Feature Writer: Kim Hall

Feature Title: While in Vietnam

Published: 17.07.2020

Story Codes: Snuff, Violence, Pedo

Synopsis: The things you get up to in foreign places.

While in Vietnam

While in Vietnam and the other locations in that part of the world I would be in. There is this one man in my unit and I became good friends. On night he took me to a club. A club that had no lights showing only a door. I walk in with him and on the right was a girls around fourteen, I was told that she was the door cum slut. Not bad looking, just covered in cum. As I walking I saw every sort of sexual act that a man can do to a female. There were a lot more female than males. He went over to this one female around sixteen (she was old for this life). He grabbed her by her neck, force her down remove his cock and shoved it into her month and pissed. I like that he trust me, and in time, all my slave in my life did too.

When he was done he just drop her to the floor and walk on like she was not even there. I was so fucking hard and score because I needed to cum. We went into this one room and there was a man and we watch him cut off this female head, this girl around seventeen and he took out his cock out and fucked her bloody neck and we just watch his cock come out of her month.

My trainer as I have called him was smiling. I just watched. That night I learn just how much a female was worth. I found out that if she was around eighteen and still alive she was worth around two dollars. Any man can do as he wants after paying the two dollars up to and including killing them if they wanted. The owner of this club knew what his customers wanted and made sure that is was there. I found out the owner knew and like my Trainer. Most of the female that were there came from various whore houses. Most men want them, because when you add drugs they did not last long

One time He gave her twenty dollars and told him what he wanted. What he wanted were two girls between four to six years of age—Then he told me too pick two females for myself. I look around and chose two the look like they had tits and old enough. They could not speak English and for some reason I did not care.

Now to tell you about my Trainer. He was around six-foot-four white male at about two hundred pounds, I think. I am not a cock watcher but his was around eleven inches long and if less than ten inches I be surprise. It was about as big as a wine bottle around. I never had seen balls as big as his.

I use to live on a farm and I think his balls were bigger than a stallion.

We went into this room and when we got there I was told to wait here. I look at my two and for some reason I double up my fist and hit them both in the face. I reach down and took one and back hand her. I was so hard I thought I knock out her teeth, I then yelled “suck me off cunt” She raze up. Undid my paints and she shove my cock in her month all the way and started face fuck my cock. Now I know what my first wife told me—Cock ten inches long and about three and a half inches diameter—The big problem was my head of my cock was as it flared like a mushroom. When I was fucking my wife if I remove it to quick it would hurt my wife. I would dream of fucking her and remove my cock just before I came and shove it down her throat.

But knowing her she bit it off. I don’t know how long I lasted with this cunt but I filled her month when I did cum. After I blew my load I fell down on the couch and waited. He came in a while later and he had two girls around three to four I think. I watch him beat them until one’s face and her eye until they were nothing but blood. The other was not far behind. (He likes to beat, torture, snuff and rape cunts plus more) I had my two, one at my feet and one sucking. He walks over and took a knife (eight inch blade) and showed how to cut a female without removing body parts. How to make it sexually. He had me try on the one cunt I had and as she scream I was there. Most of the time to deep and then sometimes not so deep. This took me while as I was just learning.

After a while (drinking a lot of Booze) I watch him take a very young girl (around twenty-one I think) and cut her cunt open and force his cock into her. He just rammed and rammed and rammed and blood was flowing out of her and I think she was dead before he came in her.

I was in Thailand for a long time and in that time I found out those females were nothing but property. Fathers would sell his daughters off when he knew he would get the best price for them. He knew what was going to happen to them, but the way thing where it was hard to feed all in his family and females, they were excess.

In time the owner got to know me as well as my trainer. I don’t think I paid no more than five dollars for anything I wanted. One day he told me to meet him and we went deep into the country. There was me, the owner, and man driving the box truck. We finial stop at this village. It was not long before men with their daughters started to come forward. Not been able to speak the language did not help, but I knew what was going to happen. In a short time he bought fifteen females. After they were loaded we travel on for an hour and stopped in this new village. Just like before, the fathers show up with their daughters. Just like before he bought twenty this time. All the fathers knew who he was and what would happen to their children. I think the youngest was around two and the oldest was around eighteen I think.

We turn around and head back to his club and he started asking question. How was my trainer doing? “Very fucking well”. I notice you like them older than most of the men that come there. What would be the youngest for you? I thought for some time and said twelve. I said I notice that lots of the men want them around 6. He said those are the money makers. I ask how much did he pay for the girls we got today. In American money a total of forty-two dollars.

I told him I am looking for a long term cunts, two for sure. I ask how much and he said chose two from this lot for free. You see your trainer told me to give you two and he paid for it already. I ask how much does he make off a six years old girl. First he says that they are whores out for time. Once they are not making enough money or get an STD, then they come to the club. He said most six year old make me about a five thousand dollars as a whore. How much did you pay for her? Most time around a dollar-fifty in US money. That is a great rate of return.

He smiled and looks at me as said the ones that make me the most are around eight to nine. As whores around ten thousand dollars and at the club I can ask up to twenty-five dollars depending what they look like. How long do they last in the club? Depends but most are dead in two weeks. That use up a lot of cunts. He said He buy then from whore house after they are use up for less than I bought them for their father.

What kind or death do most men like? The ones that come to the club like to cut them, and like your trainer they get off the most by neck fucking her. One guy loves to fuck her and at the same time cut her chest and as he cums, he rips out her heart. We see him about every six months. He is from England. How do you find and met this type of men. I find them for some way. Like you I know what you wish for. Maybe not snuff them but I not sure yet want you really like to do.

When we got to his club all the girls were unloaded and were directed to this court yard. He came in and said something and they all started to strip. When all there cloths were off he looks at me and said chose two. I told him that these would be for my house and that I would keep them for time I am here. But for my enjoyment of want to come to your club and what it has to offers when I come here. He said that my trainer stated that I could have two but I was to torture them. I was to use them as toilets. I was to hurt them each day. He wants you to get them pregnant because he was to have fun with new born.

What do you think the girls will think? He smiles and told me that this would be a best day of their lives. A white man take them home and they think they will live and become maybe a wife. I laugh and said “that will be the day”.

I walk down the line and found four I like. Had them stand forward for inspection. I ask the owner to translate for me. Are you virgins? Three said yes. Have you ever suck a cock off? All four said no. How about in the ass? No. Do you know what will happen if I do not choose you? We walk to the first one and she said I will become a whore. The second said the same and the third same the same and added “one day I will die to give a man pleasure” I wave my hand for her to come over to me. When we were away where the others would not her. If I take you what will you do for me to keep you from death? She looks down and I could see she was scared. She was about five foot tall and around sixteen. She had a pair of B cups tit. Not a large amount of cunt hair. Before she could answer I said I will use all you holes, you will become a toilet. You will become a pain slut. You will do anything I tell you. You will cock my food and take care of my house. If I tell you to you service my friend. You do dogs and horses. I will film it and sell it. She was told all of this and came back with one word “Yes”.

I then went to the second one and said the same and her answer was “kill me”. The third said, “Yes”.

I ask him for a place I can go and use them and he showed me a room and I motion for two to come with me. The one that said, “Kill me” was lead to a room and later I heard she did from a man that use red hot iron on her whole body. But before that she fought hard and men that like to rape a cunt, she was there for that

I went to the room and snap my finger and point to one to come over and pointed to the floor. She knelt down and I unzip my fly and removed my pants and under pants. I lifted her chin and she saw my cock getting hard. I put it to her lips and she opens her month and I started to fuck her month. She was having a problem trying to breath and all but she knew I did not care. She knew that her life was in my hands and if she wanted to live she learn. In time I could feel my ball swell and I knew I was about to cum. I felt my cum coming and it shot a load into her mouth. I pull my cock from her month and I made a showing of swollen. She closes her month and swallows. She looks up into my eyes and I saw she was happy—I smiled and patted the top of her head. She smiled in return.

I left and got them some cloths and we left the club. After about an hour we got to my place. I was able to find a single framed house so I did not have to concern myself with the family’s living around me. It was furnish with want I needed and I showed them around. I then lead them to the bedroom and sign for them to remove their cloths. When that was done I sign for them to remove my cloths. I grab both and thru them on to the bed. We started kissing. After a few minutes I could feel they were kissing me back. I lowered my face to one and took her tit in my month and bit it— bit it hard.

She screamed and tried to back away but I was hard and on top. I let go of her tit and look at the other one and open my month—I could see fear and for a second or two she stop and then she knew and razed her chest to my open month and push it in deep. I hammered my teeth on it—she screamed again, but did not try to remove it. She was learning. By now I was rock hard and need her cunt. I lay on top of her and she spread her legs and I started just pushing until I found her hole and keep pushing and them ramming it in and started to fuck her. It was not long before I dump the first of many loads in her baby making hole.

I rolled of onto my back and looked at the second one. I pointed to her to bring her month over and suck it. She looks down at my cock that was covered with blood and cum. I could see she was not into it. She look at my face and I could see she knew I was piss off and I then double up my left hand a swung and hit her in her face. She falls back onto the bed and I pointed again to my cock. She raised her self-up and lowered her open month and I could feel she was trying to suck me. I laugh as she tried and knew she was going to be a slow learned.

I took a nap with one on each side. Later I woke up and rub my stomach and I point to the one I fuck and she got up and went to the kitchen. I rolled over and force myself on the second and start ramming for her cunt. She knew what was happen and she spread her legs wide and her face was scared. Like before I did not care and I found her cunt and fuck her. This time I open my month and bit down hard as I came into her. She started to cry and I lowered my open month on her other tit and again I bit down. I laid there for a while until I started to smell food. I got up and went to the kitchen. I look back and pointed for her to follow. She got out of bed and I pointed to the floor. I then started to walk and she was on all fours like the bitch she was.

That night I went to the club and took one along. She was wearing just a white see thru sheet so everything was showing. She also had a collar on her neck and was being lead around by her leach. I look at her and pointed to what was happen around her. I then point to her head. I could see she knew want I was telling her—learn from other to please me. It was a slow night at the club being a Wednesday. But she could see and she was learning all.

She watches this one man cut a girl cunt out of her and then he remove what she had in tits. He then grabbed this other cunt and threw her over a table and rammed his man hood into her ass as he watch the other one bleed out. I point to all and she understood what would happen to her and what she now must do me I then took her to the bathroom. In this room was were the older ones go. She watched as men use them as toilets. She watched as men set down on a female face and shit. She watch her eat it and he then finish off by pissing in her month.

The owner of the club came in and I ask him to tell her that she was to do that for me. She was to also tell the other one. For hours she watches men sexually use them and then some kill them. During that time I got so horny that I made her ass fuck me off three times and then clean me off. Around two in the morning we left the club and she got into my car and we drove home.

The next day I started to train them on words. I pointed to a body part and say what is was. This training took a while but they learned. In time I could look at one and say, “Suck” or eat her cunt. The younger one learns and in time love being a toilet. Plus in time they got to be very good and have sex we each other. The older one was the one that I like to fuck her ass as she was a better cock sucker. In time they became happy. They knew what would have happened if I did not take then. One night about five months later I was in the club with both of them. I had call early and ask the owner to let them know in no certain how lucky they were. If he so much as make a though of getting rid of one or both they be dead within two days.

One day I notice one was sick and starting to show she was pregnant. I came and point to her gut and made a sign of have a big belly. She smiled and she said yes. I ask the other one and she also said yes. I like my trainer and the club owner know. My trainer said I own them if there girls. I knew and agreed. The owner said to help protect them you can have two others to replace them if I wanted. I thought about that and said no. I got home and with our best communions if found out they were two mouths along.

Of course while we waited I still us them and by now they were real good at keeping my house up the way I like it. I had other male friends but all of us knew and use the club. I watch my girls one night help with a party. Not a snuff one but anything else. Yes and orgy. I was love to fuck there ass when they both go to around eight months. I had them both lactating by seven months and I made them suck and drink each other’s milk. I got them to a point if they did not get milk at least every two hours there go very, very hard and hurt. Oh I drank sometimes and I even was able to see their tit to men and yes woman that want to drink milk right from the tit. At the eight month I need cunt to fuck so I told them I am going to get two short term replacement because I was cunt too. They start to cry

After a while the understood. They ask if they could chose them and to explain their duties. I add a new one. I want to cut them; I want to be grossly abuse. They smiled and said it they don’t allow it they would kill them and start over them self’s. We started going to the club together. The other girls found out what was happen and try to get in between us. Not going to happen. It was not me that made sure it was them.

Then the day came and one produce a girl and on produce a boy.