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AUTHOR’S NOTES: For my dearest friend ‘Sandra in Hell’, you are truly Satan’s Daughter to me. Thanks for being an inspiration. Hope this does the trick!

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Satan’s Daughter 1


Have you ever encountered absolute evil? Dr. Daisy Harvey, the clinical psychiatrist, is about to experience something so profoundly evil that it will leave her shocked, bewildered … but more importantly, aroused. The ‘god complex’ is an unshakable belief characterized by consistently inflated feelings of personal ability, privilege, or infallibility … and someone with a god complex may exhibit no regard for the conventions and demands of society, and may request special consideration or privileges. In this case, little Sally Johnson, aged twelve years and two months, is a bright and intelligent girl who on the surface seemed to be like any other tween she had ever encountered.

Dr. Harvey had considered all the physical symptoms, feelings and moods, behavior, cognitive problems, delusions, and hallucinations – and this case was one of a kind. Simply put, the girl claimed to be the ‘Daughter of Satan’ and Dr. Harvey had initially put this down to one too many ‘Twilight Sagas’. However, her initial session with the child demonstrated a far more extensive and elaborate delusion involving strongly blasphemous and highly sexualized undertones or interests that touched on a number of paraphilias including exhibitionism, necrophilia, sadism, and vampirism as well as a significant interest in incest that was not so easily dismissed.

However, another reason for her curiosity was much more personal to Dr. Harvey. Though she had been happily married for over a decade and believed that she was a very normal heterosexual woman, regardless of whatever therapist-like spin she put on it, she could not deny a growing attraction to this child. Not attraction to the merits of the case, but something else, something more base, like a sexually motivated interest that bordered on fixation. The girl had not been two minutes in the privacy of her therapy room and she had discovered the girl had no underwear beneath her short mini-skirt. It had been subtle but deliberate. Dr. Harvey had felt a wetness between her own thighs at the sight of this outrageous behavior and immediately after the session, she had sought to masturbate furiously at the thought of what she had seen and heard earlier.


Dr. Daisy Harvey reviewed her most recent case notes. She was a well-respected clinical psychiatrist who had amassed a number of very interesting cases over the past five years, focusing on a particularly disturbing relationship between patients suffering from schizophrenia and religious delusions. She had already written a number of highly acclaimed papers, one of which she had titled ‘The God Complex’ – and which covered many documented cases of patients who suffered from delusions of grandeur that they were in fact the reincarnation of angels, saints, prophets, Jesus Christ, and even God himself. Sifting through their various forms of psychosis Dr. Harvey had developed a number of key treatment programs and therapy structures that were seen as rather radical, but nonetheless highly effective.

Since she was unable to have any children of her own, she had always felt a burning need to help them professionally. So now her focus had shifted to juveniles and even younger patients who seemed to have the early signs of this disturbing condition, and the case notes that had caught her attention were that of a young girl named Sally Johnson aged twelve years and two months. A bright and intelligent girl who, on the surface, seemed to be like any other tween she had ever encountered. But this was an unusual case for two key reasons.

Firstly, this type of schizophrenia usually appears in young adults between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five. Even at fourteen years of age, childhood-onset schizophrenia was seen as a disorder affecting only one percent of the population. Dr. Harvey had considered all the physical symptoms, feelings and moods, behavior, cognitive problems, delusions, and hallucinations – and this case was one of a kind. Simply put, the girl claimed to be the ‘Daughter of Satan’ and Dr. Harvey had initially put this down to one too many ‘Twilight Sagas’. However her initial session with the child demonstrated a far more extensive and elaborate delusion involving strongly blasphemous and highly sexualized undertones or interests that touched on a number of paraphilias; including exhibitionism, necrophilia, sadism, and vampirism as well as a significant interest in incest that was not so easily dismissed.

The second reason for her curiosity was much more personal to Dr. Harvey. Though she had been happily married for over a decade and believed that she was a very normal heterosexual woman, regardless of whatever therapist-like spin she put on it, she could not deny a growing attraction to this child. Not an attraction to the merits of the case, but something else, something more base, like a sexually motivated interest that bordered on fixation. The girl had not been two minutes in the privacy of her therapy room and she had discovered the girl had no underwear beneath her short mini-skirt. It had been subtle but deliberate. Dr. Harvey had felt a wetness between her own thighs at the sight of this outrageous behavior and immediately after the session, she had sought to masturbate furiously at the thought of what she had seen and heard earlier.

And then there was the diary, provided by her parents as evidence of her daughter’s abnormal behavior. Dr. Harvey picked it up and opened it. The obscene little diary was an important starting point. Sally had scribbled incessantly in it, like an obsessive-compulsive … over and over … words upon words … blasphemy upon blasphemy. Some of it made sense, some of it didn’t. Whatever it was, it reflected a very disturbed state of mind. Dr. Harvey studied it carefully.

Fuck GOD. Fuck MARY’s CUNT. Suck JESUS ON THE CROSS. CUT yourself! Worship SATAN. The TRUE FATHER. Worship my FATHER’S COCK. Masturbate to SATAN! Fuck my ass, FATHER. I SOIL my face with the SEMEN of the DEVIL. My CUNT needs my FATHER’s COCK! CUT and KILL! Lick my mother’s CUNT! CUNT MARY! SEX with nuns! KILL Christian FUCKS. MAKE ME CUM SATAN! OFFER them to the DEVIL. LUCIFER is the light. Worship the darkness. CUM on the CRUCIFIX. SEX with babies! Suffocate your kin! MASTURBATION in HELL. Let the DEMONs FUCK me in every hole. EAT your CHILDREN! Fuck the Dead! Lick your sister! SATAN wants INCEST. INCEST is BEAUTY. Drink BLOOD! FUCK the HOLY SPIRIT! SUCK the COCK of PRIESTS. Satan loves sex with children! CUM in the BIBLE! DRINK their CUM from the CHALICE. Fuck on the ALTAR of GOD. Desecrate the church. NUNs are whores! NAKED CUNT! Suck my CUNT! INCEST for the GLORY of SATAN. Worship SATAN’s anus! LICK SATAN’s ass. Fuck me in the ass SATAN. Fuck my little brother! Kill my siblings and drink their BLOOD! Fuck my DADDY. FUCK DADDY and slit his throat! FUCK mommy with a knife. CUT her nipples off! Sexual Cannibalism. Rape sex! INCEST is HOLY! SATAN is the GOD of SEX! KILL for Satan! KILL! KILL!

Blasphemous! Sexual! Deviant! She was so wet beneath her conservative clothing. There was something in it that talked directly to Dr. Harvey’s baser instincts … something that sexually excited her … she found that she could not resist touching herself as she read the vulgar words of Sally’s diary. She sank two fingers into her heated cunt as she thought, ‘Next interview, I should wear something more revealing myself. Fuck that little bitch in my office … get her on her knees and make her lick me out. Oh! Satan …’

The diary contained other toxic contents. There were all manner of crude pencil drawings of a young girl who looked like Sally, doing things to herself, to her siblings, and to her parents. It was pretty graphic and left nothing to the imagination; masturbation with religious objects; bestial couplings with family pets; slitting their throats and drinking their blood; corpses with entrails hanging out; fucking the dead bodies of her family. Pretty little Sally. Incestuous lolita Sally. Naked and fucking herself with a large crucifix. It was appalling, disgusting, and revolting – but at the same time, it gave Dr. Harvey a thrill like nothing else before.

She had videotaped the interview. She checked that the office door was locked from the inside. Removing her restrictive long skirt and her broad comfort panties, she pushed the tape into the player and switched on the monitor. It purred to life. The object of her affection. Sally Johnson. The delicious twelve-year-old harlot! Such a delicate flower with such an interesting mind.

“So Sally, your mother tells me that you may have thoughts of self-harm?” asked Dr. Harvey, sitting opposite her young patient across the small coffee table as they sat adjacently on matching cream leather couches.

“I’m not sure what my mother told you, but it isn’t true. She has a way of exaggerating things. Everything is cool.”

Sally looked bored and disinterested.

“No problems at school? Home? Anything you want to tell me?”

“All the usual problems that kids my age have, I guess.”

“Your mother tells me that you like to fantasize … that you say outrageous things. Is that true?”

This got her attention.

“If you are saying that I do things to get them to notice me because I feel unloved and want my parent’s full attention … then yes.”

“I think you are telling me what you think I want to hear. Sally, you are a clever young girl. Bright, articulate and you have everything going for you. Your parents just want to make sure that you are okay. That’s why you are here.”

Dr. Harvey drank some water from the glass on her desk.

“So if everything is cool – can I go?” asked the hopeful Sally.

Her demeanor had changed and was now almost disarmingly pleasant.

“But everything is not cool? Is it? … Tell me about these wild fantasies.”

“What do you mean?” Sally looked angry.

“You know what I am talking about,” insisted Dr. Harvey.

“Are you talking about the one where I want to fuck my little brother and sister?”

Sally sat at the end of the couch. Her lack of underwear was blatantly obvious.

“Or the one where I fuck my dad while my mum watches and plays with herself?”

“Both are very interesting. Let’s start with your siblings then,” replied Dr. Harvey.

Her voice was professionally calm, but inside her stomach was doing somersaults.

“Well, Doctor. Where should I start? I hear voices. They are evil voices. Voices from Hell. They tell me to do things. They tell me that Satan loves me. That he is my true father and that he wants his only daughter, that he has given unto the world, to prepare the world for his kind.”

“His kind?”

“Yes, Doc. His kind. Hell is real. You know my mother goes to church every Sunday morning. She’s done it all my life. She prays to the saints. She prays to the Mother Mary. She prays to Jesus. She knows that God is real. She believes in the power of the Holy Spirit – that heaven and the angels are all real … but ask her about the Devil. Lucifer. Satan. Old Nick. She thinks he doesn’t exist, but he does. He is real and Hell is a place – a sensual place where I am from. Hell is the domain of demonic delights. All that is denied in heaven, shall be granted in hell. I am the antichrist and my father has said ‘Do on earth as we do it hell’ …”

“And what is that exactly? I mean what is it that you want to do?”

“You know what you want to do. You’ve been looking between my legs ever since I first arrived. My little twelve-year-old cunt is so hot – it’s lit with the fires of Hell. I can read your mind Doc. You want to fall on your knees and lick me out … don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone if you don’t. Why waste our time talking, when we could be fucking? Satan loves you, sister. Satan knows you’re bored of your husband’s limp cock that can’t satisfy you. Come to me and Satan will give you orgasms like you have never experienced before. Ride on my face, while you stroke my childish cunt … worship the devil and you shall receive sister …”

“Well, we are moving a little off-topic. Tell me more about these fantasies of yours … about your parents maybe?”

Sally laughed.

“My mother has never sucked my father’s cock in all the time they have been married. She thinks it’s dirty. He wants it. He wants it badly. I know because I read his mind. And when she is not around he masturbates to gay pornography and dreams of young boys – he knows that a boy can suck much better than a girl, because a boy has a cock himself, and knows what he wants. When he lies in their marital bed at night next to my sleeping mother, he masturbates and fantasizes about male prostitutes that he meets in the public toilets; who give him a quick hand job, sometimes even head. He wants to try anal … do you think my mother would do anal?”

Sally laughed again.

“She’s at church praying to the fucking saints. Praying that I won’t molest her younger children. But she’s already too late. I have been doing it for years. They never suspected, it because both my brother and sister liked it. I used to touch them in the bath when I was supposed to be washing them. Sticking my finger into my baby sister’s twat; then rubbing my little brother’s cocklet. Now, they want it. They want it all the time. They even do it with each other and their little friends. Sleepovers are such a great invention – sometimes my brother will fuck one of his young school friends while I watch; sometimes I let them fuck me. They know that I am Satan’s daughter and they must obey me. And they obey me because they love the devil. I don’t even have to coax them anymore – they willingly perform oral sex on me … they debase the religious icons I give them. My baby sister puts her mother’s crucifix in her vagina whenever possible. She knows the pleasure that the antichrist can bring.”

Dr. Harvey finished her glass of water. This was going well.

“So as the antichrist, what is your role here?”

“Don’t mock me,” Sally snapped.

“Sorry Sally. I really don’t want to mock you. I just want to … understand.”

“Yes, you do. But you lie to yourself. I see it on your face. You are aroused, but ashamed of your arousal, because you have not accepted Satan into your heart. You are foolish.”

Sally lifted her shirt and touched her hairless pussy. She fingered herself and played with her pointed little nipples.

“You like my cunt, but you have never been with a girl or a woman. You think you’re heterosexual, and you deny your true bisexual feelings. Satan is androgynous – he is both male and female in the same instant. All demons are bisexual. They thrive on the heat between our legs. A woman can enjoy the tongue of another. Imagine in the darkness – it is the same sweet, just a different wrapper, Wouldn’t you agree, Doctor?”

Dr. Harvey’s jaw was open at the sight of the twelve-year-old girl masturbating in her office. It was singularly the most erotic thing she’d ever seen.

“Daisy. May I call you Daisy?” asked Sally, but didn’t wait for an answer, “Daisy, you have forgotten your school days. Her name was Mary. How ironic. How you rebuffed your best friend’s sexual advances. You wanted to. But you were afraid. More afraid than willing to do what you really want to. Right? She was so sexy. You liked the way she made you feel between your quivering thighs. You were twelve years old. Just like me. You masturbated yourself thinking about what you would have liked to do with her … but you couldn’t go through with it. You chickened out, Daisy. She was a great fuck. She still thinks about you from time to time. As you do about her.”

“How? … How do you know this stuff?”

“Fantasies remember? A delusion? ‘Simply put the girl claimed to be the Daughter of Satan’ that you have put down to ‘one too many “Twilight Sagas”’ … Sorry, I am paraphrasing here … ‘She demonstrates a far more extensive and elaborate delusion involving strongly blasphemous and sexualized undertones or interests that touch on a number of paraphilias including exhibitionism, necrophilia, sadism, and vampirism as well as a significant interest in incest that can not be so easily dismissed …

“Well Daisy, here’s one for your journal. Your husband is not at work again today. In fact, he likes to take the occasional Friday off. He heads downtown. There’s a bar he knows, where the women have a little something extra. Yes, Daisy. Hubby loves chicks with dicks. He loves to get on his knees and give them head. He loves to swallow. He’s there right now. Sucking them off like a little pervert. And then he’ll come home to you and kiss your lips with the same mouth that he had wrapped around the eight-inch cock that was fucking his faggot face.”

The tape stopped. Dr. Harvey panted heavily, she had already cum multiple times … Interesting mind. Interesting mind!



Dr. Harvey’s secretary pressed the intercom.

“Dr. Harvey, your next patient is here.”

“Is it Sally?”


“Please send her through and … hold all my calls. We will be in a therapy session, so I don’t want any interruptions for any reason.”

Little Sally Johnson, all four-foot-six-inches of her, walked into the therapy room. She tossed her long dark brown hair and walked with the grace of someone without a care. Dr. Harvey stood up and gestured towards the couch. Dr. Harvey locked the door and sat down, crossed her legs, and positioned her clipboard and pen on her lap. Sally smiled sweetly and sat quietly opposite with her knees drawn together – a portrait of child-like innocence.

“Good afternoon Sally. How are you today?”

“Good, Dr. Harvey. Actually, I feel excellent, thanks to our chat earlier in the week.”

“That is very reassuring.”

“You look nice today. Not so … uptight. Did you wear it, especially for me? No, don’t answer. As you know, I already know. And you thought about me too … oh that is so sweet, masturbating like an eager teenager, mmmmm … at your desk over there while you watched me on the video … oh that was rather hot too.”

“Well let’s assume for a second that you can’t read my mind. I certainly can’t read yours. I told your parents that we had made some progress.”

“That was not a lie.”

“Yes … and your neat trick about reading minds …”

“A trick? What is it that I have to do to convince you that I am who I say I am? Isn’t it quite plausible that there are things that even the great Dr. Daisy Harvey doesn’t know or comprehend? A trick would have been if I guessed your favorite color or whatever cards you were holding up in your hand … Why are you shaking inside Daisy? Why is it you hold on so tightly to your own illusions? He calls for you. He wants you to help me. You will be my lover and you will do all the nasty and degrading things I expect.”

Dr. Harvey was shaking and she couldn’t deny it. She had thought that she could control this thing. But she was mistaken. Her mind had been occupied with nothing other than sexy little Sally Johnson since their first session two days prior. She thought the young girl was very special … she was unsure about the whole dark agenda of being the ‘daughter of the devil’ thing, but she was infuriated with her lack of control yet infused with the need to know more … Her husband’s infidelities with transgendered folk were unproven, but what about her best friend, Mary? Oh, she wished that they had experimented together after school on that day … she should have welcomed her best friend’s advance. They would have kissed and touched each other in special places!

“Suppose for a moment, Sally, that you are who you say you are. Why now, why here, why me?”

“Daisy, my love. Did Jesus pick Mary and Joseph as his loser parents? Did the Son of God pick a dirty little backwater called Nazareth? Did he find his twelve fucking disciples at the ‘Jesus needs disciples’ store? Look, we can talk or fuck. Look at the way you’re dressed. You look like a cheap whore … it’s definitely a big improvement. And I know it turned you on picking out this little ensemble. Maybe you could do a little striptease first – before we do it?”

Daisy blushed like a teenager on a first date. She was almost hyperventilating. Sally stripped naked without missing a heartbeat and stood next to Daisy. She bent down, kissed her gently on the mouth, and caressed her hair.

“Did you know that a lesbian lover would spend nearly four times longer in foreplay than any man? Interesting. All I ever want to do is cum. I like it rough … I like it when you talk dirty … call me a little fucking whore … order me to do dirty things to you … Look at my nipples, they are so hard … Look at my sweet little cunt, it’s so juicy … Does the nasty therapist want to abuse me? They say that most pedophiles think the child gets something out of being molested, that in some warped way, they actually asked for it … Isn’t that what it says in your psycho-bull-shit journals? Well, Dr. Pedo – I want you to spank my little toosh and stick a finger inside my bum-bum … isn’t that what we both want?”

She held Daisy’s shaking hand and placed it over her beasts. She squeezed her fingers together until they held her underdeveloped breast and her hard nipple rubbed against the palm of Daisy’s hand. She then drew her other hand downward over her stomach to her hairless crotch, all the time looking her directly in the eyes. Daisy could feel the heat of the child’s wet vagina against her fingers.

“Push them in … do it … finger fuck me …”

Daisy’s hand moved in the remote control. Every fiber of her conscious mind said stop, but still her digits penetrated the girl’s hot wet hole. She groaned.

“Do you think God wants you to violate one of his blessed children? No he fucking doesn’t. But he hasn’t struck you down either. Satan wants you to violate me … he created me for this very purpose. And he has a great love for you, Daisy, he wants you to enjoy all the pleasures that you have been forbidden. Are you ready to accept him into your heart … to become one of his disciples? Oh! Fuck me harder!” moaned Sally as she pumped her tiny hips to grind against Daisy’s probing fingers.

Daisy withdrew her sticky hand. She looked shocked.

“This is crazy!”

“What is crazy about lust?”

Again she kissed Daisy on the lips. It was a lingering kiss with an open mouth. Her tongue penetrated Daisy’s pursed lips. Daisy’s hand moved back between Sally’s legs, groping her roughly.

“That’s more like it … more fingers … put your whole hand in me … I like to feel full! Feel my cervix.”

Daisy returned Sally’s sapphic tongue kiss, their mouths crushed together passionately as Sally’s hands slipped beneath Daisy’s braless crop top.

“You have small breasts like a boy. I like that. Let me suck them for you. I know that your husband never does. But I have a plan for that selfish bastard, my love.”

“And … what would that be, Sally?”

“Cuckold. First, we are going to cuckold him … while we both fuck some serious demon cock together … Maybe then we’ll torture him … maybe even castrate him too … Whatever happens – his cock-sucking days are over! Would you like that?”

“Would you do that for me?”

“Oh yes. You don’t have any idea of how perverted we are going to get together … and when you adopt me after my parents suddenly meet with a freakish accident … you will have three beautiful children to call yours … We’ll call you mummy … especially while we all have sex with you.”

“How is all this possible?” asked Daisy, feeling Sally’s finger climbing slowly up the inside of her thighs – teasingly stroking her newly shaved pussy lips through her soaked g-string.

“Because my father is already making it happen. He is the god of the world, the god of flesh, and will do anything for his little girl.”


Dr. Harvey placed her briefcase on the dresser. Her husband, Samuel, was asleep in the lounge chair. Samuel had not even heard her come home. It had been an unexpected day of surprises. She stripped naked, leaving her clothes on the floor as she undressed and lay on the bed. Usually, she would have carefully folded everything, put everything in its place, and then donned one of her long quilted nightgowns. But tonight her husband would remain where he was. Samuel was not going anywhere. Her dark angel had told her so.

She had moved the dressing mirror closer to the bed so that she could watch herself masturbate. She sat back against the headboard, supported by pillows, and watched as she stroked herself, recounting the therapy session with Sally. Beautiful Sally. Sexy and horny Sally. She was a child molester and proud of it … she said it out loud and it gave her an instant thrill.

“Molest the children … for Satan.”

She bucked in an instant reward of deliciously perverted pleasure!

“Fuck god! Worship Satan! … aarrgghhhh,” she moaned in response to the constant sharp spikes of ecstasy.

The fingers of her left hand twisted her nipples, while the fingers of her right pressed against her clit.

She imagined Sally and her smaller siblings entangled in an incestuous orgy. Their small underdeveloped bodies all praying to Satan as they sinned together. Her fantasy, or was it Sally’s confession? She wanted to see it for herself, to be part of it, to participate … to initiate it! Yes, there were others that came to her mind. Young, vulnerable patients of hers … she imagined seducing them all, boys and girls, one by one.

She had used hypnotherapy before and she thought about the mechanism of molestation while they were under her complete control. Maybe simply using it to do as she pleased to them, or more insidiously, using erotic hypnotic suggestions to lower their inhibitions, add trigger words like “Satan” to turn them into complete sluts! She imagined Sally being there … watching her perform her dark hypnosis so the two of them could share the abuse together.

Overwhelmed with sexual exhaustion, Daisy dozed off with her fingers still buried inside her cunt. And as she dozed deeper into a twilight sleep, she dreamt of Sally … she dreamt of Satan … she dreamt of all the pleasure denied her in heaven, of all the unimaginable wickedness, perversities, and salaciousness she craved as a servant of Hell …

Sally took her by the hand. It was twilight and Daisy squinted in the dimness to where Sally was leading her. She felt different. Her naked body was waifish and undeveloped like a tween.

“You are in hell now … all of Satan’s servants are twelve … we’ve been twelve for thousands of years … here we are!”

A reddish glow beckoned from beneath the crooked roots of a giant oak tree.

“Where are we?” asked Daisy.

“At our master bedchamber … he awaits us.”

They descended beneath the tree into an earthen passage lit by the glowing warmth ahead. The passage widened until they emerged into a cave-like place with huge stalactites and stalagmites. The hot air blew like a wind rushing towards them and out of the small opening behind.

“Come, he calls us.”

They ran down the sloping cave floor deeper and deeper into the red-orange light.

There he was. Satan. He took them into his arms and embraced them both.

“Sally, you’ve brought Daisy with you, how wonderful,” he said, “Oh Daddy, I am so happy that I have Daisy to play with. She is so much like me. And she’s so sexy,” answered Sally kissing Daisy and holding her close.

“Yes, she is. Her little cunny needs a good fucking,” said Satan, playing with his cock.

“Oh Daddy, I missed you,” said Sally, sucking her father’s erection, “Come, my daughters, look, I have someone else that you may like to play with for a while.”

The girls skipped over to a place where a naked figure hung crucified upon an inverted cross. It was Daisy’s husband. He looked old and decrepit. Blood poured from the puncture wounds in his wrists and ankles.

“Can I kill him, Daddy?” asked Sally, as she grabbed his flaccid genitals and twisted them mercilessly.

“No, don’t kill him,” said Daisy, “Let me do it.”

Daisy spat on his face.

“You can’t kill him with spit,” said Sally.

“No, but remember, you said in hell, all pleasures denied in heaven,” replied Daisy.

Daisy rubbed her clit … it became erect with the self-pleasuring, growing longer, and thicker until the appendage curved upwards like a giant cock.

“I remembered you like to suck cock?” Daisy said to her husband as he hung upside down, his mouth level with her hips.

She guided her cock into his mouth, forcing it between his lips until it pressed all the way to the back of his throat. He gagged against it as Daisy pushed more of its obscene length down his gullet. His eyes bulged as Daisy began to fuck his mouth and throat, deeper with each thrust.

“Suck cock and die, you fucker,” she screamed with delight, as the old man choked to death.


Daisy awoke. She could remember clearly every one of the debauched details of her vivid dream. She was tempted to finger fuck herself again. But it felt late. She had things to do. She had patients to try out her new treatments on. She dressed and walked down the stairs. The morning light streamed between the half-drawn curtains. Her husband was still slumped in the chair. Fucking pig, she thought. I want you dead. She kicked his foot as she walked past. He did not respond. She opened the curtains and, to her surprise, he hadn’t moved. She checked his pulse and then rang the ambulance.

The coroner arrived. Choked on his own tongue, they said, but nothing suspicious; maybe an allergic response? Alcohol related? The police left. The priest arrived. Samuel’s immediate family left. And then the body was bagged and taken away. Daisy sat with her head in her hands as people moved in and out of the house. People said things now and then; some asked questions and everything else was a blur. And toward the end of the day, they were all gone. The house was quiet once again. Daisy smiled and went back upstairs to masturbate.



Dr. Harvey’s secretary pressed the intercom.

“Your two o’clock has just arrived,” said Dr. Harvey’s assistant mechanically.

“Show her in,” answered Dr. Harvey.

Dr. Harvey straightened the papers in front of her got up from behind her mahogany desk and met her guest at the doorway. Her assistant, June, showed Mrs. Johnson to the therapy room. Dr. Harvey eyed the slim thirty-something as she stood awkwardly in the doorway. Her thick-rimmed glasses, peroxide-blond hairstyle, and old-fashioned clothing did nothing to enhance her potential. But Dr. Harvey could see her sexual potential … a slut mother in the making? Yes, she is in need of instruction.

“Come in Mrs. Johnson. Please take a seat.”

“Thank you for seeing me at such short notice,” replied Sally’s mother.

“Yes, I am sorry I couldn’t accommodate your earlier request. A death in the family.”

“Oh. My condolences. Anyone close?”

“My husband.”

“Oh dear, I am so sorry for your loss.”

“No loss to me,” thought Dr. Harvey, “The fucker deserved to go. Now he’ll burn in hell. Faggot cocksucker.”

She refocused on her guest.

“Now, how can I help?”

“Well, it’s Sally. I was wondering about her progress.”

“Sally Johnson,” said Dr. Harvey, looking through her notes, “Sally Johnson. Yes. Sally has had two therapy sessions so far. She has demonstrated good progress so far.”

“Yes, but Doctor, she is still up to her old tricks. I am afraid for the other children. It isn’t a healthy family atmosphere in the Johnson household right now. What have you found out about Sally? What is being done?”

“Now, now, Mrs. Johnson. There are doctor-patient protocols that do not permit me to discuss the details of the case … even with you, Mrs. Johnson. Suffice it to say, the treatment is a program and it isn’t about instant results, but more long-term changes. She is in the best of hands, I assure you.”

“I’m afraid …” she whimpered.

Dr. Harvey got up and sat next to her. She put her arm around her compassionately.

“Maybe I can help you too. Maybe what you need is to relax a little. I have an hour before my next appointment. Why don’t we use a little hypnotic therapy to help you remain calm … I can help you, but it will only work if you are completely open to my suggestions. Would you like that?”

Mrs. Johnson nodded.

“Then remove your shoes and lay down on the couch. I will just make sure that we will not be disturbed.”

Dr. Harvey made sure her therapy room door was secured. She called her assistant on the intercom and requested complete privacy, as Mrs. Johnson was very upset. She returned to the couch and sat on a small stool next to Mrs. Johnson.

“Eve, isn’t it? May I please call you Eve?”

“Yes, Dr. Harvey, of course,” replied Eve.

“It’s a beautiful name.”

“Thank you.”

“And you must call me Daisy.”

Eve just smiled unconvincingly.

“I am going to make you feel very relaxed in the moment, it is similar to being sleepy, but I don’t want you to actually sleep. Now, remember what I said, your mind must be open to ALL my suggestions.”

Eve nodded hesitantly.

“Eve, in a moment, I am going to count from one to five. As I count you will feel more and more relaxed, more and more at peace, more and more at ease … Look at the crucifix hanging around my neck. Look at the shiny gold crucifix. I want you to look at it and breathe deeply. That’s it. Keep watching the crucifix that rests against the flesh of my chest. Look at it sparkle. Breathe deeply, in and out …

“ONE … That’s it – you are beginning to feel much more at ease. Keep looking at the shiny gold crucifix. You can see only the shiny gold crucifix. Your eyes are drawn to it – nothing else matters. Your body feels limp and heavy, first in your arms, shoulders, and torso, and finally all the way down your legs to the tips of your toes …

“TWO … Keep your eye on the shiny crucifix, see how it hangs … yes, it’s the wrong way up … but you’re not concerned about it, no, you are so relaxed and at ease … your body feels warm, so warm on a bed of soft feathers … your mind is open as you listen to my voice … the shiny inverted crucifix and my voice … it is all you see and all you hear … you feel rapture, peace, tranquility … like floating on a cloud …

‘THREE … Keep your eye on the shiny crucifix … your mind is so open now … you are beginning to feel aroused … you notice how Jesus hangs upside down … laying there against my naked breasts … you love Jesus … he loves you too … but ‘Satan’ makes you horny …

“FOUR … As my hand touches you, you feel only pleasure, you want me to touch you in those taboo places … your pussy feels warm and wet when I say the word … ‘Satan’ … yes, it feels so turned on, so excited, so much sexual pleasure and the feeling will multiply ten fold every time I say the word … ‘Satan’ … you’re enjoying my fingers inside your panties, stroking your hairy little cunt … ‘Satan’ … your clit is so hard, you love the feeling of my fingers inside you, your juices flow at the thought of the Antichrist … she is so beautiful, she is so sexy, she is your daughter, Sally … ‘Satan’ … the feeling is building and building, like the waves of the ocean crashing against the beach, they never stop … ‘Satan’ …

“FIVE … You hate Jesus, he brings you nothing but pain … but the Devil, he fills you with a passion … ‘Satan’ … he fills you with desire for incestuous sex with your own children … ‘Satan’ … you want to serve the Antichrist … ‘Satan’ … you want to make Dr. Harvey the guardian of your children, you want to watch Dr. Harvey have sex with each one of them … ‘Satan’ … you obey everything that Dr. Harvey says, no matter how perverse … you will perform oral sex on your husband and share his interest in gay porn … ‘Satan’ … you will want to perform anal sex for him, in front of your children … NOW CUM! CUM! CUM for Satan! ‘SATAN! SATAN! SATAN!’ …”

Dr. Harvey removed her wet hand and licked her fingers clean.

“Now your mind is totally relaxed; your body is feeling incredibly satisfied; and your soul belongs to the Antichrist … when I say … ‘Awaken’ … you will awaken slowly, as from a strange dream, you will not remember me masturbating you … you will remember only peace, harmony and a never-ending calm … you will say ‘Thank you Dr. Harvey, I must be going home to my husband now’ and you will do all the perverted things I have suggested …

“Awaken” …


Dr. Harvey arrived by car at the house of the Johnsons. She parked where it was convenient on the street and walked the short distance to their driveway. It was a small two-toned semi-detached house in a very quiet tree-lined suburban street. The low brick wall contained the well-kept rose bushes. Like Nazareth, she thought to herself. She could see Sally was waiting for her at the front door. Sally smiled enigmatically and lifted her dress very briefly, displaying her nubile young body and as usual, no underwear.

“Daisy,” Sally said, running up to meet her and throwing her arms around Daisy’s neck. They kissed inappropriately under the cover of the small porch and quickly moved inside. “Mommy came to see you?”

“She certainly did. She was initially very concerned about you. However, she isn’t so concerned anymore,” answered Daisy, putting her hand beneath Sally’s dress.

“Your husband is dead.”

“It happened … but it was more like a strange dream.”

“I know … I was there. We did it together, you and me. I watched you fuck his face and choke the faggot … mmmmmm … he had it coming. The realm of dreams and reality are not so far apart, you know. It was beautiful to see. You are truly as evil as I always hoped. My lover, my new guardian … my disciple … we will live together … abuse together, rape together and kill together …”

Daisy looked dizzy with anticipation and with the new possibilities.

“Where does this all go?”

“Jesus hung around for over thirty fucking years … they even wrote a fucking book about it … I am in no rush … there are so many exquisite souls for us to collect … my father is so elated with your rapid progress … it’s going to be so much fun.”


To be continued?


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