Everything is connected – in the Requiem of Sin and beyond. This is a glossary of terms used across XPANTHER stories. It will be added to, as the Universe expands. It also serves to remind that across time, across cultures, across genres, across religions… evil prevails, it’s pervasive and all encompassing… HAIL WRATH! HAIL ANARCHY!




Altar of Sin – demonic altar for human sacrifice: http://littlesally666.com/lilith-rising/ and http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sin-3-alices-tale/

Akujin – evil goddess: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-hunger/

Amanojaku – sexual demon that take the androgynous form between male and female; like Futanari or new halves: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku/

Amulet of Az – a rare amulet was supposed to contain the spirit of a hermaphroditic lust demon. It dated back to the time of the old kingdom of Persia; a necklace designed in the form of an heavy amulet containing a deep purple crystal with a silver setting; the amulet is said to have the power to transform its wearer; there was also a warning that, as the dark crystal contained the spirit of the lust demon, it was prone to be volatile, unpredictable and very dangerous – this spirit could even take possession of body of its wearer and its evil may only be controlled by a counter-spell; also associated with the SSC: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-4/

Anaru – anal sex: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-hunger/

Ashtaroth – also Astaroth, Astarot and Asteroth), in demonology, is the Great Duke of Hell in the first hierarchy with Beelzebub and Lucifer; he is part of the evil trinity. He is a male figure most likely named after the Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-4/

Aosoth – a dark female force in the pantheon of the Order of the Nine Angles.
Ass To Mouth Resuscitation – song by Hate Plow: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-4/

Applebloom – essence or perfume used to induce femininity in young boys: http://littlesally666.com/raven-dove-1/

Aquelarre – the he-goat god associated with ancient fertility rituals and witches’ Sabbath; these rituals where in fact venereal and licentious orgies called Priapeia or Liberalia: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-prayer/


Baal – demon; see Belphegor, Ba’al Phegor, Baal-peor; compared to Satan or considered his main assistant; some believe his power is stronger in October.; the origin of Halloween in Samhain was believed to involve pagan worship and sacrifice to Baal; worshiped in many ancient Middle Eastern communities, especially among the Canaanites, who apparently considered him a fertility deity and one of the most important gods in the pantheon; human sacrifice including child sacrifice as worship to Baal at the Baalbek Temple; King Ahab was one of the most notoriously wicked king’s of the bible. Under the influence of his wife, Jezebel, Ahab built altars to Baal; these rituals sacrificed humans, typically children, and the bodies of these victims were placed under the foundations or in the walls of the structure: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-4/ and http://littlesally666.com/five-demons-4/

Baphomet / Black Baphomet – the god of the witches; the twin-sex god; twin-sex god of the witches… the cock and cunt goddess; the baphometic deity; the devil; satan incarnate: from Medieval Latin Baphometh, Baffometi, Occitan Bafometz) is a deity that the Knights Templar were falsely accused of worshiping and that subsequently was incorporated into disparate occult and mystical traditions. The rising of the Adversary. The Baphomet or Sabbatic Goat or Goat of Mendes, represents the equilibrium of the opposites. Often depicted as an androgynous winged figure with head and hinds of a goat; the bare breast of a woman; and the erect phallus of a man encircled by the twin serpents of Lilith and Samael. The image of Baphomet has graced everything from heavy metal albums to religious propaganda, and tends to be used as a symbol of evil. Yet Baphomet is a far, far more complex symbol. The Sigil of Baphomet, depicting the Sabbatic Goat within an inverted Pentagram: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-1/ and http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/five-demons-3/

Baptism of semen, blood and urine – a ritual to reverse the Christain ‘baptism’ and to inculcate evil and sinful thoughts into an innocent person; to bless them and ordain them into the ways of the devil: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-2/

Bargain to Bind – a deal made with the devil in return for sexual powers
Behemoth – is a beast mentioned in Job 40:15–24. Suggested identities range from a mythological creature to an elephant, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, or buffalo, Metaphorically, the name has come to be used for any extremely large or powerful entity: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-1/

Behemoth – name has come to be used for any extremely large or powerful demonic entity: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-4/

Belphegor – an androgynous sexual demon god, worshipped in the form of an erect penis; also known as Baal, Ba’al Phegor, Baal-peor; Kabbalistic writings described Belphegor as the god of sloth (laziness) but more interestingly, his worshipers, in highly sexual rituals, would shit upon their altar as a sacred offering to this perverted demon. Belphegor is associated with licentiousness, orgies, urolagnia and coprophilia. This eponymous demon of openings (especially the anus), is worshiped as a giant phallus with ritual sodomy and repellent sacrificial offering of human urine and excreta. He is a shape-shifter, delighting in using this ability to deceive mortals. His most common forms are polarized in their appearances. Belphegor will take the form of a beautiful young girl naked in all her glory, to seduce those who would fall for his wiles. He also appears as a terrible demon, with leathery flesh, huge horns, long sharp teeth and fingernails, and a gaping mouth: http://littlesally666.com/five-demons-4/ and http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-2/

Bhikkhuni – female monks that perform oral sex, bestiality, sodomy and masturbation with long dildo-like objects: http://littlesally666.com/forbidden-garden-2/

Bird – A bird in the language of the Sprites means a penis, cock or phallus. When a ‘bird’ sings it refers to the process of ejaculation and orgasm – whether self induces through masturbation or through other sexual means: http://littlesally666.com/raven-dove-1/

Black Mass – demonic ritual; also known as the Malleus Maleficarum; the rite “black” witches were said to hold to parody the Catholic mass. They often said segments of a normal mass backward, used humans for altars, and generally insulted and perverted Catholicism: http://littlesally666.com/zaliva-1/ and http://littlesally666.com/things-that-go-bump-in-the-night/ and http://littlesally666.com/the-guru-1/ and http://littlesally666.com/the-sinstitute/ and http://littlesally666.com/zaliva-3/ and http://littlesally666.com/zaliva-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/nefarious/ and http://littlesally666.com/nothing-without-sin-1/ and http://littlesally666.com/the-good-son-1/ and http://littlesally666.com/the-good-son-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/empress-1/ and http://littlesally666.com/empress-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/satans-daughter-3/ and http://littlesally666.com/satans-daughter-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/wicked-souls-tainted-hearts-3/ and http://littlesally666.com/wicked-souls-tainted-hearts-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/the-baphomet-3/ and  http://littlesally666.com/lusting/ and http://littlesally666.com/incubub-1/  and http://littlesally666.com/devil-1/

Black Skinned Devils / Black Skinned Demons – androgynous sexual demons, lust demons or half demons; usually skeletal and inhuman in form; their black skin suggests they are from the fires of hell; known for rape, sodomy, murder and the consumption of human flesh; they serve the devil and are called upon to do his evil deeds; also see Cambions: http://littlesally666.com/the-devils-doorway/ and  http://littlesally666.com/under-my-bed/ and http://littlesally666.com/belzeba-in-hell-2/ and  http://littlesally666.com/possession-2/

Blasphemous Garden – a sinful place to realize the powers of darkness through sexual perversion: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-1/

Bone Phallus – aslo know as the witches’ blade; a ceremonial implement used for female masturbation and anal penetration, shaped in the likeness of a penis, fashioned from human bone (usually from the thigh of a sacrificed child): http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-1/

Book of Vices – painting of the Devil presenting St. Augustine with the Book of Vices, oil on wood by Michael Pacher; see the Libra Diabolica Sexualis: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sin-3-alices-tale/

Broken Cross – an order founded on the principle of Satanism was an affirmation in a work of the devil, but aligned itself to his undeniable sexual attraction to young boys.
Brougham-Landaulet – a brand of horse-drawn coach used circa 1800s: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-prayer/


Cambions – those born from the union between humans and demons (succubi and incubi); sometimes the terms is also associated with Black Skinned Devils, Black Skinned Demons: http://littlesally666.com/little-monsters-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/flowers/ and http://littlesally666.com/devil/ and  http://littlesally666.com/tower/ and  http://littlesally666.com/things-that-go-bump-in-the-night/

Camiyati – one who is to be possessed: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-bone/

Cabal / Secret Cabal / Secret Cabal of Evil – a secretive sect/cult dedicated to the worship of evil; it’s cult members work closely together to control government, law, church and industry to realign them to the mutual interests of a satanic state: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sin-3-alices-tale/

Carnival of Sin – a performance containing a number of perverted sexual acts; performed before a paying audience usually in rather tardy places (Thailand); tabled as the taboo secrets the sex freaks of Asia: http://littlesally666.com/forbidden-garden-2/ and  http://littlesally666.com/belzeba-in-hell-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/death-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/savant/

Celia/Grand Celia – a throne-like structure: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sin-3-alices-tale/

Cenobitic Priest – follows in the traditions of early Christians and adhered to the strict ruling as prescribed by St.Bruno of Cologne: http://littlesally666.com/five-demons-1/

Cilice– a medievel form of Christian penance. Also none as a ‘hairshirt’ or ‘sackcloth’ – originally made from coarse animal hair so they would irritate the skin. Other features were added to make cilices more uncomfortable, such as thin wires or twigs. In modern religious circles, cilices are simply any device worn for the same purposes: http://littlesally666.com/five-demons-3/

Child of Doom – a prophecy of debauchery: http://littlesally666.com/flowers/

Chijo – public molester; usual female; female sexual molester: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-hunger/

Chinko – cock, penis: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-hunger/

Clit-Cock – a mutation of the female genitalia such that the clitoris appears penile in form: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sin-3-alices-tale/

Cock God – also known as Set, Hermes, Priapus, Asher, Satyr, Siva, Min, Pazuzu; a god worshipped in the form of a phallus/erect penis; They danced around a huge effigy of an erect cock, danced to pagan drums and masturbated as they urinated over themselves and each other. Yes, they drank their own pee. They began to suck each others cocks and lick each others testicles and taste each others dirty little anuses. They ejaculated into a challis to share with each other before their great cock god. They devised many complex rituals that involved sodomy, rape and other sinful acts to show how much they loved the cock go: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/possession-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/lilith-rising/ and http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-4/ and http://littlesally666.com/the-church-of-androgyny/ and http://littlesally666.com/succubus-nightmare/ and http://littlesally666.com/shemale-succubus-1/ and http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-bone/ and http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-prayer/ and  http://littlesally666.com/empress-3/ and  http://littlesally666.com/incubub-1/ and  http://littlesally666.com/under-my-bed/ and  http://littlesally666.com/the-guru-1/ and http://littlesally666.com/the-guru-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/nefarious/

Cock Goddess of Perversity – see Goat God: http://littlesally666.com/the-devils-doorway/

Convent of St. Wolfgang – Convent and home to the Holy Order lead by the infamous Father Ambrosio; ran by the St. Wolfgang Convent Sisters, the Order is dedicated to the systematic destruction of the secret cabals (satanic cults); the sisters and brothers are handpicked by the Ministry for this task: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sin-3-alices-tale/

Corpus Satanas – evil prayer translated to the ‘body of Satan’: http://littlesally666.com/zaliva-1/

Cubit – a measure of length, about 20 inches long: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-secret/ and http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-prayer/

Cunt Goddess / Cunt God – a Sapphic sex demon elevated to the status of a god; worshipped through lesbian sex; also known as Aphrodite, Oshun, Yoni, Isis, Canaan, Clíodhna, Hathor, Rati, Hyme; also see Lilith and Lilu; they often performed elaborate ritual orgies involving intoxicated naked girls licking and sucking upon each other. They performed sexual acts inserting wooden and bone phalluses into themselves, some with animals, like dogs and goats and even horses for vaginal penetration to show how much they loved their Cunt God: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-2/


Damaru – a drum with a leather string tied over the narrow middle part of it, with human bone fragments that were indented to make a rattling sound on the drum’s membranes, when swung: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-bone/

Dance of the Amanojaku – a ritual involving the transmutation of innocence to evil; an awakening of an inner dark self: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku/

Dark Infestation – the process of becoming aware of one’s own inner sexual demons: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-1/

Dark Magick – also known as black magic, sex magic; performed to manipulate wantonness: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/devil/ and http://littlesally666.com/the-baphomet-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/belzeba-in-hell-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/possession-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/possession-1/

Decorte – an exotic looking woman. people usually mispronounce her name, but when they get it right, the sound of it matches her sexiness; http://littlesally666.com/through-the-looking-glass-1/

Demons of Hell – the demons that rise from hell to reap havoc upon good and pious Christains (converting them to sinners): http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-2/

Devas – gods-like characters: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-bone/ and http://littlesally666.com/magus-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/empress-3/ and  http://littlesally666.com/lusting/

Devil’s Hour – 3.00 am in the morning; also called the Witching Hour; as opposed to Jesus Christ who it is said died from crucifixion at 3.00 pm in the afternoon: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-prayer/ and http://littlesally666.com/star/ and http://littlesally666.com/the-devils-doorway/

Disobedience of Passion / Bliss of Disobedience – to wilful sin to rebel against all things of light; enjoyment of sinful acts; to perform sinful act in the worship of the Divine One: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-1/

Divine Nectar – urine used in the worship or ritual worship of sexual demons: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-1/

Divine One / The Divine One – an ugly demon known; known for its perverted desires for young girls and boys; it has a long penial tongue and an even longer deformed penis; shies away from the sunlight: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-5-chapters-1-3/


Ego vos benedictio – translated mean ‘I bless’ or ‘I bless you’: http://littlesally666.com/zaliva-1/

El Templo do Diabo – translated this means ‘The Devil’s Temple’: http://littlesally666.com/zaliva-3/

Enchanting/Enchantment – Enchantment is the a term that Sprites use to describe the use of ‘white’ or so-called good magic: http://littlesally666.com/devil-1/ and http://littlesally666.com/possession-1/ and http://littlesally666.com/shemale-succubus-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-bone/ and http://littlesally666.com/wicked-souls-tainted-hearts-3/ and http://littlesally666.com/empress-1/ and http://littlesally666.com/empress-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/lusting/ and http://littlesally666.com/raven-dove-1/ and http://littlesally666.com/raven-dove-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/raven-dove-3/ and http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-prayer/

Essence of Evil – a ceremonial drink made from human blood: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-2/

Evil Tarot – a specific form of erotic tarot intended to foretell things to come: http://littlesally666.com/evil-deeds/ and http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-5-chapters-1-3/ and http://littlesally666.com/under-my-bed/


First Garden – also known as the Garden of Eden; a primal place: http://littlesally666.com/forbidden-garden-1/ and http://littlesally666.com/forbidden-garden-2/

Font of Filth – associated with the demon Belphegor (the Demon of Filth or Waste); a shallow metal bath that was shaped like a cross; about sixteen inches deep with thin silver walls and coffin-like handles; used for human sacrifice by drowning the victim in human waste (usually a combination of urine and feces): http://littlesally666.com/five-demons-4/

Forbidden Fruit – association with the Garden of Eden / Adam and Eve and the explusion of man; original sin; the first sin; disobedience usually associated with the consumption of an apple (a bite of an apple) as a metaphor for the rejection of God’s law or commands: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-1/

Forbidden Language (of Witches) – a secretive language of spells of enchantment usually associated with ‘black’ magic: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-1/ and http://littlesally666.com/forbidden-garden-2/


Garden of Sin – refers to the disobedience of man (and woman) in the first garden, the Garden of Eden; but echoes the relishment of sinful acts that are willingly and wantonly performed in the worship of Satan (the Antichrist): http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-1/

Gansha – cumming on the face: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-hunger/

Goat Goddess – also known as the twin sexed god; the god of the witches; the Queen of Cock; the Queer of Hell; the Cock Goddess of Perversity; the Horned hunter of the night; a baphometic deity that takes the androgynous appearance for half man (with penis, usually fully erect) and half woman (with pert breasts); and with hind legs and head of a goat; also see Goat of Mendes: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-hunger/

Goat of Mendes – an evil talisman; see Goat Goddess; also called the Baphomet; the Goat; conjoined in the formation of the hermaphroditic configuration with both male and female sexual organs into one mysterious and divine deity: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-2/

Goat with no horns – in Vodou the terms reference to the sacrifice of humans; http://littlesally666.com/justice-2-chapters-4-6/

Goddess Ezili – Erzulie, or Ezili, is the Vodou Lwa (spirit or Goddess) of love and women. She has many forms, from coquette to fierce warrior mother to red-eyed weeping crone, and can be counted among either the Rada or Petwo lwa (spirits or gods). The Petwo rites arose in the New World during slavery, and Petwo lwa are characteristically dark and powerful, and called bitter (anme). Erzulie is a love Goddess who developed during a time when slave owners broke up families and separated husbands and wives at will, and considered raping female slaves a pleasant way to produce more slaves: http://littlesally666.com/justice-1-chapters-1-3/

Goukan – rape play: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-hunger/

Grand bal paré et masque – a festival of perversity and corruption, reflecting the mirrored virtues of good versus evil, where the participants wear masks of either devils or angels: http://littlesally666.com/flowers/

Grand Climax / Grand High Climax – the major holiday celebrated by Satanists on 24 December; it’s a juxtapose to the Christian holiday of Christmas Eve; however this goal to blaspheme is not always prevalent, that Grand High Climax is traditionally celebrated with a Black Mass, followed by great excesses of food, drink, sex, and merriment, but a rite called Grand High Climax and it was once part of the Satanic panic and beliefs about the Witches’ Sabbath: http://littlesally666.com/under-my-bed/


Hairshirt – a medievel form of Christian penance. Also see ‘cilice’ or ‘sackcloth’ – originally made from coarse animal hair so they would irritate the skin. Other features were added to make cilices more uncomfortable, such as thin wires or twigs. In modern religious circles, cilices are simply any device worn for the same purposes: http://littlesally666.com/five-demons-3/

Hecate – was the goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy. She was the only child of the Titanes Perses and Asteria from whom she received her power over heaven, earth, and sea: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-4/

High Citadel – a place of devil worship from antiquity: http://littlesally666.com/flowers/

Holy Cross Archive – an archival library of holy books associated with the Holy Order of the Prieuré de Sion; an anthropodermic bibliopegy: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-prayer/

Holy Oak – small rural village that gained notoriety for its concentration of occult practitioners; said to be the burial place of Saint Francis Xavier who was credited for some minor miracles before he died in his late teenage years. His grave site had been marked with the commissioning of a large statue of an avenging angel vanquishing over a twisted serpent-like demon: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-1/

Horned Clitoris – a deformation resulting in the unnatiral enlargement of the clitoris, so that it appears to be ‘horned’ shaped when erect. This condition was said to be the mark of a sexual demon – either the female was possessed by a demon or was said to be the incarnation of Lilith herself: http://littlesally666.com/five-demons-3/

Hounyourolagnia or urination; urine play or piss play; may involve the drinking of urine for sexual pleasure: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-hunger/


Incubub – a fictional creature that is an embodiment less of evil than a representative of repressed desires: http://littlesally666.com/incubub-1/ and http://littlesally666.com/incubub-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/incubub-3/ and http://littlesally666.com/incubub-4/

Inferno – A place of worship of the miscreant god (Satan/the Devil/Lucifer). A demonic being that requires the frequent sacrifice of young human (prim) children: http://littlesally666.com/raven-dove-1/

Io Pan – demon; see Pan; after the hymn to Pan by Aleister Crowley in 1929: http://littlesally666.com/hymn-to-pan/

Inverted Jesus – refers the practice of female masturbation using an inverted cross, so that the body of Jesus Christ is pressed up against the clitoris; smothering the Son of God in vaginal juices: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-4/


Jalapadasana – frog king, kneeling stance (naked yoga); http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-bone/


Kabukicho – dirty cinema: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-hunger/

Kai-awase – a form of tribalism: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-hunger/

Kali / Kali Ma/ Black Kali – a black-skinned deity containing a sex demon that can take several forms: firstly as a young girl; and secondly as a fierce twin-sexed creature with six arms: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-bone/ and http://littlesally666.com/hanged-man-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/hanged-man-1/

Krampus – originates from the Old High German word for claw (Krampen). In German-speaking Alpine folklore, Krampus is a horned, anthropomorphic figure. According to traditional narratives, Krampus punishes children during the Christmas season that had misbehaved, in contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards well-behaved children with gifts: http://littlesally666.com/krampus/

Kun-ni – cunnilingus: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-hunger/

Kurukulla – see Vajrayogini; the goddess of sex of ancient Indian culture; androgynous; also known as the cock goddess; the goddess of sex demons: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-bone/


La Clef de la Magie Noire – The inverted cross. The inverted pentagram. Sigils of the satanic mass: http://littlesally666.com/five-demons-4/

Lake Erie – a wide open expanse of water approximately nine miles from the village of Holy Oak; some said that evil spirits lurked there: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-2/

Les Fleurs du Mal (LFDM) – translated means ‘the flowers of evil’ but also a satanic cult originated in London in the 1800s: http://littlesally666.com/flowers/

Lieu de la chèvre – literally translated means ‘place of the goat’; associated with devil worship; also see Baphomet: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-prayer/

Libra Diabolica Sexualis – forbidden text also known as the Requiem of Sins intended to unlocking the sexual powers of darkness: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-1/

Lilith – a beautiful serpent goddess; a sexual demon; a succubus whore who takes pleasure from the sexual corruption of men, women and children; often androgynous in form; said to be the bride of the devil; also see Goat of Mendes; also known as Lamia, Empusa and Batibat: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sin-3-alices-tale/ and http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-4/ and http://littlesally666.com/five-demons-2/

Lingam – a phallus; a phallic charm used in masturbatory prayer or evoke sexual demons: http://littlesally666.com/forbidden-garden-2/

Lilu – the daughter of Lilith, just as evil and perverted as her mother: http://littlesally666.com/the-baphomet-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/the-baphomet-3/

Liturgia Horarum – ceremony of the faithful: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-prayer/

Lord of Heaven – the Christian God: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-1/

Lucifere excelsis / In excelsis deo Lucifero – a prayer in Latin; translated means ‘Lucifer in the highest’: http://littlesally666.com/evil-deeds/ and http://littlesally666.com/zaliva-3/ and http://littlesally666.com/zaliva-1/


Macumba temple – a place in which Macumba is practised; Brazilian Macumba is the name that was used to designate all Bantu religious practices, mainly in the Brazilian state of Bahia in the nineteenth century; later (in the 20th century), these practices were organized in what is now called Umbanda, Quimbanda and Omoloko; this word is used by some people as a pejorative word meaning black magic: http://littlesally666.com/zaliva-3/ and http://littlesally666.com/zaliva-2/

Makai Hounyo – devildom involving incest and urination: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-hunger/

Malleus Maleficarum – devil worship ritual; also known as the Black Mass: http://littlesally666.com/zaliva-1/

Manuel Libertine de la Perversion Sexuelle – a book of perverted sexual techniques to be mastered: http://littlesally666.com/flowers/

Mahring – A collective term of all forms of miscreant black magic and sorcery. From the word is derived from the German word nachtmahr. (nightmare or bad dream); it is an adjective describing the process of using witchcraft against prims and sprites: http://littlesally666.com/raven-dove-1/

Mara – a buddhist demon associated with death, rebirth and desire: http://littlesally666.com/belzeba-in-hell-1/

Medmenham Abbey – A desecrated church/abbey used by the LFDM circa 1860 to 1990: http://littlesally666.com/flowers/

Manausa – the medusa of mayhem; also known as the Queen of serpents; the Cobra Goddess of Eastern India; a freak stage performer in a carnival-like act: http://littlesally666.com/forbidden-garden-2/

Maxima cum voluptate – Latin for ‘with intense pleasure’: http://littlesally666.com/five-demons-4/

Mibojin – widow: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-hunger/

Miscreant – A miscreant is a supernatural entity. They are often depicted as minor demonic creatures of a very mischievous nature. Form the Latin ‘mis’ plus ‘creant’ (meaning mis-believe). They are known to cause all sorts of depraved and villainous acts
Moloch – the biblical name of a Canaanite god associated with child sacrifice; the name of this deity is also sometimes spelled Molech, Milcom, or Malcam; see Baal: http://littlesally666.com/raven-dove-1/

Mridangam – a drum-like instrument used in ritual magick: http://littlesally666.com/forbidden-garden-2/ and http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-bone/ and http://littlesally666.com/empress-3/ and http://littlesally666.com/empress-1/

Moon Goddess – diety associated with the seasons and witchcraft: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-1/

Myristic Acid – a compound used in occult sexual magick: http://littlesally666.com/flowers/


Naked Jesus – a statue in parody of Christianity, depicting Jesus Christ in an erect state whilst crucified: http://littlesally666.com/succubus-nightmare/ and http://littlesally666.com/possession-2/

Naga Sadhus – a form of naked yoga that embraced celibacy; also a naked ritual performed to summon sexual demons: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-bone/

Namaste – a praying position (naked yoga): http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-bone/


O Satanae me Satana venimus victimis – a SSC prayer of offering; literally meaning ‘Oh Satan, my Satan, we come with sacrifice’: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-4/

O Satanas Satanam aliosque meo: et ego veni sacrificium – a Cabalist’s prayer translated meaning ‘Oh Satan, my Satan, I come with sacrifice’: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-4/

O Satanas, benedicat peccatis nostris in sanguine, et vere magna satanas sexus – a Cabalist’s prayer translated meaning ‘Oh Satan, great Satan, bless our sins with blood and perverted sex’: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-4/

Oberndorf – a small village situated on the border to Bavaria nearby lakes of Wallersee and Fuschlsee: http://littlesally666.com/krampus/

Omanko – cunt, vagina: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-hunger/

Onee-san – a big sister of incest usually the instigator of perverted sexual relations between siblings: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-hunger/

Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) – ‘Order of the Temple of the East’ or ‘Order of Oriental Templars’ is an international fraternal and religious organization founded at the beginning of the 20th century. English author and occultist Aleister Crowley has become the best-known member of the order: http://littlesally666.com/nefarious/


Pan – god of masturbation; the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature of mountain wilds, rustic music and impromptus, and companion of the nymphs; he has the hindquarters, legs, and horns of a goat, in the same manner as a faun or satyr; often affiliated with sex; because of this, Pan is connected to fertility; most of the time, he is portrayed with an erection: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-4/ and http://littlesally666.com/five-demons-1/

Penile Tongue – a transformation element of sex demons where the tongue becomes penile in shape, rigidity and length; http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-5-chapters-1-3/

Piss God – a homosexual demon elevated to the status of a god; worshiped primarily by young boys through masturbation and the consumption of their own urine; also known as Cock God, Set, Hermes, Priapus, Asher, Satyr, Siva, Min, Pazuzu: http://littlesally666.com/under-my-bed/

Pleasure of disobedience – refers to the sexual pleasures enjoyed during the blasphemous worship of Satan: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-1/

Priapus – a phallic demon; the cock of cocks; marked by his oversized, permanent erection; associated with the worship of the erect penis: http://littlesally666.com/under-my-bed/

Prince of Darkness – also known as the Prince of Evil; a name for the Devil: http://littlesally666.com/satans-daughter-3/

Preternatural Dreams – a dream state in which the ‘dreamer’ sees a vision (can be good or evil)”: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sin-3-alices-tale/ and http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-4/

Prieuré de Sion – a so-called Holy Order and the home of the Holy Cross Archive; said to practice ‘The Worship of the Generative Powers’ – they had in fact worshiped the Devil as a priapic fertility God; under the guise that this god was a healing god, particularly of diseases and defects of the reproductive organs in which the sexual act was necessary for the continuation of life; they declare the celebration of sexuality as procreation as a religious act: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-prayer/

Priapeia – also known as Liberalia; ancient fertility rituals and witches’ Sabbath; venereal and licentious orgies in the name of Aquelarre (he-goat): http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-prayer/

Priest Boy – a name given in roleplay to a corrupted priest character: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-2/

Prim – A short form for primitive or primate. Used as a colloquialism for non-magical person or people especially non-magical children (male or female). Also used as a derogatory terminology, especially in comparison to those with magical abilities: http://littlesally666.com/raven-dove-1/

Procession of Innocents – the marching of ‘so-called’ innocent souls (though probably they are not without sin) through the courts of hell; most of these souls never leave, but are tortured there for eternity: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sin-3-alices-tale/

Pura – Indian temple of worship: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-bone/

Pustaka – manuscript or book (usually associated with sexuality): http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-bone/

Punji – a long phallic-shaped flute used in ceremonies using perverted sexual acts: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-bone/


Queen of Cock / Queer of Hell – see Goat Goddess and Horned Hunter of the Night: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-1/

Queen of the Damned – a vampiric goddess: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-4/

Quinque Daemoniorum – Latin for ‘The Five Demons’. A ancient publication containing the signatures of those said to have sold their souls to Satan – their signatures were said to have been written in blood: http://littlesally666.com/five-demons-3/


Raga – deep passion: http://littlesally666.com/forbidden-garden-2/

Rare Books, Art and Things – a place, in Holy Oak, where you can buy all manner of occult things: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-1/

Requiem of Sins (The) – a book or manuscript; also know as the ‘Libra Diabolica Sexualis’; a forbidden text intended to unlocking the sexual powers of darkness: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-1/

Romanesque templume – a temple designed in the era of the Roman empire: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sin-3-alices-tale/

Rorikon – deriving sexual pleasure from little girls: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-hunger/


Sabbaoth Army – the Heavenly Host gathered for the battle at End of Days: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-prayer/

Sacrificium – giving sacrifice (can be human): http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-4/ and http://littlesally666.com/deviant-dreams/ and http://littlesally666.com/magus-1/ and http://littlesally666.com/wicked-souls-tainted-hearts-3/

Sadhus / Sadhvi – one who has renounced the world completely (from Indian culture): http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-bone/

Saint Francis Xavier – credited for some minor miracles before he died in his late teenage years. His grave site, in Holy Oak, had been marked with the commissioning of a large statue of an avenging angel vanquishing over a twisted serpent-like demon: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-1/

Saint Wolfgang – born circa 934 in Swabia, Germany. Supposedly cheated the devil – St. Wolfgang had difficulty in finding the necessary building resources and unable to build it himself, the Devil appeared unto him and struck a deal, The Devil said that he would build the new church in return for the first soul to enter. St. Wolfgang agreed and the Devil did build his church, but of demonic design. Upon completion and to claim his prize, the Devil waited, only to find that a hungry wolf was the first to enter. The Devil was furious, but the deal was done. See ‘Book of Vices’ and the painting of the Devil presenting St. Augustine with the Book of Vices, oil on wood by Michael Pacher: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sin-3-alices-tale/

Satanas Sexus – perverted satanic sex; a rite of passage in the SSC: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-4/

Satanic Priestess – the high priestess (of a Satanic Cult); Pagan High Priest; that oversees and performs the rituals in the worship of Satan: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-2/

Secret Satanic Cabal (SSC) – a secretive order of satanist, circa 1800s; known as the SSC; they outwardly gave alms for the poor; whilst secretly they conducted their wickedness; their orgies of sin and corruption; masturbating, fornicating, blaspheming, coprophilia, human sacrifice and pedophilia; it is said that they eat of the flesh of sacrificed babies; they preyed on the weak and helpless; they drank blood and semen; performed unnatural acts, sodomy, necrophilia, even genital decapitation; they were said to give worship to Pan, Io Pan, Belphegor, Baal, Ashtaroth, Moloch, Shiva, Aosoth, Vetis, Zepar, Behemoth, Hecate, Priapus and Lilith: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sin-3-alices-tale/

Seed of Sin – the planting (beginning) and nurturing of the corruption of innocence: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-2/

Sei-sui – girl piss; usually shared between perverts: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-hunger/

Sethubandasana – a bridge position (naked yoga) assumed for meditation: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-bone/

Sexualem perversa – A prayer to the devil; a saying said in the worship of sexual perversion: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-5-chapters-1-3/

Shakti – sexual energy: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-bone/

Shishyas – pupils that follow indulge in the tenebrous delights of Kurukulla (the goddess of sex of ancient Indian culture): http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-bone/

Shiva – Indian god; the Hindu god of copulation and uncouth behaviour; sometimes depicted as androgynous – what is being said is that if the inner masculine and feminine meet, you are in a perpetual state of ecstasy: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-4/

Snake Goddess – an evil deity that can transmute between human and serpentine form
Sol vive Satana – a prayer used by the Secret Satanic Cabal (SSC); translated to ‘satan alone stands’: http://littlesally666.com/flowers/

Sol vive Satana – a Cabalist’s prayer translated means literally ‘Satan alone lives’: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sin-3-alices-tale/

Sprite – A sprite is a supernatural entity; they are often depicted as fairy-like or elf-like creatures or as an ethereal entity. The word ‘sprite’ is derived from the Latin ‘spiritus’ (spirit): http://littlesally666.com/raven-dove-1/

Succubus Goddess / Succubus – evil sexual temptress; a female or feminized demon that lures men and women into sinful acts; they corrupt and feed from the perverted sexual energies created by their sexual misconducts; the male version is know as the incubus: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-1/

Sukhasana – a sitting pose (naked yoga) performed during meditation: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-bone/

Suptabhadrasana – the sleeping butterfly position (naked yoga): http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-bone/


Tableau de l’Inconstance des Mauvais Anges et Demons – translated, this means ‘The Volatile Table of Evil Angels and Demons’; associated with rituals and sacrifices made in demon worship: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-prayer/

Tanha – Craving: http://littlesally666.com/forbidden-garden-2/

Tantra – There are three types of tantra: White, Gray, and Black. In White Tantra one never reaches orgasm nor ejaculates in order to awaken consciousness. Gray Tantra elongates the sexual act, and sometimes concludes with orgasm or ejaculation, but without any longing towards awakening consciousness. The Black Tantra always concludes with orgasm in order to awaken the new consciousness: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-bone/ and http://littlesally666.com/star/ and http://littlesally666.com/empress-3/ and http://littlesally666.com/empress-2/

Temple of Red – the temple of the Vajrayanist monks; where most Vajrayanism Buddhists worshiped the yoni (female force) and shunned away from sharing their Sadhana techniques to achieve the ultimate orgasm and tantric sex rituals with outsides for fear of triggering the rebirth of Hell – whereas these monks worshiped the lingam (male force), offering non-believers in profane rites and subjecting them to sexual torture to explicitly induce the demon Mara and his three demonic daughters; Tanha (Craving); Arati (Boredom); and Raga (Passion) to bring about their wrath upon the world: http://littlesally666.com/forbidden-garden-2/

The Burning One – AKA The Burning Phallus – a representation of Satan: http://littlesally666.com/five-demons-4/

The Serpent Lear Inn – a den of iniquity located in London circa 1861: http://littlesally666.com/flowers/

Third Eye – Sodomy is extremely important in Satanic orgy rituals and sex magick they had warned. Ritual sodomy stimulates the pineal gland. During this act demonic entities are invoked – the ‘unclean spirits’ are bound to humans through the penetration of the ‘wand’ at an upward angle so as to impress the nerves at the end of the spine, producing flashes of white light in the very mind of their victim. They went on to say, “the key is in the trauma: the complete destruction of the inner spirit. Then at the propitious moment the victim’s third eye is opened”: http://littlesally666.com/five-demons-2/

Trishnasana – kneeling pose (naked yoga) associated with meditation: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-bone/


Unholy Flock / Flock of the Unholy Ones – a congregation of sex demon worshipers: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-2/


Vajrasana – an arched back position (naked yoga) or pose associated with mediation: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-bone/

Vajrayogini – see Kurukulla – the goddess of sex of ancient Indian culture; androgynous; also known as the cock goddess; the goddess of sex demons: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-bone/

Vajrayanist monks – Buddhist monks from a religious order in Thailand; who secretly practiced a dark and highly perverted form of Tantric sex; see Temple of Red: http://littlesally666.com/forbidden-garden-2/

Vetis – a demon; also Vejovis, Vejove (Latin: Vēiovis or Vēdiovis; rare Vēive or Vēdius) was later demonized; he is said to be a beardless youth with goat-like features, carrying arrows and wearing a laurel wreath on his head; he corrupts and tempts the holy: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-4/

Vetis Millington – controversial billionaire whose mysterious disappearance remained unsolved to this very day; http://littlesally666.com/through-the-looking-glass-1/

Vila Mimosa – red light district in Rio de Janeiro; VM as it’s known by locals — is a far cry from the glamorous sex scene of Copacabana: http://littlesally666.com/zaliva-3/

Voudon’s Loa – demons summoned through vodou rituals: http://littlesally666.com/amanojaku-the-bone/

Virgin Nun – roleplay name taken by the more passive participant usually dressed like a nun that assumes the demeaner of piousness to be corrupted by her/his sexual partner: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-2/


Wicca Healer – Witch that performs white magic: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-1/

Witches’ Blade – aslo know as the bone phallus; a ceremonial implement used for female masturbation and anal penetration, shaped in the likeness of a penis, fashioned from human bone (usually from the thigh of a sacrificed child): http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-1/

Witches’ Sabbath – a day of celebration for witches; a ritual gathering of devil worship; both male and female made offerings to the Devil, obliged to seal their denial of the Christian faith by trampling on the cross, spiting on and blaspheming the saints, in despite of Jesus and of the Holy Trinity, to perform other profane acts; mostly appeased by the offering of children… their innocence and virginity seemed to be prized… the witches had prepared them, corrupted them, molested them… re-baptized them in their urine before they were offered to the demons for sex: http://littlesally666.com/zaliva-1/ and http://littlesally666.com/satans-daughter-5/

Wolfgangsee lake – the location of the Convent of St. Wolfgang; the home of the Holy Order (dedicated to the destruction of evil forces): http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sin-3-alices-tale/



Yaba – cheap and readily available street drug that is usually consumed with alcohol; known for its affects on the libido (intense sexual cravings) and for keeping one awake for days: http://littlesally666.com/forbidden-garden-2/

Youngling(s) – children (either male or female) used in pedophilic devil worship as human sacrifices; also known as lolita; may involve the offering of hymeneal blood: http://littlesally666.com/the-guru-1/


Zepar – the demon of lust and sex; the demon of seduction: http://littlesally666.com/requiem-of-sins-4/