take care of its animal until the evening of the fourteenth day of the month, when the animals are to be killed. 7 Some of the blood must be put on the two doorposts and above the door of each house where the animals are to be eaten. 8 That night the animals are to be roasted and eaten, together with bitter herbs and thin bread made without yeast. 9 Don’t eat the meat raw or boiled. The entire animal, including its head, legs, and insides, must be roasted. 10 Eat what you want that night, and the next morning burn whatever is left. 11 When you eat the meal, be dressed and ready to travel. Have your sandals on, carry your walking stick in your hand, and eat quickly. This is the Passover Festival in honor of me, your Lord. 12 That same night I will pass through Egypt and kill the first-born son in every family and the first-born male of all animals. I am the Lord, and I will punish the gods of Egypt. 13 The blood on the houses will show me where you live, and when I see the blood, I will pass over you. Then you won’t be bothered by the terrible disasters I will bring on Egypt”

“Father, I do not understand how our god could be so cruel,” the young lad asked. He saw the frustration growing in the young priest. Brennan Joseph couldn’t stop his inquiry even though Father Bill was trying to shift the discussion to focus on Jesus. “Father, I am the first born of my family. Will god also kill me? I don’t want to die. I didn’t do anything wrong!”

Father realized that the rest of the class was either not paying attention, fiddling with their pens and passing notes or, worse, were actually listening to this young boy pleading for his life. Father wondered why the archbishop had demanded that all of the archdioceses’ schools discuss this passage and why Monsignor Redalin had not offered any guidance to him when he had assigned this task to him. Sure, Father Bill understood the allegory and symbolism and the transition that the Lord takes as the New Testament unfolds. But these children, these young, innocent children, they only heard the words and now, feared for their lives.

“Brennan Joseph,” Father started, then paused, “the Lord works in mysterious ways.”

He paused again, absolutely uncertain on how to continue. Damn that bishop, this is not the way to help these children feel loved by god.

“Class, how many of you wish to talk about this more?” He asked, looking for some hint of how many were really interested.

Four hands out of twenty-three children went up. Father felt relieved and thought ‘I can get out of this, good!’

He continued, “Well, let’s hold off on our discussion of this. How many of you are watching the playoffs? Who’s cheering for Loyola Chicago to make it to the sweet sixteen?” He asked, knowing that he would get the majority of the boys to suddenly wake up.

And with that, Father dodged that bullet and shifted the discussion to safe territory.
As Religion Period ended, Father stood and blessed the students and then they began to collect their books to prepare for recess. Father stood by the doorway and blessed the children as they passed through, the last one being Brennan Joseph.

Father saw him and put his arm around his shoulder and said, “Well, lad. You are surely the most inquisitive child I have seen in a long time.”

Father squeezed Brennan Joseph’s shoulder with a bit of intensity. 

Brennan Joseph shrugged, feeling the slight pressure build and then felt a shock of pain. He knew he was in trouble and pulled back slightly.

“I am sorry, Father. I just.. didn’t understand and ..” the boy said.

“Brennan Joseph.. such a long name… your classmates, they call you.. BJ?” Father asked.

“Yes Father, or Brenny or ..” Brennan began to reply.

“Brenny, Brennyn, those are girls names..” Father started, looking at the cute young boy, his face round and cherubic, no signs of adolescence changing him into the more muscular and gruff look of his older male classmates.

Some of those older looking kids were still in listening range and both of them heard the muddled snickers, and both knew that BJ would be the subject of ridicule in the hours and days to follow.

“Nonetheless, BJ… you’re a cute lad, but listen to me.”

Father continued as he put both of his large hands onto BJ’s shoulders, gently this time, pulling him closer to his long flowing cassock.

“What you asked about is a very challenging part of the bible and not all of your classmates are as interested or… able.. to understand as you are.”

BJ listened to these words, grasping them as words of praise, that he was brighter than the rest. Brennan ciphered this away into his short term memory as some small offset to the teasing and physical abuse he anticipated were already in the plotting. Father recognized that a simple dismissal of the boy’s questions were not going to be sufficient, nor should his curiosity just be tossed aside because it would require a lengthy and perhaps challenging explanation and discussion.

Father continued, “I know, BJ… I have a good solution to provide you with a better understanding of the mysteries of our Lord. I do not want the other children to be aware of this as most will either be a bother or ask foolish questions. I have no patience for that. But you had the superior insight to actually think about what you were reading and didn’t just throw it aside. Now, child.” Father continued, “I want you to attend a religious study session later this week. You will be among older children… and some young adults, as well as several of the Sisters of our parish. I do not expect you to do anything but listen and learn. I want you to observe.”

Father looked at me as he placed his large hands on my shoulders, his long cassock brushing against me.

“That is, if you think you are ready for this?” He asked, knowing what my answer would be.

“Thank you Father. I will need to get permission from my mother. My dad works nights, so she would need to bring me. Is it here at church? Or … and will I know any of the other kids there?” I asked, almost sounding like a child.

“You may know a few of the older children but most graduated several years ago. You know Michael, I know- he is the one who taught you how to be an altar boy.”

I did; Michael was a very nice boy, three years older than me. He was one of the top runners on our school’s track team; he was super fast and had a long, lean body. Some of the older kids had made mean comments about him because, I think, he was really cute with his long, blonde hair and he seemed to always be chatting with the girls.

Father concluded, “Have your mother call me at the rectory this evening, BJ. I’ll explain it all to her,” Father ordered, and with that, he patted my bottom and told me to go have lunch.

Chapter Two

It wasn’t easy to focus in class the remainder of the day. I felt special and Father had chosen me to be with the older kids and adults. He knew I was a special kid. Twice, my afternoon teachers had to tell me to stop fidgeting in my desk and the one, Ms. Lombordi, said that if I didn’t sit still, she may be forced to tie me up. Of course, that brought all kinds of teasing from the class and somehow, she blamed me with the disruptions when Sister Anne Claire, the principal, knocked on the door to see what the noise was about.

Ms. Lombordi was a second year teacher at the school; she seemed to hate the boys almost as much as she showed disregard for any of the girls who were taller than her. At a very modest 5’1”, her dismissal of the girls included about ninety per cent of the class. Still, it seemed like she focused all of her anger towards me.

The dismissal bell couldn’t sound off soon enough. As a crossing guard, I was one of the 8 boys who were allowed to leave class early to ‘get into position’. While most days, I enjoyed the brief power I had over all the students as well as adults and car drivers, this time, I couldn’t wait for the last stragglers to be gone. Grabbing my book pack, I rushed home as I wanted to tell mother about my invite from Father Bill.

Mother was in the kitchen preparing dinner when I got home. She was kind of traditional in her dress style and mindset- and with that, I hardly ever had friends over or went to any parties. She didn’t really interact with the other mothers very often. There were just a few parents that she did talk with in any frequency. One of them, Lilly, was a recently divorced woman whose ex worked with my dad. They used to come to the house to play cards quite often but since that divorce, the woman didn’t want to see my dad so she visited with mother when dad was at his evening job. I often hid in the hallway and listened to their conversations- both before, when all four were together, and then later, when mother visited alone with the lady.

Though neither mother or dad smoked cigarettes, I knew that several times they would join the other couple in smoking while having cocktails. Most times, I was allowed to be present during the first half hour of their get togethers, long enough to watch dad make drinks, listen to what he and the other man spoke about, and to see what the Lilly was wearing. Unlike mother, she often wore very bright colors and often very showy outfits. While mother’s words suggested some shock about her friend’s wardrobe selections, I did notice that mother did seem to change her look as she spent more time with this new divorcee.

A few times, I found that mother was smoking a cigarette when I came home, and more recently, I noticed that she was not only wearing more makeup than usual but also wearing vibrant eye shadow and lip colors that exceeded the norm of her standard Maybelline ‘red’. When I mentioned to her that I thought she looked really pretty, I saw her blushing but then asked me if I really thought so. I think this may have been one of the few times that she was engaging with me. I then told her that her new clothing- leggings and more form fitting tops, made her look young and like some of the other moms. She looked at me oddly and then shooed me away. I wasn’t sure if I had made her mad or had spoken out of line.

I looked at what mother was preparing and then asked her how her day had been. She shared that she had a chance to go to the beauty salon and asked me what I thought of her new hair style. Mother usually had her hair done in a very prim & proper style- soft curls that framed her face, but nothing too high and nothing too long. But this time, her hair was ‘big’. I looked at her and she actually did a little model walk like we had seen in the movies.

“So? You think its fab?” She asked. “Tell me!”

Not only did she have her hair done differently but she also had her makeup completely ‘new’- long eyelashes and ‘cat eyes’. I believe was the term, along with her lips done up like the lady friend had done a few times.

“Wow, mother, you look like a movie star!” I exclaimed.

She twirled again and I could see how her tights showed off her round, shapely bottom. To top it off, she was wearing high heels and shiny earrings- this was NOT the mother I remembered from this morning!

“Gee, Brenny… you really think so?” She inquired, a look of concern on her face was quite obvious to me. “You… you don’t think it’s too much… do you? I don’t want your dad upset or anything.”

“Oh no, Mom. I think you look like a million bucks. But.. you think that dad will notice? I mean, he gets home so late and all” I said, then thought I was shooting my dumb mouth off.

“I know Brenny. Well, I’ll just try to stay awake and hope for the best.” She replied.

She then asked, “How much homework do you have? I want to check it before it’s late and… well… Ms. Lilly is going to stop by to pick me up around eight.” She said hesitantly, almost like she was asking me for permission.

“Going out?” I asked, curious as to where she would be going that late. Mother usually never went out at night and never without dad.

“Yes, sweetie. Just for a bit. She asked me to go with her as she had some things she wanted to discuss and she offered to buy me dinner, so…” She replied and then turned to tend to the stove.

“Well… Mother. Father Bill had a discussion with me today.”

I started to tell her about the day’s religious questions but I realized I didn’t start that very well.

“Father Bill? What did you do, Brennan Joseph? Did you get in trouble? Are those nuns going to call me up to complain about you?” She asked sternly, holding my shoulder firmly.

“Oh no mother, it’s nothing like that.” I replied, trying to make sure she knew I was actually praised by Father.

I then went into some detail about the lesson and my question and Father’s joy that I had asked questions and so on. I then told her that Father wanted me to attend a study class that evening which was to be held at the church hall.

Mother looked at me and paused before saying, “Well, I need to talk with Father about this and better understand what is going on.”

She saw that I was upset and confused and changed her tone.

“Brenny, sweetie, I’m proud of you and glad that you asked good questions and that Father noticed that. Let’s see… I’ll call him just to let him know I know and also find out what time it will end. Now…. Go do your homework and then wash up for supper.”

I smiled, turned and ran off to my bedroom to start on my homework. I noticed that mother had gone to the kitchen phone and was paging through the school phone book. I took a deep breath and then listened to hear when she had finished dialing the phone number and quietly picked up the phone in the hallway, holding the phone down so that she didn’t hear me. I slowly allowed the plunger to rise and held the phone to my ears. I was glad that my parents had maintained this antique phone; if she had used her cell phone, I would have never been able to eavesdrop on her call.

“Saint Felicia’s Rectory, may I help you?” The woman on the other end of the phone call asked.

Father had calmed mother down regarding her presumptions of my behavior at school. But she took the opportunity to speak with him regarding her other concerns; she actually was aware that I had been teased and harassed by my classmates and asked Father to intercede and provide me some sort of counseling and guidance as well as to punish those other kids. I smiled to myself at how she attempted to manipulate the priest into using his power and authority on my behalf.

Mother concluded her phone call with Father Bill by requesting some assistance to assure my safe travel back home this evening. She explained that she would usually be home in the evening, as any good mother would be, except that she was already committed to providing comfort to her female friend who was recently divorced. She then shared that her husband worked some evenings and nights and therefore was also not able to provide me a ride home. Father assured her that either he or one of the other adults would either walk me home the few blocks or give me a car ride.

Chapter Three

Mother seemed to be in a delightful mood; I heard her humming and singing throughout the remainder of the afternoon and, over dinner, asked me if I would like a glass of wine. She typically would pour a small amount of wine into a glass and then dilute it with water. I said thank you and she poured another glass of wine for herself and then one for me.

Mother asked if I needed any assistance with homework and also about how school was. We had a nice, engaging conversation, which then drifted to my upcoming invitation to join the discussion group and her outing with her friend. Mother poured herself yet another glass of red wine and also another for me- both of these actions were very unlike her. As it was a lovely spring day, mother had the windows and the sliding doors to the porch open. She suggested that we take in ‘the beauty of God’s splendor’ and go sit outside to enjoy the welcome warmth as we ate dessert. I carried our dessert dishes out as mother carried the glasses of wine. She went back into the house and, in a few moments, came back with what I quickly realized was a champagne-colored cigarette case and an ashtray.

“You don’t mind if I have a cigarette, Brenny, do you?” She asked as she extracted one.

I looked at her and nodded no. I then saw that she was picking up the match book and I asked her if I could light it for her. She smiled and I think was a little bit surprised, then leaned forward towards the lit match. She touched my hand to help guide the match to her cigarette, inhaled, and then smiled at me. I felt a tingle of excitement race over me but I wasn’t sure why.

“Hon, you’re not gonna tell your dad that I smoke, promise?” She said as she then softly blew a puff of air onto my hand, putting the match out.

Her soft hand remained on mine and I commented to her that her long and painted nails were really pretty. I then told her that her secret was safe with me. She smiled and kissed the palm of my hand, and I saw her lipstick mark on my hand.

“Um… mom… what’s it like?” I asked.

“What’s it.. like?” She replied, then continued, “You mean, smoking a cigarette? Well… here, try it a little bit. But ONLY when I am with you.”

She then placed her cigarette to my lips and I inhaled lightly. I exhaled like I had seen her do and then took another puff. I looked at her as I held the smoke in and then exhaled slowly through my nose.

“My my,” she said as she then continued smoking it. “Aren’t you so sophisticated?” She said with a big smile.

She sipped more of her wine and then looked at me.

“But, hon, I’m not sure my shade of lipstick is just right for you,” she giggled.

She then took her napkin and dabbled my lips, blotting the lipstick that had transferred from the cigarette to my lips.

“I think you’re a ‘bright pink’ much more than this red, donch you?” She asked, a wicked smile on her face.

She saw how I blushed and touched my knee.

“O sweetie, you know I’m just playing with you,” She said. “You can be bright pink or red- it’s fine with me either way!” She said, giggling.

She then finished her glass of wine and looked at me in an unusual, awkward way.

“Yep, honey, red is just a little too adult for you… for now.” She said, a smile on her face I had never seen before. 

“Now, be a doll and take our dishes into the kitchen please. I need to go change a little bit for my night out with Ms Lilly. She’s going to pick us up a little bit before eight so that you can make your church meeting. We’ll drop you off. I think Father is going to walk you home.” She then turned and looked at me, “Oh… one more secret between us… don’t tell your father about me going out. K? I don’t want him thinking the wrong thing. Lilly is my one true friend and she was in tears… I just need to be there for her. You understand, don’t you?” She said, looking deeply at me.

I did understand. I had one friend, kinda. I knew what it meant to confide in someone and being there for them… kinda. I smiled at mother and told her it was our secret, swear to God.  She then extended her finger.

“Pinky swear, sweetie!”


Chapter Four

I went over my homework and then read the passages of the bible that I had brought up with Father during class. I went online to read some of the websites about how to interpret Exodus- from both the Jewish and Christian perspectives. I then heard mother call out that I had to get changed and that I shouldn’t wear my regular clothing as I was going to be around adults and older kids. She entered my bedroom and I had to do a double take as I saw her walk towards me.

“What?” She asked as she saw me looking at her.

“Oh.. nothing, Mother. It’s just that, wow… you look… great!” I exclaimed.

She smiled and turned to show herself off to me. I looked and then realized I was staring. She sat on my bed, her long legs encased in tight black, lacy leggings. She had a tightly cropped bright blue blouse on which had a sheer material covering most of her cleavage, and I was mesmerized.

“You… don’t approve?” She asked me. “Is it… too much? I’m too old to wear this, aren’t I?” She said, looking at me with concern.

“Oh no, Mom. I love how you look. Really! I think you look really good!” I said as she actually did and I was glad to see that she wasn’t dressed like an old woman.

“Oh I hope so, hon… but I don’t want to look silly. It’s been years since I’ve gone out anywhere without your father. I kind of… feel… guilty!” She said, sounding like she was sharing with me yet another secret.

“You have a good time mom. You’re always home with me. You should go out.” I replied.

She smiled and pulled me to her and gave me a deep hug and then kissed my cheeks. I could smell the perfume she was wearing and told her she smelled really good. I touched her earrings with three-inch-long dangly ones which also seemed to be new. She saw that I noticed them and asked me if I approved. I nodded yes and gave her a hug and kissed her softly.

“Oh, not on my lips, Brenny…” She said, then paused. “You don’t want to mess up my lipstick, now do you?”

Mother than caressed my thigh and then patted my bottom, telling me to get changed. She remained seated and I felt a little odd as I began to take my pants off. I then realized that I had an erection but didn’t understand how that happened. Mother was looking at my closet and I hoped she didn’t notice.

“Wear your dress slacks and that nice black knit top I bought you. You’ve not worn it and I think you’ll look good in it.” she directed.

I turned to look in my closet and then I realized that, by turning, she could… and did see my erection pressing out against my briefs. I tried to adjust it from pressing out so much and that just brought her eyes directly to what I was trying to hide. I tried to not make matters any worse but after taking my pants off the coat hanger, she told me to turn and show her which I had chosen. I did as directed and knew that she would see it pressing out.

“My, my… Brenny. I think it’s time to get you some new undies. I see that you’re.. outgrowing those!” She said in a teasing way.

I then noticed that she continued to stare at my private parts and I tried to move the pants to my front.

“O hon…” She said, “Don’t be bashful. Your cock is erect. There’s nothing wrong with that. Now, put those slacks on and your top. Ms Lilly is gonna be here shortly. Wait… did you shower?”

She stood up and stepped to me, looking me over.

“Shower? Um… no.” I said.

“Well, get in the shower right now. Wash up and .. be careful taking your undies off!” She giggled. “I’m going to go shopping for some new underwear for you tomorrow. I want to go find some panties and new lingerie for me.. I’ll find some things for you… some that.. will… fit you.” She said as she smacked my bottom and ran her hand over my front.

“MOM!” I shrieked.

She giggled.

“Oh, don’t be such a prissy Patty.” She said.

I turned and went into the bathroom and showered. Luckily, she was not in my bedroom when I came back. I changed, putting on what she had laid out for me. I didn’t like that she wanted me to wear that tight top as it was too tight and conformed to my upper body; my boi boobies are not exactly manly, as many of my classmates had told me, and the top made me too self-conscious. I hoped she wouldn’t notice and I put on another top which was much looser, though it was older and not in great condition.

I figured that if I wore a sweater, she wouldn’t notice, but sure enough, as I entered the living room where she was sitting, she looked and noticed almost immediately.

“This one.. it’s a bit too tight.” I tried to tell her.

“Oh, you’re cute, go put it on. Now…” She ordered. I did as was directed.

Returning to her, I had my sweater zipped all the way up as I just felt like everyone would notice. That didn’t go over very well, either.

“You look silly. Unzip your sweater and let me see you.” She said and I again did as directed. Mother had me stand before her and had me turn around. She then pulled the sweater down so that it laid sleekly against my body. Great, ‘just’ what I wanted.

“Wear it like this and stand tall. You’re very cute, Brenny. Don’t be embarrassed by how you look.” She said as she had me stand before her, facing her.

She then did what no boi wants to have happen. She reached forward and touched my boi boobies. I jerked back abruptly.

“Mom!” I shrieked again.

“Honey… come back here. You’re such a doll. Don’t hide how you look. Kids will always tease. I want you to show off your body. Be proud of yourself and how your body looks. When I’m out tomorrow shopping for our underwear, I’m going to find you some more tops just like this one.” She informed me, then pulled me to her breasts and kissed my lips softly.

“Now, you have a wonderful time. And… I’ll come in and kiss you goodnight when I get home. I’m not sure what time I’ll get back but I don’t expect it will be too late. Father Bill said that these discussions go on for about two hours. I just don’t want you to be worried if I’m not here. You won’t be afraid, now… will you? Alone in the home by yourself?” She asked me.

I hadn’t thought about that too much… till now.

“Um.. no mother… I’ll be OK. I will call you when I get in the house.” I replied.

“Do you have your house key, Brenny?” She asked.

I realized I didn’t have it and ran back to my bedroom, rummaged around, trying to find it. After five minutes of frantic searching, I felt like a dunce. I couldn’t find it and I knew that mother and dad would be upset.

“Brenny- do you have it?” She called out.

“Um… no mother, I can’t find it” I replied as I walked back to her.

“That’s… because…” she started, “you… left it… on the kitchen counter last week. I put it away for safe keeping. You know how your father would have been so mad at you if he had to change all the locks… again!” She said, noting how I had already lost my key twice before.

“Here,” she said as she handed me a small satchel. “I would have gotten you something if I knew you were going to be out… this is one of my small purses.” She explained as she handed a small, light brown zippered pouch. “The key is in there and I also put ten dollars in there for you in case you needed to buy a soda or something.”

“But mom.. it’s a girl’s purse!” I tried to contest.

“It’s hardly noticeable. It’s brown and the little pink accents are hardly noticeable. Now, take it… Ms Lilly is here, let’s go.” She said, matter of fact.

There was no arguing this. I put it in my pants pocket and followed her to the entryway.
Ms Lilly knocked on the door and mother opened it, greeting her with a warm embrace. They hugged and looked at each other, then turned to look at me.

“Well… Brenny, where are your manners? Say hello to Ms Lilly!” Mother directed.

I stepped forward from behind mother and saw that Ms Lilly was also dressed very nicely, even more so than when she and her husband had visited our home. She wore a short black skirt and a very sparkly, tight pink top which showed off her ample breasts. Her lipstick and nail polish matched the color of her top. She also wore a very strong perfume which smelled really good. I extended my hand to greet her but she stepped closer and pressed her body against me, giving me a small kiss on my cheek.

“Hi Ms. Lilly, it’s very nice to see you again.” I said, my voice crackling.

“Brennan Joseph is going to a bible study or some such. Doesn’t he look so cute?” Mother said.

Ms. Lilly looked me over and then agreed.

“O yeah, he’s so cute! Such a doll!” She replied as she looked me over and then put her hands on my shoulder, pressing me back slightly.

This only caused my boi boobies to press out towards her. Ms Lilly said she needed to use the bathroom and suggested that they have a cocktail before heading out. I expected mother to press back; she never makes drinks and I had never seen her have a hard drink- just wine. Instead, mother agreed and went to the bar.

“Brenny, be a sweetie and get the cranberry juice and some club soda from the fridge for me.” She said. “And.. we have plenty of time; it’s only 7.30 PM, so you can have a soda too.”

“Lilly.” Mother called out. “Hon, we’ll be out on the back deck. I have your drink ready.”

Mother sat down and then told me to go in her purse and to get her cigarette purse. As I was starting to walk back, Ms. Lilly stepped up beside me and put her arm around me.

“I hope you don’t mind that I’m stealin’ your mom away for the night. I just miss her so and I need to talk with her.” She said, and then leaned down to look me in my eyes. “She’s so special to me, Brenny. I don’t know what I’d do without her. I promise to not have her out too late… um… what time does your dad usually get home? I wouldn’t want him to come home and not find her here… who knows what he’d think!”

Ms. Lilly laughed a little and then looking at me with intense seriousness.

“Um… dad… he gets home around midnight or so.” I replied.

I tried not to gaze at her breasts but she was leaning over and they were right in front of me. I tried to look up but I just kept looking straight ahead.

“Um… sometimes… sometimes, he gets back a bit later, 12:30 or even 1.00 AM. But his night shift is usually four to midnight.” I confirmed as I wanted her to know I really thought about her question.

“OK, good, love.” She said. She leaned further forward, now my face brushing against her breasts. “And… BJ… I just love your name… this is our little secret. Promise?”

I whispered yes and nodded the same, then realized I was moving the side of my face up and down on her flesh.

“Thanks sweetie… our lil secret… I’ll make this up to you, Brenny.” She said, knowing that I was on board. “Now, let’s go find your mom. I need a drink.”

Mother was standing, her cocktail in one hand as she reached for her cigarettes.

“Light one for me, Brenny.” She ordered as she handed the other drink to her friend. I did as directed, reaching into the shiny cigarette holder and put it to my lips. I lit it and then handed it to mother, who then inhaled deeply.

Ms. Lilly then said, “Oh, I love your cigarette case. Hand me one of those love.” She then said to me. I did as directed and then sat and sipped on my soda.

A few minutes later, they realized time was tight and they gently put their cigarettes out in the ashtray.

“BJ.” Ms. Lilly said, “be our lil helper and clean the ashtray and throw out those cigarettes when you get home, OK? We don’t want any signs that we were smoking or drinking for your dad to see” She directed. I nodded I would and then she said, “You’re just like one of us… a secret between us girls!”

They both laughed and I followed them out to the car, watching how they both walked, swaying their bodies.

Chapter Five

I tried to focus on the conversation that they were having during the short car ride from the house to the church. Ms. Lilly mentioned something about a band starting to play at 9pm and that a friend of hers was bringing his friend along but then we arrived at the church hall and I had to go. I waved by to them and told mother that I would remember to call her when I got back home and they said ‘be safe and have fun’ and then they laughed.

Father Bill saw me enter the church hall main entrance and waved for me to come to him, which I did. I approached with some apprehension, not sure of who I would be meeting nor of who the attendees would be. Father gave me a warm hug and told me how glad he was to see me. I felt comfort in and safety in his presence and I replied that I was really happy to be there. I also mentioned that I may need a ride or something to get home as mother had gone out for the evening and dad was at work. He replied to not worry and that he would either give me a ride or walk home with me.

While spring temperatures during the day were quite pleasant, the cool evening air had brought a chill to the city and I was glad that my sweater was appropriate attire. However, Father also realized that the evening would bring cool air and had used foresight to turn the meeting room furnace on. Father guided me to sit towards the back of the room, which placed me right by the furnace blower. I asked if I could sit a bit further away but he said that other seats were already defined.

Father called the group to order- a total of twenty-three people were present and minor formalities ensued with introductions of five new attendees, including me. I was already quite warm and actually was starting to sweat to the extent that the adults sitting next to me guided me to take my sweater off. I tried to dismiss their suggestion but the man next to me said I would feel better and the elderly lady reached over and began pulling my sweater off. As I didn’t want to make a scene, I did as directed. I then realized just how tight the top was.

When it came to my turn to introduce myself, I tried to remain seated, but Father directed me to stand and say hello to everyone and explain my reason for being there. The group warmly received my introduction and commended me for being curious and I finally felt at ease.

I saw that Father was smiling .

“And BJ.. that is..” He added. “Brennan Joseph, can be proud for being the youngest member of our group.”

I couldn’t believe that over two hours passed before the forum began to wind down; the group had shown its scholarly approach to my inquiry, asking first for my own perspective, then what I thought my classmates believed, and if I considered God to be benevolent and loving or vindictive and punitive. The elderly lady sitting next to me placed her hand on my thigh as she leaned over to tell me how impressed she was with my comments and that she had believed similarly when she was my age but had been afraid to ever contest the Catholic Church’s views.

She went on about spending time at an all girl’s school for her high school and college years and how abusive the nuns were then and how she and her friends would do all kinds of things to claim their independence. She then leaned over closer, and with her hand further up on my thigh, whispered that she would tell me much, much more if I wanted to visit with her at her home, away from the others.

I could feel her breath on my neck as she told me that some of the things she could tell me were not appropriate to be stated on holy grounds. As I turned to look at her, her lips brushed against mine and I felt her hand running up my thigh completely, her actions otherwise blatant except for the cover of my sweater on my lap.

“I have much to tell you, if you dare want to know, young man. Do you wish to know of my knowledge?” She asked me. I tried to keep my face looking forward as I felt her close to me. I nodded yes and she smiled, squeezing my crotch. “Good. I knew you would. You can visit me after your school is done; your mother has her own interests now and won’t mind and your father is at work.”

I looked at her, now suddenly feeling surprised how did she know if mother would care and how did she know about dad’s work schedule?

As Father prepared to lead the closing prayer, two of the younger members went to a side table to light and distribute votive candle to each member. Father began the prayer, asking God to guide us all as we explored our questions about life, relationships, the world known and unknown.

Father then lit some incense and spoke in Latin, the lights in the room turned off so that each person was only visible by candle light. I then felt a hand on my thigh again, moving up to my crotch. I knew I couldn’t move nor say anything- I tried to focus on Father’s prayers and the power of the incense. However, there was no question about my ability to focus as I began to feel my erection grow, its size expanding under the touch of her hand.

Father Bill continued his prayer in Latin and the members replied in concert; I felt like I was in another world. Finally, the prayer concluded and the lights were turned back on. The lights were brighter than earlier and my eyes remained closed for a brief time. When I opened them, I saw that the elderly lady was applying lipstick, a dark red color, as she looked at me. She looked at me and licked her lips, her hands now folded on her own lap. She then engaged me in a small discussion about having total knowledge and power for anything.

“Ah, I see that you have had a chance to Sister Deanna. Sister is visiting our parish to help guide the novices in the convent. I see she’s taken a liking to you. You should feel proud, doesn’t happen very often,” Father said.

“He is to visit with me, Father… several times a week after school. His father, you know, isn’t home, at work three weeknights. And his mother, well, she has found her own work, helping her divorced friend. They’re out this evening, isn’t that right Brennan?” She asked me. Her voice loud enough for the Father to hear.

“Yes… yes Sister, that’s correct.” I replied.

“Well, Brenny, I strongly suggest that you do everything Sister says and to listen to all she has to say.” Father instructed. “In fact,” he continued as he looked at her, “if he disobeys you in any way, you have my approval to keep him in your presence until he submits to your directions.”

Father Bill then sat down so that he was looking up at me, took my hands in his and said in a kind and caring voice. “My dear boy, I see so much in you and I so wish that you will follow my guidance, even if or when it may not make total sense to you.”

He paused, looking me in my eyes to see if I understood. As I nodded to him, briefly looking at Sister, then back to him.

“You have been showing, remarkably, the type of inquisition that we demand from our group, and at such a young age, so young, perfectly young, to help you learn and truly appreciate the fountain of knowledge. Sister will share with you how to access this knowledge, to know, so much about so many things… things and subjects you may not even know about yet.”

Father looked at me and saw that I was listening earnestly to his every word. I could see that Sister was nodding her head in accord to his words of guidance.

“Brenny… BJ…” Father said as he pulled my hands to his lap, “Sister is here and only a very, very few have been as lucky as you to receive her knowledge. Sister,” He said.

He took her hand and brought it to touch mine on his lap, his powerful hands now over the top of mine and hers.

“Sister, share with him the knowledge of the mind, the soul and the flesh. Keep him in your embrace as he learns. He, like us all, will have some fear and apprehension. Hold him to your bosom and remove those fears. Destroy the fears and preconceptions that he had been taught. Show him the true light, the light from the Most Beautiful Angel, the Giver of Light.”

And with that, Sister brought my hand to her lips and placed a long, soft kiss on my flesh. I saw the mark from her red lipstick and then looked at her. She smiled and I felt a warm rush sweep over me.

“Dear boy,” Sister said.

She held my hand, now on her lap, as she pulled me close to her.

“Leave my lipstick marks on your hand… as a reminder. Of who you are and my task to bring you into our fold.”

She then brought me to stand before her and she then leaned over and put her lips to just behind my ear and then kissed me there deeply, sucking my flesh into her mouth.

“Just in case you accidentally wash your hands and my reminder away; know that my kiss on your neck will be on your flesh for days and days. See it, look at it… it is our secret bond.”

And with that, I saw that the group was watching me from the opposite side of the room, their conversations had been muted. Initially, I was embarrassed at being the center of their attention but then I saw that they were all smiling and waving me over to meet them. Father patted my bottom as I turned to walk over to them. Warm embraces and close hugs from both men and women, young and old, made me feel very welcome and part of their our group.

I noticed that it was now 10.30 PM and later than my normal bedtime. Father approached me.

“Well, my son. So much to take in. Let us walk you home and I’ll make sure you’re tucked in safely.” He said.

With that, he stated his departure and told a few that he would be providing me escort home as my mother was out with a divorcee for the evening and that my dad was working a night job.


Chapter Six

The coastal fog had already formed which offered an eerie atmosphere to the night. Street lights glowed in an almost other-worldly way, and most all sounds seemed to have been silenced, aside from the sound of our steps on the damp pavement.

Father and I walked close to each other as it seemed like one of us would disappear if we were just a few inches farther apart. Father had brought with him two glasses from the meeting hall and handed one to me.

“Here, drink up and warm your soul, my son.” He said.

The smell of hot chocolate permeated from the cup and I took a small sip, but then was a bit shocked, just as Father was as he did the same.

“Oh my!” Father said.

He touched my shoulder.

“I think you have my drink, my son.” He laughed and then asked. “Did you drink of it?”

I acknowledged that I had taken a large sip and had also swallowed it.

“Well, BJ. Let’s not tell anyone about that. I hope you enjoyed the libation. It is the recipe that goes back hundreds of years. It was made to help a small sect of… religious free thinkers… to clear their minds as they meditated and studied the incantations of many different groups- what is now considered…”

Father paused his words and his step and I stopped walking, stepped back to be next to him. Any farther apart and I would have thought his words were coming from the dense fog and not from a human.

“Brenny, my lovely young boy… as they studied what is now called… Witchcraft .. and the Occult.”

Father’s words filled the air, almost stuck from both the words and the fog around me. I began to feel, not tipsy, I had, after all, been drunk once, when consuming champagne over the holidays and therefore knew how that felt. No, this felt very different. Father asked me if I understood what he was saying and what I meant. I nodded my head to acknowledge but he said he needed to hear my voice. I replied I understood; after all, I had read about the Salem Witch Trials and a few other subjects after our fifth grade teacher had touched on the subject while going over the arrival of the settlers into the US. That teacher, unlike Father, did not welcome my after-class questions about the witches and I was forced to do my own research at the local city library.

“Well, Father… I do feel something… I feel like I can see into the fog, that I can see… or… sense… that we are not alone. I feel warm, like I want to take my sweater off.” I said.

“Yes, love. I understand. If you like, you can sip just a little bit more.” Father replied. “And, if you want, yes, take your sweater off. Take your top off as well. Go on, do it.”

I took my sweater off and felt a sense of relief and freedom. I took a deep breath and felt the cool air enter my lungs. I felt alive. Father offered me his cup and I sipped a little bit more of the potent liquid. Father suggested that I swirl it around in my mouth before swallowing and I did as directed.

We remained standing on the sidewalk with not a soul around us. I felt so… liberated and released.

Father drank from the cup and looked at me, then took my sweater and said, “Go on Brenny. Take it off. Feel the warmth of your body and the damp, cool air. Feel that difference on your flesh. It’s magical. Do it.”

I looked at him as I released my hold of my sweater and then pulled my top off. He was right. Immediately, I fell the cool air ‘kissing’ my flesh, my exposed upper body. I took a deep breath as I felt the heat of my flesh almost melting and repealing the coolness. Then I felt Father’s hand on my shoulders and then his caress of my breasts.

“You are such a beautiful, sexy young boi, BJ. You know, your mother talked to me about the kids teasing you about your breasts. I think you are very pretty and your body is made by our Lord. Centuries ago, you would be considered very special because your breasts and nipples are those of… a young girl.” Father said.

He softly ran his fingers over my exposed nipples. I shivered and felt so odd. I could tell that Father was trying to help me and that I did, indeed, feel comfort in his words. Dad never talked about this to me and mother- well, I remember how she smiled and told me to show off just earlier today. But how Father spoke and touched me, I just felt enchanted.

“You know, your budding breasts will continue to grow and get bigger… if… if… you are lucky.” Father said.

He gently squeezed first one nipple and then the other.

“I will pray that they do,” he continued, “And I will also talk with Sister to find the right prayer for this as well. And my son, I want you to pray for this as well.”

Father than touched my bottom and suggested that we continue walking. I sipped my hot chocolate and felt Father’s arm around my bare shoulder, pulling me close to him. In his presence, I felt so safe. I loved his warm embrace.

We walked in silence. The ancient nectar took our mind on similar paths of introspection and enlightenment. As we crossed the final street to my home, the call of some ravens brought us both back to the present and we looked around. The street here, as on our walk, was empty with no signs of activity, aside from one car parked on a side street near the alley. As we walked past it, curiosity prompted both Father and me to peek inside. The fog shadowed our presence and muffled any noise of our footsteps.

Father maintained his protective embrace on me as we slowly walked past. I turned to gain a view of the occupants as much as possible but felt Father tugging me along. As we finally reached my home front door, I extracted mother’s small purse from my pocket and took the key out. Father noticed and commented that I had a very cute purse and it fit me well. I tried to explain that it was mother’s but Father just replied that she had very good taste and that he hoped she gave you more things like that.

“Father, I think that was mother in the car… with that man.” I said.

He saw that I was surprised and somewhat confused by what I saw.

He guided me into the house.

“My sweet boy,” He said, “Yes, I think that was your mother in that car with that man. That wasn’t your father in there, was it.”

His question was more of a statement and I nodded ‘no’ that it wasn’t.

“No, I didn’t think so either.” He said, “Does what you saw bother you, Brenny? Does it make you upset that she was in the arms of that man?”

Father looked at me, wondering how I would reply. I remained quiet- I was truly thinking of what I saw, not just giving an answer that he would have expected, or, I realized, one that I would have said at any time before my meeting or before having that magical nectar.

“Well, Father” I replied, “I know that… I saw that they were kissing and that he hand his hands all over her. I saw that his pants were pulled down as well. I feel… different… not mad. I feel… well… Father… um… warm.”

Father looked at me and then brought me to him to hold me. He then reached down and felt me, confirming that my ‘warm feeling’ was my naïve way of describing arousal. My small penis was hard, throbbing and pressing against my pants. Father commented as he felt my crotch.

“Brenny, my wonderful son, you are feeling the right way. Your mother is doing what is natural and dismissing the restrictions of the Church. She is giving in to her desires. There is nothing wrong with that. And you know it, just touch yourself, see how hard your little cock is. I bet it hurts, it feels so hard in your pants. You should just take it out so that you don’t hurt yourself. You don’t want to injure yourself, now, do you?”

Father then guided my hands to my zipper and watched, expecting me to do as directed. I closed my eyes and thought of his words, the images of what I saw racing through my mind. Yes, I loved seeing her kissing and touching that man. I saw how she had changed and I loved seeing her in this new way, how she dressed and interacted with me.

I unzipped my pants and let them fall to the ground, kicking them off. My erect penis was still restrained by my briefs and Father said those were also in the way, that the best way to be right now was to be totally naked. Within seconds, I kicked my shoes and socks off and then pulled my briefs down. My little cock sprang out and throbbed.

“Yes, my son. Touch it. Feel it. Your little cock is life. It is there to give yourself immense pleasure and to give others all kinds of pleasure as well. If you follow your thoughts right now, you will understand.”

He then brought his cup to my lips and told me to have the last sips, which I did.

“That’s it, my pet. Drink it. Savor it. Let that taste fill your mouth. It is the ancient nectar that only a few special people in all eternity have tasted. The alcohol, the special herbs… and the nectar of life… nectar that the men in our group gave before the meeting this evening. The same nectar that will come from your boy cock as you continue to touch it.”

Father locked the door and we walked to the living room couch. He then unzipped his pants and showed me his man cock.

“Think of your mother, how she was dressed. I saw it. She was showing herself off; she knew that men would lust for her. That is how she should have been years ago, but is now finding her true way. You saw her dressed to go out, didn’t you, Brenny?” He asked me and I nodded yes.

“Yes Father. I saw how she dressed, how she wore so much makeup and had her hair done and how she gave me a glass of wine and let me smoke her cigarette. She was never liked that before, Father.” I said.

“Good. She actually planned to be out and be this way. Forethought in being like that, to show her body off, is so much better than if she had just been out. Your mother needs that. You are glad that she did that, aren’t you? Do you want her to be like this all the time? Be honest, Brenny.”

He stroked himself and brought his hand to mine, helping me know how to touch myself.

“That’s it my son. I bet your dad never taught you this. That is a shame. You are learning now. I will be like your Father, to teach you, my son.” Father said, looking at me.

Father Bill looked at me and smiled. I sensed that he was thinking of what else to say during this very challenging situation. I listened to what he was telling me and asking me. I felt so different in being so clear of thought and so willing to state out loud what I was thinking. Much of my apprehension and fears of judgment were gone. I was speaking directly to an adult, to a priest, a man of God, and in many ways, I felt that he felt that I was also an adult.

“My son.” Father said, “you have much to think about and to consider. You have been given many gifts this evening, some which you have yet to truly discover or understand. You have a choice, Brenny… what the Christians call ‘free will’. You have the choice of telling your dad about all that you saw… or to keep your mother’s actions a secret. You have the free will to never attend another meeting, to not meet with Sister, to not want any further teachings from her and to deny this chance to learn and indulge deeply in the Garden of Eternal Knowledge. Others had been punished and many others have run away from this, all the way back to the… very beginning. Sister spent her life, giving her body and soul to gain this… and now, it is being offered to you, if you dare accept.”

Father looked at me and saw that I was digesting all that he was saying.

“Brenny, the Giver of Light, the Most Beautiful Angel, was punished for wanting to be seen for His Splendor. Now, He wants humans.. some humans, to be with Him. Think of how you felt when you were walking home this evening. Think of how Sister made you feel when she sat with you. Think of how you felt when… you saw… your mother. Did you want to run away.. at any of these times? Did you, Brenny?”

I refrained from giving a quick answer; a fast response would have suggested that I was only saying what I thought Father wanted to hear. Instead, I thought of every moment, of every engagement from early this morning at school to sitting with mother over dinner and then seeing her, how alive and excited she had been, and how engaging she was with me. And then I thought of the deep discussions that the group had, how I was part of it.

I then thought of how Sister had interacted with me. Her touch, her words, her scent… and, as I touched my neck and looked at my hand, her kiss. Finally, with my eyes closed, my mind wide open, I thought of how I felt when I saw mother in the car; how, with my bare top exposed in the cool air, I felt like I was on fire, seeing her in the arms of that man, how they were kissing and caressing each other. And I knew the answer- I wanted to know more. I wanted to know everything.

“Father, thank you. I understand. I want to visit Sister. I will visit Sister and listen to her and follow her and obey her… and you. I feel very special and want to learn more. I want to know the Angel and have Him with me. I feel .. alive.” I said, each of my words seeming so simple yet so clear. “All that I learn will be kept to myself. I know that others may not understand. I know that dad will never understand. Thank you, Father.”

“I must go now, Brenny. This has been a wonderful evening and I know it’s late for you. I am going back to the rectory but will visit with Sister for a few minutes to let her know. I am proud of you, Brenny. Pride is such a wonderful quality, humility is falsely stated by some, by the Christians, as something to pursue. Be proud of yourself, Brenny- for your brilliance, your curiosity, and your very pretty body.” Father said as he then touched my nipples.

Father placed a long, wet kiss on my cheek and then caressed my bottom, and then he left, his image disappearing into the dense fog. I then looked towards where the car was and saw that it was still there, barely visible in the shadows. I took my pants off and kicked my shoes and socks off and, fully naked, walked around the house. Father had left his cup with me and I licked the remaining few drops of the magical elixir, savoring each drop in my mouth.

I found myself sitting on the patio and saw the cigarettes from earlier in the evening, each marked by the different lipsticks. I found a book of matches and lit one, inhaling deeply as I then looked at my budding breasts. Before today, I was repulsed by my body- my round bottom and soft skin and especially by my ‘breasts’… that is what mother and Father Bill had called them. ‘Titties’ is how the kids at school taunted me with their teasing and harassment.

I touched one nipple and then the other- both responded and became hard, the areolae on each showing their softness and feminine shape. I finished the one cigarette and was about to smoke the other one when I remembered I had to let mother know of my safe return home. Quickly, I texted her, though I hated that I might interrupt her… her… what? I was so young that I had no idea what sexual acts were, aside from some things I had seen online.

A few minutes passed, sufficient time for me to smoke Ms. Lilly’s partial cigarette and to then clean up the ashtray and any sign of any of the earlier actions.

Mother texted back: ‘hi, good. Will be home in fifteen. Wash up. Its late. Sleepy time. Big kisses when I cum home. Nite cutie.”

I did as instructed and took a long, warm shower then climbed into bed, wearing only a t-shirt. With the lights off, I opened the window to allow the cool air in and also provide me a view of the foggy night. I laid in bed and reflected on all that had transpired, and then found that I had one hand on my small, boy cock and my other hand on my nipple, squeezing and fondling its round, soft shape. My boy cock was erect and throbbing as I then thought of how both Father and Sister had touched me.

I was near dozing off when I heard mother enter the house. The sound of her high heels on the stone floor echoed and I could mentally track her movement in the house. Typically, she would be watching the nightly news by this time, the sound muted down low so that I could barely hear it. But tonight, she opted to put music on- what sounded like jazz music. I heard her steps moving about and then her entry into my bedroom. The click of her heels drew closer, now on the wood floor. I tensed up slightly as I knew she expected I was asleep and the images of her in the car, kissing that man, were suddenly front and center in my mind.

“Hi baby… mommy’s home. You awake?” She said. I then felt her movement onto the bed as she leaned over to see me. I did my best impression of waking up and looked at her.

“Hi.. hi mother,” I said in my best ‘sleepy voice’. “Did you have a good time? Is your friend.. lady friend, feeling better?”

“Hi cutie pie, yes… I had a wonderful time. And yes, she’s feeling soo much better now! It was such fun to be out. I haven’t done that in such a long time, I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed… being… out.” She said.

“I’m glad… I think you should go out more then, mom. I won’t tell… go out and have fun… It’ll be our lil secret.” I said to her in a soft whisper.

She looked at me and turned on the small lamp by my bed. I then saw that she had changed out of her outfit and was only wearing a negligee, but still had her high heels on. She also noticed that I was looking at her, that I was able to see the outline of her breasts and her hard nipples through her sheer covering.

“Whadda ya think, Brenny?” She asked me as she sat upright, pressing her breasts outwards. “Not bad for a forty-year-old mom? Am I as sexy as the other moms, Brenny? Are their breasts as big as mine?”

She then leaned over and kissed my cheek. I could smell the cigarette smoke and the alcohol on her breath.

“You look like a million bucks, mom. I think you’re way sexier than any of the other moms… the way you looked tonight, you were gorgeous.” I replied without any reservations.

“Well, baby, for that, you get a big wet kiss.” She said as she climbed next to me, pressing her breast against me.

She then placed a wet kiss on my cheek and then moved my face to look at her and I felt her lips on mine. She parted my lips with hers and I felt her tongue snake into my mouth, and then tasted something .. different.

“You’re my special person, now, Brenny,” She said as she pulled my covers back. “My, you’re so warm.” She said as she touched my face. “Let’s take that shirt off and let you cool off a little.”

With that, she pulled my t-shirt off, which exposed my upper body. She then saw that I didn’t have underwear on and then saw my erection.

“Oh my, Brenny. I think I need to have a little talk with you… I don’t expect your dad ever said anything about sex or why your cock gets hard, did he?” She asked, though I was sure she knew the answer.

“Um… no… mom, he hadn’t. I asked him to buy me a Playboy and he said he would but then he chickened out. I mean.. the guys at school, they talk about girls and kissing but then they kind of exclude me from anything else.” I said, a hint of sadness in my voice.

“Well, baby.” She said as she touched my hair and then moved her fingers to my lips, “Let me help you…” She continued as she pulled the blankets down, exposing my naked body. She slid her fingers over her wet lips, her lipstick glowing red in the dim light, “You see, your cock is one of your sources of pleasure. So are your lips.” She said as she ran her wet fingers over them. “And then your tongue,” She said as she slid her finger into my mouth, “And don’t forget about your sense of smell, of sight, of touch,” She said, in a soft, hypnotic voice.

I tried to close my eyes but I remained fixed in watching her. I knew that my little boy cock was throbbing and ached, stretching hard and without any relief from my touch. I felt like I had to pee, but I also felt so much more, unusual and new to me.

“And sweetie, sometimes it’s the touch of others which will make you the most excited.” She said as she softly ran her fingers over my nipples. “Just like that, barely touching your flesh, baby.”

She whispered as she then brought her other hand to her own nipple.

“You’ll find someone special who will touch you like that… and then maybe kiss your nipple… (which she then did)… and then maybe suck on your nipple (which she then did).. and maybe that someone… a girlfriend… or boyfriend… will… caress… and stroke… and touch… and… (as she looked me in my eyes)... suck… your cock.”

She then slid her finger into her mouth and moved it back and forth again and again.

“You know, Brenny… there’s nothing like the feeling of a cock in your mouth, I just love it so…” She moaned.

Mother looked at me, her eyes glassy and her voice rough, sounding so aroused. I didn’t know if I was supposed to touch her or touch myself; this all, of course, was so new to me. And then, someone was at the door.

We both took deep breaths and, as it was just past 11pm, could not imagine who it might be. She got off the bed and said she’d go check but she made no effort to put a robe on. I heard the click of her heels on the floor and I got up from bed, standing in the hallway, ready to come to her defense, even though I was still naked. She heard my soft footsteps and looked back and smiled.

“Sugar, do you want to open the door with your cock showing?” She asked me with a mischievous grin on her face. I didn’t know how to reply. She looked through the side window and then laughed to me.

“Oh, it’s Lilly!”

She turned on the porch light and then opened the door, greeting her with a big hug for all that may be watching to see. Ms. Lilly stepped in and they embraced again, and then they both looked over towards me. I realized I was visible to them and turned to run into my room, not wanting them to see my nakedness.

“Oh, Brenny, sweetie, come give your Aunt Lilly a hug!” She called out as they both giggled. “Honey, you’re so cute, come back out here, I wanna put a big kiss on your sweet little bottom!”

I didn’t know if she was joking or not but with her words my boy cock became even more erect and more painfully stretched out. I then heard them come to my bedroom door and peek in as they both wished me a wonderful, dream filled night of pleasures. Mother then stepped to my bedside and leaned over, again giving me full view of her full breasts.

“Baby… just caress your cock… think about what I told you. I have much more to teach you and we can start tomorrow. Don’t be embarrassed about your sexy, pretty body. Go on and touch your breasts… think about someone sucking and kissing them. Think about your girlfriend… or… your boyfriend… sucking on your cock. It feels so good. Touch it. Touch your baby cock. Think of it… in your mouth.” She said and then ran her finger into her mouth and then into mine. I almost exploded.

“Oh,” she said as she began to walk back out, “don’t forget to wipe yourself up… but, taste that delicious cock cum first. I know you’ll love it.” She said, loud enough that Ms. Lilly heard.

“Baby doll, listen to your mom. She knows just how good a cock feels in her mouth!” Lilly said as they walked out, arm in arm.

A few minutes passed and I felt parched. I needed a glass of water so I wrapped a towel from the bathroom and went to the kitchen. Mother and Ms. Lilly were out on the porch, smoking and drinking- I had to listen in. They didn’t see me, there was only a small light on which made me a creature of the shadows… mmmm I thought of how that sounded and loved it.

I snuck closer to the door; they were chatting away about the evening and mother was telling her about the man she met.

“I couldn’t believe that you went out on the dance floor with John for over an hour! I had no idea what to say to Mike at all and I worried that he would be upset and ruin the night for you. But he was such a good talker, and not like a big mouth, he was such fun!” Mother said as the two smoked and sipped their wine and touched hands.

“Well, it sure didn’t look like you two had just met, not with the way you were dancing so close to him.” Ms. Lilly replied.

“Oh, it’s not like that, I mean…” Mother tried to explain but Lilly cut her off.

“Sugar, relax. I loved seeing you out there and I thought it was so hot when he began to caress your ass! It’s a good thing that the club was on the other side of town because the way you two were making out.. if anyone saw, ooh, lordie!” Lilly replied.

“God, he made me so hot, Lill… He kissed me like no one ever did. I wanted him kissing me all night… mother said in hushed tones, then said, “And… he did! We gave me a ride home and we made out for over an hour. Lill… I sucked his cock. In the car… I wanted his cock so bad. God, I want to fuck him… again and again. But, I doubt I’ll see him again… or that I’ll have time or…” Mother went from being so high to down.

“He gave you his number, right?” Lilly asked.

“Well.. yeah… he did.” She replied.

“Well… let’s see it.” Lilly said.

Mother showed her the number saved in her phone as M Services. And then Lilly snatched the phone from her and hit ‘dial’. Mother appeared shocked and upset and unsure what to do but Lilly held the phone away from her, and then there was a voice.

“Hello…” The male voice said.

Lilly kept the phone in her hand and then said, “Hi sexy. This is Lilly, Danielle’s friend from tonight. She thinks you’re really hot.. wait.. here she is.”

Mother appeared unsure of what to say after that.

“Um.. hi.. Mike, its Danielle..”

“Hi, sexy! I wasn’t sure if I’d ever hear from you. But now that you called, I want you to know how much I loved being with you! You are the hottest woman I’ve ever met!” He said.

“I… I think you’re really hot too, Mike. I, um… was just telling my friend about our evening and …” She explained.

“Oh? Did you tell her every… thing?” He asked, a teasing voice coming from the phone.

“I… well… yes… I did tell her… some.” She stuttered, not sure what to say.

“I want to see you again.” He stated. “I want to give you the pleasure you gave me…” Mother remained silent. “I want to lick you, taste your pussy, god my cock is so hard now, just hearing your voice and thinking about how hot you are, how you sucked my cock. Your lipstick marks are all over it. I love it. I want to taste your pussy more than just the little bit I did earlier. And then slide my tongue all over your sexy ass. God, I want to fuck you baby” He said, loud enough for Lilly and me to hear.

Mother was silent. Lilly reached over and took the phone. In a soft voice she replied, “Oh baby, I want you fucking me too. I want your cock, deep in me.. fuck me. Fill me up with your Cock baby…” Lilly said.

Mother looked at her, not upset but… surprised… shocked? Surprised. She then signaled for Lilly to give her the phone back. She contested, whispering to not fuck it up and to enjoy. Mother took a big drink of wine and inhaled deeply on her cigarette. Then Lilly took what looked like a different kind of cigarette out from her purse and lit it and then handed it to mom. Lilly whispered into the phone.

“Hold on, darling… I need to smoke a lil bit and I dropped my match. Be right back lover.”

She then looked at mom and told her to inhale and relax. Mom did as directed; it looked like she had smoked before, then I smelled the aroma and knew that they were smoking a joint. Mother held the smoke in for a long time and then exhaled. Lilly filled their wine glasses and then had her take another hit before taking the joint back. Finally, mother exhaled again and then brought the phone to her face.

“Hi.. darling. Sorry for the interruption.”

“Oh don’t apologize, Danielle. I just wish I was there right now. I hope you don’t mind me telling you how turned on you make me… you know how hard I was earlier. I don’t want to sound bad but God you are so hot and so sexy…”

Mother reached and took the joint and inhaled deeply and then replied, “Baby, I know. You made me so hot… I couldn’t believe we made out like we did. What if someone saw me? And… we… I was… sucking… your cock… right by my house!”

It was then that I sensed a change in her, how she began to touch her nipple and then took the lipstick from Lilly’s purse and coated her lips.

“You aren’t mad, are you?” He asked.

“Oh… no… not at all… its just… I…” She started to say and then paused. “Its just… I want your cock, Mike… I want you… fucking me… yes, god I want you… all over me. Your cock was so hard, I want it baby. I can still taste your cock cum in my mouth.”

“I can come over right now.” Mike offered.

“No… dammit… you know… (garbled whispers)… to see you…” She said.

“I’ll see you then, baby.” He replied.

Then Lilly got up and moved to mom and put her arms around her and she kissed her fully. And mother put her arm around her and caressed her ass and kissed her back. I could not believe what I was seeing, but I was not upset. I wanted to continue watching but saw that they were beginning to get up from the patio table. I quietly snuck out of the kitchen area, remembering my glass, and began to walk back to my bedroom. I stopped in the hallway bathroom and saw that Ms. Lilly had left her purse in there. I then saw that she had also left her panties on the floor and I picked them up and smelled them. Hearing their voices, I grabbed them and ran into my bedroom.

I laid in bed, naked, the covers off me and I could see the shadow of my boy cock from the distant moonlight fighting its way through the fog. I heard the ravens calling each other from the large oak tree in the neighbor’s yard, their calls sounding like they were near, yet far. And then I thought of all that mother had said, all that Father had said, and all that Sister had said… and done.

I brought the fragrant panties to my face and saw in the dim light that they were very wet. As I sniffed them, it did not appear the wetness was from her urine and that the wetness was sticky. Running my finger into this wetness, I then brought the cream to my lips and tasted it, then brought the sheer garment to my face and licked the copious creamy remains completely. The liquid tasted salty but inviting and I felt wickedly happy. With each taste, I felt more enlightened and more knowledgeable… tasting what must be forbidden by god but I didn’t care. I then slid the panties onto my child-size bottom and felt the sheerness on my flesh… and it was good.

A slight wetness on my nipple remained from mother’s touch and I ran my finger over the sensitive tip which sent shivers over me. The touch wasn’t as intense as when mother had touched me nor, for that matter, as powerful as when Father had touched me.

Images of them both, together, then flooded my mind, each of them kissing and sucking my nipples, urging them to become bigger. Without thinking, I moved my hips up and down and thought of my cock. As I touched it, I felt wetness on the tip and ran my finger tip over it, then brought the sticky wetness to my lips. Slowly tasting it for the first time, I slid my fingers down below it, to my bottom, and remembered Ms. Lilly saying she wanted to kiss it, and then remembered Father’s touch of my round ass several times through the night. My finger tip felt its way even deeper, onto my rosebud and then, barely in to my virgin child, bare soft ass.

I licked my finger and brought it back down; god… (giggling to myself as I thought of that word, after the day of religious devotion that I was so ill-equipped to handle)… god I want more hands on me… lips and touches on my breasts… soft lipstick kisses on me (and then I looked at the lipstick mark from Sister and I knew that I would be visiting her again and again)... soft lipstick on me.. the color that mother had suggested, that I will wear. I wanted to kiss and suck mother’s breasts and Ms. Lilly’s breasts as well. I wanted Father Bill to be kissing and touching my nipples and to feel his kisses on me, and mine, all over him.

I wanted my boy cock licked and kissed and sucked. I tried to think of what that would feel like, and I slid my finger into my mouth, closing my eyes, imagining, wanting to suck a cock, to suck cock after cock after cock. I slid my finger inside the sheer panties and into and past my rosebud and felt a little bit of apprehension, but then pushed harder and felt my finger sliding into my boy ass.

It felt so good. I wanted to… cum… I wanted to pee. I wanted to taste and drink my pee. Standing up by my bed, I felt my cock and thought of peeing, trying to focus and then felt the warm liquid began to dribble and then stream out. I caught some on my fingers and then into the cup of my hands and I drank it fully. I wanted more. I wanted Father to pee in my mouth. I wanted the Angel of Light to pee in my mouth… and to put His cock in my mouth.. and I began to pray that the Angel of Light would put His cock in my mouth and then in my boy ass. Straining to control all the stimuli swarming over me, I pressed the tip of my small cock into the glass and felt my bladder empty. And then I brought it to my lip, sipping it slowly to taste every drop. And then I felt an eruption from my cock and let it coat my fingers and I licked it up entirely. It was delicious and I wanted more. And then I passed out.

Chapter Seven

“Good morning, my pretty boy.”

Were the words that brought me into the morning light. Mother looked at me and smiled, then leaned down and kissed my cheek.

“Hi, cutie! Rise and shine.”

Were the next set of words as Ms. Lilly pulled my blankets down, exposing me… and showing them both that I was wearing panties. Ms. Lilly’s panties.

“So… that’s where those went! I was wondering what happened to those.” Lilly said as she looked at me.

I sensed that I looked horrified as they both saw me wearing them and because they knew that I had taken them. Mother looked at her friend and they whispered to each other as I looked away, trying, without any success, to dislodge the blanket from her hands and to cover myself. After a few moments of their whispers, they both looked at me with stern faces.

“Well, Brenny. I really don’t mind that you are wearing them. They were so drenched from last night, I didn’t plan to wear them, anyways…” She said, then paused.

I felt some hint of relief that they were not mad at me, and I again tried to free the blanket to secure some protection… to no avail.

“Brenny… should I talk to your father about this? What do you think he would say about his sissy son wearing panties?” Mother asked, an evil grin on her face. “Maybe we should tell him how you thought about sucking a cock, too!”

I couldn’t believe that she would do that. I thought we were becoming friends.

“Brenny, my pretty one. I won’t tell him about any of this and let’s just say that now we both have secrets to keep, eh?” Mother said, knowing that I had no options. I nodded my head in agreement and then she finished. “Now, go in the shower and wash your face, cock and tummy. It looks like you have cock cum all over you.”

And then she looked at me and winked. I smiled back. What a day!

While Ms. Lilly’s panties were made of the most soft and sheer material, I was disappointed that they did not fit me. I wanted to wear them all day… and all night. My shower felt refreshing though I was constantly tempted to touch myself. I knew mother would be upset if I was late for school, so I hurried, gathered my school bag and scampered to the kitchen for a quick breakfast.

Mother and Ms. Lilly were seated at the kitchen table and both welcomed me, gave me hugs and wished me a fun day at school. I waved bye and then raced out the door and off to school. Somewhere near third class, I realized that I had left my homework tucked inside the library book on my desk.

Luckily, I could get a lunch pass and run home to get it and not get Ms. Lombordi mad at me… again. And luckily, the nun working as the school receptionist was not mean like the others. By 12.15 PM, I was at home. I didn’t see mother and didn’t want her to know I forgot my homework, so I did my best to sneak in unnoticed. Tiptoeing to my bedroom, I still didn’t see mother. Maybe she was doing some gardening in the backyard. I grabbed my homework from the book and then grabbed a Manila folder to keep it neat, then started my sneaky exit. It was then that I heard the voice of a man.

I snuck closer, thinking that there might be a burglar in the house. I wasn’t sure what I could do to subdue the intruder… most any and everyone is bigger than me. I could scream… but not aren’t many people home in the middle of the day. I felt frozen in place even though I knew I had to escape quietly to avoid that man. I hid back in the corner of the dining room behind two chairs and tried to control my breathing and remain unnoticed. I heard the refrigerator door open and the sound of a bottle opening, and then his footsteps towards me. I slammed my eyes shut and hoped that I would become invisible; I felt the thump of his every footstep. I knew he was going to see me. I prepared the best I could to die.

And then I heard the click of heels coming from the opposite end of the hallway. I feared that mother was about to be attacked and I knew I had to do something. But I felt that every muscle in my body was frozen in place. I tried to open my eyes, thinking maybe that would shock me into action. My eyes were like slits and I hoped that it wouldn’t her screams that jarred me loose. And then I heard her voice.

But it wasn’t the shrieking cries of my mother falling to him. No… it was her voice, asking him what was taking him so long and to come back to bed.

“Lover, I want your cock deep in me again. Fuck me, baby. I want my pussy so full of your cock cum.” She whispered.

And now. Now, I could move and I could see. And I saw that she was wearing some sort of garment like I had seen in a few movies. Her bottom was totally uncovered though she had a garter belt and nylons on. Her breasts were pressed out straight from the tight, constricting lingerie she had on.

I did, though, hear her scream, if only for a moment. That was when I heard him slap both of her ass cheeks firmly. The sound of his hand rippled from the bedroom and down the hallway to my ears. I felt a tingle of pain and sensations on my bottom, almost as if he had spanked my small ass instead of hers. I muffled my own gasp of shock from what I was hearing and now worried that I might be late in getting back to school. But then the loud sounds coming from the bedroom told me that they would not notice me. I almost forgot to take my folder, ran back to the corner of the dining room, and then left the house. It was then that I almost collided with Ms. Lilly, who was walking up the steps to the house with a bottle in her hand.

“Hi, sexy.” She said with a big smile on her face. “Didn’t expect to see you here.” She posed to me.

“Um… hi, hi Ms. Lilly… I… um… forgot my homework and ran home to get it.” I said as I held it up for her to see.

“Oh, well, then… you get back to school. Did you get lunch or see your mom?” She asked.

“Mom? Oh… no… didn’t see her, actually. Just in… got this, and gotta go… bye!” I said, knowing I somewhat told the truth, somewhat lied.

Back at school, I took a few minutes to catch my breath. And then I saw Sister Deanna, who was coming down the back stairs. As we passed, she looked at me and touched my hand.

Smiling, she said, “I see a faint hint of my lipstick, my boy. But I see that my kiss on your neck is very visible.”

And then I felt her hand touching my neck, pushing my hair from off my ears.

“I will see you this afternoon, as soon as you are done with your duties. Promptly; I do not allow tardiness.” She directed. I nodded my understanding. “Come to the rear door of the convent. There is no need for Mother Superior or anyone else to be aware of your extracurricular studies. I will call your mother to let her know that you are not being punished but will be several hours late. Now,” She said as she held my hand, “off to class with you and remember, not a word to anyone… not a soul!”

Sister released her grip on my hand and I raced off to the coat closet to eat as much of my lunch as possible, but as usual, when I looked in my lunch box, I found that someone had already ransacked it and left the remnants of an apple peel and an empty chip bag. Ugh. I felt my tummy rumble and snuck a piece of gum into my mouth, hoping it would be sufficient to calm me and quell my appetite. I thought of the cherry pie that was on the kitchen counter at home and how delicious it would taste, and that only made my stomach churn in anger even more.

Though I did a stellar job on my homework assignment, I could not help but think of the cherry pie at home, sitting on the counter. Just a few days earlier, I was in the kitchen watching mother construct the pie, followed by being overwhelmed by the aroma of the pie baking in the oven. Now, the images of the pie and its lush, deep filling took on another realm of pleasure, one that, for some unknown reason, caused me to become erect. Shifting in my desk in a fruitless effort to adjust my baby cock without drawing attention wasn’t successful. Ms. Lombordi gave me an intense, stern look and I froze. Her gaze at me then directed the other students to look my way and I turned crimson red with humiliation.

“Are you alright, Master Brennan? You seem to be struggling in your seat. Is there something wrong?” She asked, obviously not wanting to hear my explanation.

I looked at her and thought of answering her but she looked away, already satisfied that she had ridiculed me in a quick, subtle manner. I drifted down in my desk and my erection disappeared. I heard the snickers and jeers, the whispers from the kids around me.

“What’s the matter, Brennan, your panties too tight?”

“Hey, BJ, did you poop your pants?”

And then maybe the meanest one from Jacob, the one kid who would always sucker punch me.

“Hey, Brenny, tell yer mom thanks for lunch. Next time, I’ll give her a beef sandwich.”

With that one, the kids who heard sounded a collective… “oooooooooooo…” but only a few thought that I would fight back with words or fists. I sulked, knowing that I would be the one getting in trouble if I did or said anything. Jacob finished this off when he flicked his pen at me, hitting me in the head. He tried to control his laughter and I tried to conceal being mortified. I waited a few minutes and then asked for a hall pass to go to the bathroom.

Ms. Lombordi gave me another ‘look-over’ as I asked to be excused. As I was one of the few students in her class who actually did participate and did do my homework, she knew that she couldn’t pick on me… too much. She extended the hall pass to me but she held it tightly when I thought she was handing it to me. She laughed and then let it go, but again, I knew the other kids would find something here to tease me about.

In the hallway, I took a deep breath and thought of how angry I was and how I wanted Jacob to somehow get punished. I wasn’t the only one he picked on but the others seemed to think it was just part of life. I thought I wasn’t worthy of being the recipient of his constant teasing and I wanted him to suffer. I knew that my Catholic upbringing should guide me to forgive him and to try to find a way to get along. But I didn’t care. I felt my stomach growl and I remembered his comments about my lunch and my mother. I wanted him to feel pain. On hundred times the pain that he dumped on me.

I wanted to kick him… hard… in his balls, in his gut. His damn parents had held him back at least a year and he was bigger than all the other boys in our class; that gave him a physical advantage and maybe some other advantages that made the girls find him attractive.

He wasn’t a year brighter, we all knew that. I guess some of us did laugh at him being not very smart, and I guess, if it was a week or even a few days ago, I would feel sorry for him. But now? I didn’t. I wanted him to fall down the stairs and break his arm; his throwing arm, his… punching arm. I sensed rage growing in me. And, Sister Deanna sensed it too; she was in the hallway, sitting on a bench and had been observing me for… how long?

“Are you alright, my sweet boy?” She asked me.

She knew the answer to that; my face was flushed with anger.

“Sister!” I said as I was caught off guard. “Um… me? OK? Well…” I started to reply, unsure what to say.

“Go on, Brenny… tell me. Think of me as your ‘mother’, here at school. See me… doing… everything your mother does.” She said coyly, looking at me. “When you see your mother, you will see me as well.” She continued. “I am here to help you, to protect you; to make you feel strong and powerful. Now… tell me, my sweet, pretty son. And, Brenny… when we are alone, you will refer to me as ‘Mother’ or ‘Mother Deanna’, understood?”

“Yes… Mother Deanna. I understand. Thank you.” And then I felt a tear flow from my eyes. “It’s just… just… that… the teacher, Ms. Lombordi, just picks on me and I didn’t do anything. And then one of the guys threw something at me and made a comment about… mother… and…”

“Son…” Sister started, leaning close to whisper in my ear, “Mssss. Lombordi is a total… bitch. She is a cunt and a pompous know it all. I’ve told her to fuck off several times when I saw her picking on some of the girls for wearing short skirts.”

Sister looked at me and smiled, laughing and making me smile. She then touched my hand and told me that everything is going to work out in ways I would only dream of.

“And I then took those girls aside and told them that they look lovely and should show off their legs and wear makeup. It was such a joy to see them smiling and knowing that I supported them. They were a bit surprised when I told them how I wanted to have my own habit redesigned to be as short as theirs. It was obvious that they didn’t believe me, so I actually pulled my long habit up to show off my legs, and, my boy, my nylons and garter belt. I asked them ‘shouldn’t I show my joy for the shapely body that God had given me?”

She continued, “I then told them that, if they want, we could all go to the beach in the summer and get away from the oversight of the adults.”

Sister looked at me, sensing my awe in her actions.

“We did, darling. We did go… to the beach. For the entire day. Of course, I did ask several of the girls to make sure I had sun screen on. And, seeing that I was lacking a bathing suit, two of the girls took the bikinis that their mothers had. I opted for the one that was a bit more… showy… and they loved it though I did have to ask them all to make sure I had plenty of suntan oil on me.”

Sister then saw that I was also in a bit of disbelief and she looked around and then pulled her gown up, as she must have done before, to show off her legs to me.

“Brenny” She added, “it was such a thrilling day for the four young girls as well as myself. Their soft hands were put to good use to coat my flesh with suntan lotion. I told them that they must do it many times or Mother Superior and that bitch nun would see that I was in the sun. They saw how much I loved showing myself off in the bikini… it did not, Brenny… cover my flesh very well, and the one girl was very surprised to see that my breasts were so large, so much bigger than her mother’s. She was very giving, in being first to volunteer, to apply the lotion to my body. Of course, I made sure to return the favor to them. I will tell you more about that, but not now… later.”

“But, my sweet, pretty son… be careful what you ask for, for … if you follow my guidance and teachings, all… all… will come true.”

Sister then ran her fingertip along my hand and down to my thigh.

“Now, off to the restroom and I will see you in a ninety minutes. Do not be late.”

In the restroom, I stood at the urinal but felt odd; I wanted to sit to pee. As no one else was present, I didn’t feel a need to zip up; instead, I pranced about with my small, hard penis swinging about, fully visible had anyone come in. I looked into the large mirror and waved my baby penis back and forth, feeling wicked and playful. I stroked my boy penis, so small, yet so hard. I tried to pee but I ached and struggled.

The images that Sister had shared with me loomed wild and vivid in my mind as I thought of some of the sixth grade girls who I knew had been punished for wearing their skirts much too short. For one of them, I actually saw her panties. And with that image, I then thought of the panties that I had worn all night, and I found myself stroking my little penis, wanting to feel that pleasure like I did just a few hours earlier.

I didn’t realize that I was moaning until I heard a voice speaking to me.

“Hey, you OK?”

The voice was, fortunately, not of an adult nor of one of the older boys.

“Um, hey, ya, I’m OK, thanks” I replied, hoping he would then go away.

I muffled my moaning, needing to feel my climax. Instead, I heard his voice again.

“Hey, um… kid… could you help me? Teacher sent me to the bathroom as I have to pee but I cannot unzip my pants. Teacher is gonna get mad at me, could ja help me please?” he begged.

Dammit. Always something interrupting me. But I sympathized with him and knew how he must have felt. Zipping my pants up, barely able to tuck my small, erect boy penis in, I opened the stall door and told him to step forward. He was perhaps in the second grade and I could see that he was stressed by his situation.

“I drank too much water at lunchtime and I need to pee bad!” He told me.

I told him to step closer so I could help him with his zipper. The young boy wiggled and moved about as it was quite apparent he was having trouble controlling himself.

“Hold still!” I ordered as I tried to gain control of his zipper.

As the small boy moved about, his small erect penis bounced against my hand and I could sense that he was struggling.

“Help me, I gotta go!” He squealed.

“Step closer already!” I whispered, concerned that someone might come into the bathroom and see us.

How would I explain that? He stepped close to me and I unbuckled his pants and then unzipped his pants. His pee-pee was throbbing, hard, erect, even in his small size, it looked to me… sexy. He continued to wiggle and again asked me to help him. I pulled his small, baby penis out of the opening and felt it in my hands. Without thinking, I stroked the small shaft, no more than three inches long and fully erect. It was just so soft and felt so nice in my own small hand.

“I gotta pee!” He said.

I began to feel his little penis throb and a spurt of his pee squirted out, wetting my hand. I had nowhere to move as I was sitting on the toilet so I aimed his little penis towards the wall. My hand was wet with his clear, hot pee as he continued to urinate.

“So, you pee’d on my hand?” I said, a bit mad at being interrupted. “Then you can lick my fingers dry.”

A bit shocked at myself for saying that. But he looked at me, puzzled, but, as he was still peeing, he remained captive. I put my fingers to his mouth and ordered.

“Lick them, now!”

He opened his mouth, knowing he had no choice. I slid my pee-covered fingers into his small, virgin mouth and watched.

I then realized how erect I had become, even more so than earlier before I was interrupted. I moved slightly to adjust myself as my own boy penis was now stretching hard against my school pants. I watched him lick my fingers and I became extremely aroused, my boy pee-pee was aching to be released. I dipped my fingers into his boy pee stream and looked at the wetness.

Looking at him, I asked, “How does it taste?”

I then brought my pee-covered fingers to my own lips and tasted it, then licked them completely.

“I need to pee, too.” I said.

I continued to hold and stroke his baby boy shaft, keeping him hard and focused on the two of us.

“Now, it’s your turn.” I said as I moved him to sit where I was. “Go on. Touch me, hold my little penis in your hands.”

I then unzipped my pants and had him touch me as I pulled my little small dick out for him to see… and touch. He seemed to be hypnotized by all that was going on and did exactly as I ordered. He ran his small hands over my own child penis and I smiled at him. His small, soft hand was just the right size to hold it warmly.

“That’s it. Touch it.” I said. “Doesn’t it feel good? Pull on it, just like I did for you.”

I moved my hand over his to guide him. He did just that and then continued as I moved my hand away.

“I’m gonna pee” I told him.

He seemed mesmerized by what was happening, a feeling that I shared with him. It all seemed so other-worldly, like I was not in control. I didn’t care. I loved how it felt and how I felt doing this.

“Open your mouth.. now!” I ordered.

He looked at me and then at my throbbing, hard boy penis as I moved forward and placed the tip onto his lips. He began to kiss it as if it was natural for him. I loved it and slowly felt my bladder release. His mouth became engorged with my hot stream of boy pee and we looked at each other as the torrent filled his mouth.

I was surprised and thrilled that he drank it all. As my pee finally ended, he looked at me. I pulled him up to stand and I leaned over and kissed his soft, cherubic mouth, tasting the pee that was still in his mouth. His hand remained on my still very erect boy penis and I smiled at him.

“You cannot tell anyone about this, you know. If you do, they will make fun of you and pick on you forever!” I warned him.

He looked at me and nodded, suddenly feeling the trance ending as he looked down and realized he was still holding my little cock. He didn’t move his hand away but instead said.

“I… I won’t tell. I promise… but… can… we… can we do this… again?”

I smiled at him and gave him a long, deep kiss, just like I had seen mother do with her boyfriend.

“Yes, oh yeah, we will do this again and again. Now, tell me your name and give me your phone number.” I said.


Chapter Eight

I was glad that school was almost over. I kept staring at my watch, mad at how slow time seemed to be moving. A few of the boys continued to disrupt class and to pester me, but now, for some reason, I didn’t care and paid them no attention. With the sounding of the ten minutes to end of school bell, one other boy and I were allowed to leave so that we could be in position at our street corner posts to help conduct traffic.

“Dude, why don’t you fight back? You know Jacob is just gonna keep bugging you,” my friend said as we walked down the school steps. He was right. I needed to stand up to him some how or it will never end, he will never stop.

“I know. But dammit, he’s almost two years older than us and so much bigger. It’s not fair! Why the fuck is he even in our school? He’s such a fucking dumbass.” I replied, throwing profanities around like no one could hear me.

“It’s cuz his parents donate a shitload of money to the parish.” He replied. “His dad sucks up to monsignor and they play golf at his country club. Jacob was bragging about it to the girls in class how he was going to be class president and a bunch of other stuff.”

“Oh great. That’s all we need, that stupid shit being able to use a microphone to make himself feel more important. Goddammit. Maybe he’ll get injured playing football or maybe his dad will drop dead. I don’t care. Fuck him and his entire family. Fuckin’ hope they croke!” I said without an ounce of reservation.

Twenty minutes passed and the last of the school kids vacated the school grounds and we were done for the day. My friend asked me if I wanted to go by the corner store on the way home but I had to turn him down and made up a story about having to do some stuff… I couldn’t tell him that I was going to the convent to meet with a nun! I made up an excuse that I had forgotten some books in the hall lockers and that I’d catch up with him tomorrow.

I suddenly realized that I had massive amounts of anger towards Jacob and the teacher and a few others. The surprise I had in the bathroom had captured my mind for most of the afternoon and I had been in a state of calmed arousal (my best description as a child), and now my mind was all over the place. As I approached the rear convent door per Sister’s directions, I was concerned how my state of being would be viewed by Sister Deanna.

I stepped to the door and knocked twice, which turned out to be more than sufficient as Sister was in the convent’s kitchen, which was adjacent to that door, and she welcomed me in. She smiled and told me how glad she was that I had come as she took my hand and guided me down a rear staircase into the basement of the large complex.

When she flicked the lights on for the stairway, it seemed that the passageway received very little traffic. Several cobwebs were intact and required me to swing about to clear them from our faces. As we reached the basement floor, I saw that the main area served as a large storage space for school activities, as well as seasonal decorations for both the convent and the school. It appeared fairly organized but still a bit overwhelming with boxes stacked in row upon row upon row. Sister guided me down four different rows to the very far back left of the confines, where she pointed to a small door.

I reached for the door knob and she placed her hand over mine, then together, we slid the old, skeleton key into the lock.

“My sweet child” She whispered, “you are about to learn so very much, but all that I teach you must remain a secret. You will soon learn who the chosen ones are who will become your closest friends and teachers. But remember… a secret…”

With those last words whispered directly into my ear, followed by her lips and tongue sliding into my ear. I felt shivers fly across my body. I nodded to Sister that I understood, and we entered into the small, dank room.

Sister was obviously very familiar with the setting as, though it was pitch black, she knew exactly where a candle was positioned. Lighting it and then several others, she told me that the room had been long forgotten, that the key had been assumed lost and that only very few of the other nuns would even have a need to come downstairs. After a few moments, my eyes adjusted to the dim light and I saw the primitive wooden chair that she directed me towards. As I sat and placed my book bag down, I saw that she had gone back to the door and locked it.

“We do not want to be disturbed, my child. Once I start my teachings for you, you must remain focused,” She stated. “Here, I prepared a refreshment for you. It is an herbal tea that should help you relax and dismiss the actions from earlier today.”

She handed me a small, delicate cup.

I slowly sipped the warm potion, savoring the unique, woody taste which also had hints of licorice, peppermint, and other things which were unfamiliar. Sister watched me as she brought an old metal crate to the side of her leather chair. She sorted through several items for a few minutes and finally placed an old book on her lap. She looked at me again with a sense of concern.

“You seem distracted, bothered, Brenny; I see that you are a bit upset. What is it? The teacher? That bitch? Or one of those shitty kids in your class? You can tell me, darling. Your secrets are safe with me. Be honest.”

She touched my hand and then brought it to her lips and kissed it. I thought of what to tell her. She knew of the teacher picking on me and she obviously knew that kids picked on me. But do I dare tell her about what happened in the bathroom? Or how I hated those kids and that one in particular? I felt a strange warmth flush over me. It was a feeling that was similar as to how I felt with Father just the night prior. I looked with surprise as Sister began to take her habit off, and within a few moments, she stood before me, half naked. In the candle glow, I saw her exposed legs, covered in sheer nylons held up by garters and a satiny red girdle. Her matching bra showed off her breasts to me. She only retained her head covering, but I then saw that she had adorned her lips with a blood-red lipstick.

I knew what to do. I felt a powerful, lust-laden warmth engulf me. I loved the feeling. I looked at Sister and felt my child penis become fully hard.

“Sister, when I went to the bathroom, a young boy, maybe second grade, came in and I had to help him with his pants. He had to pee really bad but couldn’t unzip his pants. I helped him. Then I held his small penis. And then I had him taste his pee. And I tasted it. And then… I peed… into his mouth.” I said this, completely, without stopping or concern for what punishment she would invoke.

“I see, my boy.” She replied. “Stand up. Show me what you did… how you looked to him. Take your pants off and show me.” She ordered and I did as directed. “Your shirt is in the way. Take that off, too.”

I complied.

“Some would say that what you did is terrible. That you sinned and were evil and wicked. But Brenny, my sweet child.”

She began to rub my crotch.

“Brenny, you did exactly as you wanted and should not be afraid of doing it again. I think it was perfect. You brought that little boy into the world of pleasure. He is probably at home right now touching himself and wanting to taste your pee! I love that, Brenny, I am so proud of you!”

She pulled me to her and gave me a deep, wet kiss.

“Now… it is your turn do that with me.” She stated as she brought me down. “Kneel before me and close your eyes; open your mouth… and your mind.” She ordered.

I did as she said as I looked up to her glowing face. She pressed her nylon covered legs against my face and said, “Touch me. Caress my legs, move your hands up and down and feel how good the sheer material feels on your fingers. It feels heavenly, doesn’t it BJ?” She asked.

I did as she told me, my small, child-sized hands moving up and down on her nylon-covered legs. It did feel good. It felt really good. And, with her so close, I could smell the earthy perfume she wore, a scent which was otherwise hidden by her heavy, daily garments.

“You accepted the temptation earlier, and I love that, Brenny.” She said, her voice echoing in the small, dark room. “It was a perfect test by young Peter. You know that I was the substitute teacher in his class this afternoon? I thought he looked parched after recess and I had him drink three large glasses of water.” She explained. She then took my left hand and guided it upwards. “Caress me all over, BJ… touch upwards, to my round ass. Feel it, all of me.”

And I did as she demanded, without a moment of hesitation. She did feel heavenly. Inside, I laughed at my use of that word for the sinful things that I was doing. It had to be a sin to be touching her like this… a sister of the Church!

“Peter drank all of the water and I told him he was such a good, young boy for doing so… but that he must have to pee after drinking so much… didn’t he? And, Brenny, he looked at me and knew what he was to do. Maybe it’s because he had a little bit of the same tea you had just now and the more potent version last night. It was nap time for the rest of the class and I told that small child to take his time and to make sure he held his little boy penis and stroked it. I then caressed his crotch and told him that he should find someone to help him as it was very obvious that his little pee pee was already very hard!” She smiled as she told me these details.

“Did you taste his pee, BJ? Tell me, the truth!” She said as she moved her body tightly to my face.

“Yes… yes Sister. I did.” I replied, caught up so deeply with the sensuous feel of her body and sheer garments that I didn’t even think of any other response.

“And… did you like it? Did you want to drink from his pee pee?” She continued asking as she caressed my head and slid her finger over my lips.

“Yes… yes Sister. When I put my little pee pee to his mouth, I wanted to also be tasting his. It was so small and felt so good in my hand. I wanted to touch and kiss and lick it. I wanted to taste his pee in my mouth just like I had him do.” I said, my voice coarse, rough, full of arousal.

“Show me.” she said as she pressed my mouth to her crotch. She pulled her girdle up, exposing to me her extended, erect flesh. Before me, I saw that she had a cock; long, thick and darker than the rest of her flesh.

I looked at it in amazement. The tip was large and purple in color while her cock shaft was dark brown. As she moved to place the tip before my face, I heard her grunting voice as she began to read from her book. A long litany of words emanated from her, all in a foreign tongue which I thought was Latin. I leaned forward, hypnotized by the look of her erect flesh, and the way the candle light flickered, it appeared that her cock was dancing, moving and swaying, drawing me to it. I stared at it, not out of fear or apprehension but because I was fascinated and wanted to know every inch of her she-cock.

“Sister… I… I am… you… you have a.. penis! I… you… have… a penis!” I said, unsure what else to say.

“Drink, my child. Taste the nectar that will make you a god. Feel the pleasure, the power, the freedom… damn the god that is of this building. Worship with me the real God; our True God… Lord Satan offers you all that you desire. Taste it. Taste the Cock of Satan!” She said as she continued to say the words from her book.

I leaned forward and placed my small, virgin boy lips onto the tip of her cock and kissed it, then licked it. Sister smiled and moaned as she brought my hands to hold and stroke her, which I did, almost like I knew exactly how to give her pleasure. Looking at her body, I then saw the markings on her flesh… 666 and an upside-down star, each on a side of her penis. I had seen movies about the number of Satan and that witches used that star, but I had never seen them in person… until now.

“Open your mouth, my son. This is your calling. This is who you are meant to be. Be with me. Be with Satan. Show me, say it…” Sister said, her eyes glazed and rolling back in their sockets.

“Yes, Sister. I want to. Guide me, Sister. Teach me… I pray to you… I pray… to Satan…”

I uttered the words, feeling that it was all I could say. And then I placed my mouth fully on the tip of her she-cock and she guided my hand with hers to stroke her. Her cock became so big and hard, a giant version of my own small boy penis. Moments later, I felt her warm yellow nectar flowing into my mouth. She pulled back slightly so that we both could watch and know how much of her pee I was drinking. I had to swallow again and again as her urine filled my mouth.

When she finally finished, I felt perfect and special and wanting to learn more and more. Sister knew… I was giving myself to Satan and to sins of the flesh. Sister’s large penis was throbbing, even larger and longer than before. Where before, her voice was soft and endearing, now it became fierce, intense, deep and powerful. It was her voice, speaking to someone else, which made me realize we were not alone. And out of the darkness of the room I saw a man step forward. He became fully visible when I he struck a match and lit five black candles which I had not seen earlier. Now lit, I saw that they formed a star and we were in the center of it.

The black robe he wore shielded me from initially seeing his face, and though he spoke in Latin, his voice told me that it was Father Bill. I was both happy and shocked to sense it was actually him. I sensed that there was something different about him from the actions and discussions of the prior day, but to see that Father was actually here, not fighting a Satanist but was also one… I felt wicked and special in being brought into this special group.

“My son. I am so proud of you. Pride. A sin that offends that pathetic god. Passion. Their denial of who we are. Lust. The arousal in enjoying what stimulates us. SEX. Anywhere and with anyone. We do this all in Satan’s name. I heard what you said to Sister Deanna, Brenny. I loved how you knew what to do with sweet young Peter. And … you will do more. Are you ready for that, my son?” Father asked.

“Yes Father… yes!” I exclaimed.

“Then.. bare yourself to us. Bare your flesh and your soul to Satan. Show your soul to Him and give yourself freely and all that you desire will come true.” Father directed. I did as he said, throwing my white briefs to the floor, my erect, boy penis, so small, but so hard. Father then stepped to me and parted his robe, showing me that he was entirely naked.

“With you, we will bring so many more into the Church of Satan. You will become empowered and those who faulted you will suffer. Do you want that, Brenny?” Father asked as he stood before me.

“Yes, yes Father, I want that… all of that.” I replied.

Sister handed him a large, gold knife and a shiver raced through me. What was going to happen to me?

“Brenny, to show your devotion and giving to Satan, you will be the one to shed your blood in His name.” Father explained. “Take the knife, strike your flesh and denounce your Christian baptism… damn their god and declare your devotion to Satan.”

I accepted the knife and felt its heavy weight in my hand. I wasn’t sure if I was to just prick my finger or cut something off or what to do. Father understood my questioning state and pointed to his inner thigh, showing a small scar.

“Brenny, this is where I marked myself in his name. Do the same.”

I watched as Sister and Father embraced and kissed; then Father accepted the book and began to read from it. I wanted to be part of them and of their special group. I loved that I was chosen and that I was in that elite discussion last night. I wanted to learn more. I wanted to experience more.

I placed the knife on me at the same location as where Father had marked himself. I slid the knife gently over my young flesh and felt nothing but saw a small rivulet of blood begin to flow. I felt lightheaded but very alive. Sister then took a crucifix and let my blood coat it.

“This one is actually Mother Superior’s, Brenny!” She said with dark glee. “I stole it from her room. Mark it with your blood and it will be our own wonderful gift to her.” She then took it, seeing the blood all over it and said, “Now, my child. Give your body to Satan. Bend over, my son and pray with Father.”

I bent over and Father poured a tingly oil over my bottom. Sister took a long, thin lit candle and I felt the flame glance across my small boy penis and then over my round, child ass. I then felt the candle sliding into my child ass.

“Take it, Brenny. Feel the pleasure… now, take Father’s Man Cock into your virgin mouth. Do it.” She ordered and I did. The tip of his cock was different than Sister’s but it felt amazing. Father spread oil onto his cock which caused my mouth to feel numb. Sister continued to slide the candle into my virgin ass and it also began to feel numb.

The sensations were still amazing and I began to move my boy ass back and forth, wanting more. Sister smiled as she looked at how I was giving pleasure to Father and told me that now it was time for the symbol of Christ to move into me. With that, she removed the candle and placed the crucifix at my child hole and began to move it into me. I felt slight pain but wanted more.

As she began to slide it deeper and deeper into me, Father continued to read from the book. I continued sucking on his Man cock and was overwhelmed with stimulation. I felt dizzy with arousal, the sounds and the scents of the candles and Sister’s perfume were more than intoxicating.

“Fuck Christ. Fuck Christianity. Fuck Jesus. Praise Satan. Praise Beelzebub. Praise Lilith. Praise Lucifer.” She called out, her voice almost too loud, her words racing around, echoing through my mind.

“Suck her cock, Brenny!” Father ordered. “Suck the she-cock of Lilith.”

And then I felt a cold chill race through the room as I felt a different entity with us. I looked and saw that Sister was changing, her body contorting and then glowing red. Sister leaned over, her breasts now fully exposed and full, large and pressed against my body, her nipples pressing hard into my body. She moved and placed her lips on mine, her lips were on fire, hot, burning. She kissed me fully, pressing my mouth open and I felt her tongue slide into my mouth, and then more, deeper, down my throat. Under other conditions, I would have gagged but instead, my breathing remained intact and I pressed the crucifix deep into my boy ass.

Moaning with unchecked arousal, I wanted more, I wanted more pleasure and stimulation. Images of wicked sex, acts that I had never thought of or known, flooded my mind. I wanted to fuck little Peter. I wanted him sucking my boy penis. I wanted to fill him with my pee and I wanted him to fuck his baby brother and twin sister. And I wanted Jacob.. .. to suffer. I wanted him disfigured and physically destroyed. Not with sympathy but with the hatred of the kids in class. I felt my body bouncing up and down, thrusting the crucifix deeper into my child ass.

I looked at Sister and saw that her she-cock had become over twenty inches long, with movement that danced and moved like a snake. I wanted to suck it and to feel it in me.

“Take me! Take me Satan!” I screamed out.

Sister moved and pressed her cock to my mouth. I felt it sliding into my mouth and I welcomed it into me. Father dripped the oil onto my lips and I felt the tingling sensation again, and felt her she-cock sliding down my throat. Sister was gripping her breasts and thrusting her hips towards me and then I began feeling her cock begin to pulse and throb and my throat filled with her demon cream. Two minutes later, I thought my stomach would burst from being filled with her cock cum, and she slowly extracted it from my body.

I licked my lips and thought that, at this point, I had experienced pleasures beyond my imagination. But instead of stopping, Sister moved to mount me. I looked at her as Father’s words called for Satan the Infernal to bless us with His Demonic cum. I parted my legs as best as possible and then felt the tip of her cock press into my child anus. My boy penis was throbbing and aching and screaming for release but I was too focused in stroking Father and caressing Sister to touch myself. And again, Sister slid her Demonic she-cock deeper and deeper into me. With Father’s final words, I felt Sister thrust one last time and so much cock cum pump into my baby bowels.

And with that, I was one with Sister, with Father, and with Satan. And it was good. It was very, very, very good.

Father looked at me and offered a very paternal smile.

“I am so proud of you, my son. Sister will now be your new mother. We are your new family. We have wonderful plans for you all, especially your mother. You don’t mind that she was fucking that man who was not your father, do you?”

I smiled. I loved seeing the new woman who was my mother. I nodded to Father and told him that I was so glad and that I wanted her that way and more. Father stepped close to me and touched the remnants of blood on my thigh and licked it, then made an upside down mark of the cross on my forehead.

I smiled and felt his hand on mine, showing me how to stroke myself and it felt so perfect. He then brought my other hand to touch his cock; it felt so… big, thick, hard, throbbing, my small hand was barely able to wrap around it.

“Yes, Father, I love that she is like this now. She talked with me and asked me about how she looked and her hair and makeup. And she gave me her cigarette to try. I loved that; I want to smoke more, Father. I want to watch her kissing that man and to see her touching him… his cock.” I said, just as my boy cock began to throb hard.

Father put my fingers over the wetness that poured out. He then brought my fingers to my mouth and told me to lick it all, which I did. He slid my fingers in and out of my mouth as he told me how sexy I looked, then dabbled the last of my boy cum onto my nipples. Father then leaned over and sucked on my wet nipples and budding breasts as he moved my hand over his cock.

“Yes, Brenny. That’s it my son. Stroke me, just like your mother is doing right now with that man. Let us do all we can to help her do this again and again. You want your mother out, dressing and showing herself off just like she did, don’t you? To wear lots of makeup and to have her lips painted… that is what our Lord wants.. The Lord that you are discovering. Do you want that, Brenny? Say yes.. or say no.” Father demanded.

“Yes.. yes Father, I want that. I want her to be like this all the time. I do!” I exclaimed and then Father brought me down to put my lips on his throbbing, hard cock.

“Do as she is doing right now, Brenny. Feel a man’s cock in your mouth. Welcome his cock into you. This is the power and knowledge that you desire. Taste it… suck my man cock, my son.” Father ordered as I began to feel him throb and press his cock into my small mouth. In moments, I felt his cock pulse and begin to fill my mouth with so much cock cream.