Feature Writer: Nada Bits /
Published: 12.07.2019
Feature Title: YOUNG LOVE /
Story Codes: MF Risk /
Synopsis: Young love between teens with a twist of the unexpected  /

Young Love

My girlfriend was a very slender redhead, five foot and four inches, with the cutest freckled face and long red hair that reached her tiny ass. Pale, she would burn in an hour in the Texas sun, Danette had be coated in suntan lotion in order to wear her tiny bikinis. Her precious small pale ass had freckles and her small, just shy of b-cup, young titties were capped by large coral red nipples. Her small moist mons had just wisps of reddish dust. She was as different as she was beautiful.

Danette was as demented as her beauty and everyday behavior made her seem like an angel. Her mom worked at our high school so we had to be very respectful in public. Sadly, she was not very sexual unless there was some aspect of discovery or just wanted to be caught being a bad girl – a very horny bad girl – like she had a hidden switch somewhere in her head for risky situations that made her cream her small panties.

We were both so young, but she was far from as innocent as she put forth to the public. She had been fucking and sucking cocks off since she was twelve. We were sixteen and fifteen now – but never seemed horny, unless some ‘demonic switch’ happened in her mind.

Fucking her tiny butt all over her parents tiled floor in front of a door that could open any moment as she gushed girl cream all over my young cock and she never did that before. Only moments later her mom walked in and the condom full of my sperm and soaked in her daughters cunt juice was on the tile right in front of her and the smell was unmistakable.

Once we were riding in the back seat of some car to someplace as she leaned forward as if to show attention or talk to her parents and she pulled me forward as well. She brought my hand under her t-shirt and bra as we were hidden by the seat backs, talking to her parents as she basically forced me to fondle and pinch her small titties as I was eager and frightened somewhat. Her parents only inches away this demon, beautiful demon suddenly got horny.

She took my hand down inside her small shorts that framed her tiny ass so well and really forced my hand to her small cunt with a reddish dusting of pubes and maneuvered my finger into her wet dripping cunt a she innocently spoke to her parents.

Knowing I would soon be killed I finger fucked her with her insistent hand plunging my finger in her young cunt meat. She never acted like this anytime we were alone and capable of doing every possible sex act. Another time i was driving behind her parents in her fathers car to some lake when she suddenly unzipped my jeans, leaned over the stick shift and started sucking my cock as I was close enough to her parents car they could easily see her head, silky strawberry red long hair bobbing up and down so i slowed for some distance.

She would never suck me off anytime we really had privacy as it was yucky. She never let me suck her small pink cunt either. But some switch, demon switch she sucked down a load of teen sperm while I drove behind her parents. Scared to death but very happy. At the lake I had been very helpful to her dad cleaning the boat and was trusted to meet them at some tent area on some shore.

Anchored firmly from the rear I jumped into the water with rope to find some front tie down. I helped with the tent, we cooked and ate when the father, her dad said it would be smart that the two of us sleep on the boat, it had reclining vinyl seats and I had slept on much worse, we were to make sure nothing happened to the boat, an anchor getting loose, but someone trusted could start and recover the boat should anything happen.

Danette and I still in bathing suits got back to the boat and her small bikini bottoms were as wet as my board short bathing suit and it was getting dark so we managed some aspect of beds on the unfolding vinyl seats when she dropped her tiny bikini bottoms complaining and hung her small suit bottom on the windshield to dry. Her absolutely prefect ass and small dusted pussy framed as she reached up on her tippy toes.

Her parents could be watching their daughter from the shore and by morning I would be dead and become part of the lake bottom. Then she said I should dry my shorts as well even though they were some new material and mostly dry already. Her daddy will certainly kill me but the small perfect butt and pussy had long ago entrapped me. Me naked with a teen tan line and she removes her bikini top that did not need drying, but her small perfect titties capped with crimson puffy nipples made my teen cock tense.

But I helped her wrap up on her bed and had finally got comfortable when I was attacked by a beautiful strawberry blonde perfect ass and pussy, young dangling titties and precious nipples only yards from her parents in their tent on the shore. Certain death tomorrow. The boat was such anyone could see her small white ass as it was backed in and anchored out from the front. The back heavier from the motor easily presented a perfect white teen girl ass slamming her cunt on teen cock. Not one to complain but why now?

So many other times and places but now she slam fucks her small body until we both collapsed. Dawn with her parents up and arranging cooking and food their tiny daughter’s cunt was still on my spent teen cock with her perfect white ass in full view from the shore. Never a word from anyone as we donned our suits and made our way to the camp, ate and water skidded and got burnt in the Texas sun.

I went off to college not far away really as she finished her senior year. Some break allowed me to come back and she had managed to fuck four other friends and none wanted another shot. She had some demon, beautiful fuck demon with a slim perfect fuckable body and precious titties. Wonder what happened to her and sometimes how many things of fuck filth she got into. A perfect demon fuck no one wanted or stayed with as she furthered her own sex fantasies of mommy and daddy catching her.