Feature Writer: Kim Hall

Feature Title: Satan’s Son 2

Contact:  kimfslut@yahoo.com

Published: 17.07.2020

Story Codes: Satanic, Preternatural, Demon, Incest, Whore, Pedo, WS, Scat, Rape, Torture.

Synopsis: Following up on Satan’s Son 1 by Kim Hall—Having the son of Satan comes with some advantages.


Satan’s Son 2

There I was kneeling in front of my son, Lucus. I knew who he was, he was the Son of Satan. I was kneeling in front of him with my head bowed facing the floor. I am his slave, he owns me, not just in body and mind, but my very soul, my very existence was his to own. I would give him that life if he wanted it and die happy knowing that I had served my purpose and made him happy. I looked over to my right and saw my brother, his father kneeling beside me. I could see in his face and eyes he was thinking the same thoughts as I was.

“Stand and look at me,” my son commanded us, and we stood looking him straight in his eyes.

His eyes were a deep, blood red and you could see the fires of hell in them. I could see his horns poking through his hair at the top of his head and the tips were on fire. When he looked at me, he didn’t just see my body, but he saw my very soul.

“You are the human beings who brought me into this world. You my Father and Mother will be the only people who will be able to look directly at me, you will be the only people to tell me the truth, the only people to tell me what I may not wish to hear, but need to hear none-the-less. You will stand at all times when addressing me, unless I say differently. Remember it was my true Father that gave you the sperm father and you the eggs mother, to bring me into this world. Today we will start his true church, where our only purpose is to bring souls and bodies to our Lord Satan. He may, if he wishes, come to this world and if he does that will be the only time I will kneel, as will you. If you do not, you will burn in hell in ways that you can never understand or even possibly imagine,” Lucus commanded us.

I nodded my head in understanding waiting to see if he would continue.

“Mother, you will run my house as I demand. I will give you females and males that you may do with as you wish. If any fails you in the least, all you have to do is look upon that person and say ‘burn in hell’ and you will see what happens to a piece of meat that fails to comply. I will now go and clean myself and make ready to leave this house, as I wish to start with the task laid before me, and bring souls and bodies to our Lord Satan. But before we leave I am going to give you both a gift.” Lucus says as he reaches out and touches the top of our heads.

I felt my body changing. I could see that my stomach was getting flatter, my tits were getting larger and I was getting a little taller. I looked at my brother and saw him changing as well, for he was getting younger, his body became more built, with less fat and more muscles. His cock (though no were near Lucus’ impressive eighteen inches  long cock with a width of three inches) was nine inches long, with a width of an inch and a half. Both had balls weighing in at about three inches or more. At the sight of their cocks, my pussy got wet and started tingling, for I wanted to feel both of their cocks thrusting in and out of my tight hole. My pussy got wetter with the thought of both of them shooting they’re cum deep inside me, it got so wet that I could feel my juices trickling down my inner thighs.

“I have given you each a newer body and you will age at a slower rate now, this is to better serve your master, my true Father. So, respect these bodies and treat them with care. Now Mother go upstairs and get dressed we will be leaving soon,” Lucus commanded me.

I went upstairs and looked in the mirror, and looking back was a sixteen-year-old girl, I looked exactly like I had when I was sixteen-years-old. I had no body hair from my neck down and my tits were nicely rounded and weighing in at 38JJ, with nipples that were about one and half inches long and about half an inch thick. I found that I didn’t need a bra anymore to hold them up, and there was no pain in my back. When I reached up to touch them it was like ever fiber in my body jumped.

I felt my cunt dripping, and goose bumps broke out all over my body with my need to cum, my need for a cock. I reached down and touched my cunt and cried out loud from the pleasure a simple touch had given me. I raised my other hand to my tits and the same pleasure coursed through my veins as when I touched my cunt. I was turning into a slut, no, I was turning into a piece of meat and I loved it. I got dressed in a low-cut blouse with no bra, and a short-checkered skirt and no underwear, with a pair of heels that made my legs go on for miles.

I came down stairs and there they stood, my Masters. I walk over to them and bowed before Lucus.

“From now on Mother I am your Master, when you look or talk to my father you will think of him as only your brother, and when asked, you will say, he was the man that fathered your Master,” Lucus, my son and Master instructed me.

We went out and got into the van; it only has three seats, the driver and passenger seats up front and then one large seat in the back, and between the seat was bare floor. However, hanging from the roof were chains with collars and hand-cuffs. To one side was a cow prod, about two feet-long with two sharp points. I learned from talking to others and listening to others talk that the cattle prod was an instrument used to keep a person in line, and that the longer it was held to the body the more intense the pain was and that if held to long could lead to death. We drove for a while and then eventually stopped in front of the largest Jewish school on the west coast. As I got out of the back of the van my Master ordered me to stand in front of him.

He had three metal rings that were about two inch and one metal ring that was about three inch or more. He opened my shirt and exposed my tits and with one touch he slid one of the two inch rings through one nipple and then within seconds had a second ring through my other nipple. Then he took the last two inch ring and lifted up my skirt to expose my pussy to him, he took the ring and after pulling the hood back on my clit, slid the ring though the hole in my clit, the three rings were connected by a chain so that when one pulled all were pulled.

Finally, Lucus, slid the three inch ring in my nose and then ran a chain down my chest connecting it to my clit. I felt the pain as I took a breath and then a step to test them out. My brother then took out a black collar and put it around my throat. The collar had metal studs and the ends of the studs were as sharp and pointed as needles. The last item was a leather lead, and he reached under my short skirt and attached it to my cunt ring. We all then turn and head into the school.

The school taught k-12 graders, and it was the largest school on the coast that still taught the old Bible. Each year three hundred or more students would graduate and they had high success rates when it came to carrying on their ‘Lords’ word. We walked in and headed down the hall when we saw a young boy of about thirteen-years-old.

“Excuse me young man, but is there an empty class room anywhere?” Lucus asks the boy.

“Yes, Sir there is a room in the second floor, room triple two,” the boy says looking at me as if my appearance is something he sees’ every day and is normal.

When we got the room Lucus had me kneel on the floor next to the door and then he stood in front of the chalk-board talking to his father.

“In about three minutes fourteen young females all ranging from the ages of seven to eighteen are going to be entering this room, they are our fresh cunt,” Lucus says as he looks around the room and then starts moving the desks against the wall clearing the room.

Exactly three minutes later the girls walk into the room. Lucus separates the girls into three groups; first, those that have been raped by someone they know, second, those that have been raped by someone that they don’t know and the last groups is those that have been in an incestuous relationship. All of the girls seem to be happy and calm, almost as if they feel safe with us, those are the powers of my beloved son, my Master.

The first group that Lucus talks with first is the girls that partook in an incestuous relationship. The first girl he spoke to was named Wendy, she is ten years-old and only about four feet tall, and is very pretty.

“Wendy in detail can you please tell me who in your family you have slept with, when it started and is it still going on?” Lucus asked the younger girl.

“Yes, Sir, I have been with my brother, but he only asks me to suck his cock, which I have every night for the last four years,” Wendy replies.

“How old is your brother, Wendy?” Lucus asks.

“He is thirteen years-old, Sir she replied.

“And when you suck his cock, Wendy, do you swallow his cum or spit it out?” Lucus asks her.

“I swallow it Sir,” she replies.

Lucus moved on to the next girl Helena, she is sixteen years-old and about five foot, two inches and around 100 pounds. She has brown hair, brown eyes and not much in the chest area.

“Helena, who in your family were you having sexual relations with?” Lucus asked.

“My uncle Sir,” the girl replied.

“And for how long, Helena?” He asked her.

“Five years Sir,” was the girl’s response.

“And what have you done sexually with your uncle Helena?” Lucus questioned further.

“I have only sucked his cock Sir, and I only do it about three times a week Sir,” she said.

“And do you love to suck your uncle’s cock? Do you swallow his warm load?” Lucus asked.

“Hell yes, Sir, I love my uncle’s taste in my mouth and on my tongue!” the girl replied excitedly.

Next was Rose, she is seventeen years-old, she has red hair, and green eyes, she is bigger in the chest area then any of the other girls. She also was the heaviest of all the girls at somewhere between 120 pounds and 135 pounds.

“Rose, who in your family have you had sexual relations with?” Lucus asked.

“My father Sir,” she replied.

“How long has it been going on?” He furthered questioned.

“Since I was four, Sir. It started with me sucking his cock and him fingering my pussy, but after a couple of years we started fucking. Now we do so ever chance we get Sir,” the girl replied.

Finally, the last two girls from this group, their names are Nancy and Susan, they met each other when their families vacationed at the same nudist colony a few years ago. Nancy is twelve years-old, about four feet tall, flat chested, and weighing about 80 pounds, if that.

“Nancy who have you slept with in your family?” Lucus asked.

“I have slept with my two brothers and my father, my mother watches and plays with my brothers,” Nancy replied.

“How long has this been going on for?” Lucus questioned.

“Since I was very young Sir, I don’t remember my exact age, I seen my father in the shower and he was stroking his dick, I remember being fascinated with it. He saw me and told me to get in the shower with him, then he pushed me to my knees and that was the first blowjob I ever gave and have been doing it for him every night along with sex. I have sex with my brothers on the weekend, sometimes both at the same time, one fucks my cunt while the other fucks my mouth,” Nancy explained.

“Have any of them fucked your ass?” Lucus asked.

“No Sir, but my father has put his finger in there while he fucks me doggie style,” Nancy said.

“Have you ever eaten your mothers’ pussy, Nancy?” Lucus inquired.

“No, Sir,” Nancy replied simply.

Then Lucus turned to Susan, she is fourteen years-old, about four feet, eleven inches, weighs about 90 pounds and has no tits.

“Who do you have sex with in your family Susan?” Lucus asked.

“I have three bothers’, and I sleep with them as well as my father, my mother also watches and fucks my brothers,” Susan said.

“How long as it been going on for?” Lucus questioned.

“Years, Sir, it started one night when my parents were out and my brothers’ were babysitting me. I had gone to my room but I left my door open. I was on my bed fingering my little cunny when my brothers walked in, the oldest hit his knees and spread my legs wide and eat my pussy. The next oldest moved up to my face and rubbed his cock on my lips telling me to suck his cock, and then my other brother grabbed my hand and started using it to jerk his cock telling me how to do it. Our parents got home early and that night my father took my virginity while my mother fucked all three of my brothers, she had one in her cunt, one in her ass, and one in her mouth,” Susan said.

“And have any of them fucked you in the ass?” Lucus questioned.

“No Sir but they have all fingered and licked my ass,” Susan replied.

“Have you eaten out your mothers’ pussy?” Lucus asked.

“No, Sir, but I have fingered her,” Susan said.

Next group was the girls who had been raped by family members. There were five girls in this group, the first ones’ name is Monika, she has brown hair and brown eyes. She is the youngest of all the girls at seven years old. She hasn’t developed any tits yet and she is only about four feet, two inches tall, and about seventy-five pounds.

“Who in your family raped you Monika?” Lucus asked.

“My father, uncle and cousin, Sir,” the girl replied.

“And what did they do to you?” Lucus questioned.

“It was during a family re-union; my cousin grabbed me and took me to the empty cabin on my uncles’ property. When we got there my cousin tied me up and then cut my clothes off. Then he played with my nipples commenting on the fact that I had no tits yet but had big nipples. Then he started biting them and pinching them. After a few minutes my uncles walked in, he got between my legs and ate my pussy. Then my father came in, all three of them made me suck their cocks and then all three of them took turns fuck my cunt. My father is the one that took my virginity,” the girl replied.

Next was Caroline, she is nine years-old, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is about four feet, five inches tall, and weighs about 85 pounds, she is flat chested as well.

“Who in your family raped you Caroline?” Lucus asked.

“My brother Sir,” she replied.

“And how did he do it?” Lucus inquired.

“He came into my room one night and tied me to my bed. First, he made me suck his cock then he duct-taped my mouth. After that he spent the rest of the night fucking my pussy and ass,” she said.

The other three girls, looked like triplets and their story was the same as the first girls, so Lucus moved on to the group of girls that had been raped by people they didn’t know. There were four girls in this group and I was hoping that their stories would be better because so far all we heard was stories of vanilla and normal sex. The first one Lucus started with was Mary she is eighteen years-old. She has red hair and green eyes that spit fire, she is about 120 pounds and about a C cup.

“Please describe you rape for us Mary,” Lucus said.

“It was about a year ago Sir, I was walking home from the local swimming pool, I am not sure where they came from, but suddenly I was surrounded by three men. One grabbed me from behind and put his hand over my mouth, then another one grabbed me around my waist. The three of them corralled me to the woods, the one that had my waist hit me in the stomach and as I was trying to get air into my lungs he put duct-tape over my mouth, then the one behind me ripped my blouse open and the one in front of me played with my tits pulling them hard and painfully.

“Then I was thrown to the ground and one of them pulled my pants of and then ripped my panties off too. Next thing I knew one of them was over me with my legs spread painfully wide and then he slammed his hips forward and entered me painfully. I tried to fight him but the other two grabbed me and held me down, and made it so their friend was able to sit himself fully into my cunt. It was painful and I tried to cry out and beg them to stop but they didn’t care nor listen.

“I had closed my eyes to try and block it out but then I felt one of them biting my tits hard and my eyes shot open in pain. I felt the guy that was fucking me and shoot his cum into my unprotected cunt and all I could think was that I hope I didn’t get pregnant. After he finished he got off of me and they turned me on to my stomach and got me on my knees, then the one that had been behind me the whole time, as he moves in close to me from behind he said; ‘Bitch you are going to get something new!’ then I felt him pushing his dick to my asshole.

“I tried to beg him not to, but he didn’t stop, my ass felt heavy and as if it was being ripped apart. It seemed as if he pushed forever and then he withdrew and slammed back in fucking my ass hard and fast. He instructed one of the other men to play with my tits roughly making it so I had pain in both my ass and my tits. I wanted to pass out so bad, but I couldn’t, it was too long before I felt him spray my ass channel with his seed. I was terrified for my life, as I felt him pull out of my asshole, I just laid there and hoped they would go away, but instead the guy that had just fucked my ass came around to my face, he showed me his cock which was covered in my blood, shit and his cum.

“He pulled out a gun and put it to my head and said; ‘Bitch I am going to remove the duct-tape, you make one fucking sound and it will be the last one you make before I shove this gun in your mouth and blow your brains out’, he removed the duct-tape and then said; ‘Bitch open your mouth I am going to use it to clean my cock off,’ I looked at his cock not wanting to open my mouth, then he cocked the gun. ‘Bitch chose,’ he said as he put it to my head.

“I opened my mouth and he pushed his cock in and pounded all the way to the back of my throat making me choke and gag. He wanted me to lick his cock and I didn’t want to, so he hit me in the head with the gun and I licked his cock clean, while I was busy with his cock the third guy moved behind me and roughly fucked my pussy. I am not sure how much time passed but the guy that was fucking my pussy said that I was a nice and tight fuck.

“Then they were gone as fast as it happened, I put my swim-suit on and ran home. Once I got there I went straight to my shower, and as the water was heating I looked at my body in the mirror I had black and blue bruises covering my legs, waist, arms, and thighs. I also had bite marks on my tits from them biting them. I got in the shower and scrubbed my body over and over, I must have been in there for a few hours because the water was ice cold by the time I got out,” the girl told Lucus describing her rape in great detail.

“Did you tell anyone about your rape?” Lucus asked.

“Only you Sir,” she replied.

“Why not?” Lucus wanted to know.

“They took a picture of my ID and told me that they would kill my family and then rape me again before killing me,” the girl explained.
Lucus looked to the other three girls to see them all huddled together crying. He pointed to a girl that had blonde hair and deep blue eyes, she is about sixteen years-old and 100 pounds with no boobs.

“What is your name?” He asked her.

“Sally Sir,” she replied.

“What is your story Sally?” He questioned.

“Mine is the same as her story Sir,” she replied.

Next was a girl that was a little harder for me to read, she appeared to be about fifteen years-old, between 115-120 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes, she said her name was Marti. She had the look of someone that was calm, but knew that she should be afraid of the man standing before her. Last was a girl that had blonde hair with blue highlights, and green eyes, she was a small girl but around the age of fourteen, she said her name was Virginia.

As it turned out this whole group of girls had been raped by the same three men so that made the questioning easier. Marti said that her attackers had threatened to rape her two sisters right in front of her if she told anyone, and that they had even went so far as to follow one of her sisters. Lucus asked the girls if the rapists were still hanging around and attacking girls. Virginia said that she had seen them, but wasn’t sure if any other girls had been attacked.

Lucus turned towards me and smiled, we have a lot of souls for our Master, not to mention there are some excellent rapists out there that will provide us with even more souls. It seems as if we are off to a very good start. Then he turned back to all the girls and they went down on their knees with their heads bowed and their eyes close.

“You have all been chosen and you are all now slaves, you want and need to be slaves to the Master, you will not survive unless you do so. Those men who raped you are the perfect perverts and sadists and you will flock to them, you will enjoy the pain, for it is pleasure to you. Incest is normal and something that you will participate in everyday and you will love it, you will crave it so much that it is all you can think about.

“You will sit and watch porn with your family and you will act out whatever they want to with you, the nastier, the better. You will have children with your fathers, brothers, cousins, and uncles. You will eat your mothers’ pussies as your fathers fuck your ass and your brothers are buried deep in your cunts, and you will love every fucking second of it.

“Your bodies will change and become more built for sex, you will know how to please a man and please him well. If you Master, which is me, demands that you get out on the street and spread your legs for horny men every night you will do it and you will love it. If your Master, demands that you bend over and fuck his horse, you will take that giant horse cock deep into your cunt and fuck it all night and fucking love it.

“If your Master demands that you drink his piss and eat his shit, you will drink every drop and eat every last piece of shit, and you will fucking love doing it. If your Master demands that you have you father’s child you will do so gladly. You also know that it takes a lot of different cunts to make a man happy so you will not be jealous of others who fuck the same cock as you.

“In addition, you are all bisexual, but you will love cock more then cunt. You will want a cock to cum in your mouth, on your tits and face, in your ass and in your cunt, and you will cum every time a man comes on or in you. As a matter of fact, your nipples are going to be so sensitive that it will be hard for you not to cum as you walk around and feel your blouse rub against your nipples.

“When you have daughters and they get old enough to take a cock in their pussies, you will get off watching them be fucked by men and women, and you will not care if it hurts them so long as the men are happy. As for your families every single one of you will go home and kiss each member of your family, and I am not talking about a peak on the cheek or lips, I want it to be a kiss that includes tongue and the exchanging of saliva, you kiss should make the person you are kissing either hard or wet,” he told the new slaves.

Then he looked at the girls that had been raped by the three men.

“Virginia, you are going to take your sisters out and you are going to find those men. Have your sisters wear white blouses and the shortest skirts they have, give the men a school girl show. Before you leave you will go to your father and show him your sisters and watch him get hard as he looks at his daughters, then you will tell him what you plan to do and what those men will do to your sisters, he will encourage you in this and tell you to take the camera and record it so he can watch it later and to have fun.

“Then you will go to the woods that they fucked you in and you will hide with the camera and wait for those men to rape your sisters. Your sisters are to act scared, and fight the men, but they will in truth be using the men to get off for they are going to love what those men do to their bodies. Then I want you to make a copy of the video for your father and then one for me and bring it by my house, you now know the address,” Lucus instructed and then he dismissed the girls and we left the school.

After leaving the school we went to a Jewish church, it was Saturday and church was just getting out for them, we sat and watched as people came walking out in lines. We saw a family come out with the mother, father and two daughters, one about ten years-old and the other about twelve years-old. They walked over to their car which was right next to ours and they smiled and said hello to us. After that we went home. Lucus said that we had a couple of hours before the visitors he was expecting showed up and he told me to strip and kneel before him.

I did as my Master commanded me, and once I was kneeling before him he pulled out his cock, and told me to open my mouth. I did as I was told and as soon as my mouth opened he slid his cock down my throat, making me gag and choke. He face fucked me as I had saliva and puke running down my chin, he thrust hard and fast making me take every single inch he had to give, then he pulled out of my mouth and came all over my face.

After that he sat down and told me come and sit on his lap. I moved to his lap, he spread my legs open and put each leg over the arms of the chair he had sat in, then he ran his fingers up and down my wet cunt lips, before sliding one of his big fingers into my cunt. As he finger fucked my cunt, he ran his cock up and down my ass crack, then he slid his dick into my ass stretching me wide and making me scream out in pain as I felt my blood mix with my cum and run down onto his legs.

He started to fuck my ass in a punishingly great rhythm as he used three fingers to fuck my cunt. I squirted all over his fingers and the floor as I felt his seed shot deep into my ass and squirt out as he continued to thrust in and out until he went soft, then he told me to get on my knees and clean his cock with my tongue. After cleansing his cock, I went upstairs to shower and then get dressed for our company.

It was around nine o’clock when the knock at the door came, Lucus sent me to answer it and there stood the man and his wife from the church we had stopped at earlier. The man walks over to my Master and tells him that he Is right and then man is willing to help out with the harvesting of souls. His wife walks over to my Master and gets on her knees and I notice and instant change in her body, her tits fill out and she gets younger. Lucus looks at the man and gestures for him to proceed, and the man smacks his wife to the floor.

“I want you to fuck her here and now,” Lucus commanded the man.

The man then rips the woman’s clothes off of her body and as we all watch he slams into her cunt and starts fucking her hard not waiting for her to get wet, he keeps fucking her until he throws back his head and shouts out as he dumps his cum in her cunt. After he husband got off of her the woman crawled on her knees, with tears running down her face as she knelt before the Master.

The whole thing took about half an hour and afterwards we turned on the TV to see the man’s daughter’s being sexually abused by multiple men at a gas station. My brother was there with both of the girls and he had chained them to the wall on the outside of the gas station. Men were able to simple walk up to the girls and use them any way they pleased.

At the moment it looked as if the oldest was bent over an old used toilet, while a man was fucking her ass, and with each thrust he pushed her head further into the used toilet. I looked over at the girls’ parents’ and they acted as if this was the best thing ever seen and it was just a normal night of watching movies, as a matter of fact, the father had his cock in his hand as he watched the screen.

I turned back to the screen to see the youngest daughter completely full of cocks. She had one in her mouth, one in her ass, and one in her tight, young cunt. She was coming over and over again begging for more in between sucking the man’s cock. All I could think was that these girls were good sluts and sure to have some wonderful dreams later.
After our fun and pleasure from the day before, we were all relaxing when Lucus came in and said that we were going for a ride. I went to get dressed and then we headed out to the road.

We went to the Catholic school down the hill. We walked around for a few minutes once we got to the school, and just as I was wondering what the hell are we were doing there, a guy walked up to my Master and touched his shoulder before turning around and leaving. We went to a different area of the church and found a group of nuns.

Master walked up to the nuns and looked at them, and right before our eyes their bodies started to change. They were younger and more beautiful than anyone could tell the difference between them and their purer sisters. It was a group of about 4 nuns and after they finished their transformation, we all got into the van and headed toward the church my son set up.

It was a beautiful church, one that was originally built during the Gothic period. My son set this church up for those that worshiped his father, it was the church of Lord Satan. We all walked in together, and then headed downstairs. I knew that there were bums, homeless people, down here by the smell. Old bodies, death and shit were the defining scents that let you know you were in the presents of those most considered unfortunate.

As we were walking by a group of four homeless men, one jumped up and drug one of the nuns to the ground, ripping their habits off and then pounding into their cunts. I could hear the wet slap of flesh hitting flesh as they fucked, then the nuns saw four up-side down crosses in the shape of an eight-inch cock, hanging on the wall before them. They got up and put the cocks in their pussies and then crawled back to the man that had grabbed them and got on their knees before them with their asses in the air for them to fuck.

A couple of the men took the fake cock out of the nuns’ pussy and slid it into her ass instead and then fucked her pussy hard and deep hitting the end of the fake dick into her ass hard with every thrust. These nuns were to be the new nuns of this church, and they were now to use their bodies for the sole purpose of sex and breeding, with the change in their bodies, also came the change with their thinking, making it easier for them to accept their new role in life.

After we left the church, we were to a neighbor that is known as the worst part of this city. We went to this old brick house and were led to the basement. The basement was lit up by a single light and I could see cameras all around, some laying on the ground and others on the wall. In the corner of the basement was a mattress and the smell was gross, it smelt of old bodies, sex, piss and other bodily fluids, though it smelt repulsive at first, but after a few minutes of breathing it in I couldn’t help but be intoxicated by the smell, my nipples hardened and my pussy grew damp.

I heard footsteps on the stairs and when I looked up, I saw one of the girls from the Jewish school we had first visited. She was wearing a see-through white blouse, and one of her school skirts, except it looked as if she had made it shorter, knee high white socks and tennis shoes completed her outfit. As Lucus walked over to the bottom of the stairs I see the girl smile at him and I know that it is from the fact that she thinks the news she has will make him happy.

“Did you do what I told you are to do?” He asked her.

“Yes, Sir,” She replied.

“Who came in your pussy?” He asked the girl.

“My father, Sir, the first load of cum was from my father,” She said her smile getting even bigger.

“Good. Now, be a good slut and go lay down on the mattress,” Lucus commanded her.

After the girl laid down on the mattress and was in the position Lucus wanted her, eight black men came down the stair. They were naked and once they got to the bottom they moved to the girl on the mattress. As each passed Lucus, he reached up and touched their shoulder, giving them instruction on how to use the girl. Their big black cocks were hard and moving about, one of the men got on the mattress and laid on his back moving the girl over his lap.

He spread her legs open wide, as one of the other men moved to her pussy and got on his knees. Burying his face in her pussy, he threw her legs over his shoulders and proceeded to eat her pussy hard. Another man moved to her face and slammed his cock to the back of her throat making her gag and choke.

The man that was under her, spread her ass cheeks and slid his big cock into her ass in one thrust, causing her to cry out. all eight men took turns fucking her for hours making her scream and beg for more. After each one finished fucking her, they would piss on her or in her, mouth and made her drink it. Lucus was certain that we would make a lot of money off of the video that they were making. When we passed my brother, he asked Lucus about the other girls and Lucus said not to worry about them, there are another night. It was that video and others like it that made us enough money to start our adult store a few years later.

We setup our store in Beverly Hills, all of the staff were girls younger then 18, the uniform was a small bikini that left little to the imagination. We had porn for every kink, from kiddie porn to snuff porn, if you desired it, we had it. The most used area of our store was the backrooms that had been set up with live videos with girls of differing ages having sex or giving blowjobs. One day I was in one of the back rooms cleaning up when Master walks in with a woman and her twelve-year-old daughter. I was a little surprised as Lucus usually doesn’t see people in the rooms.

“Pet, this woman has brought her daughter to view the different videos in the hopes that she will learn how to make a man happy. Will you make sure they have everything they need?” Lucus asked me.

“Of course, Master,” I replied bowing my head.

As I stepped to the door it opened suddenly, revealing the customer that had paid to use the room. He was a middle-aged man that was balding down the middle of his head, and had a beer belly, he was ugly, and he smelt like unwashed assholes. He walked over to the girls’ mother, and she smiled at him pushing her daughter in front of her, presenting her for the man to look at. The man closed the distance between him and the girl, once he was in front of her, he slid one of his fingers into her mouth. With her mother wearing a smile as bright and big as the sun, we watched as the girl wrapped her small tongue around his thigh, fat finger, and sucked in into her mouth.

“Have you been used yet, Slut?” he asked the girl as he pulled his finger from her mouth.

The girl shook her head no and showed a little fear of the man, it was her fear that turned me on and made me stand their and watch. The man watched over to the TV and turned it on, it was the live feed of an eight-year-old girl with a big black cock down her throat. I stood in the far corner, not really able to see anything, but could hear everything.

I heard the man taking off the little girls’ clothes and then his own, then the sound of sloppy wet tongues reached my ears, I decided to move a little closer so I could also see. As I did so, I heard the mother tell her daughter that it was a good thing and that it was okay to like, hell to even love it.

I saw what ‘it’ was as I got close enough to see the man with his surprisingly big dick appearing and then disappearing back into the girls’ tight pussy. After a few minutes the man picked up his speed and soon he was grunting and moaning as he spilled his seed deep in her young, tight, cunt.

After he finish jerking, the man pulled from her cunt, and she got down on her knees and cleaned his cock of her blood, her juices and his juices, then before she pulled off of his cock, he pissed in her mouth. Before leaving the man hit the girl in her face and bit her nipple so hard, he left his teeth mark on her, then he simply walked away.

The mother gathered her daughter in her arms, the wasn’t crying over what had just happened to her, she was crying over the fact that the man she was in love with was walking away, the mother saw this and encouraged her daughter to go after him and make a life for herself.

After a few more years Lucus had got into everyone’s thoughts, making them think and feel the way he wanted them to, for every one man there was ten females. Lord Satan’s church had become the biggest church in the world.