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Wicked Souls & Tainted Hearts 2


Evelyn Chambers is fourteen years old. Orphaned at six, she lives with her paternal aunt, Sophia Meredith, now in her forties. Evelyn has a rebellious brother, Larkin, who is fifteen with a massive chip on his shoulder. Life is not easy, as Evelyn is haunted by dark dreams of sadness, misery, and death until one day she meets Adam Collins. Adam has problems of his own; he too has his fair share of misgivings about life, the universe, and everything. He finds himself drawn to a girl that he doesn’t even know, that his friends and family say terrible things about. But he cannot run from his sexual attraction.

So, the boy meets a girl. Is it as simple as that? We could hope, that they fall in love and live happily ever after. Well not quite. You see I forgot to mention that young Adam has been seduced and captured by Evelyn’s evil aunt, Sophia. She duped him into believing she was her niece, despite the twenty-five-year age difference. Well, Ms. Meredith’s powerful magic has not only reversed the aging process for herself; but has also enabled her to cast a paralyzing spell over Adam, which has left him aware of what is happening but helpless to do anything about it. As Sophia fully intends to further her ambitions to gain the Devil’s gift of life eternal, she sends Larkin in search of his sister, Evelyn, to consummate their incestuous union which is a key part of Sophia’s evil plan.

Evelyn, in defiance of her witch aunt, has decided to lose her virginity to Adam, and in doing so, she hopes it will break the spell that has been cast and ruin Sophia’s murderous plan for her to fall pregnant so that Sophia can take her unborn fetus and eat it whilst it’s still alive. But in order to do that, Evelyn must first avoid her lusty brother; remain out of the clutches of her wicked aunt; and find a way of rescuing her beloved Adam and breaking the spell that has been cast over him; so that they can run away to live happily ever after. On top of that Sophia is not so easily fooled. Her debauched appetite is never sate and she will stop at nothing to succeed; and soon she will unleash an even darker magic to assist in her demonic quest.


Father Jacob stood before his agitated congregation that consisted of some three generations of the twenty or so families from the village. It was hot and humid and late evening service was packed. As he advanced down the center aisle towards the chapel altar, they all stood up in respect for their spiritual leader.

He could not remember the last time he had had such a prolific turnout. His eyes scanned the crowded pews. They were all faces he knew well, but there was something different about them tonight – something out of character with the usual lethargy of their little village. He could not explain it. It enthralled him, stirred him. Elisa looked nervously at him. He stepped up to the pulpit to address the feverish crowd. He guessed that what he sensed, she must have felt too.

Sweat beads ran down his back and chest as his miscreant cock twitched to life, swelling quickly to its full hardness beneath his thin Cossack at the recent memory of his threesome with his supposed nemesis, Sophia Meredith. For if he was supposed to be God’s representation in Leatherhead, Ms. Meredith would surely be the Devil’s. Only a few hours before, Elisa and he had willingly indulged in blasphemous perversion with the witch’s niece too, the delicious young Evelyn.

They had both taken their lusts for young flesh; they had both knowingly sinned and had prayed to Satan for his joyous gifts of sodomy, pedophilia, and lesbianism – all in the guise of ‘role-play’. There was not any role-play involved and in their tainted hearts, they knew every misdeed was sinful, wicked, and immoral. How they had enjoyed it – all in the name of their one true god, Satan! He cleared his throat.

“Welcome all. Please be seated,” said Father Jacob.

Those with seats sat down, but there were others who remained standing at the rear and down the sides of the small intimate chapel.

“Tonight I would like to talk about the subject of wicked souls and tainted hearts. I want to talk about the Devil’s work – John, chapter 16, verse 2 — ‘His lies are so strong and so convincing that many sell their souls to the devil thinking that they serve God,” — Corinthians, chapter 11, verse 4 — ‘Satan slanders, compromises and perverts truth, convinces us that truth is evil’ …”

“Amen,” Answered the solemn congregation.

Father Jacob wiped the perspiration from his brow as he watched the twitching faces of those seated nearest to him. Solemn, yes, but there was a strange hint of contempt for the authority vested in the so-called Almighty.

“Where there should be light, Satan desires darkness. Where there should be truth, Satan desires Deceit. Where there should be resistance, Satan desires tolerance to sin. Where there should be love, Satan desires lust. And where there should be chastity, Satan desires immorality …”

His words were weighted, strongly emphasizing the darker side in each circumstance.

“Amen. Amen,” groan the congregation.

There was a slight hint of contempt for the Lord’s word bordered on disdain. Father Jacob felt so hot and itchy hidden beneath his Cossack. His cock was rock hard, weeping pre-cum, as he subconsciously frotted against the rounded corner of the pulpit’s edge. A thought crossed his mind, something almost repressed at the edge of his consciousness of the close connection between his congregation, that all of them were bastard sons and daughters, maybe many generations in the making, but still all incestuous bastards of the Merediths. Though none would acknowledge it, the Witch’s blood ran through all their veins. He grinned wider.

“Are we not righteous? Pious? Chase? Devout?” asked the preacher deliberately in a flat, dull tone.

The congregation, from the oldest to the youngest, seemed to let out a cheerless sigh … uninspired and unmoved by words of righteousness.

“Satan desires sin, pleasures of the flesh, vile wickedness, depravity, immorality … He calls us to celebrate with all his gifts of sexual perversion …”


This time the congregation seemed to collectively intone a strange kind of wantonness for Father Jacob’s anti-sermon, that talking about what they should be wary of, was in fact, what they should seek out.

“Satan desires masturbation; homosexuality, both male and female; incest between fathers and daughters, mothers and son, brothers and sisters; pedophilia, abuse, subjugation, sodomy, bestiality …”

“Hail! Hail!” They cried out, united in their fervent response – stirred by his heinous and contrary words.

Father Jacob noticed that he was not the only one there secretly masturbating. In fact, almost half the congregation were rubbing themselves in one way or the other; some even frotting against each other; some opening kissing family members mouth-to-mouth — mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, brothers, sisters, grandfathers and even pressing against their innocent infants. The steamy chapel seemed to be a tinderbox of sexual depravity, hanging on Father Jacob’s every perverted word. Elisa stood enchanted by Jacob’s side and subconsciously began to rub his erect cock through the thin material of his priestly gown.

“Satan deigns you nothing. He delights in your most perverted of desires! He offers you bliss eternal, to join him and his host of sexual demons in the great orgies of Hell … he asks only that you kneel and pray before the Phallic Goat … to offer to him the human sacrifice of Zion traitors; that you do as you will, do evil, do wicked, do depraved acts in his name; show him your wicked souls and tainted hearts … Hail … Hail … Hail Satan!”

Elisa lifted Jacobs’s robes high enough to clearly show the congregation that she was masturbating their spiritual leader before them all and then kneeling she began to kiss, lick, then suck at his wet aroused flesh.

“Hail! Hail! Hail Satan!!” they all cried.

Their inhibitions seemed to fall away – giving themselves over to their baser instincts or the unseen black magic that seemed to have corrupted them all.

“Hail Satan,” reinforced the elated priest – it was a fine sermon.

Now he wanted to fuck some choirboy ass. He was bored with his wife’s saggy cunt – he wanted to feel the grip of a nice tight rectum that only a nine-year-old anal virgin provides — to deflower in celebration of their true calling.

The congregation had degenerated into a sex-crazy mob. Unashamed nakedness led to a host of carnal activities; open masturbation, both solo and mutual; then to cock-sucking, cunt and anus licking; the wooden pews were filled with every form of depraved incest as family members grouped together sharing their newfound desire to do the Devil’s work.


Evelyn was tied across the phallic altar, and her Witch Aunt chanted to evil dark gods for their obscene blessings … how her Aunt had changed, she looked so young, almost identical to Evelyn, and they could even be twins. Larkin rubbed himself furiously as Sophia’s fingers entered her niece, penetrating her, masturbating her … finger after finger, until her whole hand was inside, pushing deeper and deeper … Evelyn bucked against her, ashamed of the intensity of the pleasure she felt … she screamed in orgasm … Evelyn felt her water break at the touch of her evil Aunt’s sharp fingernail … it was too soon … the fetus was very underdeveloped … too young to be born … but that was the wickedness of her enchantment … the child was never to go full term … her Aunt would eat it alive! It was their way!


Evelyn woke abruptly with the metallic taste of her own blood in her mouth (she must have bitten her lip), and then she recognized the distinctive flavors of cheap whisky and urine. It was still early evening. She must have fallen asleep in the refectory after being seduced by the lecherous old priest and his perverted wife. They were no longer around – but she heard a hellish din coming from the chapel beyond.

She sensed the work of her evil Aunt – there was something illicit, sexual, and definitely demonic. Evelyn got up and started to look for her clothing. She caught her reflection in the dressing mirror. Looking at her flat stomach she thought of the unborn being taken, being offered, being eaten … it was all so sick and twisted. Her aunt must not be allowed to succeed. Where was her love? Where was Adam? Again, Evelyn’s supernatural instincts sensed grave danger. Her aunt had him. She had done something to him. His life was in the balance.

Quietly proceeding from the refectory into the rear of the chapel, she followed the ungodly sounds. Groans and screams ensued. Evelyn covered her mouth in complete shock at the sight of the terrifying orgy that ensued in the crowded chapel. Naked families copulated before the ruined altar, the large church crucifix inverted with the bloody body of a very young child nailed naked and upside-down upon it.

Other young children were also in distress, as adults, both male and female, were in various stages of sexually abusing them. Adam’s father, Father Jacob, their village spiritual leader, seemed to be at the epicenter of the debauchery, orchestrating this profane demonic ritual. She had come to him for help and now it was obvious that he had been turned to serve the needs of her evil aunt, as would the entire village soon.

At one point she too had found herself a willing participant in all the strangeness of having sex with both Father Jacob and his wife, Elisa – but this was not the fate that she desired – to become part of her aunt’s agenda. She wanted only to be with her Adam. Sweet Adam. Even now she felt his call for her. In her head, she heard his voice in the throws of strange ecstasy … but still he called her. She knew something was not right … there was grave danger … life-threatening danger ahead. She had to find Adam. If he could only break this wickedness that seemed to surround her — maybe then they could both run away together … an escape this madness.

She reversed direction, slipping out of the rear of the refectory and into the furtive night air that seemed to be alive with disquiet and sexual mischief.


Larkin stood naked, hard and drooling. His right hand idly stroked his rampant cock-flesh up and down in time with the strange pagan rhythm that filled his paternal Aunt’s bedchamber. Ms. Meredith was also naked as she stood with her back to Larkin.

She stroked her mother’s necklace, of phalluses carved from human thighbones of child sacrifices, that hung loosely around her neck. Then, holding her arms aloft, she busied herself in the making of an evil spell. The stench of sex magick filled her nostrils, and the banquette of strange aromas stirred many perverted thoughts.

“Neferian. Lilith. Diaboli. Parus hostia,” she babbled in a mixture of ancient tongue and Latin.

The boy must die – but for now, he lay naked, prone, bound across the stripped mattress in a semi-paralyzed state – he could hear and see everything that was going on, but his body was not his to command.

She had come thus far, plotting and scheming for decades to get what she wanted; what she deserved; and nothing was going to stand in her way — especially not some good-for-nothing mortal boy, Adam. She even scoffed at his stupid name. It was comically, her beautiful niece, Evelyn, and him? Adam and Eve? So pathetic! Irony. It would not matter what his name was, but this time tomorrow night he would be dead meat.

It had been a close call, but she had tricked Adam into mistaking her for Evelyn. They were, after all, of the same royal blood – witch royalty. Her own mother, Andrea Meredith, had been the Bone Goddess — infamous among witches, she welded unimaginable power and sexual magick over their entire town. There had been a time when all feared and sexually worshiped her mother and her mother’s mother before her. They would do the same for her.

“Christ be fucked!” cried Sophia.

Larkin grunted like a depraved animal that could only concern itself with lust. Sophia could hear him furiously masturbating – rubbing that delicious young cock of his. That’s why she kept him close. She needed his youthful lust and of course, his semen. Soon he would penetrate his sister, Evelyn; taking her virginity and with his incestuous seed in her womb she would be ready to conceive. She was now ovulating. She was very fertile. She was ready.

With this act … the great Lord Satan would grant Sophia the gift of “Life eternal” in return for Evelyn’s unborn fetus. All Sophia had to do would be to take that fetus at the high moon in Evelyn’s second trimester. Its skin would be translucent with fine lanugos hair; at fourteen weeks it would be only five and a half inches long and weigh about seven ounces — a tiny thing. If Evelyn refused to cooperate she would take it forcibly from Evelyn’s incestuous body; and then as she offered sacrifice, she would eat the fetus whilst it was still alive.

The act of sacred cannibalism was so depraved.

Her wicked cunt dripped in sexual juices as she imagined the raw power of her murderous ritual. She saw herself as Lilith reborn, the First Lady of Hell, and could already taste the blood and flesh in her eager mouth. Evelyn, her adopted protégé, may die in the process – especially if she resisted. But by that time she would have served her unholy purpose. Sophia would have little need of her or for that matter, Larkin. Maybe she would kill them both to tie up the loose ends.

“Bright Moon, Lilith, Goddess of the Darkest’ whose hands form the hellish mire …” she chanted.

The mattress beneath Adam’s body already stank strongly of her stale urine. She looked at him whilst inhaling the delicious aroma and urinated more, rubbing her piss-drenched hands over her face, neck, and breasts. Larkin sucked her piss-flavored nipples. She climbed up onto the mattress, over where Adam lay bound, and laughed as she urinated over him, soaking his prostrate body in her hot salty rain. Larkin continued to masturbate as he knelt between Adam’s spread legs. Leaning forward he eagerly sucked Adam’s rigid cock in an effort to drain the boy’s balls of his seed.



Leslie, Adam’s effeminate brother, did not attend church that evening as his mother had told him to. Instead, he had been worried about the whereabouts of his older brother, Adam. Things had been strange around the village ever since his brother had been talking with that witch girl, Evelyn Chambers. He knew little about the true history, only that she lived in the haunted Old Mill, near the cemetery of unmarked graves. However, the Chambers children were talked about by the other local kids as being some kind of freaks – living with their even freakier aunt, the so-called Witch of the Old Mill. Stories told of devil worship and evil spells, caldrons of bubbling body parts, fiendish sorcery, flying broomsticks, and black magic. Nobody went near the Old Mill. Well, except for his stupid brother maybe?

He was in two minds about the whole thing. On one hand, he was worried that something could have happened to his big brother; on the other, he was worried that something could happen to him, should he venture down to the Old Mill. Curiosity got the better of him. He decided to take a look. He did not have to go in … he would just take a quick look around … check out the barn … no need to go inside? Leaving his bike in the long grass, he discovered his brother’s bike there too. That confirmed that his brother had been here somewhere.

“Adam? Adam, are you here?” he called out.

Nothing. Maybe he decided to go home on foot? It was not like his brother to abandon his bike like that – it must mean something. Leslie was afraid of what it might mean. He really did not want to go down to the Old Mill. No choice now. He turned on the small torch – its beam barely stretched two meters in front. Its insufficient illumination flickered and died.

“Fuck!” he said out loud and threw the useless torch down near his bike.

It was already very dark as Leslie made his way past the broken gate. Glimpses of the near-full moon peeked through the overgrown canopy of trees. He shivered involuntarily as he reached the cemetery of unmarked graves that was creepy in full daylight, but at night was simply terrifying to young Leslie. All the stories of this place raced through his mind of witches, warlock, and their wickedness.

As he scanned the cemetery he thought he saw movement. Could it be his brother hiding out? Or was it a trick of the twilight maybe? No, it was not a trick as his sharp young eyes definitely saw something. Yes, but it seemed to be the darkness that danced around him and in between the sea of whitish graves. At first, it scared him, but soon he was enthralled by this ghostly performance that seemed to gain solidity with every passing moment — was it Leslie’s imagination but he could swear he saw the fornicating shadows of naked young boys between every tombstone?

He stopped in his tracks seeing the eerie shadow show of rampant cocks, boys kissing boys, boys masturbating boys, boys frotting boys, boys sucking boys, boys fucking boys. Their whispering moans hissed their shared ecstasy that seemed to get more intense with every passing moment. The longer he watched, the further his task slipped his mind. Leslie’s young gay cock stirred in his pants despite his trepidation as the dark erotica brought him to full erection.

“Join us …” The naked shadow-boys collectively whispered in sepulchral voices … “Join us, get naked … join us, get naked and touch yourself …”

Leslie was mesmerized.

He mindlessly did as he was told and stripped down, discarding his clothing as he advanced further into the dark cemetery. He lay down across a low flat grave, his arms and legs spread-eagled across the warm stone, and closed his eyes. Immediately he felt a strong tingling sensation all over as icy fingers began to touch every inch of his naked body, especially around his aroused genitals.

“Sssssay it … Sssssay it …” the ophidian whispers urged.

“Touch my cock. Please, touch my cock,” begged Leslie.

He did not have to wait long before small hands wrapped around his boy cock and began to rub him very slowly at first, gaining momentum with every sigh and gasp that left Leslie’s lips.

“Aghhhhhh!” Leslie groaned drawing a long deep breath.

“Ssssay it … Ssssay it …” they hissed.

“Faster. Rub me faster!” begged the young gay boy.

The unseen fingers now closed in a tighter fist around his shaft rubbing him faster while other fingers teased and stoked his nipples, his bottom, his ball sacks, and his perineum.

“Sssssay it … Sssssay it …” they hissed again and again.

Leslie could only groan and grind his hips against the ghostly fingers. He felt them probing around his anus as the cool flesh of an unseen boy-cock pressed against his lips. His tongue lapped at its bulbous mushroom head and traced around beneath its loose foreskin.

“Sssssay it … Sssssay it …”

“Faster! Fuck! Faster!”

He could taste the salty pre-cum flowing as it smeared across his lips and chin in copious quality. He parted his lips and eagerly opened his mouth, welcoming the shadowy cock to penetrate him orally. He had never sucked a cock before but had imagined it many times. It was better than he ever imagined. Its fleshy length pressed further into his mouth, moving back and forth, faster and faster, fucking against his lips, pushing upwards, over his tongue, and into the back of his throat. The sensation was incredible.

“Aghhhhh!” Leslie moaned unabated – his mouth filled with eager cock flesh.

His hands were guided to take hold of other rampant wet penises that had begun to rub incessantly against him, frotting urgently against his palms in the same rapid rhythm as those that stroked him. He closed his fingers around their throbbing shafts, drawing their foreskins up and down as they bleed sticky lubricants – the serpentine hisses of pleasure encouraged his efforts.

He now felt a bulbous flesh neb pressing against his rectum, pushing upwards, trying to fuck his virgin ass. It was much thicker than the fingers that had pressed and probed him there – and he could feel the wet girth stretch his sphincter to the point of pain.

“Sssssay it … Sssssay it …” they hissed louder and louder.

“Aghhh … Make me cum! Make me cum!” bleated Leslie in desperation to reach his climax.


The spell had been cast. Sophia’s bedchamber buzzed alive with ceremonial magic… dark sexual magick … Larkin’s eyes lifted and he was mesmerized by her chant.

“Bright Moon, Lilith, goddess of the darkest’ Whose hands form the hellish mire, Transform your priestess to your kin Mold my flesh, make thy phallic fire.”

Sophia stroked her blood-engorged clit that now stood out from its fleshy hood, its narrow sheath parting as it quivered against her fingers … Its size altered before Larkin’s eyes. Sophia grimaced as her neb elongated further with her conjuring.

“Transform your priestess to your kin, Mold my flesh, make thy phallic fire.”

She took hold of her sensitized neb between her thumb and forefinger stroking its length that now had expanded to the length and girth of her thumb.

“Aarghhhhhh …” she groaned unbridled.

“Fuck!” muttered Larkin in disbelief.

In the intensity of her own divine self-pleasuring, she felt the sinister essence of the wicked creature she worshiped, Lilith, the Scarlet Woman, the Queen of the Succubi. The ancient and powerful orgasmic force welled up from deep inside her. It was the struggle in the first garden, transcending her femininity and echoing the maleness of Adam. From inside out, the pressure was causing her fleshy neb to grow outwards from between her fingers. She glanced at herself in the mirror. Her reflection said Lilith in its gauntness, drawn, unnatural, and animalistic – flowing upwards from the very depths of hell itself.

Larkin sat up and moved closer to where Sophia stood with her legs parted over Adam’s paralyzed body. Sophia gripped the pinkish flesh now carnally transformed into Lilith’s ‘phallic fire’ – which now stood some six inches in length and had taken on a more distinctly phallic form. She felt ravenous, a sex hungry beyond any she had ever felt before. With every second of this strange magic mutated. Sophia’s pleasuring intensified with the force of a volcano that was about to erupt. This was not the first time that Sophia had used Enochian magic to evoke the Dark Goddess for her blessing; but never before had she asked to become the living embodiment of Satan’s whore.

“Aghhhh …” she groaned.

Her phallic appendage expanded further. Her eyes were wide and wild. Her mouth dripped with saliva. She was Lilith, the Goddess of Darkness. She gripped the veined girth of her cock-like spear with both hands, stroking it fiercely as it now stood out in disproportionate form her lithe body, a full nine-inches of quivering “phallic fire”.


Evelyn was distracted by the sound of a young boy groaning unabated in the cemetery grounds. Her eyes searched feverishly among the familiar shadows as she was very aware of the presence of these malicious sexual demons that lurked among the unmarked dead. Her very presence in the cemetery seemed to change the alchemy of this evil place. Whatever was happening would be the work of her aunt – a protection spell maybe; something that stirred the benevolent dead into evil acts upon the living? She could not ignore it.

“He’sssss ours … He’sssss ours …” hissed the greedy spirits, possessive over their new toy – coveting his sexual energies that they prayed to draw upon.

“Aarrrghhhhh …” groan the young boy.

Evelyn approached with caution. She now could see a young boy, naked and prone, spread-eagled across one of the many low stone graves, his effeminate body twisting and rollicking with his invisible boy lovers. He looked delirious in sexual abandonment.

“I see your evil!” she announced.

“Leave usssss … Leave usssss … He’sssss all ours …”

Evelyn recognized the boy as Adam’s younger brother, Leslie. She could not help but notice his arousal; his eyes rolled backward; he jerked his hips up and down in response to his invisible lover’s thrusts, his hard wet cock throbbing in the eerie moonlight. Evelyn knew these malicious spirits as the Lilim – the demonic offspring of Lilith.

“Lilim be gone. You will not have this boy!”

“He’sssss all ours …” the Lilim cried, doubling their efforts to hold the boy in his sexualized trance.

“Make me cum … Make me cum … Make me cum …” cried Leslie unaware of Evelyn’s presence.

Suddenly Leslie’s mouth opened wide as if to scream, but instead, his whole body quivered, and semen shot from the eye of his young hard penis in a salty cascade across his own face and chest. Spurt and spurt – from his tight little ball bags. His tongue snaked out of his open mouth, licking his soiled lips and tasting his white-hot emissions.

Evelyn had enough supernatural exposure through her evil aunt, Sophia, to know that it was now or never. She must distract him from this spiritual attack or he would become a permanent victim to their cunning wickedness. She reached out to him grabbing his thin wrist to pry him away from the malicious sexual vampires that sort to devour his energies for their own.

“Leslie! Leslie! Leslie! Get up!” she yelled at him, distracting him from whatever spells these demons held over him in the darkness of the obscene cemetery.

Was she too late?

“Leave usssss … Leave usssss … He’sssss all ours …” the maelstrom of angry Lilim hissed as Evelyn tried to break their baleful spell.

“Leslie! Leslie! Get up, now!”


Adam could not even blink in his Somnambular entrapment. A tear escaped his eye and rolled down his cheek. His disobedient body lay very still upon the stripped mattress. She had duped him. It was all the doing of the witch, Sophia. She had seduced him and he hated her for her wicked deception.

What was supposed to be a moment of heart-felt tenderness, to share with his one true love … the girl that he had dreamt night after night about … that strange but wonderful girl that likewise had fallen instantly for him, was tainted by a wickedness that knew no bound. Sophia had been behind it all; his unexplainable attraction to Larkin; his nightmares since; and now this. He was caught in the black widow’s web. A victim that was to be consumed by an ancient evil that had been passed down from grandmother to mother, mother to daughter — an evil that had their whole village in its villainous grasp.

He wanted to scream but his mouth and lungs refused to oblige. All he could do was sieve in hatred for the woman with the exact likeness of her niece – but he knew the difference. It was in her eyes. The evil was there, lurking behind ‘Evelyn’s’ shell of femininity and goodness. Her sex magick was strong, not that he was anything of an expert in this department, far from it. He had never experienced anything like this, but like a blind man being able to see, the world looked very differently through his eyes that were now wide open to the likes of Sophia Meredith.


Exhausted after saving the young boy, Evelyn collapsed against the outer wall of the perverted cemetery. She had dragged him away and the Lilim had not followed. Her heavy eyes closed for a moment as her heaving chest tried to catch its breath. At that moment, she dreamt a nightmarish vision of her wicked aunt … She was bound across the phallic altar, and her Witch Aunt chanted to Lilith for her obscene blessings and cast her vampiric alchemy.

The Witch’s fingers entered her niece, penetrating her, masturbating her … finger after finger, until her whole hand was inside, pushing deeper and deeper … Evelyn bucked against her; ashamed of the intensity of the pleasure she felt … she groaned out loud with the onset of multiple orgasms … Evelyn hardly felt her water break at the touch of her Witch Aunt’s sharp fingernail … it was too soon … the fetus was very underdeveloped … too young to be born … but that was the wickedness of her enchantment … the unborn was never to go full term … the Witch pulled the tiny fetus out of her whilst it was still attached to her by its umbilical cord.

The Witch bite through the cord spilling blood and embryonic fluids as she laughed madly … lifting the bloody fetus up above her head she praised the Whore of Satan, the Scarlet Women, the Original Vampire, Lilith … Evelyn had heard her Witch Aunt talk about Lilith’s ‘phallic fire’ but witnessing this ghastly metamorphosis was completely shocking to her… now the transformation was complete the hermaphroditic Witch thrust the fetus down upon her nine-inches of the fleshy spear, impaling its delicate body upon her phallus as she screeched hideously, climaxing over and over! Evelyn lay repulsed and helpless as the macabre demon brought the bloody body to her pointed teeth to devour its enchanted flesh to secure her immortality from Satan.



“Nooooooooo!” screamed Evelyn.

She was hyperventilating but quickly tried to regain her composure. She found herself with Leslie, Adam’s brother. They were both lying panting against the outer wall of the evil cemetery. They were safe for that moment. She remembered saving him from the Lilim that lurked among the unmarked grave stones – but foremost in her mind was her need to escape her own future fate.

Seeing the future did not mean that it was necessarily a foregone conclusion, no, quite the contrary, seeing what could happen meant there was an opportunity to change the outcome. She knew this moment was approaching as if she had known it all along – like reading the epilogue of a book before even reading the first chapter. Prediction was never a precise science; it was more like reading ripples in a pond. In her mind she had a simple plan – there was a lot at stake and a price to pay should she fail. She had her own power – the power to change what the future held for her, for Adam, and even for young Leslie.


Realizing his nakedness, Leslie felt strange lying next to the beautiful Evelyn. He tried to cover his loins that still stirred from his corruption as the sexual power of the Lilim over his psyche lingered. Evelyn used her handkerchief to wipe the semen from his face.

“It’s okay, Leslie. I understand. It’s sex magic. It’s my Aunt – she is responsible for this.” explained Evelyn.

Leslie said nothing at first. He was not sure about anything right now but was just pleased to be in benevolent company. He sighed heavily.

“My brother?”

“Adam’s is in grave danger. I must reach him before it’s too late.”

“I want to help.”

“Are you sure you can?”

“Yes … but … Sorry …” apologized Leslie as he looked down at himself — his cock still stood rampant.

“I can try and help you with that,” Evelyn leaned across the young boy and took his cock in her feminine hand, rubbing it in the way she longed to do to his brother.

“Aarghhhh …” groaned Leslie.

He closed his eyes and tried to imagine it was the hand of one of the Lilim boys from the cemetery – the recent experience of their seduction had fundamentally changed him… he worshiped cock – boy cock and wanted it in every hole … he knew in his heart he could not live another day without this pleasuring … he would help save his brother … but must return to the Lilim … to be one of them … to fuck and suck for eternity. With that thought, his balls boiled over and he bucked wildly as he ejaculated again, this time into the roof of Evelyn’s willing mouth.


Larkin stepped out into the darkness. Consumed by his aunt’s evil, he was completely bewitched. She had ordered him to bring his miscreant sister back to her – then, in her blessed presence, he would consummate their incestuous love and fuck a baby into the highly fertile girl. It was his sacred duty – what he had been conceived to do. The old ways had to be observed so that Sophia would become the new Bone Goddess.

He did not have to look far. Just outside the barn, he noticed the distinctive figure of his hot sister. There was another with her. His sharp eye recognized Adam’s younger brother Leslie – another piece of hot fuck meat. He would fuck them both. Boy cock and his sister’s cunt. His hand touched his hard-on through his pants as he hid against the door frame. What was she up to?

“Larkin,” she had spotted him.

She also had sharp sight and Larkin had been careless.

“Evelyn,” he answered.

No point in hiding.

“You must help us,” she asked.

“Why? What’s happened?”

“It’s our Aunt. She’s gone crazy. She has Adam in the Old Mill. We must get him away from her. She’ll hurt us all.”

“Are you sure?” asked Larkin, doing his best to sound surprised and naïve about the situation.

His unseen erection throbbed in his pants.

“It’s hard to explain – you have to trust me.”

Her eyes begged him.

Larkin looked at Leslie, who was still naked and semi-aroused. The Lilim, he surmised. Leslie’s young gay cock betrayed him. Larkin was going to enjoy fucking this one hard and fast — but first things first.

“Of course. What should we do?”

This was going to be too easy, Larkin thought to himself. He had no problem pretending to be part of this doomed rescue mission.

“We have to get into the Old Mill and get Adam out before it’s too late.”

“I heard voices coming from Aunt Sophia’s bedchamber …” added Larkin.

“Oh dear.”

“Maybe I should try and distract her, while you and Leslie help Adam to escape?”

“I guess so …” answered Evelyn, less than pleased with the direct assault.

“We should get in by the cellar – that way we won’t be seen.”


Jacob led the gathering of wayward villagers down the steep hill, to the cemetery of unmarked graves, near the Old Mill. There they buried those who had been offered to the Devil in freshly prepared graves. There was no pomp or ceremony involved, their souls joined those already grounded in unholy soil. There seemed to be something drawing them all towards the Old Mill, towards the Witch, and towards mayhem. The undead milled around the living, conjoining with them as they moved towards the Old Mill – called by the Bone Goddess to do her bidding.

Jacob walked upright, leading the procession in his priestly frock that was open from the front; unashamedly exposing himself and he led them like the “Pied Piper of Hamlin”. The villagers too, were in various states of undress, some partially clothed, others completely naked, as they followed their crooked priest in the evil night. There was an air of bravado about him. His corrupted wife followed eagerly in his wake.

He quietly instructed them to follow him into the cellar of the Old Mill via the steep steps from the outer door. Once inside he told them to remain quiet and patient as the Bone Goddess would soon join them … to reside over an ancient ritual that would bring them all great pleasure. Candles were lit and the straw spread across the cellar stone floor, as the naked parishioners and the ghostly partners wasted no time in resuming their blasphemous orgy.


Larkin held the heavy outer door open as Evelyn and Leslie climbed down the steep stairs into the cellar of the Old Mill, they immediately realized that they were not alone – in fact, it seemed by the sounds of things there was something profoundly disturbing going on in the cellar. Evelyn turned to Larkin but he knocked her over onto the straw-covered floor. The trap had been sprung.

“I’m so glad you could join us,” said the jubilant Bone Goddess, who stepped out from behind Larkin.

She looked so young and fair, like an even younger version of Evelyn. Her child-like appearance did little to hide her wicked demeanor and her highly sexualized aura. She was still Evelyn’s Witch Aunt in the guise of something insidiously innocent – a profane demonic being, the Lilith of old, ready to take her vows as Satan’s whorish mistress.

“Christ be fucked!” said Larkin as he grabbed Leslie and shoved him onto his knees before his father.

Jacob licked his lips.

“Bring her to the grindstone – I haven’t got all night!” ordered the impatient Bone Goddess.

Larkin dragged Evelyn to the large flat grindstone in the center of the Old Mill Cellar. He tore her clothes from her and threw her down on the hard pitted surface. Evelyn saw Adam in the corner of her eye, his paralyzed body held in a dark spell cast by the Bone Goddess – he could see everything that was going on, but was powerless to stop the impending incestuous rape. Larkin followed her eyes to Adam.

“Don’t worry sister – your boyfriend is safe and sound as long as you do exactly as your Aunt Sophia says. If you fight me, she’ll slit his fucking throat. Understand?”

Evelyn nodded and said nothing. Tears welled up in both eyes. With one single thrust, her virginity was gone. Larkin rode her, fucking his younger sister hard and fast as the Bone Goddess looked on, urging him to consummate their incestuous union, to impregnate her with his demon seed.

All around Evelyn could hear the sounds of the unbridled demonic lust. They screamed and groaned in perpetual orgasm. Semen sprayed across her face as a young boy blew his load watching them copulate on the low flat grindstone. She could see Adam’s father, Jacob being sucked by his son and fucked by her evil aunt, whose hermaphroditic appendage thrust in and out of his bloodied rectum.

The Old Mill cellar was filled with the carnal heat of illicit fornication of every sort – all dedicated to the evil blessings that led towards the Bone Goddess’s crescendo! She drew her bloody, shit-coated cock from the exhausted priest and stood over Evelyn and Larkin as he neared his incestuous orgasm. He grunted loudly, his sweat pouring from every pore in his efforts to reach the unholy moment of conception.

“Fuck that bitch harder. Fuck that baby into her for me, damn it!” cried Sophia rubbing the red-brown slush over her tits.

‘Aaaarghhhhhhhhh …” cried Larkin as he shot his cum deep into Evelyn’s cunt – a gallon of baby juice sprayed inside her womb.

“That’s my boy!” encouraged Sophia, “Do it again. Make sure you’ve done your part!”

Larkin panted profusely. He pulled back slightly but left his hard cock inside Evelyn’s ruined virginity. Diligently, he began to fuck her again. Evelyn felt sore and bruised from the violent fucking, but dared not object in fear of anything happening to her beloved Adam.

The Bone Goddess chanted in a mixture of Latin and ancient tongues. Evelyn recognized only some of the words and their literal meanings as the spell cast began to build around them.

“Magnanime Lilith … tempus accelerare … partus! Magnanime Lilith … tempus accelerare … partus! Tempus accelerare … partus!”

There was something about honoring the great Lilith … something about accelerating time and then a mention of bringing forth the unborn. It caught Evelyn unguarded as if she was blind to her Aunt’s trickery, deception, and treachery – evil magic within evil magic.

She had not seen this coming.

Evelyn heard screams and groans elongate and then they seemed to speed up like the soundtrack of videotape in fast-forward. Suddenly the Old Mill cellar began to spin, faster and faster. Evelyn held on as long as she could and then simply blacked out.


She emerged to find herself conscious in her worst nightmare. Her head throbbed; her body strained against whatever it was that restricted her movements; her body felt different, tingling with unexpected changes. It was high noon. She found herself naked and bound across the phallic altar. It was her nightmare. She knew exactly what would come next. What had happened since the rape by her brother? She lifted her head from the stonework and looked down at her stomach, only to discover that she was already in her second trimester and at fourteen weeks by the size of a noticeable bump in her stomach.


Sophia was elated. All was as she had orchestrated. The gathering had arrived just in time to greet the miscreant girl, Evelyn, and her imbecilic brother, Larkin. They were to consummate the incestuous union, to give her the power of life eternal, by the fruits of their loins. Adam had been used to lure the girl out of hiding, her imminent threat of harming him had worked a charm and there she was in all her stupid virginity.

“Christ be fucked!” she moaned.

She would claim the power that was rightfully hers and hers alone – from grandmother to mother, from mother to daughter. She would be crowned the new Bone Goddess.

Sophia called upon the unclean spirits, the Lilim of the unmarked graves – the demons that she cultivated to do her evil deeds, to join the orgy of hapless villagers led by their so-called spiritual leader, Father Jacob – who was nothing more than one of her minions. The spell had been cast and it was time to claim her prize. She would take the unborn fetus and feast upon it. The divine power of Lilith, the First Lady of Hell, would be bestowed upon her. Great power and responsibility lay ahead. Unholy lust simmered beneath the surface.

She felt the great lust of Lilith’s phallic fire, burn inside her as her clitoris began to grow forth. It was hermaphroditic dreamlike. Maybe more nightmarish … but the extreme pleasure was so addictive – like nothing Sophia had ever experienced in her entire perverted lifetime. The power of Lilith surged through her veins. She looked so young, so virile, and so potent. She knew the reflection in the mirror would appear as a twelve-year-old girl, even younger in appearance than her niece, who was at that very moment, bound across her phallic altar – prone and pre-offered to the evil gods. Her cock itched on the very edge of orgasm the entire time.

“Hail Satan!” she prayed, stroking herself, not wanting to lose control … not yet … not until her moment of ultimate glory.

Bringing time forward by just the needed quantum, Sophia could see her niece’s belly swell. The fetus would be only five and a half inches long and weigh about seven ounces – a tiny thing. Its little heart would beat just long enough as she ate it alive after impaling it upon her spear-like phallus. She brought her focus to the task at hand as all around her fell into chaos. Her fingers pressed against her niece’s spoilt virginity. She masturbated her and using the omnipresent sexuality of her Lilim, she found the girl well lubricated.

“Aaarrghhhhhh … please stop! Please stop!” groaned Evelyn – just on the edge of consciousness

Sophia could tell that her niece was trying to resist the pleasuring, but was too weak to offer any resistance. One finger became two, two became three, three became four … soon Sophia was fisting the little bitch, getting her hand up further with every thrust … her wrist and forearm coated in vaginal slime. She fucked her deeper and deeper, reaching up into her birth canal until her fingers felt her niece’s gestational sac.

She muttered the final viperous spell and as the vampiric words left her lips, she pressed her razor-sharp nails into the delicate membrane.


To be continued?


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