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The MOON is a warning in a sexual reading. Here we see reflected light and dimmed knowledge foreshadowing naive indulgences in the perverse. We also see the depths with the water and the animals, these deeper aspects to sexuality … wolves then the even lower crayfish/crab … hideous sexual tendencies … animal natures vs. creeping things. This is an image of complex and hidden motives. Mistaking action for progress, illusory love, scandal, hidden enemies, deceptive partners, and errors in choosing a partner is a few of the tendencies here.

We’ll see a time where there’s fear of love and, like a lamb to the slaughter, can be easily led into horrible sexual relationships. Aloneness becomes an enemy. Perversions are an escape, an escape from loneliness, and this is where the action is confused for progress. The perversions include pyromania (starting fires), paraphilia (sexual fetishes) especially pedophilia, and sadomasochism. The Moon is about perverse sexual fantasies and sexual phobias; confusion about sexuality and sexual relationships; ambiguous or androgynous sexuality.


“The imagination is the spur of delights … all depends upon it, it is the mainspring of everything; now, is it not by means of the imagination one knows joy? Is it not of the imagination that the sharpest pleasures arise?” — Marquis de Sade


Appearances can be very deceptive. Even among people you have known for a long period of time. You think you know them. You think you understand their motivations, maybe you think you understand their beliefs, their hopes, and desires. The truth is you don’t. They try to only show you what they want to see. Take Daniel Hooper for example. A thirty-something married with young children, a wholesome, upstanding member of your church community, you thought? Well despite his reputation and do-good persona, Daniel is a pervert and addicted to porn.

That is right. The side of Mr Hooper you did not know, that he did not want you to know is his hardcore addiction … that he spends every second, that his wife and family were not around, masturbating online. Not only that, but he craves only the most depraved and perverted kind of porn that he could find and has amassed a large collection that he kept hidden in various external hard drives so that it could not be accidentally discovered. He even has kept a collection of Danish child porn magazines hidden for years in an old chest in the loft.

On the surface, it appears that he and his wife, Hilary, are both model members of your very conservative local church community. They go to church each and every Sunday; kneel before the blessed Mary; go to confession; are always involved in a myriad of community affairs and are considered among their peers as simple, good, god-fearing folk.

You know that Mr. and Mrs. Hooper had been married for over fifteen years and had two beautiful young children; that chirpy pigtailed young girl, called Crystal with perfect skin, who was now aged ten; and the soft, quiet spoken and angelic boy, Peter with his pouting lips, who had just turned eleven years old.

Let me tell you what else you don’t know. Early in their marriage, as were both inexperienced in bed, and their unmet expectations soon led to disappointment with each other. In consequence, he felt that on Hilary’s part, that sex was defined almost as an obligation. Though he longed for his wife to act like a perverted whore in bed, he had to settle for their infrequent and dull sex life that always seemed so awkward and mechanical.

So he turned to masturbation to fulfill his nasty needs. His secret masturbation fantasies were many and varied and had begun in his early adolescence dreaming about oral or penetration sex with his young playmates, both female and male alike. Though he was brought up in a very strict religious family, where the prevailing attitude had been ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’, he still found himself self-pleasuring a habit that was worth the risk. As a young child, Daniel would imagine all kinds of kinky and exotic situations that helped to empty his little ball sacks … an exquisite pleasure that he could never deny himself.

As he became more and more disillusioned with his boring and sexless marriage, his desires had become increasingly deviant, and sadistic and had stepped a long way across the line of anything that even he would have been consider to be acceptable in general society, let alone amongst our highly religious village.

For Daniel, there was also the unsettling feeling of guilt and the suspicion that his private sexual thoughts were most likely an unforgivable sin against God that would banish his soul from the domain of the Devil. He had been led to believe that there was no redemption for those who knowing continued to sin after they knew that they were sinning.

He had initially tried to resist the urge to indulge in the errant combination of sexual fantasy with masturbation. His conscience burned inside. He would pray for forgiveness for any transgression he made and for the strength to resist … to Daniel, he saw this as ultimately the temptations and pleasures of the Devil himself. To contemplate any continuance, would be to turn from God and worship that which he feared most. He had felt on a knife edge all those years ago.

That point in his life had been a long time ago now. In fact, this sense of resistance to indulge in such unpardonable sexual sin and the ultimate corruption of his own sense of Christian decency had been transformed into an irresistible pleasure all of its own. After days, weeks, and even months of abstinence from masturbatory pleasures, he had hoped he would find holy salvation… but the opposite was true … his erect loins trembled at the touch of his fingers … his dreams became lucid with sexual indulgences that left his panting and horny beyond any sense of control.

Even as he gave in to these delicious temptations of the flesh, he tried to control the desires he felt. At that time, even in his fantasies, Daniel had imagined a line that should never be crossed. He desperately tried to self-censor his sexual imagination to stay close but never to cross this line. However, the lure of nasty evil sex had been too great to resist. As Daniel felt he lost this battle … he suddenly embraced his shadow self … no limitations meant pleasure without limitation … and now allowed himself every imaginary pleasure possible.

The internet initially provided him with an ample supply of pretty young girls with puffy little breasts and sissy boys with finger-sized penises. But as it became increasingly difficult to find what he liked, he was glad he did not destroy his taboo collection of child sex magazines … hidden in dust old cardboard boxes were explicit titles like Children Love, Incest, Bambina Sex, Lolita Love, Schoolgirls, Lolita Chick, Lolita Sex, Nymph Lover, Lolita Special, Lolita’s Pissing, Lolita Masturbation, Fucking Children, Incest Family, Pre-Teen Sex, Sucking Daddy and Child Love. He had a few old VHS video tapes too.

Daniel’s preference was for young boys aged between eight and fourteen … the ultra-feminine ones. Androgyny was his thing … He longed for those who had a sense of how they turned on men like him, who enjoyed teasing real men with their sweet moist mouths and nasty tight boy fannies. He loved to imagine tying them up to their big four-poster bed, sucking their hard little cocklets, tasting their sweet clear cum, and then fucking them fast and hard … seeding their bowels with hot jets of his thick semen.

He would have loved to try his luck at a glory hole. He imagined what a turn-on it would be to be sucked off by an anonymous faggot mouth, pleasuring him and willingly taking his seed… but in his neighborhood, there were no such places. This was a law-abiding and upstanding community of prim and proper people. Everyone knew everyone there were no mysteries here.

So fantasy drove Daniel. Sometimes, he would drink large amounts of water before bed, so that his bladder would awaken him in the middle of the night. While his estranged was fast asleep, he would often drink his own piss in a nasty ritual that he would dedicate to his fantasy demon lover, Lilith, the evil succubus that tormented his loins. He would masturbate furiously as he imagined this androgynous demon forcing him to kneel before her and suck on her enormous veined cock, before she fucked him on his knees as he worshiped the very demons that tormented his soul.

In his bizarre rituals, he loved to include the element of non-consensual sex … something he imagined himself as the victim being offered to the demons … other times he would be the high priest deflowering virgin boys for his evil goddess. Either way, he would eat his own cum in gratitude for the power orgasms that this subject matter gave him.


Hilary had been Daniel’s high school girlfriend. At the time, they seemed to be perfect for each other. She had saved her for him … keeping her virginity for their wedding night. Her hopes and dreams had been formed, like many young girls of her age, from the tall tales of the paperback romance novels and the sliver screen of Hollywood’s glamour of love.

Sadly she felt cheated. She was not sure where it all went wrong. Only that she felt great sorrow at the way things had worked out.

Now she found that she would escape to her own private sexual world. Like her husband, she had almost given up on their relationship being able to satisfy her sexual appetite; an appetite that she had discovered to have increased exponentially over the years, with an increasing sphere of deviant interests.

Today, she could not wait until the kids were off to school and her husband had left for work so that she could indulge herself in her own dirty little masturbation games. These ideas had started off quickly innocently, but after a few weeks of watching porn over the internet, she soon discovered her real interests were no longer satisfied in normal heterosexual sex … oh the taboo … that youthful Sapphic desire for untainted flesh … how she longed to corrupt it and behold the forbidden pleasures of Lilith, the first wife of Adam … the Serpent’s lover and corrupter of Eden… after all Eden meant the ‘place of pleasure’ and surely she would find this with her eager fingers between her damp sticky legs.

She would watch from behind the net curtains, as their family car pulled out of the driveway. With Daniel leaving for work and dropping off the kids at primary school along the way, she was once again free to play alone. She would always feel a slight giddy feeling and a strong tingling in her stomach at this point, teasing herself by pushing down on her bloated bladder, she allowed a small amount of her pee to wet the inside of her tiny sheer panties.

She kept a nasty collection of soiled underwear, as she loved to re-wear them or sniff the dried body fluids that stained the delicate fabrics. The smell of urea on her body was also a naughty turn-on. She could not resist allowing her hand to quickly snake beneath her conservative dress, to rub her fingers through the pissy wetness of sheer underwear and pubic hair.

As she watched from the bay window she loved to chant profanities. Knowing her husband and children were no longer in earshot … just saying the words ‘fuck’ or ‘cunt’ or ‘cock’ out loud would turn her on. Today she needed something stronger.

‘Oh, Satan … enter me and fill me with sin …’ she chants out loud.

Once the kids and her husband were gone, she sometimes would strip naked and sit at the computer desk, fingering herself for hours as she viewed her favorite fetish sites. She specially loved looking at young boys and girls. Imagining sex with her own children would always take her well and truly over the edge.

She would always have to remind herself not to rush her first orgasm. She was now completely alone and would be for many hours. There would be plenty of time to enjoy her nasty fantasies, over and over again, fueled with phallic objects and vegetables that she loved to masturbate with.

There was a time when all she had wished for was nothing more than a loving husband to make sweet romantic love to her. But over the years, she almost resented their normal sexual pattern of ultra-conservative sex without any real foreplay. She got off on rough sex, bondage, anal penetration, and orgies of male, female, and transgendered lovers, to satisfy her bisexual tendencies.

Sometimes at church, she would gaze upon one of the younger families whilst they were getting seated in the long wooden pews. Her daydreams always quickly escalated toward the corruption of innocence. She fantasized about how she would cuckold the husband, having sex with his young wife then the both of them molesting the children while the husband looked on helplessly. There was something about this that never failed to excite her to an almost instantaneous orgasm; sometimes without even touching herself, she would cum as she imagined the whole family becoming her reluctant play things … for the demon inside of her to seduce, molest, and rape at will. Having these thoughts in the church seemed to compound her enjoyment at the edge of sexual sanity.

Lately, Hilary had taken to recording some of her own masturbation sessions on her digital camera … in both stills and movie files. She would position the small digit camera, so that it caught all the nasty action, as she first stripped and then masturbated with fingers, vibrators, and other phallic objects. For her videos, she always would wear a thin lacey mask across her eyes. She thought it made her look more devilish and at the same time obscured her true identity.

She had told Daniel to install mirrors across their closets. She had told him that she needed it to dress in front of … of course that was not the real reason, she loved to act like a slut and masturbate while watching herself in the mirror.

The mail arrived daily at about eleven-thirty in the morning on weekdays, and Hilary had ordered a number of interesting purchases online, including occult jewelry and an assortment of sex toys. Her favorite was a large dildo shaped like a crucifix … it was like fucking Jesus for her inner devil’s pleasure and as she videoed herself many times, dressed like a succubus, she fucked both her cunt and anus with her blasphemous crucifix dildo.

There was something so erotic about defiling herself as her God looked down upon her as worshiped the obscene pleasure it gave her … licking the juices and brown streaks from the dildo’s obscene length … the very thought of the sacrilege made her heart palpitate, as she prayed out loud to Lord Satan to give her even greater orgasms for her evil fantasies.

Hilary, under the user name Satanique, had posted her pictures and videos online and had gained a strong following of perverted admirers … she got off on their obscene comments as they encouraged her to do more … to be even more perverse for their mutual enjoyment.

Taking a strong dose of Vitamin-C tablets before filling her own bladder; she would record herself urinating over herself and drinking her bright yellow piss. It was disgusting, degrading, and one of the most exciting sessions she had had to date. Her nasty online chat friends thought so too, with many comments and requests for more of her lewd masturbatory movies.

It was during one of these sessions, that Hilary pushed too hard. The smell of absolutely horrendous and almost suffocating her in its foulness as her soft feces squeezed from her anus in full view of the camera. Without missing a heart, she hesitantly grabbed the growing brown mess from between her legs … and brought it to her face. She first stuck her tongue into the stinking shit and then began to smear it across her breasts and piss-wet vagina, mashing it against her throbbing clit as she convulsed in multiple orgasms over and over.



Crystal and Peter had bathed together since before they could remember. The big porcelain bathtub with its shiny chrome fittings was filled with their plastic toys, and the hot water and soapy bubbles were always a fun moment of their day. The two of them would usually play until the water got too cold and then they would jump out and dry off in the fluffy white towels that lay across the hot radiator to keep them warm.

Usually, Mummy was always there to help them change out of their dirty play cloths and slip into the soothing water, and to clean them down with a soft washcloth, using it to clean even their most sensitive parts. But today she was distracted by an urgent phone call and told them to change quickly get jump into the bath and wash themselves.

As she closed the door to keep out the draft from the hallway, Crystal felt a funny feeling inside her stomach. Strange, she had never noticed before how much she liked to look at her brother’s naked body. As she took in the sight of his pale white skin and thin ribbed torso, her eyes were drawn to the thing between his legs as it stood upright pointing to the ceiling.

He stared back at her, equally excited as she slipped out of her clothes. Her delicate puffy little lumps on her chest were the beginnings of her body changes and her smooth hairless cummy glistened with secret moisture from the inside.

Without saying a word, Crystal boldly stepped forward and her hand reached out to hold his twitching little thing. Peter let out an unconscious moan as her bony digits closed around his erect penis and held it for the first time. Crystal squeezed against it as it pulsed in the palm of her hand and a small bead of clear pre-cum oozed from its tip.

“Oh it’s so hard … touch me too, Peter,” she urged to her brother.

Peter did not need to be told twice. His tiny fingers began to probe the wetness of her outer lips and then sank one inside up to his second knuckle. Crystal moaned in appreciation of his touch.

“More …”

Peter pushed a second finger into his sister’s wet opening.

Peter’s other hand closed around hers and guided her fingers up and down his penis, showing her how to please him, and when he let go, Crystal continued the slow piston-like movement as Peter panted in excitement.

“Stroke me faster,” hissed her brother as his narrow hips bucked uncontrollably and he panted out of breath.

Crystal grinned as she pumped his tiny cock faster and faster, keeping in perfect time with her brother’s fingers moving in and out of her dripping wet pussy. They both moaned together.

Crystal leaned forward and kissed her brother’s soft mouth. Lips to lips, she felt a strange hotness between them that flowed from her vagina to every part of her immature body. She kissed him again, but this time with an open mouth. She moaned into his mouth and she felt his rough tongue move between her velvety lips, edging inwards toward hers.

It was a magical feeling … so strange and naughty. They both intuitively knew it was wrong, but neither wanted to stop. A noise from the hallway quickly sent them both scuttling to the safety of the bath water. Their mother opened the door to see them both washing themselves in the soap-filled bathtub.

She eyed them suspiciously as she imagined herself climbing naked into the bath with them…

“Everything OKAY?”

“Yes mommy,” they both answered guiltily.

Their faces were flushed with anticipation, as the bath water and bubbles hide the excitement in their loins.

Crystal and Peter looked at each other like co-conspirators in a sordid pre-teen plot. Hilary suspected something was going on, her cunt instantly moistened, but did not say a word. Instead, she simply picked up their dirty clothes from the floor and told them to hurry up as dinner would be on the table shortly.

The kids climbed out of the bath, relieved that they hadn’t been caught. They pulled their thick warm towels around themselves and rushed down the cold hallway to their respective rooms to change into their nightwear.

Crystal could help thinking about what had just transpired between her brother and her. The overwhelming feeling of curiosity far outweighed the slight glimmer of shame and guilt. She had definitely liked the feeling of her brother’s thing rubbing against her and how it had pulsed in her hand as she rubbed it faster and faster… the look on her brother’s face as she had done this naughty thing … she wondered what it would be like to put it in her mouth or even better inside her pussy … as she thought about these naughty things she found she could not resisting touching herself. Her small-boned hands stroked the small fleshy bump at the apex of her vagina … it made her feel so unbelievably excited … she moaned quietly as she planned to do more with her brother at bedtime.


For a long time, Daniel struggled against his inner demons until became acutely aware of the intensity of orgasm that came with his celebration of willingness… he actively began to seek blasphemous porn, nuns, priests, gods and goddesses, demons and devils. Stories of corruption, violation, and sexual torture … that before, he would have been too afraid to read, became his central interest.

His favorite fantasies were now fueled by images of worshiping the erect cocks of demons… the Baphomet, half man, half woman … his succubus. He imagined intricate black magic rituals to summon sexual demons in return for his sacrifice, often raping and sodomizing unwilling virgin boys in demonic offerings, they would grant him limitless sexual pleasures.

Daniel had a number of different online email accounts and avidly checked them to see what his perverted online friends had sent him. Sometimes nothing, but other times… amateur pictures of naked young ones, his heart rate quickened as he view these taboo images.

He found that the best place to meet the most perverted people was in private blogs … especially ones dedicated to the more bizarre, unusual, and extreme sexual fetishes like sadomasochistic, bondage, church, nuns and priests, blasphemy, pagan, voodoo, occult, phallic worship, and even satanic sex groups.

It was on one of these sites that he found an interesting female. She seemed to like what he liked. Though he could not see her eyes, she looked hot in her profile pictures. He was enthralled by their mutual interest in blasphemous subject matter … the words ‘no limit’ were always a sign… nothing off limits, no barriers … it would mean the express elevator straight to hell, but he did not care. In his eyes, she was a true deviant … pure evil … and so fucking horny.

He pounded his rock-hard cock and he watched her masturbate. Her piss and shit sessions looked amateur and poorly captured, but for Daniel, he like their authenticity as she appeared to really enjoy making them.

He messaged her through the blog site and got her email address; and soon they had started to email each other back and forth, sharing perverted images that both liked, stories, and movie files.

She was a total slut, interested in fucking men, women, and everything in between. Her sexual tastes seemed to be as extreme as his. Despite his initial anxiety about scaring her off, he opened the treacherous discussion about sex with young ones … asking her if she ever had secretly fantasized about very sweet and innocent young ones.

Her answer was more than affirmative … she expanded on this to say how she fantasized about corruption … offering them in sexual ritual to the devil himself … and how she got off imagining sex with her own children … but never had got up the nerve to do anything about it …

He told her how he had kept a large collection of Danish child pornography, no longer available. His favorites included Lolita Pissing, Fucking Children, and Sucking Daddy. He scanned various images from these and sent them to her.

She was always very thankful and even mentioned how frustrated she was in her sexless marriage … and how her husband was a prude. She confessed how she longed to be treated like a complete whore for Satan … this is why she had chosen the user name … Satanique

Daniel agreed with Satanique. And confided that he likewise had a rather dull and lifeless sexual relationship with his wife. She just did have any interest and over the years it seemed that they had grown further and further apart. They both chatted back and forth expressing their interest in a nasty online affair … wouldn’t it be exciting to think of living out their most extreme fantasies together.

Daniel had asked her to do a special video for him … one that involved her doing blasphemous things with religious objects … and then offering urine and feces in a ritual to the devil. He never thought for a second that she would go through with it … in a couple of days, she emailed him a link to download his fantasy. He was shocked and excited. She was dressed like a whore with demonic jewelry fucking a real crucifix that was covered in her feces. He could almost smell it as she defecated in front of the camera. He masturbated over and over, watching the video. What could he do in return?

Daniel was specially tuned on as she confided in him about her incestuous interest in her own young children. It was such a taboo subject … incest was so forbidden. He had had similar thoughts, but to hear it from a mother made him blow his load across his chest. This was by far one of the kinkiest things he’d come across and it turned him on to think of how perverted and deviant this woman actually was to contemplate this act.



For the longest time, Peter had wanted his own bedroom. Sharing with his sister was not his choice or preference … but tonight he felt different. He looked forward to having a bed next to his naughty sister and after the lights went out, the darkness seemed electric.

As Peter lay beneath the blankets of his bed, he could not resist touching himself. As he quietly rubbed his stiff little penis, between his thumb and forefinger, he hoped that his sister would want to pick up where they had left off in the bathroom. He pictured her pale skin and bony physique… it make him rub his cock faster. Maybe she would pretend it never happened. Maybe she would feel so overcome with guilt, she might tell their parents about it … his heart beat faster in both fear and excitement.

He blinked in the darkness, as his eyes grew accustomed to the low light. He could make out the shape of his sister in the single bed next to him. The sound of the television from downstairs echoed, as their parents settled into their usual routine. They would be undisturbed for the rest of the night.

Listening carefully, he could hear his sister breathing. It did not sound like the rise and fall of her sleeping pattern … it sounded shorter and sharper … and a little excited …

“Are you touching yourself?” Crystal whispered to her brother.

“Yes …” he whispered back hesitantly in the darkness.

“So am I,” replied Crystal eagerly, “Draw the curtains open, so we can watch each other do it.”

Peter wasted no time and slipped out from the bed clothing of his single bed. He pulled back the curtains from their bay window so that the illumination from the street lamps filled their bedroom with more than enough light. His cock tented the front of his pajama pants.

Crystal pulled back the bed clothing to welcome her brother’s voyeuristic eyes over her prone body. In the light from the street, he could clearly see that she was completely naked beneath the bedclothes. Her legs were spread apart and the fingers of one hand were squeezing her tiny nipples and the fingers of the other were inside her own pussy as she furiously masturbated herself for her brother’s pleasure.

“Take them off … I want to see you rub our hard thing for me …” she cooed.

Emboldened by his sister’s shameless and slutty display, Peter quickly slipped out of his flannel pajamas and stood naked before his sister. His cock stood upright and was dripping with pre-cum. His fingers cupped around his tiny ball sack and then wrapped around his shaft as he began rubbing his stiff little cock fast and hard.

“Mmmm… that looks so hot… bet that feels good,” she whispered as he moved closer to the edge of her bed.

Crystal sat up on the edge of the bed and her hand reached once again to touch her brother’s cock … he stopped his own masturbation, to allow her to hold it. Her finger retrieved a small pearl of his pre-cum from the delicate ball-shaped head of his cock.

“It’s nasty and wet … mmmm … bet it tastes nasty too,” she added as she brought her wet finger to her lips. She licked the pre-cum from her fingers, “It’s kind of salty!”

Crystal lent forward. Pulling back his foreskin, as far it would go, she licked around the crown of her brother’s quivering cock and then sucked it like a lollipop. Daniel’s heart thumped in his chest with obvious excitement, as he stood with his cock in her warm wet mouth.

“Arghhh …” he gave a muffled moan.

“Lick my hole … it’s so itchy! Put your tongue in and taste me … big brother,” she begged like a little whore.

Peter didn’t want her to stop sucking him but was also as curious about his sister’s anatomy. He knelt on the floor between her legs as she held her pussy lips splayed. He could smell her arousal as he kissed her pussy’s outer lips and gingerly pushed his tongue against them. Crystal placed her hand behind his head and guided him where she wanted him to go … directing his tongue into her juicy slit.

“Mmmm … that’s so good … lick me,” she encouraged him as his tongue moved in and out of her like a cat lapping at milk.

“Let’s do each other again … like we did in the bathroom.”

They hugged each other like lovers, kissing each other mouth-to-mouth. They could taste themselves in each other’s mouths. Their tongues darted in and out and twisted around each other, as their hands freely explored each other’s tender young bodies.

With one hand Crystal brushed against his tiny anus and ball sack, as Peter squeezed her tiny breasts, and with the other, she guided his mouth downwards to feast upon her erect nipples. He sucked hungrily, first at the left and then at the right nipple as Crystal held back her urge to moan.

Crystal pushed her brother onto his back and straddled him in the opposite direction. As his hands continued to fondle her chest, she wrapped her fingers around his cock.

“You want me to suck it?” She asked, already knowing what the answer was going to be. Peter could only moan. “Then eat my pussy out! Put your tongue in my hole … mmmmmm …”

Taking it into her mouth, she raised herself upwards and moved backward, so that her pussy was right above his face.

Peter, once again, began licking his sister’s wet slit, as she began to shake with instant pleasure … Crystal moaned against her brother’s twitching cock as she thrust back and forth in response to this new divine feeling between her legs. She was overcome with a strong sensation that she’d never experienced before, that made her ground her soaked cunt against him with even greater fervor.

Crystal’s mouth engulfed her brother’s small penis as he felt his balls begin to twitch uncontrollably.

“Argh ….” his whole body quaked with a tremendous new sensation until he finally erupted into her eager mouth… shooting his clear pre-teen semen to the back of her throat.

At almost the same instant, Crystal’s own body rippled and shook uncontrollably with virgin pleasure and she too began to orgasm across her brother’s face. The rush of fluid poured across his unsuspecting face.


Hilary quivered as she checked her usual fetish mail account. One of her favorite online friends, Evilfuck, had sent her some disgusting images of Lolita’s torture. They had been in the chat rooms together and had also sent each other countless private emails over the past few months. She loved his evil and perverted words. She always masturbated as she read his lewd emails.

She had fantasized about a secret sexual relationship with Evilfuck and had sent him a couple of private piss and scat masturbation videos she had made especially at his request … he had asked that she perform a ritual to the Devil …. evil, occult, and blasphemy really turned her on … almost as much as pedophilia.

She was disappointed that she could never Skype or webcam with him, as they never seemed to be online at the same time. She felt safe sharing her most taboo interests with him … even her fantasies about her own children.

There was something dark and delicious about molesting your own… the word incest sent pleasure signals up and down the inside of her sloppy wet cunt as she pushed her vibrator in and out as fast as she could.

Evilfuck had shared her interest in very young children and had said how they often showed signs of their understanding of this attraction by special adults, like them, and how they often dressed to tease, feeling the sexual power that had over these special adults … and how they encouraged their molesters openly … Hilary loved these evil thoughts and they made her cum over and over.

She had asked him to take photos of his cock, so she could worship it amongst the huge collection of child pornography that she had secretly hidden away on her laptop computer.

Hilary told Evilfuck about her encounter in the bathroom the day before. She described how guilty her two kids had looked after she had entered. Neither of them had realized that she had been watching them for some time until her husband had come to the upstairs landing … the noise had sent them both scuttling into the bath water… but not before Hilary had watched them both touching each other in a highly sexual way. She only had disturbed them as she had not wanted her husband to ask her why she was standing outside the door … looking through the crack in the door at her highly sexualized children as they had started to engage in incestuous sex.

With her husband out for most of the evening, later that night, she had left the television on quite loud … so that she could check on the children. Unknown to them, she had a small spy hole in the adjoining room that had given her an excellent view of the beds. To her delight, with the curtains open and the significant illumination of the streetlights … she watched her young son and daughter performing oral sex on each other … she thanked Satan for his blessing as she furiously masturbated whilst watching them perform for voyeuristic pleasure.

Evilfuck had suggested that she should further encourage this behavior … by giving them ample opportunities to experience together … to give them plenty of access to internet porn (turning the filters off on the search engines, so that they will have exposure to obscene images to fuel their incestuous passions) … leaving some vanilla pornographic literature (just to get them started), videos and other sex toys in easy access … and of course he suggested that she should secretly videotape them together … so that she could share these delights with him.

She masturbated furiously as she began to conceive an evil plan to encourage their incestuous games; to complete their corruption; and eventually, make them her will sex slaves … to serve her and Evilfuck.



Crystal and Peter could not believe their good fortune. Both their mother and father had gone out for the entire day, leaving them completely unsupervised. They could not remember the last time that ever happened. In fact, it had never happened before.

They were used to the father going away, sometimes for business and sometimes after a large fight with their mother. But this was different. There was no specific event or function going on… there had been no fight between them … in fact, they had been surprised at how unusually cordial their parents had been with each other in front of them. They were used to their mother’s constant nagging of their father; and of their father’s usual stomping around… either sulking or acting irritated by their mother’s constant bickering.

Only the day before Crystal had been asked by her mother to help clean her parent’s bedroom. She hated chores but had been delighted to have an excuse to look through her parent’s private things. While her mother was downstairs she explored her underwear drawer. She liked touching the small lacy and silky things. She daydreamed about herself, masturbating in them performing vulgar acts for her brother’s enjoyment. For an unexplainable reason, it gave her a kinky thrill to think that possibly her own mother had worn them covering her private parts, and had tossed them back in the draw unwashed … she did not realize this was not so far from the truth. Reaching the back of the underwear drawer, she found some tiny g-strings and sheer underwear that was heavily stained and smelt of sex. She quickly hid a pair of soiled panties in her pocket … maybe she would sniff them whilst masturbating.

Later the same day, she also discovered an old box at the back of her mother’s wardrobe. Crystal managed to open the packaging far enough apart to notice that it was filled with magazines and videos … from the top-most content they had pictures of naked people having sex on them … her heart beat loudly in her tiny chest. She longed to peep at the contents but had to quickly close it and push the box to the back of the cupboard as she heard her mother climbing upstairs. Crystal quickly busied herself with her choirs.

She had been unable to think of anything else since that discovery. Now with her parents gone, her stomach turned butterflies with the excitement of sharing this with her brother. They both could not wait to strip completely naked… leaving their clothes on the floor as they undressed.

“Isn’t so cool?” Crystal whispered rubbing her hard little nipples.

“You don’t have to whisper. Mom and Dad are gone. They’re gone for the entire day. We’re all alone together … to do anything we want.”

“Oh, yer … It just seems strange being without our clothes in the hallway,” Crystal was still whispering in hesitation.

It was an all-new experience. Peter’s little cock was already erect and he rubbed it as he leaned forward to kiss his sister on the mouth. One of her hands reached out and squeezed his ball sack, while the other fondled the cheeks of his tight backside. Their tongue twirled inside their open oral cavities. The frottage was getting Crystal very wet between her legs.

Not wanting to wait any longer, Crystal broke off the hot passionate kiss with her brother.

Crystal announced, “I found something in Mom and Dad’s closet. We’ve just got to check it out… come on,” she added enthusiastically as the two of them ran noisily up the carpeted staircase to the landing on the upper floor of their home.

Crystal showed her brother the cardboard and they pulled it out of the back of the cupboard. Crystal gave Peter an evil grim.

“What’s in it?” asked Peter.

“You’ll see … it’s so cool,” Crystal replied.

Opening the box of pornographic treasure, the two youngsters could not believe their eyes. The box was filled with hardcore vanilla porn magazines and a couple of old video tapes … they masturbated themselves as they looked through full-color page after page of young adults rubbing, kissing, fondling, sucking, and fucking.

“Let’s see what’s on the tape,” said Peter.

He pushed it into the video player in the corner of their parent’s room. The screen came to life as a naked young guy and a girl began kissing, which was quickly followed by oral sex and then straight fucking. The sound quality was not good, but their moans of pleasure, especially during penetration were driving Crystal closer to her own orgasm as she drove three fingers in and out of her wet pussy. It was all very vanilla, but the young children, knelt side-by-side with very busy hands.

Crystal noticed how big the men’s cocks were compared to her brother’s little knob and could not help imagining what it would be like to touch one that big … adult cock … with their foreskins fully drawn back over their veined shafts … it made a mouth salivate. She looked at her own small breasts in the reflection of herself in her mother’s mirrored wardrobes that took up the entire length of their bedroom. They were being to become buds, small little mounds. Crystal rubbed her stiff nipples … she longed to have generous breasts to play with.

As the video continued with scene after scene of sex with the porn stars mostly engaged in fucking and some in anal sex, it triggered her interest to do more that masturbate or perform just oral sex … she wanted her brother to put his thing inside her while they continued to watch.

“Let’s do it Peter while we watch. I want you to fuck me … like the girls in these pictures … Fuck my hole from behind, so we can both keep watching more.”

The camera purred out of sight, capturing the young children entering their parent’s bedroom… naked and excited … looking through dirty magazines, watching pornographic videos together, and masturbating … soon they climbed onto their parents’ four-poster bed and the boy knelt behind his sister, easing his small penis into her steamy wet vagina, as they began to buck back and forth, moaning lewdly in mimic the sex scenes on the tapes.


It had all happened so quickly, what had started out as a secret rendezvous at a nearby no-star hotel between Satanique and Evilfuck … turned into a revelation.

Hilary looked at Daniel. It was the look of complete surprise. Daniel’s jaw dropped at the sight of his wife waiting in the same dilapidated lobby bar as he walked in. It could not be? Could this be some bizarre coincidence? Maybe fate?

Hilary nervously approached her husband.

“It’s you?” she asked in an open-ended way, trying to gauge Daniel’s response.

“Interesting,” Daniel said.

He touched the bright red scarf she wore around her neck … the indication that they had agreed to in their last email.

“I never knew? How’s that?” she smiled anxiously.

She trembled inside, thinking about all the ‘information’ that they had shared over the last couple of months leading up to this moment.

“I can’t believe it.”

“Neither can I,” she replied.

Her body felt tense, her mouth was dry and she felt almost lost for words. Daniel took Hilary’s hand. He could feel her uneasiness and that she was actually trembling.

“Let’s go upstairs together. I need a drink and I am sure you do too,” he said.

Hilary’s hand was already sweating profusely. Daniel lent in towards her ear.

“Don’t be afraid … all your dark secrets are safe with me …”

Daniel retrieved the room key from the receptionist and they both stepped into the tiny lift that was only big enough for the two of them, to take them upstairs to the privacy of the sleazy hotel room. Hilary turned to her husband.

“And all your dark secrets are safe with me too!”

She anxiously kissed his mouth. His response was warm and passionate, slipping his tongue between her teeth and thrusting it in and out hard and fast. It was the first time they had tongue kissed for more than a decade and the edginess seemed to compound the sinfulness of the situation. Daniel pressed his erection against her crotch as they both ground their hips together.

“Today … let’s not be Daniel and Hilary, husband and wife … I want you to be my Evilfuck … and I will be your Satanscunt33 …” she whispered into his ear with shortness of breath.

“Yes, I love your devious mind … Evilfuck has looked forward to you drenching him in your hot piss,” responded Evilfuck.

“And Satanscunt33 has looked forward to you defecating in her willing mouth for months.”

Evilfuck opened the door to their room. The place stunk of mildew and dried semen. It was disgusting. It was private. It was perfect … neither of them could wait to get the white bed sheets drenched in their own urine and covered in their foul feces.

Taking out some of the small bottles of Scotch from the mini-bar, he opened the twist top of the first, poured it into a dusty glass tumbler, and gave it to Satanscunt33. Opening a second, he sculled it straight from the bottle in one gulp. Satanique sculled hers as Evilfuck opened another couple of each.

This felt strange and completely new to her. They were about to cross a line that there would be no going back from … she was excited beyond anything that she had imagined for this moment.

“Let’s get naked … I want you to piss in my mouth so bad …” suggested Satanique.

She was still trembling with the mixture of alcohol, nervousness, and sheer-perverted excitement.

They were both completely nude in a matter of seconds. Satanique collected their clothes and stuffed them into a plastic bag so that they would not get soiled and pushed the bag into the wardrobe.

Evilfuck wasted no time, grabbing Satanique from behind. He held her tightly pressing his cock hard between her small buttocks. Skin against skin. His hands groped her aroused breasts and nipples. She gave out a little gasp. The thrill of sin filled her mind.

Satanique watched herself in the rust-speckled mirrored wall. She gyrated her sexy narrow hips and pushed back against his cock so that it rubbed directly against her itchy anus. Evilfuck’s breath sharpened as he contemplated penetrating her tight puckered anus.

“I want you to cum in my shit hole … oh my guts are so fucking full and my bladder is too,” she panted.

Evilfuck loved her filthy provocative language. Hilary’s hand slipped between them and rubbed his cock vigorously between her greasy palm and the flat of his stomach … deliberately pushing hard against his overfilled bladder. Evilfuck grunted and immediately urinated into her hand. The acrid smell of his piss quickly perfumed their room as he sprayed piss over her entire back into her long dark hair.

“Your piss smells delicious,” she added, bringing her piss-wet hand to her mouth, so she could lick the salty residue.

They wriggled in the shared wetness.

“Tell me how we such offer our children to Satan?” he asked as he sucked her ear lobes as his fingers began to explore the moist outer lips of her hairless vagina.

“Fuck I can’t wait to fuck them with you. It will be a foursome for the devil … my bladder is so sensitive … let me christen the bedclothes.”

“Don’t waste it fucking bitch. Piss in my face … piss in my mouth … fucking drench me in it!”

They both pulled back the covers on the bed and Evilfuck lay on his back as Satanique straddled his hips and held her piss lips open. He fucked his hand and licked his lips waiting for her salty rain to drench him, the bed clothing, and the mattress beneath. They would leave a disgusting mess for housekeeping.

Satanique stood with her pelvis thrust forward and sprayed her bright yellow piss fountain across his chest and face, drenching his hair as he tried to catch as much as he could in his open mouth.

“Oh fuck YER!” She enthusiastically proclaimed as she squeezed hard down on her bladder, aiming her gushing spray, the best she could, towards his gulping mouth, “Drink my piss you fucker! Hail Satan! Hail Satan!”

As soon as she had drained her bladder, she knelt over him, sucking her own piss from his lips as she began to open her bowels over his cock.

The smell was overpowering. Satanique turned to face her lover’s cock, which was covered in her fresh shit as lowered her filthy ass onto his open mouth. Evilfuck’s tongue explored her shitty hole, rimming it and then diving his whole mouth around it as his pointed tongue extended upwards as far as it could, tasting the acrid flavor of her excrement. Reaching forward as Satanique rubbed her anus back and forth across Evilfuck’s eager lips, she rubbed her shit over his cock and balls and then began to masturbate his coated cock.


Crystal lay awake in her bed. She welcomed the darkness around her as the sounds from the television echoed from below. Her brother was deep in sleep and unavailable to play the naughty games she wanted.

As she lay on the top of her bedclothes completely naked, her fingers lazily playing with her wet pussy as she thought about the events of the day. It had been a very exciting one, having been left alone with her brother and they had taken full advantage of being completely without any adult supervision. It had been her first real exposure to actual pornography … there was something addictive about this visual stimulation … it had been such a turn-on. Her horny brother had also fucked her, for the first time … the feeling of his little cock inside her tight little cunt has been incredible.

She retrieved her Mother’s soiled underwear, which she had hidden beneath her pillow, and brought its damp material to her nose. She inhaled its strange aroma as she finger-fucked herself faster. It smelt funky … a kinky mixture of urine, anus, and sexual juices. The sexual objectification of her own Mother actually turned her on more than having sex with her brother. Her Mother’s cunt must be delicious to lick and suck.

Her mind stayed towards the variety of cocks she had seen in the dirty magazines and in the sex tapes … how big they were … how scary they were … but exciting they looked. She wanted to taste one. How could something so big, fit into her tiny pussy? By the look on the faces of the young girls being fucked by these giant penises, she could only imagine the intensity of sexual pleasure that they enjoyed from impaling themselves upon these enormous obscene things… and the joy they felt as they rode up and down them as he plowed in and out of their impossibly stretched cunts.

As she sucked on the dank-stained fabric of her Mother’s underwear, she came. Her whole body shook with the effects of a strong orgasm that left her breathless and spent. She sucked the thick mucus-like cum from her fingers and hide the dirty knickers beneath her mattress.



Hilary saw her husband and son out the door. The car was loaded up with camping gear and fishing rods. It was the long weekend and Daniel was taking his son, Peter, away for the local traditional church fishing expedition. It was a seasonal thing that they had done with their church group for the past few years … it was also very opportunistic, as Hilary thought about her plan.

It had been just the night before, while downstairs the droning sound of the television blared as usual, but Daniel and Hilary had not been watching it. Daniel’s ingenuity had provided them with a new form of evening entertainment. From the privacy of their basement and with a little assistance from the hidden camera with night vision, they had a clear view of their children’s bedrooms.

The concealed basement was the perfect place. It had been cleared and a large vinyl couch gave the Hoopers a comfortable place to sprawl naked and very excited. The monitor glowed with an eerie green tinge. They grinned at each other sadistically as they had firstly witnessed the events of earlier in the day … events that had taken place on the very bed on which they slept … how divine it had been.

They had watched from the remote camera that was focused on their naughty daughter. They observed her masturbating whilst she licked her Mother’s dirty knickers.

Hilary remembered her words to Daniel.

“We are truly blessed by the Devil.”

They had been sipping on champagne flutes filled with a mixture of their urine.

Daniel had replied … “Yes, the euphoria of sin … I can’t believe she has progressed so quickly. We’ll fuel her deviant desires and bring her closer to us. Soon they’ll both be willing participants in our nasty little rituals … and soon they’ll bring other children for us to corrupt. Hail Satan!”

The plan was simple. She would pretend that she too would need to go out … leaving her daughter some special surprises. First, Hilary wanted her to find her dirty cum-filled underwear … then, she’d placed some of her husband’s disturbingly perverse child porn … the most perverted kind that showed that other children her age were willing to participate in sex with adults … Sapphic sex … Lolita piss sex.

She would catch her in the act … she would be angry with her wayward child … there would need to be punishment, then humiliation, and ultimately sexual domination … it would be so exciting.

Hilary’s pussy throbbed in anticipation of this sweet seduction. She replayed the sexual encounters of her children again as she slowly fingered herself, drawing out the pleasure and building the momentum.


Crystal watched from the upstairs bedroom window. She saw her father and her brother leave for their weekend of fishing. She felt a pang of disappointment that they would not be able to fuck until he returned. Her cunt was constantly itchy for his penis, fingers, and tongue. She was totally addicted to sex with her brother and though she fantasized about other boys, especially those with large penises, she felt sex with her brother was totally taboo and thrilling.

Her Mother had told her that she would be out shopping for most of the day … Crystal had made the excuse that she was not feeling well so that she could stay home alone and play with herself. She waited until her Mother had left. She watched the car disappear down the street before she stripped off and left the bay window of her upstairs bedroom to, once again, explore her Mother’s private things. She figured that she had at least four or five hours alone… there was no need to rush her erotic playtime.

Confident of being completely alone, she stepped out of her bedroom completely naked. As she walked she played with herself, touching first her little bullet-hard nipples, then dipping into the wet secretions that moistened her fanny and tasting her slimy fingers.

Entering her parent’s room, the first thing she saw was her own reflection in large floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Not only did they make the room look a lot bigger and brighter … but seeing her nakedness reflected in the daylight excited her … she thought for a second about other girls her own age … what would it be like to taste their pussies … to suck on their delicate folds and push her tongue inside their wet funnel … so close to their anus … that nasty place that tempted her mouth and tongue.

Opening the wardrobe door, she removed one of her Mother’s chiffon nightwear… this was definitely not designed for comfort, its revealing qualities were obviously intended for sex arousal. The translucent fabric was gossamer thin and as she put it over her shoulders, she felt sexy, naughty, and wanton. She admired her body through its black sheerness in the mirror as she gyrated her hips, air fucking herself. As she moved the fabric rubbed against her nipples and pussy. Yes, she wanted a sleepover with a girlfriend from school … a nice innocent girl, just like her, to do nasty sex things within her parents’ bed.

Opening the underwear drawer, her noise detected something new. Her heart rate increased exponentially and her hand shook as she retreated into a pair of heavily soiled underwear. Made of a similar material as the nightwear, they were absolutely drenched in freshly deposited fluids. Looking closely, she could see that it was a slimy concoction of vaginal juices and semen. She took a number of deep breaths to back from the brink of an instant orgasm. Gingerly she licked the crotch area … the tangy mixture was truly a nasty find … she watched herself as she smeared the fluids across her face.

She next reached the back of the cabinet to retrieve the cardboard box filled with pornographic magazines and tapes. Pulling it out, she knelt down on the carpeted floor in front of the mirrored doors. Retrieving a handful of magazines and immediately noticed these were not the same ones that she and Peter had looked at two days earlier. OMG! The titles were so perverted — Children Love, Bambina Sex, Lolita Sex, Nymph Lover, Lolita’s Pissing, Lolita Masturbation, Fucking Children, Incest Family, Pre-Teen Sex, Sucking Daddy and Child Love … she felt dizzy at the implications.

After getting over the initial shock of seeing lots of naked boys and girls of about age having sex with perverted adults … she began to notice how it was no simply boy meets girl … but girl licks girl … boy sucks boy … man fuck boy … and woman forces young child on her knees between her open legs to lick her wet cunt until her face is saturated in the woman’s sexual juices.

Soon there were magazines, spread out over the entire floor, as she opened the pages to her favorite pictures, as searched for the most extreme images she could find.

Lolita pissing left nothing to the imagination … she felt a dizzy sensation and a deep throbbing in her pussy as she looked at pictures of other young girls urinating over themselves and each other … some peeing over each other faces, some directly into each other mouths, other peeing in glasses and drinking the contents … it was filthy, disgusting and made Crystal jerk violently as she quickly reached orgasm imagining doing these nasty things to herself and others.

She noticed a couple of empty champagne flutes on the bedside table. Positioning the rim of the flute against her urethra, she began to pee until the glass was almost brimming with her hot yellow liquid.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

It was the voice of her Mother.

Crystal completely froze. There she was standing almost naked, dressed only in her Mother’s see-through lingerie, with a champagne flute filled with pee, and a pair of soiled underwear in her mouth, whilst surrounded by some of the most disgusting pornography imaginable.

“Put the glass down and take my pants out of your mouth.”

Busted … Crystal went to say something … anything … but her mouth was completely dry … her cheeks burned with extreme embarrassment … there was nowhere to hide … no cover-up possible…

Hilary looked across the floor and was secretly pleased to note that her horny little ten-year-old had masturbated whilst looking at images of other mothers and their daughters engaged in perverted sexual activities including rimming, squirting, piss-play, and even scat.

“Sorry, Mom,” she babbled with her eyes cast downwards.

Hilary grabbed her by the earlobe and twisted it cruelly upwards.

“Get on your knees,” commanded Hilary and Crystal immediately complied.

“Sorry, Mom … I don’t know what came over me.”

Hilary twisted her earlobe harder.

“Sure. On top of all of this, you are going to lie to me?”

“No Mom … I …”

It was as if she gave up in mid-sentence. Her face felt like a thousand degrees as her hands tried to conceal her private parts from her Mother’s glare. Hilary quickly hit her hands away and then slapped her hard in the face. The shock jolted Crystral back to reality … her mother had caught her red-handed… there was no escape.

“KNEEL WITH YOUR HANDS AT YOUR SIDE. Look down in shame child! Disgusting evil child! I don’t know what your priest or the nuns will make of this?”

“Oh no … please Mom … I’m so sorry … please don’t tell anyone … I won’t do it again!”

She was totally bawling. She felt like the whole world had collapsed around her. She felt deeply ashamed and totally humiliated. It was the worst feeling in her entire ten years of life. Tears flooded her eyes, but still, she didn’t move from the kneeling position and kept her hands at the sides of her body.

She looked delicious to Hilary. Hilary’s cunt throbbed and it was difficult to resist not forcing her daughter’s face into the wet folds of her naked pussy that remained just out of sight beneath her plaid skirt.

Hilary picked up the champagne flute that was filled with Crystal’s piss. She lifted it to the light and examined it as if inspecting a glass of expensive sparkling chardonnay. Crystal strained desperately to look at her Mother’s face without actually lifting her gaze. She saw her lift the glass to her lips and drink from it. Not a sip, she drank the lot and then licked her lips in appreciation. Crystal pretended not to notice, as if nothing untoward had happened.

“Take off my nightie. Keep your eyes on the floor!” Crystal complied, “Wretched child, what should be your punishment?”

‘“I’m so sorry. I didn’t know,” her voice trailing out.

“I think you knew exactly what you were doing. You’re a filthy little whore. Give me one good reason I should not beat your behind.”

“P-please Mom … I’ll do anything, Mom!”

“Naked. That is how you will remain from now on. Follow me.”

Hilary led the sobbing girl downstairs and then into the basement.

“Kneel in front of the couch,” she ordered.

Hilary placed a studded dog collar around her daughter’s neck and then covered her eyes with a simple blindfold.

Hilary stripped off. Around her neck she wore an inverted cross, her nipples were now both peirced and tabooed across her shaved pubic area was the name ‘Satanique’. She stepped closer to her kneeling daughter.

“You will learn to be of service … to both your mistress and to your master. You will do everything we order you to do without question. Is that understood?”

“Y-yes Mom.”

“No. Say, yes, Mistress.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“If urine is what you desire, then urine is what you shall get … from now on you shall drink only urine, bath only in urine … you will never use the toilet again.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She didn’t quite understand why, but her mother’s words had brought her back from the brink of despair to the brink of delight. Her pussy throbbed for the attention of her fingers.

Hilary widened her stance and placed a hand behind her daughter’s head and steered her towards her shaved cunt. Pressing her daughter’s mouth against her opening briefly and then pulling her back, Hilary could see her sexual juices glistening on Crystal’s upturned face.

“Open wide and drink from me. Don’t spill a drop or I will beat you raw.”


Whilst away with the church group on their annual fishing weekend, Peter could not help but miss the sexual exploits he had started enjoying with his younger sister, Crystal. Unable to masturbate, whilst under the constant watchful eyes of the priest and the other fathers… Peter’s libido had been working overtime. After arriving home late, he excused himself and headed to bed.

Crystal was waiting for him in their bedroom. She pretended to be sleeping as he tiptoed into the bedroom. He noticed that the curtains were drawn fully back and the room was well illuminated by the yellowish glow of the street lamps that were almost at the same height as their upper-floor bedroom.

He stripped naked. His rock-hard cock pointed upwards and was already crowned with a pearl with clear pre-cum.

“Crystal,” he whispered, “Crystal wake up.”

Crystal opened her eyes and pulled back the bed clothing. She was also completely naked beneath the sheets. He could smell her sexual arousal from where he was standing. It was obvious that she had been masturbating for quite some time. He also noticed the dog collar around her neck. Nice touch sis, he thought.

They kissed each other passionately. Crystal’s tongue filled his wanton mouth as her fingers wrapped around the base of his trembling cock. It twitched with a life of its own. His balls felt full and ripe for release … hopeful in his sister’s warm mouth or wet pussy. His cock almost vibrated between her fingers and she slowly stroked his foreskin back and forth. Peter’s hips bucked against her movements to amplify the pleasure of her touch … but she stopped rubbing him, only resuming his pleasure when she felt he was in her complete control.

‘If you to fuck me with your cock, you’re gonna have to do what I want, tonight’ said Crystal, revealing a small part of her plan for the night.

“Anything. Please … I need to cum … please don’t stop.”

From the basement, Mom and Dad watched their seductive daughter do exactly what her evil mother had told her to do. Feminization was the plan. She would make him pretty and ready for her father to fuck him like a little girl. It was a great plan … all Crystal had to do was use his desperation to begin the journey toward dark obedience and submission.

Crystal’s cunt was on fire. The seduction of her brother was going to be so sweet. And all she kept thinking about is sucking her father’s cock, after it had been inside her brother’s ass …

“See what a pretty girl you are,” announced Crystal.

She completed his makeup and small ponytails. She was right and when Peter looked into the mirror, he was quite surprised by the result. His thin face, puffy lips, and large eyes suited his sister’s makeover attempt. He looked very pretty.

Crystal slid down her brother’s small, but very hard, cock, so that it was now buried in his balls in her itchy little pussy. And as she kissed his lipstick-coated lips, she imagined he was one of her girlfriends from school … a thought that made her even hornier, as she began to bounce up and down in his lap.

“Aargh …”

Peter gave a muffled moan as he felt the velvety inners of his sister contract around the girth of his penis as she milked his little sacks. Innocence … was truly gone … the two fucked as their parent watched avidly from the open doorway.

Crystal looked up, in the direction of the open door to their bedroom and smiled at her mother and father. Peter was so engrossed in fucking that he had no idea that they had an audience.

“‘Fuck me, Peter! Fuck me harder,” groaned Crystal as she put on a performance for her parents. “Fuck my pussy while Mom and Dad watch us …”

Peter’s eyes opened wide, first with surprise and then with absolute fright. Caught in the act … he froze at the sight of his naked parents, both of them were masturbating furiously at the spectacle of their two young children engrossed in incestuous fucking.

“Don’t stop, Peter! Fuck me! Fuck me!” screamed Crystal.

Peter’s cock remained stiff inside his sister, though his mind was jumping between the extremes of embarrassment and excitement, he continued to thrust upwards to meet the downward plunge of his sister’s pelvis. They groaned together … as the realization of his parent’s enjoyment of their taboo activities began to sink into his consciousness.

“Fuck her, Peter. Fuck your little sister harder. Fuck her slutty little cunt,” encouraged his mother as they both drew closer to the bed.

No longer satisfied with watching from the doorway … no longer in need of clandestine behavior … they both wanted to participate.

“Look we have two adorable young girls, Daniel,” Hilary admired her daughter’s handiwork at feminizing her brother, “Crystal … bring your darling sister into the basement … we have prepared a little ritual to celebrate this special occasion!”


The basement had been transformed. No longer filled with boxes of junk, old papers, and rusty furnishings. A low bed with black rubber sheets marked roughly the center of the room. The walls were completely covered with pornographic images of adults fucking young children and at the far end of the room there was a dark shrine covered with phallic-shaped candles… above what looked like an altar was the statue of the Baphomet … naked and erect … a symbol of their new devotion to very different religion … the place stunk like a public toilet.

At first, Peter looked around in utter shock, but his mother noticed how his cock remained stiff and dripping with plenty of pre-cum pooling on the tip of his exposed cock head. Crystal had placed an identical dog collar around her feminine brother’s neck and she used it to lead him to the bed. She guided him to lie across the heavy rubber sheets and began to secure his wrists and ankles in the restraints that had been placed there so that his body would be prone and exposed, once secured.

Daniel and Hilary watched with glee as their daughter eagerly performed her devilish duties… carrying out their evil orders to the letter. Now secured, her parents could take their time. This was something that they had both looked forward to privately for many years, but now together as an incestuous couple, free to explore their most perverted desires. They were not going to rush the euphoria of sin … they would savor it … they would celebrate it … they would make an offering to their dark satanic god!

Young Peter wriggled restlessly against his leather restraints, unable to touch himself … his tiny twitching cock needed urgent attention … his nasty sister willingly obliged as she knelt between his spread-eagled legs … she drew back his tight foreskin and spat on her fingers. Crystal began to rub her sticky saliva across the sensitive tip of his cock, making slow and deliberate circles with her light touch.

Hilary crossed the room as her son moan in pre-cum pleasure. She leaned forward and whispered in her daughter’s ear and Crystal nodded euphuistically. Crystal moved her body across her bother’s chest and crouched over his face. He could feel the heat from her dripping cunt only inches above him, he also felt the continuation of Crystal’s masturbatory prayer taken over by the expert fingers of his own mother.

“Lick me, Peter! Lick my cunt!” she crowed vulgarly as she lowered herself upon his open mouth.

She squealed with taboo delight at the first flickers of her brother’s tongue inside her hot carnal cavern. Soon his lower face was drenched in her juices as she dragged her cunt lips back and forth against his chin and nose.

Hilary also crouched over her son as she maneuvered herself so that his little pecker was at the entry to her cunt. Lubricated by her wetness, she guided his penis into her incestuous pussy… enjoying her first fuck from her son.

Daniel looked knowingly into his perverted wife’s eyes as he stroked wildly at the scene from him of his son being used by both his wife and his young daughter. He stood and moved behind Hilary as she rose and fell slowly milking her son. Daniel looked at the Baphomet … the effigy of Satan … the evil god that they now dedicated their sexual ritual. He rubbed the tip of his raging hard-on against the virgin anus of his pre-teen son.

Hilary’s copious vaginal secretions had flowed downwards from the root of Peter’s penis, across his small immature balls, and into the crevice of his pink little anus … it would lubricate his ass, as his father sodomized him in the name of the devil.

Daniel pushed forward, so the tip of his cock penetrated the impossibly tight opening of his son’s anus. The ring of muscles around his sphincter fought across the pressure of the impaling shaft that now began to edge its way into the soft tissue of the boy’s ass pussy.

Peter squirmed uncomfortably at the feeling that now began to hurt him like nothing he had ever experienced, beneath the weight of his mother as she bounced upon his pelvis. He could feel the building pressure against his rectum which became an agonizing burning sensation that filled his mind, as his father’s cock penetrated him inch after painful inch… he tried to scream, but his sister’s sopping wet cunt pressed down even more insistently as she almost chocked off his air supply as she felt the onslaught of another orgasm building towards it crescendo.

Daniel could no longer hold back. He moaned as he rammed his cock to the hilt.

“Arrrughhhhhhhhh …”

Daniel’s ball sack crashed against his son’s rear as he reached its full depth. The pleasure of being inside his own pre-teen son’s rectum was a thrill he had prayed to Satan for and fantasized about many times, and now his cock was deep inside this offspring’s guts … churning the feces that now coated his cock. He pulled back, withdrawing his cock about halfway before ramming it again into the depth of his son’s bowels.

Crystal and her mother swapped positions. Hilary hovered momentarily above her son’s twisted face, squeezing his cum-coated cheeks, as she aimed and then pissed into his open mouth. Her hot heady urine quickly filled his mouth and overflowed down the sides of his face and neck. She pissed more and more … the torrent of golden liquid pooled in his closed eyes and drenched his hair.

Soaking in his mother’s piss, gave Peter a momentary distraction from the tremendous pain and pleasure that filled his guts. He spat the foul-tasting piss from his mouth, only to find his lower face filled with cunt again, as his mother rubbed her snatch against him feverously.

Crystal’s cunt gripped her brother’s cock tightly and she balanced between her mother and father as they all fucked Peter like a pack of ravenous wolves.

“Argh …” Daniel moaned loudly.

He lewdly as he too urinated deep inside his son’s guts… giving his hot piss enema as he fucked back and forth relentlessly inside the boy’s painful rear.

Soon the others, his daughter and wife moaned equally loudly as the three of the rapidly approached orgasm. Peter too, could escape the building sensation … between the undulating muscles of his sister’s pussy gripping his cock and the prostrate massage of the huge intrusion in his anus … his own orgasm was almost there … building faster and faster … beyond any pleasure, he had ever experienced with just his hand or his sister alone.

They all came together. The four of them bucked uncontrollably in mutual orgasm … as Daniel pumped his hot load into his son’s tight little bowels … Peter unleashed spurt after spurt into his sister’s cunt … his mother squirted her ejaculate over her son’s face and Crystal slumped forward against her mother’s back as she came harder than she had ever before.




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