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AUTHORS NOTE: This story derives inspiration from a couple of sources – as they say, ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’. The first is the British band from the nineties called ‘Rock Bitch’ (I unapologetically borrowed many elements from their strange but wonderful world). The second is the character ‘Lucy Fur’, who I revived from a story I wrote many years ago (but never finished); echoing the villain of the 1987 movie ‘Angel Heart’ called ‘Louis Cyphre’. I know it all sounds a little contrived but watching the movie over again recently was inspiring. Hope you enjoy it and please let me know your thoughts

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The Baphomet 3


In chapters 4 to 6 our protagonist, journalist, and Christian writer, Fiona Stone, finally meets the enigmatic leader, Lucy Fur, and uncovers all the secrets of “The Baphomet”, the satanic band and its secretive sex commune.

The discovery of the lead singer’s true sexual identity had both shocked and excited Fiona – who after her indoctrination into their occult lifestyle has returned to her normal life – that no longer can remain normal. She lusts after the perversions that now fill her every waking moment – perversions that she looks forward to corrupting others who have yet to discover their own true nature too.

Now, with the band’s up-and-coming “The Baphomet Grand Climax” concert (after the Summer Solstice), there is much excitement among their fans as this gathering will definitely result in sexual and blood rituals with abductions of sacrificial victims (both animal and human) and intricate ceremonial preparations underway, Fiona is invited back as one of their guests of honor.


What does the magazine, Christian Music Express (CME) say about “The Baphomet” rock band? Absolutely nothing. But, the following was a recent article published by an alternative blogger called ‘Flinch’.

“It was widely rumored that in a recent article published by the ex-CME (Christian Music Express) writer, Fiona Stone, that her rather polarizing portrayal of the UK-based shock-rock band, “The Baphomet”, had left some of her regular readers shocked at the seemingly sympathetic point of view put forward by the previously conservative journalist. It seems that she suggested that their onstage antics should not color the view of the band’s strong lyrical and musical contribution.

She went on to say that she felt that this alternative band had a strong message and that Christian society, especially those with exclusive viewpoints, must learn more tolerance and acceptance towards other faiths, even those with occult origins. Ms. Stone proposed that instead of trying to stifle or censor talent, the modern Christian needed to embrace that faith was not a question of censorship or of denial of other beliefs, but one of making sure that it best represents itself instead.

“I was personally surprised at the writer’s openness and viewpoint. I guess my first expectation of this, long-time, Christian-based writer, would have been one of shock and horror at the antics of this depraved band. However, reading the narrative, I could not help but feel that she not only seemed to have understood the band’s satanic and occult headlines but seemed to have a sincere attempt at explaining their more psycho-pagan undertones of sexual perversity.”

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Four weeks after the publication of Fiona Stone’s first article about the British shock-rock band ‘The Baphomet’.

Life was never going to be the same. Fiona contemplated the events leading to the moment. Over and over, she asked herself, was it real? Was it all a dream? It certainly had all the qualities of one, in fact, a mad nightmare. With all that she had witnessed, could she deny it all? The introduction to the band had been an immersion into another twilight world, so different and congregant to her pious Christian lifestyle of self-denial. It went against everything that she knew.

However, the strange band members had accepted her, despite her own trepidation, as one of their own … And what was that? Deviant, pedophile, demon or all? How to reconcile these things? How to contextualize this transformation? It was all too weird. Then there was the enigmatic leader of the band … Lucy Fur … Self-proclaimed anti-Christ … An evil character that had a hold over all those who followed her … Was Fiona now a follower … A foot soldier for Satan?

Fiona stared hard into the mirror. She hardly recognized the face looking back. Her new Gothic look, her pale skin, her smugness that seemed to emulate her changed persona. This was not the Fiona Stone she knew. A scared woman, living in the ‘fear of the Lord’. No, not at all. This was a bold, self-assured woman (Lilu) who seemed hell-bent on staking her claim on the future … whatever that may be.

She turned in recognition of the lyrics to a song that she liked. The song was titled “Priestess of Hell” and it was one of Lucy Fur’s latest hits.

“Everything’s ready, Bring her to me, hear Hell’s demons roar. We’re thirsty for sacred virginity, Hurry up! They can’t wait anymore.”

They were bold words that stirred Fiona’s sexuality in a secretive way. They ignited an evil warning and proclaimed the coming ceremonies to proceed with the Summer Solstice. It was to be a time of incredible evil. Yes, there would be a liberation, a great rite … A public acknowledgment of change. She was to be invited back, or rather her alter ego, Lilu, would be there as an honored guest. No doubt she would accept the calling. No doubt she would participate in all of the rites and rituals … For that was her calling, after all, Lilu was the daughter of Lilith…

Her namesake was the first wife of Adam, who had been banished from the lush harvest of the Garden of Eden when she refused to make herself subservient to Adam (specifically, since she refused to get into the missionary position with him during sexual intercourse). When she was cast out, she was made into a demonic creature, while Adam took a second wife, Eve, who was fashioned from his own rib to ensure her obedience to her man!

There were many myths about Lilith from antiquity …

They claimed that she captured babies in the night ate them; and used mirrors to enter the minds of others through the portal of their eyes. Other accounts characterize her as a beautiful woman who seduced men or copulated with them in their sleep (like a succubus), then spawning demon children. According to some myths, Lilith was in fact the Queen of Demons. In the Middle Ages, celibate monks would attempt to guard against these nocturnal visits by Lilith (as a succubus) by sleeping with their hands crossed over their genitals and holding a crucifix for protection.

“Bring the virgin cunt to the Priestess of Hell!”

These stories only seemed to excite and fuel Fiona’s own personal journey into deeper debauchment. She furiously masturbated, over and over, to the thought of being gifted with supernatural powers to seduce and abuse whoever she willed. She recounted back on her time in the commune, where sexual abuse of minors was commonplace, encouraged, was celebrated. Pedophilia was not scorned. Her personal perverted dreams got wilder and wilder, seeking greater heights of debasement to fulfill her lusty wants.

Sex with young girls … The younger the better … Young feminized boys too … Androgynous children … Sex with crying babies … Eating an unborn fetus … Piss, scat, menstrual blood … It was extreme, perverted sex, blasphemous sex, animal sex, orgies in the worship of sexual demons … Praising the phallic Satan … They wore horrific horned masks, legs of goats, leather-clad nuns with thigh high stiletto heels, whips, torture … Raping the young with long black strap-on phalluses, crucifix didoes … It just got crazier, wilder, darker, and more and more evil.

“Across the black altar, she must be bound, Sexually prone with wickedness resound. Fearful eyes are shining with the gleam of fire, Chanting loudly with Hell’s obscene choir.”

Her dark prayers were somewhat answered when she discovered that she shared mutual secrets with her long-time colleague and fellow journalist, Leanne Sutton. It was the same Leanne who had recommended her and introduced her to The Baphomet Band to write the now-infamous articles on the band’s behind-the-scenes lifestyle.

“Bring the virgin cunt to the Priestess of Hell!”

Soon their conversation turned around to discussing ‘the highly sexualized libertarian lifestyle that blended dark paganism, sex magick and Bacchanalia’s style orgies’, and after both tentatively confessed to each other, some propensity to and appreciation of, their abnormal sexual tendencies; the pair of them began a strange odyssey together.

The renaissance of their confessions set them free to unleash their perverted desires upon Leanne’s two pre-teen children … Six-year-old Samantha and Steven. It had been experimental at first, getting them used to the two women being naked around them, showing physical attraction to each other and to them … Taking baths together, touching, kissing.

There seemed to be an alacrity about it all… Playing pee-pee games… Playing with each other’s poop … But soon it escalated to darker, more demonic activities and ritualistic behaviors … Where Mommy and Lilu wore demonic masks and got the children to perform sexual acts upon them and each other before satanic idols … Bondage, whipping, blasphemy … The more uncomfortable the children were, the more pleasurable it seemed to both of the adults.


A few days before “The Baphomet Grand Climax” concert (after the Summer Solstice).

Christian Watch Group, The Zion Soldiers (TZS), published a scathing article linking the shock-rock band’s lead singer, Lucy Fur, to the recent increase in pre-teen interest in the occult sciences. The article made direct references to the lyrics as well as Lucy’s onstage antics in which they claim, ‘She danced bare-chested and worn an enormous prosthetic penis on stage while other female band members urinated over her in a disgusting display of satanic theatrics. The symbology of devil worship and black magic rituals were clearly seen. This included inverted pentagrams, sigils, and other insignia of the Church of Satan. This music is nothing more than the Devil’s propaganda, designed to pervert the young and to draw them into the darkness of fornication and lyrical blasphemy.’

In another article by the same group, they similarly claimed that “A step-by-step analysis of Ms. Lucy Furs’ on-stage performance will show that she is possessed by a sex demon; that she had relations with; and furthermore, that she probably sold her soul to the Devil.” This article also went on to state “She is playing with the devil… The horns upon the lead singer’s head and the blasphemous lyrics promote rampant fornication, homosexuality, cannibalism, and bargains with Satan, it should be clear that “The Baphomet’s” music is promoting rebellion against God, against the righteous way. Never forget that Jesus Christ said: “A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.” (Luke, chapter 6, versus 44 to 45).”

In other news, there has been some talk of the lead singer of the British “Shock Rock” band, “The Baphomet”, participating in local politics. Lucy Fur continued to headline and gain attention as she flaunted a political agenda that challenged both establishment and religious leaders; to the outrageous claims of legitimizing the Church of Satan as an orthodox religion. Up until only recent times, locals had given no credence to the cult’s status. However, the growing groundswell of support for devil worship from all corners of the community has led to violent protests and even threats against members of the cult, who claim that the antichrist has arrived and that the Church of Satan will soon be the only legitimate religion.


A few days before “The Baphomet Grand Climax” concert (after the Summer Solstice). At a chapel close to the concert grounds.

“The Baphomet Grand Climax” concert posters were everywhere. Some of the posters headlined “The Priestess of Hell” and “Bring Me The Virgin Cunt”; showed a naked image of the band’s lead singer, Lucy Fur, with demon horns trampling triumphantly upon broken crucifixes whilst rubbing what appeared to be a large prosthetic penis. Other posters show the antics of various band members: Cherry Chamani (“Hekate”) on guitar; Amanda Fry on bass; Nikki West on the flute; Nikola Gossman on lead guitar; and Anjali Kara (“Kali”) and Erica Angel (“Jezebel”) displaying their devil-cunt tattoos for all to see.

There seemed to be an air of great anticipation. Darkly dressed goths, colored hair, occult jewelry, pagan music, tattoos proclaiming allegiance to Satan … Everywhere seemed alive with a renewal of dark energy.

As fast as the posters appeared, they were taken down. No doubt by the Christian zealots, like the TZS, that had been out in equal numbers, gathering to protest this neopagan cult carnival. They seemed to be very busy discrediting “The Baphomet” band. Obscure church groups gathered at nearby churches and chapels; praying in all-night vigils; offering sanctitude to those that deigned “The Devil His Dues” and absolution for those that turned away from the sinful and shaming acts depicted in connection to the forthcoming concert. But still, more concert posters were replaced each time, and in increasing numbers (as a minor public relations war seemed to ensue).

Sister Mary of Bethany prayed quietly. Something turned inside her in the depths of her viscera. The hymns of praise always comforted her in times of trouble. And, in her mind, trouble was brewing. Serious trouble. She had followed the announcements of the up-and-coming neopagan cult concert. That obscene band was nothing short of the Devil’s hand at work. There were souls to save. She had to be strong. She had to persevere in the presence of this great evil. Sister Mary was a small and delicate thing, hardly suited to any battle, but her love of Jesus Christ and devotion to her beliefs gave her immense strength of fortitude and she would see this through to its bitter end.

The other Sisters of Bethany seemed less convinced of their potential for success. In fact, most believed that they were in over their heads. Their faith, it seemed, was not as strong as Sister Mary’s, and they looked irritated and unsettled, even in the sanctitude of their chapel.

“We must be strong sisters. We must be united. The forces of darkness gather here… Make no doubt … God has called us to make a stand against those who would use the devices of the Devil to pervert the young. Lesbianism. Homosexuality. Fornication. Masturbation. Sodomy. Sexual sins … This is the gospel according to these sex demons.”

There was a pregnant hush among the sisterhood. Their fear was palpable.

“We are God’s soldiers. And there is about to ensue a great battle. Good versus evil. Heaven against hell. And at stake are the souls of the fallen … Are we not going to heed God’s calling? It is his voice that beckons us, to stand up and fight good Sisters … He calls to us to defend his Word. ‘Take thou away from me the noise of thy songs; for I will not hear the melody of thy viols (musical instruments). But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.’ Amos, chapter 5, verses 23 to 24 … Amen.”

“Amen,” came the rather lackluster response.

“Let me tell you … I was in the grocery store today and had to hold back the tears as I heard the most vile, blasphemous, and perverted song being aired over their radio. It’s in all the stores today, everywhere you go. Britain has gone to Hell. I couldn’t help but think about how short life is, the reality of Hell, and how teens are being led into a wicked lifestyle by demonic secular music and paganism … The sad fact is that young people, these days, have all become so selfish and wicked. Hardly anyone cares anymore. I care, and I know you do too Sisters. This song is so evil. The pop singer’s name is Lucy Fur and her band is called “The Baphomet”. She is a spoiled, lewd, pro-homosexual brat who dares blaspheme the holy name of Jesus in her vile lyrics…

“Look deep in my eyes, you little bitch, I’m a pedophile demon witch. Fuck Jesus, your vagina is wet, Be afraid, soon you’ll pay your debt.

“How dare they blaspheme the holy name of Jesus Christ! She admits that she’s tearing the world apart. They certainly are! Her evil music and influence are sinful. She openly curses in the song, using foul language. This is targeted at our teens and even preteens! Lucy Fur is of the Devil. She has performed with a whole band of sluts and whores. Have they no shame? No, and that’s what the song ‘Priestess of Hell’ is all about, if not about the human sacrifice of virginity to an androgynous Devil!”

This speech seemed to stir her reluctant brethren. She felt faint. Maladroit. Her face turned hoary. As she began to collapse two of her fellow sisters ran to her side, holding her up before she fell.

“Sister Mary, Sister Mary … You must lie down. Make way, let’s take her to her room. You aren’t as strong as you think … We all aren’t as strong as we think,” replied Sister Norma, holding Sister Mary up by her elbow.

“You … You … Must have faith, Sisters. You must have faith …” whispered Sister Mary, now too weak to stand on her own.

As the other Sisters left her to rest alone, Sister Mary felt a visitation. Half awake and half asleep. Her vision became blurred and the strangest of sensations filled her five senses. It started as if she was directly looking upon a scene from the fresco of Rila Monastery … It was a blasphemous scene in which perverse demons were depicted. They had been angels once.

They had been God’s angelic spiritual harbingers. But now they followed the Devil, a vestigial of their former selves, they were nothing but the fallen. Sister Mary found them initially grotesque. Their hairless naked forms were distinguished by horns upon their ugly heads, reptilian wings, long snouts (like pigs, goats, and rams) with razor-sharp canines, claws for hands and feet, and enormous erect penises. But in her strange visitation, she realized that they had not come to teach her. No, the fallen angels were with her. She looked down at herself and realized that she too looked just as grotesque as they did; and between her legs rose a fat hard penis.

She did not understand the reasoning of this visitation, only how horny she felt, that she had the strongest of urges to touch herself and to play her new sex organ. There were also other demons indulging in solo masturbating, some copulating with each other and as she watched this strange scene unfold, she realized how wicked it felt pulling the foreskin of her rampant phallus back and forth in illicit delight. Another demon fell between her legs and took her cock into its ugly snout, sucking amorously upon it. The pleasure was intense.

She bucked wildly as she found herself thrusting harder and harder into the back of the demon’s throat in an effort to get more of her huge cock flesh inside the tight wet canal. Another pressed the head of its cock against her open wet anus. Soon it was inside her, having penetrated her rectum, she pushed backward against it, to impale herself upon it, groaning in complete abandonment whilst filled with these new and wondrous sensations.

She awake abruptly and guilt immediately followed. Fathomless guilt. It was a growling sensation that reached down, viscera deep. The dreamscape began to fade back. She prayed for forgiveness. She prayed for salvation. But somewhere there, was a vestigial of disappointment. Her cunt was moist from arousal. She took several deep breaths and tried to sit up on her bedding. Her head was still spinning.



Lyrics – High Priestess of Hell

Priestess of Hell:
Everything’s ready,
Bring her to me, hear Hell’s demons roar.
We’re thirsty for sacred virginity,
Hurry up! They can’t wait anymore.

The Coven:
Bring the virgin cunt
To the Priestess of Hell!

Across the black altar she must be bound,
Sexually prone with wickedness resound.
Fearful eyes are shining with the gleam of fire,
Chanting loudly with Hell’s obscene choir.

The Coven:
Bring the virgin cunt to the Priestess of Hell!

Priestess of Hell:
Look deep in my eyes, you little bitch,
I’m a pedophile demon witch.
Fuck Jesus, your vagina is wet,
Be afraid, soon you’ll pay your debt.

The Coven:
Bring the virgin cunt to the Priestess of Hell!

Priestess of Hell:
I wish to hear her weep.
I wish to hear her cry.
I wish to hear her yell.
Of disgust … of fear … of pain.

Priestess of Hell and the Coven:
Bring the virgin cunt to the Priestess of Hell!

Priestess of Hell:
We’ll rape her. We’ll kill her.
We’ll eat her flesh. We’ll eat her soul.


Night of the Covenant. Summer Solstice. At the band’s encampment before “The Baphomet Grand Climax” concert.

Fiona Stone, Leanne Sutton, and her two children watched the angry faces of protestors pressed against the windows of their vehicle, as it pulled up outside the gates to the concert grounds. The crowd banged angrily on the darkly tinted windows. Fiona felt a familiar excitement rise between her thighs as she approached the encampment. The placards proclaimed the “Arrival of the Anti-Christ” and to “Save your soul before it is too late”. Pathetic, thought Fiona. She rubbed her wet cunt through the thin material of her underwear.

The security barrier rose and the slick black van pulled inside as the security personnel closed the barrier again behind the vehicle. The van door slid back. It was early evening. The sun had well and truly set and the stars in their thousands appeared against the purple-black sky. Outside the country air was warm and filled with the aroma of campfires and burning nature. Fiona could now hear the voices of the protestors, crying out. Their claims are only just audible over the sounds of the encampment itself.

It was a carnival atmosphere. Laughter rose. A village of tents covered the grazing fields before the wooded surrounds. Fiona could make out informal groupings of young pagans, some sitting, some standing, some dancing and singing; others embracing, possibly copulating against the backdrop of white tentage and the warm orange glow of the multitude of inviting campfires.

“Lilu you made it just in time.”

It was Anjali Kara aka Kali.

They embraced. Fiona melted away. The profusion of a distinct taboo stirred her, as Lilu’s cunt was already drenched. They kissed passionately. She introduced Leanne and the two special children and without a further word, Anjali led them all quickly to where they needed to be.

Others would be there … Paying homage … Worshiping … Fornicating before the Devil. As they both entered the guarded tent reserved only for the band and its most trusted inner sanctum, Fiona was greeted with the sight of a great goat-headed idol … A demonic idol … “The Baphomet” … The band’s namesake had been erected in the center of the large circular tent. The Devil’s harem burned orange in the glow of oil lamps, Lilu saw the orgy was about to begin.

Leanne grunted in sheer shock and pleasure.

Near naked children, dressed in gold and bronze jewelry, danced and performed sexual acts before “The Baphomet” as the perverted band members looked on, each being masturbated by their own pre-teen sex slave in leather leashes and thick studded collars.

The young androgynous boys proudly showed off their drooling erections rubbing them together or against the clef of another’s backside. Girls, many as young as five or six, rubbed their little vaginas or the neb of their immature nipples as they all swayed and danced provocatively to the raw sound of Nikki’s pagan flute. Cherry beat the throbbing rhythm on a small decorative drum.

Lilu groaned in exquisite delight. Anjali smiled evilly at Lilu, and Lilu grinned wildly licking her lips at all the pedophilic treasures.

There was a hush as one of the band members stood up and addressed the strange ensemble.

“We are all gathered here in the Harem of Demons, before the great Baphomet to pay homage to Satan, our one true god. Soon all will know the glory of the Dark Kingdom and will bathe in light of the Priestess of Hell. Let this night and every night be a celebration of our devotion … Of our appreciation of Satan’s most perverted of gifts …. Hail Satan. Hail Satan,” cried Erica aka Jezebel.

“Hail! Hail!” cried the band members enthusiastically.

At the extreme of the tent’s smokey glow, Lilu catch sight of a figure dressed with the head of a goat. The long black robe was open to the front, exposing both breasts and a flaccid penis. The unholy androgyny. Its horns and long snout complete the figurative embodiment of the living Baphomet.

“Hail! Hail!” cried the band again, with the theatrical entry of their infamous lead singer … it was Lucy Fur.


Lilu, Leanne, and the two children followed Lucy Fur into her private enclosure. It was a tent inside a tent. All was draped in red and gold. Red floor coverings, red and gold fabric walls, and a huge low bed all covered in red satin. A large oval gilt mirror was angled towards the bed so that its occupants would have a good view of themselves whilst indulging in the Devil’s playpen.

“I am so glad that you could come and join us,” crooned Lucy.

She made herself comfortable upon the oversized bed, leaning back against the ornately carved and cushioned headrest, and ushered the others to join her.

“We are appreciative of the invitation,” replied Lilu.

“No, the honor is all mine. Please undress yourselves … I see you have brought me some delightful new friends,” Lucy grinned enigmatically at the two young children, “I have a task for you Lilu.”

“Yes, anything,” replied Lilu eagerly as they all stripped completely naked before the demon.

“It is important to get the word out. There are many like us that need to know that the time has come. Your coverage of this spectacular event must make the ‘front page’ news. There must be a sensation within the press and the social media. We need to whip up a frenzy. Everyone must talk about what is happening here. Do you understand?”

“Yes I do,” answered Lilu.

Lucy cupped the two naked children close to her, one under each arm. Six-year-old Samantha and Steven looked very comfortable with their new lover as she ran her hands across their nubile young bodies.

“It will be my finest work,” added Lilu.

“The underpinning message must be that the ways of old are no longer acceptable to the people. Young or old. There is a rebellion against Christianity … Against the arrogance of god. Against an institution that is no longer relevant … It is the dawn of the Priestess. My ascension will be glorious. And I want the people of this land to fall to their knees in reverence for the new order. They must know the splendor of Hell … The beauty of true freedom … And the gifts that Satan will bestow those who elect to follow me!”

“Yes, I will tell them this. I will breathe the fire of your lust to those who heed your words; and the fire of your wrath to those who would stand in the way.”

“Excellent,” said Lucy.

The demon pushed the young boy’s head down into her lap so that his mouth was pressed against her drooling erection. The boy, Steven, took eagerly to the task of licking and rubbing the demon’s thick phallus. After a few moments, the demon pressed the young girl, Samantha, so that they alternated back and forth, pleasuring the demon.

“I will be glorious,” said Lilu.

“Yessssss …” groaned the demon, as she thrust her wanton hips upwards against their immature faces.

Lilu and Leanne kissed each other hungrily as they watched Leanne’s children orally copulating with the demon.


Night of the Covenant. Summer Solstice. In the wooded area close to the band’s encampment before “The Baphomet Grand Climax” concert.

Sister Mary was not ready to give in. She was an orthodox woman of action. She was prepared to lay down her life if necessary. They had a calling and she was not about to give up. Even if her fellow sisters were uneasy about the task ahead … She was not. Sometimes, you have to stand up and be counted, and she wanted to make a difference as one of God’s own.

Her ill-conceived plan was to get into the concert encampment, get evidence of their misconduct, and then burn the staging down to the ground. Nobody would be hurt. It was just a strong signal that they could not just come into their locale and preach the gospel of the Devil without serious consequences; and with evidence of their activities, she would be able to press for the local police to step in. How she was going to gather said evidence, she was not clear … But she had faith that God would provide the opportunity and the means … Amen.

She and one other sister, Sister Regina, had made it through the darkened wooded boundaries and now stood at the edge of the encampment. Actually, there had been three of them, to begin with, but Sister Margaret had lost her nerve and turned back. Sister Mary was bitterly disappointed in her last-minute change of heart. She could see the nun was scared, but was not that the point of bravery? A test of their faith? To be afraid, but still to continue on the course of righteousness.

Sister Mary was glad that she had not dressed in her clumsy habit as the wooded areas had been quite densely filled with undergrowth and in the warmth of the summer night, it had been a challenge for the two of them to make it this far. Where they had come out was not that far from a large circular tentage, that could only be where the band was accommodated.

“I’m really not sure about this, Sister Mary,” stated the reluctant nun, “I don’t think that this is what God had in mind.”

“We have to stop these sacrilegious beasts. They’re devils … sex demons … All … They must be shamed and exposed.”

They had previously divided the tasks. Sister Regina would set fire to the staging and in the ensuing panic it caused, escape right out the front gates; while Sister Mary, before all the mass hysteria began, would get close to the band’s encampment and take photos of whatever it was that she could find. The prospect of finding abused children (God forbid) turned her stomach, but she was hardened to the cause. The wicked pagans would not stand a chance. Homosexuals. Deviants. They would be exposed as sodomites, pedophiles, and perverts, and she would be the one to bring them all down … The Devil would get his dues … And his followers would all be punished for their transgressions. Let the wrath of God strike them down.

“Remember … Acts, chapter 28, verse 18 … ‘To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.’ …” stated Sister Mary, almost emotionless to the task.

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness,” replied Sister Regina.

Sister Mary and Sister Regina both made the sign of the cross and the two zealots parted ways.

It took only a few moments for Sister Mary to draw close to the large circular tent. She was shaking with nervousness. She had asked Sister Regina to give her twenty minutes before setting the staging ablaze. Twenty minutes would be all she needed to collect the damning evidence of the “Pagan crimes” against humanity, Christianity and all that was moral and upright. She could taste their punishment. Yes, and all will be punish’d, she thought.

There was little light at the rear of the structure to expose her and convinced of her success, she brazenly slipped beneath the canvas to glimpse the strange happenings within. She took a deep breath. Once inside, she found a purchase behind one of the large pillars that supported the tentage. Her eyes were keen on the orange glow of the oil lamps that lit the tent’s interior space.

Seeing all the nakedness caught her momentarily off guard. She quickly placed her hand over her mouth to stifle the sound of her shock. Young girls, as young as five or six years old … Just children … Their innocence defiled … Pre-teen boys dressed effeminately and in a state of arousal. Devil, many, all naked and fornicating with young ones. Shocking. Horrible. Incredulous.

Sister Mary’s hands shook as she took pictures of what looked like dark sex magick and Bacchanalia’s style orgy. Amidst the entanglement of pedophilia and nakedness, Sister Mary recognized the living Baphomet … She knew it … It was not a prosthetic penis that appeared to rise from between the thighs of their lead singer … No … This was the Devil aka The Baphomet, the goat-headed god with both male and female genitalia.

“For, behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the Lord of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch,” she prayed inaudibly as she took as many pictures as she could.

The goat-headed Devil danced to the pagan beat with two young effeminate boys each playing with themselves as took turns kissing, suckling, and tongue-bathing the Baphomet’s erect phallus. It was almost too horrific to comprehend. Sister Mary shuddered as she fumbled in trying to focus the lens of her tiny camera. She recognized a reporter. Her face in the article burned into Sister Mary’s mind.

That reporter from whatever magazine that had given open praise to these devils. She too was engaged in some kind of perverted sexual molestation of a very young child. Hideous. So hideous. They must burn. They must be punished. The camera clicked away. The images of debauchery that would bring them all down … By the grace of God they were all to fall … To be put away and never to be released … Ever!


The night before “The Baphomet Grand Climax” concert (after the Summer Solstice). At the band’s secret encampment.

Lilu and her companions had joined the others in the main tent. The orgy was beginning to pick up pace. There was debauchery all around.

Lilu groaned as the young girl lapped eagerly at her erect clitoris whilst pressing her entire hand, her small figures pressed together, wrist deep up Lilu’s throbbing wet cunt. It felt so powerful. It felt so wicked. Using the little girl like a masturbation device. Objectifying her completely.

“Argh … Fuck yes! … Deeper! Deeper! ” she groaned.

Lilu had seen to it that Leanne and her two children were introduced to some of the most perverted members of the ensemble and were entertaining them with oral copulation. Seeing the two young children making out with others their age gave their mother the confidence to indulge in her own personal perverse fantasies with both younger and older cult sex slaves.

Lilu looked on. She knew that in this place she could indulge herself in anything she wanted in the presence of her androgynous god. The horned devil she knew as Lucy Fur. Her glazed eyes focused for a moment. She saw both Anjali and Erica wearing flesh-colored strapless dildos. The girl’s fingers wriggled exquisitely inside her. The two sex dancers looked as androgynous as Lucy Fur. Both were holding a helpless boy child each, forcing them to their knees and pressing the head of their strap-on dildos against their tight little sphincters.

Lilu thought about doing something similar, raping one of the boys or girls … Doing something non-consensual seemed to be very appealing right now … something shockingly evil … To see fear in their face was very exciting … Yes … Doing it, while they screamed and cried … She thought about Leanne and her two children … How they were going to suffer very soon … Somehow, Lui felt that this would not end well for them. She grinned at the prospect of their tortured sexual suffering.

It was then that she noticed, out of the corner of her eye, a woman, fully dressed in black and looking suspiciously like she was taking photos. She looked out of place. An intruder. A spy. This woman needed to be caught before she did them some harm.

“Stop her,” shouted Lilu.

Everyone turned to look directly at the intruder.


A few days before “The Baphomet Grand Climax” concert (after the Summer Solstice).

Christian Watch Group, Zion Soldiers, claimed to have photographic evidence of pedophilic crimes committed by certain members of the shock-rock band “The Baphomet”. Though not released, published, or evidenced when pressed, the Christian Watch Group claims that the authorities are in collusion with these, so-called, devils. In fact the police and local authorities are willing participants in their planned formation of a demonic enclave that would see the worship of the Devil institutionalized as a recognized religion. This would be tantamount to paving the way for this disease of society to spread across the entire country.

“We need to protect our younger members of the community. They are highly vulnerable to these sexual predators pretending to be superstars. Their music is nothing more than blasphemous trash. These perverts are the scum of the earth and need to be eradicated without mercy.”

While authorities were quick to deny any allegations of collusion, they also cautioned the Zion Soldiers that any claims of wrongdoing would need to be investigated and substantiated. Any evidence of improper behaviour would need to be surrendered to the proper authorities. The Zion Soldiers seemed to be reluctant to trust local law enforcement agencies claiming that there was a plot that, ’goes right to the top’.

Another story attacked the former Christian writer, Fiona Stone, for her recent articles that seem sympathetic to the group. “It is obvious that Ms. Stone has sold her soul to the devil. She has no shame in promoting them as entertaining and talented artists, failing to question their material and the sacrilegious filth that they have tried to peddle as commercial music.”

They also quoted references to Aleister Crowley’s infamous words, ‘Do as thou wilt shalt be the whole of the law. Lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture. Fear not that any God shall deny thee for this … Every dirty act was simply a sacrament of sin, a passionately religious protest against Christianity, which was for me the symbol of all vileness, meanness, treachery, falsehood, and oppression.’ Saying, “These devils know only selfish pleasures of the flesh. Venereal pleasures. Criminal pleasures.” Updates of this story brought no further comments from either the band itself or the writer, Fiona Stone.

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A few days before “The Baphomet Grand Climax” concert (after the Summer Solstice).

Christian Watch Group, Zion Soldiers, continued its publicity attack on the shock rock band “The Baphomet”. Their latest claims said that the pop singer also ‘“Displayed unnatural sexual preferences that included the featuring of young transgendered dancers in her shows”. They said, “That she had been an outspoken advocate for homosexual rights and even officiated a gay marriage ceremony.

Thus once the rebellion begins, it continues its downward spiral into every type of sexual sin possible in accordance to Satan’s agenda. Pop culture and the mass media want to pass off all these behaviors as exciting, cool, and even empowering. But the Bible says otherwise: ‘Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience: Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others.” Ephesians, chapter 2, verses 2 to 3. Amen.”


The night before “The Baphomet Grand Climax” concert. At a small chapel located in the same vicinity as the concert encampment.

Father Zither called the Sisters and Brothers of Bethany to prayer. Though he had been a godly man his entire adult years, dedicating his life to Jesus, he had his doubts. The doubts eat away at him daily, consuming his heart with strife. He had not been enthusiastic about Sister Mary’s plan, and he had hesitated, giving the three of his clergy the opportunity to go ahead. He regretted his choice. Nevertheless, what was done was done, now all that remained was to pray and have faith in the Lord … If only he truly believed. It was a dilemma. He felt like a hypocrite.

“Pray for our Sister Mary. Pray for our Sister Regina. Pray for our Sister Margaret … May their holy work bring a new light to this troubled world. Now the works of the flesh are manifest. Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred … Envying, murders, drunkenness, revealings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Galatians, chapter 5, verses 19 to 21.”

Father Zither paused and gazed upwards over the altar and towards the large crucifix that hung against the front wall of the small chapel. He hoped that there was salvation, that there was divine intervention, and that his half-hearted prayers would be somehow answered. But deep down he also felt another need. A sexual need that seemed to be omnipresent. He had felt it when he was young, before his priestly days, masturbating for hours, contemplating all kinds of sexual mischief. But he had tried to silence this hunger. Bury it deep inside; and now it threatened to resurface, at such a delicate time, like Mount Vesuvius, when it erupted and suddenly exploded over the citizens of Pompeii.

“Let me say that sexual sin is an easy avenue to fall into outright rebellion against God. Crowley premised much of his beliefs on sexual “freedom” and promiscuity. An admitted bisexual and pedophile, he encouraged open sexuality, not just for recreation but as a way to lash out at our Christian faith. He was an evil man and died poor and deceased. Amen.”

“Amen,” answered the congregation.

“The unbelieving world rages against us and against our God to remove the fragile ‘moral’ restraints which are His Holy laws, off of themselves. Without Godly influence, a person will move closer to Satan. There is no middle ground. And as we know, brothers and sisters, pop culture has been instrumental in shifting society’s attitudes from following Biblical standards and pursuing righteousness, to a self-centered, morally ambiguous rebellion. Amen.”


“Now ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. 1 Corinthians, chapter 6, verses 9 to 10.”

The congregation broke into a spontaneous song. But words seemed scrabbled in the priest’s mind. A dark pool of concentric circles ripples moving onwards and outwards, never returning to the source. He feared the worst, not for Sisters Mary, Regina, and Margaret, who should never have been allowed to go on their own, but more for his own selfish mortal soul that had become rancorously polluted and embattled in this struggle that he saw as good over evil. Evil seemed so alluring, so desirous. His cock was rock hard again and needed to be sate.

The corrupted priest excused himself and quickly retired to his private chamber. Even from behind these sacred walls, the voices of his ridiculous choir could still be heard. He locked the door behind him and slipped from his priestly ropes. Father Zither sat down, naked at his desk, and opened his personal laptop computer. He opened a browser page and typed the URL from memory to a secretive and private intranet site that never appeared on any search engine. It was a site that linked him to a priestly contingent of like-minded clergy that had all immersed themselves in the darker side of sexuality. Forbidden things that went beyond the description of depravity. His cock was hard and throbbing in his fist as he tried his best to type one-handed.

All the talk about the evil band “The Baphomet” had stroked his libido. He had seen the signs. The coming of the Antichrist was nothing for him to fear … In fact, quite the opposite … He was thrilled at the prospect of kneeling before the Devil and casting aside this disguise of morality.

The screen hummed with aberrant life. The sight of young, naked bodies, abused by masked monks filled his view. A boy and a girl, no older than eight years old, both hung helplessly, inverted crosses taped to their shallow chests as they hung before their ritual audience. The sound of Latin chanting filled the priest’s ears, prayers to a darker god. The signs of devil worship were omnipresent.

This was nothing that could be sanctioned by the Church of Christ, yet it belonged to the Christian brotherhood … A perversion of their religion … A disgrace to everything their faith held up to the world … Yet a shared desire between a nameless and numerous secret society within his clergy. His breath became labored and fluids flowed across the fingers and knuckles of his hand as he stroked himself fast and furiously.

“Hail Satan!” he exclaimed as he shot a heavy load of semen across the floor beneath his bare feet.


The night before “The Baphomet Grand Climax” concert (after the Summer Solstice). At the band’s secret encampment.

She had been caught. It had been a split second before when her strange demonic dream had momentarily returned, the personal transformation had somehow changed her and now it had put her completely off balance. She hesitated. Sister Mary turned to run, but it was too late. The devils were on top of her. Holding her against her will, restraining her. Touching her with their sinful hands. Disgusting. Degrading. Vile hands.

“Let me go! Let me go!” she squealed like a little scared piglet, “God save me … Get your filthy evil hands off of me right now.”

Her staccato voice seemed pathetic under the circumstances and had no effect on her captures or the outcome. The naked pagans held her firmly and dragged her front and center before the hideous goat-god. Oh, God Almighty. The Devil. The Devil himself. Help me, God. She mouthed silently, trying to pray in her mind. Sister Mary was flanked by the two dancers, both being capable of overcoming the delicate little nun. They forced her to her knees.

“What have you done?” asked Lucy whose identity remained covered beneath the goat-headed mask.

Erica handed Lucy the small camera. She crushed it in her hands as if it were made of chalk.

“You’ll regret this. It’s not over yet!” blurted Sister Mary.

“What have you done?” she asked again, her voice slow and deliberate.

“It’s too late … You think you’re so smart … Well, you’re not …”

“Sabotage. Check the encampment immediately. Go,” commanded the demon to her fellow band members.

They left immediately spreading out into the darkness.

Lucy removed her mask and noticed how the nun recoiled at the realization that she was transgendered … hermaphroditic … that she was a shemale … the androgynous demon was, in fact, the lead singer. The rumors were true. A she-devil incarnate. Both succubus and incubus. The nun’s legs went weak and her bladder gave way. The smell of the nun’s urine filled the air.

“Your … evil will be … your undoing,” stuttered the piss-wet nun.

“Is that so? Interesting observation.”

The group returned with another stranger in tow.

“We found her near the staging. She was attempting to burn it all down. But we caught her, just in time,” answered Nikki.

“What shall we do with them?” asked Cherry.

“Well, I don’t know yet. You both took quite a risk coming here? Look at you both. You’re like scared little mice. Caught in the headlights before the juggernaut runs you down.”

“If you hurt us, they will know.”

“They, being your Sisterhood? And they will know what? That you perished in your misadventure … Lost in the woods … Never finding the encampment … Never made it back either … People disappear all the time … Wild animals there are out there … A few strands of torn and bloody clothing left to let them guess your unfortunate fate.”

“God damn you!” cried Sister Regina.

Lucy laughed.

“Take off their clothing and bring them before the idol.”

The band members, assisted by a few of the young children, gathered around the two nuns and cut away their clothing. Kneeling naked together, the two nuns tried their best to cover themselves. They looked shaken, humiliated, and desperate standing in the midst of the harem. Lucy had once again donned her goat-head mask and sat upon a throne-like chair affront the great idol. The rest of the clam now gathered around the nuns, some sitting, some standing. There seemed to be a return of the carnal calm of moments before the intrusion.

“Thank you, Lilu … your sharp observation may have saved our day.”

Lilu smiled and pressed a child’s tiny face into her needy wet cunt.

“Music. Music,” commanded Lucy.

Nikki retrieved her flute and Cherry strummed the drum. Lucy stood up and looked down upon the kneeling nuns.

“I can be a compassionate God,” said Lucy.

“You are evil,” chimed Sister Mary.

“You come here, trespassing, to burn us down and I am the evil one?”

The group were all resuming their sexual activities, fornicating, masturbating, abusing; but all eyes were on the exchange between their lead singer and the nuns.

“I am capable of great compassion. I know your misguided actions were to help these poor helpless children from my band of sexual predators. You hoped to save their souls instead of them being used as our harem slaves. Right?”

The nuns did not answer. Sister Mary looked around, seeing the young children actively engaged in a number of lewd acts with the band members. She swallowed hard in disbelief.

“I like you,” said Lucy stepping forward and placing her hand beneath the chin of Sister Mary, “You have spunk for one so tiny.”

Sister Mary turned her head away in disgust and leaned backward to stop the hermaphrodite from touching her. But Lucy’s hand only reached down further and began to caress the nun’s small puffy breasts that immediately stiffened at the Demon’s seductive touch.

“Hmmmm … You seem to like that … Don’t you.”

The nun did not answer instead she continued to look away. Her face was flushed with a confusion of abject hatred and the prickly feeling of unwanted sexual arousal. The dream welled upwards inside of her. The memory of a strange demonic place of even stranger pleasures pressed itself into the forefront of her mind. She shook her head, trying to get the thoughts and feelings from having any effect on her. But her libido still responded despite her refusals. The sexual sensations are overwhelmingly real or made real by her body’s betrayal.

“Oh, Oh. This is too good. Your church sends a renegade nun to destroy the Antichrist … A nun that happens to be highly aroused by the very evil she has been sent to destroy … An undeniable excitement that is stirred by my wickedness … By my lewdness … By my perversity?”

Sister Mary looked horrified. She glanced at Sister Regina.

“It’s not true. She’s lying,” snapped the confused nun.

“Tomorrow it will all be over, Sister Mary.”

“You … You know my name?” blurted Sister Mary.

She was losing her mind.

“Of course. I was there. I saw it all. You were … Transformed,” Lucy whispered, so that only Sister Mary could hear, “I was there, in your dream.”

“That’s … That’s not possible?” Sister Mary looked dumbfounded.

“Yet it is. You misunderstand my nature, Sister Mary. You state that you fight against demonic forces … Yet you see me before you and fail to believe in my supernatural origin … You try to hold onto a false reality. The Devil is as aloof as your fucking god? No, I am real Sister Mary. ”

Sister Mary reeled. The demon was right. She knew that she was exposed. It saw what she could not hide. Her search for the truth whatever that had meant. But now her cunt was truly a wet cavern. Sweet secretion and vaginal juices ran down the inside of her bare thighs. The liquids tickled as they flowed. The aroma of her arousal was strong enough for her to smell. Her denial of sexual excitement at the sight of the depraved scene before her could no longer be hidden. She groaned long and deeply. It was an unashamed groan.

“Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. Let yourself go … Be free of the Christian prosecution … Your soul belongs to me … It has always belonged to me … Forget the shame. Embrace your true calling. Fall before me and take my cock between your eager lips.”


The Night of the Covenant. The night of “The Baphomet Grand Climax” (after the Summer Solstice). At the concert.

The night air itself was electric. Phosphorus flashes of jagged lighting stabbed brilliant white across the purple-black sky, illuminating the gathered storm clouds that threatened high above. It was a supernatural arena. But nothing could distract the excitement of the crowd in their anticipation of what was about to transpire. They had waited too long and the momentum had built to the point where there could be no abnegation.

It was to be much more than just a music concert set in the picturesque woodlands of the English countryside. There was nothing bathetic about it. This was the highest of celebrations in the realm of the dark occult. It was to be the greatest neopagan gathering ever to have been hosted. There were people of every age, race, creed, and type. Of course, there was a disproportionate amount of Goths and pagans among the crowd. Weird hairstyles, piercings, tattoos, black leather clothing, and death metal t-shirts were just the norm. But there was also a strange assortment of pre-teens and teens gathered to here to worship their superstar idol, Lucy Fur, at the temple of “The Baphomet”.

A single figure could be seen on stage, elevated to the size of a pixel god by the huge digital video screens that towered upward on either side.

“Who do you want?” called the melancholic microphoned voice.

It was Erica Angel aka Jezebel, the sex dancer.

“Lucy Fur …” shouted the crowd.

Already the motley crew chanted loudly and collectively … Calling for her presence. The trill of their voices rose up over their heads and carried across the outdoor stadium as they cried out to their charismatic dark deity …

“Who do you want?”

“Lucy Fur! Lucy Fur!”

“I can’t hear you?” Jezebel stirred the obstreperous crowd.

“Lucy Fur! Lucy Fur! Lucy Fur! Lucy Fur! Lucy Fur! Lucy Fur!”

One-by-one the band members entered and took their respective places. First of Joanne Blight on drums. She immediately tapped out a deep bass beat … Dug, Dug, Dug … Then appeared Cherry Chamani (Hekate) on guitar and Amanda Fry on bass… Followed by Nikki West on keyboards, Nikola Gossman on lead guitar, and Anjali Kara aka Kali … All stood before the booming crowd.

“Call to the Queen of Demons,” Jezebel stirred the crowd, “The Priestess of Hell!”

“Lucy Fur! Lucy Fur! Lucy Fur! Lucy Fur! Lucy Fur! Lucy Fur!”

“From the fires of hell, rose the one, to unseat the pretender, Jesus Fucking Christ. It was her … The Antichrist; and before her Satanic Moon; before the collective faithful she appeared as their Priestess of Hell!”

The crowd went ballistic.

“Lucy Fur! Lucy Fur! Lucy Fur! Lucy Fur! Lucy Fur! Lucy Fur!”

As the drum beat continued, into the opening number, the center of the floor of the staging opened up and from beneath out-poured a reddish smoke (like dry ice) that spilled out over the stage as the lead singer, Lucy Fur, appeared naked to the waist with only a black dhoti that consisted of a long strip of fabric covering her genitals. A large pagan talisman hung between the erect nipples of her bare breasts and upon her head she wore a crown of two enormous black horns. The musical sound draws towards its first crescendo as the Priestess of Hell begins to scream the first verse of her hypnotic prayer.

“Everything’s ready, Bring her to me,
Hear Hell’s demons roar.
We’re thirsty for sacred virginity,
Hurry up! They can’t wait anymore.”

“Bring the virgin cunt to the Priestess of Hell!” Chorused the band.

From the corner of the stage, a young naked girl appeared, carried by four figures draped completely in black. As they carried the girl as if she floated aloft until she reached the center front of the stage … Brought to the Priestess of Hell. The black figures bound her before the singer, crucified and naked for all to see.

“Look deep in my eyes, you little bitch,
I’m a pedophile demon witch.
Fuck Jesus, your vagina is wet,
Be afraid, soon you’ll pay your debt.”

“Bring the virgin cunt to the Priestess of Hell!” chorused the band.

Lucy Fur approached the girl with vindictive blithe. The crowd cheered wildly and seemed to surge forward as they rebelled in the perversity of this first act. It was as if there was to be no build-up. The vision of the virgin sacrifice was splashed over the big screens. Her anxious little face, delicate bone structure, flat chest, and bald miniature cunt were all on display. The camera switched to Lucy Fur’s face. Snarling as she sang her obscene song.

“I wish to hear her weep.
I wish to hear her cry.
I wish to hear her yell.
Of disgust … of fear … of pain.”

The visual on the huge screens pulled back again, this time the sex dancers moved beside the virgin, both masturbating themselves as they danced provocatively around her. Over the song’s chorus, the chants for Lucy Fur seemed louder than ever. Now the huge screen showed Lucy pulling aside her black dhoti, to reveal her androgynous genitalia. Her face looked filled with violence, evil, and wickedness.

Her penis was no decorative prosthetic … Her cock throbbed in full erection, dripping with excitement. There was no dubiety about her supernatural sexuality. The crowd screamed to her as she mounted the virgin sacrifice, pressing her disproportionately large sexual organ against the girl’s vaginal opening … They called for the Antichrist … The Priestess of Hell!

“Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!”


Immediately proceeding “The Baphomet Grand Climax” concert (after the Summer Solstice). Reports of the arrival were announced.

The scene was unprecedented. Camera crews and the press were a buzz with the allegations of public indecency, rape and murder.

Many Christian watch groups including the Zion Soldiers have denounced the antics of the shock-rock group “The Baphomet” as nothing more than a cheap publicity stunt. Their claim that their “Grand Climax” concert announced the arrival of the Antichrist was nothing short of ludicrous and absurd. A spokesman for the Zion Soldiers was quoted saying, “The so-called ‘human sacrifice’ of the virgin child supposedly raped by the androgynous devil before the audience of thousands was nothing more than a poor simulation performed with horror movie style make-up and prosthetics. There was nothing divine or supernatural involved and the whole story is just simply shameful and pathetic. There was no arrival of any sort. It’s all mumbo-jumbo.”

The Christian Ministry was not available for further comment at this time, but this sensational news has reached many sectors of the community some of which have expressed grave concern for the possibilities of there being some sort of supernatural intervention. Authorities are currently investigating the incident, but to date, no charges have been brought forward against either the band or its promoters.




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