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CREATED: 21.05.2017


Throughout the millennia, she has been known by many names, but one of which still resounds throughout the ages was her first, Anasebiel Morbusai. There was a time when she was so young, so innocent and so pure, and lived a somewhat normal life in the small village of Grendel.

In fact, her peaceful life was nothing but a lie, for Grendel was an extremely backward place, a rural community, heathen, unsophisticated with many hidden rituals. Her superstitious people kept their dark nature out of sight. But their dependence upon these terrible secrets, drove her community and even her own parents to raise her for one purpose; and one purpose only; to be offered as a sacrifice to bait the hunger of the evil sea demoness.

So, she was destined to die a sensational violent death, a morsel to a cruel she-demon to win its powerful favor. But the she-demon had long tired of these endless rituals that begged for her to bestow the villagers with healthy crops and other riches. Not so much out of pity, but more curiosity and self-amusement, she decided to save this sacrificial offering from her fate and turn her loose her own kin. In exchange for her continued existence and some dark gifts that she bestowed on young Anasebiel, the she-demon expected her subservience. And as a parting gift from her home, she would allow her to take her revenge and devour the souls of her entire village.

Survive, she would. Serve the demoness, she would. Enact upon the whims of her dread mistress, she would. As her personal evil grew, so did her unquenchable thirst. Her twisted mind became a cesspool of corruption that entertained the demoness for an eternity.



Ode to Anasebiel #1

Anasebiel, O thee who art the furtive pearl of evil, let the shadow of darkness that covers thy fearsome elegance be opened wide and honor me, who is thy faithful advocate by acknowledging my prayer and bless me with thy blasphemous presence.

O unholy androgyny Anasebiel, let me feel the rapturous pleasures that the touch of thy beautiful lips bestows! Let me become satiated by the endowment of your majestic presence and initiate me in the mysteries of sacrilegious lust.

Open yourself up for me, O Dark Daughter of Serpents, in the same way, that thee has opened up my essence for you, and in the name of Lamia, infuse my whole existence with Serpentia’s dark sea of perversion and show me the night black heart of the orgasmic mysteries of your dominion.


London, England: August 16th, 1826.

Doctor Linda Bathory awakes from her vivid dream. The dream of the serpent goddess. It had been a hot late summer night but she was unduly soaked in the salty tang of night sweat. The dream had been the same. It was always the same. The serpent goddess was beautiful, elegant, and flowing. She moved with the grace of a ballerina, with the pose of royalty, with the sensuality that took Linda’s breath away.

The doctor had for the most part of her life considered herself heterosexual, dating many fine young suitors, but never finding the right one. These dreams seemed to confuse her. She was a woman and she should need a man, but in the presence of the serpent goddess she wanted nothing but to fall to her knees before this rare and delicious beauty, to bury her face between the goddess’s thighs.

She smelt the rich heady aroma as her mouth enveloped the lush wet cunt. Indeed, in her dreaminess, she did just that, tasting the salty sour juices as they soaked her face while the serpent goddess danced upon her mouth. Her clitoris seemed much longer than any natural woman, almost erect and throbbing with the pagan beat, and that seemed only to excite Linda more.

These Sapphic dreams supercharged her libido to the point of spontaneous orgasm. The light bed clothing had fallen away leaving her laying naked and prone on the damp mattress. Her head was spinning with thoughts of the delicious cunt she had tasted over and over in her secret nirvana. She felt extremely aroused. Her cunt throbbed as she plunged her slender fingers into her overheated slit.

Fuck it felt good!

She sucked her sticky wet digits imagining the goddess. So nasty! So wrong but so right. The serpent goddess was more than a woman. Her slender, body shone as if covered in a thin film of erotic oil, glistening in the dream light. Her body rippled with the sinus of a snake, flowing, oscillating, undulating, coiling, and uncoiling.

Linda knew that this was no heavenly creature, inherently evil, and to serve her would be to condone whatever evil the serpent was to unleash. But that seemed only to fuel her unnatural desires. The serpent goddess was a creature of the night, a sexual creature, a vampiric animal living on and from the sexual energies that she composed.

Like an eerie piece of flute and drum music that beat the rhythm of her seduction. Like the sour elixir that ignited Linda’s most deviant desires. The goddess had chosen her. She was her whore. The night did little to quench her exhaustive thirsts that seemed to have been multiplied by the strangeness of her own research work.

“Aggrrrrrhhhhh!!!” She groaned in her own world of sexual abandonment.

She got up immediately from her cum-stained bed and opened the sliding doors that separated her sleeping quarters from her adjacent study. The serpent goddess dream had not receded as usual dreams do. Instead, its multiplicity of the nights crystallized and reinforced Linda’s need for Sapphic delights. She needed a lover she hoped would quench her increasing demand for feminine relief. She was still naked and very horny.

It was still there. She could not believe that it was there. After a quarter century of searching for evidence of the existence of sexual vampires; and finally, there it was. Linda ran her fingers across the ribbed leather case-bound cover of the Latin document entitled ‘Compendium of Lamia Daemonia’ that dated back to the seventh century… 1603 to be precise. It was the verisimilitude that changed her intellectual understanding. Previously she had heard about it. Read about it. She had even glimpsed snippets of its existence before… Blurred photography here… A rough sketched copy there (from one of the hundreds of illuminated and highly pornographic scripts). She carefully opened the cover to a pre-marked page and lay the page open to her hungry eyes.

Her thesis had caused a minor stir among her fellow academics at her university faculty. Most had termed it as ‘rather interesting’ to avoid any hint of conflict, but she knew that they did not take her work seriously. They mostly considered it the realm of shock fantasy and folklore conjecture. They were wrong. Sexual vampires were real. Now she had hard evidence of her serpent goddess and legendary anti-heroine ‘Anasebiel Morbusai.’ This had been the fork in the road for Linda, where a stirred interest had turned into a complete obsession. She was now totally fixated and absorbed by this strange and obscene fetish.

None of this would have been possible except for an anonymous beneficiary that had not only provided substantial financial resources to her research but had managed to locate some very hard-to-come-by items. The Compendium was only one of these; though it was to Linda it represented the jewel in the crown.

Her eager fingers pressed against her erect clitoris that she felt had, over the previous nights, seemed to have enlarged (be it a very slight enlargement) … larger and infinitely more sensitized. Her touch sent delicious signals throughout her hyper-excited body as she turned the pages of the pornographic manuscript. The graphic illustrations seemed to affect her in a very particular way. The illuminated script that described and depicted the Grand Lamia, the serpent goddess by another name, filled the pages as it, in turn, filled her mind. It was an image of pure evil that made her loins sing with the most delinquent delights and the most perverted of lusts.

The image was that of a snakelike monster, an androgynous demon of the night surrounded by her sadistic followers. The serpentine Grand Lamia sat gloriously upon a throne of human bones surrounded by naked or near-naked followers, priests, and priestesses, all participating in the most diabolical and atrocious acts of sexual barbarism to win the favor of their evil goddess. They literally fed from the raw energies of those that willingly or unwillingly participated in these sexual acts.

The backdrop seemed to be her evil cave temple that concentrated these sexual energies. The drawings explicated showed that those that worshiped her, would too become similarly addicted to her evil lust. Linda shuddered from head to toe as if a wave of euphoria rippled through her. It seemed that the more debauched the sexual act, the more energy the demon and her followers obtained. These corrupt souls had become slaves to their own unholy desires and the sexual energies that they obtained became the only way to satisfy an increasing emptiness and aching hunger within — The psychosis of vampirism.

Linda’s eyes scanned the elaborate erotic illustration that left nothing to her imagination; the crescendo of their unholy ritual dedicated to the Grand Lamia, the hydra herself, taking pleasure by anal rape of a young male victim immobilized and exposed, bound by wrists and ankles, cruelly crucified awaiting his last rites. The end of her long clitoral phallus was tipped with a retractable spike or barb (like that of a scorpion) that in the final moments of full orgasmic pleasure, was used to stab the victim causing an extremely painful death. It was aberrant and incredulous, but Linda had never been so excited before in her entire life. The whole ethos compelled her to masturbate furiously over and over, unquenched. Within a few moments, her legs felt weak as she bucked uncontrollably against her cum-soaked hand bringing it slowly up to her mouth as she cried out to “Anasebiel Morbusai.”


Anthology of Anasebiel Morbusai – Part One

Throughout the archipelago of Serpentia, it was known that the small and picturesque village of Grendel was famed for its prosperous people, fertile waters, and the richness of its hinterlands. The Grendelites enjoyed bountiful harvests season after season and enjoyed all manner of riches from both ocean and earth. For over twenty generations, they lived in peace and harmony, while others were plundered and ravaged by storms or fires, or visited by famine or pestilence.

But Grendel and its one hundred and three bloodlines had a heinous secret. For all their finery and humility, they served an evil sea dragon. Her name was Lamia. She was a night demon of the sea, half woman, half serpent. Hideous yet beautiful, frightening yet sensual … this ancient evil demanded the people of this land give to her a yearly sacrifice in return for continued prosperity and abundance. The sea dragon was also a blood-lusty vampire that lived from the flesh of young virgin girls. Only the noblest of blood would do for Lamia. Only the sweetest and most innocent could quench her thirst.

And so, it was that the people of Grendel did conspire to give birth to special daughters over the many generations that were groomed for the doom of sacrifice. It was so thought among the Grendelites that it was a great honor to give one’s own to this evil creature in return for their village’s grace and further good fortune. Ionut and Neha of the Sundranam clan did conceive such a beautiful child that they named Anasebiel, which meant literally in Grendelnese ‘loving one’.

It was the pact between the family and the High Priest of Lamia, Chefan, whose blood lust had secretly grown over the years to the point that he no longer loathed the process as just a necessary duty, but began to enjoy the power and sexual thrill that he more recently felt. He had watched Anasebiel grow from a baby in Neha’s arms into one of the most attractive young women in their village.

His thoughts strayed on many occasions, noticing her at more sedate rituals as she grow more beautiful by the day. Chefan imagined her at his mercy. He quivered and his penis became erect with the thought of penetrating Anasebiel, taking her virginity at the moment that he took her life for the glory of the evil demon goddess.

The High Priest was not the only one who sinned with his corrupted thoughts at the sight of this young blossoming beauty. Her older brother, Sirir, was also stirred by incestuous thoughts about his own sister. He had taken to spying on her while she bathed, masturbating himself as she stripped naked. Her perfect body glowed in the early evening light. His fingers moved rapidly over his own flesh as he imagined being inside her, fucking her virgin cunt as fast and as hard as he could. Even her own mother felt somewhat jealous of her radiance.

She had been a beautiful woman but felt her three brothers (Anasebiel’s uncles) and even her own husband’s lusty libidos at the sight of her daughter. She sometimes felt sorry for her, but mostly she despised her. When she was sacrificed, all this lust would once again return to their lovemaking (between her and her husband). Such was the strangeness, jealousy, and misplaced lusting in the households of Grendel.

Anasebiel of course knew nothing of these wayward fantasies of those around her. She did however favor the love of a handsome boy called Czar who was born in the same year as Anasebiel. He was a younger friend of her brother’s and when he was around, her heart felt lighter, pumped faster and she spent many an hour wondering what his lips would taste of. On her part, it was pure and innocent love. One that would never flourish as Czar was also the son of the High Priest of Lamia, Chefan.

Unbeknownst to Asasebiel, he was slated to be one of the initiates who would be called upon when the time came to offer her as a sacrifice to the evil sea demon. Czar played the part perfectly and Anasebiel was none the wiser. Though Czar was bisexual, he preferred anal to vaginal sex, and like his father, and his father’s father before him, he had been drawn deeply into the priesthood’s many perverted homosexual activities. Chefan had brought his willing son into the priestly fold, initiating him into the masturbatory pleasures of worshiping the serpent queen. Lamia, was not a benevolent god and his participation in many of the cult’s obscene rituals had left him indifferent to those that suffered in their rites and murderous practices. It was just a part of their way of life. And what Czar felt for Anasebiel? That, nobody would ever know, only that he was instrumental in her offering.



Ode to Anasebiel #2

Mother of all perversions, it is for thy greater glory that I spill the seed of devilment as I now implore thee to grant me entry to the kingdom of immortal orgy. O great Anasebiel, open thy cum-filled mouth and grant me entrance to thy kingdom of unholy desires and unlawful dreams.

Guide my true self through the labyrinthine path so that I follow in thy profane name, and assist me in my escape from the incarceration of the divine light! Consecrate me with the Baphomet phallus of perversion, fill my unworthy bowels, and let me become one with the golden rain of the perverse chaos.

Daughter of sea demons, proud mistress of the devil, O evil goddess Anasebiel, make me welcome to thy bed-altar of depravity and let the dark flame of my demonic self flourish in thy corrupting darkness of sin.


London, England: August 20th, 1826. at Dr. Bathory Residence.

Dr. Linda Bathory had a new assistant. Alison Faulkner was barely eighteen years old, extremely slender, flat-chested, and very attractive (especially to those that like them feminine and very immature looking). Alison had come to work for the doctor from a referral from the doctor’s anonymous beneficiary who had not only strongly recommended her employment, but paid her entire year’s salary in advance. Linda had been only too pleased with her new assistant’s personal appearance which seemed to only sharpen her Sapphic desires. She had pretended to herself that her sexual attraction to the young girl had nothing to do with her ‘obvious’ intellectual abilities and ‘interests’ in the doctor’s research … though she actually never told Alison the true nature of the research or shared the strange artifacts in her possession (like the ‘Compendium of Lamia Daemonia’).

The young woman’s proximity stroked the doctor’s libido on numerous occasions. Linda had considered drawing her next door into the doctor’s adjacent bedroom so that she could extract her sexual prize. She imagined what the young girl would taste like, or how it would feel to ride upon her upturned face … It made her very wet. The doctor somehow managed to restrain herself from the girl’s final seduction but for how much longer?


The chimes of the front door sounded. Alison answered it. The boy messenger smiled at the pretty young girl. He probably thought she was hot, but he was too pimply to expect her to consider him a suitor. He simply handed over to her another package addressed to her boss, the famed ‘Dr. Linda Bathory’. Alison signed the necessary paperwork and brought the package into the doctor’s office.

“Something just arrived Dr. Bathory,” said, Alison. She had a youthful sing-song tone.

Alison was new to this job and to the rather eccentric female doctor, who seemed to be quite secretive about her work. Alison was horny most of the time and had resorted to frequently masturbating in the shared toilet. Absentmindedly, she would leave their shared toilet soiled. When the boss never said anything about it, it seemed a little strange … This led her to deliberately leave to toilet bowl dirty almost every other day. She secretly hoped that the doctor liked it for some bizarre reason. She could not imagine why. But such was their strange relationship.

Actually, Alison was quite taken by her new boss who she had found to be quite attractive for an older woman and seemingly equally attracted to her. They had skirted around this matter of sexual attraction, but neither of them had made an affirmative move yet. There was definitely an air of Sapphic sexual tension, but the intense doctor always seemed too immersed in her research work.

Alison had seen a few of the strange publications and artifacts that seemed to occupy the doctor but had not been game to glimpse too closely. The largest of these was a big book called the ‘Compendium of Lamia Daemonia’ which piqued young Alison’s interest. Maybe, when the good doctor was away at one of her university meetings, she would take a look and find out what the fuss was all about.

“Thank you, Alison. What is it?” asked Dr. Bathory.

“The delivery ledger said something about the ‘Impaler’?”

“Put it down on the sideboard. Please be careful with these artifacts. They are all very old.”

Alison could see the Doctor’s look of intrigue by her description of the package. The ‘impaler’ did sound rather exotic. She watched the doctor slide up from behind her big oak desk to walk around to where Alison stood as she laid the small protective crate carefully down on the long wooden sideboard. Alison found the doctor’s dressing style was really conservative, but could imagine that she would look hot once in stockings or completely undressed. She felt a little twinge in her baby cunt. Maybe she should suggest that she take the good doctor shopping for lingerie… Yes, that could be an interesting icebreaker.

“That will be all for now,” said the doctor, “Could you please close the door on the way out.”

Alison felt a little disappointed. Maybe she should have opened the package herself first. Now she was denied the privilege of sneaking firsthand what the doctor was so eager to keep to herself. Curiosity coursed through her. As Alison closed the door behind her, she heard it lock from the inside. At the first opportunity, she would definitely take a sticky beak.


Linda waited seemingly patiently for her young assistant to shuffle out the door. Inside she was tortured by the delay. As soon as she left and closed the door behind her, Linda locked it behind her. Alison was very eager today. Maybe a little too curious?

Linda had caught herself on more than one occasion starring a little too long at her assistant’s slender young body. Alison seemed to never notice, or if she did, she never said anything about it. She could almost taste that girl’s cunt in her lecherous mouth from the moment she had awakened. So hot. So nasty. These Sapphic fantasies were a very pleasant distraction. She turned her attention back to her new artifact that Alison had described as an ‘Impaler’. Linda had some idea what that was and it made her heart beat so much faster.

She inspected the delivery ledger. It was from her benefactor. The mysterious benefactor had not only underwritten all her substantial costs but had provided her with the most invaluable of her resources; some that had completely changed her viewpoint on the existence of vampirism. The ‘Compendium of Lamia Daemonia’ had been one of them. It catalyzed a whole new perspective on the true nature of things and sparked a whole new understanding. Her thesis had been based upon it. Now she held another piece of the puzzle and her ears seemed to buzz with the electric tension … Real or imaginary.

Without any further delay, she opened the sealed box and carefully moved the straw-like packaging aside to reveal the box’s unusual content. Inside there was a strange objet d’art… Most fittingly called the ‘Impaler’. Linda looked at the translucent phallic artifact. She ran her fingers down its carved length which was covered in a lacy ‘scale-like’ patterned texture. It was genuinely old and by the description in the ledger, it predated the Compendium. She carefully lifted out and inspected it, in a way that an antique dealer would examine a rear article for auction.

It appeared that the ‘Impaler’ had been purposefully carved from a single piece of pure white ivory that formed, what could only be described as a phallus. The ‘Impaler’ bowed at some seventy degrees, so that one end, the kidney-like protrusion, could clearly be inserted directly into the vaginal opening and held comfortably at the perfect angle; whilst the other larger, longer, and thicker end that resembled both the polished head of a penis and the sheathed head of a serpent … Its use was obviously intended for fucking another’s vagina or anus.

She did not know why, but she just knew that the sculptured shape would fit perfectly into her own anatomy and the strange artifact felt very warm and seemed to hum between her fingers with its own kind of sexual energy. Just holding it made Linda become increasingly wet so that she now dripped with cum juices. She immediately thought of the Sapphic seduction of her young assistant.

Momentarily, she placed the relic down and slipped from her dress pants. Linda quivered, then stepped out of her clothing (like a snake shedding its outer skin) and pulled her drenched underwear aside, so that she could rub the long textured neb of the artifact directly against her engorged clitoris. Holy Fuck, she thought.

Her heart was racing wildly.

Vivid images jumped into her head … Evil perverted scenes straight from the poisoned well of the ‘Compendium of Lamia Daemonia’ … not illustrated (like they were drawn in the Compendium) but vividly experienced directly in the first personal. FUCK! Anal rape before the crazed sex demon idol. Men. Women. Young. Old. Consensual. Non-consensual. A perverted orgy ensured around her … It sent her crazy. The doctor shuddered uncontrollably, almost falling down as she orgasmed spontaneously. What a wicked rush!

“Aarghhhhhh …” she groaned unabated.

She dropped the artifact without realizing it; and by removing the strange artifact, stemmed the flow of her vision of malevolence that had manifested into an unexpected kaleidoscope of sexual debauchery. It was insanely erotic … A devilment of perversity that left her gasping for breath. She panted heavily as she grabbed hold of the edge of the long wooden sideboard for stability. Linda tried to catch her breath.

The doctor reached down to the floor to retrieve the obscene artifact. Again, it hummed with a magical power as she held it; irrepressible vibrations coursed through her immediately making her know its fiendish power. The doctor looked at the phallus closely. She took several deep breaths and then repeated the action, pressing the bulbous crowned tip of the long phallus (the serpent’s head) against her tender clitoris.

“Aaarrrgggggghhhhhhhhh …” she groaned again with even greater intensity.

The images returned fast and furious, even more, vivid as their evil blossomed immediately. A castration ritual. A bound victim to be sacrificed. She sucked at his engorged erection and gelding him with a long sharp knife … Drinking his blood from the severed sex organ … Bathing herself instantly in the bloody organ. Linda spontaneously reached her second orgasm. Again, she left the phallus to slip from her fingers.

“Doctor Bathory? Are you all right?” came the concerned young voice from behind the locked door.

Linda panted to get her breath back.

“Y-yes. N-nothing to concern yourself with Alison,” the doctor stuttered unconvincingly.

“Well … If you need anything … Let me know Doctor?”

“Y-yes, of course.”

Linda waited for the footsteps to recede from the other side of the door. She removed her top and stripped completely naked and stepped before the angled dressing mirror that stood in the corner of her office, looking onto the ‘Compendium of Lamia Daemonia’. Taking the artifact, she knew what she had to do next.

She turned to the page in the compendium and found the verse that she was looking for. An ancient ritual Latin utterance that was a netherworld prayer or baroque vignette; opening the door to unspeakable evil; a shape-shifting enchantment from the deity, Lamia; transforming ivory to the flesh; phallus to spear. The spell caster read the words in her mind first …

“Mutatio. Suique anguis opus priapo. Lamiae O, Lamiae O, eunti efferes foras vasa tua gloria regnantibus impiis ruinae.” (Change. O’er the serpent phallus. Oh, jackals, jackals. Oh going to bring out your glory, when the wicked rise.)

Linda watched herself in the mirror. She was a shapeless woman, by her own estimations. Almost breast less and bony. Looking down at her hairless pussy she prized open her soaked cunt lips, and pushed the kidney-like protrusion in between her labia. The sensation was incredible.

“Mutatio …” she started, “Suique anguis opus priapo …”

She pressed inwards to nestle the kidney-like protrusion inside herself, allowing the longer phallus to stand upright from her over-heated groin. This time the tingling sensation grow to the point where the surge of sexual sensations brought her to the very brink, but did not take her over.

“Mutatio. Suique anguis opus priapo …” she repeated.

Her voice trembled uncontrollably.

She stroked the long and thick ivory shaft that shuck outwards from her groin and it brought a delicious array of new sensations that vibrated right through it and reached deep into her slopping wet cunt that seemed to undulate, opening and closing in waves of orgasmic pleasure, as the kidney-like protrusion vibrated snugly against the inside of her cunt walls.

“Lamiae O, Lamiae O …” she continued, “Eunti efferes foras vasa tua gloria regnantibus impiis ruinae …”

She looked up and into the mirror. She could see herself clearly, as it was angled perfectly for her voyeuristic and masturbatory pleasure … Yes, it had felt a little odd inside her initially, sliding in easily with Linda’s aroused wetness nestling against her pelvic floor muscles. But now it looked as if it belonged there, curving upwards, so boldly.

Even the ivory color seemed to blend against her own light skin tones making the intersection with her hairless slit almost seamless. Linda marveled at how the ivory cock protruded so perfectly, so obscenely from her body. It gave her a perverted kick. The river of envisioned sadomasochistic fetishes paraded before her… Urine, blood, bondage, sexual torture, rape, and human sacrifice.

All seemed to be underpinned by the bizarre arousal she felt, always keeping her on the very edge of orgasm; but not taking her completely over the edge; giving the doctor some level of control of her highly divisive pleasures. Yes, she noticed how she now looked exactly like the drawings of the androgynous demon, Anasebiel …

“Lamiae O, Lamiae O, eunti efferes foras vasa tua gloria regnantibus impiis ruinae,” she repeated in her staccato voice as the room began to spin.

Ivory to flesh … Phallus to spear … The end of the ivory cock opened suddenly and a razor-sharp six-inch spear sprang forth … Revealing the phallus’s secret purpose.


Anthology of Anasebiel Morbusai – Part Two

It was the eve of her eighteenth year that her father and mother brought their beautiful daughter to the secretive cave temple. They all seemed so nervous and excited. Days before this, she knew that something was not right and had confided these facts to the boy she loved and trusted, Czar. He had listened to her rant about these feelings and the strangeness that enveloped her parents, her uncles, and even her own siblings.

Czar said nothing at first, only held her in his arms and calmed her with his loving eyes. She had fallen in love with him, deeply, and she was sure that he had fallen for her. Though the word itself, ‘love’ she felt was that of a very young and naive appreciation of love mixed with flirtatiousness; it was a feeling that made her heart swell to bursting with a newfound joy that she could not fathom. It was, what it was.

If he asked her father, for her hand in marriage, so that they could be joined as man and woman, she was sure that he would agree … She hoped he would ask soon … But the strangeness of her family and the entire village seemed to dwarf her romantic mind. She felt confused. She felt afraid of something. She was not sure what? And then they came to the temple. She felt forbidding, anguish but Czar was there. She felt reassured by his presence.

The High Priest, Chetan, stood hard-faced before the looming idol of the evil sea demon, Lamia. The statue dominated the evil cave temple, in the naked flames of crude fire torches, the demon’s stone likeness looking down upon the gathering of expectant villagers, who seemed both fearful and excited.

The High Priest welcomed the congregation to what he called the ‘night-of-nights’ and thanked them for the sacrifice that they all made … the sacrifice that would guarantee the continued good fortune of their tribe, of their village for another season, of protection from those that would wish evil upon them. He raised his arms in adoration for the idol of the evil sea demon.

He called to Lamia to accept their humble offering … their beautiful … their virginal … their daughter in return for her absolute blessing. He said other words in a language forgotten by most but translated said that they would torture her, rape her and then kill the young one before the idol of Lamia … that they would eat from her flesh to feed the sexual vampire.

Anasebiel knew nothing of these secretive words, in fact, she had not realized that they spoke of her until her mother and father held onto her tightly, while her brother and sister assisted in binding her before the idol. They cut her ceremonial outfit from her body so that she hung exposed and completely naked before the evil idol.

She cried out to her family to stop this madness, as if she could change their cultish minds. But instead, her family as well as the other members of her village all began to undress, so that they all were naked before the idol too. Anasebiel looked at their faces. They looked mad with a strange passion, an evil bloodthirsty passion, and it seemed that she had no means of escape.

She cried out to the Czar for help, but he stood steadfast, watching with the others. Anasebiel looked back in horror as his penis was fully erect and he was masturbating. In fact, most of the villagers were masturbating themselves. The High Priest, Chetan, called Nehe and Ionut, Anasebiel’s parents, to begin the rape ritual. Her father’s penis was already hard and drooling with pre-cum. Her pretty young mother was given a strange ivory artifact that resembled a penis at one end but curled back upon itself with a kidney-shaped protrusion on the other.

She pressed the kidney-shaped protrusion between her legs, inserting it into her freshly shaved vagina. It fitted snugly up against her clitoris so that the phallus shaft curved upwards, bigger and firmer than any of the males in the tribe.

The villagers all chanted, “Lamia O, Lamia O …”

The High Priest too cried out to the demon asking for her glorious blessing, saying that the girl had been born for this night-of-nights, born to be offered before the demon, her soul to be devoured by the sexual demon while they all took their perverted pleasure with her.

Anasebiel looked up at the idol of the evil sea demon. She felt the evil of her own brethren. Nothing was going to stop them. They meant to harm her. They meant to kill her. They meant to eat her. She was nothing but a piece of meat, being tenderized and cooked up for their cannibalistic desires. She hated them. She hated their duplicity. She hated Czar for his deception. She looked scornfully at her parents as they took their positions in readiness to rape both vaginally and anally.



Ode to Anasebiel #3

O fearsome Anasebiel, endow me with thy blessings and favor my entry into thy lustful darkness and let me partake of all thy secrets therein. Show me now the hidden path, O goddess of harlotry, as thou penetrates my anal office! Guide me through the labyrinths of life and death and lead me to the true source of my darkest dreams.

Anasebiel, O ye who art the Empress of Sin, allow me, who is forever sworn to thy worship, to drink from thy phallic chalice and initiate me in the sinister path of the lust.

Anasebiel, scorch and cleanse me with the fires of thy vampiric lust and elevate me to become one of thy children elect! Bestow upon me the protection of the hungry shadows of desire and in the name of the Lamia, the evil sea demon, unlock all thy gates for me.


London, England: August 21st, 1826. at Dr. Bathory Residence.

Alison waited. It seemed a long wait. The second hand on her watch moved with painful lethargy. She watched her employer, Dr. Linda Bathory leave the office/residence for her regular half-day session with the university faculty. The doctor was very predictable and Alison had got her routine memorized. She continued to wait impatiently.

From the bay window, she saw the doctor hail a cab and then disappear into the river of traffic. Alison began. She found herself trembling with anticipation as she unlocked her boss’s office (with the spare key that she had secretly cut) and entered the mahogany cladded room. It smelt of wood and old unclean things. She slid the partition doors wide that separated her boss’s office from her sleeping quarters.

Alison got an instant thrill from violating the doctor’s privacy. Alison touched things here and there as she made her way to Linda’s unmade bed. She bent down and smelt the bedsheets. The odor was stronger than she had expected. It was a cocktail of sexual odors. For all her outward properness, the doctor’s bed stank like a whore’s toilet. It was not that Alison found it unpleasant, no, quite the opposite, she found it highly erotic and stimulating. Her clitoris felt itchy with arousal.

There was something in the doctor’s pheromones that definitely excited the young assistant. She quickly undressed and first lay face downwards in the doctor’s bed, breathing in deeply the stench from the soiled bed sheets and masturbating as she imagined her boss laying there naked between the damp crumpled bed sheets. For a moment she amazed herself by picturing her boss’s face, catching her masturbating in her dirty little boudoir. She bucked against her fingers as she quickly reached her first orgasm.

“Aragghhhhhhh …” she groaned to herself.

Alison lay there almost comatose until she remembered the book and the other secretive things that her boss had. She quickly got up and still naked, made her way back into the office. Her eyes focused on the large publication that lay across the long dark wood sideboard. She ran her hands across the ribbed leather-clad cover as she had done several times before. It tingled against her fingertips, hinting at something supernatural about its contents.

She had not dared to interfere with it whilst under the watchful eye of her boss. Now alone, there was nothing stopping her from seeing what the doctor found so profoundly interesting about the old book. Her boss would be most upset if she found out and that brought its own kind of thrill. She knew that her boss always steered her away from it and this just made her even more curious about its content.

She took a deep breath and opened the heavy cover to a page that had been marked by the doctor. The image across the page was both shocking and exhilarating. The young woman had imagined such evil things before … She made the sign of the cross … but subconsciously found them more than compelling … That they stirred and sparked something degenerate inside of her that in turn made her cunt moisten to the point of saturation and excited such that touching herself again was not an option.

Alison’s fingers found their mark and soon she was finger fucking herself much faster and harder than she had done in her boss’s bed. Confronted with the brightly colored illustration of the evil demon goddess with, mesmerizing green eyes, long black ribbons of hair, pale elongated limbs, a small boyish chest, and rising upwards from between her thighs an enormous pink cock. A twin-sex devil. Breasts and cock. It was a succubus and incubus. All-in-one.

The sexual demon was seated upon an oversized phallic throne made of human bones and all around her was chaos and anarchy … the flow of thoughts brought a ritual of such obscene proportions that Alison bucked against her hand with the perverted new thrill that she would never have been envisioned and illustrated in such a graphic way across the pages of this ancient pornographic bible.

“Aarrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh…” she crowed as she orgasmed uncontrollably.

Alison’s head span with sexual dizziness. She loved how profane the images were. She loved the whole notion of devil worship, sexual ritual, and perversions performed before a twin-sex demon. She grinned evilly to herself, knowing that the implications were obvious. On the surface, one could assume that the doctor was pursuing some rather dubiously perverse and blasphemous subject matter; on the other hand, she intuitively knew that there was more to it than intellectual research.

Without a doubt in her mind, she was sure that her boss ‘got off’ on it all.

Dear God, she thought. Her boss must be some kind of enchantress. Then she saw it. She opened the box that contained the ‘Impaler’ … her young hands seized the phallic object. It felt like fish scales. No. Snakeskin. Ribbed and rough, but smooth and silky to the touch. She looked at it carefully. One end looked like both a man’s cock and a snake’s head. It smelt of the doctor’s bed … of her sexual juices … her pungency … She licked it and tasted something foul and then spontaneously erupted into orgasm. A river of strangeness filled her mind, as it had the doctor’s. She bucked over and over in a spontaneous orgasm.


The archaeological site, Middle-East (mythical as the coast of the archipelago of Serpentia). August 31st, 1826.

It had been an exhausting few days of travel. As excited as Dr. Linda Bathory was, she knew that she would have to wait until the next day to make to descent into the archaeological dig. After the day of trekking, the doctor and her assistant took refuge in the claustrophobic tent structure. It was their first night near the mythical coast of the archipelago of Serpentia.

Fatigue had taken its toll and within minutes of settling into their temporary accommodation, the doctor passed out. Her rest was deep and dreams came quickly, punctuated by a replay of the drama of the ‘Compendium of Lamia Daemonia’. She could still feel the sensation of the ‘Impaler’ inside her and how it made her feel. Its wickedness was revealed. She felt, in a word ‘powerful’. The unpredictable world of dreams and fantasy mixed in a heady concoction of past and present, of hope and myth. The words of her unholy prayer rang loudly, as the toll of the bells called the faithful to worship …

“Mutatio. Suique anguis opus priapo. Lamiae O, Lamiae O, eunti efferes foras vasa tua gloria regnantibus impiis ruinae.” (Change. O’er the serpent phallus. Oh, jackals, jackals Oh going to bring out your glory, when the wicked rise.)

The gravity of it, repeated like a chant, channeling her mind in its evil ecstasy … Over and over.

Linda awoke abruptly next to her delicious young assistant. Alison, it seemed had fallen deeply asleep too. Now Linda lay listening to the soft breathing of her eighteen-year-old companion. The night was too warm to be covered in clothing or bed covers, but for modesty’s sake, she remained below the thin bed sheet. The sound of the insect orchestrator outside stirred a familiar wantonness that seemed to have accompanied the corrupted doctor ever since she had got involved with her strange research into Anasebiel Morbusai and the occult of sexual vampirism.

Linda’s slipped her fingers beneath the waistband of her night pants, pulling them down to the bottom of her thin ankles. Now her finger stroked her needy body. Her clit was hard, and her cunt was predictably wet and very itchy. She was desperate to cum. As she sank two fingers into her wet slit and let out an unconscious groan.

“Oh … Dr. Linda …” the young infectious voice startled the doctor.

Linda looked up, caught in the middle of frigging herself. Her face burned with the initial embarrassment of the situation. But then she realized that she was not the only one. Alison stood next to her bed, completely naked, staring down at her, her slender digits also between her own legs. The young girl looked so hot and so desirable.

“Alison…” groaned the doctor, wantonly.

No longer concerned with covering herself, Linda pulled back the sweat-slicked sheets and showed Alison that she was also naked and frigging beneath the sticky bed sheet. Alison knelt down by the edge of the doctor’s camp bed and brought her mouth over hers. They kissed for the first time … but the kiss of two new lovers was more like an opening of a floodgate as Linda pulled the young girl down on top of her into the narrow cot. Alison responded, climbing on top and pressing their overheated cunts together, as their tongues wildly explored each other’s mouths.

“I know,” was Alison’s eventual reply.


Anthology of Anasebiel Morbusai – Part Three

It was at that moment, before penetration that Lamia first spoke. A serpentine hiss. The evil demon spoke to her and only her. It was as if time had stood still and all the calamity around her, the frenzied orgy, had been frozen.


The demon made Anasebiel an offer.

Anasebiel was in complete awe. At first, she thought she was delusional, that in fact she was already dying and this was some kind of cruel trick in her mind. Lamia swayed provocatively as she approached her. The darkness seemed to fall around them so that just the demon stood forward in the fiery glow. No longer a stone idol, the serpent goddess was now made of flesh and blood … Real … Standing before her … Albeit, supernatural flesh.

She was truly a goddess. Beautiful in her strange divinity. She touched Anasebiel’s face gently, then kissed her parched lips as the corruptive juices flowed between their mouths. Anasebiel was no longer in the cave temple, no longer bound, no longer the victim of her own family’s vice … She felt strangely detached.

Darkness cradled her. The walls, floor, and ceiling melted. Metamorphosing before her eyes. Lamia’s long serpentine tongue snaked between Anasebiel’s open lips. Impossibly long. The evil sea demon spoke without words, that she would take Anasebiel away from the pain and suffering of this agonizing death at the hands of her own family. She offered to make her the demon’s apprentice. She would grant Anasebiel an amnesty should she choose to bow down and serve the demon. But chose she must and very soon.

The world seemed to move to a different beat. The darkness welcoming and comforting, but shapes and forms beyond her ability to see, seemed to be created and then disappear endlessly changing. She found that she was naked and exposed … But so was her host. Time continued to stand still or at least to move very gradually as she looked around.

The pornographic cave temple had but disappeared into a whirlwind … Nothing more than a strange kaleidoscope of color and indeterminate shapes, like a dreamy painting of serpentine fluidity. Liquefied reality. Where was she? Was this the inside of the sea dragon’s lair? Was she in hell or purgatory? She cared not, as long as she was away from the cave temple and from her terrible fate and deceitful family.

Lamia took her by the hand and led her to her large flowing bed. It seemed to be both fluid and cradling, undulating and sliding, a monochromatic surface made of a hundred slithering snakes. Anasebiel seemed a little overwhelmed and trepidatious. The demon’s voice echoed in her head, human but not, feminine but not … It was a slow reverberating hiss … That compelled her. The great demon lead the way and laid down, guiding the naked young girl to sit upright upon her face. The demon’s bed seemed to increase in its agitation, undulating like the waves of the angry surf.

Lamia encouraged young Anasebiel to mount her perfect face. Anasebiel was unsure of this, but the demon encouraged her to do exactly as she instructed …. As she commanded … To serve her … Anasebiel knelt so that her legs were apart as she slowly allowed her exposed pussy and anus to hover over the face of the grinning demon.

She dared not to look down. She had never been more afraid; never more excited. Being so close to the powerful demon seemed both terrifying and electrifying. Then she felt the wriggling long forked tongue of the demon lapping at the outside of her tight virgin labia. Electricity charged between her thighs, making her gasp involuntarily.

The demon’s worming tongue wriggled between her young pulp lips and began to borrow inside the shallow flesh of Anasebiel’s most intimate parts. The tongue seemed to have a life all of its own … Its girth brushed against the inner flesh of her virgin gateway … The sensations tickled and promised something beyond divinity. Anasebiel arched her back and cried out in shock at the intensity of these newfound delights.

At first, there was an incredible tickling sensation, that felt wet and warm. The stimulation grew stronger with every passing moment. The demon’s hands gripped Anasebiel’s legs and rocked her hips back and forth, as the wet twisting serpentine-like tongue kept burrowed deeper and deeper inside, now penetrating beyond her virgin cunt … Upwards inside her.

The pleasurable sensation had increased to a point where Anasebiel felt as if she was losing control … But the demon held her steadfast, continuing her pleasuring, lapping the virgin’s sexualized energies. Anasebiel was in rapture. Subtle sensations gave way to even more thrills. She bucked against the demon’s onslaught … Almost falling, if it were not for the demon’s grasp.

The demon now demanded Anasebiel to lean forward so that she could lick the demon’s cunt lips. Anasebiel did as she was told. The young girl grunted in almost continuous orgasm. The demon’s cunt quivered as she tentatively pressed her small mouth to the slick skin. It felt bizarre. Strange-tasting juices drenched Anasebiel’s face as she began to lick and suck the demon with more urgency and vigor … Matching the gusto of her host.


The demon pressed her hips upwards against Anasebiel’s mouth in response to the girl’s eagerness. Anasebiel’s eyes blurred and focused … blurred and focused … She noticed how the bed surface, which had been in a constant flowing motion, now resembled the individual coils of many snakes sliding across one another. It was unsettling to watch and feel, but the demon told her not to be afraid … The serpentine power would be hers too … She was not sure what the demon meant. The demon laughed. A reverberating hissing laugh as the demon’s cunt opened like a flower, pressed apart from within as a snakelike phallus pushed upwards from within … Transforming her shockingly.

Without warning, something fleshy pressed outwards from between her own legs, like a mirror of the cock demon’s transformation … Anasebiel felt herself begin to change, with wave after wave of orgasmic delight rippling through her body radiating outwards from her groin. She groaned in anticipation of each successive motion. Looking down at herself, she saw the crest of something fleshy, pressing from the inside of her vagina … it thickened and grow quickly to its glorious fullness as her own cock demon emerged.

The demon stooped her perfect neck and began to suckle upon Anasebiel’s phallus. The demon seemed fixated on devouring her as it licked and sucked upon its ripeness. She felt everything unfamiliar. The suction of the demon’s mouth on her new sexual organs was gratifying. The demon stroked Anasebiel’s shaft and the pleasure combined with her fellatio was ten-fold the pleasures she had enjoyed with her pathetic little cunt.

Anasebiel gasped and bucked and squirted a fluid into the demon’s waiting mouth. Their bodies together in the strange darkness seemed to cannibalize each other … Devour each other … Contort and join in a physically impossible way.

The serpent eats its own tail. Eternity is reflected in perpetual sexuality.

The sensation sent her screaming in pleasure. The demon seemed to scream as well. They both screamed as their phalluses touched from within. Anasebiel wondered what she had become. What evil had befallen her? In serpentine orientation, there was no start or end, no up or down. She submerged into the undulations of the snakelike waves… Feeling her demon inside her, whilst feeling herself impaling her demon lover in return. The high of her new gushing fluids continued unabated … The continuous demonic orgasm is irresistible … infectious … addictive! Anasebiel was consumed.



Ode to Anasebiel #4

Androgynous Goddess of Lust in the name of the devil, open now thy locked gates and grant me entry to the dwelling house of the sinister shadows of the debauchery. Let our seed commingle with feces, blood, and urine, and let me become as one with the unrestrained and powerful spawn of the devil.

O demoness of all unnatural impulses in man and mistress of impious lecherousness, open up my forbidden orifices and allow me to drown in the baptismal elixirs of thy fornication. O Anasebiel, queen of cum stained dreams, unseal the gate of filth and in the name of the devil bestow upon me the mark of thy dark blessing as I now, in thy name, for thine is the kingdom of everlasting lust.


At the archeological dig site.

The archaeological dig was some five hundred and fifty meters down into the cave formation. Doctor Bathory was renowned for her strange and wild theories that seemed to aim at substantiating the existence of sexual vampyres. She felt close to her vindication. Her past humiliations would be exonerated. Her name would no longer belong in the journals of the ridiculed but would earn her the merits that she so long deserved.

“Dr. Bathory?”

“Linda … Call me Linda,” replied the doctor with a knowing grin of their sexual familiarity.

“Linda,” said the young woman, matching the doctor’s promiscuousness as she lent forward and kissed the doctor on the lips.

“What is it that brings us both all this way?”

“A find that will prove my theories to be facts beyond doubt,” answered the doctor, “Did you dismiss the others?”

“Yes,” Alison answered plainly.

The two women climbed down into the darkness … The doctor agitated in her search for vindication. At the bottom of the vertical climb, they were both alone, as she had sent the rest of the archeological team back to the base camp … So that she could have her first viewing uninterrupted.

The air in the antechamber below was still as hot as outside. Sweat poured down Linda’s back and her clothing stuck to her limbs uncomfortably. The two of them walked expectantly through a narrow cave opening and into a larger chamber beyond. There, the archeological team had set up flood lights around the cave perimeter illuminating the detailed frescoes etched into the vertical surfaces of the ancient rock that completely surrounded them. The stone statue of a strange-looking idol stood dormant but omnipresent. Linda turned three hundred and sixty degrees and just gasped in absolute delight. She stepped forward and touched the stone skin of the ancient evil in complete reverence.

“The idol and the paintings predate the earlier finds by over five hundred years. They are truly exquisite,” Linda said, talking mostly to herself as Alison just stared at their discovery.

“They look so evil?” said Alison. It was an understatement.

“Pornographic, explicit, delightful. Look, this is Lamia, the serpent sex demon, the vampire goddess, depicted in all her naked glory,” quaked the excited doctor.

The serpent demon was clearly depicted in an almost exact replica of those shown in the later manuscripts, in her full androgynous glory, dressed only in a long flowing gown, fastened at the neckline, open from the front, displaying ample feminine blossoms, erect nipples upon wide aureolas, a thin muscular torso (malnourished) and narrow waistline led downwards towards an erect serpentine phallus pointing vertically upwards from between the demon’s thighs … And from its eye, what seemed to appear to be a retractable spike used to thrust deep into its sacrificial victims as they copulated. The cave floor, though compacted in the warm earth, was littered with fragments of human bones, almost unrecognizable as humans.

“I know … you can imagine the rituals they would have performed here. Right here Dr. Bathory, in her honor … the blood they would have shed. This is tangible evidence. Your naysayers will be silenced once and for all as you show them that it is not the work of erotic fiction?”

Yes. Her assistant was right. But this was more than just a discovery to satisfy her critics. Linda’s cunt was reacting to the stone idol and the highly pornographic images that had been so painstakingly painted as ceremonial decoration adoring the evil cave temple …. Upon the sheer face that stretched three to four stories, reaching upwards toward the darkened rock ceiling. She felt the vibrations of strange energy. How had it been? What obscene things had they done? How many had died here?

“Undress,” ordered the doctor.

Her assistant nodded in compliance.

The two women stripped naked before the obscene idol and knelt down upon the warm fertile earth. They both kissed each other, exchanging spit as their tongues worked feverishly between each other’s lips. The doctor broke off the kiss and reached into her backpack, retrieving the strange phallic object that she had been sent from her unknown benefactor. She pressed the kidney-like protrusion of it into Alison’s mouth; her saliva lubricating it for insertion. Then, pressed into herself, she worked the vaginal insertion back and forth against the insides of her over-sensitized cunt.

“Arrghhhh!” the doctor groaned unabated.

Alison was masturbating eagerly as she watched the doctor grind against the obscene phallus that now stood upright between her legs. Her hand gripped its girth as she rocked it back and forth inside of her. Her face was twisted, lost in her own perverted world.


Anthology of Anasebiel Morbusai – Part Four

Accepting the offer would mean that in return, the demon would bestow upon her a gift. The gift was that of punishment. She would be able to take her revenge on her family and the villagers for the trick they had played upon her … Using her for their own debauched devices.

Despite all that had happened she was not revengeful at first, but the demon, allowed her to see what would happen to her, should she not accept the offer. Anasebiel watched in abject horror, as if outside of herself, as the wickedness of her kin played out like an alternative future. First, they all delighted in torturing her with long horse whips cutting her delicate flesh with a hundred lashes. Then the High Priest took her virginity, raping her and then her mother used the artifact that seemed to have a concealed spiked barb in its bulbous knob, stabbing her deeply in the cunt, killing her own daughter while the rest of the villagers celebrated with a perverse orgy before they all tore her apart and ate her. Her fate of being raped, murdered, and eaten by the hungry mouths of the wicked villages played out … Shocking her into reality …

The promise she would have to make to Lamia would be binding. It would be final … And there would be no turning back. She would be bound for eternity. She was to be the demon’s assistant … The demon’s servant … The demon’s lover … But in return, the demon would bestow upon her certain demonic endowments and offer her the opportunity to exact her revenge upon those who objectified her and sort to use her for their own devilment.

The time had come. It had seemed that she had been in the serpent demon’s paradise for an eternity … Experiencing the new sensations in the company of her serpent’s bed … The pleasures of the demon’s wickedness had transformed her into something new. Anasebiel felt no fear, only abject hate for those who had plotted against her … Those who sort to use her innocence against her, to destroy the goodness of her nature, in return for the devil’s favor. That was not going to happen.


The eternity ended in the blink of an eye, as Anasebiel found herself once again, back in the evil cave temple. She struggled against the painfully binding as the ritual was about to begin.

The High Priest, Chetan, stood hard-faced before the looming idol of the evil sea demon, Lamia. The gathering of the expectant villagers seemed both fearful and excited. The High Priest referred to the ‘night-of-nights’ and thanked them for the sacrifice that they all made … The sacrifice that would guarantee the continued good fortune of their tribe, of their village for another season, of protection from those that would wish evil upon them.

He raised his arms in adoration for the idol. He called to Lamia to accept their humble offering… They’re beautiful … They’re virginal … Their daughter in return for her absolute blessing. He said other words in a language forgotten by most, but as Anasebiel listened they seemed to all make perfect sense… Maybe not, in the same way, she knows language … But, the meaning was clear to her … The High Priest proclaimed that they should torture her, rape her and then kill her before the idol of Lamia … It sacrifices to the demon… That they would devour her flesh to feed the sexual vampire.

Understanding the meaning of these secretive words, she came to the realization that, as her mother and father held her tight and her brother and sister assisted in binding her before the idol, they knew … They all knew … All were complicit in this collaborative evil deed. They cut her ceremonial outfit from her body so that she hung exposed and completely naked before the evil idol.

“Lamia O, Lamia O …”

Anasebiel did not cry out.


She understood their madness but did not condone it. She was not going to be able to change their minds. Her family as well as the other members of her village all began to undress and soon they all were naked before the idol too. Anasebiel looked at their faces. They looked crazier and cultish with a strange passion, an evil bloodthirsty passion, and it seemed that she had no means of escape … But that was no longer true. She was not the same. She had changed in a profound way. The Anasebiel that was the victim was no more … The gifts of the demon lay in readiness. She felt the demon’s power well upward within her. It was a new strength.

She looked at Czar as he stood steadfast, watching with the others. How she loved him once. Imagined a life together, marrying, and having children of their own. Anasebiel looked on as his penis became fully erect and he begin to masturbate himself. In fact, most of the villagers were all masturbating. The High Priest, Chetan, called Nehe and Ionut, Anasebiel’s parents, to begin the rape ritual. Her father’s penis was already hard and drooling with pre-cum. The High Priest was to take her virginity after whipping her to a bloodied mess.

Her pretty young mother was given a strange ivory artifact that resembled a penis at one end but curled back upon itself with a kidney-like protrusion on the other. Anasebiel watched as her mother grinned wildly and pressed the kidney-like protrusion between her legs, inserting it into her freshly shaved vagina. It seemed to fit snugly up against her clitoris with the phallus protruding and curving upwards, bigger and firmer than any of the males in the tribe.

The villagers all madly chanted.

“Lamia O, Lamia O …”

The High Priest too cried out to the demon asking for her inglorious blessing, saying that the girl had been born for this night-of-nights, born to be offered before the sex demon, her soul to be devoured, while they all took their perverted pleasure with her. Nothing was going to stop them. It was a freight train at full speed. They meant to harm her, torture her, kill her, and eat her.

She hated them all. She hated their duplicity. She hated Czar for his lies and deception. The hate welled upwards. Hate upon hate. Anger and anguish. The physical pain was outweighed by the betrayal. She looked scornfully at her own parents as they took their positions in readiness to rape both vaginally and anally. How could they do this? The orgy around them was already reaching a fever pitch.

The High Priest leads the insistent chanting …

“Lamia O, Lamia O …”

The sounds of sexual depravity filled her ears as the villagers began to copulate and fornicate before the great idol (as they must have done countless times before). She was not the only victim here and would not be the last. It was then that the demon’s voice seemed to flow from the lifeless stone idol, but it was not for the ears of the villagers. The voice called to her and only her. It was time. She must choose. Life or death? She could die here … Or she could live … albeit, become the demon’s servant for eternity or suffer the pain as she was raped and murdered at the hands of her own perverted family.

Now was the moment.

YES. The answer was YES.

The cave temple began to shake. Cave dust fell. The stone idol seemed uneasy upon its pedestal. The High Priest cried out loud expecting the ceiling to fall upon them and crush them… And Anasebiel’s parents stepped back. They all stopped whatever it was that they had been doing, caught in a moment of indecision about what had happened. The villagers fell silent as the bindings that had held Anasebiel so tightly fell away like cobwebs swept away in a casual gesture.

YES. I accept my calling.

She felt the power in her naked limbs. She was no longer Anasebiel, the virgin, the victim, the one to be offered…

Now, she was Anasebiel, the demon’s servant … A powerful and unstoppable force. They looked upon her horrified or terrified … She cared not. Her phallus stood proud and prone. She reached out and grabbed to hapless High Priest. A guttural sound issued from his throat as she squeezed it in her hand, crushing his windpipe instantly. She tossed his limp body aside like a weightless husk. The others were retreating now to the fringes of the cave, all afraid to tear their eyes away from the demon’s servant. Some babbled in prayer, asking for forgiveness. Some soiled themselves. Some tried to run and hide, but the cave was sealed. They were all going to die here … One by one … At the hand of the offering.

YES. I will serve you.

Then it is done.




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