Feature Writer: Nada Bit /
Feature Title: Saintly Mother 3 /
Story Codes: Religious, Blasphemy, Young, Lesbian, Zoo, Clit Enlargement /

Synopsis: A story about a convent of nasty nuns /
Note from XP: Thanks Nada for sending me your story. I hope you will continue /

Saintly Mother

Chapter Three

Saintly Mother Superior had cradled the tiny Theresa in loving warm embrace with thick fingers up her small precious ass and sometimes in her small immature young cunt. She did lie and knew she should be sent away, but she had no other choice to live. She woke in a big soft bed covered in warm clean sheets and big fluffy blankets. She had never seen anything like this and just felt so warm and comfortable. She had been assigned a room in the nun dorm.

Her tiny bottom and cunny hurt a bit but she was comfortable and so very warm when two of the assistant nuns came in and gently stroked her pale red hair. Mother Superior felt love as she stroked her tiny slim body but sighed hard as she left her small frame in slumber. So delicate and tiny when so much training faced her young life. She sighed deeply at the young form, delicious tiny form but she had duties. She always met her goals with the young trainees however delightful the young bodies were. Young untouched cunts would be trained into fuck meat.

Small pink little firm asses with another hole but their tiny asses were so lick able and pure delight. Mother Superior liked the small dirty ones slightly more than the clean ones sent by wealthy families. The families had no idea what would happen to their precious young daughters. Dads and Moms so concerned about the budding tit bulbs that seemed to appear overnight. The young girls only knew the ache and had no idea anyone else would notice. Certainly not mommy or daddy or when she just walked out in her tiny white tank top and tight shorts.

She had no idea her growing tit bulbs were wobbling now, she only felt this new friction on her what use to be her flat chest. Why was everyone staring at her like she had done something wrong. The young piece of fuck meat had no clue and needed saving for the lord’s sake as well as there always hard teen boys. It was a disaster in the making as the slim horny wife tried to discuss things with her hung husband shoving his ten-inch cock in some hole on her slim obedient body.

It was just wifely duty just like her mom had done and continued in their RV now both retired. She had been some things as she grew but never had the horrible things pushing obscenely out, even the reverend asked them to keep them out of the church as unholy thoughts can easily ferment in some minds and for the good of the community it was best. The reverend spoke on speaker as he beat the fuck out of his eight-inch-thick cock just remembering how the tiny tits wobbled.

Her tiny shorts were too loose to show much of anything below her tiny hips. Her mommy had been slim all her life and her bulged horribly even in jeans. She never dared to wear the hip huggers, the fashion when she was oh so young years ago when her husband destroyed her bulging fuck meat with thick fingers as she lost control of her slim hips. She always wore full jeans mostly afraid her bulging cunt mound might somehow be seen as the hip hugger had at most three inches of zipper and the real popular ones had two or less between there slim bellies and their tiny cunt meat.

So blasphemous she remained an obedient horribly bulging child. She had no control but her mommy always bought her big baggy jeans. Then one night alone on some road her future husband saw how baggy her jeans were on her tiny body. She was basically flat chested except for her nipples. There was a slight swell on her slim chest but her nipples were almost embarrassing.

As her future husband held her small trembling body sliding his firm farm hand down her slim stomach with her baggy jeans barely close to her firm tummy. She whimpered as the huge hand reached down in the dark a little afraid of her love finding out her bulge and how insanely wet she was. She tried to talk sputtering out reasons she was not the best as she squirmed. I don’t have any tits and nothing like the cheerleaders, moan. God forgive our sins as his big hand discovered her bulging cunt that had been hidden for so long.

He slowed down his fervor pitch as he felt the soft mound and the tiny delicate hairs. He suddenly was scared as he realized she had never felt or seen his cock. She might be afraid if she sees it. He had never had any control on his development just the darling in his arms. He hoped as she was so delicate and precious when she gasped thinking she was grabbing an arm rest and quickly realizing her mistake she apologized as her small hand was guided back to the thick turgid cock fully ten inches of cock and very thick cock. Her mind wandered slightly in a mix of wonder and astonishment then faded into how something could possibly fit anywhere in her slim titless body.

She was holding and massaging some tube when her huge nipples became warm and wet. Everything about everything was all new and now a mouth was sucking her horny nipples, her obscene nipples, disgusting nipples. She had more nipple than tit and the hot cheerleaders had bouncing tits all the time.

The young fumbling and inexperience continued as a new heat and horny urges caused them to explore further. She grasped the “arm rest” harder as her embarrassing cunt mound was discovered. It was untouched and very natural as it had been puffing out as fast and painfully as her obscene tit bulbs. Her thick lips tightly closed could not conceal her growing clit as it pushed out.

It was so embarrassing and why she had always been covered in baggy clothes that hid her bulging young cunt and turgid tit tubes. She felt she was a freak of some sort. She was feeling so hot and wonderfully safe as she was being explored for the first time. The tiny body just throbbing as she felt the “arm rest” as she wanted to explore herself. Finding the button and zipper she dragged it down as a huge shaft sprung out. Her first ever look at a male cock so thick and turgid with a fat wet head.

Her first so she had no idea if all were the same. As long as her tiny arm and just as thick with a dripping wet head only a little smaller than her little fist. It was warm and throbbing like a small puppy and she thought it looked wonderful warm and fun as she tired to cradle it in her small hand. She had not realized her baggy jeans and her white panties were or the floor now and had sudden fear he would see her oversized cunt mound. Her clit stood out like a thumb at the top of her enormous puffy cunt lips.

Her horrible cunt bulge suddenly felt warm and wet and very good. Her senses overwhelmed as a big strong hot licking mouth covered almost all of her embarrassing mound. Her flat chest with her thick tit tubes was getting mauled in hard rough farm boy hands, huge strong hands that covered her slim chest alternately tugging on her tit tubes. She moaned and sighed as she knew her horrid tiny body was in full sight knowing he would never want to see her again.

She was a freak by every standard she had seen at school. A freak of skinny girl now naked for the first time in front of anyone for years. Her horrifying condition began at only ten years old and got worse, more embarrassing every month from then on. But she was in love and her well kept secret was now exposed and she was feeling things she did not know existed.

She had no idea what horny was and no idea of sex. Her new warm puppy was throbbing seemingly needing attention. It did not take much to push his jeans down and off but her puppy hit her face in the effort leaving wet spots, very warm wet spots on her small face and lips. All she really knew was puppies like to be kissed and her body was going through things she did not understand.

Her so small hips and lower body had seemingly lost control pumping up and down with one of the huge young rough farm boy hands encompassed her tiny ass in a firm grip. Wanting to return anything she could think she took small licks at the thick wet head of her new puppy. But it wasn’t like a puppy tongue at all and tasted really good. It did not lick back and just tasted sweet and wonderful.

She continued to lap until the wetness was gone and a small movement in her love’s pelvis sent the thick shaft in her mouth. The farm boy love was relieved that his tiny girlfriend did not seem to be afraid of his unusual cock. Actually she and her lover were both afflicted by genetic family curses of enormous cunt mounds, flat chested huge nipples and huge cocks that disturbed most as they were basically obscene.

The young girl and boy had somehow found each other and were now nude and hot and licking and sucking. Any tiny squirm or movement caused the thick shaft to drive deeper in her slim mouth. She quickly discovered she had another genetic inheritance that had permeated the females of her family. She had no gag reflex and had no concept of what gag was. The squirming bucking continued as the large farm boy held onto the tiny ass with another rough hand now mauling the tit tubes like cow teats.

Only moaning as the two bodies held on tight to each other when the tiny slim girl realized she had the entire thick tube in her throat having no clue if this was natural. Her nose was buried in a warm sack that had two huge round things that rose and fell and danced right in front of her wide wondering eyes. There was no discomfort, only sensations from her completely out of control tiny pelvis held only by the huge rough hand on her tiny ass.

Her tiny pure white ass she had hidden from everyone as well as the sun. Unknowingly her small pink little asshole was pulsing open and shut. She seemed to have inherited the worse of genetic conditions so many of her family’s women possessed. She would soon find out she was an anal slut. She bucked and pulsed and felt something wet escape her bulging cunt meat fearing she had pissed on the big farm hands face when she felt her tiny white ass pulled down even harder as something warm and thick suddenly pulsed in streams down her throat.

Long hard pulses of something warm and wonderful not touching her taste buds. The sighing and bucking slowed as the two lovers released each other from their fierce fervent grips, her mouth and his sucking mouth. She finally got a small taste of what had happened in her slim throat as the thick tube pulled out. It was not much but she thought it was delicious.

The huge naked farm boy with his thick cock on his thigh and the tiny pale naked little girl sat up just in wonder of what had just happened between the two. Catching their breath, he reached and cradled her small head to his mouth in a deep kiss with boy sperm in her mouth and cunt slime and spurt covering much larger face. They sat back and just stared at each other in some fear and wonderment. He spoke first about his unusual condition and if it had scared her.

She cocked her head at the odd question and asked what was unusual having nothing to compare his enormous thick fuck meat to. Me he stammered looking down holding his fuck stick out, this thing. She innocently replied she did not know what the problem might be as it the first one I have ever seen, then looked down at herself noticing her nipples seemed more obscene than ever with thick now reddish purple tubes and still pulsing cunt seemed just as red and she puffed out horribly with her huge thumb-like clit seemed more purple as she started to cover her embarrassing condition when he grabbed her small hands and held them wide so he could continue to stare at her naked pale body really for the first time.

She vibrated as she was being stared at so afraid murmuring what about me in a small choking whisper almost ready to cry. So damn skinny pale white with pale red hair and just of dust of reddish hair on her bulging cunt mound wishing her huge clit would try to hide for once.

What about you?

I am hideous and nothing like the cheerleaders that are always around you. Shoving their big tits at you with their tiny skirts always showing their bigger butts. A tear started form as she felt she would be dismissed and never talked to again.

What is wrong honey? What did he say honey? Just look at me as a chuckle escaped his mouth pulling the so tiny precious thing hard to his body engulfing her reddened swollen lips on her sweet face to his much bigger mouth as a little salty tear mingled with young boy sperm and young cunt juice.

It was a tongue dueling kiss deep and almost punishing a she sat her back with a chuckle saying softly he would love to look at her as much as she would allow. She stared wonderingly into his face having no response. She shifted her eyes getting her first real look at a boy. She gasped as her eyes wandered across the huge muscled chest, huge muscled thick arms steely from hard work thinking he had to be three times her size.

She was in pure wonder and still quivering from the kiss practically trembling as she admired his chest, slim waist and hard turgid cock. Her beautiful puppy as she would always call it from this day forward. She remained a bit unsure about anything really just full of hope. She lept like a tiny leopard onto him and settled in his lap kissing him hard as the turgid stiff cock slid up her tiny white ass rubbing against her small pink ass hole. He held her tiny back in his strong rough-hewn farm hands as gently stroked her slim back.

Her passion and new-found heat were returning as she stared into his face almost having to stand with sudden knowledge out of nowhere. No concepts other than need. He held her tiny hips as she grasped the thick fuck tube and put it against her very wet pulsing fuck tube, disgustingly dripping her girl juice all over his lap while her eyes never left his. Something natural or simply understood instinct captured her as she sank and raised, sank and raised repeatably as her tiny hips started bucking out of control again.

Nature was in control now as thick fuck meat entered a young wet fuck slot, her bulging obscene cunt mound seemed to get worse as she moaned out help me. He held her slim hips afraid and unsure of hurting her tiny precious body as she pumped harder and harder shaking like a leaf in his strong hands. Her tiny little butt was like a flopping fish just as wet a she closed her eyes, grabbed his head and whimpered help me, push me oh please help.

She was latched onto him like a leach rubbing her tender horrible tit tubes on his chest. Hot whimpering almost crying out for help as the huge fuck meat crept into her fuck slot, her wet dripping fuck slot, never before touched fuck slot. God she was so beautiful and precious when he submitted holding her firm as he whispered the best thing she had ever heard with a quiet question, “will you let me look at you anytime I want?”

As she completely melted struggling hard finally uttering, ‘yes,’ as he slammed his hips and pulled her steaming cunt down fully impaling this wonderful thing onto what he thought was his hideous condition of huge cock meat always being laughed at and humiliated in the gym shower with horrible shouts of donkey dick, never find a girl and on and on.

He hated being in the showers. He was hoping he had not hurt what he thought of now loving kitten always warm and soft. Simply beautiful as she suddenly bucked hard and moaned in his ear. Damn it he had hurt her saying he was sorry over and over as she moaned and moaned in his ear her warm breath in his ear. They held each other tight for a moment as his enormous cock stalk may have just killed the whimpering little squirming kitten.

Then a sudden madness overtook her tiny body sitting back a bit and staring into his face in wonder as his huge fuck meat soaked in her hot dripping wet fuck tube. Something changed in his kitten’s face as she as she held his broad shoulders raising up as much of her tiny legs would allow and then slammed herself down impaling herself as hard as she could.

She repeated just staring into his face with almost a madness. Over and over she rose up and slammed back down until her tiny legs gave out. She whimpered she was sorry as her legs gave out and once again asked him to help her please, please help me. So tiny and light he held her firm and used her like he was masturbating slamming her hot cunt tube on his embarrassingly huge cock.

His kitten had worn herself out no longer pumping or any pelvic motion at all as she was being used. Limp and whimpering used when she started shaking like something was terribly wrong. Her cunt gushed and just below her horribly obscene huge clit streams of liquid pulsed across his firm hard stomach. When he felt the pulses begin. His already thick fuck meat expanded even more with almost painful throbbing pulses as his cock stalk was drained in her fuck tube, her fuck slot.

Suddenly streams of young potent sperm was in her tiny womb endlessly pumping out thick gobs of sixteen-year-old sperm from a huge sperm pump buried in a warm spurting fourteen-year-old bulging cunt tube. His tiny kitten was bred and pregnant instantly as the young eggs and sperm gushed together. Nowhere else to go but in, saturating her womb in thick young potent egg seeking sperm.

They licked at each other’s tongue for several minutes as his thick tube softened in her slam fucked spasming cunt tunnel. Simply in love. She was so slim and tiny she started showing signs after only a month as rampant rumors spread among the pious in their small community.

The Vicar and his wife stepped in to calm the community to assuage any concept of abandonment or eviction as it was all for show and community stature. The Vicar and his wife often had the most pious over for dinner as the Vicar hammer-fucked some very religious wife on the dinner table with fourteen inches of thick cock bent over in front of some husband as she would scream for mercy while spurting cunt slime all over the dining room floor.

Their floor had years of fuck fluids and shown shiny and brilliantly. The Vicar’s wife was excited about another birth in the community as she was the most capable midwife for child birth anywhere nearby. She always collected the after birth and as much fluid as possible for dinner. The Vicar and his slut wife savored fresh afterbirth and the cunt slime that accompanied through the fuck tunnels of cunts.

The saying was it was for religious reverence as all things were sacred. If still warm her special stew of afterbirth and horse sperm was unnecessary as they savored warm afterbirth whenever it became available. The Vicar often met with families in the community holding naked young children firmly on his cock as he listened to their problems and concerns.

Everything for the grace of God as so many accepted.

The young tens were quickly and quietly married but neither could find work and remained very poor on a patch of dirt in a small cabin outside and out of sight of the disturbed pious women that were often rammed fucked with the Vicar’s huge cock. Thick hard inches often destroying uterus’s as it plunged, all seemed their community duty for the salvation the Vicar brought to their lives.

The teens with a growing belly tried anything they could think of as the strong farm hand easily pounded poles and created numerous pens for various animals, large hunting dogs, goats and they had tried hogs but could not afford feed. The best they could do was whatever scraps they had and the fourteen-year-old young slim teen with her growing belly seldom wore clothes as they were so far away from anyone else. The stink of hogs had diminished as they had another total loss, but the hounds and goats at least gave them some income.

As her love was off working in the lumber yard it was up to her to take care of the animals. She did her best completely naked as she took out whatever she could find to the various kennels. Her slim practically flat chest should have grown but things just got worse as her tit tubes extended.

Hormones or something caused her already obscene clit to continue to extend like a small cock and her horrid cunt mound was getting worse as well. Seldom able to bathe the animals only sensed available cunt and fucking. She would bend to place whatever she had been able to gather with her small pale ass in the air.

Her tiny ass cheeks hid nothing as she simply bulged in any position. Her disgusting tit tubes would hang and dangle as puppies ran to suckle. She truly loved the puppies, but their small teeth were needle sharp and she would wince and just get everything done. There was always another puppy searching and found her extended embarrassing clit in a search for nourishment biting with tiny sharp teeth wondering why nothing came out.

This was everyday now as her slim belly grew and her hormones did strange things to her. She was learning to expect what would happen and now dripped as she brought out whatever she could find her thighs would be slime-ed in by the time she could get to the dog kennels.

It was everyday now and she started to love it. It hurt in the beginning and the first few days. Now she kept one puppy with the sharpest needle teeth in her arms as her horrible nipples were attacked. Distended tubes any more as her huge clit got worse. Bending down to put whatever meager food into dog bowls with her tit tubes and cunt hanging she would bring her best puppy to nurse on her horrendous clit.

It was always very painful to feel the first of the sharp teeth, but her puppy just bit hard on her huge clit. She often found little dots of blood on her clit protrusion when she tried to clean up. Nothing much mattered anymore as the two struggling teens tried anything they could think of. She would have at least fourteen cunt gushing orgasms as it was every day. She did not really think about it anymore as she more than got comfortable with her daily duties.

She whimpered as her young pregnant cunt soaked her clit biting puppy. Every morning her huge clit and long nipples were destroyed by sharp teeth. Every part of her slim body was scratched up or just purple. The puppies whimpered as the hounds approached and knew not to even try to complain in their puppy voices as the alpha advanced. She knelt expectantly and rather eager.

Fives hounds as every morning as she saw the two rams clawing at their cage fronts both already immense eleven inch cocks hanging out. She could only moan anymore now in expectation of the ritual brutal fuckings every damn morning. The alpha held her slim hips as he mounted her and her already wet gaping huge cunt just went to ramming. Full penetration from the first push and it seemed she would get knotted by huge dog cocks faster every morning. Brutal slam fuckings every damn morning and she stayed obediently kneeling as she was pumped with dog sperm seldom noticing the huge dog knots anymore.

Moaning in orgasm and rather repeated orgasms as the dirt beneath her tiny body soaked up the leaking dog sperm and her vicious dripping cunt juice, really her gushing cunt. The dogs were rather quick now as she looked with some anticipation to the rams and the long fat fuck meat wondering if they would at least let her get the stool back up as it was often as they always rammed things. It was a milking stool that allowed her growing belly some room to hang down with dog sperm-soaked cunt and she could at least get turgid purple nipples off the dirt for the next hour.

She no longer looked at herself after the dogs got through and she grabbed some grain and straw before she opened the sheep pen. The rest of the sheep knew by now to allow the males to eat first and laid in the back. The rams with their huge cocks pushed her a she stood the stool up and tried to get her swollen pregnant belly as comfortable as she could present her cunt mound for further pounding. Five loads of watery dog sperm was all over her slim legs and her abused cunt dripped both her cunt fuck sauce as well as watery doge sperm that had somehow survived her wobbling legs bowed with her disgusting thigh gape allowing her bulging cunt room.

Her thick two inch clit just hung and wobbled wherever she went but feeding the rams was different. They did not lick like dogs as they sniffed what they would fuck. They mounted and rammed and lasted longer, a whole lot longer.

Eleven inches brutally into her continuously gushing cunt meat. Between the two rams this was another hour as she had now learned to smile as she got use to her daily chores. Ram sperm was thicker as they pumped her small body full every morning. Eleven inches every morning now and really twenty-two inches for close to an hour. She wondered if her increasing gaped wobbling from her baby or getting brutal fuckings every morning.

They could not afford much of anything let alone panties or clothes. Her love would be home in several hours as she stirred dirty well water with whatever she could get and pull out of the ground as the neighbor farmer had permeated.

The old farmer was one of the Vicars close friends and was always alert as the slim pregnant fuck meat tried to hide herself behind hedge rows and dart back and forth as quickly as she could. The farmer’s large ten inch cock got instantly hard when he saw her swollen belly, huge nipples on her titless chest that wobbled obscenely and every afternoon her huge bulging cunt dripped with every step. He agreed with the Vicar that she and her child would be future fuck meat for their secret get togethers in the farmers barn.

Not as much of a secret really, just never admitted or talked about. The most fervent religious families had been told or trained to be nude whenever the Vicar was to visit. The Vicars wife often came for the counseling. It was normal for them to disrobe upon entry into their flocks’ homes. The Vicars fourteen inch cock was always hard and wet and his slim wife would always be wet in this counseling sessions.

The wife, barely five foot and ninety-five pounds, with small titties set high on her slim chest and elongated nipples as they beckoned the children closer for the counseling. Little Tim was eager as the young eleven-year-old girl scrambled to the Vicar’s wife with her just beginning tit mounds pushing out, she had grown so quickly. Soothing strokes of the child’s soft blonde hair as she asked the young charge about her life that was their responsibility as religious leaders how she was getting along in school with sister Sarah.

The young eight-year-old boy was on the Vicar’s lap with two small hands around his fourteen inch stiff cock. His tiny three inch stiffy had no real meaning to him, but the Vicars big hand always felt warm. The younger always seemed to be eager for toys.

The pious Vicar repeated the practiced questions about his day and his life when moan was heard from their mom sitting obediently with lewdly splayed legs and drenched dripping cunt juice on the carpet and staining the chair, her chair once again. She was bare as all were required but her hand hid the fact she had four figures squelching in her cunt that had started when her young daughter sat on the Vicar’s wife’s lap and spread open like a flower in the early spring all young and perfect.

Young and perfect and bulging as her slim legs spread on either side of the of the visiting wife’s legs exposing her unusually large clit for someone so young. The Vicar’s wife continued to stroke the soft blonde hair of the tender child and she stroked down slender torso making the young thing sigh. Small rubs here and there as her hands raised to capture the budding tits. The eleven-year-old’s young hard nipples were ultra-sensitive and often seemed to hurt as they kept bursting from her developing body straining her flesh in new sometimes wonderful development as well as seemingly painful urges that were all so new.

Soft but manipulative hands were or her body as her young nipples were squeezed one after another as she was spread open in front of her parents. Her young brother Tim only needed to slightly bend his head to lick the enormous head and piss slit on the top of the the Vicar’s cock standing hard between his tiny legs and the Vicar himself held onto his entire young crotch, his small three inch nail and marble sized balls, his still hairless young meat.

Tim felt warmth but was way more interested in the streams of something he had no idea about but tasted so good as his small back was rubbed tenderly.

The wife had not been given permission to suck her own daughters cunt yet but always hoped at every visit, but the was overwhelmed by the bright pink gaping cunt meat directly in front of her and now had her entire pumping in and out of her cavernous cunt groaning as her cunt slime dripped and she shot cunt squirt violently in the air.

This was the Vicar’s bidding. It was duty of sorts. Within eight months tiny pale Theresa was born and by the time she was four her mom knew she the horrible curse that was their inheritance. Just bulging cunt and small little titties that held thick purple tubes wobbling obscenely no matter what the child wore to cover herself.

She had the curse and the Vicar recommended a certain convent that could keep the young charge safe from the lecherous men and horrified pious ladies in the community. The horrified pious ladies that hated the young girls obscenities would pound their hairy cunts on their husbands cocks in a frenzy the afternoon or night after they saw the horrid little girl display her protruding tit tubes and horrendously bulging cunt meat.

By ten her cunt was already spreading and her unusual large clit poking as bad as her purple tit tubes. The pious women demanded there be something done about the obscene child as they pounded their husbands’ hard thick cocks in and out of their cunts as they described the tit tubes and bulging cunt to their husbands until they gushed their immense fuck slime all over their happy husbands demanding the whorish child be sent away.

Young pale Theresa with her soft reddish hair and hairless young bulging cunt with its protruding huge clit and her stiff tit tubes was sent to the Convent and the Saintly Mother’s care.