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How I became a SuccubuS (PREQUEL)

: (1) A female demon or supernatural entity in folklore that appears in dreams and takes the form of a woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity; (2) Any demon or evil spirit.

Etymology: From Medieval Latin, from Late Latin succuba, “harlot”, from Latin succubāre, “to lie beneath”, from sub-, “under” + cubāre, “to lie”.


OK, let me start from the beginning. Like many know, I love latex so much and other fetish stuff. I was in London on October of 2015 for a fetish event from the SkinTwo and Torture Garden people. Like many know, SkinTwo is one of the largest magazines on the latex and kinky scene around the world, and Torture Garden is a place that one ‘must be going’ if you are a serious fetish lover.  A long weekend with hot parties, kinky players and much fetish stuff also happens with many side events. Sometimes those side events are the best ones!

The parties and encounters on this event were like many other years: hot music, kinky dancers, much BDSM, unusual and outrageous ‘latex looks’ filled with kinky beings.  But the best one was the last night.  The first party night event was held for a Friday, 30th October, called ‘Club Bizarre Fetish’, a night that promised to be a crazy one. The Appetizer for the largest crazy night around the year, ‘Halloween Dance Ball’ to be scheduled at 31st Saturday night. I arrived to the event venue Club Arousal early on around 11.00 pm, the dance floor was still not filled like the norm for this place. But I was pretty sure that it would be totally filled at middle night. I was looking for the perfect place to see and to be seen and also a place close to the dance floor looking for prey, somebody to share that hot and kinky night. And there she was! On the hall floor was a long stunning woman encased in a transparent red latex catsuit that wrapped her superb body and enhanced it.

She was wearing long platform black shoes that seemed hooves, a long black latex skirt and a heavy corset. Her wide cleavage sprouted over the corset showing proudly her big breasts that I figured was cup DD, her long arms and hands were encased on long latex finger-less gloves, her nails long sharp and shiny black. Her face showed puffy black lips, her eyes big and wide with long eyelashes; her makeup was really Gothic heavy, black lips, smoked shadow around her lovely eyes.  In short words: just amazing!

My mouth dropped and watered. Oh she was magnificent. Like many know, I’m pan-sexual, a hunter, a cougar, no matter the age, sex, race or whatever. We are talking about sex! But at same time I felt sad looking at her, knowing that I was a real good looking girl but I at the same time I was pretty sure that this magnificent red latex goddess was out of my hands.  My mind was at a loss looking at her and thinking how great it would be to share the night with that red latex goddess. When something happened. She was looking at the crowd on the dance floor like she was trying to find someone. Then it happened she looked directly at me. I swear that her big eyes became red. But I discarded it fast thinking there was a red flash coming from the lighting effect on the dance floor. She talked in the ear of the man behind her.

The man was dressed in a latex black catsuit, showing beneath a heavy muscled body and the biggest crotch that I have ever seen.  A necklace on his neck said to me that this strong man appeared to be her slave. Also he was wearing a latex mask that covered his mouth and something that looked like a heavy gag. The man left her side and walked towards me. I could not believe that. When he finally met me on the middle of the dance floor, he gave me a red envelope and nodded me to take and open. He couldn’t talk due to the heavy latex restraint. I extended my arm and took with my encased latex hand the red envelope.  The envelope was sealed with a black wax seal. The wax seal showed a strange figure surrounded by several triangles and the letter D written in a very Gothic calligraphy. I broke the seal and pulled out a paper that was inside the envelope. It was very old with handwritten ancient calligraphy, but clearly legible, and read:

“Miss Dezrael will like to invite you to a private Halloween party that will take place on Saturday from 31st October. If you accept the invitation, a person’s entire confidence of Miss Dezrael will go searching for your hotel at 9:00 pm Saturday. ‘Yes’ nod if you accept.”

I looked at him and nodded saying yes.

“Please say to Mistress Dezrael that it will be an honor to meet her tomorrow night.”

With that, the strong encased man left me and disappeared to join the crowd that surrendered to us on the dance floor.  She also disappeared!  I was trying to look for her but nobody seemed to look at her, or know nothing about this Mistress Dezrael.  At the end of a long night of celebration and when the sun began to rise in the east of London I was back to my hotel.

Back at the hotel, I found at the reception desk a big box of gifts wrapped in shiny black paper and tied with a red silk ribbon addressed to me. I asked who could send this. I know very few people in London. No one replied as to whom it could be, and then I asked the attendant to take the box and bring it to my room.

I came into the room first and cooled off a bit after the long night of partying when the doorbell rang in the room. Here was the assistant with the box and a bottle of wine. The assistant placed the box on the table and waited a while for a tip. I had not changed my clothes, I only removed my black leather coat, and was still wearing my latex outfit, since, observing the assistant well, I could see that something was growing between his legs. Clearly, it showed me that he was aroused and I was hungry, so I knelt down, on my knees and lowered the zipper of his pants and released from the caging his long penis.

I took it between my lips and began to lick and suck slowly. It looked like with my hands and my mouth I could control him and play a control game. I love to give to men. Finally I could feel his breath ragged and approach ecstasy and after several more puffs he rolled his eyes back and began to cum into my mouth. I took his delicious cum into my mouth and swallowed it all without leaving a single drop out of my mouth. The assistant’s face was a poem. I got up and he understood that clearly all was finished, fixed up his pants and left the room. His face was red as a tomato. I laughed a little and turned my attention to my glass of wine that was served at the table and the strange box.

I opened the box and began to review the contents. The first thing that struck me was another red letter with the same black wax seal I got at the party, hours ago. Again, I opened the envelope and found another note. The same beautiful Gothic script, the same paper. I read:

“Dear Maryann,

Thank you for accepting my invitation, I hope we can meet personally tomorrow. The festival will be very special. In the box you’ll find clothes I’m pretty sure will suit you and that I have selected for our meeting tomorrow, also some very unique ones that I hope will be to your liking gifts. All content in this case is really very special and will be well pleased to see you wearing them.

All yours, Miss D.”

I took the box from the table and put it on the bed and started to extract the contents of it. I was still amazed that Miss Dezrael knew where I was staying. How she could know that? I did not know her and none of the people I knew in the fetish ambience of London knew her. Something really intriguing, for sure! But only to think that tomorrow night I will meet her! I had total arousal.

In the box I found many beautiful things:

  • 1 Pair of red pump model: Teeze with 5-3/4″ heels, 1-3/4″ Concealed Platform. Satin Pinstripe and Patent Upper with Patent Scalloped Detail and Satin Bow; from Bordello.
  • 1 Bordelle-L’Amour Blouse with short sleeves and the red Bordelle-L’Amour Kick Pleat black Skirt with pearl sheen red trim. Both from Westward bound.
  • 1 Black corset under bust Corset with 7 straps front, and hard ribbed with 12 suspenders, with a really kinky detail: A Clip skull in each strap.
  • 1 Pair of black latex gloves finger-less.
  • 1 A Pair of fishnet thigh highs with Red Lace-Up ribbon stockings
  • 1 A Black Pursuit handbag with a coffin shape. Really funny one.


Inside the pursuit I found other interesting things:

  • 1 Small amber bottle containing a dark red liquid when opening the bottle felt a deep aroma of wood and spices, one for sure a special perfume.
  • 1 A Deep black lipstick with the same logo that I saw on the envelope.
  • 1 Big black butt plug attached to a black leather harness.
  • 1 Metal box small containing a kind of black grease.


All contents in the box were beautiful and exciting. I organized everything on one side of the bed, but when I reached the bed, the weariness beat me even though I had a very important appointment in a few hours. I fell exhausted and slept for almost ten hours. While I deeply slept, I dreamed strange dreams where a demoness was trying to seduce me and I was falling, delivered to her power.

I woke up fresh and relaxed at 5.00 pm, I asked for something at the hotel restaurant to eat in the room. I had almost three hours to get ready for my date, take a deep shower while the food came, and come out of the shower as the food was served at the table, eat quickly and prepare to dress in these beautiful gifts of Miss Dezrael. The first thing I did was put on my makeup. I usually do not use it much but something prompted me to use a very strong eye makeup and makeup done with that creamy shiny black lipstick with the delicious but strange taste. I also followed the more kinky Miss Dezrael instruction. I applied the black lipstick on my aureole, nipples and the head of my cock.

I was thinking that was a weird order but I couldn’t question her orders. Then I began to dress determined to please my strange friend ‘Dez’. I put on the Blouse (that kept free my breasts), corset, latex gloves and fishnet stockings. Then I greased the butt plug and buried it into my ass, it took some time to overcome the initial resistance but gradually the full length and width took the place widening my asshole. The black cream definitely worked wonders. My ass was completely filled and sealed. Mmmmm, it felt so good. I adjusted the butt plug harness to my waist. Then put on a black latex G-string that covered over perfectly the harness. Over it, I put on the black skirt and then I put on the lovely shoes.  I took the perfume bottle and put a little amount on my hands, my neck and on the inner line between my breasts. I was almost ready!

It was nearly 8.30 pm. I checked my makeup. I wanted to be perfect. I looked in the mirror at my full body and definitely, I looked spectacular! I took my pursuit, placed inside the lipstick and the small box with the lubricant; I put on my leather coat and went out into the night. I left the hotel at 9.00 pm. Right in front of the hotel was parked a very old vehicle, a shiny silver color Mercedes 770K. In front of this stunning car was a man in full encased latex that I immediately recognized. This was the same man who the night before had given me the envelope.

I approached towards the car and could see that he was wearing the same mask that wore the night before. He nodded to me with his head and opened the back door of this beautiful Mercedes, the inside of which was wrapped with shiny deep red leather. I sat in the back side of the car, with plenty space for my legs and then the driver closed the door and got behind the wheel. We drove for more than two hours, traveling further away from central London. I checked my cell trying to see if I could record our direction. But, I quickly lost all sense of direction. But strangely enough, I was not worried either.

Finally, we arrived at a dirt road surrounded by forest. Everything was dark. It did not look like anybody lived in the vicinity. We passed a stone wall then a little later I saw a clearing in the forest and the silhouette of a big building. Slowly we approached the huge stone house. Finally the car stopped at the foot of the stairs leading to a huge door.  The driver turned off the engine of the Mercedes, approached and opened the door. He offered me his strong arm to lean on to get me up from the vehicle seat. I took his arm and leaned until I could support myself on six inch high heels on stone floor that was in front of the stairs.

The view of the imposing house from this point of view was breathtaking. The Gothic style was something. I could see several gargoyles in some places near the ceiling. The entrance was impressive. The big house was made with stone; also large windows could be seen. At the left side of the main entrance I saw an immense structure that from this point of view resembled a church.

The driver went upstairs and opened two huge wooden doors which came apart with a loud groan, and led me in, into this magnificent house. He nodded to me and I followed him to the main entrance where she was to receive me. The main hall room was circular and went up two stories high, the walls painted all the way around with astonishing frescoes. A large spiral staircase wrapped around the room leading up to the second floor. The large arch to our left led into the rest of the house’s first floor, and across from it were a pair of ornate, opposing, double large doors, topped with an incredible stained glass arch that led us into the large main hall.

The driver nodded me to ‘must wait’ in front of the main hall.

He opened the big wooden doors that gave access to the big salon. I was waiting outside while the chauffeur got into the main room. At each side of the doors a shelf carried a voluptuous statue of what appeared to be female devils, a larger shelf above the door held a larger gargoyle demoness face. After several minutes I heard her voice. She approached to the door and invited me to come in! Her voice was strong and with strange accent like German, firm but kind.

“Come in. Welcome Maryann, I love that you received and took serious my invite. Mhhhh also I’m looking that you are wearing some of my gifts! Great! May I ask you something?”

I nodded, “Yes Miss Dezrael.”

“Do you wear my entire gifts? Everything?”

“Yes I did Miss Dezrael.” With a big smile on my face. “Thank you. I liked them so much.”

She gave me a wicked smile.

“Please follow me.” She ordered.

We walked together; she was talking to me about the house, how old it was and then she led me across the main room. The interior looked like a big round temple. There were five lit torches set in around the walls. The room was also lit by several large chandeliers. Located all along the lounge next to the statue and black throne were also two great torches. The center of the room contained what appeared to be a low set, but large, round altar. What appeared to be ancient human skulls were littered around its base. On the floor around the altar was a great symbol identical to what was on the wax seal, and on my lipstick. The drawing was made with triangles that resembled a star of five ends. Some strange letters adorned the symbol.

The round altar was wrapped with black leather. The walls were smooth and adorned with tapestries depicting women, men, demonesses, and beast of all types and races in sexual encounters, like aquelarre scenes! The air was musty and it was clear no person had been in here for ages. She walked up to the altar whose top was about waist high on her. Huge glass windows were covered with heavy curtains. On one side of the round hall was a large statue and on the other side a huge chair that looked more like a black throne adorned with some skulls on the arms and base,  topped with a big gargoyle with spread wings, and sort of dragons on both sides. Close to the throne were also a small table and another black wood chair. Our footsteps echoed in the Great Hall. Click, clack, click, clack. This room was so huge it could hold about fifty people comfortably.

I thought, “Wow if the room fills, it will be a big party.”

She took a seat on throne that was located in front of the imposing statue that I could now look at in detail. The statue was huge and upon closer scrutiny I definitively could see that the head was in the shape of a goat with long horns; the arms outstretched to the sides and ended hands with long fingers, with sharp nails like talons. The body was surely female. In the bare chest stuck out two huge breasts with very large nipples, below them I could see a very marked waist and then in the crotch sprouted a large horse phallus-shaped cock. The strong legs ended in big hooves. I was distracted watching the statue.

Miss Dezrael was looking at me carefully.

“Mhhh Maryann the statue has captured your attention. She is the Baphomet.”

I turned my head and our eyes met.

“Baphomet? I had never heard of her.”

“Baphomet is lust personified. Sometimes represented as a man, but the true nature of the body as you can see is female but with a huge horse-shaped phallus. Also, this temple where we are was dedicated to Baphomet.”

“Wow!! It is amazing.” I replied.

Dezrael pointed out the chair next to the throne and invited me to sit beside her, between the two chairs we had a table with a bottle of very red wine and two glasses. She began serving wine and extended me a cup filled with the deep red wine. I took a first sip to taste. Dezrael asked me if I knew why had been invited to her home.

“Talking frankly no, it was a great surprise for me.” I said.

She looked at me deeply and then said, “I know your deepest and darkest desires!!”

Surprised, I replied, “I do not want to be rude, but this is our first meeting, as you might know.”

She smiled enigmatically.

“You’re deeper and darkest desire is to be a futa with a big penis. I know what you want and I can make it happen.”

Again, her ability to see my innermost desires shocked me. How could she know those thoughts? I’ve never told them to anyone.

She spoke again.

“But there is a price.”

“A price?” I asked.

“Yesssss my dear, a price Maryann. Nothing is free in this life or in the other one. Everything has its price.”

“If it is true that you can make my darkest desire reality; what´s the price I would have to pay to make it happen?” I replied calmly.

She replied curtly, “Give freely your body and soul to Baphomet. Your human existence will end and you will become a servant of lust. A being of lust and sexual perversion!!”

She wore a red latex blouse, long red latex skirt with same style that I was wearing, open in the middle it revealed long platform boots that resembled horse hooves.

She looked in my eyes and spoke again.

“Think you’re ready and want it with your soul. You must know if you agree, you can´t turn back; there will be no chance to repent.”

With that she opened both sides of the skirt freeing her huge horse cock. It was as if she was demanding me to stroke her big piece of meat. My eyes buried on that big cock, larger than any other cock I’ve ever seen in my life.

Then, like she was reading my mind she added. “I know you want to lick and suck my big cock. Your mouth is salivating.”

She moaned deeply.

“Mhhhh I would also like to see you eat my cunt and lick my ass. Tonight, I am hungry for sex. Use your black puffy lips and hungry tongue. Worship me. Join me. Join to my coven. And your hunger for lust will be forever! I am Dezrael, the Baphomet daughter! Surrender to my father and you will become a succubus futa. Get on your knees, now!”

I got up from the chair and with a seductive smile started to lick my black lips, I knelt in front of her.

“Yes ma’am Dezrael!”

“Maryann take a good look at my huge horse cock and my hungry pussy.” She said spreading her pierced cunt with black inner lips.

The deep aroma from her cunt filled my nostrils. It was intoxicating, the same one that was on the perfume that she gave me. Even more powerful! She took her horse cock giving me space to be near her pussy. I obeyed her, my mouth water was made. My nostrils filled with her intoxicating scent. A red fog began to emerge from the depths of her pussy. My face was very close to the red mist and it quickly came into my nostrils filling my lungs. She released a deep evil laugh. I stepped back a little for air again. My eyes were on fire: then I could see how the whole body of Mistress Dezrael began to change.

“Are you ready Maryann?” She asked with an evil smirk parting her black juicy lips.

Her forked tongue slid over her long pointed fangs. I looked up at her with hunger in my eyes.

“Yes Mother, I want to become one with you. Take all that you want from me. I’m all yours! I want to give freely my body and soul to Baphomet. I want to become your harlot.”

“Worship my body.” She commanded. “And soon you will be one with me! Eat my cunt. Lick my pussy like the last dish on the table!”

With that she moved her huge balls and horse cock and gave me a free look to her eager cunt. I obeyed, without hesitation, quickly, and began to lick her slit with the tip of my tongue. I was frenzied, on ecstasy. Her sticky black vaginal fluid had an amazing flavor. I let out a soft moan as I tilted my head back slowly, licking over my lips. Mhhhhhh my lips and tongue were filled with the black mucus from her cunt. She let out a muffled groan spreading her legs wider with her hands, also spreading her pussy lips wide open while doing so. I came back again to lick her mound in a circular motion like a hungry rabid dog.

“Yes!” She squirmed softly.

I licked her pussy, and slowly began to relax as I did so; her black sticky juices dripped down onto the black leather couch. I moved one of my hands to her crotch and rubbed her elongated clit with my thumb, licking up and down her walls with increased speed. She smirked and placed a hand on my head as I rubbed her swollen clit, short spurts of black juices gushed out from her pussy as I beat around. I moaned in pleasure as I lapped up all the juice, the most delicious thing to ever be tasted. I slithered my tongue in circles around her clit hammering it furiously. She groaned, her pussy was like a steam machine. She was on fire, really hot, as she panted hard, and grasped the arm chair hard. My eyes widened as I kept rubbing my tongue in her addicting honey tasting cunt, shoving my face into her crotch more deep.

She grasped my head taking me out from her pussy and showed me her horse cock in front of my lips. The tip of her pole of meat has dropped black pre-cum, I smelled her aroma filling my nostrils and I moaned deeply.


I licked my black lips with a deep lust in my eyes. I began to worship the head of her monster cock and stuck my tongue on her cock hole; she looked at me with a hungry eye. Her skin color was changing to a more reddish hue. She was pushing up and down, thrusting my mouth lips with her long juicy piece of meat while moaning out loudly. Black pre-cum sprouted from her dick. I took all with my tongue and it appeared to enlarge slowly. And become purple. I groaned in lust as I continued to relentlessly lick on her cock. I stuck my longest finger on her cunt and with the others massaged her swollen clit. She let out a loud groan as I felt her body shake hard, Her orgasm approached closing quickly as I sensed that she was about to climax I increased my speed like never before, my tongue slithered in her horse cock like an eel while I fingered her juicy cunt.

“Mhhhh gggreeattt ohhhhh!”

She groaned harshly as I felt her juices spray hard out from her cunt and her body violently shook as I thrust against her horse cock, wrapping my lips around the head of her juicy dick.  She squirmed and I felt my own cock quiver from an orgasm. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth wide, attempting to collect as much of her pre-cum as I could while I continued to lick her delicious meat pole furiously. I looked directly into her eyes; her body was changing even more. I ground her cock against my mouth, but it was so big and that I couldn’t take all her length, just a few inches fit in my hungry mouth. Then she quivered; as her first orgasm ended slowly, huge amounts of black cum spewed out from her horse cock like a fountain. I screamed hard in pleasure.

“Yessssss mhhhhhh Msss Dezzzz…..”

I swallowed her cum and let out a muffled moan as I lapped up the remainder of her ebony juices, still sucking her long horse cock.

“Mmhhhh Mistress Dez that was amazing.”

Some of her black ejaculate had splashed on my face and was dripping over my body. She smirked holding my shoulders, while still shaking softly.

“Mhhhh you are a real good girl.”

“Sorry Mistress I can’t take all of your lovely cock and yet I want to!”

She smiled at me.

“My beloved sister, soon you will be able to take all of my long horse cock in your mouth and ass. You will give me even more pleasure. Your body will change like your lovely tongue did.”

I was looking into her reddish eyes. With my new long tongue I was wiping the juice off my chin and licking it off from my fingers, grinning with an evil look in my eyes.

“Thank you Mistress Dezrael.” I said. “I aim to please your every whim.”

She smiled at me with a wicked look as she slapped her long horse cock softly against my face. I felt my own cock quickly becoming hard and twitching softly, pre-cum dripping from the tip heavily trapped in my latex G-string.

I looked at myself in the one large old mirror close to us. My facial skin was really paler, almost white, my black lips were shining with her cum. staring into the border of my lips I could see how something like black veins began to grow from the edge of them, many were growing rapidly across my face. Like black ink on a white sheet, her succubus’s essence poured over me, infecting me, corrupting me. My eyes now shone with reddish light; my nails had grown, they were longer, sharp and black. My tongue was now quite long and pointed. Its color was a deep purple, the tip was almost black.

She looked at me with an sinful grin.

“Mhhh you are gifted with the darkness. Your body will change fast! It will be hard and really painful for you but there is no pleasure without pain.”

I looked back at her and I could see how her face had changed. At the borders of her forehead grew two long black horns. Her eyes were completely black but glistened with a red light and were bordered by a black mask that accentuated her lines. Her lips were thick, juicy and very wide. Long white fangs showed on the edges of the lips of her mouth and out from between them sprouted a long black tongue like a snake. During her first orgasm she had opened her blouse releasing her chest: two huge breasts proud, showing easily EE or FF cup, crowned by two black big aureole and very long and wide nipples. The nipples ends were shaped like penises and had several piercings along them. Jet black sticky sperm flowed from them. All her skin was bright red now. Around her navel she had a tattoo in black and shining with a red light; it was the symbol of Baphomet, and her navel was pierced with a shiny black diamond. She looked spectacular, exciting.

“It´s time to fill that stomach.” She said and I let out a maniacal laugh, like I have gone mad with lust.

Her beautiful horse cock was looking for attention again.

“Open your mouth wide darling.” She ordered me. “I will introduce this entire immense phallus into your mouth and throat, I want to fill your stomach with my black sperm. I have to feed your transformation, your mouth and throat now is able to fully meet me. I will fuck them hard.”

She stood from her throne with her long arms to the sides, with a smooth motion she let her blouse fall down to the stone floor leaving her beautiful torso proudly naked. Her features were being sharpened and her teeth were becoming sharper. Her lips puffed out. She closed her eyes, the eyelids gained the same color of her black lips, like if she was wearing a real heavy make-up, and when she opened them she revealed her vertical snake pupils in her bright red eyes, then the changes went to her ears which became long, and pointed. The skin all over her body began to darken as it stopped at a deep crimson red. Her breast bounced out, gaining instantly a full cup, becoming a big, luscious FF-Cup, with wide larger purplish aureole and her erect nipples turned black, longer and wider until they each rose to the size and shape of a six inch cock.

They quickly began to spurt sticky black fluids. She then began to lick her cock nipple with her very long, forked tongue, hissing softly. From her shoulder blades two huge black leathery wings like a bat sprouted and unfurled into a twelve foot wingspan. Her body was stunning, while her waist narrowed to a very short width. She dropped her head back softly and gave a deep cry of pleasure and pure lust.  With her hands she unbuttoned her skirt letting it fall near the blouse. Her face was ecstatic, as she continued her transformation; she took two steps forward where the clothes had fallen down. Her long, strong muscular legs were encased in black seamed stockings, attached to a black garter belt that contrasted with her deep crimson red skin. To the height of the boots formed her hooves, which were fused with each strong red leg. A long tail tipped with a long black cock head shape sprouted from her lower back just at the end of her upper ass line. She finally revealed her complete and true futa succubus nature, something that I would soon be as she promised me.

She took my hand and helped me up off my knees and led me to the round altar which was on the center of the hall room surrounded by Baphomet symbol. The symbol was glowing with a purple light. She told me to lie down on my back. The altar had a perfect height, the top wrapped in black leather and the surface soft like a bed but cold. My head was out of the border of the altar, slightly tilted back and fully accessible to eat her huge horse cock. She ordered me to open my mouth as widely as I could. Then she placed her immense shaft between my lips. My long tongue began to lick her; it was much longer as it could now wrap her piece of meat. With a slight movement of her hips, she pushed her delicious horse cock into my mouth. My eyes widened as I felt the first attack. The muscles of my mouth distended in an impressive manner that I couldn’t believe. Following through, she pushed her cock even deeper this time towards my throat. My mouth muscles yielded against the onslaught but held tight to the huge piece of meat that was penetrating me.

She, on an impulse, overcame resistance from my throat and felt that she penetrated me deeply. My tongue could almost touch her delicious balls and my nose smelled the intense perfume expelling from her cunt. She thrusted her hips forward and finally I had been impaled by her delicious cock. My nose rubbed her balls and I slid my tongue deep into her pussy. She was on fire and began a rhythmic movement, fucking me with her giant cock. This moment I found infinitely delicious as I knew she would soon fill me with her black cum. Her horse cock began to pulse, approaching her climax. Finally she cried hard and a jet of dense sperm began to flow into me with incredible strength, my stomach began to fill up and after about five minutes it looked like I was pregnant about size months by size. She relaxed her muscles and slowly pulled her huge cock from my mouth, large amounts of sticky cum flooded out from my lips. I was in a frenzy, out of this planet, black sperm fell from my mouth splashing to the ground, touching the Baphomet symbol that immediately began to radiate shiny purple light with more force.

I could look at my face and my whole body in the large circular mirror that was on the roof of the Baphomet temple from my position on the altar. My body was upright; I took off my black blouse, leaving my torso naked. I was changing for sure; my skin face was more reddish. Hundreds of dark corrupted veins spread all throughout my body parting from my black puffy lips, purplish-black breast aureola and cock head.  The corruption was filling my body. I felt a tingling sensation in my head when two dark nubs sprouted from my forehead. The transformation also went to my nails. They grew longer, turning deep black and looked like pointed wicked claws. I opened my mouth and moaned a deep moan to reveal my new pointed canines, and I licked my purplish-black, puffier lips with my long forked tongue.

I closed my eyes; the eyelids gained the same color of my lips, like if I was wearing real heavy make-up, and when I opened them, they revealed new vertical red pupils on my bright black eyes. The changes also went to my ears which became long, and pointed. These gave me, more and more, a demonic look. I came back to my senses and without hesitation, opened my skirt, tore my G-string, unfastened my harness and detached it from the butt plug keeping it deep buried inside me. I turned myself around and went on all fours, swaying my hips showing my wide ass in front of her horse cock.

“Best get it deep inside me, Mistress.” I said innocently, biting my lip. “I want be filled with your monster cock.”

She smirked and approached and with her long clawed hands pushed the butt plug deeper, I cried in pain and hissed; my forked tongue was out.

I turned my head back and looked at her.

“Please fill me! I want to be fucked like a harlot!”

She pulled out my butt plug fast and the pain was deep. I was crying yet deep pleasure also filled my mind. Then she approached with her head close to my ass and her long forked tongue probed into my asshole deeply and speedily licked my inner walls.

“Yes, more I want more!” I shouted to Mistress Dezrael.

She dug her long sharped nails into my cheeks, I screamed in pain as she pierced my skin with her claws while blood protruded from my cheeks. The pleasure was immense, uncontrollable, and my body shivered completely. She ended her licks into my ass, and pulled her long snake tongue out of my ass. Immediately she placed the head of her huge cock around the crook of my hungry ass. In one smooth motion she spread her black sperm around the edges which thickened and blackened my ass. She pushed hard trying to force the resistance of my asshole; trying to beat my sphincter. An inhuman, intense pain ran through my body. My scream was of an unnatural pleasure mixed with pain. My eyes widened and black tears welled up in my eyes. She gave a cry of lust and pleasure and said:

“This is the first ring of your ass, now you have five more similar to the first. I call them the five gates of hell. I really enjoy beating each.”

Immediately and without any forgiveness, she slammed her horse cock deep into my asshole, a single thrust as it slid all the way in trespassing the five rings. At once, I screamed an ear deafening roar of carnal pleasure. I was feeling my asshole being torn apart. I then started to thrust myself down onto her horse cock. She was rotating my hips slowly. Her long shaft grew in size and girth as she rammed my ass deeper.

“Ah! Fuck!” She screamed softly as pulled her cock out of me.

Then she buried her horse cock again inside me, hitting as deep as she could go in. She grasped my ass cheeks and began thrusting hard into my body. I was wishing I could pleasure her with my mouth as well as she slammed deep and hard into my asshole.

“Ugh! Yes!” I moaned loudly, as she relentlessly destroyed my little asshole with her massive supernatural member.

My hips were gyrating to each thrust. Then like she was reading my deepest desire, her long red tail snaked between my legs and breasts and slowly approached my face and mouth. She screamed in ecstasy as she inserted her dark-red tail cock head inside my mouth. Now she was fucking me in my mouth and asshole at same time.  Her horse cock was twitching and throbbing. I thrusted up and down with force, devouring with my ass her monster cock. She leaned down close to my back and sank her fangs deep into my neck; quickly moving to grab my arm harshly and pull on it, forcing it behind my back.

She bit me deep and hard as my thrust was continuing. I winced as she stung me again into my neck; the blood also ran down onto my back as she relentlessly pounded my holes into oblivion. She pulled her fangs out and offered me to take the blood from her arm. I begin suckling on her arm, drinking her warm, delicious blood as I grasped her other arm, pulling even harder on it and forcing it to rest against her stomach, her thrusts showing a big bulge on my flat stomach as she rammed deep into me. My ass became one massive hole. I saw the bulge and stroked it fast, knowing that that’s how she likes it. She took my cock and rubbed it with her talons meanwhile. I was stroking hers with my ass and pulling, as she was sucking my blood, my own orgasm began to draw close, quickly.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head as the pain from my body became unbearable. Although I was throbbing, I continued to bounce up and down on her huge Futa horse cock. She was stroking my cock that now showed a black head like her long claws. She screamed in pleasure as she pulled me away from the faucet of blood, her cum spewed deep into my body as I moaned and screamed out in enjoyment, meanwhile liters of semen poured into my asshole from the first load. I felt the orgasm take hold of her body as I convulsed violently, shaking with every load being forced into me.

She moved in once more and sank her fangs back into my neck, creating two more marks and drinking the fresh blood, as more cum pumped into my hole, her cock twitching and pulsing hard as she released the entire load in one blast of thick sperm. I whimpered in pain and lay lifeless on the black leather altar, meanwhile, she continued to pound me and release the final load in my filled asshole. Her cum began to seep out of my nose and mouth, my body not being able to contain the massive amount. She wheezed hard and pulled her horse cock out of me. I convulsed on the altar floor.

“Here it comes. You are blessed by Baphomet! The darkness will take your body and soul.” She said with a wicked smirk.

I looked up to the sky and howled in excruciating pain never felt before by a mere mortal as the red color consumed my body. I then felt immense force on my face as it began to shift. My features were being sharpened and my teeth were becoming more long and sharper. My lips puffed out and became dark purple. I was crying out in pain as my face changed and body temperature still rose. I felt an itching on my forehead, lower back, and upper back, but was much too focused on my skin’s color to notice in detail. While my face was changing, the skin all over her body began to darken. I finally noticed as it stopped at a deep crimson red. I didn’t know what to do anymore as my thoughts began to fog up. I was little by little losing control. My eyes shone with an unnatural blackness, my red pupils also bright with a reddish light.

My whole body began to tingle. With a sickening and painful crack my spine began to lengthen as a black tail began to protrude from my back. The long tail had a phallus on the end and with surprising strength I rammed it into my ass. The two nubs on my forehead grew rapidly and quickly became black pointed horns; they grew long and curved some at the top; they stopped at about twelve inches in length. All of a sudden I looked down to my crotch and saw my human cock growing bigger every second and taking the shape of a big and wide horse cock twenty-five inch long.

Precum sprout from the tip begging for me to stroke with my clawed hands. My balls also grew into the size of a grapefruit.  I felt something new in my body something that changed deep inside me. Between my balls, pussy labia grew and blackened, the lips looked fused. I let out a yell of bliss and amazement at what I was becoming.

“Fucking pain! Mhhhhhh!” I screamed loudly.

Pain spread to my toes as they rose to the balls of my feet. With squishing and cracking noises the first and second toes fused together, then the other three did the same. The masses blackened and hardened until they became cloven hooves.

I felt a similar sensation in my ass. It also began to swell. When my ass finished it was bigger than Mistress Dezrael’s and firm. I thought this was the end of the changes but when I tried to stand, I couldn’t. As if responding to my desire, the muscles began to change as well, each one gaining size and definition. I felt as powerful as my entire body grew and stopped growing at seven feet tall with a strong yet feminine figure.

The pentagram around the black leather bed began to glow with a harsh black light around it. My Mistress Dezrael was covered in the pure black light, and she smirked even more devilish. Her red eyes also shone with a deep luxury. My breasts bounced out gaining instantly two full cups, becoming a big, luscious F-Cup, with wide aureole and hard nipples. My nipples grew long and widened, taking a cock shape. From the tips dark sperm spewed. I gasped in deep pain again and arched my back as two reddish-black, leathery wings erupted from my shoulder blades and unfurled into a twelve foot wingspan. My humanity was definitely gone. I noticed that my nails seemed thicker and longer than earlier. I looked closer and saw that they were claws! My claws had finished growing and I sensed something touching my shoulder. When I checked what it was, I realized it was my hair. It was growing a lot and becoming a dark shade of red.

I looked up and smiled at my new sister Dezrael. I stuck out a now long forked tongue and licked my long sharp canines. My damaged soul was warped further by the demon, shredding the humanity from it and leaving a blackened carcass filled with an endless thirst for sex and pleasure, lust, debauchery and corruption. My thoughts darkened with the change. The caring, generous queen was replaced by a cruel, perverse being, no longer human. I didn’t mourn for the loss, I relished it. Rather than being scared of the power within me, I was excited by it. The thought of releasing it on the thousands above me only excited me more. I extended my wings, ready to use them for the first time, although I was only moments old. They will carry me, swift and silent upon the night and I shall feed every night. My mind shifted into that of a succubus.

She smirked and looked at my body, now that of a demoness.

“Well, well, it looks like it was a success.”

I grinned with a sadistic look upon my face, stroking my newly formed futa cock.

“Yessssssss Misssstresssss!!” I said with a hiss.

Mistress Dezrael said, “Well done, now show your beauty to me!!”

I got up and started an exotic and seductive dance that before I didn’t even know to perform, waving my arms and clawed hands over my horned head, swaying my curvy hips and my long horse cock and longer cock tail.

“Very good Maryann, very good. But let’s add some accessories.” Dezrael said, and then she waved her hand, and soon several steal rings formed on my nipples, permanently piercing my breast.

A black diamond stone appeared on the skin where my navel used to be and on my long shaft several piercings appeared. She grabbed me by one of my horns and pulled me up to Baphomet statue.

“You’re mine forever!” with a sinful laugh she screamed.

Then she kissed me and we joined together in forked tongue French kiss in front of the Baphomet statue.

“Shit you are fucking hotter than ever sister!” Dezrael said.

She walked around me and behind my back in a quick move she inserted her longest claw into my two fused labia , breaking the skin that kept the lips together. A flush of blood splashed on the floor and ran down my legs. I gasped in sharp pain and pleasure when she did that. Then she plunged in two fingers, then three, then her whole fist into my new pussy. Together they rocked and pumped furiously until I exploded in orgasm; juices and blood flowing down on my legs. With a wet “schlock!” Dezrael removed her fist and her cock tail was already wagging anticipating more fun.

“It is time that you worship our Mother.”

I turned my face to the Baphomet statue, the black eyes shone with a devilish red light. I stepped forward and bent down over the big horse cock and began to suck and lick with my forked tongue. I stroked the big shaft with my claws. The horse cock began to twist like it became alive! That surprised me.

“Vos estis corruptione corporis sume filiam implevi libidini carnis desideria tradam corpus et animam!. Hanc novam Baphomet Benedic tenebræ eam!” Dezrael screamed.

With that, I buried my mouth eating Baphomet’s big cock into my jaw fully opened like a snake swallowing the huge cock deep. Beginning with gentle movements, then I took the monster with the rest of my mouth. Soon I felt the immense cock tense and with an accurate movement of my tongue and mouth it trembled and began to flow with a very dense sperm that quickly filled my stomach. I relaxed, then removed my mouth from the source of this delightful and corrupt ambrosia. My body was on fire; my skin glowed in reddish light.

Shone in my eyes. Blackness. My red eyes emitted reddish light. My body shook in a trance of lust, I threw my head back and pulled my claws up my horns, my mouth fully opened showing my sharp teeth and my snake tongue spread out. A deep unnatural scream came from the profundity of my demonic body. Intense pain in the lower part of my stomach caught my attention and my gaze went back to the origin.. I could see my belly button. Around it formed a black tattoo that was identical to the symbol of Baphomet. I slowly lifted my feet which were now immense hooves. I spread my wings and saw how red hugged my naked body. I smiled a devilish way with my tongue and licked the remaining juices of Baphomet that remained on my lips and face.

“I see that your sign has appeared. That tattoo means that now you are part of my demonic coven. You are now a Baphomet daughter like me!”