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AUTHORS NOTES: Dedicated to my friend, collaborator, and kindred spirit, LOW RES SMUG. I want to say thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas and fantasies. Hope I can do your character, Anasebiel Morbusai justice!

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XVII — Star


The Seven White Stars, of lesser magnitude than the 8th, signify the seven aspects of sexuality: infantilism, narcissism, fetishism, perversion, desire, passion, and love. The eighth star symbolizes the radiant stage of your sexuality, and it incorporates all seven of the lesser aspects in perfect unity and balance and it signifies sexual maturity. The Star means ‘The fluids of sex freely given’. No sex act is denied. Fetishism, perversion, pedophilia, narcissism… and more are utilized expertly and enrich the sex acts. This is a lover who celebrates their partner’s fetishes; and cultivates them in the fullness of lust. Exploring unconventional aspects of sex. Going beyond the frontiers of sex. Sex and fetish parties; bisexuality, transsexuality, and homosexuality are fully explored.


Self-hating girl, Sybil meets Louise the seemingly demure new girl at work; she doesn’t realize that she is being seduced by a sex demon, who will transform her into her lover and ultimately something sinister like herself.


“Behold, my love, behold all that I simultaneously do: scandal, seduction, bad example, incest, adultery, sodomy! Oh, Satan! One and unique God of my soul, inspire thou in me something yet more, present further perversions to my smoking heart, and then shalt thou see how I shall plunge myself into them all!” — Marquis de Sade

I want to tell you about something outrageous … something unexpected … something that changed my life … better or worse. I am not sure if it was the answer to my dreams … but it certainly was not an answer to any prayers. But I get ahead of myself. Let me tell you about my background.

My name is Sybil, Sybil Sears. If I were to describe myself in one word, it would probably be ‘insignificant’. At the age of thirty, I have achieved nothing, done nothing, and have nothing. I have never been in love and never had a significant other, in fact in the past fourteen years I have been living alone, eating alone, and feel sometimes that life seemed to have passed me by.

If you saw me… I mean, if you really saw me, as most don’t notice me at all, you’d see a dirty blond with black roots and too much eye makeup; and with my very slight figure and completely flat chest … I just make it over five feet tall and almost anorexic. If you didn’t look twice, you could even be forgiven for mistaking me for a waif.

I live in a small rented one-room apartment, above a restaurant on the Lower East Side. It overlooks the old canning factory and is much too close to the noisy Eastern Link Metro. The windows always rattle as the train carriages pass by. The water system groans the overhead fan squeaks, the old enameled fridge hums, and the floorboards creak from the tenant upstairs … most evenings it is a verisimilar musical performance.

I was doing shifts at the factory across the road. It is a mindbogglingly boring job at best … but it pays the rent and I have managed to save over thirty-five hundred dollars in the past twelve months. I figured I would use it to buy a one-way ticket to somewhere, anywhere …

People say that I am way too thin, but when I study myself naked in my dressing mirror, I don’t see a thin person. Though my hips are bony and you can see my ribs, I see my sickly pale skin that looks like it has never seen the sun … it makes my tiny stature look ghostly and gaunt.

So where were Mom and Dad when I needed them? Dead. Unfortunately died in a car accident when I was ten years old, so I spent the rest of my childhood with my mother’s older sister, Pamela, and her two daughters, Susanne and Sherry, and one son, Sean.

Though she never said it directly, I knew that Pam resented me and reluctantly adopted me. She was forced into doing the right Christian thing I guess … me being the daughter of her only sister. As an unwanted child, she made me very aware of my third-class status in her family. During my years under her care, she inculcated me in her stanch religious beliefs as she did her other children … her fear of what she called the ‘evil ones’ that waited to subvert us at any opportunity. It was her obsession.

It had been a truly abusive relationship, right from the start, but got progressively worse as I got older. I remember when my Aunt Pam caught me masturbating at the age of eleven. I had only just begun to understand my body and was very self-conscious of my build and lack of womanly features. But when she caught me with my hands done with my pajama pants she had an absolute fit … I had been heavily petting myself and was on the brink of what would have been my first orgasm when she surprised me.

She screamed some sophism about the sins of the flesh, that it was the ‘evil ones’ that made me do it … my stepsisters and stepbrother stood immediately behind her as she humiliated me in front of them, calling me a filthy, unclean, and sinful child, saying that touching yourself was to invite the devil himself. From that point on, at night she would make me sleep with my hands bound to the metal frame of my bed. She had my uncle place a large crucifix on the wall over the end of my bed so that I could contemplate the sacrifice that Jesus made as he died on the cross … giving his life so that we may be forgiven for our earthy sins.

It worked … guilt was poured upon guilt … it worked. I guess that is why I first started to lose weight so rapidly. I didn’t ever dare contemplate masturbating again for fear of God above. I felt his eyes staring at me at all times and I was totally ashamed of what I had done. I had offended Him, His holy son, Jesus, the Mother Mary, and all the Saints and angels. I had betrayed Him. I really wanted Him to accept me, so that I may one day see my parents again in heaven.

My soul for eternity would be the price to pay for any further lustful evil thoughts. It was the ‘evil ones’ that had been influenced by bad behavior and only a pure and pious heart would be accepted at the pearly gates. But, it was not going to be easy … even in my dreams I was not safe from the so-called ‘evil ones’ … they haunted me with wickedness as I fought to control myself. I contemplated the burden of Jesus, the Son of God, and how he had resisted the pleasures of the Devil, how he had rebuffed comfort and sexual gratification for the sake of humanity. Yes, abstinence was my cross to bear.

I hated my life. I hated living with my obsessive Aunt and my cousins… They all looked down on me as trash … sick, twisted trash … I could not wait to escape this deeply troubled place. It was not a home, but more of a prison. At sixteen I left to make it on my own. All I could think was that anything would be better than the pain of her extreme behavior that passed as parenting. However, my Aunt’s indoctrination had a profound effect on me. A stranglehold on me. Scarring me. Even after I left home, I kept a large crucifix over my bed to help me should I ever again contemplate the evil of touching myself. And I did contemplate it. Every night. Praying to Jesus for forgiveness and strength to resist the ‘evil ones’ that waited for me in the shadows.


This didn’t stop the nightmares. I had many. When I dreamt, I dreamt of demons. The ‘evil ones’ that my Aunt had warned me about. They seemed to be always there. In my nightmares, I would be back in my Aunt’s house. I found myself tied to the steel bed frame as I had been so used to as a young teen, but instead of being clothed and beneath the bedclothes, I was usually completely naked and exposed supine upon the dirty mattress that smelt of my stale urine. In front of me, the crucifix stood, almost life-size, with the naked twisted body of the tortured Christ.

My pre-teen stepsisters watched me as I lay helpless … they both sniggered and whispered to each other as they began to undress from their night clothes. Standing completely naked between the base of my bed and the life-sized crucifix, their young bodies looked as emaciated and thin as mine.

They both seemed to be pretending to pray to Jesus with clasped hands, rubbing themselves against the statue …. I say pretending, as I could see that they were really masturbating themselves against him, saying the Lord’s Prayer whilst rubbing their private parts against the Lord. I cried out to them to stop, but they did not listen, instead, they began to rub themselves against each other with increasing vigor.

Sometimes my tiny stepbrother would join the brood. They would take turns in fellating his erect penis before masturbating until he ejaculated over the crucifix. Their eloquent prayers transformed into primitive grunts. I tried to look away but found myself wetting myself in excitement at the sight of kin fucking each other. My cunt burned with the desire to be touched as I raised my hinds off the mattress grinding against thin air and urinating uncontrollably.

I would awaken with the power of a sudden jolt. I found myself sweating profusely. Drenched from head to foot. I had long since covered the mattress with a plastic liner, so finding the bedclothes soaked in my urine and twisted around me was no longer a surprise … my hands would be often between my legs as I awake on the brink of orgasm, I knew it was them … I knew it was the ‘evil ones’ taunting me as if I were their plaything. I looked at the bedside clock. It would always be 3.00 a.m. in the morning … the devil’s hour … the opposite time when Christ died … Looking up at my crucifix, I prayed to the Savior for his forgiveness, I prayed to keep the demons away.


I truly feared ever bringing up these nightmares at church confession, though I had longed to purge my soul from this endless torment. There had been a few occasions that I had come close to saying something to the local priest – but had pulled short imagining the extreme embarrassment. He would believe that I was possessed!

I had tried to find solace in pro-Christian websites, seeking advice from others who may have either experienced a similar situation or could offer advice on how to overcome these powerful evil specters that haunted me night and day. At the local cybercafé, I would seek advice online; mostly the answers I got were far too simplistic or just plain insulting, some suggested praying or reciting scriptures … all things that I had already tried in vain. There were other disturbing things I read, like the words … “lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate” (abandon all hope, ye who enter here) … Another suggested that “dildos have been used for thousands of years in demonic sex rituals, It’s one of the main ways ancient pagan societies worshiped their demonic gods” … Some online chat groups even questioned the validity of my own faith … explaining that my impure thoughts and wet dreams were proof that I lacked the will to prevent myself from falling victim to the power of darkness and to the Devil’s lust and wantonness. Others cited that it was our society’s preoccupation with the proliferation of online pornography and the promiscuousness through the online world that was to blame.

Up until that point, using a computer was at a cybercafé I was not really familiar with this concept. Obviously, there were many things that I had not been exposed to, and online pornography was certainly one of them … I must admit, it did make me a little curious, as others babbled on about the pervasiveness and sheer magnitude of what was on show, but I was far too conscious of others around me to ever dare to take a peep.


It was a Friday night at the factory. During the course of the past couple of weeks, I had overheard a conversation in the canteen about the new office intern. Actually, I had seen her a couple of times during the week and had noticed her lithe body. She must be at least as skinny as I was. There was something sultry but sensitive about her that I liked. She looked as if she was twelve, but I knew the recruitment policy would mean that she would be at least fifteen years old.

I thought her name was Louise or something like that. I was pretty sure, that she had been staring in my direction and our eyes had met briefly. Embarrassed, I dropped my gaze almost immediately. But I watched her when she thought I had not noticed her. She had an unhappy and distant look that I could absolutely identify with.

Anyway, the word was that they all reckoned she was some kind of freak, probably a dyke, and needed to go somewhere else to work. The shop-floor girls were kind of mean like that and anyone different ended up being tormented in some kind of way until they left the company. They only tolerated me, because I kept my distance. I think they may have even thought I was a bit strange, so I was never one to be invited to social events. Actually, I too had the same feeling about myself … strange was a good adjective.

Only the night before I had awoken from what I thought was my familiar nightmare, only to realize that to my distress, instead of the demons posing as my stepsisters at the base of my bed mangled together in their incestuous frottage, I saw a vision of a single young girl that resembled the new intern. Louise was dressed only in a diaphanous shroud that draped her entire body like a gossamer-thin hymeneal veil.

My initial thought was one of a beautiful angel coming to release from this immorality, but as the veil slid slowly from her, I gasped at her exotic nudity. She was an acomoclitic dream. She stood wantonly upon the end of my filthy mattress, defiantly looking down at me as I lay prostrate and bound tightly to my bed that was stained from my nocturnal enuresis … I felt like a lamb for the slaughter across a sacrilegious pagan altar. Was this the penalty for my spiritual stagnation? Her skin was sickly pale like damp alabaster. Almost ceremonially, she ran both her delicate hands over her flat bony chest, down the sides of her pronounced rib-cage, and over the ‘v’ of her boyishly narrow hips. I watched her slender fingers pressing against the vulgar dark flesh of her open vagina, pulling back her crimson labia and exposing a dripping cunt flesh.

I noticed her ram-like horns. Her split tongue wiggled and she hissed like a serpentine snake, as she squirted fluids from her urethra squirted all over me as she madly rubbed her engorged clitoris that stuck out upright like the snake-encircled Baphomet’s penis. It was long and thick and she grinned evilly as she rubbed its clitoral flesh back and forth, whilst she squirted her sickly thick girl cum. My mind was overloaded and I bucked wildly as she was drenched in filthy waste!

As I suddenly awoke from this vile and disgusting dream. I found myself shaking hysterically … my whole body was vibrating with the blasphemy of it all … consumed in my own lustfulness, I was in Satan’s grip … It was too late … I couldn’t stop the massive orgasm that engulfed me as my unconscious masturbation took me over the edge!

I was shaken beyond disappear. I was still reeling from my guilty conscience and the repugnance of sin. I must be cursed, I told myself. I must be possessed by sex demons and unclean spirits. I could still hear the wailing and blasphemy of damned souls … and from the Vestibule of Hell, I saw this was God’s punishment. I chastised myself over and over. I needed to ask the Lord Almighty for His forgiveness as the guilt felt the most severe it had ever been. Was there any saving me from Tartarus? My Aunt’s words reverberated in my pitiful mind …

“Your guilt is good reason child … the Savior is not without a limit to his clemency; evil awaits and abstinence is the only way.”

I swore a vow of abstinence … never to touch myself again. Washing my face in cold water, I looked into the bathroom mirror and I hated myself. The Devil’s Hour was finally over. I changed the sheets and redressed them in dry, clean clothing. I felt totally exhausted and sore between my legs. Closing my eyes tightly, I prayed out loud to the Holy Mary not to forsake me.



I did not think about all the gossip again until the end of the shift. I was the last in the changing room, stripping out of my sweaty overalls when I heard the sound of sobbing coming from the bathroom adjacent to the changing room. I was still half undressed when I stuck my head around the corner to see what was going on.

Sitting in a heap against the rear wall of the changing room lavatory, was the new girl. She looked awful. She looked damaged. Her mascara was running down her cheeks. Her clothing appeared torn from her shoulder, exposing her bra-less small breasts on one side and her skirt had been twisted, totally exposing her petite legs.

She was crying and hugging herself. I was guessing that a few of the bigger girls had something to do with this. I had never known them to do anything as stupid as this. They could get fired for it, I was sure. Maybe their teasing had gone a little too far.

“Are you okay?” I asked as I gingerly approached her.

I did not want to startle her. Glimpses of my nightmare lingered on the edge of my consciousness but didn’t quite permeate. My vow of abstinence … I repeated over and over.

She just looked up at me and shook her head without saying a word. I did feel really sorry for her. She looked very defeated. I knew how that felt, as I had experienced it all my life. I came closer. She immediately pulled away and retreated from me against the rear wall, as if I might do something further to hurt her.

“Don’t worry. I won’t do anything to you … you look hurt?”

She shook her head.

“Only my pride.”

I knelt down and put my arms around her. She smelt delicious. I never had a reaction to anyone’s aroma before … but Louise smelt absolutely delicious. A splinter of my night horror spiked my consciousness … a pretty fragrance masking some more base, something sour and vinegary, that aroused me immediately. I could actually feel my erect clitoris chaffing against my damp panties. I shook my head to clear these unwanted thoughts.

“I heard them saying stuff about you? Bitching about you? I’m really sorry that this has happened … I must admit I am surprised that any of them did this … never known them to go this far,” Louise smiled awkwardly, “Sorry, my name is Sybil …”

“Louise. It’s my first week.”

“I … I noticed you in the office.”

I hesitated, not wanting her to think the wrong thing.

“I noticed you too,” she replied.

It sounded a little creepy. I shrugged it off and held out my hand.

“Sorry. I smell like … you know, the fish factory.”

Louise sniggered at my corny joke and took my hand. Her touch was firm as she gripped me so I could pull her to her feet. One of her heels had broken.

“Shit. It’s broken.”

She stated the obvious and seemed to notice for the first time that one of her breasts was exposed. She pulled the material upwards to cover herself, but the torn material of her blouse did not stay in place.

“Hey. Look … I live across the way, I have something you can change into … if you want?”

She smelt so luscious. I wanted to know what it was that her aroma reminded me of … but I couldn’t remember … a naked splinter … a girl in a shroud … mmmmm …. devilment … orgasmic delight …

“Sybil. I don’t want to get you into any trouble.”

“What trouble are you talking about?”

We smiled at each other and I couldn’t help myself … I gave her a quick hug and breathed in deeply. She returned the squeeze and then stepped out of the broken-heeled shoe. She was almost identically the same height as me. I liked that.

“I’ll talk to them on Monday, they won’t give you any more trouble … I promise.”

“I am being reassigned from Monday, so don’t worry … and yes please, if it isn’t too much trouble. I can’t get the bus home dressed like this.”

She picked up her handbag and her pride. We left the main entrance of the factory and she hobbled over the windy road to my tiny apartment. The metro train rattled overhead as we quickly mounted the dozen or so stairs and I fumbled with my keys to open the door. Why was I so nervous? I felt rather strange like I was shoplifting or leaving my car illegally parked if I had one that is.

In the apartment, she smelt even more intoxicating than she did in the changing rooms. I watched her as she slipped out of her shoes and removed her torn blouse, revealing her tiny fist-sized mounds that were crested with dollar-coin-sized aureolas. Her torso looked so frail. I could clearly see her bony clavicles and conspicuous rib cage. Actually, I was staring for far too long and I blushed when I looked up at her face. I had a handful of tissues in my hand at the time that I had intended to give Louise to clean up the make-up that had run down both her cheeks … but instead of giving them to her, I found myself gently wiping her face.

“You had a top for me to borrow?” she asked softly and made no attempt to cover herself.

“Er, yes,” I said but didn’t move. I couldn’t move. I actually felt tipsy.

“They were calling me a perverted dyke cunt.”

“I know.”

It actually sounded nice when she said. Perverted dyke cunt. I was absentmindedly wiping her make-up, dabbling at the black river of mascara.

“And knowing that, you still invited me back to your apartment, with the excuse that you were my good Samaritan?”

“I suppose I did.” I was almost high … caught in her Mescaline daydream … ostensibly floating in sexual arousal.

She shifted her weight as she stood in front of me. Just the sensation of her hand stoked my bare arm sending fireworks off inside of me.

“And what do you think?”

“What do I think of what?” I asked genuinely confused.

Her youthfulness was flawless. My lips moved, but my mind was completely overwhelmed. She had bewitched me.

“My boobs … you obviously like them? You’ve been staring at them since I took off my blouse?”

“Er. Sorry. Yes I guess?”

The dazed feeling kept my consciousness somewhat illusive. I think my mouth was making the smacking sound you make before eating something mouth-watering delicious.

She guided my hand to the soft underside of her breast. My fingertips brushed against her aureolas and rapidly stiffened nipples.

“You were hoping that they were right?”

“About what?”

“About me, Sybil? That I was some kind of perverted dyke cunt … and you brought me back to your apartment because?”

I was a little shocked at her forwardness and lack of inhibition about being topless before me. That didn’t stop my hands from fondling her girlish buds. Her pheromone bouquet was driving me insane.


She pulled my face forward so that my open mouth covered one of her erect nipples and then the other. My lips tingled upon first contact with the texture of her turgid rigidness. Sweetness. Her wicked aura was electrifying … like every hair on my body was standing to attention. Warmth radiated from her firm flesh as I sank my mouth around her entire aureola and drew her into the roof of my mouth sucking on her like a hungry baby.

Up until that moment, I had resided myself to an almost asexual existence, as being heterosexual would have meant that a man would have needed to be interested in me. Not that I had ever been with a man. That just never happened to me. But my heart was pounding beneath my ribcage as if it was trying to escape … and there was a fire between my legs.

“… Because you want to kiss me.”

Louise lifted my chin from her chest and kissed my mouth. Butterfly kiss. Soft and wet, her lips pressed against mine and then opened ever so slightly, so that I could feel the pointed tip of her tongue as it wriggled between my yielding lips. Her lizard-like organ flicked quickly in and out and then finally filled my entire oral cavity. Lust. I was spinning out of control. I felt her emaciated arms pull me tightly against her bony chest, crushing her hard little peaches against me as we embraced each other passionately.

Louise pushed my shoulders downwards until I unwillingly released my mouth from hers and I knelt at her feet. She tore her skirt away from her narrow hips and discarded it, beneath which, she wore no underwear to speak. Her almost completely shaved pubis was now level with my eyes … her smooth but reddish skin made her look like she was only twelve years old … only a narrow rectangular Hitler mustache remained just above her glistening wet sex slit.

“… Because you want to lick me, Sybil. Lick my wet perverted dyke cunt.”

She almost hissed the words at me like an evil serpent. Lilith.

She stroked my hair flat to my scalp and then began to vigorously rub herself gently against my face, pressing her vinegar scent under my aquiline nose and even harder against my lips. When I didn’t respond straight away, she grabbed my ears and thrust herself even harder against her until I began to kiss her labia in reaction.

“… Because you secretly wanted me to be a dyke cunt … but not just any kind of a dyke cunt … but a dirty-fucked-up-perverted-dyke-cunt … right? Lick me Sybil … lick me out and make cum on your face …”

It must be true. I did want that. The blood was pulsating in my temples and I was panting out of breath. I loved her dirty talk … it was true, I thought … her abusive language was exciting and I extended my tongue until it lapped at her juicy pussy lips. She tasted as good as she smelt. I loved the taste of perverted dyke cunt …. my eager tongue drove deeper into her crease and she moaned softly in appreciation as she gyrated her sweet oiliness against my face.

“… Because you want to be my cunt whore … don’t you Sybil? I knew it, from the first moment I saw you … my fucking-nasty-little-cunt-whore!”

She pushed my face back from her groin. I could taste her piss. Strings of clear fluid still hung from my chin as I gasped for breath. Her finger circled the wet portion of my jaw and mouth. She bent forward and tongue kissed me again, tasting herself in my mouth. My body was shaking from unabated arousal, but my eyes betrayed my deep-seated guilt. Louise’s eyes followed my line of sight to the crucifix mounted upon the wall, with the body of Christ nailed upon its cross members.

“Yerrrrr …. Look at you, Sybil … look at my nasty cunt whore … you love Jesus, yes you love fucking Jesus … but you love being my cunt whore much, much more… Naked Sybil … I want you to strip for me in front of the Nazarene … I want him to watch you masturbate for me … do nasty kinky things for me, your Goddess. Worship me as your Goddess. Say it, Sybil. Say you wanted to be my filthy cunt whore!”

“I … I want to be your filthy cunt whore,” my voice was apologetic, no more than a whisper, but it came out and I surprised myself, “I want to be your filthy cunt whore … yer, fuck it … cunt whore,” I said it again but a little louder the second and third time.

“Get naked for the Son of God, Sybil,” she commanded, “I like to see you strip for me, your demon goddess.”

I was excited. It seemed that the guilt and shame propelled an even greater salaciousness. I wanted to violate everything that I had held sacred. I stripped completely naked in my own blasphemous rapture, I sheepishly displayed my flat chest that was now crowned by my inch-long nipples that stood proudly.

“Slowly … Argh … Fuck … yer … Sybil …” her voice was high-pitched, misanthropic, and hypnotic.

Encouraged by my evil Goddess, I dropped my pants as I attempted to do a little striptease. I bit my lip and though I felt vulnerable and exposed, revealing my hairy pussy to Louise felt like it was the lewdest thing I had ever done in my entire life … up until that point, nobody had ever seen my pussy before (I dared not even look at it in the mirror), not even my stepmother or stepsisters — when we were all growing up as I had always been very private.

“Cunt Whore … Fucking Jesus Christ … yer … you are so fucking hot,” she cried enthusiastically.

Louise licked her lips and began to masturbate furiously whilst watching me strip down. My waifish nakedness was on full display before my evil goddess. At first, I thought she was being frivolous, but as I watched her fingers thrust faster and even more desperately in and out of her disdained cunt … as it literally dripped with her vaginal slime, I knew she really dug what she saw.

The fingers of my left hand parted my pubic fur, while my penile fingers probed my mons pubis… it had been a long time since I had consciously allowed myself to touch myself, even in the shower, I had been very careful to use a washcloth and to pray before and after for the strength of purity. Fuck! … I thought I felt like a wild dirty animal …

All the time in my head, I could hear the pious voice of my crowing Aunt screaming … “Don’t touch yourself, it will invite the evil ones.”

But now I could hear another, stronger voice as if Louise could reach inside of my mind saying … “Invite me in … give yourself freely to the evil ones.”

I knew what I wanted to do.

First I sank one, then two, and then three fingers inside myself, rotating my hand and thrusting them to match the movements of my evil goddesses’ as she had escalated to using both her hands to rape her pudendum … dropping her hips with one bony hand penetrating herself from the front and the other worming into her open sphincter. Excavating a dirty feces-covered finger, she offered it to me. I sucked upon her vile bitterness and loved my own defilement.

We both grunted primitively in our masturbation dance and wildly kissed each other crushing our clits against each other as our tongues twisted and fucked each other’s mouths. The room stunk of the raw sexuality of Louise’s Muladhara had swallowed me completely.

Louise panted and grinned at me wildly … she licked her copious juices from her fingers and pulled my old crucifix from the wall.

“I want you to cum for Jesus…” she spat and turned the crucifix upside-down.

I watched in absolute disbelief as she rubbed the face of the Nazarene firstly along her oily cunt slit and then directly against her dirty faces-encrusted anus. She laughed and pulled me in front of the narrow dressing mirror. Standing behind me, I could feel her grinding her cunt against my backdoor, pushing my hip forward as we both watched our lewd reflections dance together.

“Lick my cunt juices … Argh … from the face of fucking Jesus fucking Christ … ”

She held it inverted up to my face with one hand, as the fingers of her other hand filled my cunt savagely.

“Taste my shit on the fucker while we both fucking cum …”

I lapped at the tainted surface of the old crucifix that had watched me suffer in forced abstinence for most of my life. I moaned loudly letting out years of repression, the image of my eleven-year self, emotionally tortured as I lay there tied by my hands to the iron frame of her bed. As I drew the thick part of my tongue up and down the sculptured texture of the naked body of the Savior … Louise’s secretions tasted like freedom at last …

“Such a blasphemy cunt whore! Sacrilege sex whore! We’re both going straight to hell …” she laughed as she masturbated me furiously.

My succubus, unsatisfied, began to rub the face of Jesus against my quaking groin. My bladder gave way and I began to pee uncontrollably as I watched her evil puppetry in the mirror. Urine splashed everywhere as another sacrilegious wave surged through me, triggering an enormous endorphin rush. All I could see was two blasphemous witches, worshiping Io Pan himself, performing their own tenebrous pagan sex sacrifice to consummate their welcome for the ‘evil ones’ …

I watched her position the long stem of the crucifix beneath my open pissy cunt lips, brushing in against me, encouraging me to impale myself upon it.

“Yes! Yes! Put it in me! Fuck me with it… Argh … Fuck me for Satan … ”

I couldn’t believe my own words as Louise jabbed the crucifix in and out of my dripping pussy. I felt like I was holding back the dam of orgasmic release as I lowered my full weight upon its rigid member … like the Cock of Christ fucking me at last … I watched the two evil gorgons in the mirror thrust back and forth in perverted delight, impaling themselves upon the inverted cross, worshiping the Devil, as their orgiastic festivity reached its first fiery climax.


I had awoken to my familiar hunger with my fingers burrowing deeply into my itchy wet cunt. But no longer fearful of my lucid nightmares … No, I welcomed the evil ones, called for them … prayed to them as I masturbated unabated and eagerly as I recalled every perverse detail. Louise was nowhere to be seen but I could still smell her sexual scent all over me. She had changed my nightmares. I knew it was her. I couldn’t remember how it began, but I was no longer trapped in my lucid dream… the victim of my Aunt’s bondage… suffering the denial of lust… under the endless torture of forced abstinence… in my dream world, it had been me this time standing at the end of my stepmother’s bed… not as a child, but as another adult.

My naked twelve-year-old stepsisters and ten-year-old stepbrother had secured her wrists and ankles pulling her star-shaped across the bare mattress. They looked like victims from a concentration camp … their sallow eyes, sunken cheeks, and pronounced boniness reminded me of a painting I had seen of renaissance demons delivering the Ten Court of Hell to sinners.

My Aunt was crying profusely. She pleaded with us to stop as we circled her like hauteur vultures, all openly touched ourselves, and each other, in her plain view. We aggressively tore and cut away her clothing, so she too was completely naked and prone before the satanic inverted crucifix. The naked and sexually aroused Nazarene hanging upside down … his engorged penis clearly visible. My incestuous stepsisters knelt on the edges of the bed, either side of my Stepmother, while I knelt behind my stepbrother between her parted thighs.

I ground my engorged clit against his tiny backside, whilst stroking his stiff little pre-teen cock. My stepmother was horrified as I whispered words of encouragement to him, urging him to eat out his mother’s dirty whore cunt … to lick her out for the love of Satan. He eagerly buried his face against her hairy hole, while his sisters masturbated themselves, bringing blood to the surface as they eagerly chewed on their own mother’s saggy breasts. At first, she twisted and turned trying to fight against the onslaught of forbidden sexual pleasuring … but soon her breathing changed as her body reacted to the inappropriate stimulation. I kept chanting to the children to worship the Devil. My orgasm was close as I took in the whole incestuous scene.

I felt drunk on evil lust and wanted nothing more than to completely humiliate and abuse this wretched woman … my en-slaver was now mine to control … to abuse … to rape … or to kill. The power made me feel giddy. Standing above her head I urinated over her, drenching her in my strong heady piss, as I took my inch-long clit between my thumb and forefinger. My Aunt was frenzied at this point, confused between the obscene pleasure and the humiliation as she yelled at her children to stop. As I rubbed my clit, it became longer and thicker, until I was clasping it between my fist, masturbating it like a six-inch-cock. I was a Baphomet demon; an androgynous cock and cunt demon. I farted crudely and my stomach made known that my brown sacrifice was already to be made.

I farted again and again. The foul odor filled the room as hunched over my Aunt’s face. She screamed at me to stop my wickedness. I laughed loudly and grunted again. I felt the tip of my brown offering slide downwards and pock from my stretched sphincter. I pushed a little harder and I began to empty my ripe bowels over her upturned face. Her screaming became muffled as the brown splatters were followed by my monster turd that fell into her screaming mouth.

The rank smell was overwhelming … as my shitty mess covered her. My Aunt’s eyes were closed to avoid the brown mess that filled her sockets. The Feast of the Devil had begun … as her own kin began to consume my filthy brown monster from their own mother’s face, neck, and tits.

‘Help me God, save me from the evil ones …’ screamed my Aunt hysterically as she tried to spit my feces.

It was time. I knelt before my messed-up Aunt, holding her brown-stained thighs apart, I press the head of my demonic cock against her hairy old cunt.

“Please no … not that … not that …”


My waking thought … was one of fearlessness. I was no longer afraid. I liked that. Yes, my soul was damned, but I knew that I would never be mentally dominated again; not by my Aunt; and certainly not by a fear of God.

Later that day, I used some of my hard-earned savings to go out a purchase a laptop computer, so that I could surf the net in the privacy of my own apartment. I had it in my mind that I would search for others who suffered like me; offer help online; and tell the about the cure that I had found.

Of course, within only fifteen minutes, I abandoned my immediate quest for another as I began to look at porn … all sorts of filthy porn. Fetish porn … anal, piss, transgender, incest, scat, bestiality, lesbian Lolita, bondage, sadomasochism, rape, and even torture … I was prolific in searching for the most depraved porn that I could find as I masturbated hour after hour … cumming over and over again … all night long.

I viewed satanic sex, occult rituals, black magick, and blasphemous images of cross-fucking, nuns with erect cocks, Baphomet effigies with enormous phalluses… read sacrilegious stories of Satanic lore, Hierophilia, Anton LaVey, Sex Magick, Sex Tantra, Revelations of Aleister Crowley, Qabalah, The Left-handed Way, The Satanic Bible, Gnosis, Succubus, Sexual Vampirism, Sabbatic Kabala, The Temple of Set, The Chalice of Ecstasy … it was all enlightening.

I even ordered copious kinds of sex toys … including a cock crucifix at I couldn’t wait to fuck my nasty little cunt with as I searched for the demons that would fulfill my increasingly depraved and evil sexual tastes and desires.

It wouldn’t be the last time that I saw Louise … but I will save this story for another time.




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