Feature Writer: Nada Bit /
Feature Title: Saintly Mother 5 /
Story Codes: Religious, Blasphemy, Young, Lesbian, Zoo, Clit Enlargement /

Synopsis: A story about a convent of nasty nuns /
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Saintly Mother

Chapter 5

Five of the youngest nuns had been after her so long pleading their fuck needs. They were all slim and were very good workers that did every task asked of them. They were possibly the best and favored in the nun dorms. So blessed with long tit tubular nipples and growing clit that started to hang horny or not.

Even with all the churches investments in the wonderful milking barn they had not been able to find any sucking cow milkers with less than four tubes of suck intended for cows with four teats. The nuns with two tit tubes and one long clit left one tube open and it ruined the harshness of the milking. No lack of eager clits that would stand by.

The Saintly Mother missed her own milkings but was duty bound. She had to receive a novice and her mother that brought her slim thing to the fuck convent for saving. She had been caught tugging on her pussy and most certainly Satan was in her. The mom was certain and almost demanding while her own fuck was wet. Her daughter in a slim white gown showed her tit tubes poking. Young fuck was being brought forth to the saintly mother. Given up for her filthy ways.

The Saintly Mother gave the mom and daughter an order. Strip your child. The mom gasped. Now or be gone! The slender thing might pop any moment. Now you, right now as the mom obeyed. Now hold your child as little horny girl met horny mom tit to tit. They just melded as the child whimpered. She and not seen her mommy for years and mommy was as bare on her cunt mound as she was. She had snuck daddy’s razor to scrape away those nasty hairs. Mommy used the same razor. Mommy was just a bit bigger than her child. Mommy had been fuck since she was eleven. She wanted to save her daughter but she was slut to the very core of her body. She tried to whimper out “SAVE MY DAUGHTER” as she fondled her daughters young mound. The so small slit of her pronounced cunt.

EAT HER!. Dear god. Eat her cunt now or leave.

The milking machines needed time to warm up before they could perform.

The mommy sank and sucked, or her child’s slit. The recruit novice nun grabbed her mommy’s head and pulsed out very young virgin cream.

One last test for entry as the trembling orgasm wonder was ordered to kneel before the Saintly Mother as she pulled her long hot black nun gown off. EAT CHILD!

In the barn tubes were being lubed. Instructions had been followed, not one hair anywhere would interfere with a firm fit. Hair would not allow a solid wet fit to work properly.

The maybe new novice nun recruit attacked the Saintly Mothers cunt. The clit was cock on a cunt, simply marvelous and fuck.

Her mom kept whimpering about her daughter being saved from the depravity and filth as she sucked on her own child’s pink little ass pucker. She sucked on the Saintly Mothers tit tubes. Sucked her daughter’s little fuck as she was ripping away at the saintly mothers cunt flesh.

It took four fingers to get her child under control. Two up her fuck tube and two up her little ass. Nothing new for mommy tat had just get her child to sleep and give her some rest.

Neighbors were keeping dogs inside when she was caught in an alley sucking dog cock as dogs fucked her slender slit into fuck hole. It all started when she was only 11, please save her.

She just had to be brought to the convent. Mommy wanted only the best for her tiny daughter that was starting to show tit. It was only a few days after her first training bra mommy took her to find something with more padding. Her tit tubes had destroyed three of the trainers. Some young tiny clerk tired to help as the smallest bras that had any padding at all and may fit something so small and slender.

The teen clerk just working for the summer to get some money stumbled out of the dressing room. She had only tried over and over for a proper fit on the tiny thing but every move stirred the tiny girl.

The young teen clerk looked like she just came out of some storm. Her already small skirt was up as she strained to get away. Her little panties around her ankles. The tiny thing had attacked her pussy. She was not sure if she was still a virgin. Five orgasms sucked out of her when was not sure of her sexual status. She tried to get her little panties back up but fell over revealing her tiny ass and her pink ass pucker. Ass pucker was like was a drug for the mommy. Her tiny daughter came out with a shiny face and just tiny young thong cupping her pronounced mons.

Mommy went crazy on the young ass meat. The poor little teen went through four more orgasms as her virgin ass was sucked and fingers kept punishing her pussy.
Mommy and her little daughter left with bags of new panties and the clerk’s number.
The milkers had been warmed, the sucking tubes clean and lubed. Four new benches required a minimum of four of the milking nuns, there were twelve.

Fifteen nuns silently went to the ram shed. Hands in prayer as the white gowns draped over their small slender frames. Their titties hard and pussies that had been leaking form the moment they woke up. Ram day. Once every week it was ram day. Clean out the stalls, fresh hay and fresh ram fuckers.

Eager little ram fucks. Each had been rammed in the wrong hole. They all said it was so accidental when their translucent white gowns revealed fuck to horny rams. Every fill of food or water made their fuck present. They all knew it, knew the effect fuck did with rams. Rams liked holes, rams fucked, rams took.

Rams did not always find the fuck hole cunts. They met a hole and fucked.

These fifteen were ass fuck, ram ass fuck. They washed the huge ram balls many licking the huge sacks of fuck. balls of pure fuck. cocks of pure fuck. Hole poles. Ram poles.
They all had welcoming cunts but cupped when a ram bent them over. They were all ass fuck. It only took one time when some ram went in the wrong hole.

Just walking out they were trembling and wet. They had duty first and fed every ram, got fresh water as their fucks and titties shook. Each had very pronounced fuck and clitties often sucked. Fuck holes fingered or fisted by their sisters nightly.

Ram day was very special for them. The saintly mother had sanctioned their dedication. Many had been the best cunt suckers when they went through the interview. They certainly like their asses finger fucked when mommies watched them suck nun cunt. Mommy’s so eager to get their daughters in the fuck convent they stripped as well to suck cunt of the Saintly Mother. Viciously finger fuck their daughters. Anything to get their daughters in for salvation.

The rams stamped when ever they got near. Fifteen pens and fifteen nuns of pure fuck. some pens had more than one ram but there was obedience and the oldest made the assignments.

The laundry staff hated ram day. Dedicated to make every gown white they had to rinse the them over and over. Just the smells of little fucking caused them to eat the living fuck out of each other. It was a true struggle just to be saintly and do their duties. But fuck happened and cunts had to be served as devoutly as the saintly mother’s.

The white gowns were in the dirt. All fifteen pens as bodies bent for fuck, ass fuck. Huge ram cocks and the huge balls slammed against cunt meat that did not need cover, so the rams got in their asses. Bodies were truly rammed around. Heads in corners and those damn wimples somewhere. More for the cunt sucking laundry staff.

The milking barn was ready and the newest young nuns with the biggest clit promise were put in place. Each needed an attendant. What little tit they each had got the first tubes and had to be held as there was not much. The clit fastening on the four required the milker to be turned on. Still not much to fill the tube yet for solid sucking fit. These barn nuns had seen it all and knew exactly what to do as they massaged the new fucks even if they had to finger fuck just to get the new clits out. It never took much as young tit was being sucked into tube. Tiny nipples pulled out. The young nuns would not leave the barn as before. The milking barn did that which it was the Saintly Mothers constant headache for those begging for barn duty. Not many wanted ram duty, but everyday Mom’s brought their girls to be saved. It was exhausting to be so cunt sucked.

Nuns were in ram pen were in corners not trying to get away, just pushed and shoved, used like fuck hole. Rams ass fucking them.

The saintly mother was really tired already as she had to just struggle through one more interview. She instantly came alert when two tiny bodies entered. Both blonde she wondered which child or mother was. Both fucks. This would be very easy as she saw the wetness in the shorts. They came fuck ready and wet. The mommy looked like she might fall over, and the daughter had a very shiny cunt covered face.

She just wont stop. Since I changed her diapers, she was sucking my clit instead of my tits. Just look at what has done to me! This was new. Bare mommy cunt looked raw. Long clit 4 inches looked like minced meat. SHE JUST WONT STOP. Can you please help me, us?
Pleading her case for her child’s salvation she removed a huge crucifix from her purse, “she has been using this, this morning she had up her ass, it is still slimy with her juices.”

And she makes me lick it. She is destroying my family as she fucks her brothers and the dogs and last night, I caught her sucking my husbands’ cock. That is my cock, please mother help me. Just look at her clit already. Two inches long. Her clit is bigger than her little titties and she just fucks anything. Please mother!

Perhaps we can be of assistance. Let me see her. Stand here child. The saintly mother was impressed at how quickly the child presented her self before the leader of the fuck convent. So child you eat your mommy. Yes mam. Supposed to be mother, but OK. You use the crucifix our lord was nailed upon to fuck yourself. Yes mam. Why are your titties so red and hard? I like to pull on them mam. Have to work on this mam stuff. Turn and bend over as she instantly holding her ankles and spreading her fuck to the Saintly Mother. She was so small, but her fuck was red and opened and her tender 2-inch clit hung between her child cunt lips. Her tiny ass was opened making her small ass flesh look smaller.

Mom come here and demonstrate what she makes you do so I can properly assess what your child’s needs are. The mom was a little stunned but anything to get her daughter salvation and out of her house. She had been tugging her 4-inch clit and had to pull out four fingers of cunt wetness. The Saintly Mother was pulling off her hot black robe. She had only let this one last interview because of the frantic mother and her pleas.

She makes me do this first now that she fucks crosses of the lord, as mommy sucked her ass. Then this as she ate her young fuck hole. Her clit has to be sucked just to get to sleep at all. I only do it to save myself for my husband and my boys that expect me to be fuck and a cock sucker.

Is your daughter very good at sucking your cunt meat? Dear god! the mom stood up with her face wet in ass and young cunt juice. Just look at was she does! PLEASE MOTHER, save me and my family and her.

Just from eating her child’s ass and cunt and tube clit she was so damn horny. She had not expected this. She had not wanted the saintly mother to know just how much of slut she was. She wanted to save her daughter so young from that same kind of constant needing to suck cock, eat sperm from something or get fucked by one of her huge cocked boys. Daddy would come from the fields and find her barely able to stand up as she tried to make a meal for her family. The females had the fuck long clit gene and the boys had the horse fuck cock gene. No female was safe around them. They were young and handsome. And dear god they had huge cocks.

Suck me child as the slim girl went crazy on the Saintly Mother’s cunt flesh as her fingers started ramming into the mother’s ass. Another sister heard the screams and raced in for a fight if needed.

The Saintly Mother had her legs wide on either side of her chair. The mom was whimpering with her fist up her cunt and her other hand seemed to be trying to pull her clit off. This sister loved long clit, she had been promoted from the milk barn with the agreement she could visit weekly.

The sister was nude in seconds attacking the mom. Her own slender body had to be hidden as her tit tubes were three inches and her clit was five and thick. She had been to the horse barn as well. The saintly mother considered her a favorite as did so many sisters. She was all fuck just like the Saintly Mother and may take over someday. But cunt got to her more than any cock or any machine. The mom was on her back as her hand was ripped out and replaced with her own, arm deep. Few clits like these came off the streets and maybe one in a thousand had cunt sucking little titless crucifix fuck daughters. Perfect fit.

Thank the Priest and the community for the new barn and milkers. Now they could help four, but it took more staff and many were eager to help. They all had other duties but accepted the additional duty.

The four had been made comfortable so their titties hung down and the cunts open, clits exposed. Ready and eager. Very wet. Tit hard as stone. The machines turned on one by one. There was some whimpers as the four got the living shit sucked on every sensitive tissue. Only seconds tit tubes were being sucked into the tubes. Every pulse of the machines turned tit tissue into thick long stems. The clits responded and were sucked out. They already had very promising clits. Now they were getting 5 inch clits. Each started convulsing and pulsing out nun fuck from their cunts. Two were squirting violently. The other two could only cum if something was up their asses. Arms up their asses. Fist up their asses.

It was getting near to dinner and prayer. Silent contemplation and announce all their sinful ways. The saintly mother tried to maintain her little fuck nuns in some conformance, but her own cunt was being chewed and sucked. Her day should have been over before she accepted this one more. The mommy was up in a corner as the sister rammed fuck her ass and sucked her already abused clit and cunt.

The child went from Saintly Mother cunt to tit. She was a horror until the saintly mother rammed her fist up the child’s fuck.

Dinner and prayer were late. Solitude discovery of self and service to God was suspended as the mother had a few bites of food unable to speak. Holding the tiny hand of some child she led the child to her chambers. It was getting late and dark as the mom was led to the sister’s private room that adjoined if she was needed and was always on call.
The ram fuck nuns straggled in, but there was still food. They chewed silently as their asses dripped ram sperm. So flooded they just remained silent as their asses pulsed from the fuckings. They were all naked and their tits hard. Their gowns somewhere in a ram pen and shredded. Not worth trying to wash. Maybe they just go out naked the laundry staff thought.

The saintly mother knew she had to think about the priest coming next week. But she had her arms around a tiny little body. Her mommy was moaning next to her chamber. The sister and her confidant were ripping and raping each other. Lesbian mutual rape in rampant destroying of female.

The ram fucks were wet. They were tired. Their legs wide in several rooms and bodies to fucked out. Limp open as ram sperm was being licked out or off. They could not even manage a whimper. They needed sleep. They were cleaned by tongues as ram sperm was delicious.

Seldom did the saintly mother come for morning prayer and breakfast in white. All the gowns were translucent, and she was a goddess for so many. She was the leader and very few had had the privilege. The convent had to try to contain gasps. She was so startlingly beautiful, and she was showing herself like never before. She always wore long hot black robes.

She sat for breakfast keeping a child close by. She was radiant. Her hair draped. Nothing she had announced her proper status. Not even a wimple. She was holding the hand of a child. Nude child. No gown would fit her yet.
She fed the girl from her own plate softly stroking her small head and tiny body. Very nude little thing.

Her body openly displayed her every part of her young body. The nuns had a hard time deciding which body to look at. The Saintly Mother was stunning and few had had the privilege of being with her. The child fuck she was stroking and feeding looked so young and her little pussy was very red and opened. Her tit dots equally red.

The child’s mother was in a gown, but nothing was really hidden. She was sandwiched between two young nuns and looked radiant. She had been fist fucked and rode a crucifix to the delight of several nuns. Thankful the convent had smoother crosses to fuck. The one her daughter and her had had sharp edges. These nuns had fuck crosses gleaming as if polished by fuck. She could not remember how many of the nuns had so wonderfully taken care of her and fucked her, sucked her, ate her, ate her titties. But it was softer than her husband and her boys.

It was somehow special and tender. She knew her daughter would be in very safe hands if she was accepted for service to the lord. The Saintly Mother seemed to like her daughter fuck and it made her hopeful and horny. She knew what her daughter did to cunts and tits. She damn well showed the marks and her abused long clit and her cunt flesh. The nuns were less abusive last night. They all seemed very delighted about her long clit. Her family of females were the same. Always ready for fuck and long clits. Genetics.

The milking barn lights had been on all night and several nuns and novices were not present for breakfast. The barn doors had to be opened and all the windows to keep the machines from over heating. Fifteen naked nuns were fist fucking themselves as their already long clits got sucked. The four on the milking benches made the nuns put the suck tubes over their cunt meat as different sizes were tried. Some tubes were small and some large.

The barn walls held several sizes of sucking tubes as well as some whips and leather straps and harnesses. Restraint quickly unnecessary. They wanted to be whipped. Their ass flesh was striped. The backs were striped. The sucking milkers were sucking out tit and cunt causing continuous orgasm. The sight of the squirming slender bodies made all the nuns fuck crazed. They don’t normally whip little girls. Cunt sucking tubes could clog up the milkers.

The young recruits had gone mad. One clit had been sucked to a very thick 5 inches and may get bigger. Two of the young things had tit tubes very much like cow teats as their cunts constantly pulsed out girl cream.

The saintly mother still had to plan for the priest visit. The monsignor would be coming and loved the smallest to fuck. She knew this tender child would fuck him silly, but unsure if she wanted to share her. But her mommy looked like one that the all of the priest would like to fuck. She was mostly the same and she had a very long sensitive and any fuck made her an insane fuck. The sisters that sat with her would be choice fucks as well. So many decisions when all she wanted is get back to her chamber and let this child use her. Suck her cream out and chew her long clit. The child maddened her.

The milking barn staff wobble in. all looked haggard. All were naked. Cunts still dripping. Nuns in white gowns quickly made space for them to sit. The saintly mother barely looked away from her fuck princess. The nuns got food and drink quickly and fed the milking barn staff. Whispers of questions as few had had such experience. The whispered answers had them all gripping their pussies. One was a little too loud, “REALLY, THAT MUCH, THAT MANY”.

The saintly mother led the child rapist back to her chambers. She had barely eaten anything. Food was not what she wanted, she wanted very young cunt flesh. She had made her picks of the fucks for the priest. The ram fucks would be too big and sloppy. There would be six priest coming to inspect the convent and ensure the lord and the church were being well served by the investments.

The saintly mother pulled the mommy away and whispered in her ear that she would accept her daughter if she would return in two weeks. She knew the priest’s loved new fuck. Most of her nuns had been fucked and this woman mommy would be different. She made backup plans so others would be ready.

The mommy eagerly said yes. Her daughter would find salvation, be saved. She arrived home to announce the great news and was immediately stripped before she could say a word. Her family was horny. She had not really gotten over the convent experience and had been told the monsignor had a huge cock that her daughter would be fucked with knowing the monsignor had no idea what her daughter would do to him. She would be as much fuck as the Saintly Mother wanted if her daughter could be saved.

With three very large boys and her husband all having huge fuck she was quickly fucked all over the house. They loved her and missed her so much. She barely got inside when her youngest plunged. She was still ramped up about her daughters salvation and the intense fisting and cunt sucking she had never stopped leaking her slime.

Too horny to think she didn’t. Her boys marveled at her nipples and sucked on them. One of her boys pulled her in and laid back with eight inches up her mommy cunt as another pressed cock up her small ass. Another son pressed his wet cock head to her lips. She just let him slide in and down her throat. All three of her boys were in her. Fucking their mommy. They truly loved their mommy and had missed her so much they fucked the living shit out of her showing how much they had missed her. Mommy loved it.

Fuck was in every hole, cock was in every hole. Her sons were huge like her husband. Do the math about how much cock was in her at 8 inches each as they ram fucked mommy home. Mommy loved all of her children and was very devote. She prayed for the lord’s blessings as she was rammed full of son sperm. The one in her throat shot cum first and it just slid down with only a little of her son’s sperm she sucked as he pulled away. Delicious sperm. The son in her ass shot next. She had loved the crucifix ass fucking at the convent but her boy fucking her was just different. Then her cunt was flooded as her boy held her slim hips. The boys truly loved mommy and she loved them.

She was naked and dripping a mix as her cunt had not really stopped from the convent. She did not even have an apron on as she tried to make something to eat her tiny ass and silky slimness was loving the hot grease splatters. Her tits and her small tummy were covered. She was still dripping her boy’s sperm when the strong hands surrounded her small waist. Her husband was home and she turned off the stove and covered the pans.
She was thrown over the counter away from the heat of the stove as her husband’s cock slammed up her fuck tube. Thank god it was still wet with her son’s sperm. Her husband was so dammed long and thick. He new she liked her titties hurt which was something her sons were reluctant to do. They loved her and fucked her but still would not hurt her titties that really drove her crazy.

Fucked into a coma by her husbands’ huge cock she woke up in bed. Her wonderful fuck sons had finished dinner and cleaned the entire kitchen. One brought her some breakfast in bed. They really loved their mommy fuck and her thirst for sperm. Any time one of her boys felt the need she was on her knees to suck them of and swallow sperm, she loved sperm.

She was rather delighted as one of her sons brought her breakfast with his hard cock under the tray. She was being held by her husband that had fucked her senseless and was still tweaking her sensitive nipples. Her son looked at her open over fucked body.

Her mommy cunt and her mommy tits.

Between bites she explained the situation at the convent for their daughter and her salvation. She would have to go back and be fuck meat. But my sisters will come help you and the boys while I am gone. You like fucking them and the boys do too honey. I know they can’t cook but just maybe I can get enough prepared if all stop fucking me long enough. We need this for our daughter! My sisters are good fucks and they are younger. Yes one has longer tit tubes but she goes some place to get them sucked out like that. Dear she is a great cocksucker and will keep the boys happy. And you haven’t fucked my youngest sister and she thinks you don’t like her. She has danced and pranced in her panties showing off her clit and fuck. Every time she wears a thong her clit pokes out the side. She only wears those thongs when she is here. She wants you to fuck her and yes she only has very tiny tits. Yes she is small but she wants to fuck you. Our daughter’s future depends on me being fuck at the Convent. Her titties will grow honey as she sucked on his huge cock. Sperm filled her mouth, it pumped a she brought her wonderful plate to get soaked in sperm breakfast sperm covered her eggs and ham.

She was eating her sperm breakfast as her husband was considering. She was so small, and her titties were sticking out. Her pussy looked a bit red and wet and her clit still looked hard a she ate and let him consider her sisters coming to help while she was gone. But her youngest was only thirteen and had no tits. She was very pretty and might be a good fuck someday. Her long hair was enticing. But can she cook?

The other sister had just turned sixteen and may be one of the best cooks in her family. She was beyond good. She just somehow new spices and just the right way to season food of any kind. And she was fuck. She could still cook with cock up her cunt tube or ass. It stirred her to be better for her future husband. The best fuck and cocksucker. Her husband agreed that what was best for their daughter was most important.

So all was set, her sisters would fuck her family and she would be convent fuck meat for her daughter’s salvation. Her husband fucked her ramming his wonder. Her sisters would arrive the next morning as she left for her convent fucking. The younger sisters he had not seen for awhile. His boys of fuck had never met them really. They got out naked. They very well knew why they were they had been asked to help their older sister. The small sixteen year-old had so darling titties and her young mons looked like it was trying to escape her young slim tight pelvis. She had truly angel nipples on firm tit cones.

Puffed and perky showing she came for fuck. Her little sister only had the begins of tit bulb on her cones. Darling cones just starting to make her woman. Her nipples were so large and puffy as they were straining to be tit. Very tiny body of pure fuck. No hair as her slit of pussy looked wet.

The boys were so hard as daddy order them to get help the girls to their rooms. Each eagerly grabbed bags walking behind to just watch the girl’s tiny asses, they just looked like fuck. They had their walking down out side but the way they climbed stairs presented all of their fuck.

Their mommy was just entering the huge convent doors. She was confident her sisters would fuck the living shit out her wonderful fuck boys and her husband. She knew her thirteen year old was already a good cocksucker but not sure of her fuck status. The 16-year-old could maybe replace her. She was younger and firm but she was still firm, but her sister was precious and would be a very good fuck while she got her child in the convent for salvation.

Sisters were all over her before the huge gates closed. She was stripped and had a silky white transparent gown over her. Her clothes were raced to the laundry and one cupped her pussy looking up and she knew this one. She had sucked her fuck. she kissed her head as her cunt was being stirred. She wanted to see her daughter first.

Her darling was on her back with her legs above her head. The Saintly Mother was nude with her fuck on full display. The mother presented the best fuck. Her ass was so pink and her cunt bulged for fuck between her slim legs. Lord above nothing looked like fuck heaven until the saintly mother raised to greet her. Her entire face was wet. Her child was spread, and she looked so damn red. Her clit was longer.

“Hi mommy,” when the Saintly Mother waved her hand and started to eat her child. Mommies legs were wet as she was led to another room. It was as large as the mothers. The hand on her cunt that had cupped her fuck had never left from the moment she was stripped. She had to be held. She had no idea of the suite as her pussy was held. Her daughter was being sucked and probably as fucked as she would soon be. She knew she was here for fuck as part of the bargain for her daughter’s salvation.

Her child’s cunt just looked wet and she used to have to eat it. Many she ate her as one of her fucked her ass. She did like ass fuck. She really liked the taste of her ass juice when her sons would let her get the last dribbles of sperm in her mouth.

The nuns that so wanted to be with her again restrained. The knock made them all shake. The monsignor. Most was religious but they had fuck as they tried to contain. All were naked as he entered. They had to reach their dainty fuck bodies up just to get his robe off. They could not contain their gasps.

Every nude nun just wanted to touch the huge thing. No concept of ever sucking it. At best they could lick the piss slit. The monsignor was enormous. The mother had never seen anything like the cock that had to fuck as part of her daughters salvation. Her husband and her boys had huge cocks and fucked every day and very often even if she was trying to garden or get vegetables she would be bent over, and ram fucked up her cunt or ass. Not one day went by anymore she was not fucked several times. She just dripped sperm constantly. They pulled her tit tubes and it always made her cunt flood her slime out. They had delicious vegetables.

Mommy enjoyed some pain her husband and boys ram fucked, but the cock she saw on the monsignor made her whimper. But a deal was a deal. Her daughter had looked content with the saintly mother sucking her small cunt and at least that was some relief.
The Saintly Mother was slightly envious as she had what the mommy was about to receive. The monsignors fuck had been down her throat many times, up her ass more often and made her shit sperm for a solid week. But what he did to cunt was unearthly.

He could not really be from this earth. He fucked like a demon.

The child cunt she was sucking as her small legs spread wide whimpered and pulsed and pumped. The small thing never seemed to run out of fuck slime and delicious girl squirt. She shushed the child wanting to her mommy and just how devoted she was to let her daughter gain acceptance into the convent. The saintly mother had already accepted her but loved to see the devotion to fuck filth parents could be. Many daddies had sucked off their animals to get their little girls in. Moms would fuck or suck cunts and just do anything.

Shush and listen when the wail from the next room shook the entire convent. Mommy’s legs were around her ears. They had to be just to get her open enough. In one fierce plunge her uterus had joined her cunt tube. It was completely destroyed as her belly looked like something had crawled inside. Held firm the real slam fucking began, and the wails started to slack off. That’s your mommy dear. She really loves you. You want to stay, don’t you? As her clit was pulled and the Saintly Mother placed her mouth back on the flooding fuck, dear god in heaven this child was delicious.

Thirty minutes later the Saintly Mother was sucking her small pink ass hole. She was loosening it when the knock on the door announced the other attending priesthood. She left her huge bed and opened the door as the fuck child laid open and wet. Her tit dots were tubes of purple young tit. Sticking up off barely discernible mounds on her slim body. Her tummy and pelvis still pumping up and down.

Five young priest entered her chamber of fuck cunt sucking wonder. This was the final test to accept a child that she had already decided to keep. The Saintly Mother was in a fuck craze. She wanted all five to fuck her. They were all hung but most were around 10 inches and nothing like the monsignor.

They dropped their long robes revealing their cocks of fuck. they had tested many of the girls for her before. They approached the bed as one started sucking the girl cunt. Two rubbed their hard cocks on her small precious face as two others attacked her young titties still trying to grow. Her tiny body was being mauled. She might have well been thrown in a lion pit as food. The one sucking her cunt flesh was eating her small pink pucker ass. She tried to at least lick the cocks rubbing her face but they kept cock whipping her face. Pre-cum was all over her face as the cocks leaked out man fluid.

Her small body was whipped on top as her cunt and ass eater and a very big cock went up her young pussy. Finally, one of her cock face whippers placed his leaking cock head to her lips and she finally got to taste man fuck. He was just keeping her attention as the well practiced choreography played out.

Her small ass had spread it self. Her small body was pulled down as if she was captured by the lions about to eat her. When she felt the cock head touched her wet little ass pucker. She had no escape. The priest was very strong. She really did not want to escape but everything was so new in her tiny head.

The adjoining door opened, and it only took a small move of her eyes and head toe see the huge man carry her mommy cunt eater into the chamber of fuck. Mommies eyes were as wide as her legs. Mommy’s cunt looked like someone had really hurt her. But mommy was smiling at her little girl. The huge monsignor had his cock up her ass and barely had to hold her upper torso as the cock alone held her up. Her tits were only being twisted when the monsignor wanted to feel her fucked ass pulse when she orgasmed. Mommy’s titties were like that. She could cum from one touch but twisting them made her rather insane.

This was practiced so mommies could watch their children’ rape. The cock pressed at her ass while 9 inches of cock were already up her cunt. She quivered as cock went up her small ass. 9 hard inches plunged and now her tiny body had 18 inches in her body. She was sweating through it all. Her head and beautiful hair were wet from the cock slapping and her own sweat. She was trying to eek out hi when the cock slammed her ass. Mommy looked very happy now but had strange grin.

Mommy was entering another dimension of fuck. She was only present to watch her little girls total fuck but the huge cock up her ass and the twisting of her nipples made her squirt. The pain was gone. She had no idea how many times she had orgasmed. Her tits looked ready to be hamburger just like her fuck out gaping cunt.

Cock got near the girls face and lips as mommy was held by cock up her ass and huge hands on her titties.

She was being ass impaled to watch her child be fuck.

Another nine inches were in her child and down her throat.

The rams had senses beyond humans. Any smell of fuck that the convent walls could not contain from any animal. They smelled fuck and fuck ready.

The novice feared them. She was small. It was her duty to feed and fill the water bowls, but she would have to enter the pens. She kept spilling food and the water bowls had been kicked around. She had duty and braced her self to enter and fulfill her duty. She had to bend to gather the food and just do her task. She had pushed the water hose through the fence just long enough to fill and just get to safety out side the pen. Just thinking about what they could do to her made her pussy wet. She liked eating out all of the sisters and loved when they ate her, but the rams really scared her. She had seen how some sisters walked. Standing outside the pens as she tried to get some courage, she saw the huge balls hanging.

She entered to quickly get her duty done but all the bending put her wet fuck on display. She was racing and it just made everything worse. She was intent to get out as quickly as possible when the nip at her tiny ass almost made her fall over. She was ram fuck. They were huge animals to her. Why was her pussy so wet?

Rams smelled cunt and fucked. She had already gotten her white gown so dirty she just knew she would be punished and now it was being ripped off her slim body. Still trying to grow she had bulbs. Her nipples were twice the size of the mounds that were pushing out. She had quickly become one of the favorites in the nun dorm when they unleashed their fuck cunt sucking filth on each other. They did so much around and for the convent the nightly rampages were overlooked by the Saintly Mother. Most were so young and devoted to the Lord, but trying to keep their fuck wants and needs under lock would not serve the convent, the priest or the small town that loved their vegetables. It was part of keeping the convent solvent and sustain all the horny fucks that had been brought to her for salvation from the devil inside them. The drive that made the girl pussy so wet.

The small girl shivered as her gown was ripped off. She had failed. She was too small too get the food over the fence. The water bowls had been kicked away as well. She had tried when a very long arm tongued licked her now naked fuck. It was so long it touched her belly button before it went up her slit wet a ruff and searched her tiny ass. Again and again. The huge ram loved to lick his fucks. She was not his fuck. she was only supposed to feed them and get fresh water, but her fuck was being licked.

She had not intended to fill in as ram fuck, but the huge ram was making her mad. Now she had a dilemma. Her gown had been destroyed and she was quivering because she had heard the rumors. It hurt when you got in the pens. But the regular pen staff were given late wake up. She did not want to look behind as she was so afraid. The cock slammed up her small tube. Her tiny pussy had been wet once she saw the ram balls. That had to be a lot of sperm.

Out of breath she could not even scream as the ram rammed her. The bull ram instantly turned her into ram property. Animal fuck and there were many rams. She was just trying to serve and was just too small making her have to enter the pen.

She most definitely bucked her hips up and not for escape. The pain was horrendous. She loved it.

As other sisters went about their own duties not aware of the ram rape. She was too small to even try.

The mommy’s colon was being straitened for the monsignor’s huge cock. He had already turned uterus into just part of her fuck cunt. The only other support was his hands twisting her nipples because it made her have so many orgasms. She barely needed support as the huge fuck held her to witness the priest fucking her little girl’s mouth, cunt and ass. “Hi mommy” “Hi baby” as mommy had a crazed look on her face. Her child rammed her small head back on nine inches of cock like it was nothing at all. Two other attending priests stood by with cocks perhaps bigger. Mommy had another orgasm as she watched her little girl’s fucking. Her daughter’s salvation and acceptance into the convent were being played out right before her eyes. Something inside her tummy moved as the monsignor cock straightened her colon into fuck tube and she felt his pelvis on her small mommy ass. He twisted her sensitive nipples and she started squirting all over the back of the priest fucking her little girl’s ass. The bulge in her slim tummy made her look pregnant.

The small novice went from timid ram feeder to fuck before her titties had really grown. Her small cunt had been eaten nightly and the sisters delighted in sucking on her tit bulbs that puffed out. But her small cunt had never been really fucked. The most she had felt were slim fingers as the sisters feared using a crucifix yet on her tender young fuck. The bull ram had no such concerns as his eleven huge inches plunged. She could not even scream as she was out of breath. She was not sure anymore if she wanted to be rescued. It hurt like hell, but she liked it. She had forgotten about her destroyed gown. Her focus was on the destruction of her little pussy and the cunt she now had. Her little pussy had only a few hairs announcing her puberty that she hoped for so long would help her get real titties.

But now she liked the way her bulbs were rubbed in the dirt. It hurt so wonderfully as she discovered her love of pain. The ram’s huge balls swung so full of animal sperm. Her cunt stopped hurting the more she was fucked. She had felt orgasms as the sisters ate each other nightly. But the next hard fuck made her squirt as her tiny ass bucked and squirmed back under the ram’s belly. Even the fur on her slim back felt good. The bull ram had her all over the pen. Her head and hair getting rubbed in the dirt as she pressed her tit bulbs down to the rough dirt. When the ram into a part of the pen that had very rough gravel and she went crazy squirting and Cumming like never before. She lost her fear of rams.

Four younger rams were watching her fucking. Cocks already out but feared the bull. They would have to wait. Their were five more pens she had to service this bright morning. The bull over filled her fuck tube. Very new fuck tube. Ram sperm gushed inside until in had nowhere to go and gushed out even though her small cunt lips were so tight around the huge cock. Her tiny legs, her knees dirty, her tit bulbs dirty and scraped they were red and bruised. She loved rams now, no longer feared them. The bull finally started to pull out of her new fuck hole, and she was remounted. Dear God, she loved these rams now.

The mommy’s sister that had came to the house to take care of her husband and boys were slightly smaller and younger. But they very similar with small little asses and perkier titties. They knew what they wanted and wore tiny tight shorts and tank tops with huge arm holes. They had very perky titties capped with coral puffy nipples that always seemed hard. They poked out and could be seen by the boys and her husband when ever they moved. Their cunt muffins clearly showed they had no panties. The only cover was tiny tight shorts. The shorts hugged their pussy meat causing spread camel toes. Their tiny asses looked so delicious one of the boys had enough as the sisters prepared breakfast. He dropped his briefs and hug one from behind.

His cock up against the ass. The sisters were not surprised and frankly wondered what took so long. They had already spent the night and went untouched. The father and the boys were so huge. What ever they wore their huge cocks pressed out in bulging fuck meat. They got together that morning about what to wear. They had finger fucked each other and ate eat other last night wondering what they were doing wrong as they were not already being fucked. They had such perky titties and small asses they decided on the shorts and tank tops that clearly showed their tits through the arm holes. They often wore them went they went out to search for fuck meat.

They had to at least get the boys nude somehow so they could see their cock meat. They knew all about the husband as their sister had told them how hard he fucked. They came to the house already wet yesterday. They had not seen their sister or family for three years. They knew the little niece was being taken to the convent. The family seemed to share fuck filth. Their sister was just trying to save her daughter form the curse of fuck that that had consumed the women of their family for generations. They had heard stories about a great grandmother that fucked black slaves with enormous black cocks back on the plantation. The family women were cursed with fuck need.

As the boy hugged her with strong arms, she was losing control. Dear God, he had grown over three years. The aunt was ten years older as she slammed the stove and utensils on the stove ripping her self-naked in two swipes and started sucking the boy’s cock. The shorts on the kitchen floor were inside out showing a huge cunt wet spot. The nephew was so perfect.  eight thick inches were her favorite size. She had been fucked and sucked bigger, but she like to feel cocks she could throat and feel it throb and pulse in her in her cock sucking mouth and down her throat. She moaned when the boy man reached down to twist her perky hard nipples. She slammed her head against his hard pelvis driving all eight inches deep.

Her sister had had enough as well and turned off the stove. Fuck breakfast she needed fucking. She was a year younger as she whipped off her tank and dropped her shorts she to peel of her wet fuck. they had gotten stuck up her slot as she had been bending and moving to show the husband and the boys her perky tits. They already poked out tenting the front of her tank top. She peeled her slimed shorts down showing her shaved little pussy meat. The family was also cursed with puffy bulging cunt mounds. The older they got the bigger their clits got and would stick out. Hers was still small but poking out. The other son scrambled from the table and sucked her fuck muffin. His aunt pumped delicious cunt juice. He licked her already slimed thighs until she reached down grabbing his head and mouth back to her cunt meat.

The first aunt was bent over as she sucked his sons’ cock. Her fuck was wet and open, and her knees slightly spread presenting her fuck readiness. The sight over whelmed the daddy. He had no concept of the fucking his wife and young daughter were getting at the convent. He always marveled at his wife’s sisters. So like his wife eh wondered if they were as much fuck horny as his wife was.

He dropped his shorts as his long ten thick inches was already rock hard. He slightly feared if his wife’s sister could take him, so he went slow. At first just nudging her cunt lips already wet. She was lubing herself and ready for fuck. She whimpered and pushed back still sucking his son. His cock sunk into her fuck tube so easily and she raised her small ass up for more. He slammed her body against his son driving cock up her fuck and down her throat.

They never dressed again. The aunts seemed constantly horny and always ready for the fuck crazy boys of their father. Dear God now they knew why their sister loved this man of fuck. Breakfast had to reheated as they sat naked to eat. They ate quickly as the aunts wanted more nephew sperm. The boys had really grown. 8 young always ready inches they never seemed to need loving care. So thick but not like the husband, their sisters’ husband was huge. They really had to struggle to completely throat his cock, but he fucked their small ass holes better than any they had before.

Damn he was fuck and the boys were so young and delicious just to see walk around with swinging hard cocks. They never seemed to soften, and it was hard for them when they had to piss. Often, they walked out side as their hard cocks made it hard to hit the toilet bowl. The aunts loved to assist as they walked around nude with perky tits and puffy mounds that protruded from their slim pelvis’s. Naked walking fucks would assist the boys and lick of the last drips of piss. Sometime the licking turned into cock sucking. The boys were so full of sperm and getting sucked off help a bit to soften them enough to complete pissing.

The mommy had huge cock up her ass and colon. She was in constant orgasm a she watched her little girl get fucked. The monsignor was kind enough to bend her low enough to lick her child’s sperm filled pussy. She would arise her small ass up so mommy could suck her tiny cum filled ass. By now she was cleaned by sperm enemas. The rivers of cum were no longer brownish, just slightly grey but mostly white clumps of dick snot. But the monsignor had fourteen inches up her ass. All of her internal organs had been rearranged. Her uterus was just a tunnel. Her colon now bent out of the way to make her ass just another fuck tunnel.

The saintly mother was accepting another mommy and daughter. Her chambers afforded her separate rooms as the novice she had been sucking was straightening out her bed.

The daughter looked at least thirteen but the mom looked in her twenties. Both dressed impeccably. The daughter and her mother had very short skirts. They obviously had not worn bras as hard nipples poked against the attempt, they made to look reverent in white blouses. The saintly mother took a chair as they sat on the couch in front of her. The small skirts revealed neither had panties. Both looked smooth and the mom must have shaved her mons, maybe the child who looked old enough. Her tits poked as much as the mom’s.

The child’s skirt rose revealing her wet pussy as the saintly mother asked about why they had come to her. She tried to contain herself as the novice she had sucked and had sucked her all night was making her bed just a door away. When left her for this meeting she was still nude and her tits still hard.

My daughter has a problem mother. She is often naked in our barn sucking our horse and the dogs. They are breeding stock and she keeps sucking out very expensive sperm. Can you help? The child spread her small legs. The saintly mother went to a wall for one of the smaller crucifixes used on the smaller recruits. When she turned back her cunt flushed. The child was naked and expectant. The saintly mother smiled at the mommy asking if her young child was still virgin. The mom nodded to her child and she pulled her limber legs behind her head. Dear mother I am not sure but doubt she is a she leaned over to twist one of her daughters’ nipples. The child squirmed.

The saintly mother sank before the young girl and slammed the crucifix hard up her young cunt as she confirmed the child was not virgin. Do you have any idea how she got fucked? The mom shrugged and said probably one of the dogs or all of them. She is always full of some sperm for me to suck out. The mom raised her skirt up and said just look at was she does to me. She sucked my clit even as we drove over. I am still leaking. I do love her, but she is ruining our business. The horses and dogs wont fuck or breed our client’s animals. The crucifix was shoved to the hilt up the young cunt. Only the cross bars kept it from going deeper. The mom had her skirt up over her waist massaging her bare cunt and thick clit. The novice was summoned from her bed chamber. Still nude she had been dusting when she saw new cunt flesh. Bare open cunt was like a magnet for her mouth. She was on the mommy before another word was said. The mommy started orgasms as she watched the young thing attack her cunt and clit.

So, you like animals child? Yes, mam as the crucifix was shoved. Do you eat cunt dear? Yes mam, shove. What animals do you like best? Ones with cock I don’t really like animal cunts as they smell. Shove. Would like to see our rams? Yes, please she panted. Strip child and she was naked in a flash. The Saintly Mother held her small hand as she led her to the ram pens rather surprised to see the young novice in the second bent over being fucked. She was so small, and she could barely lift much to be out here. She would have to talk to whoever sent her out. The child she was holding hands with quivered as she was led to the third pen of five horny rams that had been smelling fuck. These were smaller than the bull at 10 inches but already hard waiting. The ram cocks were barely off the dirt. See anything you like child? Yes mam. Which one? All of them. She opened the gate and let the child enter. She watched briefly as the girl sank to suck one of the ram cocks when another forced her to her knees and rammed her child cunt. Much bigger than dogs she gasped.

The saintly mother returned to her chambers to find her young cunt sucking novice fist fucking the mother. Most of her arm was up the mommy cunt as her 3-inch clit stood up for more. Every time it was touched or licked, she bucked. She was not a squirter but pulsed out creamy slime. It covered the novice’s arm. Every lick on her clit made more pulse silkier looking cunt cream.

The saintly mother dropped her robe as both the novice and the mommy were naked. She licked along her novices’ arm and just took one suck on the clit making the mom buck her pelvis. The fist full mommy was sweating as the saintly mother licked her mouth. The mommy tried to suck her tongue out.

The when her tits got sucked and chewed, she was bucking so hard she almost broke the novice’s arm.

In the ram pens one thirteen year old maybe recruit was getting her fifth ram fucking as the novice nun was finishing her tenth. One pen left and the rams had to be watered and fed. They both wobbled as they went to the final pen holding six young rams. The recruit was eager to help her, and she was thankful. Buckets of food and dragging the water hose were bad enough on her tiny body and the rams had fucked her senseless. She loved it but could barely walk. Dripping out so much ram cum she was still quivering when a small girl licked her over fuck ram cum filled cunt hole. The two quickly became friends.

Between the two it was easier to carry and fill the bowl. But the novice often sucked the ram cum from the recruit’s pussy cunt. They struggled with the heavy hose and filled the bowls when the six rams smelled cunt and fuck. they quickly turned the water off and bent over looking at each other. They were trying to kiss when they were mounted.
The saintly mother had to get ready for another interview and not had breakfast yet. Her wonder child must be fucking or getting sucked the one she had held hands with when she presented her body in a see-through gown for the first time to her charges. Every nun got to see her. They loved her all the much more. They all loved her but had no idea of her beauty and she never had her silky hair draping down her back.

She had thirty minutes and was hungry a she donned another white gown. Too tired to get the hot black robing on it. It was so hot and scratchy she had to wear one of her small bras. She absolutely hated wearing bras on panties.

Many nuns were finishing up when they saw her. They were carrying their plates to the kitchen to wash and struggled not to drop them. The kitchen staff raced to cook fresh food. Their goddess deserved better than something reheated. God she was special to all of them. Not knowing what she may want she quickly had fresh orange juice as one quickly squeezed on cunt fertilized oranges. Girl piss added to the trees to nourishes them. The saintly mother nodded her thanks as one nun had never been so close to the mother and see her body. The white gowns hid nothing. The thing almost collapsed as she just got one glimpse of the mother’ nipples. Soon platters of eggs and sausages and bacon with one small plate held her favorite bagel. The kitchen went over board as none had seen her body once and now twice.

No matter what she wanted they would do. They loved her. When she stood to thank them, they knelt afraid to they would stare at her. But she held each up and embraced each one. Rubbing her pussy on their legs and letting them rub her hard tits. She loved them as much as they loved her. She had not let everyone suck her cunt or got to taste their cunt fluids and would have to be a better leader.

The aunts, her sisters taking of her family were in constant fuck and orgasm of sperm eating. Two slim fucks always naked with perky titties that barely moved as they were so hard. Puffy nipples hardened into tubes with just a touch. Cunt meat would be wetting for fuck. daddy stayed home and the aunt/sisters were in constant fuck. They could barely clean anything or cook for their sisters’ boys and husband. If they bent at all their fuck pussies bulged out. Their tiny asses never so small nothing hid their pink ass fucks. Delightful fucks always on display to three very horny huge cocked males. The males were fuck animals and the aunts were fuck sluts. Their older sister had them about how hard her husband fucked her and how big his cock was, but they had not seen the boys, their nephews for three years and they had grown up and were constantly horny.

Try to dust a coffee table get fucked with their tits doing the dusting. Try to vacuum and one was over the back of the couch getting ass fuck by huge 10 inches of husband cock. The boys were always hard and they both loved to suck cock and eat sperm. All the males had learned how wet for fuck they got if they twisted those puffy nipples or squeezed the titty flesh. The aunts liked some pain when they fucked. They liked it rough and they got it. How could their sister live here every day and survive?

The mommy was stuck with six priest and one was the ten inch monsignor. Her morning and afternoon were just fuck. She had no idea her daughter was beginning to be a ram fuck slut. She had been helping the novice with the last pen holding six younger rams when they were pushed over and mounted. Already wet form ram fuck and opened the younger rams pummeled their cunt fuck holes. Ram sperm was dripping down their slim legs. So much dirt was turning to mud. Their knees were filthy. As they were pushed around like little toys of fuck for the beasts.

But the possible recruit screamed as a ram missed her cunt and shoved up her small pink ass. So quickly she had 9 inches of horny ram cock in her ass. She loved it. Savored the new pain. Her cunt still pulsed even though she was getting her ass fucked. Her cum and ram cum and that of the novice she was helping had covered the dirt. The young future bulls fucked them into orgasm comas.

The saintly mother had three hours before her next interview and should be resting in her chamber where the mommy was getting gang banged. The kitchen staff had been so kind and were staring at her in the transparent white gown. One of the younger looked like she might shake apart as she hugged her to her chest and titties. Her mouth immediately went to a nipple and wet the gown as she suckled. The saintly mother held her small ass and she bit. The mother pulled on her small ass and she bit harder. The huge kitchen was suddenly filled by nuns too timid to even speak to her. Every nun pussy was wet as they watched the daring one eat the mother’s tit and suck her darling huge nipples. The gasps of all when the saintly mother grabbed the bare pussy of the daring girl. It was so easy as she had nothing on under her white gown. Her little titties barely bumps still were so hard when her pussy got even a touch.

Saintly mother loved her tits bitten, it was her thing. Bite her nipples or chew the tit flesh drove her crazy. She squeezed the young pussy making the small nun quiver. One side of her white gown was wet and her nipple exposed. The huge stainless-steel preparation table had already been cleaned and sanitized. She pulled her white gown up and off. She had resolved to be a better leader as she sat on the prep table, naked. No nun dared to even breath. In a convent of over 80 cunt sucking crucifix fucks the mother was simply the most beautiful. They all could not believe what was happening. All the rumors about her were true. She sat and looked out at her charges. I want to thank you all for your diligent work and devotion as she laid back. Before her head met the cold steel, a pillow was under her head.

The laundry staff would be really pissed of as white gowns were every where on the floor. Everyone naked. The saintly mother had so many hands on her body. The one that had dared to touch her was sucking her clit and trying hard to get up her cunt tube with her tiny tongue. Nuns started biting at her tit flesh as each got a bite on her nipples. They started chewing her slim body and she loved her charges all the more. Let them all taste her. She owed them that much. She was their leader, but they did all the work. Her little cunt eater relented to another as the mother pulled her forward. She was so small she had to climb on the table. The mother licked her cunt slime face. Then she pulled the girl into a violent deep tongue deep kiss. Sucking her own cunt slime out of the small things mouth. Her titties, her cunt and her body under full attack by silky biting nuns still amazed that they were really seeing the mother. Eating the mother. She thought they were the ones that kept the convent so wonderful and they felt the same about her. They were here to be saved and serve.

She brought the slim thing over her enough to chew her puffy young tits. The young thing must be in heaven as she had no place for her small hands. She cradled the mother’s head. So many nuns they kept stroking her hair as it dangled off the end of the table. The soft strokes of all the nuns on her head as they kept her hair form getting tangled. She sucked the small titties the took a bite the small thing instantly starting squirting on her slim tummy. She raised her higher and sat her on her face to suck out her pussy juice. Her hands still free she reached up and twisted the bumps and puffy nipples as the young thing filled her mouth. The harder she twisted and pulled the more she flooded out young girl fuck. But then she lost focus as two bit her nipples and some nun bit her long clit. Mouths and teeth were all over her body, but she held that tiny ass and cunt on her face. When the small thing quivered and her tiny pelvis pumped out of control the mother licked her tiny ass hole. She tried to contain a scream of the wonderful sensations and whimpered as she held the gorgeous head and hair of the saintly mother. The mother was so beautiful and was eating her tiny ass.

The lower part of the saintly mothers was bucking up and down as she was finger fucked and eaten, but she held firm to the tiny ass and ate it. The small thing was flooding her with cunt as she got her small ass sucked and then getting chewed.

All the nuns present in the kitchen got to eat her cunt. Everyone got a taste of her cunt. She would always be their leader as far as they were concerned. She loved them all and only wished she could spend more time with each of them. Just too many.

She had only thirty minutes to get ready as she had been in the kitchen for two and a half hours. That small girl on her face the entire time. She whispered something to the girl as the nuns helped her off the table. She had had so many orgasms she was unsteady. Her back was wet, the table covered in cunt cream, the entire kitchen floor looked like some water had leaked. The nuns did what they could with kitchen towels not suitable for the saintly mother, but it was all they had as they dried her as much as they could. She had to get ready, but she hugged every nun before she walked out naked. The small girl would be in her chambers later, but she had her duties. Just her walking and her small ass stirred the nuns. No one could find her gown, so she walked out naked. Sighs as they just watched her small ass. They truly loved her more than ever.

She got to her chambers still thinking about that tiny asshole she had been sucking to find the mommy and her attendant sitting on her bed. The mommy had a strange look as she was holding on to one of the small titties of her chamber maid. She had been rammed fucked by six priests for over five hours. Waiting for further instructions from the saintly mother she had started eating the maid’s cunt and sucking on her titties. She was over fuck and crazed. “where is my child”. Please take her out to the pens.

The walked out naked as priest sperm dripped from the mommy cunt. The convent was quickly turning into a nudist convent. That would make the saintly mother’s duties much harder if all this cunt walked around nude. The sets of young tit shaking at every step.

Young wet pussy.

Mommy gasped when she saw her tiny daughter getting ram fucked but the maid shoved her fist up her cunt as she grasped the fence. She simply loved to be fist fucked as they waited for the mother’s instruction. Her child saw her and smiled as she was being slammed around the pen. Another girl had her head down in a corner as she got her ass fucked apart. She had no more tears as the pain dissipated. She only moaned pushed into a corner of the pen by ram cock. She was now loving it as she was violently ass gaped by ram cock. Every slam of cock up her spreading once tiny ass made her firm tits shake. Tits so firm and young they never seemed to move, just poke out her nipples.

One aunt was mounted on the husband’s huge thick cock up her cunt tube for the third time and it was not even noon. They had not been able to clean or cook as they came to do for their sister’s boys and husband. One of the 8 inch cocked nephews touch her ass pucker as she was already impaled by 10 inches of thick cock. Totally impossible. Too small for so much cock. But the cock pressed at her ass pucker. She liked her ass fucked but had never had two in her. Never such huge hard cock that had fucked her all over her sister’s house. The boys never let them get anything done and the husband liked to be sucked. Only one aunt could swallow all of his cock as the other had a severe gag reflex, she loved sperm but was not able to throat.

The aunt on the floor mounted on ten inches up her cunt felt pressure on her ass and it started to open. This is ridiculous as the cock went in and she lost her breath. Nothing more she could do but grab the shoulders of the husband and hang on. The eight inch nephew was kind enough to spit on her ass and his cock for some lube before he pushed all eight inches up her ass. Her small body had eighteen inches of cock. She could not move at all. Trapped between two strong bodies she just went limp.

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The saintly mother had gotten to her chambers for the next and last interview for the day. So many wanted to join her convent. The interview was very short. The girl was twenty-one and her mommy, forty-seven. They both looked like drug addicts or rode fucks. They smelled. The interview was quick and the mother polite but nothing she wanted anywhere near her girls. When she opened the doors to her bed chamber the tiny thing, she had ass sucked was just standing. The mother realized she was the one late as she gazed the tender body. We should go eat first as he slender girl quickly donned a white robe that hid nothing. The saintly mother had her long hot black robes on and held her tiny hand.

She sat with the child and delivered the prayer. The kitchen staff had gone crazy. Platters of food.

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Eighty plus young females from eleven to twenty held their breath. This was the third time the saintly mother walked in front of them in a transparent white gown. The rumor mill had been in over drive throughout the convent dorms. Few believed the kitchen stories. She was there savior. God in heaven she was stunningly beautiful. She went around the room and kissed every head. She loved her girls and they worked so hard.
She went to one nun and whispered something that brightened the nun’s eyes. She led the milking barn. Then she whispered into the ear of the nun sitting next to her that led the horse fucking barn.

She simply nodded and said, “Immediately it will be ready in the morning.”

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Thankful her parents let her watch it but daddy had a new toy and it was sticking out of the bottom of his shorts. She had noticed how his shorts would get bigger at bath time but now it was really there in front of her face. It looked wet and she licked.

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Just the walk out to the barn startled every nun. The saintly mother was naked. She had been thinking she would dispense any gowns at all as an order. Necessary when the weather got cold if her charges needed. She had not decided but felt her girls could decide and they worked so hard in hot weather all over the convent grounds. The hot black gowns would have to be available when the monsignor and the priest made their inspection fuck visits. They would have to maintain some decency when visitors came or they had to go to the markets out of the convent. They never killed their animals for food and did need to go into the town. They seldom paid. Nuns were given a list. Her best cock suckers often came back with more food than required.

The saintly mother was impressed but noticed the milking barn leader looked haggard. She hugged the tried nun and kissed her head without religious blessing just thanks. The nun was tired but looked into the mother’s eyes. She so loved her and when the mother kissed her lips she was truly in heaven.

The small child was being helped and some rearrangement was necessary as nothing so small fit any of the numerous benches. They got the child comfortable continuously asking her if she felt good. She was so young and tender they licked her back as they moved and adjusted. Her tiny butt got some licks.

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Can I lick it like mommy does?

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