Feature Writer: Tom Rimes / Pastor Tom

Feature Title: Pastor Tom (a true story)

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Author’s Notes: I must tell y that this story is true, for I am also the Pastor of the Church. I hope you’re OK with this and understand that as we have talked before, though I am a Christian Pastor of a Church in Pennsylvania, I love and worship Lord Satan as my God. Anyways maybe you can use this story for your site to please your readers and praise our god. I give you the OK to do with it whatever you need or desire to do. Your the expert here. Anyways, I will tell it all right here.


Pastor Tom (a true story)

I am the Pastor of a medium-sized Lutheran Church in Pennsylvania for over nine years, I also love and worship my true god Lord Satan.

I used to be a very devout Christian who was totally set against Satan and his demons and lies as I was taught back since I was a child all the way through seminary school, and had always been sexually straight with a beautiful wife and ten year old daughter.

But after dealing with a man who had a strange sexual addiction at my Church three and a half years ago, I started to look into what addicted him to this kind of porn, for it was satanic porn, something I had never encountered. So I started researching it to try and help him, and before I knew it, I was now desiring this and could feel and hear Lord Satan calling me to serve Him.

I quickly ran from it and prayed for about two weeks for this to leave me and for Satan to stop trying to lure and tempt me into His grasp. But after only three weeks I found myself back at it with an uncontrollable desire to know more. And after four weeks I was kneeling naked in front of a candle lit altar in my pastor study room asking Lord Satan to empower me with His demons of lust and homosexuality.

A small part of me said what the hell are you doing? But the rest of me was begging in depraved lust for His power to fill me. Within moments I started having extreme homosexual desires, and I called the young man who i had been trying to help several years before; and to my amazement he told me that He had been praying for Me to come to know Lord Satan and that one day we would have sex on the altar of my own church.

He told me to truly become one with Lord Satan, a Christian must be sodomized by a true follower of Lord Satan. We both undressed and rubbed each others cocks praying to Satan to watch us and accept us as His followers and to empower us with His sexual Demons.

I admit, was so scared  but within an hour, we were having beautiful blasphemous Satanic sex on the altar. We sucked and fucked each others assholes on that altar in Satan’s name. This went on for hours till about four in the morning. I had never felt such freedom of guilt or shame. I now kneel in worship to Him everyday, and yet must preach from that same pulpit and altar as a devout Christian, while many times my cock is raging hard for Lord Satan.

In the past year I have fucked many homosexuals in the baptismal tank jerking off in the Holy Water shortly before baptizing new believers into Christianity. If they only knew that they were being immersed in a satanic homosexual bath dedicated to Lord Satan.

Since I have been doing this, I now have had seven male members come to my office for counseling. Would you believe all seven came for feelings of homosexuality and or demonic thoughts. How wonderful to see Lord Satan’s power over Christians.

Hail to our Lord and God.  You may not ever see Lord Satan or even one of His demons, but you can truly see His powers move in action as you pray to Him and tempt others to come to Him in whatever ways you can.

Don’t wait till Sunday. Tempt a Christian today and lead him to freedom. I have been praying for Lord Satan to tempt and control my wife and daughter, and maybe soon I can share with you more of His glorious power over them. For they are reacting quickly to Him and doing His will to ruin Christianity.

Masturbate and blaspheme in His name and He will fill you with His power.