Feature Writer: Nada Bit /
Feature Title: Saintly Mother 1 /
Story Codes: Religious, Blasphemy, Young, Lesbian, Zoo, Clit Enlargement, Scat /

Synopsis: A story about a convent of nasty nuns /
Note from XP: Thanks Nada for sending me your story. I hope you will continue /


Saintly Mother

Chapter One

The Saintly Mother Superior seemed pious to most.

She had demonstrated her devotion over many years as she serviced her religion with fervor. She almost squirmed awaiting the convents newest arrival.

Young Theresa had been stripped of all her old worldly goods and washed thoroughly by very attentive nuns both young and old savoring the thought of a new arrival. They made no inadvertent touches as they delicately stroked her pale thin body just making sure she would be clean.

An older nun slapped away a younger had as it stayed just a little too long on the young virgins small titties. She was a tiny thing with only a wisp of cunt fuzz yet. They wondered how old she could be. The small girl had quite obviously never felt hands on her young body as her young nipples sprung from her young slim chest. Barely tea cups they all thought. Tea cups with big young puffy nipples.

Theresa was so small her young small cunt mound protruded as much as her small delicate little titties. Her small unused girl cunt seemed to redden as much as her puffy nipples. Turgid and wanting and Theresa did not understand why she felt this way. The extremely attentive nuns were very careful not to spoil the pale creature as they would be sent to the dungeon again that many enjoyed but would never admit. Small discreet smiles as they draped the small novice in a translucent white gown to meet Mother Superior.

Had there been mirrors anywhere she would have gasp as her hard puffy tit points tented the front and anyone, everyone she passed on the way to Mother Superior would see her tiny pussy that was dusted with beginning strains of pubic hair that was even lighter than her hair. She really had no idea how she looked as black-cloaked nuns nodded approvingly when she passed. She was nervous and wondered if she would be considered. She was more nervous about her lies.

She was really only fourteen and not technically acceptable. But daddy and all the men looked at her so strange and it scared her. Her family was real poor and probably the poorest in their village. She did own a bra and barely had anything to cover her budding tits. When it was cold it just got worse as her tit puffs would harden making almost threadbare shirts that were beyond hand me downs. They were given by locals willing to help the poor. She felt her only chance of escape and keeping her young purity. There was a parade of nuns behind her now piously looking down with hands clasped in their silent devotion as their eyes glanced repeated on the young buttocks that quivered with each step.

Once Mother Superior got through with this tiny morsel there would be much devotion and attendance as she was brought into their fold. All of her soon to be sisters were very caring, helpful and brutally horny pieces of fuck filth.

Most loved the dungeon secretly.

Adorned with various crucifixes a little round at the bottom. But the biggest had sharp points. They were all very shiny form years of use. Mother Superior had been a student or novice so many years ago. The rules were rather strict, and she adhered to them as she had been taught herself. There wasn’t a cunt hair in the convent, no hair at all below the head which normally covered anyway.

The long cloaks of hot black cloth they were forced to wear made their cunt and crotches so damn sweaty and stinky. Even their assholes would be wet from the hot robes. It was really a brilliant design from centuries ago to keep the nun fuck meat damp at all times. Brutally hot so often the sets of tits were dripping and wet. It was the rule and what all had confirmed their faith to. Mother Superior always got first dibs as it were.

Theresa had no idea how nasty this convent was and would be. Only one bath a week if you were good and the dungeon if you weren’t, no bath for a month as they were bound. They all got so disgustingly smelly and many were dripping menstrual fluid down there legs hidden by the long hot black robes. No one really knew about Mother Superior other than she practically grown up in this convent from only thirteen. Orphaned for the most part. She had learned or rather smelled all the cunt cream, menstruation fluids and just sweaty horny nuns at each prayer service.

Every row of pews packed with stinky very horny nuns dripping, many hoping to be bad and get back in the dungeon. Sister Cynthia loved the huge crucifix with the sharp points. She knew how to loosen from most of the restraints and Mother Superior often found her impaled on her knees with blood all over the floor as she vicious tore her cunt to shreds pumping up and down like a demon possession.

But Mother Superior really liked Cynthia. She ate her cunt so well and often fisted her asking for another week in the dungeon, lapping like a dog at Mother Superior’s huge clit. That was also a thing at this convent. Clit enlargement. Rarely cunt enlargement. But mostly huge clits. Young Theresa heard some screams as she was marched down the halls. They seemed distant and she just wondered.

The milking barn was a hundred yards away, but Theresa knew about milking from her time on the farm and it was probably just cow sounds. The barn was somewhat for milking but also the best gift nuns could get.

The much older nuns helped placing the sucking tubes on the dangling tits hang off small tables that must be centuries old. They look like they had been polished to a fine sheen. It looked a lot like the sheen on the crucifixes. The older nuns often took a lick on the cunt cream covered surface as she helped the happy nuns up. The older nuns in the barn wore nothing than their required head gear. Still rather slim from a life of piety but horribly distended tits.

Thick purple nipples seemed to constantly leak even though none had ever had children. Thick purple tit extensions like another part of their bodies. They dutifully went about their business knowing full well why they were here. The next so eager nun that had been given Mother Superiors blessing for the barn visit.

The barn had no restraints as know one needed to be held. They were eager as they heard cow milking machines hanging their long black very hot robes on various hooks while the older assistants clearly saw dripping cunt cream. They were all so eager and thankful. It was a process as suctioning tubes were attached to their eager tit tubes. None really had nipples as most would recognize. Just thick distended purple tubes. Some well over three inches.

No guidance was really needed as they eagerly got into position. The older nuns were careful having been here so long. Just a little saliva although many sucked a little more than really necessary as they put the sucking milk machines one distended nipple and then held the other young nun tit and got it attached with small moans from the prone happy nun. The next was all of their favorite. Some licked longer but it was entirely unnecessary as the nun cunts were already wet and dripping.

The very capable nuns carefully fit all cunt meat in the suction tube making ever so sure the clit was in as well. The suction was only light now as everything got fitted with diligence, yet the transparent tube was already full of cunt meat trying to suck for milk as it were. “Are you OK dear?” gently stroking her naked body and carefully folding the head gear in a bundle. So many adored the young asses but had been warned of any ass work, some wondered a bit anyway causing increasing moans.

The milking machine had controls she would turn up gradually judging the mostly naked nun squirming and moaning on the cunt cream polished perfectly designed supports over a century old. Some wondered how this was done before when cow milkers did not exist. Very carefully the powered was turned up as the attendant marveled at how much the nipples would burgeon but mostly the cunt suction.

The entire clear tube was almost full of cunt and it was easy to see the clit being sucked out. Hard and probably very tender but no one every complained as they lay squirming getting most of their bodies sucked on horribly hard. Another nun rushed about with a huge bottle of bull sperm making sure all were well-hydrated. Her only duty was the bull milking but with seven bulls now it was often frantic.

The bulls smelled cunt from some species and got really horny overflowing everything she could try. She often took licks of bull sperm hoping not to get caught. It was somewhat a legend that one nun was removed from a bull dick stuck out of her mouth as it continued to pump thick sperm. There was a lot of blood and other stuff as she had apparently been disemboweled by bull cock.

No one tried that again and maybe it was just legend but frightening despite the horny fuck meat under hot black robes. Dripping fuck meat, sweaty fuck meat and slim asses for the most part. It was only Monday and the next bath was six days away. They often ran out of toilet paper so some nuns were stationed for cleanup.

They were seldom kissed anymore except for their visits with Mother Superior. This particular aspect was known who was a scat-fuck-whore. Mother loved a bit of nun-shit-lover herself. The smiling waifs would enter, strip and wait obediently for a summons. Their pink mouths smeared with shit as they grinned showing shit covered teeth.

Damn things had to be cleaned up almost every day now. She would investigate the kitchen and what was causing so much. As each was beckoned forward with the Mother spread wide in her throne displaying her wide gaping cunt. As each was called they fit their small hands in the gaping cunt while tinder licks of their shit stained faces and mouths, shit stained teeth. The mother loved this part of her saintly duties. The young slim charges held quite still as most of their faces were being sucked on.

The Mother’s fingers hammering their young fuck tubes as she grabbed each by their cunts demanding more shit filth from their mouths and now pink tongues. She loved making these little shit eating sluts cum hard on her very firm fingers. Years of practice and sometimes a whole fist or a finger up their slut asses as they dripped in her presence.

Their cunts always juiced constantly but nothing was like a finger or any kind of fuck treatment they could hope for from the Mother. Little Theresa, the newest would be here soon and she wanted her newest to smell her shit breath. Nude may scare the tiny charge too much before she could be converted into another convent cunt. Delicious young fuck meat. Her training would be like all the rest.

Smaller rounded crucifixes first with the savior looking up at her, it was always the same and some went different directions of service. The barn or the latrine. The Mother had a concept each time this happened, a lamb to slaughter. The Mother had just draped her long robe as the lamb was brought in. having no time to clean herself the entire room stunk of cunt. The Mother took one look and squirmed at the tiny morsel in front of her in the extremely sheer gown. The tiny thing trembled as the others closed the door and left her in this wonderful presence. The revered Mother looked sternly at Theresa with her small tit cones and hardly a trace of hair on her tiny cunt.

The afternoon sun illuminated every aspect of her young thigh gap but her hard turgid nipples stood out on their own. So young and puffy with almost no pussy hair. Sternly how old are really child? I am sorry Mother, I lied a bit to get away and save myself and I am fourteen. The stern looks on Mother’s face softened as she beckoned the newest virgin to her.

The small frail thing sat on her lap not sure if it was correct. She felt thick points in her back as she was hugged and the Mother held her small tiny hips in an age-old demonstration of support and love. Very time worthy practice. Why did you feel in danger Theresa? My clothes mostly that could not cover me, hide me. From what or who dear. My chest is always looked at and we cannot afford underwear. When I started bleeding all I could was take some rag with me and wipe as I walked.

The rag would get filthy and red but all the men kept staring at my chest. I heard some one shout look at those young titties and really Mother I did not wish for them. The Mothers hands had been creeping up the slender body. One may think her more blonde than red hair as she was just so pale and frail. She felt more comfortable now as the Mother whispered hotly in her tiny ear that she came to the convent at only thirteen followed by a small lick in her tiny perfect pink ear.

I can help you child, we can all help you here and forever if you want. We are all friendly here child and I know you are scared as I can feel your body tremble. The real problem for Theresa was the firm hands getting closer and closer her virgin tit meat rubbing up and down her tiny torso like a kind person would do for any child. Do you think you want stay here with us child As her tiny young breast were suddenly hands.

The Mother’s hands and she started pinching her straining nipples. Her small tits were hardly more than nipples yet but a lot of nipple and horribly puffy and terribly sensitive. The saintly Mother held her firm as she pinched the young nipples making the small thing squirm her tiny ass as the Mother started pulling more than pinching. Hard firm pulls, stretching pulls just short of painful pulls as they were being mauled into convent tit meat.

Theresa moaned unknowingly become the latest convent fuck meat. She had not noticed the hand on her tiny cunt mound. She was the only one to ever touch those parts and only when she washed about every two weeks when hot water was available. She horribly afraid the Mother would smell her after a hard week of walking to the sacred convent she had hoped for. One of her sensitive tit cones were still being mauled when the Mothers hand found her tiny pussy. They cold not afford panties either and she was scared the Mother would know.

The saintly Mother had smelled her young stinky cunt when she was presented to her. Smelly little young fuck meat for the convent. The Mother held her body tight as she whimpered her shame wishing she could find any place to wash a bit. Even her tiny arm pits stunk but she just melted against the Mother feeling some hard points in her tiny back as Mother cooed and said she was home and would be safe forever more.

The Mother helped her to her tiny very dirty delicate feet as she shrugged her robe off throwing the hot black robe aside. Theresa did not know what she should do as she stared openly at what had been poking her back. The last time she had ever seen something close was when she milked the cows. She had no concept of the Mother’s age only aware for this moment her breast were smaller than she would have thought only with thick purple tubes slightly wet. Come child and we can make you comfortable here.

She slightly glanced down and was astonished how hairless the Mother was only wondering why she was so puffy red and opened. Very wet it looked. Yes mam, I mean Mother a she sat and had her flimsy tunic rise above her and cast aside. She just knew she smelled and was horribly dirty as there was no toilet paper as she had walked. She sat in the Mother’s lap as the Mother’s hands captured her burgeoning tiny tit flesh twisting and pulling harder. For some reason she liked it as the Mother licked her small arm pits and then licked them. Sweaty nasty arm pits she was so ashamed of.

The Mother was moaning as was tiny Theresa when the Mother held her tiny waste hard and lifted her naked stinky body up further and further. The first lick stunned her as she quivered not sure where to put her hands or feet as she just dangled like a rag doll. She sank immediately on the second lick unable to control anything about herself anymore. Her tiny crotch was on the Mother’s face as she found some aspect of foot hold on the huge throne. Her tiny pelvis started its own movements without her own knowledge. Her small hands had no where to go as she grasped at the throne back and just squirmed.

Little was in doubt in this age old practice of conversion into lesbian new fuck meat. With small breaths the mother guided the small hands to her three inch distended nipples, just hold these sweet meat. They turned out to be good handles for the slim girls as she lost complete control of her tiny pelvis. The mother’s tongue was everywhere as she tried to hold on pulling so hard on the Mother’s thick nipples making Mother moan more. She had cleaned the tiny crotch of matted piss and field filth from days on the road when she pulled the tiny hips a little higher. Delicious tiny ass, sweaty tiny ass, filthy tiny ass with smears of old shit from days ago or maybe yesterday and probably a mix of young shit.

Tiny Theresa was lost as her tiny ass was being cleaned, sucked and loved. She had forgotten what her handles were as she pulled to push her young hips harder and harder. Wet streams came from nowhere as she simply held on for dear life as her small pelvis went crazy gyrating and pumping out of control. The very Saintly Mother held the small hips as they slowed but pumped. Tiny little Theresa saw what she had done to the Mother’s tit tubes. They looked so red now and the rest of the tits were now purple and bruised like they had been beaten.

She had no idea her little knees had slipped form the throne arms violently squishing and bouncing on the Mother’s tits as she road on the delicious feelings she had never ever in her life known. She was starting to cry and started babbling out apologizes as the Mother pulled her slim body down directing her pink young mouth to the first abused nipple tube. Quiet young one as you are home. And the Mother hand drifted to her tiny firm ass ever so slightly massaging her now very clean pink asshole.


Saintly Mother Superior had cradled the tiny Theresa in loving warm embrace with thick fingers up her small precious ass and sometimes in her small immature young cunt. She did lie and knew she should be sent away, but she had no other choice to live. She woke in a big soft bed covered in warm clean sheets and big fluffy blankets.

She had never seen anything like this and just felt so warm and comfortable. She had been assigned a room in the nun dorm. Her tiny bottom and cunny hurt a bit but she was comfortable and so very warm when two of the assistant nuns came in and gently stroked her pale red hair.