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The Hierophant nature treats even thoughts of sex as a sin; this nature is fearful and full of doubt. The Hierophant nature is in a constant state of dread of its own sexuality. Masturbatory practices are frequently perpetrated, swinging from goodness to wickedness, and wholesomeness to completely evil sexual fantasies, which are usually followed by haunting and debilitating feelings of guilt. Actual sexual intercourse is infrequent and without a gratifying orgasm; often raising further guilt or at best minimal pleasure.

A male of this nature is subservient to women, passive in love-making, and prefers women to be on top and dominate, which allows him to divorce himself from his erect penis, leaving the woman to her own sinful devices. When the Hierophant nature yields naively to the pull of his flesh, he overdoses it and takes on the characteristics of a pervert. He/she becomes obsessive and debauched, seeking delight in the corruption or exploitation of the innocence of others.

This card could mean homosexuality, latent or overt, seeking the deliberate escape from one’s own sexuality, abhorring the masculine role of his phallus, may turn to sodomy, playing the passive role. In a female of this nature, her abhorrence of fearful penes may turn her to lesbianism, having a preference for the softness and gentleness of another woman (especially the mouth).

CHAPTER 1 – DUSHMATA – First of the Four Hells — Evil Thought (4,308 WORDS — TOTAL)

“But I am afraid that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent’s cunning, your minds may somehow be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ… And no wonder, for Satan himself, masquerades as an angel of light… It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.” — 2 Corinthians, chapter 11, verses 3

The elements were brutal. The icy wind whirled around the massive vertical stone masonry of the Gothic monastery. Its flying buttresses and steep spires defined the central cathedral-like structure at its core that rose out of the solid rock of this dissolute mountain.

Its battlements looked down upon the small villages below, which supported the monastery with their locally grown foods and ware. It was still the practice of the day for families to send their male children to serve in the monastery, bound to a life of servitude to the monks and the institution – with no means of ever leaving.

This dark place was a long way from real civilization; a long way from the comforts of the quaint village, harvest-rich farmlands, and church surroundings that this wayward young priest was used to.

The young priest sat across from the Grand Abbot with his head bowed in shame. For him, this was the end of the road. After being accused on multiple occasions, and after being relocated on three of those, his deeds had finally caught up with him – denounced as a sodomite, a molle, and a baedling, this deviant would have to pay for his sodomistic sins and he knew that this place, the legendary Monastery of Benedict IX established back in 529 AD was reported to the harshest and most feared of all appointments.

God have mercy upon my wretched soul.

The very thought of being sent here was beyond a fall from grace; it was famed as the living hell for the priesthood; a tortured experience and a banishment to purgatory.

His Excellency Alexander Marcus, the Grand Abbot of the Order of St. Benedict’s, received the young priest in his private residence. He observed him for a while, without a word passed between them.

The young priest went by the name of Michel and was sent to the monastery. Accused of heinous sex crimes, he dared not look up at him, as his appointment, as the Grand Abbot of the Order of these Benedictine Monks, also known as the ‘Black Monks’, only confirmed the gravity and hopelessness that the young priest had befallen.

Save me from a fate worse than death.

He sobbed into his open hands and trembled in anticipation; maybe he was hoping for a miracle. He had become a disgrace and his removal had been to make an example of, to be sure that their tarnished image was no further damaged.

It got dark very early in the monastery, and the Gothic drab walls, heavy oak doors, and bars across the windows resembled a prison fortress and were a stark contrast to the opulence of the Grand Abbot’s private office and residence.

The large dark wood-paneled office, adjoining bedroom, and antechambers were luxuriously appointed with all the blood-red velvet trimmings and gold finishes, that screamed the hypocrisy of privilege afforded to the so-called religious nobility.

The distracted priest had not taken the time to examine the detailed rich inlays of highly pornographic, occult, and phallic carvings that embellished his thinly disgusted, sexual furniture, designed for his enjoyment of Grand Abbot’s sadomasochistic pleasures.

“Ye are of your father the Devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it. And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not – John, chapter 8, verses 44-45”

The Grand Abbot closed his heavy bible and addressed the frightened young priest. He appeared to be only a few years the senior of the young twenty-year priest, he was in fact much older than the priest could ever imagined. His youthful good looks and tight body gave a very misleading appearance. His elevation of rank had established this sordid individual with the access and opportunity to abuse the vested powers of his station for his own secretive gains. He was of black heart and black mind – he rebelled against the corruption and the thrill of welding his destructive power against the innocent.

The Grand Abbot paced around the young priest and settled in his chair.

“We are sent only the worst lecherous sodomites. Are you one of them, my son?” he asked in a stern voice.

The priest remained silent. The Grand Abbot could taste the fear and intimidation that this young man felt.

“The Order of the Benedictine monks has strict rules of complete abstinence to observe. You are an abomination boy whose concupiscence has brought you finally to face your penance in hell on earth. What shall be your punishment?”

The Abbot bent his head close to the young priest’s ear.

“Blasphemous demon priest, kneel at my feet. Confess. Yes, confess your sins to me; all of them; and I may consider a lesser punishment than to crucify you like the dying Christ”.

He immediately fell to his knees in front of the Grand Abbot’s oversized leather throne.

“I was weak your highness. I was a sinner of the worst kind. I have defiled the institution of the Catholic Church, defamed the name of Jesus Christ and all that is good and of the Holy See itself’ he sobbed ‘I have on too many occasions given myself to the pleasures of the devil; to indulge myself in his obscene worship through the molestation of young boys that were under my duty of care. But please I beg you, show clemency. I will do anything you ask of me.”

“That you will. That you will,” the Grand Abbot placed his bejeweled hand on his bowed head, “This monastery is not famed for its clemency. Actually, it is known for its extreme harshness.”

The Abbot’s hand traced the wetness of his tear-stained face, stopped below his attractive young chin, and pushed his face upwards to face the Grand Abbot’s that was but a couple of inches away.

“You confess to pleasures of the devil – explain your sin?” asked the Grand Abbot.

“My Lord, Grand Abbot, it began through ignorance and innocence. From a young age, I was processed by a demon between my legs that taught me the evil ways of self-pleasuring; soon I looked upon my fellow boys as a source of sexual pleasure seeking others, like me, to join with them in masturbation, oral copulation, and ungodly sodomy,” answered the young priest between his open sobbing.

“You confess to indulgence and molestation – explain your sins?” asked the Grand Abbot. “Remember it is the redemption of your soul that is the price you pay for not disclosing to me, in the fullest of detail, the wickedness of your digressions.”

“Yes my Lord, Grand Abbot, it was not enough for these demons, and as soon as I was in the position of responsibility, I abused that responsibility by the forced copulation of many young ones under my wing. I knew it was wrong, but I could not help my wanton desire to touch them, taste them, and use them to satisfy my debauched sexual fantasies,” answered the young priest, baring his soul truly for the first time.

“And worshiping of these so-called demons? What of your lack of faith in the Church as a servant of righteousness?” pressed the Grand Abbot.

“Oh, my Lord. In my efforts to be Chaste and not to give in to this demonic wickedness, I managed for a long time to refuse them, praying for hours, praying to the Saints and to Jesus for the strength to fight. But as I slept, my mind filled with obscenities, wretched obscenities of sins of the flesh; my dreams became corrupted with every kind of sexual perversion and immoral depravity; and eventually, my will failed as my enjoyment of abuse, the very act of knowing that I was about to sin in the gravest manner, was in itself the motivation for my demonic satisfaction – I did not want just the simple pleasure of relief, but craved the pain, suffering, humiliation and corruption of those helpless to stop me.”


CHAPTER 2 — DUSHUKHTA — Second of the Four Hells — Evil Word

“These are truly evil acts that you openly confess. And in confession, there can be redemption. We have observed, throughout the history of our religion, that our call for a Chaste brotherhood – that this not without difficulties. I must acknowledge your full and complete confession pleases me; whether you see these experiences as being tortured and tormented; or as being inspired and chosen by the black flame and the fallen angels to celebrate their wickedness.”

The Abbot stroked his chin and angled his stare at the wayward priest.

“There are many things that are not known about this place. Many enter and few ever leave. Fate is not without its sense of irony. The monastery was named after its founder and long-time benefactor, the famed Pope Benedict IX. Are you familiar with our Pope?”

The young priest was squirming on the spot. He shook his head in deep shame.

“The great Benedict IX became Pope at the tender age of twelve. He was in fact, the youngest Pope in the history of the Vatican. However, he was not loved and embraced by all. He was described by some as a demon from hell in the disguise of a priest; and St Peter Damian said of him ‘that wretch, from the beginning of his pontificate to the end of his life, he feasted on immorality’. History portrays him as a sexual vampire who dabbled in witchcraft and Satanism; committed countless acts of sodomy and incest; and murdered his bastard children in occult rites. It was said that he loved to throw wild, satanic orgies in the worship of the devil himself.”

The Grand Abbot pushed his middle finger into the young priest’s hot wet mouth and moved it in and out like a cock.

“Suck it. Suck it like the cocks of the little boys that you molested,” he ordered and the humiliated priest obeyed with questioning eyes.

“You have been brought to me so that you shall be tested, and I shall be the inquisitor. If you are truly the spawn of an evil demon succubus, the Brotherhood of St. Benedict will find out and your fate will be in accordance,” proclaimed the Abbot as he stood up.

The Abbot looked down upon the defeated priest.

“Remove all your habit and remain kneeling naked before my throne, so that the truth may be seen. It is time to awaken you from the abyss that clouds your judgment and distorts the true path. The true God must be honored and what blessings you may have been vested, in must now be realigned to the faith of the Brotherhood of St. Benedict. Do you understand that I am giving you a second chance young brother?”

Please save me from myself.

The confused priest did as the Abbot barked in fear of his mortal soul. Maybe he was hoping for leniency but was completely unaware of what the Abbot had in store for him. The naked priest, subconscious of his own nudity in front of the Grand Abbot, covered his pathetic genitalia with his hands.

“It is time to see the events of your confession in a different way. Look around you in my residence library. Look upon these great esoteric volumes.”

The Abbot pointed to the collection of hundreds of old heavy leather-bound books that lined the walls of his ostentatiously appointed private residence.

“These esoteric volumes of erotica, pornographic heresy, parading themselves as pseudo-religious literacy from every dark corner of the world; obscene, subversive, blasphemous, they are truly the creation of the Devil. I can tell you that there is a long history and tradition of demon worship and satanic evil throughout our faith. From the serpent that first tempted Adam and Eve with the fruit from the forbidden tree of carnal knowledge that exposed them to the truth and pain of the world and cast them forever from paradise; to this world filled with sodomites, molles, and baedlings like you; these pages are testament to every disgusting act and deviant behavior ever performed; the voice of every sin of the flesh!”

The young priest looked around the room. In a hesitant voice, the young priest ventured.

“But, my Lord, in all humility, for what purpose do you amass such a collection of sacrilegious literature, your honor?”

“You seek to question your inquisitor at such a delicate time in your fate?” the Abbot remarked in a condescending voice, enjoying his obvious dread and awkwardness in his line of thought.

“Kneel at the prie dieuxs,” ordered the Grand Abbot.

The Grand Abbot took one of the books from the shelf closest to him and opened a pre-marked parchment page to an image of a goat-like demon, with horns and an enormous phallic appendage, sodomizing a helpless young boy, whose face was not contorted in pain, but in demonic bliss. The Grand Abbot laid the open page to the priest’s face.

“I will indulge you with this simple answer to your insolent question. But do not seek to anger me, for I hold your fate in the balance. My power is absolute here. As the Grand Abbot of the Order of St. Benedict’s, and as those Abbots that have come before me have said many times ‘How will thou art know the light, until thy have experienced the darkness?’ Look at the image on this parchment, penned with exquisite skill and anatomical detail; is this vile creature not a reflection of your true being? Look at it; are you simply a victim that has mistakenly been brought to us to confess; or are you really a sex demon in the embodiment of a priest?”

“I truly don’t know your honor. Please help me,” bawled the naked priest, again weeping openly in a pathetic attempt to save or redeem himself, “I have become what I have sworn to fight against. Satan himself has corrupted my mind and flesh. I have been tormented by these feelings all my life. They fill my mind with perversion whilst asleep and awake; they are relentless; their voices scream at me to offer them human sacrifices; to drink the milk of innocent loins and to desecrate their bowels with Satan’s seed. Please help me!”


CHAPTER 3 — DUSHVARSHTA — Third of the Four Hells — Evil Deed

“Then it is time for your testing my son. Are you then the Christian man that must return to the path that is chaste; or evil sex demon exposed for thy true purpose?”

Moving to the small alcove, the Abbot turned a small lever that opened a secret wooden panel that served as an entry to a hidden antechamber concealed behind. He disappeared out of view for a minute or two. He re-entered his office with a young effeminate boy, about nine or ten years old, in tow. He was dressed in a simple white vestment held by two clasps, one on each shoulder. The vestment was almost translucent in the oil lamps of the great residence, open to the sides and only just long enough to conceal the boy’s genitals. His angelic face and lily-white nakedness immediately captured the eyes of the young priest.

“This is one of many oblates, they are gifts from the local families. They are bound to the servitude of the monastery for life (or even death); to serve the needs of the Order and perform whatever duties our special monks prescribe. These special monks follow in the tradition of our founder and; like Benedict IX we too offer many ritual sacrifices.”

The Grand Abbot lifted the virginal boy’s vestment from the front to display his hairless torso, small flaccid penis, and balls to the shaking priest, whose cock immediately began to unconsciously respond to the strong visual stimuli, rapidly filling with blood and hardening – a state of excitement that the Grand Abbot had been secretly enjoying throughout the entire encounter.

Undoing the clasps upon the boy’s shoulders the thin vestment fell to his bare feet.

“Look priest … look upon his pure white virginal flesh. Certainly a feast for any sexual demon, right?”

It was a rhetorical question.

The Grand Abbot drew the back of his hand slowly down the slender bare arm of the tiny boy. His fingertips danced across his neck and shoulder blades and down across his chest to the closest of the boy’s nipples. The young priest watched intensely as the Grand Abbot’s finger circled the boy’s nipple, pinching it and then leaning forward to draw it into his open mouth, lightly sucking his nipple until it glistened with his saliva and stiff from oral stimulation.

It was a deliberate slow tease, calculated to intensify the young priest’s torment. The priest let out a subconscious gasp, as the young boy purred in direct response to the Grand Abbot’s caresses.

The Grand Abbot’s hand traced further downwards across the boy’s flat stomach then took his penis between his thumb and forefinger. He slowly drew the boy’s foreskin back to reveal the small purple head of his boy-cock.

He began masturbating him slowly in front of the drooling priest. The boy’s hips first gyrated and then began to thrust back and forth rhythmically to the pace of the Abbot’s finger movements. The boy looked directly into the eyes of the young priest, teasing his onlooker. He promiscuously licked his lips and let out an obvious groan.

The boy kept his hands to the sides the entire time, accepting the Grand Abbot’s sexual molestation. The Grand Abbot placed his other hand behind the back of the boy’s head and pulled him forward toward his, kissing the boy hard on the mouth. The young priest could clearly see the thicker tongue of the Abbot worming its way between the boy’s accepting lips, filling his mouth.

Retrieving a shiny silver chalice from his desk, the Grand Abbot whispered in the boy’s ear. The boy smiled and bent his stiff cock downward and began to urinate into it until it was almost brimming.

The Grand Abbot’s finger traced along the tip of the boy’s stiff little cock and retrieved the last droplets of urine mixed with a slight trace of pre-cum, bringing the wet finger to his lips, he sucked them.

He then brought the edge of the chalice to his nose to breathe in its bouquet. Satisfied, he took a large gulp from the cup of almost colorless liquid. Stepping up to the prie dieuxs, he held the challis to the mouth of the young priest, as if giving communion.

“Are you ready to receive the elixir of shame? Show your devout and uninhibited desire to serve me — the High Priest of the Baphomet— the Pope of Satan.”

The priest grinned with an expression of reprieve. He gladly drank the precious liquid nervously from the chalice as the Grand Abbot tipped it into his open mouth.

The Grand Abbot derobed, so that all three of them were completely naked. His cock was long and very stiff, as it pointed upwards across his shaved pelvic area reaching up to just above his chest. He too urinated into the silver chalice. The Grand Abbot’s brew was much stronger and the perfume of urea filled his residence.

The Grand Abbot drank his own urine and then kissed the open mouth of the boy, passing his dark yellow urine into the boy’s mouth. The boy took the chalice and filled his mouth with piss. He then approached the waiting priest, who willingly accepted its foul taste in return for the kiss of the young boy. He broke the kiss off and returned to the Grand Abbot’s side.

“The testing has only just begun by brother — An unfortunate victim of circumstance or a sexual demon longing for the depraved lust he desires?” asked the Grand Abbot.

The young boy knelt before him, wrapping his tiny hands around his master’s cock and began to lick it like candy.

“Victim or demon?” reinforced the Grand Abbot.

“Oh Grand Abbot, you reveal me as a demon that is desirous of such vile satisfaction. A victim I am not. I can only see the black flame of demonic passion, fueled by all that taboo and illicit. See me for my priestly veneer can no longer stand this torment. Let me kneel before you and offer my mouth for your satisfaction,” answered the quivering priest.

His hand tightly wrapped around his throbbing cock as he watched the Grand Abbot face-fuck the nine-year-old boy.


CHAPTER 4 — ANAGHRA TEMAH — Last of the Four Hells — Endless Darkness

“‘Then you shall henceforth know me the High Priest of Daemons.”

The young demon knelt in front of the High Priest. Masturbating furiously, his head bowed forward, and took the head of his cock into his eager wet orifice. The young demon’s tongue first worked over his angry cock head and then descended down the length of his shaft and finally, he sucked each of the High Priest’s heavy ball sacks.

“Welcome young demon. Let the monastery bells toll your return to the endless darkness of the underworld. Light the black candles made from the fat of sacrificed babies. A celebration is in order. We shall first enjoy this young one together, the first of many. We shall rape them and offer their souls to the great hermaphrodite Baphomet.”

The wall at the far end of the room opened to reveal a low four-poster altar bed dressed in red and black satin, the tip of each of the four posts was crowned with a golden erect penis. With the mirrored ceiling, the alcove was decorated in highly pornographic images of demons raping young boys, their bodies twisted and stretched by the inhuman dimensions of their demon cocks; and on the far wall, hanging above the altar bed, was a detailed painting of a very erect and naked Baphomet surrounded in an orgy of naked boys masturbating and fornicating in ritual sex worship.

The small boy joined three other boys, all about his age, on the low altar bed. They were all naked and very erect and already engaged in sexual activity with each other. The young demon could hear their heavy breathing, smell the scent of sex, and taste their deviant arousal.

He smiled through gritted teeth holding back the urge to fuck them all to death, his demon heart beat faster than it ever had before and his mouth dripped with the saliva of excitement as he watched them openly touch each other’s genitals, licking and sucking, and sliding across each other on the altar-bed in a constant undulation of unfettered body contact.

The young demon now knelt behind the High Priest, as he too watched the relentless all-boy orgy. He could taste the bitterness and the demon’s mouth attached itself to the tangy anal opening of his new master, to offer him the black kiss of servitude. His lips and tongue sort out the spicy feces-coated crevice, as he first rimmed and then tongue-fucked it to pay homage to the High Priest of Daemons.

They both climbed onto the altar-bed, eager to fuck and suck and were immediately entwined in the flesh of their young oblates.

“Y-yes,” exclaimed the young demon with great enthusiasm.

He finally sank his cock-shaft into the anus of one of the oblates, whose face was contorted with his pain from the sheer brutality of the demon’s forcefulness. He grunted and fucked the child hard and fast, without care for the blood pouring from between his legs as the boy’s anal canal was torn in the process.

“And when your thirst is quenched in urine, blood, and semen, I will have an assignment for you to undertake. It seems we have a Judas among us among us. He must be found, disgraced, and brought before me for persecution. It is the way. Do you understand young demon, this is important to our cause?” grunted the High Priest.

He impaled a struggling ablate upon his enormous serpent-like cock. The boy was almost unconscious with suffering as the High Priest pressed downward upon his shoulders to sink his cock deep enough for their balls to touch.

“Y-yes m-my Lord. Y-your bidding will be d-done on earth as it is in h-hell,” he panted between thrusts.

Suddenly the rush of his first orgasm consumed the young demon, as his evil seed spurted deep into the bowels of the oblate.

“Aarrrrrraggghhhhhhhhhh,” he screamed as the pinky mush of blood and semen spilled across the altar bed.

The High Priest stood up on the side of the altar bed and allowed the spent boy to slide from his cock. He had other matters to attend. His work with the young demon was done – another dark soul had joined his flock. He must prepare for his revenge upon a threat that could impact his control with the corridors of power within the church that provided him with all the evil he could unleash.

“When you have finished, I will have their carcasses delivered to the kitchen. And my fallen angel, a feast of innocence every night shall be your reward. It shall be a glorious choir of every perversion your black heart could desire,” enticed the High Priest.




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