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The Devil Queen and the Little Girl Scouts 3

The principal would just stand up against hall lockers when any girl touched her. So many bands on her tits that were just mottled beaten bruised meat bags. The little girls delighted to hear her moan as they pushed huge knitting needles through her tits before beating her clit and cunt with rulers. She was a raving pain slut eating child shit and drinking child piss. The little brownies were beating her closer and closer to Satan. Her much slimmer smaller secretary always had her face covered in some child’s brown shit with a cup full of little girl piss on her desk.

She always had a pitcher full of child piss on the principal’s desk. The principal would come back to take a call with tits looking like porcupines. Both were satanic sluts receiving each other with wet shit and piss kisses hailing Satan. Neither had been to a black mass but the secretary may have found the church between sucking young pussy and dirty ass. The principal would take two large gulps of piss before taking the call. She had to stand as one little girl had walked behind her with her arm up the principal’s ass tube.

The continuous orgasms started two weeks ago when five little girls pushed her into the gym shower were thirty naked girls almost beat her to death. She could barely drive or sleep or dress as her cunt had not stopped. She had to buy sweat shirts to hide her banded tits no longer looking like the matronly principal she once was. Her car stunk of cunt slime as she struggled to concentrate driving as her cunt pulsed. She and her secretary were ready for Satan and a black mass of brutality. The little brownies had prepared them well under the Satan Queens guidance.

The dumb as rock twins were long tall and beautiful beyond imagination as the tiny Japanese tired to get them to take sips of a special tea that would help them. They had had to drink it often. The twins had been gang banged by thirty black ministers for nine hours the night before as the small Japanese wiped their asses and cunts with an ancient concoction they cooked up. It handed down by generations of fuck slut abused women and they knew the recipe by heart. It was two weeks before they would be stewardesses on the jet, and they had learned enough English to be taken to Asian stores to get what they needed. The models stunned the shop owners in tiny shorts that barely covered their tight asses. The two had settled in and insisted on cooking.

They made the best sushi and rolls the models had not ordered delivery for a week. They cuddled the tiny things like kittens, and they had yet to sleep in their own room as the models just wanted to hold the tinier bodies. They would pamper the two brushing the long black hair that dangled delightfully over their tiny asses as they raced back and forth trying to do anything to just not go back to the to the lives of horrible beatings and fucking. This new place was tender and soft and there was so much pussy to eat. They were slaves of their choosing now but never treated as slaves. The models would suck their small pussy’s every night as they slept in beds with two tall white girls every night. The condo was huge with twelve bedrooms but only five were ever slept in.

The enormous black protector simply walked in never once looking at the naked fuck models. Two small bags with new uniforms for the small girls. The two were speechless as they tried them on for all the models to watch. They were beyond darling as the tiny vest did nothing to cover their tit dots or asses. No panties ever anymore as the huge black men carried them when ever they had to go through any security as they were passed without question or scrutiny. No agent dared to even ask for papers just letting them all pass. The tiny asses were right there in huge hands but not one did more than holding the tiny bodies. Everyone instantly knew the men were trained killers.

The two tiny things had made something new for the models hoping they would like it. The two dumb as rock beauties had finally come out of over fuck stupor taking small bites smiling at the small girls. They new how to cook and the best cunt licking clit suckers. The twin long haired beauties had no idea they were each millionaire and had no concept of money. The lesbian talent scout had trusted people keeping their money safe and invested wisely not wanting these beauties to ever leave. They just stood as they were dressed for runway never needing makeup. Now everyone could not wait for them to walk out hand in hand on high heels tit firm and poking and panties that did nothing to cover their young pussies. Sales soared for anyone they modeled for.

The lesbian talent scout always took care of all the arrangements for jets and time and most everything. The two tiny Japanese took care of their pussies. Studying them to see if they needed more soothing cream as ancient as humanity from years of girls fucked and treated like trash. The dumb twins had recovered and reached down to the small heads and black hair as long as theirs. Each felt like new born lambs back on the farm until the small mouths licked. The lambs never did that and in moments the brainless twins just lifted their long legs for the soothing silky young tongues. The Japanese were head over heals the best pussy lickers as the long legs lifted over to present their pussy meat. The Japanese new the cunts were still very tender and just softly sucked and licked the holes and long clits that had made them runway super models the darlings of every show.
The tiny things were cuddled sleeping in huge soft beds with a mix of models holding the silky tiny bodies.

Mommy pulled the huge dildo out of her quivering daughter to get her somewhat dressed for church. The mommy daughter fucks wore very little definitely not normal for any other church. They were going to be a mommy daughter lesbian show before the brutal black mass before the tiny daughter would be gang banged on the black marble alter.

The jet had stopped for fuel in a small airport in a small town. The Japanese stewards had been sucking the naked model’s cunts for hours and pulled on their tiny uniforms so the lesbian talent scout and two guards that weren’t fucking the millionaire model slut went with them in so the two could buy supplies in the small town. They would at least be able to buy fresh vegetables the models preferred. The taxi was returning when the bedraggled slim tall teen was hugging her legs on a bus bench shivering soaked from rain. The lesbian talent scout had an instinct as the taxi pulled over.

She and the two stewards sat with her to hear her horrible story of her pious minister father and vicious step mother had her banished from the church as step mommy had convinced her father she was a slut even though she had never been with a boy. The evil stepmother had hated her from day one. She was a tall perfect piece of art at five eleven and simply gorgeous even so haggard. The guards helped into the taxi as she was taken to the airport. One guard carried her like she was weightless.

She woke up naked on the couch wrapped in warm dry blankets to become the eighth model in the condo. The Japanese had stripped her out of the wet ripped clothes on the jet but could only dry her and get her warm. The lesbian talent scout got a good look at her slim body and small little pussy. Her tits were hard from the cold but just perfections of youth perky solid tits with huge nipples poking out in cones. She had no idea where she was, but she was warm, and a bit startled she was naked until she saw everyone one was naked. Wherever she was it was better than where she came from.

She just let herself be helped into the huge shower as two tall naked models held her so the two tiny Japanese could softy wash her. She almost melted in the warm water as the soft soapy hands and sponges played along her body. No one had ever washed her titties or practically hairless little virgin pussy. They washed her ass cracked and little rose bud making her shiver even though she was so softly held and washed by naked girls.

Teen model titties rubbed her back as hers were stiff. Her hair had never been cut and the tips had dragged in dirt. Back on the huge couch her head back so her hair hung over for the two Japanese to get all the tangles out. An entire bottle of silky rinse had been used. The Japanese spent two hours on her hair as she sat with her long legs spread letting all the models see her darling pussy meat.

Once all the tangles were out two naked models helped her stand as the Japanese brought out a myriad of scissors cutting her hair up to her ankles. She was standing tit to tit in warm embrace quivering at all of the loving attention. The Japanese satisfied the model holding her presented her to the rest. She was even more beautiful as they gasped. Her long hair was luscious blonde, and her eyes were a starling blue.

\The other naked girls made her finally smile as they told her how darling her little pussy looked and how wonderful her titties looked. But she looked anorexic. Her hip bones stuck out and little virgin pussy bulged in a huge mound even though it was still just a slit with drifts of silky blonde dust just over her prominent mons. The rest was just pink young slit. The Japanese had used an entire bag of scrunchies to pull all of her hair into a very long pony tail of soft blonde hair.

The models cuddle up to her on the couch as the tiny naked Japanese raced around in the kitchen to make platters of food and a very special soup. The models were all eating as the two Japanese knelt on either side of their newest to get her to take sips as her perfect young tits stood out in white cones capped with coral huge nipples. She had never been in a bikini as her entire body was white porcelain except for that tiny pink pussy slit and coral nipples.

Her father found out the truth about how evil she had been treated by his new pious wife and that his daughter had been banished for no reason other than her jealousy. She was placed in the town center stocks naked and whipped just like she had insisted his daughter deserved to be publicly tortured for her sinful ways. The entire town seemed to hate her self-imposed rule and were just a vicious with her as she had been to them.

After the initial whipping that shred her back and ass, little girls joined the frenzy with small child scissors to saw her nipples off and clip at her cunt lips. The whipped bloody woman was left bleeding and moaning overnight as the crows smelled food and pecked her pealing skin until her ribs were bare of meat from her back. She was still moaning the next morning when two of the town women brought a pole cover in tar and broken glass. They hated this bitch of piety and took turns sawing her cunt apart as her pieces of cunt fell out as the crows were right there to eat ever shred.

More of the town came back the next morning hoping to whip her but joined in to push the pole until it started to push all the way. Blood lubed the pole as it kept penetrating. As arms-tired others jumped in to push the pole as her entire intestines were shredded and the tar and broken glass covered pole came out of her mouth holding her head up with dead eyes. Little girls had box cutters now ripping at her tits and stomach until her intestines fell out. The crows went after the disgusting filth and shit when the minister came out naked with his large cock swaying to reach in and rip the heart out and hold it up to ask for Satan’s forgives.

As he had been led away from the true lord by the woman. Satan accepted them back into his fold as the entire town stripped and started fucking and little girls sucked the minster hard licking at the drips of precum. Satan was finally back in their lives as the evil woman was held dead on the pole the be buried in dirt so the crows could finish. Pecking her eye lids off they ate her eye balls as the town fucked for the rest of the day right in the street. The stench of the body filled the town for three days until the crows and rats at night cleaned her evil body down to a skeleton and the town’s only kennel owner took her pole and all in the back of a pickup truck to give his dogs the bones to crunch.

The witch that had led them away from Satan was finally gone as the schools no longer required clothes so the teachers could finger fuck little girls and sons could fuck mommies and sisters. The church went back to the old ways with nude services as everyone fucked or sucked and the minister stood with a hard cock so little boys could lick up his streaming precum. The basement was unlocked as everyone cleaned up the dust and cobwebs polishing the black marble alter. The old blood was scraped off the ancient stone floor until it was back to the polished perfection suitable for Satan. The basement dungeon was ready for a black mass in a week.

Every model was stunned that the saved girl was only fourteen as she finally got strong enough to start eating. The Japanese made her special dishes not as rich until she was fully recovered from malnourishment. She was never left alone as at first the tiny Japanese slept with her in case, she needed anything. The lesbian talent scout was the most surprised she was only fourteen.

It would be two years before she could model as she could not model for teen clothes with a cunt and poking nipples standing out. She would be allowed to stay and learn from the others as she practiced high heels naked around the condo as the other naked models gave her tips. Her feet hurt horribly as the Japanese massaged them every night drifting ever closer to her virgin pussy hoping to finally feel her cunt meat they washed. The silky threads of blonde hair that dusted her protruding mound was like kitten fur.

Every model wanted to taste her pussy or just sleep with her. Her tender teen body was so soft, but they knew she was not ready. That night as the two Japanese that slept with gave her her first orgasm as they cuddled up to her and one drifted a tiny hand down to the pink slit. One touch sent her off as every pent up from her religious pious childhood released. The first orgasm of her life was earth shattering but she just mewed like a kitten for two minutes. She was not a screamer and her silky slit just got wetter waiting to be opened. She hugged the two small Japanese kissing their lips as they fondled her titties until she stopped shaking. One licked down her body with butterfly kisses until one tiny girl was between her legs and one lick sent her off all over again.

The Japanese knew how to open pussy slits with tiny tongues and an hour and five more orgasms the slit opened, and the tall fourteen year old pulled the other tiny thing over her face and ate cunt as her mind instantly transformed from only receiving pleasure to a giver as well. She would chew the small pussy meat sometimes too hard but learned quickly. She had twenty shattering orgasms and gave each of the girls five each before they went silent cuddled up.

The next morning, she was far different walking around naked with all of the other naked models when the black cock addicted fuck gave her a warm kiss. She had been with the guards a floor below all night getting a hard gang bang and they had not met yet. The two together were the same height as the gang fuck slut’s cunt dripped sperm. The changed teen let her hands drift over the millionaire model until she cupped the leaking cunt wetting her hand in sperm and cunt. She had indeed changed overnight as she lifted her hand covered in sperm and slime and licked it as they still held each other. The sperm was delicious as her hand went back down for more and the two went into a deep tongue kiss to lick fuck slime. She was on her knees sucking sperm out of cunt until there was no more.

All the models were together now as they ate delicious breakfast prepared by the tiny girls. Eight stunning girls naked and two tiny naked Japanese cunt eaters just cuddled up.
The fourteen had no clothes as she was led from room to room being dressed in like a doll. The hands kept touching her pussy meat until she had an entire new wardrobe to cup her tiny pussy and solid ass. All of the hands on her body had her trembling so hard she just pulled them all back to the couch. It was a mix but cunts were sucked and titties sucked and sometimes bit for a scream.

The new one looked at the dildos wondering how anyone would fit.

Back in her small town her daddy minister ended the sermon about the evils as the entire congregation was fucking or fisting or sucking. Everyone went down to the basement as the tiny eleven-year-old was laid out on the black marble alter with a mouth dripping sperm she could not quite swallow. Her body spread out tiny puffy tits push up. Mommy had shoved dildos up her cunt for two years and daddy had fucked her ass as they had to keep it all hidden until the evil woman was dead. The biggest cock in town went first making her hold her slim legs as the hail Satan chants started in the dungeon of fuck and sacrifice was back open.

The tiny girl had a fierce look as if she wanted to be Satan fuck for years. Mommy had been fingering her open until she was ready for daddy cock. Families had been meeting in secret so dads could suck teen cock and little girls were exchanged for woman to suck their small pussies or push the tiny faces deeper into mommy cunts. Any child at these secret parties of filth was fuck. Now they were freed as the little girl with a wet sperm face smiled as twelve thick inches bulge her belly. The Satan Queen had followed her since she was 9 and masturbating at night and in school rest rooms. She made her own parents complete her fuck slut body into pure satanic willing fuck.

She was a thoroughly fucked sperm cover tiny thing but alive. She was just fuck holes as her ass and once tiny cunt tube became a town fuck or cunt sucker.

The models looked on as the fourteen teen just spread for anything the tiny girls wanted to do with her slim long body. She felt safe and never so welcomed as the smallest dildo ripped her hymen and her orgasms started. Once they started now, she could not stop them. The models pulled slimy fingers out of cunt tubes and swarmed the young slim thing in endless orgasm to suck and bite her young hard titties.

Every model got to suck on her young pussy savoring the rich youthful cunt juices. Blankets were brought out for a slumber party as they giggled and cuddled naked. The teen had her daddy’s genes for sex and filth and learned quickly how to eat pussy meat. Her soul belongs to Satan as daddy intended.

The daddy minister sucked off all the alter boys thirteen to fourteen hung teen cocks. Finally, free of his dead spinster wife he enveloped himself in the Lord Satan’s glory savoring teen sperm before he had to deliver the sermon. The congregation was all naked in slimy pews as he and the alter boys walked out nude with hanging cock meat. The church had returned to its former glory to serve Satan in anyway they could. People seldom wore clothes except for women and girls with panties signaling they were having periods.

Many women had adapted harnesses that only held the bloody in place leaving their assholes ready for fuck. the schools adopted clothes optional, but no one wore clothes anymore anyway. Recess found little girls sucking cocks or getting fucked out in the school yard returning to class with dripping pussies and sperm covered faces. Within a week all the schools were rich with the smell of cunt and cum. The youngest teacher was a tiny five foot fuck slut always with a furry fox tail ass plug.

Her clit pierced with a diamond sterling silver ring hanging off her long clit. Her nipples still poked up hard and stiff even with the rings and hanging weights that swung around. She had only been back for six months after being a black cock gang bang slut for the basketball team from day one as a tender freshman. Satan had never left her, and she was thankfully away at college while the spinster tried to exert her control over the small town. The kids loved the math teachers long thick cock as it swung around during class as girls and boys swooned for his sperm.

The fourteen year old was quickly accepted and embraced by all the models as they convinced the lesbian talent scout to let her stay even though it would be two years before she could model as she was too tall for any child clothing shoots. The two tiny Japanese seemed to be capable of anything making her long blonde hair into perfect French braids dangling just above her ankles. The models trained her how to walk in high heels as all were stunning and naked.

Her feet hurt as she spent an hour walking her naked perfection al over the huge condo. The models and the tiny Japanese massaged her feet assuring her she would get use to them as hands kept drifting up to her darling pussy. The Japanese had to encourage her to eat before the endless orgasms started all over again. The Japanese used their tiny fingers to open her pussy until the smallest dildo would fit. Dear God she loved that dildo and everything about her new life barely able to take sips of water as she gasped in orgasm.

The entire mall went silent as the eight tall models had tiny shorts hugging their tiny hard asses and protruding cunt muffins. Braless in tanks and t shits their hard tits hardly moved at all as they poked young nipple. The two Japanese were so small in tiny shorts in comparison as the four huge guards and lesbian talent scout took the young thing on a shopping trip. With no budget or limitation, the models got her darling new clothes taking turns to dress her like the doll she was. The last stop was Victoria Secrets as the entire staff of young girls were so stunned, they dropped what ever they were doing cupping their cunt meat. One teen in tiny panties and lacy bra fell on the floor when the lesbian talent scout asks if she could help them. No, she couldn’t as she went into hard orgasms.

The models took over making sure every lacy thong and tiny bra cupped her slim body just right. She was panting two hours and two thousand dollars later they all strode out to the waiting limo. The models were taking care of the slim thing as the lesbian talent scout ripped the teens lacy panties eating the young pussy quivering and shaking on the floor in plain view of anyone just passing by. Women moaned and men got hard as cocks and cunts got sucked or fucked as Satan took control over the entire mall. Little girls that had only practiced kissing on sleep overs were sucking each other in tight 69 liking this much better than practice kissing and small titties felt up. The guards put all the bags in the trunk as the limo raced off leaving the entire mall in fuck frenzy.

Back in the condo the slim teen had been felt up and cupped so much she was frantic as she just stripped spreading her long thin legs asking for more dildos as her little pussy was wet and leaking cunt juices. One lick from one of the models she just exploded. So young she had intense long orgasms as the models played with her titties and sucked her darling little pussy.

The models woke up the next morning to the moans to find dildos all over the carpet and the teen impaled on a thick huge black dildo. All the dildos were wet with cunt slime as she went through all of them unable to sleep, she did not want to wake the others but was stuck on ten thick inches of black dildo unable to move. She had been orgasming all night trying to be quiet she was passed out on the entire huge dildo so far up her cunt her darling little ass touched the carpet. She had to be helped to pull it out as gently as it could as the sucking noises of her young cunt turned all the models into fuck. the millionaire raced down to the guard’s condo naked and uncaring if she was seen.

The world had seen her pussy on runways, so it really did not matter. The guards never said a word as she sucked cocks and got a vicious gang fuck for the teen model that paid them so well and they could order anything to eat if the Japanese weren’t dancing around the kitchen cooking Cobie steaks and eggs for breakfast. The guards knew the girls were not interested in cock but were still a delight with tiny asses, hairless pussy’s and hard teen tits poking.

They went about serving the guards naked and precious the guards barely let their tiny feet touch the ground as they were carried like weightless kittens through world airports never having to show any papers or passports that would show their ages. They were just stewardesses for the long flights immediately stripping of the darling uniforms to race around the jet cabin making sure everyone had anything. They paid special attention to the huge brutal guards in the back of the jet as they loved the huge hands cupping their small asses as they were carried. They no longer feared them and cherished them taking care of every need with brilliant smiles and darling hard tits they would give every guard a soft peck before they danced their naked bodies back to see if anyone needed anything.

The slim tall teen was only there to learn as she went on every trip with her long hair always perfect. The lesbian talent scout had to ward off the designers and photographers on every shoot begging to let her model. They were coming back from Dubai on a twenty-hour flight when she just could not contain herself as the millionaire model was in the back of the jet fucking herself on huge black real cocks. She was standing with hard nipples as the huge black cocks just seemed to drift in and out of the super model’s cunt meat. The three other guards were had hard black cocks bigger than the dildo as she whimpered and stamped her feet like a child in a tantrum.

She had never been fucked by real cock as the super model heard her whimpers. The child needed fuck badly as she instructed one of the guards in the other seats to help her. Her long legs took a while as the first went cock from a soft rub to her impaling her entire body as the guard just tried to hold her slim body on the biggest thing ever to but it was warm much warmer than the dildos her little pussy and clit was on the guards was rubbing and pumping against the guards hard stomach feeling every thick cock so much better than any dildo.

The guard just held her tiny slim ass as she bucked up and down. This was completely out of bounds for their contracts, but the guard was helpless even though he could throw her around the silky young pussy hugged his cock as the slender teen slivered all over him shoving her silky cunt tube up and down on his huge black meat as if she owned it. The teen had returned to her satanic life when her real mommy licked her little pussy as daddy ram fucked mommy’s ass.

The Satan queen filled her rnind with past incest debauchery long forgotten until now. She was a born fuck slut for Satan’s use from the day she was born, and daddy licked all of the after birth and slime off her body. She was fuck before her first steps as mommy and daddy licked her slimy shit to change her diapers. Her first orgasm was at two but she did not know why her tiny body shook and pissed her bed.

All was very different when mommy died in the town streets naked from fucking any one that wanted, she had a massive stroke dying instantly in the front of the entire town. The dog fucking gang bang at the kennels had fucked her so hard her heart gave up right in the street with dog sperm all over her and dripping out of her cunt. Satan instantly accepted her to be hound fuck giving her new life in hell. She had been a devout fuck through so many black masses bucking so hard as the dogs fucked her after all the men were spent. Her cunt was dripping some sperm as she just collapsed in the town street naked and fucked full of various sperm it took the doctor two hours just to get all the sperm out before he could prepare the body for embalming and burial with the entire attending lamenting at the loss of the most demented bisexual fuck meat the town had ever had.

The two tiny Japanese wiped the teen clean after the millionaire super model sucked out as much of the black rich sperm out of her darling little pussy. The two tiny morsels of lesbian highly trained stewardesses would have loved to suck her little fuck pussy except for the sperm. The jet was about to land as one tiny thing was behind the teen fixing her hair back into a prefect French braid as the other pulled tiny shorts up her quivering body.

God, she loved to fuck and was getting better at cunt licking and sucking every day. She wore flats still feeling awkward in high heels to walk down the jet stirs to the waiting to race the group away. She sat in the back with the guards snuggling her slim body against the huge black body taking a cat-nap as they went to the hotel. The shoot was in Dubai and the Arabs had set them up in suites in the best hotel with adjoining rooms. The hotel staff held their breath as the tall slim things finally understanding why the prince had insisted no expense would be spared and no request be immediately taken care of.

Even in flats the youngest teen only there to observe and learn was as tall as the millionaire super model fuck slut. All of them in tight small shorts hugging tiny firm asses and none had bra as tits poked out stiff despite the heat. The models had a day of rest as they stripped naked. The two tiny Japanese had little to do so they put all the clothes away before joining the models naked in one of the living rooms. Jet lag no matter how wonderful the flight overtook them as the silky bodies curled up together. Wake up was eight the next morning for the first shoot and fittings at ten.

The guards stood like the killing sentinels always on alert as the Arabs were known to kidnap white girls they could not buy for private harems. The guards never once looked at the slim tall naked girls as they were prepared for the first shoot having seen them all so many times the girls were all comfortable and safe with them. The prince was in a fierce argument with the lesbian talent scout about the teen not being part of the upcoming show when one guard walked up behind her staring the prince down. He had billions but none of that would save his life as he shut up. He stared at the tall naked bodies and there were still seven.

The fourteen year old paid close attention to everything. The models being dressed, the lighting and the stage she was very smart with almost total recall and she had been fucked. She stood towering over the two tiny Japanese and the shoot went off marvelously. The photos were forbidden as the gowns were mostly see thru revealing hard tits and pussy as the flashes went off.

The Arab girls draped in long hot back robes to conceal everything except for their faces. Their pussies wet and darling stiff tits seldom seen. Harem girls since they were nine they often sucked cunts as they waited to be called to fuck. The entire harem bathed together in huge baths shaving pussies to make sure not one hair ever appeared on the slick fuck pussies.

The world would be astonished at how gorgeous they were and that is why the ruling classes kept all the realms women completely covered. Each wondered what American cunt would taste like. The lesbian talent scout only had to whisper in the prince’s ear for the eight girls to assist in the suites while they stayed, and it was done. Two limos were needed to get them all back to the hotel and huge suites. The tiny Japanese needed help getting the hot black confining robes off the perfections with bare little pussy meat. The Arab girls could speak a word of English, but the touches were all they needed. The eight could only be 13 at best as their sweaty bodies were ushered to showers. They were the slaves there to serve but melted like kittens in the model’s arms and warm water.

All rather small had long black hair kept secret as very part of their bodies was lathered. Dry and siting naked between long American legs the models brushed their hair dry long and silky. English was not necessary as sixteen naked girls sat around when the guards walked in with food as the tiny Arabs looked for something to cover their bodies as it was a sin punishable by death for any man to see them. The models just held them giggling as the guards never looked once. They tried to get up but pushed back as the models fed them. The guards simply left as they could have fucked them to death but slim American played along the hairless slits. The girls were wet from all the attention as tall slim American girls gave them a bite of food before taking one.

So damn horny as the were led to beds as the models covered their hard titties and sucked their cunts. They ate all of the American pussy meat they could possibly could for the next five days.

The little girl had been the center of a black mass as men fucked her hailing Satan. Her daddy fucked her twice in front of the entire congregation a she limped out amazing all she could still walk. She was pure satanic fuck now pulling mommy and daddy to the house that gave her first taste of bestiality and being a fuck slut just like mommy. She really did not know much about Satan at only eight but loved being a cunt sucking, cock sucking, dog fuck and fuck for anyone in anyway.

Satan was in her soul and the Satan Queen urged her further into the filthiest acts imaginable. She was eager to be fucked more and eat more sperm whether dog or man did not matter. Mommy had been pulling her tit dots urging them out so the would get long enough for nipple rings just like mommy’s. Her pussy gaped but her little cunt lips and clit no matter how hard it got none of her pussy meat was big enough for rings yet. Daddy and mommy did their best to suck her clit out as her tit dots were swollen tubes of young tit.

The naked lady answered the door with huge slimy dildos hanging out of her ass and cunt tube. She never went without one up her as she did house work and the three hounds always sniffing and licking. she was beyond fuck dementia but had kept the hung hounds away for the little girl. The husband was home sitting naked on the couch with ten huge thick inches of cock she had not fucked yet. He had been on a business trip, but his wife filled him on every detail of how delicious her little pussy tasted and how nasty she would get.

It was early on a Saturday morning, so they had all weekend to do filthy things with the child and each other. Her tiny sundress was on the floor as she raced to the hounds to hug and kiss their slobbering jaws and suck at their disgusting tongues. With dildos hanging out of her ass and cunt she brought out bloody Mary’s with just a hint of vodka. No one was really interested in alcohol, but it was the hosts duty to serve. She had to move around a bit to get comfortable with two dildos as the two woman that had fucked together and sucked each other’s cunts almost every morning now. All interest was on the tiny girl.

The tiny thing looked at all four adults with a wet dog slobber mouth she saw the husband’s cock. Daddy was nine inches and fucked her every night since the black fuck mass gang bang just to get her to sleep. She crawled to the man as hounds licked her ass. She cradled the new cock like a precious toy. She was not very good at cock sucking having been able to get daddy’s cock head while he filled her small mouth with sperm. She licked at this new cock only a bit slimmer than daddy’s but an inch longer.

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The girls were panting as they looked at each other when the giggles started by the youngest. She was the one noticing the tall corn stalks in rows that would hide them. They all agreed and drifted in pairs throwing off the hot black robes. The girls had brought new wealth to the town as the best bakers and cooks when given all the butter and ingredients few had at home and even that was used sparingly. Word got out as more and more tourist started coming from miles around. It was not just the food that kept people coming back.

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Two were a bit startled but the others were filled with the Satan Queen’s intent to serve the new lord, Satan himself as fucks. The room was enormous as ten Amish eleven year old girls had been there for three weeks when the Satan Queen saved them from having to marry old men from sixty to eighty all wrinkled and absolute horrible. They whipped their wives as they hung in barns. The Amish fields were littered with the bones of those that did not survive. But girls grew up quickly and there would be many more for years to come.

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The town lamented the loss of the Amish teens that had brought them new prosperity but there was always a new crop of young girls and the town had a new business as a bestiality swinger fuck resort far away from any city. All the barns were cleaned, and new cushioned benches were built. The bakery staff had watched the teens and cooks adopted new Mormon techniques. The young teen girls were allowed to wear new transparent uniforms that highlighted their tits budding by the day. The tourists were given open permission to remain naked once they checked in. tit, pussy cunt meat and cocks openly displayed as some would drift in for a bite to eat. Every woman was dripping some sperm as they wobbled and quivered. The husbands had to force them to eat something before they fucked themselves to death. The town continued to prosper as the budding young girls were paid very well to be played with often not coming home after a night of swinger lust. A new business was developed for pedophile couples bringing more riches.

The Mormons continued church every Saturday but to a new lord. The Mormon bibles supposedly by some Mormon leader were either burned or in in a land fill as the new Lord Satan replaced any previous teachings. The boys and girls in the nursery mixed cock sucking with learning Latin.

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The tall slim young white priest would never be confused as a formidable figure but trained in several arts of Asian combat able to kill with just a finger. He was laying on the alter as bishops came from far and wide and the entire priest school were there for his last night. Scheduled to take a train to his first assignment in one the worst churches in a black community ripe with drugs and killings every night. Cops refused to even go as so many had just disappeared and police cars burned. The gang ran everything. His 14-inch-thick white cock stood up stiff as he was blessed and anointed with holy water and oil. The bishops rubbed his huge cock with oil as the church organist filled the sanctuary with saintly music.

All loved him and he would be missed. He was somewhat of a savant knowing the bible and ancient Latin texts in his photographic memory. Able to quote passages even the bishops did not know. He was blessed and allowed to kneel for his final communion here before he would leave. He was given over 40 cocks to suck as he loved sperm and sucking cock meat. With communion over the bishops were given the privilege of sucking his huge cock as best they could. His cock was simply impossible to swallow, and he could cum buckets of thick young sperm for hours. Awaking to many other students of religion they took extra care to wash him thoroughly.

He was adorned with new priestly vestments announcing to all he was a priest even though he was so young at eighteen he was the youngest to be given a church to lead without having to serve for years under someone’s guidance. He was confident and given the most attention on the train. His long cock was always hard and strapped to his thigh. The huge black thugs laughed knowing he would not last long. He took two weeks taking careful inventory polishing the entire church by himself tireless in so many ways.

Finding an organist daring to serve in this church known for so much death as just walking to it was dangerous. He welcomed all the parishioners himself and the only white thing for miles. The thugs were hugged only coming to size him up and plan his death. They had never been hugged and why most joined the gang for some acceptance. He started his first service with a sterling acapella. The all black congregation and even the thugs planning his death were silent. His first sermon was entirely in his head without a note never once telling them they were sinners and how tough life in this community had to be. He had a different idea of delivering God’s messages vowing to do anything and everything to help them.

The black congregation was silent as they left. One black thug and the leader called bullshit and would take care of the problem himself. Coming to the church he found the priest polishing the alter and welcome him standing as if he was delivering himself for death. Smiling at the thug that had killed over thirty people himself for fun and all had tried to get away or beg. The thug went to stab him with a sharp knife when the priest gripped his wrist and grabbed his throat.

The huge thug leader that had ravaged the community knelt whimpering close to death. The sharp knife fell on the stage. The thug had no idea what he was dealing with. The priest had been raised by Satan and given him his remarkable cock and capabilities. Everything was just a pretense and the thug could have stabbed him and ripped him open, but he would not die. Satan was his Lord and taking care of him so he could deliver Satan to the masses. The thug gang leader was let up and led to the confessionals to announce all of his sins.

The priest did not make him say hail Mary’s as Mary the supposed mother was really just a whore. She was just fuck and had not been a virgin at all. There was no angel and no virgin birth. All was just a huge sham made up by men to control and profit. The entire catholic faith was just a bilking for a pedophile ring of enormous wealth. Sadly, this was not a young boy but cock was cock as he sucked the smelly cock slimed with dry cunt and sperm. The thug erupted in his throat. The residuals of dried cunt were not the best thing he had tasted but the sperm was thick and delicious. He helped the thug zip up and sent him off with a pat on his ass. The rampant crime fell off instantly as it did not serve Satan. In hell Satan could kill as much as he wanted. The next service was packed as the Satan raised priest inter mixed with Satanic thoughts and passages delivering Satan’s teachings patiently as time was nothing to be concerned about.

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The ancient castle was Satan’s own as a training ground for him and the Satan Queen to prepare people for Satan fuck and filth. More double doors opened out to a huge lawn littered with people fucking or getting fucked by huge dogs. They drifted out looking up at the huge stone building seeing it was a castle. Satan owned it for his devious Queen to do as much as she wanted with humans. Kill them or make them fuck he had so many already in hell and his Queen deserved it. Entire families had given their souls to Satan were fucking or being fucked covered in filthy sperm. The hound puppies delighted the girls all cock virgins.

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