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Five Demons 3


Spoiler Alert!

We’ve all seen A Christmas Carol. A ghost story of Christmas. This novella by Charles Dickens was first published in London in 1843. It recounts the story of Scrooge, who is visited by the spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come. After their visits, Scrooge is pleasantly transformed and everyone lives happily ever after…

Well, this ain’t that story.

Five Demons is a story of a pious cenobitic priest, who over time has become disillusioned with the whole ‘Heaven and Hell’ thing. And in this delicate time, as his faith falters, he is visited via his dreams (or nightmares) by five demons. Transported to different times of his life, the demons have been sent to increasingly corrupt his heart, mind, and soul. Eventually, as the last bastions of his faith are lost, will he be finally liberated and willingly becomes a servant of Satan in Hell?



The Rising of the Adversary. The Baphomet or Sabbatic Goat or Goat of Mendes represents the equilibrium of the opposites. Said to be the god of the witches, the Baphomet is often depicted as an androgynous winged figure with the head and hinds of a goat; the bare breast of a woman; and the erect phallus of a man encircled by the twin serpents of Lilith and Samael. The image of Baphomet has graced everything from heavy metal albums to religious propaganda and tends to be used as a symbol of evil. Yet Baphomet is a far, far more complex symbol. The Sigil of Baphomet depicts the Sabbatic Goat within an inverted Pentagram.

Galatians 5:19 says … When you follow the desires of your truly sinful nature, the results are very clear: sexual perversion, impurity, and lustful pleasures.


“TRIBUS. TRIBUS. TRIBUS,” they chanted.

Brother Alp, for the first time in successive nights, thought about the strange publication that he had happened upon in the Reserved Section … ‘Quinque Daemoniorum’. Could the publication have some kind of evil influence over him? Had it sparked something inside him? Had it brought about the insidious nature of these perverted sexual nightmares, where he imagined participating in these unspeakable acts of blasphemy? He was sure of it. He made a mental note to try and track it down again.

That night a violent wind and rain storm raged against the outside monastery’s thick walls. Brother Alp could hear the claps of thunder that shook the tiny panes of stain-glass in the window of his tiny cell. Out of synchronicity, vicious spikes of lightning periodically lit up the interior of his monastic space with momentary bright whiteness like the flashes as Pan’s cock pressed upwards against his spin.

With his hairshirt discarded, he was no longer diffident. He lay completely naked upon his back, as he willingly rubbed his engorged flesh. Knowingly sinful. And utterly unrepentant.

The visitations of his exquisite demons, Pan and Lilith, had left him hankering for more. In fact, he felt jilted with only levity for his past. He now felt offended by his god’s absolute meaninglessness. For the best part of his junior and adult life, he had served in silent misjudgment. His postulation about Jesus Christ, their so-called ‘Savior’ seemed a bad joke. A memory of a dream of Lilith masturbating with the crucifix crossed his mind … it sent pleasure signals to his dripping cock. Now the pulpit prayers of the Holy Fathers sounded inept and their whole premise seemed futile. Nonsensical. Profitless.

Masturbation. Yes. Masturbation. Hail Pan, god of unholy masturbation. Hail Lilith, demon queen of perversity. Yes. He offered perverted prayers to these wicked creatures of the darkness. Alp wanted nothing more than to serve his sex demons.


Brother Alp was definitely not himself.

He looked at himself, once again, standing before the oval mirror. The dream mirror.

He no longer wondered at the process but was excited about yet another evil journey. A dark sexual journey. He saw himself, as he looked at about sixteen, maybe seventeen years of age. A not-so-distance past. He grinned at his own shameless nakedness. His young teen cock was already stiff and waiting as it pointed upwards.

What wickedness lay ahead? What fornication? What is sexual deviancy? Sex with young boys? Sex with pre-teen girls? Copulation with strange and evil creatures?

He remembered his initial timidity in the dream of Pan, the demon god of masturbation. His anal rape was his first initiation. The opening of his third eye. The penetration of the wand in its verticality — the flashes of white light as his third eye opened to allow demonic possession. How he welcomed them. He saw it now differently. Before, he would have been horrified by the depths of his own deviant imagination. Now … how he reveled in the worship of the phallus. Hail demonic cocks!

There had been the unexpectedness of brother-sister incest with Lilith, the demon succubus of sadistic lust. The goddess of unholy whoredom. How he worshiped at her filthy cunt hole and sucked upon her horned clitoris. The more taboo, the more delicious. The whipping of the tiny young girl had been another freakish adventure. Sexual torture. Rape. Sodomy.

“The key is in the trauma: the complete destruction of the inner spirit. Then at the propitious moment, the victim’s third eye is opened.”

Inflicting pain to receive the demon blessing of perverted pleasure.

What was about to happen? He was sure that he would not be disappointed. As the mirror disappeared from sight, Alp found himself naked in a grotto. A cave? A bathhouse? The repetitive echo of dripping water punctuated the silence within.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

The walls of the rectilinear room were completely tiled in mosaic. The ceiling was tiled. The floor was tiled. They felt warm against his bare feet. The light was incandescent and from an unseen source. There was a pool, like an old swimming pool, with wide steps that spanned the entire length of the expanse of water. Steam rose making the place eerie and haunted in appearance.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

His sixteen-year-old cock was hard as nails. He seemed to be completely alone. Alp stroked himself luxuriously and enjoyed his own perverseness in venereal pleasure. Something was about to happen. He knew it. He sensed it. His cock wept clear fluids that lubricated his slow masturbation technique. He put his toes into the hot water and then stood on the first step so that both his feet were immersed. It felt comfortable. The steam continued to rise blurring the other side of the bathhouse.

He noticed that the small black and white mosaic patterns upon the walls depicted a monochromatic bathing scene of what appeared to be nubile naked women. The steam made it a little difficult to make out the large murals that stretched down the entire length of the bathhouse on both sides.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

He stepped down further until the warm water was up to his waist level. He’d reached the bottom step. He rubbed his cock beneath the waterline as the water seemed to bubble around him. The bubbling hot water stimulated him even further as he rubbed himself enthusiastically. He decided to sit down in the stirring waters. Now his entire body was immersed in it up to his shoulders in its efflorescence. That’s when he noticed another solitary figure, about twenty feet away, at the opposite side of the misty pool almost hidden as the steam continued to rise. Like him, the figure was immersed beneath the bubbling water.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

The figure stood up and immediately began to wade forward across the steaming pool toward where Alp was sitting. Alp could make out a thin female torso. Elegant long neck. Lilly-white skin. Damp black hair tied in a ponytail. Pronounced clavicles. Beautiful teardrop-shaped breasts. She seemed to move effortlessly. Her movements were graceful to watch as she wadded across the pool towards Alp. His eyes focused on her attractive face. Small. Young. Mischievous. Delicate yet determined in her expression.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Alp stood up. He wasn’t sure why. He didn’t feel threatened. Quite the opposite. But he stopped masturbating himself and stood upright, almost to attention, with his hands at his side. Waiting. Anticipating something nasty and perverted.

“We’ve been waiting for you,” she said.

She looked elfish. Young. Lean. Sexy. Alp’s hands immediately wanted to fondle her perfect little teardrop breasts that he could see were crested with succulent inch-long nipples – that resembled little boy cocks. He wanted to take them between his lips and into the roof of his hungry mouth and suckle upon them. He wanted to taste her deliciously smooth alabaster skin as the water lapped around her waistline.

“For me?” Alp answers meekly.

He tried but failed to sound sure of himself. She laughed at his apprehensiveness.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

“Welcome to our underworld bathhouse.”

She extended her hands outwards in a gesture of ownership.

“I am a witch. But don’t be afraid … here you are welcome,” she stated. A little naughty in her attitude, ”And you are Alp. Our most awaited and honored guest.”

“A witch? What … what is this place?” Alp stuttered.

“A sex witch,” she added.

They were now within four feet of each other. Looking at the sex witch filled Alp with carnality. His cock needed urgent attention. He subconsciously stepped backward, up the next step, so that the water no longer covered his raging erection.

The sex witch smiled and did the same. Alp looked down between the sex witch’s legs expecting to see a plump set of labia and a wet cunt, but his eyes twinkled at the sight of something much more interesting … the hard cock of the transgendered witch. Its skin was pulled back. Circumcised. Its shaft and cock head stand upright at forty-five degrees to the sex witch’s flat stomach.

“A sex witch needs her wand,” she said as she began to stroke herself.

Her fingers moved back and forth as she grinned at Alp, encouraging him to join her.

“We call this place the ‘Bathhouse of Masturbation’. Do you find that you see things differently, now that Pan has opened your third eye?”

Drip. Drip. Drip.

The third eye. Yes. The flashing light as Pan sodomized him. The pain and the beautiful pleasure of blasphemous anal sex. Alp blinked disbelievingly as the fine black and white mosaic wall tiles that had faithfully depicted a scene of naked bathing women began to morph … it changed before his eyes into something far more pornographic … there were no longer naked bathing women … they were all the transgendered sex witch … like the cock witch … the mural showed a scene of cock masturbation … an orgy of naked transgendered witches … all their penises erect and hard … masturbating themselves and each other.

“Taste the waters around you …” ordered the sex witch, “Taste the Waters of Sin.”

Alp had felt a change in the waters that splashed around him. They felt more vicious, even slimy and glutinous. He brought his coated fingers to his mouth and gingerly tasted them. The unmistakable saltiness of seminal fluids. was it semen that was literally dripping from the very ceiling above him or maybe more cascading in copious volume, directly into the pool around him? He saw it as a lake of spent semen.

The mosaic tile wall morphed again. The image of the witches sucking each other’s long hard cock, cumming in fountains into the pool, cumming over themselves and each other. It changed again. This time the mural was one of anal sex. Witch-on-witch. Their lithe bodies danced back and forth, frotting or stabling each other with their cock wands. Cocks pistoning in and out of every hole. A perverted sex witch orgy of blasphemous sodomy; as a waterfall of semen continued to flow and cascade around them.

“It is the cum of demon worship …”

The witch cupped a handful of semen from the pool around her and brought it to her pouting lips.

“And we have many of these underground bathhouses. Each of them caters to a different perversion. Every imaginable perversion, Alp … like the ‘Bathhouse of Pedophilia’. That is one of our most popular attractions. There is the ‘Bathhouse of Urolagnia’ and the Bathhouse of Coprophilia’. Both are very popular with our many demon visitors. The ‘Bathhouse of Pain’ and the ‘Bathhouse of Bestiality’ are also well-frequented. So, what is your taste Alp?”

Alp could think of many perversions that he was only too eager to embrace. He thought about some kind of synergies between them all. Was that permitted? Instinctively he knew that everything was permitted here. The sex witch pressed forward so that they were almost, but not quite touching. She held her pendulous tear-shaped breasts up with both hands.

“Suck them. I know you want to.”

She didn’t have to ask Alp twice. He has been salivating. His eager mouth watering at the thought. His mouth closed around the witch’s aureola and took her thumb-sized nipple between his lips, sucking it against the roof of his mouth whilst pressing his tongue upwards to increase the pressure. As Alp greedily sucked upon the witch, the mosaic around him changed constantly, like a black-and-white pornographic movie show … each new image more perverted than the next.

“Mmmmmmmmm … Alp!”

The sex witch moaned taking firm hold of Alp’s cock. Her strong fingers gripped his foreskin and thrust it back and forth, masturbating him with hard, fast strokes.

“It’s time for both of us to cum.”

In immediate response to her pleasuring, Alp groaned against the witch’s soft mammary flesh, sucking her cock-like nipples even harder. The fingers of his left hand groped at her bosom flesh, while his right hand wrapped around her deliciously flesh wand. Sex magick tingled up his forearms.

“That’s it. Do it. Faster! Faster! Faster!”

Their hot, wet, and open mouths met with depraved lust and greed for more perverted pleasures. Their vigorous movements got more desperate, as they both found their unnatural needs to increase in tempo to a fever pitch. They rubbed their sinful cocks together, frotting and groping each other and moaning into each other’s mouths.

Their mutual pleasuring would have continued except for the sound of an echoing gong. The sex witch stopped abruptly, though they had both come close to orgasm.

“It is time Alp. It’s your time … You must meet your third demon.”

The third demon? Alp’s thoughts returned to his unanticipated quest. First, there was Pan, the wicked little faun who called himself the ‘god of masturbation’; then there was Lilith, his so-called incestuous sister and the ‘goddess of fornication’. His mind reeled.

“I must take you to the god of witches. You know who that is?”

Alp looked unsure.

“The Baphomet. The Sabbatic Goat. The Goat of Mendes. Our god is known by many names but worshiped in only the most profane of sex rituals … Are you ready?”


Was he ready? The witch kissed Alp with gusto. They mashed their hungry mouths together passionately; open-mouthed. Alp felt the witch’s long forked tongue wriggling inside his mouth. Alp’s head was spinning with bizarre ideas. He loved being in the ‘Bathhouse of Masturbation’. He thought about all the other bathhouses that he was yet to explore — how evil and deviant could they be? He hoped that the witch would at least give him a glimpse — maybe a quick tour. Oh yes, he wanted to see them all. He wanted nothing more than to experience all the debauchery that they could offer.

Alp thought about the temptation of Christ. How the great Lord Satan, for forty days and forty nights, took the pathetic Jesus into the desert and showed him all the splendor of his gloriously perverted kingdom — every desire, every sensation, every pleasure … and in return, all he asked was for Jesus just to bow down and worship him … And the fucker declined.

Thinking about Satan’s pleasures and all his delicious sex demons, Alp longed to impale himself upon the sex witch’s flesh wand. Oh, blessed blasphemous sodomy. He desperately wanted to feel her hard cock penetrate him anally … open his third eye … open it wider … open it permanently. He knew that he never wanted to leave this sanctuary of perverted wickedness. If Satan was making him an offer, he knew what he’d do. He wanted to change sex; become an evil witch just like her. Androgynous. A pansexual. Could he grow beautiful tits and fuck with them forever in this nirvana of wickedness?

The sex witch grabbed Alp’s hand in hers and wasted no time in leading Alp up the remaining stairs out of the semen-drenched bathhouse and through an arched exit. They walked together, like star-crossed lovers, briskly down a short black and white tiled corridor until they came to another arched intersection.

The gong rang again. This time Alp heard its source more clearly as they entered yet another bathhouse.


Alp immediately noticed the strong pungency. This new bathhouse smelt distinctly like a latrine. There was a noticeable ammonia aroma. This sourish odor stirred another level of pervertedness inside Alp.

His hungry eyes scanned the small bathhouse. Inside there was a group of four figures gathered at the water’s edge. Transgendered witches all. He could not help but gawk at their beautiful feline bodies, perfect pendulous breasts, and upright cock wands. He also noticed the water they bathed in appeared to be pale amber in color. Yes, he knew that the entire pool was filled with urine.

To the rear end of the bathhouse stood a looming statue. An idol dedicated to celebrating an evil demon with goat-like features. The third demon thought Alp. The Baphomet. He immediately recognized this evil creature. The life-sized effigy of the unholy goat. The twin-sexed god of the witches.

The witch clutched Alp’s hand firmly and pulled him down the gradual steps into the lukewarm pool of piss.

Just like the ‘Bathhouse of Masturbation’ the walls were covered with a fine mosaic – but now his third eye was fully open, he saw nothing benign … he witnessed the rawness of its highly pornographic design that too appeared to be changing like a black and white movie. First, the mural depicted the symbolism of perverted devil worship. The images showed participants, very young boys and girls, even younger than the seventeen-year-old Alp. They were all engaged in paying homage to the spirited Baphomet.

The demon in these depictions was no static statue … it was alive. Perverted and wicked. As the young boys and girls first danced hand in hand, naked and excited. The Baphomet stood like the Maypole. Then, one by one, they all knelt and prayed before its erect cock. Their angelic faces looked upwards, their mouths open, as if singing to their idol. The demoniac entity began to urinate over them. Spraying them with its sour filth. The tiny little boys and girls drank eagerly from the never-ending piss fountain of the witch’s evil twin-sexed god.

“Are you ready to be baptized?” she asked as the others approached and gathered around Alp.

Alp nodded enthusiastically as the sex witch pressed him to kneel in a shallow pool of urine. The other four witches joined Alp in the shallow pool of piss. Each of the four witches had donned a horned goat-like mask that covered the upper portion of their face. Their masks did not stop them from tongue kissing each other with forked tongues, as they all openly masturbated and frotted against each other with their deliciously hard she-cocks.

The images on the arched walls around him flickered from one perverted visage to the next. Hard penises. Anal sex. Goat-like demons fucking children. Raping naked young ones. Witches fucking them with their hard wands of pink flesh.

“Hail Baphomet,” the sex witch cried.

Her girlish voice sounded strangely animalistic. Different. Alp turned as she spoke to him and he noticed how she had transformed. Now misshapen. No longer elfish, young or lean. Her pear-drop breasts remained beautiful and feminine — but now her legs were covered with thick shaggy fur and deformed, resembling that of the hindquarters of a goat with hoofed feet at the end of each shin. Twisted. Ugly. Black leathery wings opened wide from behind her shoulders.

“Hail Baphomet,” the other witches cried.

Upon her brow, there were curved horns and her once elfish face appeared contorted and mask-like. Or was it a mask? No, it looked real. Her mouth opened and Alp saw her forked tongue flickering in and out between her goatish maul of yellow teeth. Her cock elongated further, grotesquely extending upwards like a spear, as her heavy animalistic ball-sacks hung even lower.

“Hail Baphomet,” the other witches cried again and again.

They seemed excited by this ghoulish transformation.

The sharp taste of hot urine hit Alp’s upturned face as the masked witches all began to piss over him. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the baphometic witch, who aimed her evil cock directly toward his face.

“Blessed are those that kneel before the unholy Baphomet.”

With those last croaking words, the baphometic witch began to also piss over Alp’s upturned face — pissing her foul urine directly into his open mouth. He rubbed his cock and drank from her hot sour piss as it splashed in a torrent across his face and upper body. All the witches aimed their flows to concentrate into his mouth and he swallowed as much as he could — baptizing him as he began to buck uncontrollably and then ejaculate spurt after spurt of semen into the piss pool.


His baptism was complete. Now led by the baphometic witch, the transgendered witches brought Alp before their evil idol. He knelt on all fours and waited. Despite just cumming, his cock was still semi-hard and had begun to weep with yet more pre-cum.

The baphometic witch stood before him once again and pressed her thick slug-of-a-cock against his puckered lips. His eager tongue lapped at the underside of her purple cock-head and then he began to fellate the witch. His hands reached around the root of her now hairy organ and began to stroke the baphometic witch’s shaft up and down.

“Hail Baphomet,” the other witches groaned.

Alp sucked the baphometic witch’s thick bulbous head. Cock slime filled his mouth as he lapped enthusiastically at the creature’s flesh wand. Its thickness had swollen to the point where his fingers and thumb no longer touched each other, as they wrapped around the baphometic witch’s shaft as it telescoped beyond human dimensions.

Another of the witches knelt immediately beside him. The witch took Alp’s twitching cock between her strong bony fingers and began to rub him aggressively — bringing Alp back to a full, hard erection. Alp gasped. How fast he felt the witch’s skillful hand begin to milk his organ – bringing on more wickedness, as yet another orgasm began to build inside of him.

Beyond his direct line of sight, two of the witches lead a large male goat. The shaggy animal trotted on its four-hoofed legs. This black-haired creature was already highly aroused, its baculum curved out and then almost horizontal to its hairy stomach. The witches guided the creature forward towards where Alp was kneeling and held it by a collared lead to his rear.

“Hail Baphomet.”

The blackbuck immediately leaped onto Alp’s back. Its long blackish baculum pressed into Alp’s oily anus. It speared him.

“Aarrrgghhhhhhhh …” gasped Alp.

Pain and pleasure rushed through his rear. The black goat’s strong hind legs drove forward as it rutted against him, thrusting its long-but-thin sex organ deep into his filthy young bowels.

The baphometic witch had been watching. The witch thrust her evil cock further down his stretched throat at the same time as the evil goat thrust its boned baculum deeper inside of his entrails. Alp was skewered between them as they both fucked him hard and fast. Hot fluids filled his guts from both the front and the back. Alp began to ejaculate wildly, uncontrollably …

“Hail Baphomet,” the witches cried.





Belphegor, also known as Baal and sometimes Baal-Peor, is associated with licentiousness, orgies, urolagnia, and coprophilia. This eponymous demon of openings (especially the anus), is worshiped as a giant phallus with ritual sodomy and repellent sacrificial offering of human urine and excreta.

He is a shape-shifter, delighting in using this ability to deceive mortals. His most common forms are polarized in their appearances. Belphegor will take the form of a beautiful young girl naked in all her glory, to seduce those who would fall for his wiles. He also appears as a terrible demon, with leathery flesh, huge horns, long sharp teeth and fingernails, and a gaping mouth.

Numbers 25:1 – 3 says … So they began to indulge in the most perverse of sexual immoralities, committing shameless acts of whoredom and harlotry. They sodomized, raped, and even made human sacrifices to their demon gods. They ate feces as their sacrificial meal and bowed down before these sex devils, as they yoked themselves to their demon god, Belphegor.


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