Feature Writer: Maryann
Feature Title: Part 1 – The corruption of Peter
Introduction and acknowledgments: I want to thank my friends @gcharis and @blazingjoyride for their patience and support that they are given me in this adventure, also would like to mention @joebetween, who are been an inspiration source on this saga. The OC: Maryann Succubus, Cassi “The Naga” and Lady Spermula belong to me.
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Author’s Notes: Maryann now a powerful succubus move to Prague city and the adventures creating her own coven begin!
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PART 1 – The corruption of Peter

It had been many years since I last saw Dezrael or Sabrina “The Mother Superior”. I was based in Prague for about ten years, while The Mother Superior remained in London and Dezrael was living in Amsterdam. I was in training for about six months in the Dungeon of my Mother Superior Sabrina Blaze. During that time I was trained in how to adjust to my conversion to succubus from the human form, how to manage the pain and pleasure of our victims, and how to punish their bodies and control their souls. By corrupting humans with our seduction, and breaking their will, we take control until they become our servants.

Upon completing my training with the Mother Superior, she advised me that it was time that I form and establish my own separate coven. She was a great help with the process of moving and was invaluable throughout with her advice on how to settle with a new identity in a new country. Language was not a problem, just by drinking someone´s blood; I could absorb their knowledge and learn all about a new culture. And by coming to Prague, you could say that I was very thirsty.

With the help of the Mother Superior I bought a property with a small chateau on the outskirts of Prague City. Once I was established on the property I had a dungeon built in the basement of the big house. The dungeon was designed for my particular games and pleasures. I had furniture and equipment brought from London and other cities to complete it to my specifications. I included many ideas for my game room that Mother Superior had suggested and I adapted them to my particular tastes.

We kept in touch by phone regularly each week. With the luxury of modern communication systems it was very easy to stay updated on what each of us was doing in their city. Our gossip frequently consisted of what we were doing with our victims in our dungeons. Then, one morning approaching the tenth anniversary of my rebirth, I received a closed envelope that was sealed with black wax inscribed with RT in Gothic font. It was without doubt from Sabrina!

In Sabrina´s letter, she announced that she and Dezrael were organizing a special coven to commemorate the 10th anniversary of my succubus birth. The event was being scheduled for the night of October 31st. She said that she was looking forward to the celebration to enjoy using my delicious new creations!

Damn, time went really fast and I had not transformed anyone!” I thought. I had at least three months left so I had to start NOW! “Tonight, if necessary, I should begin my hunt so as not to get to October 31 empty hands.”

So I decided that night would leave in search of someone whom I could seduce to the darkness.

During my regular days alone at home, I enjoy the nature of my demonic body, and do not maintain the unpleasant human appearance. Sometimes I even went out hunting to feed without changing my shape. But today I needed to take the form of a human. It is not very pleasurable for me to take my human shape, applying makeup, and getting dressed.

Nevertheless, for this special night I chose bright red patent leather plateau laced front knee boots, zipped, with two inch platform soles, six inch heels; a black LOUVA TiTi PARISIAN cut-away Basque, Laced Back; and a calf length latex gypsy skirt all of them from my much loved kinky rubber store… Demask! For my stockings I selected striped thigh highs with a lace top and completed my outfit with red latex fingerless gloves that left exposed my long pointed nails painted in mat black. My makeup was designed to seduce: eyes with a heavy smoked shadow and liner, deep black lips, and just a hint of purple blush on my cheeks. They definitely gave me a very Gothic look.

I took a look in the full-length mirror and confirmed that I was ready for a hunting night. Into my coffin shaped purse I put a bottle of my red elixir, my black lipstick, and a vial of my intimate perfume. I went down to the basement and started my car. I smoked a thin handmade cigar, while the engine warmed. The purr of the engine made me remember the day that this vehicle came into my hands.

My car was one of my most precious objects. It had belonged to a pimp and drug dealer. He was a disgusting being that attempted to rape me and ended up being fucked by me and becoming my food. That night, I was very hungry and needed to feed. I went out to find some food. I was dressed like a cheap whore, since I had learned that it was the easiest way to get or attract drivers who are seeking a quick solution to their sexual desires. When this bug appeared, he tried to humiliate and rape me; because he thought I was some bitch from another area that had come to invade his territory.

In the eyes of this detestable being I could see all the evil, the murders, and the rapes that he had committed during his life. This fed my desire, and the lust took control of my entire body. With a force that he not expects; I twisted his arm and forced him to kneel. He struggled, trying to escape, but I pressed with even more strength and broke his arm bone in two. The miserable creature shrieked in pain!! With one of my hands, I took him by the throat and told him that he would feel what it was like when he had done those terrible things to so many women.

The man saw the strength and power that was burning in my eyes! He began to mourn and begged for me to let him live. He felt sharp pain as my nails grew longer and dug further into his throat.

“Open your mouth bitch! That´s an order! Open up if you want to live!!” I advised him.

The worm of a man was now shivering and crying, but he opened his mouth. With my free hand I released my long cock from its confinement and placed it between his lips.

“I order him: SUCK! If you do not do good job, you will die right here!!” The man began to suck harder.

He was shaking with fear. I vigorously banged my hips against his face and started to deeply penetrate his throat. He reacted with violent reflex movements from the depth of my penetration.

“You like it bitch? Are you enjoying that Sissyboi?” I asked him.

His answer was a desperate look. I let out a demonic laugh.

“Let me explain to you, you disgusting bag of bones! I´ll cum soon and you will not waste even a drop of my delicious semen. You got it slut?” I screamed at him!

With his gaze he nodded. My back muscles tensed as my climax approached and a powerful jet of black semen shot out from my huge balls, through my long hard dick, and into the throat of the whimpering beast. He was surprised by quantity of semen that jetted from my cock and he tried desperately to swallow all of it. My pleasure was intense. It had been far too long since I had the pleasure of enjoying a meal.

My cock relaxed and I pulled it from his mouth. From his lips my thick black sperm gushed. I still had the bug by the throat! I started to lift him and the worm of a man felt even more pressure on his throat. His eyes widened and were exorbitant.

“Come to me my Sissyboi without resistance, all resistance will be futile.”

He stood up and I relaxed my grip on his throat.

“Let me live, let me live pleaseee,” he said begging,

I said, “No, you worthless bag of bones; you are a miserable being.”

“Sorry! Sorry!! Let me live pleaseee” he pleaded.

I moved my mouth close to his throat; my tongue began to lick the blood pouring from his throat wounds and rolling down his body.

“Mhhhhhh delicious!”

My fangs grew longer, I sunk my bite deep into his flesh and started to suck hard. He tensed his body when I started sucking his blood, but soon his life gradually died down. I was drinking all; blood and life energy until finally, the only thing that remained was a heap of dry skin and a lot of bones that began to quickly turn to dust between my fingers.

In the mountain of the powder that was a man few minutes ago; there remained his wallet with a wad of bills inside, an antique gold pocket watch attached at long gold chain, and car keys that he had when he approached me. I bent down and picked up his belongings in order to leave no traces and then I approached to the car. It was a black 1946 Plymouth five windows coupe. I sat behind the wheel and let my demonic powers flow through the vehicle which started a powerful transformation.

The steering wheel became a nickel chain, the center horn button became a chromium nickel skull, the old upholstery became bright red leather, the dashboard front turned black with nickel edges, the gearshift knob became a black skull with red glowing eyes. The original external painting was sloppy and began to shine as huge orange and purple flames appeared on the both sides and on the hood. I started the engine; the bonnet center opened and out of it a polished aluminum three barrel air scoops emerged.

On the front of the bonnet a sculptured skull formed and from the skull´s mouth several tentacles arisen and curled over the nose and grilled front panels. The regular wheels changed to turn on four ‘Cragar six spoke chrome’ ones. The engine roared like a cat! The license plate changed to the number: 666-FUCK. I turned on the MP3 player and rode the darkest streets with the sound of ‘Highway to Hell’ by AC/ DC!

I pulled out of my basement garage and I began to roll through the streets of Prague while I tried to think of the best place to find prey that would fit my needs. As I drove on, I decided that the best night clubs or fetish bars to find prey were near Wenceslas Square in central Prague. It was one of the most visited areas of the city for its cultural and night life activity. I remembered that a monthly fetish event called ‘Sinless’ was scheduled in the Club Paradiso that very night. I took out my phone, called Club Paradiso, and in moments had booked one of their private rooms for 9.00 pm.

Twenty minutes later I was pulling up in front of the Club. It was a dark, cold and rainy night in town, with a new moon! I stopped the car in front of the club and I gave the keys to the valet parking attendant. The boy could not stop staring at my full, voluptuous breasts that my leather overcoat did not completely protect from the rain falling at the time.

At the entrance, I was greeted by a familiar face, “Ms. Maryann! Welcome, long time no see.

Lukas was correct; it had been too long since I had visited them. Lukas gallantly opened the door.

Inside the room, the music was loud. My musical memory did not fail me, I immediately recognized that they were playing Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s dead! That was a coincidence! I was seeking prey and the DJ played the soundtrack from one of my favorite movies, The Hunger’. I smiled, as I recalled the scene where Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie were in a club looking for prey! I was not looking for a meal today. I had much more evil intentions, to corrupt a soul. I wanted a chair on the bar to begin my hunt. It was early, so there were several available for me.

As I sat down at the bar, the bartender greeted me.

“Good evening Ms. Maryann, what would you like to drink?”

The old man had been the bartender for more than 30 years on this bar.

“Pierre! Nice to see you again! I would like to start with a delicious glass of that dark unfiltered beer from the brewery ‘U Fleků’ – I know that you have a few bottles hidden for your special clients.” Was my answer.

Pierre smiled and answered me, “You never seem to change and you always look spectacular.”

“Thanks so much Pierre for your really nice compliments. You are so kind to me…”

“Anything else?” He inquired.

“We’ll see Pierre, the night is still young!” I replied to him with a broad smile.

It was Friday, the club had opened just a half an hour ago! Pierre served me the beer. I took the first sip while carefully searched the club environment. Officially, I was in hunting mode and it felt wonderful. Not much time had passed, when a divine Gothic creature approached me. She was thin but with a good figure and small breasts. She was fairly young. I estimated twenty-two years old or probably less, but the heavy makeup made it hard to judge her age. She had several piercings on her lips, nose and ear. She had shaved and tattooed eyebrows. Most of her head was totally shaven but she had a long ponytail that had dyed a garish red. Her big green eyes were in clear contrast with the makeup around her eyes and her black lips.

She greeted me with a hello and held out her hand. I smiled, kissed her affectionately on both cheeks, took her hand, and asked her name.

She answered immediately, “My name is Cassandra, but you can call Cassi.”

I smiled, told Cassi to take a seat and asked her if she wanted a beer?

“That would be cool, yeah!” She chirped.

“Great! Pierre, please serve a glass of the same tasty beer for my thirsty friend.” I directed.

When Pierre arrived with the beer, she took her glass in hand. We raised our glasses and together said prost! We both took a sip of the delicious dark beer.

“By the way Cassi, my name is Maryann.” I advised her.

“Nice too meet you,” she answered. “I have not seen you here before. Is it your first time, and do you live in Prague?”

I laughed.

“So many questions at once. Yes, I live on the outskirts of Prague and I’ve come to the club several times before, but it has been a long time since I visited.”

“I come every Friday, but I especially like the Sinner event nights.” She responded quickly.

Her eyes stared at my enticing voluptuous breasts. As she nearly drooled at the sight of my breasts, her forked tongue began protruding from between her lips.

“I love your tongue.” I remarked.

She came out of her trance and blushed.

“As I was saying, you’re bellisima!”

She shouts out, “You are also very beautiful Cassi, and your tongue absolutely lovely.” I continued.

She blushed again and offered, “I want to transform my body.”

“Really?” I probed further, “What do you want to do on your body?”

She replied quickly, “Well I want another tattoo and several piercing, and I was also thinking about having three implants placed on my head and forehead.”

“I see Cassi.” I casually answered her.

Suddenly, I felt an extremely attractive presence entice my nose, my skin and my dark soul. Someone very special had entered the club! I started to survey my surroundings to locate the source of this stimulation.

In the center of the dance floor was the person I needed. He had good body, angelic face, but not too muscular. He seemed to feel my aurora. But he did know from where it came. I saw him staring at me. At same time I felt the struggle in his mind between fear and desire. The fear of the unknown was winning and I had to hurry or lose him. I asked Cassi to take care of our seats.

I said to her, “Excuse me; I must leave you briefly to talk with someone. Please Cassi do not move from our spot, I’d be back in a few minutes.”

She assured me that everything would be fine. I immediately focused on relocating my prey, the guy who was so appealing to me. I let my dark instinct work. I found him on the dance floor; he was trying to ‘fit in‘ dancing alone in the spacious dance floor. I eased over nearer to him and I was soon dancing close to him. He was somewhat surprised by my arrival, but he embraced it with pleasure and quickly reciprocated my attention. We danced and flirted for a little while before the DJ ended the set.

I took him by the hand and led… well almost dragged him to the bar where Cassi and I were sitting. She had a puzzled look, seeing me return with a guy from the dance floor. I knew that she thought we would be alone. She wanted to be with me, she wanted me more than anything in this entire club. I presented him to Cassi and she politely extended her hand. He courteously took her hand and gallantly kissed it. She smiled at his gesture. A gallant man is a rarity in these times.

He stood erect and inquired, “May I ask to be informed of the name of the beautiful woman who enraptured me and saved me from the dance floor?”

“Ohhh, that’s me, hahaha!” I laughed. “My name is Maryann.”

We all laughed and then he took my hand and kissed it. When he saw my black long sharp nails, he paused with surprise. I stroked his face with them. I turned my gaze to Pierre and asked him to prepare the intimate room that I had previously reserved.

He politely replied, “Mrs. Maryann we have everything ready for you, the waiter will guide you.”

I thanked Pierre and gave him a kiss on his cheek and a nice tip!

Lukas invited us into our reserved area and assured me that everything was prepared as requested and in accordance with the reservation. He asked if he should open and serve the whiskey. I declined his offer and informed him that I would handle those duties myself for my guests tonight, and that if I needed anything more, I’d ask.

Lukas welcomed us and offered, “If you need anything more for I´m ready to follow your orders Mistress Maryann. Whatever you need… just let me know.”

“OK Lukas, I’m confident that you would be able to satisfy all my needs; whatever they are! With equipment like that, I am sure you can.” I teased!

I thanked him and he slipped a note into my hand with his phone number. I gave him a demonic smile. Then I whispered into his ear that I certainly was going to need something more, so I’d call him. He looked me directly in the eye, smiled, and then disappeared from our room. Cassi was already seated and Peter remained standing until I was seated, as always very courteous.

The private cubicle was small but comfortable. In the glossy black panel box on the table was a bottle of Macallan Single Malt Whiskey, fifty-five years old; a very special and aged whiskey in a Lalique crystal decanter (there had been made only 420 bottles made of this whiskey).

The cubicle wall was bright blood red and the oval sofa was covered with black leather with red leather trim. Some chains fell down from the ceiling with handcuff hanging open. Ready to be used! I sat in between Cassi, who was sitting to my right and Peter on my left. I opened the bottle and placed a piece of ice in the short crystal glasses that were on a table. Peter courteously helped me open the bottle. I took responsibility to prepare the glasses. After I poured a reasonable amount of the aromatic whiskey on each glass, I removed the small bottle containing my special dark crimson elixir from Gothic purse.

I had prepared the elixir for that evenings (It contained measured drops of my blood and black semen especially prepared to ‘enhance’ the single malt whiskey). Peter inquired what it was, and I informed to him that it was very special liquor that designed to highlight the deep aged flavor of the whiskey. I immediately placed a few drops into each glass with double doses for Peter. He expressed his concern over the cost of these scotch’s bottle. He knew it was certainly very expensive and he indicated he was not in a position to pay for such an expensive drink. I told him not to worry about a thing, because today he and Cassi were my guests. He thanked me and made no further comment on the contents of his glass.

I passed a glass of the whiskey mixture to Cassi as used my long middle finger nail to stir the contents. As she accepted the drink she took my hand and put my long finger nail to near her mouth and licked it with deep lust using her forked tongue. Peter’s eyes were a poem. The scene he had witnessed made his mouth water. Cassi´s eyes were bright with lust! I turned to Peter and giving him his glass while I mixed the elixir with the single malt with using my finger nails just as I had done for Cassi. Peter took my hand and following Cassi´s lead he licked all my fingers and began to suck my middle finger.

I smiled at him and raised my glass and said, “For one night of pleasure and lust!”

Everyone laughed and cheered, “Prost!”

While we sipped from our glasses we began to feel more comfortable. I asked my guests what they do for a living.

“First you Peter!” I was really curious about him. “What do you do for a living?”

It took a few minutes for him to respond as if he was seeking an adequate response to a complicated question.

He answered. “I’m the school bus driver for teenagers at the Convent of St. Agnes. Only teenage girls attend the school. It is very rigorous and governed by nuns. I am single and live alone in an apartment that I inherited from my parents. They died a few years ago. I am twenty-eight years old… Mhhh… I’m like… How can I say it?” He sighed looking down and finally said… “I’m a virgin!”

“Wooowww… That´s a difficult confession!” Slipped from my mouth.

“What the fuck!?” Uttered Cassi, with a big look of mock surprise.

I looked her and asked her to be kind to Peter because it was difficult for any man to be so honest and open.

I looked deep into Peter’s eyes and asked him.

“How you feel about your life and your work?”

“Well, Miss Maryann…” He began.

I interrupted, “Please do not call me Miss!! I’m a Dominatrix, but you’´re not my SLAVE yet! Hahaha; we are just friends today; so you can address me as Maryann, simply.”

Not realizing the meaning behind my comment, He nodded and said. “Good, Maryann in answer to your question, my job is pretty boring, I must be very strict, especially when I’m dealing with the teenagers girls. And it is not easy at all. They are always trying to make me lose control and drive me crazy. And to top it off, Mother Superior Sister Severa is extremely strict. If anyone from my job were to discover where I am today and with whom, I’m sure I would be fired.”

“Perhaps we are a very bad company,” I suggested to Peter pointing to Cassi and myself. I displayed a look of disappointment on my face.

He quickly corrected himself, “No! No! Do not misunderstand me, please! You two are wonderful, spectacular, sexy, I am grateful; I would have never imagined I could live this experience in a fetish club, with so many beautiful women. But I must be careful”

I assured Peter that we understood and that his secrets were safe with us. He reiterated that Sister Severa was a very demanding and strict Mother Superior.

“So am I honey, I’m a very strict Dominatrix too, Peter” I assured him with a wide evil smile on my face. I turned to face Cassi and asked her, “What about you my dear, Gothic girl! Tell us a little about your life. What do you do for work?”

She opened her eyes wide and gave serious thought in the back of the cubicle.

“Maryann, I think my life is not very special. Life, apart from my work, I have no parents or siblings, no family and very few if any friends. I’m a very lonely soul. And I think that´s why I have concentrated on my own dream.”

“Do you want to share your dream with us my dear Gothic girl?” I encouraged her.

Cassi hesitated a little and then answered: “I want to transform my body!”

Looking to push her more deeply I asked her again, “Very nice Cassi! Why not tell us… mhhh… What else you want to do with your beautiful body?”

She opened her green bright eyes wide and almost whispering she continues her confession.

“I love body modification, it has brought me so many happy years, and I think that´s my biggest fetish. I do not want to see it in the bodies of other people I want to see those changes in my own body. I have already taken some small steps.”

“Why not show us, Cassi?”

She showed us her split tongue, licking her lips seductively.

“I split my tongue few months ago, I have several piercings too, some tattoos, and my next step will be some implants on my forehead and head. I want to look like I have horns emerging from several points of face and head. I also want to change my ears.”

“Modify your ears?” I asked her.

She took a breath and answered me.

“Yeah Maryann, I want to have pointy ears, and on them many piercings on each edge. By the way, I love your nails! I too, want long, pointed nails; sharp and black all the time. I do not like at all what I have now, I am very sorry.”

She hid her face, with her arm; meanwhile tried to hide her fingers.

“Peter, what do you think about Cassi body changes? Do you want to be like our friend Cassi?”

He was wide-eyed, still looking Cassi licking her lips with her split tongue; and he with his trembled voice murmured.


Then quickly, he turned his face from one of astonishment to one of defeat.

“Why that faces, Peter?” I asked him.

With a beaten face he answered me, “Maryann I cannot even have a tattoo or piercing on me that is plainly visible. It would jeopardize my job. And now with the terrible economy, I would almost immediately be in the streets if I lost my job.”

I took his hand, placed it close to my heart, and looked directly into his eyes and assured him, “I can understand you situation my dear!”

His face still showed concern. I took Peter`s face between my hands and looked deep into his eyes.

Meanwhile I caressed him with my stiletto nails and asked him, “What brought you to this place today, Peter? Had you ever been to a fetish club before?”

With a pitifully face, he answered me, “No Maryann, it´s my first time in many things.”

Cassi and I both smiled!

He continued, “To be honest, if you had not grabbed me by the hand on the dance floor, I would probably have run out of this place, but touching your hand gave me courage to continue the adventure.”

“Let me ask you again. What brought you here Peter?”

He replied with his head down almost whispering.

“Maryann would not… I think, the curiosity, I had heard many stories, read on the internet and was very curious to come to a place like this. And I had not dared to until to this day!”

Again I took his face in my hands and stared at him.

“Do you like BDSM? Have you ever tried or experienced any BDSM?”

His eyes showed anxiety, a part of him wanted to run away from my questions but the other part wanted to explore further. I knew he was stripped to his soul. Peter’s face became very red. Watching his reaction, I nudged his glass of whiskey close to him and told him to drink a little and relax.

“Listen Peter, no one here will judge you; nobody here will point at you! You are in our confidence and you are with people who understand your anguish in situations like this; we all go though it once. We are here to liberate our darkest desires and I want to help you!”

Peter looked at me carefully and I felt he had found the answer!

He replied calmly, “I’m attracted to bondage, spanking, whipping and physical torture, but like I said, I’m a virgin in every way and wanted to live life to the fullest, I wanted to explore vanilla sex, but also want more perverted things, like try anal and oral sex.”

I laughed with his full confession.

“Anal sex and cunnilingus are not perverted things honey! They indeed, are really delicious! And maybe you will also love fellatio!”

Cassi and I laughed, “Hahahahaha!”

I really enjoyed his confession. All this made him more appetizing. Peter was definitely like a slice of the most delicious ‘Tiramisu’ and Cassi, was my ‘Dark chocolate cake’. Peter took a big gulp and drained his glass. He had taken a big load off his mind. Cassi and I also drank what was left in our glasses, and I started to fill Peter’s glass and put in a little more of the elixir. I needed their barriers and taboos to fall. I handed the glass to Peter, served him his drink and I got up telling Cassi to accompany me to the bathroom. I asked Peter to take care of the cubicle and I assured him we would not take long in the bathroom.

I winked at him and said close to his ears.

“Drink your single malt whisky, it will help you, I want to lift your mood. Today is night of fun and you´ll spend it spectacularly! After tonight you will not be the same person.” I assured him with a lick on his ear.

His eyes opened and looked at me hopefully.

“Believe me.” I said again.

Taking his face between my hands I whispered, “Tonight many of your darkest desires will become a reality. But you must trust in me. Do you trust in me? Peter?”

He nodded and assured me with his deep brown eyes.

“Yes Maryann!”

I took his answer like a break in his will and again assured him, “Perfect, in a few minutes we’ll be back.”

Peter reclined with his back on the sofa, looking to relax a little. Cassi and I left the cubicle, and walked to the bathroom, the bathroom was fortunately unoccupied. Cassi was immediately looking for the toilet. She peed, while I checked my makeup in the mirror, and applied my black lipstick over my lips, the special one! The corrupting one! Cassi finished and she approached to me and looked at me in the mirror, in her eyes there was only one word: LUST!

She said, “You’re so beautiful Maryann.”

I turned and moved my face close to hers, our lips merged into a deep kiss, our tongues played, and the desire flowed around us. Someone entered the bathroom and briefly interrupted our kiss before quickly departing.

“You are also very beautiful Cassi,” I said.

I gave Cassi my lipstick; I think you´d like to wear this color too! Her eyes glittered; meanwhile I removed the perfume vial from my purse and put a bit on me between my breasts. Then I did the same with her. She was finished with the black lipstick and I caressed her with my hand and put some drops of my perfume around her neck and my hand reached her cleavage and placed few more drops of the same between her breasts.

She looked at me with those big green eyes and she said, “It smells very rich Maryann.”

Her forked tongue licked her black lips.

I started running my hands over the top she was wearing. With one movement, I lowered her top and since she was not wearing a bra, I began to lick her nipples alternately. When they were erect, I sank my sharp and long fang into their delicate skin and injected my poison into each nipple. She moaned with pleasure. Then I took my lipstick and painted her aureola and nipples. The breast were small, at most a B cup. I then pulled up the top covering her cleavage.

I broke her trance when I ordered, “Upon reaching the cubicle I want you to approach Peter and give him a deep kiss with those beautiful lips painted in black.”

Her eyes shone with a perverted look.

“I will Maryann; it will be a pleasure for me!”

I nodded and kept looking at her in the mirror and asked, “Do you want to have large breasts Cassi? Like mine?”

I took her hands, moved them up to my large breasts and caused her to fondle them. Her mouth watered.

“Yeah Maryann I would love to have such big, juicy boobs like yours; nature was not so lavish with me.”

“This can be changed,” I said.

She was almost crying as she answered me. “How can I do that Maryann? Surgery? I do not have the money to pay for a procedure like that; I could not do it with all of my life savings!”

“Do you trust me? I asked. Are you willing to follow and obey me, Cassi?” I said as I stared deep into her eyes, searching her soul.

She responded quickly, “Oh yes, Maryann!! Or should I address you as ‘Mistress’ Maryann now?”

I smiled devilishly and hugged her deeply and whispering into her ears, “My, dear Cassi, I’m happy with your answer; I can assure you, my little dark creature, your life will change forever and in a way you will not expect. You will not be a lonely soul anymore!”

We left the bathroom and returned to the cubicle. Peter was waiting with much anxiety and hopelessness. His eyes flashed when he saw us! It was as if his life came back into his body! Cassi approached him and took his face in her small hands and gave him deep French kisses probing her split tongue into his mouth and playing with Peter. He responded and also stuck his tongue into Cassi´s mouth. I watched closely at the scene and clapped my hands. Cassi and Peter broke their kiss when they heard my claps. Cassi smiled at me with that naughty look as the corruption rapidly progressed in her body. Peter´s lips were now painted glossy black.

“The Gothic style suits you Peter…” I assured him… Cassi looked at him and said: “Yes Peter looks like a dark boy!”

She approached to him and with an evil smiled said: “He needs a more deep touch”

I immediately removed from my purse the black lipstick and black eyeliner and passed them to Cassi. She applied a glossy black coat on Peter´s lips, almost immediately Cassi gently painted the edges of his eyes black, and then she ruffled his hair.

“Okay kids, everyone in their place,” I said as I sat in the sofa center with Peter on my left and with Cassi to my right.

I caressed Peter´s face and said to him, “The Gothic style is well suited to your beautiful face Peter.”

He blushed.

I approached his face and gave him a deep kiss. My tongue was longer than Cassi’s and it darted quickly into his mouth. He responded to my advance with his tongue. When he reciprocated and stuck his tongue in my mouth, I bit him with one of my long fangs and injected the corrupting poison into his tongue. He reacted with surprise to my bite. I gave a devilish laugh.

“Everything has its price Peter, even a kiss.” Peter sighed with pleasure!

I undid my latex bra and laid my body back on the sofa back. Cassi´s hands began stroking my big breasts. Then she took my left nipple into her mouth and she elongated it and made erect with her delicate lips as she began to suck hard on it.

I let out a soft moan of lust and told Peter, “What are you waiting for?”

Peter began to lick my other nipple shyly as I took the back of his head and pushed to encourage him to suck me deeply. He understood, and with a new boldness, began to suck hard and bite my nipple. which started to pour out black thick cream. Cassi’s eyes sparkled when she tasted it for the first time and gave a deep groan, Peter sucked hungrily and lustfully; all of his taboos, fears and barriers were falling fast. His gaze was lost and he swallowed everything that came out of my engorged nipple. He was a very thirsty soul for pleasure and had found a source to satiate his lust.

I placed my hands on each of their heads stroking and thinking loud, “This will be your first food, my Gothic creatures, take everything you can now, fill your body and soul, feed your lust with my dark juice.”

The black lipstick, my corrupter, that Cassi was wearing on her lips had begun to reveal the effects, revealing the first corruption signs progressing through her body. I began to see small black veins spreading from her lips down her face. Her skin was a little whiter. Even her nipples looked more swollen under her translucent black elastic top. Peter’s eyes glittered with lust; he was in a pleasure trance like Cassi.

The two eagerly and hungrily sucked and drank my dark juice. I gripped them each by the hair and pulled their heads vigorously to break their trance and detach their mouth from my nipples. They raised their heads dripping with my juices from their lips; the three of us kissed and licked our faces. Cassi´s forked tongue was now very dark, more elongated and much more pointed. Peter’s tongue was much longer and had also darkened a little.

I put my bra back on, as I told the two: “OK my Gothic puppies, it’s time to find a more comfortable and private place to unleash our games and desires. It´s time for some unfulfilled wishes to come true. Let’s go home!”

We got up and I arranged my clothes. Cassi did the same. Peter now seemed a Gothic boy. I cancelled my remaining club account for the night and asked Peter if the remaining half bottle and three glasses were brought to my car. The bellboy brought my parked car, opened the door, and then I gave him a generous tip. Cassi and Peter were surprised at my vehicle. Certainly it was one that did not go unnoticed. I asked them to get into the back seat so Cassi could warm up our very hot virginal friend.

I sat in the driver seat and turning on my car…. The engine roared… As it warmed up…

I advise to Cassi and Peter, who were now sitting on the back seat, “It will be like an hour from here to my home, dark children, so make yourselves comfortable.”

Cassi looked in the rear view mirror and I mouthed to her, “Don´t let dear Peter cool down!”

She stared back at me with a deviant look.

With her now long, dark, forked tongue she licked her lips and assured me: “Mistress Maryann, Yummy! I´m going to eat this guy before you get home!”

With a devilish laugh I warned her, “You must leave me something, does not be a selfish!”

It was nearly one in the morning when we left the Club Paradiso. There was no traffic at all, the streets were deserted, so the return home was a cakewalk. Cassi had not stopped playing with Peter. She introduced her hands everywhere, caressing his cock and pinching his breast. Peter was in a trance of ecstasy, his breathing was ragged.

“Don’t excite Peter too much. I don’t want him to come early. Just keep him warm and aroused, dear Cassi!”

About 10 minutes after; I announced: “Hey bitch! We’re approaching my home!”

I pressed the button that opened my outer gate and the underground parking gate. The night was dark, but even so the silhouette of the house could be seen. Through the front window of the car they both could see the size of my property, the expression of Cassi was a priceless poem.

“Maryann you’re really rich”!

I laughed.

I went down the ramp that led to the garage, stopped the car and turned it off. We got out of the car and then I guided them to a small elevator that would take us to my room. My house had two levels above ground and two below it. The master bedroom was located on the top floor where also there were two more rooms; the ground floor level was devoted to the regular services of a home, kitchen, dining room, storage and a large living room. The first basement worked as parking, workshop, heating and utilities. The deepest basement was dedicated to my dungeon.

The small elevator door opened and we walked into my room, the lights automatically turned on, filling the room with warm light. I went to a large sofa located near the fireplace and lit black candles in the chandeliers at each side. They approached to the couch.

“This is your home my beloved pets, take sit and relax,” and for my inner thoughts, “And it will be your delicious hell forever.”

I left them in my bedroom while I proceeded to walk to my wardrobe looking to change my clothes into something more ‘comfortable’ The fire was already warming the cold room, Cassi began to undress and sat on the couch and called Peter with wicked smiled on her face.

“Come to my side Gothic boy.” I saw her with the corner of my eye and yelled, “First serve three glasses of whiskey Peter! Then you can warm up the bitch! I will be back in a few!”

And then I went into my wardrobe. I took off my bra; I put on a ‘Deluxe Red Feather Robe’, and returned to the room.

When I arrived back in my bedroom, they were sitting on the large couch; Cassi was naked and was stripping Peter. Cassi looked directly into my eyes and she moved over to make space for me between them. I sat on the couch and she turned towards my side, Cassi’s eyes were shining as she searched my boobs for more of my juices. Peter was watching us as he savored his drink. I grabbed my glass and took a sip while Cassi bared my chest and began licking my nipple.

“I want more ‘Mistress’ Maryann! May I?”

I caressed her face.

“Drink all you want my dark harlot! And you Peter! Take off all your clothes!” I ordered him.

He started to undress but stayed with his boxers on. I saw him.

“I ordered you to take off EVERYTHING!!! You fucking bitch! Do you not understand a simple order Sissyboi?”

“Yes ‘Mistress’ Maryann!”

Under his boxers the size of his nearly erect cock was revealed. It was about five inches long! His cheeks were flushed.

“Come close to me Gothic boy.” I directed.

In response to my order he approached me. With one of my long black nailed hands I started to stroke his cock and play with his small balls. He closed his eyes and let out a heavy sigh as I stroked his genitals hard. Cassi did not lose any time and had undone my robe, and sought out my private parts with her hand. As she sucked my nipple with a fierce hunger her nails grew a little longer and black; I watched the corruption changes taking place in her body.

She moved her hand toward my inner parts, to touch my crotch. But I stopped her hand with mine, and meanwhile I released my beautiful big cock from its confinement and started stroking it. She was surprised to see a huge dick emerge and immediately her mouth started watering because It was almost upright and was about ten inches long. Peter’s eyes were also focused on the size of my hard on.

I said: “Cassi, what did you expect bitch? Suck it! It’s all yours, I know you want it. And Peter, it’s your time to feed me!”

Immediately she moved and started licking my huge dick; meanwhile I took Peter’s dick into my mouth and began to suck hard on him. From my stick started to sprout black pre-cum. Cassi quickly licked it up, and opened her mouth, and began to deep throat me. I introduced all of Peter’s cock in my mouth, my long tongue stretched out of my mouth and spread to find his balls and began to caress them. This was too much for poor Peter, who began to make loud moans and to tense his body.

He came fast into my mouth. A surprising amount of sperm shot out from his balls. I took his entire load in my hungry mouth and swallowed. My eyes began to shine while my body absorbed all his sperm with which he fed me. Then, in a split second of time, I sank my fangs into his cock and injected a large amount of my corruption poison. Peter screamed loud! With my tongue I licked his shaft and soon there were no traces left of the two wounds.

I said him, “Sorry love! It was the passion!”

He smiled, his eyes misted. He had dumped a big load of semen and was deeply relieved.

I wiped my mouth with my long tongue.

“It’s your time to worship me Sissyboi I want you to suck me!”

He responded with surprise, “Me??”

I answered by showing him my lips with his cum on them.

“I drank your load Sissyboi. It’s time for you to do the same with mine!”

He hesitated a little but then he timidly approached my organ and began to lick my long cock along with Cassi.

“You Gothic bitch, Cassi!!… Teach our Sissyboi to be like a whore who knows how to eat a real dick! I want you to turn Peter into an expert dick cum slut!”

She nodded to me in response.

“Yes Mistress! It will be a pleasure to teach this Sissyboi how a real whore does fellatio! Mhhhh, how we love long cocks and enjoy eating as we drink all the semen without leaving a drop. Look Peter! I want you take that dick deep up to her root, so take her to until the depth. I know that you can! My mouth is smaller than yours and yet I can go deeper than you Sissyboi!”

He watched as Cassi swallowed more than half my huge piece of meat and then she pulled my stick from her mouth.

“It’s your turn Sissyboi, I want you to swallow it all now!” She ordered him showing her dominant side for the first time!

“I want to see you eat the cock of our Mistress! Come on, take that dick deeper! GO DEEP in the next attempt Sissyboi! I want you to go deeper, so you will! Peter! Do it!!”

Cassi encouraged him meanwhile she stroked my engorged balls with her hands.

My climax approached and she knew it.  Cassi could feel the pressure growing in my balls and she moved her eager mouth toward my massive cock.

I screamed. “Cummming! Gggghhh!”

Lots of cum rolled through my long piece of meat and began to sprout out, Peter took the first load and swallowed, but the amount exceeded his ability to drank it all and it began to scatter everywhere. The black sperm began to fly out through Peter´s nose! Cassi also began to lick and drank all that she could take too. They licked and drank from my fountain like cum source. My semen juices were black and thick.

I told them, “I do not want to see a single drop of my precious elixir to be wasted on the floor. You must clean all floor; my Gothic whores. Clean it up with your tongues!”

I let out a diabolical laugh, my eyes shone with an unnatural light and they turned black. They cleaned everything with their tongues and then proceeded to lick their mouths and bodies clean with their tongues in between kisses. Finally they looked at me as they knelt.

“Very well, bitches. Rise up, both of you, in bed!”

Peter and Cassi quickly got up and went to my bed. Next, Cassi waited in a recumbent position propped up by my pillows against the headboard as she obscenely exposed her labia to Peter who licked her hungry pussy.

I said to Peter, “Today you will cease to be a virgin, I want you to fuck Cassi in her pussy with your tiny penis, I’ll bury this real cock in her ass, both of us will fill this nympho bitch. Tonight we will break many of your taboos, Peter!”

A mischievous smile appeared on his face. The effect of drinking the large amount of my semen was beginning to show in both Peter and Cassi. Cassi breasts had grown and her skin had become very white. From her lips journeyed many black veins all over her face. The traveling blackness grew also from her nipples and aureola.

“But before that, Peter, I want you to wear this harness. The harness will allow free passage for your ‘shecock’ and at the bottom is joined a long silver butt plug to fill your tight ass!”

He nodded, and said, “I´m all yours Mistress, you can do with me whatever you please. I want to fill all your darkest desires. I am a horny bitch, at your service!”

“Okay, bitch, on all fours, with your face down. Peter, I want you on all fours and to plunge your tongue into that juicy cunt!” I pointed to Cassi’s cunt, “and keep your ass up!”

Peter obeyed me, lifting up his ass and at same time starting to lick Cassi´s wet cunt. Like a horny bitch, Peter licked Cassi’s pussy deeply. He began to drink the black juices that were beginning to leak from her cunt. They hadn’t noticed but their bodies were changing fast. Cassi´s mouth, nipples, aureola and pussy were showing the distinct signs of corruption. At the same time, Peter’s cock head took on a black color and the veins on his shaft bulged, while his piece of meat lengthened and thickened. The corruption progressed quickly in Cassi’s body and she began to generate more black juices. There was no question that her conversion into a dark being was now irreversible.

I placed my mouth near Peter’s ass and began licked him with my long forked tongue. As my tongue stroked his sphincter muscle, I buried one of my fingers that was greased with the black lubricant and caressed his anus.

“Hahahahahaha!” I erupted with diabolical laughter as I started to insert the long butt plug into his maiden ass.

On the third attempt his sphincter relaxed allowing the entry of the massive invader. His painful body spasm was so exhilarating.

“There is no pleasure without pain, Bitch!!!” I cried to him as I dug my nails into his buttocks, drawing rivulets of blood.

I licked the blood with my tongue, closing the wounds. My saliva has the property of healing wounds in humans. I finished tightening the harness around his waist. Then he turned and I gave him a deep French kiss. I still had some of his blood in my mouth as he licked my lips with his tongue. Next, I lowered my kisses to search for his small nipples. I sank my sharp fangs in his right nipple, injecting my black poison. He moaned and I moved to his other nipple and did the same. From his wounds my black elixir was transported down thru his body. I licked the wounds closing them with my tongue as his blood trickled down his skin.