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Incubub 3


The Incubub is a fictional creature that is an embodiment less of evil than a representative of repressed desires: all those things you want to do but can’t, that you wish you’d done but didn’t. Incubub can and does do them all. It thrives off of sin and temptation, and if there’s any inclination to do something especially something wicked, the Incubub does it and coerces others to do the same. It has a particular fondness for sexual sins, and even more so for getting people to partake in sexual sins. The Incubub manifests in many dark forms, sometimes to scare and intimate with a large mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth, goat-like horns, and the shiny black wings of a bat; other times its guise is to tempt and seduce in the form of a young androgynous boy or girl.


After discovering the evil secrets of the INCUBUB, through what appeared to be an innocent pop-up children’s book, Lucy Thomas and her eleven-year-old son, Aaron, start their journey of mutual corruption and coercion. Unknowingly, they have unleashed an ancient wickedness that will not be sate until its salacious will is fulfilled over and over in a never-ending spiral of depravity.

Mother and son are already entwined in the beginnings of a demonically inspired incestuous affair; and soon others, including Lucy’s friend, Suzy are not only drawn in but are transformed through the process, into something not quite human. The supernatural forces at play are bent on corrupting everything and everybody including the wayward and willing priest, Father Williams; and Suzy’s not-so-cooperative nine-year-old daughter, Trinity.

As the INCUBUB’s influence reaches out, the perverted images and evil messages in the demonic book only seem to become more and more depraved. Is there no end to its hunger? What will happen to those falling prey to its intoxicating enchantment?


Father Williams looked across his congregation. It was a thin crowd, mostly mothers and children, but it was a weeknight. His eyes were drawn to the three women sitting immediately in front of his pulpit.

He recognized the woman sitting on the right, as Lucy Thomas, the mother whose recent confession had given him so much joy. Her eleven-year-old son, Aaron, had characterized their mother-and-son relationship as incestuous. It had made the priest very excited. The delicious young boy had gone on to say that his mother and he had experienced some supernatural influences that he had described in some detail … details that had brought the wayward priest to an incredibly powerful orgasm whilst he had listened to the boy’s story in the confessional. The demon in question, the INCUBUB, was a strange creature that he recognized from his own demonic prayers. He had found its compelling likeness in the ‘Compendium of Demons’ – a publication that had given him much delight.

The woman on the left was Suzy Shaw. He remembered that she had confessed once to ‘praying to the devil whilst masturbating’ — another slutty single mother in desperate need of a good hard fucking. He loved the shamelessness of it all. He had pressed her for the whole story. She had told him that she had been young and impetuous at the time of this sinful act, but now guilt and shame rained down on her for disobedience in the eyes of God Almighty. He loved the self-persecution that accompanied sexual sin.

The younger woman sitting between them was the attractive Sally Sampson with her cute little five-year-old boy, Matthew, who was sitting quietly on his mother’s knee. As far as he knew she was the least interesting of the three – a misfit, sitting between these two sinners.

He was sure that none of these women knew about his own corruptions, except that the boy, Aaron, had mentioned something about his mother saying that she had said that the priest was actually ‘one of them,’ What did that mean? He would wait and see what would transpire rather than do anything that might implicate or expose himself.

He had planned a vague and rather dull sermon, but the presence of the perverted women had darkly inspired him. His cock twitched to life beneath his smock and immediately responded, coming to stiffness he could not ignore. Subconsciously he began to press himself against the wooden overhang of the pulpit. He needed to touch himself very soon. He needed to cum.

“I want to talk to about the Lord of Lies … the Devil himself,” Father Williams began, “The Devil is pleased. Yes, my family … You heard me right. He is triumphant as it is he that rules the day!”

The priest slammed his fist down upon the wooden pulpit.

“His ruinous ways have polluted our minds and bodies; and the minds and bodies of the ones we love; and we are powerless to stop him!



Sister Margaret stirred in the grip of another chilling nightmare. Now in her mid-twenties, she had lived a short but very troubled life and had found her sanctity in a life dedicated to the ways of the Lord. Sister Margaret a slight woman, barely five foot tall, often mistaken for just a young girl – with the exception of when she was in her habit. There was something about being hidden inside the Coptic habit that defined one in the vernacular of an ancient life taken to live behind those pious walls of the convent.

Sister Margaret was different from most. Though she had a religious calling, she also had a chequered past having been prone to ‘supernatural’ influences that had left her scared and terrified in her younger years. Now a bit older she seemed to be able to survive their constant temptations. She had met evil. She knew evil. She had turned away from it to God, and in the magnificent light of his power, she had found her peace and tranquility.

Only in her dreams did those evil forces still have the opportunity to stir. She lay restlessly and finally, giving into the depths of sleep, her eyes moved rapidly back and forth below her tightly closed lids. In this dream world, her pious mind was fogged with magical conjurings and haunted by strange visitings by both benevolent and malevolent spirits. Her mind was transported to a disturbing place. She was not alone in this awful place. There were others, victims, participants, call them what you may, but all caught in the dark web that was being spun.

It was like a stab of lightning lighting up a darkened sky. The power of its brightness dazzled them all for a second. Where was she? She was certainly no longer in the modest surroundings of her convent room. No. She did not recognize her whereabouts immediately, but she knew intrinsically that she had been there before in another dream or nightmare. She knew this was the doing of some kind of demon and this was their dominion; the domain of what she sometimes thought of as purgatory. It was a place between the living and the dead. It was where evil could exist and be concentrated; infecting its malicious will and where the demons could bring the living to the point of madness. She had to be careful not to antagonize this evil before and she would do as it bid … to a point.

There, she found herself kneeling in total subservience before an androgynous demon that looked more childlike than wicked. But she knew it was not a child. Far from it. It was pure evil. There were other young males and females with her, some of which were very young indeed … some as young as their pre-teen years. As usual in hell, they were all completely naked before this demon.

She knew from first-hand experience that these heinous creatures used sexuality to subvert the weak, corrupting their souls and once dominated, having a hold over them in the living world. They were vicious and vile. The demon’s effeminate gestures seemed in sharp contrast to the length and girth of its enormous dripping phallus. Sister Margaret was not the first to begin to feast upon the demon’s enormous erection, sucking and licking at its fleshy pole of blue veins and pulsation red cock meat; but to blend in she did what she had to.

She briefly paused their oral worship of the demon’s phallus so that she could tongue-kiss one of the other young girls, tasting the salty sourness of the demon’s genitals in each other’s mouths. In her outward salaciousness, she was hidden from the demon’s eyes. They hunted for those unwilling. She blended right in. But in doing so, had learned to take some unwanted enjoyment in this poison wantonness.

Sister Margaret looked around in silver lightness. Everywhere she looked there were copulating children. They seemed to care only for taking their selfish pleasure. Young boys. Young girls. Paired in all conceivable combinations. The young nun felt their depravity. While another young girl kissed and mauled her flat chest a young boy began to rub his cock against her rectum indicating that he wanted to penetrate her. She did not resist. Quick the opposite, before the demon, she wanted to appear malleable to his demonic will – an eager sexual servant — it was the only way to escape this nightmare.

“My children,” said the effeminate demon.

The demon thrust its huge cock up against their upturned faces. Its breathing was fast and heavy as the demon ejaculated over and over in spurts of ropy semen. The lightning stabbed the horizon and Sister Margaret saw that they were all on a hillside. She recognized the exact time and place. It would be three in the afternoon, but the sky was supernaturally dark. They were in a place called Golgotha, also known as the ‘Place of a Skull’.

The naked crowd knelt looking up the sloping mount and before them loomed three large wooden crosses. The crosses stood in black silhouette against the blood-red sky. Skeletal demons grabbed the arms of three male bystanders at random, their reptilian wings flapped as they draw them up high, mounting them against the hammer beams of the wooden crosses and there crucified them, each nailed in a place like the messiah, naked and bloody, like a blasphemous re-creation of what she knew was the crucifixion of the Nazarene.

Sister Margaret looked all around her at the gathering of naked children … masturbating children … Devil children gathered to celebrate the crucifixion of the Son of God. She too, pumped her cunt with eager fingers as the demons looked on. The naked bodies of the crucified boys hung limply, their penis pressing upwards in erect solute. It was upon their corrupted lips that she first heard the whisper of the ancient demon’s name. She knew then that it was known as the INCUBUB.


Trinity hated being left behind. She sighed. The strange boy’s smile was very unsettling. Her mother had seemed so distracted, distant, and not her usual self. But now she realized that Aaron and she were left completely alone together. It was a very strange night. Maybe she could play a while with Aaron and then pretend to be sleepy – then maybe she could be on her own to sleep until the night was over. She just wanted to go home — safe and sound in her own bed. Why had her mother kissed Mrs. Thomas in that way? It was so yucky! Kissing mouth-to-mouth. She kind of knew what a lesbian was, but her mom was not one of them.

Trinity was not sure what to think. Trinity followed the boy into the darkness of the landing and then to the second door on the right, which was the boy’s bedroom. The gloomy little bedroom was lit by only the bedside lamp, and she noticed he had quite a few books in his bookcase. The boy closed the bedroom door behind them and then held in his hand a heavy-looking book with large letters on the front.

“This is my favorite book,” announced the creepy boy.


She was not sure if she read it right.


She ran her hands over the letters that were sunken into the material of the cover itself. It gave her a strange feeling to touch the book, prickly, but not unpleasant.

‘What’s it about?” Trinity asked.

“It’s different every time I read it,” answered the boy.

How could a book be different every time you read it? What game was the boy playing with her? It was impossible. How could it be different each time? Books don’t do that? She had to see that. They both sat on the floor and Trinity opened the first page. There was a drawing of a door — it was a pop-up book. Cool. There was a lever to one side. She pulled it and a ghostly figure popped out.

“No petition, hymns, or prayers, can stop these horrible nightmares. He knows your every little sin, Now, it’s time to play and let him in.”

Trinity read the words out loud and turned to the next page. The picture showed a small girl and boy – they were both naked for some reason. The ghostly figure loomed above them looking almost as if it was about to eat them both. She did not want to read this book after all. It was way too creepy and seeing naked children was definitely not something that her mother would approve of.

“He lurks just beneath your bed, those strange sounds aren’t inside your head. From darkness, dirt, and grub, it’s the shadow of the Incubub.”

“Can we look at another book please?”

“No. I want you to read this one to me. Now, why don’t you take off your clothes like the girl in the book …” said the boy.

But it was not really a question. She knew he meant it. Why? She had never taken her clothes off in front of a boy before. She was not sure if she was even allowed to?

“Like the picture of the girl?” she responded meekly.

“YES … remember your mother said you were to OBEY me … So OBEY ME.”

Trinity was not sure about anything. Why had her mother left her alone with this strange boy? Why had she kissed his mother in such a strange way? Just because the boy and girl were naked in the book did not mean that they had to be. Should she obey or disobey? Did her mother’s instruction extend to undressing? She reluctantly removed her skirt, top, and socks and stood in just her white little panties.

“Everything. Just like the picture,” asserted the boy.

The boy pulled his stained underpants off and his peepee stood upright. She saw that the boy in the book also had a stiff peepee. Trinity had seen other boys’ peepees during changing times, but she had never seen a boy with a hard peepee. It looked completely disgusting; like a white worm standing to attention; with fluids that dripped at the end with the consistency of spit. She wanted to run away somewhere but she knew that her mother was long gone. She was alone with him. Trinity reluctantly complied and pulled her little white pants down but at the same time covered herself with her hands.

“Show me your cunt,” he said and pushed her hands away from her groin.

His eyes seemed to burn into her as he stared unashamedly and excitedly at her little bawd twat. She felt humiliated. She wanted to grab her clothes and run. Maybe she could quickly call her mother and explain. His attention returned to the book and they both knelt down opposite each other – the book between them.

“Look,” he said pointing to the next page in the book.

“Little girls’ cunts need a good suck, While little boys’ cock get ready to fuck. The INCUBUB is here to stay, Nasty anal games you must play.

The next page was a complete shock to Trinity. The picture zoomed in on the naked boy and girl. They lay on the floor in a sixty-nine position. The boy was hungrily lapping at the girl’s open twat, pressing his fingers inside of her as his long tongue dived between the pink folds of her pussy. The girl, her eyes were closed, but her mouth opened with her lips wrapped around the head of the boy’s erect penis sucking it as she fingered his dirty little anus. The dark figure of the demon, INCUBUB, stroked its huge penis dripping fluids on the copulating children. As the boy pulled the little lever, the illustrated boy’s cock moved in and out of the girl’s mouth.

“You like my cock?” the boy said as he stood up to display his cock proudly to her.

Trinity didn’t answer. From where she was kneeling, Aaron’s peepee looked inflamed, the foreskin had peeled back to reveal the red and purple head where fluids pooled at its tip.

“Kiss it,” he ordered.

He inched forward towards where Trinity knelt. Trinity could smell a sharp vinegar aroma emulating from his sweaty little balls. She wanted to pull back, but before she could, the boy grabbed her by the hair and pulled Trinity towards him.

“Kiss it!” he barked.



Aaron pressed his erection hard against Trinity’s face, rubbing himself against her, forcing his rigid little cock up over her mouth. The fluids from the tip of his cock smeared across her lips. She kept her mouth closed tightly and twisted against his hold — unsuccessfully. He yanked her hair sharply and she yelped in response to the pain.

“Kiss it!” he angrily demanded.

He scared her. His eyes intimidated her. It was as if they could see her fearful soul. She hesitated but his aggressiveness made her weak. Trinity reluctantly compiled and pressed her lips together, kissing the shaft midway up its length, and immediately trying to wipe her lips on the back of her hand. The scary boy laughed.

“Suck it,” he demanded.

This time he open-highhandedly slapped her face hard and then pulled her hair again sharply to remind her that the pain was not going to stop — until she did exactly what he wanted.

“Please. Please don’t hurt me,” she begged.

“SUCK MY COCK like the little girl in the book …”

His cock tasted slightly salty and tart. Taking it into her mouth she sucked down on it, drawing a vacuum between her lips, tongue, and the roof of her mouth that made him moan out loud. She sucked it for a few seconds and then spat it out.

“Did I say stop?”

It was not going to be that easy. She took his cock into her mouth again. This time, without realizing it, she found that her fingers had wrapped around his little pre-teen balls and squeezed them as she continued to fellate him.

“Mmmmmmmmm … That’s it, put a finger inside my arse.”

This was gross. She could not imagine her mother wanting her to ever be in this situation. Oh God! His grip around her hair reminded her that he was not to be curtailed from his requests. Reluctantly, she did as she was told. It felt disgusting even being near his shit hole, let alone touching his greasy little anus. The ring of dirty flesh around his sphincter seemed tight as it clinched around her thin digit, drawing her finger further inside his vile bowels. She hoped this game of Aaron’s would be over soon. She felt so degraded.

“Good. You learn fast. Now move your finger in and out while you suck me harder. Mmmmmmmmm … Yes … that’s it … deeper, push your finger in deeper … Ohhhhhh … YES! YES!”

He rocked back and forth, obviously enjoying her humiliation as much as the sexual pleasuring. Without further warning, he grabbed her hard and began to ejaculate into her mouth. She was horrified and repelled. His salty jism sprayed into the back of her mouth, making her gag. As she tried to pull away, more squirted over her face and down her neck – coating her in its bleachy stench.

Trinity began to cry. Aaron laughed. He began to smear his sticky cum together with her liquid tears across her upturned face. Aaron groaned in self-gratification. His penis went limp momentarily and Trinity hoped the worse was over. But she was wrong. Aaron pulled her up and began to lick her face, seemingly enjoying the taste of his own sexual fluids on her skin. His flaccidity lasted only for a few moments – now he was rock hard again. His eager little cock was now pressed against her thigh.

Without another word, he knelt down in front of her, holding her firmly by the hips. She didn’t know what to do, but as he began to kiss her ‘tickle’ she unconsciously found herself responding to this incredible new pleasure. Instead of pushing him away, as she knew would only incite more violence against her, she stood rigidly against him – allowing him full access to her little cunny. As his hot little tongue penetrated her and wormed its way between her virgin labia, the sensation made her gasp.

“Ohhhhh …”

Her tongue subconsciously licked her own lips and she tasted the boy’s salty semen. She wanted to spit but thought twice about it. The more his tongue worked inside of her, the warmer she felt. It was hypnotic. Her hands rested on his shoulders and she pressed lightly against him as the pleasure in her tickle began to build and intensify.

Just then, she looked behind Aaron. Someone was there. Someone was watching them from the shadows behind the old wooden wardrobe. She tensed immediately … She would have stepped backward and covered herself, but she was overpowered by Aaron’s pleasuring.

“Don’t be afraid,” said Aaron taking his mouth away from her cunt momentarily.

He continued to lick her deeper and deeper and she immediately accepted the continuation of his pleasuring, regardless of whoever or whatever was watching. She just did not want it to stop. It felt so divine – like nothing she had ever experienced before. She wrapped her right hand around the back of Aaron’s head, pressing him harder against her … willing him to stick his tongue further inside. Her left hand twisted her immature nipples increasing the ensemble of sexual delight.

Though she was so absorbed in the feeling, she glimpsed what she thought was another girl, maybe ten or eleven years old, step out from the shadows. Aaron’s tongue twisted inside of her reaching up further and further. Then he started lapping at the little pea-shaped thing at the topmost part of her slit. This was even better, His fingers moved inside of her while he kept licking her pea thing. It was so sensitive that it sent shudders up and down her spine.

Oh. Oh. Oh.

She wanted to cry out but no sound could escape her lips.

She could now clearly see their voyeur. What she thought at first glance was a girl was not. Even though their voyeur had a very feminine body she could see that she was he because he had an erect cock between his legs. It was not anything like Aaron’s little peepee. No. Their androgynous voyeur’s cock was long and hard – it reached up to its nipple line and looked completely out of proportion with the rest of its pale and emancipated body.

“Who are you?” she asked.

She closed her eyes before hearing any answer, lost in the mouth devouring her below. Aaron continued the onslaught of pleasure on Trinity as he rubbed himself at the same time, masturbating as he sucked on her tiny clitoris.

“He is the Incubub,” replied Aaron.

His face was saturated in Trinity’s juices.


Father Williams’ voice rose evangelistically and the congregation seemed to wake up from their usual stupor and pew-seated slumber. He noticed that Lucy’s hand was resting on Sally’s bare knee; and that Suzy’s arm rested behind Sally’s shoulders on the backrest of the pew. They looked upwards at him. Their wicked grins were a little out of place.

He continued …

“We think we are good Christians, but our sin is writhe. We have fallen from God’s grace and wallowed in the Devil’s temptation. He knows your weaknesses and exploits them. It is a path that leads to eternal darkness in the swine of fornication and adultery and pornography and incest and child abuse and homosexuality.”

Looking down at the three women immediately in front of him. He could clearly see that Lucy’s hand had drawn Sally’s skirt up over her pale thighs and without underwear, she was exposing Sally’s hairy vagina for the priest to see. In almost the same moment he saw Suzy’s hand moving inside Sally’s blouse, first cupping the milky white flesh of her bra-less breasts, her fingers playing with her rose-pink nipples.

“You have destroyed everything good and sacred’; everything that Jesus the Savor suffered upon the cross for; as the Devil has his day and leads you to greater and greater sin … YES! I am talking about MASTURBATION by brothers and sisters — a seemingly innocuous little distraction. Beware for it is the gateway.”

Father Williams’ cock now throbbed urgently. Its harder beneath his priestly robes sent delicious signals to his brain as young Sally Sampson looked upwards toward him, with angelic eyes, while her hand slipped down the front of her toddler’s shorts, fondling the boy’s tiny penis and testicles before him. The priest swallowed hard and continued.

“We have failed to see that the evil of self-pleasuring, fantasizing about lecherous sexual sins and perversions, of reaching orgasm through our self-inflicted wickedness – we open the door for sex demons to enter our lives and though they may promise gratification, they only lead you further and further down the darkened trail. The Devil is clever. Make no mistake, he is relentless in his pursuit of your soul!”

His emphasis said … self-pleasuring, fantasizing sexual perversions. reaching orgasm through wickedness. sex demons promise gratification …

The rest of the congregation seemed completely oblivious to the perverted sex acts being performed right before his eyes – the three women exposing themselves for Father Williams’ voyeuristic pleasure. Lucy’s face was now hovering over Sally’s hairy cunt, her head movements indicated that she was busy licking her out; Sally’s head turned toward Suzy as they exchanged a passionate mouth-to-mouth kiss before Suzy’s mouth descended upon the young mother’s teat–openly sucking her tender flesh. Sally had pulled down her son’s shorts; so that there was no doubt that she was masturbating her child before him, before the church, before God Almighty.

“To my beloved congregation, I say that to MASTURBATE is to sin. We must WORSHIP not the Lord of Lies, we must be pious, chase, righteous, and denounce THE DEVIL!”


Father Williams pressed his cock harder against the pulpit as pre-cum oozed from its tip. Now Lucy was kissing Sally passionately full on the mouth. Father Williams could see their tongues dancing in and out wildly as Lucy feverishly fingered Sally’s heated cunt. This was but an entrée compared to what Sally was doing to her own son in clear view, twisting his little cock this way and that, bringing him closer and closer to a dry orgasm as she looked up unflinchingly into the priest’s eyes.

For a second the priest allowed himself to be distracted, looking beyond the foursome and into the faces of the rest of his congregation. They looked back at him, almost expressionless, as if nothing was happening right beneath their gaze – as if they only saw what they wanted to see, and what the priest saw was not really happening.


Aaron had heard the car pull up and saw that Mrs. Shaw had arrived. Looking out of the upper storey bedroom window he noticed that she had brought with her, her nine-year-old daughter, Trinity. She was small for her age and dressed still dressed in her pretty primary school uniform.

Aaron came to the top of the stairs. The landing was in darkness and the Incubub stood just behind him, lightly stroking the nape of his neck.

“You must obey me,” it whispered in his ear, “Bring her to me.”

The plan was simple. The mothers were to pretend to leave for the evening on some mothers’ night out, and he was to be the babysitter. The Incubub had shown him what delights lay in store for them – all he had to do is to do as he was told.

His little cock ached. He wanted to fuck her in the anus – to make his salty spunk cream inside her nice tight little bottom. He could hear the mothers talking and Trinity saying something about not wanting to stay over. She sounded desperate to leave. But of course, that was not going to happen. Her mother would make sure of that. He paid special attention to the fact that she was to OBEY him completely. He could not help but rub himself through the thin material of his dirty underwear. He descended the stairs dressed only in his underwear.

“I have a cool storybook for us to read together,” said Aaron innocently.

He took her hand. At first, she seemed hesitant and a little revolted at the touch of his moist palm and fingers, which he knew, smelt of his cock and balls. Aaron held onto her tightly, pulling her to go upstairs. Aaron noticed how their mothers kissed each other so passionately – exploring each other’s mouths with their eager tongues. Kissing like porn stars. It turned him on to watch them. He remembered how delightful it was to watch them fuck each other – their girl cocks so much bigger. He also noticed that young Trinity saw them too – she looked confused. She had no idea that they were witches and intended to rape her as an offering to the Devil. Once in his bedroom, Aaron closed the door and pulled the book from the bookshelf.

“This is my favorite book,” he announced.

She ran her fingers over the de-bossed letter on the cover. INCUBUB. She seemed a little surprised at the way it made her feel. Aaron knew all too well that feeling, as it crept up on you.

“What’s it about?” she asked inquisitively.

It was a good sign.

“It’s different every time I read it,” explained Aaron.

She looked back at him with doubt – he knew exactly what she was thinking ‘How could a book be different each time’ … she was about to find out. It did not take long. The young squeamish girl did not like Aaron’s favorite book. She took one look at the image that depicted a naked boy and girl. The boy’s penis was fully erect just like his. She asked if they could look at another book and Aaron told her flatly no. He told her to take off her clothes like the girl in the picture adding that her mother had told her to obey him. She reluctantly complied right down to her underwear.

“Everything. Just like the picture,” he asserted.

She removed her underwear and tried to cover herself modestly. Aaron pulled his underwear down and now his hard little cock stood upright. She stared at it as if it were something of bewilderment.

“Show me your cunt,” he barked and pushed her hands away from her groin.

Her bald snatch looked nothing like her mother’s old greasy cunt. No. Trinity’s tiny puffy mound looked untouched, pure, and ripe for him to play with – like the skin of a peach.

They turned the next page in the book to reveal the image of the same naked girl and boy lying together in opposite directions, so that the girl could suck the boy’s erect penis and the boy could lick the girl’s slit.

He asked Trinity if she liked his cock. She stared at his hard little member with a look of distaste. Aaron told her to kiss it and when she refused, he grabbed her hair and pressed himself against her. He slapped her hard and yanked her stupid face forward against him – letting her know in no uncertain terms that she would do as he said or suffer the consequences. She complied. She took his cock into her warm little mouth, but only for the briefest of moments. Aaron threatened her again and this time she seemed to understand.

He told her to finger his anus while she sucked him. Again she complied and the pleasure was delicious, not so much from her pathetic attempt to please him, but more from the fact that it was something she had to do despite her obvious reluctance – there was evil pleasure to be taken in this ritual. With that thought, combined with the girl’s warm mouth wrapped around his little cock, he felt the rush.

Yes. Yes.

Grabbing the back of her head, he shot his load into the back of her throat. She gagged and tried to pull away, but Aaron held her firmly and allowed his cock to slip from her warm vessel so that his salty seed sprayed over her stupid little face. He laughed at her indignity. Stupid girl.

He could hear the voice of the Incubub in his head. He knelt before her and grabbed her hard by the hips, kissing and lapping at her sweet young hole. He pressed his tongue inside the velvety slit and heard her moan, despite her resistance. As he began to lick up and down her hairless mons, she seemed to purr. She steadied herself against him as he licked at her tiny clitoris. Compared to his mother’s, Trinity’s was nothing more than the smallest of little bumps. He pressed his forefinger into her pussy which was no longer dry but seemed to respond to his oral pleasuring with a sweet-flavored juice that Aaron was only too pleased to devour.

The lights began to flicker and the lights in the room seem to almost extinguish. It was then that Aaron knew they were no longer alone. It was here. It had been waiting for the right moment to join them. She was ripe. She was ready. She would become one of its flock. He lifted his mouth from his joyful work to assure her.

“Don’t be afraid,” he said.

He returned to pleasuring both her and himself. As he licked and sucked at her delicate flesh, he stroked his cock faster and faster, building that feeling that he had come to cherish.

“Who are you?” asked the girl, who sounded drugged and far away.

She seemed to be unresponsive to anything other than his tongue and fingers. She was lost in the pleasure that she had never previously experienced. The Incubub said something to her, but she just pressed herself harder against him giving herself totally to him and to the feeling between her legs. Her juices were now pouring forth.

The voice of the Incubub instructed him and he responded. Aaron stood up and pressed Trinity face down across the bed, with legs splayed but still on the floor. She offered no resistance until he pressed his cock head against her anus. He knew exactly what the Incubub wanted to see. His hands held her vice-like as he thrust his pelvis forward. His cock pressed upwards through her anal opening. Trinity screamed.



Lucy and Suzy tore their trashy clothing from their bodies as they entered the small dark bedroom. They both looked on at the scene that welcomed them. It was beautiful. They were met by the screams from Suzy’s nine-year-old daughter that made them squirm with perverted excitement. Lucy’s son, Aaron was now on top of her, buggering young Trinity, ripping her delicate rectum. Trinity was doubled over the edge of Aaron’s narrow bed. She was howling at first and then her cries subsided to a constant sobbing; obviously in distress and a considerable amount of pain as the boy ass-fucked her harder and faster with every moment. Aaron’s narrow hips bucked back and forth as she squirmed to escape – but could not.

Suzy could not believe how turned on she felt watching her young daughter be abused in this way by Lucy’s offspring. Her clit-cock was rigid and tingled with the desire to violate her own daughter’s cunt. Incest was such a delicious thing. Her fingers danced across her sensitive new appendage, stroking up her perverted desire even further. Lucy had crossed the room and stood behind her son – she wasted no time in attempting to cram her clit-cock into the young girl’s fanny – taking her virginity. Again, Trinity screamed at the invasion.

Suzy walked around the bed so that she faced her daughter, now with Aaron’s cock deep in her ass and Lucy fucking her with the first five inches of her clit-cock. Trinity looked up, through her tear-filled eyes, just barely recognizing her mother’s face.

“Mom … Mom …” she sobbed, “Help me, Mom …”

Suzy grinned. How wonderful it was, to see her little darling spread-eagled across the bed, her nakedness violated in two of her holes. She looked into her daughter’s eyes, searching out her desperation.

“Suck me,” she said plainly.

It was not what Trinity had expected her mother to say. Suzy knew it. She laughed and pressed her thick clit-cock against her daughter’s lips.

“Mommy … Mommy …”

“Shut up and suck me you little slut,” she screamed back at her.


Sally Sampson sat with her five-year-old boy, Matthew, bouncing happily upon her knee as she did whenever she came to church. But for the life of her, she could not remember how she came to be sitting between the likes of Lucy Thomas and Suzy Shaw. It was not that they were strangers, far from it. It was just that her circle of friends thought of both of them as undesirables.

The latter, Suzy Shaw, was seen as a bit of a loner, a misfit, though not officially ex-communicated, she was not deemed to be of the same standing as Sally’s close friends and family and had therefore been shunned on a number of occasions – she eventually got the message. The former, Lucy with her troubled son, Aaron, had been told that she was not welcome at local events for quite some time. Nobody could put up with the boy as his behavior had been deemed unacceptable within their social circle, and despite their communities, so-called Christian values of forgiveness, and patience, all had agreed that she was not to be ever invited (whenever avoidable).

But there they were together in church. The three of them sat looking up at Father Williams from the very front pew. Sally felt docile, sleepy, almost drugged in her sensations. All she wanted was to pleasure herself. Her mind was filled with nasty thoughts. When Lucy whispered that she should open her legs and show the priest her dirty hairy cunt, Sally eagerly complied. She slid forward in the pew as Lucy lifted her skirt. She had deliberately worn no underwear. Her cunt was burning to be touched and when Lucy started to touch her between the legs, she felt sparks fly. Yes. Yes. Touch my itchy cunt. Stick your fingers in me and make me cum. Fuck. Yes. I want your nasty fingers up further. Stick more in me. It’s so fucking itchy. Wet. My cunt is so fucking wet.

Suzy kissed her mouth, swapping spit and deep-tongued her. Sally felt so naughty doing this in the church, their church, in full view of their priest. Fuck she was so turned on by it. Lucy reminded her that she was a cheap slut and wanted to fuck other girls in the house of God. She could not remember where all these strange ideas had come from. All she knew is now she wanted to act upon them. She thought about her young boy, still sitting on her lap. She wanted to touch him but lacked the impetus.

Suzy started rubbing her tits, sucking her nipples after she suggested that it was time that she started to abuse her five-year-old son – to play with his little baby cock and make him dry orgasm. Sally did not quite comprehend the changes she felt; only that she must do as Lucy and Suzy told her. She was to offer her son to the devil. The witches would fuck him to death and she would cum over and over. Could Sally become one of them? She wanted to be like the witches. Her tiny clit strained and pressed against Lucy’s mouth; and as the witch’s tongue lavished her pleasure nib with constant waves of perverted bliss, she felt it growing … subtly … edging forward …


She wanted to please the demon that tempted her. Please the demon by offering her son and making him dry orgasm before her priest.


Sister Margaret arrived at the refectory. It was her fortnightly visit to Father Williams. She had some inkling that the priest was having problems with his faith and was keeping an eye on his, just in case he should need some spiritual guidance from a fellow believer.

She thought that the refectory was unattended. Maybe Father Williams was out making his rounds in the neighborhood, visiting those less fortunate, helping those with troubled spirits. To be in tune with the faith sometimes, one needed to walk the line between the light and the dark.

“Father. Are you there?” she called out.

There was no answer. She would wait in the priest’s office. There would be something cold and refreshing she thought. The office was open and she let herself in. There on the desk was a large volume that she did not immediately recognize. The Latin title called it ‘Compendium rarissimum totius Artis Magicae sistematisatae per celeberrimos Artis hujus Magistros’, which the nun roughly translated to “A rare summary of the entire Magical Art by the most famous Masters of this Art”. There was another footnote on the cover saying ‘Noli me tangere’ which she knew meant ‘do not touch me’.

Such an odd publication was not a standard issue to priests of their faith. She wondered why Father Williams would have such a thing. It appeared very old. Maybe even the eighteenth century. Turning the pages she found that the book depicted a bestiary of grotesque demonic creatures of all kinds, mostly naked with all manner of bizarre genitalia on display. She noticed that one of the pages was marked.

It displayed a strange demonic creature called the INCUBUB. She knew that name… from a nightmare maybe … It was described in Latin as ‘Et dæmonium habes sexualem iniquitatis extremae’ that she translated to mean “A demon of extreme sexual perversity.” The grotesque illustration depicted a creature capable of materialization in various forms. The first was horrific. It had a horned head with penetrating eyes, the impossibly wide mouth filled top and bottom with razor-sharp teeth. Its hands were crawed and its genitals were shaped like an enormous serpent. The truly demonic creature sent a shiver up her spine. The second form was more childlike – innocent but definitely androgynous.

Putting down the book. She noticed a notepad. Sister Margaret recognized Father Williams’ handwriting, though it seemed to be his handwriting at the beginning, but it got less and less decipherable as the pages went to … towards the end the notes looked scratched an incoherent.

“Nighttime is best to play with he, whilst others sleep, naughty fun will be. Playing naked in the dark you rub, touching your cock with Incubub.”

It made no real sense to Sister Margaret. What was Father Williams up to? What have you got yourself into? Demon hunting? Exorcism?

“Mothers worship with their little runts, the Devil’s fingers in their cunts. Naked witches perform their hex, sharing offspring in demonic sex.”

“Wicked priest plays with little boys, their anus open for his depraved joys. Nuns of the cloth gasp in disgust, as the Devil’s children take their lust.”

The last entries were scrawled. Almost totally illegible. But the nun persisted. She was shocked at what she read. It made no sense, yet it described evil thoughts she had come across before. Were these the good Father’s notes transcribed from the ramblings of some poor soul possessed by an evil sex demon? This could be the only explanation. Except? The hairs stood up on the back of her neck. It was as if she had sensed these same supernatural phenomena before … like a déjà vu reaching backward to when she was still only a young child of eleven or twelve … voices attacking her … tempting her with taboo thoughts … inspiring dark sensual feelings … her awareness pricked … telling her that Father Williams may be in imminent danger.

There was also an address. This is where she would find Father Williams’. Everything seemed so wrong about this situation. She sensed deepening trouble — an evil presence … maybe demonic … The Incubub? Something was definitely not right. There was something unnatural about it all. She would have to investigate further.


Arriving at the address that Sister Margaret had found on Father William’s desk, from the outside, it looked like an old but very inconspicuous place. The nun noticed that there were a few parked cars outside, including the parish minibus. It must be quite a gathering.

The hairs on the back of the young nun’s neck told her that it was worse than she had originally imagined. This was the place and standing on the threshold she sensed a strong evil presence – a demonic spirit that seemed to fill the property and reach out beyond. Fear gripped her. She was afraid, but she had to overcome this fear. There was something else – she could not help but notice her own sexual arousal. This was a sexual demon or an evil spirit that used sexuality as a means of corrupting its victims. She had seen this in her nightmares – the letters formed in her mind. INCUBUB. It was the same ancient wickedness that she had found in Father Williams’s obscene book. She stood for a moment to gather her strength.

She must find Father Williams and warn him – this was not something he could tackle on his own … and despite her sensitivity to these types of things, she was no exorcist either. To exercise a power demon was very dangerous. It seemed that the demon already had crossed over into the world of the living – its supernatural power perverted the minds of those that it was close to. How that had transpired, she was not sure, but if she could find the source of its infiltration, she would have a chance of destroying it.

She opened the front door and slipped into the darkness inside. Her mind stretched out. She felt the presence of evil and those that worshiped it. They were to be found in the basement. She made her way to the top of the stairs that lead downwards into the hellhole. Her vagina contracted and opened; lubricated by copious juices that now flowed down the inside of her legs. Images filled her mind, just like the satanic orgies she had participated in during her sleep. Her body seemed to cry out for her to touch herself, to cram her hand between her legs and luxuriate in self-pleasuring. She shook her head. It was intoxicating. She could hear the chanting coming from below and as she peered around the corner, she caught a glimpse of the naked congregation beyond.

Sister Margaret made the sign of the cross. She saw the young naked boy child, no older than four or five years. He was held aloft in the hands of a priest. She recognized the silhouette of her own Father Williams. He stood naked before the excited group of naked witches and their offspring. They chanted, danced, and masturbated. It was incestuous; whore mothers and their evil children copulating. This was to be a sacrificial offering to the Devil. The young boy was to be fucked to death by the demonic priest. Oh, Father William, what have you done? The nun began to silently tear. She heard the screams of the child as the priest commenced the rape ritual. Oh my God. She was too late. There would be no turning back from this point. This demon, the INCUBUB was too strong.


To be continued …


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