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Little Monsters 3


As a fatherless family gets involved with the sexual activities of a satanic cult, they discover the pleasures of incest, sadism, and non-consensual sex. In the course of their involvement with the occult, they find out that the devil is real and his devout believers use sex as a way of corrupting young and old alike – to draw them into a hellish world – where the end game is for their eternal souls.


In their efforts to shine light into the forever darkness, the secret society known as ‘Those Who Know’ confronted the individual past events that had led them to their struggle against the forces of evil. Led by Leonard Longinus, the group intends retribution against the demon spawns. While preparing themselves, Longinus contemplated his own morality; and along the way, some of his disparate group of demon hunters were already in trouble.

Morally weak, Father Dominic was the first to fall victim to the seduction. The demons had been busy. Sandra Fairfax and her two children had participated in a ritual that killed one sister of the Poor Clares and corrupted another – joining the ancient witch, Lexus Maklakovo in her reign of evil. This had extended the influence of her demon fiends into the very core of the virgin faithful …

We had heard their cheerless tales; how Garath and Simone Fuller, were both seduced by their own daughter, Olivio, and how Sabrina Chatwin was seduced by her own sister, Catherine – both daughter and sister now lost to the league of demons, that the dwindling number of members of ‘Those Who Know’ now ruthlessly pursued …


Sabrina was in two minds about what had happened between her and Cathy the night before. Undeniable was the intense pleasure that her body had felt and even after she had experienced her first orgasm, she felt a level of guilt. Being naked with her sister, touching each other, just didn’t seem natural – as if she was breaking the natural law or something worse – God’s law.

She thought about God a lot.

In Sunday school the teacher had said something like ‘touching yourself is to invite the devil’ and it made her a little scared. She didn’t like this devil person with his goat head, breasts, and an erect penis rising from between his hairy goat-like legs … she’d seen pictures of him and he looked very scary. But as the evening drew to a close, the Lord’s Prayer was repeated; and Mommy and Daddy said their caring good nights … her body seemed to take control over any doubts … Cathy looked at her knowingly just before the lights went out and their bedroom door closed.

“Secret game?”

“Yes, Cath.”

“You’re a nasty girl … just like me!” Yes, Sabrina wanted to be like her twin; to be bold and brave, to be popular and liked by everyone, and be so confident and sure about everything that she did. Thoughts of the Secret Game made her wet.

“Yes, I do.”

“Take them off.”

Sabrina knew exactly what she meant.

Soon she felt her sister pull back the bedclothes and the soft warmth of her sister’s skin against hers. She could hear her sister breathing heavily. Cathy kissed her on the lips. Sabrina felt a little dizzy. Cathy kissed her again, but this time pressed a little firmer.

“I’ve been thinking about frigging with you all day,” whispered Catherine.

She kissed her sister again; this time Sabrina pressed her lips back against her Catherine’s.

“Me too …” she admitted, as much to herself as to her sister, Catherine.

In the blackness of their room, both twins found each other’s clitorises and began to mutually masturbate with each other. Catherine brought Sabrina quickly to a heightened level of excitement and she began to moan in response to the onslaught of fingered pleasure.

“Sssshhh … Mom in the next room. Now lay still — tonight we’re going to frig our buttons on top of each together.”

Sabrina was not sure what exactly that meant, but she didn’t have to wait very long. With that comment, Catherine slid her legs over her sister’s thigh, parting it further with the width of her thigh until their clits were rubbing directly against each other. Sabrina’s clit felt small in comparison with Catherine’s felt in the dark to be at least an inch or maybe even an inch and a half long… like a tiny little cock rubbing hard against Sabrina.

“Oh … that’s it Saby. Ohhhh … that feels so nasty! You like being nasty with me?”

“Ohhh … yes … nasty with you …”

Sabrina was smiling in the dark. It made her feel very happy to do what her nasty sister wanted and though the physical pleasure between them was extremely enjoyable, she also liked being beneath her dominant twin – she felt wanted, only for the moment. Catherine continued to hump her faster and faster, their sweaty bodies meshed together in lust, their budding nipples rubbing back and forth against each other.

Catherine began to kiss her sister’s mouth again but with urgent force – this time pushing her tongue between Sabrina’s parted lips. Sabrina accepted her twin’s advances, allowing her full access to her mouth, sucking on the invading tongue as she held her sister tightly. Grinding their wet little cunts together, Sabrina suddenly was hit with an incredible wave of orgasmic pleasure that rippled through her entire body – even more powerful than the first orgasm … she was completely hooked on frigging.

The next night, the twins seemed so eager for bedtime they told their parents that they were both feeling very tired, both faking yawns and rubbing their cute little eyes. Immediately after lights out Catherine climbed naked on top of her sister and kissed her passionately – their tongue swirled around each other before Catherine broke their very intimate kiss.

Sabrina was hoping Catherine was going to rub her clit again. But didn’t right away. In the dark, she felt Catherine turning around until she faced her feet. Soon she felt the familiar rubbing of her pussy lips and clit and she reached forward to do the same to her sister.

“Sshhhh … lie back Saby. I want you to frig me with your mouth. Lick my button – like this.”

Catherine’s mouth closed around Sabrina’s clit applying suction and erotic pressure from her undulating tongue. It felt amazing. At the same time, she felt Catherine lowering her pussy into her mouth.

“That’s it Saby, lick my button … mmmm … that’s it’s Saby … oh baby … oh fuck …”

Sabrina loved having Catherine’s mouth between her legs, her sister oscillated between sucking her clit and licking her pussy. Sabrina widened her legs to her sister’s greater access, as Catherine’s long thick tongue penetrated her up to her hymen. At the same time, she took Catherine’s two-inch clitoris into her mouth and sucked it harder.

“I’m going to cum Saby … suck harder … drink my puss-puss juice!”

As Sabrina reached orgasm, she felt a short sharp pain between her legs. Catherine had penetrated her hymen, first with her fingers and then her mouth closed around Sabrina’s tiny pussy, licking and sucking the tickles of her sister’s first blood.


Leonard Longinus was impatient to begin. He had accessed the entry points and knew that this would not be easy. From experience, he knew that killing a demon took immense personal strength – especially if they had transformed, as they were stronger, more agile, and faster. The full demons were easier to recognize. Without exception, the half-demons, the Cambion, presented a different challenge.

In their human form, they were always the most attractive girls, boys, women, and men. They could pretend to be human, in fact, they still were, but for the demonic minds that looked to corrupt real humans with their devious ways – they had to die without mercy. He remembered meeting a beautiful young girl only six months ago. His mind told him that she was just his type – if he had a type, thin waifish body, small almost flat chest, narrow hips, and pearl white skin. They flirted and got quickly romantically involved. The disguise was so compelling that he fell for her, despite all his experience and training.

Longinus knew her as Linx but her real name was Nikita Gross, and her parents were conspicuously wealthy. She drove a very expensive car and never seemed to be concerned about spending money. She didn’t have a job either – unless you can call jumping between the shops, saloon, nail bar, and gym a job? She liked to live life to the full, not afraid of taking some risks. She was the complete opposite of the entire conservative, clean, sensible women from the church. None of these hints sent an alarm bell off. She was to him, a refreshing change.

Gareth had warned him that if a demon knew a man or a woman are demon-killers that they would send others to hunt them down. Linx seemed unlikely to be trying to kill him; in fact quick the opposite, she seemed to be more interested fucking him in every position in the Karma Sutra.

All this came to an abrupt change three months after they first met. He had been staying in her luxury penthouse apartment that had panoramic views of the city. Longinus liked challenges and when he found Linx’s laptop locked he hack it just for the fun of it. He soon discovered that the hard drive was full of disturbingly vile child pornography. There were literally thousands of pictures and movie files of the most horrid and malicious nature – most of which involved Linx herself in one way or another. To say that he was completely shocked would have been a gross understatement – his love quickly dissolved into anger and then to utter hatred.

As much as he felt revolted, he also felt compelled to know. He opened up file after file after file – just to be absolutely sure that his conclusion was right. Some of the movies featured her in what appeared to be consensual sexual situations with very young boys and girls; this was not amateur video, the productions could only be described as well choreographed; with clothing and props, various locations, and even depicted a narrative. Then there were others where she was obviously a Dominatrix and the children were her sex toys; these seemed to move into the domain of semi and non-consensual sex involving rubber, leather, bondage, punishment, and elements of femdom, with incest, urination, scat, bestiality, and transvestism – the vile list went on.

Longinus felt physically sick. There were other individuals that appeared across these productions, other men and women in supporting roles – but Linx seemed to always appear to be the central character. The most extreme movies left no doubt in his mind. Linx had to be a half-demon. He had come across a coven of wickedness – a nest of evil pedophile demons. These violent movies were blasphemous, insidious, and nothing sort of horrific. These were the Marquis De Sade of demonology – orgies of Satanism, forced sex, violent rape, vampirism, ritual abuse, and sacrificial murder, all in the context of devil-worshiping rituals with young victims being offered to appease evil sex gods. These were all finely crafted movie productions by demons for demons, and their perverted human worshipers.

He knew what he had to do. To kill a demon in human form was pretty straightforward – a gunshot to the head was the simplest way, but you really had to catch them by surprise. Underestimating their physical abilities would be certain death for any human – hesitation, doubt, and feelings for a Cambion were also a dangerous mix. He could no longer think of Linx as a person – she was truly evil; she had killed and eaten other humans.

She must die and the sooner the better. He tried to suppress any doubts he may have – and he was very aware of the sexual spell that she had begun to cast over him, despite his revolt of what he had witnessed, his cock had remained turgid the entire time. He had even felt some degree of enjoyment – it was a sign of her power over him. And given the length of their relationship, he began to see how others could become ensnared into relationships with demons, serving them and even willing to participate in their evil acts. His discovery was timely, and enlightening into their dark powers.

Was it completely a coincidence that they had met? Longinus now questioned their whole whirlwind romance. Did she know who he was? Could Gareth be right? There was redemption for humans who fell prey to these beautiful and evil creatures – Gareth had mentioned that he had had an experience with one. He had not divulged the details, as it seemed to Longinus that this was a very disturbing episode to Gareth, but he had said their power over the ones that fall for their sexual spells could be completely debilitating.

He would bring his gun to the apartment and kill her tonight.



Simone stumped out her cigarette and began to weep. Sabrina went to comfort her. She felt so small and vulnerable with her slight physique leaning against Sabrina.

“What is it, Simone? What’s upsetting you? Have you and Gareth been fighting? What is it? Do you want to talk about it?”

“Olivio. It’s our Olivio.”

Sabrina knew about the couple’s loss of their daughter five years ago. It would be unfathomable to imagine such a loss – and to never know her fate; that would be just heartbreaking. It was one of the things that had brought them all together. ‘Those Who Know’ were the chosen ones to stand up and fight against the powers of darkness. Gareth and Douglas were still not back. Being alone with Simone reminded her suddenly of how much she missed her twin sister, Catherine. Her empty heart hurt from a stabling pang for the taboo passion that they had shared as infants – before she had disappeared all those years ago.

It was obvious to Sabrina that Simone must miss her daughter; that Simone felt regret and remorse and maybe self-blame would make a hollow shell. She stroked Simone’s soft reddish hair. Her touch was supposed to be caring, not quite fondling … but her hands kept stroking Simone who made no objections or resistance to her persistent caress.

“Tell me all about her…” whispered Sabrina.

She now gently rubbed the back of her exposed neck and shoulder blade. Her skin was soft and warm to the touch. ‘Catherine. Oh, Catherine,’ she thought. Sabrina’s nipples hardened and her pussy dampened at the unexpected feeling of her missing twin.

“It is all my fault! We know what she was … we both …” Simone burst into tears and leaned even heavier against Sabrina’s bra-less chest, pressing her face against Sabrina’s bullet-hard nipples.

“You both what?” asked Sabrina. Her other hand rested against Simone’s bare thigh and subconsciously stroked the inside of her leg, “We have no secrets … you know that I am no angel … my sister Catherine and I, you know, incest is such a terrible sin …”

“Between two siblings … I can accept that you were both young, inexperienced, and mistaken … but I was an adult and I should have known better … and Gareth … he …”

Sabrina should have been horrified by the implications of this spontaneous confession. How could any mother or father take advantage of one so young? How could they look upon their child as a sexual being? But instead, her hand that rested against Simone’s leg continued to stroke her inner thigh, higher and higher. Simone did not flinch at Sabrina’s touch.

“Tell me what you did to her,” asked Sabrina.

Her voice lacked empathy and sounded inappropriately curious.

“Oh, Sabrina. I am so ashamed.”

Simone subconsciously opened her thighs slightly. It was as if she was inviting Sabrina to continue her obviously lesbian caress.

“What is there to be ashamed of … you were under a demonic attack …” assured Sabrina.

‘Oh, Catherine,’ her sister’s memory came crashing back. Her lips brushed against Simone’s earlobes, as they talked in whispers about these forbidden things.

“You are right. I wasn’t myself. Nor was Gareth. I can’t believe I stood by as my husband molested her and all I did was watch … and enjoy it.”

As Simone turned towards Sabrina, her lip brushed gently against hers. Sabrina felt Simone’s stance widen even further as the tips of her fingers stroked the outermost edge of her companion’s sheer knickers. They felt moist – no, they felt soaking wet.

‘Let me taste you once again, Catherine.’

“Tell me what you did. Tell me,” Simone cooed into her ear.

“She made me show her how to suck cock. My husband’s erect cock in her tiny little mouth. After he fucked me. She wanted to taste my juices on him. She wanted to taste her father’s semen after it had been spent inside my pussy … I felt so dirty … I felt so wicked …”

Sabrina could feel that Simone was no longer making any pretenses that she was not enjoying what Sabrina was now doing between her legs – her fingers made small circles directly over her mons, then pressed, camel-toeing against the wet material that separated them from her dripping wet cunt.

“Did you go down on her? Did you lick her delicious little slit? Did you mount her face and get off on her mouth and tongue?”

“Oh, Sabrina … I did! She acted like a complete slut! Olivio was a child whore possessed by the Devil … I wanted to do anything to appease her! The more taboo it was, the more thrilling for both Gareth and me. We had become monsters.”

Sabrina pulled the wet material of Simone’s knickers to one side and sank two fingers between her swollen cunt lips. Simone moaned lewdly into Sabrina’s ear.

“Oh fuck that’s so good! More fingers. Oh! Deeper!” she cooed.

“And what things did the child whore want you to do?”

Sabrina sucked hungrily upon Simone’s ear lobe, her tongue flicking in and out of her ear cavity urging Simone to tell her more of the sordid truth.

“Evil things. Perverted things. The Devil was inside her … we were helpless to do as she made us do … at first, she would make her father and I perform sexual rituals with her … mostly oral sex and fucking … then she demanded that we become her human toilets … we drank her urine and eat her shit … and soon our bedroom became a temple dedicated to everything sordid and vile. ”

“Oh, Simone …”

They kissed passionately. Their tongues stabbed back and forth as they groaned into each other open mouths. Sabrina felt Simone’s hands between her legs. She more than welcomed the touch of Simone’s eager fingers. Copious juices flowed freely. They lubricated Simon’s digits as they frigged her hole. Sabrina’s cunt fragrance run down the back of Simone’s hand and wrist as they both thrust their fingers more urgently in and out.

“Let’s move to the bed … I want you to tell me about your twin … tell me what you did together as children …” gasped Simone.

“Oh, Simone … you remind me so much of her.”

They kissed and sucked at each other’s faces. They quickly moved onto the bedding. Pulling and tearing at their clothing to get more flesh exposed. Sabrina climbed on top of Simone so that their fat clits rubbed directly onto each other.

“Tell me what nasty things you did together.”

“At first we would play a game called ‘frigging’ – Catherine always knew what to do, even at six years old. For a while she was satisfied with us touching, kissing, licking, and frigging … we would rub our clits together, just like this … she called it secret fucking …”

They both moaned as they ground their wet slits hard against each other.

“At six … oh my God … that is so hot … I wish I had been there to watch!”

“She was a masturbation addict. She did it all the time. Everywhere. When our parents were not around, she would look for things for us to push inside ourselves – not just into our little cunts, but into our anuses as well. It started at bath times … our parents would allow us to play in the water until it became cold … sometimes for more than half an hour … we would deliberately drink lots of cordial beforehand so that our bladders were almost bursting … it was one of Catherine’s favorite games.”

“Oh, Sabrina, do tell more!”

“Catherine would make me sit beneath her while she pissed into my mouth. At first, I thought it disgusting and I didn’t want to do it … but Catherine always got her way … and soon I became her toilet slave, not just in the bath, but also in the bedroom at night. She had convinced my parents that I had a bladder problem and they put a plastic mattress cover on my bed.

“After my parents were asleep, she would sometimes slip into my bed and urinate over me in my flannel pajamas; other times we would both be naked and she would urinate over me as I licked her out. If my parents were ever concerned about the frequency of my so-called bed-wetting they never said anything … of course, Catherine would not be satisfied with a toilet slave that just drank her piss … soon I would be forced to eat her shit.”

Simone brought her saturated fingers to her mouth and tasted Sabrina.

“Oh God, you taste so fucking good!”

“Then eat me …”

Simone’s mouth fell upon Sabrina’s pussy as they both wriggled around into a sixty-nine. Sucking and moaning — their mutual confessions broken for the time being by the need to cum …


Sister Maria had asked to serve in one of the most rural monasteries. She considered the choice that she had made, to secretly turn away from the simple, contemplative life of prayer and community of the Poor Clare Nun. In fact, she had made a choice not only to turn away but to defile her sisterhood and blaspheme against God. She was now a clandestine disciple of the coven that urged her to celebrate violation, pollution, and sexual depravity at the cost of her own virgin sisters.

In her new home, she had already begun to single out the weaker, younger, more impressionable girls – the ones she fancied and appealed most to her lesbian pedophile tastes. The remote monastery had become her hunting ground. Though she was still thirty-four years old, she was still considered one of the more senior sisters in this young or isolated order; and as such she would be beyond reproach – she could do or say almost anything without raising even the hint of suspicion in the efforts to perform her so-called Holy Spirit works.

Fresh in her mind was the ritual that she had partaken in with the other witches, how she had willingly abused, raped, and killed a fellow sister – how the shame and guilt had turned to delight and orgasmic pleasure. She knew that there were others like her, hiding beneath the disguise of the sisterhood here in the middle of nowhere.

Her eyes had been opened.

The signs were extremely subtle, but with the aid of Lexus’s dark gifts, she would liberate ‘her kind’ – they would, over time, move the ‘good sisters’ to other assignments, leaving only those who enjoy the pleasures of molestation to create a nest of lesbian pedophiles – no young disciple would go unmolested – her new sisterhood would make regular sacrifices to witch god, who’s named brought the greatest joy in her black heart.

Novice-Sister Lisa was no taller than four-foot-and-eleven-inches. Dressed all in white, as a novice nun, the waifish little twenty-year-old, she had been placed as the caring sister for the youngest disciples between ten and twelve years old, teaching and supervising them in their preparation towards a lifelong commitment to the sisterhood. Most of the girls came from impoverished families that could not support themselves and the Poor Clares had taken them in as disciples, giving them the food, shelter, and rudimentary education that was unfortunately lacking in this part of the country.

It was around the evening wash time that Sister Maria came to join her colleague. Novice-Sister Lisa seemed to be busying herself with cleaning the fidgeting ten-year-old between the legs.

“Evening Sister Lisa,” said Sister Maria.

She had already noticed how thoroughly the young sister washed all those under her wing, cleaning them with a rough washcloth, especially in their parts most tender.

“Oh, Sister Maria. You gave me a fright. I did not notice you there in the shadows.”

She looked flushed and seemed to blush at being watched without her knowledge.

“Relax Sister. We are all here to help one another,” replied Sister Maria, as stepped closer, “You missed a bit,” added Maria as she stroked the young girl’s labia with her bare hand, “We need to talk.”

Novice-Sister Lisa was in shock. Of course, she had secretly touched many of the young girls over the years, but never anything so blatantly sexual.

“Sister Lisa, I am new here, and very willing to learn the ways of the Poor Clares in this monastery … but I don’t understand?”

She was shaking with the unknown, as Sister Maria dismissed the young girl.

“What … don’t you understand Sister Maria?”

“Well, maybe this is not the place and time. Maybe come to my private rooms later tonight after midnight prayers, and we can talk alone … in complete confidence … together?”

“I am not in any trouble?”

“Quite the contrary Sister Lisa. Your work is exemplary,” answered Sister Maria turning to walk away, “Tonight then, after midnight prayers?”

“Yes, Sister.”


For Novice-Sister Lisa the evening seemed to drag intolerably, though her mind raced ahead. Her fate was undecided, or maybe it was. She was not sure exactly what Sister Maria had seen … had she been standing by when Sister Lisa was washing the youngest ones. Had she witnessed Sister Lisa’s delight in touching them in their most private parts? Surely she would have been immediately prohibited and punished? Her behavior was criminal – even out here in the backwaters, tolerance was limited for her kind.

She had never prayed so hard, as she that evening … as she knelt in her all-white gown, praying for salvation for her uncaring God … waiting for the dreaded moment when Sister Maria would bring the axe down upon her. She tried to think up an alibi. Could she pretend it was all just innocent nothingness?

The collective prayers finished and reluctantly she made her way to Sister Maria’s private room. The higher-ranking sister had taken a room in the lower basement of the western wing of the old monastery. It was a particularly old part of the monastery and quite isolated. This was a break in tradition from the other senior nuns, who all preferred the lighter and airy floors of the Eastern wing. Sister Lisa entered almost sobbing with her inner torment.

“Sister Lisa. At last, we are alone,” said Sister Maria as she closed the door to her chambers and leaned back against the closed solid door.

“Sister Maria … I can explain … I was just …”

“Please, Sister Lisa. I have not asked you here for any explanation. I am more than familiar with the circumstances.”

“Sorry Sister Maria … er, I thought …”

“You thought that you were the only one? Remove your tunic.”

“I don’t understand?” muttered Sister Lisa.

“Your understanding is not a prerequisite of obedience. Do as I say, Sister!” insisted Maria with a sound of authoritative impatience.

Sister Lisa fumbled with the string ties of her white tunic. Awkwardly she undressed before the watchful eyes of her senior sister. Finally, her delicate boyish chest was bare to the waist. Without warning, there was a sharp knock on the sister’s door. Sister Lisa froze. This is it, she thought.

“Wait here a moment. Do not move,” said Sister Maria calmly.

She opened the door only slightly. Sister Lisa saw her speak quietly to another Sister that waited in the hallway, but the conversation was beyond her earshot. A small girl, a beautiful creature, entered the room and Sister Maria closed the door and locked it behind her. The small girl was about ten-years-old and dressed in her disciple gown with delicate sandal-ed feet. Sister Lisa felt strange standing naked to the waist in front of the small cute girl.

Usually, it was the other way around.

Sister Maria undressed the girl slowly, item by item, folding them and placing them on the side table. The delicate young girl was now completely naked. Sister Maria then removed her own tunic. Sister Lisa tried her best not to look at both of them. Sister Maria’s waifish torso looked many years younger than her age, and the naked doll stood to attention, waiting for something.

Sister Maria did not say another word, as she took a seat on a low stool. She silently beckoned the naked preteen to her side and helped the young one to sit across her covered legs, so that they both faced Sister Lisa, letting the young girl’s legs dangling either side of Sister Maria’s thighs. Sister Maria held the girl by her narrow waist. Sister Lisa watched in complete and utter shock as Maria’s left hand openly fondled the child’s tiny nipples, whilst her right hand began rubbing back and forth between the girl’s open legs.

“You still think you were the only one?” Sister Maria began finger fucking the girl as she squirmed in the Sister’s lap.

“Oh my,” Sister Lisa drew a sharp breath.

“Watch sister. Stand and watch.”

Maria masturbated the girl slowly, breaking the slow rhythm only to bring her wet fingers to her mouth to taste the girl and then continue – each time increasing the tempo slightly. Sister Lisa was transfixed by the salaciousness of her fellow sister her cunt was on fire watching the molestation that she had fantasized about every night of her sisterhood. Soon the girl bucked against Maria’s fingers in the throws of her preteen orgasm; eventually lying back panting against her molester.

Maria whispered something to the girl and she quickly jumped from the sister’s lap. She knelt on the rugged floor between Sister Maria’s legs and the nun opened the bottom portion of her robes, exposing her clean-shaven cunt. Without another word, the girl craned her neck forward and began eagerly lapping at Maria’s greasy slit. Maria guided her mouth gently back and forth between her erect clitoris and her wet vulva. Maria moaned lewdly at the obviously pleasurable sensations that the young girl was administering.

“Do you like what you see Sister Lisa?” asked Maria.

“Oh, yes,” answered Lisa very hesitantly.

“There are more than a few of us in this monastery that believe that God’s work is for common fools; that the temptations of the flesh are but a calling from our true master. I foresee an opportunity here for ‘our kind’ to rid ourselves of the non-molesters, to make our own enclave – where every sister will lie with every other sister and every child will be molested, openly; and our precious virginity offered to in celebration to our true savior! Our nest would become a breeding ground for the devil’s children – every nun become a mother and the lover to the anti-Christ!” Sister Lisa felt her legs turning to jelly at the sound of such delicious blasphemy.

“Do you like what you hear Sister Lisa?”

“Yes-s-s,” hissed Sister Lisa.

Her tone was almost an inaudible tremor.

“Sorry Sister Lisa, I couldn’t hear that.”

“Oh, YES … Sister Maria … YES … I do …”



Lexus opened her bible – her Russian language version of the Satanic Bible.

On the page between the cover and contents, there was a small folded paper. She opened it and recognized the handwriting of Olivio’s mother, Simone Fuller. She had forgotten that she had kept it. Five years had passed, since she had taken Olivio under her black wing – how that small and insignificant girl had blossomed.

Her mother had wanted to take her own life. Tortured in her shame. She had never told her god-fearing husband, even after her daughter’s disappearance. Only she knew the dreaded truth but was compelled to share it with her daughter. Eleven years old at the time — a delightful trophy. She had brought her to Lexus. Evil Lexus … who had encouraged the mother to commit incest with her daughter and videotape it — but on this occasion she had been unsuccessful. Fuck god. The note had not been substantive; begged more questions than gave answers; almost a confession of necessity.

The shaking hand-written words read:

“Olivio my love. How can I live with myself, knowing what I have done and how I am helpless to undo your fate? Though I am truly your mother – you were fathered not of my husband… your blood is tainted, as I was corrupted. I pray to the Lord Almighty, to undo this, but I know now that I have damned the both of us for eternity … but still, you deserve the right to know what you are, in doing so, know what is to become of you. If you are reading this letter, then you will be the care of enchantress Lexus, she is wise and she is your light in a dark place, as she knows what must be done. It was many years ago when I was young and foolish.

“I so much wanted to conceive. Gareth wanted a daughter, and though we both prayed to the Heavenly Mother to help us, inside I really knew that it wasn’t her that answered my pleas – to this, I feel the greatest of guilt. But so desperate and deluded I had become, I saw only what I wanted to see. And felt only what I wanted to feel. You are born of a human mother, but fathered by evil. Lexus will explain further – please forgive me, dear Olivio, for I would give anything to save you if I could, but I am afraid that I have done the devil’s work and that I will suffer an eternity of shame.”

Lexus could still see that naïve face; so adorable. Lexus could smell here own arousal.

“Yes my dear, what is written here is true.”

Lexus took the inscribed not from Olivio’s delicate little fingers and read its content over again out loud.

“But how can this be? For the love or grace of God, why me?”

Lexus watched as Olivio began to cry softly to herself. She stroked the soft skin of her pale complexion; brushing a stray hair aside. Tempted to pull her delicious young mouth downwards towards her overheated sex.

“Not from the love nor grace; but from the loins of true evil. You are a monster my dear; a minion of the devil. A Cambion. You are born of an evil coupling! But it is not a thing to cry about – we witches celebrate it, we welcome it!” Lexus answered in a voice that crackled with a devious delight at where the conversation was going.

“But my mother was such a devout and pious woman all her entire life?” Olivio shook her head still in despair.

“Exactly why she was chosen. Seduced and coerced by darkness. She was mistaken and ridiculous. Imagine asking God Almighty to grant her a wish. Her? It was a wish of a beautiful baby girl. How preposterous to assume that God will do anything, that malicious absent crony! But a wish she did get. A beautiful daughter was conceived. However, you came from the seed of sin; and from her poisoned womb; from the tainted milk of her beasts; you were formed — a beautiful abomination of wretchedness!”

Lexus fondled Olivio’s almost completely flat chest and stroked her tiny nipples to an erection. Olivio made no objection to her caress. In fact, she closed her eyes and an also silent groan escaped her baby lips.

“But don’t worry my dear … I am going to be your spiritual guide.”

“But what spirits conspire to make me this immoral child? She does not want toys and games, like other girls my age, but instead dreams only of sexual mischief. My vagina is so wet and itchy for sex. I have sinned with both my mother and my father and made them do horrible things with me. What should be my punishment?”

“Punishment? Interesting?”

She smiled at Olivio.

“Let me tell you a story. It is one of nobility but born of dour. It is a story that endues among the witches for over five hundred years, and is whispered among those who worship the blackness; partake of the flesh; and offer human infants in exchange for longer life. Remember, my kind has been feared, hated, and hunted for eternity.

“It was 1590 in Central Europe. She was famed throughout the fertile lands in which she reigned over; Countess Erzsébet was a beautiful thirty-year-old woman with fiery red hair that sharply contrasted the fairness of her royal snow-white skin. There had been no shortage of suitable handsome suitors: distinguished knights, fair lords, and rich nobles all fought for her hand in marriage, but none had been able to catch her eye nor win her heart. Truth be known, none ever would, for Erzsébet did not seek the passions of man no matter how rich or great, as she lay only with her young handmaidens. Her desire was only for their eager mouths, succulent breasts, and aroused vaginas… and, by lay, my dear, I mean they were all her lovers. She amassed a harem of young girls of every race, the prettiest and most innocent – and taught them to satisfy her deviant needs that became, over time, more and more sadistic and bizarre.

“But she became obsessed with youth, with staying as young as the girls that lay between her thighs. Their taught bodies and soft flesh. But time would not allow her to remain so. Countess Erzsébet sorted my kind and demanded a cure for this accrued aging process – a spell that would allow her to remain youthful and beautiful forever. She was told that it could be done, only at a heavy price. But she was the Countess! Price did not matter.

“She had all the gold, jewels, and treasures of her kingdom at her disposal. A deal could be struck. And a deal was, but not for gold. The witch, in return for the Countess’ bed, would share their dark secret to life and beauty eternal. The heavy price was of those whose lives would be snuffed, whose blood would be consumed in the name of Erzsébet’s vanity. One by one, they consumed her harem, and once they lay between her legs she would make their sacrifice and in doing so replenish her vitality and virility – she, like the witch, became a sexual vampyre.

“It had been twenty-five years and Countess had not aged a day since her pact with the witch. Though others around her grew old and haggard, she remained fresh-faced and lean. Some rumored black magic. Some talked about the disappearance of so many young girls. The whispers among her court became more noticeable as she and her witch lover continued to pursue their bloody thirst for young girls together. These whispers told of atrocities beneath the palace of the Countess; of monsters and demons, of devils and ghouls!

“Her appetite was never sated, and she and her witch lover concocted increasingly vile and cruel ways to consummate their evil love. The Countess’ court eventually erupted into civil upheaval in an effort to disprove these tales of wickedness. Their efforts only discovered her lair of horrors – a temple devoted to evil worship upon a floor of skulls and bones of children.

“There they found naked girls hung in metal cages, nailed to crosses, the bloodied remains of half-eaten victims, some no older than infants – all had been abused, some their breasts cut off and others with vaginas sexually penetrated by all manner of deadly objects. Most had been tortured and some horribly disfigured and even burned. Finally, they found their fair Countess, herself and her witch making love beneath a rain of human blood, dripping from mutilated girls, barely alive that hung from butcher hooks above their bloody bed.”

“And what happened to them? Did they kill them? Did they kill the evil Countess and save the girls that were left?”

“Oh, Olivio … you have so much to learn.”

“Lexus, I don’t understand. This sick horror story that you have concocted to scare me – it doesn’t … in fact it excited me to the contrary.”

Lexus laughed as she stroked Olivio’s moist cunt. She straightened her posture and gestured grandly with her hand – bowing as if to say thank you after a grand performance.

“I stand before you, as I lay with the queen all those centuries ago. It is no fable that I have concocted, as I was there. It was I that gave her the secret of life and fairness forever. I initiated our thirst for young blood. And it was I that managed to escape the foolish courtiers and their angry soldiers. Alias my lover, the Countess, did not. They burned her alive at the stake. I watched and masturbated for a hidden vantage spot — it was truly wondrous! An orgasm greater than any of those young girls that we had offered to Satan.”

“Are you saying that it was you? That you are that old? But it cannot be? Oh my God!”

“I miss those days of endless murder; how easy it all was; and the blood we bathed in. I can still smell the fear, taste the flesh, and hear the screams from our harem of blood … and the excitement of the endless orgasms that ensued!”

“But that being true, then what of me? What do I have to do with this?”

“Nothing. I just wanted to tell you my story. But you should know that your life from this point will change as did for Erzsébet – for you are no human and have no need to follow her path. You will kill. You will drink the blood of innocence but not from the need of sustenance – you my dear will do it for the sheer sexual pleasure. A Cambion you are. Born from the semen of demons, procreated from a foolish pious mother – your father in Hell, will be your witness.”

“I am afraid … but also very excited Lexus.”

“Them come to my bed, we are both itchy between our legs, and you will learn the delights of the flesh that will quench that fear and focus it on doing your father’s work.”

Lexus sighed at this memory. What a conquest. How delightful it had been. What perversions they shared together. Olivio had been an excellent student and would now be an excellent teacher for others, like her, helping them find their way in a world ruled by the Devil.



“Hi Leo, I’m back.”

Linx’s sweet voice echoed in the hollow hallway. This was followed by the clink of the car key dropped on the hallway table and the distinctive clicking of her seven-inch stiletto heels against the lavish marble floor.

“Leo? You still here?”

Linx slipped out of a slinky business skirt, blouse, and bra, discarding them on the ground as she continued down the short corridor and into the main living room – now only her tiny black thong and her ‘fuck-me’ shoes, she stood with her hands on her hips in a highly provocative stance.

“Leo … I have a surprise …”

Her voice trailed out as Longinus confronted her with a 9mm Cobra pointing directly at her pretty little face. He looked at her with absolute hatred. He said nothing.

“Honey … it’s me …”

“Is it? Who the fuck are you? Linx? Nikita? Whatever?”

She looked across the coffee table and could see her laptop computer open. A video was playing and though the angle was too acute to see what Longinus had witnessed – the audio told the whole story … the lewd groaning and intermittent screams and lashes of a bullwhip … her eyes focused back on Longinus and the gun pointed at her face.

“Baby … I was a bad gurl!”

She curled her lip and pouted.

“Bad? You’re a fucking evil monster. I thought I knew you. I feel like such a fool! I was going to kill you as you walked out of the elevator … but I just had to know …”

“Know what!”

“Know what it is like to be the spawn of a demon … what do you feel? Do you feel anything? Are we all just meat to you?”

Linx edged forward and Longinus waved the barrel, as a warning not to come any closer. It was obvious that she had been caught, but what did he know? Surely, his feelings for her would make him weak and susceptible to manipulation – she hugged her perfectly pert breasts and looked doe-eyed.

“I don’t know what you mean Leo. I’m just a very kinky girl … don’t you like it when I do sexy things with you?”

“What about the five-year-old toddler? Do you think he wanted you to do kinky things to him? Or the girl that you choked to death under your fanny! Or the guy whose penis you severed!”

“Hollywood tricks … it wasn’t real … it’s only make-believe … none of it is real …”

“Drop it Linx. You’re a fucking half-demon. And I have killed dozens of your kind … just tell me before you die … tell me what it’s like without a conscience? To abuse, maim and kill without a second thought?”

“Leo? You can’t be serious … there are no such things as demons … you’ve been watching too much vampyre porn. Why don’t you put the gun down first and then let’s talk about this … obviously I have done things in the past that I regret … I gave it all up when I met you … I love you Leo … you know that!”

“Manipulation. Illusion. You are all masters of deception.”

“Leo, look at me. Can you hear the things you are saying? The wild conclusions you’re making? Honestly, do I look like a demon to you?”

The groaning and sexual activities on the unseen video filled the silence in their strained conversation. The sounds of a screaming man, having his erect penis bitten off and prayers to the devil filled the room.

“Hail Satan. Hail Satan. Hail Satan.”

“Please Leo, put down the gun. I am not proud of what I have done … it’s all in the past … it’s you and me babe … I’ve left that all behind … I’m yours now …” there was a slight edge of desperation had crept into Linx’s voice.

“You take me as a fool. How did you know about ‘Those Who Know’? How it you find out?”

“Hail Satan. Hail Satan. Hail Satan.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. But I am pregnant Leo …”

She touched her bare stomach – it did look slightly more rounded than usual.

“It’s your baby Leo … you wouldn’t want to hurt your unborn child?”

“I’ve heard it before. You can’t trick me anymore.”

Suddenly without warning, she leaped at him. The gun went off, but the sheer momentum of Linx’s charge sent Longinus stumbling backward as they both fell together. He lay still for a while – the wind had been completely knocked out of him, but his bullet had found its mark before she had a chance to change. He pushed her limp body off of him and for the first time he could see the extent of the exit wound in the back of her head – face downwards, he reluctantly turned her over. Her face was a mess. And there was blood everywhere. This did not look good. He would need to call for help. He picked up the prepaid mobile that would not be traceable and called Gareth and Father Dominic.


Gareth stopped the car on the side of the road. It was almost pitch black along the winding forest road. Douglas was doubled over in mock pain. Gullible Gareth fell for his ploy. They were in the middle of nowhere – yet Douglas needed help. There had been some lights off the main road about a mile back, from a cabin or a farmhouse. That was the best bet, as Gareth saw in. He turned the car around, reassuring Douglas that he was going to be all right.

Douglas was not the one in trouble. The confusion had been that Douglas was actually Samuel and the real Douglas had become his brother’s first kill. Incest had never been enough for Samuel – he loved sex with violence – rape was by far more exciting than just anal intercourse … and age … the younger the victim the better, as far Samuel was concerned.

Assuming his brother’s identity had been the idea of his spiritual mistress, Lexus, who had noticed the activities of a group of pious bastards that called themselves the ‘Those That Know’ or something similar? The plan was simply to pretend to be Douglas, the poor abused boy who lost his wayward brother, Samuel so that he could disrupt their activities. Disruption to Samuel involved something extremely sexually perverted.

The old farmhouse looked occupied. A couple of lights flickered in the windows. Gareth was hopeful and told Douglas to hold on just a little longer, while Gareth got help. A half-naked teenager with a shotgun answered the door.

“It’s my friend, he’s not well. Could we please come in?” asked the sincere Gareth.

The boy didn’t lower the gun.

“What’s the problem, man?” asked the filthy tattooed teen.

From the porch, the place looked like a complete slum and the kid appeared to be high on something illegal.

“There’s no problem,” said Samuel from behind Gareth.

Gareth turned, but Samuel had the drop on him and punched him hard in the face. It was the last thing that Gareth expected and he fell to the ground. The teen boy laughed and rubbed his drug-induced hard-on through his cum-stained pants.

“Stupid cunt never saw that one coming!” said the farm boy.

“Get him inside, take his clothes off, and tie him to the bed.”

“Fuck yer, can’t wait … I’m so fucking horny.”

The farm boy stood the shotgun up against the corner of the porch and bent down to help drag the unconscious body of Gareth inside. They pulled him onto the bare and heavily stained mattress. They stripped his clothes from his body, secured his arms and legs with nylon ropes to the metal bed frame, stretching his limbs until he lay face down and spreadeagled across the stinking bed.

Both Samuel and the farm boy stripped naked without missing a heartbeat. Their erect cocks dripped with arousal from the impending rape. The farm boy took the initiative and climbed onto the mattress that stunk of stale urine and feces. He wasted no time, as he spat on his hand and rubbed it over his erection, before pushing the head of his cock against Gareth’s bone-dry rectum. Samuel watched his simple minion take his pleasure, using the restrained man like a fuck toy. Farm-boy grunted with emphasis as he approached his orgasm, raping the unconscious body.

“Enough,” said Samuel.

The farm boy did not stop. He was either obvious in his private pleasure or simply did not care to listen. Samuel grabbed the gun and stuck him on the side of his head with the butt end. Farm-boy fell from the bed onto the floor with a loud crash. He was bleeding from the head wound but still conscious.

“I said, enough,” said Samuel.

His body was already beginning the demonic transformation process, as his cock began to double in length and girth.

The farm boy staggered to his feet, blood was pouring down the side of his neck as he reached for the gun, now lying on the floor close to Samuel’s feet. Before the farm boy could reach it, Samuel grabbed him by the throat and lifted him from the floor.

“Nooooooo…” yelled the farm boy.

The monster plowed his enormous cock into the farm boy’s anus, splitting him almost in two as it penetrated his abdomen. The sheer force of the rape left the farm boy dangling limply like a puppet on the end of the demon’s cock as the monster continued to fuck the life out of him. Farm-boy’s spent body slid lifelessly onto the floor as demon seed poured forth from every orifice.

Gareth stirred.

His eyes found it hard to focus. He could hear the voice that he knew as Douglas but was vague about where he was or how he got there. He tried to move but found that his limbs were restrained. He felt Douglas, now returned to his human form, sitting on the stained mattress and stoking his hair. His anus hurt for some reason, but it was difficult to concentrate with the dull pain and concussion.

“Douglas …” murmured Gareth, “What’ happened?”

“Douglas is dead Gareth. My name is Samuel. I am Douglas’ brother.”


“Yes, I killed my sibling a while back and assumed his identity. As much as I wanted him to be my first boy lover, he rejected all my advances … what does one have to do to get one’s own brother to become a filthy little faggot cock sucker these days? He did make some progress, as I fucked him in his sleep filling his dreams with queer perversions … but I just got bored of that – so I choked him on my cock and disposed of his body, well, what was left of it. Then my dear Gareth, I was tasked with infiltrating your band of merry men … to disrupt your plans and make sure that you were no longer a problem.”

“But why?”

“I am a demon, Gareth, just like your daughter Olivio … you could have served our kind, you could have been one of us. But you choose otherwise and now you must die.”

“Wait … I would do anything to see Olivio again.”

“Anything? Are you sure?”

“Yes, Samuel. I am sure … anything for my daughter.”

“Even though she is a demon … your sworn enemy … Even if it meant betraying

‘Those Who Know’?”


“That easy?”

“How can I prove it?”

“Give me Leonard Longinus.”

“I know where he is. I can take you to him.”

“Maybe I won’t kill you yet. If you are lying, I will prolong your death – until you scream for me to kill you … do you understand?”



Nobody in the Poor Clares seemed to be too concerned with the transfer of the Reverend Sister Mary and the two most experienced Sisters, next in line, Sister Teresa and Sister Violet; leaving Sister Maria as the next in the lineage for the monastery’s most senior position. Their departure seemed to go unnoticed. The changing of the guard from the outside, within the various Federations, was all taken as a natural occurrence – nothing untoward was seen, nothing suspicious was noticed, nothing evil and malicious was perceived.

The cunning Maria, now the youngest Reverend Mother, assumed control of the lives and authority of the complete monastery. Changes were made, subtle at first. Nothing that gave away her grand design.

Aided by four of ‘her kind’; Sisters Lisa, Jane, Samantha, and Rose, the new Reverend Mother prepared the monastery for a special guest – Sister Lexus, who brought good tidings from beyond the monastery’s humble walls … It was a gathering in the monastery’s old chapel of all the forty or so Poor Clare Sisters and twenty young disciples. It was the midnight hour. Sin loves the cover of darkness! It was the traditional time when the sisters of the order of Poor Clares gathered to pray for salvation for a world gone mad! Sister Maria took the pulpit, for her inaugural speech to her fellow sisters.

“Sisters, my sisters! We gather here at the midnight hour, all knowing how much ‘Sin loves the cover of darkness!’ For centuries, we have been the keepers of this midnight vigil, night after night, month after month, year after year … but tonight I invite you all to join me in a different but special prayer … one that I know many of you have longed for, and prayed in secret.

“Tonight our solemn prayer will not be to the false Nazarene god, to the savior of the weak, the prophet of the irrelevant virgin mother … tonight we praise out loud to the god of the world, the mighty liberator, the bearer of the true light … the god of flesh, god of our minds, god of our innermost desires … Tonight, it is us that shall sin in the cover of darkness! Join me and repeat after me … we sin in the cover of darkness!”

“We sin in the cover of darkness …” repeated the congregation unquestioningly, but it was no more than a murmur in response.

“Sisters I hear the muted joy in your words. Do not be ashamed any further. You are not alone. I am not alone … We sin in the cover of darkness!”

“We sin in the cover of darkness!” the response was louder, but still very tentative.

“Again. Rejoice!”

“We sin in the cover of darkness!” the cry was now louder and clearer.

“At last my sisters! We are free! The non-believers are gone! We are all free! Now bring forth the youngest of our sacred disciples … so that we may all look upon this beautiful soul … this exquisite offering … may we bless her in the way of the new sisterhood … in the way all disciples from this day forth shall be blessed!”

Sister Lisa and Sister Jane dragged a young girl forward to the front of the congregation. The young girl twisted and turned but could not escape their determined grip.

“Make welcome, your Sister Lexus … a wise and gifted one, who will lead us this dark night in the sins of the flesh! Hail Lexus! Hail the Queen of Darkness! Who does the will of Lilith? We are all the brides of this dark god … it is our duty to consecrate our marriage to him … to bow down and worship him … to offer him the delights of the flesh … do not deny your husband his sexual needs! Give into him … give into your lust! Sin for sin’s sake!”

“We sin in the cover of darkness!”

The congregation began to look more like a pack of wild animals than docile sisters of Poor Clare.

Sister Lexus stood up and tore the clothing from the young girl, leaving her completely naked before the congregation. The congregation murmur again – it was not from disapproval, but suppression of their fear of what they truly desired. Sister Lexus draw an inverted cross on the disciple’s bare chest … and then kissed it.

“Hail Lexus. Hail Lilith!” cried Sister Maria.

“Sisters, my sisters,” said Lexus as she crudely stroked the small girl directly between the legs, as the two sisters, on either side, held her firmly, “For when the light comes, we must return to our monastery of modesty … but tonight, like every night henceforth, under the cover of darkness we invoke our blasphemous master, we do his will as we take our pleasure in the flesh of the young – tonight we must vanquish our fears … witness the delights of his salacious feast – he does not judge you, he encourages you! Do this in his honor!”

Lexus began to rub her wooden crucifix between her own legs, masturbating herself through the coarse fabric of her white robe. The cautious sisters, timidly begin to follow her example.

“Hail Lexus. Hail Lilith!” cried Sister Maria rubbing herself at the pulpit.

“HAIL LEXUS. HAIL LILITH!” responded the enthusiastic congregation as they all followed their Reverend Mother’s example.

“Sin my sisters, SIN before SATAN, show your devotion to your husband.”

Lexus removed her gown and stood naked before the congregation. From between her legs; she dripped with cunt juices the consistency of honey; her clitoris curved upwards and outwards from her groin, a full seven inches and as thick as a beer can.

“Behold sisters! The androgynous Baphomet! All Hail SATAN!” Maria screamed.

She rubbed herself back and forth against the edge of the pulpit. She tore open the front of her robes so that she could masturbate openly and directly, pushing her crucifix between her legs as she stood before the sisterhood … the congregation, once again, following her example.


Simone wiped the urine from her face as it dripped from her soaked hair. Sabrina kissed her hard on the mouth and continued to fuck her with the long end of her rubber crucifix dildo. It had been a week of endless sex and they had exhausted every fetish in the book.

Sabrina smiled with stained teeth, her breath smelt of Simone’s anus. They had confessed their needs – to be reunited with their incestuous lovers, Simone with her daughter, Olivio, and Sabrina with her sister, Catherine. It had been nothing short of liberating for the both of them. They had both been toilet slaves to demons and both long to be subjected to the humiliation and degradation once again.

“Do you feel it?” hissed Sabrina.

“Yes, I believe I do. We bring out the worst in each other don’t we?”

“Oh yes, we do,”

Sabrina drew the inverted pentagon with her finger across her lover’s shit-smeared chest. Leaning forward, she sucked the filth from Simone’s nipples.

“The priest? She’s with the priest?”

“He’s one of us?”

“I can’t tell … she calls us … she wants us to join her.”


Father Dominic adjusted his long black robe and gingerly opened the front door to the refectory. He had received a distressing call from one of his flock. The wife of Gareth Fuller, a protagonist in ‘Those Who Know’, and despite the latest of the hour, and his own dark secrets, he could not refuse Simone’s request. Her call had sounded desperate, to the point of almost suicidal, and though his thoughts and loyalties to the cause had been subverted … he knew that doing nothing would attract unwanted attention.

Opening the door, he was surprised to see, not one, but two women. Beside Simone Fuller was another younger and very attractive woman, Sabrina Chatwin. He remembered there was something about her twin … she too had been abducted by demons … he pondered, as he knew something about demons through his most recent experience.

“Sorry to call at such a late hour Father. I appreciate you taking the time … this is my friend, Sabrina Chatwin.”

“Oh, hello Sabrina. I remember you from the gathering. Please forgive me for being so rude … come in, come in, both of you … we can talk in the small lounge … I don’t know much I could be of help?”

“Father, will you hear my confession?”

“Oh firstly, if this is to be a confession, would you not prefer for me to talk to you alone Simone?”

“Father, Sabrina is aware of the perversity of my transgressions. She is very supportive. But I seek your council, and have a burning need to bear my soul and all its salacious deeds to a true and holy man of God.”

The words ‘perversity’ and ‘salacious’ pricked the priest’s ear. He felt his cock move beneath his robe, as he wore no undergarments at this late hour. The women entered the refectory and followed the Priest down the narrow hall to a small anti-chamber.

“She’s in the bedroom,” Simone whispered to Sabrina.

Simone was careful not to alert the Priest to their knowledge of the young demon lying in his bed. The priest took the high-backed chair, opposite the couch, where Simone and Sabrina sat down. His eyes could not but notice their immodest clothing. Sluts. His cock stiffened up as he crossed his legs to hide his erect manhood in the dark folds of his robe. Simone looked good for her age; he’d always fancied her … her long red hair, small fist-size breasts, and very pale white skin. But, his eyes kept drifting across at Sabrina … she was younger but fleshier, especially in the chest. He could imagine sucking her fat areolas whilst fingering her cunt.

“Tell me, my child, what is your confession?” asked the priest.

“Father, I have sinned. I have committed terrible sins. I am a terrible mother and wife. I am a sexual pervert, who has soiled her own child’s upbringing, secretly molested her to satisfy my own desires.”

Father Dominic was on the edge of his seat. This was wonderful. Such a confession he longed to masturbate to. His cock wept beneath his robe, he could feel the stickiness at the end of his knob as he rubbed against the inside of his long robe.

“These are certainly serious sins that you confess. Are you sure you would not want to talk further on your own?” asked Father Dominic.

“I am here for Simone.”

His eyes tried not to focus on Sabrina’s soothing caresses and gentle kisses she seemed to shower upon her friend as she cried and confessed … they looked almost erotic, boarding upon Sapphic.

“Go on my child.”

“Father, it all began when she was very young. I had never had these feelings within me. I was a good god-fearing woman and a faithful wife. But it all changed when I was alone with her. I would touch her inappropriately and kiss her genitals and would feel excited by what I did. I lost interest in my husband and only fantasized about my daughter’s body.”

Father Dominic was so turned on he thought that he was about ejaculate, even without touching himself directly.

“I hear you, Simone. What happened next?” he asked trying not to sound interested in any other way than to save her soul … but his voice inflections made the two women both sneak a knowing glance at one another.

“Father. She knew what I was doing. She… encouraged me… I know it must sound like an excuse that every pervert must say, but I swear, she knew… she would deliberately flash herself in front of me, act like a little slut, and even touch herself as if she knew what it was doing to me. I just couldn’t help myself!”

“Oh, Simone.”

Sabrina held her against her, allowing her short dress to ride up, exposing Simone’s milky thighs. No underwear. Father Dominic rested the Bible across his lap, allowing his cock to rub lightly back and forth, as he adjusted his seating position.

“It sounds as if she was possessed by a sexual demon.”

“Can that happen, Father?”

“Oh yes. It is more common than one would think. These ‘little monsters’ are always the most enduring and angelic of children … they look like one of us … but they are not … they are called ‘Cambion’ … now tell me, about the time of her conception, were you plagued with unusual dreams?”

“Father. I was. What does it mean?”

“It is how they conceive. They are androgynous. They appear as a beautiful woman to a man and copulate with him in his dreams; then they take his seed and copulate with a woman, impregnating her with a demon child. It has happened since the Garden of Eden … it is the work of Lilith, the bride of Satan! She probably had sex with your husband as well?”

“Father, I am a terrible sinner … even talking about this is making me incredibly horny,” replied Simone.

The priest could not pretend he had not heard that.

“Yes, Father,” interrupted Sabrina, “It makes me very horny too.”

From outside the small anti-chamber came a strange guttural sound, made by something not quite human.

“Look, you have to leave right now. You can’t stay,” demanded the fearful priest as he stood up.

“Father … the young girl in your bed … she is a half-demon you know. She called us here … to serve her … for all of us to serve her …” replied Sabrina, her hand lifting Simone’s skirt as she started touching her own wet sex.




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