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On a day ruled by the Judgment, we hear a trump and the call of conscience. Whatever sexual habits one has, if it is wrong/incorrect or harmful to the self or others, one will hear a call from within. Not all the caskets open, it’s up to you to respond to the call. If one has a hardness of heart equal to the hardness of your penis or clitoris, then there will be disaster ahead. If the inner call is heard and responded to look to embrace the changing of sexual tastes toward healthy sex and passions rekindled. There can be new sexual perspectives, virility, fresh sexual partners, and the past life is left behind. One rises from the tomb of old sexual ways. Here we see the regeneration of the sex organs after a period of suffering, sexual judgment in one’s favor, change of sexual interests, new fetishes or orientations, or renewed sexual lusts.


Sodom and Gomorrha and the neighboring cities, in like manner, having given themselves to fornication and going after other flesh, were made an example, suffering the punishment of eternal fire. — Jude 1 chapter 7 verses 7

Father Simon, the new priest, stood at the narrow door to the old chapel as he welcomes the family of regulars to the parish before the late evening service. He adjusted his collar and continued to shake hands as the procession of god-fearing husbands, wives, and children continued to enter.

“Father, welcome to our neighborhood, we look forward to your service,” greeted one of the faithful.

“God be with you,” he repeated to each and smiled at them.

The crowd was almost all seated and Father Simon looked into the shadows of the church interior … he could see the distinctive figure of Sister Simone, who was dressed in her simple wimple and habit.

Father Simon and Sister Simone were in fact twins and had both entered into the service of the church. Identical in many ways the two also shared the secret bond of spirit, mind, and body. Without parents, they had both grown up in a church-funded orphanage; and had sort the call of service in their early adult life.

Father Simon stood at the pulpit. His sermon had begun to address the need to refocus on the young and how at their tender age they were susceptible to the omnipresent forces of evil.

“Corinthians chapter 7 verses 1: Let us cleanse ourselves of all filthiness of the flesh,” said Father Simon as his voice filled the air above the bowed heads of the faithful, “The six offenses against chastity are lust, masturbation, fornication, pornography, prostitution, and rape.”

The attentive congregation had become very quiet … this was certainly a heavy subject to preach in his first sermon … it conveyed his seriousness as a young priest and his devout commitment to the strictness of religious doctrine.

“Make no doubt …” he said, “Masturbation is a sin. It is sinful to indulge in the sexual pleasure that is derived from the satisfaction of using one’s imagination to fixate upon obscene images, obscene actions, or forbidden sex. Lustfully fixating upon genitals, or sexual acts, is idolatry. This is called: the worship of obscenities.”

There were a few murmurs in the crowd. Father Simon looked across the congregation… they felt uncomfortable with the severity of his words … but respected his position … his youthful voice conveyed the wisdom of his teachings … they all saw him as a formidable priest …

“This is the sin of those addicted to pornography. Also taking delight in the lust of another, or consummating a fantasy of forbidden sexual romance, is the sin of adultery in the heart. The act of masturbation is an outward act that confirms that one’s heart and mind have consented to an inward act of impurity. Only by consenting to an imagined act of impurity can one attain orgasm. To attain sexual release, a person’s will consents to love something that is sexually impure.”

Father Simon gestured towards his twin sister, Sister Simone, who joined him in the Pulpit.

“This is Sister Simone. She is not only a sister of the cloth … but also my twin sister of the flesh. She has been a Sister of the Benedictine Order.”

Sister Simone, stood side-by-side with her brother, their height, build, and completion almost identical.

“We are greatly honored to have her with us. I know I am new to you … and we have a distance to go before my sister and I are an integral part of your community … but I start as I mean to continue … compassionate but strong and just. We would like to welcome a small prayer group, immediately after the service. But before that … please Sister … have you anything to add to the topic?”

“Thank you, Father Simon, you have many wise words … let me add this … adolescents should regard temptations against purity much like Satan’s promise to Eve: “Go ahead — eat of the forbidden fruit: you will not die.” Satan’s temptation is a false promise intended to trap them in obsessive-compulsive behaviors: to which they are, in fact, extremely vulnerable — even though they do not realize this until after they have sinned.

“At their very best they are simply ignorant. At their worst, they are sexual predators striving to corrupt the souls of others by their own slavery to sexual lust. Among them are debaucherous young men who seek to seduce young women, or young women who seek to incite men to lust for evil and impure gratification, which they, in turn, take from the lust of the men. Satan is committed to constantly tempting you with powerful enticements to lust. Satan longs to trap you by enticing you to honor what is false, vane, impure, self-indulgent, ugly, or degrading.”

Her voice was raised to emphasize his point. The congregation looked anxious at the Sister’s solemn words. For a brief second, a strange and eerie energy filled the entire church … it reached out, touching each and every member of the congregation.

“Thank you Sister Simone … join me in our show of appreciation … in Excelsis Deo. Let the Lord be with you.”

“Lord be with you also,” resounded the response from the small congregation.



The small group of concerned mothers gathered in the church refectory immediately after the service for a support group session. After a moment of prayers, tea had been laid on.

Sister Simone had certainly learned acquired much knowledge and was wise beyond her years in many ways, some of which were not so holy. They had both found comfort in each other’s arms, without the love of their parents and only the stern disciple of the nuns that ran the orphanage they had continued an incestuous love affair from their pre-teen years.

Secret rendezvous and meeting in disguise had maintained their ongoing sexual interests in each other, as they were mirror images of each other, desiring similar fetishes and fantasies that had led them both to join the inner sanctums of the evil church. The severity of their sexual perversion had assured their elevation in the ranks of the debauched religious order filled with wickedness and depravity. The two of them together beckoned upon a mysterious power over others that they used to manipulate and seduce.

Sister Simone had learned many things about secret potions, she understood their effect on the human mind and body and now deployed this knowledge for their collective carnal delight. She began the meeting by serving a special brew of tea, which contained strong aphrodisiacal qualities … one that was designed to loosen morals and lubricate her victims between the legs.

Father Simon guided the group of young mothers to seats pre-arranged in a small semicircle.

As they talked among themselves and drank their tea, there is a visible change that comes across the group of six women… it is as if the room temperature had suddenly increased by ten degrees. They all talk louder as they perspired and shifted back and forth, like female dogs in heat, upon uncomfortable hard wooden seats.

Father Simon looked at Sister Simone and licked his lips. His cock was stiff and dripping beneath his loose frock as he contemplated their imminent corruption. She grinned back at her wayward priest and incestuous brother, her itchy pussy longed to be licked out by one or more of these young mothers.

“Thank you all for coming to this informal prayer and support group … what happens here, stays here, do we all understand?”

There were affirmative curt nods all around.

“Please introduce yourself … and then we can get started.”

Each of the young mothers said their name as they were seated in the close semicircle.







“Welcome … as your new priest, I feel it necessary to address you as mothers about these delicate and sensitive matters; and that any help you may need, is right here.”

Murmurs of appreciation … The still air was turning like a furnace. Sweat begins to dampen their blouses as they fanned themselves and opened one too many buttons in an effect to cool down.

“You must protect your families, especially your little ones from this. A sin of the flesh will lead to a sin of the spirit. Do not give these evil demons a chance … to gain a foothold in their quest for your souls. They lay waiting for a moment when we lack self-control.”

One of the older mothers’ raised her hand eagerly. She found it hard to contain herself with unexplainable sexual frustration.

“Yes Father you are right … the demons torment us when we least expect it … but what do you suggest that we do … how do we deal with our young and sinful offspring?”

“Be on guard at all times. It may sound radical at first … may I be as bold as to suggest that you bind their idol hands to the bedposts. Don’t let them sleep upon their backs.”

Another mother spoke up.

“Yes, Father … binding the little sinners doesn’t sound radical to me. Restrain their hands from the devil’s work I say,” murmurs of agreement are interrupted by another of the fidgeting mothers.

“I’ve seen it with my own eyes Father … I am so ashamed to say …”

The other mothers look sympathetically at her; but at the same time shamefully excited to her what she would confess next.

‘Speak up my child and share with your sisters.”

“I … I caught my daughter touching herself only last week. It was a shock watching one so young finger herself. At first glance it looked completely innocent … a childish mistake … but the expression of sinfulness was too much to bear. I was completely lost for what to do and say about this wickedness.”

Others nodded their heads in affirmation. They all felt like fingering themselves as they each had glimpses of images of their own offspring masturbating before their eyes. Their pussies throbbed with the effects of the Sister’s evil tea.

The Father continued in a low voice among the shrill of their eagerness to confess next.

“Yes … and it not just the girls … with the boys you must check their bed sheets for the telltale semen stains. They cannot reframe from touching their erect penises. Rubbing them when they think we cannot see them.”

Another mother panted out of breath as she spoke.

“It is true … Father I have seen this devilish evidence for myself. Disgusting … you can smell the split semen inside their pajamas … in their bed sheets … in their underwear.”

The Father watched them intensely. Their excitement about talking and sharing these taboo experiences was obvious. And it was not an excitement of righteousness … but with all the revealing the signs of arousal as their crutches the growing wetness between their legs … the hardening of the nipples against damp clothing in the heat of their own private and hidden sexual excitement.

“Satan hides behind every door. Privacy is one of the leading causes – remove the door from your child’s bedroom. Never let them shower or go to the toilet behind a closed door, it only invites the demons of perversion.”

“Yes, the little masturbators … you can’t give them a chance.”

“I have seen them get erections in the bath … they can’t stop touching themselves … rubbing themselves and each other … incestuous creatures.”

“It’s obscene, unholy, and a crime against God!”

“I think my daughter had been using the handle of her hairbrush … I could smell and taste her sexual fluids on it.”

“That’s nothing I found pornography under my son’s mattress. Magazines filled with filth … these are the disgusting images of Sodom and Gomorrha.”

Father Simon held his hand up for a moment to pause the debauched avalanche.

“Then you must use corporal punishment – spare the rod and spoil the child.”

“Yes, I have heard that before Father.”

“Beat the little ones … that’ll teach them to leave their private parts alone,” cried out another of the enthusiastic mothers.

“What is better … a belt or a stick?”

“Both … make sure it’s against their naked skin, so that you may witness their pain and repentance.”

“Shall we bind them first? Tie and hang them naked and then beat them?”

Again Father Simon held his hand aloft. Every molecule of air in the room vibrated with a new kind of energy … sinister sexual energy.

They are ready.

“Sister Simone … please play the DVD.”

Sister Simone stood up and put the television screen on. The screen purred to life with snow of static at the front end of the amateur production.

“Ladies, I know you will find this disgusting, offensive, and shocking … but it is important to know all the telltale signs … observe these young children at play … see how eager they are to touch themselves … and each other … see how the adults in this video believe that this behavior is okay… see how they encourage it.’

The rather old forbidden recording begins to play.

Father Simon and Sister Simone stood behind the circle of women, whose eyes looked intensely at the screen, and with all their attention on it, they begin to touch themselves beneath their gowns as they observed the excited women.

The scene began in a basement converted into a playground. Everything looked as it should do, with children laughing and running around barefooted in simple white tunics all content in the usual chaos of playtime, climbing, sliding, swinging back and forth over the playground apparatus and in the relative safety of the padded floor mats.

As the camera pans silently around capturing the action, it is obvious that the children are completely unaware of being recorded, as if the cameras are secretly hidden from their view.

The camera focuses on a pair of young boys talking to one side. At first glance, the boys’ heads are close together as they seem to be whispering to each other, but as the camera pulls back it is obvious that they are both touching each other in a shockingly inappropriate manner. The short tunics give them easy assess to each other’s genitals and their hand movements leave nothing to the imagination.

The shocking scene is profoundly offensive, but at the same time none of them could escape the forbidden excitement between their legs as the secret potion did its wicked work … the onslaught is almost too much for the women to bear.

As the camera continues to move it seems more of the boys and girls have begun exposing themselves and are either busy touching themselves or each quite openly… as if encouraged or emboldened by the lack of parental intervention. Soon the playground is filled with completely naked children, openly fornicating with each other … fellatio, cunnilingus, analingus, and frottage …

Father Simon and Sister Simone note the obvious concentration of their small group of women … they notice the telltale signs as they subconsciously lick their lips … their hips buck against the hard edge of the wooden chairs … as their complete attention is focused on the screen, as they find it impossible to tear their eyes away, despite their minds telling them that the lewd display is evil and debauched … their flushed complexions, shallow breathing, stiff nipples, and itchy pussies display their obvious sexual interest.

Sister Simone stops the DVD as Father Simon addresses the group.

“I know how offensive this must be … but we must face the darkness if we are to truly find the light.”

Sister Simone eyes one of the youngest women in the group. Fiona is still in her late teens and flushed with the exposure to such raw stimulation coupled with the insidious drug coursing through her unsuspecting veins.

“Father Simon had made available this recording and many more similar ones for your contemplative needs. We understand your feelings on this matter and will try to help each and every one of you in your search to be a good mother and to raise your family in the ways of God.”

“The good Father and I will give you each one-on-one sessions as the weeks go by so that you have the confidence to continue the fight against these unseen forces … the first of these sessions will follow immediately after today’s group discussion … Fiona you will join Father Simon and myself.”

“Thank you, ladies … may God be with you. See you all after the midweek service,” added Father Simon eager to join his sister in the seduction of the youngest mother, Fiona in their private chambers.

The gathering quickly dispersed. All go their own separate ways. All filled with a lust that only immediate masturbation could begin to satisfy whilst thinking about this taboo subject.



Fiona followed Sister Simone into her ‘contemplation room’, as she described it. The room was without windows and two of the walls were covered by heavy dark velvet drapes smelt of Frankincense, Sarsaparilla seeds, and a hint of Cannabis. A soft fabric couch took up the length of one of the sides of the room with a matching armchair and low coffee table. Above a small altar mounted on the wall was the only visual modern appliance, a monitor-style television.

The Sister indicated that Fiona was to be seated on the couch as she drew back the curtain on one wall that concealed a floor-to-ceiling mirror opposite the couch. The iridescent glow of candles made the place look warm and cozy. It seemed like a conformable place for a private discussion … if it wasn’t for the strong effects of the aphrodisiac that were overcoming young Fiona’s usually conservative demeanor.

“I want you to know, woman to woman that our conversation is completely private and confidential,” reassured Sister Simone, “Please … help yourself to some more tea …”

“Mmm … yes please, more of your delicious tea.”

Fiona helped herself to another cup, not realizing what the compound effects would do to her personality … and how that would play into the Sister’s deviant plan.

On the other side of the two-way glass, a video camera purred as it recorded everything from the ‘contemplation room’. Father Simon, watched his evil sister at work. He had stripped down naked and rubbed his long stiff cock as he awaited impatiently the women’s unstoppable seduction. The devil provided his followers with all that they needed in ample supply … the secrecy and seduction were all part of the ritual.

Sister Simone locked the door and switched the television screen on and the DVD they had watching of the sexual activities in the playground continued to play where it left off. Before there had been silent pictures … now the sexual moaning sounds of the fornicating child were crystal clear and very loud. Child pornography of this sort was more difficult to come by … but the church had a ready supply, through the clandestine activities of its network of pedophile nuns and priests that operated their church-sponsored orphanages. She herself and her brother had participated in similar productions as they had grown up.

I can feel the sin blossoming between her thighs.

Fiona squirmed uncomfortably against the couch. Watching young children playing with each other, was such an unspeakable subject … such a taboo activity … she was torn between complete revulsion and utter ecstasy.

“It’s totally okay Fiona. We understand how it must feel. But the Devil himself is omnipresent. He is everywhere at the same time. He can touch our minds, our bodies and fill us with evil … he preys on our weaknesses and perverts us when we least expect it.”

On the television screen, the video image showed two young identical twins, one male and one female, laying in a sixty-nine position as they pleasured each other with their mouths … as they stopped to join with other children, it was obvious that it was Simon and Simone as they were ten years earlier … they were somewhat older than the other children and seemed to encourage the ensuing perverted sex play.

“Sister … I don’t understand myself. I know I should feel revulsion at what you are showing me … but for some unknown reason, I don’t …”

“So, you want to see more … and you want to masturbate while you watch? Am I right Fiona? Knowing that it is the work of the Devil … is that what you truly desire?”

Fiona hesitantly nodded.

“Say it. Say it out loud, so the Devil’s disciples can hear your yearnings … appease them … and welcome these wicked thoughts …”

“Yes, I want to … touch myself …”

To the complete surprise of Fiona, Sister Simone removed her gown. She was completely naked beneath it, her fist size breasts sported erect nipples and the smell of her arousal began to fill the small contemplation room. Standing with one leg on the end of the couch and the other on the floor, Sister Simone fingered her pussy in full view of the horny young mother.

“Feel no shame, Fiona. Satan doesn’t judge you. He wants you to enjoy the delights he has to offer … show him your secret desires … open up to his evil clergy … who spread the word of corruption and incestuous fornication … he wants you to seduce your children … objectify them … use them for your own sexual enjoyment as the nuns of my orphanage have used my brother and I …”

Sister Simone offered Fiona her finger, covered with her cunt slime.

“Suck my filthy fingers and touch yourself Fiona … let your fingers do the Devil’s work …”

Fiona’s lifted the hem of her short summer dress and put her hand gingerly inside her knickers … her fingers found their mark among the heat and wetness.

“Just take them off. They’re in the way, Fiona. We are alone and will not be disturbed. Watch the incestuous children … imagine seducing your own … feel your perverted sexuality take over … give yourself wanton pleasure with total disregard for the consequences …”

Fiona was already half naked when Sister Simone joined her on the long soft couch. She looked into the mirror, knowing her brother would be masturbating and watching as he recorded her seduction of the young women on the three video cameras dedicated to capturing every angle for their homemade pornographic collection.

Sister Simone leaned across Fiona. Her hands first explored the young mother’s breasts as she kissed her full mouth. Sister Simone, wasted no time filling Fiona’s mouth with her expert tongue, drawing the girl’s passion higher and higher, as her fingers took over Fiona’s in masturbating her cunt.

“Argh…” she moaned softly to herself.

Simone frigged her to the sights and sounds of children fucking … their young moans of sexual molestation filled Fiona’s ears.

Sister Simone pushed the young woman down against the couch so that she was now laying on her back, all resistance was slipping away as the obedient young housewife followed her every gesture. Fiona’s breath was shallow and rapid with this new excitement that now filled her with an overwhelming release of endorphins to the pleasure receptors of her brain.

Her secretions dripped across the girl’s chin as Sister Simone triumphantly mounted her face, looking across into the mirror at her own dominant reflection as she positioned her wet-shaven cunt over the young mother’s open mouth.

“Lick my cunt. Lick me out … and give thanks to the Devil,” she groaned.

She now gave her new apprentice no opportunity not to comply as she rubbed her itchy cunt back and forth across Fiona’s upturned face, as she continued to finger her and kept the girl on the edge of orgasm.

She is ready for your cock, my brother … let’s fuck her together …

Fiona’s face was drenched in Simone’s juices as the “Woman of the cloth” ate her out at the same time. Fiona purred loudly into her hairless cunt in reaction to the oral copulation that she was getting from the Sister as Father Simon entered the contemplation room (now the copulation room) … the Father was already naked and very hard.

Simone lifted her head from the girl’s vagina and wrapped her fist around her brother’s erect cock taking it into her hot wet mouth as she had done since they were seven years old. She continued to grind her bawd cunt against the upturned face of the girl that she straddled and guided her brother’s cock downwards toward the young mother’s pussy.

Make her one of us … So that she may bring her children willingly to us. She will be an eager sinner and servant of the Church of Satan … give her your unclean seed …

Placing the head of his long thick cock at the opening between her legs, he rubbed it back and forth to lubricate the secretions from her sex and then pushed it further below, so that it was lined up against the rosebud of her anus.

One by one my darling slut sister … the flock will begin to embrace and follow their new faith. Already I feel the sphere of our influence at work … your black magic is so exquisite and our congregation will all bring us all the debauchery we need.

Fiona squealed like a little pig as Father Simon forced his cock to penetrate her impossibly tight sphincter and into her virgin rectum, his shaft sank into her bowels with almost a pop as the muscles could not resist its vigorous entry. His sister placed all her weight downwards upon her face and neck, effectively restraining the girl from any resistance against her brother’s thrusts.

He grunted and held her hips rigidly as his movements showed no sympathy for the pain that filled the young woman beneath him.



Samantha hurried home. All the way home, her mind had been filled with vivid images from the horrid video … she was both shocked and excited beyond anything she had ever experienced before. Beneath her clothing, her pussy burned for the attention of her own fingers, and closing the door behind her, she checked the clock. Yes! Yes! She had time before she had to collect the children from school … her mind swam restlessly in taboo thoughts.

Having grown up in Churchwell, the neighborhood that one would have characterized as ultraconservative … she felt conflicted about the discussion at the support group. On one hand, she felt a strong desire to follow her bible teachings and do as the new Father Simon and Sister Simone had encouraged her to be strict and unrelenting against the evil that seemed to be everywhere … but on the other hand, the very thought of her own children, naked and fornicating, like the images in the disgusting video, seemed to excite her beyond anything she had ever imagined.

Her hands grasped her breasts through her damp blouse. She felt giddy with sexual desire … her fingers fumbling at the buttons as she bathed in her own private ecstasy.

Just at that moment, there was an unwelcome knock on the door. Looking through the peephole, she could see that it was Danni, another of the mothers she knew from church. Damn, she thought. Reluctantly, she opened the door.

“Sorry to drop in unannounced Sam, I … I was hoping … well, after the support group meeting I … can I please come in?” asked Danni in an almost incoherent awkwardness.

Samantha had never noticed how delicious her young friend was until now. She eyed her small fist-size tits, her impossibly narrow waist, and her slender legs.

“Of course … I was about to … I mean … yes … come in.”

Samantha felt a strong urge to touch her friend in places she had never contemplated. She was confused between alternate feelings of disgust with herself and excitement at the same time.

“You seemed to be coming undone there.”

Danni was looking at how Samantha’s blouse was open almost to her waist. Sam never wore a bra as her A-Cup didn’t really need one. Danni’s hand slipped inside the soft material of her friend’s open blouse, running her fingers and palm across Samantha’s excited nipples.

Danni had not even stepped over the threshold and yet she was trying to seduce her usually conservative church friend. But Sam offered no resistance. She moaned at her friend’s explicit touch.

“I’m so fucking horny. I want to fuck you Danni.”

Samantha pulled her friend behind the door and closed it. She pulled Danni’s face to hers and gave her a long Sapphic kiss. Her tongue plunged into her young friend’s mouth searching out her passion as she ground her itching cunt against her thigh.

“Let’s bring the children back to your place … they’ll all need a bath don’t you think?” asked Danni.

Her hand had already snaked its way into the front of Samantha’s elasticized pants and was groping at the wetness between her legs.

“Yes, I know exactly what you mean. Father Simon would want us to punish them right away … punish their genitals while they’re wet and naked?”

“Exactly what I had in mind.”


Roger waited patiently in the contemplation room. It felt comfortable and though he was nervous about speaking privately to Father Simon, he took solace in the Father’s strength and sense of purpose that he felt through his sermon.

“Sorry Roger for taking some time, we have a busy parish. Did Sister Simone give you some of her delicious tea?”

“Yes, Father, and thank you for agreeing to see me about a very private family matter.”

As he sat in the presence of the handsome Father, Roger’s cock began to swell uncomfortably beneath his pants. It perplexed Roger, how he could become aroused at such an inappropriate time. Never in his wildest dreams or maybe nightmares would he have found this situation remotely sexual … but there it was, explicitly and undeniably true.

Father Simon closed the soundproof door and took a seat adjacent to the long sofa, where Roger was perched. He momentarily looked into the two-way mirror, knowing Sister Simone would be on the other side.

“Tell me my son, what seems to be the problem?”

“Father, I love my wife and my children … but very recently I have become profoundly disturbed by the promiscuousness of my wife, Emily. She has been acting … well, I would say, very strangely around me and even in front of the children.”

‘“What exactly has she been doing Roger?” asked Father Simon, drawing closer to him as he rested his hand upon Roger’s leg.

“At first, I thought it was just my imagination … first, it was the open front of her house coat … then her unashamed nakedness in front of the young children … who were naked too at bath time … and then yesterday, I awakened in the middle of the night to find her masturbating with …” he gulped, “… with sacred objects Father!”

Roger blushed as the blood rushed to his head. Saying something so blasphemous sent an almost orgasmic shock wave through his entire body. The room felt at least twenty degrees hotter as Father Simon’s hand rubbed the inside of his thigh and across the bulge in Roger’s pants.

Roger froze at the Father’s intimate touch.

“… And how exactly did that make you feel, Roger?”

“Father, I was completely in shock. I was angry, frustrated, and confused …”

“How do you feel about it … now? Don’t you think your wife knows what’s best for your family in the eyes of God … don’t you think you should be trusting her, supporting her, and encouraging her?”

It was not quite the line of questioning that Roger has anticipated and his mind seemed to be preoccupied with the sensations of the Father openly rubbing his cock through the thin fabric of his pants. He subconsciously moaned in appreciation of the pleasure he was experiencing.

“I think you need to change your attitude, Roger. The only reason your wife would be masturbating with scared objects is to be closer to God. And the only reason she would be naked with your children is because God has given you both a gift …”

The Father unzipped Roger’s fly and slipped his expert hand into his pants … massaging his aching manhood, flesh to flesh …

‘“Mmmmmmmm,” moaned Roger, unable to resist the forbidden delight.

“Your children are a gift to use for your own pleasure and sexual fulfillment … defile them in the name of the Holy Spirit … they need to be punished, Roger …”

“Yes. Father … I finally see now … I completely understand now … I must punish them with my wife … it’s the righteous thing to do … punish their sinful flesh … punish them for our mutual pleasure … argh …”

Roger closed his eyes as a wash with a new wickedness that filled every part of his conscious and subconscious mind.

“Undress my servant and knew before me,” commanded the Father.

The priest removed his gown. Roger moved as if in a dream and soon was naked between the Father’s legs. His eyes were oblivious to Sister Simone as she joined the two of them, already naked, she pushed Roger’s head forward to take her brother’s cock into his obedient mouth. As he began to suck its veined length, Sister Simone continued to masturbate Roger’s cock from behind as he kneel in subservience.

Cum brother make him a slave of our wickedness.

With a long loud moan … Father Simon ejaculated a huge load into the waiting mouth of his new willing servant … spurt after spurt of salty seed filled his mouth until he could hold no more … the excess overflowing down the sides of his mouth.


Jules busied herself with the chores of the day, but her mind was elsewhere. The devoted mother of two stood alone in the kitchen. Dressed in just her housecoat she picked up the DVD that Sister Simone had given to her for contemplation.

The words of their new priest echoed in her consciousness …

“How can you truly know God until you know the Devil? How can you give yourself fully to goodness until you have experienced evil?”

The video was entitled “Pedophile Practices Of The Horned Messiah” and she shed her housecoat as she slipped the DVD into the player and lay back on the couch with her fingers between her sticky thighs … she had already masturbated over a dozen times today looking at the blasphemous movie … each time the thrill of sin had granted her more and more powerful orgasms.

She skipped to her favorite scene … she gasped as her fingers penetrated both her vagina and her anus … how she had grown to love the feeling of having her anus full … she longed for her husband to sodomize her.

The scene was that of the “Missa Niger,” Black Mass … the offering of innocence to the evil phallic Devil … the rape of a young virgin boy by the high priest … and the ensuing dark orgy of men, women, and children.

She was not sure whether it was the pulsating beat of a ten-year-old boy dancing naked and erect as he drank the urine of the high priestess from the chalice; or the raw thrusts of the horned priest as he sodomized a screaming boy across the stone altar; or the constant flood of depraved sexuality that filled the temple of Satan …

All she knew is that she couldn’t get enough.


Emily, Trinity, and Jules all stood at the school gate. They all looked like cats standing on a hot tin roof. Their manner was abrupt with other mothers around them, but clandestine between each other. Each looked nervously back and forth … impatient and agitated …. the arousal of wickedness seemed to buzz between them.

Emily opened the door to the minivan and all the adults and kids piled inside. Trinity handed out some small kiddy drink bottles that contained a special fruit juice preparation supplied by Sister Simone. She had been giving explicit instruction that all the children and adults were to drink at least one each, if not more of the drinks.

Within a few minutes, it stopped outside Samantha’s house and picked up Samantha, Danni, and their kids. The journey to the church refectory was also a brief one.

Trinity herded the kids out of the van and into the rear of the refectory. Father Simon and Sister Simone, locked the refectory doors behind them and escorted the group down the metal spiral staircase into the refectory basement. Out of sight.

Roger and two of the other dads were already standing at the bottom of the stairwell.

The group of six women, three men, and ten children entered the darkened interior of the basement area together. They each moved, as if in a trance-like state … like they were acting out a predetermined script. They all silently stripped down until they were all completely naked.

The basement was decorated in all the trapping of satanic worship, but barely visible, as the only light source was a narrow beam that faced downwards to illuminate a small platform in the center of the room. It was no more than twelve inches above the level of the floor with a circumference about the width of a double bed.

Sister Simone guided the naked girls and boys to all kneel around it in a loose circle. While Father Simon positioned the respective parents immediately behind their offspring.

“Bind their young sinful hands,” commanded the wayward priest.

The naked parents did as they are told. The strength of Sister Simone’s aphrodisiac had now drawn their desires to a new level of perversity … they simply could not reframe from touching themselves, each other, and most of all, their wriggling children, whose hands can no longer able satisfy their own aching sexual wants.

“Each of you will be judged and punished according to our unholy God … each will learn to appease the needs of their incestuous parents and the needs of their new clergy … only then will God bless your orgasmic delights and give you deliverance through the euphoria of sin … you were born so that your blasphemous mouths can serve your father’s erect phallus and your mother’s dripping cunt … you will teach the other children to do the same … so that we may congregate here and consummate the harvest of Satan!”

“Celebrate the Harvest of Satan. Celebrate the Harvest of Satan,” chanted the adults in unison.

As incestuous parents willingly molested their own bound children, Father Simon and Sister Simone removed their dark gowns. Completely naked, they ascended to the center of the raised platform.

The twins masturbated furiously, feeling their power over the children and their parents. They surrounded themselves in their once reluctant congregation; who had quickly become their devout followers; and who now committed the most vile and hideous acts upon their own youngsters and each other.

The warm air around the evil twins vibrated with a strange new energy. An illicit aura fueled the incestuous orgy that had now erupted around them and filled the collective minds of the worshipers with increasingly powerful waves of orgasmic delight … they fell about moaning in complete deviant abandonment.

The basement was filled with the sounds of their collectively moaning as they all bucked uncontrollably in spontaneous orgasms, causing the men to ejaculate and the women to spurt female cum over themselves and their bound children.

The hapless children fell around the edge of the low podium, each wriggling in their own private blind bliss as their very life force was eked from them … the air vibrated with extreme distortion … as the demon twins began to merge together into what




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