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AUTHOR’S NOTES: Part 3 for my dearest friend ‘Sandra in Hell’; you are truly Satan’s Daughter. Thanks for being an inspiration. Hope this third installment is up to your expectations!

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Satan’s Daughter 3


At twelve years and two months old, little Sally Johnson has a problem. There are some who think that she is a schizophrenic suffering from religious delusions. Simply put, the girl claimed to be the ‘Daughter of Satan’ and Dr. Harvey had initially put this down to one too many ‘Twilight Sagas’; however her initial session with the child demonstrated a far more extensive and elaborate delusion involving strongly blasphemous and highly sexualized undertones of interests that touched on a number of paraphilias, including exhibitionism, necrophilia, sadism, vampirism, as well as a significant interest in incest that was not so easily dismissed.

This diagnosis, of course, could be completely wrong, and in fact, as life is sometimes crazier than fiction, could little Sally Johnson actually be who she claims to be? More recently, she was the sole survivor of a horrific fire that claimed the lives of many of the residents and staff of the Home of Peace. The unfortunate victims, included both her mother and father, who were there, we believe, to collect her from a school outreach program that was created to build better awareness amongst troubled youths of the wider society that they are part of. Left without parents, Sally and her two siblings were adopted by her psychologist, the acclaimed Dr. Daisy Harvey.

Is it possible that the antichrist is amongst us already? Could a twelve-year-old child be the chosen one talked about in biblical prophecy and revelations? In 2 Thessalonians, chapter 2, verse 3, Paul talks about the ‘man of sin’ who would be revealed … could that be reinterpreted, or could the scriptures be non-gender specific? Could the false prophet be Jezebel, the goddess of fornication, the true antichrist and ‘Daughter of Satan”?


Dr. Daisy Harvey stood silently, her long black dress moving slightly in the frigid breeze. The three young children, the Johnsons, stood by her side … Sally, aged twelve years, Elisa, aged six, and Peter, aged eight. The gathering of only two dozen somber-looking people was spread scantily around the freshly dug gravesites, surrounded by acres of decrepit old gravestones and wilted flowers – a pathetic memorial to the lives of the children’s parents and their violent and sudden departure.

Even the sun never made an appearance as it was buried behind the dark and gloomy storm clouds. A light drizzle had brought out a few umbrellas in anticipation. It threatened to pour down on the funeral party at any time.

The pepper and salt-haired pastor presided over the solemn ritual. He pushed his dark-rimmed glasses further up the bridge of his nose, tended to a stray hair hanging across his fringe, and cleared his throat.

“Dearly beloved,” began the somber pastor with a strong ethnic intonation, “We are gathered here today, to remember the unexpected passing of William and Eve Johnson. He was a dedicated father and she was a loving mother to their three surviving children, Sally, Peter, and Elisa … know that our hearts are with you all at this most difficult of times; and that your parents reside in the House of our Lord, God Almighty, who is looking down upon you with Jesus, his Son, and all the angels of the heavenly host as guardians for your life from this moment on … until it is your turn to join them, to be reunited in the glorious light of the Holy Ghost … to share life and love eternal. Amen.”

As his voice drizzled away the rain began to fall. What was earlier only a sprinkle was now a deluge of ice-cold rainwater, soaking the broken earth and everything around them as onlookers abandoned the graveside to seek proper shelter. Besides Dr. Harvey and the three children, only the persistent priest and the two coffin bearers remained.

They slowly lowered the coffins into the darkness of parallel graves. Each of the children threw a single votive white rose into each of the gaping holes. They hugged each other in the uncomfortable wetness of the falling rain and silently made their way back to the waiting entourage of black vehicles. It was over.

Dr. Daisy Harvey’s lawyer, Ms. Paula Winchester, had made all the necessary arrangements. The children were to live now permanently under Dr. Harvey’s supervision. The family home and all its assets had been liquidated. The time for sadness had passed and a new life lay ahead for twelve-year-old Sally Johnson and her siblings.

Dr. Harvey and the two younger children were traveling in the first of three vehicles, while Ms. Winchester and Sally were in the second. The last was the now empty hearse. At least inside the vehicles, it was warm and dry.

“Sorry for your loss,” said the deferential Ms. Winchester.

Sally slid closer to her side as they both sat in the rear seat of the funeral limousine and Ms. Winchester gently stroked the tiny orphan’s rain-drenched hair. At first, all she felt was just a deep pity for the young girl’s suffering, but as the twelve-year-old responded to her gentle caress, like a cat purring against her lap, she felt something else … something strangely arousing between them.

She shook herself, but the feeling remained. The windscreen wipers beat back and forth in rhythm as they slaved at trying to keep the rain out of the driver’s way, holding his complete attention on the winding road that led out of the old cemetery.

“Thank you Ms. Winchester … thank you for being there for us. My mommy and daddy would be very grateful,” replied Sally as she pressed against the young lawyer’s flat boyish chest and her hand rested against the bare knee of the lawyer.

“You are such a grown-up young lady. They would be so proud of you right now.”

She reached out and took one of Sally’s hands in hers and lightly played with her fingers, while the other lingered against her slightly exposed thigh. There was something darkly alluring about this small and vulnerable girl that the lawyer knew she should not feel. Her thoughts were inappropriate and her obvious sexual attraction to the child was ungodly.

“It will be different living with Dr. Harvey, but she obviously cares a lot about you all.”

“Yes she does. She loves us all very much. We love her too. Will you stay with us tonight Ms. Winchester? I mean, Dr. Harvey will have her hands full, looking after Peter and Elisa … with our parents gone, it all takes some getting used to … maybe you could keep me company tonight … I really don’t want to be alone right now.”

Temptations. Yes. Beautiful temptations of the flesh … Ms. Winchester felt the child’s fingers lingering on the inside of her cold thigh … edging higher and higher. Subconsciously she opened her legs wide, inviting the girl’s touch until it was obvious that this was no coincidence. She felt extremely horny and moist between her legs.

“Touch my cunt,” whispered Sally into Ms. Winchester’s ear.

The young girl raised her skirt high enough so that the lawyer could she that wore no underwear beneath – her tiny hairless vagina on display. Ms. Winchester gasped audibly as Sally’s fingers boldly stroked Ms. Winchester’s erect clitoris beneath her juice-soaked underwear. She could almost taste the pre-teen’s flawless skin as it shone with the lightest coating of sweet sweat.

Thoughts of cunnilingus crossed her mind, plunging her adult tongue deep into the girl’s virgin vulva, as she pictured young Sally riding her open mouth. She could feel young Sally’s fingers, then her hand inside her, pushed up to her elbow, at last, she felt full … no cock could match. She danced on her perfectly sized arm. She could feel Sally’s hand clenched inside her, as her young perverted lover fist-fucked her guts! Ms. Winchester licked her lips.

A jolt! Just then the funeral limousine pulled up outside Dr. Harvey’s home, the tires sliding on the wet driveway. Ms. Winchester’s mind snapped back to reality. The girl had just fallen asleep against her. How could she have thought of such gross things? She felt the self-punishment of shame … but she could not deny that her pussy was drenched. She was shocked at her impiety. Sally woke with the lack of motion of the vehicle and looked up at Ms. Winchester.

“Please stay Miss …”


Ms. Winchester was a brilliant lawyer – even among her legal firm she was well respected for her knowledge, experience, and legal insights. She had known Dr. Harvey for only a short while, and though their relationship at this point was strictly business, she had come to admire the enigmatic Doctor for taking on the lost children. As a devout Christian, she had also felt a degree of compassion for their future without their natural parents. Dr. Harvey and the children had already made their way to the open front door as Ms. Winchester stepped from the vehicle. She quickly approached Dr. Harvey.

“Dr. Harvey,” she said.

“Please, call me Daisy.”

“Of course … Daisy. Sally,” she paused, “asked if I would stay over. I didn’t want to disappoint her, after all, she has been through … but it’s late and I have a long deposition tomorrow afternoon to prepare for … could you please explain to her that I would like to stay, but … maybe another time?”

Dr. Harvey gave Sally a conniving smile. Sally smiled back.

“Paula … if I may say so, I would love to have you stay with us, even if it is just for tonight. We have a guest room made up for such an occasion … you could leave early tomorrow morning … it would mean so much to her.”

Ms. Winchester felt a little trapped in the dilemma. On one hand, she did not want to upset the young and obviously impressionable girl after all the pain and suffering of the loss of her parents under such tragic circumstances, in fact, it had been a wonder that Sally had survived the fire herself. How horrible it must have been to see your own parents burnt alive! Shocking, but at the same time, she didn’t feel comfortable about her sexual attraction to children, especially young girls. The Devil will tempt me, she thought … besides, she had important professional responsibilities to consider for the next business day.

“Please, Ms. Winchester,” insisted Sally, seeing her indecision on the threshold of Dr. Harvey’s residence.

“Please-e-e-e-e-e,” added Peter and Elisa.

“But I have no nightwear,” offered Ms. Winchester, losing the battle.

“Not a problem, I have plenty that will be perfect for you,” added Dr. Harvey as she ushered the small children upstairs to her bedroom.



“Let me show you the bathroom Ms. Winchester,” cooed Sally taking her hand and lightly tugging her arm towards the stairs.

“Please call me Paula, Sally.”

“OK, Ms. Paula.”

“Just Paula is OK.” They both smiled. The two of them ascended the carpeted staircase and Sally indicated the guest bedroom with a king-sized bed. To the rear was the bathroom. It was obvious that Dr. Harvey had become wealthy through her practice and her simple, elegant taste was reflected throughout.

The whitish bathroom was welcomed with steaming hot water and thick fluffy towels. Ms. Winchester undressed and hung her clothes on one of the available towel racks.

Ms. Winchester dashed her head under the relaxing hot shower water. It felt relieving for a moment, cascading over her as all the tension of the funeral passed through her. The sound of the falling water from the shower faucet masked the opening of the shower door. Only a slight draft made Ms. Winchester aware that something was not right.

She felt her heart almost stop as she opened her eyes to suddenly see that young Sally had joined her in the shower … her nubile body, so perfect, so delicious now soaked in soapy water. She quickly closed her eyes again.

“Holy Mother of God, my mother, protect me, guide me at my moment of weakness; help me against the sins of the flesh; against the Devil’s temptations,” she muttered quickly under her breath.

She felt Sally’s naked young body rub directly against her, as the young girl’s perineum ground gently against Ms. Winchester’s mid-thigh. The warm water fell around them as Sally’s mouth closed upon Ms. Winchester’s hardened nipples; first the left and then the right. Ms. Winchester didn’t move. She should have pushed the girl away … said something to arrest the situation … but instead, she pretended as if nothing was wrong.

One of Sally’s hands parted her labia, stroking and penetrating the soft inner skin of her vulva, touching her urethra, while the other rubbed the rosebud of her anus.

“Gonna fuck me all night long, Miss? Gonna masturbate me with your crucifix? Wanna watch me do it with my little brother? Maybe we can both share his little cock, Miss?”

Ms. Winchester shuddered with anguish for the second time. Looking down, she realized that she had been masturbating. She abruptly stopped herself, panting out of breath. She wanted to scream. It was the ingenious work of the Devil … not her imagination that was running wild! She turned the water abruptly to cold and tried to shock herself back to some form of normality. She would not be able to confess these sins … no benediction could cure these wicked thoughts … not in the eyes of Father O’Reilly.

After Ms. Winchester finished in the bathroom she changed into one of Dr. Harvey’s nightgowns. It was somewhat shorter than she expected and much too revealing. As she sat on the guest room double bed, she looked at herself in the large floor-to-ceiling mirrored wardrobes.

She noticed how her nipples were still hard and very visible through the thin material. Her finger subconsciously traced the outline of her breasts, touching her coned nipples. She frequently loathed herself … her belief in God and the non-acceptance of her sexual orientation had made her life an absolute misery … she had thrown herself into her work thinking that the feeling would pass, but that was not enough.

“Have you got a boyfriend, Paula?” asked the chirpy Sally as she bounced onto the bed.

Paula’s concentration was broken. She looked past her own reflection and could see little Sally behind her, still completely naked after her shower. Paula eyed her immature waifish body, completely flat chest and hairless protruding vagina. Ms. Winchester’s gaze roamed across Sally’s desirable young body, so thin and wiry, so pert and suckable… Ms. Winchester closed her eyes clenched her knees together tightly and quickly prayed again for forgiveness.

The question of boyfriends seemed to hit a rather painful nerve. It was not like she had never dated guys. In the law firm, there was no shortage of eligible bachelors who had been interested in her. To them, she was a powerful and attractive woman, slender, always groomed, and impeccably finished … however, the dates had not really worked out, even the ones she had had sex with.

Yes, the sex had been alright, an eager young man always brought her to a satisfactory orgasm … but when masturbating, to bring herself to the rapture of an earth-shattering orgasm, against the deepest of guilt, her thoughts had always returned to sex with nubile young girls, nubile young girls that looked exactly like Sally.

She had thought about coming out, but had been reminded by her local priest, Father Walter O’Reilly, that the same evils existed back in the Old Testament … ‘Will ye steal, murder, and commit adultery, and swear falsely, and burn incense unto Baal, and walk after other gods whom ye know not; And come and stand before me in this house, which is called by my name, and say, We are delivered to do all these abominations?’

He had said that there was nothing new under the sun, “The same malicious devil who crept into people’s hearts and minds thousands of years ago is still at work today destroying all that is good,” he quoted, “Ephesians, chapter 5, verse 11, ‘Commands us as Christians to refute all works of darkness,’ and. ‘Homosexuality was a work of darkness,’ clearly condemned in Romans, chapter 1, verses 24-27. Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves: Who changed the truth of God into a lie … for this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly.”

If she thought that her parish would accept her … she was living a LIE!

“No I don’t have one … and where, Miss Sally, are your pajamas?”

“I don’t wear silly pajamas, Paula. I like to sleep like this.”

Sally knelt up on the bed behind Paula, hugging her from behind her small palms covering Ms. Winchester’s nail-hard nipples … they both looked at each other’s reflections in the mirror. Paula could feel Sally’s nipples pressing against her back too … she wanted to accept the hug … more than wanted it, not just from her loneliness, but the complete sexual attraction she felt to Sally’s innocence … her pubescent body urged her deepest of sexual yearnings. She could just taste her delicious young cunt in her mouth. She hated herself even more because of it.

“Well … I am not sure that Dr. Harvey would approve of that.”

“She does the same! We always sleep together like this.”

“Oh … I see …” replied Paula, hopeful and more than a little surprised.

“Why don’t you take yours off too, you’ll be much more comfortable. We can hug each other closer.” She felt the palms of Sally’s hands manipulating her nipples. Paula became aware that her hips were bucking slightly back and forth with an unconsciousness that gave away her arousal … the offer of intimacy almost made her weep. Her priest’s words echoed back and forth in her mind that the Bible condemns homosexuality as punishable by death … ‘look to Leviticus, chapter 20, verse 13,’ he said; ‘Gays want to brainwash our church leaders into thinking that homosexuality is perfectly acceptable.’ This is one hundred percent apostasy! Homosexuality is a vile sin, and God hates gay people.”

“Oh Sally … I …” mumbled the confused Ms. Winchester.

“The answer you seek is in a simple choice.” Sally’s voice seemed as if she had heard Paula’s thoughts. Sally smiled at her, holding her sharp jaw in her tiny fingers, and kissed her gently on the cheek as they both stared at each other’s reflection.

“Burn incense to Baal … why dwell in the house of the bastard who rejects you … who condemns you? The door to the house of Baal is open, my sister … he does not judge or persecute you for who you are … you are truly beautiful in every way … he welcomes you with open arms, accepts you, encourages you, wants you to worship him through every sexual sin you desire.”

“But … how?”

Paula was completely dumbstruck. Sally turned her head and kissed her lips softly. She looked deeply into Paula’s begging eyes.

“My father made you this way … you are one of his fallen angels and have suffered enough … let me set you free … take off your clothes and lie with me now … let us both kiss and rub against each other as we burn incense to Baal together.”

Paula quivered, trying to reject these obscene words that perfectly echoed her desires …

“She who has the spirit of Jezebel will know your thoughts.”

Sally nodded in acknowledgment as her fingers squeezed Ms. Winchester’s nipples harder.

“I know our wickedness sister … lick my cunt while I lick yours!”

Paula held up her crucifix and whispered, “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live … are you Jezebel, the goddess of fornication; the Mother of Witchcraft; the unclean antichrist … the Daughter of Satan?”

Sally nodded again and Paula fainted.

Paula was no longer in Dr. Harvey’s guest room. The bed of straw and the old grey stone walls fixed with iron manacles told her that in an instant. Iron chains hung from the heavy wooden hammer beams that supported the high wooden ceiling.

The place smelt of decay and feces. She stood up and tried to walk, but quickly found that she was chained to the floor. Despite her complete nakedness, she felt unbearably hot. There were no windows, no air, it was stifling … nothing but this dungeon for her demented soul. Ambient sounds of suffering seemed to seep through the walls from every direction, cries of anguish and pleas for clemency.

The heavy door screeched open. A priest in dark grey robes entered. He looked strikingly similar to Father Walter O’Reilly. No. It was Father O’Reilly. Paula’s heart pounded in her bare chest.

“Father. Father O’Reilly, it’s me … Paula Winchester from your parish … please help me, I seem to be imprisoned unjustly.”

He turned and looked at her as if she was putrid garbage.

“I know you. Yes, I certainly do … but you are not who you say you are … you’re an imposter … a fucking evil whore sent to do the will of Satan … who will be burnt at the stake tonight … unless you confess all to me!”

Paula shook her head. It’s a bad dream; it’s only a bad dream. The priest approached her and grabbed her arm forcibly. He was strong and determined … and had immobilized her by placing her wrist through a manacle hanging from the ceiling above her head … quickly followed by her other wrist. The priest turned a wooden lever and Paula felt herself lifted until she was standing painfully on her tiptoes. A spreader between her ankles prevented her from closing her legs.

“Confess … and I shall be merciful … your kind never learn … you revolt me … harlot witch! No God-fearing woman sleeps between the legs of another! Sexual demonology! Whore witch!”

Paula’s hope that this was a dream quickly vaporized in the sharp pain she felt as the priest hit her with a leather-bound cane across her bare ass. She screamed out. He hit her again and again. She clenched her buttocks in an effort to stop the pain. The priest stopped and retrieved something from outside her field of vision … she felt him pushing it into her anus … it was small and rough, but Paula was grateful that the thrashing had stopped. The priest seemed to be waiting. And then it came, another whip of the cane, but this time as she clenched her buttocks she felt heat from inside her bowels …

The priest sneered.

“It’s called figging … a piece of ginger … that’ll stop you clenching, witch. Feel it burn? Yes, a clever technique don’t you think? The more you clench, the more it’ll burn from the inside out.”

He whipped her again. She clenched and yelped from the ginger root wedged up her pooper.

“Stop! Stop! I am not a witch … please have mercy!”

Just then the heavy wooden door opened and another man of the cloth brought in a small girl, no more than twelve years old. She was distraught and crying as she was dragged naked into the room.

“What shall I do with this one?” asked the second priest.

“String the little cunt up, opposite, they can watch each other suffer,” replied Father O’Reilly.

Both priests began to strip out of their habits, their porker fat bodies were grossly hairy; they stank of body odor and fecal matter … their cocks were already fully erect and they both began to pleasure themselves as they took delight in the helplessness of their unfortunate victims.

“Are you ready to confess your carnal sins against Almighty God?”

The second corpulent priest fondled the child’s distended vagina which already showed visible signs of bruising and previous sexual abuse.

“I see you like the look of my nice big cock,” he taunted as he rubbed his cock head against her.

“Look what I have here,” said Father O’Reilly holding up a number of ominous-looking objects, “They call this an oral pear. This is to stretch and spit the throat of heretics and blasphemers; this one is an anal pear, you think the ginger is painful? This one is to disembowel sodomites and faggots … and we have one for your witch’s cunt! The vaginal pear … I had this one custom-made … we keep this, especially for demonic harlots, like you, that fornicate with Satan himself.”

Father Reilly turned the handle on the chains holding Paula so that she was stretched even further. Her rib cage was exposed against the stretched skin of her torso. Then he picked up the polished wooden device with a strangely ornate skull-like head that turned the screw mechanism and showed it to Paula, running his dirty hands across her taut mons.

“Let me tell you about the vaginal pear … see these four individual sections … well, once this is pushed inside your dirty WITCH cunt, I turn the little crank here, like this, and they open up inside you,” he guffawed as he demonstrated, “Once inside your tender cavity, the pointed prongs on the ends extend, tearing into your cervix … it’s a slow and very painful death … and all for the greater glory of God!”

The second priest joined the first, in gloating over Paula’s destiny.

“I have an idea … before you use the pear … let’s get the young one to perform oral sex on the witch … if she enjoys it and is brought to orgasm … we know she’s a witch and we use the pear to extract her final confession … at the same time, we let the girl know that if she succeeds in helping us determine this witchery, that we will spare her life … If she fails, she’ll get to know the vaginal pear too … what do you think?”

Father O’Reilly rubbed his cock harder.

“Excellent … cut the girl loose.”

They wasted no time in grabbing the small girl and bringing her over between Paula’s open thighs.

“Remember, if you make the witch cry out in pleasure, you will not die tonight … do you understand?”

The young girl nodded between her sobs.

“That doesn’t mean that we’re gonna make it easy for you,” guffawed the priest as he lifted her up and positioned her above his enormous cock.

The girl had stopped struggling … it seemed strange to Paula … she could swear that the look on the girl’s face was not one of fear, but of anticipation of sordid pleasure as the rough priest penetrated her on his disgusting unclean sex organ.

“FUCK” he grunted in primal delight as the girl’s body was now completely impaled on the entire length of his substantial manhood.

“That’s it, fuck her hard! Now get her to lick out the witch!” yelled Father O’Reilly as he furiously pounded his cock and watched the scene unfold.

“Fuck yeah!” screamed the second priest as he pushed the girl’s face onto Paula’s cunt.

Paula saw the girl’s small hands parting her labia and extending her pinkish tongue between her legs … her tongue felt wet and warm … it felt surprisingly thick and long, as it began penetrating her, it moved in and out and reached deeply inside her … despite the discomfort of the chains and manacles, the roughness of the girl’s tongue was increasing and intensely pleasurable … in Paula’s mind, the length and girth of the girl’s oral appendage seemed unnatural in its penetration … holy Jesus, it was fucking her at the same pace and force of the second priest, as he fucked the small girl’s tiny cunt.

“Make her orgasm … expose the Jezebel … show us that she’s a WITCH!”

A wave of euphoric pleasure shuddered through Paula’s body like nothing she’d ever experienced before. She tried to resist it, to expel the tongue that was driving her crazy …despite all her presentiments … she wanted to scream out … she bit down hard on her lower lip … her body quaked in a powerful full-body ORGASM … she bucked frantically as she came full force on the young girl’s face.

“Aaarrrrghhhhhhhh …”

The priests look at each other, wallowing in their triumph and defeat of the woman stretched between the floor and ceiling.

“A witch for the burning!” announced Father O’Reilly.

The small girl looked up at Paula, who was hyperventilating in her breathless state from the sheer force of her unwanted orgasm … Paula could not believe the inhuman length of the girl’s tongue as it recoiled like a snake into her mouth.

“Say it, Paula,” whispered the girl. “Say that you renounce God … say you offer to BURN INCENSE UNTO BAAL … that you worship in the house of my father, Satan … say it Paula, say it now!”

“I offer to BURN INCENSE UNTO BAAL … I turn away from God and worship at the feet of the Prince of Darkness … Satan!”



In the instant, she said the words out loud, the dungeon, the priests, the manacles, the vaginal pear … everything was gone … darkness ended and the light of a thousand flickering candles filled the huge phallic temple that lay before her.

“Paula … awaken and look through your new demonic eyes.”

The great gold effigy of the naked Baal, raw and erect, his bull horns and open arms awaiting human sacrifices to be impaled upon his golden spiked cock … the fires below heated the idol so that its metallic surface glowed from the heat upon which the naked children will be offered … the smell of burning incense and the sound of vulgar chanting and sexual groans of the orgy in full swing. The temple prostitutes perform their perverted ritual to appease the androgynous demons— offering them an assortment of cannibalistic delights.

“What is this place?” asked Ms. Winchester, eager and fearful of the answer.

“Satan, my father welcomes you … as he does all his new converts to the never-ending orgies of hell!” announced the small young girl who Paula instantly recognized as the object of her greatest affection, Sally.

It was a gathering of the Assyrian hordes; of decrepit zombies, macabre monsters, demonic creatures, vampires, and animated corpses mixed with human sinners; all dancing naked in praise of the golden idol with its obscene gaping mouth and phallic tongue thrusting upwards.

The phallic temple itself was a complete parody of Christianity, its massive stained glass windows, illuminated with the licking of orange and red flames, did not show images of the glorious saints and disciples, but instead portrayed a series of lurid pornographic scenes of depraved lust between demons and the souls of the damned; high up on its gothic walls hung enormous inverted crucifixes upon which were nailed the bodies of the righteous who dangled helplessly, screaming in ceaseless agony.

“Do not be afraid, Paula … it is everything you have ever fantasized about … everything you have ever been refused by God,” said Sally, taking her firmly by the hand and leading Paula to the edge of the dancing throng.

Everywhere she looked there were naked bodies, breasts, cocks, cunts, all thrusting together, grinding against each other, fucking as they meshed together in orgasmic ecstasy.

“I am not afraid,” she answered with a quivering voice, “It is truly a dream come true!”

“Then dance … dance with me, dance with your demonic brothers and sisters … as we pray and give thanks to the true father, to Satan for all his evil gifts … come now,” sang Sally as she began to bump and grind to the pulsating beat of the devil drums.

The horde of demons began to mill around them, high on their desire to copulate with anyone, everyone, indiscriminately … more cocks and more cunts … the entire temple filled with groaning, screaming sex … Sally pushed her thigh between Paula’s, grinding her hairless pussy against Paula’s knee as she held her tightly around the waist. Paula drew her close, kissing her mouth as their tongues twisted back and forth in each other’s mouths.

“Come to my father … he awaits you Paula … he knows your love of his daughter … he knows the wickedness of your heart … come … he calls us both to his throne.”

Holding tightly to Sally, they seemed to be lifted from the crowded orgy floor, weightlessly projected upwards to the grand throne, where the Baphomet sat … the Goat of Mendes … the androgynous god with naked breasts and an erect penis as long as her arm … Sally’s ‘father’ opened his arms in a gesture of welcome … as they descended to the podium beneath the great throne.

Sally mounted her father, kissing his snout and fondling his breasts as she sank upon his impossibly long member … ‘suck me in the ass, Paula’ cried Sally, looking back over her shoulder … Paula’s fingers fucked her cunt as she buried her face between Sally’s ass cheeks, her tongue lapped her rear opening as she tried to push it as far up Sally’s anus as she could … she mounted Satan’s legs, behind Sally, who reached back to guide Paula’s face against her gaping anus. ‘Suck the daughter of Satan, my disciple … suck her NOW!” screamed the horned beast as he rutted faster and faster.

Ms. Winchester gasped for breath … her heart felt like it was about to explode. She was drenched in sweat and on the brink of orgasm.

“OH FUCK ME, SATAN!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Sally stepped out of the shadows into a narrow beam of moonlight that cut through the gap in the thick velvet curtain. She pulled back the curtains and in the eerie incandescent lunar light, Ms. Winchester could make out Sally’s naked body … but somehow she looked different … taller … elongated … her skin texture, her hair, the proportions of her limbs … horns … they were definitely horns.

Sally smiled back at the naked woman as she lay on the bed … her tongue uncoiled, long, and forked … she hissed … between her legs, where her tiny little cunt should have been, was an enormous cock-like appendage, as thick as her forearm, that reached upwards over her stomach until it was … it oozed with seminal fluids.

“See me for what I am … if you are truly my disciple, then kneel before me …”


Dr. Harvey undressed and joined the two young children between the bedclothes. They had excitedly stripped and were kissing each other’s mouths, panting eagerly and fondling one another beneath the bed sheets by the time she was ready. Naked, except for her inverted cross, she looked hungrily at her two new lovers.

“Did you say your prayers?” asked Dr. Harvey, fingering herself as she watched them in their incestuous love play.

They both looked up and grinned at Dr. Harvey.

“Sorry, Daisy, we didn’t.”

“Then knee and masturbate as we pray … pray for your dedicated sister Sally … pray that she seduces Dr. Harvey’s new lawyer friend … that soon she’ll be Sucking and Fucking in the name of our lord Satan!” The two excited young children did as they were told, as they knelt up in front of Dr. Harvey, who eagerly watched Elisa, aged six, finger herself and Peter, aged eight, rub his little cocklet as they closed their eyes and chanted with her.

“AVE SATANAS!” began Dr. Harvey.

“AVE SATANAS!” they repeated.

“Hail, Satan, God of Sex, we willingly and knowingly eat the gift of the Infernal Serpent, the Forbidden Fruit. We fornicate naked beneath the Rainbow of Evil. Oh, Carnal God with Phallus and Breasts! Of Lesbian. Homosexual. Bisexual. Transsexual. Obscenity is your flower. Perversity is your way. Depravity is your light. Corruption is your path. Oh, God of Lust, of sacred sodomy, we ejaculate and urinate upon the Host. Desecrate the altar. Unholy Horned God. Phallic God. God of Incest and God of Pederasty. We kiss your Anus and taste the waste of the world. Lord of Hell. We sin for you. Fuck Jesus and his fucking whore, Mary!” Dr. Harvey smiled … “REGE SATANAS!”

Dr. Harvey offered them each of her soiled fingers.

Each sucked upon her dirty digits and repeated, “REGE SATANAS!”

“REGE SATANAS!” Elisa and Peter repeated once more as they took turns in kissing Dr. Harvey’s soaking pussy.

“Listen …” she said quietly, “I can hear the triumph … come, children … let’s join your evil sibling … she has vanquished the holy one … driven him back to kingdom come! She was seated upon her servant, whose face is your sister’s throne – she has ridden upon her as she rides all her disciples as they worship her as Jezebel, the goddess of fornication; the Mother of Witchcraft; the unclean antichrist … the daughter of Satan!

Dr. Harvey opened the connecting door between their rooms. The three of them watched silently as Sally offered Ms. Winchester a strange old crucifix, the ends of its wooden cross pieces carefully and skillfully carved into phalluses … Ms. Winchester took it from the demon-child.

“Fuck yourself with it, my servant … first your mouth, then your cunt, and finally your anus,” spat the demon-child, masturbating herself slowly.

Ms. Winchester had already slid to the edge of the bed as she first kissed and then licked the cock-like extremities of the inverted cross of Jezebel … she drew it into her mouth and sucked it wantonly.

“Masturbate upon Christ. Fuck the holy child of God … feel him deep inside your uterus! Desecrate him before your evil brethren.”

She knelt on the floor before the evil creature that she had lusted for and placed the crucifix between her labia, pushing the wooden cock-head slowly and sensually into her cunt. Dr. Harvey and the children also knelt before the demon child, encouraging their new convert to perform for the Devil.

Its thick wooden shaft sank into her vagina and she groaned in release! Ms. Winchester’s mouth then closed around the very tip of the demon child’s cock, sucking up globules of viscous pre-seminal fluid, licking up and down the long veined shaft of her serpent cock.

The stories of the Old Testament came alive … the serpent and Eve … original sin … Genesis, chapter 3, verse 5 “… for God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil” … YES, to KNOW EVIL, glorious EVIL; and to give myself willingly to the Devil incarnate! The crucifix moved back and forth as the foul phallus brought her to the very precipice of orgasm.

“We fornicate naked beneath the Rainbow of Evil. Oh, Carnal God with Phallus and Breasts!” chanted Dr. Harvey and the two young children as they watched Ms. Winchester fuck herself.

“You are ready to mount your goddess,” said the demon-child.

She lay down upon the bare bloodstained mattress as Dr. Harvey guided their newest disciple back to the bed until she straddled the demon-child’s enormous penis. The two adults were joined by the children, who instantly began pleasuring themselves while, with great fervor, they kissed and fondled the demonic creature that lay before them.

Ms. Winchester took hold of the demon’s cock in both hands and crouched above it, angling its helmet-shaped dome against the opening of her vagina that dripped in anticipation of the impending penetration.

“You have set me free!” she said.

She slid the first three or four inches inside her. She rocked against it; allowing it to penetrate slowly, deeper and deeper inside her. Dr. Harvey had crouched over the demon’s hungry mouth and already had the devil’s long-fought tongue snaked up inside her. Dr. Harvey quivered and groaned in an ecstasy only a demon can bring. She leaned forward pulled her lawyer towards her and kissed Ms. Winchester’s open mouth. Their tongues danced back and forth as Ms. Winchester strained against the girth of the inhuman phallus that was impaling her inch by inch. She rode slowly up and down, and with each downstroke allowed more and more of the devil’s cock to penetrate her womb.

“Fuck me, SATAN!” she gasped.

The shape of the devil’s organ could be clearly seen pressing upwards from the inside of Ms. Winchester’s guts, its bulbous head thrusting powerfully outwards, almost breaking through the skin and body tissue. Blood poured from the mouths of the copulating women. The devil reached for her siblings, her talons grasped her baby brother’s penis and penetrated her baby sister’s vagina.

“Aarrrghhhhhhh …”

A chorus of guttural screams rang out as the four disciples all reached orgasm.


The parish service had been like any other Sunday morning. The old indignant priest, Father O’Reilly, had talked about the decline in social standards and the need for the local community to uphold its moral obligations. He went on about how the gay minority would like his fellow Christians to be more tolerant of them, to accept them in their church, into their schools, and into the daycare centers.

He reminded them that, in the eyes of God, they were abominations … that they should never accept their perverseness, their buggery, sodomy, fellatio, and cunnilingus … he called upon the community to rise up and stamp them out … reject these perverts, pedophiles, and demons! It had been followed with many elated songs of praise, more prayers, and more hymns, and finally the receiving of the Host.

Sally stood with the other pretty young girls and boys of her own age, all dressed in their Sunday best, as swooning parents, grandparents, and relatives watched the ancient rites of passage. Sally, like the other girls, was dressed in her long white confirmation dress, with her hair pulled back into a neat ponytail, a single white rose in her hair, and clutching her simple wooden crucifix.

Paula watched as she stepped forward and took the Host from Father O’Reilly. She knelt and made the sign of the cross as the endless line of children all made their way forward to do the same. More hymns of praise were sung, echoing in the lofty ceiling of the old church. Sally grinned at Paula and removed the unbroken Host from her mouth as she once again knelt behind the wooden pew. Paula watched her push it discretely between her parted legs.

Sally snarled and mouthed the words ‘FUCK YOU, GOD’. Paula grinned maliciously and drew Sally close to her side.

At the conclusion of the regular mass, Ms. Winchester knelt in the dark confessional, as she had done many times before, awaiting benediction. The small opening slid back and she could hear the familiar baritone of the priest, Father O’Reilly. He cleared his throat on the opposite side of the latticework grill.

“I confess to Almighty God and to you, Father, that I have sinned. It’s been four weeks since my last confession.”

“What be your venial sins, my daughter?” asked the priest in his brogue.

“Bless me, Father, for I have committed serious sins, so numerous and so often that I fear that I have lost my way.”

“My dear, many of the flock feel this way from time to time. Contrition is a way of helping you find your way back to Almighty God. Remember he is benevolent, he sees all and knows you are here as you return to seek his forgiveness and to ask for his holy blessings.”

“But Father, you don’t understand. I blasphemed. I committed idolatry. I thought only of perverseness. I burnt incense to Baal … I worshiped with the daughter of Satan! And worst of all … I loved it!”

Initially, the priest was speechless. He coughed into his fist trying to clear his throat … he went to say something profound, but only a kind struggling whine emerged, followed by a dry gagging sound.

“Father … I fucked a child; a beautiful, delicious child. I sucked her cunt and drank her vaginal juices. Jezebel, the mother of fornication … she came on my face as if I were her throne to mount. We had ritual sex and I pledged my soul to her eternal Father … The Prince of Darkness … Satan!”

Regaining his composure momentarily, he ventured, “These … are indeed serious sins … cough … gross indecencies of a magnitude … cough … that I have never heard of before … cough …”

He sounded as if he was struggling to breathe between his words.

“Bless me, Father, as you should bless all of God’s children. Bless me as I kneel before you and masturbate with my crucifix … blaspheme before your holy fucking altar, stick the fucking host in my hot wet cunt and wipe my soiled anus upon your holy stole!”

The priest went to say something in rebuttal, but his voice was abruptly cut short as he started to make a sudden choking sound … it was as if his very airways themselves were being constricted by a tremendous force.

“Bless my mouth, for I will blaspheme against that cunt you call Almighty God, for the years of suffering, of deeply felt sexual guilt and self-persecution since I was nine years old … Bless my vagina, for it should be used to fuck the cross, the holy candles and the statues of the Mother Mary … Bless my anus, for it will serve the Devil as a vessel for his unholy semen … Bless me, Father, and choke on your own tongue for the wickedness you have spread in the name of your Fucking Almighty!”

The sounds from beyond the latticework were now getting desperate. Paula could hear the priest choking behind the screen … he was now on the floor of the confessional … gasping for his last breath.

“Fuck you Father … die and I will see you in my dreams of hell!”

Paula pulled her crucifix from her pussy and sucked it in her mouth, savoring the taste of her own cunt juices. She took her time, listening to the last dying breath of the old priest – her hatred and loathing sated. Then, quietly stepping out of the confessional, she smugly grinned at little Sally as she waited patiently and angelically in her confirmation dress. Paula held out her hand and they both walked out of the church together.

“Eat his words?” asked Sally.

“Fuck, yeah!”


To be continued?


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