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AIUTHOR’S NOTE: Especially inspired by my perverted friend, Bethan Pagan AKA Bethan Rottweiler. HAIL SATAN.

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Five Demons 4


Spoiler Alert!

We’ve all seen A Christmas Carol. A ghost story of Christmas. This novella by Charles Dickens was first published in London in 1843. It recounts the story of Scrooge, who is visited by the spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come. After their visits, Scrooge is pleasantly transformed and everyone lives happily ever after…

Well, this ain’t that story.

Five Demons is a story of a pious cenobitic priest, who over time has become disillusioned with the whole ‘Heaven and Hell’ thing. And in this delicate time, as his faith falters, he is visited via his dreams (or nightmares) by five demons. Transported to different times of his life, the demons have been sent to increasingly corrupt his heart, mind, and soul. Eventually, as the last bastions of his faith are lost, will he be finally liberated and willingly becomes a servant of Satan in Hell?


Belphegor, also known as Baal and sometimes Baal-Peor, is associated with licentiousness, orgies, urolagnia, and coprophilia. This eponymous demon of openings (especially the anus), is worshiped as a giant phallus with ritual sodomy and repellent sacrificial offering of human urine and excreta.

He is a shape-shifter, delighting in using this ability to deceive mortals. His most common forms are polarized in their appearances. Belphegor will take the form of a beautiful young girl naked in all her glory, to seduce those who would fall for his wiles. He also appears as a terrible demon, with leathery flesh, huge horns, long sharp teeth and fingernails, and a gaping mouth.

Numbers Chapter 25, Versus 1 – 3 says … So they began to indulge in the most perverse of sexual immoralities, committing shameless acts of whoredom and harlotry. They sodomized, raped, and even made human sacrifices to their demon gods. They ate feces as their sacrificial meal and bowed down before these sex devils, as they yoked themselves to their demon god, Belphegor.



Brother Alp looked at his reflection – he looked older than on the previous three nights … maybe he was twenty-something. It was hard to tell. His body looked lean and hard. He touched his bare chest. It felt real. Absentmindedly played with his nipples. His cock pointed upwards and a pearl of pre-cum sat at its tip.

He thought of Pan. Lilith. Baphomet. Each demon had brought new temptations. New desires. With his third eye open, Alp saw a new truth. A new hellish reality — yet there was salvation within. Salvation from hypocrisy. Salvation from a dull god that offered nothing but suffering and affliction. This new light seemed brighter. Its sinister nature drew him to it — like a moth to a flame. He was captivated. He was compelled by it. Animated by it.

There was the faintest of sounds, like a bell of a church. A whisper on the wind. The sound seemed to elongate more like the droning of a Tibetan Buddhist singing bowl. Then the sound faded into nothingness.

For the briefest of moments, Alp saw the so-called Holy Fathers.

“Think upon thy sins,” they repeated over and over.

But they were no longer dressed in pious gowns. They stood stark naked. Their penises stood upright and erect. And they were touching themselves in an unholy manner.

“Think upon thy sins … Think upon thy sins … Think upon thy sins …”

What were they truly saying… to think and to enjoy? The message seemed twisted. About-turn. No longer pious or virtuous … now perverted, corrupted … delicious.

As the mirror dissolved before his eyes, he found himself alone. He looked around like an inquisitive visitor – a tourist in hell. It was in an old desecrated church. Once upon a time, it must have been a beautiful Gothic monument. Its vaulted ceiling stretched upwards into the darkened clerestory. But that was in the past — now it looked derelict and tainted. Misused. Polluted. Violated. This was no longer a place of holiness. There was a pungent odor, like a well-used urinal. The entire place stank of stale piss.

The floor felt a little damp beneath his bare feet.

What remained of the sacrificial altar had been covered in heavy black cloth painted with strange red sigils of demonic ritual and worship. The inverted cross. The inverted pentagram. “La Clef de la Magie Noire.” Sigils of the satanic mass. They advertised an allegiance to the apostles of the antichrist.

Perverted. Evil. Dark. Alp grinned in anticipation.

Where the altar cross would have been, there was a huge erect phallus in its place. Carved in smooth wood, the phallus stood wickedly upright. A placard hung around the base of the phallus, created out of torn pages of the Holy Bible. It was emblazoned with letters formed from pieces of human excrement. The letters spelled out the name of a demon … BELPHEGOR.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of black candles, illuminated the interior. The walls were draped with fantastical tapestries. These were all unholy images. The lavish works of demonic art depicted a cornucopia of horrendous sins. Highly pornographic, they left nothing to the imagination. Satanic porn.

Alp rubbed himself as he inspected each and every one of them in detail.

The tapestries mostly focused on the antics of a red-skinned devil, which he assumed must be Belphegor — a naked monster with heavy horns, a long animalistic snout, and a huge erect cock. The illuminated situations involved males, females, transsexuals, and children of both sexes — all naked and all engaged in only the most depraved of sexual acts together.

Some images showed the red-skinned demon’s cock thrusting deep into the willing mouths and anuses of his many worshipers. Other images showed sodomites, pedophiles, rapists, and those engaged in bestial acts with a wide variety of domesticated and wild animals.

Yet more images showed lines of naked participants making sacred offerings of their own urine and excrement. He instinctively knew that this sex demon was partial to his worshipers urinating over each other and smearing themselves and each other in their feces. He knew then that Belphegor was the demon of waste. The Piss God. The Shit God.

Alp stroked his cock enthusiastically at these abhorrent thoughts. The slapping sound of his own wet flesh echoed back and forth in the hollowness of the church.

He had never seen anything so obscene. So ripe with sinfulness. He wished with all his dark heart that he could be one of them … It was then, that the summoning came to him. It formed clearly in his mind as his bodily functions reacted. He knew what to do. He stood before the phallic altar and continued to masturbate. Alp pressed against his bloated bladder. It was hard at first – to piss with a full erection, especially during masturbation. But as he stroked himself slowly and tried to relax, his urine began to seep from the eye of his cock, wetting his masturbating fingers. The aroma of sweat, arousal, and ammonia filled the air.

“Belphegor,” he boldly prayed out loud.

He pressed his bladder harder and was immediately rewarded with a torrent of hot salty piss that sprayed upwards over his bare chest and face. He licked his urine-flavored lips. Salty warm rain. Yes, the perverted thrill brought that desire high. He groaned to himself. Unholy. Now he stroked himself even faster and faster and pressed down more and more. This time he pissed directly into his open mouth. He swallowed mouthfuls of dark yellow piss. He rubbed more. Pressed more. Drank more. Soon he was soaked completely, from head to toe, in his own sour piss.

“Belphegor,” he prayed loudly and boldly to the evil demon of waste.

His bowels moved. Yes. Oh yes … perverted demon. He didn’t hesitate. He pressed downwards and the ripeness of his own pollution met his nostrils. He felt so evil and perverted. So totally depraved. He parted his legs and felt his bowels opening. He reached beneath and touched his dirty nether-hole. Alp felt his feces at the opening of his stretched sphincter. He touched the tip of his own shit. It smelt rank. Piss still squirted like a fountain from his rampant cock.

He continued to masturbate as he began to defecate into the palm of his own hand. Now he could feel more than just the tip of his oily turd against his open palm. He pressed more and his turd began to emerge slowly … deliciously. Then came the meaty lump. Voluminous. Reeking. It broke off from his open anus across his waiting fingers. His heart raced as he smelt the effluvium raising from his primal offering to his new demonic god.

“Hail Belphegor. Hail to all that is sinful and putrid.”

Emboldened by his own perversity he held up his filth before the huge phallic effigy.

“EAT IT!” hissed a sonorous voice from the shadows.

Alp looked upwards in the flickering light, towards the source of the voice. A darkened figure descended from the clerestory. Falling in slow motion. With the stealth of a moth, it landed before him. Its wings folded back upon themselves. The creature rose from a low crouching position — slowly standing upright before him. Silently uncoiling. Still almost a silhouette; the creature resembled the perverted images of the red-skinned demon depicted, so graphical, in all of the pornographic tapestries. There was an obvious pungency of sour urine that assaulted Alp’s senses as the toilet demon slowly approached.

Two feral eyes stared back directly at him. Glowing eyes. Rabid eyes. A wide avaricious mouth opened into a broad grin of wicked encouragement — with shit-coated teeth.

“SHIT EATER!” it hissed like the serpent.

Like so many of the images of the demon, Belphegor, now stood poised before him naked. As the demon turned, ever so slightly in the candlelight, Alp saw that the demon rubbed the foreskin of his huge demonic cock, back and forth, over the wetness of its bulbous mushroom head. Belphegor groaned in his own self-pleasuring.

“Kneel before me for I am the Deity of Dirt … The Toilet God … The Devil of Excrement … YOUR PISS GOD … YOUR SHIT GOD!” Belphegor commanded, “Continue your masturbatory prayer … And EAT your offering to ME … Maxima cum voluptate … (with intense pleasure) …”

“Maxima cum voluptate,” repeated Alp nervously in response to the demon’s demands.

His eyes never left the sight of the demon’s enormous red-skinned cock as it dripped with gooey pre-ejaculate. He brought his own filthy hand to his face and took a mouthful of it. It tasted rank… much worse than it smelt, terribly rancid and bitter — but Alp eat it all. He even licked his fingers clean.

“Behold before ME … The child acolytes of the TOILET GOD …” he said extending his arms wide as the shit demon closed and turned in a slow circle.

There was a hubbub all around him, as other figures materialized out of thin air. It was as if he’d not been alone all along, just ALP had been unable to see his co-conspirators. All naked the teen acolytes, both male and female, some already as piss-wet as he was. All knelt as he did before their disgusting demon of waste… each holding their putrid offering to the demon that demanded that they eat their own feces for his shameless glory!

“Bring forth the Font of Filth,” the demon growled ominously.

Several of the young acolytes brought forth, what Alp could only describe as a shallow metal bath that was shaped like a cross and laid it before their shit demon. The Font of Filth was about sixteen inches deep with thin silver walls and coffin-like handles. The demon beckoned a couple of the young female acolytes forward and they began to crotch either side of the red-skinned demons, each taking turns in pleasuring it with their eager fingers and sensual mouths. Another pair crouched to his rear, obviously paying homage to the demon’s anus.

“Let the cleansing begin. Maxima cum voluptate.”

A young male standing near Alp began to kiss his mouth. They both tasted each other’s filth. Another fondled Alp’s cock. He rubbed excrement over Alp’s cock and then began to masturbate him in it. They both began to lead Alp toward the shallow bath. The acolytes began to piss into the Font of Filth, filling it with their briny urine. They encourage Alp to do the same and he did – pissing with his stiff cock until his bladder was dry. More and more acolytes took their turn until the font was now more than half filled with the accumulation of the acolyte’s yellow brew.

The cross-shaped Font of Filth was not large enough for Alp to lay in it — but it seemed that his initiation did not require him to do. Instead, the acolytes brought dragged a young boy and they laid him naked and face-up in the piss bath. At first, the boy resisted all the way but was overcome by the strength of the older acolytes.

The boy still resisted meekly. But the acolytes pressed him down into the mixture of their urine. His wrists and ankles were fastened to brackets at the base of the font at the extremes of the cross-shaped font. Now the boy lay reluctantly in a kind of mock crucifixion, trapped in the half-filled piss bath. Once locked down, the young boy seemed almost drugged and drowsy and his hairless little cock remained limp.

The acolytes around Alp continued to stroke his shit-coated cock and hands from the left and right fondled Alp’s excited sex organs.

“Who offers this sacrifice?” asked the red-skinned demon.

“We do … O DEMON OF FILTH!” replied the excited acolytes.

“Then … Let the ritual begin … Cleanse him … cleanse the one to be offered to your DEMON OF FILTH in unholy sacrifice! Maxima cum voluptate,” ordered the shit demon.

The boy’s head bobbed up and down as he tried to keep his face upright to avoid swallowing any of the nasty urine that he was now immersed in. His lily-white body looked rather emaciated as it lay in the Font of Filth as more acolytes crowded around. This time they straddled the edges of the thin font bath and took turns emptying the bowels, adding their stinking shit to the piss cocktail that was also increasing in depth. Excited beyond control, a few of the young male acolytes even ejaculated into the brimming mess of piss and excrement.

The red-skinned demon laughed.

“More! More cleansing. Maxima cum voluptate … Fill my Font of Filth!”

It seemed to Alp, that this was the exact opposite of cleansing. Like an immersing in sin and corruption … delay and filth … immorality and malevolence … toxicity and evil …

A young female grinned evilly as she pulled her vagina open, masturbating her anus with her other hand whilst exposing her urethra and unleashing a cascade of urine directly over the boy’s face. He began to cough and splutter. Now, the boy into the font was struggling to keep his head up, as the level of raw sewerage got only deeper and deeper as more acolytes added the contribution of their bladders and bowels … And once added, they freely masturbated themselves and each other as they danced back and forth before their demon.

It became obvious to Alp that the waste demon’s objective was to drown this child in this disgusting bath of waste.

“Hail PISS GOD! Hail SHIT GOD! O HAIL THE DEMON OF FILTH!” cried the acolytes.

Now the demon pushed the young female acolytes away. His cock looked huge and insatiable. Belphegor joined the other acolytes at the side of the Font of Filth and immediately straddled it so that his anus was directly above the upturned face of the child. The young boy tried to spit out the rancid concoction in an effort to gulp for more air. The shit demon squatted even lower as he masturbated his huge red cock. His fingers dipped onto the Font of Filth and he rubbed the mixture over his cock and balls — masturbating faster and faster.

Now, the other acolytes all pressed forward and crowded around the edges of the Font of Filth on all sides. All the slimy acolytes rubbed themselves furiously, as did Alp too. Alp gasped as unseen fingers pressed into his shitty backside, probing and stabbing at his dirty anus.

“Aarrrghhhhhh …” Alp groaned in perverted pleasure.

The acolytes pissed into the font and over the shit demon as it began to defecate across the face of the child. Now the boy was almost completely immersed in piss and fecal matter. Alp took a deep breath. He found the stench overwhelming, yet he had never been so excited before.

“O HAIL THE DEMON OF FILTH!” cried the acolytes over and over.

The shit demon’s anus opened wider and wider as a huge black turd began to emerge from the stretched red sphincter — like a purple-black aubergine, it emerged and then broke off and fell, spattering across the face of the gasping child. Another equally large turd emerged, even huger than the first, from the shit demon’s ass crack, before also falling over the smothered face of the sacrificial one. Another and yet another fell as the demon dedicated a mountain of filth over the buried face of the child.


The shit demon sank down lower — so that his ass now covered the upturned face of his sacrificial offering.


The acolytes groaned and furiously masturbated taking handfuls of filth from the font and smearing it over themselves — over their faces and chest, but especially over their highly aroused sexual organs. The young males rubbed their shit-coated cocks as hard as they could as they screamed blasphemous words. The girls fucking themselves with handfuls of shit and filthy fingers as they joined in the unholy chorus.

Several of the male acolytes groaned loudly as they ejaculated ropes of spunk into the soup of piss and shit. Alp was rapidly close to orgasm too.


The shit demon stood before him. His redness was almost completely covered in excrement, as were most of his young worshipers. Alp too was smeared from head to toe. The desire to cum was almost overpowering … but then the ritual took another turn.

“Maxima cum voluptate!” said the demon.

The young child lay completely motionless, though his small cock now pocked upwards in salute in the Font of Filth. The other acolytes walked slowly around the Font in an anticlockwise direction. One boy ejaculated. Several peed.

“O Hail the Demon of Filth!”

Their chant was low and slow. Chanting to their beloved shit demon … praising him … adoring him. The demon called for two of the female acolytes again, but this time, they did not pleasure the demon. Instead, the demon fashioned the shape of a phallus from the fecal matter that lay across the face of the sacrificed child.

Evil magic crackled around the demon as he sculptured a long, thick cock-like object and placed it over the clitoris of one of the young female acolytes. The shit-cock stuck out like a brown banana from just above her slimy cunt hole. Then he repeated his evil artistic efforts on the other. The two girls touched their shit-cocks. Instead of the sculptured shit-cocks falling away., they remained stiff. The girls grinned evilly at each other as they both massaged and rubbed them as if they were living flesh. Their shit-cocks seemed animated, part of the girl’s anatomy – giving them both a hermaphroditic look with their newly fashioned genitalia.

“O Hail the Demon of Filth!” cried the other excited acolytes — all masturbating their cocks and cunts.

The two young girls moved around and stood on either side of Alp. They were both slick with sexual sweat and smeared from head to foot in collective filth. They both kissed each other, exchanging a long passionate girl-girl kiss as they rubbed their shit-cocks against one another… then they turned to Alp and began kissing him, taking turns in plunging their little pink tongues into his mouth. Alp returned their kisses with gusto as he tasted their oral foulness.

One of them stroked Alp’s cock, and the other teased his disdained anus, both bringing him closer and closer … edging him to the point of sexual insanity.

Alp gazed dreamily downwards upon their magical shit-cocks that no longer appeared as just molded filth. Not just sculptured turds. They moved as if the fleshy appendages were part of the girls’ anatomy. Alp saw with his third eye. Their shit-cocks appeared as oversized clitorises, standing erect, flesh-hard, and ready for sexual use.


The blasphemous chanting got louder and louder. More urgent. More demanding. More demented – almost screaming. All the acolytes were watching intensely.

Alp knew his place and knelt before Belphegor as each of the female acolytes took up their respective positions. One behind immediately him and one in front. Alp took one of the filthy appendages into his mouth, sucking its rancid head … To his surprise, it felt just like real cock as the young hermaphroditic girl pressed it further into the roof of his mouth.

“FUCK YER!” cried one of the acolytes.

The other hermaphroditic girl grabbed Alp’s hips forcefully and pressed her shit-cock stiffly against his exposed rear. Alp sucked harder. He felt the head of the second shit-cock press briefly against his greasy anal opening before it began to slip passed his pre-stretched rectum, and burrow its way upwards inside his stretched rectum. Pain and pleasure. Fuck. Fuck. His mind oscillated between burning and pleasure.

Now Alp looked like he was skewered by their unnatural sexual attachments that defied any law of reality. They both began to fuck his holes, hard. Oral. Anal. Oral. Anal. Alp thought this was the Filth of Sin — The Filth of Hell.


The sound reached an almost deafening din. They peaked upon a crescendo… and then nothing… silence … only the sound of his own grunting on the cock that filled his mouth. Alp blissfully shuddered against his anal intruder as he raced towards a huge demonic orgasm that was beyond anything that he’d experienced prior. The whiteness of light filled his third eye as his thick white semen squirted like a fire hose across the church floor below him as he gave into total oblivion.

“AAaghhhhhhhhhhhh …” he groaned and bucked uncontrollably as the sheer magnitude of his orgasm sent him into a quivering mess.

Alp collapsed to the floor, fouled with his own spilled seed.

Catching his breath, he looked up. The crowd of acolytes were all gone; the hermaphroditic girls with their shit-cocks were gone; the Font of Filth was gone; and where Belphegor had been standing, he saw only a small insignificant-looking girl. The small child was naked and her skin was creamy white, pristine, and clean. She looked no older than eight years old. Alp blinked.

The power waves of this demonic orgasm were only now receding. His mind was trying to come to terms with everything that had happened. The young girl had a kind of virgin-like quality about her. All innocent. Demure. All callow. Her eyes seemed to twinkle as she returned the stare at Alp. Only her nakedness portrayed something erroneous. This girl couldn’t be the fourth demon? But then the girl smiled exposing her shit-coated teeth. She laughed at Alp’s surprise. Belphegor was a shape-shifter.

“Tonight and every night hereafter,” said the little girl, “You will be visited by the blessing of our Lord Satan. Maxima cum voluptate …”





Satan also known as the Devil, Lucifer, Beelzebub, and Mephistopheles, is an entity in the Abrahamic religions that tempts and seduces humans into sin. Satan is often identified as the serpent in the Garden of Eden as the Archangel Samael. Banished by god, he takes revenge and tempts Adam and Eve into sexual sin using the Apple of Carnal Knowledge.

He has often been shown in early medieval Christian art with horns, cloven hooves, unusually hairy legs, and a tail, often naked and holding a pitchfork. A more contemporary image of Satan is that of the ‘burning figure’ or ‘burning phallus’. Satan is sexual and erotic … using many forms to tempt and corrupt both men and women into lives of sin and therefore an eternity of damnation.

1 Corinthians, chapter 7, verses 5 says …. Do not deprive each other except perhaps by mutual consent and for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer. Then come together again so that Satan will not tempt you because of your lack of self-control.


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