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The High Priestess is a very spiritual card – often with highly perverted sexual overtones. It can mean that the querent is in a phase where he or she is going to be much more physically attractive to others, open to encounters both heterosexual and homosexual. The High Priestess is tied to the moon, to femininity, to wantonness, and to the inspiration of new sexual experimentation. Give into the High Priestess in you; let her rule your day and you will find that your narrow and limited viewpoint on sexuality can expand beyond your current desires. What do you want from your sexuality? What have you been missing out or denying yourself? Are you truly who you think you are, or is there a secret pervert longing for the freedom to explore your deepest deviance? The High Priestess is a psycho-sexual religious figure. On one hand, there is divine piousness and abstinence; on the other, there is devilment and sexual obsession … which force rules you?


They say that evil has no substance of its own, but is only the defect, excess, perversion, or corruption of that which has substance. But that is ignorance. Evil has form. Pure evil exists.

The once glorious City of Malum had plummeted into a vessel of extreme inequalities. At one end, violent crime was riff and life was cheap among the cesspool of decay, disparity, and human depravity; at the other, the wealthy, privileged, and religious, lived a life of opulence, over-indulgence, and excess.

Reverend Angela Greenway was one of the religious elite and yet a very popular preacher among the poorer city folks. Her TV gospel, ‘God Talk’, was broadcast over the Internet on a daily basis. The crown jewel of her private empire, the Cathedral of Hope, the home of the Holy Justice Ministry, was a Gothic monstrosity located at the main intersections of the city’s highways.

It appears that the Reverend Angela, by the grace of God, has saved a young woman from a fate worse than death by pulling her soul back from the brink and in the process transformed a satanic priestess into another warrior of the faithful and Holy Justice.

Born into the satanic church, the girl only known to us as Rebecca had had a lifetime of indoctrination in satanic beliefs. Had she completely relinquished the dark powers that she was purported to have? Could she really have moved objects without touching them and moved people against their will?

A suspicious mind may presume the worst that in fact, maybe nobody has been saved at all. Could it be that Reverend Angela, her Ministry, and those they seek to influence for God’s crusade against Satan are the ones in grave danger from this unassuming young woman?


“But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death.” — James, chapter 1, verses 14-15

My real name will never be revealed. My identity is forever a secret; but for now, you can call me simply Rebecca.

Lately, I have been taken into the ‘House of God’. Saved from the eternal darkness and brought into the Lord’s holy light. The almighty power filled me with joy and elation. They say that I am free at last.

Her name was Reverend Angela Greenway, a charismatic preacher from the famed City of Malum. In more recent times, the once glorious City had plummeted into a vessel of extreme inequalities. At one end, violent crime was riff and life was cheap amongst the cesspool of decay, disparity, and human depravity; at the other, the wealthy, privileged, and religious, lived a life of opulence, over-indulgence, and excess.

Reverend Angela was the one who saved me from damnation. A warrior of the faith and unafraid despite knowing the power of darkness, she had seen the evil deeply embedded within me.

Reverend Angela had told me that she had, “… felt the hordes of hell arising against them and they tried to help me … these demons would not let you go easily …”

She had told me that I had been carried onto sacred ground, where devils and demons cannot pass. As I did, the door flew open of its own accord and as I entered my dilated pupils were completely pitch black, there were no whites at all. She had held my hand, and proclaimed that I had been brainwashed by the devil … but there was hope … she simply gave me the choice.

“Either you give your heart to Jesus NOW or your soul to Satan FOREVER? Do not fear! Just say his name ‘Jesus’ as you relinquish all power to YOUR NEW God!”

I did as she told me. I trusted her and was immediately filled with the Holy Spirit. There had been a bright light as she touched my forehead and made the sign of the cross upon it. I blacked out! They said that I was drunk and convulsed as the demons desperately tried to hold onto me … they said I screamed blasphemously. I physically struggled against an invisible restraint, my thrusting groin fucking against an unseen phallus. They held me for my own safety. But I don’t remember any of this.

They had baptized me immediately in the name of the Holy Spirit. Reverend Angela said that I had laughed and wept in the process … She told me that, “… it was always like that, when someone comes out of darkness into the light, is set free by Jesus and truly loved … that your whole life would change and that you would be given deliverance …”

Much later, after my recovery, Reverend Angela asked that I speak out against the satanic forces that had enslaved me … against Satan and his corrupt church. At first, I felt reluctant. Actually, I was still very scared. I still needed sedation in order to sleep properly.

The Holy Justice Ministry had its own television show. They started by interviewing me. Posting my comments on their digital media for the poor Christians. My face was always blurred and my voice was electronically altered. On Angela’s evangelistic Christian daily show called ‘God Talk’, they asked me to reveal the ways of the satanic order that had been my life, up until the time of my transformation. I really felt a deep shame, but reluctantly complied with their insistent wishes.


Let me say, for all the skeptics out there … he does exist. Satan I mean. He is powerful. He is evil. He hates you all. He hates all Christians. I too hated Christians. He wants to fuck you. Fuck you all. Fuck your minds, your bodies, and fuck you to hell! And he’s very good at it. He’s had an eternity of practice.

How naive are those priests? They think they can outsmart him. They actually think they can protect their flock. But they are powerless because their flock is full of sin. Sin is everywhere. Satan bathes in the sin of the faithful. Their faith is their weakness. Satan is pervasive, persistent, and perpetual. Even among them, the Christian Ministries, I see many Satanists controlling their institutions … literally leading them into temptation. Those not seduced by the power of Satan are shamed as pedophiles to be excommunicated and defrocked! Who do you think planted that seed of this shame for the entire world to see? The media? Who controls the media? Who controls censorship? Who controls the Internet? Christians? They never stood a chance!

You see I was born into the Church of Satan. Abused by its high priests from the tender age of four. All my life I have been intoxicated with Satanism in all its forms… physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and of course sexually. In my most recent past, I was to be the Fifth Bride of Satan. I was a satanic priestess of the highest order, marked with my element, fire, and seen as very powerful. When I say power, not only within the Church of Satan but power in how my element allowed me to control both things and people.

When did I notice I was different? From a very early age, I guess. There was a period of time when the ritual abuse scared me. I witnessed many gory and perverted things as a young child. I was programmed to believe that Satan was god and that we were all to do god’s will. His pleasure was absolute. There were daily incest rituals; communion of blood, urine, and semen; the sacrifice of babies; the black magic and evil curses … I was exposed to it all.

My birth mother was known as the ‘Black Widow’ and bore many babies for the explicit purpose of ritual sacrifice. I was spared that fate, as she said that a ‘familiar spirit’ had fathered me… that I was seen as not completely human, but the child of a powerful demon and this afforded me special purpose amongst the satanic family. I had the mark of my element; fire, tattooed upon my pubis. At the age of eleven, before my first period, I became a bride. Satan himself consummated our marriage.

From an early age, I learned the dark secrets of satanic witches – not just spells and curses, but how to hone my powers. I could always move things without touching them and learned that I could make people do things (even things that they didn’t want to do) … just by thinking about it. It was the latter skill that caught the attention of the high priest. He allowed me to experiment on the children that they abducted … all those children in the missing posters.

That is where they ended up you know.

With a thought, I could get them to willingly abuse each other, even perform perverted sex acts on each other. I knew that if I wanted to I could get them to kill each other or even themselves. I never shared that ability with the high priest, because he already feared me. I could sense it. He feared that I would be more powerful than him and would take his place at the high altar. He was, of course right. I read his thoughts like a book. He plotted to have me killed before I reached the ‘age of consummation’. But I was always more than one step ahead.

As a young cult member, I quickly developed a taste for abuse. I took great pleasure in watching the cruelty and was quickly becoming very sadistic myself. I remember how I looked forward to my wedding night when I would bathe and masturbate in the fresh and untainted blood of sacrificed babies in front of the satanic congregation … I drank it as I offered it to my husband. My mother, the Black Widow, said that my father was pleased that I had been chosen. We were quite close and as mother and daughter, we often shared incestuous sex. She too feared me. I could see it in her eyes and taste it in her urine. She knew that I could do anything I wanted with anyone … but never told anyone for fear of her own life.

And so it was. The human sacrifices in mid-September and October, would make them numb with curses and also drug them up. They would take a sacrificial knife start from the chest and go all the way down the abdomen. They would scream as we collected the blood and drank it. In November they only sacrificed babies, because they needed the pure blood of the untainted. I remembered vividly their screams and seeing their blood flow. I should have thought of it as horrible – instead, I watched and masturbated.

Where did all the babies come from? Well, there were mothers that were expecting that the cult was holding in the church and then there were the people that they kidnapped and impregnated.

How did they get away with it? Our cult was everywhere, in the police, in the government. They were all good at lying. If someone spoke out, they would get taken and sacrificed in front of the congregation of the satanic church, because they knew too much… or knew names. It was like being in a gang or the mafia, I guess. You did not get out without serious personal consequences.

I felt very scared that people would not believe me, that they would not accept that demons were real. I didn’t know how to tell people that there was a war going on … a war with the demonic spirits. They still stalked me. Angela told me that Jesus was protecting me and that I was alive only because of that. But Angela did not know, nor suspect, that it was Satan that had sent me to her … they had intended for me to be ‘saved’ by her.


“Welcome to Wednesday night on God Talk. I am your host, Judith Marsh. Tonight we discuss the evils of horoscopes, fortune-tellers, and palm readers; also the most honorable Reverend Angela Greenway of our very own Holy Justice Ministry joins me tonight … Good evening Reverend.”

“Evening Judith.”

“Later, we will be debating the controversy over a most contemptuous and blasphemous exhibition of so-called late Renaissance work, including the crucifixion and last judgment, in which Jesus Christ is depicted completely naked and undeniably erect!

“But first up tonight on God Talk our feature story where we talk with a former satanic priestess. Her real identity cannot be revealed for fear of retaliation … but we will call her Rebecca.

“Rebecca was born into the satanic church; she was a victim of ritual abuse since the age of four; and was mothered by a whore. She had only ever known evil. Before we go to this exclusive interview … Reverend Angela … Tell me, bringing her over into the light of the Lord … what was it like?”

“Well, Judith, it was traumatic … she was possessed by a very powerful evil … you could literally smell it on her body … you know, that offensive and pungent sulphuric smell … it took four of us to hold her down as the estranged spirit screamed from her mouth … all manner of obscenities… before it finally relented and then was gone. It was transformational … as I literally saw Jesus enter her, calm came across the young woman’s face as she finally fell into a deep and peaceful sleep.”

“Yes, you have talked to us many times about the obscenities and blasphemous screams of your converts! Can you tell us in more graphic detail about the spiritual rape that you witnessed … how she seemed to be penetrated by an evil phallus, prone, large, and how she seemed to be caught in rapture this horrific episode!”

“Yes, Judith … they call it the ‘joy of sin’. Some refer to the power of the satanic orgasm! Evil beasts with such power to sexually attack their victims, drawing them to their perverted ways!”

“Shocking Reverend! Shocking.”


It had been a few months since I had left the satanic cult. Reverend Angela Greenway had arranged that I speak out against Satanism, denounce the Church of Satan, and expose their falsehood. Not only on the digital media, but I would address small groups of young people about my harrowing experiences. She said that it would serve her religious crusade against Satan and build the profile of the Holy Justice Ministry. Again, I reluctantly agreed to help.

They wanted my story to serve as a warning to those who would allow sinfulness and wayward thoughts to go unchecked – those who thought frivolously of the power of darkness. Their propaganda warned others not to dabble in the dark arts for they would invite in more than they bargained for.

They had dressed me for the occasion in the Ministry’s white vestment and bright red tunicle that was open to the sides, it came down to mid-thigh length and was embroidered with a gleaming gold cross down its front. I held in my hand a simple wooden crucifix as I stood in front of an anxious crowd.

I was to caution these young folks about the activities that were doorways to let the devil in. From seemingly harmless things like meditation, martial arts, drunkenness, and even yoga … to more obvious things like séances, studying books on the occult arts, Ouija boards, ESP, astral projection, levitation, telekinesis, mediums, witchcraft, voodoo, spells, incantations, water witching, divining for oil or minerals, hypnosis, and acupuncture as forms of demonic healing.

I was to tell them about the Eastern religions, that they were in fact various forms of demon worship … the list was exhaustive. To this, they added the use of recreational drugs, child abuse, and any severe emotional or physical trauma may allow evil in.

I was encouraged to put special emphasis on sexual fornication. I told them that demons were passed from one person to another through sex. Rape and violent sexual assault, especially involving children, were doorways repeatedly used by demons to come into people’s lives. Any of the corrupt sexual practices, as Angela’s Ministry called them. She reminded me that all practices, like masturbation, fellatio, cunnilingus, analingus, sodomy, and all perverted activities used in pornography were all condemned in the Holy Bible. Especially incest and homosexual activity always led to demonic infestation.

But despite the obvious gravity of my words, the natural curiosity of my audience was still obvious to me. Here I was to presage these young people, preach to them about the virtues of Christianity and the importance of their faith … to be afraid of the Devil … but I noticed how their energy would often redirect toward the opposites — repulsion and attraction, especially when I mentioned sexuality. After the formal speeches and presentations on the Holy Justice Ministry, made by Angela’s loyal supporters and my exposé of the satanic church, they would come to me privately as individuals. It was then, that I realized that my gifts had not been completely erased by the baptismal process. It was almost impossible to move things by touching them, but if I focused, I could still read my mind and make suggestions in behavior.

It started in a small way. At first, I just needed some privacy and found that I could get the members of my vigilant entourage, the ones that were charged with my ‘protection’ to fall asleep or be distracted. And going from constant sexual activities within the cult to nothing but praying, I found myself becoming increasingly horny and quickly succumbing to the private pleasures of masturbation … and every time I brought myself to orgasm, I felt my powers strengthen slightly, little by little. Of course, I kept all of this to myself.



“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of suffering.” — Peter, chapter 1, verses 8-9

It was during the month of November. It had been almost six months since my arrival at the Holy Justice Ministry. It had been a very successful gathering that Sunday afternoon in nameless ghettos and wastelands on the outskirts of the City. It was also a very long day. A boy and a girl approached me after the speeches. They were both young and very attractive. The boy was about fourteen and his sister looked about twelve. He introduced himself as Ford and his sister as Rachel. I sensed that they were both already sexually active … interestingly enough with each other.

I distracted onlookers and brought them to my private room on the pretext of needing a quiet place to talk. Once alone I said that they needed to be completely open with me and that their secrets were completely safe with me.

“Sister Rebecca we don’t know where to start. We have heard you speak out against the dark sickness that has gripped our City … but we sense that there is more … that you are not telling us everything. We are not without sin and want to know what to do … you have sinned too … we need to know if there is still hope for us or if are we both damned?” asked the boy.

I noticed the slight moisture on his forehead as he tightly clutched his sister’s hand.

“I do not judge you. I sense your troubles. And I truly understand.”

I touched his cheek softly with my hand. He was a very attractive young boy. I felt an inappropriate sharpness in my groin as I stroked his soft young flesh.

“You have sinned together with your sister!”

It was not a question but a statement of fact. They looked at each other. Their faces drained of color.

“You know … incest is an open invitation to the sex demons,” I added but smiled broadly as I continued caressing him openly.

“You don’t sound either surprised … nor angry … Sister?” stuttered the young pretty girl.

She looked close to weeping in humiliation and the certainty of an eternity of suffering for this confession.

“Why would I be angry?” I stroked her hair affectionately, “The love that is shared between a brother and sister is very special … Incest is a truly beautiful thing …”

Again they flashed a nervous look at each other and I could see the glimmer of hope spark in both of their eyes.

“But you said that it invites the sex demons?” asked the boy.

“Yes I did … but tell me honestly … did you enjoy the experiences with your sister?” I asked.

“Well … um,” he said nervously.

Admitting that he derived pleasure from the act was almost worse than the act itself in his young and impressionable mind.

“I asked you … did you experience the joy of sin?” I asked.

“We don’t understand?” asked the boy.

“What is that?” asked the Sister, emboldened by my lack of chastity.

“Did you like the feeling of touching your brother’s sexual organs?”

“His thingy?”

“Yes. It’s called his COCK … did you like rubbing it?”

The girl blushed deeply but grinned widely.

“I like touching his … cock …” she whispered.

“Did it make you wet and warm between your legs? Did it make your little pussy juicy?”

She nodded.

“I felt funny all over.”

“And when your brother’s puts his cock inside you … you want it up your wet hole to satisfy the hotness and itchy sensation …”

They both began to enthusiastically nod at me and their hands subconsciously began to touch themselves.

“And as grinding your hips together faster and faster … harder and harder … sharing your incestuous love … until he spurts deep inside … and you felt that strong pleasure erupt between your thighs?”

Again they looked at each other. The young girl was biting her lip and pressed her thighs together.

“Did you like this feeling?”

The reality was that the conversation itself seemed to profoundly arouse them both.

“It is all true … about the sex demons …” I added quickly.

They looked worried, scared but still excited.

“Yes … if you share these pleasurable acts together … it will enviably evoke the interest of sex demons … but you see … they want you to enjoy yourself … they don’t judge you either … no, quite the opposite, they encourage it … and what’s more, they will grant you ever increasingly stronger feelings of pleasure!”

“They do?”

They both asked unable to hide their excitement at the prospect.

“Sin is always forgiven through confession! Sin and confess! Sin without any consequence!”

“So, Sister Rebecca … we can SIN …? We’ll always be forgiven? But that isn’t what the other missionaries say?”

“They lied to you. They did it because they want to deny you the satanic orgasm!” I added with the sting.

“What … what then is the satanic orgasm?”

I smiled broadly and pulled them both closer to me.

“You see, if you pray to Satan whilst performing incest … especially with your younger brothers or sisters … brother on brother … or sister on sister … homosexual incest dramatically increases the power of your pleasure … the satanic orgasm is bestowed upon those who pray to him — willingly and knowingly commit sin for him … in his honor,” I turned to the boy, “You have a younger brother, don’t you … Jonathan is his name?”

“Yes … But how do you know these things?”

“I was once a priestess remember. I am not without my powers. You must seduce him … he must be made to perform oral sex upon you and your sister whilst you all pray to Satan together … you will all experience incredible pleasure.”

“Is that the satanic orgasm?


They looked knowingly at each and I felt another surge of undeniable excitement between them that made my cunt gush. I knew at that moment why the demons had released me. I knew what I was supposed to do.

“Now both you … undress for me and kneel before me. Your confession must be receive absolution …”

They did as I asked without me using my powers. I drew my bright red gown over my head, so they could see my pale, thin, and emancipated body. My hand caressed my small boyish chest and rubbed my nipples to hardness. I had shaved my cunt of public hair exposing the tattoo of my satanic element – fire.

I reached down and touched the young boy’s penis. He quivered and immediately became erect. Precum had pooled at the tip of his penis. I tasted it. I then touched his sister’s cunt and felt her moistness. I brought my wet digit to my mouth so I could taste her arousal. It was so sweet. How I missed the taste of my mother’s cunt.

“I want you both to pleasure each other in front of me. Show me your love of incestuous sin and how you will pray to Satan together.”

They did as I asked. It looked divine and they were both quickly flushed with sexual excitement. The young boy’s fingers dug into his sister’s hairless slit, whilst her hand gripped the thin shaft of his throbbing prick. As I watched them I continued to touch myself inserting four fingers between my moist labia rubbing upwards against my g-spot, penetrating myself, and feeling an incredible rush. Their eyes were reduced to slits as they too groaned in their own private pleasures.

“Who do you love the most Satan or Jesus?”

“Satan!” they both answered in unison.

“Satan will bestow many gifts upon his followers that secretly hate the Nazarene. He wants you to go to church on Sundays, pray to the false god with your hypocritical Christian families, and then sin for him together all night long… will you do that? Will you serve Satan?”


They looked pleased to hear the word of Satan and continued to masturbate each other vigorously as I looked on. Then I said they were ready and told the young boy to lay face-up on my bed. I told his sister to sit across his face as I mounted his boy-cock. It was small but long enough to tease my G-spot as I started to ride him vigorously.

I pulled his baby sister towards me, rubbing our small fist-sized breasts together and tongue-kissing her mouth with great gusto. I told her to lick my clit whilst I rode her brother. It felt so good after a nine-month drought. I had already achieved several multiple orgasms by the time the young boy ejaculated inside me.


My mind was alive with new possibilities. I understood my task. At the next ghetto, on the fringes of the City, we met with the elders first. It was yet another of these backward communities with long rural traditions in the land. Their archaic principles seemed driven by the seasons and the crops. Christianity was relatively new but somewhat entrenched in the broader community. But I sensed a strange mystic energy… something deeply embedded there, but not completely lost.

A small gathering of women of mixed ages revealed its true nature. Their distant relatives long gone had been pagan; witches with sexual powers. To this generation, it was nothing but a distant memory. We were out of earshot of my staunch entourage of the Holy Justice Ministry when they opened up to me.

“Sister Rebecca, we hear your words of praise for the almighty,” A young pregnant mother asked as she eyed my bright red gown and embellished cross.

“Yes … but that is not why you are here is it?”

They looked at each other, not knowing if they should proceed.

“We don’t dispute the importance of Christianity Sister. Your journey is very unique … from darkness to light … we …” another young mother added.

“Let’s not be coy. I know what you want … you want to know about magic … black magic … more specifically sex magic,” I said.

A collected gasp escaped their lips. They knew I read their thoughts.

“Is it true?” one asked.

“Is there such a thing? Could it be?” asked another.

“Does it really exist?” asked yet another.

“Isn’t it wrong? I mean isn’t it evil to use sex magic?” asked a pregnant woman unable to stop herself.

“Harmless … completely harmless …” I lied, “A woman is most powerful in sex magic during menstruation. Sex magic is simply directed through the female orgasm; because the sex act and orgasm are used to create life itself … there is simply no power stronger in the world! Sex magic is simply the power of creation!”

They all looked at me, riveted by my controversial words. I elaborated by saying that they could tap into this energy directly through masturbation – either by self or by mutual. I explained that they should build up slowly towards their climax, all the time focusing on what they wanted, their goal, or what they wanted to accomplish.

They looked astonished at first and then talked enthusiastically amongst themselves. One of them asked me about the sexual power I had over men in my previous life … as a satanic priestess. I could feel the frustration in their lives … how they were subjugated in this ugly rural community … reduced to nothing more than slaves to these farmers … they had no rights, no means, no power and they all hated it.

They hung on my every word as I span my yarn. I told them that I should not be telling them this, as I was no longer a priestess, nor recognized my pagan powers … however sex magic was real and could be used to get anything their hearts desired; be it wealth or property, or even younger lovers … male or female … and in nothing more than a whisper, I added that if it was sexual gratification that they were seeking, by adding prayers to as a certain ‘sexual pagan spirit called Io Pan’ that their pleasure, in the form of multiple orgasms, would be unbelievable. The attention never faltered, as they all seemed to be literally spellbound by my illicit story.

Without any further comments, the majority of the all-female crowd began to disperse still talking among themselves excitedly. All but two remained. They had both been the most vocal of the group. Both were young mothers with babies in their arms. I asked if they would like to join me for a drink in my caravan and both accepted eagerly. I led the way and they each brought their suckling child with them.

I felt the power of my evil influence well up from within me; orgasmic waves surged upwards into my loins from a secreted source. I knew with just a little push both would give themselves willingly to me. It would be like a stack of dominoes about to topple over … I could make them all breeders, temple whores, molesting their own in the name of their evil masturbatory god … Io Pan … another ancient form, indistinguishable from Satan himself!

Once in the privacy of my caravan, one of the babies began to cry.

“A boy?” I asked.

She nodded. Her companion also nodded.

‘He’s hungry again,” she exclaimed hopelessly.

“The little retch’s are always hungry. A male needs to learn discipline from a woman from an early age. Don’t you think?” I asked without any hint of affection in my tone, “Open your blouse and show me your suckling breasts, my dear.”

The woman did as I asked and unbuttoned her simple white blouse. She supported her milk-filled bosom with the palm of her hand, poised to feed her crying baby.

“No, my dear. It’s not for him. Let the little runt cry. Place him on the floor over there and remove his clothing … let him lay naked in the filth.”

Again the young mother did exactly as I instructed and as she stood up, we all looked down at the naked pink infant as it wriggled around and continued to cry – helpless, bloated, and fat.

“Both of you,” I added with the instruction tone of a science teacher in the middle of a laboratory experiment.

Now both crying children lay naked on the dirty floor of my caravan. I smiled with pleasure at their immediate and unquestioning compliance. My hand traced the bulbous shape of the first mother’s milk-filled breast. The flesh was warm and her nipple hardened at my inappropriate touch.

“The milk of motherhood is such a precious thing! It is one of the most sacred of all elixirs. Come sister, let me give you your first lesson in sex magic.”

I placed my mouth over her nipple and sucked its fleshiness … feeling it hard against the roof of my mouth as my tongue did somersaults around the swelling neb.

“AarghhhhhHHHHHHHH …” she groaned subconsciously as the warm breast milk sprayed into the back of my mouth.

I groaned against her sweet breast meat as I stroked the underside of her bulbous globe and reluctantly released it from my hungry mouth.

“There. Now your turn,” I instructed the other mother.

Her eyes looked glazed with perverted passion as she replaced my wet lips with hers, wrapping them around the first mother’s nipple and sucking like there was no tomorrow. Again the woman groaned loud and unabated. I opened the second mother’s blouse and invited the first other to return the breastfeeding – each mother sucking and swapping between right and left breasts and alternating between each other as they suckled each other while their naked infants continued to cry, still sprawled across the filthy caravan floor. Fresh breast milk dripped from the corner of our mouths as my cunt began to spasm with juicy wetness I quickly removed my red and gold tunicle and vestment.

“It is time to feed your male offspring,” I announced.

I straddled the first of the prostrate naked babies so that my cunt was immediately above the baby’s upturned face. Holding back my labia to reveal my urethra, I urinated into the child’s open mouth – the torrent of hot salty piss intermixed with my menstrual blood quickly filled its small oral cavity, overflowing as the child gagged hysterically. I stopped my urine flow and masturbated directly against the baby’s face, pressing it down between my perineum and the filthy floor of my caravan. The gagging turned to screams that reverberated against the base of my cunt as my orgasmic delight raised to a new height … something I had not experienced since I left the Satanic Church. The two mothers watched in complete awe … observing the perverted pleasure that I derived from this degrading activity.

“Yes … Oh YES! The SEX magic is strong!” I said.

I moved aside so that they could take my place … each quickly stripping naked and without further hesitation, straddled the faces of their respective screaming babies. They groaned with the same orgasmic delight that I had felt only seconds previously.

“YES! OH … ARGGHHHHHHH! YES!” groaned the first mother.

Her cries of ecstasy were followed closely by that of the other. The promise of deviant delight was fulfilled.

Their souls were mine and they would willingly do Satan’s work … the babies would not live long … their divine abuse rewarded with unnatural pleasures … they would show the others what to do … show them the ways … all would experience this evil magic of illicit delight … all would follow a new faith.


To be continued …


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