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AUTHOR NOTES: Thanks to Ben for his idea contribution to this story. When I wrote it, I wanted to evoke the feeling of the eighties horror classic, Ken Russell’s ‘The Lair of The White Worm’ (written by Bram Stroker). It stars Amanda Donohoe as Lady Sylvia Marsh who transforms into a serpent-like character. The visual effects are super low-budget circa 1980s but its tonality is wonderfully perverse. If you haven’t seen it, just check out the highlights on YouTube … especially the sacrificial scene with the strap-on relic that predates David Fincher’s ‘Se7en’s’ knife strap-on in the crime scene of ‘Lust’. Truly divine!

STORY CODES:  LGBT Themes, Incest, Pissing, (suggested SCAT only), Coercion, Corruption, Lolita, NC, Rape, Sadism, Young Ones, Snuff, MC, Demons, Supernatural, Evil themes.

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The Good Son 2


Leon is a young preteen boy on the cusp of the discovery of his own sexuality. He lives with his younger brother, Garth, and sister, Lynn, and their single mother, Celine. Leon has been a loner from as far back as he can remember, enjoying his solitude and preferring his own company to that of others. He was always small for his age and bookish in nature.

After Leon’s mother loses her job, they are forced to move out of the suburbs into a slum-like neighborhood. Unbeknown to Celine, the very flat that they move into, was the scene of a terrible rape and homicide. And though the perpetrators have long good, evil still lingers in their abode. She, herself is still haunted by the rape that lead to her pregnancy and in her own strange way of dealing with it, conceived a rhyme that she chanted whilst breastfeeding and nursing her ‘Good Son’.

“Celine, Celine, awoken from a broken dream
. Taken so young by a demon so obscene.
 Twas after midnight when the evil came,
 To hold Celine in naked shame. 
Devouring her innocence with wicked deed, 
Impregnating with verminous seed.
 How to condone this vile act,
 Signed in blood was the Devil’s pact.
 And when the suffering was done,
All that remained was her Good Son.”

Bizarre things begin to happen to young Leon after he finds a strange ring, left behind, between a crack in the floorboards. The ring itself looks insignificant, an old strange Celtic-liking serpent ring that is far too big to fit on any of Leon’s fingers.

Dismissive of any value attributed to his discovery, he does however find that the ring makes his immature cock and ball tingle, initially believing it to be unrelated, but while his mother and two siblings are out, he discovers that the ring’s purpose is not as a decoration upon the hand, but fits snugly at the root of his semi-flaccid penis. Once in place, Leon’s eyes open to the evil influence of the Serpent Ring.


Epilogue: The Serpent eats its tail (continued)

The bloodied dark-skinned youth was named Aziz. He was just thirteen years old. That evening he took a more clandestine way back to the Muslim Quarter. Though he had wiped the blood from his lips and lower face, his entire shirt was still covered in fresh blood. The blood belonged to the old shopkeeper who had unwittingly surrendered the power of the Serpent Ring to the boy, saying that he could keep it if he were to remove it with his mouth. The old man never expected Aziz to bite right through his flesh.

Aziz wanted desperately to return home, to cleanse himself of the filth he felt that covered his body, but his father would be there at the door waiting for him to return. It was dinner time and he would scold him for disrespecting his food, being tardy in his timing, and making his mother worry unnecessarily. His father would notice the state he was in and would most definitely question him about his tainted t-shirt that was still drenched in damp blood.

Instead of going home, he went to a vacant flat he knew. There he would not be disturbed as the place had not been leased out for quite some time. The front door was locked but Aziz knew he could get in through a side window. He made his way inside through the dullness of the empty apartment. It smelt old and damp inside, but Aziz felt comforted by its familiar stench. He often escaped to this private playground to get away from his overbearing immigrant parents. They never understood him.

He walked down the narrow passage to one of the small bedrooms. Once inside, he closed the door and leaned back against it as he gathered his thoughts. His hand subconsciously stroked the bulge in his pants and his cock nearly ejaculated, there and then, inside his own pants.

The old shopkeeper had placed the secret Ring around the base of his cock. He had demanded Aziz to pleasure himself using the Muslim child’s mouth, getting him to suck his big fat hairy cock and balls. He had not expected the tiny young boy to gelder him in the process.

Aziz had not been concerned with the fate of the old white man. He left the screaming shopkeeper on the filthy floor of his decrepit store. His fate bleeding out into the dank dust as his life force faded. The young boy cared only for the calling of the Covetous Ring. The whole time, the boy’s own juvenile penis had throbbed painfully as it restrained inside his tight jeans, awaiting eagerly the moment of its union with the Serpentine force.

Aziz quickly discarded his bloodied clothing. Who would suspect a schoolboy with no prior convictions? He was just some lowly immigrant boy with absolutely no motive. There was no robbery involved. No alarms. Nothing was taken (except the Covetous Ring).

He reasoned to himself that the dirty old shopkeeper had it coming. He was just a filthy old faggot who wanted him to perform a fowl act; to fellate his disgusting faggot cock. Fucking old queer. FUCK. The people of his faith gave no quarter to faggots as they were punished by the pain of death.

He had even told him that the Ring was his if he used his mouth to get it. He did not see that by sucking the old man he had crossed any lines himself. No, he was the victim here. He had done what the Ring had told him. He had been compelled by it. He had no choice in the matter; none whatsoever. And when he had done it, he had enjoyed the strange thrill.

In the privacy of the empty old apartment building, he examined his new treasure. He delicately held the black metal ring in his small fingers and noticed how it was shaped so that the snake’s mouth closed around its own tail. The boy was intrigued by the ornateness of the design, but more so by its strange emission. There was  unmistakable vibrating energy that seemed to emit from just holding the ring in his delicate digits, producing a tickling sensation through his skin … Even the small vellus hairs on his arms stood upright.

These vibrations seemed to get strong as he held the ring closer to his groin. He remembered how the dirty old queer put the special ring down the length of his erect penis, drawing down onto the root of his cock, against his disgusting hairy ball sack. How had Aziz done what he had? Biting into that revolting old cock, just to get the ring. He could not explain it … And cared not to try. Now, he felt an unexplainable compulsion crossing his young and impressionable mind, that was that he should try this strange artifact upon his own erect penis.

The naked boy held the ring in his left hand and began to rub its strange metallurgy against his perineum and over his hairless little balls. As he rolled the ribbed texture of the ring up and down the shaft of his hard little cock, he trembled with an unfamiliar pleasure.

Aziz slipped it down the thin shaft and when he pressed it to the base of his cock. Once there, the serpent seemed to tighten its grip around his shaft and balls, pulling them, in a sharp manner that was both painful and pleasurable. He immediately began to stroke himself and copious juices flowed from the eye of his modest sized boy-cock. He looked down at the Serpent ring that had entwined his manhood, the black scales of the serpent seemed to gleam with a life of its own.

As he slowly masturbated, his mind began to fill with the most deviant of thoughts. He saw naked dark-skinned boys dancing around an obscene phallic snake-like idol; the boys whooped and screamed as they touched themselves and each other, stroking their erect cocks and urinating over themselves in some kind of barbaric rite dedicated to a dark serpentine creature.

There was a young white boy held before the idol, his flaccidity noticeable in comparison to the other boys’ eager erections. In this strange fantasy, it seemed that Aziz was the instigator, the rapist. As he thrust his wanton tool deep into the virgin anus of the weaker, smaller white boy, the others screamed in voyeuristic pleasure… Egging him on … Demanding his orgasm … Within a couple of strokes, he bucked wildly and ejaculated hot white seed over the floor in front of him.

“Grrrrhhhhhhhhhhggghhhh!!!” he groaned uncontrollably.

He panted out of breath … Exhausted but exhilarated … Fuck that felt good. No … It felt totally fucking amazing! He marveled at how much wet gluey cum he had made and how far it had sprayed out over the faded floorboards.

He hid the Ring in a groove between the floorboard. He would come back tomorrow morning for more of this incredible nasty dark pleasure.


Darkest of blessings

Celine had felt the pricking malaise run throughout her entire body. She shook uncontrollably. She recognized that this was no normal situation. Her sixth sense told her that there were demonic powers at work long before she had actually seen, heard, and smelt anything.

“Oh my God … Not my Good Son?” she mumbled.

Celine’s hand reached the door handle to her son’s bedroom. Her cunt was quaking … Her juices flowed profusely down the inside of her thin trembling legs. Her abnormality quivered inside her pants. She called it her abnormality because that was what it had been called by the family priest.

From a very young age, Celine had been very self-conscious about her body and more specifically about the abnormal size of her clitoris. Her extremely elongated prepuce gave her clitoris the appearance of a small fat cock poking out from beneath the clitoral hood; and when touched and stimulated, its length and protrusion became very apparent.

The family doctor had said something about clitoromegaly and about a “penile clitoris with urethral meatus at tip of the phallus” … But the local priest that her mother had turned to for religious guidance, had intimated that Celine could be more than just a sexual oddity and said that she was most likely possessed by some kind of sexual demon.

He claimed it was the mark of the Devil.

Her ignorant pious mother had been horrified. The family had prayed for days, and from that moment forward Celine was virtually shunned, and of course, Celine’s abnormality was never mentioned again … Only the personal shame and stigma remained.

Now before her son’s bedroom door, her abnormality throbbed uncontrollably. It almost brought her to orgasm even before she had opened the door. Waves of sexual heat and deviant energy hit her right through the bedroom door. Whatever was happening was about to reach its crescendo. She began to mumble.

“Twas after midnight when the evil came, 
To hold Celine in naked shame.
 Devouring her innocence with wicked deed, 
Impregnating with verminous seed.”

The words were no doggerel but seemed to fit with the overwhelming vagary that met her raddled eyes. How many times had she fantasized about this very moment and now it was here she panicked? Despite all, she had experienced … All the demonic forces that she had befallen, could not prepare her for the sight of her own three young children in naked incest play. She felt disgust, dismay … But mostly an unrelenting arousal … She spontaneously erupted in orgasm as she screamed their names …

“Leon … Garth … Lynn …”


Legend of the Corrupted King

The Bride Queen of the old Celtic King was no longer recognizable as the majestic young beauty that he had fallen in love with. Elizabeth looked like a broken girl. Used and abused by the corrupted King and his new master, the nigger demon called Balor. Bruised and disfigured from the most recent of her sexual tortures, she lay weeping at her King’s feet. She begged him to stop.

King Brennus brooded. His teeth gnashed. Spittle ran from his bloated lips. His head was foggy in depraved lust. He felt no sensuality towards her. No love. No compassion. He had objectified her. Used her … Yet his urges called out for more and more extreme tastes.

His cock was still rock hard, the Serpent Ring slithered tightly against his cock based and ball sack. The length of his cock was still filthy from the tender flesh of the virgin pre-teen boy that he had deflowered only moments before. The Serpent Ring seemed to glow with an incandescence of sinfulness.

The naked urchin now sprawled motionless on the fur skin bed that he had been tied down to. Bright red blood ran down the insides of his tiny white boy’s thighs. The King was still hungry. It seemed that the King’s appetite for sexual perversion knew no limits.

Balor, the Royal Consort and High Priest, declared that the ‘Horned God’ was pleased with the King’s offering. Balor licked the blade of his curved knife blade after silently slitting the boy’s tender young throat. He stepped over the crumpled body of the forgotten Queen.

Useless cunt, he mused.

She had been an excellent trophy for the evil obsidian druid. Her innocence was long gone. How he had enjoyed enslaving her; taking her orally, vaginally, and anally over the past nights; using her mouth as his own toilet. Her pretty little tear-stained face was caked in his foulness. He kicked her hard as she continued to whimper on the floor.

Balor rebelled in the corruption of her husband, the once so-noble King Brennus. The fucking limp dick King that now did whatever he wanted him to do … Like a pathetic sexual puppet.

The nigger druid laughed out loud. It was a sickly devilish laugh. They were all so foolish to have trusted him. Fuck them all. Now, the King was enslaved to the great druid and his Covetous Ring. Balor already welded the power of the King’s Temple. He had turned the once benevolent faith of King Brennus’s people into a blood-thirsty sadomasochistic sex cult … where nobody was beyond his malicious reach. His word was the word of the Horned One.

The effigy of the Nordic deity was replaced with a more insipid carved statue according to the wizard’s grand serpentine design. The new Horned God no longer looked so distinctly masculine and detached, but had taken on a more androgynous appearance … It was phallically charged with both masculine and feminine sexuality, prone and sinuously demonic … They all now bowed down and worshiped a horned snakelike monster.

The Temple was also transformed with pornographic paintings and tapestries, all specially authorized by their new master. One portrayed a great battle in which the Horned God was portrayed as victorious, where the enemy prisoners of innocent men, women, and children were all stripped naked and impaled upon a forest of spikes; another painting depicted a great feast held in celebration of their Horned God, where malevolent disciples performed assorted perverted acts while the honored guest dined on a main course of children that had been roasted alive before the effigies of the Horned God.

Inside the Temple tall phallic poles were erected, so that young victims could be hung from them, spreadeagled before their new androgynous deity. Young boys and young girls were now offered daily to the dark ones. The evil druid had already claimed many victims in the name of the Horned God, saying that human sacrifice was the only way to appease their exalted one.

Most of the temple priests were quickly replaced by the black wizard’s handpicked deviant devotees that were only too eager to carry out Balor’s corrupted orders. Those that stood to oppose him and his word were ritually killed and soon nobody dared to go against the mighty word of the dark druid … As Balor’s word was the word of the King and the word of the Horned God.


First confrontation

Leon looked up and though he saw the face of his anorexic mother standing in the open doorway to his bedroom. He seemed to see without actually seeing … As his preoccupation with personal pleasure held him completely abound … The young boy just continued to rock back and forth in total perverted bliss. His thick phallus was buried balls deep into his tiny sister’s anal passage. Her sphincter stretched almost impossibly around the girth of his mutated cock.

His eyes burned with lust and unfettered desire for injurious satisfaction. The serpent ring tightened its heinous grip, shooting euphoric spasms that erupted like waves through him, making the tiny young boy buck in a sinus and convoluted way.

“Aarrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” he groaned uncontrollably.

He could only moan vulgarly and grin sardonically. He registered the abject horror on his mother’s face. Her bleached expression was one of complete disbelief for what befell her. The fear and confusion. The shock of it all. It seemed only to intensify the depraved feeling that filled his mind, body, and spirit.

His younger brother too, Garth, was preoccupied with stabbing his much smaller boy’s cock into their baby sister’s mouth, as Lynn was wedged between their unbridled thrusting movements. He too, grinned knowingly back at his older brother as he thrust harder and with abandonment into her open cake hole.

Without warning, Leon pulled his long brown-stained cock out of his sister’s anus. At that same moment, his cock exploded like a fire hydrant as his abnormally large discharge sprayed forth.


His semen squirted from his cock head, most of his load spattered over the upturned face of his younger brother, Gareth, as he continued to face-fuck his sister. Again Leon grinned. He looked directly into his inert mother’s face. Celine appeared to be stunned into a halcyon statue. Helpless to stop this obscene and profane act.

Leon’s cock was no less diminished from his hefty orgasm. His cock twitched with a life all of its own as the residual of his ejaculation dribbled down the front of his shaft.

“Mummy,” he said with an impish tone of open disobedience.

“What have you done?” she replied after a long pause.

It was as if the words that formed in her had trouble reaching verbal expression. She still was rooted to the spot … Swaying like a sleepwalker, and seemingly incapable of controlling her own forward movement.

“Mummy,” he repeated as he stroked his brown-streaked organ.

Innocuous as the words sounded, when combined with the vulgarity of his body movements, his degenerate intent was pronounced and self-evident.


His mother’s voice was weak. Almost apologetic. Gareth withdrew his cock from Lynn’s mouth and turned to face his mother.

“Mummy,” said both Leon and Gareth together.

Lynn straightened up and also looked directly at her mother’s face. They all were busy touching themselves. The pungency of their sweat and sexual arousal filled the small room. Their unmistakable irreverence was punctuated by impish grins of delight at their own self-pleasuring.

“Mummy,” said all of them in unison.

“Oh, my good god!” exclaimed mummy as she blacked out.


Epilogue: The Serpent eats its tail (continued)

Aziz first noticed the pile of cardboard boxes and then the tatty furniture that was being unloaded outside the apartment landing. Then he realized that the vacant apartment where he had hidden the Covetous Ring must have been finally leased out.

Shit. He had not expected that. How was he going to get it back? He could not just rock up and say, “Hi, can I get my serpent ring that’s inside one of your bedrooms.” No, he’d have to wait until the new occupants were out. He would then use the side window to get in and out without being seen.

He noticed the young family. A mother, two sons, and a daughter. The children were all young … the eldest, maybe younger than himself by a year? No older male figure … That was good. They would not be a problem. He could get in and out and the serpent ring would be his again. Nothing was going to stop him from getting what he wanted; what he needed; what he desired … He could feel it. He could feel the ring calling him. Fuck. His balls tightened.

The pleasure of the night before was still clear in his mind. How deviant his thoughts had been? He had fantasized about a strange sexual ritual.. Now, new thoughts filled his deviant head. He looked at the children. These nice young white children could be his sex slaves. Aziz imagined wearing the ring again. The feeling was through his entire body. The pleasurable shaking. The strong vibrations of euphoric pleasure … The moment of release… His semen spraying upwards like a fountain …

Aziz imagined the family being enslaved to him. First, the young white girl would be deflowered, he would fuck her in every hole. The younger boy kneeling before him as he fucked his anus hard and fast. Then the older boy; would rub their cocks together; drinking their mixed urine as their semen shot upwards between their bodies. Finally, the mother, shocked at his conquest of her children, begged him to stop, as he turned all her children into sexual perverts before her unwilling eyes.

This bizarre daydream began to take on a life of its own. It changed without Aziz’s conscious thought … Something was driving his subconscious, drawing him to a deeper level where it was dark and ominous. There was something supernatural about this evil fantasy. Yes, it felt so tantalizing, so nefarious.

He saw a naked woman … He felt the serpent ring call to him. He thought the woman was the small-chested mother … But she seemed depraved … She had a strange phallic appendage where the serpent ring was seated. It stood outwards, curving upwards like an enormous hermaphroditic cock … She must be some kind of demon. The young children seemed to be worshiping her… Fornicating with each other incestuously as they gave praise to her demonic sexual organ. Aziz quaked uncontrollably at this bizarre vision.


Prisoner of taboo pleasure.

Mummy awoke.

Everything was still intense, like a wash of mixed feelings and emotions. What exactly had transpired? Celine’s head span with glimpses of subjects of unnatural delight… Of young children participating in taboo sexual activities together… Her miscreant cunt rippled at the thought of the shock of such young and untainted flesh… Delicious morsels of sexual unrelenting conquest … A pedophile’s dream coming true… There were the impish faces of her own young children… Her fourteen-year-old son, Leon; her eleven-year-old son, Gareth; and her twelve-year-old daughter, Lynn … Erect cocks and a hairless little cunt.

She could clearly see them all as they looked back at her, seeing through her facade of parental decency, motherly love, and religious piousness … They were all grinning sardonically; reeling in their own sinfulness, they gleamed evilly; already their flesh was corrupted as the demons inside of her had flowed into her offspring.

The dream-like quality of her wicked thoughts began to take on a more realistic appearance as recent incidences returned … Her most recent memories began to shape and form … The vision of her own children entangled in an orgy of delicious incestuous lust! Her ginger-haired cunt flowed with lubricants.

She could vividly see her small son, Leon … His erect penis was engrossed; enlarged to unnatural proportions … Another demonic signal. She remembered the Serpent Ring … That black metallic ring that encircled the root of his cock, nestled up against his bloated ball sacks … She remembered her rapist wore something similar … No … It was exactly the same … Oh my God!

How did this happen? She saw the symmetry. The serpent eats its own tail.

Celine’s eyesight was becoming clearer. She looked around. She simpered, almost scared of what she might find. Terrified of her sexuality. She tried to sit up and found that she could not. She moved left and right. Her legs were bound. Her arms were bound. She was restrained, tied down to the stripped mattress. She wondered how this came to pass. Turning her head side-wards she could see that she was still in her eldest son’s room.


The touch of the Serpent

Celine gasped.

“She’s awake,” said a chirpy young voice.

It had to be Lynn.

“Help me,” Celine said, as she lifted her head which still felt as heavy as iron.

“Mummy’s awake!” Lynn’s voice sounded excited.

“Help me,” crocked her mother as the young girl’s face came into view.

The young girl was naked. So were her two ginger-haired brothers. Both of the boys were sexually stirred as they gathered around their mother.

“Help me,” she said, hoping that sanity had returned, but with every passing moment sensed that these disturbing visions of her satanic dream were in fact a reality.

“Help her,” said Leon.

He grinned and stroked his heavy cock.

“Can I lick mummy’s baby cock, Leon?” asked Gareth as he dipped his fingers casually between the delicate folds of her labia, “She’s so wet.”

“I think mummy would like that Gareth. We will all take turns and taste mummy’s baby cock and cunt. After all, it was our birthplace.”

“Mmmmmmm … ” groaned Gareth.

The term “baby cock” was obviously their way of describing their mother’s abnormality. Her panic rose. Gareth leaped to the task of pleasuring his mother’s exposed clitoris, lapping and sucking at her penis-like protrusion before delving down into the heated valley of her neatly trimmed ginger-haired slit to devour the accumulation of juices that lubricated is mother’s sexual arousal.

His hands reached forward across her stomach and up to her bullet-hard nipples that stood out against her virtually flat chest. Gareth fingers wrapped around Celine’s erect nipples and squeezed them as he continued to lick her out.

Lynn wasted no time and mounted her mother’s face, pressing her twat down against her mother’s mouth.

“Lick me, mummy,” she demanded as she pressed the delicate flesh of her vagina against her mother’s lips.

Celine could not help herself. Her body rippled against the pleasuring of her youngest, as his hot little tongue explored her cunt; she seemed to have no control of her own tongue as it darted out into the tiny folds of her twelve-year-old’s pussy.

“Mummy that tickles … Makes me want to piss!” announced the miscreant girl as she rocked back and forth against her mother’s face.

Celine mouth filled with the acid taste of her daughter’s hot salty piss as she urinated directly into her mother’s upturned mouth. Celine gulped it down. As she savored the sourness, the overflow, ran down over her chin and down the back of her neck, soaking her shoulder-length ginger hair.

As soon as her daughter had finished peeing, she resumed her rocking motion, masturbating herself against her mother’s mouth. Celine lapped up every golden droplet she could. Her bound body shook with the ripples of an approaching orgasm; partly brought on by Gareth’s cunnilingus; partly because of Lynn’s lewd pissing performance.


Revenge of the Covetous Ring

The Tale of the Covetous Ring and the corrupted Celtic King Brennus and his ill-fated Queen Bride, Elizabeth at the hands of the evil and twisted Druid, Balor, did not end well.

In fact, all that had played a part in the story fell to its evil wickedness. It’s first victim was innocence … The Virgin Bride, Elizabeth, died at the hands of her own husband, the once benevolent Celtic King … who became impotent the second that his High Priest, the nigger druid, Balor removed the Serpent Ring from his manhood.

The impotent King, who had been under the spell of the Druid, realized what he had done… To himself, his wife, and his kingdom … And he took his own life. Balor had grown bored and restless with his own success.

His endless orgies of perversion dedicated to the Horned One and the rising body count could no longer be sustained. It was about that time that Balor and his most loyal priests disappeared and with them, the Covetous Ring vanished without a trace.

Some say his cult still exists, that in fact Balor himself, lives at the pleasure of the Ring, and that his spawn is responsible for many evil acts that seem unrelated and off the radar. So the stories of the legendary Ring’s power continued to be foretold around many a fireplace; the Ring’s corruptive influences seeded many wild fables.

Stories of evil men raising to so-called greatness; of their bottomless salaciousness and sexual misadventures; of wicked witches that could transform themselves into androgynous creatures of phallic power.

The stories grew more fantastic with every passing decade. Sightings over the centuries were eagerly reported but completely unsubstantiated. Weird sex religious cults hunted for its omnipresent power. Some said that the Ring foretold the arrival of the Antichrist.

Some said that it foretold of the return to serpentine Eden. Its influence was there, however, remained unseen. But through all the conjecture, there was still no real sign of the mysterious Covetous Ring.

Could there have been more than one Ring? The forks in the road were many… one such story involved a very young girl who had been raped during a ritual dedicated to Satan. The girl had been spared her life but had become pregnant with the illegitimate child of the rapist.

She had grown up with bad dreams, evil dreams that haunted her. But regardless of her ‘bad’ life, she nurtured her ‘Good Son’ and even had two more children (albeit from a different father). They lived quietly; unassumingly … until in a twist of fate that all changed.


Serpentine Transformation

Leon pulled his brother away quite roughly from his mother’s soaking-wet twat, so that he could get on top of her. Gareth fell back but made no protest; he just resumed his own masturbatory pleasures as he watched his older brother mount his mother’s crutch.

“Grrrhhhhh.” He labored as he lay on top of her.

Leon quickly brought his hips in parallel with hers and began to press the large bulbous head of his engrossed cock up directly against his mother’s erect clitoris, pressing against it instead of attempting any kind of immediate penetration. He wanted to fuck her badly, but something stopped this from happening right away … It was as if the Serpent was willing him to follow its wicked plan.

Leon supported himself on his thin forearms and held his weight up over her as he positioned himself. Once there, he began to seesaw back and forth against her, moaning as the pleasure seemed to increase with the pressure as he moved forwards over her.

His mother twisted and turned against her bindings; thrashing under the weight of his sister, as she pressed down, rubbing herself against her mother’s face; and against Leon as he rolled the entire length of his shaft against her vulva lips until her Serpent Ring pressed directly against his mother’s oversized clitoris.

Leon could see that this movement was driving his mother crazy and it had the desired effect of sending her over the edge. She wildly bucked as her scream of ecstasy was muffled inside Leon’s sister’s baby cunt. Suddenly her entire body tensed and lifted upwards from the piss-wet bed sheets, as she arched her back to press her narrow hips upwards to meet the pressure against Leon’s phallus … Against the Serpent Ring that pressed directly against her giant clit …

The Serpent Ring began to sing loudly as the unnatural union of mother and son was quickly reaching its climax. Something darkly magical was about to happen.


Wickedness evoked

“Arrrgggggggghhhhhhh.” Leon cried.

He began to buck uncontrollably in a spontaneous orgasm. The metallic sound of the Serpent Ring reached that of almost a bestial scream. Leon immediately began to ejaculate. An inhuman volume of creamy white seed spurted forth. It jetted hard and fast from his bloated cock head, spraying over his mother’s almost completely flat breasts and neck; and upwards over his sister, who sat facing him, over his mother’s face.

His baby sister looked as if she was riding in a rodeo horse, as her mother bucked, thrashed, and screamed below her; still in the throws of a very powerful orgasm. It was as if sparks were flying between mother and son as his mother’s clitoris remained in direct contact with the magical Serpent Ring. His own cock remained as hard as ever, the desire to ejaculate no less diminished despite his recent orgasm.

“OHHHHHHHHH..” moaned his baby sister as something long and wet thrust deeply into her cunt.

The bindings that Leon and Gareth had been crudely tied around their mother’s limbs snapped suddenly. Her hands, once freed, reached up and closed their grip upon his sister, lifting her upwards with unnatural strength for such a petite woman.

At the same time, Leon felt something long and hard pressing upwards between his legs, pressing along the length of his cock, as if he was rubbing cock to cock with another male. He leaned back against his thighs and looking down, he could see that his mother’s clit was no longer just a fleshy nub, but had elongated even further in the form of a wet snake-like protrusion that now challenged the size of his own engrossed manhood.


Call of the Serpent

The floodgates had opened inside Celine.

Torturous temptations … Fantastic fantasies that had fueled her unnatural desires for incestuous sexual relations with her own children were no longer just relegated to taboo thoughts … The guileless masturbation dance before the naked devil’s penis… The baphometic clitoral penis encircled by a serpent … The depraved evil of wanton corruption that filled her heart and soul … Now twilight repleted her with its delirious wanting to do unthinkable things … It was the unleashing of a torrent of carnal salacity.

Maybe it had been there all along? Simmering. Hidden. Maybe it had been planted by her rapist all those decades ago? The devil’s seed that polluted her soul … Now that her abnormality had been awakened and with its genesis was born of a wantonness that could never be sate.

There was an intense pleasure that ripped through her. It had started as her eldest son had unwittingly allowed the Serpent Ring to press directly against her abnormality … Against her baphometic clitoris. Had the priest been right in his prediction that she was in fact possessed by a sex demon?

Her son had wanted to rape her, but had not … Could it be that it had been the dark magic in the Ring itself that had willed him to press the Serpent’s magic against her? She did not know. Actually, she did not care. She could only respond to the vibrating echoes that grated like a metallic scream.

Celine bucked as a surge of dark energy passed through her. Her tongue felt elongated as it burrowed upwards inside her daughter’s vagina, its serpentine length seeking to penetrate the tiny girl’s inners. At the same time, she felt her bindings fall away, giving her the freedom to use her hands.

What’s more, something was happening between her open legs … She had expected her eldest son, Leon, to penetrate her with his engorged cock … But instead of fucking her hard, she felt a slithering mass expand from the vicinity of her abnormality, like an inhuman appendage, worming its way between their bodies; against the hard flesh of her son’s stiff cock.

She grabbed her daughter by the thighs and lifted her up so that she could figure out what exactly had transpired. She was in for a shock. As she lifted her daughter upwards with a new strength, her tongue quickly recoiled back into her mouth. Not before her son witnessed its snake-like quality. Her daughter seemed weak from the pleasuring that she had been giving her … Now she hung like a lifeless rag doll with little resistance to her mother’s powerful hands.

“Mummy …” her daughter groaned.

Celine pushed her aside and sat upright to see her son, Leon. Leon reacted to his mother’s aggressiveness, first sitting back against her thighs, and then stepping back from her. Did she see fear in his eyes?

Maybe he wondering what exactly he had unleashed. His cock was twitching from his recent orgasm, but it remain upright in hardness. He was just staring disbelievingly at her groin. She followed his eyes down to her crutch. There was something attached to her … A monstrous thing … From between her parted frenulum, extended her pronounce gland that had been her abnormality, now stood upright, fully erect, and wetly serpentine. She stroked it and immediately felt an incredible pleasure. A powerful pleasure.

“Kneel,” she commanded.

The three children did exactly as she ordered. She took hold of her son’s cock and the Serpent Ring slid effortlessly from the base of his engrossed cock into her delicate fingers. She glided it onto her own appendage and pressed it down to the root of her penile clitoris. The Serpent Ring gripped it tightly.

“Arrghhhhhhhhhhh! SATAN BE PRAISED …” cried, Celine.


The Pleasure of the Serpent

Leon was terrified. He knelt before her. He was not sure what she would do with them. Something bad was about to happen to them. They had all done bad things… He was wicked and cringed at the wrath that his mother would unleash upon them. It had been fun … He had deviantly enjoyed all the sinfulness. She had been weak and they had tied her up, intending to use her mindlessly … Only thinking about sexual enjoyment, without any appreciation of the consequences.

“Twas after midnight when the evil came, To hold Celine in naked shame,” Leon whispered.

Then his mother had transformed before his very eyes. There was something profoundly wrong. Was this all his fault? His fear had not made him lose his erection. His co-conspirators also looked afraid. He had witnessed how the Serpent Ring had changed his physicality … How his cock had become engrossed, as big as any porn star’s cock, and on a fourteen-year-old’s body, he looked like a freak.

But now, after the Serpent Ring had come into contact with his mother’s “baby cock” … She looked baphometic. Her “thing” stuck out like a beast’s penis and she had taken the Serpent Ring from him and placed it onto her own strange appendage.

He looked downwards. Unsure of what to do or say.

“Suck me,” she plainly said.

Leon looked up. She meant him. She wanted him to suck her fat worm-like cock thing. She wanted him to perform a sexual act upon her … If she wanted sexual pleasure from her own son, that meant they weren’t going to be exposed or punished for their wrongdoings … If she wanted sexual pleasure, he wanted to give it to her.

He wanted to worship her.

The Serpent Ring had been responsible for all that had happened and he felt that he should trust in its power. The evil power that had brought him these deviant delights. His excitement at the possibilities escalated as he reached forward and held her thing in his hand. It was hot and throbbed with perverted energy. He brought it into his open mouth, licking tentatively at first and then he began to suck it with gusto.

“Mmmmmmm … YES … FUCK YES! Suck my COCK … you little demon fucker …”

His mother sounded like a shameless whore.


Epilogue: The Serpent eats its tail (continued)

Aziz climbed in through the side window. The Covetous Ring called to him. Everything was dark in the apartment. His plan was simple. Aziz had to be focused and fast. He knew exactly where he had hidden the Serpent Ring. He would retrieve the ring and run out the back door.

The family would either be still fast asleep or unable to catch him. Once inside, his certainty became less confident. There was light coming from the end bedroom where he knew the ring was located. He could see the light from under the door. His cock hardened in his pants … The Covetous Ring called to him again … And again. His perineum purred with the forbidden pleasures he craved for …

He found himself drawn towards the bedroom. He could hear sounds; strange sexual vibrations. He could smell; strange sexual aromas. He could feel; strange sexual urges… They all draw him forward like a sleepwalker. His body moved without conscious thought, drawn purely on instinct and desire. The Covetous Ring called to him. He opened the door and his mouth fell open in disbelief at the scene before him.

His eye immediate notice the boy that was about the same age as he was, he was naked. Hell, they were all naked … The entire family … Aziz, could not believe the size of the boy’s erect cock. It was huge. He saw the Covetous Ring as it nestled at the base of the mother’s strange appendage. Like the boy, it was also of unnatural dimension. The Devil. She must be the devil that had appeared in his strange vision. He quaked again. His cock pulsated at the edge of orgasm.

The Devil looked at him. She grinned knowingly as her son got up and walked towards Aziz. They embraced as he had imagined. The boy pulled his clothes from his dark-skinned body until he was naked … His cock twitched … The boy knelt and took his black cock into his warm wet mouth.

The Devil spoke, but Aziz did not understand … His mind was lost in the oral pleasuring from the devil’s eldest son. The younger one joined his brother but crouched down behind Aziz’s rear. He felt small hands parting his buttocks, followed by a small tongue lapping at his sensitive anus.

Aziz groaned in pleasure, but the boys stopped and pulled his arms so that he was soon kneeling in from of the devil. Her she-cock was wet and hard. Again, the devil spoke and without truly understanding the words, he kissed the serpent ring at the base of her devil’s she-cock. The other children now all knelt with Aziz as if giving praise to the Devil.

The young daughter crouched behind him and reached around his slender dark skinned body and took his pulsing cock into her little fingers. She began to stroke him … Slow at first … Increasing pace with every passing moment. He wanted to ejaculate … He needed to spill his seed for the Devil … The Covetous Ring called to him and he understood that he would not be the bearer of the ring, but would be a servant to the bearer… She was his mistress. He would do whatever she asked of him; no matter how perverse; no matter how evil; it was his destiny to serve the devil.


The cult begins

“Devouring his innocence with wicked deed, Impregnating with verminous seed,” cried Celine

Celine now rubbed her she-cock over her eldest son’s face. Leon’s fingers gripped the base of his mother’s demonic appendage, rubbing it up and down in rapid strokes. His mother’s eyes blinked momentarily like the eyes of a lizard. Her fingers looked webbed as her transformation continued.

“Satan be praised!” she grunted in a gruff unfeminine voice.

Dirty yellow urine flowed down the inside of her legs (from her urethra that now occupied the space beneath her huge phallus), as her bladder gave way to the exhalation.


To be continued?


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