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AUTHOR’S NOTE: A strange tail that seems to be best told in a non-linear time frame; from opposing perspectives (in first person). Best read from Chapter One; but then again, could also be read from Chapter Fifteen, backwards.

CREATED: 24.01.2020 / REVISITED: 28.07.2023

Incubub 5


The Incubub is a fictional creature that is an embodiment less of evil than a representative of repressed desires: all those things you want to do but can’t, that you wish you’d done but didn’t. Incubub can and does do them all. It thrives off of sin and temptation, and if there’s any inclination to do something especially something wicked, the Incubub does it and coerces others to do the same. It has a particular fondness for sexual sins, and even more so for getting people to partake in sexual sins. The Incubub manifests in many dark forms, sometimes to scare and intimate with a large mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth, goat-like horns, and the shiny black wings of a bat; other times its guise is to tempt and seduce in the form of a young androgynous boy or girl.


  • Lucy Thomas, the first to be corrupted and mother of 11-year-old son, Aaron
  • Suzy Shaw, witch, mother of 9-year-old daughter, Trinity, best friend of Lucy
  • Father Williams – pervert priest
  • Sister Margaret – a nun with a chequered past
  • Laura Polk, mother of 9-year-old daughter, Florence
  • Dan Polk, Husband of Laura and father of Florence
  • Sally Sampson, witch, and mother of 5-year-old son, Mathew
  • Hilary Newton, witch and mother of suckling baby, Thomasina
  • Diana St. Patrick, witch and mother of 7-year-old son, Jefferson


The continuing saga of this ominous creature known as the Incubub. The incubus’s influence has begun to gain purchase. Mothers willingly seduce their own children; some offer them up to the demon as human sacrifices in return for the evil lust they all desire. Now witches all. Satanic rites of rape and murder. Turned and transformed to do its evil will … It’s become untenable and the only savior, Sister Margaret, has been overcome by the very priest she sorts to save (from himself). The influence of the sex demon spreads. Who will be able to resist it? Who will save those already in its grasp? Who will be the crusader to restore God’s good grace?


“The witching hour is announced by the clock, I summon you all to kneel before my evil cock. So lick and suck my perverted and unholy flock, It’s the devil’s delights, we shall together, unlock.”

Aaron opened the infamous book and laid it down in front of him as he sat upon his bedroom floor masturbating himself, as if in some kind of unholy prayer.

The demoniac image across the spread pages was one that made his tiny heart beat fast, as fast as his fist that beat his horny little boy cock, so deliciously. His busy little fingers thrust up and down his rampant flesh as his sticky pre-ejaculate flowed in luxurious lubrication.

“Aarghhhhhh …” he groaned in his own private ecstasy.

The illustrated pop-up page was not as fantastical as his secret ritual among the ruins filled with mythical beasts. No, this was a very different kind of provocation. Much more in the present tense, much more realistic, and even more evocative. Of course, he recognized the basement of his own house — though, in this context, it looked even darker and danker than it had done before. In fact, the very place he’d originally discovered the evil book all that time ago – how it had changed everything in their lives.

This was a prediction of a whole new level – an unholy ritual that had him so worked up, his hips jerked at the very sight of it … Pictured in this dark ritual; he saw that his mother was there, Trinity was there, his mother’s best friend, Suzy, was there … they were among a gathering of twisted witches and their incestuous offspring … all stark naked and very excited. He recognized them all. He’d been intimate with them too.

The scratchy letters on the page read:

“It time to bring forth a young sacrifice to thee, Let him squirm and cry and scream for all to see. Upon the thrusting cock of the corrupted holy-one, Deliciously sodomized will be his bleeding bum.”

He even saw himself there. Naked, excited, and very horny. Participating at the very heart of the witchery and evil revelry. This was much more than simply sex with demons. At the center of their basement, there was a raised podium and upon it stood the white-skinned priest, Father Williams, clutching a poor naked and wretched child. The five-year boy, Matthew, was not only crying hysterically but appeared completely distraught.

And orchestrating the evil rite, behind it all, stood the ominous Incubub. Oh hail, Hail to the Incubub, thought Aaron as he rubbed his cock even faster and faster. Aaron felt himself rushing closer to orgasm. It was going to be a strong and intense orgasm — a demonic orgasm.

“Evil witches will rape with all their might, To send the offered one to hell with lusty blight. It’s the wicked blossom of eternal midnight. And this is just the beginning … For you … My perverted acolyte.”

Was it talking to him?

To Aaron?

Could he be the Acolyte sort by this cunning demon?

Had he been chosen?

Had the book, somehow chosen him?

Did the Incubub want him to read this?

The childlike drawing of the Incubub loomed over all of them. It appeared so dark and so sinister. Alluringly insane and totally depraved. The Incubub’s serpent-like cock drawled with pearly white pre-cum. It appeared to be consuming them. It was becoming them. And they were becoming it – witches all, Aaron included, were bound to this diabolical demon in its quest for never-ending ecstasy.

“Your dark heart is full of dark lust, My irresistible bidding, do it … you must. Though others may feel utter nothing but utter disgust, Your immoral soul … in ME you trust.”

That was it…

He saw himself, no longer as that young innocent boy, the victim (of either the monster’s evil or that of his pedophile mother), but as a corrupted sexual demon; blessed by Satan himself together with his flock of Fallen Angels … To live to serve the Incubub on earth as it is in Hell. He was that diabolical Acolyte. The rush towards this evil precipice was incredible. He felt that forbidden feeling accelerating through him like a roller-coaster rushing downhill … now unstoppable, exploding outwards through his entire body, its epicenter deep within his perineum. He jerked violently.

“Aaaargggggghhhhhhhhh …”

Then he ejaculated. Not just the usual spoonful … No, he ejaculated, over and over, across the greedy pages of the fiendish book — almost screaming — His pale white semen immediately absorbed into the lewd material of the wicked pages … pleasure that seemed to continue endlessly.

Finally, Aaron slumped and collapsed weakly to the floor, next to the open pages of the evil book. He lay on his back as he gasped for breath and looked upwards at the clock on his wall. It was getting close to midnight — the witch ritual was soon to begin.


Laura Polk and her nine-year-old daughter, Florence, sat quietly together on a bench in the hallway of the refectory. She’d chosen the name, Florence, for her daughter, named after her heroine, Florence Nightingale; the famed Christian woman, well known for her work during the Crimean War, training and organizing the nurses. She had high hopes for her daughter.

Florence began to fidget, so Laura gave her a stern stare. The young girl immediately sat still again.

Laura’s husband, Dan, had served as a regular helper in their local church. He had always been outwardly a very pious and just man, husband, and father. But Laura had found out otherwise. Now she knew the truth, she couldn’t look at him in the same way. She hadn’t seen this trait in him. How could a man, her husband, find twisted sexual enjoyment in the defilement of young ones? She couldn’t understand it at first. Her mind reeled with polarity.

The recent accidental discovery of child porn on her husband’s computer was just too much for Laura to take. She initially felt completely crushed. How could he? She asked herself over and over. He was just a filthy pervert who needed to be shamed publicly … especially by their parish priest, Father Williams. The good Father always made a point to talk about the sins of the flesh. In his sermons, he stated that masturbation was devil worship. A sin in the mind was a sin in the flesh. And she was sure that her priest took a very dim view of all kinds of sexual evils.

But she’d waited for an hour or more, and there had been no sign of the priest. What was wrong with the world? She was beginning to get exasperated. She had initially thought of going to the local police – but thought better of it. No, this should be dealt with, within their closely-knit Christian community. God’s wrath was worse than any slap on the wrist from a soft magistrate. God’s law was ‘The Law’, as she saw it. They should have brought back public flogging or even hanging for sexual deviants.


Across the road from the parish, Diana St. Patrick sat impatiently in their local coffee shop. She nervously sipped her afternoon tea (she’d laced it with something stronger). She crossed and uncrossed her legs in an effect to stifle her escalating erotic thoughts. Her ‘pink demon’ was again restless between her legs. Deviant sexual thoughts dominated her every moment. Sexual perversity kept her constantly wet and excited. Could it be that it was only been yesterday that she had succumbed to her most base of sexual instincts?

She’d found herself in a situation where she’d performed an incestuous act with her own seven-year-old son, Jefferson. An act that she, for all her religious upbringing, should have found abhorrent. But now, the immoral thought of it made her ‘pink demon’ shudder with illicit joy. Feeling like a whore of Sodom and Gomorrah, she’d found herself worshiping the devil as she defiled her son’s innocence. Oh, the blasphemy of it all. She’d forced him to suck her sopping wet cunt and her long penile clitoris. Consequently, she’d orgasmed wildly over his unwilling mouth – soaking his pretty little face, hair, and upper body in a shower of her sour cunt juices. Diana discovered that she was a squirter — an evil pedophile squirter.

All this had been triggered by a recent visitation upon two of her so-called Christian friends and fellow mothers, Sally Sampson and Hilary Newton, who had been uncharacteristically sunbathing in just their underwear. Heaven’s forbid. Hilary’s baby, Thomasina, was nowhere to be seen, nor was the young five-year-old, Matthew (Sally’s child). One thing lead to another and now she knew that she was not alone in her incestuous pedophile fantasies and she wasn’t the only one of her close religious friends to enjoy the devilment pertaining to her intimate sexual deformity, in the form of her ‘pink demon’.

The discovery of their mutual sexual mutation had been a shock at first – but nothing short of a revelation to the newly evil, Diana. She was no longer alone in her twisted little world. They had proceeded to encourage her to fuck her own child in front of them; then had taken turns fucking him with their ‘pink demons’; before it had degenerated into a full-on pedophilic orgy (that included baby Thomasina and five-year-old Mathew) there in Sally’s backyard in Sussex Street.

Things could never be the same again.

What would happen now? She’d waited for God Almighty to strike her down for her grievous sins. But God hadn’t. There had been no bolt of white light. No hammer of the angry angels. In fact, there seemed to be no ill circumstance whatsoever – other than the three witches had made accomplishes of their own kin. Each of them becomes part of the Devil’s plan. Diana laughed at her initial fears of holy retribution. How she’d had the fear of God in her since she was very young. What a crock of shit that had turned out to be … But the Devil? Ah, there was a force to be reckoned with. Hail Satan. She thought. Her finger brushed dangerously against her engorged flesh. Her miscreant ‘pink demon’ throbbed evilly, wanting desperately to come out to play! Licentious thoughts crossed her mind as she stared at the young waitress, who was oblivious to Diana’s perverted desires.


Finally, Hilary appeared, she was dressed in her usual Sunday best — a true model of conservative Christian appropriateness. She slid effortlessly into the seat opposite Diane, allowing the bare portion of their legs to touch each other beneath the white-clothed table. Diana shuddered. Her ‘pink demon’ twitched mercilessly and her sexual juices immediately began to flow freely. Hilary grinned evilly at Diana and then ordered a large red wine. The pretty young waitress took the order and retreated from their discretely located table.

“Hail Satan,” whispered Hilary salaciously.

Diane subconsciously licked her lips.

“I’m so fucking horny!” she replied.

“There will be a grand witch ritual tonight,” announced Hilary.

Hilary placed her hand over Diana’s.

“You and your son are most welcome.”

“Witch ritual?” asked Diana.

“You think that you, me, and Sally are the only ones?”

Diana was again surprised. She suppressed a squeal of excitement at the prospects. Abusing young ones was addictive to her now. It was all she ever thought about. Her addiction. She needed a fix. Knowing that her ambitions were shared, not only by Sally and Hilary but by other witches, only made her reel with the perverted possibilities.

“How many others?”

“Only the Devil truly knows – but, I believe the black mass will attract more than a dozen of us. Witches all, we all have the ‘sign’ … ”

By which Diana knew that she was referring to her ‘pink demon’.

“We gather close to midnight, in the basement of a house not far from here. You know its owner, Lucy Thomas. She has a delicious young son, Aaron … They say the spirit of the Devil is already in his soul!”


Father Williams returned to the refectory. He was anxious and shaken. He’d seen another awful premonition of the witch’s night. A diabolical evil night. He saw how he was to play a pivotal role in this vision of evil. A violent sexual ritual. He’d felt vividly, the powerful sexual sensations that seems to completely control him. Overwhelm him. There was a powerful black magick at work here.

Yes, they’d made him do their evil will, or rather, were going to try and make him do it. He’d seen himself in this vision, raping and murdering an innocent one — he’d reeled at the prospect of killing that young boy; impaling his helpless little victim upon his fleshy wand. It had felt so real. The preternatural premonition of him, taking great pleasure, whilst thrusting his demented cock in and out of the young boy’s tight little anus. The orgasm he’d envisioned. So powerful. So intense. So completely wicked.

He now felt great shame for his own excitement — how could he have enjoyed what he’d done? Even if it was just a vision. Holy Mother of God. Our Father who art in heaven! He begged for his forgiveness … he prayed for his redemption. But as he prayed, nothing happened.

He thought… this evil deed was spawned by the witches. they were the source of this black magic. Those evil vultures gathered around him, taunting him, chanting enthusiastically — willing him the kill the boy as a sacrifice to their evil witch god. The Incubub. Yes, he surmised, they were all demonic creatures. Their wickedness knew no bounds.

Resolute, he knew he could not allow himself to fulfill this tormented vision of malice … And a premonition was not necessarily a foregone conclusion. Right? There were ways to avoid this outcome. The hope of escape? He just needed time to figure it out. Despite his own propensity towards the sexually perverse, yes, he was a pervert, but not a killer.

He didn’t want to be manipulated by these damnable witches — they were pawns in his game, not the other way around. And this prosperous sex demon, this so-called Incubub? This ancient evil from antiquity. Did he put credence in any of this? Myth? Dreams? Medieval superstition? No! Maybe the nightmare would never be realized?

Father William had to admit that he’d seen some really strange things as late. Like those sinful whores in his church. Masturbating themselves and each other before him in the front pews during service; before his unsuspecting parishioners; before all that is good and Holy.

There had been that slut-mother. What was her name? Yes, Lucy Thomas. And her slut-friend too. That was Suzy Shaw. Father Williams wasn’t sure how Mrs. Sampson, the mother of the five-year-old, had been coxed into involvement with the other two sluts. In his most recent memory, she had been a bit of a stuck-up bitch, incapable of anything remotely sexual. Her confessions were dull … nothing more than taking the Lord’s name in vain. Ridiculous. But there they were, whoring together … and her, the mother molesting her own young child. His cock throbbed inappropriately at the thought of that memory.

Entering the parish he saw the likes of Laura Polk and her daughter, Florence. Not now, he thought. It was obvious that she had been waiting for him. He didn’t need any distractions right now. He was in no mood for other people’s problems, knowing the severity of his own burdens.

“Father,” called Laura.

Too late, she’d seen him.

“Errr …” bungled the priest, “I’m late … cannot talk right now … late for something, Mrs. Polk.”

“But Father, it’s very important that I talk with you,” replied a most insistent woman.


Aaron looked at himself in the mirror. His penis was hard again as usual and his foreskin had rolled back to fully expose the wet purple head of his cock. His fingers stroked himself and became wet from the clear watery discharge. He tasted it and moaned in private delight. He appeared the same in his reflection, but he was definitely not the same. It was as if the Incubub was there inside his mind — as if they both now occupied the same body. His body.

Yes. I’m here young Acolyte. And we are one.

He smiled. But it wasn’t his smile — it was the evil smile of the Incubub.



“Oh, perverted deeds grant us our unholy spunt, Blasphemous pornography that we eagerly hunt. Devil’s pedo-sex we fuck, suck, and grunt … Worshiping the demon with both breasts and a horned cunt.”

Dan Polk was new to this. A novice at best. He was by no means a computer kind of guy, having grown up in a time before such machines. He was more comfortable with books and physical things rather than websites, online chatting, or online porn. But that was the point, he’d finally discovered a way to see the things that he’d longed for but had been forbidden to see … things that he found irresistible and wickedly compelling.

Sinful. Obscene. Perverse. Taboo.

Of course, these taboo things were not something he could share with his ‘normal’ life. His wife, Laura, was such a fucked-up prude. He’d suggested oral sex once, early in their marriage — that had been rebuffed with such religious vermin, he’d regretted the words leaving his lips. Her religious beliefs were so staunch that sex was reduced to nothing but a process… a means to an end … with little or no pleasure involved. Their daughter had been conceived and therefore was no further purpose to indulge in any further sexual activity — not even a quick missionary position. He hated the hypocrisy of it all. Religion … The church and everything. It was a blight in his meaningless life. He’d persisted in it if only to keep up appearances … for his daughter’s sake. God bless her.

But, there was something most liberating about finding others, who loved sex with young ones… sharing images of the most obscene nature. His heart beat fast just entertaining the thoughts of his beloved treasure trove of perverted child porn … those slutty and delicious little mites in all their sensual glory, naked, excited, and participating in the most wicked and blasphemous of acts by themselves, with each other and with adults.

Oh, how he longed to be one of them. To touch their innocent flesh. To penetrate their virgin holes. To use them, to abuse them. To have power over them. Cruelty could be some much fun. He knew it was evil and that made it even more compelling.

He’d lost count of the number of perverted fantasies (and orgasms) he‘d enjoyed thinking about his own nine-year-old daughter. How he loved that word … Incest. Yes, it was a delightful word. Incest. Incest. He said it over and over in his mind. Incest. Incest. Incest. Sex with his own flesh and blood … the submissive, malleable little lady, whom he undressed in his mind every opportunity he could. Such a sweet young girl with her flat chest, tiny coned nipples, thin arms, gaped thighs, and knobbly hips. Mmmmmm, incest. Her thought. How he’d even ventured into the sniffing her damp underwear … Yer. Fuck the church. Fuck God. Fuck Christ. Fuck all the congregation of sexless motherfuckers that he seemed to ‘wait’ upon during church service.

And when Laura and Florence were not around, he couldn’t wait to jump on his computer and stroke both keys and cock, whilst ogling at those lovely naked boys and girls. Fucking and sucking. Doing sacrilegious acts. He knew it was an awful sin. But that was the point. The more heinous the sin, the more powerful the cum. And he sorts online friends to share their most heinous pictures and videos. Some were taken by like-minded fathers and mothers, who like him, enjoyed incestuous thought — but unlike him, had actually videoed themselves performing all kinds of sexual acts with their offspring or with abused children (he imagined from an orphanage of promiscuity). What delights laid in store for him today? He was most happy when he got push notices of newly available material.

Actually, he’d try to quit a few times. In moments of extreme weakness. He’d taken the action to delete his stash. Wiping his computer clean of all evidence. Trying, once again, to be a good little Christian. Praising the Almighty, and praying for his forgiveness. He even tried to confess his immoral sins to Father Williams (who had frequently skirted around the subject matter of sins of the flesh — and Dan had got the impression that the priest’s motives were not always magnanimous). Anyway, he’d ultimately chickened out. And after a while; usually not that long (just a few days), Dan could no longer resist and would return to his familiar pattern of search and jerk-off.

Lately, he’d found a treasure trove of satanic abuse videos. Fuck! They were the best he’d found to date. These videos were totally perverted. They clearly showed satanic ritual abuse was real. He’d come so hard. Dan stroked his cock for hours until his ball ached and his dick was sore from friction burns.


Of course, Father William faked outrage after hearing Laura’s story of discovering child porn on her hapless husband’s computer. His perverted mind flicked back and forth, still worried about the witches, but so how, this turn of events, was simply too good to miss. It confirmed his suspicion about Dan being a fellow deviant — he’d heard a few half-hearted attempts of Dan during confession. But, this turn of events created a curious Dilemma. Laura wanted her husband to be hung out to dry before the entire church community … to be exposed as a pervert and degenerate … a dangerous precedent to be set and at that same time, he fully understood the powerful lure of sin.

“Are you sure it wasn’t something quite innocent, that you mistook for something else?”

He deliberately skirted around the use of words like child porn, pervert, or pedophile.

“Father, of course, I did not dwell,” she lied, “I am a woman of God! But I know what I saw. And I am certain the pictures were of naked children. Not … not just naked. I mean they were … you know … doing stuff!” she stuttered.

“No … Mrs. Polk, I don’t know. These are serious allegations. You must be absolutely sure.”

She paused.

There was a kind of misplaced enjoyment he felt, making this deeply religious woman squirm as she attempted to describe these perverted images; that she’d accidentally discovered whilst using her husband’s computer to help her daughter, Florence, with her homework assignment. He smothered an evil grin, as he made her explain exactly what she’d seen to him in exquisite detail, it even gave him a dribbling erection beneath his gown. He secretly pushed harder and harder against it as she spoke.

“Well, there were photos … and I think videos too … They appeared to be highly sinful … Disgusting in fact. .. I thought I was going to be sick …” she lied again.

“Can you be more explicit Mrs. Polk?”

Laura turned a shade of beetroot.

“Like … I mean … the boys were touching their hard thingies and the girl were fingering their. .. you know what’s …”

“You mean the young boys were masturbating the rigid cocks and the young girls finger-fucking their wet cunts?”

She never expected the priest to be so explicit … she didn’t even want to use those words.

“How old did you say these naked children were?” he probed.

Laura’s discomfort appeared palpable, but her diffidence seemed to falter.

“Young, Father. I mean some of them were children as young as four or five. Some were only babies! Oh, my Lord! I cannot even bring myself to recall,” she pretended.

“But, Mrs. Polk … It’s really important. Sins against God! My dear Mrs. Polk … I need to know exactly so that I can confront your husband with his own depravity!”

She shuddered and then recalled the images she’d seen and the videos she’d watched. It became obvious to Father Williams, from her vivid description that she’d seen more than just a handful. In fact, the more she described in detail the shockingly perverted and wicked scenes involving adults, domestic animals, and of course a troop of young naked children … the more liberal, bordering on enthusiastic, she became about her narrative — though she also seemed unaware at how she was coming across in the process. The wicked priest mused. His cock dripped, throbbed, and ached beneath his robe.

“The adults were all dressed in strange black and red robes. Like nuns and priests. But instead of a veil, they wore animal masks over the top half of their faces to obscure their true identities. Some looked like those plague doctors. Others had horns upon their heads like devils. O’my Lord they were all devils. They made the naked children dance lewdly and play with themselves as they made a prayer before a statue of the devil …”

Continuing her rant, Laura’s pupils were dilated and a tiny bead of sweat slipped down her forehead. Emboldened by the priest’s complete attention — Laura seemed animated in her vivid recall.

“… The … the young preteen girls were fingering their bald little pussies and the boys rubbing their hard little willies. Then … then … the adults removed their gowns. They left on their disguises … but you could clearly see that all the older males were all erect … their cocks were dripping. Father … dripping, I tell you! Most had awful demonic tattoos and inverted crosses hung around their necks. They looked so evil … Blasphemous … They made the children kneel before them and perform oral sex on them. The males with the boys and the females with the girls. They even peed in their open mouths …

The sin of it. O’My Lord, the sin.”

Father Williams watched her very carefully. Because of his own perverted nature, he couldn’t help but notice things others may miss. He loved how this prim and proper woman, slipped down the sloppy slope … further and further. Her secret joy in these sinful acts became more and more apparent as she unwittingly exposed herself to the cunning pervert priest.

“This is important information. Every detail you can recall, Mrs. Polk, will be useful … every last sinful detail … leave nothing out! Now, the demon they were worshiping …”

Laura licked her lips subconsciously.

“Yes, the awful sexual beast. A phallic monster from hell. Both male and female, as I remember. Vile, disgusting creature.”

”Did it look anything like this?”

The priest guided Laura’s eyes toward a large and very old manuscript. The publication was a copy of the Compendium rarissimum totius Artis Magicae sistematisatae per celeberrimos Artis hujus Magistros, roughly translated to “A rare summary of the entire Magical Art by the most famous Masters of this Art”. This was not a book to be found in any church library.

The image depicted a sexualized demon with a skeletal horned head; deep-set eyes and rows of razor-sharp teeth; it had claws for hands; and was more than well-endowed with enormous snake-like genitalia.

“Oh my … the … the very same,” she stuttered, “What does it mean?”


Young Florence was nine. She loved the flowers in the garden, the sound of the birds, and the way the wind whistle across her earlobes. She loved watching old-style cartoon videos as well, and on this particular evening after her bath, Florence sat wrapped up on a large soft towel eating some of her favorite sweet snacks. Her mother had momentarily disappeared, but Florence was in her own world. She was so engrossed in her animated video show, that she did not notice the arrival of Aaron and his female friend, Trinity. It wasn’t until they both sat down with her that she was even aware that her family had visitors.

“Hey,” she said curtly, “What are you doing here? Where’s my mummy?”

“Mummy’s gone out Florence,” the boy used her name, “I’m Aaron and this is Trinity. Your mummy asked us to babysit you. She said that I am now in charge.”

“I’m not a baby,” replied Florence.

“We know that,” said the boy called Aaron.

“What’s this you’re watching.” Asked the older girl called Trinity.

“It’s one of my favorite cartoons,” answered Florence.

Pleased that they noticed her show, she now sounded a little less concerned about her new babysitters.

“Well, Aaron‘s got another video for us to watch together,” said the older girl.

Before Florence had a chance to answer, the boy ejected her cartoon collection and slipped in a video of his own.

“What’s it called?” asked Florence, imagining it to be a cartoon show.

Florence now felt a bit self-conscious about being naked beneath her bath towel. She pulled her knees up and hoped the boy and the girl wouldn’t notice.

“It’s called ‘Worshiping the Incubub’ — it’s really cool, you’ll see,” said the boy.

He grinned at her like a Cheshire Cat.

“What’s … what’s it about?” asked Florence inquisitively.

“Well, why don’t we find out …”

The video began.

Florence noticed it wasn’t a cartoon. There was a group of tall adults dressed in strange black and red robes. They appeared to be like nuns and priests, except they all wore Strange animal masks over the top half of their faces to obscure their faces. Some looked like dogs, some like cats, others like goats and even pigs.

Florence thought they looked kind of weird. Some had similar masks to those worn by the infamous plague doctors from the medieval days of the black plague — she remembered seeing pictures of them in a history book. Some had large twisted horns upon their heads giving them a devil-like appearance. They stood with their arms extended in prayer around a dark statue of a devil with a huge erect thing. It looked ugly. Florence decided that she didn’t like this video.

“I think I’d rather watch my video,” she said.

“No, mummy wants you to watch this,” replied the boy called Aaron.

Now in the video, there appeared many young children. They joined the adults, but only Florence could see that none of them wore any clothes. They were all naked, as if they too, had just had a hot bath … but without warm towels to wrap themselves in. The adults made the naked children dance … thrusting their narrow little hips back and forth, as they all prayed before a statue of the devil with the big penis. The word penis was rude, but that was what it was.

“Why don’t they have any clothes on?” asked Florence naively.

It seemed that if mummy had said it was all right, then maybe she should accept it. But still, she seemed a little perturbed by the whole dark setting. Gothic. Dark. Dungeon-like. Witches? Vampires? Ghouls? Demon? Was it some kind of horror movie? The ones that would give her nightmares? Mummy said that she could only watch once she was old enough.

“Mummy said only when I am old enough could I watch horror movies as they give me nightmares.”

“Well, your mummy said, just before she left, that now she thinks that you’re now old enough,” said the girl reassuringly.

As the young boys and girls in the video danced vulgarly around the devil statue they touched their private parts. Florence found this fascinating. She’d never seen anything like it. Of course, she’d touch her own privates, but only in the sanctitude and privacy of her bathroom. These young girls were openly fingering themselves, diving their eager fingers in and out of their little bald pussies; and the boys were rubbing their penises that all seemed to stand upright. Florence lent forward to get a closer look.

“Why … why are they doing that?” asked Florence.

“Because they are worshiping the Incubub,” answered the girl.

Next, the adults removed their gowns. They left on their disguises, but Florence could clearly see that all the older males were all erect like the boys (only their penises looked very big). She’d never seen a naked adult, let alone seen them in a state of sexual excitement.

Florence’s new babysitters began to undress too, stripping down until they were completely naked. The boy’s penis stood upright against his flat stomach, just like the boys in the video. But the difference was, that his penis looked as big as an adult’s — disproportionately large to his thin frame. Trinity, the girl babysitter’s upper thighs were already moist with juices like she’d made pee-pee down her legs or something.

“What are you doing?” Florence asked them.

She looked a little concerned again by what she saw — both because of the naked adults and children on the video; and also at the sight of her now naked and aroused babysitters.

“We only want to be like you Florence. Naked, just like you.”

Trinity pulled away the soft white towel that was covering Florence.

“Hey. Give me that back!” Florence cried.

She did want her babysitters to see her naked. She covered herself with her hands, whilst turning beetroot red.

”Remember, your mummy said that Aaron is in charge,” said the girl in a mockingly disciplinary tone.

Her babysitters now sat down on either side of the naked Florence. The girl held her hand. Florence found the girl’s palms to be very hot and clammy. She wanted to pull away and let go, but the girl held her firmly. The boy did the same. Holding her hand in his.

“Watch,” said the boy, “It’s getting to the good part.”

Now the screen is filled with the image of naked boys and girls engaged in oral sex. The boys were sucking each other’s dicks and the girls were sucking pussy. It was raunchy and steamy. Florence stared in disbelief. The girl called Trinity pressed young Florence’s fingers against her privates. She was soaking wet. The juices were sticky. She could smell a funky door coming from between Trinity’s legs.

“Mmmm … that’s nice. Stick your fingers in me, like the girls in the video,” ordered Trinity, not leaving Florence an opportunity to object.

The boy placed her other hand on his penis. He felt hard and throbbed against her palm. He guided her fingers so that they stroked his foreskin up and down. Florence thought it was gross, but was now a little scared to say no.

“That’s it Florence. Worship the Incubub with us. Mmmmmm, Rub it faster! Harder! Mmmmm. That’s it … Aaargghhhh …” whispered the boy hotly in her ear.

Trinity lent across her and started to touch Florence’s privates. At first, it felt much the same as when Florence had explored herself, but Trinity pressed against her little bump. It gave Florence an intensely pleasurable feeling. She liked it. Though it felt strange, soon she didn’t want Trinity to stop.

“Open your legs wider. Do it!” order Trinity.

Trinity continued to finger her while she tried to kiss Florence on the lips. At first, it felt nice. Warm and sensuous. But soon Trinity forced her tongue between Florence’s lips. The girl’s tongue was like a hot worm exploring her mouth. Florence tried to pull back, but Aaron pressed their heads closer together. He was much bigger and stronger.

Florence’s eyes strayed back to the video … Now the masked men got the boys down on their knees and began to push their hard penises into their bums. The boys moved their hips back and forth – it looked as though they were in pain, but still, they didn’t stop. The masked women, all had strange little sausage-like things that stuck outwards from just above the opening of their bald pussies. Florence thought they looked like small pink horns. The woman began to put their pink horns into the young girls’ pussies.

Trinity’s pleasuring of Florence only felt more intense. Florence couldn’t help but buck against the girl’s expert fingers. Trinity broke off her tongue kiss with Florence. Florence sighed with relief, only to find that Aaron’s mouth then covered hers. She felt his hot wriggling tongue fill her mouth. Then Trinity stopped fingering her. Florence didn’t want her babysitter to stop, but then Trinity’s face descended between Florence’s parted thighs. Florence felt the girl’s tongue replace the sensations that her fingers had caused. Florence let out a subconscious moan.

”Ohhhhh … Ohhhhh …. Ohhhhh …”

The video now showed the men making creamy juice stuff come out of the top of their penises over the faces of the boys and girls; as they all continued to pray to the penis devil.

Florence felt the boy touching her rear. In her dirty hole – the one that she made poopies from. His finger pressed against her tiny hole. It hurt a bit but wasn’t wholly unpleasant. Actually, with Trinity licking her pussy and Aaron fingering her bum hole, she could help but quiver. The quiver became stronger. Like a strangeness, she’d never felt before. She was worried about what God would think of her doing sinful stuff. What if he was looking down from heaven right now while she was naked with her babysitters, just like the children in the video that were worshiping the devil?

“AAargghhhhhhhh …” Florence groaned unabated.

“Hail Satan,“ cried the boy as Florence bucked hard against Trinity’s face.

Girl juice flowed from the child’s immature pussy as she ground against Trinity. She smelt as funky as Trinity did. Florence liked the sensation of the girl’s tongue wriggling against her little bump, while fingers explored her vagina and anus. Then, just as Florence thought it couldn’t feel any better, her whole body rocked and shuddered violently in her first-ever orgasm.



“Oh how the night brings its own wickedness, Sinful deeds demonstrate our vile willingness. With black magick, spells, chants, and evil hex, Come, kneel my Acolyte of demoniac sex.”

Sister Margaret disengaged herself. Her head throbbed. The limp body of the demented priest fell heavily to the floor. Thud… Unconscious? Dead? She wasn’t sure. But there was an excessive amount of blood. She was covered in it. Its stickiness made her habit cling to her body. In fact, the priest’s blood was everywhere. She got up, felt dizzy, and held the overturned altar for support. She let out a low and almost inaudible groan, and then unceremoniously kicked the priest’s body.

It didn’t move.

Satisfied that the priest could no longer attack her, she stood over him, looking down at the vanquished evil. Thank God, she thought. What had possessed him? She had an inkling. The demon they called the Incubub.

“Fucker!” she muttered, unbecoming of her faith.

Without any warning. She felt a sharp pain. She heard a dull thud. And then everything went black.


Laura Polk waited for her husband to arrive at the church, just as Father Williams had instructed. She thought back over her discovery of the deviant pornographic materials that she had found on her husband’s home computer. She remembered her initial rage. How it had disgusted her. She remembered going dry in the mouth and shaking all over – such was the trauma of it all. She’d wanted to make sure he burned in hell for this evil outrage. She’d planned to expose him before the entire Christian community. Everyone would know his shame. He had defiled God’s good grace.

But then Father Williams had made other, more subtle, suggestions.

Also, in hindsight, she remember how her own shock and horror had changed into a kind of misdirected curiosity. Dare she admit to herself that she’d lingered and looked through more than she needed to? Sigh. She’d open up, file after file, after file. Sigh. She’d been telling herself that it was because she wanted to know … to be sure … but was it because she really wanted to see more? Sigh!

Had she felt arousal? Oh my goodness.

The good priest had intimated … ‘Who is without guilt? Who is without shame? … The Bible says ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone’.

There had been something that had stirred her. The curiosity forced her to go back more than several times to look at what she’d accidentally discovered. The rage was still there, but it felt kind of different about it. Had she gone to Father Williams because he always seemed to ask about sexual sins; always probing for sins of the flesh, as if he was curious too? Was this all in her mind? Was she going crazy?

She’d known it unquestioningly wrong, but she’d made the discovery several weeks ago. Why did she delay exposing her perverted pedophile husband? Why hadn’t she gone straight to the police? Why the long hesitation? Why had she made up excuse after excuse, while going back, nearly every day to look at the shameful photos and videos? And every time she looked, she’d felt this burning feeling.

A deeply shameful feeling …

But what of her secret and blasphemous enjoyment?

“Laura, what are you doing here?” said her husband, Dan Polk, “I was told to come to the chapel right away?”

Dan was dressed in his work overalls as if there were some chores or maintenance to do around the refectory. Just then, Father Williams emerged from the church.

“Ah good, you’re here Dan. We need to talk. The three of us. Maybe best in my private chambers?”


Father Williams locked the door and gestured that they both sit on the consultation couch together in his private room. He could clearly see the awkwardness of the Christian mother, Laura Polk. Dan appeared concerned but had no inkling of the inquiry at hand. He knew better, thinking about his evil dream, but still the priest felt a strange power inside. A dark power that welcomed his evil plotting. What was he doing?

“Well, I will start by saying that we are all sinners here,” said the priest, “Purge your sexual sins to me and we shall find salvation together.”

“I don’t understand?” said Dan.

“I discovered blasphemous things, Dan. On your computer,” Laura blurted.

Father Williams pressed a button on his computer keyboard. Yes, he’d copied over the entire catalog of pornographic material (every video … every picture … for evidence of course).

The video of the perverted sex ritual for the Incubub began to play. The sound of deviant sex filled Dan’s ears. His face burned with sudden guilt at his exposed sinfulness. The sight of naked young flesh that usually made his cock hard and dripping, now made him feel incredible shame before his pious wife and the stern priest. His heart beat loudly in his heaving chest. Sweat poured from his forehead as if he’d been working out. He could hear the abused young ones crying (in both pain and pleasure).

Dan went completely white. He felt faint. What was he supposed to do now?

Father William increased the volume and the sounds of the demonic orgy now filled the small, but private room, that served as Father Williams’s office, living space, and bedroom.

“Sins of the flesh, Dan,” Father Williams put his hand on Laura’s bare knee, “Laura has done the right thing coming to me with your marital issues. Keeping secrets is not the way to keep your marriage. Where’s your strong family foundation? You must learn to be honest with one another. Truthfulness is next to godliness. Laura was very upset with you, Dan. Very disappointed with your concealment.”

Dan looked dazed and confused as he watched the priest openly fondle his young wife’s breasts in front of him. The video had reached its climatic scene — a ritual human sacrifice — it began to play out as a very young boy was raped by one of the males wearing the mask of the Sabbath goat, the Baphomet.

“I have viewed this sacrilege, Dan. It is truly blasphemous. Perverted. Wicked. And is definitely the work of the Devil incarnate.”

To Dan’s second surprise — his wife of over eight years placed her hand now on Father Williams’ crutch and proceeded to fondle the obvious bulge in the front of his loose-fitting robe.

“Yes, Dan. She watched your filth. And she found it surprisingly exciting. All that extremely young flesh. So wet. So aroused. Your pedophilic filth, Dan. Your wife masturbated herself as she watched it. Over and over. And then she masturbated in front of me. Right here in the church. She used my crucifix. And as she masturbated, she prayed to the Devil to bring her to orgasm. Then, she knelt before me, Dan. She sucked my cock like a slut and a piss whore. She drank my urine. The devil’s sacrament. She ate my ass out. She begged me to fuck her in the rear — make her a sodomite and cum over her face.”

Despite his trepidation. Dan’s cock stirred. He was visibly shaking. His cock was stiffening with a will of its own. The priest’s words; his inappropriate actions; his wife’s slutiness … the sounds of human sacrifice in the background.

“Now it is your turn, Dan. Undress. And kneel before me. Pleasure me with your mouth. Then, you will both bring Florence to me. Your little sweetheart daughter. We will begin her incestuous journey together before the Altar of Satan. She will join my dark coven … she will become a perverted witch-child … she will serve as a piss whore to the Dark Lord…”

Dan did as he was told. His erect cock betrayed him. It evidenced his arousal, disputing the depth of his shame. Laura lifted the priest’s gown as her, now naked husband, trembled and knelt before the priest’s dripping cock. Dan licked his lips. He’d fantasized about sucking the priest’s cock before, on more than a few occasions.

His shaking fingers reached out and gently steered the priest’s erection into his eager mouth. Saliva dripped from the sides of his parted lips as she sucked upon his priest’s throbbing cock. He felt Father Williams hold the back of his head, pump back and forth rhythmically, as he forced more and more of his cock flesh into Dan’s mouth. His tongue wrapped around the priest’s cockhead, lavishing it with perverted love.

“Hail lust!” cried the priest.

Laura watched as Dan fellate the corrupted priest, who thought no longer of Jesus fucking Christ, but only of sexual subversiveness and evil. She too got down on her knees and fingered herself as she brought her mouth to join her husband’s. Dan’s eyes locked to hers. They grinned evilly at each other. He held the priest’s cock while Laura took a turn sucking his fuck stick. Back and forth, they shared oral pleasuring together.

“And you Laura. I will fuck a baby into your xian cunt … a baby that will not go to full term … but will become an unbaptized fetus offered to my witches for them to kill and eat.”


Her mind was befuddled.

She remembered only glimpses of the ritual. A dark and profane event. The death of the unholy priest. The murder of the screaming youngsters. She saw them all gathering. The sick and perverted witches. They were all naked but for their masks they made them appear like caricatures of evil carnivores. They danced and sang blasphemously while masturbating themselves. Adults, young adults, and young children.

The witches all had pink horn-like protrusions, that stood outward and upright from immediately above the open and wet gashes. Clitoral mutations. They were no longer female, but transgendered demonic beasts and the embodiment of sexual evil and wickedness.

As sensation returned to Sister Margaret, she found herself, gagged and painfully tied to a thick steel downpipe. She twisted against her tight bonds but they would not budge. Her bloodied habit had been removed, leaving her completely naked on the hardwood floor. How did she get here? Why was she restrained and naked?

Again, the ritual pierced her thoughts.

The coven of sex witches. Was this, their doing? She knew what she’d witnessed. They’d first killed the unbaptized baby – the perpetrator had been the child’s own mother. Death by suffocation. She saw the naked witch mounting her crying baby – smothering it with her steamy piss-wet gash. Her juiced-up cunt rocked back and forth over the baby’s tiny face… while the witch-mother started to orgasm.

Sister Margaret could not forget the sight of her thick pink horn-like cock as it quivered in evil pleasure. An initiation of sorts? The witch-mother had vigorously masturbated upon her own child’s face; reaching the height of her orgasmic delight at the same point where the will-less child no longer fought to stay alive — she’d drenched the dead child in her unnatural juices. They would bathe in its blood. They were going to eat it. She Just knew it.

Sister Margaret felt the demon’s insidious presence. The Incubub. The evil preternatural wickedness of this predator filled her with awe and terror. Hungry darkness in the form of a very young boy. Just a boy called Aaron? His name permeated her convoluted memory.

The wayward priest, Father Williams, was naked and prone. Sister Margaret could hear the agonized screams, as he brutally fucked the young child. The priest seemed animated with evil purpose, grasping the boy firmly, whilst thrusting him up and down upon his cock. She saw the five-year-old boy’s limb body dangling lifelessly upon the upthrusted sexual organ of the corrupted priest. Another wicked offering? Yes, the demon was strong; and getting stronger with every offering.

Aaron the boy. The boy demon. They’re as one.

“She is awake,” said a distant voice that echoed hollowly in her mind.

Her vision was blurred as her hearing reverberated.

“She killed our priest,” said another.

“What is to become of her?” asked another vibrating voice.

The boy. She saw him clearly among the orgy. He was small and insignificant from the outside. But his sexual organ was not that of an eleven-year-old boy. He looked deformed in his state of sexual excitement. She felt her cunt flood. Unwanted arousal. Her mind screamed no, but her body felt a strong attraction to this despicable monster.

The monster was fucking one of the mothers. His own mother, Lucy? Fucking a baby into her and the other witches for more sacrificial offerings? Sister Margaret felt like vomiting as the monster transformed further, leaving the form of the boy behind as its black twisted skeletal features looked more and more like the idol to which the orgy was directed. Boy to monster. Monster to Incubub.

“Awaken her,” ordered a young voice.

It sounded resolute and severe. Young but not young.

Sister Margaret prayed, but no god came to her assistance. The separation between nightmare and reality began to close, as she found herself emerging from this semi-unconscious state. The reality was far worse than being numb and dreamy. Her arousal troubled her as she felt an intense need to pleasure herself. It was of course the demon’s doing — she knew but was powerless to resist it.

“Untie her,” commanded the child-like voice.

She saw the boy again. The one they call Aaron. He was naked, as she’d witnessed in the ritual. His sexual organ looked undiminished in its disproportionate length and girth. Her body was telling her that it wanted to yield to it, to fall upon it, to feel it deep inside of her – reaching upwards through her anus, stretching her rectum as it fucked her deep in her filthy guts.

She felt feminine hands touching her, releasing her from the painful bonds. She rubbed her wrists and ankles. There were three females. She knows them as Sally Thompson, Hilary Newton, and Diana St Patrick. They were women from the parish. Women turned sex-witches. They each rubbed their excited clits, grossly oversized – like singular demon horns banana-ing upward from their cunt holes. Their Baphometic mutations all quivered wantonly. They were going to fuck her. To fill her holes. She was fuck-meat for these devil witches.

“You know who I am?” said the strange boy.

“You’re a demon,” she answered in a meek voice.

The boy grinned.

“The Incubub,” she said.

“You killed my priest …” the boy-demon added.

Was there to be more violence? She flinched, expecting the worst.

“But then again, he was weak,” the boy continued, “He did my bidding, but was not truly one of us. But you my dear … You have a delightful darkness … I see it in you Sister … I see my coven growing … I see my lust intensifying … My evil hold extending … There are so many young families to bring into my fold … And you … You will lead my coven … You will bring me what I crave the most … The subjection, corruption, and abuse that will know … No bounds …”

“What if I refuse?” Sister Margaret asked.

She knew the answer even before she’d asked. The three sex witches lifted her up and half carried her and half pulled her towards a filthy mattress that lay across the floor. They pressed her down on her knees.

She felt their fleshy prongs press against her front and back. Pressing against her … ready to enter her. Her cunt was wet and dripping with little provocation or inducement. They knew. They could smell her sexual arousal. She was pulled on top of one of them so that the first of the three-horned clits invaded her. The witch’s clit-cock slid into her cunt. Pressed to the hilt. She gasped as it penetrated her fuck tunnel. The second clit-cock pressed against her rear. Probing her oily rectum. She felt no pain. Only intense desire to be fucked by these evil creatures.

“Refuse?” laughed the boy, “You already do my will. You always have. You just never knew it!”

Sister Margaret was now on her hunches with two clit-cocks pistoning in and out of her. Her body moved willingly and purposefully back and forth to meet the thrusts of their corrupted flesh. The feeling of carnality filled her darkening heart. She wanted to groan in unholy pleasure… She wanted to say no (while her body screamed yes). But the third witch pressed her clit-cock between her parted lips, filling her mouth with her pink appendage. The nun licked and sucked upon it hungrily as it began to fuck her face. They began to take turns fucking all her holes. Filling her with their wickedness. The corruptive forces flowed into her. It was hopeless.

The boy laughed again.

“Your soul is mine. You will learn to love me. I will be your new god. Your new messiah. You will do my bidding — because you know that it is your calling!”




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