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Zaliva & Her Evil Daughters 2


Zaliva is a thoroughly evil woman. She is the worst kind of narcissistic predator, who objectifies others, using them for her own sadistic sexual needs. Despite having powerful friends in high places she decides it better to escape the heat by taking an extended vacation in Rio – a place where she had heard that they actually shoot vagrant families. How wonderful!

In New York, there are those who have been watching from the sidelines and now as Zaliva makes her move, they are closing in to take advantage of the opportunity that her plight presents.

In Rio, life would be cheap, and with all the financial resources and time on her hands, there is no telling what she will get up to. Zaliva and Ivy plot to get rid of three potential witnesses. They had already contacted comrades from Rio’s underbelly. There, Zaliva’s maid will be making her starring debut appearance with her two effeminate boys as the ill-fated talent in a devil-worshipping snuff movie.

While the blood runs freely; Rio has a dark energy all of its own. Zaliva and her evil daughters make an uneasy alliance with the witches of the famed Macumba occult, and Zaliva’s past is never too far behind her eight-inch stiletto heels.

It is now Friday, 10th September 2010 and Zaliva, Ivy and the two children have arrived in Rio.


Wednesday 30th September 2010. At an undisclosed location in Vila Mimosa, Rio de Janeiro’s famed red light district.

It was a far cry from the posh neighborhoods of Ipanema and Copacabana districts, Vila Mimosa was a complete hell hole. Detective Gannon was a man of few words. He walked the bloodied crime scene and snapped a few images on his mobile phone. His local law enforcement colleagues, Ade and Batte from the Civic Police of Rio de Janeiro State, just looked on detached. Gannon thought that they had probably seen it all a hundred times. There would be no processing of this crime scene, no DNA testing, no reporting. It would be meaningless here.

“Jesus-fucking-Christ! What the fuck happened here,” said Gannon.

He was, of course, being rhetorical. There was no answer. There were three dead bodies. Murdered in cold blood. Executed. The woman and two young boys had been badly mutilated. It was a ritual crime. Black magic was very commonplace here in Rio, especially in Via Mimosa, Rio’s famous red light district. Prostitutes were murdered every day here, and nobody lifted an eyebrow.

So, they were all American citizens, but that was beside the point. Gannon could not be connected with this. He was supposed to be back in New York, as far as everyone else was concerned. He was not officially here. He lined up another photo. Sick fucks, he thought. The shots would serve as further incrimination against Zaliva Ivkin … It would make his shakedown even more spectacular.

His colleague, Ade, had mentioned something about the Macumba. He said that the whole crime scene had reeked of local black magic and the occult. It was prevalent that these types of perverts used the premise of a so-called ‘erotic movie’ to lure first-timers into participation. Snuff was very commonplace here … In fact, Vila Mimosa, Rio’s red light district, seemed to have lately become a mecca for snuff movies.

Ade said that they had to be extra careful when it came to dealing with the local satanic sex cults as they were run by very rich, powerful, and influential people. There was a witch, named Carmilla Santos, who was especially known for her sexual brutality. No good ever came of crossing this woman or any of her followers. If Detective Gannon’s suspect, Zaliva Ivkin, had anything to do with her, they advised him to drop it fast. If he crossed this evil witch, it would end badly for everyone … Including themselves.


Two weeks earlier. Sunday 12th September 2010 at the Belmond Copacabana Place, Rio de Janeiro.

“Welcome to the Belmond Copacabana Palace,” said the private butler as he opened the door to the Grande Presidential Suite, “As requested, there is Methuselah on a chill as you requested, Ma’am.”

“That will be all,” said Zaliva Ivkin dismissing the butler without a second glance.

Zaliva surveyed the double-volume living room with its tall sweeping arched doorways leading to several well-appointed bedrooms, a dining room, a study, a kitchenette, and their own private terrace pool. It was more than luxurious. It was a glorious monument to the best of the roaring twenties in Rio. The twenties were a time in history when culture and opulence went hand-in-hand. Now it seemed in sharp contrast to the appalling living standards in the crime-ridden back-lot slums that covered Rio’s hinterland.

Stepping through the netted curtains that swayed in the breeze, the balcony view was breathtaking. Zaliva looked down the famous Copacabana beach that stretched beyond the visual horizon in both directions. She heard the two girls scream and ran off to explore. Zaliva sighed. The ten-hour flight had passed quickly and the thirty-minute drive from the airport had been swift. The formalities of travel bored her and she had no patience for ‘unnecessary procedures’ … Prompt service was one of the benefits of her extreme wealth.

In these moments of reflection, she privately feared the meeting ahead. No doubt that their exit from the United States had been a wise step in these uncertain circumstances, but a woman as evil as Dom Carmilla … Could she be truly trusted? Rio, a land of opportunity, but also an unfamiliar place filled with the unpredictable and the unexpected. Suddenly, she missed New York City more than she imagined she would. There was something comforting about the devil you know.


Two weeks earlier. Sunday 12th September 2010 at the Belmond Copacabana Place, Rio de Janeiro.

Dina and Vera had enjoyed the plane journey to Rio. Of course, they all traveled first class many times before. It was no big deal. It had been a long flight and the girls had entertained themselves with frequent visits to the bathroom together. The pretty young flight stewardess had noticed the sisters going in together but had no idea about what they were up to.

They both exchanged mischievous smirks as they locked the toilet door and immediately put their hands up each other’s skirts. They wore no underwear and their little pre-teen pussies were hot and sticky and needy of sexual attention. Dina loved her pussy stroked. She groaned softly as Vera pressed two fingers between the valley of her slimy baby cunt.

Dina lifted her skirt. She pressed her younger sister down into the floor of the aircraft toilet. Standing over her, Dina commanded her sister to lick her pussy and play with her dirty little anus. Pussy licking and anal play were two of her favorite pastimes.

Dina just loved the sensation of her baby sister’s pink little tongue, pressing against her and then taking long luxurious lick up and down her highly aroused and hairless labia. She was quickly reaching her first orgasm. Her little pink thing immediately became erect. She groaned softly in appreciation of Vera’s oral pleasuring.

“Are you two okay in there?” came a concerned voice from outside the bathroom door.

They both giggled out loud. Dina did not want her sister to stop, as the presence of the flight stewardess immediately outside the door, took her closer to the edge.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop …” she purred, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!”


Two weeks earlier. Sunday 12th September 2010 in New York City

Homicide Detective, Arthur Gannon, had been keeping a close eye on the Ivkin household for quite some time. Ever since his first meeting with Zaliva Ivkin, he knew something was not right about her, her family, and the entire misadventure that had led to the mysterious death of her late husband.

From their very first encounter, his sixth sense told him she was trouble. He joked about his ‘prickly feeling’ when close to discovering something important … But this time he had had a stronger than usual sensation. Coupled with, how hot this Zaliva was, it made the cop very uneasy. He had played it cool … But inside his stomach had been turning somersaults.

The plan was to watch and observe. They would slip up eventually. They always did. They could not help themselves.

“Fucking posh trash!”

He could see her face, leering at him, like he was nothing but a fat, old, washed-up nobody … While she was some kind of fucking occult superstar.

“Fuck her. Fuck them all.”

He was going to get his dues.


Two weeks earlier. Sunday 12th September 2010 at the Belmond Copacabana Place, Rio de Janeiro.

Ivy Eiceart and Zaliva Ivkin lay naked upon the couple’s subbed catching the last of the afternoon light. It was a carefree moment. It was still very warm and they both felt so ridiculously lazy and relaxed — almost comatose. Maybe it was the intoxication. They had both been drinking most of the day and the girls were sleeping after exhausting themselves with their incestuous antics in their private terrace pool. Earlier, the girls had entertained their mother and her occult lover, Ivy, indulging them with highly sensual massages and frequent cunnilingus. Now the two witches slowly sipped their cocktails and exchanged their evil plans.

“There is something interesting about witches and witchcraft,” said Ivy.

“And that would be?” asked Zaliva as if she really did not need to know.

“Look how attitudes towards our kind have changed significantly. In the past, we have been persecuted, hunted down, tortured, and burned at the stake. The middle ages were of cause the worst time of all – any attractive woman could be accused of witchcraft and then subjected to rape and torture without trial … Sleeping with the wrong man could get you accused; sleeping with the right man could get you accused.

“What’s the fun in that? The real witches of course didn’t get caught – fuck, they slept with the inquisitors and probably assisted in the torture of the so-called guilty ones … now it’s no longer illegal … no one gets arrested and accused … now it’s even trendy to be a witch? Some witches are sought after for advice and almost revered for their occult knowledge and ability to see the future or talk to the dead; some are completely fake or are self-delusional about their powers while they’re tripping.”

“And what about white witches …”

“I got to that … so many of us still deign who we truly are … what in Satan’s name is a fucking ‘white witch’!”

Zaliva smiled at her lover’s rant.

“White witch … a witch that uses her magick … for medicinal purposes! A white witch will use the dark arcane knowledge and the occult power of the Devil … for only the good of mankind? That’s so laughable don’t you think?”

Zaliva shook her head and changed the subject.

“So I heard that Dom Carmilla actually has her own private zoo.”

“Yes, I heard the same. But it isn’t a zoo with rare and exotic animals. No, it’s a human zoo of freaks and perverts. I hear she feeds them all kinds of drugs and hormones … Sex freaks with all kinds of gender mixes …”

“That sounds so hot! Very hot!”

Zaliva, for all the promise of exciting things ahead, still held something back. There was a nagging feeling that simply would not leave her. There was a lot to the black magic of Macumba that she did not know. Dom Carmilla was a very powerful ally, but potentially a powerful enemy too. What if things go wrong? There was no safety net here in this place. It would be a free fall, all the way to the bottom … And for all of the witch’s bravado … Zaliva sensed danger, grave danger, for her lover, for her daughters, and for herself.


Two weeks earlier. Sunday 12th September 2010 at the Belmond Copacabana Place, Rio de Janeiro.

Their hotel suite was a wonderland of sexual opportunities for Dina and Vera to explore. They immediately stripped naked, ran out onto the secluded terrace garden, and jumped into the plunge pool. The sun was high and the water invitingly cool. The sisters grabbed each other’s naked bodies, drawing each other closer and kissing passionately mouth-to-mouth.

Dina could see her mother and Ivy watching their antics with avid interest. She drew her younger sister to the edge of the pool and they excitedly crawled out of the cooling water and moved over to one of the low sun beds, to continue their incestuous sexy fun for the entertainment of their voyeuristic parent and her perverted lover.

It was sexy and lazy; Dina loved the slow and lethargic sensations. She could taste the sunlight mixed with the salty pool water on her sister’s alabaster skin, combined together to produce a wonderful taste as her lips pressed against Vera’s hard little nuggets. See sucked gently at first, getting more and more amorous.

Dina’s fingers stroked the flat flesh around her sister’s bosom. She circled around Vera’s tiny pre-teen aureolas with the point of her tongue as she enjoyed the flavor of the beads of perspiration that beaded on her sister’s sweating flesh.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm!” Vera purred in appreciation of Dina’s soft and erotic play.

She lifted her head and made her way down across Vera’s bony little hips until her face was in alignment with her sister’s crutch. Vera was lifting her backside, urging her sister to go down on her. Her impatience was obvious. The smell was slightly sourish and more tart. Dina’s fingertips danced across Vera’s thighs and down beneath, as Vera lifted her torso so that Dina could touch more delicate parts. Her fingers stroked Vera’s perineum.

“Like that! Like that! Yes! Yes!” Vera groaned loudly with the softness of her older sister’s expert touch.

Dina noticed that her mother was enjoying their incestuous show. She liked to be watched. She groaned into her sister’s cunt as her baby sister began to fondle her in return.



One week earlier. Saturday 18th September 2010 at the Santos Villa, Rio de Janeiro.

The Santos Villa lay deep inside the Amazonian grounds of the sprawling thirty-five acres of estate. The colonial buildings had been kept in excellent repair; with the white-washed walls, ornate arches, and opulent sculptures of sixteenth-century Portuguese architecture standing against the backdrop of subtropical greenery. The remodeled mansion looked just as fresh and new as it did upon the day of its completion five hundred earlier.

Carmilla Santos, it seemed, had an endless supply of financial wealth and nothing was beyond the witch’s reach. Here in Rio, she had become a celebrity of the occult underground. Her reputation for cruelty and perversion had reached even the New York skyline, and Zaliva Ivkin, Ivy Eiceart, and the other members of her coven had drawn an uneasy alliance across the Americas.

Now in Zaliva’s hour of need, with law enforcement closing in around her, she had found an uneasy refuse upon the corrupted shores of Rio de Janeiro. Together with dark-skinned witch, Dom Carmilla, there seemed to be the promise of no limits to the depravity that may be found … Still, Zaliva felt hesitant as this new game was about to begin.

Here in a land where extremes of avarice and degradation were personified, Zaliva could thrive beyond her wildest of expectations or they all could as easily perish by the same hands. Even now, as she awaited the arrival of her maid and her maid’s two feminized pre-teen sons, she plotted their marvelous death … A ritual offering to their Satanic gods and to seal the pact between the respective covens of Santos and Eiceart … A snuffing to celebrate this anxious union.

The limousine drove slowly down the majestic vista that linked the main road to the villa. They passed a large sign announcing ‘Não Entre’ (No Entry). Passing through the huge spiked gates their transport now traveled down the private winding road. They cruised through a green wall of jungle-like oasis that led eventually to the Santos enclave. The long sleek vehicle swung wide and came to a stop on the gravel driveway as it pulled under the portico of the villa building.

The animal (like the wild monkeys) and insect orchestra of the wild Amazon seemed to welcome the pensive witches. Zaliva Ivkin, her two daughters, Vera and Dina, and Ivy Eiceart stepped out of the relative comfort of the air-conditioned vehicle. They were greeted almost ceremonially by Carmilla Santos, sanguinely dressed in an almost transparent flowing gown that left nothing to the imagination. Standing with her were Benedita, Esperanza, Freira, and Guia, four young witches, all similarly dressed in revealing dresses. Zaliva’s cunt ached to be fingered. She subconsciously licked her lips.

Long dark arms extended widely, Dom Carmilla, received the ‘Eiceart’ coven. Their union was warm and sensual. Zaliva and Dom Carmilla met with a passionate mouth-to-mouth kiss that seemed to linger indefinitely. All seemed dauntless, despite Zaliva’s secret disquietude.

“It is so wonderful that you are all here with our Sisterhood,” Dom Carmilla proclaimed.

“It is equally an honor and a pleasure for us to find ourselves in such distinguished and such beautiful company,” Echoed Ivy, as she broke off a deep kiss from one of the teen witches.

“My daughters are very excited to be here. We have heard so much about this incredible place; the rituals; the orgies; and about your exquisite private zoo,” stated Zaliva.

All of this was completely true. She just left out her own skepticism.

“Ah, of course. And you shall experience all the bizarre and sensual delights of the Santos hideaway, my dears,” replied Dom Carmilla, addressing all of them, but focusing in on the children. “Come inside we are already a little late for the initiation. Undress, please! Be free of your restrictive clothing!”


During the drive down to the Santos Villa, Dina had overheard her mother talk about a woman called The Dom. She remembered her from an earlier visit, where she had first met the nigger witch when she came to visit them in their home in New York City. She had overheard that here in Rio, she was considered an occult priestess and was a very powerful and influential woman. Her mother’s tone had been a little guarded, so Dina suspected that this was an important day for them.

She had also heard that these people were very wealthy… So rich that they had their own zoo. Dina and Vera liked zoos. There was one in Central Park, close to where they both had lived. They even had their birthday party there. But, their mother had said that this was a special zoo; not the kind where you could see lions, tigers, and bears, but instead it was filled with strange freaky people. So it was kind of like a circus, she figured. They could do acts and perform stunts. Ivy had said that they were more like sex freaks. Now that sounded more interesting than animal exhibits or circus acts. She could imagine all kinds of strange perversions.

Maybe Vera and she would be allowed to see them naked like wild animals, or maybe they would be allowed to touch them like at the petting zoo? Maybe they would be mating with each other? Dina smiled to herself at that thought. She had seen that before in the Central Park Zoo.

It had been fascinating watching the monkeys masturbate themselves as they played with their hard little things. The other mothers had been appalled by the sight and had quickly taken their respective children away from the scene. But her mother hadn’t. They watched the monkeys play with themselves as they eat their popcorn and secretly touched their cunts too.

Maybe The Dom’s Zoo could be like that? She hoped. Maybe, they let little girls get into the cages with the strange pets? Maybe they would let Dina and Vera have sex with them? The possibilities ran through her young and perverted mind. She remembered seeing a horse’s penis for the first time. It definitely looked different to a human penis. It had been so long, huge and heavy. Quite exciting.

She remembered how mommy liked to watch animal sex porn too. There was one porno video where after a couple of women had been orally stimulated the horse brought the animal to full erection, then continued to excite the beast to the point where it was about to ejaculate. It was just then that they gelded it, whilst it was fully erect and in the midst of its orgasm! How delightful it had been; a shower of semen and a shower of blood.

The lucky women! They seemed to enjoy the cruelty of their performance for the camera … And mommy, Vera, and her had cum so hard watching it too. It made Dina so hot to imagine doing something like that to the horse. Maybe she would be allowed to whip or punish the exhibits in The Dom’s Zoo … Maybe they were going to kill one or two? That would be so cool!


One week earlier. Friday 17th September 2010 in New York City

Gannon kept on observing the movements of Ms. Ivkin and the other members of her close social group: Ms. Ivy Eiceart, Ms. Abaigeal Legend, Ms. Cori Butcher, and Ms. Fallon McGregory. They were all up to no good. The fishy smell stunk between these young attractive and unattached women. His mind, of course, was in the proverbial gutter. His experience with the underbelly of New York had left him little to imagine. It made him grin to himself. He could imagine all sorts of sordid things between these high socialites.

Ms. Ivkin was too much in the limelight for him to jump too soon to rash conclusions. As much as he wanted to. Humiliating her would be a pleasure. He had pictured her at his mercy and it gave him a wonderful jolt of perversity.

He was not aware that the bird had already flown the coop and was disappointed with only the comings and goings of their family help, Ms. Angela. It was while the family help was out that he decided to do some serious snooping around (outside the normally accepted parameters of his work as one of Manhattan’s finest).

Breaking and entering was something of a trade secret to secure a bust. He wasn’t one of those ‘by the book’ guys. He had noted all the alarms and how to avoid an unpleasant incident of being caught in the act. He took the opportunity and gained access to the apartment that he had viewed earlier over an earlier incident regarding the rather unexplained death of Ms. Ivkin’s husband, the famous Dr. Alexander Ivkin.

All was quiet inside the huge apartment. He paused by the amorous windows to take in the billion-dollar view of Central Park. Rich people. He hated that they probably took this incredible view for granted. Looking around inside the apartment everything was lifeless. In fact the place looked like it had not been lived in for several weeks. It was as if everything was packed up and sealed away; as if its owners were taking an indefinite vacation. Not a good sign. Still, he would look around, there was bound to be something that would give away whatever it was that Ms. Ivkin was up to.

He walked casually into the bedroom. He felt the silk sheets. In her wardrobe, he rang his fat fingers through lingerie and other more intimate apparel. There were hints now and then of her sexiness. Her shoes. Her gowns. Her make-up. He sniffed around daringly.

He remembered the first time he met Ms. Ivkin in her eight-inch heels. His cock twitched at the thought of her slim athletic body and pelvic tattoo. Those amazing long and shapely legs; gorgeous firm breasts that seemed to stand upright defying gravity. Now alone among her private things, his cock ached to be touched. Fuck. He was so fucking horny now.


One week earlier. Saturday 18th September 2010 at the Santos Villa, Rio de Janeiro.

Once inside the Santos Villa, they all undressed as requested by their host.

Zaliva and Ivy helped her young children strip naked too. But despite her avuncular pursuits, all the time, she was very aware of the sexual appeal of the young hosts who watched over them. She could not but notice, their long shapely legs, thin torsos, small child-like breasts, and smooth labia. The oily blackness of their skin seemed to shine with an inky iridescence. Zaliva licked her lips at the thought of sucking and licking their most private parts.

To distract herself from these thoughts of hedonic pursuits, maybe to prolong her perverted sexual arousal, Zaliva looked around at the opulence and ostentatiousness of the Santos Villa. She had always appreciated the finer things and had cultivated her limp-dick husband’s position, as a leading plastic surgeon to the stars, to prosper and build his financial net worth. But this was on a completely different scale. The Santos Villa reeked of something far beyond … this was an obscene vernacular … Of obscene wealth … Of obscene taste … And of obscene sexual desires … This was a beautiful adventure … Or a beautiful death.

“It’s incredible,” remarked Ivy, as if she was reading Zaliva’s thoughts.

The lobby of the villa was like a mausoleum of Romanesque statues of naked and fornicating winged nymphs and strange mythical beasts among a forest of twin-twisted marble columns of whiteness that were as thick as tree trunks and climbed upwards into the voluminous vastness of the ceiling far above. Dom Carmilla paused so that Zaliva, Ivy, and the two girls could take it all in. And they did.

“We built the Santos Villa upon a sacred site dedicated to obscure Amazonian religion that combined the darker aspects of Hermeticism and Macumba,” she shared.

“Macumba … The instrument of black magic?” asked Zaliva.

“Yes, my dear Zaliva, you know your witchcraft.”

The dark woman’s acknowledgement was sincere without any hint of sarcasm.

Dom Carmilla indicated that they all follow her down a wide spiral staircase that led below the alabaster enshrinement of the grandiose lobby into the twilight world beneath the Santos’ Pantheon.

Here the alabaster statuettes and carved fresco gave way to subject matter more nefarious, taking on distinctly demoniac undertones. Within a few steps, the theme shifted in both the use of color and subject matter. From polished white stone to onyx and raven … Mythical to maniac to perverted … White mystic to black magic … And eternal hope to the domain of hellish despair.

The new motif was dedicated to a celebration of every aspect of sexual depravity, demonology, and phallic worship. Zaliva felt her cunt lubricating at the sight of such shameful artworks that clearly depicted climatic scenes of satanic orgies, bloodthirsty human sacrifices, and every sexualized aspect of demon worship. The intermittent burning torches reflected against Dom Carmilla’s ebony skin as she guided them through these macabre and blasphemous artifacts.

“The very ground beneath our feet was said to be that of the ‘El Templo do Diabo’ … The Devil’s Temple,” said Dom Carmilla plainly, though it was obvious that this place held great significance to her cult.



One week earlier. Saturday 18th September 2010 at the Santos Villa, Rio de Janeiro.

They had arrived at a semi-circular room, lit by archaic oil burners. There was already a gathering of more black-skinned people there. Zaliva had wondered about their nakedness until she saw that the gathering were all women of various ages, some with young children, a few with suckling infants; all were completely naked, as they were.

The patterned mosaic floor beneath their feet was warm to stand on but disturbingly illustrated with vibrant sexual and occult motifs. Zaliva took in everything. The walls were covered from floor to ceiling in dark indigenous paintings of shape-shifting devils having sexual relations with both male and female black slaves … Even with their young ones. It was a haphazard concoction of demonized Catholicism and manic tribal voodoo; a crazy pejorative of inverted crosses, fornicating horned demons, desecrated skull-faced saints, and sacrilegious sexual symbolism.

There was a burnt orange and black altar towards the center of the room that seemed to be on fire in places. A large phallic Baphomet … Its demonic head with horns, pert breasts, and serpent-entwined erect phallus, all burnt brightly as it nestled among a scattering of black phallic candles, skeletal human heads, and the sacrificial remains of dead animals.

Smouldering hallucinogenic smoke filled the chamber mixing with sweet carnations and the tangy aroma of exotic spices. The pungency left a mawkishness in her mouth.

The crowd of convivial women did not even register their arrival at first. They were preoccupied with the events that were already or about to happen in the Macumba temple. The initiation was already underway.

Kneeling and praying before the flaming Baphomet were four effeminate young boys, each dressed in a long red dhoti and cradling a long black phallic candle. Zaliva guessed that they could not be more than twelve or thirteen years old. Upon the arrival of Dom Carmilla, the boys all stood up and turned slowly and deliberately to face their audience. Now their presence was recognized as Dom Carmilla and her entourage stood front and center.

“Ah, the initiation has only just begun,” announced the harridan witch, Dom Carmilla.

The boys began to dance, shifting their weight from one foot to the other, thrusting their hips provocatively in time to the slow methodical beat of the voodoo drumming. Their audience cried out enthusiastically to the boys. As they pranced around their long girlie hair fell across their dark features.

“Surgir! (Rise)” commanded Dom Carmilla.

And rise they did, as they rollicked in increasingly vigorous movements, their aroused cocks began to poke upwards against the thin material of their long red dhotis.

“Oh, how perfectly exquisite,” remarked Ivy unable to stop from touching herself between the legs.

She was not the only one. It seemed the masses were all engaged in some kind of self-pleasuring or mutual pleasuring. Their eyes were all transfixed on the erotic sight before them, as the dhoti’s of the dreamy pre-teens were unable to obscure the ‘blood rush’ to their excited loins.

“Faça a dança do caralho (Do the cock/fucking dance),” barked Dom Carmilla.

The boys seemed to know exactly what their spiritual leader wanted. And they seemed only too pleased to comply with her instructions. They all quickly whipped away the flimsy fabric of their red dhotis, so that their hairless cocks sprang into view; standing completely upright against the flatness of their stomachs. Their cocks looked huge and heavy in comparison to their slender dark-skinned bodies, their long black shafts reaching up over their narrow girlish hips, past their navels until the bulbous heads of their sexual organs touched as high as their nipple line. They looked almost absurd.


One week earlier. Saturday 18th September 2010 at the Santos Villa, Rio de Janeiro.

Vera and her sister held hands as they accompanied their mother, Ivy, The Dom, and her much younger sexy witches, who never said much.

They had gone down a spiraling staircase into the gloom of this dark temple. Dina was rather intimidated, to begin with. But soon her pussy was moist with arousal as she looked at the nasty sculptures and paintings everywhere that depicted all kinds of interesting sexy things. She held onto Vera tightly and Vera held onto her just as tightly too. They grinned at each other in the darkness and Dina felt reassured. The Dom had asked them all to take off their clothes. Dina and Vera loved being naked with the adults showing off her tiny little tits and hairless cunt lips. Seeing the other naked nigger witches turned her on even further. Maybe they were all going to have sex together, like they did with The Dom before back in New York.

They followed the black witch further. As she walked naked together, Dina knew it was going to be fun. She loved the pictures that showed demons having sex with children. They had both cocks and breasts like the devil’s that their mom prayed to. Her sister kissed her as they walked and the younger nigger witches seemed to smile and touch themselves at the sight of the girls’ incestuous naughtiness.

Dina remembered that The Dom had mentioned an initiation ritual. She hoped it was going to be nasty; the nastier the better. Looking around in the burnt orange and red light, she noticed the strange decor of the Macumba temple. It was like nothing she had ever seen before. It seemed to be a mix of many things; some animal, some demonic, so tribal, some Christian … All of them sexual in some way or another. She coughed a little into her free hand as it smelt really funky and the fumes made her feel a little light-headed. She liked to woozy feeling. Her baby cunt was already really moist, so she rubbed it and felt so horny.

In the light of the Macumba temple, The Dom looked so black. Her nigger skin seemed to shine in the dimly lit devil chapel. She looked like a nigger demon. They were not alone there. No, there were others. Inside the temple, there were many women and other children too, even babies. All of them were naked and all were nigger black. She wanted to touch them; to taste them; to play with them. Her baby cunt was incredibly wet and itchy. She tasted her own juices.

Dina’s attention was caught staring at an altar with a flaming masturbating demon. It’s erect cock was on fire. Around the demon were other strange things; the smouldering remains of sacrificed animals. They had been small animals, maybe cats? Some had been impaled upon three-pronged stakes. There were so many red candles; some shaped like fornicating couples, burning brightly upon human skulls. There were penis-like serpents encircling a statue of a naked Jesus nailed to an inverted crucifix … Jesus had a hard-on.

The tinny sound of drumming filled her ears. There were four cute nigger boys, close to her age. They stood up as the entourage approached. They wore red things around their waists. They had long hair like girls, all thin and emaciated. Their eyes looked sleepy until The Dom said something in her nigger language and then they looked around wildly… They danced to the drum beat and pulled their red sashes away to display their big nigger boy cocks. Their cocks looked huge with little chains on their balls and up the length of their hard-ons. The young nigger witches started to rub their cocks as they danced together. It looked so sexy.


One week earlier. Saturday 18th September 2010 at the Santos Villa, Rio de Janeiro.

Zaliva looked on with incredible exhilaration. Blessed, unholy delights, she thought. Young delicious black cock. She was feeling incredibly horny and wet. Her cunt was a waterfall of vaginal lubricants. She could not help but notice the boys’ erotic piercings that were composed of a silver cock circlet, ball fetter, and a detachable hematite leash that adorned each of their penises. She could see that everyone was gawking at the boys, without exception. Zaliva could not believe how well-endowed the young boys all were. Their tiny bodies looked completely out of proportion to their adult-sized cocks.

Dom Carmilla’s young quartet of black witches, Benedita, Esperanza, Freira, and Guia, now circled around behind the group of young boys. They each reached around their respective ‘partner’ and began to masturbate at them to the pace of the voodoo beat. As they rubbed the boys’ circumcised cocks up and down in perfect synchronization, they too started to feverishly grind against their male counterparts.

In the burning sulfuric light of the Macumba temple, Zaliva could smell the sour sweetness of their perverted frenzy. The crazed boys moaned and bumped their bony little hips up and down in agitation, meeting the tightly clenched fists of their female partners. The dreamy slowness was rapidly becoming wilder by the second. The girls rubbed them harder and faster as the beat of the drum increased in parallel.

One of the elder women stepped forward and brought forth a black cat to the altar of the burning baphometic demon. She held the struggling animal aloft and in one swift movement, slit its pathetic throat. The cat’s blood sprayed red like a fountain over the demonic altar. The woman impaled its limp remains upon one of the main tridents that poked upwards from the demonic altar. The tempo of the drumming was reaching a feverish Dissonance.

Dom Carmilla moved close to Zaliva. Her slender black hands caressed the flesh of Zaliva’s pert white breasts. Zaliva’s nipples were as hard as stones. Her cunt was itchy to be touched and penetrated by the witch’s slender digits. All she could think about was impaling herself upon one or more of these horny young black cocks.

“In Macumba we welcome spirit possession! The boys you see are all possessed by demons! Look at the hysteria of their delirious dance … It’s the sex demons within them … Taking their souls to hell as they perform unnatural acts for the glory of Lucifer!” Dom Carmilla laughed smugly, “It’s not all black magic … It’s aided with a simple cocktail of X, Special K, and plain-old Viagra … These young boys will be supercharged for the next three hours!”

“This is so fucking hot!”

The black witch drew even closer to Zaliva and they kissed mouth-to-mouth as she continued to share the secret whispers of thieves.

“You and I are the same. Aren’t we? I can see it so clearly. I see your hunger for their cocks; their young hard boy cocks … We both love satanic sex cults, for the most deviant kinds of sex … Violent, explosive, exciting! Right? You will find me ‘kind’ to those who honor me.”

“Yessssssss …” hissed Zaliva.

“Gozarrrrrrrr! (Enjoy!)” groaned the black witch.

They both continued to exchange long and deep tongue kisses. Zaliva rubbed her wet cunt against Dom Carmilla’s thigh, and Dom Carmilla did the same to Zaliva as they both began to grind and groan against each other.

“Mmmmmm … What else do you have for us to sample in yer fucking zoo?”

Dom Carmilla laughed loudly.

“I’m an avid collector of the profane and the bizarre. Some of my pets have been through some rather illegal hormonal and surgical treatments with truly spectacular results!”

“Like what?”

“Soon Zaliva. Soon, you will see soon enough. Now enjoy these young fuckers … Their cocks are big enough to fuck you crazy! Hail Lucifer.”

‘Hail Lucifer!”

She held out a small blue pill in her hand.

“Take one of these. You will enjoy it.”

“What is it?” asked Zaliva.

Dom Carmilla did not answer.

“Fuck it!” she took the pill and swallowed it immediately.

Dom Carmilla urged Ivy, Zaliva, and the two girls forward before their hankering and chanting audience. The young boys looked wide-eyed, (maybe possessed with sex demons), but definitely drug-fueled with animalistic hunger and fervor.

“Dar um tapa na aranha! (Have sex, penetrate their ‘spiders’ vaginas)” cried the black witch.

The boys were freed from their hematite leashes. They all descended upon the white guests. Hard black cocks hastily pressed against their hungry white cunts; all eager to be impaled upon the huge cocks of the small boys.

“Hail Lucifer! God of the Witches. Hail Lucifer! God of the Witches. Hail Lucifer! God of the Witches,” chanted the excited crowd of masturbating women.

Some of the women had grabbed the naked youngsters that they had brought with them and were in the process of pushing them down between their legs, eagerly pressing their open mouths over their overheated black hairless cunts. Other women, some of those who had been busy breastfeeding up until that moment, took their infants and cruelly pressed them down between their thighs too. The distressed young infants seemed to struggle as they were mercilessly pressed against itchy wet cunts, the adult women’s pleasure apparently more important than the infant’s ability to breathe.

“Eu estou gozando! (I’m cumming)” cried Freira as she reached her orgasm.

Zaliva’s cunt greedily swallowed one of the rutting boy’s cocks. Its girth and length filled her perfectly. The boy fucked her with such ferocity that his cockhead slid in and out of her wet fuck tunnel, that soon it was so deep inside her that it was bumping up against her cervix. She groaned, half in pain, half in pleasure as she impaled herself upon the boy’s thrusting black rod of flesh.

“Aagghhhhhhh … Fucking Jesus! Fucking Christ!” Zaliva screamed.

“Chupar! (Suck cock!)” cried one of the women enthusiastically.

“Comer! (Have sex/eat!)” cried another woman.

“Foder! (Have sex!)” cried yet another.

The others were similarly distracted with the sensation of being fucked hard and long by the wild little black boys The drugs had taken full effect and their minds and bodies were on overload, pumping their rigid cocks into the white women as fast and as hard as they possibly could.

“I’m gonna cum. Fuck! I’m gonna cim! Hail Satan!” screamed Zaliva.

Zaliva bucked uncontrollably.

“Ave Satanas!” screamed the black women.

The audience was equally besotted by their entertainment. All the women, young and old, seemed to be co-joined in a mind-fucking sensation that swept through them. Some bucked against their own fingers, others fornicated with each other, and more again fucked the faces of the black children as they rutted against their pre-teen tongues.

Sparks seemed to fly around the temple as the Baphometic altar burned brighter as Dom Carmilla proceeded to sing the praises of Satan. More small animals were brought forward and their throats were slit as the four white women fucked and sucked the young boys before the Macumba priestess Dom Carmilla.


One week earlier. Saturday 18th September 2010 at the Santos Villa, Rio de Janeiro.

The Dom said that the boys were possessed by sex demons; and that in Macumba, they welcomed the evil spirits to enter the bodies of their worshipers, so they could act out the devil’s deeds. Dina wondered what it would be like to be possessed … To be one with a sex demon… Inside her, making her do evil things. She wanted it. She wanted them. She wanted their big nigger cocks to fill her mouth, cunt, and anus.

The other niggers in the temple were all touching themselves as they watched the initiation. Some got their children to lick their nigger cunts … It was turning into an orgy. Dina loved it all. She wished they had initiations like this in New York.

Now all eyes were on them. The niggers looked at her mom, Ivy, and her and her sister. The Dom said something and the young witches released them from the cock chains. One of the nigger boys grabbed Dina by the hips and pressed his big nigger cock against her as they both danced to the drum beat.

He smelt of nigger sweat. Dirty. Pungent. Horny. Dina grabbed the boy’s cock with both hands and rubbed it vigorously, it felt so hard … It was as if she could feel the demon moving inside the flesh of his rod… The thought of fucking the devil made her go crazy. She had heard that it was possible for demons to move between people through fucking … Maybe her wish to be possessed could come true.

Dina pushed the engorged head of the nigger boy’s cock up against her cunt lips. They were open and wet, despite the boy’s cock being the biggest thing that she had ever put into her. It slipped in a few inches. She felt its impossible thickness stretching her baby cunt. It was a divine feeling. She was sure it would not fit. They continued to dance, thrusting as they gyrated.

She looked over and saw her mother riding her nigger boy. It looked so fucking hot. There were four niggers, for the four of them. The Dom looked on encouragingly, her white teeth shone in the darkness of the temple. Dina watched as another nigger woman kill a black cat. The devil statue seemed to come alive; rubbing its long hard burning cock … The nigger boy’s cock was inside her … Filling her little girl cunt … She felt stuffed … Full … Filled with cock … He lifted her to him so that even more of his length impaled her … She was almost cumming …

“Yes! … Fuck yes! Fuck!”

She was almost there, her entire body trembling in complete rhythm with the Macumba drums.

“Oh, yes!”

She felt the nigger boy ejaculate inside of her… Tainted semen. Demon Juice.

“Fuck yes! Fuck yes! More … More …”

The demon was inside her now … The boy didn’t go limp. Her orgasm continued, unabated … He continued to fuck her, his big black dick going in even further as she rutted in an overwhelming ecstasy …

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fill me with your filthy nigger cum.”

The sex demon was inside her.


To be continued?


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