Feature Writer: Kim

Feature Title: Dreams

Published: 27.03.2020

Story Codes: MC, Transformation, Size, Incest, WS,  Rape, Pregnant, Torture, Abuse

Synopsis: Dreams can come true.


Today I am in the hospital holding my mother hand as she is given birth of twin girls. After the first came out she asked me to come closer to her face. I lowered my face to hers.

“Kim,” She said, “Satan… I love him.”

I start thinking of when this all started. It seems so long ago now, and here I am rubbing my belly and hoping I am pregnant myself. I remember one night dreaming of being fucked. Not just a loving fuck but an abusive fuck. There was a man and I was begging for it. His cock was about twelve inches long and little bigger than a coke can. He was so hard to the touch, and ramming his cock in so fast, I thought I could not take it all. But I wanted it. I could not see his face, but somehow I knew him.

Living with us at the time, was my mother; my brother Richard, he was seventeen, my little sister Mary; she was thirteen; and Susan, she was eleven; as for me, I was fourteen going on fifteen.

My father and mother divorced about ten years ago because he came home drunk and beat the hell out of mom. Out he went and we never saw him again. What we did not know was after it happen she found herself loving it.

In fact she needed it again. Mom was to me just a normal Mom, but what I do know. She was about five foot, nine inches tall, one hundred and seventy-five pounds and a thirty-eight triple ‘D’.

Richard was about six foot, two inches tall and over two hundred pounds. From the girl’s point of view, he was good looking. Me I was only five foot, three inches tall and a thirty-six double ‘D’. Mary, my little sister, was five foot tall and she is at least a strong showing of a ‘B’ cup. The one think we both had is that our tit stood straight out. We all had, including my mother, large long nipples.

As I said, when the dreams started all I could think about was sex. I can’t remember how many times he fuck my mouth, cunt and ass or how much cum I drank and the pain and pleasure of him raping in my ass.

I would wake up with my hands in my cunt and my bed was soaking wet. Every night it got harder, heavier, and I was begging for it. Some nights it was him and others times it was him and other men and I was being gang and crying out for more.

Then it changed and I starting dreaming about my sister Mary, Susan and I together. The first time we went to this house. It smells like shit, the piss and cum on these old, old mattress. We were all on our hands and knees; there were about a dozen men men. We all where begging for it. Begging not like whore or sluts, but as meat, just meat and we could not live without being abuse. At one time I look over to see my sister Mary doing three at a time. I hear her yell for more cock. I look again and she had two cocks in her ass. On the other side was Susan with this huge long cock face fucking her. As before it lasted all night. Every night it got more and more perverted.

One night as I was being abused, He was there, the man in my dreams and so were men that I have never seen. These dreams lasted for well over a month. I never told my mother or anyone.

Then it changed. One time I was allowed to go to the bathroom and there was my mother in the bath tub and a man was standing in front of her and he was pissing in her month. I looked in her face and I could see lust, per lust. Also in the bath tub were my two new baby sisters. Both where about six years of age. They were covered in piss like there Mom.

My dreams became more and more perverted. One night I walk into the bathroom and here was my sister Mary being used as a toilet like her mother. However this time there were these two men. One piss and one shit on her. I heard her scream – for more-more with a smile that I never seen before.

At one time we were at this farm. I not sure where but I knew we were in this barn. I was watching my mother fucking a horse. I could see his cock going in and out so fast. It was like being rammed in. The next night it was me being fuck by a horse. The whole time Susan was drinking piss. Right from the men’s cocks. She was in a bath tub and he told her to drink it all. I could see something attached to her cunt so she could not piss herself
I could not understand what was going on but I tried to stay up one night and when I could not stay awake the dreams came. Then one night I was lying in my bed and I realized I was falling in love with what was happening to me. I wanted him-I love him. I knew if he got me I might not live long but I did not care as long as I was pleasing him. I was in love with him. It was the same man, the man I could not see his face and I love him and now all I wanted was to find him.


My name is Richard and I am seventeen and one day I woke up after having these gross perverted sexually dreams about my family. I saw this man and he told me that he was going to give me a power. A special power that I would love.

The following day I woke up, got dress and went down stairs and told my mother that I wanted to have, ice cream for breakfast and I got it. I didn’t believe it, but it happen. So I keep telling her what I wanted, the more I got.

I don’t know why but I started looking at my mother in a way that I never have before. It was like one of the dreams that I been having for the last couple months. I had to get out of the house and think.

One night I was standing next to this man and he said beat her. I turn my head and there was my mother, she was on her knees and I knew she hear it.

She was smiling.

“Do you remember the night your father beat me up?” She asked.

“Yes.” I answered.

She smile and raised her hands and in them was a set of brass nickels. I felt this need to hurt her – not just her face, but her body.

“What about my sister?” I asked.

Tonight they are going to learn to suck sock. I knew there were about twenty-five men around. I put the knuckles on and grabbed her hair and lifted her up, razed my arm and came down hard on her face. I could her bones in her face break. I hit the big huge tits so hard I rip open her skin. The more I did the more I wanted. After a will there lie a piece of raw meat. My cock was rock hard and hurting. I needed a cunt. In come over to these two men with my sister Mary and Susan. I didn’t care, I raped Mary.

I woke up the following day and just went to school.

I was thinking of this one girl by the mane of Helen, she is sixteen and on the cheer leading squad. Around five foot, three inches tall and about one hundred and thirty-five pound. She had a nice set of tits, around thirty-four ‘C’ Cup or a bit bigger, with blond hair and deep blue eyes.

The one thing she had the nice looking month and I though how she would love to suck me off plus drink my cum. An hour later I got a note from her asking if we could meet. I sent one back and told her to meet me at the baseball field by the boy’s bathrooms at 4.00 pm. As I walk up. She was standing there. Blond hair blue eyes and nice big tits and find body.

I knew the door lock was busted on the boy’s bathroom, plus I want to play with her find body. I thought to myself that she would love it. She smiled when I walk up and she look at me and she moved closer and we kiss. Not a little boy girls kiss but a hard, wet, tongue. I guide her into the boy’s bathroom, I had one hand her tit and the other holding her and told her to strip. There she was naked. Her nibbles stand straight out and hard. Her breading was hard and got fast and the look in her eye was just lust and begging for me to take her. Being my first time I know I was very, very rough. But for some reason I found out that she like it that way. In fact I love it too and got rougher. She was on her knees and the next think I knew my pants were on the floor and her month was sucking away.

“Oh God,” I said. “I hope she can take it all down.”

I look down and here was her head was moving so fucking fast, all the way out and all the way down. I don’t know how long I lasted but I cum so hard that I thought that I was going to blow her head off. As I was cumming so was she.

She looks up at me and smiled and said that she love it and me and wanted more. I thought about it and told her yes, but I also told her that I want to fuck her cunt and ass. Hell before today she would not even look at me and now here she was, on the floor in the boy’s bathroom looking up at me with love and desire in her eyes. I knew she was dating the Football Captain and I hear that she was a cock tease. I ask her if she was a virgin in her cunt and ass. She said yes – but I want you break me open.

I remember my dream and what that man said and the powers I was given. I started to think if I like her with huge tits. Around a forty, triple’ F’ and as I was standing there her tits grew. I bet if you would have looked at me you would see my eye were about the size of a silver dollar at what just happen. I was also thinking how she would like them to be extremely sensitive sexually.

I said get dress and watch her do so. She could not wear her bra and her blouse would not button up all the way as her tit wear too big now. I told her to leave her bra and panties in a toilet stall. We left and walk over to my pickup and she got in and seat next to me. She told me that her parents had left for the weekend and wanted to know if I like to come over. When we got to her house my cock was rock hard again. I wonder if I could make changes on me. So I change my cock to twelve inches long by three inches wide. After I came my balls could reproduce cum in less than five minutes and when I cum I produce four ounces. each time. I could be ready to fuck in two minutes. As we got inside I reach over and grab her hair and kiss her hard and fast. I felt her arms wrap around me and as we broke our kiss she smiled.

“Master, please take me and use me as you wish.” She said, “Abuse this body as you wish.”


Here I am so tired and I was thinking what if my mom and sisters could hear me each night. I was afraid of going to sleep. I not sure what I could or would dream but yet I want him. I want him to abuse me. It is around midnight and finally I was dreaming. I was in a room looking at my Mother as she was being fuck by a horse and she was in pain but begging for more.

He was a big Black stallion and his cock was about two feet long and even time he push forward she was pushing backwards. Then you could see his cum squirting out around the sides of her cunt and on to the floor. Then I found myself on my knees licking it up, I turn to look at my mom cunt, it was wide and dripping cum. I want it and I was begging him to let the horse fuck me and I could see his smile and I was told want to do and I felt my mother guide his cock to my cunt. I was screaming as it hurt so dame much. But in my dream I was pushing back against it. He fuck me for so long and then I felt his cum shooting into me. I was cumming like a piece of meat and I love it.

Later that night I was taking to this bath room. I was to become the toilet. The floor was covered in shit, piss and cum. I look up at him and he told me to be the toilet for the rest of the night. I didn’t know how many but I open my mouth and drank and ate all I could. All I could tell you that my gut was very full. I look down and around my knees and on my tits was a pile of shit. I reach down and was wiping it over my tits, face. I was so happy, I was his meat and if this makes him happy then I am happy.

I could look out to see my baby sisters Mary and Susan and my mother were being fuck by these black men. One said “we just gave these cows a black baby maybe will give you one”. I look at my Master and he said fuck her, shit and all.


Here we both are in her parent’s hallway, I order her to strip and I was doing the same. After she was naked I push her to the floor and look down to see my new cock and then at her face and you could see a smile.

“Fuck me,” She said,  “Abuse me with that cock.”

I drop myself on her and shove my cock into the virgin hole. I could see pain in her eyes and yet lust. I shoved my new cock in as far as it would go with no concern if I hurt her or not. I must of because she was screaming.

“Fuck me!” He screamed.

I did not know how long I was fucking her all I cared was cumming in her baby making hole. She must of cum four or more times and each time she came she would raise her head up and scream. When I was finish I rolled off to catch my breath. As I laid there, she reach over with her hands were rubbing my cock and I look over to her and she was smiling.

I laid there.

“Master – hurt me.” She begged.

“Turn me into your street slut!” I replied.

“Use me to make money… Abuse me, hurt me, cut me, and brand me as your property.”

I look at her.

“What would happen when you don’t please me anymore?”

Why did I say that? That was not me but it was me that said it.

“On that day – sell me as raw meat.” She smiled and continued, “Nothing but used raw meat. Sell me to a club were I know I will not live for long than two month if I am lucky.”

I sit up and told her to knee in front of me. I felt my right hand double up and I razed it slow over my shoulder as I was moving I could see love, lust and wanting what she knew was going to happen. I came down hard into her right eye; Again and again I hit her. Her face looks like raw meat. Then it was time for her tits.

I went into the garage and found a tool box. I reach in and remove a hammer, large nails and two boards. I also found a blow torch and a screwdriver about two feet long. I lit the torch and call her to come to me. There she was walking towards me. Hear face was bloody and her hair was mess. I had her hold the two boards one under and one over her tits. I told her to lay them on the work bench and I took these very long nails and bounded them through the boards and her tits and nail them to the work bench.

I then took the screwdriver and blow torch and show her as I heated up the end to red hot. I took the screwdriver and place it on her shoulder. She was screaming and as I walk around her the floor under her was wet, very wet. I knew that tonight I would take her down town and sell her body as a slut.

I woke up and I knew what I had to do. It was as if I was program to do want I did. I wait until around 10.00 pm. I had found this white see through blouse. I cut it so if I just stood stile my nibbles would not pop out. I remove all the buttons but one. I then found and min-shirt and even cut it shorter, I think I cut it to short but I did not care. White sheer knee height stockings. It went and took a pair of my mother’s high heels shoes. I did my make up to look like a little girl. I put on a long coat and took the bus into town.

Somehow I knew where to go. It was dark, very dark. Half the street lights were broken. I knew that the only females there would be nothing but burnt out junkies. This was place you would not go to in the day light. I walk for while knowing where I was to go. Then I saw it. It was and old warehouse and I knew I was there. There were some men and they look at me and all I saw was lust and abuse in their eyes. I walk in and off to the right was this office and in it a man and a female. He had a club and he was hitting her in her tits and face. I could see money in her hand. I walk down the hall and walk into this open room.

There was very little light but I could just make out about 15 or so black men. There were some females but I did not care. I walked up to what I believe was the man in charge. He looks at me.

“What little cunt do we have her?” He said.

I lower my head and smile and let the coat fall to the floor. Inside my blouse was my school ID and drivers license.

“Don’t stop, don’t worry what happens. Just do it.” I begged.

I knelt down. This big black man stood up and walks in front of me, he bend over and grab and right tit and I felt my first loving pain of the night. It was if he was trying to rip it off. Then he orders me to look up at his pants and open his fly and remove his big black cock. There it was in front of me and I want it. I open my mouth and took all I could. He grabs my hair and start to ram it in me. I could not breath and did not care all I want was cum. I didn’t know how long but then it happen – he cums and cums. My first time and I love it. The rest of the night was just a gang rape of my body.

I was never touch by a man till now. Man after black man fucking my holes. As soon as one was over a new one was in. They keep calling me a black man whore and that they are going to give me a black baby. Telling me I was a slut, whore, cunt, and need used.
One time I felt two men trying to get there cock in my ass.

Oh God did I scream but never stop them and it hurt so badly but I want it and love it. Around day break they were done with me and just left me on the floor. I felt cum coming from my ass and cunt. My tits were black and blue. I feel asleep on that floor not known or caring what could happen next. I don’t know what time it was but they woke me and showed me a couple of video cameras. I did not say a word but look around and there were about ten men. If they were from last night I did not know or care. This one man was naked and now I could see his cock real well. It must or been around nine inch long and about the size of a coke bottle.

He grabs me by my hair and told me to open my month. I did as told and even smiled and then I received my first drink of piss. Somehow I was drinking a lot of piss. When he was done a man came over and places a bucket under my month and tits. He started to piss and it went on like that until all had empty there bladders. I was left there on the floor.

Around midday in come this fat stinking man, he smelled like shit. He roller me over and said “cunt open your month. I did just that and I watch him lower himself over my face and I watch his shit come out and fall into my month and face. He said don’t eat it yet. He razed himself up and there stood four other me like him. The next one lowers himself and shit on my right tit. The next on my left tit. Then number four on shit on my face. I though he never quit shitting. The whole time it was being recorded. I was then told eat it all. I was so hungry I did. One man told me to use my hands and to scrape it off my tits and eat it. When it was done they all walk out.

Later that night this one boy of around 12.00 am comes in and tells me to follow him. He takes me to this bath room and tells me to clean up. The boy just stood there watching me as I washing my body clean. As I was washing I felt my gut. I was full of cum, shit and piss and I knew I love it. He handed me my coat. I was told to leave. All I had was my coat. I put it on and left.

About a week later while walking from school a Van came up beside me and opens the side door. He shows me a copy on my ID card I had in my blouse and told me to get in. As I was walking over to get in I was smiling and before I got both feet in I was so fucking wet. I thought to myself my dreams are coming true.

This first Black man wish in the van and showed me the videos of me and want I did. I was smiling and then he said “You have younger sister by the name of Susan. Where is she? She is going to join you)


Later that night here comes Helen my sixteen year old slut. Smelling like a toilet but in her hands was one thousand dollars. She smiled.

“Master, did I please you?”

Her cloths were torn and both of her tits were exposed and you could see what look like as blood was on her skirt. That is all she had on. I look at her and raze my fist and hit her hard in her tit.

“Fuck no!” He said. “For all the time you were out there I expected as least two thousand dollars.”

She started to cry not because of the pain but because she displease him. She got into the car and I took her home. When we got there I ordered her to her bedroom. When we got there I ordered her to strip. I took my camera and took pictures of her, plus her school ID and driver licenses. I told her to get on her bed and when she did I unzipped my paints and remove my cock and piss on her.

“That is for trying to do a good job.” I said, knowing I was going to have fun with her.

I told her to clean up and when I return I want you to have six of your girl friends here and not a one over fifteen. She smiled.

“Yes Master!”

I later went down town to this one club. It was the number one club in town but with my new powers I told the door man that he knew and he let me walk right in. You had to be twenty-one to get in and I was sixteen. I went to the bar and got myself a beer. I walk over to this lounge area and set down on a large couch. I started looking at the crowed and notice this very attractive black female. Outstanding figure with a nice set of tits. You could see she was not wearing a bra. I started to read her thoughts and found all she did was come and be a cock tease to get drinks and leave them high and dry.

In less than five seconds, I change her whole thinking, wanting and needing. As she was looking around she look at my eyes and that was it. She came over to me and I snap my fingers and pointed to couch and to sit down. She turns around and sits right next to me so close I thought she was going to site on me. Then the changes. No hair from the neck down. I double her tits and made sure they only drop a little. I made her want me. Not just fucking, but as a nigger slave of years before the civil war. She wants to have a sadist and abused Master that calls her names and nigger meat. I made her so fucking horny. I also found out that she has never been with a man. That will change.

While looking around I saw this one cunt, Brown long hair and what a figure she had but very small tits. If there was b cup I would have been surprise. Changing her needs and wants was just like the nigger cunt and as she walk over I expended her tit to be thirty-eight triple ‘K’.

I watch them grow, but to everyone else they look normal. I found that she has been fuck in her cunt but that was all. I but in both of them the strong need to drink cum, and drink piss, eat shit take a cock in all three holes. They love and need to be called name which to them, was words of love. But the most important one was not only too wanted but love pain. Torture was a norm for them both. I knew that this night my twelve inch cock was going to be well used.

Later the next day I got to Helen house and there were six girls.