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Caught in the flames of dark passion infused by the Dance of the Amanojaku, Asuka Yuki, a recent window, stands center stage in the pantheon of a phantasmagoria … bereaved in her prime, the mibojin (female molester) has been left out in the cold … not only sex-starved and insatiable but perversely sinister … like the “Black Widow,” spider, she is a man/woman-eater extraordinaire.

Amanojaku — The Hunger


After more than twenty years of marriage to her late husband, Asuka Yuki was alone. He had left her a very wealthy woman. She should be grateful, but she was not. She had found her husband a very difficult man to live with. Actually, his premature death left her with a great sense of relief as his long-term illness had deprived her of any sexual outlet and guilt had prevented her from any form of private relief.

She was frustrated and angry. Asuka had no family on her side and for years, had little or nothing to do with her in-laws, so the funeral had been a very quiet and private affair. Only her husband’s brother, Riko, and his young family had attended. Riko, his stuck-up wife, and two brat girls had no time for Asuka when her husband was alive and now he was gone, they had even less. She did not care about them. She knew that they had contested the will, but failed — they would get nothing.

Asuka placed her husband’s urn dutifully about the fireplace in their winter home. She had been forced to live an ultra-conservative lifestyle and despite their wealth, there had been many things she had been deprived. Maybe it was time to take a vacation, a long and luxurious holiday, and get away from all the misery and sadness that seemed to have cocooned her existence. Retail therapy was always good … especially when she knew there was no one but her checking the credit card statements.

Her husband’s lawyer was a grim man in his sixties. His comb-over was just repulsive. Another traditionalist, who had for most of their association, looked down on her, or so she felt. His presence in her home made her uneasy. She just wanted him to settle the business and get out.

“To what do I owe the pleasure?” asked Asuka sarcastically.

“Before your husband passed away he asked me to look after this,” the lawyer handed Asuka a small brown manila envelope. She took it from him and swallowed the scotch from the glass tumbler.

“I would offer you a drink, but I know you don’t drink. What is it?”

“Mrs. Yuki, I believe it is the combination of your husband’s secret safe. He left no specific instructions before his passing … so I guess I should just leave the matter to you.”

“He has a safe? A secret one? Just like him …”

“He was a very private man, as you well know Mrs. Yuki.”

“And where is this secret safe?” she asked slowly.

“I believe it to be in the press panel in his suit closet.”

Asuka did ask anything further. She poured another drink and waited for the lawyer to show himself out. When she heard the door close behind him, she finished her drink in one gulp and threw the crystal glass tumbler into the open fireplace. She hated him. A secret safe. He made her life a misery. A secret safe.

She had already gotten rid of our husband’s clothes — taking the lot to a homeless shelter. His expensive suits, shoes, shirts, and ties … she had dumped the lot. She hated him. The empty closet still smelt of his fucking cologne. Where was the secret safe?

Taking a hammer from the toolbox in the garage she returned to her husband’s closet, striking the wooden cabinetwork with the blunt end of the hammer, it dented the surface with a dull thud. No secret safe. She struck another panel … another and yet another.

Finally, a panel gave way with the splintering of wood. She used the claw end to rip it away, leaving the metal door and combination lock. Her birthday. The bastard. The heavy metal door swung open. There were two neatly stacked piles of notes — there must be over eight million yen, some folded deed papers, and some kind of leather-bound manuscript that looked about the size of a photo album.

Asuka left the money and papers for later. She reached in and found that the strange-looking manuscript seemed too vibrant against her hand as she pulled it from the safe shelf. It had a locket or some kind of clasp that did not yield straight away. She carried it out of the dull illumination of the closet and sat on the master bed to examine it closer.

Her thoughts were filled with him, with his stinking cologne. She hated the fuck. Hated the way he made her feel all those years, “I should have fucked his brother.” There was a time when she wanted to share her wild fantasies with him … for them to open up the marriage … indulge in the threesome that she had always dreamt of … wanted him to watch her perform kai-awase (tribadism) with another woman… maybe they could both enjoyed the pleasures of anaru (anal), gansha (cumming on the face), hounyo (urination) or even goukan (rape play) — BUT NO! — Instead he had called her a filthy pervert, especially on discovering her fetish for rorikon (little girls). It would be something she would never live down with him … after that they had slept in separate rooms. She hated him. It was his fault. Fucking killjoy! Now he was gone and she was glad, “Fuck you, dead fuck!”

She felt a wickedness growing inside her; a soothing warmness that she felt throughout her entire body as she thought these things. Burning away the bonds of the past. It was an unnatural hunger for anything taboo … it made her feel horny as HELL … alive with forbidden thoughts as she clasped the manuscript … the manuscript clasp suddenly sprang open as if it knew she was ready …

There was a flash of radiant white light that made Asuka blink over and over … white on white, like a blizzard of whiteness … she could only make out silhouettes … figures crisscrossing each other before her eyes … then the picture became clearer. Asuka found herself naked in an ancient graveyard filled will grotesquely carved cemetery stones standing upright and proudly phallic.

The Amanojaku danced around her, whispering obscenities to her as she fondled herself. She watched with glee as the futanari (new halves) danced and masturbated over her dead husband’s grave. Pulling her outer labia open to reveal her urethra, Asuka began to urinate over the grave site… her dark yellow flow splashing noisily into the sodden earth as she laughed like a mad chijo (public molester).

She looked out across the sea of cock-shaped stones, all of them erect and excited by her desecration. She smiled evilly as she begins to masturbate ferociously with two hands, needing her breasts and pulling at her erect nipples with one hand, forcing her full hand into her vagina … fisting herself to orgasm and wallowing in her own self-debasement.

The evil Amanojaku sang to her “Dance with us and you will receive the gift of your darkest desires.” — She craved their evil seed — As she fornicated with them, taking their cocks in her hands, cunt, anus, and mouth — her deviant hunger multiplied a thousand-fold.

The descent into sexual madness had begun. The dream faded from whiteness to blackness, as she could see herself in the closet mirror, sitting on the bed. She brushed a stay hair from her forehead. Examining herself. She was flawless and stunning — her face was perfectly symmetrical, her china-clay skin was snow white and her hair shimmered in its glossy blackness.

Yes, Asuka was truly depraved. Bereaved in her prime, denied of the pleasures she hungered. She was the evil mibojin (widow) that had been left out in the cold … not only sex-starved and insatiable but perversely sinister … the Dance of the Amanojaku had shown her the way … she would pray to all that was wicked, evil, and debauched to grant her dark desires.

The manuscript beckoned her. She pulled at her conservative shirt until the buttons flew in every direction. She tore her outfit from her body as if to rid herself of an outer skin — like a caterpillar, ready to emerge with all the beauty of a deviant butterfly — finally stripped of her old self, she looked again in the mirror. Her nipples were rock hard, and her pussy was saturated.

Never again will she deny herself the pleasures of the flesh. Now completely naked she kissed the foul book … it drew in its strong aroma of spent semen. She intuitively knew that her husband had left her with the instrument of the Devil. Maybe he had hoped it would devour her? Get what she deserves? Maybe he didn’t realize it contained the power she longed for. She feverishly rubbed it against her bare chest, as if the skin of the cover was the skin of her evil lover, teasing her nipples to instant hardness. Her fingers wasted no time in stretching her vaginal opening … long piano fingers reaching in as far as they could.

She opened the heavy volume like a treasure chest. She was sure that the image on the page what that of herself. The grave site was somber and gloomy. The other mourners were depressed and some of the women weeping. Outwardly the grieving mibojin, veiled in black, grieving the passing of the beloved husband; inwardly rejoicing in wickedness, the reflection of Devil’s consort, Lilith, the serpent demoness, the sexual vampire, the black widow that would consume men, women, children and beasts alike to sate her carnal needs … there would be no depth to her depravity … no sin that she would not enjoy.

She placed her netted veil upon her head and retrieved her husband’s urn from above the mantelpiece and brought it back to the master bedroom. Once again she kissed the book … the image of the union … the widow worshiping the erect phallus to the dead … She opened up the urn and placed it on the floor just in front of the full-length mirror. She selected a track from her favorite Hate Plow album, a track entitled, “Ass To Mouth Resuscitation.” As the death metal song began, she danced around the urn with lewd thrusting movements, as she watched her reflection. As she danced, she screamed the lyrics.

“My mouth is to your ass. My tongue is up your crack. My breath, it smells like shit. My teeth are stained black. I begin masturbation when giving ass-to-mouth resuscitation — a sick sensation — ass-to-mouth resuscitation.”

Asuka straddled the open urn so that she was almost seated above the opening. Asuka watched herself, masturbating furiously, as she began to defecate into her husband’s ashes.

“Nothing can stop this fetish I crave. An ass-eating sicko, a shit-eating slave … Shit on me! Shit on me!”

A long slimy black-brown turd slowly emerged from her anus like a dark rope hanging from between her legs – half of it broke off and fell into the urn. The pungent smell of ash and feces assaulted her nose. She was close to orgasm as her fingers retrieve the remainder of her shit from between her legs and smeared it across her chest before bringing her filthy hand to mouth to taste the feast of the Amanojaku … in her mind, she was offering his soul to hell and consummating her pack with the Devil.




Riko Hara kissed his beautiful wife, Yua, as she ushered the two sweet young girls, Akiho, aged ten, and Saori, aged nine, in the door from primary school.

“Riko, just see what the witch wants and leave. We owe her nothing.” Said Yua.

Her voice betrayed her deep mistrust and loathing for her husband’s sister-in-law.


Riko drove to his sister-in-law’s in the pouring rain. It was more of a storm than a shower. The winter days were shorter and darkness had already fallen. He was apprehensive, to say the least, as Asuka was very devious. Since his brother died, he had been having reoccurring nightmares involving Asuka that deeply troubled him.

Though he was afraid to admit it to even himself, he know intuitively that it was all connected. Only the night before, he had awoken from a dark seduction, in which he had thought that he was making love to his wife whilst she wore a strange masquerade mask. It had been a hot and passionate liaison, unlike their usual more sedate encounters with Yua … the talk was dirty and the sex was raw … he was about to orgasm when he pulled away the mask to discover to his horror it was Asuka beneath it. The guilt of this make-believe encounter, however, did not stop him from masturbating himself into solo bliss next to his sleeping wife.

It had been months since he has visited his brother’s house on the hill. It had been his brother’s dream to build that fortress-like house with its high walls. His sanctuary. Adulation had got what she wanted … everything … so what could she need from him now?

The electronic gate opened and he drove his car up the steep driveway. It was still raining very heavily and there would be no escaping getting wet. Riko pulled the collars up on his coat and stepped out of the dry comfort of his modest car and under the portico of Asuka’s front door. He rang the bell.

“Riko. I am glad you came.”

“Asuka,” he responded with an edge of distaste in his voice.

Riko completely loathed the bitch. But for the memory of his beloved brother, he would remain civil to his surviving wife — but there were always limits.

“Come in my dear, you are wet. Let me take your coat,” her hand, ever so slightly, touching the skin of his neck. Was it deliberate? “Creepy bitch,” he thought.

The house was warm and dry. He remembered that he had left his mobile phone in the car, ‘”Damn,”’ he thought. He was not going to brave the weather again; until he had got this unpleasant business out of the way.

“Let me get you a drink.”

“Not when I am driving,” Riko made an excuse.

He just did not want to get too friendly — keeping it cordial — but keeping his guard up. She led him from the hall into the formal lounge. He had forgotten how plush the house was. His brother had expensive tastes. The sunken lounge and oversized fireplace were very inviting on these cold winter nights.

“Please,” Asuka gestured for Riko to sit on one of the long leather-clad couches.

She looked totally amazing. He had always been attracted to his most hated sister-in-law. He felt like a hypocrite. She had that sizzling sexuality that she used to cock-tease all the males and even some of the females. But through his dislike of her temperament, he had somehow been able to negate his attraction to her in the time they had been related through marriage. But with his brother gone, it had come back with vengeance.

“What is that was so important, that it could not wait, Asuka? What are you up to? I am no fool.”

“Straight to the point. I like that.”

Riko thought that Asuka was totally inappropriately dressed for such a recent widow — but that did not stop the blood from surging beneath his waistline, “She’s such a fucking filthy little whore,” He thought. Her tight-fitting leather corseted dress, with its plunging neckline and the crystal rhinestones of her oversized neck and chest choker, sparkled with the undertone of a dominatrix. She even smelt of sex.

“I think I will take that drink.”

“Good … Nao … Nao … can you please come here,” Asuka ordered assertively.

Nao appeared. Riko dry swallowed. Nao was dressed as a French maid and looked like something straight from a cosplay porn site. She appeared to be no more than fourteen or fifteen years old. Riko knew all about that sort of thing. In fact, he spent a great deal of his time secretly jacking off whilst looking at exactly this type of porn. He had a few nasty little secrets of his own — fetchi, rori-rori, shota, futa, onee-san, sei-sui, shiofuki … none of which his wife would have approved of.

“Nao. This is my brother-in-law. Riko Hara. Master Hara to you.”

“Master Hara,” said Nao as she bowed gracefully.

“Scotch on the rocks?” Asuka asked Riko.

He nodded.

“Yes Mistress,” she disappeared again.

“Isn’t she adorable?” asked Asuka.

Sitting forward with his hands on his knees, Riko tried to get to the point with the woman that his wife referred to as the wicked witch.

“Look Asuka. I don’t want to appear rude, but it’s a school night, and I must get back to my family. What is it that you needed to see me about?”

“I am so sorry that you feel this way.”

Riko was about to stand and leave when Nao returned with the drinks. Riko sat back again. After she served the drinks to both Riko and Asuka, Nao knelt on the floor next to her. It all seemed very surreal and kind of bizarre.

“I was thinking about you and your family. Yua is so picture-perfect… so beautiful. And those young girls of yours … they are so special. You know Riko, I always was very fond of you. You and I have a lot in common,” Asuka stroked Nao’s bare arm, shoulder, and neck.

Riko felt unbearably uncomfortable but at the same time excited by their obvious illicit par amours. Asuka kissed Nao on the lips keeping their mouth apart, so that Riko could clearly see their wet tongues slipping in and out of each other’s mouths. Riko blinked in shock, but could not tear his eyes away from Asuka’s wanton display.

“What … what is it, that you want, Asuka?” Riko stuttered apologetically, trying to conceal his raging erection.

Asuka put her hand inside Nao’s top and played with her almost completely flat chest. Riko could clearly see his sister-in-law’s fingers playing with her nipples beneath the translucent fabric of her French maid’s uniform.

“What I want is want you to want, Riko. Do I really have to spell it out? Come now don’t be shy … even when your brother was alive, you couldn’t stop looking at me. Wasn’t I discrete then? I want us to share sei-sui (girl piss) … I want to watch you fuck Nao here in front of the fire … I want you to cum in her sweat baby ass … let me suck your cock clean for you … and then … I want you to go back to your loving wife and children and tell them that their auntie Asuka is not such a fucking witch.”

Nao stood up and slipped out of her uniform, so that she stood next to her Mistress, naked. Nao’s young waifish body glowed with a dew of perspiration in the reddish light of the fireplace … her chest was completely flat and her nipples looked almost black against her pale complexion … as Riko’s eyes traveled southwards down her bony and emaciated body … his eyes saw something between her legs. Where Riko expected to see the small slit of her vagina, instead there pocked outwards a stiff uncut cock. Anuka reached between Nao’s legs and rubbed her little surprise slowly.

“She wants you Riko. She wants your cock in her mouth. Fuck her for me. Sodomize the little girlie-whore while I play with myself …”

Nao slowly walked across the divide, until she was standing next to Riko. Nao smelt of urine and fresh semen.

“Suck her little girl-cock Riko … her semen is delicious … her anus is so incredibly tight … she’ll make you cum so hard … it will be our little secret.”

Shaking, Riko couldn’t resist. He took Nao’s cock between his thumb and forefinger and drew back her foreskin. A small bead of pre-cum pooled it its tip. Asuka opened her legs as she watched Riko closely. She lifted her dress, under which she was naked. Traced the outside of her labia ever so slowly, she plunged a single finger into the velvety wetness and brought it to her lips to taste.

“Suck her Riko … take my little darling into your mouth. You know you want to… isn’t this what you have dreamt of for so long … do it for your Mistress … do it for Asuka … Nao is not like your prudish wife … Nao likes her sex perverted, depraved … she’ll do anything I ask … anything you desire.”

It ran against everything sane in Riko’s world, but against his better judgment his mouth closed around the feminine cocklet … sucking it was divine. All the nights of masturbation whilst lying next to his sleeping wife … she would be shocked! His cock leaked pre-cum in his underpants.

Asuka picked up the phone and dialed Riko’s home number and handed it to Riko.

“Your wife.”

“Hi… er… Yua. Yes. Yes, everything is fine. It’s just the storm. The lights and power are all out over here and Asuka is all alone.”

Nao unzipped Riko’s flies as he talked to his wife on the phone.

“Yes, I know. Don’t worry. I said don’t worry … I will see you all … tomorrow.”

Nao pulled Riko’s rigid member out of his pants and draw his foreskin back and forth slowly … teasingly … while he tried to explain.

“I love you too. Kiss the girls and I will see you later …”

The phone hung up at the other end and Riko let out a long lewd moan.

“Aaaarrrggghhhhh …”

“Oh, how sweet. Kiss the girls? I bet they’d like us to do that … and that delicious little wife of yours, Riko … mmmmm … she’s so hot … I want to watch the next time you fuck her mouth … oh, but I am sure she wouldn’t want to do anything as filthy as that?”

Riko shot a look of disapproval at Asuka.

“Come now … you can’t tell me you would like to see the two of us put on a show you for? Your lovely wife … Yua … sucking my cunt like a whore … while you fuck her shithole? Maybe you’d like me to teach your lovely little girls a few Sapphic delights? Teach them to suck their daddy off maybe?”

Riko groaned. The dirty talk was almost too much for him to bear. He could imagine it all … and much worse. Nao unbuttoned Riko’s shirt, pulling it from his shoulders as he stepped from his trousers and underwear.

“Relax Riko … we’re not judging you. I want what you want … lay down, let Nao make you feel good!”

“FUCK ME MASTER HARA … cum in ass-cunt!”

Riko was now naked and Nao lay on top of him as they rubbed their erect cocks against each other and exchanged tongue kisses in the heat of the raging fireplace. Riko’s hands held Nao’s cheeks apart and dig his index finger into his oily rectum. Nao moaned into Riko’s mouth as it slid in and out against his impossibly tight sphincter.

Nao draw her knees up and squatted either side of Riko’s legs. She positioned herself over Riko’s rigid flesh with one hand for support and the other guiding Riko’s long, thick cock against her anus.

“That is so beautiful. Make her bleed Riko … make Nao scream … fill the whore’s guts …”

Asuka was masturbating feverishly … enjoying Riko’s corruption. She smiled to herself remembering the promise of the Amanojaku … Soon his cute little wife would be licking her out while his preteen girls’ put on a little incest show of their own.




Yua waved to Akiho and Saori as they boarded the school bus dressed in their bright blue and white uniforms. After the morning ritual of clean socks, school satchels, packed lunches, and homework checks, she was free until they return in the middle of the afternoon. She removed her shoes at the entry and closed the door behind her. Yua heard the phone ring and she rushed to pick up the receiver. It was Riko.

“I was worried about you Riko. Was everything all right? It must have been terrible staying there with that terrible woman?” she said.

“She was actually grateful, Yua. Look I have to go straight to work. I will be back about dinnertime. Nothing to worry about.”

“Okay, love. I just don’t trust that woman. Anyway, I will see you when you get home.”

Actually, she was more than worried, “I don’t know what it is about Asuka? She’s just bad news,” she thought hanging up the phone.

With most of the day to herself, she thought she would catch up with one of her regular girlfriends online for a chitchat, and soon she when online. No one was there, “Damn,” she thought. Yua was about to go and get on with some of the household chores when the strangest of thoughts crossed her mind. Maybe she could spice up their love life with a sexy outfit. She had been thinking about it at the mall but did not have the guts to go into the lingerie store. They might get the wrong impression about her. She was a religious person.

She brought her laptop into the bedroom and sat on the bed. She typed in, “Sexy kimono,” into the picture search engine, and a whole bunch of photos of young Japanese girls dressed in kimonos popped up, some very traditional, some more modern … some more alluring than others. She looked at the poses that the girls struck as they showed off the clothing. It was then that Yua noticed the safe search button. She wondered what would happen if she did the search without filtering. She changed the default setting and all the pictures changed … near naked girls, completely naked girls, breasts, bottoms, legs, tattooed bodies, some dressed in kimonos, some masturbating in kimonos, some having sex with each other in kimonos.

She felt strange at first. She clicked on a picture of a young model lying on her back with one hand between her legs and the other on her breast. The picture was enlarged. Yua thought she looked beautiful. The link took her to a site with lots of pictures of the same girl, some on her own, some with another gorgeous young girl. They were both naked and kissing each other. Yua touched herself through her panties. She noticed that they were a little damp. Her breathing had become sharp as she clicked to the next picture that enlarged to the two girls in a sixty-nine position. Yua pushed the elastic of her panties aside and let her finger brush directly against her exposed pussy lips. She had never done this before and felt naughty. She clicked on another picture, this time one of the girls was masturbating the other with a long black dildo. Yua pushed a single digit into her wet pussy and moaned ever so softly to herself.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Yua was startled, “Oh my god what am I doing?” Yua quickly stood up from the computer, made sure her dress was in place, and then when to see who was there. It was Asuka, “Damn.”

Through the peephole, she could see her. She had a basket of fruit and some boxes under her arms. Yua contemplated pretending she wasn’t at home, “What’s this bitch up to now?” Curiosity getting the better of her and she opened the door.

“Asuka. What a surprise.” She wasn’t lying — she was the last person she had expected to see on her doorstep.

“Yua. Hi. Look, sorry to drop in unannounced. Just wanted to bring you something to thank you for allowing your husband to spend the night with me.”

“Well …” Yua was about to object to the way Asuka’s inferring something untoward when Asuka let herself in. “Well actually … I am kind of busy right now.”

“I know. Please accept these gifts.”

Yua looked at the fancy packaging on the boxes and gave in, “She must have gone to a lot of trouble … and Riko said she was very grateful.” Yua showed Asuka into their modest living room and the two sat on the floor at the small low table. Asuka offered Yua some of the fresh strawberries. Yua ate a couple. She found the strawberries a little bitter to taste. But she didn’t want to look ungrateful. She offered Asuka some tea.

“Maybe later … look I’m all excited … I got a surprise for you. Something for the two girls … and I loved them so much I got something for myself too! Couldn’t help myself,” laughed Asuka, “Come on, open them up.”

It was a long time since they could afford any gifts and most of the spare cash was spent on the girls. Yua felt a girlish kind of feeling, “Maybe I misjudged this woman?”

“Which one should I do first?” She asked with some excitement in her voice.

“This one,” said Asuka assertively.

“Oh … er, Okay?” Replied Yua, not use to a woman’s command.

She felt a little dizzy spell come on.

“Are you all right?” asked Asuka offering her another strawberry.

“Yes. It’s nothing. Thank you,” she munched another strawberry, “Won’t you share them with me?”

“I am unfortunately allergic to some fruit — strawberries being one of them. Anyway it is your gift, I hope you like them. Open the box.”

Again it sounded like a command, not a suggestion.

Yua opened the box. Inside was a short white kimono. The material was delicate and very sheer. It was more daring than anything she had ever imagined wearing and completely see-through, but it felt silky on the skin of her hand.

“It’s … it’s beautiful.”

Yua held it up, “I can’t believe the coincidence? Was this witch able to read my mind? No I mustn’t think like that,” she thought.

“Look I got one the same, but in black. Aren’t they just adorable? Why don’t we try them on?”

“Maybe later … I …”

“Try it on. I will not accept no for an answer Yua. Show me how alluring you look in this kimono … I bought it, especially for you, and I …”

Yua was unsure of herself. She didn’t feel comfortable sharing anything with Asuka. It was outrageous, but at the same time, she felt compelled to do just as the woman commanded.

“Well, I suppose so,” she laughed nervously and turned to change in the bedroom.

“No Yua. Change in front of me. We’re all girls here, so there’s nothing to hide. Take your clothes off,” commanded Asuka.

Her voice no longer bothered with sounding anything but a command.

Yua began to remove her clothes as Asuka watched her like a predator waiting to close in on her prey. Yua was naked. She slipped on the kimono. The feeling of the material against her body was incredible. She felt sexy and naughty … especially in front of Asuka.

Asuka stripped naked as Yua watched. She undressed with a confidence that made Yua jealous. Her eyes were riveted to Asuka’s flesh … her firm breasts … hard erect nipples that stood out an inch and a half … her youthful shape, surely, she was older than Yua, much older, but she had the tight, flawless skin of a teenager … her pubic hair was completely shaved and her vagina looked reddish, open and dripped with moisture. She slipped on the black kimono that concealed nothing, but seemed only to enhance her physical attraction to Yua.

“Let’s look at you in the mirror.”

She seemed to know the layout of their home and took Yua by the hand. It felt dry and warm. Asuka’s flesh against her flesh. Yua wanted to touch her and be touched by her. In the bedroom, Yua stood looking at herself in the large dressing mirror. She looked glamorous but no less raunchy … it was sexual … she felt sexual … she wanted to touch herself.

Asuka stood immediately behind her in the mirror.

She was looking at something on the bed. It was the laptop, open to Yua’s little Kabukicho (dirty cinema). Through the reflection in the mirror, she could see what Asuka could see the image of two naked women, their legs scissored together in Kai-awase (Tribalism). Asuka said nothing but turned back to look at Yua. She silently stepped closer behind Yua. She could feel Asuka’s hot breath against her neck, as she parted her long black hair and kissed and licked the nape of her neck.

“Call me Mistress. Beg me to fuck you.”

Yua watched her left hand move around her and across the delicate material that covered her modest breasts and squeeze the soft underside of her left breast, her nipples rubbing against the erotic fabric.

“Call me Mistress. Beg me to fuck you.”

“Mistress … please fuck me …”

“Louder … say it like you mean it … beg me …”

Her right hand groped her covered pudenda, encouraging her to lean backward until Yua could feel Asuka’s body hard-pressed against her back … grinding her cunt against the soft flesh of Yua’s bottom.


Yua’s hands reached behind her between their bodies. Her hand met the soaking wet flesh of Asuka’s open cunt; her fingers easily entered her sex as the pair watched their dance of wantonness in the reflection.

Asuka’s fingers entered Yua’s tight little pussy. She bucked in pleasure. But as soon as it started, it stop. Asuka stepped back and went back into the front room. She returned holding another boxed gift.

She lay on the bed with Yua’s laptop and beckoned her over. Yua laid down with her Mistress, who was typing on the keyboard, to open a new website. The site was called Onee-san (big sister/incest). She turned the screen so that they both could see it clearer. After entering the password, she clicked on a movie about a young mother with two small girls, no older than Yua’s. They looked like the woman’s biological kin, but it was hard to tell. They were all naked. The mother was masturbating and encouraging the children to touch each other while she got off.

“Open the next gift Yua.”

Yua didn’t want to take her eyes off the screen, but picked up the box and opened it. Inside was a long double-ended dildo … twenty-four inches of flexible black cock. It was ribbed and crowned on either end with an enormous bulbous black head. Yua was repulsed by the thing but felt a sexual excitement she had never felt with a man… only with Asuka, as her Mistress, could such perversion excite her.

“Kiss it. Lick it. Make it wet.”

Yua began to kiss the black thing. Licking it like it was the most important task she had ever been given.

“Come now. Masturbate me with it. While we wait for your children the return from school. You may touch yourself … but you do not have permission to cum … do you understand?”

“Yes. Yes, Mistress.”

It would have sounded cliché but it didn’t. She wanted to please Asuka. She was in love with her. Her body lusted for her like a bitch on heat. She pushed the tip of the black cock between Asuka’s cunt lips, twisting it and pushing it until the first six inches had been buried inside.

“More … Yua … Put more up me … now watch Yua, watch and imagine that this is you with Akiho and Saori … your little darlings are in for a wonderful surprise from their nasty Mommy and Auntie Asuka …”

Yua did as she ordered, moving the dildo in and out at an even pace, as they both looked towards the sexual noises coming from the computer. Yua’s hand rubbed her clit as she watched the mother of the children now joining in their incestuous love play, as she squatted on one of the girls so that her omanko (cunt) was over the youngster’s mouth.

“Chijo (female sexual molester), Kun-ni (cunnilingus). It’s the work of Satan,” panted Yua.

She was getting turned on more and more by the depravity.

“Yes, it is. And when you come … when I let you come … I want you to call his name in thanks for his evil gifts.”

Asuka now inserted the other end of the dildo into Yua’s pussy lips. They were wet and slippery but struggled to take the girth of the black cock.

“Worship the chinko (cock) … worship Satan’s cock with me.”

The rubber cock disappeared inside of Yua until Asuka’s crutch was pressed against hers. Filled with black cock up to her cervix, Yua squirted with new orgasmic delight, pressing and grinding their clits together.

“Pray to Satan … offer him your offspring and your sexual delights will be a hundred-fold …”




By the time Riko got home, he had managed to bring himself back to some kind of reality. He focused on what needed to happen when he arrived home. After the night of complete debauchery, he was exhausted.

Arriving home, Riko got quite a surprise. Sitting at their traditional low table were Yua and the girls, together with Asuka. His heart was in his mouth. He began to shake nervously, “The bitch is going to ruin my marriage. She is going to tell Yua everything. I am dead meat,” he thought to himself.

“Riko … finally. Guess what, we have a surprise visitor. Asuka. Isn’t that nice? She dropped over these flowers and fruit basket to say thanks for taking care of her crisis,” said a chirpy Yua.

Riko blinked. He could not believe how nice she was being. Either this was an Oscar-winning performance, or something else must be wrong.

“Hi, Riko. Hope you don’t mind me dropping in unannounced?” asked a demure Asuka.

She was dressed conservatively in a long dark kimono-style gown and with only the lightest touches of make-up to accentuate her pale complexion and sparkling eyes.

“Asuka,” Riko nodded and bent to kiss his wife.

The two young girls ran in from the back room and throw themselves around him.

“Daddy, Daddy, look what Auntie Asuka bought us!”

The two girls displayed their new matching outfits proudly to their father. Riko looked in amazement at his young children both wearing sheer white kimonos. Riko was dumbstruck. He really didn’t understand. How could Asuka have convinced his prudish wife to let her dress her two pre-teen daughters like little temple whores?

“Aren’t they just adorable?” asked Asuka as she winked at Riko.

Yua seemed to be so content. This confused Riko no end. She made no protest or complaint. In fact, she seemed to encourage the girls to bend lewdly and show off their exposed private parts to Riko and Asuka.

“Asuka is joining us for the evening,” stated Yua, as she stood up to make her way to the kitchen.

She hated this woman. She despised her with a passion. Even the mention of her name would usually send Yua into a panic. But there she was, being as cordial as if she was welcoming her own sister.

“I don’t understand. What have you done?”

Riko looked angry.

“Riko. Is that any way to greet your Mistress? Come now, you didn’t think that I would be sate with one night of mischief did you?”

“I didn’t think … that was the problem. You can’t stay. Make an excuse. What did you do to my girls? Those outfits make them look like child prostitutes!”

“Your wife will see whatever I wish her to see. And you my darling will do whatever I wish. Why don’t you slip into your robe and make yourself comfortable? I am feeling very horny!”

Riko had already become erect with incestuous temptations. His mind was filled with trepidation but he could not help feeling a similar excitement to the night before. Just contemplating the opportunity to penetrate his own daughters, was almost more than he could bear. He wasn’t sure where this was going to go. He changed into his light robe and returned to their main room and sat on the floor opposite Asuka as she drink some pale tea.

Yua returned from the kitchen with a platter of fresh fruit for the five of them to share. Riko couldn’t believe his eyes as Yua served them dressed in a similar style kimono as the girls. Her small pert breasts were clearly visible as they pushed against the see-through material and the hemline was too short to even cover her sex. This was so unlike her. He could clearly see that she had shaved away her pubic her so that she looked almost as young and prepubescent as her daughters. Riko looked uncertainly at Asuka. Asuka smiled back and licked her lips.

“You look so fetching in your outfit dear,” remarked Asuka.

“Thank you Asuka,” she giggled, “I mean, thank you, Mistress,”

She added as lifted the helm over her mons and pushed her hips forward provocatively towards her sister-in-law.

“Good Yua. You are learning fast. You are making me thirsty. Fill my teacup,” replied Asuka holding the edge of her empty cup beneath Yua’s pussy.

Obediently Yua peed into it, making sure not to spill or over-fill as she urinated. Taking the cup away, Asuka’s tongue traced along Yua’s outer lips to retrieve the last pearly droplets before bringing the cup to her mouth and draining it in one go.

“Delicious. Now girls, come over here … Akiho, come sit on my lap; and Saori sit with your father,” commanded Asuka.

The two little girls giggled and made themselves comfortable. Riko watched as his daughter, Akiho, sat across Asuka’s lap. Asuka smiled through gritted teeth at Riko and slipped her hand beneath the girl’s kimono. Riko could clearly see Asuka’s hand as it began touching her most intimate parts. He glanced over at his wife, who registered no reaction to Asuka’s obvious molestation. Riko could see by his daughter’s movements that she was enjoying her aunt’s finger penetrating her as she rocked back and forth against it.

Saori sat on her father’s lap and wriggled up against his stiff cock. At first, he tried to adjust his position to avoid her contact, but every time he moved, she kept rubbing up against his throbbing member. Riko let out a slight moan as she pushed back her father’s robe so that her soft flesh rubbed directly against his penis.

“Riko, your girls have agreed to give us a little show for us all.”

Saori and Akiho jumped up excitedly so that both faced Riko, Yua, and Asuka.

“Yes, Daddy! Yes … please, let us show you our new dance! Auntie Asuka taught us it especially for you Daddy. Please!” harped Saori.

Riko looked again at his wife Yua, who now sat obediently at his side. She nodded enthusiastically to the girls.

“Okay,” agreed Riko, still in shock at the events so far.

The girls both squealed with preteen joy as they held hands and jumped up and down on the spot.

“Remember what I told you little demons … make lots of mess for Daddy!” stated Asuka.

“Yes, Auntie Asuka.”

“You must call me by my secret name Akujin (evil goddess).”

“Akujin. Akujin! Akujin!” They both chimed and then kissed each other with open mouths.

“Yua … what is my secret name?” asked Asuka looking directly at her.

“Your secret name Asuka is Akujin,” she answered.

“And what do you do while we watch your daughters do their makai hounyo (devildom/incest/urination) dance for their father?”

Yua didn’t answer but bowed her head. Riko felt the fingers of her right hand wrapped around his pre-cum coated cock. He groaned in appreciation. He could see the fingers of her left hand searching out Asuka’s hairless slit.”

“That’s what I like to see. Obedience to your Akujin… from this day forth, you and your children will be my sex slaves. You will serve your Akujin and her high priest … Riko …”

“Asuka, have you gone completely mad!” moaned Riko.

He hope she had and that this was not a dream.

The girls subconsciously danced the steps of the promiscuous Amanojaku, as they held hands, facing each other and turning around and around. Their hands hung backward as they span faster and faster … giggling in childish delight as their vision blurred with the dizziness of their circular trajectory.

“Makai Hounyo! Makai Hounyo! Makai Hounyo! Makai Hounyo! Makai Hounyo …” the girls cried as they finally stopped whirling around like two crazy spinning tops — their legs splayed slightly and their fingers pressed dutifully against their tiny urethras upwards, as they both began to urinate over each other — a heady gush of hot piss sprayed higher over their new outfits, soaking the gossamer-thin material to their pre-teen flesh.

The two wet girls next began to rub themselves against each other wildly licking and sucking each other’s piss-drenched bodies.

“Makai Hounyo!” said Asuka, “It’s it time for my high priest to offer me the blood of their virginity to me? Yes … fuck them both and let me taste their blood on your phallus … I could command you to do it Riko, but I don’t need to … I don’t need to — because it’s exactly what you have always wanted to do? Do it, while I sit on the face of your fucking slut wife.”

Riko stood up and grabbed Saori, pulling her to the ground in front of Asuka. His cock was about to explode, but he held back the desire to orgasm. He wanted nothing more than to penetrate her, to feel his thick adult cock deep inside her tight virgin cunt. She was right. He had imagined it, fantasized about it … but never actually thought it could ever happen. It had been a crazy idea, one that was far too perverted. Saori eagerly guided his tool toward her hairless slit. It was so small and tiny … too small even for his finger.

“Makai Hounyo!”

Riko felt his other daughter, Akiho, kiss him directly on the mouth, pushing her lips hard against his and then slipping her tiny pointed tongue into his warm cavity. Ah, Lolita.

“You must appease our Akujin.”

“Fuck your slut children! Fornicate my high priest! Fuck them for me!”

Riko could no longer restrain himself, his hand pulled his daughter’s weight forward, against the movement of his hips, as his cock penetrated the thin layer of her hymen. She squirmed uncomfortably … but he didn’t seem to care about her pain, as if all that mattered was to sink his flesh into his own child as deep as he could.

“No ejaculation! Just penetration. Give me a taste of her hymeneal blood.”

Riko reluctantly withdrew his quivering penis from his daughter’s vagina. He did not want to, his mind was filled with incestuous lust. He wanted nothing more than to empty his balls and shoot her full of semen. Asuka immediately took his cock in her hand and licked it up and down like a connoisseur, lavishing long licks at the bloody streaks along the length of his rigid member. Saori and Akiho changed positions. Akiho eagerly guided her father’s slippery member between the outer lips of her tiny pussy.

“And now the other young whore, Riko,” said Asuka, as she rubbed herself back and forth across the obedient upturned face of Riko’s petite wife.

Asuka leaned across and placed her hands on Akiho’s shoulder and pushed her firmly downwards. At the same moment, Riko’s hips sprung into action, thrusting upwards into his daughter’s twat.

“Aarrrghhhhh …” Akiho moaned.

Riko could only imagine her pain and pleasure … but his own pleasure had him on the very edge of orgasm.




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