Feature Writer: Nada Bits


Published: 14.08.2019

Story Code: Demons, Religious, Young, NC, WS, TS


The Devil Queen and the Mormons


Mommy and me.

My mommy caught me when she came home early. My ten-year-old cunny stuffed with my hairbrush handle as I rubbed my reddened fuck hole in adolescent innocence and curiosity. My friends at school talked about masturbation and something called cumming. I wanted to be like them too and not left out.

I had tried my fingers and rubbing but got nothing they had told me would happen. It felt good but they all said I would burst, what burst I had not found out yet. Mommy stared down at me and I knew I was in trouble. My naked small body with just tit bumps and a hairbrush up my hole. My small slit had been rubbed so raw already it was red and swollen.

Mommy saw my dilemma and sat on the side of my bed as she shed her jacket and removed her shirt and bra. She had to stand to remove her skirt and small panties presenting bare cunny looking just like mine. I thought mommies had pussy hair that I have been waiting for, yearning for knowing my titties would take awhile no matter how hard I tugged on them in front of my mirror.

Often sighing and disappointed when I could not make anything happen. My friends said it was fantastic and now I was being bullied a bit by my best friends. My mommy, my naked mommy sat beside me with her titties and swollen nipples, bare cunt I wondered about and she gently kissed my wet forehead and stroked my damp hair from my small face.

Its OK honey let mommy help as she took my small hand and the hairbrush out and away. I thought I had certainly done something wrong when mommy gasped at the sight of my abused cunny. Mommy please don’t be mad all friends told me this was fun, and I just wanted… when mommy softly mouthed my cunny sending so many different feelings. She raised her head and smiled with wet lips telling me not to worry. She soothed my small cunny so much I felt what I had been striving for pumping mt tiny pelvis on mommy’s wet face and mommy held my slim hips firm and sucked all the pain away.

All night mommy helped me that night a month before. Mommy’s always knew best as she told me about my problem. Her younger sister had the same issues and mommy often help her relieve tensions when they were younger, but now her aunt had joined something called Mormon and she had not seen her for two years. Mommy explained that some women in her family had very special developments that sometimes caused more development in different areas of young bodies, young trying to bud bodies.

That was a month ago as mommy had explained about clits, cunt holes and how her titties may only be purple nubs when mommy caught a breath from sucking the delicious young cunt juice from her own daughter only to help her child. She soothed her daughter while trying to explain night after night that her clit was just to big and she had been rubbing her reddened cunt, now cunt, the wrong way. Mommy always made things better. She and her mommy were naked as mommy gave further relief to her child in the living room on the couch when the door bell rang.

Leaving daughter spread open and her now swollen reddened from all the relief looked like a crimson flower. Very wet open flower with puffy petals. Her naked slim mother opened door expecting her younger sister completely nude and panting with her wet mouth and face in a wide smile. Hi sis as the younger sister robed in flimsy white material took one breath and knew cunt, cunt juice or cunt slime it was addictive.

She briefly gave her older sister, her cunt craving sister a deep French kiss as her own face was smeared in cunt juice. They licked at each other for all the spend they could find as her pure white gown fell in silence just inside the front door, her Mormon gown of purity revealing her slim body to her older sister as the door remained opened for anyone to see her equally white body and tiny firm ass when a moan for mommy brought them out of their frenzy right in front of the open door.

Auntie went to the couch to look over the problem her sister, the mommy had told her about. She stared in wonder as mommy closed and locked the door joining her younger sister and immediately fondled her young sisters’ cunt, very wet cunt that had only grown. The already hard clit seemed so much bigger than she remembered. It throbbed in her hand as she told her sister whispered to her sister, SEE. She is like you and mom but seems worse.

Auntie whimpered as she sank naked before the naked niece and looked upon the beautiful blossom of cunt, young cunt, freshest of the freshest cunt and it had a problem she wanted to help with. Clit stalk turgid and hard, elongated as if in pain just as she had been years ago. Only ten years old the tiny thing had the worse problem she had ever seen, wet problem, dripping problem when her legs gave way and she said hi honey and drove her mouth on the pulsing young cunt flesh. It would be hours before the young child would knowAuntie was even there.

Her Mommy under her Auntie sucking slimy cunt and long clit as Auntie moaned on the swollen young cunt flesh savoring every pulse of fuck fluids as she mouthed the young unusual problem with relish and then, fuck hole mommy, now fuck hole, please mommy my whore cunt as her mommy sucked her sister’s cunt and managed somehow to fit two fingers into her weeping child’s cunt blossom as her sister ravished her own daughter while she sucked her younger sisters fuck juices but managed to slam hard two fingers deep in her daughter as she convulsed in orgasm.

Just maybe Mommy would get some of her own relief as her jaw ached after the last month of insistent cunt sucking and finger fuckings just to get her daughter to sleep. Worse than a newborn as she moaned for mommy every night. The satisfied child was placed on mommy’s bed with Auntie as well in delicate slender slumber even though her small legs gaped. Her young precious cunt blossoms open and ready.

She awoke, yawned and stretched in the morning sun as her mommy and someone else lay on either side of her small body. Her small slender chest so white, pale with the beginnings of tit bumps she wished would hurry up. Auntie woke up first at the child’s stirrings shifting the bed slightly and hugged her niece as she said I am your aunt. You taste delicious darling. Do you need to pee pee honey as she hauled the small body on her face now able to fasten her entire mouth over the cunt as the huge clit on this wonder of wonders had retracted just enough so Auntie could really welcome her tiny niece or be welcomed as her niece streamed rich young hot piss only a precious one so young could. Auntie swallowed every drop of the tiny things rich morning piss as the small thing started to buck again.

As she grabbed her Aunt’s head and slammed her cunt against the sucking mouth. Mommy was getting a break.

Her cunt sucking wonderfully beautiful Auntie and her mother sat with together over breakfast as they discussed the best options for this child’s. Lovely innocent young thing had a problem few would understand. So precious and darling and had no idea what was wrong or if anything was wrong. She was squirming as she was discussed and her chair was getting wet when Auntie held the child in a warm hug and placed her slim body on the kitchen table before her and laid the poor young child back so very gently. Slim young legs in a want, not sure of why she spread her legs wide in front of an aunt she had not seen for years.

But her Auntie made her feel so good and mommy was tired. Mommy took a couple of bites of breakfast as she watched her Mormon converted younger sister suckle the cock virgin flesh of her daughter. The unusual large clit was now in the way as so hard and long and Auntie could not manage all the cunt meat in her mouth. She pulled the mommy down to help her as she fastened her cunt sucking mouth one the young pink hole ravenous for any cunt juice always back at her devoted Mormon enclave, but her niece was so tiny, pink and prefect open cunt blossom and just the most delicious young cunt. Pulling on her older sister’s hair, the mommy to her child’s swollen clit, they joined in relieving the slim perfection of all her pains that occurred more and more.

Auntie silently realized the efforts her older had suffered through while stroking the beginning tit mounds on her perfect niece and her older sister’s soft hair she had often pulled into her own cunt when they were younger. The two sucked and pinched the young titties until the child erupted in stream of young cunt squirt until her small body finally found relief and slumber even though her nap time was not for hours. Auntie carried the limp, spent child to the living room where Auntie had first sucked the delicious cunt just last night.

Mommy and Auntie made quick decisions as she slumbered and most of the luggage was packed and in the two cars when the slim naked darling awoke. Mommy and Auntie let her wake by herself even though the delicious tasty young child laid open and both salivated as the young sister gave Mommy a hard fist fuck before they would leave for the Mormon conclave. The cleaning of cunt slime and pure young squirt that had happened in only one night. A van of scantily clad, white translucent robed but nude young girls was already on the way from the Mormon enclave they gathered the small child in soft blankets and strapped her tiny body secure.

A van of eight young nubile teens arrived just as they drove away. The teens scrambled in their translucent white gowns showed every aspect of their small bodies in the morning sun. Anyone and all could easily see the slim young flesh with eight sets of perky nipples and barely haired young cunnies. All had broad wet spots on their gowns from the orgasmic drive even though the driver had admonished them so many times until the smallest found just enough space to finally stop the older sister’s ranting as she fastened her mouth on the wanton wet cunt almost causing four wrecks.

The backs of all the perfect white gowns were soaked in cunt juice that over flowed even the hungriest cunt sucking cunt fluid drinkers. They all immediately and quickly cleaned the house clean and it was already sold with the vast Mormon connections as they scrambled with pails back into the van as they immediately went after each other’s small titties that seldom suffered through two horrid hours of not being pinched by someone. Not even a finger fuck as their white gowns so accidentally raised above their slim butts and wet cunnies that had never had to suffer the lack of attention to any part of their young horny bodies.

The drive was quick as the leader was eager to see what and what the hub bub was about. Something must be very special in the all-female Mormon enclave dedicated to saving young girls from the abuses of old men. Men that had ordained all women were property to be exchanged by horny old men so young they had no idea they had fuck holes or fuck flesh, titless still for most part as they were handed over by their own fathers to decisions of elders on who would destroy their virgin fuck holes. So many liked their tiny hinny holes even if they screamed, they were property to be exchanged as fuck meat to old smelly men.

Hard old men that only sought their pleasure in the bond of Mormon’s as they rammed fucked these tender children cunt, ass and mouth until they flooded with harsh sperm and so many vomited when their small mouths were used like just another fuck hole. The small unsuspecting faces shiny with precum and now old man sperm dripping from wondering young pink mouths, flat chest in white gowns as the tiny heads were held to be face fucked.

Thus the all-female Mormon conclave was born. Save the younger before they became pure fuck by the leaders, owned, exchanged fuck meat as their mother’s had been used and their children would become just fuck property and fuck meat for the elders. So many of the daddies visited each other to see how their young girls were getting along and slammed fucked their own as they were blinded by their white robes around their heads revealing tender young titties and tiny hips that daddies had longed to fuck. The young cunts had been sodden by other sperm but remained their daughter’s cunnies they had washed so hard in tubs.

Daddies often came by to sample their exchanged daughters, young tender daughter’s after they had brutally fucked but daughter cunt and daughter cunt flesh wash divine. Absolutely forbidden and often done. The elders shared so much as they delivered guidance to the Mormon flock standing reverently at pulpits with hard stiff cocks under their robes thinking of their own and so many daughters they would fuck later. A new dormitory was under construction when Mommy, child and Auntie arrived.

So many just came to them for saving from the ownership and so old men, none would ever consider if they had a choice over their lives. Word had wandered through the girls in silent whispers that caused so many to seek safety. Now the entire conclave was in high anticipation as their leader and true savior seldom left mostly in fear of the Mormon mafia that all knew but no politician, local prosecutor would dare to hold accountable or even questioned.

Aside from the money they all got young cunt to fuck and the Mormon’s were hands off, except for the young fuck meat. The purest of all were the most demented in sex issues they so often demanded congregations avoid while every wife, many wives for some, husbands nodded that sin was so terrible for all. The horribleness of huge cocks slam fucking any hole anywhere in fields, homes and pumped so full of sperm as the tiny white robes were simply raised above slim young bodies bent over anything or just knelt for fucking. Never nice and never a touch of tenderness, just fucked when some old guy wanted. Duty, Mormon duty ordained and ordered any woman or girl perform upon demand anywhere and everywhere need arose. So many head tiny heads so hard as they rammed fuck meat in tiny mouths just because they were entitled. So many cunts fucked it was old they liked to watch some girl struggle for breath, nude small bodies having old cock shoved in their mouths and throats until sperm erupted from some while others had learned to swallow and accept duty.

Many of the child girls arrived with horridly abused reddened mouths, so young cunnies that were not fully developed but open holes. Open tiny asses gaped on so many small little white asses that were once just pink and now purple holes like their loose young cunts no longer tight enough for duty.

Auntie hastily asked, never demanded from the abused girls, just asked when the cars were swarmed, luggage was hauled away sometimes it took two of the smaller, but they got everything as asked, not ordered but asked. No one was ever forced. Not here and not ever. These mostly children while some were older and just truly loved taking care of girls saved, but very few had not been hurt and abused, horribly fucked like property and fuck meat. The very few untouched and saved were off limits and no real command had ever been spoken, but so many knew what these had been saved from and cherished like precious newborns. No horrible man would use them ever as long as they could protect them.

One slim 14-year-old took the blanket wrapped child in her arms. She was not really big or strong but very determined as she carried the child to the dorm. The rooms small and shared requests were followed as she laid silent child in slumber on her own bed with all intent of helping with the mommy until final rooms were assigned. The small child moaned and wiggled as the blanket she had been wrapped in fell away. The fourteen year-old saved child barely had any of this precious child’s development. She had wished but nothing happened no matter how hard prayed. The small titties on the slim thing were as big as her own, damn whatever she would never grow titties, not real boobs. The small child had her tiny legs splayed quite unknowingly as the soft blanket fell away. The pain returned as she moaned for her mommy to help. What ever to do with duties and such a small succulent child in need. Maybe just some suckles would help this small one. Her head was grabbed as the much smaller child demanded immediate attention thinking Mommy was relieving her young problems. An increasing issue that only caused ache she had tried to solve, but Mommy had finally helped her.

The slim titless 14 year-old had been horribly used. Her “husband” made her fuck farm animals. She had no choice as she was owned. Her young tender pussy was pure fuck hole. The horses were the hardest on her tiny body. They scraped her tiny tit nobs across bails of harsh hay. They rammed her precious face against stable frames as they just ram fucked her as her “husband” jerked his old filthy cock.

The slim fourteen year-old was also the best cook, many thought she was some sort savant chef. Older saved women became her sous chefs. The tiny slim girl was a wonder in the huge kitchen.

So much was available on the vast grounds. Rich vegetables fertilized by young cunt. All the little girls little cunnies dripped as they tended the fields in their transparent white gowns none had panties or anything that could catch young pussy cream. Little titties some just bumps and some getting pointy. Some little pussies had the beginnings of hair, but most looked like some dust had gotten on their little pussies.

Little Muffin was only 8. She was called Muffin as a nickname but mostly because her little pussy was puffy and poked out in a bulge.

Muffin loved the slim fourteen year-old . The slim little girl and “CHEF” may never recover her pussy. She had been so brutalized by horse cock her young cunt was an open hole. Little muffin never left her side once they connected. It was one night and Little Muffin was moaning in her tiny bed. The enclave for saved Mormon fuck meat had to sell the wonderful girl cream fertilized vegetables to support all the saved little girls from the filthy elders.

The slim titless “CHEF” came to her and ate her little muffin until she fell asleep. Little Muffin loved her and she was allowed to stay with the slim Fourteen year old “CHEF”.

Little Muffin felt so bad about the slim girls abused pussy meat. Muffin would never leave her. Little Muffin would lick the huge gaping cunt meat as they hugged each other with Little Muffins muffin on the slim teens mouth and she tried to find some way to help her love. Her tiny pink mouth and small delicate tongue had to really lick chew, just anything. Muffin got so much love and she could not return the same love.

The slim teen sucked her muffin and finally relented her manifesto to never harm a little girl. One night she was sucking Muffins little girl cunt juice as she showed delicate Muffin what to do.

She grabbed little Muffins slim arm and rammed it in ruined horsed fucked young cunt.

She found Jesus as the tiny arm felt so slim and silky. Young tender eight year-old arm with her tiny fist deep in her destroyed cunt meat. She fondled the child’s head and led her little pink mouth to her clit.

She bucked so hard out of control never stopped sucking Little Muffin’s muffin. She may have bit the child pussy.

The slim “CHEF” had not had an orgasm for so long. Her fucked out pussy was useless anymore. She was animal fuck more precisely horse fuck. She lost any sense of control as her small pelvis bucked. She had no idea how she might be eating muffin too hard.

At least the mommy had some relief as her little child had so much help. At night gowns came off and little naked girls with wet little pussies some had tit bumps and some just flat with tender nipples that were so sensitive any touch or lick or bite was so damn wonderful.

The Enclaves creator, Auntie knew that little girls needed some youthful relief. At least the little girls were no longer owned fuck. Little exchanged among the elders to just be holes for cock. Most old tiny cocks. Well at least the little saved girls were safe. Somethings in life were necessary.

Aunties niece had lots of friends helping her child cunt issues often standing in line. Her sister slept in her room and loved being fist fuck now that her mommy was relived of sucking her small baby girl every hour for the past year. Yes the child’s pussy juice was delicious and yes she did it because loved any pussy juice. But her child had made her jaw ache.

Now her child had lots of little friends in various stages of development. Mommy had begun to think of the little girls. Young cunt and young cunt slime. Auntie rammed her hand so hard up her cunt she came out of her filthy thoughts pulsing and quivering and spurting her mommy cunt all over the room. The room already smelled like cunt. Really the entire enclave smelled like cunt. The fields the dorms all smelled like young cunt.

The Devil Queen smelled or got a whiff. She was still finishing up Little Ginny’s mommy getting brutally fucked by Little Sherry’s brother’s, those big strong brothers that would kill anyone that dare to harm her little body. Little Sherry’s daddy was fucking little Ginny’s mom’s mouth. Family time was always fun.

The slim “CHEF” was tenderly stroking the tiny eight year-olds face. The tiny thing had finally found a way to give her orgasms, but she may of hurt the little girl. She was seriously worried. Her tiny head was soaked in cunt and she was panting.

The little girl opened her little eyes and stared up in pure love. The slim titless fourteen year-old “chef” licked her tiny somewhat swollen pink lips. Did I hurt you?

The little girl pulled her down for the most sensuous kiss. “NO darling”. We belong together and we both know it and have felt it but you just have all these ideas about not hurting little girls, I know you were hurt, I know you would never let me be hurt by anyone. The problem I have is I love you. I liked everything and so happy I finally found a way to give you pleasure. They licked each others tender tears of love. Muffin never left her side.

Muffin loved the slim teens huge abused cunt meat more now that she knew where to lick and chew. Muffin was sin love. The slim titless teen “CHEF” only had to spread her slim legs and Muffin now knew exactly what was needed. Muffin’s little muffin would be chewed and sucked and loved later. Right now “CHEF” needed feed everyone in the huge conclave of saved women, little unfucked girls and most horribly abused as they were exchange for fuckings by the Elders. And their daddies.

Most were fuck and some little girls were still wondering, but all were cherished and at least saved. Tender little pussies sometimes needed to be sucked and licked and their were many in the dorms naked with darling little bumps and tit tubes. Night time was girl time.

Night time was pussy sucking time. Night time was tit or nipple pull time. Night time was orgasm time. Rampant pussy licking, rampant fingers in the younger cunts and slim little arms fisting up some wet cunt as their tiny pussies got chewed.

Every saved soul helped anyway they could. In the fields some little girls need some help fertilizing young cunt juice.

The saved mommy and her little girl were at least safe. Mommy’s little girl was the best fertilizer, but so tiny girls had to hold her. The best grip they discovered was a thumb up her little ass and two fingers in her child cunt. Every time the child quivered they would grasp the tender wonder around her little body with only a thumb up the child’s ass.

The child had saturated so many white little gowns the decision was made she could just remain naked and tender so her little pussy could just pump out little girl juice. The child was a true wonder and so loved everyone loved to hold her tiny slim body. So tiny and titless flat body. Her delicate tiny white ass that accepted any thumb to keep her warm and most importantly in continuous innocent child orgasm. Juice boxes were always carried as well for fear the tiny cunt juice squirting wonder would get dehydrated.

Muffin was doing her best keeping the slim fouteen year old “CHEF” happy and Little Muffin got so wet she too was allowed to remain naked. The laundry staff was already overwhelmed with translucent white gowns and bed sheets soaked in girl. At least the laundry room smelled wonderful and between washes and drying the staff ram fist fucked or suck and chewed cunt meat and twisted little tit tubes. The laundry staff gave up on gowns as well as they would just need washing because the gorgeous smells girl made them crazy horny. This was suppose to wait until night but they could not control their young yearnings and their little wet pussies with all the wonderful smell of girl. No one complained.

The Devil Queen had not descended as she studied the scene. She had accidentally drug teen Sarah and little Sherry along for the ride so to speak. Sarah had her hand deep in the Devil Queen’s cunt and Little Sherry had her slim arm deep in tiny conical titted teen Sarah’s ass. The two unaware they were not in the playroom anymore doing the filthiest things they could conceive to each other. Little Ginny was so involved ruining the other three little girls she had no idea they were gone. Little Ginny’s mommy was being ass and cunt fucked and throat fucked. Little Ginny’s mommy loved sperm and cock.

The Devil Queen sensed an element of filth that was missing. Despite the horrendous fuckings by elder Mormon daddies and old men with small white old cocks. Many missed the taste of sperm as their little mouths were fucked as much as their tiny cunts and little asses. The Devil Queen was on it.

None of these porcelain white Mormon’s had ever seen a black person let alone a black man. Black men with huge cocks. Huge pulsing black cocks and big black balls hanging full of rich sperm.

The Devil Queen received permission from her Lord Satan, really her husband, to continue her evil thoughts. Little “saved” white girls and huge black men with huge black cocks.

When ever muffin whimpered the slim titless teen “CHEF” new the small cup that had to be invented to capture the tiny eight year old’s cunt spend needed emptying. It made the rich food so much more savory.

The Devil Queen quickly developed a new production for Satan as his tiny “popcorn” bucket rubbed her little new cunt and long child clit cock on Satan’s huge 30 inch cock. Satan thought it funny he had not used to fuck something to death lately.

Thoughts were exchanged, with Satan’s permission, with the big black monk overseeing the black monastery of now 50 black monks sworn to silence and none had less than 11 thick inches of huge cock. Many were bigger.

Now how to get them together as the saved little Mormon’s and the Black Monastery had no idea either existed.

The rich cunt fertilized vegetables were the most obvious choice as the big hung black monks never ate meat.

The Monastery leader sought out Auntie who had saved all these abused little girls and developed the entire conclave quivered at her first look at a big black man. She hated all that the Elder’s did to women, but suddenly her cunt gushed and her perky tits and big nipples tented her practically transparent white gown. Damn this was a huge man no matter his color. He took stock of the slim white woman and his 13 inch cock stiffened enough to push out his black robe, Auntie noticed that instantly and had to stifle a whimper. They had not even said hello to each other.

The Monastery leader spoke first as he was allowed to outside the all black Monastery full of huge hung black men. Someone had to take care of business. Aunty did eek out a whimper as the huge black hand shook her tiny white one.

Tea was produced by little white girls in translucent white gowns and their hard little titties stiffly in points so hard they might rip the gown. None had ever seen a black person let alone someone so large and huge log fuck cock growing and pushing out his black robe.

Now this monastery was dedicated to silent service and four nuns that had brought vegetables fertilized by nun cunt were still being carefully washed in complete silence. Two older nuns often had to assist somewhere, and the two little novices had lost any concept of silenced as they whimpered with their little hands on huge thick cock, huge black fuck meat.

Tea was served as the little white girls in their white gowns did everything, they could to let their little titties wobble in the huge black mans face. Good Lord he had to be the biggest man they ever seen and was BLACK that added to the novelty.

The Devil Queen was simply the best and most deviant wife Satan ever had.

The “meeting” finally started as the Black spoke of his need for more vegetables for the monastery. Auntie was still quivering nervously crossing and recrossing her slim white legs. Many times her white gown opened enough to expose her little bare white pussy. Her perky little tits quivered and her normally large puffy nipples had hardened into tubes of fuck lust. She hated the Elders, the old white men that used and exchanged girls, but she had not had cock for years now.

Auntie finally contained her self enough to assure they could provide as many vegetables the monastery might need. She offered to show the huge Black Monastery leader their conclaves vast fields and the invitation was accepted. Maybe Auntie could put some distance between the two to get through the meeting and some agreement. Who would get the vegetables to the Black Monastery, how often, just the little details of the arrangement?

As they walked out to the fields the enormous black man captured every eye of the little girls in white gowns tending the fields. Some giggled but most quivered. Every little tit whether small bumps or teen tit tubes blossomed in turgid lust. The huge Monastery leader could not keep his eyes of all the white fuck meat that could equally help his monks, those hung horny monks. His already huge cock tube that hag been only bulging after Auntie had revealed her little white bare pussy and her white gown of sacredness tented with her hard nipples. The Monastery leader’s huge cock and still a man after all could not help but respond.

The Devil Queen loved how everything was coming together. Finally turgid tit teen Sarah had pulled her slim arm out of The Devil Queens cunt and little fuck filthy Sherry had pulled her slim arm out of Sarah’s ass. Little Sherry sat on teen Sarah’s lap as she licked her ass slimmed slim arm and Sarah tickled her little pussy meat. Little Sherry had already licked every Devil Queen cunt slime off Sarah’s arm. They were not sure where they were really, certainly not in the basement playroom, but neither cared as they were discovering how fuck filthy they could be or get.

The Devil Queen sensed the twos wonder and let them listen to the rampant fuck filth and sperm eating back home, at least it would keep them occupied as she produced her show for her lover, the Lord Satan.

The little twit with her little horned darling blonde head was ram fuck for her lover bull ram and his 12 inch cock. At least the little twit was happy now down in hell. The tiny horned blonde’s cunt would never be dry again as she had been transformed into pure fuck, in her case bull ram owned fuck as the ram loved her as much as an animal could conceive of love. The tiny slim thing was the best piece of fuck so much better than the sheep because sheep sluts had no concept of cock sucking. The bull ram may really be in love.

Auntie was struggling as she led the big black Monastery leader around and all the little white girls gave the fields the biggest amount of girl cunt fertilization in years.

The Monastery leaders’ huge black cock was now tenting the long black robe Auntie could not stop her constant glances that turned in to blatant lustful stares. Auntie had not touched a cock for so long. She had not had cock for so long. She loved saving all the little girls from Mormon slavery and exchanged fuck meat. The horrid debauchery the titless fourteen year old “CHEF” had to endure by huge horse cock just for fun as tiny cocked white elders owned them.

This huge black monastery leader was so gentle in conversation as he had explained his monasteries mission of silent service. Their increasing need for vegetables and their solvent resolve to never harm animals or eat the flesh of a living thing.

Aunty stumbled or really faked a stumble. She reached up and grasped the huge piece of black fuck meat as if she just lost her balance. At the same time the huge black Monastery leader reached down to assist and “accidentally” grasped Aunties perky titties as her slim frame left little else to keep the small white lady from falling in the dirt of the fragrant cunt rich fields. He may have so accidentally squeezed the small white titties as he helped the small slim white woman to her feet as her little hand wrapped tighter around his 13 inch cock. Huge thick black cock.

The black robe was held closed by many buttons as Auntie opened the robe. Auntie kneeling in cunt dirt.

Big black hands on her perky tits. Auntie was startled. The huge head was black. It had a huge wet slit all wet and just a little pink inside. Auntie tried to capture the huge cock head but not much would fit. She chewed the tip lost in her contained fuck filthy mind and hatred of men. But she hated the old white elders that owned and exchanged little girls. Daddies fucking their own little girls barely growing tit bulbs yet.

But this was cock and a very kind cock. Cock of a monk. One that was very kind, but he was a man.

Not much of the huge black cock head would fit. Auntie’s little white mouth tried as all the little girls in the fields had their little white gowns up frantically fertilizing the fields pulling little clits, pulling on little tit bulbs and many with fingers up their little pussies just beginning to show some wisps of hair.

Auntie was whimpering for the first time any could recall. Auntie was chewing one huge black cock, trying to shove her face and her small white mouth barely over the huge black cock head not able to get her lips over the cock crown. But she whimpered as her little perky titties and turgid nipples were in the tight grasp of a huge black hand. A very kind man, a man of service and faith and kindness had his big hands on her titties and she could not even fit the huge black head in her little white mouth. The man, big huge black and so gentle and kind, raised her up by the grasp on her perky tits Auntie thought might explode if they did not stop getting so hard in the huge black hands that were not abusing her in anyway, but felt so good and filling her mind with cock lust. Lust for a cock that she not even get her mouth over the broad leaking head. The best she could do was nip at the huge piss slit and suck out as much wetness a she could. It had been years.

The so gentle giant black man carried her back to the dorms. Auntie whimpered in the strong arms. One big black hand was under her white gown and holding her little white ass. Her little white body had never seen any one black. Her little white face and her blue eyes looked at the black face of something so large she could be crushed.

Every little white Mormon girl in the fields were on their knees frantically masturbating their little pussies. None had ever seen a black person. None had ever conceived that a man could be so big and so kind.

The “meeting” continued in aunties room. Auntie was so loving the huge hand holding her little white ass so carefully and gently but strong like she would not fall. Auntie whimpered out of control and the huge Black leader of the all black Monastery had his huge hand holding her tiny white ass so tenderly. He could have done anything to her little ass or her little white mostly bare little white pussy that had not had a cock for so long. The huge very gentle black giant of man settled her little white body still quivering in her white gown on her bed.

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His enormous thirteen inch black cock was hard. His entire huge body looked like black silk. Auntie was surely going to be raped.

The huge black man just laid beside her on her bed. Three times her size he could destroy her. He could kill at will. But monks were all about service and never harm of animals or humans. The monks were on earth to provide service to all mankind.

Auntie quivered as the huge body three times her was so warm. So silky and so just warm and she was not being raped. Her little white hands could not begin to capture any part of this gentle giant.

Auntiequivered as she crawled her little white body on top of the huge man. She had no idea what she could accomplish but she had yet to kiss the man that had carried her with his huge hand on her little white ass and could have done anything he wanted to her. That just made her little pussy wetter and her perky titties throb.

The huge black hands held her tiny white hips as Auntie dared to lick his mouth. The enormous black cock head was still above her tummy and belly button as it rubbed against her so warm and hard.

Auntie felt so warm as her tiny white body was so small against this man. Big black man that she expected to just rape her little body. She was unsure if that would be a bad thing as her pussy had not had cock for so long. A real kind rather large man with a huge cock. A huge black man with a huge black cock she could not get her little white mouth fully on. The best she could do out in the fields was nip at the wet slit that was slightly pink inside as she tried push her little pink white girl tongue to get all the rich dick flavor she could.

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Auntie just whimpered and shook as the warmth of the huge head just touched her pussy lips. Auntie tried to mount but the huge hands held her slim white hips. Monks would never harm or destroy.

Auntie quivered in the big man’s grasp as her tiny little white pussy accepted the huge cock head.

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The “meeting” took much longer as further looks around the fields and produce production and the amounts the Monastery could expect and any services the Monastery fulfill as well.

80 little horny girls and 50 huge black cocks. The Devil Queen was delighted. Now to fit everything in a real production her Lord Satan.

The “meeting” between the two trying to offer services to each of their saintly endeavors lasted much longer. Auntie stroked the broad black chest of massive man a she squirmed her little white body into contortions she did not know she had. She had sucked, she had rammed her head, she had rammed her little hips and the most she could get was maybe three inches of the massive black cock meat in her small white Mormon mouth as the huge strong black hands held her silky blonde head. Monks would do harm. The same huge hands held her tiny white hips never allowing more than six inches of his massive black cock, thirteen inches of pure man fuck meat, into her little white pussy. Monks never caused harm. Her little white fist beat at his huge dark chest as she whimpered and they might as well be beating against a tree, certainly felt like a tree in her little white cunt hole.

While Auntie had been once owned and exchanged by the Mormon elders as a fuck and suck toy. Little girls so happy to be saved would at night slip their slim arms up her cunt tube and lick her rather large clit with tiny pink tongues. Sometimes three little girls would love her for saving them as they took turns sucking on her large swollen nipples on her little perky titties.

The huge man meat was so broad and long she was being controlled by the huge black man’s hands. Monks would do no harm. The meeting took three and a half days and Auntie led the huge black wonder to the gates herself, completely naked with her wet pussy dripping cunt uselessly in pathway dirt. Her perky little tits looked a bit red and her pink swollen nipples looked oddly purple. Apparently, monks were allowed to be of service as he allowed the tiny white wonder squirm and struggle. He finally relented enough to chew her perky tit flesh and swollen big nipples a she slammed her little white hands on his broad black chest as hard as stone. Often crying until he raised the tender white woman to use his huge kind black mouth on her titty flesh stroking her little white back and tiny white ass. It was the least he could do as he would not allow the slender body do harm to her self. Often waking up as Auntie was trying to get more of the huge black cock in her little white mouth while he was still asleep. Auntie thought maybe the softer cock still enormous would fit a little further as it was damn delicious.

Auntie whimpered and quivered as the huge black Monastery leader walked away. Monks walked. These monks walked with huge black cocks dangling soft and long almost to their knees. Several little girls in white gowns helped their savior, Auntie back to the dorms as it would be awhile for her to get over the “MEETING”.

The black monastery possessed men so different and kind. Huge black men so unlike the small white cocked elders that had ordained to own women, exchange girls for horrid abuse. The Monastery had real men.

Auntie could not conceive of having so many orgasms and wanting to be used and not allowed. Every inch of the huge black monk was delicious. Auntie had not eaten much in the past three days as she was suspiciously absent in her “MEETING”.

The three little girls helped her back inside in their little white gowns and poky young bumps or stiff nipples equally wasting so much cunt fertilizer on the dirt path.

The slim titless fourteen year old “CHEF” was preparing the best breakfast as muffin quivered. Little Muffin was only eight but sensed the change throughout the conclave. Little Muffin was so deeply in love with the slim titless “CHEF” and the “CHEF” equally loved her. So small and precious and perhaps the best cunt fister and clit sucker in the entire world. Her little cunt cup had too be emptied over and over as her tiny body quivered not knowing why. Her tiny tit dots turgid on her flat little body. Her little girl cunt slime was being turned in the best breakfast the fourteen year old slim titless horsed fuck “CHEF” could make for the whimpering Auntie she had to watch the huge black monk walk away.

The little girls got Auntie to bed and tenderly licked her entire slim white body. Auntie would need to rest and all loved her for having been saved. The tender little pink mouths tried to be as delicate as they could as their tiny naked bodies and little tit tubes knew something had changed.

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Now four little naked girls and the teen “CHEF” attended Auntie as they tired to get her to eat. The other sous chefs had seen all of the wonder chef skills they eagerly cooked for the vast conclave all a little excited about the smell of changes to come.

The Devil Queen was rewriting her script quickly a new production for her Lord Satan was forming as she had not expected the union of Mormon white and black Monastery would work out so well. Frankly she had not done anything as teen Sarah held little Sherry and tickled her little pussy lips. Neither gave much more thought of the rampant fuck going on back home, where ever that was. Little Ginny was in charge back there. Little Ginny’s mommy had fucked Little Sherry’s big brothers and her daddy so hard they cup their limp cock meat. All the other mommy’s had stopped and just watched as Little Ginny got on her mommy planting her little cunnie meat down and sucked all of the fuck out of her mommy. These humans practically wrote and displayed so much fuck filth there was not much for the Devil Queen to do. The Lord Satan, her wonderful huge thrity inched cocked husband just let her go.

The script and production or directing did not need her anymore. All the tiny white Mormon girls in their white robes had seen the huge black monk. Many saw the huge piece of fuck meat dangling around in his black robe. All saw Auntie quiver for the first time ever forgetting her white gown so all could see her perky titties with reddened hard nipples as she looks like a little school girl in love for the first time. The huge black Monk was always covered by his black robe that did little to hide his immense size. His big strong body was the first black person any of the little white girls had ever seen.

The Devil Queen had planted her demented thoughts as her production took its own life. Damn if these humans were not more fun up on earth. All in Hell were more than converted, they were all fuck as daddies lived out their most filth ramming big daddy dick in little boy ass pussy. Sucking boy cock. Slamming daddy cock down some boy throat, often their own little boys as they were turned into boy cunt, cock sucking sperm loving boy cunt. As the daddies were released to do the most vile acts they had been hiding. Many loved sucking boy cock and eating boy sperm. Many raped any young boy ass pussy as daddy’s held their own boys throats on their rampant cocks while their little tiny white ass pussy’s were scrambled into to huge purple fuck. The little white boy cocks all hard and dangling as they were thrusted back and forth. Hell was easy and earth was fun.

The little white Mormon girls barely got sleep as all tried to whisper about the first black person any had ever seen. Their own leader sure seemed to like the wonder. For the little white Mormon girls this was truly a first and it made their pussies and tiny tit bulbs get worst as they tried to capture any concept of someone so huge and kind on their little white bodies. Maybe hold their little white bodies. Maybe they could at least sit on one’s lap. They were all confused and horny.

The least of black cocks was eleven inches. None would begin fit anywhere in the little white girls.

The next morning a mule drawn cart and five huge black hard bodied monks in hot black robes. All five were the most sterling just people let alone black people, huge strong black people that sent every little white pussy insane. The huge black men had only come to get the first of many harvested little cunt creams fertilized vegetables quickly back to the Monastery.

Well Mormon faith intervened as much as Monk faith required them to thoroughly bathe the little white nuns was also a Mormon following. No one would not receive their own devote beliefs.

The huge baths were full of warm water. Twenty little white Mormon girls stood nude some with bumps and some with tit tubes, few with any concept of pubic hair yet. Every little pussy was wet and whatever tit they had quivered.

The five huge black monks were sworn to complete silence. They were the youngest of the new monks and had the smallest black fuck meat at only 11 inches, well one was 12, but the monastery only had what they had.

Their mission was to only get the vegetables and return.

Mormon faith could not tolerate any lack of duty. The nude little girls were already creaming and any concept of tit shook.

Four little white girls to each of the huge black men. Quivering little white Mormon girls. Only two had been fucked as the others were saved so young and tender. Tiny and pure white, barely entering puberty as they were naturally hairless and were just showing little hips and little tit beginnings. Every tiny white pussy was wet in youthful eagerness few knew why.

Two of the little girls could not contain themselves as they fainted almost drowning before big strong very black hands pulled them up, cradling the tiny white bodies with true looks of concern. Big black fingers brushed the wet hair from the small faces as the tiny bodies quivered harder and little girls had spontaneous orgasms. The huge black gods were so gentle.

Auntie had to hold a lottery of sorts to decide which would attend in the bathing. The decisions really came down to those that could remain silent in respect of the monk’s faith. But the poor little white girls had only seen and felt abuse. They could all be crushed, fucked and killed.

The bathing had not even started, and two little white Mormon girls were whimpering in full blown orgasms as their tiny faces were tenderly brushed by huge black fingers of their wet blonde hair.

The two were finally settled and the little white girls swarmed the five huge black wonders. Soft wet sponges with the best soaps as fragrant as spring flowers and young white girl pussy. Their little tits bulged and ached. Their little pussies bulged and creamed.

They washed as much and as far as they could on the huge black men that gratefully knelt in the warm water so the tiny girls could reach their huge shoulders and necks and faces. Some of the little white girls licked at the big black faces, the lips for just a taste. Many kept dropping their soft sponges in the warm soapy water now laced in little white girl pussy cream none could control any more. They had tried to remain in control after Auntie had chosen them.

The little white hands “searching” in the warm water for their dropped soft sponges often found huge thick black cock. Their little white hands had no conceivable way to really hold the huge black fuck meat.

Everyone of the huge rather young men would need at least three pairs little girl hands to even try to hold the huge black meat stalks.

The monks were sworn to complete silence and maintained that control. But they were males. Huge very kind males, but all male. The silky, soapy white little Mormon girls slithered their tiny bodies all over their huge black bodies. They were all wet and soapy, warm and very attentive to their duty.

They had spent more time in the baths than planned. Finally, the rinsing began, and the little white girls were startled as the monks rinsed their little bodies first. They towered over the little white girls. Huge hard black cocks were right in their whimpering faces. The huge tender hands rinsed them completely as if they were washing the nuns that visited the monastery. Every crevice on the little white girls, all twenty, got thoroughly rinsed. Every bump and every pulsing little pussy. Who was bathing who?

One finally lost control as she fastened her little white mouth on only the first half inch of a huge black cock head. She had been one that had been fucked and used by the Elder’s before she was saved. She new what sperm tasted like and she did like all the girl pussy cream and tender young bodies, but she did miss sperm and now she was not being used. Her little white mouth would not stretch enough to any more, so she used her little pink tongue to lick at the huge black piss slit.

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The first black monk getting sucked was also the youngest and smallest at 11 huge thick inches. His big hands could just grab the little blonde’s head and ram his cock down her little white throat, but he tenderly fondled her little head holding her from doing harm to her little mouth as she was ramming her face to at least get the huge head in. Damn these huge black monks were the best thing any little white Mormon girl ever saw as they were loved and held and fondled and washed and rinsed, in complete silence although the little white girls were whimpering and gasping.

The other little girls lost their composure as they went on attack. Licking part of the huge black cocks they could with tiny pink tongues. They lapped at the huge black balls and it took at least two little white girls to lick every inch of hard black fuck meat.

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Not one drop fell into the bath water as her little pink mouth on her tiny white tender face sucked every pulse. Thick wonderful stuff she had know concept of just was so delicious.

Everyone needed further rinsing and it was getting late in the day. Too late for the five huge black monks to travel safely in the dark. The monks stayed over. The Monastery leader expected as much. The Devil Queen and her love, the Lord Satan were very happy.

The youngest and tiniest “bather” never left the biggest cocked immense black monk. In her little head she owned him. HER COCK, HER BODY.

Her little bed fit her but the huge black monk overfilled her little bed. The tiny white Mormon little sperm loving girl had no other place to sleep as she squirmed her tiny white body over the huge black frame of kind man. She tried to nestle her little white pussy on the huge black meat just to feel it against her warm wet cunt. Just like her little white mouth there was no concept of any of this huge man ever fitting into her anywhere.

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The carts were filled as the monks were not allowed to dress themselves. So many draped their long black robes on their huge bodies many having to stand on stools just to get the black robes over the huge bodies. Their black robes never smelled so wonderful as they had been so wonderfully washed in and scented with young cunt. The young cunt smell was accidental and unintended. Every little white Mormon girl trembled. Each and every one could have thrown around and used. Fucked by these wonderful brutes. The laundry staff had taken great care to get the black robes so perfect and clean but could not help their little white Mormon pussies from leaking.

Only twenty had been given permission to bath.

The huge black monks were not used to having their carts already filled and ready. Never smelled their robes so fragrant. Even their mules looked well fed and happy.

80 little white Mormon girls whimpered as their little pussies gushed even as the huge black men were entirely covered.

The fields would be drenched in cunt, young cunt juice as the carts left.

Only a week later three carts and 6 mules pulled into the Mormon conclave dedicated to saving little girls from the horrid elder ownership and used as fuck to be exchanged and used by their own daddy’s. The conclave had barely gotten over the huge black monks and now twenty. The monastery leader drove the first cart. These were gifts in exchange as they had no money and no need for money. Gift carts and mules in thanks. The idea the monastery leader and auntie had come up with was that sometimes the white Mormons would visit the monastery. It was the Monastery leaders attempt to never hurt and never allow harm. The concept of these little white girls walking with baskets of vegetables was more than horrid to the monks.

The gentle giant black Monastery leader foot had not even reached the dirt before Aunty stripped of her white Mormon gown and ran to him with her aching perky titties and wet hairless pussy.

Every little white Mormon girl just left their white gowns on the dirt path presenting their young white Mormon girl bodies to twenty huge black men. 80 young white pussies. Slim little white bodies that barely showed any tit.

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Auntie was limp in huge black arms as no explanation of the carts and mules or anything had even been explained. Auntie was his fuck. His hole. Auntie did not care anymore.

The carts were wonderful but cock, big black cock on big black bodies would quickly find out how nasty little white Mormon girls could get.

80 little white girls stripped 20 huge black men right in front of the wonderful carts and mules. All the whispers and comments about these monks had filled their little heads.

80 little white Mormon girls, well minus Auntie that was being carried off in big strong black arms as she whimpered.

Some had enough resolve to unharness the mules and give them fresh cunt hay. Every plant was fertilized by cunt and every harvest smelled of cunt. Everything in the conclave of young white Mormon saved girls smelled and tasted like girl. Little girls dripping young fuck anywhere they walked.

The saving conclave changed that day, that moment as 79 little white girls raped 20 huge black men. Huge hung black monks whimpered through their solemn sworn silence and would have been carried if the little white Mormon girls could begin to lift the huge wonderful black monks.

Auntie the conclaves inventor and the savior of all the little white Mormon girls from the filthy acts Mormon elders did and harmed and exchanged and fucked their own little girls. She had done so much for them all. She had overseen and developed a place little white Mormon girls could find some refuge.

Auntie was limp in the strong black monks’ arms. She shook and whimpered as her little quivering body and her perky tits quivered.

The mules were unharnessed and fed the richest girl cunt hay any had ever tasted. The mules were more than happy as their huge cocks hung. Several of the little white Mormon girls looked fondly at the huge mule cocks. Three chose to stay in the barn just to make sure the mules were completely satisfied. The mules and the carts would save them from so much walking, and they were gifts.

Now only 76 little white girls, little white Mormon girls were left. White saintly gowns that barely hid their tiny bodies were strewn across the conclave.

The huge black monks sworn to silence moaned. Auntie was doing her best to drive her little white pussy hard on thirteen inches of thick black cock. Her little white mouth had already sucked out two huge streams of black cock pulses as her perky titties got twisted. Auntie had so much determination, but the huge black hands held her small white hips like she was some tiny doll. At any moment she could be destroyed by one hard tug on her tiny white hips. Auntie could be completely impaled by 13 inches of huge thick black cock if the gentle giant black monk would just pull her tiny hips down.

Three white Mormon girls were sucking on mule cock.

The smallest one of all was doing her best on a huge cock head, a huge wet black cock head that she could not get her little white lips across, she whimpered and struggled as a big black finger was up her little pussy.

76 other little white Mormon girls were doing the best they could at raping the other 18 monks. They had not gotten near the baths as their tiny white tender bodies overwhelmed the remaining monks. The little white fuck filthy girls had had enough cunt and girl pussy. They wanted cock and theses were huge cocks they had heard about over the last week.

Not one had any chance of getting their little white innocent Mormon mouths on the huge black cocks. No concept of anything so large anywhere in their tiny white bodies.

Monks were and had always been of pure divine. They were dedicated to total service.

Delicate little tongues covered their huge black bodies. Licked at their huge cocks.

First one little white girl got a big black finger in her little white pussy like she was a small puppet.

Aunty was allowed 8 of the thick black 13 inches and that alone crushed against her little uterus. Her womb was opening from the very kind but brutally wonderful fuck.

The slim titless “CHEF” was always busy in the huge kitchen and Little Muffin never left her side. The slim fourteen year old only wore an apron to protect her little body from hot splatters leaving her startling white body mostly nude. Her tiny heart shaped ass opened to reveal her tiny pink rose bud ass hole anytime she bent. Her cunt gaped open and wet from all the horse fucking she had been forced to perform before she was saved. Little Muffin was also naked as her tiny body was equally white and her unusually large puffy cunt meat protruded form her little pelvis like a wonderful young flower, equally wet.

Neither had seen the huge black monks as they were always busy preparing and cooking to feed the large conclave of saved little white Mormon girls. The slim titless 14 yearold quivered when she heard there were mules. Everything she hated about the horrid Mormon elders and her own daddy flooded her mind as she not given the past much thought anymore.

The slim titless “CHEF” loved her duties and not having to suffer in the hands of old white men she had been forced to take two-hour breaks as many little white girls learned form her and could be left alone to let her rest. No one wanted to lose her.

The “CHEF” held Little Muffins tiny hand as they walk nude to the barn. Muffin was startled a bit as the huge animals looked glossy after thorough very careful washing and fresh cunt cream hay. They were huge animals and six long mule cocks hung. Well only four hung really as the two little white Mormon that had stayed behind to attend the gifts had their little bodies under two sucking on the heads of huge mule cock. Basically, just the huge mule piss slits in their little white mouths as their soapy hands stroked the enormous cock meat that had no chance of ever fitting.

Their tiny white butts sitting in mud from all the vigorous washing with pales and sponges and brushes strewn about.

Little Muffin had never seen any cock and had no idea about size. Her little slim arm was barely half the size of the twenty-inch mule cocks and more than twice as thick. The fourteen year old titless slim “CHEF” lost her balance and sank to her knees gushing girl from her abused fuck meat. Little Muffin was truly lost as she was only 8 with darling little tit dots that were turning into purple tubes. Her puffy pussy pulsed, and she did not know why. Her clit matched her muffin and stuck out stiff and hard as it had been sucked and chewed as much as her purple little tit dot tubes.

Bales of fresh cunt cream hay the little white Mormon girls had a very hard time getting inside looked prefect to the slim 14yearold “CHEF”. Her eyes wide as she surveyed the mule sucking girls and the other four glossy beast with huge hanging mule cock that looked freshly washed. Limp but huge animal cock.

One mule got a whiff on her girl cunt gush. His huge mule cock instantly responded into twenty-one inches of fuck.

The so slim fourteen year old titless “CHEF” laid her tiny body on the much softer girl cunt hay bale as the huge animal came to her. These mules were as kind as the huge black monks as his large snout smelled her girl fuck. His huge tongue was so broad and long he licked her little white exposed body from tinny pink ass rose to her abused cunt meat and brushed across clit.

The slim thing grabs his ears as tenderly as she could as she quivered, pulling the huge mule mouth to her little white one. She sucked on the long animal tongue drinking down mule saliva. Every abuse flooded back in her head. But she was in control of her little white body now and she really missed being ram fucked into constant violent orgasms.

The huge but gentle mule placed his huge body over the slim white thing carefully putting his front legs on either side of the tiny body and soft bale as his huge mule cock head barely nudged her cunt meat. So large it rubbed her clit as well.

The slim fourteen year old wrapped her slim white legs around the huge brown brute and her little heels kicked the mule’s ass as if many would get them to walk. No walking or pulling carts or sweating as each mule had never felt so much attention and loving kindness from little white wonders.

The slim fourteen year old “CHEF’s” womb had long been opened as an extension of her fuck tube. Numerous loads of animal had been driven deep in her as it pulsed thick animal cum into her little body as old Mormon elders beat their little white cocks.

This was different, her choice, her body, her little tits barely moved as they were so hard.

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Auntie, their savior and leader looked the most radiant any had ever seen. Her mouth in a wide smile for once and the little white Mormon girls were delighted to see her so happy. Each hoping they might get picked to bath the huge black monks next time.

But the leader of the Monastery and Auntie had to attend to each of their dedications.

Concepts were exchanged for the use of the carts and huge glossy mules that were being tenderly washed by soft young white hands all warm and soapy.

The Mormons had never driven a cart let alone handled mules or had any idea how harnesses fit and where.

The huge black monk and leader kindly fondled her white face and wiped her long blonde hair off her tear stained face letting her know without words he would take care of any problems. Aunties tiny white body trembled and spontaneously orgasmed as any touch from the huge man was so different and loving and caring. She had beat his chest with her little white hands a she held her little white slim body to keep her from destroying herself on his huge black cock. She tried to fit more in her little white Mormon mouth and just whimpered.

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White practically translucent gowns hung perfectly clean. The laundry staff basically had little to do anymore as the White Mormon saving wonderful Conclave of little dainty white blonde girls turned into a nudist conclave.

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In any normal circumstances this would be very odd. The Mormon baths were for them servicing and cleaning others.

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Only this morning none of the little white Mormon girls had ever seen any black person. The contrast of their tiny white bodies against the huge black monks as their tiny bodies were so softly cleaned and fondled in silky warm soaps.

Sarah and Little Sherry had a front row view of what the Devil Queen was producing for the Lord Satan.

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Auntie went first in Mormon prayer a she flooded her chair in cunt. The huge black monk that would not demolish her white cunt said the next prayer and thanking the Mormons for the wonderful food and wonderful care he had not expected.

Little white Mormon girls were flooding girl drenching the floor. The laundry staff may not be the busiest.

Every tiny white thing just wanted to get through the prayers, eat something so they could just stare at the huge black people.

As each took one bite of food all wanted to hug the slim titless fourteen year old mule fuck “CHEF”. Whatever this treasure wanted would somehow be arranged just so the wonder teen was happy.

She stood proud and her startling white body so slim and titless accepted the praise as Little Muffin was still sucking mule fuck out of her gaping animal fuck.

Dinner was quick and it was late. Mormons had the same duty as the huge monks even though the tiny white girls did not mind the tender strong bathing. Maybe they had let Auntie and Mormon concepts and faith fail them.

Quick dinner and silent whispers about how late it was, getting dark now between Aunty and The Monastery leader decided it was getting too late and dark for safe travel.

The little beds intended for little white Mormon girls had no concept of these huge black bodies. The new dorm was still under construction. There was simply nowhere for these huge very gentle black monks unless they shared with the tiny white girls, and every tiny thing quivered.

The huge black men, monks, would fill their little beds. They would have to sleep on top of the huge black bodies if they shared their beds only in Mormon service.

Auntie asked and every little white hand made their beds available as they raised tiny white hands some in fists.

The laundry staff was getting a break and some relief, but the kitchen staff had a lot of girl mopping.

Not one of the tiny white girls had ever seen any black person before this morning.

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Several monks horrified at the site of saintly white Mormon gowns in dirt and little white girls’ tiny pink feet in dirt, duty was upon them. The gowns were nothing really to gather up and get to the laundry and frankly the little white girls were shaking so hard each one was picked up in strong arms in twos and carried to the baths. Little pink tongues licked the huge black necks and those that could reach the black faces and lips tried to lick. The all black monastery swollen to silence as well as duty and deliverance was hardly silent. The little girls had been told but could not contain their lustful thoughts and the wonderful feeling of something so huge, strong and so kind holding their naked little white bodies. Some started to wish for death by fuck just to put out their pussy fire once and for all.

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