DISCLAIMER: The following is fiction. The characters in this story have been made up. The content of the story is not representative of the writer’s beliefs, opinions or attitudes. This is story is intended for adult entertainment only. All Rights Reserved © 2018 LITTLESALLY666.

AUTHORS NOTES: This is a story I wrote for ‘Sandra in Hell’ – It’s based on a script that she outlined. I hope you like it Sandra. Kisses.

STORY CODES: Blasphemy, Sacrilege, LGBTQ, Young, WS, Supernatural, Demonic, Satanic, Abuse, Corruption, Evil, Devil Worship, NC, Retards, Sexual Sin, Sex Demons.

CREATED: 30.09.2018


Belzeba’s a very naughty little girl. She’s pretty and has just turned twelve. She has a completely flat chest with big puffy and sensitive nipples. Her body is perfectly hairless and her smooth skin and slender legs make her a perverts delight. She smiles warmly with sweet breath and saliva, while thinking evil thoughts while watching herself in the dressing mirror. She can’t help herself. She lightly brushes up against her protruding pussy lips and erect little clitoris. No, she’s not fantasizing about the handsome young boy next door. Far from it. She adores the sick and twisted that pollute her tiny young soul with thoughts of goading old hags that force her to lick their disdained, wet and saggy labia. She masturbates obsessively as she prays to Satan and dreams of cemeteries, tombs and sex with cadavers. Belzeba’s private world is about to change. First through her incestuous seduction of her own father; and then a chance encounter with Beauvoir, a so-called Vodou priest from Haiti, who promises her a pathway to serve Satan through the rape and abuse of retards. Yes, Belzeba’s a very naughty girl and she going to do many nasty and evil things…


Belzeba writes in her journal.

Hi, my name is Belzeba.

I am a very sweet young girl of twelve years of age and I live with my dad. He’s very old. He looks more like my grandad, than my dad. He is what you’d call devout. He believes that God will save us all; that my mum is in Heaven; and that the Devil awaits those who are lazy, wasteful and unrighteous. He’s mistaken. It makes me laugh. God doesn’t give a fuck and the Devil offers the only escape from this dull meaningless world.

My mum was much younger than him when they married and had me. But she died when I was very young. I don’t really remember her very well. What I do know, I’ve have gathered from the photos that my dad keeps in the dusty old albums beneath his bed. They are rather faded, but you can clearly see that my mum was a very pretty woman. Small and petite. Just like me. I have grown my sandy blond hair long (over my shoulders) and pull it back in a neat pony tail. I have azure-blue eyes just like my mum. My dad says that I remind him of her, and then he cries. He cries a lot. See, God don’t care about him or any of you… including you.

We’re not very well off. In fact, you’d probably say that we are poor because we live in state housing and don’t even have a car. My dad says that one day soon, I will have to get a job, to help pay the rent and the bills. Dad is always very sad and serious when he’s around. He doesn’t cuddle me much and never kisses me. I don’t know why? I think he misses my mum lot, so he works late most nights and being an only child, it gives me lots of time to play.

I like playing.

I like playing with myself; touching my big puffy and sensitive nipples. I haven’t developed proper breasts yet; so my chest is completely flat, just like a boy. I don’t have any pubic hair either. My skin is smooth and baby soft. My legs and arms are slight and slender. Dad says I look a little undernourished, but that’s because I really don’t eat much.

When I’m not touching my puffy nipples in the dressing mirror, I’m playing with my wet little puss-puss. My puss-puss has protruding pussy lips and a little bump that sticks out at the top. Sometimes, I push my fingers inside, sometime I use my roll-on deodorant stick or the handle of my hairbrush. Don’t laugh, but sometimes I take a carrot from the fridge. I heat it up in the microwave (to make it warm and more flexible); if it’s too big, I will use the potato peeler to make it just the right thickness. It feels so naughty. I like to suck my puss-puss juices from whatever I stick up myself. I taste delicious and sweet.

It always feels so good to touch my little bump. I rub my bump for hours while I think about all the nasty things I’d love to do. That is, I imagine all the things I’d love to do to myself and to others, if I ever get the opportunity.

My little puss-puss gets very moist and sticky. In fact, it’s really wet right now, as I tell you my naughty story. I hope you don’t mind? I like to show myself off. Sometimes I stand completely naked at the bay window that looks over our garden, hoping that the neighbors will see me. There is a family next door with a son and daughter about the same age as me. I imagine them all looking up at my window; seeing me completely naked while I play with myself. It gives me a thrill. I want their parents to have sex with me, while they make their children watch. I think the dad would have a nice fat cock.

I like to fantasize about my own dad fucking me. Incest Daddy. That’s what I call him in my fantasies. Wouldn’t that be nasty? I wander what God would think of that? I hate going to church on Sundays. I hate the fucking priest. And I hate God Fucking Almighty. OK, it’s still a new thing to me, but recently, I have been praying to Satan. I look at images of him on the internet (when my dad is not around) and I print out a few that I like to stick into my ‘Demon Diary’. Let me explain. My ‘Demon Diary’ is not a real diary, it’s just something I made up out of one of my blank school books, but I do drawings, stick pictures and write my evil poems and prayers to Satan. I’ve been masturbating more and more while reading it; and over the past few months, I have almost filled all the pages (and then it will be time to start volume two).

Sometimes I imagine I am a demon.

I love dark things. Evil things. Blasphemous things. I want to walk naked in a cemetery at night (among the tombs of the recent deceased). Show the spirits how nasty I can be. I think about making satanic offerings to reincarnate the lifeless and partially decomposed cadavers. I rub my bump as I see myself offering my young nubile body to them. I know that Satan wants me to sin. And sin I will. Satan knows that I have a sex demon inside my body; that I appears to be an innocent looking little girl; but really I am his offspring. I am the daughter of devil incarnate. A succubus. A baby whore. Satan wants me to be evil and sexually perverted. And for this I will be rewarded with the glorious pleasures of eternal damnation in Satan’s endless orgies in Hell.

As I pray to Satan, I get the most powerful of orgasms. I mean, as I call out his name, I cannot help but spray my bed sheets with my girl juices. Fuck they feel so good. Long and strong. And the more evil my thoughts, the more intense my masturbatory orgasms. Satan goes by many infernal names, like: the Devil, the Serpent, Prince of Darkness, Sathariel, Light Bringer, Beelzebub, Baphomet, Baal, Lucifer, Mara, Kali, Shaitan and the Evil One. But I just call him Master.

They say he is an ugly, fierce, goading beast of fire, with the head, horns and legs of a goat, the breasts of a woman and the erect genitals of a man. Strange, but when I look upon the images of Satan, I get a funny feeling between my legs and I know that my Master wants me to touch myself. I know my Master has a special place for me in his kingdom. I will serve him on earth and in Hell, always.


Belzeba draws a picture of her father. In her drawing, she depicts him standing next to her completely naked and his penis is fully erect. She has drawn an inverted cross upon his hairy chest. She writes in the ‘Demon Diary’.

Today I did something very bad. I know my Master will be very pleased with my efforts to sin and do wicked things. Hail to Satan. Hail to Baal. Hail to the Beelzebub. I was feeling especially evil, so I pretended to be upset and my dad saw me crying. I’d wrapped myself in a towel, as I was pretending that I was about to use the bathroom. He looked forlorn and sat down next to me on my unmade bed.

I told him that I missed mum and flung my arms around his neck and buried my face into his chest. My loose towel feel away and I held myself naked against him. I pretended to cry and he tentatively hugged my bare shoulders. I could feel his discomfort with my nudity. But that was the point. I wanted to get him all hot and steamy. I wanted Satan to see me seducing him. My Master loves incest. As I pressed against him, my hand fell into his lap and that’s when I felt his bulging erection. It was obvious and he squirmed in an effort to get me to move my hand away. But, that made me press even harder against his stiff flesh. Mmmmm. Incest Daddy was nice and hard. I pretended not to notice or to understand what was happening, as my palm moved directly against his bulging pants. I continued to pretend to cry and hugged even tighter. I could tell he wanted to get up and leave, but my firm hold and desperation of affection, somehow prevented his escape.

Oh daddy. Oh daddy, I kept says, as my hand now rubbed against his erection, making it more obvious that I wanted to pleasure him. That’s when I kissed his mouth. It was a soft, warm kiss. Like a simple peck at first. He looked very surprised, but did not shy away. Ohh daddy. Ohhhh daddy. I pressed my second kiss and opened my mouth as our lips rolled together, increasingly urgent. My hand no longer pretended to just rest against his erection, but actively groped him harder and harder through the thin material of his pants. I was now masturbating him. His hands had been rubbing my naked back. I encouraged his fingers to grope me between my naked buttocks, so that his thick penile fingers rubbed against the underside of my soaking puss-puss. Oh, sorry, Satan likes me to use the word cunt, as it far more grown up. Mmmm. Yes, Incest Daddy, play with my hot little virgin cunt. Fuck my baby cunt with nice fat fingers. It’s so wet for you.

I kissed him and my tongue slid into his tobacco mouth. His saliva tasted of Gingivitis, stale smoke and cheap booze. Mmmmmmm. My hand fumbled with his zipper. Daddy seemed to be frozen. His fear was palpable. His neck was wet with nervous perspiration for the evil deed that he was perpetrating as an adult, taking advantage of his young and unknowing daughter. That deliciously taboo word. Incest. Mmmm. INCEST WITH DADDY… Daddy was shaking, until my small warm hands freed his erection from inside his pants. As I fished it out and rubbed his engorged tip, I felt the sticky dampness of arousal. Delicious pre-cum covered my fingers. It was so wet and excited. Hail Satan. I brought my fingers to my mouth and licked his salty juices. He let out a long moan. As if there had been years of suppressed emotions, desires and lust. Hail Satan. A chorus of sex demons began to sing in my mind. From simple rubbing, things began to quickly escalate, as my mouth closed around his cock-head. Sucking his throbbing dirty daddy-cock into my tiny orifice.

Daddy made guttural noises. My fingers rubbed his shaft and sucked him like a lollypop. He tasted of stale piss and old chalky smegma. Moaning and groaning. He called my name as my fingers dug into his filthy sweaty anus and squeezed his sourish-smelling ball-sacks. My mouth sucked like a practiced whore as his fingers began to explore my gooey cunt. Oh daddy. Oh daddy. INCEST DADDY… I want your big thing inside me. I cannot wait. I want you to cum in my cunt. My baby cunt. FUCK ME LIKE YOU USE TO FUCK MUMMY. I want incest sex with you. Fuck your baby whore. Your baby succubus. I want you to fuck me like the devil. Oh Incest Daddy, your cock is so beautiful. I love cock. I worship cock. I like it when its so hard for me. FOR ME… I’ve wanted your dirty big cock forever. Fuck your daughter. Fuck Belzeba. Fuck her like your whore.

Daddy seemed very animated. He was naked in a shot and lifted me upon his lap. His hairy, fat legs tickled me as he positioned me above his long stiffness. Oh Incest Daddy, hail Satan. Ohhhhhhh daddy stick your big thing up my little cunt and make me yours. Make me bleed Daddy. I’m so fucking juicy. Oh daddy, break my hymen (that was a lie, I broke it myself on my hairbrush handle). I want you daddy. I need your semen. Fill my baby cunt with your hot salty cum. CUM inside me. CUM inside your child. Fuck me. Hail. Hail. Hail. Fuck me now!

I began to slide down his length. OH MY GOD! He said. The only god is SATAN.

Finally, his cock was inside me. It didn’t feel as big as I thought. I was a little disappointed. But the corruption was just too delicious. The guilt and anxiety that his actions would cause! My daddy was lost in sin. He would never recover. This would be the worst day of his life. Hail Satan. Hail all the demons. Hala-fuckin’-lula! I began to ride him, bouncing furiously up and down on his lap. He was in incest paradise. There was no blood of broken hymen. He didn’t seem to notice or care. His eyes rolled back as I fucked the full length of his pathetic cock, squeezing the muscles inside my pelvic floor as I had practiced on many thicker and longer vegetables. He moaned and groaned. Louder and louder. He took the Lord’s name in vain. Oh, Jesus. Oh Jesus Christ. I fucked him harder, sliding my nymph-like body up and down his rampant tool bringing him closer to the sinful moment when he would ejaculate into his own daughter’s cunt.

Yes, yes. I felt myself loosing control. I orgasm-ed on his cock, not once but five times, such was the sinfulness and shame of this abhorrent act. He was damned. His soul was Satan’s. “God Almighty”. My daddy said over and over as his hands gropes my flesh-less chest. My nubile hips rocked back and forth, gyrating as I thrust up and down faster and faster. He was almost there. His breathing was completely erratic. I was drenched in sweat. Yes Incest Daddy, give me your sperm. Fuck your incestuous daughter for the glory of Satan. Fuck my virgin cunt for your own wicked pleasures, you selfish fucking bastard! INCEST! FUCK ME DADDY! INCEST! FUCK YOUR DAUGHTER! CUM IN ME, NOW!


Belzeba rubs herself as she scribbles obscene words in her filthy little journal.

I love porn.

I got daddy to buy me a new computer so that I could surf porn all day long. I love looking at perverted images. The more perverted the better. Regular porn does nothing for me. I want only the most sick shit! Really fucking perverted shit! Dogs fucking kids. Girls fucking horses. Demons sodomizing babies. Fuck yer! Hail Satan! Fuck Jesus Christ! Hail Fucking Mary! Cunt of God! Fuck! Shit! FUCK THE NAZARENE! CUNT! FUCK! HUGE BLACK COCK!

Yer. I really like the look of big black cocks. Fuck these niggers have something I want. I want a big black nigger to cum all over me. No, I want a whole gang of nasty fucking gansta niggers to rape me. FUCK! YER! NIGGER FUCKING COCKS in my mouth, ass and cunt! Mmmmm. Satan be praised!

I like to get off to zoo sex. There’s something so primal about a woman and a snake, like the evil serpent tempting Eve in the Garden of Eden. The snake licking her cunt opening with its forked (demonic) tongue. Tantalizing. Mesmerizing her. Hypnotizing her before perpetrating its obscene act. Making her orgasm before entering her. Sliding inside her. Its reptilian flesh burrowing between her disdained labia; it’s girth filling her as she screams orgasmic-ally. The serpent being the servant of the Devil, doing his evil deeds. From the dawn of time. Eve is consumed by it. Eaten from the inside-out. Evil prevails. Goodness dies. Hail Lilith. Hail my Master!

Sometimes I love fantasizing about blasphemous nuns. What they all get up to behind closed doors. A coven not a convent. The sacrilegious nuns all gather eagerly. They’re hot and excited. They’ve all been so pent up. So restrained. So fucking pious. AMEN this and AMEN that. FUCK GOD! Now, they are beyond saving, their hairless shaved cunts are wet and swollen as they eagerly play with the donkey’s long penis. It’s greasy and smells fetid. It quickly lengthens beyond anything that they’d seen before. OH LORD! It’s so long and hard. They are all besides themselves with sexual perversity. They take turns licking and sucking at it. They egg each other on. Daring to be do more and more each time. The devil is in them. They are lost in their heinous sin. They want the donkey’s cock inside their greedy Christian cunts. Hail Mary cannot save them now. Some masturbate against the animal’s roughness, some masturbate each other as they watch and wait their turn to be fucked by this infernal monster cock that fills them with its foul animal juices.

They have dogs too. Big black dogs with shiny coats and trimmed nails. They don’t want to get scratched as the animal fucks them from behind. These dogs are kept for one purpose and one purpose only. Like the Hounds of the Baskerville, they serve only to fuck these nymphomaniac nuns. These satanic nuns that give worship to dark demons. They aren’t Brides of Christ. No, their Brides of Satan. We serve the same Master. They rub the oily meatiness of hotdog sausages against their eager wet cunt holes. They even press the soft meatiness of these uncooked sausages inside themselves. The dogs smell the meat. They smell their mistresses arousal. They are trained to lick them. Trained to mount them. Oh unholy wantonness – they are all filthy evil women, full of dark desires to kill babies and feed them to their hungry sex dogs as they fill their righteous holes and pray to their true god; SATAN!

Naked witches and warlocks dancing around the infernal flames of hell itself. Naked crucifixion upon inverted crosses. Kill the Virgin Mother. String her up with barbed wire. Kill and eat the child. Eat the fucking holy child. The sadist whip their lovers until bloody. Vampires suck upon the sexual organs of bound victims. Salirophilia. The true Devil worshipers, in black and red robes, watch their priestess masturbate upon the horned skull as they chant obscene prayers to the symbols of the Antichrist. Androgynous and transgendered demons. The Baphomet, so erect and so sexual. Evil sexual effigies of demons with erect penises. Phallic worship. Satanic orgies. Unholy masturbation with religious objects. Evil old whores with saggy, ugly pierced cunts, cunt rings hanging from their over-stretched labia; some with penile clitorises. 

How I love porn. Evil porn. I just cannot get enough!


Belzeba stuck an image of a large nigger cock in the ‘Demon Diary’. She masturbates herself slowly with a long thick carrot (that she heated up in the microwave) as she writes.

Today, I met Beauvoir.

He has a strong French-African accent and smells of burnt things (like gunpowder), spicy foreign fragrances and Jamaican rum. He’s a nigger. Black as the ace of spades. I immediately thought about his black cock. Was it true about black men? Do they really have big cocks? Bigger than my pathetic and disappointing father?

We’d met initially online, trading naked pictures and all kinds of profanities. I think he loves child porn best. Especially images that show sexual torture and forced sex – you know… non-consensual. He’s a very bad man. I told him all about the seduction of my father. He loved to hear about our incest. He said that incest was one of the best ways to appease the Devil. I told him how my father disappointed me with his pathetic efforts in the bedroom. His tiny white cock. I needed something big. I need something black. Black and hard. I want it to bump my cervix and filled with sour nigger semen. This hastened the chase and soon we got to meet face-to-face.

He claimed to be a Bokor or Vodou houngan (priest) from Haiti and said that he is one of those who would ‘serve with both hands’; that is that, he used black magick for his own wicked and explicit purposes. He could cast an evil spell or have evil spirits visit upon an enemy. He was an evil fucker.

He told me all about ‘The Invisibles’, whom he worships through obscene images, sacred rhythms, spiritual possessions, vulgar naked dances, animal blood sacrifices and special rituals to appease them – most of which these rituals involve bizarre and highly perverted sexual practices. I was enthralled by it all. He says that he has sort after a young apprentice, one that was not afraid of such dark forces.

He invited me to participate in an initiation ceremony. I imagined that the Kanzo ceremony that would definitely involve having sex with an underaged girl. Me. Mmmmm. Thank you Master. So wicked. Hail Satan for all my delicious sins.

He said that he was in league with a coven of evil nigger witches. These old black hags were suppose to be insatiable. I imagined their old, wrinkly flesh, saddle-bag tits and well-used holes. Mmmmm. I wanted to do wicked things with them all. Beauvoir told me that the witches ‘charmed’ others (a kind of sex magick) to trick them into having sex with them. I don’t need to be tricked. I’m more than willing.

The ugly witches used their spells to seduce many men and women. These handsome and attractive individuals could not see the black hags for who they really were. Maybe to them, they were having a sexual liaison with equally beautiful bed partners. Pathetic.

The evil witches enjoyed fucking animals. They had orgies of bestial delights, that took the form of large dogs and even stallions, during which they conducted their protracted Vodou rituals of blood, sexual juices and ejaculate.

But Beauvoir said that their biggest delight was always young girls and boys. The younger the better. They even had performed sexual rites with babies. Unfortunately the babies would never live through these evil rites – he said they offered them and even eat them on occasions. I said that this was a very exciting to me and that I couldn’t wait to learn more. Beauvoir said that the witches were evil through and through, worshiping the Petro Loa (evil and malignant spirits) who would require the coven of old hags to preform daily evils and endless wicked acts. But their rewards were suppose to be bountiful.

Beauvoir said that they used the basement of an old desecrated church for these evil and perverted rites. They felt the power of evil filling their hearts and minds, as they offered animal and human sacrifices; and indulged in all manner of necrophilia (with animated cadavers). The witches proclaimed to even have sex with the spirits of the dead; and of course all of these evil labor were performed right before Beauvoir as the coven’s houngan.

He promised me perversions with no limits; that he would take responsibility for giving me all that I dream of, and even more.


Belzeba allowed the cum to drip from her freshly fucked baby cunt over the page in her ‘Demon Diary’. It was her father’s semen. She rubbed it into the pages, staining them and marking them with his seed. She began to write again.

Daddy is getting boring.

We’ve fucked in every room of the house. I don’t wear clothing anymore at home. And I made daddy blaspheme against his beloved Jesus Fucking Christ. I fuck myself with my mother’s crucifix while my daddy obediently licks my smelly little ass. This is the last time he will ever be allowed to fuck my cunt. From now on, he will only be able to sodomize me; fuck me in Satan’s hole. Maybe I should castrate his pathetic cock before Beauvoir? Mmmm. That would be lovely. Then maybe the dickless fuck would kill himself. Hail Satan. Hail Satan.

Beauvoir gave me a magic potion. He says to add it to my father’s food. It will make his cock hard for days on end. He says that it will kill him, if I add too much. Oops!


Belzeba sticks a photograph of three elderly black women into her ‘Demon Diary’. The image shows them all naked, dancing and masturbating with the horns of various animals. In the center of the picture is Belzeba, also naked, straddled across the lap of an imposing black man. You cannot see the man’s face, but its very clear that his large black cock is buried deep in her tight little immature cunt. Belzeba continues to write.

We entered from below the main altar and descended below the abandoned church, into the dimness of the old catacombs.The place smelt of death. Old death and new death. My body quivered with excitement. This was a very evil place.

Beauvoir had dressed me appropriately for the meeting with the nigger witches and strange initiation ritual.

The three nigger witches all welcomed me. Beauvoir introduced me to the three hags. First there was Aicha. She was said to have been named after a beautiful young demon with huffed legs. She was neither young nor huffed, but did appear deformed and unsightly (even in the low light of the catacomb). Then, Anayaroli. She was equally hideous and hairless. She proclaimed to take her name from the demon of the great river. And lastly there was Ala. She was obviously the strongest and most grotesque of the three witches and hailed the name of the queen of the dead.

Beauvoir had explained that they wouldn’t need any spells to bring on the sex magick – as I was different from the usual offerings that they used to sate their perverted sexual desires upon. He said that I was to be his apprentice. The highly sacrilegious Kanzo ceremony was about to begin.

Dug. Dug. Dug. Dug. Dug. Dug.

The drum beat slow and strong. The witches licked their fat lips with her greasy tongues.  I guess it was love at first sight. I could feel their perverted passions, like fireworks going off in my head. They were already highly aroused, so I wasted no time in performing my little slow striptease to the pulsating Haiti drum beat, inflaming them to another level of sensual insatiability.

Dug. Dug. Dug. Dug. Dug. Dug.

I slowly unzipped the long white robe that Beauvoir had given me. The soft silky material glided back and forth against by body (that was naked below) as I gyrated to the hypnotic beat. Their eyes were transfixed, as was Beauvoir, who’s erect cock was clearly visible, as it pocked outwards conspicuously against his long red robe.

Dug. Dug. Dug. Dug. Dug. Dug.

I opened the front of my robe and proudly showed off my thin hairless body. The witches were already masturbating themselves through the thin fabric that covered their scared and wrinkly overweight bodies. They cried all obscenities; encouraging me to reveal more of my untainted physique; urging me to touch myself as I performed my little grinder. They too began to strip, not sensually at all. They tore at the fabric of their robes, as their fingers found their stinking oily holes.

Dug. Dug. Dug. Dug. Dug. Dug.

Beauvoir’s cock was as big as I hoped it would be. It was dripping with foul nigger juices. He grasped his long black shaft and jacked it in time with the Vodou beat. Ala beckoned me to kiss her and I did. I was long passionate kiss. Her fat pink tongue quickly filled my mouth. Next was Aicha. And then last was Anayaroli. Anayaroli knelt on the floor in front of me, urging me to let her taste my tiny cunt. She cried out to me, begging me to let her be the first. I slow gyrated and danced upon her face. Her long penile tongue penetrated me, burrowing upwards inside my cunt hole. Hail Satan. It felt so fucking incredible. I was almost cumming in a matter of moments.

Dug. Dug. Dug. Dug. Dug. Dug.

Aicha and Ala both sucked upon my puffy little nipples. The pleasure that these monstrous women were giving me was sheer satanic bliss. Ala kissed my lips, her fat tongue plied them apart. I could taste her evil repugnance again, as her tongue filled my mouth and deep-throating me. I could imagine Ala and Anayaroli’s tongues meeting somewhere between the tip of my cervix and the base of my guts. I was sandwiched between their heaving sweaty black bodies. I could smell the sour fetor of foulness that emulated form their unwashed waxy armpits, feet and groins.

Dug. Dug. Dug. Dug. Dug. Dug.

I had cum three or four times in succession, when Beauvoir made his move. His cock stood upright, reaching past his nipple-line as it quivered, hard as black steel.


Belzeba draws her a painting of hell. She starts by making it an image filled with the endless torment and torture by creatures with monstrous mouths of sharpened teeth and claw-like talons to tear flesh and break bones. There are huge cauldrons of boiling bodies or towers of the dead being barbecued and shewed over brimstone and fire. This is subterranean world filled where sacrilege and blasphemy is glorified by phallic worship and an eternal orgy dedicated to the praise of Satan and his androgynous demons – the victims are those that fell short in their sinfulness (their punishment) and their overseers are those who fulfilled their sinfulness for Satan’s pleasure (their reward). She writes, as she remembers her first experience with Beauvoir’s witches.

Do you like my painting? This is how I imagine Hell will be like. I cannot wait to see it for real. Satan, the true god, uses illicitness to corrupt and create his wickedness in the likeness of his underworld. Hell is a primal place filled with the obscene and perverted; where my demon lovers will bring me all the debauched pleasures I desire; and as a loyal and obedient servant to my dark lord, Satan; there will be no end to my sexual rewards, as I sit next to his throne of skulls. Evil must prevail in this world as in the next. Hell on earth is his desire.

They were dead, you know? The nigger witches were ‘walking dead’ and it was Beauvoir that had brought them back from the spirit world. His sexual vodou is very powerful – like his steel hard cock. All this time I have been having sex with perverted sex demons – like fucking evil zombies or the walking fucking dead. Fuck! Hail Satan. Hail Beelzebub!

I want to show Satan how evil I am. That I am totally devoted to him. I want him to know, beyond a shadow of doubt, that I am the most evil girl in the world – worthy of being his daughter. A satanic child that was born with the sole purpose of performing the most outrageous atrocities imaginable – I want to be a demoness! A succubus…. I want others to bow down before me. Worship me. Be afraid of me and my black magic.

So, you’ll understand my absolute happiness when Beauvoir promised to take me to an asylum run by priests of the Holy Order of Benedict.

Beauvoir said that the Benedictine Brothers and Sisters were the most evil, highly perverted and even psychotic. He said that the asylum was a crucible of demonic paganism. The old buildings of the asylum were run down – nobody cared what happened there. Out of sight was out of mind.

The place was filled with retards of all ages. Most were very young, as it seemed their life expectancy was rather short. Beauvoir said that, these days folks called them ‘special’ – well, the Benedictine monks (both male and female) treated them special, as they were raped and sexually tortured every night to the sound of pagan worship. I think that’s so fucking hot. Don’t you? Yer! Fucking raping and killing the retards for the glory of Satan, the true Father.


Belzeba continues to write.

It was a cold and dark outside and when we first arrived at the asylum gates. The guards immediately recognized Beauvoir. We passed the security without incident and walked up to the main building. It was as old as Beauvoir had described. Decrepit and dilapidated. Smashed windows were crudely boarded up and there was no sign of visible life from the austere brick exterior. One could be forgiven for thinking that the whole place was deserted – but of course, it wasn’t.

Once we entered the front door, the delicious stench of piss, sex and death filled my lungs. The temperature inside the buildings felt hot and humid inside. Whatever they used as a source of heat was almost overwhelming. I began to sweat immediately. The insufficient neon tubes popped and cracked and fizzled above our heads and the sounds of torment was loud and clear – it was a cacophony of high pitched screams, constant groaning and torturous beatings. I looked at Beauvoir and he smiled at me. He knew that I was happy and my perverted little mind was already getting highly excited.

There was a tall darkly-clad monk stood waiting for us just inside the entry. We approached and Beauvoir whispered something to him and he nodded.

Beauvoir introduced me to Brother Gabriele. He said something about taking us on the ‘grand tour’ before we join the Benedictine Ritual in the subbasement (which I had overheard Beauvoir referred to as the Benedictine Temple).

The gaunt Brother Gabriele gestured and we walked a few feet down the graffiti covered corridor and then ascended up over broken glass and shrapnel, through a steep set of stairs to the first of the buildings’ upper floors. We followed Brother Gabriele into the first of many dormitories. The dorm consisted of narrow coats with filthy mattresses. Some where empty, but others were filled with naked bodies. The occupations were unwashed and their stench filled my nostrils. Some looked up at me and Beauvoir. Their sunken eyes were filled with dread and disquiet. Some just groaned incoherently, while others thrust aggressively against the leather straps that held them all in their crude metal cots. I could see that a few had soiled themselves as they were unable to go to the bathhouse. A few of the bodies were not moving at all.

The monk said that the ‘poor souls’ were sent to them from all over. They were all fucking retards and the mentally unwell. Some mongoloid and some not. Some were extremely young – but they don’t last very long. He said that the Brothers and Sisters of the Order tried to make them as ‘comfortable’ as possible. I remembered what Beauvoir had said about the Benedictine monks – that they were sadist evil bastards – just like us.

He said I could touch them, if I want to. He indicated that he meant that I could touch them in their sensitive places. He added that they like it when they were sexually aroused. He said that they often teased them and that I should feel free. It was like Brother Gabriele was giving parental guidance at a fucking petting zoo. Of course, I couldn’t wait to touch a few of the naked retards. Fuck yer! As much as I like the idea of teasing them, maybe frustrating them… I wanted to do more evil things to them (I would not be disappointed).

There a nice young boy about the same age as me. He willingly opened his legs as I began to stroke his hard little cock. I took the opportunity to squeeze his little testicles and playfully flick the tip of his hard cock with my finger. Brother Gabrielle said that I could fuck him if I wanted to… It was tempting, but I wanted to fuck him up another way – like cutting is genital with a sharp knife – put the miserable fucker out of his misery. But, we had to move on with the ‘grand tour’… maybe later (I thought to myself).

The next corridor was filled with individual cells – each with a barred frontage. Brother Gabriele explained that this is where they kept the disobedient ones. I thought that this was more like. These were the ones, Brother Gabriele said, that could be disruptive to the others, so they kept them locked up alone until they realize the errors of their ways. He said that some just never learnt and that they needed to be regularly punished… and punished very severely.

He asked if I may enjoy administering some punishment… I said of course. I was very excited. My pussy was getting very moist and oily. I needed a fuck soon. Beauvoir added that I should take the opportunity to try burning them with lighted cigarettes or paddling them with a spiked board or even horse-whipping them with a genuine cat-and-nine-tails. Fuck! I was in a demonic Disneyland. I said, that I wanted to try the horse whip (maybe a cat-and-nine-tails would be too difficult to manage). Brother Gabriele nodded in agreement. He pointed to the last cell on the block. Inside of a young naked female retard – she looked mongoloid. She smelt of piss and puck and Brother Gabriele dragged her to her dirty little feet. He attached her wrists to a set of manacles that hung above her head height from the wall, so that her bare back and buttocks faced me.

I asked if it was alright if I whipped her, while I was completely naked. I said that I wanted to masturbate myself desperately and added that I wanted to see both Brother Gabriele and Beauvoir get their cocks out, as I would need a good fuck immediately afterwards. Brother Gabriele seemed most pleased with my suggestion and we all got naked.

Brother Gabriele opened his dark gown and was already fully erect. His body looked malnourished, thin to the point that I could see very one of his ribs and pronounced hip bones. Around the base of his cock and balls, he wore a tight black cock ring.

To be continued …


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